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The Tombstone epitaph. [volume] (Tombstone, Pima County, Ariz.) 1880-1882, April 10, 1882, Image 1

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bto.nk. Aini
1'nj' is from the Daily
P Saturday, April 8.
;npc A fln"ptc mcuif Tuml'i'to'in
UnC Iii-rorewiit by ii n'l p t mrt
i . I ruuciiiir mosciip iiinoi-
f i;pnapii. A utv r.puiiui riiniins
llil j Co. Tmift'iiu'. A lnia
illlou rutpiit f.r March
i uo one finest mn so nfii'ii asked
bin;; as "Does It pay V" It is nut
lo go over tlio wholu field of
r thu last thirty years In order to
irninttvc answer loihisque-tion.
lly r.nn'liiiliiL' ourselves to our own district
we Ilntl ii sullicient answer to ihe cavillers
who always have ..n evil word lor an in
dustry that 1ms been the cause of ssttle
nient of all lliat vast territory fiuui the
eastern base of Iho Ilncky mountains I '
the Pacific ocean, and from the iirilish
possessions upon I lie north to llcxteo on
the south. Take the Tombstone .Mill &
3tiniujjlxniiHiiy, lliat has in two vo-rs
ilislmrsecl to its stockholders $l,2lC,0J,
upon u paid up capital of not over UU,
000, the cost of two mills; or, the Conten
tion Consolidated company, that in the
same period of time has paid in dividends
1, 475,000 on at: actual p ml up capita! of
$200,000, and the Grand Central that has
within one year repaid nil the outlay
1or developuient, mill and hoisting works,
a sum not less than $330,000, and has dis
bursed in dividends besides one quaiurof
a million, unking, all told, not less than
$U00,00.I, and we have a sulllcicut answer
to this question. It must lm leinunhcred
th tt, in addition to the dividends ahove
n tied, the tuillinns of money that has been
requited to eairy on the gigantic opera
tions of these compinies has been abso
lutely created Jug out of the b iwels of
the drill, w lero, oily f.ir litis industry it
would h ire lain dorm tut and would have
.been of no lorce or cll'ect in llie economy
of the world. Theieare other mines 'hut
have p ild leside tli. ise ine.uioiied. there
is thu Vizinii, which hi.s paid a 1 costs of
. development and $140,000 dividends, be
sides several lecr mines vvhnseiiic out
put has been ni.iru-.tlSirillB'ilaarift ertver
rlhc cost of labor done. Tueru arc other
r'pernes In Arlziii i tint Irive ilu'ic,
UL-iirlv as well as lliuse mentioned, and
tuiiucds o:' iIk-'ii Unit pn.:!su as much it
Jori.ed witViliuB-tme vij raii.iiiil'i.r.i'iit.
'Cu 'eastern exch ic," urn bringing daily
observations upon a ue.illhier public senti
ment In re'.uion to the point; qudilies of
mining when legitimately conducted
Tiie bu'linn output of Tombstone dis
trict for the month of .March fonts up ns
follows :
Coutcntlnn $l(iO.V13
Tomti-t.inj ,M & .. V 11. "i 000
Grand Ciuir.d 113000
ISiraid (esilnialcil) lO.OllO
Vizina WJIJ-i
Boston Mill (ot'uiKitiilj 10.000
I Total 4li7,!K3
A I Nor c. riicicturn for Conteniinn is
W b.iscdupni the teccipts at the otitic in
1 ban Franc t-cn up to tho2Sih ot Mulch, a
published in llic San l-'r.tni Uco Daily K"C-
rbange t April oil, the innount la-lint
liJl'VO". the remaining thiec d ivs being
, cremated upon the basis of the nveriurc
yjif.d for those twe ily-elchl days. The
..sJalvnent will be found lower tli-iu the at:
lual.it'itplll, lor the reason thai no nllow-
iiicciii in ide for the clean up til tin; end of
the luotill .J
Tumtistniio M. A II. Co.
Pushing lhc, incline nlr shall at the
iCcmbiua ion iniiio down into the ore le
gions as lapiilly an possible, anil ll is look
ing splendid. This ore body has wen
an exceedingly l.iree and inteicstiug one.
'The din)2ii!inis thus t ir exploied aie o;!0
feet lon by 140 wide. This includes that
portion 'clouglng to the Vizlna coinpiny.
'The Tombstone coinpiny has extr.iclel
.from id, crouud up to da'e 11,000 tons,
ami the Vizlirt about C.000, in iKing a.i ag
rf;rej;ite of 17,000. Tiie gross value of this
J)onui)Z-i has not been !e-s thin $1 250,000.
Tliis putsihu yield pjr ton belcuv wh it is
well known much of it returned. The mil
3ook for it contluu dlou of this body in the
Tombstone compuiy's ground is still good
C- orjjoils:int.i of tons. On th.i 100 foot
. level of The. Tough Nut they struck a go id
body of ore this week. Tliev also strurk
ore on the SI03 level of die time mine. The
WclSdo shows a uuifoim development
villi 'he piecedmg months. Oo K ul .-idi'
the workmen rep rt a strike, but its m ig-
nllude was not known when our leporler
was at the company's otllee.
Output for .March $115,000.
I, lit.- Ii.-vll.
The mtn who made this location tould
not lcwe been in a stvlng stale of grace at
the time of discovery, .r cUo he would
have selected a in ire euphuistic, name I'.r
his iiu Ipicnt b uiinz i. Uulv as the name
a, the mine Ii is Mi'hVicui uv-Ttt to ll'iM a
putcher. .Mr. K. f!. Iluike has bought
the ndne foi Iriemls in New Yolk nial
Vjvill put it uuiler development nl an culy
, dnyN The IimmIioii j iiis the Silver Hell on
the sotUji and the 0.l Net on the e.M,
klhilli patellbd el dins Tiioio me three
-icltis lliat bross thin .ii!itlu, all ol
whleli shw lliieuc The foimer ownci
took tan one ton .f'sjre mid had il midid
getting a it-turn of f J'tfor it. .Mr liuike
took ionic ore front Hie ePJ'tugs on the
we-torly .'ci u unl had u i.si.Cctl 3i'le:dit
and got a leturu of "fUl,J This was not
abovi the average of the . h..e m u. The
jnine is in a good locality, whu !i nl the
merit of good ore, lecouim mis o 1 1
judgts of mining prpirty The consul
erulU n was .(J.00O
Have stint ' n drill I'm, n near llie hot
1UU1 el' llie old tutluio fliM un east unot'
the cla'iu and nic now in " led. ciinI, mid
the vein has widtned but to one foot,
which nvi rages $','55 per Ion. Select mni
plta fiom this vein have assayed 3012.
The piopeits are that this vein Will widen
outtoalaige size and piove a valiiible
mine. The upper incline is down 55 Itet,
with good indication Sinking in iho
contact between quaitzile and lime.
(Mil lliutl.
Down 210 feel. Have Ml lick pnrphv on
the (oot.w.ill. Ncitli dilfl on 150 foot level
in 112 leet and the ledge is widening.
Have eichtien inches of good me on fooi
wnll. No wi.ik done in the south drift
till-wick. Dulling muili on the 110-foot
levtl w.lh a 3-foot vein of if 100 me. Will
commence an iiprni-o from the 150-loot
level toconnctt wiih this body. n xt week.
This mine throughout is looking very
The cross-cut soulh the 400 level is
In u0 leet. fiosscut tunning vvest i n lite
100-foot level, is in M feet Thodiifi
going north fiom th iiliermcrliaic drill, is
now in !)0 ftet mid lonking well. The
slopes continue to 1 ok mid yield w ell
The Yieka shut' Is now down 90 kct.
.March output $27,oG5,
Oi'r reporter failed to see the superin
tendent on his rounds last evening, theie
foic no detniled icporl of piogitss can be
given. That the ore laised and sent to the
mill continues of the same high grade
lictetofore inenlioned in these icports s
evidenced by the output for the month,
which is not les than $100,5111, without
any allowance for the inonl lily clean-up,
which mmlit to swell the amount another
$10,000. The yield per Ion, cstim ding 2
tons crushed per day per stump, which
will not bo Tar out of the way, is 82.84,
being at) nil the llguies for the first year's
rniul rentrul.
Have Btar'ed a cross-cut west from the
COO station, new shaft, which will be driv.
en into the ledge as rapidly as possible.
In the 800 west lateral old works, the up.
rise on the new strike, is up !!0 feet where
stopes hive been st.utcd. The ore holy
looks well. The winze is down 20 feet in
guol ore. The drifts on the GOO level,
nest ledge, show mi material change. The
north drift is in about to the Content.on
south line. Tiie slopes are looking well.
Output for March $115,030.
Honker Ili'l Co.. inil Mltniarl'uii
Have sunk main shaft 10 feet below the
180 foot station, and still pushing on down.
The It'Jsw is steadily improving, the pay
Mreak tilling the entiiu shaft at the bot
tom The tiist class oie rcaialns of about
tha DiiinoWade but lliu second cla-s litis
niatcriatiy'linproved in qualily ns well as
qiiaulliy', s Aie diil'lli.g soiilh on the ledge:
now in l.Vftet. Pay stieak in the fliitt Vt
flit wideband constanlly improving Tae
prospects for the mine lirst class.
Mr. .1. H. Farrell. supeilntenilent yf Ibis
mine, lelt lor Tucson yesterday, theiefoie
no leiioit could be obtained. It is safe to
wiy tlial evciy thing is iiinning Miioothly
both in the mine mi I mill. The bullion
output his been eslim ited at i?(0,000,
which we aie certain will be found under
r.ilher than ovir Ihe mink.
The tisiiil develoiuneiil woik is being
done and th customary amount of oic is
neing raised, bi tilling two loans to tiie
lititoii mill per day. Have about 200 tons
no uimihiled at llie mill which willcoui
ineucecnisliiiii: ncct week.
VcNterii iM'iilinifiit on tlio C'liloese
l'rom thi Cincinnati I'.l f Urn.
The people will take the Cliincse (Hies
timi into their hands if the goveiumeul
does lint all' ud i.n :tdiale iciief The im
pollution ot llie licentious ullscouiuigs ol
a heathen country h is come to be lou
grievous to lm bnne The geneimis invl
lalion wh'cli this country enleniN to the
tieople of foieiu nations is not intended
to piniunlc ii systdiuilic uniuigration ot
thug., lepers, slaves and piosiiliues. Ills
not inlenile.l lo introduce in this countiv
an element that denrnle.s I .bor to a level
Imver III in the si ive syslent which it look
iwo decades of i.gitilioti and lour years'
bloody Will to wipe out. It is not for the
purpose of m king the U illed Stales a
dumpi'-g giound for an insinuating com.
muiiily tint has not a simile emotion in
coiuuioii wiih our insiilulions, tint which
is vile to the uttermost The people
of this conn' y, so largely winking
people, will not compete wiih a
pen il sysiem. They will not sitbiuil
to be degi nded in occupation to the pott
siblliiles of the coolie, and they will not
have their social condition reduced to
'he standard of the inhuman beings who
cluster in tilth, laugh at virtue, and dis.
count the value of ihehoti-cs (hey live ll.
II.- hail Ituail llie Xi-wsiiappr.
He was ii plum old man from tlio
country, ho wore nit old stylo, broad
brimmed lit!, ami his elollios weie
homespun, hut when a slick-'ookin
slr.tngvr stepped up to If in on Vine
Miect, Cincinnati, ami professed lo
kti'W hiin, and asked till about his
wife aini I'aiiulv, mid wai tul to know
when Iiu catno down mil when In
vvas olii"; ImcK, the obi man (lectiniM
the iioireri'il hand, and (liMwino
b,ick siiid:
"That's all liaht, youns man, Imt
never iniiiit tlio Dreliiuinaries; ivi
lig-iit ilnvv to business 'twoiice. You
liitvo got S'unti goods nt the leiot and
want to pay th freight. Hain't trot
nulliin' lull a hundred dollar eheek
'niilil I bold tins cheek and let y-oi
hive Jotl IIS to pay tlio Ireiglit? Oi
p'r'nps oifve j tsl diawedn prize in
n lottery, and would I jes' ste
tiioiiuii witii voit and git the money;
or pin haps " hut the conlideiici
iiihii had slipped iivvny ; lliu gr.iiigfi
was loo well posted, altogether.
As the old tn.tii gazed after his re
treating lig re, lie chuckled out:
''Slipped up that time, Mr. Munko;
lm' pi sted I've lead the papers."
X ess (Ii hi lilV'O persons ai'
iigagul in llio sardine fisheiy ol
Fiance, and fullv as many liud occii
pationapresiirviiig" ibis lish.
(Spcclm Iiltpiilchi'ii io Hi.- KriTAi-ii)
That Hall fond Coiupaet.
Ciitc.viio, April ?. Your coircs
pondeiit iiiiileratauils that the follow
ing conies from inside: The state
ment heretofore published with re
ierenco to (lie agreement recently
r.itilied by ttiH Ssiutliern P.tcilic,
Atchison I'opeku & Santa L'V n.ul
lit. ouis & San Fianci co railniiiil
companies in relaton to the ext-iision
of the Allaiilic. &. Pacific lailroad
have failed to iinpait any satisfactory
ii formation as to nature and .sco .e
of the iitr.ingvMuent.s. Tim ainoiiui
of subscription asked for lliu co i -pletimi
of thu Atlantic & I'aeilie to
rfati Francisco vv.ts sixteen millions.
Tlio purchase by (jould mid Hun
tiiigtnti, of t o im.'iest in tin; S .
Louis & Salt Kriincisco road intefered
somewhat with the plan of extension
agreed upon. The companies agreed
to reduce the total .siib-criptiou to
$0,000,0011 for tlio vestern division
fiom Altiuqtieniuu westward, and
iUU0,00l) tor tbo central division,
from Vii)ii in to Albuquerque It is
uudersstood that this amount is bxed
upon under the original plan, and
the official circulars, regarding the
Atlantic & Paci lie, says that one tliiul
of tiin total amount is appoitioned to
tlio St. Louis & San francNco
company's; one-third to th'- Atchi
son, Topekn & Santa Fe, and the
other third to the financial agents,
Seligmaii & Co. The agreement nro
vides that this money is to be applied
to building the ro.nl to the Colorado
river. The agreement does not, sin
gularly enough, lis the location in
Arizona and California, but merely
stipulates iliey sli.ill be upon this most
direct lino between pie.sent end of
tlio Atlantic & Pacific and .Mohave
or tlio Southern Pacific. White river
is fixed oi) as the tiomin il point of
junction. Tiie agreement fails to
stipulate that tins approaching roads
shall connect there or that the South
ern Pacific shall be extended to
White River, but states that
the Southern Pacific railway
will build to the west bank of the
river. Tlio agreement defers the
settlement of the lip-citable question
of the inter l)ange of tr.tllic until
some future date. Another singular
provision of the agreement is that if
requested by iho Atlantic & Pacific
company to do so, the southern Pa
cific company shall execute a guai
auteo of :25 per cent on all gro its
ceipts from all interchanged business
of that company mid its connections
to and from (.aliforma points, a d
that it is further piovided that it is
to be upon precisely the same tonus
as apply to t rallies with the t. Louis
& San Francisco and Atcluso , To
peka &, Santa Fe companies. It is
also stipulated that tile. St. Louis &
San Francisco company is to givn a
'iniilar gunrantt e, on all traffic
interchanged between it and
tiie central division. This, af
ter all, am units only to
a truce. There is nothing in this
agreement about a Sin Francisco
oi tlct for the Atlantic & P,iuili-, and
uotliiuir to prevent the latter com
pany, if it shall fail to secure satis
factory terms in future settlements
as provided for, from extending its
line from tlio Coloja.lo liver to San
Francisco, or, for that muter, to the
Pacific ocean at any otiier point.
Cutler IIuiHtH an I Wrecks u Sloampe.
La L'kosm:, Wis., April 7. K-tily
this morning the boiler of the sleain-r
Hell.l Mac exploded with a tonible
loss of life a few miles below the
city. The explosion completely
wrecked the upper works of the
steamer. The crow consisted of sev
enteen men including ollicpis. Of
this number live are missiiiLr, one is
dead, and three prob.tblv fatally in
jured, and the remainder more or
less hurt. This injured men were
brought to this city and are being
cared for. The Bella Mac was a
comparatively new boat, and consid
ered perfectly safe. The second eu
srincer says tlio boiler had plenty of
water at the titno and only loo pounds
of steam.
M!iipli.-ril is (li-rnre (lie Committee
WAStitNT.r.iy, April 7. In the
Peru and Chili inquiry, Sh.pher i
was before the omuutt"o and stated
that the compuiy's circulars were
mainly sent to Senators. One was
sent to Ilowett, ot the house. He
pioduced some letters from Minister
iliirlbut which irave him verv little
comfort regarding tin. pushing of his
Mteiiiuer Captured mul .Ncxro i..nelie:l
Cit.wtLKsroN, W. Va , April 8.
A mob last night captured a steamer
at Raymond City and went to Win
field, vvho.e they look .losepii Smith,
a negro, out of jiil and ban-red him
to a ticc. He had committed an
outrage upon a woman who is dying
on account of the shock.
a mkuiti:i tti:isrur..
The Sau Francisco D.i'ly Report
of ihc'llh ilk-taut litters the fu! owing
fitting rebuke upon this course of the
Nugget in tlio cowbey troubles:
Thu Tombstone Nuirgct is very
bitter against F. A. Tritle, governor
of Arizona, because that nlli -ial h is
expressed a determination to put
down lawlessness in that territory.
The mission of a newspaper is that
of a conservator of law and order,
.and it should praise, instead of de
nounce mi official who shows a de
terini nt on to preserve law and or
der. ' I ose who knew Mr Tritle in
I Cu.lifo.uia and Nevada for inai)
vears know that ho is a man who is i
for peace, jiistico and the right at any
risk, and the newspaper which an
tngonizes him is on the wro-g tack.
From what we know of (Jovcrnor
Tritle he will not be swerved in the
course of the light, as he understands
it, by either abuse or praise, and tiie
best thing1 the Xuurpct cm do is to
accept tlio new diepeiisation and
raise its voice in the cause of de
cency and order, or abandon the field
to a "newspaper that will have llie
sense to give the interests of the
community it represents a place
higher tli ii the org in of t lie cowboys,
and a mission gleater than that of
truckling to a supposed political ele
ment that, if ii is given full swing,
will ruin the teiritorv.
ot'it rnti.io rsCii.iuiiSi.
That a special tax for the support
of the public schools would be voted
there can bo no questnn. The re
ports that have gone abroad concern
ing the unsettled state of Tombstone
Imvo been of groat injury to this
(J-Mninunity. If further, added to
this, went forth the statement that
Tombstone could not support its pub
lic schools, it would indeed be a sad
following to what has alreadv trans
pired, seiviiiL' to substantiate halm
fill, preconceived notions.
Within the past year this schools
have considerably more than doubled
in sizo. The additional expenses
which such an imreisis has rendeied
necessary hive caus-d an uulooked
fir and unprepared-for drain upon
this district's appori umetit It has
not only required the employment of
additi 'iial eachcrs, with the piymeul
of their aa'.uies, hut il has also neces
sitated thu rental of buildings to ao
commodate the growing school.
These buildings have hud to be fur
malted witli seats, desks, stoves,
blackboards, and other school fix
tures. To have sustained the school
ct a year ago the ordinary provisions
were sulliuiuiitly amnle; but the ex
traordinary expenses to which the
board of educati.jn have been sub
jected, to meet an extraordinary
growth of our schools, have reii
de:ed a special tax a matter
of imperative necessity; or the cIjs
ing of the schools till Jtutiary next-
a p. riod of eight months. The peo
ple of Tombstone will n t, we are
confident, accent this latter alterna
tive. Imt I. in ApiiranriatiiiiiM
From the I'licaa ('ill, n, A I'll I ti.
As .to example ol tin; treatment, of
thu Indians by the government the
foil living acti n of the senate in
coiistdernii; the lu.tiae lndi:u -ijii'ro
pri.ttiou bill may be of some interest.
In reading the bill an amendment
was m nle to strike out the following
"Collecting and su sisting Apa
dies and oilier Indians of Aiizoua
and Js'ew Mexico; For this amount,
to subsist and properly cure lor the
Apaches and other Indians in Aiiz i
ua and ew- Mexico who have been
or may bo collected on reservations
in New Mexico or Arizona, l!I0,
000;" And in lieu thereof to insert:
"P or subsisting ami carrying lor
the Apacbe.s and other Indians of
tiie San C.tilos reservation in Arizo
na; For this ainouii , for subsistence,
$'410,000; for civilization and in
btiuctiou, including pay for India::
labor, $'40,000; for annuity, gootU,
ao-iiciiltur.il implements, seeds and
supplies, :5."),0U0; for pay in cm
ployes, 10,000; in nil, S'473,000."
Another clause was made to lead:
'Incidental expenses of Indian
service in Arizona: For general in
cidental expenses of the Indian ser
vice, including traveling expenses ol
agefts in Aiizoua, support, civilizt
tion aid instruction of Indians at tin
Colorado River and Puna and Mari
ci'p.i agencies, IG,0i0; and pay of
employes at same agencies, S,0n0;
in all,' $44 000. '
These amendments were concurred
in by the senate and the bill passed
One feature of the appropriation
bill will sttike this Arizona reader as
quite absurd. While the inhuman,
bloodthirsty and rebellious Apaches
at Sin Carlos are given the snug lit
tle annuity of '47.,000, the niori
peaceable, fiieudly and progressiva
tiibes whose nvm'iers are lirgely in
excess of the Apaches, an- to leceivi
but a small fraction of the i'44,000
appropriated. To the Indians them
selves it would seem like paying- a
pn miiim for th scalps v. f white peo
ple, for those to whom so little i
givt n are tins, friends and allies of the
whites, while tlio Apaches at San
Carlos are hostile. It looks like
obeying the scii, tutu! injunction
which siys something about lovinir
y our enemies and doing good to those
that injur'! yon, but that holy law
does not exclude one's friends from
all paiticipttion in one's good deeds
As Tin: twin is bent so the tree in
Cjiues. The lirittou family has for
I o ir generations lived on charity in
Cermantown, Pa. The progenitor,
who (I eil a few years ug. aired '
I nil hi en u pioli-s-i'iil' ' eggir si.
tnty vein's. Ilev'io. mom
are now toil. Ion rrnn '.or t- or
with scr i basl o . T ev t,'iou
put on the retnpi list
His Arrival iii the City of Tomb
stone. Ili'MUaut itri-Piitto-i of the Hero or
All -nta.
Gen. William T. Sherman, conimandei
of the Amirlcan armies, and suite arrived
in this city last evening about half-past
o'clock amid thu cheeiing of the waiting
multitude of people, the ririugot salutes,
and music by the baud.
For an hour previous to his arrival a
large concourse of citizens had gathered
on A'lcn sued in front of the Graud hotel
(which had. as if by magic, been quickly
decorated wiih tl igs, bunting and lanterns)
eager to catch a glimpse of the great man.
Tins general and party re iched town bt
iwo flx-mulu ambulance conveyances, and
having i cached the main entrance to the
Graud hotel Ihty vveie icceived by the
city council and this committee, ofre
cepttoii who eseoited the distinguished
visitors lo the parlor where a general
hearty handshaking was indulged in by
all present. The general appeared glad to
see so many ready to gieel him and was
very jolly mining the Ihrong. Steppinv
mil upon the balcony of the hotel Muyoi
Carr introduced Gen. Sherman to the large
crowd of people. The guneral said he was
not in a condition lo make a speech, es
pceially as he was quite filled with the
iby dtislot Aiizoua, ami had nothing in
thu way of inoisluie, but he was much
astonished and gieally pleased lo find
such a number oi tine looking, inte.ligeui
cili.uits in lliis pi ice so badly thought ol
out side. There might bo a goad numbei
under ground, but there wits many more
yet above ground. He expressed a del p
iuteicst in mines and mining camps, ami
wislnd tli.it l'ombdlone and its people
might be p.iiticul.uly prosperous. After
thanking the people for their kindness
mauilesUd toward him, the general re
ined to looms which had been prepared
lor bis use.
A bountiful supper bad been provided
for llie visitors til the M.iison D.iree ami
the p irly which, l-cside General Sherman,
is composed ot Gen. Willcox, Gen. I'oe,
Col. Mm row, Col. Peny, dipt. Haskell,
Miss Sherman and .Miss I'oe, icp.tired to
that testaura::l and, in company with the
lo'iimitiees on lecepiion and arrange
ments, and the mayor and common
council, partook ol the feast. The supp.-r
Is spoken of as being most enjoyable.
Iinuicd atelv theralter llie ladies rstited to
tneir app.u intents, and the gentlemen,
alter visiting the clul) rooms, followed.
A gland reception will be tendered Gtn.
Shcumin at ScliieHeliu Hall to-night al
7:30 o'clock. All people of the com
munity are invited to come and extend a
welcome to the honotcd gentleman in this
bonier laud.
How (lie Ceit-rtil Spent this Day.
General .-sherm in and parly have put in
the dry at sight seeing, with the suae
e.irnestne-s and Zeal that he usually tit
vines In the more weighty in liters ot win,
or nlUciiil business. In the forenoon, Gen.
Slierinin, Gen I'oe. Col. .donovv, Miss
Slit rm.iu and Mistt .Miss I'oe. escorted by
a commiltee consisting of Hon. John I
Ulum, Col. Sumner, .Major Earle and Juilgi
Kerry, went to the Tombstone M. & M.
Coiiipmy's olllce, where they were ic
ceived by Prof. John A. Church, superin
tendent, who look them through the 300
foot leyel of ihe Tough Nut mine. He
mming in the surface, they entered their
cairi iges and wcio diivcn to the Grand
Centiat mine, where they were received by
Mr 12 II. Wiley, bo k keeper, and .Mr. 0.
W. Leach, tnicin.in ol the mine. They
went over to the new works where the
whole party descended to the GOO fool
level ami then leturncd lo the 300, and
came back on that level lo the old works,
where they were hoisted lo the surface.
Mr. Wiley ibjunicd to town with the party
and took lunch with them. After lunch
Ihey again took carriages and went to the
Gii.ud mill, wheie Ihey vveie received by
siiperiulenileiit Woodwho th iwed them
the whole piocess of convening raw ore
into lelniled bullion. They then returned
lo the hotel to lake some niedid rest and
lo picpaie lor the reception this evening.
Vottiiti Ain-rlcu
I'o Hon. John Carr, .Mayor of Tombstone.
Su: We, the undersigned boys, iesit
dents of your cily, desire to do something
in the way of honoring the great general
who Is now visiting this city. We hive
lead ofbisgie.it milit.uiy achievements in
our school books, and believe he is wnrlli)
of the iepect of big and little. We ask
your honor lor pel mission to build a bun tire
Oils evening at such pi ice, in the public
slieets as may be directed by the commis
sioner of slteets. We promise you not to
do anything to disturb the meeting or the
pe.u e til'the people. We wilt ever pray, etc.
Masters- Clns. Oilmattin, Clias. IJnapp,
liias Wallace, Win. Suns, I) W. Dean.
Win. Kei lew, W. J. IAilkerscn, Frank C.
Uaitl,tind two hunt I ted others.
Tombstone Apiil 8th 1SS'4.
To .Mr. Chapman, Commissioner on
Li I the boys have a good chance to ex
nitiil their patroiism. T.ieir request is
gr.nitul. ilou.N Cunt, Mayor.
I designate the center of I'ourih hlleel,
at iuii-rseeiio.i of Freut ml. and also, inter
section of Fillh -mil Kremi.it streets.
G. W. Cur.vi.vx,
Mriel Commissioner.
KM-rrlsert at the 1'ulilir School
A number ot friends of llie public
schools, including the inquisitive EriTAi'ii
icpoiter, visited lliat Institution yesterday
afternoon to witness the Usual Friday ex
ercises. On account ot sickness among
the children during the month past, the at
tendance has been somewhat small, but
ihe v.nliius parts as rendered showed
ouch attention hail been given to duty,
both on the pin of teschers and pupils.
'if del) irtmcnts . of iho school
in Ihe largest of the lomng
a, net! by ihu third grade.
Prof. Sherman tapped the bell, and nhm
order had been restored the school s'tng
"Under the Willow." Then followed a
long and interesting programme, Irom
which Ihe selections mentioned below are
specially worthy of nolice: A illicit, en
titled " Drown Ky est," was sung'inavery
pretty manner by the two Misses Hill,
pupils ot the third grade; Henry Thomp
son, of the same class read a recita
tion on "Fighting"; Cora Goodrich re
cited a piece "About the Hal"; Birdie
Uplinger spoke " McLaln's Child," and
Frank Anderson gave a declamation all
from the fourth grade Three particularly
good compositions were lead by pupils in
the first department: Lucy Ilerrick.
"Kurly Settlers"; Kdilh Anderson, " Es
quimaux," and Maggie Sullivan, " Water
falls." Thu " Teacncr " and " Birds " were
the subjects of dialogues participated in
by third grade scholars. Tho fourth grade
sang the motion sing, and the whole school
assisted in singing with creditable elllct
" Music on the Wave," which closed the
CopIiikc Count? Mrordn.
The foil living Instruments have been
filed in the recorder's otllee, as county
r. colds:
Louis Duvall, 1G0 acres agricultural
1 1 ml near Dragoon iiiuiintnins.
Mark Phelps, Good Friday, Tombstone
Jus. S. Chnk et al., to Emma Parker,
lot 8, block U; $1.
Jus. S. Clink el al., lo Emma Parker, loi
40. block 20, $000.
MitLgie Criiiiihlii.li ct al., to Emma
Parker, Ins 20 and 21, block 20, lot 8,
block 0; $3,000.
Edwaid Field et al., to Emma Parker,
lot 20, blocK 20. lot 8, block C; $1,000.
Police ourt.
The following business was transacted in
Judge Wallace's court this morning:
John lluller, arrested by olllcer Kenney
lor disturbing the peace, plead guilty and
was lined 17 50.
Jim Maduigtn and Peler Quin, arrested
by officers Poynton and Coyle on ihe
charge of disturbing the peace, were bjth
found guilty and lined $17 o).
The case ol G. A. II iker, wh v;j3 ar
rested for a cha'gu samiiu tlut above,
was set tor 7 p. m. to night.
Wlntelavv Xteiit at Work.
The London Woild contains a
pleasant sketch ot "M.". Whitelaw
Heid in Lexington Ave.," in which
ihe spacious and elegant residence
of that gentleman is described, es
pecially the library and editorial
room. "Sitting in the library, in a
comfortable suit of tweeds, Mr. Held
goes through his work with a rapidity
and precision remarkable to behold.
In the main, Mr. lleid follows the
advice of his dear old fr end, pastor
and master, Mr. Horace Greely, who
told him when he handed linn the
reins, "The golden rule of editing is
to do nothing yourself that you can
get any one else to do for you." And
the Tribune has an admirable stair
of letter writers; but the editor
sometimes feels the divine alllatus,
anil will write his leder himself. A
little bit of news, importiint in Its
political bearing, has been telegraph
ed from Washington, or a startling
tele ram has come from Europe, aud
Mr. Reed goes to the telephone.
His first message is is, "Send steno
grapher to instrument," and this be
ing done, lie dictates his leading ar
ticle through the telephone. This is
the work, perhaps, of an hour and a
half; and then comes the reading
and correction of the proof, also
through the telephone, which works
perfectly. For reasons which will
be understood by all who havo dic
tated 'copy,' Mr. Heed prefers, when
there is ample time, to write his arti
cle first anil then dictate it by tele
phone; but, as a rule, there is 2ittle
time to spare. Thus the news' is
sent from the office, the aitiule dic
tated, and the proof corrected all by
telephone. Those who know the se
v re heats an colds of New York
City will appreciate thu great saving
of fiiction by this method of editing
by telephone, by which the editor is
enabled to sit "in his library, in his
own house and by his 'ain iiresHe,'
and yet hold the conduct of his pa
per in his hand. It is a system, of
course, which requires good assistant
editors and sub editors, but these Mr.
Heed has.
Hallaiid Smith was installed as
city editor of the New Vork Herald
last Saturday. Tho Philadelphia
Press speaks of him as ''the talented
young jouruilist of tho West."
When Smith w nt to New York fiom
Louisville, he called upon Whitelaw
Hem at the Tribune office in search
of employment. Heid superciliously
told him his abilities had undoubt
edly been impaired by association
with western journalism, but he
would give him fifteen dollars a week
for his services. Mr. Smith conclud
ed not to go to work for any such
wages. He stepped over to the
World office and accepted the city
editorship at one hundred dollars per
week. For some time past Meighen
has been city editor of the Heiald
and he was tho special favorite of
(Jonnery, the managing euttor; it is
not known how he came to be sup
planted by Smith. The position, in
cluding perquisites, is supposed to
be worth about one hundred and
fifty dollars a week. Denver Tri
bune. - .
In the canton of Genevs there were
115 butchers' shops, I'i'i bakers'
shops, 420 grocers' shops, and 1,000
drinking shops.
Gladstone says the. English govern
ment cannot undertake the manage
ment of the rajlvxas.
The following letters addressed as below
are held for postage in the lobby of the
postofiice: Mr. Ferron. Tucson, A.T.; TV.
II. Earhtirt. Hanover, Uhio; F. W. Heyne,
New York City.
The bullion shipment yesterday for tho
Tombstone M. & M. Co., by Wells, Fargo
& Co.'s expiess, was three bars weighing
CU3 pounds, and valued at G,020; and for
the Gir.-ml, two brrs 273 pounds, valued at
It seems probnb'cthat the public schools
will have to close at the end of the present
month, and the indications are that they
will remain so until next January. In the
meanwhile the term of office of the present
board of directors will have expired, and
it will be just as well if about two of that
board sign their death warrant as trustee,
tor the community desire hereafter men of
ability at the head of so important an in
stitution as the public school.
Tub building committee of the Kpiscos
pal church have gotten to work; they Uv
commenced the construction of their
building to ' used as a church- When,
huisked-U will be about. 54 feet long by
27 eet wide, with an extension for an eav
trance In front. It Is the purpose of the
committee to push the edifice to cumplc
tion and finish aud furnish il in a very
handsome sty.e. Tombstone will tlcE
have four churches, and as soon as the
repairs are inado in the Presbyterian and
finished in the Catholic church, all of
Ilium will be very cieditable to the city.
The committee on silutedeservu par
ticuhr credit for their enterprise, in car,
r, ing out their portion of the programme.
Only one sm-i'.l cannon could be pro
cured, but llie boys, not to be baffled, ob
tained beveral blacksmith anvils
and boarding an express w.agou
with their aitilciy went out; and
took a position at the east entrance of tu3
town. As the conveyances of General
Sherman and parly approached town tho
boys "let go" their guns aud waked the
echoes for miles around by their dcafenid
A Finn was discovered in theotSce cf
lite county treasurer by Deputy Sher.tf
llreakeurldge last night about 9 :45 o'clock.
He broke in the door, and with the assists
mice of a few others who came to the .res-
cue, quickly put out the flames. No dam
age was -lone except to the walls and some
of the furniture. Several books vtere
ciancd, but the papers burned were not ot
impoitauce. It is supposed that the tire
originated from a cigarette stump thrown
on a pile ot waste paper. Had not theac,
lion been prompt In quelling the dreaded
foe a great loss must necessarily have foU
Whkn school trustees visit their school
in a body it Is very pleasing to have soma
fluent and eloquent gentleman among
lliem who can unhesitatingly rise and de
liver an elegant impromptu speech. The
board of this city arc paiticularly favored
in this respect, and that one of the direc
tors wlio hails from Dutchland does not
need a n'c.oud call to insure a response frotu
him. The addresses tn the pupTIa by thu
noble appearing gentleman, who knows
nothing of his own tongue anil less of the
English, are wonderfully edifjilflg, aniltUo
concel.ed ass takes all the ridicule ot
the children as applause.
Almost a serious runaway happened
last night on Allen street. Just as General
Sherman had finished his address to llw
people, the coach arrived and was drivin j
through the crowd when the cheering com.,
menced, which so frighiojed the horses,
I htit they became unmanageable and
whirling mound almost overturning tb
stage, the excited steeds dashed madly
down the street. Alter running as tarns
First street four of the horses fell wi
ended their terrible flight. AH tbl
sengers had alighted from the coach
the driver on seeing the vehicle abou
turn over jumped Irom hisscitrbut tl
was no gieat damage.
i.oc.vi, l'l'.ntiix.vi.M.
Isaac Fleming, of IJisbce, is at DroV
Judge S.ivaj,e, of Uisbee, is in the
to day.
U. 15. Stewart, of Ueuson, Is hcokcJ
the Cosmopolitan.
General Sherman and party, of Wa
ington, I). C, are at the Grand.
Mirhhcl T. Ward, Esq., contractor
the A , T. & S. F. railroad is a: nrownl
Fied Cnilc came in the city
Charleston lo-d iy and is at the Col
J, 11. .McDonald and Postmaster
ilton, of Uisbi e City, arrived In towl
evening and aie now al Urown's hoti
The llcliuMlrnu 31 ass Conventll
The urns convention ol the repnbfl
of Cochise county met in the courthol
2 p. m. to.day. About one liuudretll
llemen were present.
Mr. Carr was made chslrman, and
Kelly secretary.
On motion the following conimittf j
appointed to apportion the iiumbcrofi
eates t ) be represented in the central
nut tee from each prccincl: Bisbee, Vij
Savage; Contention, Hradley; Charle
Ayres; Dos Cabezas, J. A. Kelly (by pi
Ilenson, Stewart; Tombstone, II. V.
The coimnlltc returned the followic
,ort: Gileyville 1, Willcox 2, Deal
bezas 2, ISenson 2, Hisliee 3, Toinbsto:
Charleston It, Contention 3.
It w;ui then on motion resolved tbl
chair appoint a committee of five to
gest tir the chair the names of the
delegates to represent Tombstone itl
central commiltee. On motion the
was till i wed one week to make the :
The convention then, wiih thro
tor the republican party, aiijourui
I die. y

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