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S SSSJ Edition.
This Pneo is from the Daily
of Tuesday. Feb. 14.
JjKT the
o ox.
Mayor Carr, backed up by the oity
counoil, has started in upon a com
prehensive system of reform in rela
y tion to tho finanoes of tho corpora
tion, which if they persist in carrying
out in detail "will bo a great relief to
the ovcrburdonod tax-payers. That
they have and will receive strong
opposition from those drawing pay
from tho publio treasury is not at all j
.trance, nor unexpected. This faot,
hqwevor, should not deter them from
a straightforward and persistent ef
fort to effeot tho relief thoy stand
pledged to tho people to bring about.
They propose to make alf tho offices
salaried, and whatever fees thore.may
now be attaohed to the various posi
tion?, either abolish them or cover
them into the treasury. So far as
the completion of tho licenses and
kindredrsourcesof revenuo has pro
gressed, it appears that it amounts to
not less than $10,000 per year, which,
, .added to property taxes, swells tho
total revenue of the city to $40,000.
Wo think that these figures will
startle the tax-pa3-ers, and convince
them that any reasonable rofonn in
this direction is most desirable and
should bo encouraged.
It is proposed to combine in one
functionary tho offices of license col
lector, streot commissioner, hoalth
officer and pound keeper, paying him
for his services a reasonable salary
and doing away with the fees. That
tl"9 wjll bo a roliof to those subjeot I
to license will bo seen by this f'
It is reported upon gotyl ' ct:
that a gentlemixt, " athority
in DPoombor.w' opened a. shop
lor tho fr j subject to a license
whioh actional quarter within
a- .e commenced business in tho
forty-fivo cents. Upon
of tho bill ho was
nty-fivo coats for colleo
;y cents for making an
ho had not been doing
excess of tho timo set
license. This was pay
tho privilege of paying
prty-five cents. Such
d bo reformed. Busi-
uld have tho back-bone
ilio mayur and council in
for reform, and we be-
1, 40,000 being dooid-
h of a tax for tho gov-
000 people.
iYandisco Daily Ropo'tJ
thus fairly endorses tho verdict of
the coroner's jury in tho case of
young Whitsel, who was recently
murdered by tho Apaches near Syca
more Springs:
While General Willcox is engaged
in prosecuting General Carr for do
ing his duty fiko a man and a soldier,
tho Apaches are murdering whites
under tho very noses of tho troops
and within a short distance of tho
populous town of Tombstone A
dispatch from that place gives an ao
count of the murder of a teamster by
Apaohes within a milo of tho town.
An inquest was held on the body,
and following is tho verdict:
In tho matter of tho Inquest on tho body
or Joseph Whitsel, we, tho jury empaneled
liy the coroner of Cochise county to inquire
under what circumstances he came to his
death, find that tho person was Josonli
iirLii-i ' .i . . a . . -
Xu me suite oi Missouri, and that
Lto his death on tho 3d day of Feb
2, by being murdered, as the jury
hy Apache Indians traveling north
lian Carlos reservation : and we be-
That this, and all such occurrences
that havo been committed in this region,
are due to tho inefficiency and imbecility
of tho United States military authorities
stationed in this territory.
This tells tho wholo story. The
inefficiency and imbeoility of the mili
tary authorities in Arizona are re
sponsible for nearly all the murders
and outrages committed by Indians
in that territory.
The following from tho Floronoo
Enterprise, is a specimen of up-country
journalism. It will rank with tho
best efforts of Sage-brush land:
It is deoidedly refreshing to hear
that spawn of iniquity, that stalwart
of stinkers, yo impious imp of the
Drill, preaching morality. Veiily,
thero do bo men of mighty gall who
coino from Sweden hither.
Mexican Xcwh.
JJVm C. W. Pinkham, proprietor of the
Tombstone and Sonora stage line, who nr.
rived yesterday afternoon, It Is learned
that tho travel to Sonora is steadily In
creaslnjr, and ho will put on an extra crni
vevanco for his trip on Thursday next.
He left Arizpo on Friday mornlngShist,
and when near Chinapa ho met Geo. A. J J.
Berry going to Arizpe. Mr. Berry re
ported Geo. Hearst and party at Baso.
chuca. On Saturday thero was a heavy
rainfall along the Sonora river, which
raised the water in the small streams.
. "it, Blair has gone to Hermosillo. Ueo.
Marks and O. S. Fredericks were woi k.
lag their mino, which is reported looking
well. In the El Garchl they havo struck
a fine body of oro and tho mine is reported
in good condition. At the Basochueu
Green and Kirk's smelter is only walling
for Eonio belting, which he will take down
this trip, when it will start up. Other
mines in that vicinity aro reported as de
veloping well.
w-i . ;
. TEMoilTr
I iVnln. " , pOIl
- - i
. .(om lVnthliijitoii.
Washington-, Fob. 13. In tho
house Horndon introduced a bill for
a constitutional amendment fixing
tho momborship of tr& houso at 325.
Justico Field gavo a brilliant din
ner party this ovening to his brother,
David Dudley Fiold, in celebration
af the latter's seventy-seventh birth
day. uaray introduced a bill in tho
houso to provide for tho collection of
tho duties imposed by law on all su
gars imported from tho Hawaiian Is
lands above tho grades known in
1875 iu tho markets of San Francis
co and Portland as Sandwich Island
Gov. Richard C. McCormick has
been very ill at his homo in Jamaica,
Long Island, for a largo part of tho
last two mouths; but privato advio.s
reooived hero to-day report that ho
is rapidly recovering.
Ex-Vico-Presldent Wheeler has
given up ins intended visit to tho
Pacific coast.
Fltz-Johu rortev.
Chicago, Feb. 13. A Washington
special says: Gon. Fitz-John Porter
on Friday had an interview with tho
president, and explained the Pope
campaign, and how ho had been so
long misjudged. Ho invited the
president carefully to peruso tho rec
ords, as Grant had recently donr,.
Porter will roturn in a fow days, vrtd
press the passage of tho bill rcsr,0rinr
him to his former rank.
Tho Motclilo Airnlr..
. Washington, Fob. " 3 .. hn ,1
lot whioh killed S. J0 bul'
thatwoundedli Ja?d1tll.r
half a grained ton weighed withm
.dently 0- - eaoh otbor and. cv'"
Iti -mo from tho samo pistol.
regarded as certain that A. So-
toldo shot his brother when firing at
Tho coroner's jury find that Sol
toldo camo to his death by a shot
from his brother's pistol.
Trescott'H Instructions.
Chicago, Fob. 13. A special from
Washington says: Tho following
from tho forthcoming volume of di
plomatic correspondence shows tho
naturo and extent of the powers con
ferred on Trescott, by tho department
of state:
Wasuixgtox, D. C, Nov. 30.
You will receive herewith your com
mission as special envoy with rank of
minister plenipotentiary to tho repub
lics of Chili. Peru and Bolivia. This
commission will not suspend tho or
dinary duties of tho ministers pleni
potentiary and resident now accred
ited to thoso governments, but, as
they will bo duly informed, all com
munications and negotiations con
nected with tho pending difficulties
between Chili, Peru and Bolivia, so
fars this government may deem it
judicious totako aotion, will bo trans
ferred to your charge, under instruc
tions whioh will be furnished you.
You will place yourself in direct
communication with those govern
ments; but it is expected, as I am
sure you would desire, that you
should learn from tho Uuited States
ministers now thero tho exact condi
tion of existing political relations,
and that you will give duo regard to
such suggestions as their recent ex
perience enables tliom to submit to
your consideration. . hatovor ac
tion, however, you may tako must bo
decided upon your own responsibili
ty, and will bo in the oxeroisc of your
independent authority.
After full consideration of your
suggestion that it may be necessary
to conduct some negotiations at more
than ono point, tho President lias
directed that tiio third assistant sec
retary of state accompany you.
Should tho occasion which you an
ticipate arise, you aro authorized to
jjivo Mr. Blaino the necessary in
structions, liis official rank in tho de
partment and his detail for special
services on this mission being suf
ficient to aulhorizo him, without a
formal commission, to execute your
Your expenses and thoso of the
third assistant secretary, who accom
panies you going and returning, and
such as aro incidental to your resi
dence in South America and tho mis-
moii on whioh you aro sent, will be
allowed by tho department in confi
dence that all duo regard will be paid
tho proprieties of your position and
the duties with which you aro charged.
You will recoivo herewith an ad
vance of 2,000, which will bo
charged to your expense account. In
tho final settlement of your account
for expenses you will bo required to
furnish this department with a cer
tificate that tho amounts charged
havo boon aotually expended. For
that purposo you aro authorised to
expend for clerical services whilo en
gaged on tho special mission a sum
not to exceed 1500, for whioh you
will return proper vouchors. Your
. rlnafca1 hif 1 T-wiMhfr -r
tho secretary of stato from
timo to timo against your compensa
tion allowanco in sums not to exceed
1000 monthly, commencing from
January, 1883; provided tho total
amount of such drafts shall not ex
ceed $5000, leaving tho remainder to
bo adjusted at the oloso of your mis
sion. L am, etc.,
James G. Blaine.
t'ctroleuiu TnnkH on 'Fire.
Bradford, Pa., Feb. 13. Sparks
from a locomotive on tho Buffalo,
New York & Philadelphia road this
evening fired somo little oil pools
near Olean, N. Y. Tho flro soon'
spread to three iron tanks, containing
105,000 barrels of oil, which are now
in flames. All tho assistance possi
ble was summoned from t.rm nil ,.
gions and loft hero by special trains.
Embankments will be formed to so
curq h0 burning oil when tho tanks
overflow. Tho oil will be drawn off
r.s rapidly iis possible by perforating
tho tanks with cannon balls. The
night is as bright as day for miles
-... via. IV-
New York, Feb. 13. A special
from 01 can says: The fourth tank
caught lire this morning. Thus far
130,000 barrels, valued at $100,000,
have 'jurned, and it is feared tho fire
will spread.
The Grain Call a Fizzle.
San Francisco, Fob. 13 The
Produce Exchange held its first call
to-day. There was a largo attend
ance, but no sales were effected.
Evidently sufficient closeness of grad
ing tho differont grains had not been
adopted to enable buyers to, know
what they wero doing. In miscella
neous stocks there were a number of
bids, but all below market rates, and
no seller appeared. Tho general
impression scorned to be that the call
was farcial, though some present ar
gued that with a little time and moro
attention to details, tho movement
would become a success.
A Colliery Disaster.
London, Feb. 13. Two explo
sions havo occurred in the Rhondo
Valloy mine. Tho first killed two
persons. Wliilo an exploring party
was descending the second explo
sion occurred, shattering the shaft
and killing four persons.
Improbable ltumor.
New York, Feb. 13.--Tho rumor
seeks verification in Cleveland that
Mrs. Garfield has wrltton to tiie
President asking him to commute the
sentence of Guiteau. The Herald
will say to-morrow: We havo the
best of authority forstating that there
is not ono word of truth in the story.
Davitt anil Encan.
London, Feb. 13. The Irish party
intend to elect Michael Davitt. Pat
rick Eagan will also be nominated by
tho order if Davitt ho disqualified,
though Eagan may take the seat.
I'cnre in Mouth America.
New Yoek, Feb. 13. Advices
from Lima of January 25, confirm the
report that a treaty of peace has been
signed between Bolivia and Peru.
By its terms Bolivia is left without a
Killed by a Locomotive.
Baltimore, Fob. 13. Five track
men wero killed to-day in a tunnel
of the Baltimore & Potomac railroad,
near the Union depot, in this city, by
a locomotive of tho Western Mary
land road. The men, named David
GrierTimothy Kennedy, Ewd. Bir
mingham, Jas, Irvin and Pat McGoff,
stopped from ono track to get out of
tho way of a passing train, and
walked diicctly in front of tho loco
motive on tho opposite side.
Sows from Ciilii.
New York, Feb. 13. On Jan.
14th Trescott was formally received
by tho Chilian government. His
remarks in presenting his credentials
were exceedingly conciliatory, stac
ing, on tho part of the President of
tho United States, that tho misunder
standing was unfortunate, but only
required a clear explanation to bo
satisfactory. Tho Chilian president
cordially roplied, giving every as
surance of kindly intention on the
part of his government towards tho
United States.
I'.artlKinaUc in Colorado.
Denver, Col., Feb. 13. Republi
can's Lake City special: A few min
utes past one o'clock Sunday morn
ing an earthquake shock of five sec
onds' duration was felt in Lake City.
Citizens were awakened, and many
thought the powder magazino near
town had oxploded. Tho shock was
violent at Capital City.
Tucson Jtuniors.
Tucson, Feb. 13. Report comes
from Arivipa that five men were
killed last night by Indians near the
San Carlos reservation.
A. E. Head has just stated to a
Star reporter that ho has communica
tion with Gcorgo Hearst, which dis
credits tiio rumors in regard to tho
killing of his party.
.nutters niul Tilings in (iuayiniis.
Guaymas, Mex., Fob. 5, via Tuc
son. Tho steamer Sonora brought
Col. Francisco Garicia, adjutant of
President Gonzales, who goes up, via
Tueson, to represent the Mexican
government as director of tho Sonora
Railroad company. He left with Col.
D, B. Robinson for Hermosillo on
Thursday last.
On Saturday a material train going
to the front was ditched somo six
miles out from Hermosillo, resulting
in slight injuries to one man. The
road was cleared by a wrecking train
inside of twenty-four hours.
Over half of Guaymas proper left
on a special train to celebrate at
Hermosillo the 5th of February, an
niversary of the adoption of the con
stitution. Tho. verdict of tho jury in tho
Guiteau case was received here on
Saturday, and general good feeling
by all was expressed at the result.
The railroad is out some fortv-
seven miles, and will have to suspend
work unless more ties come to hand.
The dopot at Guaymas is to bo com
menced on the 15tb.
An order removing the head-quarters
of the troops- from Hermosillo to
Guaymas went into effect to-day.
Three hun.dr.od: federal troops of the
Sixth regiment whl'i band, etc., ar
rived qa the train to-day, under the
command of Col. Leonardo Garcia.
From trio Florenco Enterprise.
Postmaster Guild sent several small
sacks of Pima wheat to Wisconsin
Tuesday to be used for seeding pur
poses. Tho Pima wheat is said to be
ono of the best varieties known. It
is hardy, yields well, and makes flour
of tho first quality,
Johnny Sowers went out Wednes
day to tako charge of the construc
tion party on the Silver King and
Floronco telegraph line. There wero
about twelve miles of the line to
complete when lie assumed charge of
tho work.
Hon. G. II. Oury's wife and daugh
ter have reached Washington . They
went from hero to Texas to visit rela
tives and thence to St. Louis, where
they visited a sister of Mr. Oury's.
They find an unpleasant contrast be
tween Washington and Florence
winters, tho difference boing in favor
of the latter.
There is an old Papago at the In
dian camp south of town who claims
to have seen the sun of 120 summers.
Other members of 4iis tribe confirm
his statement. If there is anything
in appearences, he certainly tells the
truth, for the furrows time has
marked on his face are a half-inch
deep, in fact he looks as if ho might
have been with Moses when tho light
went out.
Since tho Florence office of the
Silver King and Florence telegraph
company opened for business, there
has been an active demand for stock,
but the- holders' are not desirous of
selling, in fact will not sell at all.
The par value of tho shares is $10,
and parties offered as high as $13.50
per share for stock this week, but
could find no takers. This is re
markable, considering thut tho line
is not yot completed,
The Florence and Butte road was
completed Saturday, with the excep
tion of a little light work on this end
of the line. Teams have commenced
the work of hauling the lumber from
Casa Grando to Butte, for the Pinal
Consolidated company's buildings,
and the work of the latter will be
pushed to completion now as fast as
possible. The expense of building
the rod from here to Butto goes a
a little over threo thousand dollars.
A party of Apache-Yuma Indians
were in town this week on their way
to the Pima village, for the purpose
of buying ponies. That tribe has a
now way of replenishing their purses
now. The government, with its usual
pare for Indian oqmfort, has been
issuing them, this winter, coats made
of heavy ducking. As soon as V e
coats are rocoived, the bucks go to
camp and havo aquiotgamoof cards,
with coats in the "pot." The winner
then sells the coats to pale-faces and
plants the proceeds in his pocket for
. mt" . -
G. G. Brioos, tho pioneer fruit
grower of the state, now extensively
engaged in the raisin business, has
bought the unsold lands of the
Washington colony of Fresno coun
ty, amounting to 4,000 acres. It. is
believed that he will devoto tho
greater part of this extensive pur
chase to planting an enormous vine
yard of raisin grapes. Kern Co.
- - . f ,
Don't neglect to patent your claims.
Thero are men in every camp mean
enough to put in an adverse claim
without the shadow of a right to do
so, and if your claim proves to bo a
good one you may be put to a great
expense. Avoid this by making ap
plication for a patent without delay.
- "-r
Tije attendance at the churches Sunday
was unusually large. Mr. Pcabody had a
large congregation in the morning and his
sermon was instructive The Sunday
school of this church met in the afternoon
and commenced Its labors with a fair
number present. The Bible class in par
ticular made a good beginning, the ladles
and gentlemen composing the same will
have many-Interesting and profitable dis
cussions. At the Methodist church in the
ovening, llev. J. P. Mclntyre preached an
eloquent sermon on "The Illusions of
Life," the minister considering " Worldly
Pleasures," " Wealth " and " Fame " to be
the principal fascination of tho mind, all
of which blindly followed would end in
eternal ruin, while the lorover lasting
joys of bliss would bo the reward of a
temperate, noble life.
The mesa prospecting work of Col
Wiguins and associates will be -resumed
again to-day. The shaft is now down 2C0
feet and still in debris.
Dcmoreft's Monthly.
"Tho world grows old, and my arts are cold,
Nobody cares for uugtit but cold:
I am out of stylo 1th my throbbing hearts,
My quiver is stuffed with tho dullest darts
1 nave nail my day, and may mako my h
No one has time for St. Valentine now!
ave had my day, and may mako my bow,
bt. Valentine now I"
So the tricksy saint, ns he made his plaint,
Lay down 10 Bleep in tho cup of a rose.
And a brcezu came Dy from a southern sky,
And soothed him Into a sweet repose.
And all In a moment tho eato of dreams
Swung open wide nllh Its pearly cleams,
And Valentine wandered hero and thure,
A presence Immortally yonng and fair.
And first he paustd In a humminjr shop,
here tbo wheels went round without rtstorstop.
There wf re f-wart im-cliaulcs with faces (;rim,
Said one to another, "It's Valeutliic'sdayl"
Not ono of them noticed or thought of him,
As ho hid In tuu cnhncblwd roo'f nway.
"I shall send a picture to bonny Bess,"
"And I," said another, "to prjtty Jces;"
"There's a littla woman, I'll pledge my life.
That none but sho shall be my sweet wife!"
Said One to his linl.bhni-- thi. hnmm... .tint.
And love tripped time to each iron tonaue. "'
Aw ay liko the w hid tho good Ratnt flew,
And alter hiui cuplds, a splendid train,
Till ho camo to a brown stone palace new,
Whero a nuld w as budding chateaux en Es
pagne. "And, oh I" she sljjhcd In her boudoir dim,
"If only I could be sure of him,
If only! felt that 'twas I he loed,
If t-omchow his laith and his truth were proved,
Then, out of the world I would choose him mine,
Jly own, my prince, ray Valentine."
Afar on his feathery pinions spread.
The merry god, like A sunbeam flashed,
Shaking tho cnrls on his nodding head,
Till into a kitchen he gayly dashed.
And there stood llrldget, substantial, stout,
A buiom lass who had Just come out.
fahu was crying over the rollinr-pin,
And "Ochf" sne muttered, "it7s surely sin
For n girl to flirt with another's beau,
And that' what Nora has done, I know!"
The cuplds fluttered, the quiver full
Of darts grew sharp of thtlr own accord,
The chilled hearts lreat till they broke the lull
Of the, kind saint's nap, and away they
Hither and yonder like mad they went,
Till tho postman's courage was nearly spent,
or they welglud liko lead In his bursting bag,
And he did not dare to loiter or flag.
Since Valentino's Day is all the rago
Once more, In this hurrying, golden age.
And never while human pain and passion,
.iiu urru aim joy ana nope aDiae,
Shall to e, dear love, ever go out of fashion.
While the shores aro kissed by the crooning
Whatever else may havo had Its day,
St. Valentine's sceptic Is here to stay,
For he sheds the light ora glow divine,
Wherever his silvery arrows shine.
Speeding along with their delicate arts,
To thrill w 1th rapture (esthetic hearts.
We are gratified to observe that
Mr. M. H. Kimball, of the Kimball
mansion, who has been severely ill,
is now going about town with some
thing of his old time vigor. He has
submitted to a difficult operation by
Dr. Fellows, wiiich wss highly suc
cessful, and feels .almost as good as
new. ho next we expect to hear
of him is, that he is out in Arizona
again looking after his rich mines in
Cochise county. Los Angoles Com
mercial. Judge Tweed left us to-day to be
in attendance upon the sitting of tho
Supremo court at Tucson next week,
and for tho further purpose of meet
ing his son and several of his grand
children. On this trip to Tucson he
will see seven of his seventeen grand
children. Phenix Herald.
Spring is coming. lie cotton
wood trees aro in full bud nd will
soon be donning their beautiful robes
of green. Original. We tiust that
no ono will "mistake this item as an
invitation for contribution of spring
poetry. Phenix Gazette.
" We enter upon the functions of
journalism with an imperious con
sciousness of a personal committal to
tho high moral responsibilities inci
dent to a position rcoognized by in
telligence and morality as a repre
sentative and formative entity, mould
ing and vitalizing the intelligent con
stituency who perpetuates by pre
rogative its existence." CariQn In
dex. In-Kern county tho officials have
so little to occupy their time usefully,
and so strong a desire to set a good
example to tho rising generation,
that they are playing billard matches
and running foot races for coin.
Somo of the fleetest runners now
may not be able to run at all when
election time comes around. San
Francisco Examiner.
Tho entire coal product of this
country last year was 71,007,570 tons,
of which 42.430,5SQ tons were "soft
coal," and 28,040,990 hard coal, near
ly all of tho latter being, mined in
"All the dark horses should be
provided with goggles. Thoy will
need them after traveling in my dust
awhile." S. .1. Tildcn.
The New York Tribune says that
Patti's baggage consists of twenty
throe trunks. The Tribune doesn't
seem inclined to recognize Nicolini.
The cable dispatches state that in
tho Portuguese bull fights no bulls
are killed. The Portuguese evidently
fight bulls 011 the star route prose
cution plan.
Road commissioner Hayes, it is
said, lias several scrap-books filled
with newspaper gossip concerning
himself and family. All tho news
paper items about himself which Mr.
Hayes didn't cut out would mako a
large volume.
A Berlin newspaper has been sup
pressed because it called the Empe
ror William's recent manifesto a
coup d'etat. If this editor had
adopted tho .American plan of ex
pressing the same idea, and said that
tho old man- had evidently cold
decked the boys, thero would have
been no trouble. Thero is nothing
liko using diplomatic language.
"How long would it tako to go to
the moon?" asks an occasional reader.
It much depends upon the route you
take. If vou iro by the way of a
rock blast, or a dynamite upheaval,
you would piobably arrive in about
fifteen minutes, but if you went by
the Guiteau trial express, you'd
strike it about when the twilight was
settling down upon eternity. Rome
"America," says an Englishman,
"is a country whero a man's state
ment is not worth two cents unless
backed up with an offer to bet you
Now collego joke Professor says:
how do you prove
: "Well, if you
ouple of tramps
a ,kaiaa.jrKL.uuM i..
1 lma ilur liiminv
Iteport that George Hearst and Two
Other Americans were Killed In So
nora. Some time yesterday, a Mexican was
reported to have come into town with his
riding animal all in a lather, bearing the
alarming intelligence that Geo. Hearst and
two other Americans had been killed by
Indians, at r near Basochuca, on the So
nora river. The news immediately spread
and caused great excitement for a short
time. When C. W. Pinkham, who runs
the Sonora stage, came into town he re
ported having passed Basochuca Friday
about noon, when all was serene, and no
signs nor report of Indians. He met Mr.
Berry between Chinapa and Arizpe, going
to the latter place, and reported Mr. Hearst
all right. . Mr. Thorndike and son came
in from the custom house at San Pedro
yesterday, leaving there in the morning,
and no word had been received up to their
leaving of any massacre. Later in the day
it was reported that a German had come
into town confirming the news. An
Epitaph reporter scoured the town to find
him to authenticate the startling tale. At
last it was learned that he had bis horse
at the West End corral, so the reporter
went down there and learned that a man
by the name of Hughes came in from So
nora on Sunday, and had his horse there,
but that he brought no such news; that
Hug! es Ietl Arizpe On Sunday or Monday
of last week, which was four or Ave days
earlier than Mr. Pinkham left. There is
probably no truth in the report of Mr.
Hearst a'ud party, or any other party, hav
ing been murdered by the Indians at or
near Basochuca. It is well known that not
less than 1000 soldiers arc pursuing the
Indians from the Bacuachi side ol the
mountains toward the Sierra Madres. It
would be a sad blow, however, should the
news be confirmed ; but in the light of all
the fucts' the Ermrn takes the hopeful
view of the case, and will not concede it
possibly true until the stubborn truth
compels otherwise.
Maltkh, Lind & Co., have the contract
to build a CUstamp mill in Sonora.
J. E. Durkee has bought ten ore teams
and wagons from the Cerra Gordo freight
ing company.
An assay office at the Girard ,mill is
nearly complete. It will be perfect in all
its appointments.
Ah opposition stage line is now running
between this city and Contention, making
quick time and at reduced rates.
Mns. M. A. Morton, a lady residing
near Tough Nut street, was striken with
paralysis yesterday afternoon and is in a
critical condition, being unable to speak
or move.
.1. Carr has bought the freighting outfit
of the Cerro Gordo company, excepting
ten teams and ore wagons bought by J. E.
Durkee. This makes Mr. Carr the freight
ing king of Arizona.
' The Bradshaw mill is about ready to be
turned over to the company by the con
tractors, Messrs. Maltcr, Lind & Co, It is
pronounced equal to any of the same size
in the territory.
Eugene Dkwev, Horace Hill and Col.
W, H. L. Barnes, passed East over the
Southern Pacific yesterday, bound Jbr New
Orleans, to attend the Mardi Gras festival
which begins on Thursday next.
Pony Duhl or Deal, Joe Hill and two
other rustlers wero arrested in Texas on
Saturday last, and will be returned to the
bosom of their friends in Tombstone jn a
few days. There will, no doubt be great
rejoicing (f) among the rustlers at this
Eastern bound passengers will leave
by Sandy Bob's line at 5:30 in the morn
ing, and passengers for the west will take
the coach leaving Tombstone at 12:30 r.
11. An accommodation coach will go out
every afternoon at 4 o'clock for Conten
tion City.
Dr. Goodfeixow returned at 10 o'clock
last evening, from O'Donnell's camp on
the New Mexico and Arizona railroad,
near the mouth of the Babaconuri, where
ho was called to attend upon a man who
was blown up while tamping a blast with
an iron bar. The poor fellow will lose
botli eyes and one hand as the result of his
temerity in tamping powder with an iron
Two soldiers came in last evening from
Antelope Springs, for dispatches from Fort
Lowell. Their company (name ana number
not known) have been scouting through the
Dragoons and Swisshelm mountains, and
down as far as San Barnardino ranch, but
without any signs of Indians Notwith
standing this the fact remains that poor
Whitsel was killed by Indians within sight
of town less than twelve days ago.
The Girard mill was in motion yester
day afternoon. But one battery was run
ning to test the self-feeders, which worked
perfectly. The pans and settlers were all
ip raotjon, and everything worked like
clockwork. The engine at the head of the
tramway for raisipg the ore to the mill yet
lacKs the reel and wire cable, which are
expected in a day or two, when the mill
will commence on its regular work of
turning out bullion.
Frank ftiNosuuhY, manager of the
Western Union, pajd die ancient pueblo a
visit a day or two since, returning yester
day. He saw Governor Tritle and family
at the Palace hotel. Tho Governor is
waiting the return of his commission
from Wasliiugton, when he will go to
Prcscott and assume the duties of his of.
flee. Mr. W. B. Murray is domiciled in
tho Williams mansion, where he enter
tained Mr. Kiugsbury in elegant style.
135 Montgomery St., near llnsh,
(Established in San Francisco in 186S.)
Tho most cMbllcated causes of '
inorougniy-niagnosea ate f chai
Astigmatic senses mounted in ti
Mailer's Ob
' THE EAItl'-irOI.MI
in CASK.-
of Habeas
Corpus before
ire J.ut-aK.
The hearing ot the application for a writ
of habeas corpus in the case of Wyutt and
Morgan Eirp and J. 11. Holliday was had
before Judge Lucas iu the District court
room at 10;15 o'clock yesterday morning.
Mr. Herrine, the counsel for the defense,
asked for the wiit of return that it might
be examined, and said writ was produced
from the deputy.sherilf.
Mr. Robinson, in behalf of the prosccu
tion, submitted to the court the question
that the judge had been a witness in a for
mcr examination .of the same case( and
hence disqualified to act in the matter.
The court said, while it would be a plea
sant task to avoid hearing the question
now to be determined, yet he considered
that should he decide not to hear the case
before him it would be neglecting an im
portant duty. Hence the grounds of the,
question wrc not considered well taken by
the court.
The counsel for the defense presented a
denial that the officer who had issued the
warrant for the arrest of the parties above
named was a justice of the peace, and as
serting that said justice had never been
elected to that office.
Mr. Robinson oojected to the denial, ar
guing that a justice of the peace did not
need to be elected so long as he had a right
to his office from other authority, and
moved that it be stricken out.
After further discussion it was acceded
by both counsel that J. B. Smith was ap
pointed by the board of supervisors and
held his authority from them.
Mr. Herring argued that the appointing
of justices of the peace was provided for by
tho legislature, aud consequently the ap
pointment by the board was illegal.
Ben Goodrich, Es,q., for the prosecution,
held that the law quoted by the defense
was nst good, a3 a later net passed repeal
ed it, and read sections specifying the ap
pointment of justices of the peace in an
other manner, or by the board of supervi
sors. The defense consfdered that the two sec
tions read must bo considered together,
hence both were in lull force.
The court, however, sustained the return
on the giound that the appointment of
said justice of the peace was legal accord,
ing to law, as the act read by the defense
was nood only so tar as it did not confiiet.
with the latter act.
The return as issued by J. B. Smith wast
It was held by the defense that these:
same gentlemen had been once acquitted?
by a jury and iu a legal court; that all the
evidence had been before that jury.; that
their lives were now to bo imperiled; that
this pioceedlng was a secret business and
hence that the rearrest was unwarranted.
The court decided that as the warrant
did not show these matters once to have
been settleJ. and that as it called for au
examination before the officer who issued
the warrant, for a crime for which they
had apparently never been called to ac
count, notwithstanding his own personal
desire to grant relief to tiie gentlemen, still
he had no right to o behind the return
and to interfere in the matter, as it was
altogethei out of his'jurisdiclion; he was
sorry that the hardship could not b avoid.
ed, but considered it would be violating a
law to grant the writ, snd remanded the
applicants to the custody of the sheriff. .
tojiusToxK and tucsoiv..
And Make
On the Principal Point la '
Itecehe deposits, purchase ot make advance
Territorial and County LoLdn and warranto)
proted commercial paper, etc, etc., and I ran sac,
Deposits of Bullion made with ue orski'pped
Anglo Callforniau Bank, ban Francisco, for ou
account, can ho checked against Immediately.
NEW YORK J. & W. SEUOsiau Cfc
SAN FRANCIbC0...AN0I.oCAuroiniuH &).
LOS ANGELES First National UUsk.
ST. LOUIS Bank or Commek.ce.
CHICAGO SIlrclIANTs, Savinhs,
PHILADELPHIA... .Ckntiwv National Banc
and the most eleeantly appointed hotel in tho
world, over 83,500,000 having been expended by
Mr. Baldwin In Us construction and furnishing.
Headquarters oltho Army and Nary. Special ac
commodations for families and large parties.
Prices the same as other first-class hotels.
From S3 to S3 per Day.
Special contracts will be made for permanent
boarders. The hotel's coaches and earrtages- In
waiting at all boats and railway idiots.
t3T Rooms can bo reserved beforo arrhal b
telegraphing the Baldwin. jjjp'
e. j; Baldwin; :
Sol Owner and Proprietor.
& & &l ffl
y& ff& Mm 9
rro the oei-t n:v1 eheciivt Orwns ever offered
In tho West. Lveiy Iv-tniiiiuiit warranted for
tK yearj, ant, r,vi;,fi'c'.iuu guaranteed. Hliw
twtcd t'ii':'! -i"JO free.
015 Oiivo Stroot, Sf, LOUIS;
rage 33
r.re noted for their remarkably swcot tone.
eupenor 01 Kin.insuit),
and beautiful llnUli.
icnuinc lto'owooi)
cases. Warranted fur
six year. Tho best lov?
priced PIANO in the;
market. Semi for Cata
logues and Prices,
915 Olive Stroot, ST. LOUIS.
The most wonderful oi
nays any tune perftj
know ledge ot muslc.
ctlon.- or
Orgulnetto. A mere ca
uDlar tho
(tho root!
tienutitul and difficult a
practice. An lmraen
. minutes'
stanllyon hand. Alsd
Wqs cr-
a Writ
Reorders by mll promptly tti
ET .jS
v . . . .

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