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W. E. WILSON.-.-.-.-..Pioehe
A. M. HORNE.-......Auttin
£ STARR....Hamilton
CHAS. vr. CRANE, at No. 4»i Montgomery
etraat, is Sola Agent for the Eureka Daily
Sg*TiniL in San rranoisco. Persona in that
eity haring business with this office are re
guested to communicate with him
ALF. C1IARTZ is authorised to receire sub
scriptions for the Skittish, and collect for
the same in this town. All persons in Eu
reka owing for subscriptions will make
payment to him.
General Grant said in hia celebrated
totter tbat be would accept another
term If the people wanted him, and
Collector Caaey and Matt. Carpenter
end General Logan and Senator Mor
ton and Senator Sargent and many oth
er prominent Republicans say the
country can’t begin to get along with
out him. The colored Republicans of
the South arealsofor him to a man. This
being the state of the case, it may be a
matter of some interest to examine the
probability of bis renomination next
In the first place, the party’s opinion
will be expressed in the National Con
vention. In that body the Southern
delegates will have one hundred and
thirty eight votes, and they will be
able to nominate a candidate with the
help of only one or two Northern dele
gations. Now, if there were anybody
in the field conspicuously in opposi'
tion to General Grant, It might be pos
sible, with good management, to make
s break in this solid Southern vote.
North Carolina might send delegates
for Blaine,Georgia forWilson,Mississip
pi for Butler. But the tendency of the
Southern Republican, which means
chiefly the colored voter, is to stick to
General Grant; and as nobody so far
has set up any pretensions in opposi
tion to him, and as the Federal office
holders in the South—who number,
with their deputies and assistants, per
haps two thousand five 'hundred in
each State—compose, with their per
sonal following, almost, if not quite,
the whole white Republican vote in
moat of those States, they are col un
likely to come to the convention pre
pared to euft>ort General Grant, as
their colored constituents will want
them to.
ur tne nonnem aeiegauon aenmor
Conkling would, undoubtedly, do his
best to carry New York for Grant; Sen
ator Morton would use his great influ
ence to carry the Indiana delegation;
General Butler, counting, perhaps, on
a second chance, would unhesitatingly
throw his influence in Massachusetts in
the same direction; General Logan
would try to bring votes from Illinois;
Senator Sargent would help with Cali
fornia; Senator Frellnghuyseu would
try to carry the New Jersey delegates;
and oat of all these there would even
be votes to spare.
Time was when we did the carrying
trade of the world—a glorious era,
when American vessels waved the
Mara and stripes over the remotest
seas. Now a native born or a natural
ised citizen of the United States, leav
ing any one of our ports, finds himself
or herself under a foreign flag—gener
ally that of Great Britain—and from
•very sea has disappeared the beauti
ful emblem of our nationality.
This result, shallow-psted politicians
or designing demagogues tell us, came
from English cruisers sailing under
Confederate colors, that swept our mer
chantmen from the high seas.
Such stuff, says Don Piatt in the
Wasbinton Capital, may serve in Con
gress, that generally knows nothing,
or on the stump, to the ignorant con
stituents of the average Congressman,
but the more thoughtful know that
American energy and enterprise will
replace a lost marine in thirty days—ir
It pays. The fact la that it does not pay.
Iron has superseded wood, and we can
not use the iron, although more shun
dantand of better quality with us than
th« English, because between our
protective system, so-called, and our
vitiated currency, we have made iron
so costly we can not turn it into vessels
and oompete with England. That is
the whole story.
We might have overcome these ob
stacles to • certain extent by purchas
ing vessels built on the Clyde, but we
havean old law on the statute books
that prohibits the purchase abroad of
spurious money, obscene books and
A celebrated sporting man of Ohio,
Whaley, said to an Intervewer: “I
think Senator Thurman will save Al
len. Thurman is recognised by the
anti-McLain Democrats as sound on
the currency. He has taken tho stump
to show that no man, who holds his
▼lews, need be inconsistent by support
ing the Democratic ticket. Thurman
oau treat that subject in sucli a way
that it will be eliminated from the cam
palf?n- ___
(Iks. Howard has ordered all the
remains of soldiers buried hastily in
the Lava Beds to be removed for re
interment with honors ot war at Fort
A reporter of a St. Louis paper lias
recently been Interviewing Governor
Allen, of Ohio, on the currency ques
tion. Among other things the veteran
statesman is reported to have said: “I
regard specie payments, in the sense in
which that term might have been em
ployed twenty years ago, as a physical
impossibility now and for all time to
come. In my judgment the business
or the world and the financial needs of
mankind have outgrown the capacity
of the mines to produce precious met
als enough to serve for a basis of cur
rency. I regard the whole doctrino of
specie payments as an ideality without
a practical foundation to rest upon. I
regard it as a d—d barren ideality, sir.”
While tills condition of afTairs must he
regretted most profoundly, and while
all are hopeful that the country may
get back to hard money and specie
payments within a reasonable limit of
time, it can not be denied that the re
marks of Governor Allen strike the
common understanding as possessing
much of truth. We believe that it is
possible to return to a specie basis in
time, but we do not believe that that
character of “forced resumption” ad
vocated by Senator Jonos and others is
at ail practicable. It will require a
long series of careful enactments, all
tending in the general direction of
keeping our specie at home, to accom
plish the end so greatly desired. Gold
and silver must become as plentiful all
over the United States as they are on
the Pacific Coast before specie re
sumption can be attained without ruin
and disaster to every branch of trade
and industry. With the present drain
on specie, to meet our obligations
abroad, is it possible to retain enough
gold and silver to do the business of
the country? This Is the vital and all
important question requiring solution.
■ - - - ♦ » ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Sinck the trial, Theodore Tilton has
been quite a recluse. He is devoting
his whole time to the preparation of a
novel, which he is employed to write,
and which lie hopes to have in press be
fore the Mummer is out. He refuses to
tell the title of it, or by whom he is
employed. He tells, however, that he
has been offered by Monree.of the fam
ily Story raper, $75 a column for a
story, and that lie declined it.
-• --
An ancient darkey of Vicksburg was
observed gathering a basket of bones
in the rear of a boarding house, and
when asked what use he intended to
put them ta, he replied: “Dere’sloto'
Northern chaps wakin’ around heah
an’ axing for relics of de war, an’ Ise
gwine to please de crowd It it take all
de beef bones from out doah in Vicks
Tiik jury in the case of Mrs. Norton,
indicted for the murder of her husband
at Santa Barbara, disagreed because
they could not agree upon punishment.
They were all in favor of conviction of
murder in the second degree, but some
were unwilling to send her to the peni
tiary for ten years.
Fares-and-Freights Freeman got
away with Bill Dadd, the Scribe, in the
Doily Convention of Yolo county
The Scribe is an intellectual party, hut
Freeman has the highest forehead, and
that captured the Grangers.
The English Parliament prorouged
yesterday until the 29th of October. A
synopsis of her Majesty’s remarks de
livered at the closing of the session
will be found in our telegraphic col
Big Winning.—James Duffy, of Car
son has just won a suit in San Francis
co, growing out of a violated soda con
tract, by which be recovers >28,090
“We can detect the old rebel yell,"
says the Buffalo Express, “in the ap
plause that cheers oil the Democratic
cause in Ohio.’’ Then why the Dick
ens don’t you throw dow n your gun
and take to your heels, as you always
used to do?—Louisville Journal.
A I iivax communication tells us
that Forbes’ Measure /or Measure has
gone to the “born ol plenty”—Cornu
copia.—Jteno Democrat.
Win. Henry Branch, a man well
known in Gold Hill, met with a very
severe accident Wednesday last, w’liile
working in tiie bottom of the shall ol
the Prospect mine, about a mile east ol
town. His injuries are so serious tliai
there is hardly one chance out ol
twenty for his recovery. He and other*
working along with him at the time,
sent up an overloaded bucket of rock,
from which, as it approached the sur
face, a piece weighing about six pound*
fell to the bottom, a distance of eighty
feet, hit him on the head, cut a fright
ful looking gash seven inches long,ex
tending from an inch to the right of the
crown of his head dow u and toward*
the led, and caused a fracture of hi*
skull about live Inches long. The in
jury crazed him, but did not seem t<
affect his strength, and he was there
fore taken to the surface with greai
difficulty, it being found necessary U
bind him iu order to do so.
Alexander MoPhee met with a se
vere accident on Monday last while
cutting wood, with a companion neai
IVashoe, which came near resulting
fatally. It seems lie had laid down
some three or four pounds of powdei
by his side, and lit a match prepara
tory to applying it to a fuse. In some
manner the match ignited the powder
burning liis face and hands in a terri
hie manner. His companion came tc
his rescue and found him senseless
bis face terribly lacerated and burned
the hair burned off hie head, and his
clothe* on fire. By prompt action the
unfortunate man was barely saved
from being burned alive.
The number ot names contained in
Bethel’s new Directory is as follows:
Virginia, 6,198; Gold Hill, 3.800; Car
son, 1,185; Silver City, 607; Dayton,
360; Sutro, 153; Empire, 243; Washoe
City, 56; Steamboat, 30; Frauktown,
138; Reno, 495—total, 13,065. This
only com prises the names of men, to
gether with those of women engaged
in business, and is probably about one
th'rd of the entire population. On
this basis, the actual number of resi
dents in Virginia City is 18,594; Gold
Hill, 10,800; Carson, 3,555; Silver City,
1,821; Reno, 1,485, and the entire pop
ulation of the eleven towns is 39,195.
■ Nellie Ross, a woman living on B
street, Virginia, came near dying on
Wednesday troin the effects of a dose
of morphine. She had been on a
drunk for a week past. What her ob
ject in taking the morphine was is not
certain. Some think it was that she
might sleep, and others that she want
ed to die. She was taken to the Couutv
The Statutes, Journals of Senate and
Assembly, together with the appendix
thereto, are all out and distributed.
Everything is gotten up in the best
style, and reflects great credit on thei
State Printer. If we recolleet aright,
the work was never done so punctu
ally before.
At the annual meeting of the Occi
dental Mining Company, the following
Trustees were re-elected: J. C. Flood,
VV. S. O’Brien. James (i. Fair, Edwd.
Barron and John W. Mackey.
The South Mountain Mining Com
pany has levied an assessment of 82
per share, which will be delinquent
September 14.
Nat. Furst and Ike Isaacs, of Vir
ginia City, are pitted for a foot-race,
150 yards, for 8150 a side. Nat. gets 10
feet the go.
By Overland Telegraph.
[special to the daily sentinel.]
Forgers Arrested — Telegraphic
Hatters—Male of the Northern
Pacific Ha It real.
New York, Aug. 12.
The Evening i\>st liiinishes the fol
lowing: Four men have been arrested
for participating in the forgeries of tile
California and Oregon Railroad bonds.
Most of the money advanced on the
bonds has been recovered.
President Orton, of the Western
Union Telegraph Company, in a pub
lished letter thisaflernoon, says: “The
Western Union Company can use t.i
advantage, and may absolutely re
quire, within the next twelve months,
10,000 miles of additional wire. If
these additional facilities can be ac
quired of companies now using them
in competition with us cheaper than
we can erect them, clearly it would be
for our interest to buy out such com
panies rather than erect new wires;
nut we ha\ e made no proposition for
the purchase of any competing lines
and no proposition has been made to
us mat would be for the interest of tiie
Western Union to accept.” The Even
ing font says the Executive Committee
of the Western Telegraph Company
yesterday appointed a committee to
confer with the representatives of the
Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Com
pany in regard to the consolidation of
The Northern Pacific Railroad, with
all tlii franchises of the company, in
cluding the property of the compary,
except those lands which lia\e been
patented or certified to, was sold, under
a decree of the Comity ( ourl, at unc
tion to day on the steps of the Custom
House. The whole was bid on as an
entirely by a purchasing committee,
consisting ot Livingston, Hillings,
-Stark, Mooreliead, Hutchinson and
Denison, representing tlio general
body of bondholders who have as
sented, or may hereafter assent, to a
plan of purchase and reorganization.
1'liere being no competition, the price
realized w as a nominal one of $100,000.
Heil Cloud null Spotted Toil.
Omaha, Aug. 12.
General Ruggles has just received
the following from Laramie: “ A cou
rier from the Hlaek Hilis reports Red
Cloud, Spotted Tail, and other Indians,
to be near Harney's Peak, demanding
compensation for damage done to (heir
country, ami Pollock w islies to know
if Gen. Crook has any orders for him
in case lie meels the chief. A courier
leaves this afternoon.”
A Coining Grand row-wow,
Washington, Aug. 12.
The following dispatch was received
at the ludiau Bureau this morning
from S. s. Hiumaii, dated Cheyenne
River Agency, August lltli: “The
Indians at Cheyenne and Standing
Hock consent to go to Hed Cloud for a
grand council. We have directed their
agent to furnish them rations for the
journey and to attend in person if pos
sible. There will probably be 3.000
Indians present at the council, besides
thorn belonging totbe Hed Cloud and
Spotted Tail agencies. It is ini|>or'aii(
that presents should be sent for them
and horses ordered to lie purchased.
The failure to remove the whites from
the Blank Hills is btill causing us
•hooting of a NiianIsh Colonel.
Key West, Aug. 12.
A letter from Havana stales that the
passenger who was forcibly taken last
month from the British steamer Cider,
at Porto Rico, by the Spanish author
ities, proved to be a colonel in the
Spanish service. He was brought
ashorA and soon afterward shot. All
the foreign Consuls protes'ed against
the act. No news of this arrest and
execution was allowed by the censor
ship in Havana to pass over the wires.
Breaking ol a Reservoir.
Springfield, Mass., Aug. 12.
The Searsville reservoir dam on the
west branch of Mill river, was swept
away last night. The amount of dam
age is not yet known. There is prob
ably no loss ot life.
Theodore Going Again (tor Coin.
New Yore, Aug. 12.
The notice of^lhe trial of the $100,(KM)
libel suit of Theodore Tilton against
the Brooklyn Kaytt and Thou. Kin
sella, was entered this afternoon in the
Brooklyn City Court for the Septem
ber term.
Death of an Old-Timer.
Pmilaeulphia, Aug. 12.
Horace Binney, the oldest member
of the Philadelphia bar, died to-day,
aged U7.
How Dnnean, Sherman A Co. are
Fixed-lucreaae of Freight Kates.
New York, Aug. 13.
A statement of the affairs of Dun
can, Sherman it Co. has been prepared
for publication, from which it appears
that tlie liabilities of the firm are $4,
872.128, and the assents 12,112,740.
The new Ireight tariff to the west, an
advance on previous rates, goes into
etfect on this morning over four trunk
lines: N. Y. Central, Erie, Pennsyl
vania, and Baltimore and Ohio rail
Fatal Results of Jealousy.
Detroit, Aug. 13.
John Haffner, of the firm of Hatfner
it Mayes, ship chandlers, this morn
ing shot his wife through the breast,
inflicting a mortal wound, and then
shot himself through the head, pro
ducing instant dea'h. Jealousy is sup
posed to be the eause of the tragedy.
Kerens of Parliament — Synopsis
of Her Hajesty’a Closing Ad
London, Aug. 13.
Parliament prorouged to-duy until
the 29th of October.
The Queen’s speech, closing the ses
sions, says her relations with all for
eign powers continues cordial, ami
she looks forward with confidence to
tlie maintenance of European peace.
The visit of Seg Yed, of Zanzibar, iiad
led to tlie conclusion of a suplemema
r\’ convention, looking to the more
complete suppression at the east of the
African slave trade. With regard to
the attack on English expeditions and
tlie murder of Margary, she says no
effort will tie spared to secure tlie pun
ishment of the instigators and perpe
trators of the crime. Referring to the
preservation of tlie peace of Ireland,
she expresses her gratification at tlie
adoption of a measure which, while re
laxing tlie stringency of tlie former
acts, is calculated to restore tranquility
there. Regarding tlie shipping hills,
site rejoices that Parliament has lieen
able by a temporary act to diminish
tlie dangers to which seamen are ex
cised. She has every reason to hope
that tlie progress of tlie rev enue, which
lias marked recent years, will be fully
sustained in the present one.
A Vessel Crippled.
Montreal, Aug. 12.
Tlie steamer Algerian struck on Split
Rook Rapids yesterday. The passen
gers, numbering Hilo, mostly American
tourists, were rescued and returned to
Montreal by special train.
Fire on the City Front.
San Francisco, Aug. 13.
About 5:30 o’clock this afternoon a
tire broke out among some lia.v Imles,
which line the city trout from Clay to
Jackson streets, ft isstill burning but
is under control. The loss is probably
not great.
Fire at the Imperial Mine—Fatal Ac
el ilen t.
Virginia City, Aug. 13.
The hoisting works of the Imperial
mine took tire this morning from
sparks from tlie smoke-stack. No
dannge was done to the shaft or mine
and tlie machinery was only damaged
by water. Loss, about (25,000.
AI Mint 2 o’clock ibis afternoon John
Cock, working in the pump compart
ment of the Overman mine, at Gold
Hilt, while fixing a pump, accidental
ly fell from h ladder, on which he was
standing, a distance ol twenty-five leet.
and was instantly killed. Deceased
was about 37 years of age and a native
of Cornwall, England, lie leaves a
In Memory to President Johnson.
Vali.kjo, Aug. 12.
Every half hour guns have been
tired all day at the N'uvy yard in ac
cordance wit’ll the order of the liepart
ment, directing such observance
of the death of Andrew Johnson.
The llags on the Island are r.t half
Criminal News.
Hoi.listku, Aug. 12.
The prisoners Louis and Morgan,
who at tempted to assassinate Joel Haw
kins and W.MHokins.the murderers of
Chas. C. McClellan, who were . re
moved to San Jose for safety on July
27th, were returned from there to jail
here this allernoon lor trial, Morgan
made a full confession, admitting the
deed. A large crowd gathered and at
tempted to catch a glimpse of the pris
oners, hut were disappointed. The
oHIcers fearing violence from the mob,
disembarked with them in the out
skirts of llie town and onuveyed them
iuu closed carriage to jail.
PollUea-Our Jones* Rnllroml.
Los ANOKLKs, Aug. 12.
Gen. Volney E. Howard, s|ieaking
this evening, favored Houghton’s
Tex as Pacific Railroad bill. It is said
the southern part of this county will
throw a large vote, irrespective of
party, for this issue.
The lirpre.su this evening says there
have been rumors at SantaMonica and
elsewhere for some days past that Sen
ator Jones intended to sell out his Los
Angeles and Independence Railroad to
the Southern Pact lie Railroad Com
pany. TLese reports have reached to
the Senator’s headquarters and aro
contradicted there.
Indiana Thought to be Trouble
Tucson, A.T., Aug. 12.
Advices from Sonora lo July 30 say
the Yaukea Indians aregetlingtroublo
some. They refused to meet the State
authorities when invited by the Gov
Eureka, Aug. 12—By Justico It. M. Beatty,
John Mugentti to Mias Jotsio MoUill. [.No
Viiginiu, Aug. 10-M. S. Mack to Mias M ,L.
Silver City, Aug. 10—John Cunningham to
Mary E. McUurrey.
Genoa, Aug. U—-Julius Christensen to Mrs.
Gold Hill, Aug. 9—Wife of H. Hesse, a daugh
ter. _•
San Francisco, Aug. 8—Frank Denver. ex
Lioutenunt Governor of Nevada, aged 48
Important Announcement!
that well-’'nown and Popular Couiic
Vocalist and Protoan Artiste,
Whose original songs of “ Champagne
Charley.” •• Castles I IS the
Air,” anil “Ten Thon
sand Ml lea A way,”
Are as familiar as household words, support
ed by his
Parlor Concert Company!
• R"Sce future advertisement.
aul4-tf CHARLES FLANDERS. Agent.
Oil Cloths,
Paper Hangings,
Window Shades,
Paints, Oils,
Lamp Stock, Etc., Etc., Etc.
Furniture and Mattresses
—OK AI L styles—
Made up to Order.
W. P. IIAUKKI.L A CO., Main St.
Children Cry for It; Ladles Sigh
for It, and Miners Die for It.
Celebrated Stomach Bitters.
Shaving & Hairdessing Saloon
lu the Amerlrnu Hotel Building;,
ou t'lnrk St, Between Mnlu A
Burl Street*,
in Iho bust style of the
Toneorial Art.
Mr, lifter in just from the Cosmopolitan
Harbor shop, San Francisco.
an7-tf__ _____
that 1 nr the owner of that certain spring
of wator situated on tho Secret Canyon road,
about one-hiilf mile south of tho “Way
Spring." All person* nr* hereby warned not
to purchase any right to the said spring, as I
intend to niaintaiH my right to tho same.
August 11,1875. auRMm'
Partner Wanted
in Hamilton; a good lively partner; one
who undor«tands the businoss and is nut
afraid to work. If not taken before Septem
ber 1st the wholo establishment will bo tor
rent. TUOS. STARR.
August Id. IM. awf-lui
Grand GymnastiTErtiion
Criterion Hall;
Wednesday Evening, Angn.t „,h
—bt thk—
Invitation Committee:
Chas Fuchs Aircharli
?,*>«]* « f*n V Chiuda
H Davenport Frank hcigethnth
m /-enow M J Franklin
1 bonJ aspeyro D Horn
J B I.angsiroff Thus .Milligan
A D King M B Bnnlett
A Brooks CW Selim nib
O Brc.wn Lave J Matthew,
Mm Ferguson
Floor Managers:
M J Franklin AirC'bartx
Dave J Matthotvs V Cbiuda
Floor Director A Leader oruymaait,
Chas Fuchs
The BF>T MUSIC procurable in Eureka
will be in atteniiuncc.
A cordial Invitation is extended to ail.
_ _ _ au.kii
\\r illows Track!
September I Oth 1875
fur all buggy horse** in the county of Eu
reka; heat* two in three to harness; ten
percent, entrance.
RUNNING PlllhK. $200, half mile heat*,
two in three; free for ali; ten per cent,
entrance: weight*. 112 pounds.
SECOND DAY—Trotting Purse, 1300, open
for ull ho• *«** in the State at the preaant
dute, Aug Kth; hear*, three in five to har
ness; twenty-tire percent, entrance.
In each race, three or more ?o enter and
three to start. Trotting race governed by .sac
ramento rules.
The above purses are given by the proprie
tors of the track. Entrance closu son tap
tern bvr 7th. HARDY BhOfi.
Check Lost.
X niond I'urnaccs and Mammath Corral,
a coal check from iho Richmond Company,
drawn in lavor of I'uKD. SKYMuRK lor 111
bushel*. I he finder will please leare it at
J. 8. hit.on’* store. auW-lw
Sealed Proposals.
O ceived at the office of the County Iwr*
at Eureka county. Nevada, until aj.d includ
ing the tllh day of September, D"». fr toe
e-eo^jon of one story on the present County
J ail of said county, according to the plan ai.tl
specifications to bo soon at tbo vfltoo of isiu
Tho Hoard of County Commissioners re
serve the right to rejeet any and all biu*.
Iho work to bo paid for in United Mate* coin.
k. li. 11A UJIUJ.
Clerk Hoard County Commissioners, Eureka
County, Nevada. _ -,.
Eureka, Nev., Augustfith, 187). tu7-ttl
1> the i.iea on the |irjc«*d* i>f “ *
of Eureka county lor ih«
Juno :>0. 1N7">, are now duo ami
my office, end tliut the luw with re**r
collection ot the »uuie will by •WJ®1
forced. J- C. li»« tl.l
County A.«o**or uf Korek. county.
Eureka, .Nevada, Aux. 10, IB7 >. tu“ _
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
PA1KKU with neatness »n' d; ‘»oOy
All kinds of hard .Older
dBHWwurk done in workmanlike man"
FI|m--MouiiIIiik in the latest sty «.
N. B.—Particular attention to all »*£h
work, and satisfaction guaranteed._
Patronize Home Industry.
Prrparallen of Fur* Jb*» *
He is preparod to fill orders from all mo
tions in quantities from
One Pound to One Thousand Peoad^
Factory on South Main street
the Turner House.__
Okkick OK thk CmiNTV Rki;o«p^ ; \
tuat.K* Coisjy. fo,
I K. E. Chase. County Ke.c“rj!®!iby
1* Eureka county. N^."y.betrif*
that a certain I ower of Attorney. de by
date April 21th, A- I*. . CoBil'*oy*
•• I he Ruby Consolidated Mminf ^ doD
Limited.” the same " lieroard
England, to '1 bourns Xn'f :* »“ d ,ou»ty
Solomon Bernard, both ot the«>'».„ „mno*
of San Francisco, Mate of t a!IdI rn of
ins them or either oj them to “f.; ,.,4ny I. of
safd linby Consoldated Mining t attorney
reel rdin tuyofflae. SaidP«»«» ureof tb*
bears the official seal and ««|»n m |i*d.
Lord Mayor o' the City of turo of tb®
and also the official seal and sign state!
Iiemity Counsel General of the , irelsnd.
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