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The Carson daily appeal. [volume] (Carson City, Nev.) 1865-1870, September 02, 1866, Image 4

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AffWaaita, fire eenta.
tjtm aH nr jrasa"enS. to piw
of paper on which thr same is written, five eta.
Assignments or transfer of mortgage,
tens, m obey of insurance, the mirc duty
mt the rKtnal instrument. (See Mortgage,
Lesse and Insurance.)
Any promior note, whether pavahle on
demand or tn time dfittiated, for a sun
nnt exceeding one hundred dollars, fire cents.
For everj additional one hundred dollars or
fractional part thereof, five cents.
(The warrant of attorney to confess judg
ment on a note or bond, in exempt from atamp
duty, ifthenuU or bond is property stamped.)
Bank checks, draft-, or orders at sight or
on demand, made payable in the Stare, two eta.
Bills of esehanije, drawn rn hut par
able out of the State of Nevada, each bill, or
net of three or more, mut be stamped ; for
every bill of each set, five cents.
Drawn in hut payable out of the United
States, (if drawn singly or in dupKafe,)
pay the same duty as inland hills of exchange.
The acceptor or acceptors, payee or payees,
of any bill f eTtewnnije, or order for the pa -ntent
of any sum of money drawn out or
purporting to be drawn out of this State,
must, before paying or accepting the same,
place thereon a stamp indicating the duty.
Bills of sale of personal property, hve cents.
Bovdn of executor, admmitrators, guar
liana and trustee, are each subject to a
ittanip duly of one dollar.
Bund official one dullar.
Bond Deronal for the parment of
money, the same as mortgage. (See
Itoad Ux uanVmnifytna; any person for the
payment of any sum of money, when the
money ultimately recoverable thereon is one
thousand dollars or le, fifty cents.
Bond, when the money receivable exreed
one thousand dollar, for every additional
ne thousand dollars, or fractional part
thereof, fifty cents.
Bond Railroad and other corporation
bonds and scrip are ubj.ct to stamp duty,
was an nmrtgnne. (See Mortgage.)
Bonds ot an description, other than such
as are required in legal proceedings, and
such as are not otherwise charged in the
schedule, twentv-five cent.
Certificate of deposit, sum not exceeding
our hundred dollars, two vents.
Certificates of deposit, sum not exceeding
r.ue hi.ndred dollars, two cents on each out
hundred dullax or fractional part thereof.
Certificates of stock in incorporated com
panies, twenty-five cents.
Certificates of appointment, five cents.
Tertincate gtarrai five cents.
The Certificates of a qualification or offi
cial character of a Justice of the Peace, Com
missioner of Deeds, or Notary Public, or
oiSer officer, nve cents. '
Certificate of search of records, five cents.
Certificate that certain papers are on file,
five cent.
Certificate of assay, five cents.
Certificate that certain papers cannot be
found, live cent.
Certificate of redemption of land sold for
r ixes. five cent.
Certificate of marriape. one dollar.
Certificate of qualification of achool teacher,
ve cents.
Certificate of profit in incorporated com
panv, for a sum nnt less than ten dollars and
not exceeding fiftv dollars, ten cent.
Ksccedin; fifty and nit exceeding one thou
sand, twenty-five cents.
Exceeding one thousand and for everv
-.iiliuonal one tnousana or fractional prt
thereof, twenrv-cre cent.
Certificates of transcript of judgments or
vatuJaetion of judgments, and of anr paper
or papers tccwdL-d or on file, five cents.
(N. B. As n general rule, every certifi
cate which has or may have a leical value in
a court of law or eq'iny, will require a stamp
dutT of five cent-.)
Check, draft tr order for the payment of
ay sunr wf aaticy escCed:ni; ten dollars.
ir:iwn upon auy pcro at siijht or on de
uiarid, two cc nt.
Contract, same as agreement. (See agree-ir-rut.)
n tract brokers" ten cents.
?"onjaiiee, deed, instrument or writing
wfterebv land-- tenements or other realty
id shall he CvDei d, the actual considera
tion of hic.i does ntt exceed five hundred
d iilars, fifty e-nts.
Kneed i has Ve hundred dollars and not
exceed itur ne thousand dollars, one dollar.
For ev rv additional five hundred or frae-
signal pari t!:rtof in excess of oue thousand
v.'lar, fifty r. i.t.
Insurance (Fire) when the ernsidera-
l.-.n paid ftr the niMirynre in ea.sh premium
m-xea doe iH.t exceed ten d.olitrs. ten cents.
F.xceedii.i; tin doiUrs and not exceeding
n'.y, twen'y-tne c-nts.
Kscewlii: ti"' diilars. fifty cents.
iDMUMic-- thif' when the amount
ii.ured d- s i.i.t xceed one ihousaud dul-
r, tnent-ii'.e c 'Tif.-.
Kxee-rii: l.f thousand dollars and Bet
cx'redini! tiv- Thon-.titri, fifty cents.
Kxceetln 2 fire f hensand, one dollar.
Lt'ase i f V-.rA it tenements, where rent
ii et, not i-x nJ three hundred dollars per
anunta, tit c ?.ts.
Lraae t ; three hundred dollars
pr mi 'b. fr c;n h at!tlititnal two hun
drei dollar-, or frn-tion;il part tbereif. in
execss of tnrre hundred dollars, fifty cent.
Mortc"?', trt!-t deed, bill of sale, or per
SAfial u-aJt f r t'te f Moment of money ex
reeding v.- t. ?r-d flrllnrs and not exceed
ing five hmi'ir- d d"i"i:ir-, fiftv eent.
Kaee hundred and for every ad-
d.tional ;e ht.iidrtu, or frMeti'-nal p;irt
tnereof, u. xvs A hve hundred, nfty cents.
liut hali not be tamt d
r aided tut n t'- f--r whith the mortgage
was pv it '
Notice . -i
fifty cent -
Pawnt -
frt.trity t
wividi-nd- '
inorpor; Vawer--ts.
sent or W -
Power "
ft'tv cr nt
t.cr., whi
anal esltr
o'len, oi
ror eve .
"!; u.i leen 'amnetl.
t j. i teal to any higher, court,
rr r- . five ents.
t ;.i i.iv other written an
1. or tr.rfr ftock, or cullect
rv.-ii, ei.tv-tive cefits.
t . to vote at election of
t rit . m, f n cents.
.t ..rr.ev t receive or collect
r-e t slT, or to convey, or
..... . : 1 ie. tue uuIIht.
u fr any other purpose.
" t . or lrtrrs of adminifra
-t:- t.f bth real and per
autrxceed two thousand
i . i. .i: l nr.e thtnsand dollars,
I Kerff, in excess of two
k . t.tt reurs.
c !h:L, note, check or draft,
- ! to he fctarpeJ a con
..- :iie)ance.)
" Eeee when ffiven as a release t 'a
mortfrafce, by the mortmiree or his assienee
or assurnors to the mortgayor, or snecessor in
interest, in which case it is exempt.
Receipt for the payment of money, where
the amount eveeeds twenty doTlars, or for
the delivery of personal property, two cents.
Summons issned from any court of record,
or from any Justice of the Peace Courts
fiftv cents.
Trust deed made to secure debt, to he
stamped as a niortaae. (See Mortgage)
Trust deed, conveying estnte to uses. to be
stamped as a convevance. (See Conveyance.)
Upon any confession of judgment or cogno
vit, except in ease where the tax for a summons
or nrn the account has been paid, fifty cents.
Warehouse receipts, for any goods, wares
or merehndie, not otherwise provided for,
deposited or stored in any public or private
warehoffse. not exceeding five hundred dol
lars in value, ten cents. Exceeding five hun
dred and not exceedirigone thousand twenty
cents. Exceeding one thousand, for every
additional one thousand, or fractional part
thereof in excess of one thousand, ten cents.
For anv goods, etc., not otherwise provided
for. stored or deposited m any public or pri
vate wrehoue, twenty-five cents.
Where voluntary appearance is made, the
complaint or account tiled with the Justice,
shall be stamped the same as summons.
Affidavits in letral proceedings,- exempt.
Acknowledgment of deed, exempt.
Assignment, or certificates of shares of
stock in anv incorporated company, for which
a new certificate issued, exempt.
All papers in tax suits, exempt.
Certificate of record on the instrument
recorded or entered upon honk, exempt.
Certificates of weight animals, coal,
wood, or other articles, (except ores,)
Certificate of birth or death, exempt.
TVposit not? with Insurance Companies,
when policy is subject to stamp duty, ex
empt. Renewal of, subject to the same duties
as other promissory notes.
Endorsement of a negotiable instrument,
For the satisfaction of any mortgage or
judgment, or decree of any court, exempt.
Insuranee limited to injury to persons
whil traveling, exempt.
Orfieil documents, instruments and pa
pers. iued or vised used by officers of the
Mate exempt.
Powers nf attorner to receipt for shades of
stock m anv mofwporatpo: company, m ueu
of Whare of stock surrendered, exempt.
Quit claim deed to be stamped as a con
veyance, except when given as a release of a
mortgage, by the mortgagee or lus aasignee
or assignors to the mortgagor, or suc
cessor in in'eret, in which c.c it is exempt.
Sheriffs returns on writs or other process.
w nts or other process in any criminal
case, exempt.
Approved March 1. 18?.
A. w. moHTrNonx,
State Contkoller.
BHKRAFF's sale.
directft .t-.f The iTMe the !
tict Curt ff tlie Seein.l Jici ri 0 VirXi i t. ii mt
ffir Ornby roun x. ht;tif NTaht in t' ecrt"eif
-t'lUKL l K1-VU. .'nm.-r. ari'lH om rir
jnd .-merit wan renlrei! on he 5'b ny f ct Iter
. 9. Iis in mtr nf aiil Kmc 'r the tmm "f
ft.5J3 5:1. ii r'n-lir' f-. m iti ii.t-r--? -'ti
heiim-ff llunrcl aiil tif; U lnr fi -ui
0-t-r4th. tmtil pa if at h- rat nf 5 p-r
rent j-er niontti. tinj.-th-r irh anJ f.r tIif-furt' t-r
ami .!diti -hhI mm t.f 5''. rir- ..f ;u-t--n
iml wrminc c't. C"mmnn!i"!r th "el! the
prprt btr ia -Umr ilewrihtt, thre haring hen
PM npn !Wif Jn't!r?ent t!i -m f th"ii.:el
ilarfl, in w-- M-.-rl pavm-rtts. a f-.ll -w- : nn
.f three htindre-l i..!lar - f tat- N h-r
and on off -n bnmlreit M!-r "f -1 t-
ar1 Sth, 1H. In rnance th'ref 1 ea
thin rtav leTltH npon anl -i-i7-'I. ar-! i"! exi '
for le at t'tiMie anef itn t-i :itif ih htilaer" '!!
nna ea d in frnt 4 tle Cnrt ilti
ior. Cr-B City, tirmst-y eonntT, Mate t Ne
vada, on the
Thirtieth day of Amrnst, A. D. lftr.fi.
tete-n thehotiroot 9o'rlk A. M. ami 5 o"rl.rk
P. M. t it .- A loVl. k V M. ll the tmhr.
titl interest, claim or ettt h Mi il ifrt
ante, or either f th m. n-w hav t Ii ! n th-
1ithd.i.y f My. V I. Isi4. ot. in -t to the 1 -I'.wine
drrib-l pnvrty twit: All that i-erf iin
l"t, ituxf nr parcel of rHind mtuat. tiu(r mih!
hinic in the town .l Ca!-n. rum-'-y caoty.
Staifof rviila afiestil. kr:wri aifl 4irih 1
f..H..w. t wit: Peiin'ii!it t the nr;li-ri4l
rornerof Curry ami King "Tret. thenre nnmins
rth with the eaf tin' 41 I nrrT sire-l etetrtv ( ""j
fft ; thenre at ric'.it nul:-ea.-t eighty tn fM
t'ltinf uf alley; tbenr at rc't nr jilt- mihith
al ey liie eitbty (' f-l to th r - th hue t.f K inn
treet, nnn thenc w-titb sattl line it huc
vreet eighty Uf P'-l t tlif phira fff he;ir.mitc.
be mnf b-inff ami f rniiinr what in kn'-wn ami
reprf-i)tediipn ta platt if t'rortr atid hrn-n s
iliviion er frtii n of town an the whole f
lotp nnniheri-i s-rn TT : aod ten (10'. aii twelve
12. fet in withb fff of the fmitli tIe f lt m ni
hireii -is (6, all of hl4-k rintnher eitiht iH . t--t-ther
with all ami n.nutrar the ten- tiie t.. !re-
litatnents ami sppnitfiiances thereunto belonging
tt in anywise appertiutiui
T. O PMITfl. j
?herin. Ormhty etMifty, Nevada.
P T. 3. rf.r.M, IepuT Jhrlfr.
Anpit , 1S. " n9-td
i Tkf Best Kcnttdy for Pnrlfylnc
th PtMJt Strenllieniu the Nerves, Hentoi log
th Lmt Appetite, is
FretkC! llmbur? Tea
It it the tet prenervatiTe K:iin.t 'm-t any Chk
aetw, if nmtl tinely. Ctmpowf of herlisonly, it
ran lie riven eafcly to inf nta. fall dinciima in
fcnrl'J'h, French, .pnbb and German, with every
l- k .Cf. TKf IT !
F-r mIa at all the wholesale and retail drup
9torra Mji'l grucrrivtt.
Vb'l"le lmtfiat, f.4e Agent,
an5-ly7 4 10. Clay tret, ?n Fninriwo.
1 mar Btwm weyer rjneand n B ihiwu, in
the Nevada Keatanrant and Mtlxn at En-ptre ity
(a heendiKaolvedhy niiitnale n-ent. Tlie hn..
ne will hereafter h cmi i i-d on hy Mever Khi A
who are anthtriet t collect M dMa dne
ami n pay all iMit.lities of tbelat firm of t His a
Bitjwn. K. K BROWN.
MkYfcK HI Id3.
Fmpire City, Antfnt w. an Im
Caaiaaay. To enalde the Trustee to rarrv
int-i effect Urn rvwdothait of th tof khd.Ier- in
i elation to tb trarfrfer nf the etafm. the !tnek-h-
14era arw raiaeted to anrnnder their reriifi
raiaa nf stuck in the present Company to the f-ec-
rtary, as h i c-ff.e wtthoat dlav. rv order,
3AML I. h.I.Vii, s?Jr. Ury-
it rniby isi r jet Ci-urt. Seei.l Jndtrinl
Pi-irict. lu ihe matter off lb ett ot M K-
tSAKKT A WAlMAS, de exe. -Notice in
tert-l.y (eiveli lht JOH II. WAV WAN has filed
with the i lerk off this Court peMti'W pniriff
fT .etters of . invtrmtra" f tho estate off
Murprvt A. Wiya , deceased, an f that
Monday, the 3d day of September, A. D. lfirVi,
at 1 ..Vl-n k A. Iff of tha day heme a term iy to
it: -f th- ei femt-er Term s. l. of Thi
Court. t th lii-ti-irt O.urt rtni. in 0:iroTt City.
;tilo!intv ami t , h leen t fur bea inc
tt IVtitinn. tuun iwl where an penn-n in crest
e! may apH:r and bow cause, if ny tiey have,
why .aid ivtition should latii- entnted.
ft. nvro.MnoY, Clerk
Carson itv. Ammt lhh,lP. auT t.l
f Orne-hyr W'tier Conrr, -eort4 JmtW"i4
Di-tri. t. Tn the mutter 'ff the i-Mre of WIL
LI AM M 0:tlrtV, Ui-ee:i-ei. N'. tit'e in her-!.
i veil that JOHt II. WAYwAX ha file.1 with
tlie Clfrk i-f tfn '-nrt a Prtiti-n pr:tyitp f r
l.- tten ot jtitnuriit-ff a'ion" 'f T,f estate of
n i!Ii;tin M. ttrta-hv, ilei-faseil. ami tht
Monday, the 3d day nf September, a. t. 1866,
t Ifi.Teli-rk A. V. ff aiil finy, h-ii.e a term 'lay
to wit : t.f il ept inher Term A I l", ftln
'ourt. at th- I)it'ift n-t r -m. in Car n Ci y,
in Me'iMitafiw itaf.hevn n- fur lienrlric
ail i etitiin wh.-n ninl where aTiyperfwrn ittt-rtit
d may apjn;r jith! hww mie. if anv they have,
whv aii IVtiti'-n chuuhl not he enistnl
II. B.TtMHY. Clerk.
Carp..n Pity. Anenst Rth. ISfiB. autd
f dir-i-ted ant d. Iiv-r-d. inHl urn of th IIn-
ihV E tit ton f tat s Cirtwi; Court r tt e pMriet
.tf fva- a. '-n a nid-rment renlireil Therein i-t th
Uth .lav of Jm.f. A P. tS fi. in f.v.-r -f JOHN
'.n'lhi mtvt ajraif m ISAAC RAILKY. f. the
MimnfTw.' In uainl rt-n-e iinntireit antf lwentv
Ifaillnr am! Sixty tie tVnts n.:-1 d-tin ice-,
with i' terct --n ne thtiTid nine hnlrel iti-1
ten 4 llars $t1't from Jnae 11th. lw-'A, antil
paid, at tltt- rat" f mie am! i-pc-ha f tr edt jt
iwitith. t.tr-th-r with rfi ot -nit. taed a? !'y
three d"IIars vf3, mid ac-ruini ct, I hf
Iwveii ni'n an-' iM-"jt-d and w'11 eTp-e to sl- aT
Pnhlic AiuTit.n in front f tli- t i.untv Curt
-.ne door, in Carbon t ity, Orinet y tvunty, m
tha '
Eighth day of September, A. P. ISO;,
Between theh..i;n' f 'JoVlork A M and '. o'chk
IV M., t- it: Ah.-ut 1 o"rlovk P. M.. t.. th
IdtrhesT tn-1d-r. f r Cnrreney of the Vnit. d
M:tM. all the Titrht fit!-. iTiTe'el. estate t l.-om
aad .iem:ind t.f 'h- ! Km R i-I-t in a -I t.- tli
f rf tivti!. ile-ci.betl ral estate. I" mg ami twins n
Ormhy nnint , Vvi'h ! ni-re tnrTi'dary
d,.nl( aif, u t.w;t: The i.ne-h If
-ff rlie nnhwe-t qnarteriV the-ut ea tie
a-i'Ter . 1 j f the i ..rth-el ,;n:rter 1 - and tlr
ft halt" ' -ftliH Hth-"eT .pirter 1 1 ..t
-ti,m Nn twnve V1 m t"wr.dii No tif '
'U) north of Kanjre No twenty r2"'' ea.-t. "i'tin
Mur tw hi!iidi-'l "-'' aere-. art ! h-Mtic thej.r. p
ertt kiMwaaaihe BI'NU"1CK ill. I. l'Rr P- K
' Y. torfher w'th nil th- imt'Pvem nt. fixt-ire-a
tei.ntci!ti. heredttntn-nis and aptmtpi(aict
fhrtt K-N.n nu r m a vi-e anpet tainin
tDWAKD 'UWIN, V. Marshal.
tVtstrict of Nevada.
Ca'-nCitv. iumt 17h 1S6.
iB' d r-fi-d. i w I onTftie Hon. mvend
Ju.d. !:il Pi-trtrt T-lli t. n'tij-t-v c iltitv. Xvida.
on a iU'!fcri:-rit r-i.1'T.ti -here-rt on tite VMh 'iav of
Var h. . T. iitfiiv. r-f C B.. !'K!T, at-d
.L-ain-t 11 R T, K. !VK. Al.rKrP TULM.
T M r- II S1 N . ti:nl-Mi " Tl- ltKe KtKlir
H.bvI C n i .tiy," f-T tJ-e Mini .f ?SJ tin with
intreton thf tm -f$:.tK' at the r-te of two
I r -ut. j'.-r tot'iith f- in 'hr V:h d:y "f Man h , A
I. l' O. Iuthcr with thf Mioi(if4 ti ct off
-iii it an i or ruiinr cuL. ct-n nmitd ne me Mdi th
in ertv h-rn', ii . t d :tnd io i Htu-.ne
then-ff. 1 I .iv.-! -vj. .1 i.j. n ami "eiz-'l. ai d will ex
pie at j-nl'l r d-, iT r!,t IV.mt II urH- dwr iuCar--nt'itj.
ifrni-by crit , 4i
tlo v.
i-ptemi.er 1 1th,
r. 1PG.
hftween thhnnr- of o'ehvk a. w. ami SnVlnek 1
I'... t--ir. K'l l'-kP M. nil tin- ril.t. title,
irtteiet a- d r';ti:n - 1 t.' e -aid .P-teH'tntf, or f ither
of tmm. or tm-s; ltd tioad Contf-any,' of. in and '
ti he f'iiowiTii.- iler. th- ti .rojieity. situate and
lieiiiin t!i- -- iMiIy tf O m-hy. an-i Matt- of Ne
vada, to-wii: Ail tha i-'-ita.n tiere. pan""l or tract
of hutd. eitiiiLte in what i known Bella Valley,
ilmnl eil.t miTc- w.-?t t ar-t-r. City, in eni-i
t htn-liv c-njiit , M.te o N'Aa-ia. at J aHiut ote
mile e;tsi of tl.e a-t- m hore i f ljike P'jrier. and
more p.trrmT;i !v i r; it . il as f t'otKtitenc
tx if ai :attire h U;.lfr id, nt tuvin ft-et in liiht.
near th north ei-d of r!e!!a nll-y. which has
three mak- rut on ti;e west t-iil--. and running
thM'e S'-n.hf'7 dt-irrein K 1 n .atretic li chains,
to a i. iilih- taiiara.- tree with ibiee a ben on the
W eft :itiil t-i. t i i l itt ; thenre P. Z dejrrem
K.,tij idiaiiiH. in the rr-nhe-tft c tner of a larpe
fear ro-wered (fruni'e t tiHler; theree S.
defree! fi- r-i- ' 1 e Sturh end of -oiitl valley 4
chains, to . j :ne tike: tin nee N . deirr-e? W..
Ti fiii'iie. to a itie ttee tluiit tw-lve iin he iti
diameter, thet-e . 4 deciet; K ,o4 rhaitis. t
the ilact f hegini.it) ; Concdi.in;: two hniotied
and tlnrty-f.ve ;vr-f -f hin t. A:., all land
otitfide ot the ahove. etirv- y deeilt-d t tlie said
defendant ty J- hn liatuhle. by eel beatiedatr
Match .M.-t. The attovt des.nhe.1 Uud Vine
the aine wkirli emvevod hv J. hn Da f ri.
W. rVck ACo.., on the lMh dav i-f Jnlr,
' T. li.S.MMH,
Sheriff of Or n why county, Avada.
Auirmd 20. IS. an?l td
And All Riliomi Diseasea
noscx Bit HITTERS
TH. lMTalld'a Deltgatt,
The Poor Han's Frieakd.
A ad ia a I'lrajant Way
For &.le by Draggles ami Liqaor Dealers Every-
wfaerw, or by
X. B. JACOBS ft 00.,
4? rreat Street, San rraacfata.
af U 6m
pacific Insuaiice Company.
LetnM'tme of the Stttteof Caltf.Tnia entitled
' An rt cm ceniiejr C-rtHt1atfTlfl.', sis Anril
22d, 1R50, the 1aeific tiiMirance Conifatty offtUi
lratH'io nicked the f .llowinjr Annnl It- port :
f. The amount t.f the Capital .vk off th Com
f.anvNf7i.twtt. and paid inO M.l.MMlMI 0
li.T1)e'aiiioi.tot theMaM-t-lN9l i 31
IV. The amotiTit of fmntranfe effeTotdnriinr the
VMtr,-a4 whifh remairiMl tiiwee Iee 3nt.
F1KK. SI t73.4 AKIN K. $t" 4UN
lhi- Company commenced under 'riting Maripe
Rik Aarmt ij-t. vsry
V. Thi Conipjinv in-iire ufrunt the f..t..-iiii:
ri-k-i. via : Huildti.jf. HtMiehoki rnntiire. Ma
e atidie Henn. l-iwh"! ami IVrw.nl J'ropertv.
AtAlNeT Lp K 4MMA.fc BY fclHK.
VI. Tliii Comtnv will t kenn any f1rt-cTa-c
Ri-k not t,i exced 7.H (a it ( the limit fixed hy L' '
and on nH larire ri-k will reinsure to an extent en.
jF.tent with Prudence in rthet l:eMldi' t'otn-ia?.ie-.
J. HUNT, PreMdent.
A.J. lUir. Secretary.
Ain r'nmri-srt.. Janitar lith.
William Alv.-rd r1 1 Vd-. n ii X Kelt
Alex Weill Cha Vavi.it Mnrtn'heenia?;
Ahm SeliL'man William ll.mper l-h-yd Tevia
Anwn Stile John H Newt -n TL Karker
Jot. n G Bray Edward Martin Tt tremevT
A Ihiyward liOMili WiiliitmSliermai.
D w" C Kice Tf I1:mmaTni J Mm oEarl
C Mever h B lit-nchley Altied B-toI
II J Oliver Mte- HMhT O T Lawrai
Alf4iewp Bull William ech- lie K L Mil
W C K-.l-t.ai L- nta M l-iH- !M.eNi f IIU
John Wiehtnian Oliver V.Mri-U'e V I. Weaver
L S;cm A B K-rl-f Itavid Stern
J i; KelWff Fr-ler'k TliT in?
T:ite of t'ali't.rtiia. t ttv :itiI V- r.fity of S tt Fnm
ricti fifc; ("m thr 1th nay of .tnnary, A. T.
j-i-o!irt!ly :t.pre heft;!' lite. II . lit
'tnan. a Notary ViihliC in and 6a- the t'lty hi..!
County, aid ther-m ieiditiC. iuiy .inin
n ! ..Tti. A J l;altn. wh. leti; -lty wrn.
did d-f-e aiid : ticif he I it.e r. t.i V of ti t
I'at die IiuHtrai.ee Company. nd fiat ttierate-Tm-ittn
e ntwined in t foreK--mis he;at of tin
Tacitk liirtirBticeCaiipanj aiv true, full at..1 f.f.
rw-t. A. J. l;AL-TN.
S..m and n"rri,'ed tt.hef. r- inef ti.i l""ii da
o Jan. A l. IS.. II S RtM AN1. Notary Puhlir
pt ;te. with ltavk -f aif T;ia at Vjrtini C:T
m caupliawa with r e ;.ifftiie ?t
At Well-, fur-pi A Ca.'4ftVe. Aewt
Cr.'n Cit. .: n,:i rv :i,, !-.. j-t.d-tf
s a c n a m i:n i i v a v:y
K .4 I LKO A O ! e
in e r!!i--ii.-:i w i'h th
haihoai wii! mn- f ! :
KMTe Miitisrh S'niii:- at
t cut- S;irr.iirier:t. at :o'
. THA N.-
I:ttt alley
and 1
A. M :
;i.t A M.
'4 1 vi .
TlH.! i 1 hWf Shi; i:l e
mento at In IV A I . an-l leav
t-r S u ra
aralllel.t for
Shii.hr Spriitt- at A.M.
Ttie M:. i. m Tr:iiti r-.m Sh t Spritic
rn n in nneerioii with the Meandh.t" on ih.
ner, and the I'l.-tieet- Staa wru t!.i- rrotin
taiiw. The C1. a. ni Train tr-.m Jwmirerto will abw
eotmeit Zt Shuiy inicia th Vwaiewraad
Overl.ttl'.: Lille d MMeS fur
tarboa Cllrt
Virytnia wnt
Aa well a with The m-'iiutow t wn! thronielioiit
Ft p.. ratio, Alpim- im! 1 -nei -;ihia Counties.
Coiirli and Co. V ti-.tfiv Line cwnim-t Willi thi
tnin at I.atr-he. rot..-!nc i -w-enc-r" to M
larcer t- wnf ni.'or. i'ithtvet"- and Tmli;nittr
e-atrtie. The liVM a. m T'ain down Con
nect with the r;.n,e-r StJ-ire l ine nt S'-it.-le
-i rinjt. an t With C uch A C. s St-ijce Una at
Latr- .1.
FBKHJHT wdl ht-taUei, . v al! i:a-u- exref.t the
'1 A M Train from Sa i;inie.nt, and ihe l0:3l'
A. M. tnunfVoin Phitifrh-Sp mw.
. A. BI!MI. ruftrintettdent.
Assessor's Advertisement.
I'. 9 Internal Rt ifnuo.
trictitf llie relate. tf ev:i.'a, i'..iupr'!"iliff the
t "Iltitv of Orm-il'V. to e m he-eh yiveii th tt
the valiiHthw a, a-fesnnient- eniimetatK.mi otuii
je,-i )ih!e to dil'y tin.ler tlie loleniid K'-veime
IjiWH of the X mted M:i'-. tna-Ie and taken I v
?;n nel D Kins Jr , Aw'!tiint Awi-a..r of mj.t
Iiviion. and reinroed in th-Jtiniual !it f..r h,
lSfir", will p main i 'pen ti the ex:ii!ii':iti..ii "f all
pe-H. II" C--ncertted li.r the titmei' of TK HV
fn-in dtehrenf at mv ftTVe. 2d lmih hv: n-.ith of
tte Pei-rM lie, in C.ir -n I'uy. h tween the
hnr ot ft -Vl k a . hi d 4 r. , ami in iio dia
Iv after the expiration f l.e aid t- da-, i n
the Ptli day f Aufii:t. 1 m-uve nnd
iJererniine all appeal relative tn err..i;ei.ii- it x-
reive vnhiatinn. a-imei t- or nitni-T..t. tir
iwle and t-'keti by ail A-d-'ant As-er--4v. All
aieal!i to th AweMir wafreMid n n" t-e rtiade
iu wr t:n and -pecity the par.u -lar rartfe niaiter
r th lie n ertiiip nhieh a de'i-i"i-it reimeted :
and !h:U moreover state tkef-wand or prim ijde cf
error conipiau u ol.
w a lie l. w ,
i' S. AuM-iWT.
Datwr at Cam-n City. Anim-t 7. ptw. aS-lfd
Assessor's Advertisement.
Infernal Rrtrnne.
. lM-tri t f the etate "f Nevada, roinprisii-i
theCoQiitywf Duielae. Notice is beieby irivt-n
that he vl nations, aaew-nienta or eiiiitaeratioua
of tlihjwt?" hahl- to duty under the lutein! He
e ae Law id the Ctiited States, made and tkeQ
hy II. Burn ham. Asttstmnt Asaessr tr Mhl
Division, and returned t n-e in th- ammal list f. r
May. 1 WW, wilt remain opi-n r the examiuatron
of all perina eoiieerned fir tfte ftpa;ie nf K
HAYS from th date berei.f at tt.e ofliee of the Ai-
siatant A--ssor of aaid Division ia the town d"
Oeaoa, trrwen the h nrac f f.V!ork a M and4
P. M , aeh day; and after the expiration of Haiti
tei daya. to wit: On the 2t)tLtUv-f AuKWat.
lNfi6. 1 will receive and determine all apptl rel
ative to errone-.on nr rxcea-ive valuations. aet
nients or rinuneratiuaainade and takes by said Aa
aiatant Awar. All appeals to the As?ear, a
nf ifenaid. mnst be niaiie in writ inc. and pe.ifv
tha pai tirnlar can-e. natter nr thinK, reapectinir,
whlrh a dTifi"B is requested; and nhail moraover
state tbecaut)aM-priai-tpleaaT rtTur coaipJasnjsd
U. S.
Dated at Geaoa, Aujit R. lSi.
BTATf or NK AP4. 1
IMinscrTtNo ATToai ornrr. )
V-OTtrt: W JTJ1TS CftWfENCfr : T THIf
3 tollowiiirtinaied defedatfa and to allowaere
f, or claimant tt the re:il euite and imf.rovp
menta iheTenn and improvement hen aer1 e
paately hereinafter de-eriU -t know n or nnkm wn;.
Yn are herehy notified tmtt ni' rtuve ftR
conmienced in the Just tee" C. nit of Car. nT- wn--ohin,
in said County f0.mhv. ofT..C MrKeehy.
f'aq.. Jaatice f the Pfv of said Carbon To iihti.
heldathi offioe, in Car-n ity, in said nwtitv
hy t he ?t :ite f N e vaiia. plaint ff.
afainat each nf te defendant
hcrefnafter nan ed an-I et h f the follnw.
inp de!rrihe.1 rraet or parctd nf lard with the im
pmvemetit therein and lmpTt(v-menf when epa
r telv aiiKeMieii ami all tv n.-r of. and rUimanta r
tlwHtiiw. kniwn if nnknn. tn rr w the tare
and delinquency aiweed said defivlafttactmf
ail property for the fi-cal year ti.incinc
-linuary. lt. 15",. and ending Jannary
lt. lKMt. and that a Mimtnotis h; l-eeii
dnlv iweH fp e:rh cn-e ; and y n a-e
fnrt hr aotifted that utile m -t pear and ftn
vwm the complaint filed inlaid .a' -.e. on vt t
re the
7th dtT f July. A. D
at 10 u'ci k lathe ui'-rnti.: t' -:n i iiay. ni-'pti'-nta
will he taken acint yow. d the r-n! eTrtTe nrf
tmprovement hereia Je-crit-ed f. r the aonrnt d
the tax and deli nqiiem-ypecfie f ' t ' f if :
Bennett. A. J.. 2f' arr . f l:.n-l. t-eie the K
V; f the S W ' 4 and the N o the S W , ,.f
-ctton of t .wni ip N r ne '." K and im
trov merit. al. furniture, hoir ami cow tax,
fc4 2i; del 9i 42
Barker. J.'UhIi. eronnd 2 in hh-ek WST
dtv'titon of Caraon Citv and iatpr -vit ent. tax
an-1 itelioqiiencv i 4i personal t ' p r'y kPaed
nt '". tax and dVlimitient 1
KiHintr. inre im nd eliT-. oei.rT fi W. mm
t of croun.l 1 H-k ftS S V A S .! : v-i. n of Crw
ity. a--.! at 60 00, fwrojinl property awweawed
t TT .
liin-' ain. Mra. P-tti, fax -h-'i;i.;MeM'v 2. 4
n fwt if lot ." hi ck M T nd d vi. ion of
iar..n 'itv. aed at Mil t- l ., of hhk 3
-ame "hvi-ion at ;) 3 a; T n i. rer-f lar-d
tw e.M-ie.i n- rth hy land eVuined l.v t h.irle ,ird
lev. K hy 1 h .n ion tret . t1, hv I .i d Me
(iii'iinfr. WiH l-v Jniw .v n-.f'" i.-d v it
;uio i )--onal j n;ertv av.v,-. x fi, tm, ev
eBiptfi.OfO. t'oi, y lir-iheth. tx anl.'. ' f,)K'pv h"i So r.u
hl k of gtoiind l nndd h-tTIi 1 K mj. iitt
'I .'h PT Vntrd tN W.-T h- Wl.
C. A. H tiv'Und wtth iii'i n v phi is Therij.
j ; F. Ct rnnt k and Br-. the . w n T delta-
tjliei.ev r3' on toe v et I t ! r t!o raa-
oft, Tn "mi.irp townhn. nr T--s T f-'tTivon,
NfiM nt f j l, 4-teeTti W d .(! at 'i.
(',.. i Ti 'Ver. eVtee. t ', 1!t . .r" rr ! ". V.'1..
on Imd the N V 1 , -eeti.-n 1' T 1." ' E.
i.-re . ;t-.-r-erf at 3"e. per-" 1 pioj'. ry nrHlfJ
;iT ,''i".
V.ife. J. hn I!; tl ti! delirntiepy it
m-m of aid nhnit one ni'- - f Cr.ip
irv. 1- uii 'ol o..rth M ll-nry K V-"- u 1. er.-t
K V--:" Intel, t-; iv iu-t ol f-T- n. with
i;aii t noiim as-ejed at oo
M tnir-nl-eri flri.'o: ;n m-l '!., n-m v 4'' It
on h-i No 1 am4. 4. in htt -k v of e-.i Th -ir--on
and -r' ttvi-.i. n of t';ir n Pit v with ini
pr v.m-nl'her n. -e-.-: at 1 F.e
StfMart. WH iBirtoti. aimiii'-f t1 ta
"f lavid Hn derensct ; taT "it;i"ena
II "jo on u al VHi-d . f 1t t x t " itv' . iit
t'"- rk 1 1 of 'rrv tiv --m of Ce C:'v nr-e-i
at ? -: al V''f lf,t 6 hl'-""f Ihinit a
djv:fc. :i f ?id t jTtr!.-.-.' at t"1 i
Kenned , Mary A., fix a-i ifel r.. n r .
n ti me. houe .-Ti ltke l;--'- r ' i et f
Ca'n Cttv. nnd ori t-- . 4" f- - m- t : - k f
ot Ser Tt.omn ar, ' r- i'vu-;
CPv. 11e-edt I '; '
K i;l . A: tiixamlde i' .;H
land on I. ike Uif'er r-.I
re- or. let! fti i ace-. und 'J J
or ree..r! f : isnty,
l.iir tertd. V1. : t.. r? d
K 1 , ,ff i-n t- - i
t; X . r
'vi v, v: T t-ml .r
d.. ' in -iir 1
; i.' CoTj'.tr fnrv, y.
i Pf.-, -iT f ti , (
e'-(M t;. : . y 7 i" a
et, I" S hi" ! "iirti-in .(( n ; no
.pier- .'"') n "oftai y -i.-: I, a
04il t" Kt.d Lel-. t'W II: J.--.--I 1; . f J in;, 4
hitter Ce-Tire a-' n tnx ;'! d- ' w
11 -o . n V .f i:o d l- . r.. e. ,., r.. (,r
fin nidi lil'IU ot I'll-' e: t ( 1 e'"v A f . . ,..t
l-v Harvntmti 4 CoV htvi v Thfm t i; t;? 9,
;it I oil t4t : p.r-.' i i r. t
Win-.-o:j, T If S'i v i-.. "m.. Vh'n r- : f.-.
and tit iiiMtif ti y . f i i , i i ... i : r - H.,,
inhh- k T f l urry", ljr f ir, nr -v M x
Utll-roVetllctit- the- e w j , ,., f I tt.
r.n petvaaeetM- ul $ roo- I fi Tli t -X it:- n
l.ewi, .Tthn C: t :tiit itehi ur.. t ?. i . n V.
n teet of , i -j. It. 1 1. IT f '! I - - u K
enra divia nd C..roi C'r am! in peoVt no-t?4
i here etwn at nfu f'Tw mI j.'. peitv
atseil at 1 f".
I.e. K h a-d
K 9 and U !
ink I- A lr.-T r" .iiv t. ..f Cr
Md at tint .ind p-rj:;a: j-.t.crT M " 0 -
jal luilatv e .f tax .
Cham hern A ih-ni-.t.. lit -.n-' h-!' ni..j-v ' 4': ,'
10aere".illa?!d n-ini-.' tt . tt h-Hr' reek T,.u ,',
a- f Il'-w-: t.in- iiiii ".: T K r, r.er t .1 v;
Hahlw.n'a fence. tl.e:.-e ri i-i '..?,.-e p r!
t'.astake theocc N ft. l.a .nl- t--p -e ot -t n
thence ! K 11 r-f "1 a t -l.". ii r p
r-d t 1-eeinT.inr. nt-efre.) at ?.(, pei.T.a j r- p
erty aMe-e.t i f
Crowe: I. t'hatle. lit - f cont.d 4 in 1 ., k in
T and $divii'i of Cai-an f itr, improvers tit.
enaed at lift 00. per t.al nrnj ry .) at 57
tax Am- I- Iin)i.eii v 1-4 o:t
Cherttr. tie-.re.- W , tx and fle!ttn1t;er.cv 41
W 2 ..f K 1 tn 1i'ne't dti n f n C.tj. :i!:d
in.pr"vetuent4there.tn. jt-eMd a? Jt.li'O
C.-wan, J Im A., tax ait-I orl np.e.Hp9 J,.t
A ii, b'urk 3 f True, ai-d iJreen' .-ivi-d' n ef C-ir-inC-ty,
ae-wed at f.M.ai peiNntuil prt.p-;tv n
eed nt fhi
Lainater. Kamp: tarn and d- Iii'inonrv Tl li ot
l.ts4an.i 6wf l.i.i. h 34iTi l r et-a-A Otwn's div-lui-m
"f C:ir. n ": v wiih in t.rn enient. i-sesj'.t t
llifi (rf .. i', in h'. i k 1 nr..l io nr. ventrntt- in Vii
",r!i dr. . on "f Cius- n t ity anl improv rm-iits ae
at 4iN oo.
Lai'irt.-n. .An e E, ai'n-ir it:.trtx if Wt .f
I amrtoit. ritor, I, dee.-fe': t d deJu-ot'ei rv
i'h 4 .n uth "f hi I; t io I r- rt'-r A (.r'-.n -
ivi-ii.n ' f i":i' i n Citv ai,d imjin ven-i-tits therei n
mies-ed nt M o o..
Mitchell. AUsih: tix aid I'e'irfjnetiei r, 5i .i
il acre- i.f hind ea-t f St t.- pi :-., j. -..
VXt Wl. Bhu k 4 5, in Cm rv - d v!.. n d Cj.r-?-n
City a.-e.d :u t'i ft : hit ? in hi- t k A. tvime
iliviion. aeeed at 2f t-.. ot 1 , :; 4 S, f1. m
rI-k of -m dsv -. !. - ,-(- m rl at Til., iv h.i
l.io. in block IH of Pr.-'e A ;een'sil,TiHt f
( araon City, valuei) and in'm-a-.td at SUi t)', with
improvement t hi" eon
M ney M;tthi-: t.-ix anH ih 1 r ..vrnry 15 Mi.i
the W 1 j ol seeti.-n'-T. town hip :," n rth . f
ranpe 1'.. 'tof tl S imrrey-. is wed nt .o0 1 1 .
ejrn-, H C; tax ntv del i!m-or 1:: -Jo i ti li-t .'
?n bh-ck 3i of" eai'l 'I )oIitp- ? A Senr-" div -ai, -Tt f
C;itoi Clty.wi I, inprovements.H-c-aed af4i rm
Oliver. . I I': t;ix ar.d de! ?-.ij.-n, v 7 .c o V.-acre-
ot lnd in K. C;tin n. av. s.-d at 'r. oo.
erley P W. an ! Kad.-r r C : tnv ard V!tr -ipiency
fd on 17 a. n-s i hu1 h undi d nr. n- -rth
hy ftifih strii't id (VrH.(i i'v r-t t. pn p rev.
n..nih hv eiirltth irtreet. and v-st hy tewaii tr-et.
ae8ied at
Procter, ft I: t iv and de'ipi-.n-ncy S "Jrt ..n nn
d videl .. of ;v2 fe t nf irionno m t :ir- n ' i'-, . i
liftn Avenue on nrtli -ide hv rue f,-et t . tt,.
nonhard, ctiinHTiriinr t tt -ti;i.wit r txit
ftt eaartf t'ain street, a-e- d at cr.i rtt ;
on-'ived lsof tdf kf 7(V 7.'. et rra-er dh -isirw
of aid" city, as-e-d at V" n; n(iril 1 . t
bhk 2n ut, in iai. W inkle & pr. et- r divi-v :..,
In the same divi.i-i ii. a-i.-i ut .'' i- i".
TIP'S K II A V Dr. v.
Prosemtiog' Attorney, traoby covin y. State
T i. Pr?lTH.
TaT-rnllertoT. fhttl v count v.
By T J. Rrwrari, l:e;.u TB-Cjllert-ir.
July 2d, ISfG. iyH-VA

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