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M. R. MIGMELS:::::::::::::::
Under its standi o( caption of "Keats
f the morning;," the Sacramento I'nion
of Thursday has the following with re
gard to the late decision by Judge Coop
er of Murfieesboro, Tennessee, concern
ing the State organization of Tennessee
and the franchise art nader which
lirowolow and the rest of the officials
were elected :
A jude of one of the minor Courts of
Tennessee has decided that the State
toveromeut is bogus, and the franchise
law unconstitutional. The reporter
-ravely adds: "The decision is most
important and will have an immediate
effect." On the contrary, the decision
is most absurd and will have no effect
whatever. The legitimacy of Stare
(tovernments is a politiral question to
be settled by Congress, not by the judi
ciary. (See the opinion of Justice Ta
ney in the Dorr rebellion rase.) The
constitutionality of the franchise law is!
a different matter, but that question re-j
mains to be determined by the Supreme
Court of the State, and consequently the
decision of the Court below can hare no
.remediate effect.
The RisrtT or the Elkctioxs. The
New Yotk Nation of October lTth has
the following in t'.i'u connection :
There is something almost alarming
nl-out the silence which has reigned at
tTashiazton ewer since the elections
The country has not heard from either
the President or Seward for some weeks,
and some people d. not well kn w what
io make of it. We are inclined to be
lieve, however, that the riplanntion is
tat the effect of the late rote at the
North on Johnson has been "chaten
':." and '-hat he is now in the roniii
tja which moralists call a "subdued
Itame of mind." There were derided
indications of this in his late thanksgiv
ing proclamation, which reads rerv like
n "pastoral," only the English" was
lordly giod enough, and h id .n it a lit
tle tincture of Congressional pathos,
roc'a as members Serve out when they
Make "obituary remarks" on the death
l a eolleaeue. We observe, too. that
lie has been attending the meetinir of
he Roman Caiboiic Ccum-il at Balti
more, which is also a good sign, and
will probably touch the Fenians.
A Poimtbo Illcstratio. A corres
pondent of the Milwaukee Sentinel says
lh the following colloquy recently oc
curred between a noisy, brawling iiem
otratic politician und a quiet, observiu,;
Ipabiican. It hits the i.iii on the
l.ea 1, and it is too good to be lost :
ll.moirat. I demand to know, sir, it
the States, lately in reh"I!ion. are in tile
tTnion orw.'of toe Cnion? Just answer
that if yon will.
lC-p.i-iui.ari The qtiestion is well i!
I'jsttated iri your own personal history
t'O'ir y trs 340 you united with tile
thurrh here, an i it 1 11 111 rightly inforu-
dyoj have been rahr a hard meinbei
It .u lu iee; but lately charges n tve been
rr-"fer-e1 a?ains? ym fir di-vnrfyht mis
rai-f't and yon have been suspended
until your rase ran be examined ami
rorir 6 ns f r u.einberuip determined.
N w, sir, I demand to know whether
y-i ere it the church, or ovt of the
Tie Democrat appeared to see the
poit an ! sloped.
Tus Baltimore Cap Mketixk Riots.
Tie o.ii. era appointed by lien. Howard
T investigate the facts cf the riots near
Pal:imt.re by which a .Methodist camp
tn-eiin;; was broken np and sevrr.il ne-kfi-3
krled and other iimlirf!!. h-.
wa l bis report. In tbe s-iirminz up be
nays; -Krom a caretii' readmir ot 'in
li 'l testimony, it is impossible to re
e:jr tU- rr.cln-:ion that the riot was pre
t.l ; l.-.-.'rd, and that the object uf the
Hot was first, an attack tllion the
rri!irel feo;!e. nnd second a deliberate
n-trenipr . break no tbe cam; meeting
ff tbe .Uethodist hots.-op-il Church on
ncr-iu-it of the alleged anti-sUverv sen-tim-ruts
of the ministers and members.'
ColOR:-l SoLI'IKK!' Covkvtios.
I''.r hundred inter from soldiers fro
i f. parts of tbe l'i,i..n have been
r-f-ive 1 l.r the corresponding secretary.
i. M Ar.. . l approving of tbe call for
National Convention of the colored
-..'.i.ers and nIor. The Convention
whi.-n meeis 1.1 i'hiladelpliia on J. nu
irv rt'h. --(;7. promises to be n success
The r obj i:t l 10 secure equality before
the i i.v. Tbe priro-iptii mover in tiie
si" ;r is a t wr.? pun by the name ol
fir.-.r-s M. Amild. who served re ir
in tiie I ne. und made three successful
tnriJ to Hi Inn 01. f in ihe seeret servic e
i- 1 (".. He formerly resided i:i Cin
ciasati Kmrt))Mii cultivator waa espied
br a party tf Nashville uenroes, when one
i.ai-1 : A in-in c iri ju.-it it on A tt ting an' ride
while he'-plo-r!ni. fJolly." aaid another.
' e?t r.t--o-:ti aria to, sharo to tlunk ' dat
fan: iL: uira ai.u aut free."
tax ffr amw
The army and tbe nay of the United
State are ia a strange plight and ander
the rontrwl of remarkable directors.
Looking at what is most apparent ia
the conduct of the War Office and the
Nary Departasent, it should term that
the Commander-in-Chief of both those
arms of tbe Government fostered the
idea of turning them against the people
who hate just spoken ia condemnation
of his "policy." The States which
elected Johnson to tbe Vice Presidency
hare condemned bis administration of
affairs ; yet if hit declaration mean
anything, there is a significance in bis
recent disposal of the amy and nary
hicb gires ns apprehension and alarm.
From some reason which we cannot ex
plain, we believe Stanton will prove
that his occupancy of the War Office, in
spite of the President's desire to remove
him and despite the suspicions of the
politicians and tbe people, has been and
is an efficient checkmate to the revolu
tionary designs of Johnson and the sin
ister purposes of the conspirators who
are his companions and advisers. The
very worst that can be done by that
Master Forcible Feeble of the Navy
Iepartmeut, Welles, will be done, in
obedience to tbe base influences that
center in and about the White House.
We tremble for the future of the Treas
ury and the credit of the Repuldic so
long as McCulloch has the control of the
National Funds. He has one hundred
illions of dollars in gold in his posses
sion, and he acknowledges to an en
dorsement of " my policy." Seward
seems insanely intent upon cheating the
people out of their verdict by the sleiglit-of-band
tricks of the charlatan and the
thimble-rigiiery of the Smallwred diplo
matist. The North has no need to fear
anything worse than a temporary an
noyance, even if the fifteen or twenty
thousand troot s that hare been scattered
along between Baltimore and Washing
ton should dec'are for " my policy,"
and fix their bayonets for a charge upon
the Cap-to! and the arrest of the Uadiral
Congress. There can be no armed force
organized and equipped upon the North
Ameriran Continent capable of humilia
ting the Northern States or of destroy
ing the form of Government which by
their fnr rears of war and their later
declarations at the ballot box they have
shown their determination to maintain
and preserve. But we believe the Pres
ident entertains different opinions : and.
inasmuch he has concentrated the
largest number cf available troops or
the regular army about the Capitol and
in contigtior.s posts whete they are no1
needed fpr any purpose whi'h portend
good to the peice of th,- North, we think
he mrans to force his opinions and the
I olicy of the South upon the Congress
and upon the loyal States. Upon
''.rant's fealty to t!i? p-iwer which m .dr
him great depend much that concern
the peace and happiness of this Nation.
H is not omnipotent; indeed, he woul 1
prove but a pigmy were he to take sides
with Johnson and J. If Davis and Lee in
an attempt fa turn the national powers
over to the keeping of the South. Hut
he could pervert the machinery cf the
(iovernr.ient to a grievous extent, were
lie to prove himself an abettor to John
son's evil designs. We believe he will
have to elect bete-een the White House
and the Capitol before the 1st of Janu
ary next ; and, hoping fir the best and
trusting in his calm judgment and earn
est patriotism we look to him as to the
grandiy responsible power which is to
avert a terrible Assault, if not an infinite
calamity to this struggling Republic.
Thk Last Isvevtiox. Tne "sy de
ceiver" who runs the local department
of the New Albany (Ind.) Ledger, tells
of an intention, of ahicb he has a pa-tt-nt,
jroilen up for the purpose of deter
mining whether or not a lady wer?
-patent calves." It was a cane with a
fine net-die in the end of it. As a l.idv
passes, with her bean'ifnl turned pedal
estn-meties, exposed to view by the ii!t
er." the calves are s:i";ht!v punctured
wi.h tbe cane. If tbe lady kicks, tbe
cites are genuine. If 6he does not,
ihev are "tHlse."
Tub Nilw Vohk Nuts- It is r.rder
i mat in w o.m is once more pro-
! prietor of the New York Daily News,
I since Cauldell & Whitney caie it up.
I The New Vork rorrespoudent of the
I Pniiadelphia Ledger says, in the same
I connection, that Charles A. Dana lias
; made a pood offrr to Wood fir the News
I estahlisbment- If the transfer is effret
jed be will make tbe Krw a radical
ns rvntJBortAi iuin v
MBHMr un uw&ms.
lohnsot) has, all aloag, faf ed "the
people" by the false standard which he
has bcea taught to reeognute at the gath
ering of tb "poor while trash" of hi
native Sonth. Be ha foolishly arrogat
d to himself aid a few other proaiaeni
men who are ia the habit of Baking
office seeking an occupation and office
holding m me qua mm, all tbe deeper
and more subtle wisdom of th time.
He is smothered in hi self-sufficiency to
that extent that he believes, even now,
after tbe tremendous majorities that
have spoken against bim, that his last
winter's clap trap to the "soldiers and
sailors" has insured bim tbe army and
the navy in any enterprise he may at
tempt against bis opponents. He con
strained Grant and Farragut to go with
bim while he swung around the circle ;
and be is fool enough to think the peo
ple awed by the belief that the General
and tbe Admiral are with bim. And
we really do believe that Seward is
quite as much under the influence of
his anti democratic hallucination as
Juhnson. What unparalleled blindness!
The fifty or 6iity thousand white men
of tbe army vf the United States re
ceive, monthly, not less than twenty
five thousand letters from their fathrrs
and mothers and sweethearts and wives
of the great free North ; and does any
man suppose that one in a hundred of
those letters talks in favor of a policy
which means restoring Jeff. Pavis to his
seat in the Senate and General I.ee to
bis Cclonelcy of the Sixth United States
Cavalry? -So long as the American
people fill their own armies and while
free schools are sustained at the North,
Johnson and his kind will waste their
vaporings "to catch the ear of the
groundlings," and Seward will subtilize
aristocratic false rectconinffs in vain.
A Stert HrsTsa-A. The Philadel
phia Gazette says a man by the name ot
ti'Iiourke lately undertook to go shoot
ing. In reaching for his powder fl .k
he dropped it into a tub of water. This
by no rreans deterred him from enjoy
ing the half holiday he had taken from
'be foundry of North. Chase A North, in
which he is employed. He poured the
powder into a frying-pan and dried it
over the fire The ree.ilt can he easily
iruessed at. O'U-iurke was blown into
the yard, with his head so singed that
he lo-.ked like a prize fiVl.tcr I.n-kilv
for him he received no bodily injury
His hair, beard and eyebrows were tak
en off as closely as if by a razor.
Qt ack Mt i.RISES. The Detroit Post,
speaking of the President's distribution or
n.s policy panacea during his late tour, wit
tily say :
Were it not for the numerous Strife laws
forbiddinii the ni-tmirenunt of the natural
scenery, it would save him the trouble r-f a
jonmev to adorn the rnck and trees snme-h-.t
th'is : " A. J. 186S Xit, Mv Policy."
' Try Plantati'm Bitters; I'rineinle lrp..t.
Memphis and New Orleans." " Great Spe
cific for a Dark Complexion ; Munroe's Cr.-
rivaiird r.iwrier (and rt.i!ll ." " Treason
Made Odious bv one annlieatinn I for
pirdon)." " All Di-eaes of the Stomach
Lurca : rireari-and-Uutter Rrmedv."
A Kantakkf.soi s Tkooi-eb. The Sacra
mento Union of Thurday says: At half
past two i.'clo- k voter-lay afternoon, as the
scholars of the schools of MissMarv Stincen,
and Mis Mary Hnree.at Tenth and P streets,
were leaving school for their homes, a drun
ken soldier made his apnenrance amone
them and amused himself bv leveling a re
volver at them, thrrati nintr to shoot, etc.
The children were of course creatly terrified.
Fortunately, Chief Rurke was near enough
to observe the tiroceeiiir.g an.l canture the
offender, after a brief struirsrle for the mas
tery. The mm proved to be a member of
l.nmnany t,, Ki,.-I,th t'ltited States Cavalrv.
now campitnr itt Twelfth and N streets, and
Have his name as Sylvester Kine. On the
way to the station house Kina cotiirratt:lated
himself on the fuet that he had not stolen a
p;.ir of hoots, like Jim Moore (a fellow
soldier), but had only been "rrurinit around
a little" while drunk', " for any man will ijrt
drunk, you know, when he has a rh ince to."
On reachim; the station house it was found
th it the pistol was not lo.ided, a f::ct which
was not known, of course, hv the school
children or the officer at the time the arrest
was made.
Cfntkai. Pacific Railkoah. We take
the annexed int lliiicnce from the Dutch
Fiat Knquirer of the21t: The track-layers
on the Central Pacific Railroad have nverta
ken the graders just above Policy's, nineteen
miles above this place. Swift, one of the
foremen on this road, came up from Sacra
mento on Saturday evening, with a large
force of white laborers that he had employed
in that city. Tncse men were employed to
strf-rethen the frree of track-lavers and keen
snus up to a larite additional number of
Graders. 1 he clay bed of the railroad through
the big cut below Gold Ki.n has been of a
very aoft and mushy ecasmtency since the
late rains. The consequence has been that
t'ie track has settled below the level of the
tirade in some places almost out of siiht.
The defect is being remedied by raising the
track and dvpositiiia a firm foundation uiuler-
tjarath u.
Ta WwTTftatBa Ware 1 Kx, Inula
A twrcenoadtnt of the VonwSjaMl TnranacTnt,
iihin of thia OtaigcWa astae, any :
The aaatti in of a porowa heatyeiawh aature,
ahbongh there are part which are harder
aad well filled with ulpaorrta. Piree talieti
out, weighing tea vr twelve ounces, are more
gold thaa quartz. The twenty-pound candle
hone of fee aunrtx and gold, which came
out Saturday, are very rich. For rompariaon,
take half a bushel of barley and a peck of
wheat and mis them well together, and gold
would about be represented by the wheat.
The rock looks much like rich fruit cake.
except in color, the gold being re presented
by the cake. I make simple rompariaon,
that there may be no wiisunderatnsding.
Int-vririEH. The Grass Valley National
remarks as follows in reference to the robber
who was lately killed by a Chinaman : He
has been identified as one G. M. Friederirhs,
a man who was about town for three or four
weeks prior to that time. It seems that
Friederichs was an old hand on tbe road, he
having carried on that business in Oregon,
Idaho and the upper country for several
years past. The officers were posted on the
gentleman, but he gave them no rhanee to
arrest him. Friederichs is the man who lost
his pocket-book about three weeks ago, and
when he shuffled off this mortal roil stood
indebted to this off.ee in the sum of five dol
lars for advertising the same, hich we sup
pose we ns ill never get.
A Meteor. The Stockton Herald is re
sponsible for the following : Two weeks ago
the shepherd on Patterson's sheep ranch, in
..... voo..1;, . .ro -- or -
huge ball ot fire descending. It struck the
esrth, first hitting a rock that broke the me -
teor in several pieces. The meteor was the
size of a large cannon ball. When pirking
up the pieces they presented a metallic ap-
pearance, beir.g quite heavy. It was in day-
time that this mt-tet-r fell, and as it appeared
like a hall of fire then its appearance at night
would have been still more brilliant.
Warm Springs Hotel.
A Social Good Time for Tkk
jlvtna; t :
'I'lis: C.NtlER'IciM.O. TKOI-KlKToK? OP Til E
1 WKM M'UIMif lldltl. r..i,;ilv exteiel
iTiviiat.oB to their fnvaUa to atteiei a Ut m iti
teuetl tM be
A Social and Pleasant Reunion
Soitnbrr '4911., 11966.
Tickets I iii.-.ti'l:n rar:
i :i-.-r 3 CO.
-OiJ.-ri f-.r
arriae to b It ft nt t)ie 9t.
LA.l fc' Mt.HI im;ii.i.,
MOItti. I1XL,KK.
I.OIs 1 l(HMI till.
''UK VMir:i:sii;NKn t-miy ins sritv-
1 ire to It..".--U'.-!rini: to ol.Ta ii tif!i-. f --in lie-
l.u-t.-.-. t.. I. i
t .rr-.-n t tTv. in -Vr Hi- it-
I i.i . f tbe Art . f
H.L'r t - -I M .V, Is, 4. t
;i-.aiui.-.t .-va:ii" -f tl.. :,!-!
SAMl Kl. II KIN.t.
Ihe ' ,,f
1 .lullll-ll v Isoe.
. -mntv l..s..i.er.
AM. 1MI-.M l i MAY (' -M Kl; N . V V. ,
I. .v.- tl:i. .!, :.i-f..iiit-.l II 11. Itl-M':. ..i.r I
.-lit t. I tlte .l;ri-.
ll-i-tii s
I.rsn UIIV II- i ltL.T . II I. ti - - I I.Ii'-
11 Nt KTnV A AlINKIt.
tnr-. -n t'i'v, ..TI l..-r i: th. ls,4i. n.-lt if
Vrar f arsion. arioa Cilj.
.Tolin liossei-A Co.
It'MT'"t'l LT 1NFOKM
k, t!.;it tl.e k.-ep i n l:ai.d
H.-ti MtMlso! till klL-ii..
THE I'llll.H
at ttit-ir n:arki-t.
VKAI.. anaaanan. sa.1 TTO.,
Also. Fresh B-.loce at. l orlier Sailst..s, II,
heti.l l.'heese an.l I'tni tiojis.
All -f wlticb th. y w.il sell a .-dean an ny olhe
blll. lter ill tlieeiiy.
niylli-tf I. UllssFI! A CO
lasisaisrr and Parkae
a l'aioeTir.-r Mini la- saie I xpiess lielae.-T: Ihe
;tli.-v.- -lai-es l,rav.-s t'to-h at ;;t4 o't-K- k A.
i,-:tep EDlpireiU H.-'.-l.-k A. M.
r-w.. rirr. . . ra'-er u lsiv ti.U-lm
C a r n tStres?t,
HAVIm; IMRrHA-HI Ttll.aaaaaaJ(aa.
aU.ve tMlilil.mentM troni Mr.
Ft.;er.the nii.K-rsiitiieil re-ss-tful- X as&
ly solieit for the stioua of KmJt
the pnl.lie. Tliey l.ave leen nenlv refitte
an.l will compare favorably with any Market in the
Mate. The will uebll.pllell llhU4.anntecan
Caraui. City. Hay 1C, IVA. aayXt-lai
teSJTwia Can CITY, 4
MoMre i kerebT given that I. Samuel H. Wright.
Jadg tf tbe aeruBd Judicial tMrirt t tbe tfe
f Sivaaa, as Trastre tor the-nera of pnanty
in Carina City, fa Oi rnnby maaty. ararr aa Act of
CungraM eMitled, "o Act- tbe relief ef citT
aena ef InMinia lamlsof tbel aited States aa
dar certain cirrnaitaareii,,v apjavved May
l44, hart retnrnf a talent fhaa the I'uiteU
States f-c the west half of section seventeen, in
tuwnthip fifteen aoith, ranee twenty eiwt, fm
piisiliK three hundred and tvrntT arres uf laud
aud tt-itig the fe.mn site of Canton City.
And all i-eraon owning I t or parol of ground
in snid ton 11 site mn-t mlltili riity dttyt alter the
Stt piiMuaiion of this Hour tile nitli n.e, at the
office of llnydon a Denson in Catvon City, a wri-ten
iei-riti,-n and claim of the of land i.nnrd or
rUmied by tl-em is ttiey mil beforver barred t
any riLt or intre-t in law ot equity in or to i-i: -h
lots or arrrs of gtcutift as rrniain m,-l urad
after tlv e& itfttion of Midi j-eri. d -.f eity iUit.
S. II. MKII.11T. D.riirt Jn.lje.
2d Judicial litrirl, Nevada, Truntee.
ff Bhtitki. ami wilt vwr ur um:iiu.. attrn
ti.'Lt''ihriiiiu : t ti b;m- Xu 1. n L ! in i.n.r.
Oty t-u.t racrt. itli!ii ihe 1id.h- t 1 .ii.U j.r
rii( t. : i v JuV .v H. WrvLt m tru-i U-r ife
V c mi t r tt-ut.tl .it !! tinutt. t.ntiiii: t ti.-nifaa
hfur. a; t ur . ttur, to ili n . t wi w. -i .4 u.
t.-unl iiuiMiiiti 1i,.VIm'N A I t NM'.N,
Att'Tti- l jtt. HI.Ii ''V.
e ham! i-iaraKriiYiutnirr tTf xr.it
ft all tbe form rtouw.lv to ,nt.iv ti..verti-
.t Tit letot. n lots in Com, tu,. lYr-.n.
i ''" teoe 1.. make il.-ir tl.nui, :,i I get tin;,
, r.,,,,. . tu.krV.lt.,.., tbe c..,.t, !..!:"
' a,. 'Hi V.i 'ia. hK
' ,.v.s. i.. tM ,! l' 1 LA'11,.1';
-!'i'" ..uui.;
,JCob TflsRINKlL.
HK.CK.HY TNHiKM 1IIK M l;I.H IN t, KN -elal
tl.at tl.J I e I.. 1. the 1.1
...i.a.t rLI-.l.-llltj.! all; a u. hi;, ot, .'ar.n
tt lier tley ail t iiKti.l.v
i.I.J aril nTU ,l-.tfc f
Vt incst and l.i.Hsrs,
K HIE HMT .l 'ALlTllJ?. A tu, -ate!-mrlil
c o c k i: n v.
litKiiv, tin:.
Men's Furnishing Goods !
Ali.f which aei.itfi:
I AT vERl L I'ltlft CS!
! rler from the t'saatrr Promptly
Alir.M'I.H Tu
Storv file
fro, f lit
si.-re. -.i-i-cite
o n oisr c i a "V ,
: .4 i a .
Price. Keitwvrd to Sail the Ttmea!
R I . S . HCIIM im:$(
Chemicals, PatcEt-liIcdit:nes.
fancy and 1oil . stifle.
Fir,?s.t .liti-lav ot Iiiitir 1 sic;:.-!:
tanry and Tol!rt AM !!,
Consisting ii. part ..I
Jrtla.he-s, CJIn, 1 -v. .l-i f.
Xo xxa Ad s ss .
Colcgses, Eair Oils. Eay Hum.
Frttuk, Evghih mnd Amertcan Manvfaeturt.
Pliriocu.us- frrscri,tioua CAKFFi;LI.Y CtjM-
POL'.NDFB. at all hoars, niltt aud day.
Or 'elafnawall nnrtaot tLa State aulMitia! aan
pVMat!v ataraakNt tu.

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