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—----— ■ ■ ■- . •“
SUNDAY, MARCH 6, 1878.
W. R. WILSON. ....Pioche
DOCTOR . SUOLZB...:.Ruby Hill
A. M. H.BNE. Austin
C. STARR..-.Hamilton
H. P. ST1ML8K.Belmont
CUAS. VV. CRANK, at No. 428 Montgomery
street. Is Sole Agent for the Eureka Daily
Skntinkl in San Franeisco. Persons in that
city haring business with this office are re
quested to eommunioate with him
ALP. CHARTZ it authorised to receive suo
acriptions for tho Skntihkl and collect for
the same in this town. All persons in Eu
roka ewing for aubaoriptiona will make
payment to him.
There is no disguising the fact that
times In Eureka at the present are un
precedent!.? dull. The oldest of our
business houses assert that the like was
never beforeexperienced here since the
first settlement of the town. Business
of every description seems to he de
pressed almost to stagnation, and the
complaint is general among ail classes
of the business community that ready
money is not to be had at all. There is,
of oourse, a cause for all this. Indeed,
it may be said that several causes have
conspired to produce this unsatisfac
tory state of affairs. The most promi
nent, perhaps, is attributable to the
general and widespread monetary panic
which reaalted from the suspension of
the Bank ot California. The interests
of the mining communities on this
ooast were so intimately interwoven
with the fortunes ef that great institu
tion that the effects of the disaster ex
tended to.and were sorely felt in all of
the mining districts west of the Rocky
Mountains. It is trus that the princi
pal cities and towns of the coast have
measurably recovered from that tearful
financial shock, yet it must bo appar
ent to the most indifferent observer
that the small mining communities, re
mote from the great monetary center
of the Pacific Slope, are still suffering
and staggering under the weight of the
disastrous oonsaquences flowing from
that unfortunate panic. Not all of us
had direct business relations with the
bank, aud yet our mining interests,
upon which all else is dependent, were
no closely identified with the great con
cern that it is impossible to conceive of
any individual member of the business
community that was not affected in a
greater or lesa degree by the failure.
From the very moment of the suspen
sion the business outlook suddenly be
came clouded,and from thence forward,
for months, money continued to grow
tighter and tighter, until now it is hard
ly to be obtained on any terms what
ever. Eastern Nevada, in particular,
has been thus afflicted. Pioohe, Ham
ilton, Belmcnt, Austin, and lastly, Eu
reaka, are each and all groaning under
the annoyances and heartburnings
wbieh invariably accompany a long
season of depression, not to say pros
tration of business. Money is scarce
and, consequently, hard to get. This
condition of affairs may continue for
months, yet we hope for brighter
prospects with the dawn of spring.
Barring the aoareity of capital for car
rying forward the work of develop
ment, the mining outlook in Eastern
Nevada was never more promising
than now. We have the mines, un
questionably rich and permanent,
still without ready coin to work them,
we shall be left In a bad ffx until the
atringenoy or the money market shall
have ceased and flush times all over
the coast again become the rule. There
are also some local oauses which have
operated to our detriment. In the
first place, we are experiencing the
longest and severest winter ever known
in this section of the State. Deep
snows have blocked the roads, com
pelling the suspension of pretty much
all ouside business. It is mainly due
to this eause that so little is being done
jin the coal and timber business, two of
-our leading Industries, scarcely of less
importance than the working of the
mines themselves. From one cause
cud another our mining interests are
also languishing this winter. The Eu
«reka Consolidated and K K employ
for leee than their usual complement
of wen, while the Atlas, being in
volved -In litigation, la net ruahiug mat
ters aa formerly. The Richmond Is
the unin stay of the community for
the winter, it being the only one of our
mining companies which Is prosecut
ing operations with the usual vigor.
As wo have said before, we can not
predict with any oertainty when a
change for the better is likely to take
place, appreciating, aa we do, that the
present inactivity and great scarcity of
money may be wholly due to other
than leoal circumstances; yet we hope
for the best, and ahall welcome the
spent ng of spring as the precursor of
a renewal ef our wonted prosperity.
In the meantime Han Francisco’s
wholssale dealers had as well learn to
praetioe a little leniency towards their
Eastern Nevada patrons, and thus as
sist them In bridging over the extreme
ly dull season through whioh we are
now paasiug.
—— ■ . '■
Parties just in from Cornucopia in
form the Elko Independent that the
calaboose in that plaoe is about fin
ished, and the neat unlucky “noon ”
who foils into the Constable's hands at
that plaoe can be fornisbed with lodg
ings it home,
The weapons of the mind are sharp
ened by collision.
What we ausp.. ' often affects as |
more than what we experience.
Don’t buy a coacli to please your
wife—Better make her a little sulky.
Gladstone says: “ Elevate the work
ing class by keeping your children in
Man judges of our motives by our
actions. God judges of our actioua by
our motives.
Why was Adam’s wife called Eve?
Because when she a pea red man’s day
of happiness was drawing to a close.
It is not the outside beauty of a house
that makes it a place of comfort; no
more is it the beauty of a face. hat gives
a mau happiness.
“Exploring waist places,” said John
Henry, as put his arm around the pret
ty chambermaid. “ Navigation in the
’air,” said Mrs. Henry, overhearing
him, sailing into his raven curls.
“ Pa, do storms ever make malt li
quors?” “No, child; why do you
ask? ” “ Because I htard an tell Jane
to bring In the clothes, for a storm was
A- Scotchman asked an Irishman,
“Why were half farthings coined in
England?” Pat’s answer was, “To
give Scotchmen an opportuuitp of sub
scribing to charitable institutions.”
The man who gives a cheering word
to a poor man or woman, nr who
spends a dollar to buy shoes for n
frozen-footed child, dees more for God
than does he who cushions the seats of
a church.
“Mrs. Sage, I should like to know
whose ferryboats those are that I tum
bled over in tile hall?” “ Ferryboats ,
indeed sir! Those are my shoes! Very
polite of you to call ’em ferryboats! ”
Didn’t say ferryboats, Mrs. Sage; you
misunderstood mo—fairy boots I said,
my dear friend.”
The best wife is she who keeps her
husband away from temptations. The
best husband is he who lovingly stands
by hia wife to guard, cherish and pro
tect her. Tiie best parents are those
who teach their offspring that in all the
world is no such dear and life-lifting
place as home. When to this, those
who are married doth agree, good an
gels oome in to bless them, and the
happiness that kindles to Heaysn doth
abide and grow in their hearts.
Legal Tenders.—There is no sense
in redeeming the thirty-seven millions
outstanding legal tenders by the issu
ance of United Statos bonds for that
purpose, except in furtherance of a
movement for the resumption of speoie
payments—as the only result would
be, without such purpose, the loss to
the Government of the interest now
saved on that amount, without any
benefit whatever to the public, for their
place would immediately be tilled with
National Bank bills.
Winslow, the Foroer.—Our dis
patches to-day announoa that Winslow,
the Boston forger, has been banded
over by the British authorities to the
American officer sent to bring him
back. Probably be will put in the plea
of “playfulness’’ when put ou trial on
the charge of affixing oilier men’s sig
natures to certain commercial paper
used by him in some little business
■ - « ♦» ■ i i
Sensitive.—A squib directed at the
Reveille man makes him squirm worse
than a ticklish school girl, or an angle
worm on a trout hook. For an hom
bre of his solidity of cheek he is more
acutely sensitive than any person of
our acquaintance whose brains were
ever calloused by contact with the up
per surface of an editorial tripod. If
you expect to earn your hash at jour
nalism, sonny, you must learu tu take
shots as well as give them.
There are two metnlxtrs of the long
eared fraternity running newspapers
in K as lorn Nevada.—Humboldt Reg
The above is powerfol rough on our
Senior and Brother Skillinan.
“Castoiua."—Don't let any of our
juvenile friends be fooled by the above
named medicine, which is nothiug
more or less than thinly disguised cas
tor oil.
A Mormon vender of fruit, who ar
rived yesterday from St. Ueorge, in
forms the reporter of the Pioche Jour
nal of the let, that there is great ex
citement at that place by the discovery
ot rich diggings that greatly surpass
those reoently struck at Toquervdle.
The ore is or the same quaiily, com
posed principally of sandstone, with
native and horn siivsr scattered
through the rock in large quantities.
Several Salt Lake capitalists are ex
tensively interested in the locations at
St. Ueorge and are making prepara
tions for the erection of machinery for
the development of the mines. This
sandstone formation appears to be a
continuous sedimentary deposit, ex
tending through all tiie southern por
tion of Utah aud finally lost in the Col
Owing to the state In which the
County Hospital is now placed, says
the Pioche Record, a number of the
workingmen of Pioche are banding to
gether to form an association, the ob
ject being to take charge of any of their
members that may be taken sick or
become disabled. A meeting will be
held about Saturday evening (due no
tice of which will be given) to perfect
the organisation. The proposition is
br aeon member of the association to
pay one dollar dues each month, and
in case of sickness or accident the soci
ety will see that be is properly cared
Says the Salt Lake Tribune: The
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ is
stealing a inarch on Brigham's Mount
ain Meadows Church, and the breth
ren are gathering in Jackson county
in large numbers. We learn through
the Kansas City Journal that the print
ing press of the Joaephites will lie re
moved from Plano, III., to Independ i
ence, Mo., at an early day.
We learn, says the Carson Tribune
of the 1st, that a number of prospec
tors left Carson this morning for
Cornucopia district, and go prepared
with horses, jacks and mining tools,
for a regular prospecting tour.
A new society is about to be estab
lished in Pioche, to be composed of
Pioneers of Lincoln county, who went
there prior to ’71, at.d is to be called
the “ Pioneer Club.”
By Overland Telegraph.
[special to thb daily skntinkl.’
The Impeachment of Belknap—The
House Committee Bakes a For*
■mil t Imrge Against the I.ntc
Itceretary ol tt ar —heusatlou In
the Senate.
Washington, March 3.
At one o’clock a committee ot tlie
House of Hepresentatives, composed
ol Clymer, Kobhius, Blackburn, Hass
and Uanlorth appeared at the bar of
the Henale and were announced by the
sergeant at-Arms. French. Upon be
ing recognized by the President pro
tern, of the Senate, Clymer said: “ Mr.
President: In obedience to an order
of the House of Hepresentatives, we
appear before you and in tlie name of
tlie Hon-e of Hepresentatives and all
tlie people of tlie United States ol
America, we do impeach Win. W.
Belknap, late Secretary of War of the
United States, of high crimes and mis
demeanors while in ollice, mid we
further inform tlie Senate that the
House of Representatives will in due
time exhibit article- of impeachment
against liiin and make good the same,
and in their name we demand that the
Senate take order for the appearauce
of Win. W. Belknap to answer.”
Ferry, President pro tern, of the Sen
ate, said: "Mr. Chairman, and gen
tlemen of the Committee—The Senate
will taka order in tlie premises.”
The committee then retited.
When tlie Committee ot the House
appeared in the Senate there was a great
sensation in the galleries which, by
t his time, were packed, and upon the
floor Were many persons having tlie
privilege thereof. The presiding offi
cer was compelled todemand order be
tore recognizing tho committee. Mr.
Clymer, and other members of the
commutes, upon entering tlie Senate
and bring recognized stood in trout ol
the desk, where he spoke as above in a
dbt Hit and cltar, though very solemn
After the committee retired, Ed
munds, of Vermont, who had liven
speaking in opposition to Hie admis
sion of Pinch back, re-umed his argu
Death Warrant of Fletcher ami
QliUley-l'lin Belknap Fjtpcsure
— humors of Further Develop*
men to.
Piiidadki.piiia, March 3.
The death warrants ol Gen. Fletcher
and Patrick Quigley, sentenced for
murder, have been rec ived, and will
be read to the condemned men this at'
The principal lopic of conversation
In this city ccminuesto be the Belknap
exposure. Humors of even more de
velopments to follow are current in ap
parently well inlorined political circles.
Thu Utility Mecretary Does'nt Mho«v
Himself—Mecretary Koliesou.
Washington, March 3.
Belknap has not left his house since
yesterday, and meantime has been
called upon by a few intimate friends.
Secretary Robeson this morning en
tered upon his additional duties as
Acting Secretary of War. lie will
im-rely attend to the routine of business
until the vacancy shall be tilled. His
hours at the War Department for the
reception of members of Congress are
until 10:30 o’clock, and at the Navy
Department from 10:30 to noon.
Uorruptlou iu the Massachusetts
Boston, March 3.
In the House yesterday the Chair
man of tlie Finance Committee made
a charge based on the authority of
Lieut. Gov. Knight that $10,000 had
been paid members to carry through
the uew prison scheme.
Ciov. Letcher III.
Richmond, Va., March 3.
Ex Governor John Letcher was
stricken with paralysis yesterday. His
condition is serious.
Seuate Proeedlogs.
Washinoton, March 3.
The galleries of the Senate Chanibor
were tilled this morning before the
hour of meeting, in anticipation of
proceedings in theca*e of the late Sec
retary Belknap. A majority of tiie
audience was composed of ladies. The
Chaplain, in hia opening prayer, said:
“Oil, Lord God, everlasting in the
time of every peril and of every dark
ness, be Then the helper of these Thy
servants and of thin whole people.
Grant unto them wisdom at all times,
and grant that the men may unite to
gether and establish whatsoever is
pure, true, noble, honorable and just,
for tile honor of Thy name and for the
pros|ierity of the nation.
The Chairman laid before the Senate
the credentials of James B. Beck, U.
S. Senator from Kentucky for a period
of six years from March 4, 1877.
The Honk-keeper of a Humbling
House Arrested for Eiubesale
Cincinnati, March 3.
Thos. Hllsheimer, book-keeper at
the Empire gambling saloon in this
city, owned by Eph. Holland, was yes
terday charged bv the proprietor witll
embezzling f.15,000. Hilslieimer at once
turned over to Holland money, dia
menda, watches, etc., to the amount of
$13,000, and was then permitted to ro
Articles of Impeachment Against
Washington, March 3.
In the House the Judiciary Com
mittee thi* morning begun tlie prepar
ation of articles of impeachment in tlie
case of General Belknap, and will
meet again this afternoon to continue
their labor*. Member* ot the com
irittee say it is not likely that article*
will he ready for a report to tlie House
Ituinar of Gen. Babcock'* Retire
ment-Gen. Uelknnp.
Washington, March 4.
It is semi-otlioially stated that Gen.
Babcock’* connection with tlie busi
ness at tlie Executive mansion has
Tlie Attorney General has been in
consultation with District Attorney
Well*. re'ii*ive to Belknap, and
tie preliminary papers, with tlie view
to In* puiilslime t, have been
irepared. They will be sent to the
gland jury next week, when it is ex
P'cted an indictment will promptly fnl
Uw. .“Similar proceeding* will be in
sdtuted against Marsh. The Attorney
< eneral had a consultation with the
Iresident on tlie subject to-day.
A Nt. Johns Boat Crew to go to Phila
NT. Johns. March 3.
A movement is on foot in raise funds
to send the St. John* Pari* crow to
Philadelphia. A boat iia* been or
dered from Jewett, tlie English build
er, and the crew will go into training
early in the spring.
Tiie Menmer f'rnnklln.
(Southampton, March 3.
The United states steamer Franklin,
now here, will proceed to ('lieibourg
probably by the last of next week.
From them site will go to Gibraltar,
where she will transfer the works of
art for tlie Philadelphia Kxhibition to
tlie store ship. The Franklin’s orders
are to be at Gibraltar early m April.
Deferred Ilia Departure.
Bouuxine, March 3.
Don Carlos lias deferred his depart
ure for Kngland until hall past two
o’clock to morrow i\ si.
Winslow, tlie Forger,
London, March 3.
Win«low, the Boston forger, was
again brought to the Bow-street Police
Court tliis morning and formally com
mitted for extradition. The point
about Winslow being committed on
the separate charge of forging an I ut
tering is important. Af’er .Sir Tlios.
Henry had said in court yesterday
that lie had not received the necessary
notification from the British author)
ties, the American Legation,remember
ing the fiasco in the css* ol Lawrence,
the alleged fraudulent ('iisinm-house
agent, withdrew the application pre
viousiy sent to the foreign otlice, a-k
ing the extradition of Winslow on the
charge of forgery, and to make every
thing certain substituted an application,
asking extradition on charges for for
gery and uttering. Winslow will now
await the legal time, 15 days, before
being surrendered lo Mr. Dearborn,
the American ollicer.
Cnrllst* to be Amnestied The Ynt
Icnu will not I'rotest.
Madkio, March 4.
All the Carlisi* submitting to the
Government prior to the 15th inst. are
to lie amnestied.
It is staled mat the Vatican will not
make a formal protest avail t the article
ot toe new Constjiuiiou cot.corning re
ligious tolerance.
What thejEogllsh I'rcss Pays About
It a.
London, March 4.
The Timex says editorially of the
Belknap scandal: “This event i« moic
grei t liecause it is confirmatory of the
suspicion which has long prevailed
among tlie American people. Fven
Europeans cannot but lie struck «v| h
tlie altered tones in which Americans
a[ieak, if not or their institutions, hi
least of the men who who have the
present direction of them.”
The Sewn, alluding to the same sub
ject, says: “ American political life
seems Pi be in anything but a healthy
condition." It refers to the whisky
fraud dials, tlie Emma mine hi-anda
and tlie downfall of Belknap, and says
that these scandals lilt ihe veil from a
class of society which it was hitherto
pretty generally suppose d had as yet.es
caned tlie impurities of the social'strata
below, and they lead one to tear tliai
some ot tlie worst vices ot municipal
government may be percolating into
the Federal Administiui ion.
Tlie Telegraph say*: ‘'Disclosures
after disclosures, charges after charges
differing in degrees of truth, but with
tome ugly and untoward character,
have lately darkened the d mmercial,
religious, judicial, sud administrative
institutions of the United Stales, borne
have proved false, ot liars true, and
more await evidence, but ilie general
effect beyond denial lias been and is to
bring the blush of shame and anxiety
into the face of all honeHt Americans
and to make countless friends of the
Republic in this country silentandsor
rowful when its enemies rejoice over
these recurring revelations.’'
Tlie Standard says: “Happily the
countries are few whore so gross an
abuse of trust would he possible.”
Coming Home.
Livkiunxii., March 4.
Minister 8nhenck sailed for the
United 8tatea to day in the steamer
Kaliway Panic In Eu(land>
The Evening Standard's financial
article says: '-At this hour, 1 o'clock,
a semi panic prevails at the -Stock Ex
change in home railway* which have
bean forced for sale at every important
fall. Many sale* are stated to be on
banking accounts, and it is assumed
the extent of the fall in some stocks
will lead to difficulties at the next fort
nightly settlement.
1'or Salk at Auction-March 0, lfc7d. nt 2
o'clock i-. u., at the French Bakery, on Cun
yjn street, all the fixtures ol a bakery ami
pastry establishment. Also a now stovo and
cooking utensils, etc. uirtitd
Lodging-iiouha For Hunt.—The San Fran
cisco Lodging-house, upstairs over tho cloth
log atoro ot J. Cohn Sl Bro. Inquire ot"
mr2-lm At the Parker House.
Carsvkd Sweet Potato®*, Bottled Tamarinds,
at Taylor k Whitton’s. f£3tf
County or Eureka, f
and by virtue of executions issued out of
the J ustice’s Court on March 2, 167<>, to me di ■
reeled and delivered upon judgment ren
dered on tho 2ith day of February, 1873. out
of the Justice’s Court. Eureka township,
State and county a'oresaid, wherein the State
of Nevada is plaintiff ar d the parties herein
after named as defendants, I, (fee. W. (Ill
more, sheriff, have levied upon the following
described renl property, the same being fir
delinquent taxes for the fiscal year 1873. or so
much thereof as nmy bo necessary to satisfy
said judgment and all cost, to-wit:
John Due.
Unknown ownor- l’ossossyry interest in
and to lot- Nos. Ill, 20 and 21. in block
No. 2 of tho .McDonald Survey of the
town of Eureka, Eureka county, Ne
vada; judguiont. 5 37
Cost-1. 27 97
Accruing co.ts. 2 00
Tugeibor with a 1 costs that may borcalter
John Due,
Unknown owner -l’ossessory interest in
and to Jet No 13 block No. 2 of tho
McDonald survey of the town of Flu
roka. Eureka county, Nevada: judg
ment. I 79
Costs. 19 S3
Accru-ng costs. 2 00
Together with ull costs that uiuy hereafter
John Due,
Unknown owner I’ossessory interest in
and to the south 12‘s feet ol lot No. 2
in block No. 4 of the Egan Survey of
the town of Eureka, county of Eu
reka, Nevada: judguo-nt. ) 79
Costs. 18 Hi
Accruing costs. 2 00
Together with ul< costs that may hereafter
John Duo,
lnknown owner— Posses»ory interest in
and to lots No. 5 and 0 in block No. 27
of tbe McCoy Survey of tbe town of
Eureka. Eureka county, Nevada;
judgment. 5 87
Costs. 2 5 4 »
Accruing costs. 2 UO
Together with all costs that may hjtuai\er
JoIki Doe.
Unknown owner—Possessory interest in
and to lot No, 2 in block No. 2»
o; the McCoy Survey of the town of
Eureka, Eureka count', Nevada;
judgnont. 5-7
Cost-. 1:7 4i*
Accruing co-ts.. 2<u
Together with all costs that uiuy hereafter
John Doe,
Unknown owner— Possessory infer *st in
and to lot No. 17 in block No. 15 cf the
Munroe Survey of the town of Eure
ka. Euroka county, Nevada; judg
mon.t. 1 T*
CoitS. 1«< A”.
Accruin * costs. 2 00
Together with all cost* that may hereafter
John Doe.
Unknown owner—Possessory interest in
arid to lot 11 block 7 of the Eg.»n !*ur*
vey of the town of Eureka. Ptiroka
county, Nevada: also possessory in
terest in and to lot 13 in block 7 of the
Egan Survey of the town of Eureka,
Eureka county, Nevada, and frame
house on lot |3 block 7; judgment... 12 52
Costs. 23 81V,
Accruing costs. 2 00
Together with ail costs that ma> hereafter
And notice is hereby given, that I will sell
said real property a* aforesaid, in front ol the j
Court-houso door, on the fourth
4th day of April, 1676,
Botwoen the hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and 5
o'clock i*. m., to-wit: 12 o'clock m. of said da>.
or so much thereof as may be necessary to
pay said tuxes and all costs.
The above sale will bo absolute, a* pro
vided by statute.
(JEn. W. GILMORE, Sheriff,
oorotd By S. P. BELL, Deputy ^Sheriff.
Court rv ok KiHkkA. |
1 and b>' virtue of elocution* issued out o
tiio J untie*’* Court on March 2. |k7ti, to mo di
rected and delivered upon judgment ren.
dered on the 1st day of March. 1'78.:lut of
the Justice** Coui t, hureka township. State
and county aforesaid, wherein the State of
Nevada is plaintiff and the oaMie* herein
after named as * cfendant*, 1. iKo, liil*
more. Sheriff, have levied upon the following
described real property, the same being lor
delinquent taxe* for the fiscal year 187.*>, or so
in >ch thereof a* may bo necessary to satisfy
*ald judgment and a 11 costs, lo*wit:
Willi* Carter,
Possessory interest in and to u tract of
land situated about 15 mile* westerly
from ihe town of Kureka and north
ern from l>ry Lake. Spring Valley,
in Kureka county. State of Nevada,
ai d known hs the Carter Ranch, con
taining 100 acres, nioro or lc**;
judgment. 10 <1
Coats. 22
Accruing cost*..... 2 0'» j
Together witu all cosis that may boreal tor
J. II. drllHn. rihI John Doe and
Hlchanl Hoe,
Possessory interest in and to lot No -7
in block No. 18of the MnnroeSui r»\r
of the town of hureka, hu.eku
county, Nevadn, end improvement*,
a frame house; judgment. A PH
Coat*...,....,.....28 i'01^
Accruing cost*. 2 W)
Together with all costs that may h reatt-.i
T. J. Illfh»r.w,
Possessory interest in and to that
niece of land situated in ih* town of
Eureka, Eureka county, Nevada, nr.d
bounded as follows, to-wit: being
westerly from the * Id Furnace and
southerly roui the Eureka Consoli
dated Smelting Works, and adjoin
ing th* tract ewnod by Lur.dgrcen,
and known as the hicharda tract;
judgment. 8 33
Costs. 23 78
Accruing costs. 2 00
Together with ail ce«t» that may hereafter
Emily till more.
Possessory interest in and to lots Nos.
17, IK, in and 20, in block ]», Munroe
Survey of tho town of Eureka, Ku
roK ft county, Norads; judgment. 7 l’>
Coats...33 82't
Accruing costs. 2 Of)
Together with all costs that may hereafter
And notice is hereby given that I will sell
said real property asnforosaid, in front of tho
Court-houiie door,on the fourth
4th day of April, 1876.
liotwcrn the hour, of *J o'clock A. u. and 5
o’clock r. ■.. to-wit: 12 o’clock x. of said das,
or .o much thcr.of as may bo necessary to
pay said taxes and cost*.
The above sale will bo absolute, as pro
vided by statute.
UK<>. W. GILMORE, Sheriff.
mrutd Hr 8, H. HEI.L. D»pmy Sh riff.
Kirst door above W. H. Stcwoll’s Drug Store,
A fresh stock of
Stationery of all kinds,
Cigars and Tobacco,
Meerschaum Pipes,
Cutlery, Toys,
And fanoy goods of all kinds.
H. II.—A choice lot of ADDUMS for holi
day presents. dbtf
jou!,8r#ukk ~
Successors to J. M. Goewoy 4
Importers of Liquors
r x »r s
409 and 411 Frout 8t.,
San Francisco. : : : California
_ mr.jtf
State of Nevada.
Notice-a meeting op tup
cratie State Central Cmnn i m. Dh/Mr
held at tho office ot the < hairma. ilu*1’1 1,0
Building, C street, Virginia Cat’*
Saturday, March 25,1878,
At 2 o’clock i». m., for tho purpose of ■
Jtoleptcs to the National UoinocrahM **
vent ion, to be held in St. Louis,Tu
the n. th day ot J uni, JUTS, or in care it &
ho deemed more expedient, to ealUwr«.
Convention tor that purpoJe.Member
the Comniittpi will t leas.-coi,,," Jf
will! with the Chairman. a» ad there.n i
ot tho Committee have been destroyed bytri
Chairman Itemocratic State Central Com
Virginia, Feb.Ui»,.fii>7li.UW,tRTt tm”' '
public in general to know that 1 am
pared to luruish the
Best Nut Fine and Mahogany Wood
at $12 and $13 per Cord,
Itclivercd to any part of town. Alio
Stove Wood
In r|unntitie8 to iuiu
f2V-1 mU. 11. EQLESTON.
>». 74 li Nircet,
Sacramento : : : : California.
David De Bernardi,
Successor to I»o Uernardi 4 Sini,
General Commission Merchant
Fruit, Fish,
Butter, Eggi,
And General Produce.
I have on hand, fresh every day.
Green Peas, Asparagns, New Po
tatoes, etc., etc.
Snocinl attention paid to orders from deii*
©ra in the interior.
.'oth'ng h it rh > best is my motto,
c-rofnlly put-hod. uiriMn
Roman Wrestling Match.
Ed. Brannan ar.d Jos. Farnsworth
H 11.L WiiKsTLK AT
Saturday Kroning. March 11, IH7ti,
For $JV0 u sido, according to the loilowiDC
rule* and stipulations:
1. Both contestant' arc to conic into the
ring stripped Iroiu ihe hip* up. and arc to b*
examined by tho judges, to see that them*
no grr a<«. soap, «<r rosir, on their bodies, art
al* > to «co that ihcir linger nails are par'd
2. Both parties hare got to take hold a bars
tho hips. it cither i arty takes a bold bJut
tho hip it will bo declared a “foul.”
d. Kitl.i r *oniostant ha* to be thrown fist
on hi* back, with both shoulders <-n ti»<*
ground, before it i« declared a fall.
4. ! liloen minutes allowed between each
all. . .
•>. If either contestant shows any ^gnsoi
tripiung, or dots trip his opponent, it will he
dcrlarud a * foul.”
U. I ho contest to bo the best two falls out of
three. .
7. Articles of agreement to be read by the
judge* bolero tho wrestling commence.*.
_fJltd __~
1WEYEKS & Flil&UiV*
The Stocliol'
pruHunt will honcefortd bo
Sold at a Great Eeduction!
A« wo mint loll the lame to njitke room lor
Which will arrive hero in April.
Our itock being too autneroiti to mention,
we will only iny thut any
Lady in Search of a Good Selection
And Gentlemen in Search of
Will Find it to their Advantage to
Give us a Call Before Pur*
chasing Elsewhere.
February U, 1W&* fUU

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