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i T " ii i . i
mj- Sis-Page Edition.
This Page is from the Dailv
.J of Saturday, April 20.
ouic Ij.vht Titu.nr.
It will bo exactly two years ago
on Monday next that tho Epitaph
sounded its first trumpet note and
spread its nowsy pages to tho breezes
that fanned tho homes and brows of
many an hardy miner among tho hills
of Tombstone. At that timo we an
nounced our purpose to advecato tho
best interests of tho section we repre
sented, giving special attention to
our great mining interests, and al
ways endeavoring .to advances tho
worthy prinriIi- ui tho glo'iious old
republican party. Tho energy and
labor we have expended in executing
these purposes is witnessed in tho
thousands of columns that havo is
sued from this sanctum, telling the
world of .our wonderful develop
ments and the untold wealth that was
constantly answering tho knock of
capital and labor. Wo have written
tho EpiTAni through two long years
of steady progress with a fair mea
sure of success in all its departments.
Wo havo watched our pet enterprise
in its growth from an infant of days
to n position of value, influence and
power; from an humble tent, a hand
pi ess and a weekly edition, to a hand
some, two-story structure, power
press, metropolitan daily edition,
with a news and job oflico complete
in all departments, and a neat income
above ordinary running experses.
We have chronicled tho growth ot a
town of tents and frame3 to a city of
hotels, ohurches, schools, banks, so
cieties, etc., etc. Tho better mines
.havo one by ono outgrown tho ropo
and windlass, replacing thorn with
tho great cables and powerful steam
.hoisters. By fives. and tens tho pon
doroua stamps havo been added to
tho crushing capacity of our mills to
hicreiisotho-steady yield of flu: pro
cious metal. Tho telegraph with its
magic forces has united Tombstone
to the world ind American enter
prise has brought tho railroad that
greatest of civilizing influences al
most to our very doors. Such is the
enterprise and prosperity chronicled
by tho Epitaph since its birth ontho
first of May, 1880. Such are the" in?
dustries and progress wn have sought
to encourage and lost' ..
In tho EriTAPii the republican
party has always had a willing, fear
loss advocate. Tho principles and
interests of that party have been de
fended and advanced with untiring
zeal, and that to without asking finan
cial reward or tho emoluments of
office. With the transfer of tho
Epitaph tho republican party looses
its strong right arm in Coclnso
county; a loss . that will not bo fully
appreciated until sustainod. This
is however natural, for human naturo
is so constituted that few appreciate
the blessings they enjoy until such
privileges havo passed beyond their
The management has been charac
terized by positive ideas and con
victions and consistancy therewith.
We have at times beon judged wrong
by some but havo ourselves felt right.
.1 f, then, wo havo erred we may hope
to be forgiven. The stem transac
tions of business admit of but little
space for sentiment, yet, it is not
without sincere regret that wo write
our last lines and briefly say fare
well to those columns. Tho dear old
EriTAi'ii is to us like a ohild we have
raised, n business wo have created;
and it is with no mock pride that wo
announco our ability to transfer to
our successors tho neatest and most
complete newspaper office ever turn
ed over between tho city of Los
Angeles and Denver; and consign
to their management columns whoso
influence and power are felt and
recognized Wishing tho Epitaph
great success financially, and as a
miningjournal, wo say farewell!
On this bright, spring evening,
while tho birds aro singing on the
grease-wood bush and tlio Apaches
aw howling through tho mountains,
tho Epitaph wraps itself in the
American flag and dies liko a suu-of-a-gun.
Ta-ta! We will meet again,
We violate no confidence in as
serting that tho old Epitaph manage
ment and tho public' generally part
tho best of friends. Tho paper has
published the nows and told tho
truth. If anyone has been injured
Bjereby, it h no fault of tho news-
paper, whoso province it is to keep
its readers posted. We would fur
thermore i em ark that we havo never
been charged with being mealy
mouthed or weak-kneed.
Tim jig is up.
Skk that our grave's kept green.
"'Tis sweet for one's country to
Wi: havo met the enemy
aro his.
This settles tho cat-hop.
It came
Tins foolish rich man wanted two
republican papers, and now, alas ! he
hasn't one. 'Tis sad, but true.
Bf.othei; I'ukdv, take tho chair,
and give us a little pure and undc
filcd democracy tho less the better.
We packed our blankets into tho
territory and are punching a burro
out. And yet we are not proud, if
wo are rich.
As the Missourian remarked on tho
scaffold, just previous to being
launched into etornit', " Wo will
seo you later ! "
lb' we had a few companies cf
rangers well led, and tho Indians
well leaded, the country would soon
bo safe and qiiiot.
To the live and energetic busi
ness men of Tombstone wo wish
tho greatest success. May their
prosperity be in proportion to their
largo hearts.
That tho Nugget may be success
ful in working through tho lime
horse of uncertainty and open out
into a magnificent oro body of re
publicanism, is tho parting wish of
tho EnrAPii.
Harmony ! Ych. Harmony !Xo. (iooil
Hyp, John It., Uooil-IIyc
At an adjourned meeting of the coustltu
ency of Cochise county, convened for tho
purpose of considering the condition of
" Old De.m' thjjcjDnimiUec appointed .at
1lr6 previous meetiug made the following
" We, your conmiiltee, appointed by your
honorable body, to make a report upon the
condition of our old friend, conclude, after
a careful and thorough examination, that
lio is afflicted with a complication of dis
eases, tho principal and most alarming one
being ringworm in chronic form, lie is
also suffering from cramp In the stomach,
superinduced by tho profuso cheese diet
ordered by us at a former consultation.
We, the committee, all agree that our ven
erated friend is in a dying condition, and
'Unless speedy relief is given him death
must ciuicklv ensue. "While vour commit-
iaaro in perfect accord relative to tho
nature ot tho old gent's ailment, there is a
difference ot opinion as to what would be
tho proper remedy to apply. That this as
senibly of his friends may determine that
issue by vote, we will submit to this meet
ing a majority and a minority report upon
that point, embodied in resolutions to bo
acted upon by your honorable body.
(Signed by the Committee.)
On tho announcement from the chair,
that the meeting was
Tho member from San Simon district of
fered tho following as tho committee's
minority report.
Whereas, A contemporary had sungcstcd
heroic remedies as a relict for our dying
Resolved, That we adopt the heroic
treatment and administer its remedies in
homeopathic doses.
On the second reading of the resolution
several members paired and went out of the
hall "to seo a man." The resolution was
lost by one vote, tho chairman casting his
vote in the negative. The member ap
peared deeply chagrined at tho defeat of
his pet mcasuie.
A city member then offered the
following as the cornmitteu's
Whereas, The present emergency de
mands our most earnest earnest
ness, and whereas, tho demiso of our
dying friend may occur at any moment,
and as he has a iuott Irascible temper.
Itcsolved, That wo immediately procure
for him a suitable Epitaph, to be used
upon liim as a counter-irritant, i. e. read
every morning beloic mcauiast.
Wc, your committee, believe that such
treatment will, in all probability, prolong
his life till next fall.;And in tho event or his
death before or at that time, the remedy will
bo as handy a ihing "to have in the house"
as the purchase Mrs. Toodles made at
When put to vote the resolution was
carried unanimously, the member from
San Simon refusing to vote upon the
The tallowing motion was put and car
lied unanimously with some applause,
which was sternly rebuked by tho chair:
Resolved, That Shotgun ,1, if present,
bo requested to sing tho (Kd, 83d and lth
verses of the ilosology, and the members
will join in tho refrain, after which
the meeting will (.land adjourned.
It was very evident the first part of tho
foiegoing motion was an offering to up
pease the disconcerted
and apparently had lhe desired effect; in
fact, it had too much effect. The cloud
that had settled upon his brow suddenly
lifted and his visage became as radiant a3
a summer landscape, when the god of day
dispels the the early morning gloom. Willi
one leap he handed in tho ceutieof the as
semblage and swinging his sombrero over
his head, ho gave that well known whoop,
which once heard is never forgotten ; liko
a frightful dream, it has stai tied many an
honest farmer from his midnight slumber
To say that the majority of iiicmbirs wore
surprised, would hardly express the situa
tion. After all their watchful care to pre
vent any clement of discoid Irom intrud
ing upon their deliberations when the
"mcrchine," lubricated with "peoples'
oil," was miming smoothly to have such
a demonstration interupt their proceedings
was mortifying in the extreme. It
was something they did net expect;
they did not want. Here let mo whisper
in your ear snb rosa, "No I" Yes
Of Old Dcin.'s friends. For the space of
live seconds after the San Simon member
had made his debut beforu the assembly in
the role of n cowboy, the members sat
dumbfounded. And then the uproar that
tallowed beggars description. Amid the
cries of "Tiger," "Order," "Sit down,"
intermingled with whoops and cat-calls, a
dozen members tried to address the chair
at one and the same time. Tlu chairman
shouted himself hoarse in his vain effort to
bring the meeting to order, and it was only
when the melodious voice of Shotgun J
arose above the din
CilAKTixo THE noxoi.o v,
That order was restored:
Ho char;:'il upon the republican camp,
Ooo'l-by, Johu It., good-by;
And in tho stom-ich took tho einuip,
(iood-by, John It., good-by.
Ills friend were much perplcx'd with fear
Good-by, John It., good-by;
That the old man's end vc dritulng m-ur,
Ooo4 by, John I!., good-by;
They sought and found un Epitaph,
Good-by, John it., goQd-by;
For which they gac their autograph,
(iood-by, John R., good-by.
X.'lfA. AFFAiRM.
Reliable Xmis from the Chlrlcnhua
Pour men came in from Morse's saw
mill, in the Chirlcahua mountains, this
morning, having lcltthero yesterday. They
brought the following report of tho condi -tlon
of affairs to their employer, Mr.
Morse, who kindly furnished the same to
the Epitaph :
On Wednesday last, James Fife, with
two men started up Finery canyon
after a load of lagging. They had
not got far when they came upon a band
of Indians, upon whom they llred, killing
one. The Indians returned the fire, killing
the two men with Fife and wounding him
in the breast aud ono of his arms. lie ran
down tho canyon and hid himself in a
thick undergrowth. The Indians set fire
to the brush, but Mr. Fife managed to
crawl along until ho got out of range when
he ran down the canyon to his father's
house near the valley, where ho now lies
in a very critical condition. Col. Cluto's
nut; Ri-Ayr f. Camp are imported to have
gone into Willcox fov safety. At White's
ranch, near the month of Turkey creek,
and about ten miles from Morse's mill,
twelve soldiers are stationed. About thirty
or foily Indians ran away all of White's
saddlo horses from within sight of tho
house, the parly of renegades being too
strong to attack by the forces there. At
the mill there aro twenty-sis men, and Mr.
Morso will send out arms, so that they will
bo able to defend themselves. These men
confirm tho report of the killing of James
near Autclopc springs, but whether by In
dians or not it is not known, as no investi
gation had been made. It is altogether
probable, however, thai it was the red
devils' work.
War Itumorc.
The town has been full of rumors of In
dian massacres on the right hand and the
left all day, but none of them could bo
traced to any authentic or reliable source,
with the exception of the killing of James
near Antelope springs. Early in the day
it was reported that three men had been
killed on the Bisbeo trail, but that was
soon exploded, for at three o'clock in the
morning a party ol six or eight men,
among whom were W. II. Savage, Gus
Williams, Frank Leslie and Ham Hardic,
arrived direct over the trail. Later it was
stated that an ox wood team near South
Pass, in the Dragoons, had been taken in,
but that, like the other, could not bo veri
fied. Mr. Dial, who lives at the east end
of South Pass with his family, came
in during the forenoon and had
not heard of any Indian troubles
until he arrived, when he secured the aid
of a friend and a fresh supply of amunl
tion and immediately started home. Be
said that he had seen signal tires upon tho
mountains at a distance, but nothing more.
The rangers, who came in from a week's
scout, will leave for the scene of hostilities
in the Sulphur Spring valley and Chinca
huas in tho morning. It is neither sate
nor wise for small parlies to go out into
the mountains i.t this time. An ounce of
prevention Is worth any amount of cure
in a case of this kind.
Captain Hurst, of 1'oit Ilu.u-huca, is at
the Grand.
Hotel Arrival
Cha". unott'rf. - - - Proprietor
W II Savage, 0 Gilroy, Dlsbce; D I)
Boss, Charleston ; II II Mackly, Tucson;
C Morganstcin, New York: 11 (! Mont
gomery, Sacramento.
(Ill AND.
Ancn. McllniUE, - - Proprietor
L Vernon Briggs, Vclmu Brlggs, Boston;
Charles Hill, Santa Fe; W W Mills,
Kansas City; L Ceisw wider, Contention;
II Hardy, Wert Howell, Bisbeo; Samuel
Purdy, (iunnicundo Mendez, Yuma; G E
Ames, J G Chllas, W W West, San Fran
cisco; II Hcrshberg, Oakland; M Dottrcll,
M U Body, Tucson, J 11 Hunt, Huachuca.
C. Bii.icke, - - - Proprietor
O Boscnblate, S I) Norris, San Fran
cisco; Mrs Gray, Sacramento; 1 Roger
Owens, Henry Wooden, William Schwarz,
Gralton, Black Range.
Tin: sale of 1,000 shares of the Ingcrsoll
stock was postponed.
Mr. G. E. Ames, of San Francisco, ar
rived in this city by the coach to-day and
has taken apartments at" the Grand.
An Uneventful Week in the lionaiizn
There is a very general and well found
ed complaint that prospectors do not apply
themselves to the development of their dis
coveries before forcing them upon the
market for sale at mine prices. This sub
ject is better treated in the following par
ody on Hamlet's soliloquy, by Jack Blain
to Jim Crawford, in Los Vegas Optic, than
has beforo come to our notice, therefore
wc introduce it into this preface, believing
that it will afford amusement if not in
struction to our readers:
rnoBrEcron's louloijuy.
To kink or not to sink: that id the question;
Whether It is better In the prospector to sell
Tho highly mllhferous cropping for a soug
Or, nslug muscle, dig her down ;
And thUD by petseveranco strike It to sink to
No more aud by that sinking, strike a lead
Of gold or (-ilcr, or tho fine! copper glance
That luck Is heir to. 'Tis n consummation
Devoutly to be wished. To sink, to Blast,
To Watt, perchance to "bust;" thereVthe rub;
Korat the depth of tt-n .feet what base may conic?
Whoa. we bare shoieled oft' the uncurtain top,
Jlut give us pause. There's tho respect ,
Which mekes calamity of a prospect hole,
For who can tell what "pinch" may come below
Tho agentlferons start'? Componcntparts ofle.id,
Tim metalliferous, decomposed, conglomerate
Corruption of nature, all broken up, perchance.
Tho Insolence of luckier blokei md then iho
That the miner taken by shaniug,
When he, himself, might be much better ofi'
By simply waiting. What would we not do
lint that the dread of something yet unseen
Tho undiscovered pay streak (perhaps not there).
The argentiferous conundrum puzzles the will
And makes us rather raise tho monument we
Than open up the gronnd we know not of.
Thus prospecting doth mako cowards of us all,
And thus the prospects of a big bonanza
Is slckerized with some dark and cued doubt.
And speculator In a surface prize
With this regard their Interest turn S'ldn
Ami lose, perchance, a million.
The drift on the 400 foot level is now in
75 feet, in a good formation, principally
quartz. The north drift, same level, is in
about 50 feet. West crosscut on the 100
foot level is in 100 feet. Stapes are looking
and yielding s well as heietofore. Drift
in tho Yreka, running west, is in 30 leet.
The future of this company is a bright one,
and dividends are apsnrcd lor a long time
to conic.
Old Uuui'it.
Shaft down 22IJ feet, following the vein
matter with good ore 011 the hanging wall.
Winze on the lfiO foot level is steadily
progressing and is yielding good ore. The
80.foot level is being pushed ahead with
good results. Raising five tons of 010 per
Tombstone 31. & 31. Co.
Have struck good ore on the 300 foot
level Tough Nut mine, south irom main
shalt, which bids fair to open out into a
large and valuable body. In the east drift,
same level, they continue to get bunches
of ore as desciibed last week, which shows
them to be In ore-bearing ground. In the
Combination, new iuclino shaft, they have
been getting things into shape to utilize
the shaft for all the hosting in that mine.
Havo put in a chute between the 80 to the
103 foot level to connect with incline. The
oro continues good throughout this mine..
Sinking on the Vest Sido with the usual
good results. Have suspended prospect
work on the East Side. Other parts of the
mines remain as at last report.
Continue to drift cast on the ISO foot
level in good ore. Winze from this level
to connect with tho 200 is down 30 feet, the
ore continuing good all the way, with 4
feet In tho face. On the 200 tho north
crosscut cast is in 35 feet and looking well.
At 55 feet north of this point aro drifting
west to connect with the Tough Nut. The
ore here Is very good. The south crosscut
on this level Is in 130 feet. On the third
level have commenced to slope up from
the level in good ore. On the 350 foot level
are taking out rich ore. Tho winze from
this level shows tho vein widening as they
go down and very rich. The mine through
out is looking remarkably well. Continue
to work a little of the second class ore from
the old dump with the licli ores from '.he
i'a:i(l Central.
On the 000 foot level at the new shaft arc
in Go feet. The rock is a very hard, short
breaking limestone, and slow progress is
made. On the COO level, old works, con
tinue to dr'ft both north and south on the
ledge, which continue-, slicing and well
defined. On the 1101th they arc nearly up
to the Contention line, and south they are
in 200 feet. Tho west lateral 300 level,
looks about samo as at last report. Slopes
are looking lcmaikably well, and the ore
of a very good grade. The bullion output
for the month will bo at least $120,000.
Con tent Ion Consul Mau-U.
Prospecting cm the 500 and 000 levels
continues. On the 500 level the crosscut
running west liom north shaft is in 530
feet, with favorable indications. The two
drifts on this level are being pushed ahead
in good milling ore. The ciosscut west
from the Flora Mormon shaft is in 75 feci.
The south drift to connect with the Con
tention shaft is making good progress.
The north drift from the west will be
pushel to internet tho joint winze on the
line between Contention and Sulphurct,
when the ore body 111 the latler mine will
be prospected. Are accumulating oie nt
the rate of 10 tons daily at the mill, to have
surplus when tho rainy season sets in.
Tho bullion output will be tqual to last
Mythological lloral conceit 011 Friday
and Saturday evenings, May 5lh and G!h.
The Huachuca Water Co. continue-! to
make rapid progress in constructing their
works. They have now lain eighteen
miles of the seven incn pipe aud four
miles of the five inch, leaving but six and
one-half miles yet to be constructed, and
the company expects to lay the lat mile of
this end by the latter pail of next week. A
lorce of 100 men aie employed. Camp
No. 1 is at Ajax hill, and No. 2 at Bur
leigh springs. A crossing was made at
the San Pedro yesterday, at which point .1
very heavy blow-off valve was put in. The
line acts well under tho sun, most of it
being exposed to the climate, and every
thing indicates an abundance of water for
thisclh" at an carlv dav
Lor-iii hpijIxthun.
Faiskwuli, lo the old, success to tho new 1
Tun banks did a heavy business to-day.
Tin: Maison Dorcc has closed for repairs,
but will open again Monday at 3 p. m.
New doors aud n fresh coat of paint has
much improved tho front of Iho "Alliam
bra." A May evening ball will be given by
tho Burro Club Monday night at Turn
Vcrein hall.
S0.M1: t f lhe present advertisers in the
Epitaph cease to be patrons of this grand
old journal rtth this issue.
A came ot base ball was played at the
Boston mill this afternoon liy the Tomb
stone and San Pedro nines.
Excellent tenuous and fine singing at
all the'' churches to-morrow. The public
should show their appreciation of the same
by attending divine service.
Tub Epitaph's epitaph:
" rnveil thy boooni", faithful tomb;
Take this new treasure to thy trust,
Andgtve these sacred relics room
To slumber In tho silent dust."
Mn. C. W. Pi.s-KHAjr, with his Tomb
stone tind Sonora stage, came in last even
ing. He reports no signs of Indians along
Hie Sonora river, but says the people arc
keeping a good lookout for them.
Tiikiii: was a farewell party at Robert
Eccleslon's last night in honor of Mrs. M.
M. Corella, who is shortly to mako her
deparluie from this city. The Epitaph
will hold a farewell matinee this afternoon,
to which the public are invited.
Mn. J. H. Jackson with his company of
rangers came in this morning. They
scouted along the frontier from near Fron--teras
to the San Jose mountains, and across
thiough and around the Htiachucas, re
turning way of the Babacomari and Con
tention. Zwi.no Hunt und his abductors (1) aio
said lo have staid Thursday night at a
chicken ranch about two miles below town,
on the Contention road. It is believed
that this report is true, as "Harry Jones,
who lives there, is said to have told It in
town yesterday. Quien Sabe.
Wi: quit with one suit of clothes ahead,
said suit made by Mr. Samuel Black, tne
populartailor oi Fourth street. For fit and
finish the suit equals the work of our best
metropolitan cutter., and hence wc com
mend our patrons to Mr. Black for new
Thosk few who have been permitted to
witness tho rehearsal of lhe mythological
lloral exhibition company arc just de
lighted with the play, and cannot say too
much, in fa; or of it. Next week Friday
iiiHtday evenings it will be prc-
c, and Schielfelin hall
fill be loo pleasing.
.V cinMtJircscntcd to the
business men ufTlTii city next week, ask
ing them to close their various places of
business 0:1 the Sabbath. It would be but
a few weeks, if thce gentlemen would
agree lo this, and they could not be in
duced to open their shops on Sunday.
This is ono more step toward civilization,
and it is to bo hoped that the proposition
will be carried.
Wr.DDiNG cauls arc out announcing the
marriage of Mr. Fred. S. Thomas, of this
cily, to Mis? N. E. Finlcy, of Tucson.
Fred went down to Tucson by the coach
Ibis morning to claim hts bride, and their
cup of joy will bo filled to the brim an
Sunday evening, when the happy Tfcl
will be made one. "Oh, joy I Oh, bliisl
Oh, rapture incomparable!"
A reporter of the Epitaph, having
the extreme felicity lo pilot one of the
Pinafore ladies to the rehearsal last even
ing, remained during the practicing, and
was highly pleased with the general per
formance. They surely did well. Tlie
stage will be made to resemble the deck of
a ve.-fel, with masts, rigging, etc., and a
sheet of water painted in the beyond. Al
together tho opera by litis troupe cannot
but please.
Duhino the remainder of the school
year the attention of the pupils in the pub
lic schools will be occupied in reviewing
the lessons they have gone over the past
eight months. The object will be lo re
fresh and fix in their minds the principles
already studied, and also to prepare for
lhe annual examinations. At the close of
the school, certificates of promotion will
be given to those whose standing during
the months past and percentage on exam
ination will cntitlo them to the same, and
lhe names of those thus advanced will be
given for publication. As near as possi
ble, the same text books have been used
throughout the territory, and the standing
of pupils here will entitle them to tho
same grade elsewhere in Arizona. It will
be to the interest of scholars to apply
themselves for tho next few weeks and thus
attain a standing as high as possible.
During the month of April past the num
ber in attendance has been very good; in
fact, the public schools of Tombstone have
been made an inslitution of pride to the
city since last September, and It is hoped
that everything will be done to promote
this vital chums if education. To the
teacheis who h.re labored fur this end
and i-spirially to the principal of the
-I'luitiiX i !ttc the llmnks of the com
munity. Mr. II. I. Maxson was around town yes
U rdnv collect! n:i hi-, bels. It is unneces
sary to say that it weighed 10J pounds
and is a "chip of the old block."
OwicEit Neaole arrested M. Malouey
for carrying concealed weapons, and on be
ing brought before Judge Wallace the de
feudant plead not guilty, dennmling a
jury trial, which was had at 3 o'clock this
If a Kansas sheriff spells five
words out of twenty right in making
his roports ho is good for a second
Special Dispatches to the ISpitaph.
Nteumer lllotvn I'll.
Kingsvili.e, S. C, April 2S.
The steamer Marion exploded her
boiler to-day. Sbo had on board a
picnic party. Minnie Henry was
instantly killed. Mattic and Nannie
Henry aro missing, supposed to be
drowned. Lizzie Henry and J. C.
Eason are not expected to recover.
William Trumble is badly scalded;
Minnie Bates seriously injured;
Orvil Stiles Is missing, supposed to
bo drowned; Tom Richardson,
colored, drowned; aud John Wil
liams, of crew, badly hurt.
Two Suicides.
San Fkancisco, April 29. Frank
Schmidt, a Germryi aged 20 years,
committed j-uicida last night by
shooting JnmselL tlnongii the head.
No cause assigned.
Mrs. P. Vacquerel committed sui
cide last night by taking poison
Sho had a little misunderstanding
with her husband, and on leaving
him, took the fatal drug.
A Htartllus Announcement.
London, April 28. In tho com
mons Labouchere complained of tho
existence of slavery in Honkong.
on tho Gold' coast, and in the Malay
states of north Borneo. He said the
slave market at Hongkong supplied
women to California, Australia, and
Cl.ina. The under foreign secretary
denied that British officials sanctioned
A Itrutnl Murder.
San Antonio, Texas, April 28.
John Mitchell, of Edwards county,
was tied to a tree and beaten nearly
to death by two of his sons, and then
shot dead by two men named O'Brien
and Field. The trouble was over a
preemption of land.
Surprised and Killed.
Marseilles, April 28. A survey
ing expedition in South Aran, Al
geria, was recently surprised by St.
Eleman, and forty persons were
killed and forty wounded.
Jitnkctlns I'.illtors.
Galveston, April 28. Eighty
members of the Texas Press Associa
tion have rrono on a trin to h:
Francisco via the Texas Pacific.
Xot to 1'IlIliUBtcr.
Washington, April 28. The dem
ocratic caucus to-night virtually de
cided not to filibuster against seating
I'onr oftSm Jnanuettc Crew.
Berlin, April 28. Four members
of the crew of the Jeannotte will ar
rive at St. Petersburg next week.
On Wednesday last Charlei Slegman
left Tombstone to warn his brother and
party of the uprising of the Indians. He
arrived at their on the headwaters of one
cf the branches of White river, seven
miles from Huckcr, Thursday night. Fri
day morniug the whole party, consisting
of Slegman Brotheis, Charles Norton and
Ell Stump left for this place, arriving at
half-past two this afternoon. They saw
one band of ten Indians at a distance, and
kmany signs. When they lelt Antelope
springs, at noon, tncy saw big nrcs in me
mouSms they had just left, supposed to
be the wonrof the hostilcs.
A Temnrotfece I.ehNhii.
From the Chicago Inter-Ocim
"Now, boys, when -I'-ask you a
question you musn't bo afraid to
speak right out and answer me.
When you look around and see all
these fine houses, farms and cattle,
do you ever think who owns them all
now? Your fathers own them, do
they not? " " Yes, sir," shouted a
hundred voices. " Well, where will
your fathers be twenty years from
now? " " Dead," shouted the boys.
" That's right! And who will own
all this property then?" " Us boys!"
shouted the urchins, "night! iNow
tell me did you ever, in going along
the streets, notice the drunkards
lounging around the saloon doors
waiting for somebody to treat
them?" " V'es, sir, lots of them."
"Well, where will they be twenty
years from now? " " Dead," ex
claimed the boys. " And who will
be the drunkards then? " " Us
boys," shouted the unabashed
l'ixlP3''H Conversion.
From the Prcscott Courier.
The San Francisco Argonaut writes
viciously against the Chinaman and
his friends. Wc like the stylo of
Pixloy's mulish articles, but when he
hints at anything liko a Pacific re
public his physician should prescribe
a cold shower bath. Let him give
it to the sentimentalists of tho East
as much as he pleases. They, need
some of his lectures; but let him not
forget that Gorham, whom some peo
plo used to call George Coolio Gor
ham, may come back at him, aud
that he (Pixley) and others liko him,
have done everything in their power
to strengthen the doctrine thoy now
sneer at "the brotherhood of man
racket" wc mean. A few years ago
when Kearney and his followers were
agitating the matter Mr. Pixley grew
red in tho face, if not in tho mouth,
over fancied wrongs to the coolie;
now ho is t'other way by a fearful
majority; goes in for stopping influx
by foul or fair means. This is sure
conversion. ' You're all right now,
Frank, and may your wife or some
body else keep you so. The Courier
is with you, although you may never
know it, as we suppose you never
read sucli small fry papers. Organize
your anti-Chinese forci; go down to
tho wharf on the arrival of every ship
from China, prevent the red locusts
from landing, nnd you'll master the
matter without bursting the Union
or a blood vessel.
When Governor Tritle was i.i
Tombstone he authorized the raising
of a body of men to act under tho di
rection of United States Deputy
Marshal Jackson for active opera
tions against the lawless element of
Cochise county. The company was
raised and the men put in the field,
and are at the present time operating
against the Indians. They aro the
only body of organized civilians now
out, and as they arc experienced
frontiersmen they will no doubt make
a more creditable showing than the
military havo done in any of their
recent engagements. Citizen, April
i Frou lhe PhC(ji Hersld. AppU "6
A dog at tort McUoweli has gut
the mumps.
Tho horses of Phenix seem to hav
no ear for music. During the grand
parade to-day there was one runaway
and smash-up, and several other
teams had to be held by three or
four men.
The Odd Fellows celebrated their
anniversary to-day by a procession of
members headed by the band. Tho
lino of march ended at Kendall's
grove where the exercises were con
ducted, consisting of tho ritualistic
programme, singing and address by
J. E. Wharton. After this the lodge
marched back to the hall. To-night
a grand ball will be held at Wool
soy's hall.
From the Pht-ulx Gazette, April 3.
Fears are now entertained that the
Tonto Indians will join the hostile,
in which event they will doubtless
raid the settlements of their native
haunts. As Fort McDowell is with
out troops, no protection is offered
tho people of Tonto Basin from that
direction, and we may at least ex
pect the arrival of a number of wo
men and children from that section
in our county shortly.
From the Bodto Free Pre.", April 25.
The Index says that Comstock
miners arc flocking into Tioga dis
trict, where they find ready employ
ment. Snow banks three feet high can be
seen on somo of the side streets in
Bodie, notwithstanding May is less
than a week off.
Old Boreas acted like a road bull
on Monday and tossed things about
very lively. Such trifles as signs,
loose boards, hats and cobble stones
were hurled in all directions. It was
not the breath of spring; it was more
of a wintry blast fresh from Siberia
or somo other equally cold quarter.
If another snow storm does not visit
uis it v?'U be no lauit ot tne wmei.
Over on the main range it must have
been very bad and snow fell in many
places. The highest peaks could be
seen above the clouds.
From the Arizona Democrat.
Only a mile south from the Valen
ciana is the Iconoclast, owned by
Wickcnburg aud Cochran, which
Carpenter declares is the best pros
pect out of doors in gold, cxcept:ng
Holmes' mine, on Squaw Creek,
which is reallj worth millions, and
yields 1,000 per ton by arastra.
Holmes don't vr'.oh tc-sell at preconr.
J. J. Gosper, having served out
his time as secretary, acting-govenor,
is still as busy as ever, and has gone
into mining quite energetically. .It
is his intention to make a trip East,
but the cares of a quartz mill, added
to his anxieties connected with the
improvement of stock, will detain "
him till midsummer, probably Tho ?
Hambletonian, Almont, Wiseton,
Duke and the Golden Era will give
him his hands full. ?
From the Prcscott Cornier.
Jos. B. Walker, sheriff of Yavapai
county, has just received a dispatch
from Louis Kingman, chief engineer
of the Atlantic & Pacific railroad,
stating, in substance, that, as some
masons were yiroceedin" from Can
yon Diablo to the tunnel, a party of
land pirates attempted to rob the
masons, who gallanthy charged the
thieves and captured three of them,
all of whom are now on the way to ,
Prcscott, guarded by six railroad
men. Mr. Kingman's dispatch was
sent from Albuquerque, and request
ed Sheriff Walker to send a deputy
or deputies to meet the scoundrels.
A landlady was complaining that
she couldn't make both ends meet.
" Well," said a border, " why not
make ono end vegetables.
Mrs. A. J. Mitchell ha gone to Kuropc.
The Epitaph has gone to .
Captain Blair returned from Sonora yes
terday. Messrs. Ed. and Al. Schicffelin, says n
Vancouver, 1). C, dispatch, are about
building a steamer in San Francisco aud
pass four years in prospecting tho coast
line and river of Alaska for mineral. One
of them U now on his way to order the
W. II. Savage, Est., of Bisbec, in this
morning with a party ol" seven from thai
place. He says there arc no signs of In
dians around the Mulc9 so far as had been
Judge Savage is at Brawn's.
C. Gilroy, of Bisbec Cily, is booked to
day at Brown's.
J. It. Owens, of Giaftnn, is icgistered at
the Cosmopolitan.
Jamc3 Carr, Esq., the freighting king, h
In town.
Samuel Purily, of Yuma, arrived to-day
and is at t'ie Grand,

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