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Spifapb ;
VOL. II.-NO. 86.
Six-Page Edition.
Allnex aud SUnlng.
From the Prcscott Courier. '
Mr. B. C. Smith, of Lynx crook,
was in town yesterday. He said that
ho had not yet started his hydraulic
mine. The weather has been so cold
in tho mountains that the water has
not been coming down in sufficient
quantities to make much headway.
With tho coming of warmer weather
these mines will be started, and the
prospects are excellent for a long
continued yield.
A party of mining capitalists have
been doing the Black Hills range re.
Mr. Kelly showed us to-day a pro
file map of Irs mammoth lead on
Silver mountain, tho handiwork of
our artistic fellow-citizen, Col. Big
elow. This pledge is, in extent, one
of the largest on this coast, having
an average ascertained width of two
hundred feet, and containing through
out ore of sufficiently high grade to
bo profitably worked.
We are informed that Hon. W . M.
Buffum has recently purchased some
promising mining properties in tlio
Dosoris camp. Hope he'll grow rich
out of his mines, as ho deserves to be,
for his large iuvestments in them,
and his having never yet refused a
poor man a grub stake.
John Reese believes from what he
has learned from his partners that the
salo of the Burro mine has been con
cluded. Work on tho erection of a building
for the Arizona Queen Co.'s mill on
Groom creek is progressing slowly on
account of the difficulty of procur
ing teams to haul lumber. The snow
in tho Groom creek gulches is said
to be from three to four feet deep
The Messrs. Robert have recently
finished sinking a forty foot shaft
on tho Gray Eagle mine on Groom
creek, and have eighteen inohes of
free gold ore from top to bottom.
Mr. T. Bullock leaves to-day for
Chicago, New York and London. He
has examined tho mines of this seo
tion so far as the almost impassablo
condition of the mountain roads
'would permit. The other day he
was three hours in making the trip
from the head of the Hassayainpa to
Lynx creek through tho deep snow.
We learn that something about the
Tip Top machinery has 'broken, ne
cessitating the stoppage of the mill,
and that the superintendent has gone
to San Francisco.
Goo. W. Curtis says the Vulture
mill was running when ho came
through, on good ore.
The Perry mine, on the Hassayam
pa, is under recent developments
looking better than ever. Tho Perry
is a good mine and has a brilliant
Globe District Mines.
From thc.OIobo Chronicle.
We are glad to bo able to report
activity in and excellent promise
from the mines of the South Pioneer
xegion. Upon all of them work is
being pushed night and day with
splendid promise. The South Pio
neer has been produoing the same
xich ore as heretofore, following on
-the north drift of the 100-foot level,
a strong body of high grade ore all
tho way, and at 51 feet striking a
vein of almost solid mineral three
feet wido. The vein matter seen and
examined by the editor of the Chron
icle is full of free silver, and in
"places of tho most beautiful fine wire
silver. It is enough to make a poor
pencil driver sick to look at tho
seemingly inevitable promise of
wealth beyond in this mine without
having an interest in it. Tho steam
pump on tho South Pioneer easily
controls tho water, the 20-foot sump
holding the water for three and a
half days; it is tthorefore necessary
to pump only twice a week. This
is a largo saving to the company
compared to the windlass hoisting.
Tho ore now being takon from tho
Pioneer East is a pure black sulphur
et and remarkably rich.
The assays made by E. O. Kenne
dy, February 16th of the ore-taken
from the new strike in the South Pi
oneer, are as follows: No. 1, 850 ozs,
11,099.01; No. 2, C75 ozs.. 872.70;
No. 3, 890 ozs., Jsl,150.G8; No. 4,912
ozs., $1,179.12; i,'o. 5, 1350 ozs.,
Tho Howard company have broken
ground for their main working shaft.
It will have two compartments 4x4
each. Their hoisting works are on
tho way and will arrive the same
time as thoso of the South Pioneer.
The saw mill owned jointly by tho
companies, is expected to reach Casa
Grande in two weeks, it having
been shipped from Cincinnati several
days ago. Work on tho road to tho
timber is being rapidly pushed with
a force of fifty men, and will bo fin
ished in about fivo weeks. When
the quartz-mills aro erooted this will
undoubtedly be one of the most
prominent camps in the territory.
Train Wrecked .
From the Dill Star, Feb, 25.
On Wednesday as a freight train
was coming down the grade from
Stein's Pass one of the brakes gave
way and tho forward truck of one of
'-the cars rolled out from underneath,
causing eleven flat cars to be ditched
.and badly smashed. Ono brakeman
was injured and he was brought to
Tucson last night.
Col. Bean immediately wont out
with a wrecking train and in a short
time tho track was clear again.
A roltocmuu'H Description of the
From tho Dally Stock Repoit.
This morning the janitor at the
New York Mining Exchange told our
reporter that when he opened tho
doois ho found everything in confu
sion,tho ohairs and tables overturned,
desks smashed, and the bulletin
boards were found all torn in -pieces
lying about tho floor in grand confu
sion. It seems that during the night
thero was somo trouble between
Alice and Julia, which was taken up
by tho Jjoulder portion of the com
pany, who wero well seconded by the
lady members of the firm. A po
liceman who happened to bo passing
by says it was a regular Bonanza,
Chief-ly owing to the interest exhib
ited by tho ladies, he says May Belle
called Lady Washington a Husscy,
and waa immediately Sot(a)t-on by
Amie, who seemed Benton making
Hortensc do something to provoke
Belle Isle, who had said she didn't
Caribou ior the wholo crowd, the
Climax was readied when the North
ern Belle called Findley, Uah-lo-nega
from Georgia, then tho business be
gan; "tho Mitier Boy tore tho Ameri
can Flag and threw the Golden
Stripes in the face or! Martin White,
who pitched into tho Little Chief
from Hibernia that wears the sham
rock, who, like a Navajo Savage,
went for Father Do Smet (a quiet,
tich eld man), .saying, you're enough
to mako a Bassick, I'll Belcher in
tho jaw, gavo the Bullion Mammoth
a Tip Top blow upon his Buckeye.
Youncr America, tho Ward of
Wells fcargo, now joined tho Syndi
cate in Confidence, and planted a
blow on tho C(h)ollar or Kossuth,
who got in a rap on Goodshaw, which
draw first blood.
Yellow Jacket, who is a Golden
Terra to Halo and Norcross, bet that
Phil. Sheridan would not Ophir to
fight Robinson, the Trojan. As no
one felt disposed to take up the
wager, tho uproar gradually died out,
and the politfRnan plodded his weary
beat, very much refreshed by the ep
isode; he saj-s ho greatly feared tho
animals would get looso at one timo
as tho Wales and tho Leviathan wero
lashing themselves into a rage, at tho
samo timo tho Bul-wer goring tho
lieu tilphant, wlnlo the Tiger and
Leopard were holding a love feast
over each other's ears, the Scorpion
bit the Moose, and the Black Hawk
buried its talons in the tonder bird
or Paradise, but the cajes proved
strong enough to hold these zoologi
cal pets of our brokers. The janitor
says there was considerable Dead
wood lying about tho floor, and tho
Stat Lines wero in a dreadful snarl,
(he was afraid thoy would break in
straightening them out,) some of tho
brokers think the wreck quite a
strike, a regular Homestake for kind
ling wood.
m p
Product of JKurcka.
From the Ruby Hill MialnsKcws.
During tho past nine years Eureka
has produced in money $28,496,499.
14. If this amount were converted
into $20 gold pieces its weight would
aggregate over 52 tons. This would
requiro five 'C. P. flat cars to trans
port it, and it would be a mammoth
load for two of our 20-mule teams
prairie schooners with three wagons.
If coined into standard dollars the
weight would reaoh 839 tons, and it
would require 84 flat cars to bear up
tho weight; while 820 mules and 123
wagons would represent its tonnage
on a prairie sohooner standard of
40,000 pounds to tho team. These
figures represent only the coin pro
duction of the great Base range; and
do not include the several million
dollars' worth of lead that have been
turned out by the district.
Tho Itobbed and Hhlverlus Uomstock.
This has been, in point of cold, the
severest winter ou the Comstock for
seven years. Tho cold has been con
tinuous for nearly three months, and
the consequent fuel expense isnearlv
double that of ordinary seasons. De"
pende'nt, as our peoplo are, on tho
tender mercies of tho Central Pacific
and Virginia & Truckee railroad com
panies for tho means (outside of tho
saloons) of keeping warm, tho win
ter has been severe on all classes.
With wood $15 a cord and coal $22
and $25 a ton, a comfortable state of
temperature indoors is a high-priced
luxury. Wood at, Reno can be had
for $5 a cord, while Rocky Mountain
coal at tho mines, in Wyoming terri
tory, but a short distance from the
railroad and in direot connection with
it, is but $2 a ton. Tho bulk of the
balance charged tho monopoly-ridden
Comstock goes into tho bulging cof
fers of the railroad barons. Virginia
A Folltirni;ilct.
Froji tho 1'hcnlx Herald.
The two extremes in politics, Hon.
C. H. Gray, of Phcnix, and Secretary
Gosper, happened to meet the other
day at tho stand of a boot-black and,
while discussing tho coining cam
paign for delegato to congress, it was
agreed between them, that, in the
event of the election of a republican
to congress the Hon. Mr.Gray should
black tho boots of Secretary Gosper,
publicly, in the town of Phonix. If,
however, a democrat shall bo elected,
then Secretary Gosper is pledged to
black the boots of Hon. Mr.Gray.
in tho samo place and manner. Of
ootirso we believe that Mr. Gray will
have the pleasure of blacking a pair
of republican boots.
lreedtsfor Honda, SIIuIuk Deeds and
location Atotlces for Hale at thlaOIUro
thouijl.k at the xkw
A Woman's UuHlnexs Success.
X. 1. Letter to Boston Traveler.
An immense business success has
been reaohed by tho proprietress of
tho largest and most respected Ger
man daily paper in Now York. This
lady was left a wjdow with six small
children, and a little newspaper
which she desired to sell. Only $500
was tho largest sum offered for it.
Hoping to find a more gener us pur
chaser later on, she persuaded its
editor to remain at its head for a
short time, but no ono wanted the
little journal. Its editor was a cleyer
writer and a judicious selector of
news, and month by month the pop
ularity of the little sheet crew and
grew, and at last, after a year or two.
she relinquished the plan of parting
wuu ii at hii. one married cue edi
tor, but she alv. ays kept the business
of the publication under her own
care? learning by eaoh experience
how to purchase paper with more in
telligence, employ work people,
manage money, and yet find time to
watch over and direct tl.e education
of her boys and pirls. After a time
she became rioh, fell into the habit
of driving down to her handsome and
retired office daily at 10 o'clock, to
return again at 3 in the afternoon to
an elegant home, from which her ac
complished daughters were happily
married, and from which her honored
sons went forth to homes of their
own. She has erectod with her earn
ings one of the handsomest buildings
in New York. Sho recently gave
$50,000 to an old ladies' home (Ger
man), and during all these years of
prosperous toil she has never been
prosecuted or oppressed by men.
Indeed they have not even desired
to rise in her path or stand in her
way, and she has never ceased to be
a lady of high breeding and sweet
womanly sympathies. Der Staats
Zeitung is the leading German paper
and Dor Zeitung building is a most
beautiful monument of woman's ca
pacity to do tho very best bread
winning work in tho world, provided
sho gives her mind, heart and enthu
siasm to its accomplishment. This
tender mother, who must needs pro
vide for her young, wrought with
such materials as sho had within
reach, and she never cried out to tho
world to ask if she mijht.
Slinins Jots.
From the Democrat, Feb. 21.
Among the test mines in this
country are tho War Eaglo and tho
Del Pasco, in Pine Grove Mining
district. The former was discovered
in 1871, and has yielded over $30,
000 in gold, and that from very im
perfect machinery. The ledge will
average three feet in width, and the
last run went over $30 per ton. It
is opened by several shafts, tho
deepest being 90 feet, and by two
tunnels, ono 60 feet in length, and tho
other 75. The Dol Pasco is less than
a mile west of tho War Eagle, and
yielded on tho surface, quartz
that went $300 per ton, in arttstras.
The mine has produced between
$30,000 and $40,000. At a certain
depth the quartz ran into sulphurets,
which aro the richest ever struck in
northern Arizona, somo of them as
saying over $300 per ton, gold and
silver. As depth is reached on these
properties, the percentage of silver
increases, auu wicy win, no uouoc,
eventually run into silver entirely.
Tom Brown came in from the
PeerlesBjnine in Turkey Creek, last
evening. He and hii-partner, Mr.
Brady, have beeii putting up a corrf-
lortabie residence, and as soon as
the snow disappears will .resume
work on their mine. The Peerless is
ono of tho most promising claims in
Turkey Creek district, and has yield
ed somo very high grade ore.
Mr. McAuliflo is still prosecuting
work on tho American. He has six
men employed, and is opening tho
property in good style.
Is the Climate changing?
From the Dally Report.
It is the opinion of many old resi
dents that the climate of Califpmja
has been gradually 'undergoifig a
change in the past twenty years and
that each winter has been colder than
its predecessor. The present winter
has certainly been remarkable for
its severity. Snow has fallen in
various portioi.s of the state where
tliO occurrence of snow is so seldom
us to cause its appearance to bo
looked on as a phenomenon, and it
has fallen to a greater depth than
ever known boforo. In this city
thoro has been an unpiecedcntly pro
longed spell of cold weather, tho
like of which that old humbug, tho
oldest inhabitant, does not recall to
his remarkably elastic memory. There
have been individual instances of
days of as cold weather as have been
experienced this year, but thero is
no record of so much continuous
cold weather. All the records and
evidencies point to tho fact that tho
climate of this stato is not what it
was twenty years ago, and that it is
gradually assuming more the char
acter of tho climate of the eastern
slope of tho Sierra. So far as this
particular locality is concerned, the
ohango may be partly attributed to
the denudatior of timbor from tho
Sierra Nevada, which has destroyed
a certain shelter before enjoyed by
tho country to the westward and
given wider range for the bleak
winds of tho mountains.
Bkfobe repainting a building ap
ply a coat of crude petroleum with a
fine whitewash brush, and let it dry
two or three weeks, then put on tho
coat of paint. A second painting is
rendered unnecessary, and that much
monoy saved.
The IIostllcM in Sonora.
From tho Tucson Star.
The Mexicans still consider the
Apache invasion a serious matter.
Tho efforts made by the government
to drive them back to American soil
have proved futile. The states of So
nora and Chihuahua are so large that
it is very difficult to get at them, and
their incursions upon isolated settle
ments are quite common. The dis
trict of Oposur.i is almost depopula
ted by the Apaoho depredations, and
most of tlie stock driven off. Tho
situation is deplorable.
Tho hacienda of Guacora, belong
ing to Don Policarpo Moreno, was
attacked, and ninety head of animals
taken therefrom, lhere was also an
evident intention of assaulting and
taking the place itself, which was
only prevented by the arrival of
timely help, which obliged the In
dians to retireJbutin good order.
On the ISth of January about forty
Apaches behoved to belong to Juh'a
band, attacked the mining town of
Dolores, in tho Sierra Madre, about
250 miles southeast of Chihuahua,
killing three persons and woundi- g
six; 'also taking captive one woman
and two Mexican children.
From the immediate vioinity of
Cutnpas they took a considerable
number of -horses, and seriously
wounded Messrs. Manuel Arvizu and
J. M. Moreno, who assert that in tho
fight they saw two Americans figur
ing conspicuously as chiefs of the
Oscar Wilde, it is rumored, will
shortly appear at the Frisco Mins
trels opera house, in a song and dance
entitled The Big Sunflower. N. Y
Sunday Courier.
A Texas judge knockod six months
off a ninety-nine years' sentence in
order to show the prisoner's friends
that he was willing to give him a
chance. Augusta Chronicle.
l'lxcs: riiiix: riiiBsi
A Hiiro Cure Found at "Last Xo One
Xeed HutTer!
A sure cure for blind,, bleeding, itching
and ulcerated piles has been discovered by
Dr. William, (an Indian remedy), called
Dr. William's Indian Ointment. A sin
gle box has cured the worst chronic cases
of 25 or 30 years standing. No one need
sutler a minute alter applying this great
soothing medicine. Lotions, instruments
aud eluctuaries do more harm than good.
William's ointment absorbs the tumors,
allays the intense itching, (particularly at
night after getting warm in bed,) acts as a
poultice, gives instant and painless reliel.
and is prepaied only for pile?, itching of
the private parts, and for nothing else.
Head what the Hon. J. Jl. Cofllnberry,
of Cleveland says about Dr. William's In
dian Pile Ointment: I have used scores
of Pile cures, and it affords me pleasure to
say that I havo never found anything
which gave me ouch immediate and per
manent relief as Dr. William's Indian
For sale by all druggists, or mailed on
receipt of price, $1.00.
Addiiess AVuekleu & Co., 205 East
Fourteenth street, New York.
Slclr, DlHenRCH Cured
By Dr. Frazier's Magic Ointment. It
cures as if by magic, Pimples, Black
Heads 01 Grubs, Blotches and Eruptions
on the face, leaving the skin clear, healthy
and beautiful. AUo cures Itch, Barbers,
Itch, Salt Kheum. Tetter. Hincworui,
cald Head, Chapped Hands, Sine Nipples
oore .Lips, oia, ousunaie uiccm ana
Sores, etc.
Skin Disease. F. Drake, Esq., Cleve
iand, O., sulfered beyond all description
from a skin disease which appeared on his
hands, head and face, and nearly deprived
him of his sight. The most careful doc
toring failed to help him, and after all had
failed he used Dr. Frazier's Magic Oint
ment and was cured by a few applications.
The first and only positive cure for skin
ilscases ever discovered. Sent by mail on
receipt of nrice. Fifty cents.
Address WnEELEu'"Co., 20TEast 1-fltTT
sireet, ,ncw iorK.
precinct No. J9. Territory or Arizona, in and lor
Hie county of Cochise: I. Germain and J. W.
Jlontgomery, plaintiffs, s. Joseph Bunting, de
fendant. The people of the Territory of Arizona
send greeting to Joseph Bunting, defendant:
You are hereby required to aputar in an action
brought against you by theabow name I plalntiits
In the Justice's court, Benson, precinct No. 20,
oftho Territory of Arizona, in and for the county
of Cochise, and to answer the complaint filed
therein within sixty days, to wit, on the- first day
or JIarch, A. D. lb-si, or Judgment will betaken
against jou for the, amount prayed lor in said
complaint. 'Iho slid action Is brought to recover
of you tho sum ol.onc hundred and twelve and
3-) 100 ($112 36).dollars, with Interest Irom the firs
dav of July, A D. 13a I, As on account state 1 bo
tMccnyouand the plaintids, and for money re
eched, and for goods sold and dellveiedte and at
your request, as will more lull appear by cini
plaint on file in theohiccof I. N. .Mundell, Jus
lice of the Peace in Benson, to which rUen.ncc is
lieremade. And you are hereby notified that if you
tail ti appear and ansner the said eoiupuint a
auotc required, the said plaintitts will t k ji dg
lueut oii list j oil for the sum or one utmdad and
twelve and oo 100 (jlu.oo) .dollars, Interest in d
costs of suit.
Uiten under my hand this 13lhdav of Decem
ber, A D. 13JS1. I. N. MLNDELL,
Justice of the 1'i.iec, Precinct No. i9.
."4 0 tire to fieditoiH.
Notice is heieby given by the undersigned,
admlnislratoi of the estate of M. JlcCallster, de
ceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having
claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them,
with the necessary ouchers, within ten months
after the first publication of this notice, to XV"
said administrator, at tho law office of Geo. 1.
Williams, northwest corner of Fourth and Frc
mont streets, iu Tombstone, Cochise county, An
zona. L. II. HALSTEAD,
Administrator of tho Estate ol Jl. JlcCalls!""
Trent h nil Chronic & Npeclul Disease.
Who may bo suffering from the effects of youthful
follies or Indiscretions will do well to aall them
selves of this, the greatest boon eer laid at tho
altar or suffering humanity. DH. SPINNEY will
cuarantce to forteil 500 lor c erv case of Semlnat
weakness or nrl ate disease of any kind orcharaiMl
ter which lie undertakes aud falls to cure. J?I'5!T'
There are many at tbo ace of 30 to 60
troubled with too frequent eacnailou of I
der, often accompanied by a slight sq
iiuruing sensation anu aweakentugo!
iu a manner tno patient cannot acci
examining tne urinary deposits a
win ouen oe lounu ana sometim
in aiuuuieu yiii uuueur, ur luvjHpjjjijjjjjijjjjHrMErrvw
thlnmilkish hue, again chanjIBtUj
or tins dllllculty, Ignorant
the second stage of scmlrM
lorpiu appearance, mere a
guarantee a perfect ciire4fa"aaBaBaBaBaHpg(l a
ueauny restoration iiiJBfBflBaBaMMtis.
Office hours 10 taJHHMK from
10 to 11 a. m. ConiajBiHaBHiBMnrTh r
auiiuauuu aita ai
FEBRUARY 27, 1882.
First Publication Dec. 12. 1881.
Application Xo. 147, fornl'ntciittothe
Man Diego Jllniiifr Claim.
Arizona. December fllh, 18S1. Notice la
hereby giwn that the Woronoco Mining Company,
by its ajTLnt. A. L. Fowler. of Tombstone. Cochise
county, Arizona, has had riled its application for
a pater t for 1415 linear feet f the ban Diego mine
pr clu bearing sllter with surface ground WO feet
in Idtb, situated in Tombstone mining district,
Cochise county, Arizona, and designated by the
field notes and oiticia plat of survey on file in this
ofllce aslot No. lul, described as follows, to wit:
Variation 11" 63' east. Beginning at the initial
monument ofthe claim, at a stake 4x1 inches by
3 feet long, set in the ground S feet with nail In
the top at center, marked "I. N."from which dis
covery shart 4x8 2U0 feet deep, bears south 45
west 5 Tea dlstuut, aud incline 4x8 70 feet, bears
south S2 5J' west 250 feet distant; thence south
SB 6) west 750 feet to south end renti r of -llm.
to a stake 4x4 Inches, 5 feet lung, set in mound ol
stones, marked "a. D. .M. (J. No. 1 ;" thence south
67 7' east 300 feet to southiaat corner of claim, to
a stake 4x4 Inches, 5 leet .ou;, in mound or stones,
marked "S. D. Jl. C. No. S:v' thence north !M W
eait 1415 feet to northeast corner nf rlnim tna
stake 4x4 inches 5 feet long, in mound of stones,
marked "d. D. Jl. C. No. 3; ' thence north 67 V
west 300 feet to northeast center of claim, to a
stake 4x4 inches, 5fect long, in mound of stones,
marked "S. 1), 11. (J. No 4" and 60J feet to north
cast loruer of claim, to a stake 4x4 luches, 5 feet
long, set iu Wound of sloues, marked 'S. D. M.C.
No. o.'Troitfwhlch U. S. II, Jl. No. l,fc.ar north
"9" 31" west U4J7 leet distant; thence south S3' V
west 1115 feet to southwest corner of claim, to a
stake lxliuchee.5fect long.In mound of stones,
marked '-S. D. Jl. C. No. b;" thence bouth 07" 7'
eastauofoet to south end center of claim, and
place of begluing of the exterior suney ; contain
ing 1H4U1U) acres. The bail Diego claim is
bounded ou the north by tho "Lu Grand," on the.
east by tho Vermont'' aud ou tho est by the
"L uU." claims. '
The uoiico of location of this mine was record
ed iu t lie iilllce of I he Iti corttvr of Cochins ccuuty,
Arizona, Augut 3d, 18dl, on page J5G, book 2,
Record or Alluei., '
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
whole or any Vorilou of ca'd ban lllego mining
claim aie required to present their adu-rs claim
to be lllea In this olHce duriug the sixty days pe
riod of publication hereol, or they will be barred
by trtuo of tne piovisiou of the statute.
It is oidercd that tho above notice be published
sixty dajs in the Whi.Ki.y Eeruvn, a newspaper
Issued at Tomh.tone, Cachise cou lty, Arizona
which is designed as published nearest said claim
1IENUY COUblNS, Kegisler.
First publication, December 19, 1881.J
Application 'o. 14M for n l'ateut to
(lie Jletrlevcr JMIninc Claims.
son, Arizona, December lSrlfcSI. Nolice is
hereby given that tho Laninoro hilver Alining
Company, whose onolUto address is in care ol
T. L Stiles, Tucsun, Pima county, Arizona, ha
this day filed its appl cition for a patent for filteen
bundled linear feel dI tho Kctrlmer Jliueor vein
bearing gold and sll' er, with surface giouud six
uanureu leet in wiaiu, tituatea in swissneim
Jlinlug District, co auty of Cochise, and territory
of Arizona, and del iguated by the field notes and
olllclal plat on ill in this oiice as lot No. 40 in
saia uistrici, turn 101 su. 40 jeing as rollows, to
wit: Ikglnning at tho initial monument of claim,
being aiso the Monument No. 0 of lot No. 3'J,
at post 4 feet hii;h, txi inches, In monument of
stones, and marktd "l.JI. K.J1. C.No 1," thence
Bouth &)' 30' east, 300 feet to southeast corner of
claim, to post 4 feet high, 3x4 in. in monument of
stones, and market.1 "It. Jl. C. No. 2.;" thence
fMalm to post 4 feet hi&i. 2x4 in., In a monument of
sioues, ana marKea " . Jl. 1;. No. 3, wnence
United Mates mineral monument No. 1 Swiss
helm district bears south 53' east 119 feet distant;
thence north 80" 31' west 1U0 feet to north end cen
ter monument to post 4 l:et high 2x4 inches in a
monument of stones, and marked "It. Jl. C.No.
4:" and thcnie continuing in the last mentioned
direction to 600 feet, to b post 4 feet high 2x4
luches, set in a monument 01 stones, and marked
It. Jl. C. No. 5; thence souths 45 cast 1500 feet
to thj southwest corn-r of clim, to a post 4 feet
high 2x4 inchC", set iu a mu. lament of stones,
marked "K. .M. C. No. ," w hei.ee United States
Mineral Jlonument No. 1 bears .torth 2.1 30 east
1453 feet distant; aud thence soith 80 30 east
300 feet to the place of beglLuing. jlagnetlcaria
tion 11 15 . Containing 20.10 aeres. 'the location
01 this mine is recorded lu the ltcco.-der's Office of
Cochise county, Arizona, lu Books 1 and li of
Jiiues, transcribed records, at pages "57 and 212
rcspicthelv. Tho adjoining claimants are the
Lariuiorc Silver JItuiug Compau. Any -nd nil
persons claiming adversely any portion ol said
itctrievcr mine or surface ground aro required to
file their adverse claims witn the Keglst.r of the
United States LaLd Oll.cc at 'lucson, in the
territory uf Arizona, during the sixty days period
of publication fleicof, or they will be barred by
virtue ofthe provisions ofthe statute.
IIENKY COUbl.NS, l'eglstcr.
T. I.. Stiles, Attorney lor claimants, Tucton,
It Is hereby ordered that the foregoing notice of
application for patent be published for the period
01 sixty daj s, ten consecutive weeks In the cekly
Tombstone Epitaph, a newspaper published at
Tombstone, Cochise county, Arizona territory,
hereby designated by mo as published nearest
such claim UENItY COUSINS, Kegisttr.
cliise. Territory of Arizona, January 7th, lfeas.
l'o John Crilling: You are hereby notifitd that
ons hundred dollars worth of assessment work, as
required by law for the year 1881, has been done on
Empire mining claim, about one mile south of Iron
borings, in or near the east end of JIule Pass,
Jlulo mountains, Warren District, Cochise
county, Arizona, which claim was located June
14th, 1880, and legally recorded June With, 1880:
that I have paid the shari. of expense for said
work duo from jou.and unless you repaythc same
to me, together with cost of this notice, within
ninety days from the period of its publication,
yonr interest in said mining claim will bo for
feited. JaWWmw. II. II. TUTTLE.
For beauty of tone, touch and ac
tion, I have never ween their equal."
The Itnabe " Is absolutely the best
l'lnuo made.
721 Market Street, H. P.
iFOK 1882
Will bt nulled run to ill applicant!, and toenitomeri without
crderlnf It. U contain i fira colorad plaW, 600 cngrarlon,
about i nan, ud full dricriptlom. pr1i and direction! frr
fltntlnp I Wo varletlei of VrgaUttla and I tower Sit, Piaati,
mil Trrtt.ttc Javaluabl to all, ifiektjfan rrown idi
will b found mora rtllabU for planting la tbt Ttmtorut thi
tho jrrown fju-thar Smith. W mala a iptclally of tupplyt"
luUikul 0rdnri. Adtlrm,
J), M. FEHKT & CO., D strolt, Mich.
iM for c:t
New Illustra
ted Price-List
No. 30, for
tcroflSSl. Free to any address. Con
tains full description of all kinds of goods
for personal and family use. We deal
directly with tho consumer, and sell all
goods in any quantity at vholcsale prices.
You can buy better and cheaper than at
home, jjfft
&SV &
" -
Gives Instant Relief, and is an Infallible
Sold by Druggists every where. Price, $1.00
per box, prepaid, by mail. Samples senf
free to Physicians and all sufferers, by
Neustaedter & Co., Box 3910, New York
Cif y. Sole manufacturers of ANAKJESIS.
And Make
On the Principal Points In
Reecho deposits, purchase or make advances
Territorial and County bonds and warrants, at
proved commercial paper, etc., ctc.j and transact
Deposits of Bullion made with us or shipped
Anglo Californlan Bank, San Francisco, for on
account, can be checked against Immediately.
NEW YORK ;j,4 Seuoman A Ci.
SAN FRANCISCO. . . Anolo CiLiroRNiAN Bask
ST. LOUIS Bank or Coxherce.
uiiic'AUO Merchants' Savings, Jl
ii T. Company
BOSTON Massachusetts N'atiob
PHILADELPHIA. ...Central National BAJtr
and the most elegantly appointed hotel In the
world, out $3,500,000 haine been expended by
Mr. Baldwin in its construction and furnishing.
Headquarters of tho Army and Navy. Special ac
commodations for families and large parties.
Prices the same as other first-class hotels.
From US to 85 per Day.
Special contracts will he mado for permanent
boarders. The hotel's coaches and carriage In
Halting at all boats and railway depots.
(ST Rooms can be reserved before arrltal b
telegraphing Ibe Baldwin.
Sole Owner and Proprietor.
(Established 1830.)
Mauufao turor.
Sole Agent for the Only genuine
Guaranteed for ten ycari
The Slost Elegant Stock of Billiard and
I'ool Tables on the Pacific Coast.
F. rjIESENirvElliD,
Manufacturer of
Ililllard, Pool and Bagatelle Tables,
And Assignee for the Patentee of the
945 Folsom St.,Nar6th.,
On account of removing to my new quarters, an
the eavingof rent the property being my own
i win now sen goons zu per cent less tnan
any other house on tho Pacific Coast-
Assessment Xoticc.
JL D. E. Este, or their heirs or assigns: You
are hereby notifled that the undersigned, J. W.
Beard, a completed the assessment work for
1881, as requited bv law on the Mountain Queen
mine, situated in Huachuca Mountains. In what It
known as Montezuma Canyon (located JIarch 3,
your proportion of tne cost of said assessment
woric, amounungio jsu ( j.'o cacu), and the cost
oi puoucauon ol tills notice Is now due and pi
that, if aefore the expiration of ninety (90)' day
auie to me. Ana notice is nereoy further '.'Iven
from tho first publication of this notice, yoi do
not pay your portion of said expense legal, all
VOUr rieht. title and interest In and t- nlri tntn
I will be forleitcd tome, aajinvldwl by law.
lOMosione. A. T., December 31. l&M.
A o tier.
JL notified that we havo expended one hundred
dollars In'labor and improvements upon the Mo
zart mine, of gold bearing ore, situate in the Dot
Cabezas Mining District, about two miles north
east of Ewell Springs, in order to bold said prem
ises under the provisions ol ections aKMand 23
ofthe Revised Statutes of the United States, and
the act oi Congressa, approved January
2d, 188i mendatory thereof; said cam
being the amount required to hold the said mine
for the year ending 1880. Now, If within ninety
days from the publication of this notice, you fall
or refuse to contribute yeurproportlon of such ex
penditure as a co-owner, your interest In said
claim will become the property ofthe subscribers
under the sections ol the revised statutes aore
mentioned. JOHN McGREGOK.
Dss Cabezaa, Cochise Conntr, A. T.
To Miners and
Boston & Arizona Smelting neteoi Ur
Iteceive and Treat, or Purchase Gold and Silver Ores of all
tirades, and in Lots of all Sizes, from 100 Pounds to 10,000 Tons.
I'nrtles Havlns Ore will Io Well to Confer w ththe. Management Jtcfore
.Unking Other ArrnncerueotH for 311111ns;. 31111 ofthe Company actuated at
Emery Clty.on San l'cdro Itlver, Three Jlllrx Uelow Charleston.
JFO.H. KICK, General Manager.
Nervous Debility, Exhausted Vitality, Spermatorrhoea, Kid
ney Complaints and all Urinarv Troubles. -
DR. HENRY, one of the most able physicians of London, says: "I have treated upwards oMO.OOu
us with NERVOUS DISABILITIES and KIDNEY TROUBLES, and prescribed this remedy;
case being treated successfully; lean claim thit an absolute cure Is obtained with my spvclflc
of no Instance of failure, when used as directed."
Price $1 per Package, or 6 Packages $5.
-A.. 33.
iber, Shingles and Mouldings. Boors
- Windows
Builders' and General Hardware,
Glass rr ire, Lamps and Chandeliers;
Dealer in GENERAL
135 .Montjjomcrj- St., near Ituuli,
(Established in San Francisco In 1SC2.)
Tho most complicated causes of defective vision
thoroughly diagnosed.; free of charge. Compound
Astigmatic Lenses mounted In two hours' notice.
SOrders by mall promptly atsended to.
A remedy with such a reputation as Hostettej's
Stomach Bitters desen es a fair trial. If yon are
dyspeptic, your malady will eventually yield to It.
If you are feeble, lack fle.h, and feel despondent,
it wlllbothbulld andheeryou np. If you are con
stipated, it will relieve you, and If bilious health
fully stimulate your liver. Don't despond,'btit
make this cfl'ort in tbo right direction.
For sale oy Druggists and Dealers, to whom ap
ply for Hostctter's Almanac for 1S&1.
-& FA eSS. 8 &t
k , 5 eraa
fire ti.o bpst ai'l ' circr, Organs t-er olTcrol
hi the Ret. Lisiy lnni'-.i' ni vrarmntcd for
rlx year", nnd t..i'1'f.ictiou su-trantccU. Illus
trated Citalogt'.u f . re.
015 Clivo Stroot, S. LOUIS.
M & M
BfeSESsaa N tm W
Ea3 O iJ Ob
mo noted fr their renark:ihly irtvcct tone,
. superior wurjviniiicuiiJ,
.lt.....iiir..l ,!-!.
H jV' market, bendjori
sr loguca andi'nees.
915 Olivo Street, . Sr. LOUISr-
Tho most wonderful of nil Musical Instruments.
I'livs. any tuna perfoctly. No Instruction, or
Ktiu'nlciliro of mu-iic, is necessary to .play tha
OifuincHe. A Mere child can produce tho niOft
beautiful cud dulicult uiusi3, w ith live minutei"
practice. An Immense stock of all styles con
stantly on band. Also a full stock of musio f on
iheOrguinettc. Catalogue frco. Agents wanted.
General Agents,
J15 Olivo Street, SV, LOUIS
Mine Operators.
C. W.UOOIIAI.H Superintendent.
.'tit i-i
Mnller's Optical Depot
CI ft
J?-, re?A"'iVX-i ocuuine Jto-c
1 5T77Tri'-'' lC VM riN- trnntio tl'AMHinl.Ml
l -i y 4Ar"J M Ji Pljl-"'. '"-
&M & " Pricod i'lVNO in
jnocr) a r market. au-iaurui
m& ifl
tp BID I
VT7-I3E33a3XjIE:Xl. cto OO.
20.1 KnHt 14th Street. Xciv Vork
and Blinds,
Paints, Oils, Glass, Etc. Crockery
Carpenters', Builders' and Painters

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