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VOL. 11I.-NO. 37.
. ...
Six-Page Edition.
This Pacfl is from the Daily
f Saturday, March 18.
Cll VCB ftBC-A fln" peclmeo of Tonbttone
OIL En tMCallTtr or tent by mall postpaid
oa recoTpi of fSfurua rear's mbtcrlp ion to tar
Taabataae Epitaph. AJirtia Epitaph Printing
aa Fablltilaf Co.. Tombstone. Alizona.
A Detailed lleport on the Ingcr
soll Mine.
ntslde BcvaUpaaeata Maintain Vr-
nte ' etprts.
7, a-
Hi pert; whea called upon to "swear"
upon a ml1ag iaitt arc prooe to 'dilate at'
k-mt length upon "mineral zones," par.
tlcukrlr if tbejr art hired to establish the
,exlttab ot tuch a thing by the plain-tiffs-tkt'defandants
seldom hating to do
with anything larger than a lode or rein.
The following definition, recently given a
prominent mining man of Tomb tone, hjr
on of the moat celebrated of Pacific coast
inert,' will enlighten the public on what
constitutes, in law, a mineral cone. He
aye: ".Well, now, I'll tell yon what a
mineral lone is: A mangoes into adit
trict and makes a discovery and locates a
claim. ' lie thea makes another location
upon the east and anetner on the west.
lie sinks a shaft in the center two or three
hundred feet deep and then drifts wcit two
hundred feet and cuts a rein ; that's ledge
number one; he then runs along anetber
one or two hundred feet and cuts another
Ttia., That' ledge number two. He goes
ahead again, and .cut another vein, and
that's ledge number three. He doe the
same thing on the cut, and finds nothing
but reins or ledges. Now, suppose" this
jnan had only made the one location, and
John Doe had come along and located on
the east side of him, and Richard Roe on
U west, tad he had gene on and sunk
aad drifted and cut these same Telns r
ledges in John's and Richard's ground,
that would constitute a mineral zone."
The history of -mining is full of such in
stances, and expert wltnsaae were invented
to establish such facts.
The immense ore dump of this mine has
constantly increased until now it is a safe
estimate to state that there are 2,500 toss
of $100 ore in the pile. In making the
remnds yesterday an EriTArs reportef ac
cepted an lactation from (Kb courteous
Siptrintendeat, Mr. Massey, to exumlne
the mine, and from the inspection given
w are enable to present the ateckholdsrs
of the Iagersell in particular and the pub
lic 1 general with the following facts: The
halt is down 207 feel; the drifts run
nearly east aad west and consist of Are
levels, respectively, 40, 80, 122, 220 and
SOT feet from the surface, and a long In
cline which, beginning 60 feet from the
shaft in the east drift, has a length of 320
feet, pitching at aa angle of 30degs., the
termination being a little over 200 feet from
the eastern end of the mine and about 250
feet from the surface. The big producing
chimasy of this property must come close
to the surface in the cropping about 100
fet te the west of the shaft, judging from
the pitch of tho ore at the 40-foot station
where it. first appears in strength, and
at which point the first west drift begins,
cutting through the dip of the ore to the
east, which shows strong all the wy to
ths end and in the face SO feet from tho
Descending forty feet we now come to
the 80 foot level, the west drift or which
is in twenty feet, and at its terminus is
connected by an upraise through ore with
the 40 foot drift above; east from the
shatt this drift u run as a level for sixty
feet, at which point it takes the form of the
incline above mentioned. The entire
length of this level, counting the incline,
is 400 feet, and it is in ore its entire length.
While the ore body is very strong the en
tin distance, it is remarkably so for the
first forty feet of the incline, as well as for
a like distance below a point 200 feet down,
the body here being of unknown extent,
a crosscut just commenced (in eight feet)
to the north being entirely in ore. Ninety.
feet down tho Incline a crosscut' to the
south -is in twenty feet in ore. 'lbelast
few feet of this crosscut as we descended
the incline did not show as strong, but the
indications in the face were good, and a
shot that was put in while we were below
opened out over four leet ol ore iu the face
that is not only of excellent grade, but from
iu shewing can nut fall to open out jnto a
litlU'bonanza in itself. At a depth of 140
feet down the incline panes on its south
sideline within six feet of tho old Blue
Monday main shaft, with which it has
been connected (1C0 feet from the surface),
for the purpose of ventilation. Stepping
through the connection on to a platform in
the shaft, the'Ingersoll ledge showsstrong
ly clear across, evidencing that It has u
strength to tho south of the Incline at this
point of at ltant jtwtlve feet. Down the
incline 200 feet a south-southwest 'ipralse
is progressing, the face of which clear
across, at a distance of from sixty to sixty,
five teetfrom commencement, is in a seven
foot strata . of high grade ore. Thirty,
five feet pjjjthis stopping a secondcounec
tloajiasbee made with the Blue Hon
day shatt, and a few feet luither on a large
bdy of tick antlmoalal ore glistens in a
side stope, , One of the peculiarities of this
character f ore in the ruin is that although
it has besn found iu several places in this
incline workings, it has always and only
been discovered in. prospect cuts that have
been made to the south, and never on the
north side, proceeding down the incline,
it terminus the ore takes a decided
pitch, increasing to about 60 degrees.
Owing to the long distance of windlasslng
the incline at this point has been discon
tinued until such time as steam shall be
called into requisition. One hundred feet
down the incline the 122 level drift runs
back to the shaft, a distance of 190 feet,
and through this drift tho ouckets that are
diawn up on cars from below by windlass
are run to the hoist. While the lower
drifts from the shaft are very promising,
the big showing of the mine is in the 80
foot level and Incline, and, though the
latter has been made large and roomy,
averaging six feet in height by cer
tainly fifteen feet in width, afford
ing ample room for passing back
and forth on either side of the
car-track, the ore appears strong on elthet
side stretching off in blanket layers of
trom 3 to 4 feet thick in the intervening
limestone. The accumulation of ore upon
the dump has all come from the prospect
works above described, no stoping having
been done. It will be seen from this that
ther are immense reserve now in sight to
draw upon while prospecting continues to
a greater depth" It con safely be asserted
that this is one of the best mines in Tomb
stone, 'and it is doubtful if it Las a superior
in any of the outside districts in the Ter
ritory, tho Total Wreck not excepted. The
superintendent assured our reporter tint
the stock is not to be assessed, therefore
the small shareholders are in a condition
to hold their stock until the mine is on a
dividend basis when they will reap their
reward along witn the large owners for
patience in its development and talth in its
great richness.
Urand Central.
Still sinking in main shaft, the water
not being strong enough to interfere as
yet. They have gone down about 8 leet
into the water belt, but the rock is so hard
and clofe that it gives but littl chance for
the water to come in. The new strike en
the 800 west is developing into magnificent
proportions. Have followed it north about
30 feet, and it has widened to 8 feet, all
high grade ore. To the south the vein is
somewhat broken, but filled with stringers
of rich ore which will, no doubt, coasoli
date into a large body at no great distance
ahead. On the 500 and 600 foot levels the
ore is Improving. The ledg 1 very
strong on these levels.
Contention Consolidated.
Everything moving along as usual at
the works of this mine. The stopes on the
400 level all look well and continue to
yield the same high grade ore mentioned
in our two former reports. Crosscut on
the 500 foot level is being pushed ahead to
Intersect the ore body going down from the
400 level. Indications are Haltering for
gxd results. The drifts on the 500 level,
Fl i a Morrison shaft, have reached 130
fctt north and south.
Tombstone X. A M. Co.
The Incline air shaft to the Combination
mine has been connected with the stopes
during the week at a total depth of 70 feet.
Prospecting and sloping will now be
pushed with vigor in this mine. At the
No. 0 shaft, Combination workings, the
re body described last week continues
quite as good as at that time. West Side,
main shaft, is down 1G0 feet, the bottom
showing an improvement in the vein. The
drifts on the second level look about the
same as heretofore. , Ship the usual
amount of ore from this mine. Have
started work on the East tilde; sinking a
new shatt on the vein south At the old
workings. The vein shows good and
yields ore enough to pay for the develop
ment work; shaft down 43 feet. Other
portions of the property continue to look
and yield as heretofore.
Eeataey and shsrty.
Work has been resumed on these mines.
Main shaft down 205 teet with good pros
pects of striking a body of chloride ore,
bunches already coming in through the
vein matter.
Lima Consolidated.
Good ore still coming out of the bottom
of the shaft, which is said to be all In ore
of a new character, showing an aatimonial
sulphuret. The owners feel more confi
dent than evr that they have a big thing
in this mine, and the stock is firmly held
by first parties.
Still drifting north and south on the 150
foot level, and the ledge is looking well.
Will have the connection made between
the 150 and 200 foot levels to-day, when
sloping will commence on these levels.
Tho ore on the 200 level Js of high grade
tnd the body large ; are stuping on the 329
fool level In a good body, of ore. The
winze from this level, following the ledge,
la dowj 50 feet, in good ore al. the way.
The condition of the mine Is satisfactory
to all concerned. The ore on the dump
will feed the mill for two weeks more,
when crushing will commence from the
Old Uuard.
Main shaft down 183 feet, the oroon the
foot wall continuing down about as at
last report. The shaft Is being sunk be
tween two chimneys of ore, and has never
lookid as well as at u few feet cither side
of It. The drift to tho noith on the 150
foot level Is In 73 feet, with a strong vein
and rich ore. That to the south is in G3
feet and also looking well. With the
legitimate prospecting of tl o mine, ore in
excess ol the expenditures is daily taken
out. A mine that will do this has a bright
future before it, and this, wo can assure
our readers, thi- Old Guard has.
Shalt down 47 feet ull the way from the
surface In good ore. The width of the Ore
at the bottom, of the shaft is not known as
it extends beyond the shaft on both sides.
The ore Is very rich, tho whole mass aver
aging $169 per ton. Daring the week a
vein three inches thick was struck, that
assays over $4,000. This is one of the most
promising mines of the eastern series of
the district and bids fair to rival the best
in Tombstone.
Bunker Hill.
Since last icport the station at the 180
foot level has been put in. and drifting
commenced to the south with good pros
pects. Indications for a large ore body
justify all that we have heretofore said
about this mine.
Shaft on the east end of claim, oa ths
side of the road is down 93 feet. It follows
the vein, which Is well defined and turns
out some high grade ore. Machinery for
the hoisting works is at Benson.
Vlalna Consolidate.
Still sinking in the main Shaft. The
formation is good and works well. Cross
cut on the 400 level is in 20 feet west.
Country rock porphyry winze frena the
100 level is down 85 feet Crosscut, same
level, west, is in 40 feet. Stopes look
tag well and yielding well, the usual quan
tity of ore going forward to the mill. The
shaft on the Yreka is down 73 feet in good
working ground.
' Ontalde District.
. "Mr. P. W. Smith ha returned from
Winchester and reports developments
most favorable, fully sustaining his first
high estimate of the property.
From , the. Mules there are,alaq good rc
,port.i J; 1). Powers' bond on the Gun
sight has expired, and. now the owners
feel assured that they, will be able to ,do
something with -the mine. The develop
ments continue to 'show high grade ore.
The Plnyou, a new discovery in Mule
Pass near Banning's 'station is showing
remarkably fine cooper silver glance that
assys several hundred dolUrs in silver.
Messrs. Hussey and Baker have a contract
to sink 50 feet on the ledge for halt of the
Tax articles of incorporation af Cochise
County Bank were tiled to-day.
Vert pretty Easter cards are new on
exhibition at Smith & Dyar's bookstore
Ik spite of all the hilarity or Saiat
Patrick's day, then was no one very badly
drunk yerterday.
A bkvolveb wis accidentally discharged
in the Oriental last evening, which tor a
moment created quite a stir. ,
The public should take notice of the
announcement which will be made in a
few days by the firm of A. D. Otis & Co.
Akikoka has a rainy day now and then ;
but 'lis pleasant to listen to the gentle pat
tering of the summsr rain, and, too, th
sprinkler can take a rest.
Proposals are wanted for building a
case ol fifty lock-boxes for the postofflcc.
For particulars inquire of Postmaster
Tukbk is a low murmur that dally in
creases in volume, that Bob Archer will bo
the man of the democratic party for sheriff
next fall.
Jons Doe was arrested by Officer Nea
gle for carrying concealed weapons. On
being brought before Judge Wallace he
was fined $30 and costs.
Jlu. Thomas Gabdikkk will bo on deck
again with his Arizona Quarterly about the
middle of April. Ills former Quarterlies
were valuable publications, and we have
no doubt this will also be.
Let "doubling Thomases" read the de
tailed report ou tho Ingersoll mine la our
weekly report today. It consists of a
statement of cold, naked facts, divested of
all coloring of rhetoric aad glamour.
"Stabs and dabs" will not do, Mr.
Drum. An eloquent tribute to the ban
ner of the Emerald Islo is all right, but
don't forget the "stars and BTKirKs.."
The Lingards to-night. This will be
the most enjoyable entertainment of
the season, and not one wb'o loves good
acting and a laughable farce should miss
the show.
The city council will hereafter require
the chief of police to act as janitor of the
city hall. Perhaps the city attorney or
some othei official pet will get additional
pay for these extra services on the part of
the chief.
The bullion shipment by Wells, Fargo
& Co's express to-day was two bars, weigh
ing 275 pounds, and valued at $4,48.88.
It was shipped for the Girard company,
ill V tuo oiiog
"Tm: new ordce$tPoBnd.
Keeper shall recflkjjdt fr,ej.
ing jackasses. SofiWjffi'aUttijOr
ries will no doufti" WjrMSper'ibin
they expected.''tt4jgffeje!8httt!ws
that the Nugget has no hope for commu
tation in its case.
Tm; senior partner of the firm of Sum
merfield BroB. will return trom Calllornia
In a day or two with a large ne,w stock of
spring goods. Their stpek is always an
immense one and is composed of goods of
the first quality.
It appears that there was some bad
management iu taking care of the gentle
men's hats last night at the ball. A check
was given for each hat as handed in, and
then when one wanted his "head gear"
back, the only way to get it was to pitch
and toss tho pile about till it was found,
or some other fellow's, that would fit.
Several hats were lost, but one gentleman
made a new one by It, hence he ought not
to complain.
People having waste piiper and rubbish
should put it in a box or some other re
ceptacle and not throw It into tho stretts,
as by so doing this will save the street
commissioners a great deal of trouble. Mr.
Chapman having compelled the cleaning
up of the back yards of residents he will
commence upon the streets and fronts, and
will make it hot for those who systemati
rally dump their rubbish out for the wind
to play havoc with. Mr. Chapman is in
earnest iu hiendeavors to'put the city iu
a sanitary condition and should be backed
up by the residents without hesitation or
Solomox was an old egotist when be
said "there is nothing new under the sun."
He was not up to the spirit of the nine
teenth century where a premium is offered
on matrimony. An EriTAru reporter had
an interview to-day with Mrs. Sarah Stein
bach, who has been appointed resident
agent for Tombstone or the "National
Mutual Aid Association cf California for
Unnumed Persons." Thia society Py
premium to, it beneficiaries uan receipt o
acartiflcate of marriage. Nose but unf
marriad people need apply. "MY. 8tla
bach is a widow lady of yltasiag manners
and may be fouad at th second house on
the east side of Fifth street below lufford.
St. Patrick's ball was a- grand success
as the Epitaph predicted it would be.
The pecb at the presentation of the Irish
and American flags, by the Hon. T. J.
.Drum, as also the reception speech oh be
half of the Land League, by Judgo Mur
phy, were a elegant bits of oratoiy as have
been heard in Tombstone for many a Ing
day. The th'anks of aa' oppressed and
kindred people are., due to Miss Nellie
Caahman, whose every heart beat throbs in
sympathy with suffering? humanity the
world over. Long and prosperous may
her days be is the prayer 'of her friends
here, which means the 'entire "population
of Tombstone.
Mr. Geo. Atkinson.of P. W. Smith's, 4
getting up a class ia. Hpaaisb, aad has en.
gaged Mr. Corella to hear it three times a
week. All those desiring to join it apply
to Mr. Atkinson for information.
Mr. Lionel Jacobs, for many years a
leading merchant of Tucson and now a
large stockholder ia th Pima County
Bank, is stopping at the Grand.
Mr. J. Solomon arrived today from San
Francisco, and is stopping at the Cosmo,
Messrs. Wni. and C. S. Nelson, of Saa
Francisco, arrived in i town yesterday and
are registered at ths Cosmopolitan.
Mr. M. J. McDonald, of San Francisco,
ia at the Grand.
Mr. Wm. F. Lambertson, ef Fort Hua
chu.es, is registered at the Grand.,
The Llngard Theatrical Troupe, seven,
in number, art at th Grand.
Go. H. Hewitt, Esq., of New York City,
arrived in town yesterday, and has taken
rooms at the Cosmopolitan.
J. II. Jackson starts this evening for
New Mexico, on mining business.
E. B. Qage returned from his California
trip to-day.
Cecals Conntr Jtecerds.
The following instruments hav been
filed for record with the county recorder:
locations. ( ,
John McConnachle et al'., IrWi, Adifop
ilia District.
C S Shotwell et al., Aesthetic, California
New York, Dreadnaught and West Ex.
tension, PKearn.
Modoc, Tombstone district, Marco
vitch. II H Tuttle, at al. Dale, Bershire, Con
tent, Hector, Boston, Lucky Cuss, Any.
thing, Yum Yum, Winchester district.
DBXSS icihe.
Thomas E Gray to Arizona May M. Co.,
May Mine; SI.
It Hanna to L R Sanborn, I4 Silver
J Casey to P R Tully et al, M Golden
Chief, $4,500.
B P Brown to Chas L Guimond, interest
in property ia Charleston; $600.
James 8 Clarke et al., to Geo G Berry,
lot 14, block 47; $150.
Cochise Co. Bank.
Silver Belt to TOgden.
Nothing could be more appropri
ate at this time than the following
from tho Washington Jsunday Herald
of the 12th instant: "The alleged
letter written by General Garfield to
Salmon P. Chase while tho latter
vas secretary of the treasury has
been the reigning sensation of the
week, and next to the crime of Gui
teau himself nothing more shocking
has occurred than the eagerness of
the faction he had enraged in his
party to murder thq dead man's rep
utation upon tho tomb in which the
country bad laid him with tears.
Passion, it seems, can blind men and
women, not only to the plainest dic
tates of propriety, but to the dam
aging consequences in which their
acts are certain to recoil on their
own beads. Here we have the most
sacred confidence, between two men,
both now in their graves, betrayed;
an eminent hero of the war, coming
to the front iu political life, gravely
scandalized ; bitterness, heart-burning
and recrimination revived all ap
parently in the mere hope of doing
away with the good influence that
lingers around the namo of James
A. Garfield and makes it potent for
reform and progress. This is worse
than indecent, it ;s fiendish. We
were not among the original admir
ers of General Garfield, and of
course opposed his election; but his
sufferings, his heroic facing of slow
coming death, command our sym
pathy and respect, in common with
those of the oivilized world, and wo
are quite, sure that his posthumous
ghoulislie foes have mad the fatal
mistake of striking their blow too
soon, while tho sick-room of Elberon
is in (Everybody's mind and heart.
"As to the letter about which such
a terrible circumstance is made, we
see nothing in it more than might
havo been written by an ambitious
young roan about to enter political
life to a powerful cabinet minister,
whose friendship ho was anxious to
bind ta hirn. Secretary Chase un
doubtedly wished to bring the war to
a apeedt close, becauso upon him
fell the burden of providing the
money to carry it on at the rate of a
mtllioa an hour,' and ho was no Wil.
liam Hitt. To show zeal in this di
rection, and sympathy with tho finan
cial secretary's impatience was nat
ural in this intimate, friendly and
confidential correspondence, now so
basely betrayed long alter either
party. can make any explanation. As
a means of securing General Rose
cran'a removal,' it is scarcely worth
discussion by any who know tho cir
cumstances of that time. Nay, more,
if General Uoseorans wants to know
who contribut'ed.toward having him
removed, let him single oiit- Charles
A. Dana of the NeYork Sun, who
gtvoa this, letter to the world in the
double hope of serving tho
intorest ' of his friend, Mr.
Coukling, and injuring General Rose
crans anew. In 1863, and before and
after Dana was tearing down every
one else he could to advance the in
terests of Grant, whose toady he was
until disappointment in regard to the
New York collectorship turned fawn
ing into nursing. It is characteristic
Impudence, to call it no worse, that
he now charges upon a dead "map the
dirty work of pen stabbing he was
then committing himself."
Wx stated yesterday, upon what
we thought good authority, that
Messrs. Haggin & Tevis had bought
the controlling interest in the Inger
soll mine, but to-day we find that
Mr. H. Solomon is the fortunate
purchaser, he having bought the
stock and paid off all the indebted
ness. The annual meeting will be
held on Wednesday next, the 22d
instant, when a now board of direc
tors will be elected. The policy for
the future has not beers fully deter
mined upon, Mr. Solomon says, but
it will be soon after the new board
goes into office He has an offer for
the mine but has not 'decided to sell
yet. We congratulate Mr. Solomon
upon his purchase and ha$c no doubt
but it will be remuneiative whether
he sells'or works the mine.
Tiik- politicians of California are
entering upon the approaching cam
paign very warily. Thus far we
have heard of hut two republican
candidates for governor. These are
Boruck, editor California- Spirit of
the Times, and Gen. Geo. S. Evans,
of Stockton, both good men. On the
democratic side George Hearst ap
pears to haye it all his own way.
The state is lagely republican and
no democrat canhopefor an election,
personal popularity being equal.
Amcu months of suspense and
the wasting of barrels' of ink and
many a gross of Faber's inimitable
No. 2s, the horrible tale of the mur
der of 200 young girls of Ashantee
to get their blood with which to mix
the mortar of the king's palace, has
been authoritatively denied by his
royalties father, Prince Buaki.
What a pity! The story was roman
tic and suggestive.
Bv order of tho War Department,
Fort Verde is being abandoned, only
sufficient force being left to look
after the government property.
Troop H, Sixth cavalry, at that post
have been ordered to tako station at
Whipple Barracks, Prescott.
Majoh Chaffee, in command of
Company I, Sixth cavalry, has re
turned to his station at Fort Mc
Dowell. Major Chaffee, with his
troops, was ordered to Willcox to be
in readiness if the Indians made any
disturbance at the execution of tho
prisoners at Fort Grant.
The TombHtone District.
The shipment of $418,000 in bul
lion from this district in Fobruary
would seem to indicate that there is
no falling off in these mines. We
like to chronicle these things, as tho
most stubborn opponent of mining
investment must weaken while con
templating such figures. Bullion
shipments speak louder than words,
and the receipt of even one dividend
h.is a wonderfully soothing effect on
the purchasers of mining stocks. So
effective have dividends ever been in
inducing tho purchase of stock that
some companies have resorted to
them without beginning at first prin
ciples, tho shipment of bullion, but
the Tombstone district never has
been compelled to resort to any such
subterfuge. New York Daily btock
New York, March 18. Tho ex
tract works of Pond, in Williams
burg, were burned last night. The
loss is reported to bo $150,000.
(SpecUl Dispatches to tbd ErtTira)
A Uanometer and Flame Runt
San Francisco, March 18. Th
gasometer of the German hospital,
corner and Noo and Fourteenth
streets, blew up last night. The
building was situated two hundred
feet from the hospital, and built of
brick. The roof was blown off, and
the walls cracked. H. P. Fluger,
manager of the hospital, was severely
injured; S. Trenke, engineer, slight
ly, and P. Deunow, fireman, proba
bly fatally hurt. The hospital proper
was not injured.
Wednesday's overland train ar
rived about noon to-day.
The flume carrying water to sup
ply tho city of San Jose burst near
Alma, flooding the vicinity and wash
ing away about one hundred feet of
the South Pacil c Coast railway. Re
pairs were promptly made. ' s
And the Committee Ladfe-hed.
Washingion, March 18. The
house committee on foreign affairs
met this morning for the purpose
of continuing tho examination of
Shipherd's relations to the Chili-
feruvian correspondence. Chair
man Williams read the following
letter from bhepherd. Richmond
ville, Penn.: "All copies of corres
pondence called for by the commit
tee were furnished and packed last
evening and my ticket purchased for
the limited express this morning.
Almost as soon, however, as I left
my office I was prostrated by a very
accuto attack of malarial fever and
nothing like traveling is possible to
day. I shall rejoin the committee."
Here the members indulged in a
hearty laugh.
The Ntorm on the MIerraa.
Truckee, Cal., March 17.' The
fury of the heavy storm has broken.
It has been snowing at intervals all
day, but not enough to make any
perceptible increase in the snow on
the ground. Betwoen four and fivo
feet of new snow has fallen up to
the present time. This, with that
which was already on the ground
when the present storm set in, makes
between seven and eight feet alto
gether. By most strenuous efforts
on the part of railroad managers, tho
track has been kept open bet veen
here and Blue canyon since yesterday.
Snow plows arc kept going all
the time in order to keep the track
clear. All the road is blockaded be
tween Alta and Blue canyon. There
have been but two mails this week,
and our citizens feel as though theyVf
were living in the wilderness.
The Snow ltlorkade.
Emigrant Gap, March 17. Of the
two plows bound east, one is at Gold
Run, and the other is stuck west of
Blue Canyon; the snow is about 12
feet deep. It is snowing now with
wind southwest. Ono hundred and
twenty men are working between
Blue Canyon and Alta, shoveling
snow. The chances are slim of any
thing getting through to-night. A
plow is Mill here with eight engines
awaiting orders. Wells, Fareo &
Co. are transferrins letters between
Truckeo and Alta by carriers on
The Costa Klra Earthquake.
Panama, March 8. The earth
quake in Costa Rica extended from
Cartigo, at the dividing ridge be
tween the two oceans, to the Pacific
coast. Three churches and a number
of dwellings were ruined in Cartago.
In San Jose, Alapuelo, Grecia and
San Ramon public and private build
ings were thrown down or damaged,
and in Punta Rcas, on the Pacific,
the upheaval occasioned some dam
age. The famous volcano lraza, quiet
for years, although with a ceaseless
smouldering, is credited with this
disturbance. No loss of life reported.
A Reverse Decision.
San Francisco, March 17. A dis
patch from Carson, says' Iu the case
of the Albion vs. the Richmond Min
ing Company, on appeal, the Su
preme Court to-day decided that the
George and Victoria patents were
void. It reversed the judgment of
the District court, and remanded the
case with instructions to the District
court to enter proper judgment in
favor of the plaintiffs for all that
portion of the lode westerly of the
northerly end of the Tip Top claim,
and to make an injunction against
the defendants perpetual, judgment
to be entered 111 favor of tho defend
ant f r that portion of the lode east
erly of the west end of the line of
Tip Top.
.V Ciirar Maker NuIciitcM.
San Francisco, March 17.
Adolph Ileinricht, a native of Ger
man3', aged 27 vears, committed
suicide this evening at his residence,
Clara street, by shooting hitn-
throuirh the heait. Deceased
was a cigar maker by occupation,
and for a year past had been in
poor health. He leaves a wife.
An Kverliwtlns Subject.
Chicago, March 17. Regarding
Dana's knowledge 01 tho authorship
and falsity of tho Morcy lottor, the
Tribune's Washington special says:
Howitt is anxious to have the forgery
exposed. Ho has said, it is under
stood, that if Congress would under
take an investigation of the Morey
letter fqrgery he would be glad to
reveal everything he knows about it.
Statfi ofSouiheru Dakota.
Washington, March 17. Senate
committee on territories to-d.iv unan-
imoifsly reported Sanndprs' "bill fori
the admission of Southern Dakota.
The bill provides that a census of
southern Dakota bo taken during tho
coming summer, and if the popula
tion of that part of the territory ia
sufficient to entitle it to representa
tion in Congress, it shall be admit
ted. race's Mtratejcjr Valla.
Washington, March 17. Page
asked the unanimous consent that
private business be dispensed with
and the house resume consideration
of the Chinese bill, promising he
would call the previous question to
morrow at 3 o'clock. Rice objected.
Page then made a motion to that
effect but failed to obtain the neces
sary two-thirds vote.
San Francisco, March 18. Mexi
can, $8f ; Sierra Nevada, $7$; Eure.
ka Con., $19; Yellow Jacket, tl;
Best & Belcher, tfr 1-7; Overman,
.30; Crown Point, .25; Belcber.u5:
Mt.-Diablo. $G; Northerii Belle, $9;
Bullion, .70; Savage," til; Silver
King, $17. 4 ., ' B' - ,
The Hoose Adjourns.
Wasuington, March 17. The
house has adjourned to meet to-morrow
for debate on tho Chinese bill,
but with the understanding that no
action shall be taken to-morrow.
Theatre Darned.
Marseilles, March. 18. Tbo
Crystal Palace Theatre is burned.
Loss 1,000,000 francs. The actors
had great difficulty in escaping from
the burning building.
Burled In a Tunnel.
St. Joseph, Mo., March 17. Five
boys were killed by the caving of ft
tunnel in which thoy were playing.
Floods tsnbsldlas.
New Orleans, March 17. Tha
floods are subsiding, but the damage
from overflow is still going on.
Xational Xotes.
Washington, March 17. Tho cir
culation of standard silver dollars for
the week ending March 11 was $144,
500, against $260,499 the correspond
ing period of last year.
A. A. Cooke, of the star route
prosecution, charges Arthur's admin
istration with giving no encourage
ment to the prosecution and freezing
out those engaged in it.
Minister Morton makes a sweeping
denial of the charges against him
and the firm of Morton, Bliss k Co.
in connection with Peruvian affairs.
Among confirmations by the senate
to-day was H. M. VanArnim, of Cal
ifornia, to be secretary of Arizona.
Bland, from the committee' on
coinage, weights 'and measures, to
day reported favorably to the house
a bill establishing a United State
mine at St. Louis.
The postoffice appropriation bill,
as reported by tho senate, provides
for an increase of $1,090,000 in the
aggregate amount for mail transpor
tation on Pacific Road routes, $500,
000 for compensation to clerks in
postoffices, $50,000 for route agents, "
$180,000 for mail messengers, $50,000
for miscellaneous items, $10,000 for
necessary and special facilities Ov.
rrilroad lines, $650,000 of said facil
ities to be rateably distributed a
nearly as may be on railroads lead
ing to and from the principal cities
in different parts of the United
Amons: the most important bills
introduced in the house was one by
Mr. Mnginnis, of Montana, provid
ing for the retirement of officers of
tho army, and the re-creation of the
half-pay list. The bill provides hat
whenever any general officer is 63
years old, and any one below this
grade is 60, he shall be retired by the
Army officers here familiar with
the condition of affairs in Utah say
that the execution of the law just
passed to suppress polygamy will
make serious trouble in that territory.
Delegate Cannon says tho Mormons
will stick, in which event the predic
tion of army officers seems to be
well founded.
Itrported Large Hale.
Frem the Fhentx Uazeltp, MarcU 14.
An important transaction occurred
in minincr property last week, the
particulars of which c have just ob
tained. The Red Rover mine, in
Magazine district, has been bonded
by M. J. Goodfellow for 6300,000.
By the terms of thia bond" the pre
sent proprietors, Messrs. Cox &'
Dumarbuix, are to receive $25,000
cash, during the present week the
balance of the amount to be paid in
six months. Tho party bonding the
mine has tho privilege of working
same and applying proceeds to tho
payment. About two years ago Ed.
Cave sold a o .e-half interest in the
Rod Rover for $50, and here, a short
time since, we heard a practical and
experienced miner .state that if be
owned that mine he would not ex
change it for the entile Gunsight
group. Mr. Goodfellow is an old
Nevada miner, and i3 himself quite
wealthy. However, it is reported
that he is representing, in this pur
chase, a San Francisco company,
which will shortly con mence work
ing tho Red Rover mine with that
vim and energy characteristic of Pa
cific Coast companies. If this report
proves true, wo not only predict a
big boom in mining property of this
section, but increased activity and
prosperity in tho various industries
of Maricopa county during tho pre--sent
The streets were runninjj with water'
about noon to day. The present storm ap.
pears to be universal judging from advices
inrn h th rat and wrt

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