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Weekly epitaph.
Six-Page Edition.
This Page is from the Daily
of Thursday. Dec. 22.
The " Laughing Hyena" across tho
street, which tho San Francisco Ex
change has dignified by the name of
the " cow-boys' obituary organ," hav
jng acknowledged its imbecility, has
called to its aid one " Amicus" and
our venerable friend, Judge Reilly,
who adopts tho old Donnybrook style
of hitting a head wherever seen, and
as a consequence, Clum, Spicer,
Raudall, Gray, Marshall Williams,
the Earps, and several others come
in for their sharo of withering ex
coriation. Tno playful cow-boy and
the gentle stage-robber alone seem
to have escaped this Donnybrook at
tack. By deduction wo are led to
believe that Marshall Williams,
Wells-Fargo's agent at this place,
has robbed all the stages; that Budd
Philpott committed suicide, and that
Clum, while seated inside the coach
the other night, shot tho off-leader in
the neck, " Whistling Dick" in the
leg, and then took to the brush for
the purpose of creating sympathy
and getting an Indian agonoy. We
have given the subject much careiul
thought, but thus far have failed to
see the connection between the night
attack on the stage and tho San
Carlos Indians, unless it is solely in
tho interest of the Indians. The
idea is this: The Indians own the
country, and if tho timid tenderfoot
can be terrorized to such an extent
that he will giro the territory a wide
berth, and tho few people who are
now hero can ho frightened away, it
will redound greatly to tho benefit of
the much-abused Apache. lib can
then roam at will, and there will be
no whito man to molest or make him
afraid. This is very good, from the
Indian standpoint, but if Mr. Clum
had any such idea, when he shot the
poor horse in tho ueok and " Whis
tling Dick" in tho log, he cannot he
too severely condemned from the
whito man's standpoint. Tho Epi
taph's patrons and friends mostly bo
long to the whito race, and tho paper
naturally sympathizes with them in
their views; but notwithstanding
this fact it would fain occasionally
drop a tear for the Apacho Indian,
tho bucolic cow-boy, tho much
abused stage-robber, and all other
Not many moons ago, when Sheriff
Shibell, a gailant Democrat, for
whom a half-dozon San Simon cow
boys voted 104 times, (very nearly
re-electing him) was called upon to
arrest a poor innocent stage-robber,
,ho called around him several faithful
followers, armed them with double
barreled shot-guns, and slipping up
behind tho muili-injured road-agent
unawares, filled him full of buck
shot. At that time tho ignorant peo
ple wero not educated up to tho idea
of extracting the fangs of the deadly
rattlesnake or incarcerating robbers
and murderers in the county jail un
til they had time to recuperato, and
then to be turned loose by an oblig
ing sheriff. No, tho humanitarian
influence of tho Tombstono press had
not yet been felt, a fid milk of all
kinds especially of human kindness
was a scarce article. And, strange
to say, Sheriff Shibell and his gallant
comrades were lionized for having
done what would now be sovcrely
condemned, namely, shooting a de
fenseless man in the back. But then
Charley Shibell was a good Demo
crat, and to that favored class of our
society much allowance must be
mado. Not a word roust be said
against any act committed by a Dem
ocrat, whether it bo robbing a stage,
shooting a man in tho back or with
his hands up, robbing tho people by
adding ,ton per cont to an already
5f3eH?pnie tax, neglecting to
summons grand-jurors who nre dis
posed to think a democratic office
liuider is not immaculate, stuffing bal-
-iot-boxes, or anything else he may
do. And it is for this reason, wo
take it, that that stern old wheel
horse of democracy, James Reilly,
has seen fit to throw the mantle of
charity over tho frailties of his par
tiz'ans. It is merely a question of
political capital, and a part of the
plan for the "ins" to keep in. If
publio attention can be directed to
some fancied grievance, tlio "gang"
can continue to rob the peoplo at
pleuute under tho cover of law, at
the same time neglecting to oboy the
mandates of the courts and allowing
criminals to go scot free. Wo have
too much respect for Judge Reilly to
believe that ho is not honest in his
opinions, but when he claims to bo
opposed to any organization for any
public purpose, not puroly phil
anthropic, he evidently forgots the
time when his fellow-citizens organ-
r ,
"(-iWPont tno lorcible removal
of his ITCTlso in his absence. But
that may have been a philanthropic
organization. Be that as it may, wo
can only find one way to solvo tho
difficulties of tho present situation,
our beat people miners, merchants
and mechanics must unite, and
form such a healthy public sentiment
that it will not bo safe for wrong
doors, whether thoy bo office-holders,
murderers or thieves, to follow out
their natural instincts. If tho coun
try is ruined in tho meantime, wo
can commence anew; but at least let
it bo said that it man will bo protect
ed in his lifo and property, which
cannot be said with truth at present.
Readers of tho Epitaph will re
member that somo months ago we
called tho attention of the Mexican
government to tho necessity for the
establishment of a consulate in
Tombstone. It affords us pleasure
to announce to tho publio that our
suggestion was promptly acted upon
by tho Mexican congress when it.
mot, and that a bill was introduced
establishing such office here, which
became a law on the soventh day of
December, a copy of which roached
this city Tuesday evening. This
will end the troubles for Americans
who desiro to cross tho lino for busi
ness or pleasure Wo expect to be
able to announce the appointment of
a consul at an early day.
Tun EpiTArii received through
tho veracious telegraph Tuesday
night two contradictory versions re
garding the lost Jeannette. That
account which reports the expedition
as having come to grief is shown by
our dispatches this morning to have
boen the correct one, and that be
nevolent Siberian governor who was
so devoted to tho interests of hu
manity and scionco, turns out to be a
Tho Wrecked Jcniinetlc.
St. PnTERSBuno, Jco. 20. Engineer
Melville forwarded long dispatches to Mr.
Uenuett of the New York Herald, and for
waat of funito they had been forwarded
by post, addressed to ieneral Iguatieu".
Oct. 29, Kindeman and Noras, seamen
who were In boat No. 1, joined their com
rades and stated that Lieut. De Long, Dr.
Ambler and twelve others had reached the
northern mouth of the Lena and were
starving. An expedition was at once tent
out to rescue them. The survivo;s lost
everything. Engineer Melville says money
is urgently needed, and should bo sent by
lelcgraph" to Jakutsk. He has ureently
requested six thousand roubles to be trans
mitted immediately to tho govenor of Jak
ut.sk foi tho return and caro of the ship
wrecked men.
Itellef for the Jcunnettc.
Washington, Dec. 21. Tho secretary
ofbtate and secretary of tho navy had n
couieronco this afternoon as to the best
method to bo pursued la reference to the
iteamcr Jeannette, and agreed that there
'was ouly one thing to be done at present,
.md that was to telegraph tho United
States minister at St. Petersburg to request
the Kussiitn government to luriiish all the
assistance In their power, pecuniarily and
The Gniteiut Trial Itemimcil.
Washington, December 21. At the re
sumption of the Quiteau trial this morn,
ing, Dr. Hamilton, of New York, took the
atund. Scovillo desired to havo tho other
expnta excluded during the testimony,
but tho court ruled against him. During
tho argument Davidgo was interrupted by
tho prisoner, who said, "i will cut this
short, judge, by saying I am perfectly
willing to have them here. I want them
to learn all they can. I havo so much
confidence in their honor and integrity
that "
Devulgc That's precisely what I am
coming to.
Gniteau You are on the rij,ht track,
judge. I'll take you on my side; you are
encaged lor my side of this case.
Witness was questioned at great length
relative to the operations of tho mind, the
significance of dreams and unconscious
expressions as indicative to mental pro
yiess. Counsel for the prosecution pro.
tested against tho apparently objective di
rection of the inquiries.
Scoville, smiling Well, gentlemen, 1
told you 1 did not know much about this
Ouiteau Then you had better eet oil
the case, if you don't know anything
about it. I think Iteed and I can do bet
ter than you, judging by the way you arc
laboring. (Looking over iho notes which
Scovillo held in his hand, he continued),
"You have got a lot of stuff there. It's
not in your handwriting; I guess it must
have been contributed by some crank."
Quiteau appeared dissatisfied with the
result of tho examination, and finally said
to Scoville, " Oh tear tltat stuff up, Sco
villoj send this man down and call Clark
.Mills; ho is a good deal better man for
you than this one. Ho took a cast of my
head the other day, thinking some people
would be interested to see it. Ho took a
oust of Andrew Jackson, and he thinks it
greater than Jackson's was. lie fouud one
side of my head badly deficient though."
Tho prisoner then branched off to the in
spiration theory, and rattled on for some
time his oft-repeated harangue on the sub
ject ofjrrlsistible pressure.
Washington, D(c. 21. The president
has nominated Jesse Spalding, collector of
Chicago; P. C. VanVVyck, superintendent
of assay otllce. New orkj Alonzo J. Ed
gerton, Minnesota, chief justice of the ter
ritory of Dakota.
Maine Accepts,
Washington, Dec. 21. Ex-Sccictary
Blaine accepts the invitation of tho house
and senato committees to pronounce u
eulogy upon tho late President Garfield iu
tho forthcoming memorial services.
CoiiirrcMSlonul Condolence.
Washington, Dec, 21. McKiulcy, from
tho memorial committee, reported the fol
lowiug resolutions, which were unani
mously adopted :
Whereas, The melancholy event of tho
violent and tragic death of James A. Gar
field, late president of the United States,
having occuned during tho recess of con.
gross, aud the two houses of congress shur
ing in the general grief, aud desiring to
manifest their sensibility on tho occasion
of the public bereavement ) therefore, be it
Itesolved,-That tho two houses of con
gross will assemble in the hall of tho
House of Representatives on a day and
hour to be fixed and announced, and in the
presence of the two houses there assem
bled, an address on the life and character
of James A. Garfield, late President of the
United States, bo pronounced by Hon. Jas.
G.Blaine, and that the Piesiuent of the
Senate pro tern, and Speaker of the House
of Representatives be icqucstcU to invite
the President and ox-Picsidents of the
United States, heads of the several depart
ments Judges of the Supreme court, rep
resentatives of foreign governments, Gov
ernors of tho several states, General of the
Army, Admiral of the Navy, and such of
ficers as have received tho thanks of Con.
Resolved, further, That tho President of
the United States bo requested to tra smit
a copy of these resolutions to Mrs. Lucre
tia A. Garfield, and assure her of the pro
found sympathy of the two houses of Con
gress for her deep personal afllictions and
their sinceic condolence for the late na
tional bereavement.
Washington, Dec. 21. Speaker Kecfcr
announces committees as follows: On
ways and means Kellcy (chairman). Gas
son, Bunnell, McKinley, Hubbell, Has
kell, Russell, Evrett, Randail, McKee, Car
lisle, Morrison, Spear of Georgia. Bank
ing and currency Crapo of Mass. (chair
man), Smith of 111., Weber, Dingley,
Moore, Cornell, Bream, Buckner, Harden
bourgh, Erwcntrout. Appropriations
iliscock of New Yoik chairman, Robinson,
Cannon, Burrows, Butterwortli, Caswell,
Ryan, O'Niel, Ketchum, niuckburn, Cox,
Atkins, Torney, Lelreve, Ellison of Louis!
ina. To tho chairmanship of other com
mittees as follows Elections, Calkins of
Indiana; Judiciary, Rcid of Maine;
coinage, weights and measures,
Fisher ot Pennsylvania; commerce, Page
of California; agriculture, Valentino of
Nebraska; foreign affairs, Williams of
Wisconsin ; military affairs, Henderson of
Illinois: naval a (lairs, Harrison of Massa
chusetts; postolllees and post roads, Bing
ham ot Pennsylvania; public lands,
Pounds of Wisconsin ; Indian affairs, Has
kell ot Kansas; territories. Burrows of
Michigan; railways and canals, Townscud
of Ohio; manufactures, Campbell of Penn
sylvania; mines and mining, Van Voorhees
of New York; Pacific railroads, Hazelton
of Wisconsin, chairman, Ilarmer, Camp,
Robinson, Hammond of New York, Paul,
Darrell, Farewell of Iowa, McKcnzie,
Bliss, House, Nolan of Mississippi, Lewes,
Thomas of Illinois; education aud labor,
Upuegroitot Ohio; militia, Strait of .Min
nesota; patents, Young of Ohio; valid
opinions, Biownc of Indiana; pensions,
Marsh of Illinois; claims, Growler, of
New York; war claims, Hank of Tennes
see; public expenditures, Randall of Penn
sylvania; public land claims, Pacheco of
California; District of Columbia, Neal of
Ohio; pension laws, McKinley of Ohio;
expenditures in department of state, Deem
ing of Iowa; expenditures of the treasury
department, Bclford of Colorado; expendi
tures of the war department, Briggs of
New Hampshire; expenditures of the navy
department, Robeson of New Jersey ; ex
penditures of the postofllce department,
Cannon of Illinois; expenditures of the
Internal department, Hubball of Michi
gan. Adjournment of Congi-PHS.
Washington, Dec. 21. The house and
Senate adjourned to-day until June 5.
ltnllroncl Accident in Chicago,
Chicago, Dec. 21. The engine and
tender of tho paymaster's train on the
Chicago and Northwestern railway ran
Into the north branch of Chicago river on
the north limits of the city to-day, while
the company's bridge was open for a tug
to pass through. The engineer had one of
his legs cut oil; the fireman escaped by
swimming, and the conductor of the train
is under the wreck, drowned. The pay
car struck tho closing bridge and at last
accounts was wedged in there, partly on
the bridge and partly on the track.
Vnmtcrbllt'H Daughter Married.
New Yokk, Dec. 21. Lilia Osgood,
youngest daug.iter of Wm. II. Vanderbilt,
was married this afternoon iu St. Barthol
omew church, to Dr Win. Seward Webb,
son of Gen. James 'Watson Webb.
31 ore Crooked Flnuiiclerx.
Newark, N.J.. Dec. 21. Another finan.
cial fraud has just becii developed. Fred,
crick A. Palmer, auditor of city accounts,
surrendered himself and was imprsioned
on his own confession that he has embez
zled about $125,000 of city funds in the
pat three years, and lost it in Wall street
speculations. He asserts that no one is
Implicated with him.
The l'oslat Union.
New Yokk, Dec. 21. On the first of
January Hawaii will come into the postal
A Singular Charge.
Montreal, Dec. 21. All the Pullman
cars in the Dominion have been seized by
the authorities on a charge of smuggling,
tho cars being run over the line for leflt
ting and returned without paying duty.
Shot hy .tllHtake.
Santa Fe, Dec. 21. Win. Crawford,
special agent of llio department of justice
and a brave soldier during tho war, was
fatally shot in Albuquerque Sunday by
m istaKc.
Died from Chloroform.
Chicago, Dec. 22. E. P. Tuppcr died
in the operating chair of Dr S.J. Sover
eign, a dentist, yesterday. He had taken
chloroform while having teetli pulled, and
died in a very few minutes. Tupper was
from Hammond, Eng., and had been pur.
chasing goods here.
Telegraphic "'.xtciiHlon.
New Yokk, Dec. 21. It is probable
that in a few months direct telegraphic
comnuinicatio:i will lie opened with tho
west coust ot South America. The Central
and South American Telegraph company
is pushing the construction of the land
lines and laying cables.
Indianapolis, December 21. The well
known trottei, Red Cloud, with a record
of 2:18, died at the stable of his owner,
James Wade, of Edinbuig.
Tho steamer John O. lloskius, burned
yeslcrduy at Evansville, Ind., was valued
at $43,000; insurance, 23.000.
New York, Dec. 21. Judge Blatehrord
today continued an injunction restraining
Samuel J. Tilden from selling certain
stocks in which it is claimed W. L. Wet
more had interest.
Sew York StocUw
New York, December 21.
MONEY 4tf6
Western Union .... 82 Sutro Tuunel 1
quicksilver 12 I'ucillcMuIl li
wells, Fargo &, Co.133 Maiiposu 4
Erie 4Vi NewYorkCcutral..l3li
Union Pacific 117 Panama 195
Bonds.) lioy Mineral Creek 75
Central racific .... 91 Tombstone 5
Bonds 115 Sntro 1
San I'runciHco Stock Market,
Han Fisancisco, December 21.
California 40 Utah lin
Virginia 1 0crinun p;
Gould and Curry... 4V, Crown Point V.i
Mcxicun !), ielcber ljj
Ophir c) tlount DtaDlo 7
Union 15!i S'ortheru Belle sy,
Sierra Nevada 9S Uullion l?;
Best and Belcher .. 7j, fodlo :,
Eureka 13!', Mono 70
Jacket 3?i lavage 2
Sliver King lbj4 Mplia 2y
Tip Top 5'4 Head Center to
A Taper for Tombstone.
From the Bodle Free Press.
It is announced that Major Pat
Holland will start a paper in Tomb
stone. We suspect thatT. S. Harris
is interested with the irrepressible
Pat, as the former had tho old Bodie
Standard material in Tombstono a
short time ago. Is Tombstone to bo
afflicted as Bodie was a one time?
Some hunters brought Into tovn yesterday a
large and Tat black bear from the Huachucas.
The flow of water from the Satro Tunnel
averages 4,027,887 callous per twenty-four hours.
A mo strike Is reported In the San Fedro mine.
.Mr. T. Forget, foreman, Informed an EriTirii re
porter last evening thul he has developed a good
ledge, carrying rice horn silver and chlorides.
The District court adjourned last evening at 6
o'clock to re-convene on the 12th of January.
Tho court was occupied all day tn listening to
the argument of counsel on tho Tombstone-Way
Up case.
The excavation for tho Huachitca Water Com
pany's reservoir is progressing finely. It will bo
a fine phce of work when completed. In size
90xb0i20 and of n capacity of 1,080,000 gallons, It
puts tho question of a water supply for 20,000 peo
ple beyond all question.
The Iluaclnicasar.dChlricuuuasnrc resplendent
In their wintcrgarmeutsof snow. Withthewarm
sunny plains at their feet, and the deep azu.e of
the heavens above them, they lorm as pretty a
picture as one need desire to look upon.
Wild gamo is quite plentiful in tho market at
this time.- On Tuesday last we saw at the Maison
Doree the first specimen of black-tail deer we ever
remember to have seen. The fat on the small of
the back, when sawn asunder, must have been
fully a half-Inch thick.
The Silver Belt drift has been in ore for the
last six feet, and no signs of the west wall yet.
It is of the real Contention character, and prom
ises to maintain the reputation of that lode. It
now looks as if Mr. Ogdcn was not so far wrong,
after all, In refusing $50,000 fur bis interest in the
The Father do Smct mire, InJbe Black Hills,
Dakota, for the week ending December 1st, turned
out 823 ton- cf ore, and the mill crushed 2370
tons. If this ore had yielded at the rate' that
Tombstone ore has averaged from date of dis
covery of the camp, ($62.70 per ton), tho yield
would have been $179,910, whereas the actual
yield was about 23,uC0, counting the oro at $3 per
ton, which has been about the yearly average of
the mine heretofore.
' .
Jin. Solon M. Alms, of Tucson, is registered
at the Cosmopolitan.
Hon. Vf . II. Stii.wkll, takes his departure this
morning for the holidays.
Cut. II. F. iUrroiiD hai the largest and finest
Brazilian topaz on the Pacific coast. Iu size it is
fully an luch long by five-eighths broad and a
quarfr deep It Is set tn a ring of solid massive
gold to correspond with the stone.
Mr. C. II. PutLLirs and O. F. Thornton visited
the Grand Central mine yesterday, and were taken
by the foreman, Mr. Shauganessy, to the bottom
of the main shaft, which is now 405 feet deep, aud
thenco through the second and third levels. This
was Mr. Phillips's first visit inside a mine, and be
was very naturally much surprised at the magni
tude of tho works that he saw, both above and be
low groand. In tho EriTAnt's special report tho
real facts of the value of the mine were largely
understated. The developments of ore put it In
the first rank among mines In the United States.
Closing Xicht of the Episcopal Fair.
Last night the Episcopal church fair at Schief
felln hall was brought to a very successful termin
ation. Tho principal features of the evening were
tho election, the grand raffle and tho dancing.
The election was held for tho purpose of deter
mining who was the most popular lady in Tomb-
si one, or. rather, which of them could secure the
largest number of voles. As an additional feature
of Interest, the lady who received the largest
number was awarded a handsome silver bead
necklace, which was donated to tho church by
Mrs. Dr. Trenr, and is valued at $120. Mrs. Agnes
Dunbar was the fortunate winner, as on counting
the votes, it was found tuat she bad far more in
her favor than any of the other candidates. In
the grand raffle, all tn tickets were sold, though
for want of time many of the prizes were not dis
tributed; for this reason the hall will be open
after 9 o'clock this morning, when holders may
call and present their tlckelB and have the proper
prizes delivered to them.
Tho ladles desire to thauk their friends
and the public for the liberal patronage bestowed
nu them, and also say that tho fair, as well as be
!rig so plcu'aut socially, will doubtless prove a
grand success financially. Total receipts are
roughly estimated at about $G0O, though the ex
act amount realized cannot bo ascertained for a
few days.
First Ward Meeting.
A meeting was held last night at Ham Light's
corral for tho purpose of nominating a candidate
for councilman Irom the First Ward, and eight
delegates to tho cily convention of Saturday even
ing ucxi. The meeting was not generally adver
tised, and consequently only about fifty people
were present, being packed for the purpose which
was accomplished. It In no measure represented
the sentiments of tho ward. I. O. Smith acted as
chulrmau and A. H. Kmanuel, secretary. Charles
N. Thomas was nominated as councilman, re
ceiving eight otcs more than J, W. Young on
tho second ballot. Mr. Thomas has very little In
terest in the ward or In Tombstono afialrs and
cannot be elected. There will be little difficulty
iu electing Mr. Young should he consent to make
the race. Mr, Young is a member of the firm of
Armstrong & Young, and would fill the position
w lib credit to himself and his constituents. Tho
following gentlemen wero elected delegates to tho
city convention: John R. Young, Jas, Kenny.
Chas. Mason, Jas. Wood, J. II. Locklan, R 3.
Knlcht, Wm. Sonlo and Jerry Fitzpatrick.
l;u,riiie Company Jlcclins.
Tombstone Engine Co. No. 1, held a special
meeting last evening at their houne on Toughnut
street; Foreman Blackbn-n In the chair. On
motion, it was unanimously resolved that the
company turn out for parade on Now-Year's day
along with the Hook & La Ider Co., and that after
the parade the housing of the engine shall be for
mally celebrated with a general good time in the
engine house. Members of Rescue Hook & Lad
der Co. aud all filends are cordially Invited to at
tend. On motion the meeting adjourned.
Look Out for Them.
From the Citizen.
We clip the following extract from the
Santa Fo New Mexican. Wc sug
gest to our peace officers to keep a good
look out for the arrival of the characters
indicated and deal with them in such h
way that they may speedily be convinced
that Arizona" is too warm a climate for
immigration of their ilk:
Governor L. A. Sheldon, who has been down
south louklng Into the state of ail'ilrs as regards
rustlers, is very much encouraged by the outlook.
He says the bands of outlaws complained of hav
ing become frightened, and are preparing to leave
the country. Thoy are headed for Arizona, and It
is probable that that territory will henceforth
havo much of the fun which Now Mexico has here
tofore had the benefit of. The hanging of the two
cattle thieves at Shakespeare recently, together
with the general organization of militia, aud the
disposition of the people to string up everything
tn the shape of rustler, has terrified the catlle
thieves, bullies and uihers of Ihe Ilk to such an
extent that tho have concluded that It would be
more healthy for them on the other side of tho
Arizona line. A parly of them were recently
camped on Ihe Gila, but it Is thought that by this
time they have departed.
Baltimore, Dec. 16. R. W. L.
Rasin & Co., extensive manufacturers
of fertilizers, have made an assign
ment. Liabilities estimated at
$500,000 or upwards; assets not
This is said to be a fresh one from
England: Lady, anxious to reacli the
station Cahnt you drive a little
fahster? ' We'll miss tho train if you
don't 'urry." Cabman whips on his
horse, but doesn't seem to get on
much " fahster." Lady again Cahnt
you 'urry tho 'orso a bit? 'It 'tin in
some wital(partjlTyvdon't ye?" Cab
man" 'I&'jjj&Q&ffie wital part?
Vy, mum,Mpfiyirapij 'it 'im in all
uv his vitaJjsiijWj(cept one, and
Hi'm reserv'tSiPOIborn '1111"
From the Plienlx Gazette.
Any person knowing the whereabouts
of one John Ritchie, of Canada, but ho
was last heard of at the Bank Exch.'.nge
hotel, this city, April 24, 1881, and nending
the information to James Ritchie, 115
Hamilton Road, London, Ontario, will re
lieve the anxiety of, and confer a great
lavor upon his relatives.
Sheriff Orme, as tax collector, made
final settlement with the board of super
visors to day, turning over to the treasurer
the amount collected. Payment of taxes
has deen unusually prompt this year,
$18,791.18 having been collected. This
leaves $21,583.00 to go on tho delinquunt
roll, but of this amount $15,02G.G0 is due
from the S. P. It. R., that company thus
fat having refused to pay, claiming that
their assessment Is exorbitant. Exclusive
of the railroad, the amount delinquent is
A Tenant nt l.nnt.
From the Alia Arizona.
For a year past our county jail has'been
unoccupied. But once a (special) grand
jury was called and impaneled, but finished
its business in one day within the past
year. Last week two men charged with
robbery, an account of which wc published,
were brought from tho railroad, and plead
ing guilty, were locked up. This is the
first of a lone list that is sure to follow
before the iron horse crosses the Colorado
river. In time the citizens and taxpayers
expect to have help by way of taxes from
tho railroad, but at present and for one
year to come, we will have a heavy ex
pense without much assistance from any
new source. Our county, that is now
nearly out of debt, will And itself with a
heavy debt before anything is realized
from taxes on the railroad. One point is
in our favor, the A. & P. R. R. has not
asked to be exempt from taxation. Thus,
uulike the S. P. lv It., will pay its way in
the end. Our county organization is kept
up and we are taxed for the purpose of
protecting life and property, and before
the game is played rogues will find the
officials of Mohave county ready to do
their duty, and citizens aud taxpayers
ready to back the ofllials.
The Lone Star.
From tho Alia California.
Mr. W. F. Grounds, the discoverer and
one of the present owners of the celebrated
Lone Star mine, near this town, gave us,
one day this week, some beautiful speci
mens from that mine. The Lone Star is
widely known, and though it is but par
tially developed it has produced nearly
$200,000. When we take into considera
tion the great disadvantages its owners
have had to'contend against, and the fact
that the main shaft is only down about
250 feet, this is a pretty good showing.
Some of these days the Lone Star will sur
prise the natives. Hon. Patrick Hamilton,
in his "Resources of Arizona," mentions
this mine first of all in Mohave counly,
and says: "Tho Lone Star has been
worked to a depth of 200 lcet, and is
opened by over 300 feet of levels. It
shows a vein of rich ore over 10 inches in
width that assays $150 per ton.
S. V. Daily Exehnuzc 'iritU-lHiiiH.
Ah! the primeval simplicity of the fron
tierthe Arizona frontier particularly.
With a native abandon the gentle gazelles
of that section browse around and act as
nature dictates at times, when they arc not
stealing stock or shooting each other. Io
one ot tho picturesque aiioue villages oi
that section, generally known as Tucson,
they had a rallle the other day for a table
cover. Everybody bought a ticket, and
the young lady who worked the cover gave
the bones a preliminary rattle and chucked
43. She thought she 'had the cover, but
she was mistaken for a hrrrid man threw
47 and walked off with the coveted article.
They wept, those male and lemale children
of cactus land. They wept, for they are
very tender-hearted in Arizona, except as
to horse-thieves.
Delightfully naive people these Tomb
Etonians. They gush out their sentiineuls
with bulldog, knifo and newspaper card,
in a gushing kind of gush, which is too,
too gushingly gushy to be expressed in
laNguagc other than the original words.
Here's a specimen from the Tombstone
Nugget. It assays itself:
A Card. I propose to leave town to dav, and I
want It distinctly understood that I am not leav
ing through fear of tho parties who threatened my
lite. If they want to eel to mo they can do so be
fore I leave. I am going for the reason that I am
so far In debt that I do not think I will be able to
play even in this place. I wish the friends that I
owo to understand that I will pay them all.
The Manhattan Club give ono of their regular
semi-monthly socials at Turn-Vereln hall laet
evening. As usual, the arrangements were com
plete in every particular. Everyone enjoyed
themselves hugely, and unanimously pronoun cd
It ono of the most suecesslui afialrs of the scries.
Tombstone Epitaph.
The Manhattan Club of this city gave
its tlrst annual social at the polls last Sep
tember.. The arrangements were as com
plete as any Tombstone Manhattan could
have wished, but somehow, the local de
mocracy pronounced the whole affair veiy
snide. If sufficient inducement are of
fered we may have another Manhattan poll
exhibition in 1882.
' Apacho Count'.
Following is an extract from a letter
written by C. A. Franklin, probate judge
of Apache county:
Our principal industries are cattle and
wool growing. Of the former there are
30,000, and of sheep 300,000, the latter pro
cueing annually 2$ to 3 pounds ot wool.
Our agricultural resources are somewhat
limited, although sufficient arable land is
cultivatod to supply the home market.
Our ranchmen raise potatoes equal to any
country, besides all the cereals and garden
truck. The populuion of the county is
now about 0000, and the number of chil
dren between the ages of 0 and and 21
is 924.
A Liberal OfTcr!
The Central Pacific Railroad Com
pany tendered, on the lGth inst., to
Placer county, through Wells, Fargo
& Co., the sum of $21,800 as taxes on
their roadbed, franchise, rails and
rolling stock, at the rate of -13,315 GO
per mile. They have 112f miles of
road in Placer county, winch is as
sessed by the State Board of Equal
ization at $25,000 per mile. Their
tax, according to the assessment,
amounts to $39,587. The itifference
between the amount of the taxes ac
cording to the assessed value and the
amount of the tender is material,
and it is not at all likely that the
tender will be accepted. The com
pany demand as a condition of its
acceptance a receipt in full.
"A Itlffh-Toned CliriHtian Han!"
Guiteau, referring to tho woman
named, with whom he had committed
adultery, said: " This woman Jen
nings was a high-toned woman in
New York. That was purely a mat
ter of business between us. I com
mitted adultery with her to get rid
of ajwoman 1 did not love. I thought
it took much more moral courage to
do this than to live with her and have
children year after year. I have
been a strictly virtuous man for six
years past, and havo always been a
high-toned Christian man."
KIN9MAN-HOI.ZKKMAN-In this city, Be
ceinber 19, by Justice Spicer, William Kinsman
to Mrs. May Holzerman.
.lionr. mcjit.
HncccsM of the han Jose Electric. I.lsht
The ItoodwInU orXlarht Itcmotod.
Correspondence San Luis Obispo Tribune.
Our tower-light is at last perfected,
aild is a grand success. Last Tues
day night, at half-past six, the light
was turned on. 1 ho evening was
very dark, and the six bright lights,
aggregating 24,000 candle power,
flashing out, dissipated tho darkness
iu a twinkling, and beamed full upon
the thousands of upturned aud ex
pectant faces, ranged for blocks in
every direction, principally along
Santa Clara and Market streets. The
event has been very anxiously look
ed for by its projectors and the pub
lic, tho portion interested, for months,
and when the pure, white light flash
ed out at last, amid the hush intense,
as tho moment ncared that it was to
be turned on, and all saw how effec
tually it lighted for blocks in every
direction, a universal
went up, which, with tho thought of
success, must have filled the heart ol
tho projector to overflowing. The
light is clear and white, though iu
tensely brilliant and pierping, is not
dazzling to look upon even at closo
proximity. It throws a full moon
light reflection for several hundred
rods in all directions, and a half
moonlight to half a mile or more. At
my home at Los Gatos bridge, one
half a mile distant, could be read
coarse print, and time by a watch
could be distinctly told. In St.
James's park, three or four blocks
away, the trees cast a strong shadow,
and the light streamed through the
trees as strongly and very much
A dispatch from New Almudcn said
it could be plainly seen there with
the naked 030, distant sixteen miles,
and the telephone from Mount Ham
ilton announced its discovery from
thare the astronomer thinking it a
new sun, meteor or star, and thinking,
to hand his .name down to posterity
as a discoverer of a new planet, he
hastened to note its postiou in the
heavens with great accuracy. The
light stands somewh t over 200 feet
from the ground now. The large
structure of the tower scaffolding is
a landmark for miles iu all directions,
and the sight, from the summit is in
describably grand. A ladder at one
corner, and a pre-Adamite elevator,
the cage drawn up by two men at a
windlass, both admit of a passage to
to the top.
This tower is, however, only an
experiment, and a city of the sizo of
ban Jose would need at least three
more lights like this to successfully
hide no. not hide, but expose her
wickedness, that fain would conceal
itself beneath tho mantle of night.
The electricity is generated by fric
tion, being run by a planing-mill en
gine some 400 rods distant from the
A I'roniH'otor'n Chancc'H.
from the N. Y. Dally Slock ltcport.
Could the scattered and broken
threads which formed the warp and
woof of many a prospector's history
bo gathered together and united, ro
mances without number could be
woven which would rival those
framed by Wilkie Collins. Certain
events in tho history of two pioneers
have recently come to our knowl
edge, which are worthy of mention.
Three years ago Mr. M. Dunkin lo
cated "at Leadvillo the mine which
still bears his name. He was poor,
but he wo'ked faithfully and hard in
hopes that he would 'trike mineral,
hut his mo ey gave out, and ho sold
his interest for $2,300. The pur
chasers, after expending quite a
large sum in sinking another shaft
on the property, which failed to dis
close mineral, returned to that in
which Mr. Dunkin had buried his
hopes, and in sinking seven feet
farther struck pay ore. The mine
was sold a year later for $375,0"0.
An old-timer 111 the west, who was
among the earK arrivals at Rosita,
located the Pioneer, and sunk a
shaft 124 feet deep. Ho subse
quently located tho Chieftain, ad
joining the Leavenworth, and sold
it for $5 on twenty years' timb.
The sum is not yet due. Before
selling, ho offered to give it to Capt.
Lambert, of the Pueblo Chieftain,
from which paper the mine derived
its name, but the captain declined
the gift. Tho same prospector dis
covered the Humboldt, Pocahontas,
Leviathan and Invincible mines, all
of which he gave to a man to whom
he was indebted in a paltry sum.
The three fust named have since
jielded $700,000, and bid fair to
produce twice that sum in the future,
while the old timer is rich prospec
tively in tho ownership of several
lodes in the San Miguel mountains.
Truth is stranger than fiction some
times. Miuint' Gazette.
i-iiji:n: l-iiii:! rii,s:s!
A Mure Cure Fountl nt Last Xo One
Seal SnIIVrl
A sure cure for blind, bleeding itch
ing aud ulcerated piles has been discov
ered by Dr. William, (an Indian remedy,)
called Dr. William's Indian Ointment. A
single box has cured the worst chronic
cases of 25 or M years' standing. No ouc
need suffer live minutes after applying
this wonderful soothing medicine. Lo"
lions, instruments and electuaries do more
harm than good. William's Ointment ab
sorbs the tumors, allays tho intense itch
ing, (particularly at night after getting
warm iu bed,) acts as a poultice, gives in
stant and painless relief and is prepared
only for piles, itching of the private pails,
and for nothing else.
Read what the Hon. J. M.Cofllnberrv, of
Cleveland, says about Dr. William's In
dian I'ilo Oiutmeut: I have used scores
of Pile cmes, and it affords me pleasure
to say that I have never found anything
which gave me such immediate aud per
manent relief as Dr. William's Indian
For sale by all druggists, or mailed on
receipt of price, $1.00.
Uenky & Co., Prop'rs, Cleveland, O.
McCarthy & Osborne, Wholesale Agents
Denver Colorado
SitEniiAN, Clay & Co., manulacturers (if their
own pUuos, keep tho celebroted fisley Orgau,
Webvr and Italncs Uros. rtanos. Instruments
sold on installments. For nvcrythlng in the
music line address them.
I'lfst Publication O.-c 1, HtS'
Application .o. 147, fornl'.ottnrvj
Nan IHciro Jif nim; t:lnlnu
Arizona. December 6th, lbst. Notice is
hereby Kiveuiliat tie Worouoio Mining Compauv,
nylts ax ni, A. L. Fouler. of Tombstouo, Cocblec
eotluty, ArU.ina, has hod filed Ita application for
a patcf t for 1115 linear fret t Ihe Si Diego mine
or vein bearlr.g stlter with surface Kfound WO feet
In nldlh, situated In Tombi-tore mlulnc district,
Cochise county, Arizona, and designated by the
Held Holes nu official plat of survey on file iu this
ofiiceaslot No lul, describe as follows to wit:
Variation 11 MI east. Beginning t the Initial
monument of thsclaim, at stuke 41 Inches by
.Ifuct lon. (-el In the irround S f.-et llh nail in
the top at ceuUr, marked "I. N." from whlchdls.
covery shaft -1x8 SOO feet 'deep, bears south 43
vest 5 feet distant, and incline 4x8 70 feet, bears
i-ovltli 2' N)' west 253 feet distant; Ihence south
Z' 53' vet 750 feet to south end center of claim,
.0 a stake 1x4 Inches, 8 feet lony,-fet In mound of
stones, marked "S. I). M. C. No. 1;" thence south
tii 7' cast 300 feet to south) at corner cf claim, to
a stake 4x4 Inches, 5 feet .olc. In mound of stones
marked"!. D. it.C. No 2: thence uoith 'J3 53'
east 1415 feet to northeast comer 0 claim to a
rtake 4x4 Inches 5 feet lone, In mound of stones,
marked "b. D. 11. C. No. 3;" thence north 67 7'
we-t 300 feet to northeast center of claim, to a
stake 4x4 inches, 5 feet long. In mound of (tones,
marked "S. D. M. C. No 4."and Oklfeettonorth
eat corner of claim, to a stake 4x4 Inches, S feet
long, set in mound of stones, marked "S. D. M. C
No. 5." from hlch U. S. 11. 11. No. l.Jftars north
7U 31 wist 0127 feet distant; Ihence south 22 53
west 1415 feet to soHthwcst cornerof claim, to a
takc 4x4 Inches. 5 feet long. In mound of stones,
marked '-S. D.tM. C. No. b;" thence south 7 7'
eastSUOfeet to south end center of "claim, and
place of beglulng of the exterior Burvey ; contain
ing 19 49-110 acres. The San Diego claim is
bounded on tbe north by tho "La Grand." oil the
eistby the "Vermont"' and on the ucst by tho
"Lu C." claims.
The noilce oflocailou of this mine was record
ed lu the ofllco of the Iieeorder of Cochise ccunty,
Arlzoua, August 3d, 1881, en page 355, book 2,
Hecord of lllues,
Any and all Dersons claiming odverselv the
whole or any portion of pa'd itan Diego minliig
clalmareiequircdtn present their adcrs claim
to Iks filed In this office during the sixty days pe
riod or publlcotion hereof, or they will be btrrcd
by irtue of the pi ovlslons of the statute.
It Is ordered that the above notice be published
sixty days In the Wkeki.t Efitipii, anewspaper
Isauid at Tombstone, Cachlse couity, Artzuua
which Is designed n published nearest said cltim
First publication, December ldlBl.
Application Xo. IIS for a Patent
the Itc trievcr Sllnins Claim, i
son, Arizona, December 13, ltai.Mfotlceui
hereby given that the Laninore Silver Mlsioe
Comp my, whose postofllce address In caret
T. L Stiles, Tucson, Pima county, Arizona, bis
this day filed its application for a patent for HBedp
hundred linear feet ol theKetrleverMlnaorTei
"earing sold and silver, with surface emnnd ti
hundred feet In width, ultuated In Strlhalr
Mining District, county of Cochise, and territory
of Arizona, and designated bv the field note n
nfllrlMl nlut nn lllo In till. nlUcAu. ni 1W 4(11.
anlrl rilulrlrt knlrl lnt V,, in h.lnn oi K.IIau'. .a'
wit: Beginning at the initial "monument Of claim,
hMncr iit.n tht mitntimont V a F In, W. QO
at post 4 feet high, 2x4 Inches, la momment' ol
stones, and marked " I. II. K. M. C.No. 1." thence
Bouth 80 30' cast, 300 feet tp southeast corner of.
ciaim, to post leet nign, zx in. luTnouument or.
sionts, ana lnancea . At. u. na. a.;" tucnq
uoith 3 45' west 15U0 feet to northeast eornerb'
claim to post 4 feet filch, 2x1 In., in amonument o
stones, and marked " It. M. 0. No. 8," whence'
united Mates mineral monument No. I Swiss
helm district bears south 63 cast 119 feet distant;
thenco north bU 31' wcst3u3 feet to north end cen
ter monument to post 4 feet high 8x4 Inches In a
monument of s'ones, and marked "R. M. O. No.
4;" aud thence continuing I' the last mentioned
direction to 600 feet, to a post 4 feet nigh 2x4
inches, set in a monument'of stones, and marked
It. II. C. No. 5; thence" south 8 5- east 1500 feet
to thj foutlmest corn.-r of claim, to- a post 4 'eet
high 2x4 Inches, set in a monument of etoseif,
marked "It. M. O. No. ," whence Untied 3tltea
Mineral Monument No. 1 bears north 23 30' last
1453 feet distant; and thence south 80 S3' tut
30U leet to tbe place of beginning. Ma cue tic varia
tion li- io . I'omaining auu acres, me location
ol this mine is recorded In the Recorder's Office i
-Mines, transcribed records, nt pages V57 and 212
respccthelr. The adjoining claimants are the
Luriiuore Silver lltnini Comuanv. Anv ml .11
persons claiming adversely any portion of said
Kctricvcr mine or surface ground are required to
file their adverse claims vith the Itcgist r ef the
United Stales LaLd Otllce at Tucson, in the
lerrltory of Arizona, during the sixty days period
of publication heieof, or they wilt be, barred by
virtue of tbe provisions of the statute.
HKN11Y COL'SINS, Keglster.
T. L. Stiles, Attorney lor claimants, Tucson,
It is hereby ordered that the foregoing notice of
application for patent be published for the period
ol sixty diys ten consecutive weeks in Ihe Weekly
Tombstone Kpllapb, a newspaper published at
Tombstone, Cochise cr.unty, Arizona territory,
hereby designated lv mo as published nearest
such claim HENRY COUSINS, Kegtster.
1 .'!. Montgomery St., near IIumIi,
(Established In San Francisco In 1862.)
The most complicated causes of defective vUion
thoroughly diagnot-cd free of charge. Compound
Astigmatic Lenses mounted In two hours' notice,
trrders by mall promptly atscuded to.
L notified that wc havo expended one hundred
dollars In labor and improvements upon the Mo
zart mine, of gold bearing nre, tltuate in tbe Dos
Cabezas Mining Dlttilct, about two miles north
east of Kwoll Spring, in oro"er to hold said prem
ises under tbe provisions ot sections 2321 and 2325
of the Revised statutes of the United States, and
the act ot Congresss, approved January
2d, 1W, mendatory thereof; said sum
being tho umount required to hold the said mine
for the year ending lbSO. Now, if within ninety
days from the publication of this notice, you fail
or r fuse to cuutrlbutc yo'irpropoition of such ex
penditure ns a co-owuvr, you Interest In said
claim will become the property of the snbcrlbcrs
under the sections ol the tcvltcd statutes afore
mentioned. John McGregor.
Dos Cabezas. Cochlso County, A. T.
And .Make
On the Principal Points In
Receive deposits, purchase or make advances
Territorial and County bonds and warrants, aj
proved commercial paper, etc., etc., aud transac1
Deposits of Ilulllon made with ns or shipped
Anglo Callfornlau Dank, San Francisco, for oi
account, can be checked agalnt Immediately.
Correspondents i
NEW YORK J. A W. Seuomas & Co
SAN FRANCISCO. ..AnoioCalifoknian Hank
LOS ANGELES Fir.sr National Bake.
ST. LOUIS Rank or Commehcl.
CHICAGO Mekcii ants' Savinos, L
& T. COMl'ANV.
PHILADELPHIA ....CEXTitAi. National Bam
Tombstone District, Arizona, Is now the lead
ing silver-producing mining camp of the South
west. The ore Is all free milling, and oi high
grade, and with the development that has been at
tained In the past two years Is now yielding a
bullion output of ovcrS 00,000 per month, giving
handsome returns In both dlWdcnds and enhanced
value of s'ock to fortunstc holders. The attention
of the public Is called to Ihe stock of the "Mesa
Consolidated Mining Co.," lu Ibis district, as one
of the safest' and best Investments that can tie
made. Stock ith a par ,aliic of 10 par share is
now offered in limited quantlly, lor development
of the mines, at $1 per share, guaiautecd against
assessment Send for circular and any other In
formation desired to T. it. HUK1V.
Secretary Mesa Consolidated Mining Co.,
Tombstone, Cochise County, Arizona.
.1. C. HAXY,JI.I.,
iir.ui:roiti & xakuikkii:.
. Notary Public Office on Meyers street, o
joKile Palace Hotel, Tucson, Arizona,

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