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OLIl III IliHiiil il V
VOL. II.-NO. 84.
Six-Page Edition.
This Page is from the Dailv
of Sauurday, Feb. 11.
Under the abovo caption our con
temporary in its issue of yesterday
"insidiously attaoks in n covert man
ner an incoming governor who has
not yet received his commission. It
i hard to believe that a publio jour-
will be so unjust, but if this is
the intent of the article, it is en-
hly devoid of meaning. The cast-
' of a cloud of imputation over an
:ial who has not had an opportu-
to show his intentions, is a pre-
fgment that? displays a bigoted
mus or a narrow mind. It has
in said that some men when they
will be buried in a coffin three
Ehes wide. We believe it. Tho
ministration of Governor Fremont
s notoriously inefficient, and' tho
tioism of tho Nugget thereon is
11 merit d; but by what right does
udge the incoming administration
the past? Says tho Nuggot:
fo meet the present requirements
governor must exhibit energy
nerve and adaptive capacity.
kon.such development every good
lent of the territory will engirt
and applaud him and sustain
If, on the other hand, he has
light the office to recruit his sliat-
fed finances, or to rovol in lazy po
cal dignity, he will soon become
I object of distrust to be succeeded
aversion. Immediate guberna-
rial action is imperiously demand-
The people of this territory will
long endure a speculative, or
Did, or inert, or incompetent head.
Iey suffered enough through the
fineness and vacillation and ah-
pteeism of him who lately scourged
fair territory. "Ho shall
lido in the territory for which he is
pointed." lhis matter of resi
ice is no idle injunction, but com-
lplates a continuous abode at the
Iritorial seat of government of
by access and equipped and ready
everv contineenov no pleasant
bck partnership in soma agreeable
Id advantageous locality, but a
brough devotion to the arduous du-
Is of an office which ho has sworn
.subserve. Yc shall not
that the present incumbent lacks
awledge of the vital needs and cx-
fncios of tho territory. Should
kh be the case, however, the ap-
Intmcnt is an unfortunate one. If
Scient, the greater necessity for
lediate and stirring investigation.
fcVhat manner of fair dealing is it
flaunt before the publio such im
itations as are embodied in tho
3ve extrapts, the effect of which,
lit it had any effect, would' be to
the publio to believe that Gov.
tie had accepted tho position for
purpose of "reveling in lazy po-
itioal dignity" in a "pleasant stock
irtnership in some agreeable and
'vantageous locality"? "If dofi-
Poitnt, the greater necessity for immo-
oJijte and stirring investigation.
VThat "Thvestigation can tho editor
mean? Gov.Tritle can not certainly
b"e investigated before he has quali
fied. The ouly "investigation" that
is pow called for is the cause of this
iinpalled-for attack.
Is it fair and just to suppose that
fritle has accceptcd the position
rpm sordid motives? that ho will be
lly a governor in name, and a ram-
r and stock-jobber by occupation;
it ho is "vapid" and will bo both
lert" and "incompetent"?
Ii$the appointment of Frederick
lie to the position of governor, the
txni believes that the people of
territory can congratulate them
es on having a man in tho execu-
i chair who will do his duly in all
'at the word implies; a man who
sill not act upon impulse but upon
facts, and so acting will unflinchingly
exercise the power vested in him
I for the good of the territory .over
which ho has been' called to preside1.
we believe to bo tho conviction
If the great majority of the residents
M this territory, who extend to our
(lew governor a cordial hand of wel-
pme, believing that under his admifi-
'ation security and peaco will
ccKlily come, and in their wako will
rsdund the prospector's blast in tho
liilding up of new mining camps
nd the filling up of our valleys with
joustrious ranchers.
Ouimk in Cochise county received
lalutary lesson in the sentences
fcently passed for robbery.
Tue Ontario mino produced in
pventy-eighj .days of January, $203,-
1191, 'assay value.
French finances are not vet on a
satisfactory .'basis and failures are
frequent n3 heyy.
Iii the name of tho business publio
of this county the EriTAm takes a
decided issue with late Acting-Governor
Gosper on tho following reflec
tion by him in a letter published in
yesterday's dispatches from Wash
ington. Governor Gosper says:
The people of Tombstone and Co
chiso county, in their mad career after
money, have grossly neglected local
self-government until the lazy and
lawless element of society have un
dertaken to prey upon the more in
dustrial and honorable classes for
their subsistence and gains.
Besides the cowboy? there is a class,
much larger in numbers, of. the "good
Lord and good-devil" kind, who
keep up a secret partnership with the
robbers, and profit by their lawless
ness. What voice, pray, had the citizens
of this county in the selection of the
government under, which they have
been struggling? The- act creating
this county stu leusly avoided any
opportunity for an expression on tho
part of tho public. The gentlemen
who represented this county in the
assembly and were instrumental in
the passage of that bill, after receiv
ing tho suffrago of our citizens for
tho important p sitions of represen
tatives did not got left under tho
provisions of the new county govern
ment. No, Mr. Gosper, there is a
heavy vote in this county that be
lieve that the gentlemen who were
instrumental in the passage of tho
act providing for tho Arizona lottery
scheme three years ago could throw
a good deal of light on the gag that
was put on the voice of the people of
Cochise in the passage of the act
creating this county without ballot for
officers, and their remembrance will
last sufficiently long to be of telling
weight when tho timo shall come to
select the next territorial delegato to
Nkw Orleans has the greatest
possibilities offered in the newly
opened Southern and Texas Pacific
railroad. No railroad in the world
can compare with it in promise. It
is tho shortest all-rail route in tho
United States between the Paeifio
and Atlantic coasts. It is shorter by
GOO to 800 miles' than the Now York
route, free from .snow and ice, free
from trouble from thfe Indians. It
shortens the distance for grain be
tween California and Europe 10,000
miles, and allows its transpor
tation across the continent by
rail, which tho Central Pacific
route can never do. In addi
tion to this, it traverses nearly 1,000
miles in Texas, running through a
rich country, which it will help to
build up; and penetrates tho most
promising mineral districts of New
Mexico and Arizona. By this route,
therefore, this city has a chance of
securing tho grain and fruit trado of
California, the tea trade of China,
the greater portion of the business of
northern Texas, and the return trade
of all these sections. Denver Jour
nal of Commerce.
Hon. JunciK Stilwkll left yester
day morning for Tucson, called thith
er by tho approaching session of the
Supreme Court. His duties have
been most arduous since the opening
of the fall term of our district court,
and from the criminal and civil calen
dar already provided for the spring
term there is littlo likolihood of their
being lessened for some timo to come.
During tho past term of court Wo
of the most important mining cases
that havo come up on this ooast have
been tried before him. in ono of
which he was accorded tho unusual
honor of being called upon to render
a decision, jury trial being waived.
Yuma Ytve I'rei-t, Feb. 4.
The Yuma county road is being
gone over again by order of the com
missioners and materially improved.
The late rains have, washed out the
road for some distance this side of
Silver district, and laid bare the
rooks, but the addition of a littlo dirt
will fix things tU.L right. Considera
ble work wW nuvo to bo done be
tween Silver district and Ehrenberg.
Owing, to the drouth in southern
California, the sheep of that region
ar being ti.msporteil oy rail into
Arizona, to save them from starva
tion. Some f0 to 00 car-loads passed
through Yuma this week eu route
for tho inexhaustible ranges of south
ern Arizona. This incident offers a
sharp rebuko .to tho uninformed
scribblers who have unceasingly
written of this territory us a barren
waste of unproductive lands. The
fact is that all tho sheop of the state
ef California could not f'jed across a
tenth part of tho ranges in Arizona.
Immigrants are attracted to this ter
ritory, t present, almost solely by
its mineral wealth, I lit the lime will'
come when its agricultural and gra.1
ing resources will bo fully unddr
stood and appreciated, and they are of
great magnitude. ''
Items from Tucson and Mexico.
Tucson, Feb. 10. Col. Scott, with
a corps of assistannts, leaves here to
morrow morning to run a preliminary
survey of the Tucsou & Gulf of Cal
ifornia railroad in the interest of the
Southern Pacific railroad. Tho peo
ple of Tucson are jubilant over the
fact that the Pacific road builders are
taking hold of the project. The dis
tance from Tucson to Port Lobos is
about 175 miles, and the route is skir
ted on both sides with a series of
promising mining districts, which are
now developing some very rich
Prof. Salazar, who has just returned
from Sonora)v says that u guano is
land has been discovered in the Gulf
of California twenty-eight miles
southwest pf Port, Lobos. lie visi
ted it last week, and says the whole
surface of the island is literally cov
ered with bird's nests, with eggs of
every sizo and color. The deposit
of guano, he says, is very large. Tho
island contains about sixteen square
The Caborca mill of Sonora shipped
$10,000, the Jesuit of lust month's
Tho city council havo adopted the
street lighting ordinance. The gas
will bo lighted on March 1.
The Wallace sisters aro playing
hero to large houses. -
A company has been formed for
the purpose of introducing the elec
tric light.
UetUng Satisfaction ft-om an Editor.
Washington, Feb. 10. The Na
tional Republican has recently been
publishing articles reflecting on A.
Ml Sotoldo, clerk of the senate com
mittee on railroads. 'I o-night Sotel-
do and his brother Charles entered
the editorial room of the Republican,
where Clarence M. Barton, news ed
itor, and Frank Conger, business
manager, were sitting. Soteldo sub
mitted a document to Barton, who
said before acting on it ho must con
sult Geo. C. Gorham, chief editor.
Conger says that as Barton returned
the paper and rose from his chair,
Soteldo struck him; a scuffle ensued
during which a lamp upset, and Con
ger seized it and ran out of the room.
Several pistol shots were" heard. Tho
compositors rushed to the rescue,
and found Barton struggling with
Charles Soteldo. The latter was se
cured and put under anest. Barton
was found to be shot in the neck and
left breast; ho will probably recover.
A. M. Soteldo was shoi in the back
of the neck, his spinal column being
shattered, and early death inevitable.
Charles Soteldo savs Barton com
monced the rowr drawing a pistol
and firing; that his brother had noth
ing to do with the slioting; he,
diaries, drew his pistol and fired ono
shot am! clinched Barton. During
the struggle Bartoir's pistol went off
and, he thinks, wounded the owner.
Latkk Mrs. Soteldo says her hus
band realizes his very dangerous con
dition and that there vras little ground
for hope. He told her that Barton
fired the first shot. Barton admits
this, but says he shot low and niisjed,
and is positive Sotoldo's brother shot
him. Bartoti will soon recover.
Three men state they heard Soteldo
threaten yesterday to kill Barton.
IVnirn from IVntiliinctoii.
Washington, Feb. 10. liurniws'
bill, donning the qualifications of
territorial delegate, by xolulingj
polygamy, which passed the house of
representatives last Monday, was not
I taken up by tho senate committee
The delegation from Southern Da
kota this morning urged the Pri-si-dent
to remove Governor Or J way.
Senator Lamar was knocked dow n
last evening while crossing tho street
by a pair of carelessly driven horses.
The president this morning agreed
positively to appoint Uruns Tzchuck
of Nebraska consul at Vera Cruz.
Tzchuck has been urged by hoth tho
Nebraska senators, but opposed by
Representative Valentine. Senators
think this indicates that tho piesident.
does not intend to favor tho ta!vartt
more than otheis.
Ileardlnc the l.lim In IIIn ln.
Salt Lakk City, Feb. 10. At
Uintah last night, at a meeting of
liberal citizens brought up in ti'ic
Mormon church, resolutions- wer.e
adopted strongly denouncing poly
gamy und favoring tho aimuling of,
the organic act of the territory.
A Itallruad Circular.
Chicago, Feb. 10. A joint tsirca
lar has been issued by the St. Louie
& San Francisco railroad and .Atchi
son, Topeka & Santa Fe railroad,
, ealirig attention to the opening of
th'o new' route via Ilalsf-nd tj west-
ern Kansas, Colorado, NewJMexico
and California, and requesting other
roads to represent thefinew lines in
their coupon ticket service.
The Hawaiian Treaty.
Nkw York, Feb. lO.--The Graph
io's Washington correspondent says:
An effort is being maile to effect a
termination of the treaty with the
kingdom of Hawaii. In spito of the
resolutions passed in Now York, en
dorsing the movement, theie has been
developed no element in congress,
that is known so far, which favors
such action on the part of this gov
ernment, except from Louisiana.
The question of sugar protection
being vital to the leading industry of
that state, congressmen from that
part of the country aro unanimous in
its favor, and Gillison has a inoasure
looking to the accomplishment of the
Famine in Joulnlniiii.
Nkw Orleans, Feb. 10. Meas
ures are being taken to aid th. peo
plo of Ouchita, Riehland, Fianklin,
Caldwell, Winngrant, Jackson and
and Concordia parishes, who are re
ported in a suffering condition from
failure of tho crops, and soino practi
cally starving,
Wheat Mam lil ern t'lnrlieil.
St. Louis, Fob. 10. Several small
firms failed to-day, and n irrvous,
panicky feeling prevails on change.
To-morrow is looked forward to with
some dread on account of an expect
ed further decline in wheat.
Chicago, Feb. 10. No great flurry
in wheat to-day, though prices drop
ped smartly. No failures re-ported ;
no panic or unusual excitement.
A overnment t'lerK Gnnr Wrons.
San Fkancisco, Feb. 10. John
E. Bronhead, chief clerk of tho
quartermaster's department, military
division of the Pacific, was arrested
for raising a check from 84:. 50 to $4,
G00.50. The cheek was drawn in fa.
vor of H. M. Black or bearer for
wagon tools furnished the govern
ment, and after passing through the
hands of a film of hrokeis, was paid
at the sub-treasury. The transaction
was discovered by Major Batchelder,
chief quartermaster, and Bronhead
r-onfessed his guilt, attributing the
act to mining stock speculations. He
was held in 10,000bail by the Unit
ed States commissioner to-day, und
sent to jail in default of hail. Bron
head confessed to having .previously
stolen 3,200.
IlallroudH in Jlexlco.
City of Mkxico, Feb. -1. The
Mexican Central is completed to
Queretaro, lf0 miles north. Govern
ment engineers are out examining
the new divisibn, which will be open
for business on the 15th. On the 1st
inst. $250,000 subscription certifi
cates were delivered to the company,
and $1,000,000 more will be delin
quent next week. .Hereafter six per
cent of duties at all ports may be
paid with certificates.
tlie Old Oomlnlon.
Chicago, Feb. 10. A Time,
cial says: A colored member of the
Virginia legislature has introduced a
bill designed to prevent white men
from having mulatto mistresses, the
penalty being a ii-cogiiitioii of the
children as heiis-at-Iuw.
Lynchuukg, Feb. 10. Lewis
Powell, a white, man, has been sen
tenced to icoeive 150 lashes on the
bare back on two counts for house
breaking and robbery. More i-iimes
havo been coiumitte.d cince the
whipping po-t has boon i:stablihfd
than ever befoie.
Another liitiik Kinbi-y.li-meul.
Si. Paul, Minn., Feb. 10. D. V.
Vandcrhoef, first book-keeper or the
First National Bank of thi.- nty, was
arrested by the United States mar
shal to-night for embezzlement of an
amount variously estimated at fiom
$20,000 Ib 30,000. He ha-, had
charge of the books for many years,
and haK systematically manipulated
tho accounts to cover his stealings. It
is thought the money was ubsoi bed
in dissipation and grain speculation.
He was caught in the- recent bear
movement in wheat.
Crushed With Know.
Sr. John, -, l' '". I he
weight of snow crushed the roof of
the car shed of the Inter Colonial
railway. Nine car were demolished
Loss, $50,000.
Ituln ill CiihrurnU.
San Fr.ANCibCO, February 10.
Rain has now reached as far south
as San Benito and Merced counties,
with a southeast wind and falling
"Roman punph'' is so called be
cause it is made of frozen lemonade
aad Medford rum things entirely
unknown to tho Romans. New Or-
-J len Pieayuno.
FEBRUARY 18. 1882.
The New York boaid of health an
nounces that small-pox is not epidem
ic in that city.
The Sultan has conferred the grand
cordoi. of the imperial order of Os
man upon Count Yon Moltke.
A large cotton factory at Jarzevo,
Russia, has been burned. Insured
for.:j,U00,0v0 rouble.-,.
The Chicago brotherhood of tele
graphers are moving Tor un entire or
ganization, to extend over the entire
Ellis Craft, the second Ashland
murderer, has been found guilty and
sentenced to be hanged on the 14th
of April. A new trial was di-nied.
General Hancock arrved at Little
Hock, Ark., on Tuesday morning and
was heartily received. He is en
louto South to visit his son.
Richard Syke., a wealthy gentle
man of Edgely, in Cheshire county,
England, has purchased 45,000 acres
of land in the northern part of Da
kota territory,and will settle upon it
with a colony of English farmer.
The creditors of Archbishop Pur
cell, to the number of about 500, held
what amounted to an indignation
meeting against the assignee at
Cincinnati on Monday. The meet
ing was ungovernable at the very be
ginning, and for that reason very lit
tle formal action was taken.
From tha Cltizii.
The house of late occupied by W.
W. Williams is being renovated and
will be occupied by Governor Tritle
and family.
Mr. Geo. Emerick, now in from
Arivaca, speaks encouragingly of the
times, which conti ,ue to improve with
advancing spring. Preparations are
under way for the opening up of sev
eral claims, which from different
causes have for the past few months
been idle. The Albatross, reported
sold some time since to Tombstone
parties for 45,000, is' about to re
commence work. The main shaft is
down about 120 feet directly on the
ledge, which is said to be 8 feet in
width. The ore is silver-bearing,
carrying but little gold. The shaft
of the Oro Fino is down about 80
feet, and the vein although extreme
ly narrow, is said to be exceedingly
rich in high grade ore, generally av
eraging $200 per ton. On tsp the
croppings were not more than four
inches wide, but at the depth of 80
feet the vein has widened to nearly
14 inches.
By virtue of an execution against
Lord & Williams, there will be sold
by Sheriff Paul all their right, title
and interest in the following named
properties, to cover the sum of 8500,
together with interest at ono per
cent per mouth from July 1, 1881,
and accruing costs: Block 108, lot
1 in block 194, lot 20 in block 229,
lot between blocks 200 and 202,
block 85, block G9, block 1U9 and
the south half of block 151.
From llii: Star.
The case of unall-pox removed to
the pest house last Monday, it is
thought, will prove fatal, i'he un
fortunate victim is a young man.
The case is one of the most virulent
The Minas Prietas of Sonora is
working sixty men. Last month's
output was 43.000
Dr. J. L. White of Illinois,
biother of Si Whit of the Conten
tion, is" at the Palace.
A shoit time since a lot of stock
was stolen from the railroad graders
of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
r.iifroad by two noted thieves. Sher
iff Paul was notified of the same and
a few dav.-, thereafter arrested ono of!
the thieves near Casa Grande. Yen
teiday he discovered the whereabouts
of the other stockman, diarley Prin-
die, and telegraphed the sheritl ot
Maiiposa that he was in Phenix, and
ho was therefore taken in, and this
morning he will no doubt be one of
Sheriff ""Paul's guests.
A liiftv mass of rock, which threw
its .shadow over Las Vegas, half a
mile away, tumbled into the valley
last wt-ck. Fivo to fifteen thousand
tons of rook were loosened from its
foundation by intense cold, followed
by unu-iual heat. Tho mountain
towered 5U00 feet above the Gallinus
ilver. Tlit earth seemed to tremble
as the mass descended steadily down
tho side of the cliff, and when "it
reached the bottom the effect was ap
palling. Tho most remarkable re
sult of this sudden and violent
change under nature's direction is
found to be the disclosing at tho
point of rupture, high on the moun
tain side, of an eight foot vein of cop
per carbonates and sulphides, which
was promptly locatd by F. li. Mar
tindalo, who claims to have !ien the
best climber and lir.it on tho spot, tuid
ho is now holding his claim with a
brace of forty-fours. Half-way down
the side of the mountain in tho i-ru-dlu
of the swarth, a coal bed was laid
bare, which was also pre-empted as
soon as discovered.
A minor while working on a claim
about ten miles from Forenco dis
covered the face of a tunnel sup
posed to have been made many years
ago, before this country was inhabi
ted with us present lace of white
men. So says tho Florence Enter
prise. We shall know more of this
stranc-o discoverv boor. Phenix
A sour mash an old maid.
Franklin Herald.
LucAb HriiiNTFam.
Tmk District court adjourned r veter
day until February 23.
IIo.s. W. II. SwLWfiLT. departed ),ter
dy for Tacia, where he goes t nltead
the Suprvme ceurt.
J. L. Requa., Esq.., of Virlid Cllj, ar
rived n yesterday's caac.li, ari Is quarter,
ed at tirown's.
A very select miier parly xi gireaua
Uit erening at Mrs. B.. Chapin's, In honor
of the birthday f Tern Vf. Mftore, Esq.
The mail, until further selice, will clese
at 11 :30 a. m. for the west; at 0 p.'is. fur
the tast, and far Charleston at 1 :60 p. m.
The larje room formerly occupied by the
express company will be Sited np in ed
style and ecupicd by th popular kareers
Messrs. Ben and Will Barron.
Tuk following pasengere passed Col
ton yesterday s,oag east: P. McCue. Tac.
-son; 1). W. Cutaralngs.Teinbstenp; J. K.
Decker, 'wife, and daughter, MUs Clement,
Tombstone; Lord BeaumoRt, England.
Wk are informed by Judge Berry that
after a careful comparison of the paid cer
tificates with the stubs In the books of
Marshall Williams, the amount outstand
ing and unpaid is a little orer $1,000 and
not so much aa first stated by him.
The case of Eugeap Woedhcry, chrged
with being one of the principals in the
rubbery of Springer & Hackes, came up
yesterdny before J uitlce Holt, at. Charles
ton.' Fire witnesses were examined far
the prosecution and two fer tho dcton&e.
The ca&o was continued mitil Menday.
The programmes for the Knights ef
Pythias ball, which hare beea received by
the committee o arrangements, are very
exquisite. This is only eae of the prepara
ton measures which are being made that
the gathering on Bt.Valentlae's ere may
be a splendid success,
JonN C. Davis, Esq., arrived lu town
from Dos Cabezas yeslerday and will re
turn today. He reports the camp quiet
but With splendid prspect of great pros
perity. The climate at tbe place is muck
colder than Tombstoue, sad there i plenty
of snow In that viciaity.
A hew book atore is saea te be oeaed
in Stafford, Hudson & Co.'s block by Mr. I.
O. Smith. The ateck aBd fixtures belong,
inir to Marshall Williams have bwa pur
chased and a large. amount of new seods
w.ll bhortlv an ire from San Franciaco.
thus giving Tombstone a flrM class bonk
and statienery f stublishmeet.
Wyatt E-IW", Morgan
(Holliday were airesteu v
;an Ettlp, and Dtic
vfl-riy oh a ar.
rant swura t at Ctmteutie before Jus
tice Smith, at tbe iastaace of Juteph:Ifaac
Clanton. The churge upe which llicjf
were arrested, we are informed, was bnt u
renewal of the on uader wblch tkey were
arrested last fall fer the sbsotiag affray in
Fremoat street. They were takeu heforo
Court Commissioner Drum last wielit to
effect their release a writ of habeas cor
pus, and the matter takeu under further
adriacttient natil tbls MtiBiag. It it it
fart that this warraat has beea allowed W
issue without aew etldeneo to wan ant it,
the code of rigbte that pmtecta all alike
has beeu violently lafriaged. Cleared by
a leagthy examination befere a magistrate
and then by a grand jar)-, It is only jn the
province of another graad jury to taka'up
the cae, unless new evidence is brought
forward before the issuance ef a warrant.
These are cold faera and net' contingent
To Miners and
& Arizona mm Metmcnon u.
iteceivc nd Trent, v Purchase Gold ami Silver Ores of H
tirades, and in Lots of all Sizes, from 100 Pounds t 10,000 ToMfc.
r-rtloo Harfxt Brt. will Well l Coniyr :!-" ?:,' !!
JEO. B. men. Oenctal 3anncrer,
neOthrrArraiiircmenlfi Tor jiiiiiux. niii pi "i;"" " - .
lllty.onSuircoro jtiver, i-nrweiiivn.Mi-- -..-
A.- X3. OTIS OOv,
Lumber Shingles anfi HoultUfig6 3
"Windows aad SSIin&t
Kuilders' am! General Banlwar-, Pf.i, Oil l'f, Blr. nW.S
Ulasca-ire, Lp and Chandcliern Os""""- '' f --.
Nervous Debility, Exhausted Vitality, Sperniatorrii0r. KM
acy Owplaints and all Urinarr Troubles.
DR. HENRT. oa f the t ahlo rhjatdara r Lm.d.ti. : "1 Oo Bjmarjto oMO."
lr(ouwlth NERVOUS DISABILITIES tn.1 KTDXET TnOUBLRS,-. I.rficrtMi ll cfJ.
irer)-et hlag treated inccwtfUllT; Ica cUlvlitn Nolnie r.nreNoiMnrt lt i tptcnc
know ef no laftftire AffatUre, ttKhi neS to (ItMotPt."
Prio $1 per Paokage, or 6 Packages $5.
ImttanH In South 1'aao.
Mkh who came la from the pa of the
Diagoens yeMcrday abnni noon reiwritd
two bauds.one Ot'tch and One uf seventeen,
as prowling nreuml llmlptrt xl the mhuii.
tains. Tliero was h1m a rague rtnnur ikat
one or two childieu ami beeu killed in lliol
lecalily, which, if trne, could be ao other
than gome of the children of Mr Dill, but
the lepori had hoc been uoathmrd up (u
luidajghl and we may be spired turcln vo
iding of such a sad affliction. Deputy
Marshal Jackson with & strong tukd'of
men, lrft t'ombatonu yesterday boi to
scout hi (hat end of Ibu Drag, ftu J tlik
cavalry and sCduls 1 1ml camped at Hem' .
ranch Thursday night rewnnoiiered ih
etronghoM yesterday. .
rfl.KMt ('IliRM! tMXLM!
A Hare Vave VunnA at !.nl-
. tH
Aieea Snflr!
A sure euro for blind, b'lcediag, ItcUug
and ulcerated piles haslieen discovered by
Dr. William, (an Indian rejnedj), nslleit
Dr. William's Indian OlatmCBt. A sts
pie box has cured I)m worst cuiouifi eaten
of 25 or 30 years staiidiftg. N ne need
softer a minute atler applying this pioat
soothing medicine. Lotions, Instruments
and eluctnaries do more harm than good.
William'6 ointment absoibs the tnmore,
allavs the intense itching, (particularly at
night after getting warm in bed,) acts aa a
neultice, gWes instant and painless relief,
end is prepared only fer piles, itching of
the private parts, and for nothing else.
Read what the Hon. J. M. Cofllnberry,
f Cleveland says about Dr. William's la
dian Pile Ointment: I hate astd seorea
iif Pile cures, and it affords me pleasure t
say that I have never found aaythiug
whtcu'gave me such nnuieuiaie anu per
manent relief as Dr. William' Indian
Fer sale by all druggists, or mallad oa
receipt of price, $1.00.
Address Whkklek & Co., 303 East
Fourteenth street, New York.
Bend for vn
New Illuttra-tedPrioe-Lirt
No. 39, for
terefl881. Freo to any addres. Con
tains full description of all kindt of geodi
for personal and femily use. We deal
directly with the consumer, and sell all
goods in any quantity at ickelcaalt prices.
Yea can bay better and cheaper than at
? and 229 Wabash ATenttdCfcioajroJ-
Win ta bjIM nu Id ill W.ll,1i,,n2S!M!iHS?
tool !! pun, fWI iMtrtpami. "'""JS.'J'
ttp(kn.8..ik. w.u..irinr'nUi"
n. M. ISBBT ft CO., Sitrtlt, Kith.
nn. s. sosBEirs bxtersi toe bctbt
Vn latiaat fteflof, aed It an la&IKWt
8oldbv Druggists everywhere. Price, $1.00
per box, prepaid, by wad. Eamples sent
free to Physicians and all sufferers, by
Sexrtudter & Co, Box 8M8 . Kew York
City. Sole manufacturers of Ar AKiSblS
HSine Operators.
- - rrrtTi;-y.
V.. W nwnAl.SS wnrnrisurrnram.
Vjag.33EXj33t. O; CO.,
SOS F.ayt 14th MirreL

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