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1UMHA1. WIVVGK 13. 13?B.
----- - -r~-~ rra^*A.~:r=r
W. R. WILSON. Pioehe
A. M. HORNB..Austin
T. STARR.. Hamilton
W. A. CLAYTON......~..Tybo
CHAS. W. CRANE, at No. 43d Montgomery
street, is Sole Agent Tor the Eureka Daily
Skiitinkl in San Francisco. Persons in tnat
city haring business with this office are re
quested to communicate with him
ALF. CHARTZ is authorised to receiee sub
scriptions for the Skntirkl and aollect for
the same in this town. All persons in Eu
reka owing for subscriptions will make
payment to him.
The election in Ohio to-day has been
looked forward to as the most import
ant political event to transpire this
year. In 1873, Governor Allen, who is
a candidate for re-election, received a
majority of 617 out of a total vote of
426,491, being 96,000 less than the ag
gregate vote cast for President in 1872.
Home of the Ohio papers estimate that
of the 98,000 non-voters in 1873, at least
70,000 were Republicans. If this
estimate be approximately correct, it
will thus be seen that the State was
largely Rwublican in the last guber
ernatorial contest, notwithstanding the
success of the Democratic stanJard
bearer; hence, no very reliable conjec
ture cau he formed as to the result of
the balloting to-day. We, neverthe
less, have great faith in the personal
popularity ot “Roaring Bill Allen.”
and shall net be at all surprised if the
Democrats sweep the State by a round
majority. As an offset, however, to
Allen’s popularity, the platform on
which be stands has been construed as
favoring a further inflation of the cur
rency, thus causing the Democratic
ticket and policy in Ohio to be assailed
by the press from one end of the coun
try to the other. If the Democrats
should achieves signal triumph to-day
with all the odds against them, it will
■ot he claiming too much to put Ohio
down as unalterably Democratic in the
great Presidential battle of 1870. Spec
ulations are, however, of little avail,
and we can afford to wait for the result
so soon to be declared.
A Legislative Fighter.—John F.
McDonnell,the bullying Assemblyman
who m ide a bluff at Torn Wren at Car
son last Winter, was fined 975, a few
days ago, by a Justice of the Peace at
Gold Hill for assault and battery on
Thoe. Burke, his brother-in-law. His
pretext for the assault was that Burke
had circulated scandalous reports con
cerning bis (McDonnell’s) wife, a
charge upon which he failed to produce
a particle of proof upon the trial. The
Jury considered the attack entirely un
provoked, andjso found in its verdict.
After the trial, McDonnell made
threats against his brother in-law; was
■gain arrested and placed under 9500
bonds to keep the peace. The ex-leg
islator evidently has a hankering for a
lighting reputation, and the chances
are that he will wake up the wrong
customer some day, who will cause
daylight to glimmer through an orifice
In his carcass big enough to drives
pack-train through.
Congressional Roll • Call. — A
Washington paper has been figuring
on the roll-call of the Incoming Con
gress and finds a greater number of
name* duplicated than in any preced
ing Congreaa. There are for instance
■even Williams’, three Harris’, besides
twenty-five other names which are
duplicated. Strange to relate, Jones
snd Smith appear among the twenty
five, there being but two of each in the
Forty-fourth Congress.
Fear of Indian Troubles in Ida
ho.—A late issue of tbe Idaho States
man tells of a threatened outbreak of
the Indians in Lemhi valley, and as
usual tbe Mormons are supposed to be
at the bottom of it. Letters from
Lemhi, have called on the Governor of
tbe Territory for protection. Kvery
where on the Utah border tbe savages
have become insolent since the Mor
mons began to bapttise them into the
Church, whioh ahows very conclusive
to our mind that tbe Latter Day Saints
have been Instigating them .to acts of
▼lolenoe against the Gentiles.
Faithful to His Duties.— Gordon
N. Mott has been nominated lor Coun
ty Judge by tbe Republicans of San
Franciseo. He was atone time Terri
el Judge of Nevada, and afterwards
Territorial Delegate to Congreaa, and
during the terms of those offices, so
ter as we ever beard, he waa never ao
fwH of permitting the business ot
either position to interfere with bis du
ties ae a fcro and poker player.
Lon Ha Ovmooat.—While going
up to Virginia City Iroin Carson on the
ears tba other day, Bob Lowery loet
bis overcoat. It wss stolen by e big
1 tin It of a ebap about tba alas of Dave
Bust, while Bob stands about five fset
in bia cotton socks. It is presumed
that tba giant wanted the garment for
patches for his neck-tie.
Will, Visit Viboijsia.—Gen. Sher.
ldan bee informed Mayor Currie, of
Virginia City, thst be will be in that
eity neat Thursday. He will doubt
less reeelve am enthusiastic welcome
from the generous Cornstockers. I
Typhoid Fever.—The typhoid fever
If raging to a considerable extent at
Gold Hill and Virginia City. Some of
the physicians attribute its prevalenoo
to the drinking of the water at present
furnished at those places. Under such
circumstances the Virginians and Gold
Hillers should confine themselves ex
clusively to other beverages.
Humboldt District Fair. — The
Humboldt District Agricultural Min
ing aud Mechanical Fairopens at Win
nemucca Wednesday and will con
tinue the remainder of the week. The
premiums aro both numerous and
liberal. The society has our thanks
for a complimentary season ticket.
What Scared Him Back. —The
Gold Hill Sews says that fear ol being
interviewed to death by the hungry
reporters of San Francisco is what
caused President Grant to take the
back track from Salt Lake.
For Rape.—Ephriam Pickets a well
tt)-do and well known citizen of Battle
Mountain, has been indicted for rape
by the Grand Jury of Lander county.
He has been arrested and unless re
leased upon bail, is now in jail.
Dividend Declared.—The Consoli
dated Virginia Mining Company Las
declared its usual monthly dividend
of $10 per share, aggregating $1,0S0,
000. _
Our venerable Governor, upon
whom certain parties are endeavoring
to saddle all the responsibility of the
State Prison scandal, says the Silver
State of last Saturday, passed here last
evening on his way to Carson. For
some time past he Ims been seriously
ill in Elko county, and his lower ex
tremities are now almost useless fro.n
paralysis. While he was lying siuk at
Elko, no pains were spared in the
western part of the State to make it
appear that he was absenting himself
purposely from the capital. All this,
of course, was for political effect, but
those who have assumed the task ot
hounding him may- find themselves
treed belore they get through with the
prison affair.
A suspicion having by some means
got abroad that Edward Ziegler, who
died at Virginia City a few days ago.
catne to his death by foul means. Cor
oner Mayer, assisted bv Dr. P. J. Aik
en, made a post mortem examina i >n
of his body last Thursday, by which
the fact was established that the cause
of his death was congestive chills.
While tunneling into (lie side of
Mount McLellan, Colorado, recently,
the explorers came upon ground solid
ly frozen ninety feel from the surface.
The question is, liow the frost got in,
as there was no crevice through which
it could enter.
Mercedes Beregas, the mother oi
Mrs. Potter, who was murdered by
her husband at the Nucleus Hotel, in
San Francisco a few days ,agn, is a wo
man of the town, doing business in
Carson City.
A box of merchandise directed to a
Chinese merchant of Winnemncca was
opened at the depot last Thursday and
found to contain a lot of unstamped
cigars, matches, etc., all of which were
con fiscal ed.
Last Friday the Yellow Jacket Com
pany, at Gold Hill, paid £11,000, the
Crown Point £45,000, sad the Belcher
£12,000, all for labor performed in
the mines during the month of Sep
The Centra) Pacific Railroad Cninpu
niC is experimenting on peat, with a
view to using it on their road. Ii
burns like coal, gives out no unpleas
ant smell and is much cheaper.
Thirty-five emigrant cars, averaging
forty persons to a car, passed Winne
mucca last week. This adds over
1,200 to the population of this coast.
Over two hundied colored waiters,
for the Palace Hotel, have already
passed over the Central Pacific Rail
road for San Francisco.
From the Record, October 10.
Accident to Tom Andrews.—Tom
Andrews, the foreman of the Raymond
<Jfc Ely mine, was yesterday afternoon
down in the mine looking after affairs,
and while passing along the eighth
level he happened to come to a
chute; it being dark, and he thinking
it was closed, as it ought to have been,
got into it and fell a distance of forty
feet, striking against some obstruction,
which broke his fall and leg. and prob
ably saved bis life, as the chute was
116 feet deep. He soon ntado known
his situation and was brought promptly
to the surface. Dr. 8. L. [Me was sent
for, and on examination he found
the ankle of the right leg broken very
badly—both bones broken. It was
promptly set. Tom standing the opera
tion very well. The Doctor proceeded
to rig a pulley, etc., in tile house, so
that the patient would be as comforta
ble as possible. laud eveuing he was
resting very fairly.
Attempted Fioht.—A duel with
pistols was about being attempted yes
terday about 1 o’clock, in front of Jno.
Reeder’s store, between two ranch
men. but Officer McKee, bearing of it,
came to band quickly and nipped it in
the bud. The dispnte was in reference
to the branding of a colt by one of the
parties, the other claiming to own it.
Following are a few mining notee of
At theannnai meeting of the stock
holders ot the Baltimore Consolidated
Mining Company, held on the (ith in
stant, the following Board of Directors
was elected: A. K. Grim (President):
S. Hydenfeldt, J. B. Low, W. B. Boy
den, E. Strother (Sn|i«rln!endent). C.
A. Sankey was elected Secretary.
J. F. Cassell, an old and experienced
miner, formerly superintendent of the
Golden Chariot and Belmont mine*,
has been appointed superintendent of
the Leopard mine.
An assessment of 60 cents per share
has b"en levied hy the Rock Island
Gold and Silver Mining Company. It
will be delinquent on the 10th of No
The Baltimore Consolidated Mining
Company lias levied an assessment oi
81 per share, which will be delinquent
in the office November ill'll.
The Maine Mining Company has
adopted a resolution rescinding as-ess
ment No. ii of twenty-five cents per
The Pauper Mining Company lias
postponed its delinquent sale until the
18th inat.
By Overland Telograph.
The Beeretnry of tht Interior—Tlie
Attorney General Interviewed.
Washington, Oct.. 9.
Postmaster General Jewell and Act
ing Secretary Cowan to-day stated that
the new Secretary of the Interior
would probably arrive on Monday and
at once enter upon the discharge of bis
duties. They both declined to divulge
the name of the appointee or of wiiai
State he is a resident, saying to do so
would be a violation of confidence.
The Attorney General resumed ills
official duties to day. Among the call
ers were ex-United States Senator
Poase and United States Attorney
Wells, oi Mississippi. A lengthy con
versation resulted, in the course of
which the delegation assured the At
torney General that any depar ur>
from the policy of the Adtnini .nation
as indict ed by him would be disas
trous to the State interests and espeei
ally would its best citizens ask
.hat ao troops be sent. They assured
tl.e Attorney General that if matters
were left as they now are w ithout any
interference by the tieneral Govern
uietii the result would be the redemp
tion of the State from many serious
difficulties now existing, not among
the least of which would lie the elec
tion of a patriotic and law-abiding leg
Heavy Seizure.
Milwaukee, Oct. 9.
The rectifying home, resilience and
all of the property of J. I’. Kissinger,
of this city, was seized hy the Collet:
tor of Internal revenue to day (or an
assessment of Sil'i.ooo against the
Union Copper Distilling Company of
Chicago, ol which Kissi-.geris a stock
Klotoiis « oikInet.
PoTTSVILLK, Pa., Oct. 10.
There was considerable shooting and
breaches of the peace at Shenandoah
last night, an 1 atone time there were
fears of a riotous disturbance. Two
men were soot, one Kichard Finnell
slight ly and Jim Joint severely wound
edandhis throat cut. In attempting
to make arrests Chief Burgess, Die
constable and police were fretpten'ly
shot at, though without effect. One
dispatch states that over one hundred
shots were tired at the otlicers outlie
streets. To-day there has been much
excitement and citizens generally ao
i id pate another outbreak tonight.
The deputy sheritt was compelled to
is-iio a proclamation this af.ernoon.
At Mahniiy City there were a number
of incendiaries. The iirst was three
dwelling houses and three stables
burned. Three men were arrested fm
inciting the riot. A later di-patch
states tlial during tile day ten addition
al arrests were made for inciting riot
and iiu endtaristn.
Woolen Mill IK'S troy el by Fire.
Lowell. Mass., Oct. 10.
At North Chelmsford this morning,
a woolen mill, consisting ol two large
brick buildings and one tenement
hou«e, ow ned by U. C. Moore were
Intrncd, also ti e pattern shop, ware
house, carpenter anti machine shot)
and four loaded cars. To.al loss, from
$35,000 to $100,000.
Tbe Ueecher Jury.
New Yokk, Oct. 10.
The jurymen in (lie Beecher trial
contend that they are entitled to extra
pay for their service**, and they have
not given up the hope of getting b.
They ha\e recently held several meet
ings and at the last a committee was
appointed to draw up a petition to the
Board of Supervisors of Brooklyn.
The petition is signed by all tiie juty
nten but Whalen and Jeffreys.
Cause of the Pottsvllle Riot.
Pottsvii.ee, l'a., Oct. 10.
All is quiet at Shenandoah, though
the town is under a heavy guanl hy the
Sheriff’s posse and special police. It
is thought that lire disturbances grow
out of the very jealous and had feeling
existing among the miners there of
different nationalities anti may result
in more disturliancesand violence, hut
the authorities are confident that they
can preserve the peace.
Pmi.ADH.PHIA, Oft. 10.
Charles D. Hervillly was murdered
last night in Eleventh street by un
known parties.
A ratal Price Fight.
Boston, Oct. 11.
Michael Carney, principal, and one
of his seconds in the fatal prize tight,
gave themselves up to the police.
Mometblng About n Murder.
CoNCottn, N. II., tk:t. 11.
A crowd estimated at 5,000 persons
was at the location of the Longmaid
murder yesterday. Nothing was dis
covered to give evidence against Drew.
An aunt ol Drew’s said the girl will
give testimony before the Coroner’s
Jury, but that *he stood in fear of
ttelsnre or Illicit Ntllla.
Kkw York. ot. 11.
Two Illicit stills and contraband in i
terial valued $1.1,000 were (seized in
Brooklyn Saturday.
The Germania rooms were packed
yesterday with workingmen wlm had
gathered to listen to the story of the
grievances of Kail River mill oper
ative*. Jno. Hwinton was chairman,
and the speakers were John Halley,
Morgan, Jefferson and Hilclift', dele
gates from the Kail River Weavers,
and Swlntnn, McGuire, Winter anti
Thompson, of New York. The speak
ers in Introducing delegates said they
had come to represent the white slaves
of Rhode Island. Among the senti
ments most loudly applauded was one
from lamnder Thompson th.itanvman
who controlled over a million dollars
was both a thief ami a robber.
ft. H. Nupreme Court.
The Supreme Court of the United
Status commenced its October turin to
(lay. All the Justices are on the bench
wi ll the exception of Associate Justice
Ilealli of nu Actor—More About 11c
Fatal Prize Fight.
Otis Used, the actor and elocutionist,
and for many years tlie Lord Dun
dreary of (.aura Keene’s company
died here last night.
A dozen of the participants in tlie
recent fatal prize light at Huzzy Woods,
were held for trial to-day.
The Secretaryship.
Washington, Oct. 11.
Tlipro are no new developmentscon
eerning the .Secretaryship of the In
terior. Mr. Cowan, who has been act
ing as Secretary, has not signed any
papers to day, and at 1 o'clock visited
tlie Attorney General to obtain hi
opinion as to tlie legality of serving to
day. Secretary Delano’s resignation
took effect October 1st, and the pi int
at issue is w hether that day-hall be
considered one of tlie ten days of
service allowed by law to ad i.i d ims,
or vice, without special appointment.
London, Oct. 10.
According to a dispatch of the Press
Association it is reported in Ports
mouth that all her Majesty’s ships to
ihc.Fapiine.se ports have been ordered
to China.
Floods In Fugland.
London. Oct. 10.
Recent rains have swollen tin* riv
ers and streams and caused disastrous
inundations hi Leceislershireand War
wickshire. The destruction of proper
ty is very heavy and some lives aie re
ported lost. The railroads are badly
damaged and tratUu is generally sus
Heavy Damage.
Ottawa, Out , Oct. 9.
In the case of Ed warns vs. tlie < ttawa
River Navigation Company for di si ruc
tion of mills at Itoi-klaiid last Som
mer by sparks from a steamer, the
jury gave the plumtitf a veidict for
New Fommim ter-ii -< hief.
CaU'Cita, < let. 9.
It is confidently sta.ed that General
sir Frederick P. ilah es, Commander
of the troops in the Government of
Madras, will succeed Lon Napier, of
of Alagdala as Commaudei-m-Cldef.
Sinews ut War.
I.oNDON, Oct. 9.
The Fall Malt Gazette's Ikrlin spe
, eia says it is reported that Germany
will demand this year an addition ol
tl 090.000 marks to" tile military estt
Death ofa French Assembly mail.
Paris, «>et. 9.
M. Deseanreau, one ol the Deputies
in the Assembly lrom Loire Intel lure,
is dead.
Cuming ol ttic Finest (Intel In Uit
Rkhlin, Oct. 9.
The Kalsenhof Hotel, in this city,
was totally burned. It was Hie finest ol
the kind m Germany. '1 ho loss is pul at
a million dollars.
A .steamer Stranded.
I/*xdon. Oct 11.
The English steamer liiscav, belong
mg to New ta'llo. was si landed oil
Juiland w hile on a voyage lrom Crmi
stadt to Htemerhaven. • Kimen per
sons were drnw ned. The Hi cay was
an iron steamer, Guill in 1872, and was
owned in London.
Tilt- I'tiurr «f Mulcii.
I.OMMiN, ()Ct. 11.
The I’rinee of Wains departs imin
Lon,Ion on his visit to India thi- even
jog. lie will he aecoin (rallied as far as
C alais by tlnr l'rincess Alexandria.
Cardinal McClo-Uey.
Komk. < >ct. 11.
Carilidal McCIoskey w ill leave here
to-morrow. 1 le goes first to Phi is. lie
will afterward- visit ( Hidiml Manning
ai London, and Cardinal Cullen m Ire
land. He has ordered here a splendid
marble altar for tin* Koman I a Indie
Cathedral in Mew York at a cost of
Ottawa, tint., Oct., 11.
The Judges of the Supreme Court of
Canada, as announced hi llie official
Uazeitc, are Chiel Justice \V. H. Itieli
ards; Pni-ne Judgcs.S. ll.Mrong, from
Oulario; J. T. Ta-cliereau, from (pie
lice: Kaurier, from Quebec; \V. A.
Henry, from Mo\a Ncolia; Win. J.
Kite, le, from New lb un-w n k. Koh’t
tassels, ol Ottawa, was appointed Keg
istrar of tlie Court.
Mercantile failure.
Lon in in , Oet. 11.
John Serigo Ciallata, a merebant of
Ibis city, has failed. His liabilities are
The Mormon Conference — Illeh
I* lucer* In ilie U lull lllvor Coun
Nai.t IjAKK City, Oct. 9.
The Semi Aunual Conference of the
Mormon Church closed today. There
has liceu a large attendance. Brigham
Young w as elected President, also iriis
tee in trust in place of tieo. A. Smith,
deceased. Ifaniel II. Weil wag elected
hirst Counselor.
Some miners who lately returned to
(Been lliver Station, on the Union i'a
ciiie Railroad, report good placer dig
giogs in tlie streams of Wind Klvir
and Big lloru mountains, almnt one
hundred miles north ot Camp stain*
haugh anil the old Sweetwater gdd
mines. Some of (lie men have come
out lor the Winter and w ill return in
(lie Spring; others remain there dur
ing tlie YY inter.
The Mimilrllle.
San I-’kani isi-o, Oct. 11.
Tlie directors of the W’oodville Con
solidated Silver Mining Company, at a
meeting this morning, postponed the
sale of delinquent stock till II oVoek
to-morrow morning. They also ordered
an abstract of title to all their property
to he made, together with a statement
of all money reeeived and dislmr-ed
by the corporation since its formation,
the same to he prepared and puhlNIled.
They furtherorde ed that hereaf'cr any
bona fide stockholder might examine
the books of the company, provided
hat not more than two persons cotiltl
have tlm use of th" hooks at the sans
tin e. Tic committee of t Icven, ap
poin.eil by the ciissmi'fied Mn< kiinlil
urs, hi 1 line tliis evening to decide
upon some c urse of ac tion. Ii is said
some detei ni'iied move will he made
to gel a tlie truth in regard to the af
fairs oi the company, and that Hie com
mittee will lose no time in pushing an
examination ot the books and ac
Carson City, Oe . tt—Wife of Jacob Tobrincr,
a son.
UolU Hill, Oct. 7—Wife of Edward Fitzgerald,
a son.
Virginia, Oct. 7— Wife of Ilnniol IJesmond, a
me urrr— at i ——————
Kureka, Oct. 11— .John Trejoin, a native of
Cornwall, aged 42 years.
Funeral will tuke place from the County
Hospital this afternoon, at 4 o’clock.
Virginia, Oct. 7—William Curtis, aged 2b
Winnomucca, Oct. 6—Thomas McCann, aged
17 years.
Virginia, Oct. 8—John McCarthy, aged 21
Virginia. Oct. 7—Annie, wife of Jacob Nich
ols, aged cl years.
y f 1 nm* any five m-*n in the town of hu
rei%a i<>r frotu 1,000 io S:amh», to lift from ai
►-pound t • a zO-pound d nub- bell. Men anu
money to bo found at the Skntinki. offi
hi), b»tANN A \.
ol2tf ALF. Oil Aik * Z.
© Fish Creel* i.am h, one black horse, o
• earaoid, weight I.OOj pound*, and branded
“A. low down on ilio right hip. Arc*
ward of $2U will be paid lor hi* delivery to
liidiiur A CA*ti K > i Eii,
o!2-lm Main street. Eureka.
Notice to Miners.
Bids will be received until
Th u*< by, Htn instunt, o sin. ing a
shaft Iz» fuit 10) leet, on Ada os Hill, c m
ui ci *f ti’Soliace. I he company wil
fun i.-h tools, also timber, i( the gro >nd
-ho Id require timbering, for particular*
mui.iru ai ino mine.
.r. c. POWELL,
ol.’td Supt. Adam* llill Company.
Eureka, Ncvadr*
Branch Store,
Hamilton, Nevada.
1 • ml Mdrchundt*e in the State can be
found ut
In tho Building formerly ocout>ied by
The lowest Possible Prices.
Mining Companies, Miners, Far
mers, Country Merchants,
Restaurant <St Boarding
House-Keepers, Fami
lies, and Others
Buying Goods, will find it to their advantage
to givu us a call beforo purchasing elsewhere.
Cannot bo surpappod. Customer* can rely on
lair anil liborv I d -tiling. Good* delivered in
liuroKa and its vicinity froo ol charge.
AOfiXTA for tho
London Fire Insurance Corporation,
For tho
California Powder Works, Hercu
Us, Blasting, Sporting
Powder and Fuse.
n A n B * N w IUK F E 1* * B .
L. W. < KoNKk. T* J* MaUPW*
\\ holonalo and Kotail l>ef)ler*in
IIiiiiw I'uruDliliig L<miiI»,
H> nrr nt*o |rr«-|»ur«-<l to fill »»»«• FI*
«Jn« 1*1|»e.
Dono on Short noth*.
Tli«* Im»ni 4|iatilll> 4if
Steel, and also Stone Coal.
•’onntantly on hann. Also, Mni<uf»ctur«ri§ ol
Tin, Sheet-Iron, Copper Ware.
Particular attention paid to all work in our
lino, and guaranteed to give ported satwai
tion in every particular.
Conatantly on hand.
Blasting and Giant Powder
aufitf MAli 1’IN Jk CROMER.
Have just Itoccoived their
Immense Shipment of New Goods!
Bought by our Mr. Meyers, in
The Best Market, for Cash!
The eathks of eurkka axd stir
1 rounding districts will l,llv0 the ,
Hiid most varied assortment of general a
gouds to Select troui that has ever been i l..^
in tho Eureka market, comprising the most
Elegant and Fashionable Styles
in New Dress Goods, viz;
New Matelasse Suitings.
Highland I'laid Suitings, in all the Clan,.
Black and Colored French Kusse.
F’ersuillo Pongoe l laide, plain goods to
Plaid Croite Carrcan.
French Mercnos, French Taffetas, Ci^h
mere, Drap do Eto, Ac.
Black und Colored Silks,
Shawls, Mantles,
and Jacket,
Childrens’ Missei’ and Ladies’
Velvet**nd Felt Hots,
Trimmed in groat variety.
The Underclothing Department
Is replete with everything a lady could »i<h
Ladies’ Gauntlet and two-button KidGlorei.
in all colors and sizes.
Silk Tics, Ribbons, Laces, Ac.
Our Fur Department
Comprise!, .Minks, Sable. Artraciun ind
Hudson Ray.
The Domestic Department
Is full of tho very host makes, at very low
W liito and Colored Blankets, Comforts, ic.,
in all sires and qualities.
The Boot Department
Is running a first-class stock of everything
New in < hiblren’s, Misses’. Ladies’ and
Gent’s Root*, Shoes and Sap
per.*, from tho best
Trunks, Valises, Ac.
Gentlemens’ Beady-made Clothing
and Underwear
We mal o a specialty. The material and
workmanship we guarantee.
P. P.—As one of the fiwn reside* in San
Francisco, will attei.d to all older* in
trust’d to us with prompt*iess.
Main stkkkt. aoj<»inin*»theuu
. roka llotol, importer and dealer in
Hardware, 3rass and Steam Goods,
Bar and Sheet Iron, Drill Steel,
Ox and Horse Nails, Hope,
Gas Pipe, Giant and
Blasting Powder,
Fuse and Caps,
Cook and Parlor
Stoves, Etc., Etc., Etc!
Copper, Tin and Iren Work
I&adc and Repaired.
North Iiuol rtreet, Eureka, Ne».
John 0 Laughlin, - - - Proprietor.
A ia now upon for bu*in>‘*e.
X il E K 0 0 M 3
Are large, comfortably furalibcJ
voutilut il, anil
X II E T A D l E
Will be supplied at all turK* ."wurdjt l,">
b -t tin. market afford*, in »»l>™
be kept as a lir»t >'la“Y}Hllll~
Clcsing Out at Cost.
1)11 Ni• IJKSIKOVS. J'li’SS-*"'
renovating. repairing and oi ''%bl..,
«»r* bolero ...»»“ tr igX
determined to olore out <"jt'l iWf.
,1-011,1, our on[ire ajoclt «1 t0®",,,si||b«
I Jus if no Kilo. Bfso'' u; (jam"*
nb mdiinily oonyinn d l.y eti »» w
our pricer. I bo gooda cor "l’^,, „ »„f
incut itr complete and la ■ (
ever brought to thir ,M »
JllS.S I'A-l'V_
Mining 1 V t‘,V far
& Tt.
.1 I-’ Harrington. .oiO*c05
||’ K. Marr.... -u»
( hi,rler Minintorh....
And the iiudtTfi*n“J"'"" .. year*
That unleff you. within^iailiat"9*’
rofrnicrit to meyour inu „cj.
become my propm ty,.^, w L^ljjw»id
Kuro'ia.Oct.4. lbTo =

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