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Application for Patent.
ftffTICB 9. 42.
CAHSOirCiTT, Nevada, October 14, 1557. f
1 Philadelphia Silver Mining Company, by E.
O. Tsyfor, Superintendent, have this day tiled iu
thi office diagram, together with a Notice of
Application for Patent from the United States
uixler Act of Congress approved Jnly20, 1-SGfi, for
twelve nnnarc t tet or the Phiudelpaia l oe,
known as tho Philadelphia Silver Mining Com
piny'ri Claim, in Esmeralda Mining District,
fcsincraldi count. Nevada. Paid claim Is de
scribed as follows, t wit : Commencing at a point
in Willow Onlch about one quarter of a mile above
tae who West milt, on the sn:n sia r-i tue
wter coarse, and sboat thirty fret Banth of the
ri, frjn which point the S W. corner of the
b i.tin works building bears N. 9 E.. distant
2it fe-it, claiming as surface churn 100 feet on
e-vrhside of the ledje, embracii g the same 2-5
f-wt each way from said bail dins, the same betnj
4Q by 209 feet, containing 2 7-iuO acre?"; aI-
ehiimtuz bunitb tho surface on each side of sab
Lode twentv-five fet from the cenrer of the Lode,
containing of an acre. The main shaft if
in the center of Cue Lode lino claimed, and said
I'Uim extends fet each way along the iine
thereof. Said cl tmi is more particularly described
by tho diairani and notice p.wted iu this office and
u thanrning claim. The name?) of the adjoining
citiiciDLt, if any, are not Known.
orl Register.
Application fr Patent.
CAmsosCirr. Xrvida. October 14. IP7. (
il PbiUielphia Silver Mining Company, by E.
O. 'tf ylor, Snnenntendtnt, have this a ay tihd in
this office a diagram, together with a Notice of
Application t r Patent from the Crited States
under Act of C-ngro-s approved Ji!y 2i. 18iti. f ir
tj!n hundred b t of the I'hiiaielphia No 2
I.oiT kn jwn as the Phil ubdphi't Silver Mining
O.rupiny's Claim, in Esmeralda Mining District.
fcru-rI It county, 'evaht. Said claim is described
aj f dl wi, to w:t: Commencing at a post on the
wxith slopi of Last Chance Hill at 200 fet north
id the rjvl levlins t Willow Gulch, a:i l about
one hi-f mile abive the Wid.i West miil. istid
p;st is at the northwest corner of the Philadelphia
Silv r Mining Cnipauy's surface pronnd on the
Philadelphia Lode, running thence .North 32 3
"Vest artO feet, thnnre X. 57 3 ' E 450 feet, thence
S. 3 r E. 2'0 feet, thence S. 67 3o' W. to the
pi u-. of nejjiimsn?. containing 2 i-100 acres, claim
i tz the above snrf ire ground embr.icine the L-xlo,
and alao clabning along the line of the Lude be-
iteuh th surface, embracing the same twenry
nv feet on ea:h sid of the Lo ie tram the center
o the s'jne. conUiiiins SS-1'JO of an are. ini 1
r'iitn i l.jirntei by nioj;iin:ent- ft-t apart,
tie K i-tern bearing front Hie Western bein N.
r.T0 Eat. Tiiere are no kn-wa claimants ad
) in"n sai I cia;:ti- Said claim im re particu'arly
ties.-ribed by the diagram aii i uoilv posted in thi?
o.-fi-a aid on the cbdm.
Application Tir Patent.
y-yr.cz No. 5G.
C'Ton "it v. Nevada, Xovmber 1-. r. i
1 W heeler, VtlIiaj Wallace, Nathan 0. Pad
.ck ard Abu-?r K. burlier, have this day filed iu
h:.. office a Dia-rram. t-eether with a X t:c of
Andicition f .r P Ueiit foil the United Stat-s
i::ii.r Act of C-on?res- ipr;ivtd July 1S'h, fir
twelve hnn Ired ft-t of tue M.wtinKa L-le, known
& t ie Wheeler Company's claim, in the Wilson
7Iitiin Dit-ict, E-ntriId County, Nevada.
a:d claim is described a f,Il iws : consmencinc at
tttum No. I. about one hundred ani nfty yar is to
the 3"n;hof M-uostr-t in the town of Pine0rve.
linr thenorth-wo-t cora-r oft ha c:aim, rnr.i'in:
:t,fT? n-rt"i 52 d-jrvns 4-j runntc ear, tj :
- Station No. 2. Thence sonth T-7 decree?! lrt
miuTite' eit, 1 200 f-et to Station No. C. Thence
cjtli 52 d ie.5 4 minue? wrf, i'OO f-et u
tAiim Xo 4. Thtnoe north 07 d'-recs 1 5 min
nUs w-Jt. l,2t fe.'t t the t hic of be-iinr:i'ir-
roat-iininiT 1 52-lorhs acre 3. S til vein or Lode
. ttU.mVed to be 4 'j ft t in wi-iih. and there is
. da:-nfd m eirh sidp th"-eof 1 :o fot. Im:i!tdi-
'i'.y adj. fining s;ii 1 claim on th-s northern iid
.:ere are no kno.-n claimant-. On the s-nsbern
.rl t'tre-'f 1oci t have been ma bi by the Cad
nj'H C-ma-iy. by tlte Potnnan Company-, and by
th- Dpdft No 3 Company. Said claim is more
pa rri nearly d scribed by the Notice and L'ia.'ram
poei in this otS -e and on the c'aim.
fsf "S'Te"''
U. 3. Lvi 0-t:e. 1
February 17 th, 10. )
XjTICK is hefery gitkx that r.Y
o.-br "f the 11 m. Cmmisdoner 'f the Ce:i--:al
IiTid Oflice, dat.I January 2i'. lN, a!! t':e
fcil h(r;;t f ?re re-r-rv.! ab.iur the lu:e of the
Ceara! PaciS; lal Rna i. fioni" t!:e Slate Isi to
he I!-n i of the Trn i liver, betwetrn the
and '2 mile l-mirs, wiil be r.sfored to pre-e:ni
t43ii and h'.Tes:oal entry on the 21 -i day of Marrh
n-t. The land-? rest-or 1 include the South half
sf T 1.1 N K IS K; T 1 X li ID il; liearTy nil -f
T 1". X R 13 E; T 15 X R l1' K: part of Hi X W
. K and T 15 X K 21 E; part of T 2i X R lo E;
T -.3 X R 1-i E. ar.d tiearlj all of Townships '2
11 IJ ana 0 K
warrkx t. Locsmr.T,
f -M-1?(W-V lb -T-t'T
?otJcc in lianZtrnptcy.
p:r: i t mxf. xoticf. that, ox t;ie
15th d.y -f Fc!tntarv. A. I). lcti-, a warrant
.anrit.-v wa h-n-.-d jtn-t the estate of
TiMMAS J- BEDFORD, cf Carson City, county cf
nssby, ard Stite of X-vnd, who hij been r.d
judj i a ba'itr'ipt. on his ot n petit i -n; that the
Itay aerit uf any d-M and delivery of aiy prop m ty
b d nriaj to stub bankrupt to him, or tor his n..
a i :h- t-a:i-f--r of any property by him are f rbi i
Va by Lav; that a m-etinz of the creditors of the
;d bViki a:t. to prve his d. b:s and c!no-e one
or more us-jrm-e of bis e-t will h-i bold at a
C iiirt of B inkmpt. v, t" b h dd -n at tli'olhco
of Mr. J. .StfEI.Y. a P.' -i-ter in Jlankruptcy of
pi.d C crt. No. tV snfh C str4-cr, in jrcnia Lity,
Ft-vy o'irT. N.v:idt. b 'f re sa d Rei-ter, on
ou fb- 2 tii day uf February, A. D. 1?, at 12
o c: x.
e. inwrx,
U. S. Ala-ic.i anl "VT-'sT.irr ia Rank nip tcv.
te'i-it RyJso. C. bvv. D- p'tty.
V. Pt. Ftmp. 5V.1 (?ftt?rT. Sam-p. ";V.
4'oiict, Empire T v:-hip. in rl for tlie
Cwinty of Onrtsby. Tite Srat 'd ?ev.vla e"ids
ffin5 t Ja-nw Dewitt and W. Dunham: Yon
berwhv sn'pni'med to ap;e r b-f re me at my
rdl- in the t owtish p of hint-ire, in t :e County of
O mfjT. ou thii
7 Dth o.iy f Fet runry, A. F. 1S58,
p I" VcT ck a. w.
f anwpr wnto the complaint j er
of J. I. B trn well, who siks vn to recover ih
r ill of Jlv.'l o, al to be d.e for 27 rord of
"v ol, at th nt of f i 50 per c rd, as will more
f :!y :fear by amount ow on file in this otn-r,
win j:i nei:t will be taken against you f.r th
tid m -out, tjr-r hr with cojU and damages, if
y 4i fill tn menr and auswer.
! the Sheriff or nr ConsfabIe of the Bid
runt? greeting: 31ake legil service and due re-Irtr-i
iiivn nmlr my hand thia 2Sth day of Decern-'
Irf. A D, 17,
inJ-lw Ji'tice of the Feace of raid Towiuhip. 1
Fifty centa United States stamp. Fifty cents
Btate stamp.
chict, in the totinty of Douglae. State of Ne
vada. Before S. E. Tuttle, J. P. W. W. Lapham
plaintiff, a?ain.st John Wiilinins defendant.
The People ol the Mate ot eva!a sen greenng
to Jt.hn WiPiams. cofeailant. lou are iiert-hy
nnimoned to anocar befoteme, at niy office in
Genoa Precinct, in the town of Genoa, county of
Douglas, on the
17 tli day of March, A. D. 1868,
at 12 o'clcck ir..toan3wer the cotnplaint of the
aliove named plaintiff, who sues you to recover the
sum ot three hunurea doiiatM uamaees sustained
bv said idaintirf: bv your failure to fulfill acer
tain contnu't to furnish fish to said plaintiff, as will
more fullv appear bv piaiiitin s complaint
now on file in my ..ffice, when judgment will be
t;;ken Hir.ini!"t you fr thes.ua amount, together
with Costa aud damage, it you fail toapear and
To the PhorilT or any Constable of said Dotijria.
uritv. cteeribg: Make leal service and due
return hereof.
Given under my hand thislllh day of February,
A. D. leaa.
fe!4td A Justice of the Peace of said Precinct.
l livriva suit rK. luininu .-fm'
O pany. Location of works: Genoa, ?tate of
Nevajia. otice is hereby ;Ven, that at a meet
ing uf the lt-ard of Trmtee of said Company,
held on the tenth (10) dav of Febrnarv, 1 vt8, an
ases-JiK-tit of (.ue and 50-100 ($1 f l) IV liars per
Iiare was b'vit upon the capital Ft'X'fe ot sain
company, payable immediately, in tinteu Tates
11 con, totlio tecretaiyat hisoflice oJ am;
Washington Market, f.m Francisco, California.
Any stock up n which pa;d assessment shall re
main ctipi!i;u the r.iulliXLM il I) UAt ur
MAKCH, shall be dee:i;ed delin-jiierit. and
wi:l be dtilv advertised f t Side at public auetk-u.
an:l unless payment sh:tll be made befoiewill be
sold on the F.CUM HAY OF APiilU ls,
to pay th"'dflintji:ent asse-wnient t.-ether with
cors(if a-iverti-soi. ana expaesol sale.
Iiy order of the Hoard cf Tnite.
W. L. DAUTEKMAX, Ferret ary.
Office, Xo. o2 and Warhiugton Market. San
Francis;o, California. ft-lot d
J ha been tbilv appointed administrator of th
estate of Timotliy O. Smith, late of uruisby coun
ty. Ntv.tda. d-cea-'ii.
" AM persons indebted t' ?a!d estate are requested
to make immediate payment. Ail persons having
claims against sai'l e-tate will pr--nt them within
ten months from the date hereof, duly authenti
cated, to i be nnter-vtic 1. at his place if n.inrs.
in Carson City, X.-vada, for allowance. January
24th, IfrOS.
CHARLES C. SMITH. AdminKtrator
ja24 4.v of the estate of Timothy G. Smith.
Rnss to nn Ons-ntvEn at t::e Carson PrBLic
ScnooL. This S-.hool will open on tho second
Mond 13- of January, the IGih i;;st., and will con
tinue ia scssia for fo urteen consecntive weeks as
a Winter Term. It is hoped that there Till be a
geaenl atten lance on this day of those scholars
who intend g-dn to the Public School during the
Winter StSrion. By direction of the Di-t:i t
Rcard tiio fjllow-ng ruUs and regulations will
govern the operations of the School until further
1. Twi-ntj da.s i.'iil c.risliti'te a scho'i nKiit:i,
and no t.aH
-hall be
roqmrtd to tucu oa the
National lb
2. Duritii
the Winter Tern th dailv e--:
will c- mnu-ive at iJ: a. m. , and cl- se at 2:3o p. M.
for tho Primary; and 4 p. m. for ihe Interniediate
and (Jrummar; with the usual intermission f
one h;'ir from 12 .m. to 1 p. m.; and such rece-ses
as the Principal may detcrmiiiH.
3. Tli- Principal hall bavc fnll control f t!t'r
Sh -. and f-nrh teacht-r shall be required to re
port to him at the end f each school dioiiui, such
st -it is tic $ in relation to her department as hv may
4. Teacher: of tf'e feboo! iall pay dn att n
tiiu t pr. -ofr v. arrs'tli ai.d ventdati. n of their
res:eftive school-roc nis an J shall be held respon
sible tor the conduct of thsir pnpiis durirg the
whole of the d:tily S'-.-ii'ii.
5. Tea' b'-: s are riq:iii cd to be in their rsp,f,
tive -ho'd-rom9 at ie?.-t ten minutes befure the
opening of the School iu the morninc
e. Any fccbo'ar tivt.iiiif d in the jvdioel ourinz
the regular rece-?---, s!:ll be allowed a rv-es3 of
at k'.a't three a;inuli s immediately thereafter.
, Scholars taIjo are absent from tho School for
Svi- consecutive days lose all claim to their partic
ular seats.
S. Ahsontees are required to brine excuses
from thir parems or guardians, assigning good
reasi ns for their absence.
9. Dr fiance f" te:udjr3 nnthrity, rrfar;ity,
vnlsrarity. ur fjjbtinr on the school prooi-d di
rinir the daiiy session, shall be sufiii i-nt uflense
for eximNion from the Scbiwd by the Principal;
pn viat-d that tho rarty expelled may hav.- the
riht of appeal t the D.strict Potrd. and, if sus
tained bv tucm, sh:di l;e reirctateil in the Schi'jl
with ad his f riticr rights and privileges.
10. Anv scholar ho has fallen r-eh'n-I u; p'a,
may be p'.aceil in tue rxt lower by ins teac her,
subject t the approval of the Principal.
11 Xo pchobir haH pass fr.-m a l-jv.-er to hirber
dcp:irtmnt unss he be only r-xa-nined in rrl' the
udes rcouired to be completed before gradua
tion. 12 Xo prh'liir shaTl bo dismis-od before tht
c!o5 of the daily scssi. n, rcles-i he pre-en t a re
tuest from his pin nt or guardian that is (satis
factory to the teacher.
13. Any scholar who shall pnrpoely injure aty
ff tho schotd proit-rty Khali bestil-jn;t to repri
mand from the District ijoard, and 9Uspc.-:ion
from the School by the Prin"ipT!.
U. f . Rev. Sfamp. 50c TFtate R- v. Stapip, r.V.
iJ In thp .Tni e's ft;iirt, Fmpir Township, in
and for said Count v of Oimbv. The State of Ne
vada sends greeting to James Dewitt and W. Dun
ham: You are h o eby summoned to appear lie
fore me at my ofti e in Emjcre City, iu ilinpire
Township, iu jrmsby County, oii the
10th day o5 Fcfcrnary-, A. D. 1SG9,
ftt 10 ocl x-k A- and answer nnto the complain
f S. E. Jones, who cues yon to recover cf you
the sma r-f ono hnndred anJ eighteen and 20-1 no
d dlar-. a)l?ired to be doo to hiai from yon, npon
an op-n b.-k account, a will mere fully appear
bv plainti f 's acconnt on Me in tr,y office, when
ia.'.gm: nt wi!l be taken ami-it yon for the F.aiJ
am. u ut, toee-her with cost! and damrges, it you
fr.ii t' appearand answer.
To the Sheriff or any Constable f the nnUl
connty jrreeliug : 3iake legal service and dae re
tnrn hereof.
n.r ...tci md Von,! lbi Tfii it a v of Decem-
7j rtw Justice of the Peace, Empire "oni-hip.
District Attorney ofOrmftny County
Office in Connty Buildings, Carson City, Nevt
fa. Special attention civn to cases nnder tLf
Suited Mates Bankrupt U. p24-tf
Post Office Departmek? , 1
ITashiiucton, November 30, 16C7.
Contract Office of this Department until 3
p. X. of Tuesday, 3Iarch SI, iStiS, for coiiveyinp
the matis of the tinted states in uie rime oi
VADA, from Jnly 1, 1S6S, to June 3rt, on
the routes and by the schedules of departures
and arrivals herein specified, uecieions maue
April 5, 1S6S.
1435 From Antln. by Geneva and Kinjrston.
to Twin River, to miles auu oaca, once a weeh.
Leave Anstin Monday, at 6 A. M ;
Arrive at Twin River next day by 10 A. M ;
Leave Twin River Wednesday at 6 a.
Arrive at Austin next dav bv 5 P. St.
Propvals for twice ud three times a week ser
vice invited.
ltj,4:w Kn-m Dayton, by Ibd Springs (no omce)
U Pine Grove (n. o.), 5 miles and back, once 1
leave Dayton 5focday at 6 i. w.;
Arrive t 1'ine Grove next day by 12 SI. I
Leave Pine Grove Tne-lny t 1 P. M. ;
Arrive at llavton next dav bv i P. M. :
For a synopsis of laws relating to the postal ser
vici. Ami for instructions to bidders and postmast
ers in reference to the tnakins of bids, ind con-
tainimr also conditions to be embraced in the
conrrarts- forms of proposals. Ac, Ac, parties
intere-ited will consult the advertisements of
routes in California. Nevada, Ac, dated July 31,
1SH5. and October 31, lbb6, to be seen at the pnn-
inl t list ijOirs.
Ruts most provide tor carrying ine man wun
celeritt. certainty, and seenritv,' nsing the
words of the law: must be puaranteed by two
person, and the piaranty certified to by a post
mastt-r or a judre of a court of record. They
ahonld he addressed to the Second Asitant P t
master General, Contract Office, mai ktd ' Mail
Proposals, " and mailed m time to be receivca vy
March 31, 1S6.
jaT-tf PosTma-!-r General.
lius E. Garrett dec'ed. li Second District
( onrt. Ormsbv conntr. Nevada. tice is nerei-y
given that John F. Kidder and H . f . Kice, a'l
niini.trators of the estate of Julius E. Garrett
1 pressed, have rendered ami presrnteit t r s-ttie-
ntont n.n.1 filed in said Court, their annual ac-
ount of their administration ' f saii etate; ana
that f-atnrdav, Fidtmarv 1st, A. D. 1V.N, beins a
ilay cf a term of said Court, to wit: of the De
cember Term, A. D. Ieb7, at 10 o'clock a. m.. has
been dnlv apnointt d bv the Judge of said Court,
for the w-ttlcmcnt of said acc mnt, at which time
anv pers.n interested in said estate may appear
aTtd file his exceptions in writing to t.iid account,
and can test the same.
Witm-ss ntv band r.nd FeI of sani Dis
) tri-t Co
f D. lfiS
tri-t Court, this 22ud day i f January, A.
M. J. ASHMOilE, Clerk.
O District Attorney's ottice. Notice of suits
commenced. To the" loll winc-nained defendants,
and to all owners or claimants to the real estate
ana imp rovenvnts There -n. or improvement: when
assessed sepal attdy, 1- -reinafier desciib'd, known
or unknown : You a hereby notified that snita
havbeen commenced in tli" Justice's Court. Cnr
son Township, by the Mate of Nevada, plaintiff.
against each ot the dvit-noants bereinalter nnniffl.
and ea.h of the fdlowit.e d.-scribed tracts oriar-
eeUofland, with the ir.tpr-.vemenf thereon, and
improvements when P-paratdy asstssed f-iruated
in Ormby county, and .ill owner, of claimants to
the same. known ur unknown, to recover the tax
and dflin-uvncy, nsse--d to paid dfft-r.dants,
a-rainst said property, f -r the fiscal year con-
xencinsr c-n the hrst day ot January, ann
endine on tl.e T7st day of December, 17, and
tht a gi;n.m-i:-has ben duly ism-d in each cas;
1 vou rc further n-ttihe-1 thitunicsyou uj pear
an-1 Htiev.cr the 01:11 la.ut a.ed iu bahi caiise or
before the
23 tia. S"o32.vxrx-v
A. D. 1-fS, at the hour of 10 oVl vk A. M.,
Judgment will be t;-ken nsrainst yon and t-e real
estate and improe:'n-rTs herein described, f-r t!:e
vnount of tax and dcdin-juency epecined, and
'osts r.t smt :
A-pen. John Y. p.-s-s rv claim t- ?0 nrrcs of
land, S ?2-f N W 1 ; of i;rion 14. T 15 N li 19 E
of 31 1 Diaido Mridiai and improvements; tax and
dt-Hoqneucy 10 2-J.
Ad.ins, Cyrus, lot 2 in bbvk 54 Mn-str's divi-sh-n
of Cars'-n Citv ; lo e- nth 14 feet ot lot 4
and north 17 b et .f lot 5 in bb ck "2, Pro-'t..r and
Green's dm-dnn Carson City and improvements;
alsi personal property aa'ssed at locu 00; tax
and delinquency 70 23.
A-h. Alexander, lots 2. H, fi, 7 r.r.d 10 in bl-x-k
10. Proctor and Green's 0ivii- r. Car-n City; also
lot lb in block -14. Musser's division, Cais -n City :
also posssorv claim to IliO acres of mnd descri
bed as the whJ of aeti--n 10. and E 1 of sec
tion 9 and E Uof section 1 and f E1,.' t-f -ect;jn
4, all in T 15, N H 19 E cf Mt Diablo Meridian, and
s:iw mill thereon: also personal pn perty assessed
at5o0 00; tax and de'io'juency 85 rV..
Behr, Charles, possesory claim to the wet e'2.
fe.it of lot 24 of Ktissell k Crew's sinvt-y ol Em
pire City and improvemen's; also j ei'.uai proj er
ty assessed at 3u0 U0 ; tax and delinquency o7 51.
Hrynnt, A P. pow-a .ry ca;m to tTtat certain
town lot in Empire Citv and improvements, asses
sed at 2'Hl CO ; also j-ertoiial property at 50 0C; tax
and oVlinqnencv s o-j.
Bell. Sammd'B, poworv claim to 1G0 aces f f
larid. described as the W 1 . of SK'.f and S 1 .: ot 8
W (f section y, T 1 j'X K 2o E of Mt Diablo
M'-riditm and improvements; a!-o that jortion of
the "VValron Toll Road, lyinjr in i rmsby connty,
and Toll House thereon; tax and delinquency
Id '14.
BradW, B9, W V..f lots 2 and 5 in hWk ?-4 of
T andV's division. Carton City ; tax and delin
quency 14 74.
Krannan. f it, iori;i in iuock o. i n-cn.r bum
Awn's division, Carson City ; tax and dtlirqueu
cv 1 St.
"Bedford. Thos J. shout 2 acre? of rround n1
nor.hweet po. tion of Car n City, bounded e.tat by
land formerly owned by James 0 ate wood, nd
southwe'-t and north by land f A. I. Treadway
and improvements: and personal property asriessed
at 792 Ub; tax and delinquency 77 OS.
Meff rd Pckstead. InO acres of b'.nd beirc: the
N W K( of section 4, T 15 X It 19 E cf Mt Diablo
Meridian ; and personal property assessed t
273 00; tax and delinquency 13 20.
Rtarham. 3Tr? Dora, lot of lard west cT and
a -Ijoininjr S. T and ?"s division nf Cars- n City,
bounded on the north by land formerly owned by
Charles Lindley, south by land of M C Gardner.
and west bvland of James Savace, containiiiff S.0S
res: also g , of block SO S T fled g division.
Carson Citv: and S22 feet cf bd 5 in bb ck 1-i s&mo
division, and persona! property ases-ed at 10 00;
tax an l delinquency So 01.
Bailer. Henry, east 44 feet of I d 9 in Work 27 S.
T and 6's division. Carbon. City; aud per-onal prv
perty assessed at 1,100 00; tax and delinquency
42 74
Booth, L A, Id 1 in Mock -0. Proctor 4 Green's
division, ( arson City; tax and delinquency 1 S4.
Custer & Clark, 100 acres of land, S H-f S Y'
of section 3, and N 4 of X W of sec' ion 10, 'f
15 N' R a E of 3D Diablo 3Ieri'I:an and improvement-!;
tax and delinquency 17 05.
Cromwell, Oliver, possessory claim to lot 6 in
Mock 21 of Empire City nd improvement: and
personal property valued and asesaed at 1,500 CO,
tax and (inlinqnency 50 61 .
Cleaveland, F B. personal property a'scssed at
4'30 00; tax and delinquency 13 64.
Cave?l, 3Irs Elizabeth, rersoual property asses
sed at 150 CO; tax and delinquency 5 3.
Carrigan, James. lots 6, 8 and 9 in Mock 12,
Pearsun and Goodrich's division, Carson City, also
lot 4 and 6 in block 3 of g, T and S's division; also
possessurr claimto NWcf section 22, T 15 N R
19 K of lit Diablo Meridian; tax and deliiaeiicy
8 Cd. . I
CoffeT. William. 80 acre of land. E Uof NW
of tection27, T15N Rl K of Mt Diablo Meri
diatu tax and delinmiencv 3 41.
Cowinc. Geo B. if 14 acre of land on the Warm
Splines Koad from Carson City ; also lots 2, 3 and 6
in mock i ot ss r ana b e division of Carson i-ny
and personal property assessed at 50 00; tax and
delinquency U'2 bo,
Cavanauh, Peter, lot 5 in block 7, of S, T and
S s division of Carson City and Improvements
also lot 2 in said block and improvements also
personal property assessed at felu uu; tax and de.
linauency 51 96.
Cornover. Peter, 1C0 acres of land. S J and XW
of NE -4 of section 10, T 15 N K li E of 31 1
Diablo Meridian, end personal property assessed at
7(5 00; tax and delinquency o tfi.
Clayton, 31rs Susan, undivided one-half interest
in lots S. 4 and north half of lot 5 in block 25,
Tand S?'s division of Carson City; and lots 1 and 4
in block -J same division; tax and delinquency
29 4b.
Chartres, Famuel, improvement C Fumndt
ITonee) on V i of NE M of section -7, Tlo N K
19 E of 3D Diablo 3Ierid.an; also personal proper-
tv assessed at 60 t'0: tax and delinquency o" 40.
Cadwalader. Henry, possessoryclaim to2?4 acre
of land, and improventents. cta-ut 3 miles wes-t o:
Carson Citv. in Kinir's CU"ii, bound d on tin
north bv laud claimed by C M Eaton, south by
laud of Joseph Kcefer, and on the west by Wm.
W re nee ami A D Tread way, said land commonly
known as the ' Johnson and Baldwin's ranch,"
tax and delinquency 170 50.
Cradlebauch. John. 10 acres of land, bnr-mbd
north by the road leading from Carson City tu
State Prison, eat by la tin oi n i; oaruiser. ana
west by land "of Beck, and improvemento; tax and
detinqnencr 10 23.
Capt hart. Aaron, lot 1 in bbck 44 of Mnsver's
diviMn of Cai-suu Citv, tax and delinquency
3 b9.
Dovle, Tatrick IT, lot 0 in block T.2 of Proctor A
Green's division of Crsn City; a'so -ers. iinl pro
pert v assessed at 'j75 00; tax and dtliuneucy,
Dorsey, John C, pared of land containinc about
cue a -re nt corner of Washington an-l Minnesota
streets, of Carson City; also personal rropcrty rs-
'ssrd at f"25 00; tax and delinquency ;41 4o.
Eberhart. John pos-eseorv claim to lot 10 in
blK-k 22 of Empire City and hrne there, n; also
pers-mal property aseftsc-d at $4 0; lax and delin
miencv f 10 i.
Ellis, Moses, lot 9 in Mock 14 of S T A P's di
vision of Carson City; tax and delinquency 3 ty.
l.ail and Lawton. psess(ry claim to l" acrts oi
land and improvements, on the I.-ke Dialer ro.d.
about eifrlit miles from Cars. n City, krewn as
Swift's Mation: tax and delinquency 15.
ike, John A, parcel of land in Carson City,
inc e:st half of west eO ft of north-west quarter
of b!ok 11 ot S T & S s division; also bis 1, 4
and 5 in bh-tk 4, sime division; and prs' lad
ropfrtv ast&sed at ?122 00; tax and delinquency
fid S9.
Fox nnd r.os?er, block 24 of an W inkle rr.d
Pr.xt-rs division of Carson City; tax and deliti-
quencv SIS 4.'i.
Fnl a s. "VYilliHin. lot- 4. 5. 9 ai.d 10 in ldcck 14
of Cun-y'sdivisiun uf Caisuu City; tax and deliu-
Falfe, Kid.ert, lns S, 9 rnd 10 in Id vk 12 of
Curry's divi-i. u of Carson City; tax and delin
quency j. 6-'!.
dales, A )., t.ouse ani lot in rmpir1 1 :ty, anti
furniture assessed at 00; tax and delinquency
i 4!.
Gasherie. D G. wet 27 feet of lot 7 and 10 iu
block 14 T & F s division. Carson City: andper-
nal i ropes ty 3-sesrrel at toOJ Ou ; tax and di-iin-
IlHli-V fv'7 12.
(o.ti .n. A C, Ids 4 ar da in block 4" of yTu-rs
ivision Carson City ; tax and delinquency 54 79.
Gilbert, OAF. fast 04 f- t of b t- 1 ar.d 4. and
atS4 f"t of north half of lot 5 in bb . k I'ear-
n and Goodrich's divi-jon Cfr-' n Citv: also los
and 9 in block 12 of S T A s divi-i-m 'ar-n
City; 8i-d personal rr perty asef?'d ai JJ40 CO ;
tax and deiinqutTcy ?ol 12-
Griswold, A I!, blocks 5 and in Fi.iliir add:-
tic-u to Tiir-oii Ci'v : nr.'l r.osn d prfi-rty nsse.-.
ed at fc,0 H' tax unl delinquency 20 27.
Crec-rdi:.Vh. A II. bt 5 Inbb-ck 30 Procter &
Green's diision Carson City; also 1. 1 i in slid
block and improvements; tax Mid delinquency
GriniH'M. J.-d,T-a. r-eisory chom to j2"i acres
cf land ,,n orth side of Cb-nr Creek and tmpr.-v -ments;
hl-o pers.-nil pn j erty a-ssed at Ho t'O;
taxar-d de!ii:qnencv 12 79.
Gn vs. 1 N, r.orth22fet rf I d 2 in 1 !o,-k " . f
Pr-vt-r a. t.reen's dirisicn C.rsi ii City: t;;x and
d-d-.U'iueijcv 2i 4s.
Il.Tt -n. It .A. prceeory c?aim to Tof 1 find 2
iu block -2 f Empire City m:d ini:'.'remtits :
ftUo p"r"'Ti:iI pr"ity asse-bt-d at Hi) o0; t.'.x aLd
dflinque'K'j lo t4.
Hau.iit.- n, V.' J. mcr.ey at ir.tort secured by
B'-ortsziitrc executed by W D Torrvjstm, 1.2(-U Ot;
tax end de'inquc-rcv 4-t 24.
lliJjrer. .Vicba.d. p.t 9 in block fPof Pr ctnr A
Gret n s i':iision Carson City. a:d pers-.nal pro- er
ty assessed at 150 t'0; tax and dfiinquency lo -j
Howe. T. X, lots 1, 4, 5, S r.nd 9 in I I ck Z?.
S T & 's -hvir.b.n Carsi-n City, and pcr-i r.al ; r
rt-rtv a-;ssed at ou0; t:x u:.l dflii; ,ueiicy S I
lbitch. Jo-.-ph F, nuith 1 ;if if bb-k 55 cf ;
T i di.i.-toii t-f Caioii City ; tax and d.liu-
:r-r.rv IS -13.
llackett. J M. nrth l.a!f of 1 b" k 11 of P. nr-- t,
and Goodrich's divi-ien Caron Oi:y : tii.d on cur-
renter shopf n Third street Carson Csty ; tax and
delinou'Ticv 27 f4.
Itarvev, Catharine S, I its 1,4 and & tn bTok
49 of S T A S's division Carsoa City; tax aud de
linquency 12 So.
liinckb-y, J L, 1 lock of hir.d in Carson Cifycn-
taiiiinu 1 .1.; ncre? and boundt n by a line c- n m-n-
cirfat a point 0 b e v.est of the north-we-t cor
nf r of bb-ck M ? T v s d:visi.in tarsn itv.
running tlience west 2- 2-10 bet; thence south
170 fc-Di leet: thence vt 29 feet, thence north
170 S-l fe't to i !ace cf beLrinninir; tax and de-
linonencv 11 CO.
Israel. Th-m.is T, trnt of land south of nndad-
i- inin; t ars"!iCitv, i-onnoeo roiinrv iuimicm:;
street, east bv contn:nath-n ot trnii'y strepi, w-sr
by G A Fols -m's lamb aud south l-y public lands;
tax and delitrinencv 8 53.
Junking. Me hid D, south N. n-er east na:i ci
dock 5 of Mu-ser's division Carson City: also lots
1 and 5 in block 1 same divirdon and personal pro
perty assessed at 400 CO; tax aud delinquency
Jli 95.
Janiion, Tb F, pos?psr.ry claim tn FW ' of
section 2S, ani N '.;of 1 4. end - oi k
4f section S3, alUnT 15 N' K 19 fiof Mt Diablo
meridian, and mi ruvtments; tax and delinquen
cy 6 82.
Ki!ker:all. J S. 1- ts 1, 2, 5 act! wr?t 2 fiet of
lets 10, li eud 12. and east i" feet- f los 7, 8 and
9 in block 12 of YanWinkie 4 1 roct -r's di ision ot
Carson City ; alo personal pr'-perty asjestied at
105 00. tax aud delinquency 14 92.
Lord. EG. let 6 in Muck 14 of S T k F's divMon
of CarscnCiiy, and pers('n:d property assessed at
250 00; tax and delinoiiencv 14 74.
Lewis, Augustus, lot 4 in block E7 of P T S's
division of Carson City, and lots 2 and 3 in blc.ek
44 same division, and personal property asst&scd at
300 00; tax and delii quency 24 Gle
Lake Eiler Foid Company, about 10 miles of
toll-road and t-11 b'-u.-e thereon, in Grmsby coun
ty, part of the Lake Iligler Tull Uoad ; tax and
delinquencv 'S 20.
I'imbert", Via IT. pcfessory clwtm to about 100
acres of timber land situntt Uut 3 nules west ct
Carson City; tax and delinquency 6 S2.
I,ow, Talbot IT. block 15 of Cnrry's division
Carson City; t:;x nd delinquency 44 22.
Lancaster, Kan p, lot 0 in blocs iNo I 01 mu'-
sf r's division Carsou City ; tax aud delinquency
Marble Canoj Toll. read Company, five miles of
toll-road leading up Merrimac Canon and Ml
bridge across Carson Kiver. near Brunswick Mill,
aud commonly known as the Marble Cauon Toll- ;
rond- tax nnd delinonencv 13 14. i
Bluller. Jacob, bb ek 2S of an niKie at 1 -roc-
tor's division Carson City: tax and delinquency
MrPherson k. Phimmenf. tnonev at interest se
cured by mortgage executed by P II Doyle and wife
assessed at 4.600 00; tax ana aeiinquency io oz.
Mnnre. Ttichard M. lotsl. 2.3. 4. 1, . antt IU
in block 1 of 8 T A S'i division Carson City and
improvement i tax and delinquency 13 8ft,
AlcCarty, Patrick, lot l in kiock 001 Mu?scr
division of Canon City ; nd lot 6 In block 6 of J
curry s division Carson City ; lax ana aeutquen
cv 11 00l
Mahony, A B,160 acrePof land in section 1 T 15
W It 19 ; also lot 1 in Mock 43 of flusser smvisn n
Carson City, and personal rroperty, assessed af
575 00: tax and delinonencv 39 97.
Mnnckton Warner, north lri feet of lot in block
6 id S T A S's division Carson. Citv ; also west 4
feet of lot 4 in said block, south 40 feet ol Ms C and 1
"inbl'TkM of Musser's division Cnrsr.n C ity, lots
1, 2. , 7, 8and in Mock 3 PT fc summon; ai-
south-east qnarter of block 11 same division: abu
bbxks22 and 23 of Mu-ser's divison Can-on City,
and personal property assessed at 4,C0 00; tax
and delinonencv 11 oH.
Mara. KnireneS, lofftand 9 m Mock 4Sof 0 T &
S s division Cai son City, and personal property
assesse d at 140 Wl; tax and n Itrinm ucv 19 so.
Mara, M illiam. lots 7, 8. 9 and lo in l b k Hi of J
T & h's division Carson City: also idl of I lock '
:anre d:isioTi : tax and delitiouency 24 57.
Miller. Matthias, possessory claim to MV of
-ctk.: 25 T 15 N K li Kami impr. vemects, and
pero'.al property astest-u at lv cu; tax aua Ct-iiTio'ir-vei-
1.1 "2.-;
.ileRoid Pecksfcad, HT arrs ot lans. J "4 f J
section 4 T 1 5 K 19 K of Mt Diablo meridian. an:
nI property as.-e-sed at 175 it'; tax and i
lir-ouencv 13 2u.
McCuhhin. T hoira. lots 8 and 9 inlbtke4 ct 1
Jltifser s division f Crscn City, aid terse ni
propeity assessed at Dr4 00; tax and dehnqnt-ncy
Martin, famuel P, west CCU fet of east $V,f2
feet of south half of Ihick 1 of Procter k Green's
livisionof Carson Citv, nnd the est .0 feet of the
et90teeiof thenerih blf vf snid block , and all
f Mock 4 of Curt v's division cf Carbon City; tax
and deliiuiueTiry 14.i 24.
os'iiey. .Vis Anfia K. soiith r.all ot I t' ck I'roc
r & Gri-n's division Caisou Citj ; tax ai:d delin-
luiicv 22 1 1.
eal. Ji bii t'OSeferv claim to i.opcreer
and. I -inc FK I , of N W - , and V. ' .of iVl ' ,f,
t:o!i.7i!iT15N R 19 K of Mt Iii;Moni(rnd.mi.
1 impr-'v-jnienn: and personal i r-poity a-tessed
atl.S'5 0' : tax and dt Imqu rry li2 ,o.
(din, A S. possessor v clana t-."0 - it - t-f bind.?
F' , of N V ' , and ? ' , t f NF 1 , of mi tin
T 15 N li 21 K of Mt Diablo meridian and in.piove-
ments: tx aj.d tleliiiouency ' '.
O' P.rien. 'Jhoma, lit 4 inbl n-k 44 of Muster's
vision of Carwrt Citv: tusard delinntcrry 7
PrUMi. Marcellus. iisess..rv claim to 2"2 acres of I
i! d LC.u Safe Home Tutine t in l'in- Nut h:trie. fti d
.ertoual propel ty usier-sed at 'CZo 0c; tax aud dvlin-
jue:ny 21 i?.U.
r. its. 31 is L A. I 't in t iook oj . x aro ;
visn-n of i arson l itv: !x ami c iicou- iicy i p-.
T!y, A lots 7 and loin hl- k S, of S. T ar d,
division of CiiroiiCity: and lnt-rd9 in Ihxk
j..'-iii::c.uv!si..n: tax T.d I'tdn-ou ticy , o .4.
Perkins. Prank, the wh.de of i ;-c-es of lard.
id iniMovements. south t-f, and hrboiiiinc Perley
and Lund.-r's land, aid ea-t f M-v-art street in
..j...... 1. 1, -i I .:' I t. i L lr . f Ttof r
..;,;j,.i,.;f Ca!t..n fn v tiv n nd J in- I
Pi!ev.5evmonr. I. island 4 mil. k 11 T ,
and '':ivis-.n of Carson Citv, cd eat 4u f' --t . f
1 ts 1 ai d 4. and east 4 bet of r rth 10 bet t f lot ft
in bi sk lt. s-uie divisor. : tax aud d-.I:n:utiic.
12 9 .
Penr -d. Imanud, that portion cf the trrct cf
land knovn as the Peond lianch Ivirg north
Clear t'i '-k . containinc at nt Stacr.-; also the
nori!i5f.et of Mork 24 of Phillip-.' ?ddi t ion IoCjT-
s..ii r;tv. and lots 1. 2ai,d3. and north 20 tn t o Jot.
4 in bb ' k : 2 of Pr".'t. rand Green's divisb-ii f Car- j
s- it "if v: tax ard delinquencv 12" "5.
l'h;ibj.s. Mrs E M. t k. k 23 , f I l.inipi' rddita
to Chnmh Cif. Id 1 in M rk 2 t 1 io-1 r ai
Green's i;:vi-i.u of Carson Citv; 1 tf-in 1 lock 43 cf
Muss i s divisi-.-u of Cav-ou City : north f . U et
w.-t ;of. et db!- k "1 Pr-ctorai d;r-i r. div:i. r.
Car? -n Citv. 11. css4s-, 4aiol51 Mufei's divi-in-
l.t in link 17.. T and sdiv;d.p. Id- 7ai:dl'
in 11 S4 of Proci'T r't d Crefn's divfsi. n,
r.olh baifef bbvk 40 of Must ei 'e tii vi?i- i:: tax and
p. -n rov. ii n. i-1 r- ei:d we-t f. . of i.-t
1 i-, k 17 of 5enr-. II.- lur-fcn aud e-l d:liion t
r;,rs r, Citv. ai d I d V. m idvtkS. s-'U:e loV-sk-i:; tax
ai.d delii i,ue? r b 2t.
Dei n. 5..n:t.cl J.TiWc. rv rla m t 1 re re e?
. f 1-iL 1. leiiiL-ti.t ! V.of K' at.d f
s-ctiop in 1 15 N R 19 F. a' d et- o. I pr city
i -es-ed i:tt5 ('O; tax ard d b;.iU-i
STiii K v , ,l;il.:i s. dwtdlii i: b le in 1 i: j ir CIy,
ai.' i -i-i - --d I'Ti i '! t y a-.-e-.-.d at D.O i.'; tax ai:f
ci hnorencv 5 11 .
li.tu ii. v diii'in. money at ii r.re t Frcured ly
m-rtcace exe-cltd bv Geo A 'oi re. assi.-Mdat
iVil i m- txetard del utMit-rvv 22 11.
Sbetkb-t-n. Joseib. bd. 1 ar 1 4 in M- li C7 oi
Pr- ct. r ar.d fireen's division cf Ciitn City; tax
and di br.qut i"v '.'2 12.
Sis..e-'r:.-s 'C. I-n 4 ar.d r in 1 ! - k r f Prcct.
arrldn-pn's dii-i--n f Cs.rson City, and ' t-2. 3, 4.
5, t 7, N 9 and 10 in bl. k s.ttr e n. .Mid
i.ei..i'.:liT-'l ertv :useseedut 10 ! .; tax ai xl CcV.U- !
lin,!,fv 14 74.
Smith. Fx-a L. hd Sard S in M. 4 k CI of Pr-xtor '
1 and G ret n -div:-i- n of t ;i! s- n l i-y , an i I- is " :'iiu
7 ir. bl -ck i -r ard 1 -ts Sand ;n bkk 6, ? .n:e divi-
,v. lav ai:d d. 1 IM'uC'K T 11 t"3.
Tuiiier. In -1 1'. h-i- - n in 1 I ck 47. at d ea-t
r.tee: f I 7 and lo :n 1 1 -ck 14, and 4 bv f et
in 1 1.H-kll.allin ,eais. Thomr-em ai.d ar divi
sion of Cars- ii Citv ard i erot.cI i r ieity assessed
t-tsS i Or tax and d-dirmiencv ;7 0.
TlioiinTon. WJ, eastrJteetof lot lOinl lock 43 1
of Milker's division if Cars-n City. aid persoi:!:!
property a.-sessed at 2l0 00; tax ai:d delinquency '
1-? 95.
Tiev.t, Chr-rle. enst br.lf f b ts 2ard 3 in bbik
34 d S Tai:d "s divisi n of Croi. City and south
west .carter of blmk In of Phillip audition to -
Car-. riCitv: tax and di I ron- ncy -2 11.
Tusker, J -cph. s. ulh hnlf d" b-k 52 o'JIr. :
-r's div;b.n it Carton City: i.tx and dilicqncncy '
Tanrvk". J- hn P. bt of cr.-rr-.;4r 1 y 50 f-c t at
u It west comer id" 'i la mi -on ar.d F;th ft:c-ets.
and nersora! woperiy nsod at 2'.'2 '.0; tax ai.d
deliTuii:.-r,cv-4 :-9.
Yen Winkle, p W, oithba'.fof bh-.k 2' of Tan 1
TVii.kh ar.d Pr iter's divi-i-n of Car-( u City; a
north f0 feet cf bloefcs f", 70 and .2 same dmsio ;
abo all . f bb ck" 6 and 32 seme divUion; tax and
deliruMiencv 6 1 .
Walter. Albert, possessory claim to lf-0 aerpof j
land being JK i ot r- l4 ara . r ; ari
NK -of f; -4 of sectam .4 1 1J K U K oi Jit
Dial b n'eridian.ai-d personal pn -perty a.esstd at
200 CO; tax and delinquency 10 2o.
Warren, Alice, bttDMnlbck 5 cf Pearscn ad
Go'itlrich's division, ond jeisftral property assesritd ,
at 60f0: tax and delinquent y 47 90.
White. Catt. lot 5 in block lu of Proctor rud
Green's division of Cui-ou City; tax and dtliu-
qucnci, 11 ( ).
Winters, J. ey-h D,.b'ts7; P.P.T.dlO in 1 !ick i
of Proctor i (ceon ? divi-ii n of t arson vitv, and
pers rrd ri T'crtv aste.-t'd at 1.0c0 00; tx ar.d 1
del-ntjueucy 103 IS.
Wapi n. T'.r.fn-'. rcssenrvc!-rm to that porta
of the K l:. of XW and. W 2 nf E 1 ( of section
Sin T 15' N R 19 Eof Mt Diablo meridian, lying j
north uf Clear Creek, about cO acres; tax aiul
di-iinfiu-ncv 10 23.
Walker, MrsL'C, east 1 alf of west half of lot 3
in Mod 14- i f Fears, Thompson A Star's division of ;
Caricn City ; tax and delinquency 4 oi.
W. kh. Y illiam, 9.2 ceres of land, part of F ' f
of fh 1 i of section 1T15 N R 20 Kof Mt Diablo
meridian, beinir 4r 7.9 feet on K ingstrcct t.f Caisi u
Citv, by SOS. 2 b-et en the other quarter s cticn "J
line, ami personal pri-prty ase-Sbi-u a: vuu tu: tax
and delimtneiicv lo2 90.
Wrench, William, pisessory cla'm to EO.icrrs of 1
land, being the S of S 1 i ot seiti. n 23 T lo
it 19 E of Mi Diablo meridian : tr.x aud delui-
nuencv 8 f3
Wilier. James M. ej-t 57 f-et cf lots 10, 11 and -
12 in Mock 12 of Van Winkle & Proctor's division j
of Carson City; tax and delinquency 3 bS.
Wimte. Sarah II. lot 5 iu block 12 of g T A i
uivudonof Carscn City, and east 20 fert of west 40 :
feet of hits 1 and 4, and north 19 feet of east 0 j
feet ef west 40 feet of lot 5 in block lOof said di
vision; tax and delinquent y 14 74.
Terrington & Kidder, that certain sawmill and.
all the machinery end fixtures, on Clear Creefc,
known as the Cayote Sawmill; tax aud deliqneu
ey 20 46.
District Attorney, Ormsby county.
A. TV, NlGF-urciu, Sheriff. de24

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