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The Gold Hill Biews f tbe 9ia ina.
r nblishes the fallowing extract of a In
ter just rpceivrd bjr the editor of thai
journal from IIoo. Cornelius Cole. In
view of ihe sentiments expressed bj Mr.
Cole, the frieu'ls of the new aovemenl,
will probably regret that they did not
appoint an alternate for Mr. C, when
they named him ai a delegate to the
Philadelphia Convention. Mr. Cole
ays : i
'I wonU rather lee the traitors in
h 1 than at the bead of this Govern
laent again: aod so. I know, wonld yon.
The President" feelings, and sympa
thies, and pr juji.es. and education are
all with his "section." They are all
"Southern;" and most naturally so.
That i what is the matter. Shall tcr
keep the old balance between the North
and South? We thonpht slavery when
it was swept awy cartied that with it;
acd there is no more need tor its being
left or revived than there is for haviug
the same rharncter of distinction be
tween the E.st and West."
"Dun or Asdriw Johxsos." The
following melancholy paragraph is from
Washington dispatches to the Sew Tork
Tribune. We reeret to say that the
Johnson rinderpest is showing itself is
San Francisco, says the Flag, chiefly
among infirm Union men :
"General Jim Lane died of Andy
Johnson. He went from here to Kan
aas. impressed with the delusion that
his support of the President was so ac
ceptable to the people of that Slate,
that he could carry it fur Johnson's pol
icy br 5,000 majority. Uis first appear
ance upon the streets of Lawrence shock
ed biui with a sense of his terrible error,
la the town where he had once walked
a monarch, no muri spoke to bim. Old
friends passed him without recognition
the sidewalk. On horseback, in the
principal street, he rode unrecognized
and rejected. He went to his bouse and
sent for many of his old friends to come
and see bim. They returned answer
that they wished to have no intercourse
with bim. Two days after his arrival
llepresentatire Clark came from Wash
ington. What contrast and what a
lesson! A vast crowd met and welcom
ed bim with music and dags. A public
jaeeti.'iir nppUuiied his votes, honored
!:im I liis fidelity and pleJgrd to bim
he i..ve aud the sappnrt of Kansas.
Ilaraiiiated, sttltn with remorse, and I
lter!y desperate. I.ane terminate J m
-nce his Lfe tad his career in JoLnson
nwBKiru ann-iT Gujsr. The Cop-I
ptrneiuls are ttniMy worried about
Grant. Tae tiii troiKiitan Record sir
It is i-arit:tilar!r deserving of notice
that io bis rei!y u the invitation to .it
'enl the T.-tmrmnv Society celebration
in th: ri'y. oa tae Fourth .,f July,
Genenl tyrant s.-id nut a word expres
sive nf approval nf. or Fvmpultiy with,
the birt of ihe Snriptv. as set f rth in
Iheir letter. WhiU- Prrsi.l-ut Johnson,
SrrrrMrv P. v;if!. and Sp.-rfiarv
belles, r-sp..m!ej ;a t.-rms of cordini
Jciiroritr. tier.e-t! Grant r :ni ntt a
ward tt say, f .-j.-r than th it in nm
en'ience of arvuVr enrii ment be vs
blied t .1;-. i:r... t!,,. i,,,,,,,r. X,,t a
word about a restored Tnin, not a
word aJw'if the resior itiroi i.f ct.nstitn
tiontl rritt.n i;ctsreen all ti e States.
, n.t ot;- Tori ; he simply decline 1
the invitation. This ftoi'J seem to
give color t t'ae r.-pnrt that ike Lieu
tenant Gereril iri.'l rgeerve i!ie nomina
'ton nf th- i: i.'.i.-als for Presi. lent. It
o, then Fr-d. iKjngUs must take a
!ck seaV
The ruiLvtiFipHtv Convextkw anb
Vrax.isDi Wimi N( Tork, July 11.
""hit thief a:uji. Copperheads, ei-Mayor
Wo,id, eorr.-.ir.rei-ej I-'.dimr K tvra-nd on the
udew;.lk jester.! iy. when the fallowing
'barae'eriitic aad siiroiSetint dialogue oc-
i trrrd :
Wood i--ho-.it the PbilatMphia
t'nnventinn ? Will yon admit our folks
Ravm-wd 1 d i."t kn-.w whefhrr I shall
:ake pait io it '-r not it Cuius tm-n
turht M ip-t t.vj -ther i;i N itional Cncvrn
tin ni t if they can o harmonize th-ir
onflieTilti; views i.n iiimv issa s ns to achieve
. Hre- on thnc rh-arlv eonfided to thirl
r-syiit r,r o.iz.itien. 1 mail to m-r whetlier !
'v'nioa m;u are to cntrol the l'hi'.adel,)hia
inectinj:, -ir whether it U to le etptured hv
h -tr enni. la; v.hat have you to do
trh the nntt'T?
Wim.i tiv. I att.I niy friends propose
arceft the init i'mn to the Convention
ied vrs-1 d"lez:.; s thereto. Jj you thintt
tlor n;ll h" aihnittej i
Uayni nd 1 don't think yon and your
tMili'iea! friet.iis U kve b"etl incited. 1'he
oll was isMtl t- men who sustained th"
war fir the I'nion aud the A-ltninitration
hieh coteloctfd ir to a sticeesaful con
enion. You .ep rwtl the war and de
nounced th G vemiiient.
o i ' tii ! ih;.t U a'A paed naff, and
Jiiuli be fornot'iii.
i&avnond f i is not so long passed that
i can he fr rgottcan ; aud wh'-n ytti and your
fiands are admitted to the Philadelphia
nv-tition, I for out, shall leave it-
The Virginia Cuius of the Vth inst. in
an anii-Ie entitled "'A candid survey,"
undertakes to discuss the possibility of
tbn Go-eroinent of the United States
obtaining '-indemnity for the past and
seenrity for the futnre." The writer of
that article very cavalierly dismisses the
idea of the attainment of any snrh ob-
ject.and stages what from his stand point
aud according to his theory, is "the
r inclusion of the whole matter," in the
following language :
"The key note to the probable solution
may be discovered in the testimony of Alex
ander H. Stephens, of Geonria. He said
aistmeuy tnat the Southern people bad com
plied with all the terms oristinallv offered
tnt m, and a I which Congress had the right
to impose ; that they would not accept others
as conditions precedent to admission into
Congress. It is reasonably certain that thev
consider themselves within the Cnion. and
in practical relations with the Government,
which entitles them to representation in Con
gress and in political conventions. It is rea-
ouauij- cenain inai inrv will sena uiegares
to the next National Nominating; Conven-
tioM, and that the Democratic Nominating
.onvention will admit them. It is reason
ably certain, moreover, that thev will choose
Electors of President and Vice-President.
and ask to have them canvassed ; and that if
the electoral votes of Southern and Northern
Deraocrata together are enough to elect a
I'resioeut and i ice-Preudent. and thev are
not allowed, there will be a political trouble
of a very formidable character. With John
son tor freaident, at that time in command
of the aii!iary forces, it cannot br rewoaa
bly expected that the candidates elected will
or can be kept out of otce."
Between the necessity, or more prop
erly speaking, the probability of an at
tempt at the usurpation hinted at the con
cluding paragraph ot the extract quoted
above, aa appeal to the popular voice
of the loyal States is to intervene and
in the decision to be rendered on that
appeal we rely for power to avert the
threatened storm; between the accom
ptishment of tbe result predicted by the
writer in tbe Cnion if in some remote
contingency it should be attempted, be
and those who take bim for Ibeir
prophet may rest assured there will
intervene a drama more terribly tragic,
than has ever been enacted on this
world's stage. We are disposed to dis
enss temperately and fairly any issue
which may arise which now exists be
tween contending policies ; but we
should be recreant to our most earnest
convictions of duty as journalists, if
we could allow ourselves in reviewing
passing events or declarations of future
purposes, to pass by, without endeavor
ing at least, to set the seal of condemna
tion npon the daily arcomnlat'mp-evidences,
which present themselves, uf ti.e in
tention of our enemies, to wrest The
I government from loyal routrol. and
their openly avowed confidence in their
ability to secure the aid of the Chief
Esecntive of the nation in accomplish
irs their uefarious purposes, '-peace-ably
if they can, forcibly if they must."'
And in attempting to expose this per
il lious conspiracy, we simply desire to
vindicate tbe purposes against n hie li
tbe Catalincs of to day are arrayed, and
g.vc expression to our belief that "ne.u e
att'v1 thev never can attaio the ends
'.hey aim at, that "forcibly,"' it will
not be permitted by the people of the
United Sta'es, that they ever shall. We
state frankly aud unreservedly in the
outset that we do not found any propo
sition of our argument upon any condi
tion of things which existed before the
war. We discard the theory of .'State
Rights, as opposed to the paramount
ri'ht of the General Government, to
maintain itself from aggression from any
q iarter. Every evil under whit a the
nation has groaned, every danger which
ihreatrus its stability to-day, Uasgroivn
out of and depends upon the assertion
aud maintenance of the idea, that there
exists in tne uenerat if overntneut no
poaer to enforce its behest?, when those
behests, emanating from no matter how
lire a majority of the Legislative uo!y.
clash with and are offensive to S' ine re-
bellious unit uf the mighty whole. This
theory drew the sword aud struck at
the life of the nation. With wondcr'ul
vitality it prolonged its desperate con
test, U'iti! vunttiished in the field, lie
lincg (Iiscomtited from the arena o!
arms, it clings to-day with the tenacity
of iesiier.ition, to the avowed purpo.-e.-of
its Ion;; and dangerous existence;
and what for a brief space it was be
lieved to have irretrievably lost in bat
tle, it seeks to grasp iu council, or fail
ing in thai, to renew the struggle on
fields already lost
it ruin twr a more ul.fp.ru eihibilion
of tl iru yirit of ibis colsicoq foe
the heritage of American Freemen, tbaa
is to be found in the extract quoted
above. Hence in discarding tbe theory
of States Right we deny tbe correct
ness of the conclusions arrived at by the
Cnion. We have already hinted at their
tendency ; and we unhesitatingly de
nounce them aa treasonable aad infa
mous. To tolerate tbeir utterance is
one thing ; to assent to tbeir correct
ness is another; for once admitted, the
only answer that could be given to the
juery which forms the caption of this
article must be expressed in tbe sim
plest form of Hie negative, tt does not
remain however for us to make up the
issue between the declarations of tbe
fnion and the loyal sentiment and pur
pose of the country. Following the dis
comfiture of tbe armies of the Rebellion,
the definition and establishment of the
political status of the men who in the
language of the Cnion propose to rely
upon "Jobnsoo for President in
command of the military forces;" and
the propriety of admitting them now or
hereafter to "seats" and "voices,"
which would give them control of the
Government, was tbe subject of very
grave discussion and much anxious de
liberation by the law making power
Tbe whole question if our memory serves
us was referred to a joint committee on
reconstruction, composed of members
of the two Ilours of Congress, and that
committee having taken a very labori
ous and comprehensive view of the
causes and origin of the difficultie
which rendered "reconstruction" ne
cessary, and tbe history of which exhib
its the theory of State Rights in its true
colors, reported the result of their la
bors to Congress. Ctterly unable to
ignore the fact of the Rebellion, candor
compelled tbetn to attribute its
inauguration to the influence npon the
minds of tbe People of the States who
entered upon that to tbeui somewhat
unprofitable experiment, in part of the
very heresy which finds so bold an ex
pression in the article quoted. Th
committee foand among other interest
ing facts, that certain States bad with
drawn tbeir representative from Con
gress; had declared themselves out of
the Cnion, and in their fourth deduction
from the facts which came under their
observation during the course of their
investigation?, declared as follows con
cerning these States, to wit that they;
"Havintr by this treasonable withdrawal
from Congress, and bv flagrant rebellion and
war, forfeited all civil aud pt-litical rights
and privileges ander the Federal Constitu
tion, thev can only he restored thereto by the
permission and authority of that ronsritu-Tion-i!
retwer against which they rebelled and
by which they were subdued."
The committee in endeavoring to dis
charge the duties incumbent upon tiiera
submitted certaiu recommendations to
Congress, the re-uit of which was a
"j;int resolution proposing an amend
ment to the Constitution uf tbe Cnited
Slates." ?uSce it to say, in reference
to that proposed amendment, that its
adoption and incorporation iuto the
Constitution will very effectually dis
pose of the theory which relies upon
--Johnson for President in com
mand of tbe military forces." It is the
carefully prepared, deliberately expres
sed suggestion of a body equal at least,
we woul 1 fain hope, in poliiical wisdom
to the organization which boasts such
shining lights as Vailandighatn and
Garret Davis. Iiat for the unparalleled
perfi iy and daring in which the Rebel
lion so recently crushed by force of arms
was inaugurated, we well might treat
the threatened appeal to arms as the
idle Vaporing of a reckless partisan. An
isolated utterance of treason might be
passed by unnoticed. Dot taught in tbe
school of experien-e we regard the ex
pression oi sucn sejitinierts as are em
bodied in the article fro.n which we
have ij loted as eutitle l to some weight
And siuce the contest is to be renewed
between Treason aud Loyalty between
a government possessing the elements
of self Preservation, and a priucip'.e
which would make the Cuion depend
ent npon the caprice of its members tor
its stability; we can do no less than to
expose the inherent infamy of tbe plan
which again assumes the attitude of de
fiance and raise our voice in warning
against its machinations. Our reliance
is in the intelligence and patriotism of
the people; tbe enemy looks to a rene
gade President in command of tbe mili-
And we mnj !ookfrj forces. TLej seek At of eld to
ducttt" not oolj theSoutbert but lb
tOjCQfir tmMMble Miod ( tb naUoB
"to ire" aot tbe Southern, bat tbe
whole rebel heart of the People. They
may succeed bat let tbeai take heed,
that they may sot sow tbe wind with
out reaping the whirlwind. In the
nighty struggle before as there can be
but two aides to the question. And the
maa who i not steeped to the lips in
treason, whose every pretence of loyalty
is aot a bitter mockery; w bo hopes thai
ia tbe time to come his name may be
written asaong those who loved their
country, will not hesitate where to plant
his feet or how to cast bis vote. There
is no middle ground, there is no excuse
for defection. It may be that evra tbe
gracelesa inmate of the White House
might pause io his shameful career, before
tbe overwhelming rebuke of a popular
triumph; it may be Ih verdict of "well
done" recorded by the people io favor of
tbe measure submitted by Congress,
will be sufficient to give even Treason
"pause." But he rends the signs ot
the times to but little purpose who does
not see that for tbe loyal vote of tbe na
tion to hesitate or falter is to invite a
contest which terminate might only with
the loss of all that tbe true son of the
Republic holds worthy of preservation.
tlirecit-d ttftrJ oit f the H-in.;.W tbe lH
trici Ctort .if ttit Sw'O'lJa.lKi t Uuttnct. in mmi
fr lYiii!Tty cunn'T. ?ttMtf N-T3.iv in th f
l.L, l Knii, Jaw. cin-t MHM.,'lli
WAITZ n.l AN.X WAITS, bis -rife, whmn
jtxLnirDt 'M rriwlrrtnl on th .Sth tty f OctiIer
A. 1. Ittt'o. in t r tt fstij Rinc or tltt? mini of
It. 53 5. ifsctuUin? niartsrl f. with itttenia on
the Mimf 3eTn Hait'tred and fifty ditlUr fr-t
October 4th, 165, iiuttt pa tl. t ihr rate f & per
cent. -er iMHilli,t-tri-r ttn hr the rtirtiier
ami JetMttwiial ftuin tf $n& fmt sf ictHn
! Mx-roitifE eiela Ct-mBiMtintT Ine to eli the
itr..fert taeriiuarter de i il-ed, tht-re having bet a
pnitl uon mid ju lenient tbe nm f one Itiusti4
(Miar. in tw ve rai pnTiah-uttt. a fllw : one
of three kunttr! dollar of tatv VtvHter 3d,
lt3&. and otte uf (bT-n hinlted dollars of AaXv
Airil 5th, IS. In rurwuanr thereof. I have
thi day leTied nprm and -eizt-d. and will exfoji
for sale at public auction to htif the hmlaro dae
upoa a d jn.Ucment in front of the CVnrt Ilou
d'-r, OtrsHW City, Oinwby cunutv, frtate ut Ne-
va-ta, on th
Thirtieth day of August, A. D. 1S66,
tetween the Honrs of 9 oVIorfc A. M. and 5 o'clock
. M.toa-it.- A- lo'cW-n KM. all the uhf,
title, interest, claim or e&tate whtvh ici dt fend
mnfm, r either of th m. nowr hare or bd on the
1.1 h day of May. V l. lt4. ot. in or to Uie fo
!winic dt-nci ibed property to wit : AUtbxl rartain
lot, piece o parcel of icrixinJ aitnat, liii; and
heini; in the town of Carn, Oimhy connTT.
State of erala aforeMid. known and tteci t)-'d
afoltoWA, to wit: Hefrtntiitafr at the n rth-ett
ctrnerof nrry and K:n itreelt, thence runtiin
n rth with the want line of t'nrry trci t eiirlity
feet; thence at riirht jauie tast eij;lii t-, U--x
t line of .tllfT ; tlienre ai rtrtit attain mTh with
ai ey line eighty (n vt to the th line of Kitic
street, ait 4 ther.c went tth mkI hue of K
'reel eighty feet th p?:tce of h- in:.it g.
theinte l- inir and f rniiue h-tt w kit n nvA
rereHentedupontLe plat if I'roclor am) ttreeii'
Iivi-iji-n r p-rii-'n .-f -aid t-n i I he w hole f
l.tta mintl-ered aid ten I H. at d twelve
li feet in wi.ith oft of the aoiith tde of Ut litim
herel ix all --f hi. ck nnmU-r eht S . t.-:-ther
wi h wll and n ncular the t n- n.e't-. 1t
1itanienfs "Ti nppnrt-ftarirt4 thereunto Itel.minc
or in anywise appt-rtai:itn);
Sheriff. "tTThy cmTy, Neala.
Py T. J. Frwiiia, l-pu y "sheufT
Anirut , !. Td
of Oiiu-d'y Pi;iTM t i' mt. Sec-i.-l Jti ii ml
I;-Tri.-t. lu'the ivaiter . f the .-,t:tTe ol VI!
Attn A WAYMAN. .e.ie ot;c-
io-r-t y fiT.-n that JolIM H A M 4 N h;t I;'. I
with th.- rieik ..f ihe r. u-t a j r-t ti-.n pr-tTn.
f"T Lett erst of Adiuinis-tiatioti' i.f th' etate ..f
M'tririef A. Vntmaii. ttt-r. a-sed. and tit it
Mcndnr, the day of S?ptf mhert a. n.
T li o't-loi k A. 1 of that diiy heme 'erm 'ly to
wit: - I thf ei'ttiitser Term" A. l. iho. ,.f th.n
Curt. at the 1 Miu t Court rt-otit. in C tr-oii City,
ill j-hi.I (Mlllity ;iti! M:tte, Jt- been $"t f T h' l iie
-wid lvtitioii, tten and where nn -e-!-..n in e'e:
etl may ap-! aini th.iw c.nie, if u ti x hbre,
why taid t't-titi-.n r-hould in t he ni'it-d.
Ovwr, rff 1,T,rtth nil td
t il I IO !
Itin-h tHins certificates of dep.t ieiii hv
Weiln. Faruo t C.. l'arn :itv. tt me ut date.
nuniirfT and aiuount as f 'Ut-wa, to wit :
DvtK. MUHEI. AM' l !fT
.lime 13, 4.4. J ,
K-t. i-i. 4.74.. 1s(
N-v IS, 4.7M. ltdi
J in 15, Iwifi, t
.h;ne 14. i.0t'4. SO
the winie have bet n lost and arment t--r.id.
LAtStN itUtlXAiiA.
Canon, July 13, 106
TTienn lr-iirtiei will i-av the al-oTe snm mt a
reward to any r-n n who ill re.'utn the above
ertill.-ntt-s to bit 'HMfet-Mtwi .
X9 diret-t-l. i-sue.! out of tht Ihn. -jd Ju-nci.l
i'i-tnrt t oo i, tirnvd.y cv anly, Ne,mhi. on i
Jildpnient len-te'-eii therein o ttu- 1st hi f Aun
uf A l. IHii. in ftTor of T. M. .H ai d
aaitntt M. P. HAIii..- and MAKY I HINn
lor tfie-nm of?0 (h, uifh mtre?d on the ui
f f')t at the rate of ten M'H erceiit. er an
ntirn tr- Tutlie 11 day of hec-mh-r A. 1. IStJ, K
nethet with the nni of 511 1 h ctatra of mm a'.i
it'-cniiTii: comts. c-'R: ma mlnif tnti t. ?ell the proper
ty hereinafter 'ewriT.e-t. anl. in pin nrram e thereof
i h ve levu- ajHin an I M-ixed. aitd wtil expire ai
p'lh'.icMle. at th (Tjrt llonrte door, is ariD
City, Oi nti-hy c.-nnty, Nevada, on the
'4h mt Aagaat A.D.
ltw.-en the hours (f 9 o'clock A- M. and 5ocl"ck
V M. to wit : AtloVlotkl. M. all the ritf.t.
title. iHtt-iej-t and claim ol the ail tletend.ints.
M. P. aud Mary P UttiiM of. in and to the ftU
lo inS describctl pp'rty, to wit : Lot uuniher
four (4i, live (5), tune (9) ami ten flu), ant! the
north oue-halt of lot number eight (S in block
nnntirer fil'tevn (15), .situate and beinje Id Cuiry't
north athliiioo to auitlCaimCiiy. Co! t Ortusl'y ,
State of Nevada, toueilier with ail aad singular
the tnemenia heredi amenta anl apnrtenaiK-eti
thereto bvlubgiag uria any win apr ''""'''!:.
FherflT nf the Cuaty of Orastdiy.
Aawt7,lM. wMd
cms snm, ntxv . to tbe lasasaa,
Fra-4.a mt Aarte4 Rsv.kto0
Which will he ild on Terr foratd terma, M
rare chance fvr bargain ia tflrered.
fehifi tf i araon rU-4 Mora.
(Lataintliaempk-TawntotGillig, Movt Co.)
Tin Ware, 'umpa, to. ta
Sheet an OalTaniied Iron, Copper and T' riat
Ur1ajr. Variirauw- attei.lwu pad tw Job Work
of e- ry decript-tin. drld-Ct
1-TtIS Wr.t.h K" TONS 'Rial. FUON
an1 Haitiinc Ktibl:4l(liirtit itl alwmya 1
ftMMMl -to-aa kiii r-imf.n jtbir in tnfh aiartiueav.
Par'icaiar ail-otua paiil to H-iir Ctmtnr;, tar
ljhr m wH ai Orntlt-aHm. Hot. Caft ana
?Uur lUlhrn at all H..CT1 J. MIL
TtiCarpn Cty Brvwtr;. with all th axtobal
John warneu,
JOMl Ki.hl.N.
ran.iCitT, M.irr-h
RES Til' It AST,a
Nrat lour t.i Mat. kl.T- Prait St.r-. CnuB City.
rll RKSTSl'H ANT HAVING BffcX Mm -iy
rrb:l tr.r--uliT-ut. i !:. ..-ru fn-oi li
YU-li in tl: V...-T t-inir unti; t n o'rl.rk wt nisht.
anil l( ii i. lied with -til tlw luxuilv tUw IJa-lrl
IT.rt!a. uiv " a Caii.
M.P. Ji'T.
aiyU l-i-ia."-.
Gents & Boys Custom I'ladeClothiEf
m ll.ttfiand t:t;, UUr'vete. yatieKeea,
Trunks arid Vtises, Boots and Shots, A.,
of C..r..a ai.d Tt.ird Streets,
Cur-on 'tty. Kea aelw.
I'i.rl U.vM a, (.-iron tieet,
U. l a
AMNfl Pt K nASrP T!U'.
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of FINK and ItTl.MNO li OT.
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S r'ek .? .-. .p. Kit the IM;7a. tiivi'tf
Bock and Job Printers,
Book Binders,
Blank Book Makers,
Paper Balers,
536 Clay St., opp.LddcEdoiff,
- San Francisco, CaL
This Finn an lares iaiporten ef Paps?,
Trint3rs' Kiterials, Ink, 4-c. ; and with the
largest Printing OSes in the Stats, are able to
do good work v.th dispatch, at very low
Parties sending orders from the Interier wi!l
b served as laithfully as though perasoaUr
Bam pies sna pries lists fcrnisM if detiie4
ii work goarutetd te give satisfaction.
Ageite for H. D. WaJtj'a Inks.
s. r. Bulleun.

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