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The Carson daily appeal. [volume] (Carson City, Nev.) 1865-1870, November 21, 1866, Image 4

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ialti-att-' KaMce.
JCLIUS R. UAkKETT. l-reaaed. Notice it
iareby iira ay the aad-rrd. Admtoi?rfcr
-f the above Buoni iv-tte. t- ihe Cre-m ami
a!t rniiHhTine Claim aiainst mid Dred. to
evhildt the Mine with the tiecwtrv Vum hrn
tbin Tc-q Month frra the first lb-ica'ton tf
hi N'rtit-f. to the .imVi-wnetl. at the Office of
v!U. Faru C., Cr-. City. Nevada.
J.IIN F. KIW'ER. aiul
11. F. KICK.
tsri fit . Ort-W Si. lV4t oc:il-sw
District. Omtobr C'witr. Vvwd. In the
matter of the Instate t.f JiilN M. I0 .M. TV
raei. Ihf (Hurt having app -int-d Th tin-day.
Niitrmbor rh. A. i. Ir . a tfciy f t the h-.'rin;
-f the application of Wil!:m Mi-Donald. t have
!mtttfl t- rnae lhe lt Will and ttamnt
-f J 4tn Mlw"bl and hiving: otI-T-l n.ri-e
theret tt le i-ubliie. in th-CK! IMiLT A?
rfufr peri -lf mtf l-w than tew days. V
Hrr t hereby given that tn
Tlirdayf.TrMfcrr t-lfc, A.D.I $66,
at 1 oVltft - 'f that day at theCmrt Room
4 -aii Cult, in ",sr-n Citv. said itppli ati-.n will
k- hnri andsiid Will admitted?-. Prolate.
In witness wherti.f. I Imtt hereunto
pet my h:n-i ami affixed the -ml
( skaiu
V "J j - r""rt. ti.w i.th liav I tic-
artM-M H. R. PM!OY. Cl-rk.
ami hy virtae vf an e nrien ateed Oc
thrr 11th. 1. eu-d nt f th.- Ib-notr-mhi
lit rict l'o rf seoxi'l J udirial I?t
rivi. iirrns-by County. M-it- of .!,
'm ii jniment ienlfml in said lir-t an I
ountT. in the late 1 emit y. n-'W STate;f eT!a,
tiU-rh tar t.f June, . I. ls4.in fiT..r.t B.
f HmnVnir an-l airainst J. Jhn-.n. ftr the
runnf i-rltt ihnnni five huiotre! ai-d f tit five j
10 d'-lUur. bniw. with cts Taxed a
f5 ail. ant arrrnitif ot-t. ad t me a wh
Miviff directed and !liered. mnl in pnrtiaiice
ttt-0f. I have llti- daj d n n and sii-d. 1
h1 will (ssifc-e ti sale at t:nlIir 4nitin. at the
.ort ll-n-e d'-r. in the City vf Ctrsfti, County
and Stale af TrKtid. -n the
ltcMa Dy sf Ttmhrr, A. D. 1966
between the b -nr rf oc!t-k A. M. and 5oVbk
V. M.. t witr at 1 o"clTk K 51.,
mI the riht. title. tntenst ar.d rlaim ifj
'se ?tid df-n!ant. J N-iy X hn"n, which he
i,l.n ihe;ud JStb fayof Jhim. A I- lf4.irat
av ti tbereafier. ( in an tt the t-llwins: 1
?-l'ei pr'-rtT. situnte. lirg at:d hic in!
mi-I Count y f" fc-nisTY. an! t"f;tte id NeYa-la, t-
.t : liie iM half d tSe m,-uth eart qnrtfr. an.I ,
:he e-vl f.alf tf th f"ii-e-t qitirttT and thr
-olh-eA-t in.irtr i-f the d rih-w-t ijnnrter. of
--tiro 12. in Township IZk north f raneli'
.nut. at-i-'-rdtus t" t!i- ltiliir .-mrf js of tlie
irriitnl t-it. and c -D'afniTir Mr hnn-'p d arr.
beinf t!f pr : ert kr. -wn x the Brunswick
Mi!! Pr ett j. t '-i-'.Lr with all and singular tlie
'ranclifr. priTilee. titrhs rwen. d:r. IniM
init, ininiuu'tie. ti"-lient. l.-rfiitanif nt: and
avpa'tTct-sthereBntlfiDiB:in er in any wise
arr ertrnTns.
iMted dbu, the 11th day id- fVto? er. . I 1S6.
FIiriflr. Ormhy cir.niy, vnh
l:y T, J. Eswykus, l ei nty VLe;tf m.-12-M
Tlt al-Y!le i w.?t. n-l. or'?er ff p!a?n-f'-S.
Btt-t, till KDNKSl'AT. tt;f 14th ay
Yenlt-r A. D. l?Ot;. at time ami p;r- aftrsaid.
T.tiMll II.
FlierifT T Oruil'j iVanty
Et T J. Ft wi. iJrputy.
.YemerC. ' m4 t.l
(jOLDEX balsam
Corw ChniM-st-a, Firt and Pef-"ml ;:tr!:!: Srj
un the .r or ImIj; ut Ears, l-we, X-w.lr.
Curtr Tt-rtiarv. M-rrnnaI ir Ftj litlitir r.h-fin--
lirci. Pat'i tn Ihr t4 tm-, auti et aoicated all t;is-.
eMr lu tlie .t5tl ni.
f-v the nr. f ;.n"TTl.rt-it. 4:l.-fr. Trrft.-tti. n. :
tnvel, awl all L'niir; vr Geutt;J ili&urune-
. LF Itlrll Al ? S1'AIIT TN.rEniOS
:h.-.v IitSIin? i t.i-t. Stri. tun , and ait
w'-mf llie buliM-v anl BL-ikSer. t
AAE Tits lit
ml i r. R!niAi;'?i;Li fx s'ill:
;r . aid nil ati-lR in ui Ei
e4 ut ba
sest tvtrjTi.era Zip ress, carefully
-"iii!i wiil-'i'Tt 11.. -"!r!!aur -T 1
lFM H I;iCI! AI:IS, tltBrist. . u eiTT
Druggists aad Chemists,
, W. p rt-r lT anl?;tD-aie ?tr-?.
SAN i i;ancis( (,
tt-y "tOT.K ac:kxt.
w T H r . VA1A. i "
't IV
r d:--;s!:V
-rr ? r -i-i-t 4 --trFtfY ! in-! f Mate
. ., -at . '.-.tiiu t. A. H I.t W UN. y
;,--!.rt-t- -- nn-t r-.it. i i t-.f l my!
. rii m t at - hi ilj mi :.rii i nu Ii.;' i:iMiti:it
;f x, it tl.- (
ir.ib jr rf 3ii-tf!Wr A- 1 l-rG?;
it 1' "f : Is ai.d;liii-r iirt.-!ie .-. n l;it !
, f J! - M i:-V. -aTm -n y n t-. v. ri!t. j
.;;: -t !- T;:r-irMi mt rtfry-t; .rl. ! ar--i!t- i
T . f i Ir - :r!it tweni-L.it r- r.-r. s t.f
.-i . "la ii-f-y f Mi-!, la rT-.r-y nt',
. . :l. IT. t.!- Ill tiTh- .f pteri t. T :. . t. I t j
: - mi .-t ! m-nt will h - t"-itn a;;-iiit y. n i
... :?!.- ,-I a ( en, t-:'?'.-' wth e-ii9 ard
( n r-l t" e?: :! -r .-rT. i
T '. -UiU r ei.v" f..nM- . f t'.-e ?d :
rt - . i. r-t.i.' : 5I;.ke l--al riire .-.n-i due r-
" ' ' L r. I K m v. " '
It Mmy
- -
All v I nm
t-i-:-.i i?'r I: R I.IVIA Til ITftr.TIIF
;..r.j. . iTFi-il rl'l:.L- ll' vr-Ki
.r!i'-:ir w . t' e f. !." I..;tlr.l
a t- l,:-re imi lnn3f-wa ii.ti. ii-Trirr,
....t rtF t.. tit. !. f Irtirii et Irs! V-l-rsterv i
--!. JS;i. !- i l tM il.
. i!ml -.la! " j
c k. it:.tu
N ti. 1.
.4 -iw
Sunday, Nov. IS, 1SGG,
AT 9 A. X.
OSxe, CAKSOX CITY, at Weill.. Fargo Co.-..
is. r. KM C.
1 OO Revard
For an In- urable IM !
j FpTia attention i rep rtful?y
! irecte! to.nrex In?-ie ntactnr
the fvVlirafd I. liln I'-alfif", aif
I pnrarii.n n-YT kn' wn t tail in t!i- rnre'f
"Yphili-. in a'l itn slKires, tv! in tl.t '-?
1..-t'itMl fair the last t-n Yt-ar with sreat..?
-i'rt--H I'nr dYiin r a vie rinTio iih"i-t.
; I,e te-timinbilR f ik- tihuisaii w'.ij !. l-ri
! rnr-d ly it. lt in the i?immTillf i-a-e in whirlt
ii l-a- lw t-n ;dn.iT(i-tereL e hnvt T-t to Jenrtf r
j i?!i-ciif t-f it- faiime i.OMil-N 'it A I SAM. No.
i 1 . fir t-rt and -eid st:irs, m h s on lin-
'It, pot- fv et.. lt-i I
- j "J. f.r 1h::.uv. Mcariai c-r Pvj l.:iitir Itli-ni:a-
I t(rti. yr. ii. t e lmm-. -ic. S'-i-nT Iy t-xr ie. t.-fs-itY
p:tri -f the l"-u-!lie C--t. I'rit Fitt Lhn-
ii ; Iars i erdc-en, -w f 'fs- t er ! tr!-.
hit1rat and Fetatl In iisrL-i-t- ar.d rhm.t!.
cm-r Clay and .-J!,-mr iT. Fr. n- rst -.,
pie rifir"f.t. t. i.m all -tnleFs iimst he
a.iTf-l affc-tit f -r trie cie-
tratt-d ?jai(i-h Antil-te a pr-ja-ratlnfj.
-aarmiiteo t'-er-!'-u-tr:K.
(it-t. Irri ation,
in:Yel. and 1'rii ary
"ither ff tl al..T enine w-thnrt our sicna
0 T re arri th- : ..f Cue LiIh-I. 'a4
rThf Brat Kenudy tor Pwrfyi nc
thf Plnnr!. 5trf nr?th-niric the XeiYes, ;etfrttig
! " w -ll!i". "
If i- tlie l'.-t 1're-t-nfatire aMiiwit a:nitt any (iirk-
if tin.tlv. O Bp a4f herWdtlr, it
n ! piv.n ar-lv to intuitu. I ell tiirTti..r. in
r-uri'sii, iwn, r).!nin anu ueiuian, wiin tiery
; . lise. TKI IT
kt r ale at all tite aitlate aud retail drug
-fur, aii.1 gr.aeries.
. aui-l HOi Clay street. .caa Frauctscv.
Affidavits, fire cents.
Airreementsor appraisement, for each piece
af paper on which the same is written, five cts.
Assignments or transfer of mortgage,
lease, or polirv of insurance, the same duty
a the original instrument. (Jee Mortgage,
Lease and Insurance.)
Anv promissor'i- note, whether parable on
demand or ant time desiimated, fir a sum
not exceeding one hundred dollars, five cents.
For every additional one hundred dollars or
fractional part thereof, five cents.
(lhe warrant of attorney to confess pide-
ment on a note or bond, is exempt from stamp
duty, if the note or bond is properly stamped.)
Bank checks, drafts, or orders at sight or
on demand, made payable in the State, two cts.
Bills of excham. drawn in but par
able out of the State of Nevada, each bill, or
set of three or more, must be stamped : for
every bill of each set, five cents.
Drawn m nut payable out ot the t nited
States, (if drawn singlv or in duplicates,)
pay the same duty as inland bills of exchange.
The accentor or acceptors, paveeor pavees.
ofanv bill of exchange, or order for the pay
ment of any sum ot money drawn out or
purporting to be drawn out of this State,
must, before paying or accepting the same,
place thereon a stamp indicating the duty.
Bills of sale of personal property, five cents.
Bonds of executors, administrators, guar
dians and trustees, are each subject to a
sump dutv of one dollar.
Bonds official one dollar.
Bond personal for the payment of
money, the same as mortgage. ee
t5ond for mdemniiving anv person tor tne
payment of any sum of money, when the
money ultimately recoverable thereon is one
thousand dollars or less, ntty cent.
Bond, when the money receivable exceeds
one thousand dollars, for every additional
one thousand dollars, or fractional part
hereof, fifty cents.
Bonds Railroad and other corporation
bonds and scrip are subject to stamp duty,
same as mortgage. (See Mortgage.)
Bonds of anv description, other than such
as are required in legal proceedings, and
such as are not otherwise chargt-d in the
schedule, t wen tv -five cents.
Certificates of deposit, sum not exceeding
one hundred dollars, two cents.
Certificates of deposit, sum not exceeding
one hundred dollars, two cents on each one
huuaied dollars or fractional part therenf.
Certificate of stock in incorporated com
panies, twenty-five cents.
I ertincates or appointments, nve cents.
Certificates general five cents.
The Certificates of a qualification or offi
cial character of a Justice of the Feace, Com
missioner of lietds, or Notary Public, or
ovher officer, fhe cents.
Certificate of search of records, five cents.
Certificate that certain papt r are oa nle,
five cents.
Certificate of assay, five cents.
Certificate that certain papers cannot be
ftmnd, five cents.
Certificate of redemption of land sold for
t ixes. five cents.
Certificate of marriage, one dollar.
Certificate of qualification of school teacher,
five cents.
Certificates of profit in incorporated com
pany, fr a sum not les than ten dollars and
not exceeding titty dollars, ten cents.
Exceeding fifty and not exceeding one thou
sand, twenty-five c-nts.
Exceeding one thousand and for every
additional imp thousand or fractional pixt
thereof, twentv-hve cents.
Certificates of transcript of judgments or
autisfaction of judgments, and of any paper
vt papers recorded or on rile, five cents.
(N. R. As a general rule, every certifi
cate nil it h has or may have a le:if value in
a court of law or equity, will require a stamp
dutv of five cents.)
Che k, draft or order for the payment of
any sum of money exceediiiir ten dollars,
drawn upon any person at siht or on de
Ri::lid, to cents.
Contract, satye as agreement. (See agree
ment.) Contract brokers ten cents.
Ci nveyaiiee, deed, in-trunuiit or writing
where Ky land--, ten fluents or other realty
sold, shall be comeyed, the actual considera
tion of which docs not exceed five hundred
dollurs, fifty cents.
Exceeding ive hundred dollars and not
exctcding one thousand dollars, one dollar.
Fer every additional five hundred or frac
tional part thereof in excess of one thousand
dtdiars. fifty cent-.
Insurance i t ire) when the considera
tion paid for toe insurance in cash preri.it. m
notes de.es not exceed ten dollars, ten ct nts.
Exceeding ten dollars and not exctedm
fiftv. twenty-five ctnts.
Exceertn.g fiftv dollars, fifty crnt?.
Insurance Lift ) when the amount
insured does not exceed one thousand dul
ars, tentv-five cents.
ExreGUg one thousand dollars and n. t
exceeding five thousand, fifty cents.
E sect ding five th u-;mn, one dollar,
l ease of land or tenenit tits, where rent
dees not exceed three hi.it dud dollars per
month, nnv cents.
l.case exceeding three nun tired dollars
per month, lor each additional two hun-
tred dollars, or fractional pan thereof, m
excess ol three hundred dollars, r;tv cents.
ItTtg:tge tnist need, bill of --ate, or oor-
sn:l bond, tor tue pavment ol monev ex
reeding one hundred dollars end not exceed
ing five hundred doilur, fifiv cents.
Kxcef dn.g five hutidrc-d and for every ari-
l:tn nr. I five hundrert, er fract'nnal part
tl ereof, in excess ot five hunurcri, fittv cents.
But mortgages shall not be stamped, :
provided the note for which the mortgage,
was given to secure has been .-tanii-f d.
Notice of appeal to any higher court,
fifty cents.
Pawners ehecVs, five nt!.
Pcmrs of attorney or rther written au
thority to sell or traifer stiek, or collect
dividends thereon, tet.tv-five cei:ts.
I'oners vf attorney to vote at election of
incorporated company, ten cents.
Powers of attorney to receive or collect
rents, twenty-five cents.
Powers of attorney tof-eIl, or to convey, or
rent or lease real estate, one dollar.
Powers of attorney fur any other purpose,
fiftv cents.
Probate of wills, or letters of administra
tion when the vah:e of both real and per
sonal estate noes not exceed two thousand
dollars, one dollar.
For every additional one thousand dollars.
fractional part thereof, in excess of two
ti.tt m collars, fifty cents.
Vst upon bill, note, check or draft,
. wemt-nve cents.
i rs.,; ia;m k. -
mee.' (See CooveTace.)J
Gents & BoyS Custom Kade Clothing
ParatslilBg Cmla,
Hats and Caps, Blr aeta, Malrtes,
Trunks and VaUses, Boat and Shoes,
Corner of Car b and Third Streets,
Crn City, Xevmla.
Thanksgiving Proclamation !
By H. G. Blasdel, Governor of the Sute of
ThMrdy, November '29tti. A D lf6,
As a .lay of ITBI.TO THANK-iIVINrt. an i
earr.e:Iy reinet the t pie. so f;r prart ivsible.
refr.tin fr.-m therr nnal avo-at n. and a--, mble
iii the various jd.tces of I ublic woiship, thn uh
ut tbe "?tale.
Let ii. is he a d:iy of pr f.uiid jrratitn!e t the
t.iver i f every at.d i t-lfvit ift,' f . r the
ni.tnif -lf. hlessir.psof the year.
Thij t-in keepiii: with thereitet . f the Chief
MtUtrate of the Nati.i ciaoe to elicit the
united gravers and thi.k-givii g of the entire
people of otir beloved fnioa.
Thiri tirre-bonored cntoni : a recosmitien of the
-opei-intendine Provid- nee of Ainiikirity (tod ad
dUioial to the ordiitary f-ruia of relipioi; and
wiiictr.ary -rvieef ; and a;ds to ndsc-cnlarize lhe
pracTit-at tendencies to wLich the human min-i
is nattiniTly j mre.
Nor are e a a people with' nt special reawin
ftr thus assembling together: Ve have been
r lily tMesei with beallb. the devel aient of . r
mining, agricultural and oilier re, mcs. f.iielell
an incieitsing pro-iet ity ; and a State, we are.
as ewr. true to Naii. imi l"n;:y. and the e---enti.il
rinlits of Humanity.
lleside thee, e may hereby attain ceitain
tbr desirable ends proin' five of jjei er:d elfai.
n;irue'y : The mcre-is of morality and ir"wlhne- ;
niity tf mental and sacral culture fi.m st;fler-
rbytooclue attentat! tt nntetial fltte e-ts ;
ti.e pn-ctive of irugMlity ; m-h-ch iieliict's c..nt-nt-m
ut and prot-i-erity ; ciu-h Mtt--ii.nu fn m
Divine Wi-dt'tn as hvtd all iu autlioiity 1. iiti
pr.t tiees in the exercise of s.iui-i ju l(i:elit. Tn;d-if.gloe-itabli-h
our ymmt Sl-J- n ba-i- a!i h
in every department of efT-Tt. wi 1 pr j er!v -tit.-
rve the true iiit re--ts .-f all.
And mbile we thus jie tbankfi and pruwe, bt
- t.ut t .rset tlie sitcred tiiimi ti..n "to vi-it tie
!.t..-and the fatKerle." relieve the w nts ul
a'i in lii-tress, and hiI s.irt'W - fle' away."
hsvf hetenT.To -t nv b;in?, at"!
ansei td re .imx'-il ifo-i.r' ral
t the Mate of Neva.'.i T- e jti
Car-on Citv. ;
bib d.y
November A
I 1"
By the Governor :
f-.ia-tdl HTnrarTf State.
ih the KYeru and layti ?i ('mt atre.
ii'M.T-walfr I ede, Indi.m ?t-nt nz rt'ii t.
I yoti eonnty. State of eva- a. that mde-- w itbic
-ixty day- tr- ni the fi-st pi:bH- at ion of tbt n t--.
Thev c-.ntply a Ob the m-irr -m -iittan Aet of th
l.ep:sla'i re .f the State tf evad-i etrith-! "An
c- eof.frnitiTi the I-tK-ation nr.d I'- -n o!
in?!:jr Cboni." ap r-'ve-l February 7. 1 we
wil. r-b-e:.Te ..t,e th'-u-aiid f.--t -.f be jiort h aTei
Iv portion .-f 'he Kevettne C -n-pany. and oto- 'hoij
n! te-t f Th s. ntbwe-tti-'y p-n.ot; f tl.ePj". t..
t nip-any on the :tb ivett-d-re nn 'er th" pe. isii-n-
f -a-ii Art Said p- rtioiis C'ininrw inn t-n san
'i-due on a line with the tun el now p;r:iaM
n-tri:-Te.f. ritimin.' t-w ani 5id I- ae and ex
fi di ir i lie tbot'sand feet imrtberly a.d one
;hotisai.d f.-t -southerly tr.-ni td vhit 'H a'li
t-trrb"r wrh all t'-e hrw. ft-iiT a !
inirh-s an-i i:ffieieit pronnil tin both sioes of said
iL'e to wo k the tane.
3a.iVvD.ber 10th, l1-.
J. R WINTtRP, 2Vt f.et.
r. CAbl'ENI t-K, i-ofi tet.
F. lill'DAl I,. i'o fe t.
H'M. M. t.ATKS, Joo (.,-t.
J. C. HAZI TT, i-tHi fer.
W. T. lilt K FY. 2io fw-r.
F. 11. KK N KPY, it o f.e?.
WM. ii. RKOAbllEAD, M teet.
A F. IU ! I.t Y f,r.
nott-fw or.or-f-K W. MI AW. 0 fe.t.
xq AU Wiiom It Kay Concern."
..er v knt-wn as the L.on Co.Vs ( l-um. Maiii-n i
M'-ridnc Star l.'sr, loraietliri ,he Ii ttian .pt itiir
ml Palmyra Minimc Iiittict. under the ret-nire-
ntents of an et tif the l.eci-datnre of ibe tate ol
Nevatia. entitled tn Art d ncennn the loeatior.
.tnd pof-essioii i-f Slining Clarnis. approv d t-l-
ruaiy ilTih. ISOe.
FRANK RICK. 20" feet.
:. w. VAI.ToN. 214 let.
C HAS. MAT?(N, 20H f. et.
w . J.TAYIn. ax. feet.
C. B. M'NN. It'Ofeet.
A.. III RI.FT. a1 feet.
I L. SMPI II. 0 fret.
J.U. JAUNA, -iU'teet.
N.V. 10, kll-l'kl
rInt. Rer stamp St'c rKevada He .ftnmp fflc.l
rinc-t, IVneljfs n-fnit. NVv. JON IIKI1K
FOKi'VM. T. M. PT1 VFNS The SMtv.-fNevnda
to T. M. Steven-, wnd greet inp : Von are hereby
iinimoned to appear before ne one of The .lustireji
f (he I'eacetif widt'Unty, at Hi" otbee. iu tlie
East Fork l'recinct, on
Frll ay, fce 23d fnjr f 9vrmberf
lSofi. at4Aln'kP M.. to iinswer the cmplnint
of Jhn Hereford. ho "ivtw to n-r. 'toi litenum
of two humlred ninety- nr ani 7"-loo doti;ir,
a'leget in t lMint'tT-c-mpl-in row on file in my
office to be 'ne tlie pi tint. IT f ont yon on a
foim for hinihT. itr. And T'ti fire lo-r.-Kv n-itrfied
th t indffim-n by dtfrn't wil! he tnken arrtiiit
von for aid mni Wside-i cjIs of -u t , if Voa fail
toappe:-rad answer.
To the MieT'tf oraur ContabV of h?1 rowny
reeiig: Mak lejial -rkf atid due return
hereof and fit it n"t.
Oiven nniei mv band teis 1"th 'fiv ..f ivtoher,
Isfti. HVM V. IIAnMVi,
Jiisfire of the Peace, Fat Folk 1'ieetiict.
rotrn'v eT orltd
Tnt. Rev. (rtanir af'." (Nevd-i Rt tamp SOc.J
In the Jit? He V .'
iirt Crn T- nlnp, in
atnl fr said i"oimtv el iTnbv. Tl - State of
Nevada send? greeting to A II 1AW-TN. Yon
are berebv Min-ni- neii to appear bet- re meat my
office in i"arn ( ity in Car n Township n Orn.
bv e. nntv. on the
l-Ah ! of vrnibrr A- I). I S6t
at lo,,Vl-k I.and Hner unto the coin
ptnitif ef JAMF.S R Hl'U.KK who sue- y. t-
recover h--nnt i f fne II v ndr-d and irn-tv-tW'
lo!af and fifty rent. nir--d t-- l- dm T.i lomf.tr
(arley and hay t Id and dhvt-red to .-u at Citrc n
Citv, Nevada, at vonr re.pie-t, and also fur
ant oil nt due him ti HtT-TM t a-itrne-l bv one V.
M i tddnson to bim due t r m y n to ar,d R-bin-n
f'-r freight on twenty an- 7-" 1 r ( r!- i f wo.-d
d tvereti Kt It ijib-i 's v jit . ,-n in-'cPt-! t be
Tahen anainst f-'t tb- -ait j-m. uut, t"i:ether
itl. cit? an.i fbiniiure-. if yi.n fa'l to itppeur and
To lhe FberifT t.r anv Constable of the fai-1
rwintv, gieetim: ; ::ike !ej;al -etvife tlidihie re
turn here.f.
titven nidr n-v hatid tlrx srh d-v of (Weber
A. L. I" L r. M. Kt I- I Y.
Jn.ijre of tip' Pea .-. Car- n Toun-hin.
AL.4 A
"Tnt. Rv. "tnrxr r 1 'Nev-o-I t Itt-v start!;' "0 t
IN .11 STU VS S Oil'i i, I A-T In'-K I -SK-ct-it.
p.--ta- c r.vr . va ;a .1- H N 1IFRF
b.HI i T M. TKrS-ThMi, .v..U
'T. 1 . ?ev'n- -en -:: ' ti - Y-r. :n 1 re
bv fnin tvo? t d t . a ? -f ie n"-. ne . f the
Jit-tH e 'f tb- I. "t -at 1 o-unty. a: in ort.ie,
p b- t- :-t I'-'-V lr. -I". T - n
Frblity, the 2:lrt rtmy c-f ovntthfr,
IS- H. :it b-! -rs t.. Mcr tio v ? :ont
-f J- hn I lei e't.i -i n !i -to s V' o '. r- - v-l b- ilin
t Tb--e bir .It .1 .5. 1 iir. l -'-.e-l it- l-iilii' nt-
p.;int row on fie r n v i ft:--- t. be ! !-mh ti .-m
. ti f r .;n
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.f It s.ii.i
M tltl .
. c-trai-t
r si?
-r, p'
dit. b .
a. ;' in I t in tv.
a . A t ! v. u r
v .T.-::n,T:!! be
:. t -.-'b.r xt!i
fi.it u- mi ; e-,r nn-1
! of r- nntv
and fine leturn
bert-by n- T;fi"! that ju- e
tj.keti HiraiiT ..-e. f. i .
t: tt-rst and "fti 't -ii.i
the herff or anv C i--t d !-
ereslp: vt'iRe -.il setv-.e i
here- f. and fad i i.t
.liven uii'iei niv hand IJ.'b
IS-n. " .K'l.e.F, P.
.:iv f ' 1 er,
II 'Kl l0.
Jtitice of the Pi
ri'tintv. N"V
air. Fa.-: 1 . tk l ie- ;i . t.
ep. id
-oTiri: is nnnT f.iviN that
ami v Tir'nA ..f t... .'j i-swu:i.i..
l-.tl: at-
1 , n Kill .lT otii'l.v. lit.
iii .i i-
oed out o ttie
See. ml Jr.'.' ia! ) -rri.-t
ui t. :n and f r tb
Nevada , n tw . i
-a J ( ..Trrt as 'n!!. v-
la of !r-n ber A .
H AM IM-S at .1 aa
th- -tilli of s'o ,N
C- i-i.'v dm -I . s.;liP , f
r:t 1 1 -v. -Ti.- t.t- r-1 -I-' I in
. T-. wit : e . r Tt -- 7th
P. 1-4. in favor t V.. F.
r-t J . MHJ- I'N-m-N fr
Ilia-.-, t. ctl et Wi'b t. -i of
I- 1! o w 1 it b jll-'tn i ttlil'S
T - e T:I .-t "5 .'."'l i:-. V- W
lo.tr-' ri r--. in a;d
, tb- : otb .'. v , t b nd'r
ot ( Ii.: I F- T. I ns and
,7d;- M-N 1. r the m m f
-t;:f it d ar
t een leVa'
-iu- 1 be "tb- r -i -
oiii ms )f- re-md . i
A I in t .v. r
Hiail'St ) ) I- ,
o " tirnii--
wrh ut-tf-f ll.;...n at tlie
per n t.tl. t!:t p t. .ilb-r
tnt-- -1-1
wi h -it-
i-t an
1 . --, i i . n v. bfh
b n e ,'av. :-tfjr
ju iiri- t f-J'i- i- -'
tiit-ti ine Tb r "i- 1 t
fi.-nt "aid 'ate It he 1
nt . -.
in-, a
b- T ,. W.'h
r- bentT t.. 1 1 d(
th reof. J ,v
;.d Trtketi iiTtit-r
iv. HTi.1 Will X-
MHi e- .u i- n- Wei . t,, i
ar d tiehteie'I an in put
t. tb .
I -e
at-'y l-v i- i uj
t -a
ii at
a!e. a I n
nr, - tb of .aol
f :r: lb u-e d.-r.
n. -epaiate'ti . .
('a' ti ' iv -;i 't n -I e ut. v . . n
Monday, the 5th dav of Nov n-her A.D. lSTf.,
btw (i t e t - lll-oi w o 1 1. rl, i a; it :s i i rk
P. M . . to w.t: At 1 o', i. -k IV M . to a!j.ty
ad r-t- of e- t:T ail t.. r t. till-, ii rest
and claim t 'be -aid .i to- .T;t. .1 ,-, lv J. 1 r-T,
wl.ieh 1 e b-i t e ti -.Tib . r.J tb ,U . I Pe
. mb-r A I 1- 4 r iu i-t i r Tl . !;.; r. in
and to th f P. wit i: -rr bt . pi . j eity.
- tnate. Iv.ti! ai d t ir in t-- ' tja d
otij.ty .f 'irio-b. .''if if N-.iMla. t-
it : 1 e w.-t i :;: . : it .- -el - m-i i:um ter and
thi-ea-t !i: f t the -ot ;b-v.-iit ttei. und the
nth east f,i.;t:t- 1 1 t! e i.,t!-v..-t tjuatttr. of
ition twelw. in t-vi-lj 11 -. n n-nh tf
on ir- t w- f y as, i-cn i I ' ! - t:l ''- r j ve-n
f the nte-1 tat. a u itta t.:t i: two ) t:i :r d
"Tn- ar.tl beii ii the l r- t 'v k I v 'b I tnrs-
wiek iill : rop-i'y, i. --th-r wi'b a.J vrd i rcriar
h ft " licli ."s , pi ;vib e-. tb-.le-. t:u .. t!; p.s,
.:ildit:jP'-i 'IHH til i ' -. t l: It" P . be' e:i 1 an: HTM
ftd apptirteftanee-tlieietur I b lirii t. or m uttv
;-e a; i e' "ait:
latedlhis 4.1 h dav of t f 1 1 r A I l-"fi.
T (J. l! III.
1 eiifl, it.n.sl y c i tr.
PvT J Ftwris leu v. ct-U-'d
Tie ab. ve -i-le.--. fn i, f. v. t- tl ft lifsiinS
in'jj:ii!ei't i.bvf t)-ii'bi', ' i o t pt f 1 1 I v iiter
f the Plainttft". ( n H-.-1 ti!! V lb -IAY tie
14th ' t.f Nt.vtn.bei, A. 1 . iM , ai tin e ami
pliice ait.iei-aiti.
! . (. SV i 'l Jf ,
fbeiiff. Ulll;fbvc Ul:ty.
Bv T. J. F: v Arts. Pj ni .
"v. vt-M
II. l iiMhltl HI l.i. - V .'I 1"( I A f,
1 i-tti'-t. (nti:-by It titty. t--at'.a. Ill fl.e
i.iaittrf the -st.tet 1II INA H. lV:(tF.
lf i -eaeil 1 Iie( t.tu t l.ai lit'' at i ii'iiti i? 1 1 tMVi.
Novembel Mb, A b !-. ;i !: r f. tin- 1 nh'
f the at plit atn n ot V: r.a 11 i to have a n itli d
t. Pi. bate the bstwill an-i teMp n- rif ff Aeehra
II In hi... and 1,; vi )r on w. .1 i ot there f to
t e pnbbbt d in 'be C.ihho 1 Alt v A err i . f. r a
It-ritHi .1 r ot less than lei, ajs. Notive is hereby
than n
TlitiMtii; ,!K evf ir ?" r i r. A.I..1
at lo o ebark a m. ol that tiy ; t : b- tn t l: . n of
aid Court, in i is n Ciy. s:oi! np Im :-t; n witi ba
beard and mnv iti atn.ito d to I rot
In witn s. wbete- f. j b-tv- here tint
eel my band and at'ed lhe f-a
oi said'f. ntt. tl is2j"tb dav if 0c
teber, A It l1'
H. R poyp Y. Cleik.
AIT F, THE rTjHit-!(;MP, IN'KiRM TTIlt
. ant is.f Ih.- I.t fr kit li - tl.e SHE
V. ALL LKlliK, (-iirnt.d .11 liie I'.-,ir Itat.
!iim s I ri.-T . II al il ii. 1 ur iitti-iitH-it. at th.
'xiiimtii'Ti ..f tiixtj 4iys fr. ii- t!:le. t rt kil-fltR lb.
illi arconliug to tlie tl.itulf of tlie Plat, of
I II. (1111, '
t. M'KKI.k.
gilTM CitT, f-ct. t.r llirt. ot4-lw
-t-jp t.i

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