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The Carson daily appeal. [volume] (Carson City, Nev.) 1865-1870, August 16, 1866, Image 4

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Affidavit, five cents.
Airremeiit-tin? a ?pr - i vmm t. ff r each piece
of paper on which the same is written, five rt.
Assignments or transfer of nnrf!ri!-p,
lease, or policy of insurance, the a me duty
as the oriirinai instrument, (Set? Mortgage,
Lease and Insurance.)
An pnmis-"rv note, whether pnyable on
demand or any time dekrnan-w, fur a sum
not exeeedinif one hundred dollar, fir- cent!.
For everv a1 litional one hundred dollars or
fractional part thereof, five cents.
(The warrant of attorney ti confess judg
ment on a note or bond, is exempt from tamp
tluty, if the note or bond is properly aTatiipe..)
Bank checks- drafts orders at sii-ht or
n demand. made payaMein the State, tw.t-ts. i
Kills of exchange drawn m birr rwv-,
aMeotlt of the Stat of Neradu, each hill, rr j
set of three or wore, mu-t he stamped; fr
every bill f each a t, tie een
IHawn m sut pay a hie out of Vie Vnited
States, (if drawn in:!y or in duplicates,)!
pay the same duty as inland bills of exchange, j
The acceptor or accvpt'irs, p.yre-r payees,
of any bill of exchange, or ordtT for the pay
ment of any sum of money dratin out or
purporting tt be drawn out of this State,
must, bt fore paying or accepting the same,
place thereon a stamp indicatiitts the duty.
Bill of sale of persona! property, five cents, j
Bmds of executors, aduiiuitrat'r, gu ir
dlns and trustees, are each subject to a
tamp duty of one dollar.
Bond orficial one dollar.
Bond personal for tne pavment of
money, the same as mortgage. (See
Bond for ind-tiintfyinar any person for the
payment of an sum of money, when the
money ultimately remverahW thereon is one
thousand dollars or les, fifty cents. I
Bond, when the mone receivable exceeds
vne thousand dollar, for every additional
one thousand dollars, or fractional part
thereof, fifty cents.
Bonds Railroad and other corporation
bonds and scrip are subject to stamp duty,
same as mortgage. (See Mortgage.)
Bnds ol an description, other than such
an are required hi lesrat proceedings, and
such as are not otherwise charged in the
schedule, twenty-five cents.
Certificates of dexit. sum not exceeding
ne hundred dollar, two cents.
Certificates of deposit, sura not exceeding
one hundred dollars, two cents on each one
hmdred dollars or fracti-mal part thereof.
Certificates of stock in incorporated com
panies, twenty-live cents.
Certificates of appointments, five rents.
Certificates general live cents.
The Certificates of a qualification or offi
cial character of a Justice of the Peace, Com
missioner of Deeds, or Notary PubUc, or
other o&cer, five cents.
Certificate of search of records, five cents.
Certificate that certain papers are on file,
five cents.
Certificate of assay, five cents.
Certificate that certain papers cannot be
found, five cents.
Certificate of redemption of land sold for
t txes. five cents.
Certificate of marriage, one dollar.
Certificate of qualification of school teacher,
five cents.
Certificates of profit in incorporated com
pany, for a sum not less than ten dollars and
not exceeding fifty dollars, ten cents.
Exceeding fifty and not exceeding one thon
aand, twenty-hve cents.
Exceeding one thousand and for ever
additional one thousand or fractional part
thereof, t wen tv -five cents.
Certificates of transcript of judgments or
satisfaction of judgments, ami of any paper
or papers recorded or on me. tue cents.
(X. B- A n general rule, every certifi
cate which has or may have a legal value in
a court of law or equity, will require a stamp
duty of five cents.)
Except wfiea given as a release of a
mortgage, by the mortgagee or his assignee
or assignors r the mortgagor, or successor in
interest, in which ease it is exempt.
Receipt for the payment of n inner, where
the amount exceeds twenty dollars, or for
the delivery of personal property, two cents.
Summons issued from any court of record,
or from any Justice of the Peace Courts,
fiftv cents.
Trust deed made to secure debt, to be
stamped as a morrgasp. (See Mortgage.)
Trust deed, conveying estate to cs, to be
stamped as a conveyance. (See Conveyance.)
Upon any confession of judgment or cogno
vit, except incae where the tax for a summons
or upon the account has been paid, fifty cents.
Warehouse receipts, for any giMxls, wares
or merchandise, not otherwise provided for,
deposited or stored in any public or private
warehouse, not exceeding five hundred dol
lar in value, ten cents. Kxecding five hun
dred and not exceeding one thousand, twenty
cents. Exceeding one thousand, for everv
additional one thousand, or fractional part
thereof in excess of one thousand, ten cents.
For anv goods, etc., not otherwise provided
for. stored or deposited in any public or pri
vate warehouse, twentv-five cents.
Where voluntarv appearance is made, the
complaint or account tiled with the Justice,
shall be stamped the same as summons.
Affidavits in legal proceedings, exempt.
Acknowledgment of deeds, exempt.
As-.ienn.ent. or certificates of shares of
stock in anv incorporated company, for which
a new certificate is issned, exempt. i
AH papers in tax suits, exempt.
Certificate of record on the instrument
recorded or entered upon book, exempt.
Certificates of weight animals, coal.
wood, or other articles, (except ores,)
Certificates of birth or death, exempt.
TVposit not with Insnranee Companies,
when policy is subject to stamp duty, ex-
Kenrwal of. subject to tne sameauues
as othe promissory notes.
Endorsement of a negotiable instrument.
For the sati-faction of any mortgage or
judgment, or decree of any court, exempt.
Insurance limited to injury to persons
while traveling, exempt.
Orficial dcuments. instruments and pa
pers, issued or vised used by officers of the
Strte exemnt.
Powers of attorney to receipt for shares of
stock in any incorporated company, in lieu
of shares of stock surrendered, exempt.
Quit claim deed to be stamped as a eon
vevanee. except when given as a release of a
mortgage, by the mortgagee or his assignee
assignors to the mortgagor, or suc
cessor in interest, m wnicn case u ts exempt
Sheriffs returns vm writs or other process.
nts or other process m sxy criminal
case, exempt.
Approved Marc I, lr.
State CoKTmniXE-
Assessor's Advertisement
1. $. Inierttal Revenue.
Id-drift of the Mate of Nevada, compi itdinr
the Comity of Ikmlit-. Notice U herehy given
that he vvlnati.-n. nements w ernmerutiow
of ?;tilj'-cts listW r. duty under the Internal Kev
r ne Law sot the ddted Mate., made ami tken
'y II. I fttmiSnm. As-i-tant As-t-ss-r for --aid
!iiioti. and returned t me in th- annnal li-t f--r
May.lSort. will remain o.en for tlit examination
fait nrm concerned for tin paae of TtN
U fr..m the date hereof, at tl.e ..Riiv . f the As
sextant Avs-or of teiid Division in the town of
..en-.. ht-twe-ii the h -nrs f 0 ..'clock A I am J 4
I. M . :n-li nl Mftt-r th ex j.ir:Ui.n "f sai.l
t" days, to wit: On the :mtlt l.y if Aiiiu-t.
l"t 1 will rr-iv anl It-tenniiK' :!l aji'f il- r-I-rive
to t-rronen or -xcrxe v:t.tiiirii-ii. :t-- s
m nr t-r -nnm-riti"n'- m J-ainl t:ik i-n l-y A
ifanT .fis-ar. All nj.pmis to tlio A r a
f.Tta'"l. mutt Tii-nit- in wtititt-r. ari t s?jrify
tbr i-art.rnl tr nmttrror tl.inir. r-" rTini;
wlii li !- ri-i-s: is r-iifsll : ami -iiall mor -t-r
-t tin j:riun. or prinrif.t . f rror r:m':iin-1
.,f. WAKKKN Vso.
I. S- A-.- r.
r., -. An?-t s. tu. Mi,'.-r.
Assessor's Advertisement.
t S. Internal Revenue.
4 trict"t ' th- tat-Y -va.U. cnij-n-intr the
t otiTitv t-f Ortix'-y. N-lirf- i hr'el-v tn-ri T-i T
ilie vain t i-M. pi. a-re-ment- m ininr-nti. n-; ( tiK
ie- ! thvynnr the 1itrnai Kentie
ijtvr i.f the I'ntte-i Mate, nta.le ait. I Ink. rt 1-v
;nnel I. K tuts Jr . A-t"tant A - r - I '
hivi-ion. sni retrneI lit tlie miTiiiat liirt t-T.Miy.
itirt will remain i-n ST tlie exainr;tri'n - t :i i
w I. r-firernet f-T the .noe ..f TK lV
fr-.m .latehrrY at my .-fti. e. J-t hml-'ins: n r:h ..f
the Vi.rl II.-oe. m trm tuy. itw-rn thr
h.-nr 't W ..VI - k n. ami 4 P. , am! inninlU-
lv after the fiint'n .-f the u t Ten i:y-. .-n
Ihtr l-lll da Y AU)EUt. 1 I l re eiVe t4
iererntine all aj.-eai relative t. err-'if-u-- r i x-
ie Ta!tiati-'ii. a--e-tne.,t r nt'in T..ti- ti
ma.le ati.l I ken h "ai.l A-iatit A-er. A .1
aiial t.ithe xeasssf.siL a- ma-lc
r tin-an-l -l--ll Tlie Mrin--itr ra.ie nt-irj
r ll. t.i? reHi. lii.i: hkh a Jm iM"'-r--.:ue-T.-.I ;
1 h ill m-.re,.Ter iate thrpainl nr p-im -tp(e
r s. a r.
Tate.l at Cari City. An?nt 7. 1-. a-lM
Cheek, draft or order for the payment nf
any snm I money cxceedmic ten Ouilars,
drawn upon any person at tight or on 4t
mand, twu cents.
Contract, same as agreement. (See agree
ment.) Contract hmkrrs ten cents.
Cunvey:meev deed, instrument nr writimr
nrhetebv lands, tenements or otner realty
sold, shall be Cfncte4. the actual cmsidera-
tinn of which does nut exceed five hundred
dollars, ft fry cents.
Exceedinff Ive hundred dollars and not
exeeedinz une thousand dollars, one dollar.
For evrry additional five hundred or fr.te
tional part thert-of in excess of une thousand
oilar. hrty cents.
Insurance (FireV nhen the onnlera-
tion paid for the insurance in cush premium
notes die nut exceed ten dollar, ten cents.
Exceeding ten dollars and nut txcetditi
feilr, twrnty-hve cnts.
Kxceetiit.' fiftT dtillars, fifty cents.
Insurance ( Lift-I when the amnnnt
insured d'ws not exceed one thou sauddur
ars. twent-he cents.
Kxcef dine one thnuan! dollars and nut
exceedini: tive thousand, fifty cents.
Exceetlim: tive thousand, one dollar.
Lease of land or tenement's where rent
does not exceed three hundred doilars per
month, fifty cents.
Lca.e exceeding three hundred dollars
per month, for racn artrtitinnai two Hun
dred di'llur. or frjctional part thereof, in
excess of three hundred dollars, fifty cents.
MortcnST1, trut deed, fill of sale, or per
snal biiid, for the pavment of money ex
reeding one hundred dolUrs and not exceed
an trve hundred dollar, ti'ty cents.
txceediiiK five hundred and for every sd-
ditit.nal five hundred, or fr;ictn-nal part
thereof, ui rxeess ol five hundred, nfty cents.
But mortises shall not he stamped,
provided the note f r which the mortgage
was eivt n to t-cure has been tamied.
Notice of appeal to any higher court,
fcfty cents. j
Fawners checks, five nts.
Fowers ;f attoruiy other written au
thor it v I sell or transfer sttn-k, or collect
dividend t hereon. twent-five cents.
Powers of attorney to vote at election of
incorporated company, ten cents.
Fowers of attorn y to rtctive or collect
rents, twentv-tive cents.
Powers of Mttorney to sell, or to convey, nr
rent r lease real estate, onedrllar.
Powers of attorney for any otlier purpose,
fiftv cents.
Probate of wHN, or letters of administra
tion, m hen the value of both jeal and per
sonal estate does nut exceed two thousand
d oliarr, oie dollar.
Fur every adiitirnal one thonsand dollars,
rr frat.iiii il purt thereof, in excess of two
tnausauti dollars, fifty cent.
"tet up'in bill, note, cheek or draft,
XWeiity-five cent".
1 Quit claim deeuVt to be stamped as a con
ance. ee Conveyaiice-)
sHtBirrs VALE
tlirectnl ffne1 out off th H.f.riMe the T -
trirt r.sirt 4 the ees:t JudtrUI hi.trirt. in ami
I r Ormf'vcvmvy. 8?tatetpf rvai!a, in th en- !
AMt'KL t. KINtl. Juoi.T. uam-t 4LOIriir.
W AITZ ant ANN WA1TZ. hi wiftr. whrmo
$ni .innt wa rrn'I-re-l on the &ih riay " Oct- ber
A. in Iaor Mia hmR 'or in- 9nm i
1.5J3 S. iteimlinrcfinsel f. witlt ir.trf on
Ott..l-r 4h. li, mini pa d. st ih rxtv .f S rr
Crt rr month, toc-thr with and ftrthefurtlur
and attditioiial Him 'f a cots :-ti. n
:ind MTmiitE ensta. CKinnvindinc ni to wll th-
pr.-p-rt ht-r-inxf'r friill. tht-r- haviiig n
psii-l Smi said ju'luwut the im 4 Hie tln-uitd
iloliant, in w-t -rii p.iymnis. a t-u -w : ne
f thrrf hwndred d liars' of dte N -vtdr -tl.
1M5. n.l on of st-Vt-n hnndrei d..l!:r f lit
pri 5th. In pnr-nsnce thfre'if. 1 have
tliidy hviet npon snf etzeI. and will eT--
f4r kiI at itnl'lic auction to wtiI the harsnc- .in
nifn i ju-lirment in fr-nt f the Cnrt II u-ie
I."r. C-rouOtv. vrmsbv county, tlatr i t-
a ta, on t'ie
All whai It sstar 'snwer.
W that w- inlen rel--cutitu; a certain nie .
jrr-I ..f mil it p tr. unl .-r quart in J rit-n
.HV WIIM1TK tll-iTICI. lVOt n.Bii -
Ta.la :i!n .ut f or hnn-l e" f.-t -f hvh I--rni-J i
kn..vnw the Hard Burke O.nio.y - t'Unn- ;
Uah- x Itun-ire.) fet-t .n the s.ntn ni mr
taiit Ih-peC'lKp ny iami. mtsnij; m nil cue
ft..iT-ntl f'ft. Sii'fVlaintJ leinc lsn.li.ii-I c
r.nlinaotheUw-f the etatr ol eT.la p..vrrn-
z uinirtx nines, Ac.
J. M tiATKW KHi,
T. i. SMI I II.
joiin i. winter?.
Tmte1 thid 4th .!sy of new. A - t
Thirtieth day of August, A. D. 18,
t-tween the hmtTsof 9 o rlvk A. M. ant 5 o rl.n l
P. yi. t.. it r A 1oV1R-k I M. all the n.ht
title, interest, claim or estate whkh sid ttt-f-iMi
an'F. or -itii.T ! lu m, now n:ive it ni n me
13th day . f Msy, A. I. 14. o. in r t. th- f
I wine de-rr ihel nroitert v to wit : . II that er;:u
lot, iir-e r parci-1 of frrartl sit oat-. Iviirc aid
in me in the town l ain, iirmi y c'Utitv.
larf NeTJd af"eid. kn-wn anl le-i-itb-d
Mt..U.v4, i.i wit: HeciiiTtin at tl e n rrli-et
comer Curry and Kmic street, thenee running
a rth with the ea line id Cnrry s're t eighty f)
feet ; tf.enre at rieht anjrle et eighty fe-t
t-i Hue of ailry ; thnce at ruhtanlf stmih with
al ey eighty (Mt) fet to the n.tli line of Kitip
irtreet, and thence w-rt with naid line of Kmc
revi eighty -Soi f-t v Hf ptare f hepintiicc
tlie sHme h- ine nd f rmin)C what i kn -wn an.!
repreitel npon tle lat! of lrortor and ir-en
division or p"rti..n of -ad town a the wl.le .f
htt nwuVrt-dien(7) atid ten (10. ad twelve
V2i ftWt in wiiifh off of the simth pid f lot num
bered -ix frt. all of hl-rk nnmher ei:xh (S . t
fferher wt-h ill and u njru'ar the ten-mettM. here-litant-nt;
nd appnt o-na'icm thereunto lwloni;iiip
or in aiwiw appertmiuing
T. O. FMTTir.
Sheriff. Ormhy eoody, Xt tala.
Py T. J. Fn.R. Tiepuj Sheriff.
Ani"t , siiO-td
Saratoga of tlie Pacif ie!
1. rami Ihf r.i-1-Pt'on ol Vnihira. Prti
ihmc lownc Suit, "f Ro m ran h rc. -rn.!al-l.
l'-n.n. i-pkini: whr plra-ur. or
hralili will ti'i tlii hintilul Mountain IJ:
V.tly o n-lU'"ie to b"th.
lrTr. the Olrnbrook Landing daily fcr all
p-intin the- Lakr.
T rertnimo.hit- 1Innti.c. VWomraud Pic-Nic
Mtrtit. in ci.a'ice t coini-ett-nt aiol.
C. mr.- with any in th Sttf. I.itr
.ire,t tu the .r..orirt..i will br proinv'l; an
TWraih flflV in th1 hon.
Pil'r V iU.ir MHi;f Ow Iim l-aTf r;ir- n oi
M.Tflm. U'nlnwlxvs and I'ridiiy!, rttnn-i p "D
ll-. r, ,f.. ,!,,,. " jf2"-"f
T1K f M:T.tA. I'WSTf
of Orm-i-y. l'iii-t foort. PmHid J-i inal
PMri. t In th matter f The et;. of
I.I AM 1 O" VllV. d.-r .--.t. N. tire liT. t.y
iiren that JOHN II. WAYMA'V hn ftl-i with
the rink ..f ilii r. nrt a Petition nraytne f r
'letter ot A.!m'nirtiaim" f the eetate t.f
Viilir.tti M. Or-t'V. rie. iw4 an-1 tint
Mondar, the 3d day of September, A. T. lSfi6,
1i o c't.4-k A. M. of !.! ov. t- ti.e a term ny
to it ..f ill. enl.ml er Term A D lw, ofthin
".iiit. t th- Di-t-irtfonrt r om, in Cant n Oi y,
in wii.lc-'iinty and ?tate. hieheeti t for herini:
rail 1 elition" when and where an? peraon inter- 9t
d mav iij.ite.ir unil how raniie. if any they have,
why aaid I'etitioli sliould not he prHiit.d.
II. It. PO.MKOY.Oerk.
Tar. n City. AuntSth. 1B. ai:9-td
C 41TIOV !
PEHW"9 awk CArnnsn AA1XST
piirrhajiinff rertifleate of dep. nit inel by
Welle. farr C.. "r n fity, to tne ot date,
i.nmher and atuonnt ne follows, tu wit :
rm. HFwtEUi. i"em
.Tnne 13, 15. 4.401. fT
Airs. . 4 T.-
h-t. ;r. 4 74-i. T-s
Is. 4.1. I""
Jan is. 4T9. 'it
June 14. " Sl"4. ut
A tlie name bare been lot end nnyinent t.-'Pte.!.
LAl"!iiN "lit H17.AHN.
Caraon, Jnly IS, 1C6.
9?n Reward!
Tlie nnder!imed will iy tlie ahore Mint an a
reward to any p-rw n who will re:mn the alwiye
rertifi -te?t to Ills M!lion.
ii'M'm l.tVOV TtorTZAIIV.
( lre-PrMf Brick Plldlng,)
Cor. Kingaad Division Sl,i'
ni cARsoif crnr xeyada.
atrrra iallwrr MlatlMfr Cwaatpaiwir'
lleinrii l'triirT. lloiilaKl'ounty, Nevada. Notii-e.
Then- ii delin.ju-lit npi-n the f..lloiiii(r de.
wi:l el et rk. n arronnt of aea-nienti. l-y!e.I
.1, the t. nrth day 4 April, list, the eventl
am-'Utit et ..pi.r.ite the namea of the reTtive
liart'lioMera an )lloWll :
StarrltMtrr, A trf. A. Sha. Jm't
R. S. t'utter k Cf 421 lu : no
K St. utter a r.. .4-1 111 30 1
K. Cii'ter Co 491 10 ."0 IK'
(t . S Cutter Co M 15 I1
K. S1 Ciiiter k Co ": 10 3" "I
John l han.ber f lil 1 3 Ot
Jotin Chnmliera i J 1 3 Ot
Freilerii k I van W 1 3 i
Tlu nm" t'ondon a 15 Ol
.lames I'erni.ily 1 3 U
W. tr. lminie.r TT4 S is t
W illiam lielan 7t 2 B
W illiam lr. Ian li'T 3 "
.1 K.S. l.-.th.im 5 la (10
J. K . S Latham .t4H 5 IS On
W. Ii. Litel field .2 111 3HI0
Kredeii. k I Crellih S'". 3 m
l-i ter V. yer 913 tt "4 Ol
It. K. N bie't 11 4" 1-J
N. Poland Mi4 1 3 (li
K. t".. Pratt 'M 3 to
I., li Perrv ix S 1;
l:nari! M IMjre T9 3 SIN.
Iiac l'"l aid .!il4 2 10 I
.1. J. hiihat.l? T-t 3 0 ihi
ralvin Taylor .Wi 1 ." i
F M. Tn:errthv r.ri 4 12 t o
Merit ',:t fos 3 H tin
Mi ritWVIt. ii 74 2 B no
Merit Helton ,.t 2 tu
J.. Vroom .S 4 1J H)
And in aiT-m.Wwu with late, anil an order of the
Poanl of Trn-tee. made i n the 'onrth oay of
April, JSi.t'. t many idt.ll of each parrel ol
oil! -ti-k as may l.e ni-re;try. i!l he s..d at ti e
MlleHriH'iM -of John Miitt!)e feu 4: aii, 4li
M-.nti;on...ry St. San Fiancieo. on the twenty-fifth
'JSfdavof lay.liw:ri. at 12oY!tK-k SI. 4 miid day, to
y aI.i ileiiii((ilent aHeanillte UleleoD, toeihet
111 eue:a uf atlvertiwiar Mel expeu-ee of the ?ale.
J. I". DAVIS. Seen tnry. pro tem.
Ofllce 103 Cauferaia itreet, San rrateriscv.
CTATR or M!t AP.
follow inif nan tt-. I defe'd;Ti'! and to H owner
of. or -laimantj( t tlie real e:atf and ini nive-nitnfi-lhere'niind
imiroVeUielittlieii aeed .
pat Hiely Uereinfier de-en Unw n or nnkiM-w n:
Yn nre i-rehy notified tliat ni' lnve heen
roniniti-d in tlie Jiv-tire" f nrt of Cari n T n
!lii, in wild CMiiity fKitii-t-v. ot L. C VrKi-el-y.
.t-fic of the"l'e:M'e of wtid ir-n To n-hip.
to hI.lt liis oflice. in C-irs- n . ity. in atd roimtv
hy the Ptnte f -v'., iliiiiiTift.
:ijr:tint eai-h -f th- !ihi"i;i't
If-rei Tin free nsn-el am. erh .f tl-e f.-lio-injr
dt--i'rile1 tracts or j.n-, U -f ljuid w itli the im
.r. v.-riifit".thtren and Mrnrov.-wenTs h. nse':i
r t !v je-e.r, and all n-r- of mid riMiinut i
th.- swi-'. known or mikn.-wn. tvrowr the tax
.Iflin.-neiH-y ! ai.I - i f. ii.J:iiit-Hiijt
aid rt"tv r"r 'he fi t-al year r.Mi a. iu u i:
Januarv. 1ft, -V if. en.iitt: .I.tni.arv
lt. lf"A and that a M:mnio. I1;.- l--n
tlulv in e:-h r;e l"l -ii if'
t:riher ryot ftt-l that ntlt-!t yoi ai :it and an--n-i
The Coiu'litil ftle.1 in .d i-ai.--. on or W-f.-re
7th dar of JuTy.A. D 1866.
at in oYl.- k in the m-miic o -a;-l -lav. (n-'ement--iljb
taken auainot y-n. nd th- r-ai -ta't- an-!
ttnpr .-Ti'eiiT heti-in !e-ri'-.d f r tl' aM f.nt i-T
tlie tax unit d-lininent -it- li- neC-t- f -nit :
lErnmtt. A. - a-'"1 -fiwud. ether
' , . f th- W 1 ; and the N V 1 i "t the i I, !
iiVtion oj if t.wn-ip 1" Nr-nceinK and im
.r..vi im-nt. aK fui tiitnrr, h-v and rw tax,
5J4 d. ? 42
B trk.r. Jonah. 1-t of cn-nnd i i M-ek !V S T A
? rliT.-u.n ,if Caron Citv and hn-jrov.-neMt. tax
andd-lin.itetMv 4ti per-ial ni ' ny a-j-we-i
at S" fKi. t aiid hl!ii.pi' ii" 1
Itil tTittr. e rir tax "Wt -limiTii-i.eY S fi. on
I t of cronnd 1 hi- k ;C K A Is d.vwi. n ot l ;.r.:
i it. a.-ied t 60 t, HTnal pr rty
x 'IT
Hm-t am. Mr. IVra. ta deli mine nrr 2'. 4
on '."J feet . f lot ft ld.k 1'"T an ! S d-vi-i.-n of
rar.Hlitv. fvi T .VO t. 1 . f M. rk
-an, '.ivi,h. Jt f"0 !. 3 ai d M a--re of lai d
K-ai:tl north lv land clailiml hy rnr;H I.i-d-lev.
KI'V lh .nin-.-n tr- t. .. th h land Mr
tUnlner Wert hy wotnn land. a --e.l T
m !. i.fi.atiikl ro-tty aref.l at , ex
n t tl,.
Itiowis Kliralth. t x an.i.i. i n i- ,--on
hl k of c r..u r.d h nndrd n -rth h Kinu. -a-t h
H,.mi4K wmth h Record tieet.. .t h Mr.
C A. Harvey 'lUnil. With improvement then on.
a e-i n, l,i-t..
i. F. r.-mii.-k and Itr -ther. tav an i d.lm
rneirev . dti the went fide ..f 1 l.-ra.!-. ran
..n, .niri-ne .-iifhi.. nt r h.-al of .--m. n.
ii-,iii1 f-Jiit. 40-'-rd w-w d -e-e.! at
roi.rn.-ver. IVter. t and d l.r-'n- ey IS I.1
on lnd the S E , f -e. ti.-n 1"T K. I 2" F. I "
re . awesoe.1 at Jskai, perrtal iTi'i-erty as-ee.i
at -.
4 hamhera A --ord-n. ta and delinquency 2' 4? 4
lma-red land near ne-nt h t "lear re. k.t- ii-h '
mm f H.W-: hecin:nc at K e.ier of J
Hahiw.n fence, thence ah-ne wtd tew-e W rod-t-.atnke.
theoce KD' "d- to d1e of t-.n-
theme S E 12. rod t. a t:ke. thence In.
r.-1t.. treiimiiiff. a-eeU at -ei"nal j-r- p
eriy ar ed at
i 'row HI. tliwrle. ..if trronnd 4 in Murk T,l in
T and !diii.m . f ( ar"n 4itv. improvement
-eetl ut 0. era ttalpr-i-i-rtv wdi ?7.'.
ta and d-litnpiencT 14
t'heijic. tieorce W , tax and delijneiTv 41 2f-.
W '2,wf B 1 in lilne'-,dti!.ion 4ft-n t ity ami
in pr-venient thereon. aeel at 51, 2-t'
lowan, John A.. tm ami m i njneiH i--.
fi tnhhick32 - f Troc. and ireen i iw n of Ca
ftv. a-e--ed at raoi.al inoperty
Veaard at flW
l.ee, K a-d deHn-juency 21 45 on lot T.
f, ttandaoiv .14 feet f I., in tdork 1.". d Van
w inkl- A rmct r div of Oar-oi, Ttty. awM-.
ael at , and ieri.nl pnnerty at 5o W
pa-it Im lance . f tax.
tan a-ter. Kaniji: ta ami linqnnry Irt on
Iot4nd 5 of Id.ak :-4 in ! rctor k ;reei.V div
laion of Carannr.lv W"h m priivrniehta "-n-i at
&m irfe. lot f in Murk 1 an.1 in.nr ..venienta m Vn
aer diviK on -f Car nlit ani impr- v. nt nfa a.--at
4tX' Hi.
I Mi.i-f.,n inrtia F admit.i-tmtr i f e-t -te of
1j.nfft.Hi, an-el, dce.i-e.i: t . at d iMniiieiN-y
2i 41 a- rth f M' k 9 in I r-ct. A Ife- n
ivh-ion f Car-oti Cltj ai.d mipro.eni nt theie-.n
ae-iM.,l Ht -) m.
1itchell. AHah: ta at d de'iii.jnencv "S 2 on
fio m-im r.f hind eat . f St ite a.-e iwd ;.t
Bl.-k n. 4 inOnrv !-div,. n -t i ar- .
n Titv ae-el at ': U X :i in h.-k. jtm.
iivW-.n. aM-entrd t i'.i'i; (.N 1. 4 S.i.i.
I dork ! ot -am- dm-i- n. re-M-d at r . !
1.4. S. in bh-k It of IT.- t A tin-en adiviantn .f
t ar.tn ( itv, valinil aiid a. f d ut 3-0 i, witlt
i.- nev ;lttiea; T;iV nn'l -llieTir ... i-.oi:
the N V. - , of M-ctioi-2T. t wn-hip ';. n rth -f
ranee li,".rtof IT Smhv-v-. - r. Jmi
etn, II C; I an. -'el iinenc. l.s 2" n lot v
n b:,,ko- of S-ar- Ihoinp' n 4 ?ear-' div p- n of
Oir-oti Citv.wt'h iniprovein-nT .a e-Ked at 4-
Oliver j P: tax and nei-nanrn- . '
re- of lwnd in rf'r-t-" (Vn- l. - t 20 n
l"eileT ! W. an I Lander. I : tav and deim-
qm-ni'T ffi Oil -n 17 a-Tej ot lard U nnir.t . n north
hv t-if'h -tret .f rartn'iiy '-at hy r.-'-p street.
h h eii:hh tieet. and v eat hy MeWat t ?trcet
xceMii at $2.''',,.
I'r.i'NT. F M: ta and detinnnrncT 2-1 1" "n on-vi.i.-l
J., of S62f'- t f ffionndtn t ar-n ity, n
lif.n Avenue on north -nie hv t . I't t- ite
n.-r har-i. c mmeiv inc at tie i.nthwe-t r rn-r
U ei ea.it i f I B'i-n ir et. a e-wl mT :
nniiivi- e.1 '-ot t'lo a-. .-- .m t-i -.u-
i-i..n ,.f .iiv a-e.dat l.I'Mi; li. itli'.ot
h.ock 2ti t, in a winkle A I'rut. r amsi.ntit
-aid citv. aa-r-ed ' 1' ft ' f hlwk and ; 2
in the Kme division. a-e-M-l at 2f' '.
fitter. .e..re and J.-In: tax and u Pnqn nc
11 so . n 12iaciea f Im d. honm'eit . n north h
niah claim of land eaxt hv Kelly A Co. e-i
by llarritnan A Co land, w th inn-n vimen', rtf
eetl at Va : perM-na1 rr i e ty 2t: '.
Wittarim, T It. and mite latt- M r fnr 'a
and delinouenry of o.'. 1 .n h-:- 1 2.d. P. , an.
intdo-k 7 of Cmrv a divi-H-n-f ar- n My. v itli
improvement a theieon. asv-eioed at : per nal
t; -lirpnoir kepoet-
Cwatattw A.t.t.r tvr-f- Fl
-1 A flairs OraiHy t wty
fec-tw tJamnnrjr ' at t Jane 3Cfl K9
f lnrl-ivr.
There wa ienta-nii-c',n hand n heTrea-rrr.
helo.irn to the vari. n fnnd, . n th- .''.Uf day f
I'eeentlier. lKf. l!ie date of lin lit rep -it,
f5. a f-Pow:
tn the fnnt intent Fwnil..........,.... f"2T 1ft
Tn the Cereta! Fund 11
In 'he f.epinl Fnnd.. 144 n
tn the School Fnnd .l,24i ft
Tn the pnil hT.cFnn-'... - i l"
fnthe 5:.arv Fi-i-d. li 1'4
therm-rent Fxtcn-e V?nd 1 ..1" TA
In the Ti-tric t .tn.h-e':d ry Fnnd .1 Tt
In the ln.lii:ent S rk Fnnd "7
'n th,.r.miiM- Trea-nrer" S:.hry Fund...2."'-'' "
In tin Fiie IVpattment Fund. 7-'l
Total ...
IBincewhi. h tin-e tl.er.w lity T'M
has r c- ived fro"' V nc-
F "Tn the Stnc oi-: -tint - Sch.i- 1 Krrd fl
From refit ofctmntv l.nhit...
From !eint,eent taT"" -f tkf.
K-tii d. 'ir .)! nt t:ive of "
Fri m del'ri'ei T f:.eN . f 1 4 ......
l-r. m .t. Uf.iini t t-.v, of
Fr. ni .h l;nii"enf Fire tave nf l15-Fr.-m
c- I'T'f y licepjie
From mM f i
Fr-nt Court d.-ket f.-e
I roM j a-en;er tax
2.r o
Vt -t
I04 Ml
11 4.'.
T. ta! r. 4 I
Apportioned a follctrs :
the -ate tund S .tin '
it eilettetal Fnt. -
the 4'n ret.t V eo-e Ftin-'- 1
the 1. dirrertt f V ntd ...
1 e fofit ncet t fund.
T.. the Ih-n-ttl Fnf d , .....
To the ltnd.'inc Fntid
T" tl.e pi-f t ci .fi'dire'- Salrv Fnnd..
To The F'fe ! tiar'n-ent Fnnd
Tr the Sl"ol Fwiei ....
T-. tl e Ved. tt.pt ion Fnt-d
T-. the Cfti ral rrMl.fl.'
To the C nt indent Fnml -f I"-
VI 74
,rc5 l-M
1-4 l
Vm 1
4 7
4'1 K.
.i.T 14
l.2 2S
Ttal f9,3 4 V
T which a-M th ani.unt ha d Jn
narv 1-t, lv "T't f.f
Ffom wt-icli th. re hn l-e-n
rant on tl vari. th Fnd,
prii-e-fk'il nt d liferent
Pai-t t the State
Ca-h ,n hand
74 "
fat.'. tr
ine trrdmr
m4 fJ
After rr" t ornnc the a ve n-- ee. 4 fr
c nt l a 1 eent ken f-.'Tn the mnntt f'id. evef.f
r!ie h-d fund and r'ac.-d in the C nntv Tr.-,..
nr.-r' wnlary fut'd. ainoiir-tine to $277 4
Itv VfTtj ..f an art .-f the .evtlfnre erf.e.1
' An A t to c !. -1 dat- and pav cerf in-', h e.1-ne-
of nrnhv rtitiPt- . apl-f ve.' 1ar. h 1 .'. '
a'l nn-nev remaieinc in he ft il IPC. tieneral.
Il.epit ! and C-t.t neen' f:ad. weir irn-'err. -j
to the fteMpptjr a.d rreate.1 hv Act.
and .ll m pev m the Cnrretit M'r-r intd et
tranferred tw i he tienera." fmd a mj rreaed hy
-a'd Art.
In ddition the same Art mate amw "C.n
titucept fund .
In confoniitT v-ith a dr-rii. n of he Sifitt-m
Con t and an .rVr o the poard f r rir. Cm
nrai..n.r. .Nt. d 4h I. cen.her lcf S. hre waa
tranVrred fr-m the :.. rat fttrr'', a'l n.-ney-i
ahch ftn-e ttitrt aid ftin1 hetvteen tl-e.t te..f
-Mid .aderand the approval --f he Art cit ah.-ve.
t the S hi 1 f n-i, am untine t" tt nnt
,.f '41 tl
In Con dianceifh an Act . f the I .ptlalnre, f
the Territorv - f era-'a. entitled An Act m re
lation t. Pr-dif-te Jnlre- in certain c-nrt'te ' ap.
I-Mt il rl n rT li4 the nfirft.' renmininc
in the 'alary" fnttd w t'anferred t the
4ii nera' 'and to t. tl e -rm . f 4
There Vn n. w n the hand ot the Tree-nrer. pe.
r)i i'"nc ir the vaii'-un fntid9 the en f j4,0.Vi 6
a foil. vr-:
In the S I .-1 Fin d. fl,.T.1 l
In tte T'i-f-i t .'n tre' Safaiy Fi-t d ...
In the Tndicetit M. k Fnnd
In 'he Conntv 1 ifM-Tir- r" . a'ar Fnn-'..
tn the F;re Ie per tae-ttt land ...
Ill tip- ta'e F .1
In ti e Heth-n-ptioti Fnnd
It the liefietal Mu H of
In the'ontinfent I-nnd of I' ..
?r ", 2
;-u4 2
lte; 2"t
." 1r-
!; 2t
Total -
Tl -re ;j T een ;irr.vt t Hr;
fund ap'onntn e 1 1 , 27 I
On the pel , I rim '
'n th i;eiiet:i l-nnd . f Is"'.
!i, n.- Jtt
p n on the ! ioua
91.r4 47
l.i.ri mi
n ti e t nrr.nt vf-en-e Fnnd V.7S If-
on the I itT, t :i'a-v Fii(.i 2.m"
on the Ind cent St k Fi nd..... .V -
tithe F:ie l. paiiu et t F ltd !"4 52
n the Coii'.ty Ire: Bi.reiV Salary k ntid.. 5.11- !
Total n . 27 '.
The am- lint n vsnmiN a?'d . r.-1- i-a ! 1 v t)-e
Trtstnrer ait! r. tmtted caiiceh ia. et- !n?ive of
litter.! fl-,-2ii i
i nlnrli a d the nonit -t (.efM-ral
Fun- wat rant- -urt. n-ia re 1 hv I". ! rt
Loait f.-r wku-h n nmi.i j u.d... 5C-1 20
iri pL tj ami amt at HI . it m mxaiion
J 1 ,t"0.
I.ewia, J- hn C; tn and delir.jnft-f y CO 10 on V
2n teet off M 2, rn ht.-ck 17 f Thon-pnon i
Seara diviaion off Carn Ci and in pnv. m f.'-
iheretm. aata-iweil at 0t 10, auu ptrMiia pit l-eitj.
r.. eaed at l'f . OO.
Matffe, John I; tt -nd delinqnetn-y 21 1 or
lt-0 aerea of laitd al-oiit one mile e t of Caooi
("itv. h. nnCed i ttith h Ilenrv K hn' latid, eiit
Jaa F. W.-Ni slainl, went hy land t I Eat. li, Wi.li
inttTovem ntn aff-etl at 7' 0 on.
jlaiipenheip. tiuido: t i:d d.-h'nournry 4'. U
'li h t- No 1 and 4, in h;- k id . eaia. Th. nip
. and reai diviHi-n f farfnu City, with 1UI-nr-
v. ninit- then n. a-e-j-.i at ?1 t.
Steart. Wehinirt-'n. adniitit-tiati't of tl-eetafe
of fftavid i Allen, deceata-1 : ta and deiinqnticy
13 2u on undiviiied 1.. f lots 1. 2. ... ' 7 .u.i h. in
h-tk 11 f Cnrrv't .livivon of Cat s. i. City, a-c
-e.1 at :Uai on: io Unf lot ti. In-1 k 2 ot I hillip"
livii.-n of Mini city, awfed at l't to.
Kentiedv, Mary A., tax and i.eliiiijijency S 2.
on fr me houM-t-n Lmr Hitler r. .d 1 n i!e wet e'
CarMtn Citv. and on htfj:t. 4 f and t u hi-- kf-1
of Pf-ar". Thonip-i. an! j-enr- division ot i. ars ii
CUV. aedRt t.fv. laiancenl tax lam.
Ktithlv. A: tax aiid le!ir oiii cy ir. i: on tin ler
land on Lake Bi-i'er rd denild in nrv. y !;
re- oided oil ape 22a and 22o .f Coimty iMirvt-y
or i rerord-- t.f faid mnntv, a!-eti at ai o i o
I.in-ted. l)aiiit h tux hi d :elinjftt :iry 7 M o'i
S E f sertTrm 31. township 1& i..ith, ran;; IV
tsut-t. 1 S land "utvt v. ns-c- ii at . n l".
Le fe.i?, and Jame. 4ira: tax and dep-i
MiiCTtcy "hi Mi no peisolial proper t. a;-e.. it at
i mmi to wild Leij, Kow in p.-s-e-Pi, u 1 Jiu
Prosecnflng Attorney, Ctmy ennnty, Plate vf
T. O.PTtTff.
Tax -Collect or. Otni-hyronnty.
By T. J. EluraTetJS, I epart.y Tx-Collert'T.
T-itai - fi;;,i2l 75
An follow :
From the Co Trea-.t i.-i .ai Ft rd.f 2.1f'- Vl
1 f i c
1. f4 47
2.7.VI If.
2, t tl 4l
4o im
H-n t
:k f2
1,44 2(t
1..22 !A)
F"ion the Fii'ldii-c Ft n-!
rront tl eV..t( I ni d....
Fr in tl.e (Vrient F vi er.-e Fnnd
From the Jii-tr.4 1 Ji d e't. fam v in d
r r- m tl e ir.i-p Tal t ni-d
I r. m tl r 'Tid'pent ri. k I nn-'..
m Mir Fire Pepartn cut lv;;d
Fr in '1 e C.ei era Finn!
hi. ttt tlietUcneral Fund ut " m..
T.tal $ z.VA 7".
On tl e aU'Ti i ti oi li" ot raneehtl -Hii.ii.t- ail
m n f, there 1 a l eev fa-.' in iitert't...i;l,C9l O0
On General Fnr.rt w.-riantH
li Itnildilip rni'd t- nd ...
tin liopiial Fnn-t w. .riant- ...
There hi .
iit-tio it'C in pid
and till audited ini- nn' ti to
Am foVow :
On the dep. rul Ft ..... .
On the innti nt cut Find.
t'u thefiei eiM rnii-l .r li'f.
On the Current F x ct -c Fi:n
t'H tl e lto- tt:il Fin d... ,
n The file I'.-nime. t rrrd
'll lie I't.ild I fill..' fhotda
ll.r d)-o the (V t tit hi F
Audit..! h:i; n 'h 't.d . nt i k Ft t
Amiltt-d l ;l i.ji the ittri,', 1 ui.ti. t f lv'
w arra' t. I-. ritln
J..4:t rf.
. fr?.4ir l
. ;;.i2 v
1: 4
:2. t 4
. 2 r-2T
mi Mt
.TO 42
i:-.4'f. ."
tl.e c tn.ty j( it:fit .-1
Thi-i in the eiittit-t.t ht
in', f -t
In the hilh nn.iifed in the iTenetel F't'td of l-ffi,
i- i- Cll-- e.1 t e . ,.. ?.. ,.t tj ,. j -. !, i-, ;,r
Ti e March 1-im f tlo- I i-ir:.-t T. nrt. : ni. nr? Ui;
to .1 htll-. V. r. I e ll...i:s:.l l d- l:l-. Ill imi'.l
atice ltd law 'lie iter. 11? t hs.Ve t . n tti.n Untied
tt. Ijiml 1 rotinTy t-l roll. n.n huh m ttu n i.t
I'y I. n e t 11 v a-t l;...t, .I;i:i;ov 1-t.
T-". ir mill at t e:.r thai the c.-n? ty n ref. m
tl an then, liiii ai fi . m ti e ti-. t tl at il e
t:ixef..r the Tie-. nr ti-c:-! y. ir ate n-t .t 1 :y
aMe. and therefore tl.t- exj eit a. e in x.j.- of
till- II I" i ts.
The it." V t rt vt F e'Tir ff.u hv tVec. nntv i- t-j
percent, p-r ainti2ti. on warraittFt nuii-'niii'i: 'ti
the t;tnerl Fund ?:;;'. 4?;'i 14
I'o. do. .-n the r.-nii: . 1 t 1 mid V2
Po Ho. the II.-V-Trtl Foul.. V.l 27 .'
Lh. do. lt.-t.il- on ti.e liii-I.Jntj; Fual 1 ,-. U l
T- tal .4.724
Tlie int. n-!-t n tliif Mini tc a f 1 act t -n '.e.j lli..u
fit t ecu uullaie i-t 1 :;.v.
' B V. l'OMPOY.
O ni.ty An Htor.

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