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Ill -NO. 35.
uP Six-Page Edition.
This Pas1 is from the Daily
of Saturday, March 4.
Oil UCD flDr-Anno apec'menof Tombstone
O I LI Lit UllU siher ore at nt by mall postpaid
onreuM ol JM'r one year's subecrlp Ion to the
Tombstone Epitaph. Addre Epitaph Printing
and l'ubllbhing Co.. Tombstone, Ailzona.
Good Showing for the Week
Ending March 4th.
Some Now Mines' Looming Up
with Good Prospects.
Bullion Output.
The bullion output foi the twenty-eight
dajs of February, while not equal to some
previous months, shows that there has been
no material falling, olT in the product of
the bonanza mines.
Contention lieuds tho list with. . .$128,000
Tombstone M.&M.Co 115,000
Grand Central (estimated) 110,000
Vizinu Con. (estimated) 45.0Q0
Qirard (estimated) 20.000
Total .-.' $410,000
The mill returns for Grand Central, Viz.
ina, and Glrard havo not been made at
tliis writing, therefore, we estimate tho
yield upon the basis of former runs. Tho
Glrard milMvus not s'arted up until about
the middle of 1ml month, and for several
days did not run regularly, consequently,
wo have made liberal deductions from
what may reasonably be expected lrom it
hencciorlh. Wc have not credited the
Boston mill with nny product other than
the Vizina, as wo are not advised as to
what other ores, if any, it has been work
ing. Should the Ingersoll company begin
to send their ore to the mill this month,
we ex ect to chronicle for the m .nth of
31 arch an output in excess ot(half a mil
lion doll trs, at which rate the production
will bo kept up for the remaining nine
months of the year.
Tombstone Milt Jk Mining Co.
Tocoii Nut. East of the main shaft,
close to the Good -Enough west side line,
connection has been made during the
tfitet week between tho 100 and 200 levels
affording an outlet to tho largest body of
ore between these two levels, that has ever
been opened in this mino It is not to be
mVtlerstood by tills that a recent discovery
ofTorc has here been made further than
tlTat the development made by and from
thnT connection is such ns to determine an
extent of high grade, oro beyond the ex
pectations of the most sanguine. The 300
level drifts, from the main shaft, arc
steadily progressing with a favorable out
look; the south drill, at a distance of
about 280 feet, strikes tho contact of lime
nnd quartziie, at which point it elbows
to tlie west, tho face of the drift being now
in GO Itet from tho angle or turn of the
drift. Northwest shaft Notwithstanding
the fact that twice, in tho history of these
workings, the o'Ulook was considered
unfavorable, on ouch orcason tho ore
body has been recovered and proved very
profitable. The shipment of oro from this
slraft, whicli has never ceased, though at
timts materially lessened, has been of uni
formly high grade, and the present de
velopmcnt, which is mainly confined to a
westward extension ol the 150 level, indi
cates that within the next quarter the
.Northwest will be a bevvy producer. Tho
face of the 150 level, west drift, is now in
20 feet from the shaft, the ore body being
somewhat broken but improving steadily.
" !Vncw boiler for this hoist camo In yestcr
day and will bo at once placed in position.
Jood Enocoii. The ore in sight in the
f incline working of this mine, from the
J main shaft, is so great that it would bo
r-rjjnc.ult to estimate it. In making tho
round of these working yesterday drift
after drift was traveled presenting to the
eye hundreds of tect of pay ore in such
quantities ns warrants the assertion that
there is In sight, here, mill reserves for
months to ennic. But the finest showing
of tho entire workings of this company is
to Dc found in the combination shaft,
drifts, winzes, stopes and crosscut con
nections. The output from tuis section
of the G7od Enoug.i has already exceeded
$1,000,000, and there is now. in sight
almost, if not quite, an equal amount.
West Side. Station now being cut out
at the 150 level, and face of drift now in
40 feet to the north showing an average
strength of 20 inches of high grade ore.
The output from this mine still runs about
30 tons per wetk with a light force, the
wagon samples never yet running below
100 ources to tho ton, and generally over
150 ounces.
Output for the month of February,
IluuWer Hill . A S. 31. Co.
This Is a property that has not hereto
fore figured in these reports, owing to the
fact that the superintendent, Mr. C. M.
Macomber, did not caro to make known
his preliminary development work. The
mine is situate on Hunker Hill, just back
of I'icK em-up station, about one mile and
a half wet of- town. Tho property con
sists of Rations adjoining each other.
Those nio the Hunker Hill, Gwod Samari
tan, Oliio, Dragoon, Cleveland and Hazard.
The development work has been confined
to tho Good Samaritan, which lies in I lie
center of tho group. Wlicn Mr. Macomb-'
cr took chnrgH of the property he found it
35-foot vertical shaft sunk on the cast side
of the ledge. This he continued down to
80 feet where bo drilled west 28 feet to the
ledge, which he found well defined and
dipping to the west at an angle of ubout CO
decrees. He 'then comintnccd an incline,
keeping thohanglng wall fur the roof of the
shaft, and has sunk 100 feet,, making the
total depth 180 foot. On the 80 foot level
he drifted to the south 81 feet and to the
north 22 feet without any material results.
It is in the Incline where proppects have
justified him In the belief that he will get
a most valuable mine. The ledge where
crosscut near the bottom, is 12 feet wide,
with the most perfect walls we ever saw.
Both the hanging and foot walls are per
fectly smooth and covered with greenish
white talc that bears the impress of tbo dy
namic agencies that forced the filling into
the fissure after the fracturo had been made
complete by thu thioes of nature. The
stria along both font and hanging walls,
rise toward the south at an angle of about
45 degrees, showing that tho injecting
force has come from the north. The filling
consists of broken fragments of shale, dc
composed quartz and clay, with threads ot
ore crisscrossing tho mass at different
points. In the bottom of the Incline, next
to tho hanging wall, a vein of rather close
groined crystalinc quartz has been struck
that assays upwards of $300. '1 his vein is
about six Inches wide and'earrics the never
failing (in Ihis district) green horn.silvcr
Its angle of occurtcnce'secms to conform to
the stria mark's upon the hanging wall,
which would indicate that they have struck
upon the tail end of a chimney of ore
which has its oriirin in the heart of the hill
and whieh is liable to open out to the
south of the shaft into great magnitude.
The country rock is theporphyritic shalo
of ihe district that has been i roven in so
Many cases most favorable for the pro
duction of rich mineral. The mine has
been opened thus far with judiiment and
skill. Taken as a whole we consider the
prospects for a valuable property first
class. Turquols DUtrlct.
From recent strikes made in this most
delightfully situated camp it is more than
probable that tho active prospecting of
claims, engendered by the finds in the Lost
Chance, Chrysolite, Fitzgerald and Mid
night, will establish, by convincing proof,
the truo merit ot oneot our most promising
districts. We say most promising for
several reasons. It has been characters
tic of almost all the camps south of the
Giliithat the best paying bodies of oie
have been found in limestone formation.
hllst tho Turquois district extends west
ward into the Dragoons piopcr, the claims
that show real merit aro mostly confined
to the limestone hills that, extending by a
chain of Isolated buttes lrom the extreme
southeastern end of tho district, connect by
formation with the Dragoons, a short dis
tance southeast of Cochise Pass. These
limestone hills to the southeast of South
Pass are all heavily mineralized, the main
indications being an iron cap in the lime
stone. Water can be obtained in any of
the gulches by shallow wells, and oak tim
bgr. of. strong jjrowth.abounds. 4
One of the most important strikes that
has yet been made in this district is the
find in the tunnel of the Last Chance, situ
ated well up on the northeastern end of
Defiance Hill. This property is owned by
John Collins, who, single-handed, sloped
his tunnel thiough an Iron cap that was
not very promising, uncovering a low
grade carbonate, which improved as ho
advanced the work, until, at a distance of
twelve feet, he encountered a huge lime
boulder which completely filled the tunnel,
excepting u nirrow horizontal strata of
high grade ore that ran along the scam
above the boulder. Working this out, the
showing has constantly improved, until at
a distrauce of 25 feet from the entrance,
tho entire workings tit the tunn are said
to be in pay oro with no waste, through
which a vertical seam of chloride and na
live silver holds a width in excess of 20
inches. Tho oro is all free milling, and
Mr. Collins has on the dump about 15 tons
of ore that w ill mill upwards of 100 ounces.
Lowest assay hud 1C9 ounces.
Another good prospect is the Justice,
owned by Atchison and Hasklns, a quarter
of a mile to the northwes of the Last
Chance on the same hill. The face of
tunnel is now in over 100 feet in iron
stained quartz and broken ledge matter,
which has been improving fur the last 20
The Tom Scott and Challenge, owned
by Bryant and Hurkholder, on Defiance
hill, are two prospects of merit. The for
mer has a shalt down 40 feci with the floor
in ii soil Munganes-;, and the latter has a
sliong ltdgo opened up by ii 30-foot shaft
and a 20 toot drift. Woik is to be resumed
on these niiues in a few days.
The Conteulion, owned by M. C. James,
has a 75-foot shaft on a 12-foot ledge,
which shows well In mineral.
Tho Detlunce is a well known property
of merit, and only needs to be worked to
make a producing record.
The Silver Cloud, on the hill of the same
name, in both shaft and tunnel shows a
strong ledge, increasing In grade as it en
ters tue hill from the gulch. Due south of
this the Head Center Iia3 two shafts down
on the same ledge. On the east slope of
this hill, and just below tle Silver Cloud,
Messrs. Hurtong and Cronin have a 35-foot
shaft down on the Chrysolite, at which
depth the water came in so fast that they
were forced to abandon their work at a
time when the ledge was showing its best.
They have auout six tons of oru out to ihe
mouth of the Silver Cloud. About a
quarter of u mile from this is the Union,
owned by two German!!, who are about re
suming work. They have some live shafts
down on the ledgo all showing well in
mineral, but instead of prosecuting their
work upon the ledge, made a mistake,
which is too common, by leaving their
shafts, started to tunnel from the east face
of the hill for the ledge. Tunnel now iu
sixty feet.
One of the best showings of mineral in
the district, though not as high grade as
some others, is the Elgin, but as us own
ers hold it at uu enormous flguie and tail
to develop, it lies dormant. The first nor(h
extension of the Elgin is the Plata Verdi,
which, at a depth of 100 feet, shows a 15
foot ledge. Next to this to the noith is the
Fitzgerald, the oro from which shows a
mill record at the Boston Mill of $71.03 to
the ton without sorting. This is found
below an iron cap which is more continu
ous and plainly defined on the surface of
the Crescent and Seek No Further, two
claims lying just to the west of the Fitz
gerald. Work is to be resumed on the
Fitzgerald nt once.
At the noithcrn end of Turquoise Hill,
Messrs. Fly and Chose are steadily devel
oping their fine copper prospect, the Mid
night, tho oxide ore from which assays
from 89 to 53 per cent copper.
Vlzlna Consolidated.
Wc omit our usual report of progress
this week in order to give the following
expert report on the iniuc which appeared
in the New York Dally Stockholder on
February 23d :
Mr. H. B. Clifford, ono of our noted
mining expels, has, after a most thorough
investigation, made a very elaborate and
nio-,t excellent report on the property of
thu Vizinu Consolidated Mining company.
Ho says: "Some, of the finest ore ever ex.
tracred fromlhe , mine wag" found at2C0
'feet in depth, and I have every reason-to
believe that the ore will continue through
under the first strata of the Vizinu, but it
will be found deep as a natural raise of
the formation will carry it down to at least
500 leet; that the ore exists under the first
strata is evident from the surrounding de
velopments, and if the entire ground is
stratified, as all of the developments iu the
camp have shown, then the intrinsic value
of the Vizina mine can never be accu
rately estimated." In conclusion, Mr.
Clifford adds: "Taking it as whole, the
Vizina property bids lair to be very pro
ductive, and prove a source of great reve
nue to tho stockholders, and I would' not
be surprised to hear of its being classed as
equal if not superior to the mines that are
valued at from $10,000,000 to $20,000,000,
and if its ore bodies improve' as they have
from the ueeinning, the expectations ol
the most enthusiastic will be realized. In
reply to your last qustion, I must slate
that while I do not know wbattberunning
expenses of the mine are, there is ample
ore in sight to meet all expenses and pay
dividends for a long time to come."
Bullion output (estimated) $45,000.
Cuntentlon Consolidated.
Exploration on the 500-foot level has
begun, but as yet there have been no es
pecial developments made. The Flora
Morrison shalt is 75 feet below the 500
station, and will be pushed to the 600 level
where a station will be put in and the work
of exploring the GOO level of the mine be
pushed forward with vigor. The stopes
on the 400 level are looking well, and have
for tho last two weeks been yielding ore
considerably above tho average. The
hoisting works will be supplied with
water from the new tank the coming week.
They have commenced the erection of a
carpenter shop at the Flora Morrison shaft,
from which point the mine will hereafter
receive its timbers. Bullion output for
February, $128,000. The company has
declared its first dividend,, payable in San
Francisco; the amount is-J 25 'cents- per
share, aggregating $62,500.
Woik of taking out and piling up ore con
tinues as Heretofore. Tne superintendent
is waiting for final action by the Boird, in
San Francisco, to award the contract and
have the ore reduced. A bear movement
by outside particB in San Francisco, who
evidently desire to frighttra small holders
of stock so thut they will sell at lower
figures than now rule, is being made. A
gentleman here has received two letters
from San Francisco; giving the informa
tion that the mine is mortgaged to Mr.
Conolly for $110,000, ana the dump for
$40,000, making a "plaster" of $150,000.
Upon inquiring of tho superintendent if
such was the 'case, he said, not to his
knowledge. A look at the county records
does not disclusc such a condition ot af
fairs, theretoic we conclude tho report is a
bear movement. It has been known all
along that the Anglo-California Bank has
been advancing money at 10 per cent, to
work the mine. This was belter than as
sessing, fur ore far in excess of the expen
diture was daily being taken out of the
mine. Our advice to sm ill owners is, not
to be alarmed by such bear reports as above
Grand Central.
The station (or the 600 foot level, now
shaft, will be finished in about three days,
when sinking will be again resumed. At
the old shaft, the drift from the 000 level
intersected the ledge at a point 280 feet
west of the shaft. Tho ledge at this point
is strong and carries an increased percent
age of gold over tho upper levels. This is
considered a good sigu. The stopes aro all
looking and yielding well. The ore, too,
is of a better quality than at last report.
The mill is working well and to its full ca
pacity. The bullion output (estimated)
for February was $110,000. It is possible
that these figures .nay be increased when
the final clear up is reported.
Weroneco (San Diego) Sllnlng Co.
Work has progressed steadily on the
different levels during the week with very
tile change from last week's report. On
,.ic 266 level the cross-cnt is still in quartz,
ito. The south dritt holds the same in
width and appearance. In the north
drift the ledge is widening and the ore
is higher grade.
Old Uunrd.
Commenced sinking below the 150-ioot
level ; down altogether 163 feet. Some ex-
cecdingly rich chloride and carbonate was
struck on the hanging wall yesterday.
There is also a fine vein on the toot wall.
The face of the drifts look about as at last
Ingle and Ironclad.
These mines were bonded by Messrs.
Richards, Fields and Itinehart, yesterday,
to Percy Thompson, ot Kansas City, for
tho sum of $16,000, $1500 being paid down
as a forfeit. These are valuable prospects,
adjoining the Contact, tho Eagle having a
similar contact vein as that mine.
Ureeu Cloud.
The bottom of the works aro iu a richer
grade of ore than found above. The vein
is said to be 3 feet wide, all good ore, some
of whicli assays up in theJhousands. The
stockholders are leelingquite jubilant over
the present outlook.
Haaset Mine.
Gambusinos, or In plain English', ore
thieves have been at work in this mine,
taking out and packing away an amount
of rich ore, estimated at 5 tons by the own
ers. An effort should be made to capture
these Ishmaclitcs, and have a proper ex
ample mado of them. The owners intend
starting work upon the mine at an early
The shaft is down. 43 tect, with the bot
tom all in ore, assays from whiciigive $170
per ton. This is considered a good mine.
Were all the mines that are bond
ed actually sold Arizona would be
one of tho most prosperous countries
in the world. Unfortunately not
iioro than one sale, in ten is consumm
ated under these bonds. This is one of
the reasons why prospect owners are
so persistent in their demands for
a cash payment upon signing the
bonds. Thore is scarce a week pas
ses but. we do not read a notice
similar to this: "Yesterday, the Great
.White Eelephant mine, situate in tho
Burro mountains, was bonded to an
eastern syndicate (skin the cat would
be the more proper term) for the sum
of $65,000. This is a new prospect
and reported the biggest strike in the
territory, and bids fair to rival the
Comstouk lode. The shaft is down
20 feet all in' solid ore that assays
from a few hundred dollars up into
the thousands." The few days term
of the bond tun their rapid sands into
the lap of time, and the owners
of- the Great White Elephant find
themselves still the owner of the pet
ted animal and the syndicate none
the worse off, pecuniarily, for the
lapse of the bond. Where forfeit is
exacted the owners hare some guar
antee that an effort, at least, will be
made to comply with the terms of
the agreement but not otherwise.
There are numberless rumors afloat,
says the New York Daily Stockhold-
er, regarding the much talked of con
solidation between the Union and
Central Pacific roads, and the fre
quent conferences of Messrs. Gould,
Dillon and Huntington lend color to
a few, although it is known that some
of the conferences relate to matters
of lesser import. The demands, of the
Central Pacific are such that tt would
appear the consolidation may not be
so near at hand as mai'y suppose.
The latest rumors concerning the
matter are to the effect that tho Cen
tral Pacific ha? demanded, as pre
liminary to the proposed consolida
ti n, that it shall be made a joint
owner of everything west of Ogden,
north and south, including, besides
the main line, the Oregon Short
Line and the Utah Northern. These
latter, as is well known, are the most
valuable portions of the Union Paci
fic's line; and it is, therefore, readily
perceived that unless very strong in
fluences are brought to bear it will
not yield without a struggle. There
are indications that in the near future
some other arrangement may be
made which will overthrow the whole
Pacific coast scheme.
Charged with Arson.
Tho case of the Territory vs. D. Calisher
and Adolph Sultan charged with arson,
came on for hearing before Judge Wal
luce at 1 o'clock this afternoon, the dis
trict attorney und Mr. Williams appearing
for the prosecution and Messrs. Lewis,
Berry aud Ben Goodrich for the defence.
There being no testimony against Mr.
Sultan and the complaint bemg withdrawn
the court, upon motion, ordered that he be
disci arged.
The motion of the defence to set aside
the warrant, on the ground that the com
plaint was insufficient, was, by the court,
The district attorney suggested a con
tinuance until Monday morning but left
the matter with counsel for the'defense.
They objected to a continuance and,
answering ready, the prosecution called
James Kenney as a witness who, being
sworn, testified to facts as heretofore
stated in the Epitaph. At 3:35 the court
adjourned, continuing the case until Mon
day at 10 o'clock a. m.
Mr. Ellis returned to Sonora this morn
ing. Col. J. G. Howard left by the coach this
morning for Los Angeles.
Supt. II. J. MeKusick, of the railway
mall service, expects to bo in Tucson
net week with fixtures for the new post
office in that city.
Hon. W. II. Stilwcll came up from
Tucson last night to attend to some spe
cial business and returned this morning.
The Mayers-Brandt party when heard
from a day or two ago were at Camp Col
orado, Sonora. It is reported that they
have found several rich ledges.
Mr. Picrcy, of 1'rescott. is in town, and
will take charge of the Grand hotel until
that house opens.
E. M. Pitcher, Esq., while in a little
sportive tussle, sprained his knee so se
verely that he has been confined to .his
room for the past day or two.
LOCAL. Hrt,I.TKlt.
IKDWNA.TION ran high all day yesterday
at the attempt to burn the town.
Quite an extensile addition is being
made to the residence of Dr. Ingersoll.
TrtE evening EriTAru has been issued
Tor a week now. How do you like it?
Tuis has been one of Arizona's splen
did days so bright and beautitul.
Hkbeafteii the postofflce lobby will be
open at all hours of the day and night.
Decidedly metropolitan.
Messrs. McCarty & Stewart will re-open
their dancing school for the benefit of the
There will be divine services at all of
the churches to-morrow, Sunday. Oo to
The sale of postage stamps at the Tomb
stone office, for the month of February
amounted to the neat sum of $686 24, and
February is the short month, too.
It was developed to-dar that the stock
in the Calisher store was insured (not by
local agenty however) lor flO.OOO. What
a loss it was to tho owners that the fire did
not do Its workt
The Oriental saloon is a daisy, and Mr
Joyce, the proprietor, says be does not "eat
ham for breakfast" every day, the Nugget
to the conttary notwithstanding.
The abundance of rain in the San Pe
dro valley will ensure plenty of grass dur
ing the coming season. There are cheer
ing pro spects for dairymen.
Our local troupe, who are to play .next
Tuesday evening Tt Mrs. Came Gregory's
benefit, are in splendid trim, and will
render their part with ability.
Parties desiring to make purchases ii ,,
the hardware line will find a complete
and first-class stock of goods at the large
house of It. Cohen, corner of Allen and
Sixtb streets.
Tiut portion of the city In the vicinity
of the public school buildings has been
designated as "Academy Hill," and it is
becoming a favorite resort for private
Six series of photographs of Tombstone
taken by the celebrated San Francisco
artist, 0. D. Morse, have lately been re
ceived and arc on exhibition at Robert,
son's book store. They are excellent spe
cimens of photograpic art.
In the attack upon the town of Nacori,
Sonora, by the Indians some ten days ago,
three were killed, and their bodies left on
the field of battle. The Indians killed
three Mexicans. Tiio federal troops that
were pursuing the hostiles at the 'foot of
the Sierra Madres have been recalled to
Tee strike In the Mules, recorded a few
day since, is reported greatly overesti-mr.ted.-Mr.
J. D. Power, who went out
id-examined it, severely censured an
EriTAPtt" reporter for allowing-so exag
gerated a statement to go before the world
through its columns. We make this cor
rection for the benefit of the public.
Tomorrow there will be full services
at the Presbyterian church. Dr. Robert
son, formerly of Kenton, Ohio, who is in
the city, will preach at 11 o'clock in the
morning and 7:30 at night. The Sunday
school meets at 10 a. ra. All are cordially
invited to be present, and we trust the
doctor's advent among us will be heartily
welcomed by a large attendance.
A SI'LEKDID specimen of Ooodcnough
ore was presented O. F. Thornton, of the
.Epitaph, yesterday, by Mr. I). McCarty,
assayer for the Tombstone M. & M. Co.
This sample shows to perfection the pfct-
nominal richness of that mine. It is a
combination of carbonate, chloride, green
horn silver and free cold. It is highly
treasured by the recipient as a cabinet
Proceeding of tne Executive Com
mittee of the Torabatone llcpnb
llcau Club.
The meeting was called to order at 8
o'clock p. m., A. O. Wallace chairman, W.
Street secretary.
J. 0. Dunbar was elected to fill the va
cancy in the club caused by the death of
Thos. Waterman.
On motion of Dr. Mathews it was order
ed that this committee call a meeting of
the Tombstone itepublican club to be held
in the city of Tombstone, Cochise county,
Arizona, on Saturday, the eighth day ot
April, A. D., 1882, at the hour to be desig
nated by them, and that invitation be. ex
tended to the republicans of Cochise
county to meet with said club at that time
for the purpose or organizing the republi
can party in Cochise county.
It was ordered that the secretary be in
vited "to give public notice of this call and
invitation by publishing a notice of such
resolution in the Epitaph, Nugget and
Gold Note.
On motion-a committee was appointed
to procure a room for the meeting of the
The secretary was directed to communi
cate with as many prominent republicans
throughout the county as practicable in
reeard to the condition of the party in the
county, and in retard to the meeting of
republicans at Tombstone on April 8, 1B8.J.
The committee then adjourned to meet
Thursday, March 0, at 8 o'clock, p. in., in
the office ot Wells Spiccr.
The Chinese Question.
San FKANCisco,March4. A Reno
(Nev.) dispatch says Governor John
P. Kirkead, of Nevada, issued to-day
a proclamation in which he expresses
an earnest hope that the state will
unite with California and Oregon in
giving expression to their views on
the subject of Chinese immigration
and will urge upon congress the im
portance of speedy and favorable
action on the bill now before that
body. He concludes by saying: "Tho
practical unanimity of the vote on
the question at the last election in
Nevada justifies me in expecting a
prompt aud enthusiastic response to
the call."
(Special DlapstAhei to tho Zttrxru)
Particulars or the Hanging of Dead
Knot, Daaajr Jim and Hfclppy.
Fort Gkant, A. T., March 3.
Dead Shot, Dandy Jim and Skippy,
Indian scouts, were hanged hero to
day in the presence of about 200 per
sons, mostly soldiers, for the murder
of Capt. Hentig, Sixth cavalry, and
his men at Cibicu creek last August,
the incidents of which are still fresh
in the memory of all. They were
tried by a court composed of army
officers last November and sentenced
to be hung, which was approved by
the president who designated March
3, as the day, fgr .the sentence to go
into effect. Upon receipt of tho sen
tence and the president's action
thereon, every precaution was taken
to prevent an escape. Each prisoner
was confined in a separate cell, se
curely locked, and when necessary to
allow them out of their cells, were
carefully guarded and only one al
lowed out at a time. Notwithstand
ing the vigilance and precaution ex
ercised, Bidy, Jim succeeded in sep
arating his shackles some thro weeks
ago and made & desperate attempt
to escape, but was ffred on by the
guard. After running about 500
yards, he was wounded in tho left
arm, from the effects of which he
was suffering when he appeared upon
the gallows. They ate sparingly of
the breakfast placed before them this
morning, and did not once look in
the direction of the gallows. After
breakfast, Dandy Jim asked how
many hours he had to live, and when
told, it caused a marked effect on his
appearance. Immediately afterward
they were handcuffed, the first time
since their confinement, and con
ducted back to their cells, from which
they ware never again to depart only
to die.
At 12:20 p. m., the shrill note of
the trumpet was heard, which pro
claimed that the hour for the execu
tion wasnear'bt hand, and the troops
assembled in front of their quarters,
under arms, and marched to within
about twenty yards of the gallows,
where the orders promulgating the
sentences were read to them. Dur
ing this timo tho three doomed
men looked for the last time
from their' place of confinement,
and were conducted to tho gallows
which they mounted smilingly, and
showed no signs of fear. Tho plat
form was reached by steps ascending
from the rear. The height from the
ground was six feet, with a four foot
drop, giving two feet of clearance.
The trap door extended the full
'length of tho platform, which was
twelve feet. Tho prisoners were
ranged along the platform, the rope
adjusted, and a mail behind each one
to steady him. Their hands and feet
were then socurely pinioned, and they
wero told that if they had anything
to say time would be allowed them.
All gave much the same answers,
that it was not right to hang them;
the white man man had given them
good clothes and food, but were now
going to take all away from them;
l hey were satisfied to dio, as they
would meot all their friends gone
before them. Dead Shot said he had
suffered a good deal in this world,
and would be soon happy. The
chaplain then offered up a prayer
for their souls, and at three min
utes past 1 o'clock the black caps
were drawn over their heads. The
nooses wore examined and at five
minutes past one the lever which
supported the trap was pulled and
the three men were launched into
eternity. There was no perceptible
struggle, only with Dandy Jim, over
whose body a slight tremor passed
for a couple of seconds. After hang
ing ten minutes the physicians felt
their pulse and pronounced life ex
tinct. Seven minutes after, the bo
dies were cut down and consigned to
coffins. There was no excitement
whatever and the successful manner
in which the affair was managed and
conducted was commended by all
who witnessed it. The bodies will
be interred in the vicinity of this
Tucson and Otber Topics.
Tucson, A.T., March 4. L'he forty
Indian scout prisoners at Fort Low
ell, who were implicated in the Cibi
cu outbreak, will be returned to San
Carlos to-day and-sct at liberty.
Their capture, detention and transfer
has cost the" government over $15,-
000, and although tho evidence was
conclusive of their participation in
the outbreak, no effort was made to
enforce a legal examination into the
facts, or any measures adopted to
punish them. The general feeling is
that a great mistake is made in re
turning them to the reservation, as
they boasted that the white man did
not dare to pnnUh them, and they
will go back and act more insolent
and become mere unmanageable than
ever. They will be under the escort
of twenty soldiers.
A new schedule for passenger
trains has been ordered. Trams
coming cast will arrive in Tucson
thirty minutes later than now and at
Deming at the same timo as now.
Trains going west will arrive at Yu
ma thirty minutes later than now.
Both of these changes will accom
modate passengers as it will give
breakfast at.six at each place.
A large addition is being put up
to the railroad hotel here on account
of the largely increased travel. The
work of changing the Southern Paci
fic railroad track from the Cicnega is
now going on. It will bo construct
ed on the mesa lands, thereby avoid
inh the floods of summer. The length
of the change will be about three
Howie Station, on the Southerns.
Pac'fic railroad, is assuming the ap
pearance of a busy town. A large
hotel is in full blast, and a round
ubuse, machine shop and other rail
road buildings, are in course of con
struction. This Is' the eiid of a
freight division, and the distributing
point for Glebe, SaTi Carlos, Thomas,
Fort Apache, Fort Bowie, Gila Val
ley, and Clifton. There is a large
supply of excellent water. The soil
is good.
News from Magdalena, Sonora, is
to the effect that the Guaymas road
is completed 100 miles north of Her
mosillo, at which point connection is
mado with the stage lines of Arizona.
Gov. Ortiz has expressed himself
strongly in favor of the Tucson &
Port Lobos railroad, and has issued
an official order to all minor officials
near the line of the proposed survey,
to give all possible aid and informa
tion to tho railroad engineers.
Arrangements will be made to givo
Gen. Sherman and party a grand re
ception in Tucson.
The Wolltver Jurv Disaereea-Shoek-luiT
Crime. -t .
San Francisco, March- 4. Tho
jury in the case of Dolliver, after
having been out some hours, and not
being able to agree, was discharged
last night. j
Henry Martin, aged 12 years,"was
drowned yesterday in Mission Creek
under shocking circumstances. It
appa3 that a scavenger, named
Augustine Lkinc wantonly set a
large, savage dog after the boy, who,
in great fright, ran into the stream to
escape tbo annual, He got beyond
his depth and was drowned. , Lacki
no has been arrested on a charge of
of manslaughter.
Foreigners In Vtah.
Salt Lake City, March 4. St
tistics show that nearly 3,000 foreign
ers were brought here by Mormons
in 1881.
From the Citizen, 2d.
Mr. C. S. Strong, one of the pio
neer superintendents of the Corn
stock, registered at the Palace this
morning from Sweet Canyon, Nev.
The Virginia City Chroniole states
that Sarouei Stevens, formerly cap
tain of police in that city, and a
well-known miner, will leave for
bhakespeare, N. M., to take the su
perintendence of a mine.
The board bill of the prisoners in
tho county jail for the month of Feb
ruary amounts to $443.86. There
are thirty-seven in jail for the county
of Pima", ono for Pinal, one for the
United States and twenty-two for the
city. . They are boarded at the rate
of forty-two cents per head.
The telephone wires yesterday
made a unit on their connections
with the Arizona Lumber yard, and
the gentleman in charge was in a
measure bewildered with tho confi
dential relations he at once assumed
with half the families in" Tucson.
His popularity was so instantaneous
and universal, cotring as it did from
so mady different quarters, that his
entire time was occupied in making
excuses, some of which were worded
in the dantiest of phrases and some
of which were not. The Citizen of
fice was the recipient of the latter,
for which even we feel grateful.
AHMcftHment Notice.
City ot TombMocc, Conntv ot Cichlae, Terri
tory of Arizona, January ii, ttSJ.
To Alfred McAlteter jour leir or ietf?ni, cu
are hereby notified that we have cipeoSed one
hundred dollar on the Aunt bally mine, lode or
ledde, located In Tombstone mlnlne dlatriet.
County of CochUe, Arizona Territory ,ln order to
hold ald premtaea under the provlaiona of the rt
vlaed elatutea of theUnittd States, aectlon 4SM.
being the amount required to be done tobold the
fine for Ihe )ear 181. And If within ninety
daya from the service of thu notice (or within
ninety daya after lata noilce, by publication yon
fall or refute to contribute joor proportion of
fuch expenditure at co-oftner,yonrlnteret in Mid
claim will become the property of the subscribers
under aU aectlon. T. R- SORIN.
neh1 t T rOCPPT.

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