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II. i?. Rshds:
: Editor.
Sunday Moraing, Jan. 10, 1869.
General Grant's iaveatigstions into
the condition of affairs in Arkansas
hare proved productive of some very
important facts. Sajs a late dispatch
An official report was received at Grant'
headquarters from Colonel Porter relative to
afiairs in Arkansas. Colonel Potter relates
the condition of things in Arkansas prior to
uic uigauuau'iu ui me mauua ana me uecia
ration of martial law. He says the State
Government certainly was in some danger
previous to the Presidential election. Me
fully indorses Governor Clayton's action, al-
ITon. C. . Hilljer has mad a move
ment in the Assembly looking to an
amendment to the Constitution gnaran
teeing the right of suffrage to all citi- though many conservative Republicans
r ;...-,;. .-i thought it unwise. He says the militia is
zens of the State, respective of color unde tolerab!e controI . Jnd that aU the
or eex. This is a most important step plundering, etc., reported in the press, is the
and one which we are 2lad to know has fakin3 f supplies under order, they being
" instructed to live on tne country, tie says
been- taken by so able a champion as j the Governor's course accomplished much
Mr. Hillver. The radical right to a reSd than the most sanguine expected.
r j 1 he Governor is now disposed to relieve each
pariicipnuua in ne auairs ut eery cm-1 county irom martial law as soon as it can DC
ren of a Republic who3e governmental aone ,"tn 8afetJ'- Colonel Sorter conipli
, .... I ments Governor Clayton as a man of lntelu
fjbne derives its virtue and vitality from gence and nerve.
it3 fundsmental principle that, " Gov- Tuis is a partial revelation of facts
ernments derive their just powers from which there has been much reason for
the consent of the governed," is not to suspecting to exist. The loyal ftnthori
be disputed upon any logical grounds; ties of Arkansas found themselves as
aad " the word white "which defaces sailed with murderous violence by the
ar State Constitution should be erased Ku-kluz klan, and other organizations
Yj the unanimous consent of every man made op from the body of the disbanded
who believes that the destruction of rebel armies, and, after nndergoing a
slavery was right, and that where that long series of outrages, by the operation
institution perished, all its blighting of which was to render powerless civil
incidents should have gone with it. government, they rallied in self-defence
The black men of Nevada are Ameri- and, in strict accordance with constitu
eans, born npon the soil; and, few as Vioml rights, organized these militia
they are, they respectfully ask forand forces. It would be remarkable if there
should be accorded, the right to vote, were not a certain proportion of law-
Every principle of right is on the side lessnes3 enactsd by troops thus called
cf the proposition to enfranchise the into service ; bat loyalists will be glad
colored citizen. The denial of that to know from this report of General
privalege is simply a relic of barbarism. Grant's aid, that, in the m iio.they have
"The womaa suffrage question " is condncted themselves with moderation,
just as strongly fortified by sound radi and imposed no unnecessary conditions
cal principles as the other. Women are upon the inhabitants with whom they
citizens, often (almost as often as men, have bad to deal. It is evident thai
we reckon, in the newer States), are Governor Clayton, like Governor Browo
property holders and tax-payers; and low, is determined to obtain and hold
while we doubt the existence of a desire the mastery over the rebels by whom he
to vote upon the part of a majority of I is surrounded
?"ead women, it 13 a perfectly clear
Prikooenitike i Danger. It has
always been understood on this side of the
Atlantic,-tnat the success ot Jsnglisn LiDer
alism would inaugurate sooner or later, an
attack upon the law of primogeniture. The
From the Enterprise of yesterday.-
New York, January 7,
TO.- fr , ,v .1..... in tc;i
son's bill prohibiting the payment of interest wh" ,nak. ,and estates malien-
miV. ahecks haa nro- Ie etin families, and transmit them
duced a strong feeling among the National titles are transmitted, to the eldert aon,
banks. Should Congress sanction the clause f stronghold cf class rule and prescription.
nrohihitina the Davment of interest on de- """"" ia u.lui.uj
posits, there is little doubt that manj " l""'. "'.'""""'S F;
v- . ' i i , ; ,K.WMiao I lieges and opportunities of the masses, and
.iniiuuai unuKa it vuu . v. ... o 1 1 ...... i . - . r
e . I aireauv 11113 seem in oe aunuuui'tu as une oi
The Chamber of Commerce to-day adopted !he of lhf Liberals, lot we find in the
, j i r. , k. h. i. Lonoon limes oennimeins tne aooiuion oi
power having jurisdiction to grant franchises primogeniture, and declaring that England
to the Atlantic Cable Company. w essentially aristocratic and conservative.
near his residence yesterday and sustained threatened than was generally supposed,
when a journal of the stanoinz of the limes
The Sun sa'vs General Butler has been is? prompt to its defense. The tendency
, ' ,,. cm t.i ,1,. oi me iLUgusn svsiem or eniau nas oeen
first lioel snit by Fisk. m,oie and mor? tu thf accumulation of land-
Th. t;.. (ncnlm,, nf tfc. property in a few hands. Fifteen or
meeting to express sympathy with the 'Cre- twenty great families now own most of the
. . . ... .n valuable land m Lngbnd. and the great bulk
v ..5 i . ;.f.. . .i, I of the people are tenants at mil. luch of
I1UL uc ui il iu an, mil:, iih iiic . - .1 . t .t - 1 1
politics or religious controversies of Europe, 'ne pauperism mai; msgraecs me siana s
with which wl hav. no more concern than traceable to this cause which greatly limit.
wife the internal eeonomv of Janan. lne opponunuies .i .me poor, anu nrives
M0U8 ,
3-5 oy si
Childrous' (Suits,.
Mens' and 4 Boys' Hats,
.. ,r.r Ihnnc-mHu nf nnliT. o annua w tn si-ot rTTn VT9I1 TlTrt .nATlB fPTTTTTrO
lewitt C. Lattlejohn has entered the field 7 r;,.. ........ j . -ittIilU3ilIitI AXVUltA.,
for the Lnited States Senatorship, in place --..- 7- Vj ' ..... . ,
of Noah Davis, retired. ""vk. w A g,h V' t7,l ?"1 AA1.ISJE.S,
August Me January 7 smith to ordsworth, have lamented the de
At the Republican Legislative caucus to- jay of the independent yeomanry class and Pulu MattrCSSCS, PUIOWS,
night 149 votes were cast for United States Liberalism at la.t takes up he complaint,
Senator. Hannibal Hamlin received 75: Lot w,lth a.PurP.I;f l. hnd,.a P"1"1 remedy tTC liC, ETC.
M Morril received H. The Chairman stated
that the gentleman who threw a blank had
stated that he lutended to vote for Morrill.
After much discussion a motion to adjourn
without delay was carried, the chair slating
that if the caucus adjourned it would be with
out a declaration that any nomination had
been made.
Detroit, Januarv
Governor Crapo submitted his retiring Mes-
Th'it this will be immediate or radical is n;t
to be expected. FrobaMy the ftrt attempt
will onlv be for a modification of the system
of entail, prohibiting inalienable heirship
beyond a certain limit. If this is not readily
conceded, the demand for a more sweeping
: reform will become imperative and finally
irresistible. 6'. F. Bulletin.
Carson, December 1. IScS.
conviction in-oar mind that there ought
not to exist any constitutional barriers
to the exercise of the right of suffrage
by such of them as would choose to
employ it. It would, most nnquestion
ablv, have a tendency to elevate the
The citizens of the new mining dis
trict are evidently in earnest in theii
movement in favor of a new county.
In the White Pine News of the 2d inst
we fiud the following synopsis ef some
A French iournal reports the discoverv
sage to the Legislature to-day. Never, says of a book of theological discussions written
he, was the financial condition of the State by some of the early mohks, upon such ques
better. The total bonded debt is $600, 000. tions as these ; " What nas the shape of
Governor Baldwin delivered his inaugural the wings of the Archangel. Gabriel " "Did
address this afternoon. Pilate use soap h?n ha wathed his hands:"
Nokfolk, Ti., January " How much wine did thev drink at the mar-
In serving a writ of ejectment, the Sheriff riaee in Canar" "Are there any angels
of Princess Anne County was forcibly resist- with baritone voices?" " Could Christ hare
ed by armed neeroes. At his request a de- changed mto a devil or into a purapkinr" "If
tachment ot JU Lnited fttates soldiers was la priest should be interrupted dunug the bap
sent to his assistance, when an encounter J lisin at a moment when ahout to pronounce
between the necroes and soldiers ensued. A the name of the child, and should pronounce
sergeant was mortally wounded and three ' Saiiri.ti' should the child bear through life ! ir rtiiTii
negroes killed. 1 he omcer commanding the the name of Sanrfeti, and is tlie baptira PAItA LAS AFICIONADOS.
detachment applied for reinforcements. He valid?" LE KIO SKLLA, r Luli 1E MATA.
sajsihe iiegroes in the surrounding counties It is said that the discussion of these diJer- FLOK Di! SitlUAS
are armin? and threatening an attack. ! n, niirtin4 H1U ihrt wiiimtHi nf AlWl n-.co PCMAKIEtlOi.
a . . . I 1 . i i TVlirttMDI,
SAVANNAH. I, a.. JaniiarV t. Uii'h He riri li uimprr aa an i-n u "
TU. r 1, .... .,!.!. .k. .!., J .1 .v... .t. . .c .i i: . HENKY CI.A
A hit UKViiiic 'iu"na an owui ( nmu. utUU IUAI U1C IHUC UI llieUtUKlKat UiU'llHU
The Deputy Sheriff, with a guard of United (has not been rajch changed in these Utter
ages. Most of the topics now agitating sec
tarian churches are of little more value to the
cause of true religion than the whimsical
propositions of the old monks. -V. Y. Tribune.
C I G A It S T O It E
H ive this day rrreiTfd a large and well sulectei
Stock of the fiuodt Brands of
KL T01W.
cossiSTiso or-
States soldiers, brought in sixty prisoners
New Oki.fass, January 7.
General Rosseau is ill, almost beyond re
covery, with niflamation of the bowels.
moral status of political transactions if Procee din?3 rently had with regard to
women were to take an active pnrt
the mitter:
them; what effect it would have npon T meetings nave oeen neid bv the citizens of
' ' I Treasure Cltv. Hamilton and Silver Snrmue
O-ir lady friends to mix lip in primaries to take action in relation to the formation of
aid conventions, we cannot cups?; lint a new county. The proceedings of the meet
ings held in the latter places appear elsewhere
if they want to vote they should be in this issue. The expression in favor of the
afforded a clear and onen wav in the organization ot a newcounty was unanimous
As t-i the name to be given to the new coun-
A Feiiocious Duel Between a Cueole
and A Fkexchman. The famous duelling
ground on the Metaitie ridge known as 'The
Oaks" was thescene yesterday morning of a
sanguinary duel between two young men of
this city, which has rarely had its parallel in
nd other Brand.
&moklug and
f E! E V I A ti TOR A CtO.
Siiootino Affkat at Belmont. The
Mountain Champioa of the 2d instant says :
i... ...: I,-. ...j r.....
o clock, a dirhculty occurred between L. 1. j v
Smith and Mr. Farley, in which Mr. Smith j.v, JArYir.s w-iii ,.rfTr to merit th
received a wound in the right side, the ball i !itiS (vtruutge hret. fi.re bt.tuweU spun L.i
Dassins into the abdomen. Dr. Deal was estiblihlmirnt .
the annals of the code in this country or in called uoou to attend the wouLded man and C.inun. Di cnuhcr 1. 1fs.
Eiirope. The aritagnnists, were, the one a j pronounced the wound very dangerous end
proDaoiy ratal, sir. Taney surrendered him
self at once and now awaits his examination.
Of the origin of the iHiiieuity vie can obtain
no definite particulars.
polls. It is needless to add that we ty, there wa some difference ot opinion.
hope Mr. Ilillyer's movement m:iy prove
a anccess.
The name of White Pine seemed to be til
most appropriate, as being already wll
known abroad, while that of llubv. preftTTrl
by some on account cf its being the name 'f
naiive of New Orleans,, the other a French
man by birth: the provocation a blow in the
face at the hand of the Creole ; the weapons
were broadsword, the hour daybreak. Ar
rived on the field, accompanied by their sec
ond, the combatants stripped to the wai-.t,
and sword in hand, in tlie freezing air of the
mni ning sprang at uiie .-ir.uthrr like tigers.
There was no hesitation or playing to try
each other's skill. A few hinges and cuts
were successfullv panied, when suddenly nn
np-cnt fr m t"e Frenchman! sword wounded
his opronent in the right arm. the riposte
county embracing that valley, at some sub
sequent subdivision rendered necessary h
an increase of population. The settlement
ot tiiat portion of the proposed new county,
lying along the route of the Pacific Railroad
will be very rapid during the next two years'
rendering it almost certain that a new county
in oe uemanaea oi tne next Legislature, to
The following Tetnark ible statement
comes among recent dispatches :
Washington, January 6.
The Grand .T-iry dismissed the Surrat't case
on the ground ih.it the President's amnesty
oroclatuauun operated as a lull pardon.
District of Columbia Grand Juries be composed of the northern haif of that
have, certainlv, a most marvellous rev- 7e"h'n ""w pr"P''scd to be erected into a new
county. In such case the name of White
erence for the extent and power of A. Piue would be peculiarly appropriate for the
Johnson's saving erace. Surra tt is ac- remaining southern half, while that of Ruby
would be the opposite, with Ruby Valley left
cased of haun? been an accessory in out, or tucked off in one corner.
the conspiracy which resulted in the as citizens of Silver Springs selected
8A33ioation of Abrahuin Lincoln, and Commissi ner. He is aa old rrsident, a
itnon wliftt hvnntliMia hp run h rnn- popuiar and worthy cit.sen, and an excellent
, man for fiat ii:itioii. The citizens of
St iereana exempiea irora inioiliTj to Hamilton have selected Mr. Frank Wheeler
!mtermivtn for the commission of Ihat as their representative in the Bitard of Coun-
. . tv Coitiuusnioners. 'I'his is also a good
crime by the operation cf an nnacs'y selection. It is already known that Frauk
vtiich id extendrd to the particioaotd in Drke is the choice of tne citizens of Tieas-
. tire City.
It is presumed that the Lriahtture will be
governed by this expression of the wishes of
the citizens oi tne three principal totrns in
the proposed bpw county, nnd constitute
thtse gentlemen a Ii.iard of Commissioners.
And it is believed the Legislature will confer
on them the power of apuoiutine the countv
clhcers, to serve until the election is held, ns
iisked for by petition. It cannot be doubted
that this Iiard can make appointments from
among the present residents here more &atis
f.ictory to tbe inhabitants generally than a
Legislature composed principally of strang
er to thera.
the oldest settled valley in the proposed now ' from the Creole laid open the French in ;in$
countv, would be more appropriate for a ! 1 -f' ciiet :k.la inu tl.e insile op-. n and exprivinc
the rebellion, we are at a lo.s to gMes
un'e3, in-iee J, it be assfins'ji by the
K;iid Grand Jury that Linro'r.'a mnrder
ir3a war uitac'ire " which was jus-
f-eJ ly tne conTe'lerate fiii:tn?r:iies
n-J the rt-bls, as a n ole, hav atren
n ns!y denied that snch w:is the cae.
Tifit Grand Jury migltt j ist as roni03
a'Ty refuse to indict any other perpetra
tor of crime committed prirr to the
Pi-eidenU Amnesty ProcIamAfion, as to
let off John Sarratt upon the plea that
h? 13 thereby rendered biumeless. The
aairnus of tbis report in whit may be
expected of Southern Grand Juries sit
t:3 under circnmfMnees
Salkottuk Cosmopolitan Hotel. The
Siin Fracciico '1 imes, December 2d, says;
lias beautiful hotel, together v.nh lh
corner 50 vara lot on which it stands, front
ing loi$ icet on the wet side of feansome
street, by 137 feet on the south side of liusli
street, was t-old last lnursday, by Mes.srs.
Maurice Pore & Co., auctioneer. The
property was owned by Messrs. Keis Bros.,
anl was purchased by William fefcaron,
trq t forthe sum of totVik). itis rumored
that the o'J-vara lot, knon-n as the Dooley
property, on the northwest corner of San
some and Sutter streets, and adjoining the
Cosmopolitan Hotel, haa been purchased for
the tceih. N" (thinjr daunted, the wounded
man stepped back, had a handkerchief hound
round his fice find again put himself in atti
tude of otfense. His first lunge penetrated
the breast of his antaironist between the rib
and the .kin, but it was made with such re
lentless force that it passed through the off
arm . An atreiopt was made at this moment
by the seeor.ds to stop the matter at that
point, but the rmn w ith the handkerchief
around his j-tws ribbed it the second who:
was most an-si.v to settle the matter, sword j
in hand, asfe-rvinz that naught should
quiet his nniiiioi:v except a cut across his
throat. The battle was renewed and lasted
until the Creole h id received eijht wounds
and the other six, all severe and painful, but
none, it is hoped, dangerous. Uothnien di
plaved extraordinary courage, animositv and
ndurancp, and during the course of the
bloody encounter neither was willing to give
up the rontet until both bad to let their
hands fall helpless to their sides fmm lo$s
of blood and the pain of their wounds. The
parties were carried home after having their
wounds dressed, and though the Creole had
two more wowids his situation was more
com fortable and less critical than that of his
antagonist. V. O. Creieent.
Ronnixn the Dead. The Yreka Jour
ml, 18th instanf, sijsi.
The Indiana recently buried Old John, an
Indian, wiib all the solemnity of the Indian
f'o?ral rites, which comprised among othtr
a: ti the burial of his gun, reonev, etc., with
him. Accordingly a couple of od gun, two
oi three pieces of Indian imme v, and of
American cfiin were iuterrrd with his body,
he latter being placed in his moitth. After
the cerrmony w.ts. all overhand the earth . purpose of working their own ore.
nil iooe over bis grave, some persons hav
ii t tu reset't or dread of the silent portals
ot the tomb proceeded to exhume the body t
and extract there Irom the fezb. Jn order to
lies Cheek. At Rattlesnake Canyon,
Hot Creek District, Messrs. Jewel & Zott-
man are erecting a three stamp mill for the
purpose of workiug their owu ore. They will
have it ready to start up in a short time. Mr.
Massey, at tne same place, nas been taking
out some very rich ore U mated to
M:t. Ditto fit's Oratorical Begixxi.vgs.
One constantly hears talk of Mr. Brunt's
oratorical genius, but few expressions seem
to us to be so little fitting or adequate, unless
we adopt the iiiyitimate account of genius
an ho more than a supreme capacity for
taking pains. A visitor to the parish church
of Iwochdale not long agorasked the verger
or sexton whether John Bright ever came
there. " Nay," said the sexton, "he nevrr
conies now, but I can recollect the time
when he or but a lad, and he used to come
then and rua!;' ;teeches agin' church rats.
I've seen hw: speaking from one o the
grave stones ; he couldn't speak much, and
he used to read his speeches from p.iper."
Whether this be a calumny, bred of the sex
ton's professional zeal, we cannot tell, but
there is nothtng in Mr. Brijjht'a most mas
terly orations which would make u-t unpre
pared for this humble initiation. They all
betoken an orator who has been made and
was not born. This is no disparagement to
the result. Pall Malt Gazette
We reproduce this for the encouragement
that it contains to young and aspiring Legislators.
General Jural Early, whom Sheridan
nnoe sent "whirling op the Shenandoah
Vallev. has written a letter denying the truth
of . A. Pollard's statement that Stonewall
ui some vtrv ncu ure viiiuamt to oe i x . . ..i i7j;Uoi..M
orth 400 per tou-which he h contracted t.h!l"'?.,Fdfun.cJVlb:"LB,L":
lau the Crufeuu unuilerred. I the lieiiuout Uxdl. Mountain CJiampwn. . . . un; r
X E V A 1) A .
Post OiFiCR Dreir-TTETT,
Piop-ttinU will L rtve'Vi--l at t'.ie C':;r. t Oiace
f this iJcpartmeni u;i:il a ck V. 1. of L-
ruaiy '26, l-sd-.J, (tu Vj dfi'ide-i by M.ircH t, f i
cinv!n ill - mails ot riiv I aired Stiles fr.'rn Jmy
1, Soy. to June bO, 1?70, un taj fjiiowmg. ruiu
in the ttate of Nrvaua:
Aiid tat ncrit-tile ul" departures and arrival',
hereiu fi'tcitii-tl. viz:
b ioui Autliu io White Pia(, (du effice), I To
mil?! ari'l tack, once wet k.
J.:t,Vf AUsiin M n i.;y ut 7 A. M.
Arrive at Wtiite Vi-i Wethii-M-.n? st 1 P. M.
Luave VV tiiti.- 1'il.w liiurbday at A M.
Arr;ve at Ausrtn .SatiinUv it 1 V. 51.
ItiW'J rrum ' Uinj:tii. by Piae irrnv ''d, r. , )
and VVrtli.iiiuM. tu ALr ra, uii ei a:.d
L Lck, once a we -k.
b uil. -s t j aiitie Jiat.in.'e an-i ir;ose a sclii-d-uie
oi di'j u turs ami .irriv.il.
10'tlO from Auroia, hy Mxmu's P.rch (n. -.,)
and Fort Churrtull in. o. ,) to lower crosdini,'
of I':iiL'ke rtvt-y, in Wusln.-e County,
uiileH and h'.ck, u:;ce a we.lt,
fciuiit-rri t rfia'e di-,i.d e fii:J projose a sched
:le of dpi'unurfs ;mu arrivul.
1GI41 From Ruhy aiK-y to Camp Il tlleck, 8-
m;le and b-.k, nme a week.
Lt-ave JUi.y all. y M.u-iy at 8 A. 31. j
Arrive xr Conn ltiMe-' W.-Jn-wia iiv 6 P. M !
Leava Ca.i:p liulitck 'i'hurWHyai A. M.
Arrive at tiul-y Vaiiey SNiturditv b li 1. M
1S41- tr- m Millwattir t- WadsWurih, 4j miles
and biuk, unre a w -ek.
Ltiave ftiiiiw-it.T r;J.-.y at 6 A M.
Arnive ac Wad worth by 8 1. M.
h- ivc v atiawMrili S'-iturtliiy at A. II.
Arrive ut iidw-iter t-v S f. M.
ItUi From VirgmiA City to Cirs:.n City, Is
iuiies itii'l brick., fix tiiijrs a Wifrk.
L'Mfi! irini City ddy, except Sunday, at
6 A. 1.
Arrive at Car-on Citv by 12 II.
Leaver Cai nLity Uaiy , eic.-j-t an;!:iy, at 1
1. l .
Arrive at Virginia City by 5 P. M.
Prf,ioal3 must bo to carry th nnil with ' c.-l-
entv. ceit.uufy, ftutt secant.', usius: toe terms
it Ihe law, tii tlK-y nut-it be jLiariifir.eii by tu
reHtriiioie pe-son-, cert met t i suu by a jmm.-
mater t r ju:e or a C -u:tut i.ec.'iil.
A pay wili bo in uie uc ti ijs iitit pei f r:nel,
and for each of m h .iUiiasioi u t sa;isia lf ily x-
pia iud thr e times tb- p tv of tne trip u;y Ik.'
tfectucied. For hi nvaU o far l. liiti-1 time iiS tu
break, c -nil: c: ion Wit'i itepeDiling uiitil, an.i uot
stlllicieitliy eSCl.-e.ii, out t u lb. of the cHipe!l-:i-tiuu
fur the trip is sutije.:t to forftiluro. Fines
will be iuipoeO'i, uti.c the dflintiDcy be satis
factorily pKpiaiiiMl, f.-r inv'.t'i-Uiui to take the
mail from or into a p -at oiiice; tor SLfiorin it to
be injnrv-il. uVfctruyvd, robbed or lost ; and for re
fnsiuir. aJt'jr deauad, to convey the m ill asfj e
tiuentty a tiie conti actor rurnt or is coit.-erned in
I'unoimr. vehicles on tbe route. The Postmaiti-r
GcuhimI aiay uuuul Che Contract for dioin t: the
pitt-t ofhee lawd, or tbe itwi ructions of thu JjCj'-'Ut-.
m-ut. ilo may alter the gchetf'ule- of up:trtiirtH :
or arnvaiii, und also order an mtreaga ei smvict;
by allowing tneteL-ra prorata iucieast ou ihe
contract pay. He may a:o curtail or discontinue
the service in wuolo or iu part, at a pro rata do
creaso of pay, allowing ;ne moiirii's extra coua
peaaatioD oa the amount of service dispensed
wtk Jtids should be addressed to tUa Second
Assistant Postmnster lieneial," superscribed
" Proposals of Nevada, ' and sent by mail.
For forms of proposals, Ac, and other informa
tion, see advertisement of this date, in pamphlet
form, at the urine iil post offices.
Postnuutar UviieiaL
j P. JOY, Proprietor.
Carson City, Npvada.
J. retirted, repaiitt. anJ rt'f-t'Tii-Lfl, tlr- uct.
nut, i k! .t oin fr-irn 5 v'c'u-r'K in ihe Btomitj
m.tii 1 0 u'ci'ick Ht uij:ht( mud is well ku; jlicl
And all the Luxuries the STarket Affords
Mr. JOT hia r.ow sui-tric-r facilities for tLe ac -coannodaru'rj
Brcakfaiit and Pinner Par1lrst
With the Choicest Proflocts of th Field and I'm
Mii tt t.
II,- hn recently adied to bis etibiiniiiicnt -rouin
Lfttlies and Private I'artSea,
Who vrVA r?-"Fff hU fl1 t:entin and a g od fai
as can be obtaiod at .he b-et liotei.
LOCATION' ; Nesi aoor to MnnLkt.Mi Tfsrn
er's Dtnsf Mine.
4 s ni'tro Itmk arcmnH will be kept.S
A continujiuce of ilie lib-ral p;trin.ice her-T-v
fore e xu-ndtdit tbifc eti.i lirinl i.t i- r fp-t tf : Mj
soliciitd. Wil. Jul.
C'S'-n, Ipreiiber 1, 1SP.
27L J;1. T3 r J. Ij z
Paiaily Grocery Store
To tlie Brick BmMiTip owned by G. A. Srers, a:.i-
lutt-ly cccu'iied by Lotus xaDaieu.ium. on
Ivina Street, Carson City,
Whertf he if preiarM ti fimiIi Families. Hutci
,md hcot.'Uii.iDte wiib tbtiiiiust Mundiiof
Preach and Califsra 'Wines,
L"g?s, I.arU, Teas, Coffee,
Green, Can and Dried. Fnats,
Am) in fact EVEI1YTI1IXQ pertaining to lha
Grocery and Provision Line.
Alex. Lrport will please preeeut tlie sam.
fur iiayntent, and all tUwe inuebtHi mill Plena,
call and fettle immediately. A. IJkJ'OKT.
Cmwu City, January 1, lfcGS. jalu-tf

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