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To tha Hob. Board of Ooanty Commissioners of
Ormsby County: Gentlemen I herewith submit
my Report of the business of the Treasurer office
for tie s'.i mouths ending June 3uLh, 1568.
At the date of my second Pemi-annnal Report,
January 1st, 1S0S, ti.ure was cash on hand in the
several funds as follows :
In State Fowl . - ... 5212 22
lu the ttbool Fund zoo tlo
la the Oeurral Fund 2,440 (4
In the Redemption Fund . 24i 47
lu the Conur-rent Fund. 7 -3
luthe R.-ad Fund ..' 2,r(KJ ?1
luthe Fire Department Fund. 1,3-Vt 7S
In sfiH-ci l cho it Hi-trk't No. 2 Fund . f2 42
In the District Judtr;es Salary Fnnri..- 3 12 I
In theCouuty Treasurer' o Salary F"uud...l,03o 7$
5 ' - 1
and Provisions,
Corner Telegraph and Carson Sts.,
y ownHl by J.J. tipeacer, will kiep con-
Tutal cash on hanil, Junary 1, 18 S,1S 43
The foilowiiip amounts have been received from
all sourc-ed 'luring tue.ix Bi.nths emling Jnue 30,
r riinij.-lin mt'nt taxes nflS'U . S2S3 SO
Frm delinqnejit taxes of l-
'r.m deiiii'iiieiit taxes .-f
From deliti'inent taxes of lsti"
From 10 y et. " " '-
Ycom .k-Hu.iUi-nr Fire taxes of 1 ;,-.,
Fr.iu leliTi(iient Fire taxes nf lit t...
From il.-lm jueiit . ire taxes if 1 7....
F'roni stibseiiue:it Fire taxes of l-.o7..
From subsequent assessment rll of IM7 3,i.2 31
Front 1') y et. on a-es.i;ii nt roll of IM'.-, i;l
From 10 ct. on assessment roll of IStio
F'rom cm:ity lie uses ..
From passenger tax
F'rom rents of county Imil.l.iii:
Kr..m Court docker fe fs ...
From State Scn-xl Fund
From toil roads j.n.t 1 ritles
Froui insurance hrenc
From special svlu"l tax Iitrict No. 2...
From niiscellaiieon sources ..
.".9 S
... 21 43
... 3.1H7 00
... 31"7 8
34 9 i
24 34
2-J4 SI
2!7 Grt
4 3
3,:lo ai
l-'ii 75
3. Si to (-0
ia oo
l,o4 03
lu Si
50 00
4S T,
Sua uo
stantly uu hand large aud fine usortmeut of
Comprising in part
Fresli Ranch. Butter,
GrcenXan and Dried Fruits,
Confectionery. Stationery,
o cj li. o t Cutlery,
4J-Remember the place, corner Telegraph and
Canson streets, Penrudliouse.
Feb. 15. 1X68.
.$17,oUu" -40
Total anii-nnt received ......
Apportioned as follow;
T State Fund 5!.195 01
T Sell-nil Fund 2,17 15
Totieneral Fund 5,-V0 07
T Kt-dca-.iti.ii Fund 4, Mi 4tf
To Continent Fund 4tt SJ
T. Rm i Fu.i l 4M 11
To Firt Di-r.;ir:irent Fund. 4'. '22
T- pe. ia Sfhtf.d listrk-t N. 2 Fund... 4 27
lustnct Jmlae's SaliiTT Faml 12S 64
Cuuuty TreAaiiref's Salary Fuud 40 t4
T"tal amnnt app.rti'ne'l ?17,tiii 40
Add aiuuunt cu huud Jauu try Idt, 1m5 X,ly3 43
T.ituI ca-h ..?J5,7'.d S3
The foUitwirti? amounts hnve brfn paid iut du
ritis; the ix m nths ending June 30th, 1:
Fr m tate Fund t,32 23
From hchool Fund 2,2ili o3
From General Fund 6 ;7 09
From Redemption Fund- 2,4$ 53
From Contingent Fund 247 00
From R.Kid Fund 1,420 93
From Fire Department Fun trti5 8
Frtin District Judge's salary Fund 1.750 V)
From County Treasurer's F und 1,125 W
Total amount paid out ..... 19, M2 y0
l.esring halmee on hand June 30, 1SGS...?5)1S0 93
Cth has bttx a transferred:
Fnun iiin to li-t. Judge's Sal. Fund ... 1,575 15
LeuYinir balan-jes iu the eeTeral fundd as tollow
la Stute Fund $2.r 00
lu Stuovd Fund It; 50
u (jwneral Fund 1VJ b&
In Kvdempthni FuthI 2.140 45
In Cntiui:ent Fund - 177 t3
In R.d luud - ........ 1P W
In Fire lpHrtment Fnnd 1.175 IS
In Spet ial School Uiatrict o. 'I Fund 140 O'J
In District Judge's Salary Fond 40 92
In County Treasurer Fund Cy7 4o
Total cah on hand June 30th, lstS.5,y5vj y3
All of which is redpectfullv auhniitte-l.
h. s. M.oy,
Tretsrirer Ormhy County.
Carn Citr. Julv 6rh. l. iiS.
Notice u hereby given by the under-ined
Adiiiiiii-ttratrtx of the jt-tate of Suuire Aiott,
rFiftv c-nt State Revt-nue stamp.'
X Judicial Li-stn.'t. d the Siale ul NiJa, in
and fr the c univ f Orni.-bv.
TOMfKE. A ri.Ti brought in the P rict dmrt
of tli Secuud JudieUl Uetrit t ot the fcit 'I
NtT:iTi. in and fr the county fd Ot nisby, nnd tin
cmpiai;.t tiN d iu aid cv-unty of Orui-by, in the
urti-v id the Clerk of sud District Court.
The St ite of Ntrada pends prctine tn AHre
Stont-'UJire. dtft-ni;nt : Yo: aie ht-rt-liy rt'jured
toappear iu an action brought against y m by tlie
above Tuueed plamtm in ti.e inairicr c urt oi tne
Second Judicial jUiftrict of the State uf Nevada,
iri autl f.-r tlie cmtvof Ormsbv, and t answer
the complaint tiled therein (a copy of which ar-
compiiiies i!i;s Suiiitn m.-) wunin ten anys exciu-
t;ve of the d ij d servief t after t.'ie s-rvue ' n you
of this Suiuiiin if served wit ti in this connry
or if served out of this connty, but in tliis IH-i
trict. withiu twenty davs, otherwise within fnrty
or judgment by default will Le taken
airainst You.
The Mid action i? bnusrht to obtain a decree of
divorce from the Kids of niatiinioi.y exi-tinff
tween you and the ulaintitt uertin ; als' lor the
cnrody, etc.. of your two children, to wit, .David
and urNirc SttntniTre, ann for costs or mr, etc.,
etc.; and f ircaueof this action the pliintifi ai
le-jes afcaiii!"t yuu, willful desertion, dis-tolute Lab
its. Ptc. a in his onmlaint er fortfc:
And you are lier-.l-y notified tha if yon fail to
appaar and answer the said complaint as ab.ve re
quired, tne said plainun win lane aecrec aua
iudirment as ttraved.
iiiven nuder niv hand, and the Peal of the Dis
trict Court of the Second Judicial District of thr
v Sate ot Nevada, in aud for the unty
f . . I of Orra-bv. this 14rh day of July, in
I t the vear f our Lord, one thousand
" eight hundred and sixty-vigl.t.
M. J- ASUDtKK. Clerk.
Wamuxotov. March 9. lS-"s. f
J. Contract Office of this D-partment nniil
X. of June 10 next, (to be decided by the 15th).
f r coi'Veyiag tIk mails of the United States in
l.m-.a, ol-n.dio, Lixn, lihiho, Mintaun, nnu
Nevatla, fi.m Octolr 1. 1S$, to June ;Jt, 170.
tae rnuiM an.l by the schedule of departure-! and
arrivals iierem a2eciUea.
14167 From Coyote - end f the Union Darific Rail
road. J5. I. ) to Denver, Colorado;. Ktw mile an
back, dailv.
Leave C yote daily at 6 A. M. (or on arrival of
car- trom the r,asii.
Arrive at lienver in seventy. two h?urs ;
Leave Derver daily at 6 a. m ;
Arrive at Caynte in seventy-two hours.
The r jute and service will l e curtailed at r:
rata reduction of pav. as the railroad ia ex
tended we-stw-trd.
ScH'jol. Thii Sc'i-Hl will open on the seci.r.d
Monday of January, tne Uth mat., and wilt con
tinue iu ee?in for fourteen consf-cutive weoksaa
a Winter Xnm. It is hoped that there will be u
pe aural attendance ou thit day of those w.'holar?
ho intend g iug to the Public School durinc the
Winter Sesi-ion. Ry direction -f the Di--trii t
Ro;ird tiie folhwing rules am! re-rulation- will
govern the operations of the School until further
U"ticr :
1. T wentv davs shall constitute a school month,
and no teacher shall be requiied to teach on the
National MoihIa
exhibit them with th nece?arv vouchers to the
undersigned Aduiir-tratrix, at her residence
ne:tr Sheridan, in Doup-ia.-? connty, Nevada or to
ri. 0. Denson, attorney luraaid Administratrix, at
hip once in Cara Ciry, Nevada, within ten
iu juthi from the tirt publication of thi- notice.
f the E-tate oi Sjuire Moti, deceased .
Jnne 24th, 1 ;,. Iw4w
decease,!, to the Creditors, of, and all perhav- .7- "'" " " ? -
ins claims against the Estate of said deceased, to f"n.euce at and che at -:.t P. at.
lor lite 1 ruiiaiy ; im r. m. iui iue mi'-i j--on,mr
and (jrauiiuar: with the uul iDternui--i ji of
one hour Ironi 12 m. to lr.M.; and such recer-ae?
A6 the Principal may determine.
o. The Principal shall have foil control of the
Scho--l, and each tea her shall beruired to re
port tu him at the tad of each school mouth, such
brfiTistic j in relation to her department as he may
re u ire.
4. Teachers of tlie School shall pay dee atten
tion to proper warmth and ventilation of their
resiierJive school -rt.ms, and (hail be held resp..u
sibleiorthe coiid,.ctf their pupils during tli
w hole of the dai.y session.
5. Tea -hers are required to bo in their respec
tive school-rootii at least ten minutes before the
opening of the School in the morning.
6. Any achula- detained in the School durin?
the regular recesses, shall be allowed a recess ul
at least three n'inntes immediately thereafter.
7. Scholars who are absent from the Sthd for j
five c.'iisecutive days lose all claim to their irtic
ular seats.
8. Absentees are required to bring exenaew
from their parents or guardians, assigning jjood
reasons fr their absence.
9. Defiance of teachers authority, rrofanitv
vulgarity, or lighting on the school ground da
ring the i Uy senium, Khali fe siitn i-i,t i-iii-rs,
for expnlwion fn in the School by the Pi incirm
provided i!at the party expelled nriy have the
ri-iht "f ar-pral t tlio Distri t Bend. and. if s-ir--
For I860,
A complete Directory and Business Cuide to
GiTlnga complete lint of the Mining
hud Miliiiig Enterprises, etc.,
of tlils market.
w--rk, wituld state that no pains or ex
penee will be par l to make it reliable and .
w rtuv tne p:itron-se of trie people ot Tut? Mate
735 From Cliev.-'ine, 1 Dal. jla). by La Porte, to
Denver. (C'h'radi0, 102 miles and back, dajly
supplytng su. h tdTices as are on the route, at the
discretion f the Denartinent.
Leave Cheyenne daily at C a. (or on arrival
of cars from the r,t,sr c
Arrive at Deiier m twenty-four hours;
Leave Denver dai:y at 0 a. m.;
Anivo at Cheyenne iu twenty-four hours.
6135 From Cheyenne. (Dakota), or that point of
the Cm 'ii I'acihj. Kulroa-t to whirh the ma;l-
are br-imr CMtiwyed wht-n this service ces into
opcrati;! b !.a. aitiie City. Fort Sanders. F!k
t.rove, l-.-:-"r.iidger, (Viah . Echo City. C-al-villc,
F jl itne, brg:iii, -tville, Salt
Lake Cy, T'Kt-le. Stockton, Fail field, Eiian
Caiixii, ( N V;1. 1 1. KuT'.v Valley. Autin. Clan
Alpine. Sai: t Cia:i T -tit it. and Stdlw.tier, to
Virginia CttV. LO. o :.t;ti ard batk, diuty.
Leave CUeyeijne da except Sunday at 8 A.
M.. i ri'iia-rival ,.f ti.im fr.-m the Ea.-t,' ;
Arri il if u'in a Ciiy in nine da
I.eaVi- Viriiii:i t'n daily, except Min lay, at
A.. M ; arrive iu Ch t ii'je in ld'ie days.
in-ft?r Sri,,. Ink, f-th-r J.Jtf.
Tlie route aud st iice will b curtailed at jrn
ntt t reduciii ii of p.iy, u; i;u li titty miles "f the
L'ni n l'acific lttd is ciiipleted westward, and
the mail M-rvn c- uld -red tll'-rcoll.
The Det-artnieiit ie-e'v. s tl: ritiltt to curtail
the scrviee at its f-tt-rn tei ininiif w ben the iV n-
tral P.u 1 tic H'id strill Lave pr'iirre.ed ea-t a suf
ficient di-tanceto a: n-.i:i it ;i starting the west
ern ni!ls troin a mut i-n the railroa-1, rather than
fnm ViriTinia Ltty.
The lNp.utno-i,t also r-'-'erves the right t
change the h ui of de-wtrture at either tn '. of ih
route, that due conii'-.tic::? Uil.j be U:a le East aud
D36 From F-rt Rridser t- South Pass City. n.
o.. . D ik.4a. loit miles an.i ba- k. otic, a week.
Loave Frt itrid-- r Mon iay at 6 a. m. ;
Arrive at Sou'h lMs("iiy next day ly 6 p. M.;
Leave S"tith l'a-s C'ty Wednesday at t A. M.:
Arrive at Fort It; I'lte: next day 1 v C p. M.
Profoals fur three-timee-a-wetk-serice ij
vited. D'.tiG7 Fr.m F-dt Lake City, by Stoker, Centre
vine. Farmiiurt.-n, Kay-vi!le, South Wel-er.
Willard. liiiuham City Bear River Jun timi.
(11. o i, Boise City. Uda!:-.), Montg -mery, Shej '
lierd-ville, Martinsville, Mid.iletvn, M'iwr
Ranch, Flxpre-s Raucli, 4creon, Auburn, j
liaki-r City. I ni-'n. prmmersvinV, Mi'clteU's
Station, WrfUa-Wi.da. ; V aching ion Territory 1,
Walluli, aiiff l"in..T ill;., tu The Dalles, ..o miles
at id buck, six tLne a wee
Leave Salt Lake City daily, except Sunday, at
S A. M :
Arrive at The Dalles in nine d-'y:
Leave Th Ialbs daily, exec-.t Sunday, at
A M. '
District Attorney's Office. Notice of suite
commenced. To the full -wing-named defendants,
and to all owners or claimants tu the real estate
and improvement' thereon, or improvements w hen
assessed separately, hereinafter described, knowri
or unknow n : Yon are hereby notified that suits
have been commenced iu tlie Justice's Court. Car
son Town-diip, by the State of Nevada, piaintitt,
against each of the defendants heieinafter nano ti.
and each ofthe followioir fiescribeil tracts or pur-
cels of land, w ith the improvements thereon, and
improvements when separately assessed situated
in Ormsby county, ami Ml owners 01 claimants to
the same, know 11 or unknown, to recover the tax
aud delinquency, HSei-sed to paid deb-utlaiits,
against said property, fT the tisral year com
mencing on tlo ti! -t day of January. 1 't -7. and
ending on tlie Gist day of Der.-mt-er. 1"7. and
that a summons 1ms been iluly issued in ea h ease;
and von ar- luithei notified that unless on appeal
and answ er the complaint hied in said caue ou or
:eiore the
IXtli day- of -A-i-ril,
A. D. lfS, at the hour rf 10 oVWk A. M.,
judgment will be tken acainst vim nnd t)era
state and improvements herein described. tT the
amount of" tax and delinquency sjecitied, and
COfcts ol suit:
Asi.eru. Jolm V. p(V-ses:-irv claim to Sit acres of
land. S 1 ; of N W 1 , of secth-n 14. T 15 N R ly E
f Mt Diab.o Meridian and improvements: t:ix ami
di'inqnenrv in 23.
Brhr, CliKi les. puser ry rl.'iim to the vest I'.JV.
s-t of lot J4 of Kii--ell & Cnw's strvey of Fin
ire Citv and iinpr. vi inen's: a)-- petonnl pp-t - :-
tv assessed at 3n 00: tax and delitiqin i ;;7 M.
Iti adley R S. W 1 of lots '2 and 111 b!o. k 1 of
T a-td 's dtviioii. Carsou City : tax ami d- tin-
meucy 14
vromwvii. - 'Mrer. pw(--sorv narn to ht n m
livk "Jl 'J" Etnpir City and improveiio-nr-.: uu i
personal property valued and as-t aied at 1 ,6tj0 W,
ax arid oeM-n-neiicy M .
Cleaveland, t H. personal r. p'Tty assessed n:
;io i'r. T.ix and ibiiu.nieii. i: t'4.
C;vr!l. Mrs K!ial.cth. i ero;ial propeity asse.
ed at lJt w, t;ix and deiim-nci:' 5
Cadwala ler. Henry, p f- ry-l iim t.'-4 aepp
btud. and inuu om ments, :L- ut o iniie- w.-r-t oj :
Car -ii Citv, in Kin- Ci!i .n. b njid--d 01: the
north by land claimed b i M Kat"n, -'iiTh I v
land of Joet-pti Keel't-r. and on the e-t 1 y Win,
W re uc and ADTrt-adwav, Kiid land :, ;ii:i
ktio n h tiie " J' l.nsoii aud L;ildw m'p ranch,"
tax and delioouei cy 1 To 50.
F:Urha;t. .7 . -I in po-e--Fory claim tu I- t 10 i;.
1 lock of F:uipire City and fm-.ise ti.rreon; al.
personal propeity assofed ai j4jo; lax and delin
quency $lii 0').
F'ail ami Lawton. j s sesi -ry laim to 10 acres of
land and improvements, on the Ike Pijiler road,
abort eight iii!e from Cs's-n City, kn " n a.
Swift's Mat'o:;: t x and drlir.ijiieti. ;"d ".
tiates, A L, hi-iiSf and Jo! in Fmpii ' . ar
furniture aiiaeese-i at S-o tax aud d-.-lmae!:-.
fi 41.
Wnnnell, JosJma. poseeswry claim to nrre
nf an i on 1 orth side of Clear Creek and im; r -v- -ments;
hIso per nal jt- peiiy avssed at i u ;
tax and delfnt-niMn-y 1- 70.
Jamison, lh sS. pi-es.ry claini tr- ?W 1 'r f
settlor. ', an. 1 1 ; ..f ',.a:..l.n 1 t ot M.
l4 of Recti, n 1. all iiiT 15 X f; l'.t E. t Mt Diabh.
meridian, end improvements; tax an! Jeliu-iUen-
The west half of K.ts 7 and 10 in block 17,
Pioctor Green's division i,f Car n City, and iui-l
provements. tax and ue.im-nency 7o ,n.
Lots 7 anil 10 block to, wiuie division, tux ami
delinquency 3 f'S.
Loth b aud 9 bbek CO, same dii?ion, tax audi
delimiuetu v 7 .
Lots 2 and 3 block 0, same division, tax an -J
delinouetH v i
Lois -2, 3. 7 and 10 block f-4, same division.!
tax and dcliminncv ' HO.
North-west quart.: of bbtk -0. Phillip's divi
sioti i.t ar""n 1 tiv. lax aii'l Meiinqr' ncy i
North.M'.feet 1 The n. rth-eM-t .;tianerid blockl
2t. same division, tax and dedt qiiei.'-y '.'Hcts.
Lots i and 10 in block i. of i.iry"-; divir-ion
Carson Citv, tax and dclinquctn 1 74.
Lot-, 1 i: 3. 4. 5. 0. 7, S o. H and 12 i
bb., k one i l ' of nu Winkle A Puct. r s divi-M n -r
ai-ou Citv. tax and deiin;ntn. y on eaih lot!
:.7 cts.
lots 1. nnd C in bb-ck 3f aid tlivi-
-'t'. tu.X H!lii delil.q'lflK V oil e.u 1 !
L- is 1 to U ii.rln-m . tl . v li.
sarre divieioi;. tax and dehnqu
::7 cts.
Lots 1 to 1'2 imlii-ive. the u
inii dn i-joi- luX ami deiim:
7 cts.
Lots 1 to 12 im lusive. tl e whol- cf Mock 20.1
ni:e liivision, tax aiit delimit ncy on each lot.:
7 cts.
District Artoiu.' , Oinist v ci-nntr.
A . W. Vt'XTlVHl. .-l.-;'lV ' 11. h3
If of bl.Hk f.1
y on each lot, I
. f Mock 1
on each let.
Application (or I'utcnt.
N .T1CZ f. I""-i
CRs' N i'llY. iV..I.S. M.'V ':.tll. 1(
s-OTl'-K IS l!Kl:Fl:Y CUM N 111 AT
"I" ' Til-
..I!, lirlii.
..11. i f..r I rttt-M
I . 1 t 1:! -it-s
I I i.-.-.r f -t .1
a- ;h- l..-t O.tl-
L I-i-t: i. t. 1 i.llbl I
hi ,1 . t S.i. 1. Ilio I
.. '. ' - : W ;.;k) I
T :. -w l... f.rt
W lis' t,.-t t. I
' l: : - I. . t sia-
. .-t to.t.lti.'R
!.tti"!i No.? ;
r. wii:i:.!n-, 11 im r.i
l.nw. J 1. T'Ml-. l.
1, kllft. r.r-. W. I : ' . . 1 1
CI:i --.T l.i- tli'. il:it t:l-! i-i '.
I. i-.-ll . r wi!h a . li . f I I
fl. li. Il.r 1 1. :;-l .-! -! . m.-l-l A- I
.p..-l Ji.Sv l-l ii. f
t t'mi-
I. v..l k:
' 'imt. Nt
. V. "vi-i,
I 't t.. .Tilti
i st;t::-.ll :
lai:. ii .N.v
i. -. f.: Ii
N 1
N v.r:..- u 14
c N T- L K 14"
K -j. i..t
W . -! 14. ! I
nnu. fi nr i.!ii'i.- x an 1 l-'-V1'
li uiii ti 1:0 nit-niiiaii. :n '1: ah. i
. ? Is
t..l,..ri s ;
. 1 1
ll .11 u.
iAKl.KN T. l.'XKHAr.T.
. .i,.t-d low l-e,n a: 1 o'n-ed as As-i.e I
t 1 r. H 1 tiV rn-.Ii ol the pi. He .il.tl is 1 1 ri.A.'a I
1 I'FKKIN." ojrm-l-y v nntv. Mate of Nevada,
! ul.! t.:.i l.n a.ltr.iiued a bn.kn.pt ;fU 1 is ow n
1-. -ritT-.i, M The District t'. ui i f the I iiitcl State I
I h'i the Di-lrnt ot N. .oi 1
r,K'. S. S- MS. ."l-nee.
It.. V .vbtl.. I' -" tux iv-lm
cv v 2.
Arrive in S ilt Lake Citv in nine days.
Il7wi r schfduU tireh'e davt.
Proji-:iN invited f.r six-t;ines-a-w eek-ervice
from Sail Like City P. Roi-e City, (Idaho), and
three time- a wvk the residue.
Also for thr-e-times a-week service ov-.r the
tntire route.
714 From Besr Liver Junction, fn. o.), by
1'ortage M.d.ide City, F'jrt Hail. Lagle Rock.
Snake Hiver Ferry, and -.function Ranch, (n o J.
to Virginia Citv J.'- nnU-s and baci, three
a: large. Ho will be
experience in the comnilatiou of lurec tones in
the Eastern cities, and can promise that it will
equal anvthms of tua kind ever offered to the
The attention of merchants an 1 business men
is called to the merits of thff Directorv" ad an ad
ver tiding itiAtiimi. In San Fiuei-ic and the
Ea-tern cities the Directory it lo- kt-d upon as one
of the b'st mediums nf advertising extant.
Copies will hi- sent to all the principal Hotels in
the State, and on tlie route to San Francisco, and
placed on all tlie San Francisco h teldesk.
d by two gent ierneu uf t'tined by iheia. shall be reinstated in the School
x undersiirned has been appointed as Assignee
in Hankrnptcy of the estate mid effects of ALIiKRT
T. TAYLOR, of Ormshy count;-. State of Nevada,
who has been adju !ge f a iniikt upt, upon his own
p iition, by the District Court of the United
iftufes fur the 1.1.-1 .ct i.f Nevada,
Dated July 10, !. jlyll 1m
ll Annual List for the C dl'cti .u District nf the
State of N-v id:i, embracing assessments male on
Inams ftr th ear S;iecial Taxes t' r tht-
Fical V ar en liug April -L 'th, IS' O. and tlie An
nual Taxes in C--rria.es. Watches, Plate, F'tc.
x-. L tii rt-turrsf ! t.
per, -ii reidii i: io t:
t. it. c BT.ris:;- ;'-i '
r -y i 'fax ., a:- h
L-tvc befi ia- d! "
with all his fonn-nichts and privileges
l'J. Any scho'ar who ban fallen behind his c'a's,
may be pi. teed in the next lower by hi teacher,
subject to the approval of the Principal.
11. N'S h.hir shall pas from lower t-oh 'srhc-i
department urne-s he b duTv examined in all the
studies lequiied to b cmnpleted before graiua
tion. 12. No scholar shall be dimisted lefre tlie
close of i!;r dily - icn, unTe-s be piee:iT a
quent from liif pai -'it or guardian that i$atis
tactory to the Uacber.
in. Anv scholar who shall purposely ininr? nnr
of the school propvrty sh;. 11 besnbject to repri
mand frm the District Hoard, aud suspension
from the School bv the Principal.
me :'.t cidic-i,.
e Sixth Divi-ioji
County of i ifj-i'.
reby n-Rfir-.l t! r
1 payable. ;in t .
e iU C'l'-rOII C.'y ,
I', atid :U
' --d DJt
' . bubie r
3 H
Vol all rh lest
Subfc2'iption. VvTork5?
Fr.b'.S!.!.'.! iathe E3r; ao forth
iTIie.Paciric States.
Ixii-sE .?ent ; Vp.ntcc.
tllll s a week,
J.eave Hear Pi, t r JuTictioii Monday, W em.es-day
and F" nday t s A m ;
ArrieatVi!ginia Ci:y third day by 6 r m.;
Leave irgiiua City Mond.iy, Wevint-sday, siid
F'ri'iiy at H a. k.;
Arrive at Dear River Junction third da j by u
P. M.
Proposals f't six-times-a-weck service mvitel.
Kola From Boise City, by W diow Creek, (Oregon)
(n. o.) Camp Logan, (n. -O. Strawberry Tal
ley. (a. Union aod Marysvill, u. o.). to
Canvon City. l.V miiesand l.ick. once a week.
Leave Boise City Monday at 7 a. . :
Arrive at CanvonC.Tv W edse.slay by 7 P. K.;
Leave Cany 1: C v T'i iiday at 7 a. x.;
Arrive .il iioise City S.in-J -y by 7 r. m.
Propcaia forthrte-tiiues a vetk aervico invited.
IOC 33 From Tirir.:i City, by N-vadaCiy, Sheri
dan, finrjn's Mid M-n'ana. to Banuack City,
miles and ba-cL. tbie tiu.c a w -ek.
Letvrt "iri !u:i City Monday, Wednesday, and
Friday at a. m.:
Arnvu at Bamiark Citv next davsby 12 M.:
Leave Itsinnack City M'.ntlay, Wedtieaday. and
Fr:d iy ul a. v ;
Arrive at Vr.nia City next days by 12 H
WTT From Gnra. by iaho and Slippery Ford, to
Placery'lle, 7 n;dei and back, once a w eek.
Le-ivc Oi-it .1 :d :.day at 8 A. M :
Arrive a: Pi ic ' .ille next day by 12 M .;
Leave ill- edtit's.l-iy at S a. x.;
Arrive at G -'aoa :itxt day by 12 M.
Each ronte trust be !i 1 f-T separately, with
spuiimte guaranty an-i certiriefcte, ami must pr--vVo
for the convi vauce oT Tin mail with celari-
tv, certain v. "in 1 s curity,"' usi- g the terms of
the law. and pr -j-os.1 1 oi-t 1 e gi;aran'eed by two
respon-itde persoT:s ; erti ied iasstich bya jost-uia-ter
or .iudi-e of cov.rt of recnr.l.
No pay wid be n aefwr tcin not perf rrrcd, nnd
for ea 11 of siud. rcissNina not sat -fat. toiily ex
pi. dned thr-:e times the pay of the t . ip n.ay be
b ducteil. For arris's so far behini time us to
break cormectien vfli'j depending nriils, ami not
MiJ'iici.'inly escus. 1, f. iii- f -urtli of the conipenf-a-ioi
fir the trip n .--nHect tn forfeiture. Fines
will be imp eded, iiult.-s the d -lin-uen y be satis
factcrily explained, for ng':ectn.g to take the
m t I from or i-it a post ot -ee: for sniirir it to
eiDjured. destroyed. ro(d d, or lost: or for rr;-
lusm,-, PK' r den "nd. to convey t'ie man as ire
juentl y ;'s . he C 'i rr:e loi runs, or is concern f d ir;
1 unnLig. vehicij-. . n ' : e roi;lv. Tie Postmaster
(It nerd may : :u.U; t--. i'-.tractf T did'iying th-
r t otlice i !.ws, or Ti.c nstrur ti-s of the Dei - r!
m-nt. Hi- may hiit the s- ht "lib ; : u. pii :u-e
and arrivnU. o-id al-o t.nlereii iacn J-e d" t-ervice
ly nHotviiiff therei tr a pro r :.a i'-treai-e on con
ir.ci ,-itv He in v lso -.it i' c difee- itinue th-
i'i whole o-
f p:sy. a!!'.-
initarr.ata prnisrtioLaie de-
1 a- a nidennrn to thr
".'a exirji c myer -.v ub on tlie
.-iat; n fr tr- w-.-vic r; rained and con-
Lambert. Wm II. pAsse-snry claim to about Ko
acres of tinJ'er laii" -it uate ntioiit o nuies w est of
Car-oii Cit" tax and (lelin.'iiency '2.
Miller. M-ttthia.-, r-.-s-ory .-laim to ot
ction 2" T In N R li k'. and improvement-, -u,d
pe-Mi.al pr'-p-tTy atessed at liA) w; tux aud dt
lln.leIlC lo 21.
Mem.td .v lie kteal. l'Vi.tcr. of land. N W 1 j of
section 4 T 1-i N li 19 F. of It Diablo meridian, and
personal property assessed at 175 l0; tax and de
linqtiency 14 2'-.
(din, A S. pt.ess"rv rht'in to Snacresof i.nd. ?
E of N W -. nnd W 1 , of N E 1 ; of se.ti. u 7 in
T 1 it N R 21 K f Mt Di t! mertiiiau and improve
ments; tax and deitmpieiicy t-a 20.
Pruvn. Marcel In. jh.-s.-som claim to 2-i2 acres of
land near Safe lb.u.cl nnnel in Kine Nut R-tmre.aml
personal property a-sessed at 'db oi': tax and delin.
quency 21
Markey, James, dwelli:rchoue in Empire City,
and personal property a.-eased at lHI Ou; tux ami
delinquency 5. 11.
S! ai.-n. William, monev at interest secured b
r.i'Ttaize executed ny tow A ouie, nases-se-f at
1 V; taxes an i h l i.-juenry 22 11.
W; Iter. Alnerr, p --e- . ry cl-';ni to 1' acres f
Hnd binff SE 1 . t NW ' , and - t.;.-f NK . and
NK 4'of NE 4 of section 24 1 lo N K 2o h .f Mt
I i'tbl mei idian. ai d H-rsoi;..! j ;-operty as.-tsst-d.it
2oO '': tax and depn-jun.-y lo 'Si.
V alton. Hutu-. p--ss.-. o; . ; tJlii to x,:it p..rti..n
.f tl eE '..of NW 4 and W ., d N F. of ti-.tl
Sin T R V. K of Mt lua:do m r,..n. Hiuc
n.irt-. CU-ir 1 1 -t k, about 0 acus ; tax aiut
deli"' a.'11-y 10 21.
Wrench. Willian. po-isnrv claim to Oa.-res of
land, being the N 1 : of MVi.,' f se- ti n 2o "I T. N
R ly E o!" Mt Diablo meriima ; tax aiid delin
quency s To.
O '.rady, Michael, personal prprty assessed at
l,J:"v 0i; tax nnl delinquercv 42 2.
J-.iin De. lot 7. b! - k vl. S T S's div-ai -nCar-Soli
City; tax and delinqi:'!icy 74 cts.
Lot lo Hock 21, fcutui divi.-.iuii, tax and delin
quent y 74 ctr.
Soiitii I., of tot ft bicn.k 21, same division, tax
IP 1 deliL-'lHT 'V cts.
Ltd 5 block 22, suae div;;on, tux and delin
quency 74 ct.
Lot2 blts-k 32, saaje divishn, tax find dtlin-
qt;eticv 1'2 Cts.
Lot 3 bl-'ck 3o, same divb-ion
ijuency u2 ct.
Lot 8 block 44, same dlvisi u
2 ct-.
block 4?, same .I.vi.-ion
qm ncy 74 cts.
Lot bl'-ck 4'., same diri-dun
quency 74 cts.
L't 7 bx.-k 4i', same division, tax and delin
quency 74 ft-?.
Lot td--ck 4'J, same divir-ion, tax and delin
quency 74 its.
Lot 9 bl -k 46, sair.e division, tax end d -lin-qimncy
74 i ts.
Lot lo b!(H.k 4G, same division, tax and delin
quency .4 eta.
L t 1 td.K-K 4, t same unision, iax nnu ueiiri.
quem y 74 cts.
Lot 4 bl ck 47, sanie division, tax and delin
quency 74 cts.
Lot 2 blm k 48, same division, tax and delin
quency 4 cti.
Lot 3 bl.xk 4S, same division, tax and delin
;ue!icy 74 cts.
Lot 7 blo- k 51, B.ime division, tax and delin
quency , -l CIS.
ij-t !' a 01, fame uivwion, iax anu ueiin
qnency 74 cts.
Lot i Mock 51, same divndun, tax find dtlin-inti-cy
74 - is.
Lot 10 block 51, same division, tax and delin
quency ,4 cts.
Lot 1 tnucfe 2, same tuvieion, tax ana adm
quel cy 4 c s.
Lt-t 4 riiH'K 02, -same um.-jon, tax ana u'iic
uency 7 cts.
Lot o blink I'Z. vmie division, t;x and d-din
quency 74 cts.
North J alt of block Co, raiue divieio:!, tr.x and
deliic.ue-cy 1 f4.
Lot 2 block tli, game division, t:ix a;i.l del'n--inenc
.17 ( ts.
L.l o i I":.U t.0, same tU n. tax and dtKi.-1
r.n cr.a St .fe l;. Pi tip.
iTT KTV. OK M:AHA.rclMYtir "KM5BT.
In the Justice s Court, Car!. Towi.r-hir, in and
II V kiV and biiiloW. Ri.. a Executor of I
the F-tate of C.iiheiine A F i-l-. deceaed,
Pi .i. t If-. v,..T.n A M -t r t-. I efet dart
The State of Nevada -end- lp etuik: to J. tin A.
Should-: Y011 are l,eib uii.n:--ied toapiearl
i.t..,.. n.-e at n.v . flVe in far- n City, in Caison I
T..wn-hip, in uimsby County, t n t'ne
7th day of September, A. D. I$G3,I
,1,1 V A . M. . and answer unto th c. u r laint I
..r ti.- M..,r.i.3itiiid l'l.rntiit-. 11 w on file in my
.the- is bo ue to obtain iuini'iit against
,1 ...,.. ,.t Tn-ee 1 1 it ip.-.i ::'!"! liars
amount is ch.in ed and all. d 1-I due to plain-
.i, a. l- . . 1 t .r a .t! ! -..ul. 1- : ii;ii'i 'ir s ti.-nc
to piiinfit'-' buddin:- iniHte . n t irt . I I t No.
i.iiiHiUt b! -k tint tx rive ,::.,., Seaic, Tti-.mpson
i- divi-n.n .d Car n '-!.'
.f t ,.:i ..,f o.-r ii iiuir l MiiMT
: o en in Uroelil Wi.l I
glVUtf w:i
the -
ali.-Ui '. il
. herirf or any I
be i .ken acaiuM v n t 1
o" i t" - : ..... i.. I
..f tt m-.ti l 11 iiv. trffiiu. 1
e and due iru-n' l.i- f iven und
i th- 2d dav of Jnv A. D. 1.
C. MlKLEI-Y. Jum:. " t the Peace.
l.t'S U ItyWIli-hlp.
a s rv
niv htii
t ieli n-delin-
puen. y 1
L"t S
tax and
tax and
tax and deli:i
tax and delin-
uow o i" must
Corner Carson and FourlUSta.
Constantly on llaad.
inn FxrERTrvrn ivo,.t) cnprKRS
1UU Mil tiuil :iiku: lv Hp,.ijiiii t
Hnincs' Xlniioli,
Turte n-i'ita miuIIi f r...n.i. in I"ugl'i coi:ntT,
SrtPt if .-V!H)h.
HAlN'Kft. A AX i.oKDKR i LEET.
Attorn tf.al.LiWi
Dlstl lct Attoriseyof Orin.,, Con.ty. I
Hi. P-,-"ril Ktt-i'1 i ti u-vi n to msm ivitrr tl.
Unit?! ,-t:itc L':uikriif1 ji4-tf
P. D.
ST-KI- T'i I II.
:ii1 C
1I-1; (IT ST."
o-jy i?
i ck tX, s-'iae uivi-ii ii, tax tied 1
)0US VvF.jTTl
-d b
eft'-.i. I:it-ifi;!-
4il kinds of -op
X X i-. i-c
r. i fx..-
N 1 VAl ) A.
:. ;. .U!il i-i.l-
v a. J lvu.;,i.ij-.
rb hi! i i
.- r.O rv
f .Ti X
f ii.lv
.11 !
?n J
! :
Ii. ii. tii-U
1' :0.
UCUtj t j l -C.

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