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W. R. WILSON....Piocbe
W. K. GRIFFIN.Palisade
A. M. IIOIINE ... Austin
T. STARR. .. Hamilton
MYRON ANGEL, No. 411% California street,
Room 15, ie Sole Agent for the Eureka Daily
SmrriHKL in San Francisco. Persons in tbat
*lty haring business with this offioe are re
guested to communicate with him
ALF. CHARTZ is authorised to reoeire sub
scriptions for the Skutissl and collect for
the same in this town. All persons in Eu
reka owing for subscriptions will make
payment to him.
We alluded a few days ago to the
ease of this poor, old man, who has
for nearly six months been confined in
a cell of the San Francisco county jail,
for offending the dignity of the Su
preme Court of California in asserting
In the presence of that august tribunal
that one of the Judges, had held Ids
office beyond the time for which
he was elected, and that he held
his seat upon the bench with
out legal authority and in violation of
the constitution of the State: an opinion
which is held by many of the most
prominent members of the legal pro
fession on the coast. An effort for his
release was to have been made by a
number of legal gentlemen, but it ap
pears, that being imprisoned by an or
der from the highest court in the State
from which there is noappeal, be must
languish In the gloomy cell of his
prison during the pleasure of the
Court or until death releases him from
the power of his judicial persecutors.
The Grass Valley Union speaks of his
ease as follows: “ The Supreme Court
of California is composed of some five
or six (we haven’t called the roll
lately) great big men. They are well
to do in this world; they wear as much
purple and tine linen every day as they
want to wear; they dine and wine to
an extent that would be satisfactory to
the most extreme follower of Epicu
rus; they have been honored by the
people with high places in the State.
Philosopher Pickett, on the contrary,
la an old and a poor man; he is afflicted
with a disease which gives the extreme
of physical suffering. He, perhaps,
made a mistake in rust ing against those
well-led judges and defying them.
He thought that one of them held on
to an office beyond the time to which
that judge bad been elected. He was
right. His manner was blunt, but it
was honest. And so those big judges
confined the old and poor man iu a
prison, and they intend, it seems, to
keep him there. He has been com*
palled by sickness to be taken from the
common Jail to the County Hospital,
but the Supreme Court did not order
the change for the better. M r. Pickett,
who has pluck and brains, has fallen
Into the clutch oY the Supreme Court
of this State, and in bis case habeas
corpus, by the nature of the case, is
aqspendad. There has never, in all
tbo bistory of civilization, a greater
ease of Injustice occurred. The old
man will rot in prison, we believe, and
there Is no power to relieve him. The
highest Court in the State he has of
fended and there la no appeal from
that Court.”
Tax Connecticut Election—The
latest news from Connecticut shows
that the Democratic State ticket has
made a clean sweep throughout the
Commonwealth by a majority approx
imating to 4,000, the largest Democratic
majority that has been given at any
election in the State for years. Both
branches of the Legislature are largely
Democratic. Only one Republican
(Mr. Starkweather) has been elected to
Congress. General Hawley, Repub
lican, Is defeated by about 500. Tbe
result Is perhaps attributable more to
the foot that the Republican State Con
vention unequivocally indorsed tbe
administration of President Grant, and
nominated a ticket composed princi
pally of men ideniifle i with hi- polit
ical interests, than to any change of
heart experienced by tbe people of tbe
Nutmeg State adverse to the cardinal
principles of the Republican party.
Uncle Parkinson, of tbe Carson
TribuH4, alter publishing and indors
ing an article which appeared in the
Hkntinbl a few days ago relative to
our senior, adds the following:
We take pleasure in stating, as here
tofore vs have acknowledged, that
George W. Ctwaidy made a record in
Ihs Senate of Nevada of which be and
hts friends may well be proud. We
nmy enact end light and black
mmed* seiRstlmeK but have still per
aphnafcv enough left to distinguish s
sasa of ability from a suob. Friend
Cassidy may get up a political Agbt
wtm at. but can aiwaysemiui on sup
pose from the TV#** few legislative
positions ae long aa w« pr*Efc|s over its.
“Lyon County Times.”—Harry J.
Norton has assumed editorial charge
of the Lyon Connty Times during the
temporary absence of Mr. Kenyon.
Mr. Norton is an experienced journal
ist and will keep up the reputation of
that excellent paper.
The Reveille denies that the “sol
dier’s game,” is taught in the Austin
Sunday Schools, and stoutly maintains
that no higher branches of the art than
three-card monte has yet been intro
duced among the Sabbath exercises.
Michiqan Election.—The election
held in Michigan on the 5th instant re
8ii11ad in a Republican victory by a
larger majority than that of last year.
Of twenty-one Circuit Judges elected
thirteen were Republican.
A company of twenty-five emigrants,
from tbe East, says the Gold Hill News
of the 6th instant, including two wo
men, were landed at the depot, in Vir
ginia, yesterday afternoon, in a blind
ing snow storm. They stated that they
were nearly destitute of money, and
being entirely unacquainted with the
country were at a loss what to do.
They inquired for some cheap hotel or
boarding-house, to which they were
directed. They had a big disgust cn,
and wondered what ever induced them
to leave their comfortable homes and
come to this 1 arren and forbidding re
gion. One man stated that he had
mortgaged his farm in Ohio to rai-e
money to get to the bonanza. They
were advised to go through to Califor
nia and get a job of harvesting in the
valleys of that State.
Tne seeding business is further ad
vanced in Paradise Valley at present
than ever before at this season. Some
of the farmers are almost through,
and nearly all the others have at least
half their crops in. The area under
cultivation this year is larger than
Miss Virginia Balmforth, a Califor
nia girl, has just received letters patent
lor the invention of a new portable
“button-hole.” If somebody would
invent a shirt-button that wouldn’t
lose its grip, that person would be the
mother of her country.
About two months ago at least 200
persons from Salt Lake City made their
appearance on tbe streets of Virginia,
attracted by the fame of the bonanza.
Since then they have disappeared one
by one until but few remain.
Henry Clark and James Neary re
cently returned to Pioche Irom Pana
mint. They say there are not 500 peo
ple in the camp, and men are leaving
it daily.
The Lander county tax for the cur
rent year is $2 upon earth one hun
dred dollars’ worth of taxable property,
making with the State $2 U0 upon each
one hundred dollars’ valuation.
A Mr. Finnegan has recently ex
tracted several tons of ore which
worked $350 per ton, from an aban
doned claim in Amador district, about
six miles north of A uslin.
Aarrn Brooks, recently of Pioche,
has been awarded $4,Out), in currency,
by the umpire of tl e Mexican Claims
Dr. Spaulding, the well-known sa
loonlst, lias opened a fine establish
ment at Virginia.
Dr. C. C. Green, a prominent physi
cian of Virginia, has been sent to the
Stockton Insane Asylum.
Senator Stewart was at Virginia last
Tuesday, and mav be there now for
aught we know or care.
Last Monday night an Italian lady
gave birth to a child on the western
bound train, near Reno.
Tbe dog poisoner is at work in Aus
n i n n mm am
From tbo Belmont Coorior.
The Potomac Mine.—For the past
ten years, from time to time, John P.
Courtier lias expended labor and
labor on what is known as Ibe Potomac
mine, at 8an Antonio, and at lust it is
confidently believed the true Assure
vein has been found, containing a flue
body of fligb grade ore. It appears
that heretofore a considerable portion
of the money expended lias l>een to no
purpose, as the mother vein had not
been reached. Within the past tew
days, a huge vein, with well defined
walls, has been cut through, contain
ing a prospect that will cheer the
young heart of John P. Courtier, who
is now at San Francisco. This develop
ment, if it proves what is expected
of it, will inspire new life in the old
•San Antonio Distriot. John will
doubtless abandon his present domes
tic happiness at the Bay for a time,
and attempt a trip to his mine by
lelegraph, on receiving the news of the
A correspondent at Ellsworth, Nye
county, sends us the following: James
K. Evans, one of the discoverers of this
district, died on the 21st ultimo. De
ceased was horn in Brown county,
Ohio, In 1824, which made him 61 years
of age at the time of Ills death. He
crossed the plains in 1850 and settled
in Kllswortb in 1888, where he had re
aided up to the Miue of his death. De
ceased was highly esteemed by those
who best knew him. His remains
were followed to the grave by ell the
eitiaene of the town.
El Doha do South Shaft.—We un
derstand the new vertical shaft of the
Kl Dorado South Mining Company has
attained a depth of 70 feet. Consider
ing the short length of time since the
work was ootuinenoed, it has been
qgjfckly done, and for which labor
eugskholders wilt not growl to put up
their coin, as it is a well-directed un
TrT~ at Hot Creek.—Jos. T. Wll
IMmIM)sold to Maurice N. Donahue
three bundled aeros of land, situated in
IM Hot CFMOtCfruiyon, known as the
Ubaer WIpHNM' ranch. We did not
lei^l'lhe pffee paid for the property.
SALE OF Mines.—Valuable mining
property has recently changed hands
in the Reveille District, and the coin
pgM on delivery.
J per before going to press we were
Informed that work on the Monitor
Belmont mine bad betavnspeuded.
By Overland Telegraph.
[special to the daily sentinel.]
The Beecher Trial.
New York, April 7.
In the Beecher case this morning, it
was agreed by counsel, and consented
to by the Court, that the further exam
ination of Henry M. Cleveland be post
poned till lie can go to the country and
Here Strike* Expected—Military
Philadelphia, April 7.
The first regiment of the National
Guards has been ordered to Hazlbton,
Governor Hartranft having tele
graphed that it was needed at once.
Scranton, Pa., April 7.
The miners at Minooko struck to
day for ten per cent, advance. Other
strikes are expected.
Philadelphia, April 7.
The wires have been occupied with
offlc!al business. There is no news
from Hazelton,and it is though trouble
has grown out of the citizens’ meeting
there last night.
The strikers intimidate the Police
-Military Called Upon.
Hazelton, April 7.
The two regiments of infantry and
one of artilhry ordered are expected
to-day. About fifty of the special po
lice, who arrived here last night, left
this afternoon for Philadelphia from
intimidation. The suicidal policy of
tiie men in stopping the pumps may
be understood when tiie fact is stated
that, if a compromise should be imme
diately effected, it will take from four
to five months to pump the mines dry.
Until then the miuers must reiusin
WlLKESBARRK, Pa., April 7.
The sheriff to-day liecame satisfied
that it was useless to try any longer to
preserve order in tiie coal regions by u
posse and called for troops. General
Osborne at once ordered the Ninth
Regiment of Infantry and tiie VV'yni
oning Artillery, of this place, with a
battery of four guns, to proceed to
Hazelton. Toe general and his staff
left here at 7 P. m. for the scene of the
Fire In the Coni Mines—The Strik
ers Refuse to Put It Out.
Hazelton, Pa., April 7.
A fire broke out accidentally in one
of tiie mines at Stockton to-day, and
the miners at a meeting held expressly
lo consider the question, absolutely re
fused to assist T(f putting it out, al
though such action on their part is in
direct opposition to their interests.
A messenger from Stockton arrived
for assistance to pul out the fire, and a
■squad of special police has been de
tailed for that purpose.
Lenderman, proprietor of the Stock
ton Company, telegraphed here offer
ing a steam tireenginecompauy $10,000
if they will quench the tire.
The pumps at Buck Mountain are
all idle, and a raid is looked for at that
place to-night.
Rhade Island Election—The Repub
licans Carried the Mtate.
Providence, R. I., April 7.
The State election occurred to-day.
Tiie question of tiie repeal of the pro
hibitory iaw has partially broken up
the political parties and renders a clas
sification of the Assembly impossible.
There is no election for Governor or
Lieutenant Governor, but the remain
der of tiie Republican State ticket is
elected by a very large majority— the
iargest ever given in the State— witli
three wards and three towns to hear
Resignation of Wen. Hill—Rumored
Washinoton, April 7.
Assistant Attorney General Hill has
offered his resignation to take effect
at the adjournment of the present ses
sion of tiie Supreme Court.
Gereral Painter, of Wisconsin, and
Commissioner Douglass, are men
tioned in connection with the expected
vacancy in tiie Court of Claims by the
resignation of Judge Peck. >
The dims hum never vnt ion.
Washington. April 7.
The Commissioner of Indian Affairs
to-day received a telegram from Hie
agent at the Cheyenne Itiver Agency,
stating that he can bring to Washing
ton nine Sioux chiefs whenever need
ed for the contemplated negotiations lo
buy tlie Black iliifa reserve. The
Commissioner will notify them not to
come till he receives reports from two
other agents in the $ioux country, moss
to have all the proper representatives
of the tribes here at the same time.
Hevere Know Mtorm.
Cheyenne, April 7.
A snow end wind storm has been
raging since 10 o’clock last night. The
telegraph lines are prostrated tietween
the North Platte and Omuha. At ten
o'clock a. m. to-day trains arriving at
Noith Platte from the east bring re
ports of a heavy rain and sleet storm,
extending as far east as lirookville. In
Kansas a large IVirce of repairers is on
ihe ground and the line was working
at 7 o’clock P. m.
■ere Troop* Heut to Qnell tba DM
larkMM at the foal Hiatt.
A detachment of 150 volunteers
started this morning lor Hazleton and
the third detachment leaves this even
Beecher Ceatlaaes His Testlmoajr.
New York, April 7.
In the Beecher trial this morning,
although all the parties were present
promptly, the proceedings did not
commence till fully 15 minutes after
the usual hour, counsel for defense liv
ing engaged in consultation. Beecher
resumed and testified as follows: In
December, 1872, “I do not think there
was any interview between Tilton and
myself about the Bev. Dr. Storrs, n<>r
do I remember any con versa) ion about
IiIm visit to Stone’s. When Tilton was
reading bla true story, and when he
prefaced a passage by saying: ‘If you
could stand that you could stand it
all,' I did not say ' be might as well
state tbs fact as put It in that way.’
In a subsequent conversation whh
Moul'.on, I said I was a b'ockhead if
he supposed 1 would stand that sen
tence. This was said as a protest.
Moulton said something about an In
terview with Tracy about this matter.
We were-talking and he dropped that
bis lawyers had said sq; I was startled
with surprise, and he .-kid he did not
intend to carry the case any further
without lawyers. He said something
about Tracy, but t here was no under
standing between us that Tracy should
he brought into it, nor did I propose
his name. The understanding was
that no lawyer should he brought into
our counsels.” In reply to a question
by Evarts, as to Moulton’s testimony
in regard to a conversation he stated
that be had with witness about em
ploying Tracy as counsel. Beecher
said “nothing of the kind occurred.
It was all imagination. Moulton never
said to me that lie told Tracy that I
was guilty of adultery with Mrs. Til
ton, and that he (Tracy) said if lids was
true it mustlmkeptquietat all hazards.
It is an absolute fact, said witness, that
there is not a woid of truth in it; it is
false from beginning to end. He nev
er said anything to me about it except
wlmt I have slated. He never told me
he told Tilton of having informed Gen.
Tracy ot it. This is entirely false; 1
never told Moulton I was glad Tilton
had assented to this ronrse, and per
haps good would come < utof it. ’ Wit
ness testified to 25 years’ acquaintance
with Oliver Johnson.
Kxploalen of UUnt Powder-Des
tructive fire and Fearful tarns
•f Life.
San FiiANCispo. April 8,
About half past three o’clock yester
day afternoon, an explosion of giant
powder took place in a small shanty
on Harrison street, below Spear, used
as an office and plaee for preparing
giant powder cartridges by J. N. Ki»
don, the contractor for removing Kin
eon mck. The explosion shattered the
building into fragments and also
demolished a saloon at the corner of
Spear and Harrison streets, a frame
dwelling on Spear street, another
dwelling on Harrison street, adjoining
i he office on tiie east, and crushed in
tiie nor hwest corner of Hathaway's
brick bonded warehouse, next eHst on
tiie wharf. In a few moments all were
in flames, as v ere also a large hay
barn on the opjsisite side of Harrison
street, a two-story frome dwelling ad
joining. and a coal shed of the Black
Diamond Coal Company. Tiie alarm
was immediately turned on, but owing
to another alarm lor a small tire a :ew
blocks distant having been struck a
few moments before, some delay oc
curred in tiie engines reaching Hie
scene and the tire had attained uncon
trollable li end way. It was at once evi
dent, from the cries of victims, that a
number of persons were buried under
tiie debris of the falien buildings and
tiie utmost efforts were made to save
them, with only partial success, A
man named Clark, foreman for ltis
don, was taken from Hie ruins after the
tire was pariailv subdued burned to a
crisp. Tiie bodies of Frederick Haas,
a saloon-keeper, and a colored man
named Brown were recovered not
much disfigured. Jas. McIntyre, late
ly discharged from tiie navy, died
shortly after being removed. The
lhmIies xvere removed to tiie morgue.
Several men, women and children,
badly injured, were removed to St.
Mary’s Hospital for medical attention,
three of whom weie Alex. Thompson,
a ’longshoreman, Win. Knight, amt
Henry Richards, a seafaring man.
They are not exacted to recover. Sev
eral others received sex ere though not
necessarily fatal injuries. A numlier
of persons were missing at last ac
counts, and it is feared they are buri. d
in the ruins. The loss of goods in the
bonded warehouse will not fall short
of $>tH),OOU. There was a great scarcity
of xvater oxving to the small size of tiie
mains in that portion of the eity, and
the engines took water from Hie bav.
It is thought that an abundant supply
irom hydrants would have prevented
much loss of property. The number
ol lives lost will probably be definitely
ascertained to day, when a thorough
search of the rums is made.
Deception or Nenator Marareut.
San Franawoo. April 8.
The reception of Senator Sargent last
evening wax imposing. There was a
large military escort, and the Senator
was mot at the wharf hy a Committee
of the Hoard of Su|x*rvisorH, headed
by tite Mayor, and the procession
marched to the Cosmopolitan Hotel.
Alter tile reception there was a greet
tug of friends, consisting mostly of
employes in the Custom-house. ’The
Senator addressed the crowd In the
street, being introduced with a few re
marks by Mayor Otia. Mr. Sargent
defended his political course, and
touched at some length on questions
upon which his record had been called
in question, after which a champagne
discussion ensued in his apartments.
As an outburstof popular enthusiasm,
tlie reception could hardly be consid
ered a success.
In Eureka, April 8, to tbs who of K. F.
Burtlott, a xon.
In Virginia, April 4, to tbe wife of Edward
Greunbalpb, u daughter.
la \ irginla, April 4, to tbo wifa of D. Mc
Naught, a son.
In Treasure Hill, March i.8, to tbe wife of
E. Wilmarth, a son.
in Belmont, April 1, to the wife of John
Bowman, a son.
in Belmont, April 2, to the wife of T. War
burton, a ton.
la Virginia, April 4, John Coble, aged oO
In Virginia, April 5, Martin Leach, aged 74
Notice to Creditors.
All creditors having demands
against Frank betcbiuan will i resent
tuoui luiuii'diatuly at tt. ii. Clark’s store, for
it. SADLER. )
MAa our. -1 ELDER, } Trustees.
Eureka, Nev., Apm-, io75. aptl-lw
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
PAIRED with neatness and dispatch,
Ft M. All kinds of hurd solder jewelry
WaaDwork dune in workmanlike manner
Pi|te-awniUag in the lateei sty e.
N. B.—Particular attention to all wabb
work, and aatistection guaranteed, aUg
STS. and
site the Turner House, Eureka. Wo have
recently purchased a number of elegant turn
outs and a lot ot tine saddle-horses, and are
prepared to furnish CARRIAGES, REGGIES
and SADDLK-HUnsES at reasonable rates.
Horses boarded by the dny, week, or month.
Hay and Harley ;or sale,
by liiir-dcaling, good stock, and atrict at
tention to business, we houo to secure a fair
share of patronage. ap7tf
Town Lots at Alpha.
ROAD COMPANY will sell, upon easy
and reasonable terms,
Desirable Town lots at the Tonne
The terminus of the Eureka and I’alisado
Railroad. Apply at the office ol the Compa
ny, at Alpha. foatf
Fresh Vegetables,
Fruits, Nuts. Butter,
Eggs, Minors'Supplies
—Af r>—
General Merchandise
Fresh fruits received daily
direct from Colotna Orchard*.
Remember the place: Woodruff A Ennor'*
old aland. Main atreot. Eureka. iyl5>mh3i
The Great Clearing-Out Sale
In Caron’a Brick Storo.
For Thirty Days Only!
He will acll all bia
Fine Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps,
Drilling, Sheeting,
And all othor articlea, at
Greatly Deduced Prices,
In order to make room for bia
Ceneral Merchandise
Which will commence to arrive on the
Mlh or April Nest.
Ilia atock conaiata of the
Best and Choicest
And thoao that want to buy
Cheap for Cash!
Let them go and convince themaelvea.
Means Business,
And expects to hare a
Until bis entire stock is sold.
Gilroy Cigars and Tobaccos!
Consolidated Tobacco Co.f
constantly on band and lor sala
8an Francisco Prices!
Freight added, by
Geo. Thaeher & Co.
-"■-■■ -- ~—* — - ■ ■■
D. B. I MM EL ACo^
In the Old Expreaa Building
Main Street, Eureka.'
And all principal citiei in the United Sut
and Europe.
Discount commercial paper.
Receive deposit* in Coin or Currenev™
open account; Certificate* or Special Dewii?
and will transact a vvsui.
General Banking Bualneaa.
Long agperience in the
Canceling Uepartment
Cf Welle, Fargo A Co., justifies ui j„
nouncing that era will make
Colleetleeia hem Abroad a Specialty
ibb oarx.Y
Jake Cohn Sc Bro.
W the RRRT llllkll DAIH, at
pricea au low as tu induce even body to pup.
chaae their
At Jake Cohn A Bre’i.
Reilly & Harrison,
Fire-proof Brick 8tore, Kaln
Street, Eareka,
l>ooi’loof Eureka that they have oft
Luud the lurgoet stock of
General Merchandise
Ever offered for sale in Eaatern Nevada, and
lb-7 intend hereafter to devute particular
attention to the
And hope, by strict attention to business, fair
dealings and reasonable pricea, tu aecurti
liberal abare of patronage.
Family Custom Especially Solicited.
Their mammoth atoek eonalat, in part, of all
kinda of
Miners' Supplies,
Shelf Goods,
and Cutlery,
Mining and
Farming Toola,
Powder and Fus*r
Gentlemen’s Underwear,
Furnishing Goods,
Gloves and Hostajr
Hats and Caps,
Boots and 8hoes,
Etc., Etc., Ik
Wholesale Invoices Pilled at a ***^
\ Margin.
We have alae on bund a laar«e »tp*h dir**J
from New \ork of French, hnsjlahana
man Cloth*, Ceaaimecra, Doeakinaana *
Ins*, which we are prepared •" ®aa»
the moat atyliab manner from the > .
erna from the <>a*t, having in our empWr
one of the beat Cuttera in the ft tat*.
aarGooda delivered to any part of tho »*'
Miss Minnie Ri<*’
April 10, 1M®'
A oerdial invitation Ueatended f'*11,
TICKETS r ***•

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