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W. E. WILSON... Ploche
DOCTOP T. SHUL7.E...Ruby Hill
WILL ... RABBITTS.Palisade
A. M. HoANE. Austin
X. STARR.—...... Hamilton
W.'A. CLAYTON....™....Tybo
II. P. 8TIMLER.Belmont
CHAS. W. CRANE, at No. 42d Montgomery
•treat, ii Sole Agent for the Eureka Daily
Skstiskl in San Francisco. Persons in that
eity having business with this ofBoe are re
quested to communicate with him
ALF. CHARTZ is authorised to receive suo
scriptions for the Skstihkl. and collect for
the same in this town. All persons in Eu
reka awing for subscriptions will make
payment to him.__
The following discouraging account
of the new El Dorado we find in the
Idaho Avalanche of the 4th inst.:
“Those of our young men who are
contemplating a trip to the Black
Hills will do well to ponder over the
following extract from a letter written
by a gentleman who has been there
and knows whereof be speaks. D. H.
James, its author, says: * I don’t
find it In my heart to encourage
any one to come to the Hills on the
strength of what I have Men. There
is gold here, but Professor Jenny’s in
vestigations in placer mines liere don’t
amount to anything. He never saw
the channel of any creek or guloh in
the bills. His prospecting was limited
entirely to rocks, so that he knows
nothing of the existence here of gold
in paying quantities. There are no
bars here that amount to anything,
and where a few colors are found on a
rim leading to a bar it invariably gives
out, and back channels in bars as far
as they have been developed will not
pay grub. Spring gulch, reported so
big by Professor Jenny, amounts to
nothing. Castle creek has been pros
pected to the depth of twenty to forty
feet and nothing found. Shafts have
been sunk on Kapid creek to the depth
of thirty-three feet and not a color
found. In almost every instance the
reports sent out are infernal lies. I
have proved it so, and I can scarcely
believe any one. You would laugh if
you knew bow mad I feel with my
self for being deceived by men’s talk
at Cheyenne and on the road.’”
Owing to the machinations of the
mail fiend, or from some other cause,
we foil to get the Enterprise more than
half the time, and among the missing
numbers was one, which we are in
formed, contained a contradiction of
our statement that the ruffian Wilcox
had, until recently, acted with the Re
publican party. Onr Comstock con
temporary, we believe, claims to have
been Informed by a Democrat, who is
posted, that the legislative Vulcan has
always acted with the Democratic
party. It doesn’t make any particular
difference that we are aware of, but
since the Enterprise lays such stress
upon its assertion and denial, we will
state that its Democratic informant was
evidently “ joshing” the editor. Wil
cox waa nominated at least twice by
the Republicans of Mariposa county for
the Assembly; was once elected and
onoe defeated upon that ticket. He
was once a “ Workingman’s candi
date” for the Republican nomination
for Congress, and sold out to Timothy
Guy Phelps, who was defeated at the
election by Mr. Axtell, his Democratic
opponent. He was always a time
server, but has served most of his time
in the Republican party.
republican mtate central
As the political caldron is commenc
ing to simmer a trifle, for the informa-.
tion of those interested we publish the
names of the members of the Republi
can State Central Committee. Neither
of the members from Eureka are at
present residents of the county:
Storey county—I. L. Reqiia, U. A.
King, H. O. Maynard, E. S. Davis.
Ormsby county—P. Stadtinuiler, S.
T. SWIft. "'•*—
Lander county—A. E. Shannon.
Lyon county—Dr. C. B. Zabriskie,
Dr. W. Buncbar.
Nye oounty—T. Warburton.
Washoe county—J. H. Kinkead, C.
C.' Powning.
White Pine county—A. C. Cleveland.
Churchill oounty—Wailaoe Ooodeil.
Douglas oounty—J. W. Haines.
Elko county—F. M. Smith, J. 8.
Eureka county—A. E. Davis, A. C.
Esmeralda connty—J.G. McClinton.
Humboldt oounty—M.S.Thompson;
Lincoln county—D. M. Tyrrell, D.
A Female Enterprise.—A com
pany, composed exclusively of fe
males, with a capital stock of $80,000,
has recently been incorporated under
the State law for the purpose of man
ufacturing and selling a recently pat
ented article of concrete for rooting
and sidewalks. The new composition
is said to be an excellent article, and as
the company possesses superior facil
ities for obtaining the materials, it can
he manufactured cheaper than any at
present in use.—Buz an Dispatch.
Probably they own a sand-bank near
by, or get their asphaltum lor noth
ing. ___
It la a thin excuse for a young lady
to lia a bad until nine o'clock in the
morning because this is sleep year.
So far, the telegraph has reported
to us but one respectable name
outside of the Plymouth communion
supporting the Beecher demand for a
Congregational Advisory Council. We
refer to the Rev. Leonard Bacon, of the
Center Church of New Haven. Dr.
Bacon has written and published a
letter to his co-religionists, entreating
them to afford full countenance to the
“Advisory Council;” to swallow their
disgust at the whole business and their
disapproval of Beecher personally, and
for the sake of their church organiza
tion to give to the council a general
notan individual character. His appeal,
however, does not seem to meet with
a cordial response from sister
churches. We have been informed by
telegraph of several churches of the
Congregationalists which have refused
to entertain the invitation of Plym
outh, and this morning's dispatches
state that all the churches of that soci
ety In Providence—a point where
the Congregationalists are notably ini
portant in numbers and wealth—have
turned their backs upon the whole
Beecher business. Dr. Bacon’s name
must and should carry groat weight.
His name and Lis fame are historic.
He is, as far as may lie according to
his tenets, the high priest of his sect.
He is by nature, by education and by
habits of life, a religious ami political
controversialist; and yet a faithful pas
tor and a good man. He is a maker,
not a follower, of public opinion. He is of
the best blue blood ol Connecticut. His
“Society ” is descended in strict suc
cession from that founded by t tin fat It
ers of the colony two hundred and fifty
years ago. He has passed a life of
study and labor under the venerable
shades of Vale, and has been, since tlie
Bibie-riflo days of ’52, a not unimport
ant element in the anti-slavery move
ment, which culminated in secession,
abolition and re union. But even I)r.
Bacon's character and position will not
serve to shield Beecher at this crisis.
It is to be hoped tor the sake of his
good name that, in this advice to his
brother Uongregatioualist, he is influ
enced solely by a desire for the good of
God's Church,and ior the safety, honor
and welfareot his people. His appear
ance as an advocate could only damage
himself and his church. It could not
benefit the accused. For ourself, whilo
inclining to a belief in Beecher’s guilt,
we bold our opinion as one to he re
moved by evidence. YVe are loth to
look upon so great a fall, and would
welcome convincing testimony of his
innocence. But the world has judged
differently. He has been weighed in
the balance of public opinion and found
wanting; and the general sentiment i«
heightened by the contrast between the
the pettish, unmanly temper lie has be
frayed since the late trial, and the self
contained, seif-respecting manner of
Tilton. The one with modesty and
dignity pursues his vocation; the other
falls to scoldAg ail, and sundry like a
very drab. YY'hatever may be the
truth concerning the charges preferred
and re-preferred against him, his ca
reer of usefulness in this life is ended.
At that higher tribunal, before which
in the course of nature he must shortly
appear, his virtue may he vindicated.
Flksh ant) Fowl. — The Carson
Tribune Bays the Sknti.vkl has gone
out of its way to bestow praise on the
State ^,'ontroller. Not at all, Uncle
Parkinson. Commendation of an lion
est and efficient public official, no mat
ter of what politics, is never out of our
way. We are under no obligations
personally, politically nor pecuniarily
to Mr. Hobart, not even to tbe amount
of a subscription, but we believe Ire
lias made an excellent State officer, and
that there is no particular reason why
he should be criticised so sovorely be
cause he o ioos 's to indulge his family
in their preference fur San Francisco to
Carson, especially when neither of our
United States Senators, both of whfjm
are almost daily the theme of adula
tory comments in the Tribune, have
scarcely a constructive residence in the
Last Friday night, says the Silver
State of the 8th, an emigrant named
Alfred Larke, who, ainue he lelt Og
den, fancied his fellow-passengers were
conspiring to take his life, lea the train
at Goloonda. An acquaintance and fel
low passenger named Blackburn,
missed him,ami stopped at that atation
to see to him, and persuade him
to pursue his journey on the
next train. He became so unman
ageable that it was deemed advisable
to turn him over to the Sheriff, and see
if a few days’ rest and quiet in the
Cointy Jail'would not restore his
seuaes. l)r. Hanson, who was called
to prescribe for him, is of the opinion
that his alierration is only temporary.
Yesterday he wrote the following,
which he desired to have telegraphed
to his wife:
“Mrs. Alfred Iatrke, Englewood,
Cook county, Illinois: lam locked up
in this place because they say I am in
sane; so I want you to answer this by
return, to let them know that I am not.
Blaukburn done ail this.
A. G. Larkk.”
He converses intelligently on gen
eral matters, but seems to be under the
impression that somebody is ail the
time seeking an opportunity to kill
him. Yesterday he tagged to be let
out in the Court bouse hall, and when
his request was complied with, be at
tempted to escape, and ran like a quar
ter-horse out of the Court-house.
Yesterday morning, says Tue-ulay’s
Elko Independent, Capt. Lee B. Math
ews, one of Wells, Fargo A Co’s
special detectives, passed through oil
the train on his wav to San Francisco,
having in charge James Harrington,
whom lie iiad arrested in St. Louis.
Harrington was sent totheState Prison
from Calaveras county, California, in
1872, to serve out a twelve years’ sen- 1
tence for stage robbery, but some seven '
months since made his escape through
concealing himself in a shoe box. Ef
forts ware made to effect his capture,
but proved unavailing, until the 30th
of January last, w hen Capt. Mathews
nipped linn in St. Louis as above
stated, and will shortly have him
safely caged again inside the wails of
San Quinten’.s Slate Boarding-house.
The Silver State of the 8th says:
Jorsey District is tlie great center of
attraction at present. Miners, wood
choppers and coal-burners are flocking
there from every direction. Lots are
selling as high as $200 each. Two ho
tels and two whisky saloons are in full
blast. To-day the furnace starts up.
and if it proves as successful as antici
pated, another Eureka will spring up
in Southern Humboldt.
We published during the last week,
says Sunday’s Pioclie Hccortl, the
amount of the entire shipments of bul
lion from Pioclie for the month of Jan
uary, 1870, which was $105,233 57—of
that amount the Hayinnud it Ely mine
shipped $157,004 07. The expenses of
the mine during that month amounted
to $73,000, leaving a fair margin of
prolit for the mine.
Three of Rose Benjamin’s girls, Pays
the Virginia Chronicle of the 7th, en
gaged in a tight in her den last night,
and adjourned to the street to tinisli it.
The police interfered and stopped the
row, but there is no record on the
prison honks of any arrests. ito.se
Benjamin’s place is a scandal to the
city. Almost every night some light,
or otlieV disgraceful affair, takes place
i', and it is time that the in authorities
took some notice of the establishment.
A reward of live hundred dollars is
offered and will he paid by Washoe
Lodge, Xo. 2. F. A A. M., lor the ar
rest and conviction of the party or par
ties who assassinated, robbed and
burned the body of Thus. Donnely,
near I’ranktown, on Thursday even
ing, Feb. 3d.
Gen. Connor, who at one time look
an active part in mining and other en
terpiises in JCly district, is aUmt to
erect a smelting furnace at Oreana, in
Humboldt county.
By Overland Telegraph.
Washington, Feh. 8.
The Senate bill, fixing the lime Ini
holding Circuit Courts of ihe Culled
Stales in the Districts of California,
Oregon and Nevada, was laid before the
Senate with several amendments of i lie
House of Representatives, which were
concurred in an i the hill passed.
The Senate Committee on Public
Lands has agreed to report favorably
on Kelly's bill providing tor the sale oi
timber lands in California, Oregon and
the Territories, anil a great system of
internal improvements is to be at
Billy WiMMlhnrit Manila In lor the
I arson .Mint -Public l,anil» in
the House—Arizona.
Washington, Feb. 8.
Representative Wood burn intro
duced a bill yesterday appropriating
1300,000 to increase the coinage capac
ity of tlie Carson Mint.
Delegates tSteyons introduced a bill to
repeal the law allowing the Governor
of Arizona an absolute veto power, and
providing that tl:« legislative Assem
bly, by a vote of two-thirds, may enact
measures without liis signal ure.
Steve is m|.i> in roilue.il bills appro
priating $',0,000for a dipnoi,and $ir>,(X0
fora penitentiary for Arizona.
Kelly, from the Commute on Public
Lands, reported favorably on the "eii
ale bill for the sale of timber lauds in
the Slates of California and Oregon,
and the Territories of the United Slates.
The bill was ordered placed on the cal
Hie Iiitrlvarlca of Hie .Hussncliii
setts Marriage l.nw.
JiOHTON, Feb. 8.
There is ijuite a sensation in
New bury port over the marriage ol
James Partou, the author, to his step
daughter, lJlet same being forbidden by
the statute* of this Stale. The bride
groom learned of the sta'ute the morn
ing after the wedding, and to prevent
further scandal Iwt ins house m
charge of his wife and took rooms for
himself at a board mg hoU'o. He will
apply to tlio Legislature for a special
act sanctioning the marriage.
I.yocti Lmi In luiilitnn.
Cincinnati, Feh. 8.
A lSloouiington, Indiana, speeial
says a body of maskod men appeared
at tile jail thore at - o’clock yesterday
morning, overpowered the Sheri If, se
cured the keys aud shot and killed a
prisoner named l’. A. Murstou. Alars
ton was convicted of murder and sen
tenced lo the penitentiary for life
three yearn ago. The Supreme Court
recently granted him a new trial. The
■nob left a letter with the Sheriff, or
dering the prisoner’s attorney to leave
town within thirty days.
The Fenian Ntephens Not llrnil
High Water-The Knits Jetly .Sys
tem for the Mississippi.
New Yokk, Fob.
The Irish Citizen states that James
Stephens, the well known Fenian
leader, is not dead, as reported out is
in good health, and resides in Paris.
Sr. Louis, Feh. 8.
Captain Kads has Just received a dis
patch from Colonel Andrews, the con
tractor, for jetties at the mouth of the
Mississippi, announcing thirteen feel of
water through the crest of the bar at
the south pass, being an increase of
throe feet within the past eight days.
Seven feet additional of water will en
title Captain Fads to the tlrst payment
by the terms of his grant from Con
The Cuban Affair—Fire auil (daugh
ter Without Avail.
Nkw York, Feb. 9.
A letter from Havana, dated tiie lid
lost., says: The destruoliou of prop
ertv hy fire still continues, and
at Jagu'ey Grande the streets were
illuminated by the glare of several
fires in different direction in tlie
neighborhood. Papers bring tlie de
tails of the fight at Naga, near llemedos,
where the Spaniards claim to have re
pulsed the insurgents twice, killing
six men and four horses, and probab
ly wounding many. '1 here were sev
eral cane fields burned and three
Spaniards killed and five wounded.
At Holgiven the enemy attacked and
burned a village and the fort of Yov
eniguer, which tho Government savs
was traitorously surrendered. Eight
hundred insurgents attacked Mabozon
but were repulsed and log 15 killed.
The Spaniards lost lt> killed and 18
Frederick William (nil Sot Attend
Ilie Feiiteuulal.
A letter was received here yester
day from tho Private Secretary of tlie
Crown Prince of Prussia, in which lie
states that owing to personal matters
it will bo impossible to visit America
this year.
The Texas Horilcr Troubles—lintl
road Rrlbery Investigation.
Chicago, Feb. 9.
The Timm' Washington special sa.vs
Gen. Ord and Adjutant General Steele
have lieen summoned before the N|>o
cial Committee on tlie Texas border
troubles. Steele it will be remembered
was sent by Gov. Cooke lotbeKio
Grande to examine the matter.
A Tribune Washington special says
the Committee on the Judiciary will
resume the investigation of tho Texas
Pacific tailroad ca-c to day. The in
formation already filed with the com
mittee consists wholly of statements,
which have already been printed, ac
cusing the agents of the Memphis and
FI Paso Hail road Com pain, under
who-e charter the Texas Pacific is par
tially organized, with having secured
that charter hy the wholesale bribery
of members of Congress, newspaper
men and others. A number of gentle
men interested in tlie present organi
nation and in (be old Memphis and
FI Paso Company are now here and
will be examined' by tho committee.
Accident In Hlioile Islitiid—Another
Fold Shoulder Tunic.I to Rrotlicr
A UPON AG, II. I., Feb. 9.
Two children named Smith, and
a young man named Barry, who at
tempted their rescue, were drowned
here last evening.
PltoVlOKNCK, It. r., Fell. 9.
The three Congregational churches
of this city, invited to Beecher’s ad
visory council, have declined.
Spain—The liilkoiincy tuts •• lliitli
on IIH W hi pile .i''—The All Irnm)
Sole in KiijIkuiI.
London, Feb. 8.
The Carlist Committee ofthlscily lias
published Ilia following telegram from
Hendaye, dated February •). A great
battle was fought on .Saturday between
the Carlists and the Alfoiisoiat’s main
body. On [Saturday aftermoil, when
this intelligence was dispatched from
the Held, the battle was progressing,
the Carlists* loss was inconsiderable,
and they belli all ilieir positions, 'tlie
troops were showing gicat confidence
ami enthusiasm.
■Madrid, Feb. 8.
Tlie Royalists are complete masters of
tlie provinces of liiseav and Alva.
ilKltl.iN, Feb. 8.
Count Von Arnim is expected on ac
count of tlie illness of his son.
London. Fob. 9.
In his speech in the House of Com
uioiis last night, llisraeli made the fol
lowing imported announcement: "lie
lore we agreed to support the Austrian
note it had been mutilated to us in an
unmistakable manner that it was tlie
desire of tlie I’orte, however much it
objected to our vote, that Lnglund
should not stand aloof.”
The Mortage Tux— lllnuer to Sena
tor Miitron.
•San Francisco. Fob. 9.
Thu attorneys of llie various sav
ings bank* of tins city held an import
ant meeting Monday aHurnoon at
whicli it was decided to repay lonliwith
ihe mortgage lax to borrowers, from
whom llie savings banks collected i'.
less lell per cent., which ihe bill Its
were to retain for ilieir expenses in cm
rv ing th ough the courts tin- question
of llie uileoii'tnulionslity ol tile law
uiidm which llie payments ot i lie mol t
gagetax was sought to be enlorced.
{Senator Sharon was llie recipient of a
complimentary dinner at the l’alacc
Ho.cl last evening, at the hand* of lib
old friends of the Comstock lode, as i lie
invitations were worded. Tile room*
were elegantly decorated wiili linker*,
mirrors, etc., and the company em
braced a number of prominent gentle
men iu liuancial and professional cir
cle*. {Sharon expects to go Fast iu a
few days.
Suicide—Lota oil Telekrnpti Hill—
ktrike iu I'Bimmlni- W iiHihtr.
San Francisco, Feb. 9.
About 10 o’clock tin* morning a man
named VV. F. W. Williams w..s loin id
dead in his room at the New l.iria
House, corner of Fuidesdni It and Sacra
meuto streets. lie lell a note slating
lie had suicided by taking morphine,
and requesting that no autopsy be held.
Hu was a native of Fngland, of good
family, lint had been disinliei i vd, and
came to this country. He had been en
gaged by Sumner, Whitney tt Co., law
hook publishers, as a writer. Hu was
a barrister by profession.
The sale of lots on ihn top of Tele
grapii lull, advertised to come olf to
day, lias !>een post [wined, 'llie sug
gestion lias been broached for llie city
to purchase Uie tract for park pur
A letter from l’anamint says that a
very rich strike has been made iu llie
Hemlock mine of the Wyoming Con
solidated group, which is controlled
by {Senator Jones and oilier*. The
opening up of the ore body was not
entirely unexpected.
Hale A Norcross has levied an as
sessment ot Jo pur share, delinquent
March 14th.
The weather is warm to-dav but
cloudy and unsettled, ltain lias fallen
lightly at intervals during the fore
Tbe Male Prison Exaiuiuntlou.
Carson, Feb. 9.
In the State Prison matter to-day the
examination of Kid ridge, one of the ex
perts, was continued. Nothing new
was elicited in the examination, Mr.
Fldridge strictly affirming to the truth
of his report. He stated emphatically
that lie saw no evidence of peculation
on the part ot Hyman. At the conclu
sion of Fldridge’s examination Be
long inquired what provisions had
been made by the Board in regard to
paying the expenses of w itnesses, stat
ing that tie intended to introduce sev
eral witnesses from a dislar.ee. Ben.
Kittrel! replied that it was the desire of
the Board to attach as little expense as
possible to this examination, and lie
was sorry to learn that it was neeossaiy
to entail additional expense by intro
ducing wit nesses from afar, blit as the
counsel had perfect right t>> do so, lie
supposed the amount allowed for ex
penses should he similar to that
allowed witnesses by the courts ol the
State. He remarked that, although j
they had a right to allow expanses
there was no law at th.-ir command by
which the Board could compel wit
nesses to attend. At one o'clock the
Board took a recess.
On reassembling, 'he examination of
Hyman began. His testimony was at
great length, and was intended to ►how
how apparent discrepancies for three
quarters of 1875 came about. The ex
amination w ill probably continue for a
week or more.
When a widow presses your band
and tells you how she has made lour
dozen clothes-pins last. Iter twelve
years, and she droops her eyes ami
says a paper of pins last three years,
and she looks lip and smiling a rosy
smile, how on earth is a feller to break
away ami leave that, house and con
vince himself that she loves him only
for his wealth.—Avalanche.
Funny men marry young beeansi
tlio girls say “ We want a humor us
mail.” Then tilings arc not so funiiv.
--- j
Ryo l atch, February 6—\S if© of John Cody,
n son.
Parudis© Valley, February 3—Wife ot T. J.
Bradshaw, u «on.
Winnemuccn, February 6—Wife of J. K.
Rnsrsdnlo, a son.
Unicnvillo. February 1—Wife of Pablo La
vea^a, a son.
Carbon, February tf - Hi* bin d V. Tone to Miss
Alio© B. McLain
Carson. February 7 — Lu.vurd liovre, aged
about 45 years.
V; I t of l'umily Groceries and Country
Ludi *s, if you want your husbnnds t-» love
' on, go to Friedman's for your groceries, as i
• h • following will show:
Oil! say nor 1 love you. because the niMifl"»©ji J
Vou purchased ut Friodui.in’s gulden I
and clear;
The syrup, tho sugar. *he ndlv in ^In-sris,
The crackers, tho uiack'rel l know wore not
But when vou came to mo with Friedman's !
smoked •,al;io,n.
And "howed mo his sumploa of Limborgtr i
ell SPj
l folt i hut his claim to be cheap was not gam* ;
1 loved you, anti said so, dear Jane, on my j
knee*. ja'JMtf
1 i OOTMA KE It.
•/ maker of the I’aeiiic Coast, is now pre
pared to make to order nil kinds of boots and
•boos, .-took and WOIiK.M ANSU li* slJl’E
KlUli to any in Eureka.
I*er>rt lit* tJnnrnntefd.
Can’t be beat on Cork Solo Moots, ltepnir
\ng nuufly done.
Shop opposite l axton «fc Co’s L'ank, Main
“treet. Eureka. o8tf
1. line assort nion* of jewely for thv> /&'*\**\
holiday*. A Do a \r. * 11 ^elected *t«»ck of I*
ilA Fit and l'FATED U ARE, Cuke V*>'
hunkut*, Cn»tnrM, Fickle and hutt.or Di-Lop,
ioblnti*, Napkin Ring*, otc.
My motto ip:
'tepaired in a workinanliko manner, and all
work guaranteed.
liivu me n call. FRANK DUKKEE.
I bool and "h m b imioss, on Mail street. to
my inirtncr, Jutnc* Murphy, who wi'l collect
all toll, duo Him old nrtu and disrlmrgo all
of its indebtedness. 1). AIERPIIY.
Eureka, Nov.. Jan. 21. I bill. inii-1 m
1 U'mi ital Suloon « n Vain st ree t, Eureka, to
Christopher Vlurtha, who will collect all bill«
due the old lit in and dhchurgu all of its iu
dobtedin-pp. J. C UUFUaN.
Eureka, Nov., January 11. JS7». jaliMrn
To All Whom it May Concern:
1 responsible for any hill, f.,r labor or
otherwise con touted lor the Kit Carson mine
alter lh.-> date.
Eureka, January 17, 107H. jalktf
1 Buel and Clark snoots, in roar of tho
tumor Saloon.
- A L 8 0 —
A house containing two rooms, on Buel
itroet. below Clark. Imuire of
E XTR AO jTdTnary
J. COHN & BRo.
Announce to tbo public of Kuioka and vj.
cinity that tho
First Grand Auction Sale!
OK TllElli
—AN L»—
Furnishing Goods!
Commencing at 7 o’clock.
« -ON- I
At tbo same hu.ir.
During the Day Goods will be Sold
at Great
For the entire «turk must be sold inside of
Come All. and be Convinced of the
J. COHN & 3*0.
f>tf_ _
D i an n Hull*
—ON —
Saturday Evening, Deb. 12th,
The boat of music has been obtained for fh«
A general invitation is extended. f ot
L ure in aiin.mi.o
(it ed iic i* KIKsT.CI.Ast> tAi'KESS A.N'B
JuB tV AGON, and am
Ready to do all Kind of Jobbing
At tbo I.owevt Batov.
l’innot and furniturowill bo moved with lbs
My iiormnnont viand is in front <il
Ci.bn ,V Bro < Clothir.it .Store, where urdor*
cnti be ljlt in my ubvencc.
fbtf C. SAMUELS.
ErluH tin- ■’nrlirrlloim.
ixl plctu in every particular.
A No. 1 Pebble Spectacles and Eye
Aty jewelry i< from tho eetabli.-hment of
the only mAnnltu "ning company on tho
Const. d'-’Htf
New Firm! New Goods!
K. A. MILLICI1 : : : : I’ROl’Itl KTOR.
1\V 1 i,L, K KKP A Ct -XSTAN I
supply of Fretfh t 'nlilornii 1*w‘^
Produce, to arrive every truin. Ai?o »i*p«
I urkoy*, Chicken*, Freeh Oyators, Honey lu
tho tomb, limns, and Mgeimiui utmoYtuiuntof
Fresh from tho importing house* cf the L**1
and West, two dunis above tho Parker House,
Alain street. dl7tf F. A. MILLICH.^
House and Furniture For Sale.
1 tho corner of Clark and Spring |fc£j!ij
etrevia, together with tho furniture, akaiil,
is offered for sale on reasonable ■SJu^’
term*, us tho ownor ia aboui leaving M»*®»
Inquire of fhtf LOUIS LUftLH.JI
I my agent while I ami .bjeut fro™' «<*•
Stale. fUlw J. \ AN DEIiLlEXU.

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