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Eureka Bailg Sentinel
■THURSDAY, ; : : OCTOBER 24, 1878
jv.MILLMANIs authorised to reeetre euh
ecriptlons. In Ihts town, for the Ssictiwsi
and collect for the seme. All persons In Eu
reka owing for snbecrlptloua will make pay
incut to him. _ __
yrmtf.kday*m otock baleb.
Bun Fritwcli.ro Block Esrfceage.
1915 Ophir—40 454 454 444 4*
2065 Mexican—56 56 4 564 «7 4 58 584 M
2155 Gould* Curry—174 17 174 18 18D80
750 Best** Belcher—24 4 24 23 25 4 254
345 California—12 114 114 o-.m
2780 Ravage -264 26 254 25 254 25sl0
1360 Con. Virginia—114 12 12h6
485 Chollar—64 63 62 62 4
1680 Hale* Norcros* —28 244 244
1150 Crown Point—10 104 164
630 Y'ollow Jacket—23 23 4 23 4
605 Imperial—130c 14
060 Ken tuck -7 7 4
95 Alpha -15
520 Belcher—9
270 Confidence—104 104
615 Hierra Nevada—165 164 163 162 162 4
110 Utah—29 28
840 Bullion—114 114 12
295 Exchequer—64 54
690 Oveiman—26 4 27 26 4 27 4 27 4
415 Justice--9 94 84 8 4
5 Succor—14
730 Union—146 145 144 143 1434
405 Alta—13** 134 134
775 Lady Bryan -8 310c
380 Julia -64 64
800 Caledonia—54 5
20 Utah- 29
270 Baltimore—3 290c
490 S. Hill—260 2 4 255c
60 Ravage -254
100 Meadow Valley—30c
180 Raymond A Ely—5 54 54
680 Eureka Con.—39
15 Jackson—10
125 Leopard—85c
200 Gila—35c 40c
170 Bello—104 11
280 Hnssev- OOc
76 Manhattan - 880c 34
150 Defrees -15c 10c
1895 Grand Prize -74 74 74
1510 Argciita—8 4 84
1130 Navajo—00c 50c 55c
450 Independence—2 4 240c 2 24
80 Raymond * Ely—54
2560 Endowment—70c 75c 65c GOc
225 Leopard—140c 130c
100 Independence—195o
100 Tuscarora— 10c
700 Bay—75c 80c
125 Hamburg—1 2
100 Grand Prize—7 4
175 Hillside—4
2350 Paradise—1 110c 120c 14
100 Highhridge—180c
700 Modoc—55c
470 liodie—19 184
1280 Oriental—1 105c
173 Bechtel-14 120c
60 Huuimit—14
Vio Tioga -J'4 2lue
150 Red Cloud—1
30 McCliuton—75c
2»M) Belvidere—1H 2
410 Blackbau k—105c 1H
2'K) Kitting Bull—1H 1
370 K. Bodie—65c 70c
50 Ida—10c
680 Booker—120c 1H 115c
•200 Bidder-1H
210 H. Standard—50c
3J0 Bulwer—14H 14H 14H
975 Mono—4 H 4‘4
870 Con. Pacific—2 H 2*4 2H
800 Santa Mina—1
100 Bustler—85c
25 Dudley 140c
150 Chieftain 15c 10c
490 Hctjuisa—215c
*250 Paradise -1'4
10 White-10
720 IitH ds—165c 1*4 1*4
15 S. King—15
60 Jackson—9
10 Bodie -18 H
10 Blackhaivk 1 *4
50 Dudley—140c
50 Con. Pacific—2 H
280 Challenge—180c
360 New York—190c 180c 1 *4
100 Occidental -1
100 Independence—195c
1420 Sheridan-110c 115c
20 L. Washington—2‘4
2'K) Kossuth— 25c 30c
170 Andes—75c
4 JO Senator—75c
10 Ward— 140c
*275 Con. Washoe 2*«
305 Scorpion—8
450 Leviuthan—85c
120 N. Con. Virginia —7 7H
30 Trojan—25c
1(H) Prospect - 20c
315 Benton—7
35 Rough and Ready—2 H
410 Solid Silver—190c
100 M. Star—3
60 St. Louis—65c
110 Vermont—<5 5*4
200 Columbia -105c
350 S. Sierra Nevada—15c
100 Con. Eldorado—1
555 N. Bonanza—75c 70c
450 Fairfax 4 H 420c
100 Mount Hood—25c
150 Orleaua—3
60 Vancouver—25c
400 Independence- 2
200 Star—75c
50 M. Star- 3
10 Vancouver—25c
NTBEi:TH~3i30 o'clock P. 31.
Crown Point—11s
Belcher—9b 9 -4 a
Yellow Jacket—23b 24a
Bullion—12b 12 Ha
Con. Virginia—12a
Caledonia—5'» a
Mexican—57 Ha
Ophir-- 40 *4 a
Hale Norcrosa—24b 20a
Ophir- 46*4 s
Gould A Curry—17b 17Ha
Sierra Nevada—163b
Alta—13 Ha
Best A Belcher—24Ha
Bodie- 18 Hb 19a
Belcher- -9 H*
Savage—24 Ha
Overman—26 H b
Ophir- 45 Hb
Chollar—60b 62a
Sierra Nevada—165b
Arrivals ana Departures.
Departures Yesterday.
H Belrh On W Baker
lien Connor H Crowell
Mrs McDaniel BO Allen
Mr Bobbins B J Mohan
Arrivals Idsl Klfht.
Col A C Ellis Crittenden Thornton
Sam Davis H Oalllnger
1, A Norton J C Johnston
Mbs Cora Lee H McIntyre
M D Foley Miss L Winzell
Master J Denver D D Woodruff
Pleehe, Hamilton and Eureka Idue.
W W Bishop Mrs A J Blair
Wells, Fargo * Co's Letter Ust.
The following letters were received at Wells.
Fargo k Co's Office last evening, and not de
D J Bouafleld A T Itoe
W E F Deal E E Clark
?asB&.T.h Miss B M Jones
A Protest.
A protest was entered yesterday in the
Land Offloe, by Geo. W. Clark, of San
Francisco, against the application for a
patent to the Banner mine.
LMt Night'* IpecehM at the Opera
Haaee—DooIIn Bay* Little, bat
Mlfheli Talk* Uaf.
The meeting was organized by electing
C. D. Stuart as President of the evening.
A list of Vice Presidents was then elected,
as follows : C. O. Hubbard, G. W. Fuller,
Capt. Bell, Capt. Young, Thos. Douglas,
C. C. Wallace, Wm. Ulrick, J. Vander
lieth, Dave Rosenberg, A. Randolph, Jas.
Kyle, Wm. Daugherty and Wm. Mulick.
E. M. Bell was declared Secretary, and
then the President introduced Mr. Wm.
Mr. Dooliu said that he had been down
to the “ Golden City by tlio Sea,” and
there he had caught such a cold that he
could not talk much. He had been de
picted as not having much brains, but he
was satisfied with the quality and quantity
he possessed ; he was sorry to see the old
flag (which was strung along the footlights
of the stage) in its present position ; he
wanted to see it floating in the breeze, and
it remained for the people of Eureka to
hoist it aloft. The enthusiasm was not
very marked, and Mr. Doolin sat down.
President Stewart now referred pleas
antly to Mr. Mighels, and introduced him.
Mr. Mighels said he would like to slip
silently into the office of Lieutcuant Gov
ernor of the State of Nevada, hut the peo
ple wouldn’t let him, and now he proposed
to get even by wearing thpm out; he
would give them talk ’till they cried
enough. He then started in on the his
tory of the Bullion Tax law; the trouble in
regard to this tax commenced in the Fall
of 1876, when Gracey seized the Bonanza
bullion and locked it up for taxes due
Storey county. A suit was brought by the
Bonanza outfit, but Gracey got away with
it for the people of Storey county. The
case was then carried into the Supreme
Court, and while the State legislators were
elected to meet the following winter, and
many of them went there pledged to vote
for the Bonanza Compromise bill. Mr.
Mighels reod the law, also the bill which
it was proposed to get through at that ses
sion. Mr. Mighels went to that State Leg
islature pledged against the compromise,
but he was released by the property-hold
ers of Ormsby county—men who* repre
sented at least 5 1-6 of the property of
that county. Inasmuch as he had voted
for that Compromise bill, and had been
accused of violating a pledge, he felt con
strained to make explanations; the reso
lution in the Republican State Convention
about leaving the laws intact suited him.
There was a circular, whisking aboat on
the breeze, that pretended to show him op
as almost the father of Chinamen, but he
showed that be was the father of the
only actual lawful action ever taken in
our State against allowiug the Chinamen
any hand among us as men. Daggett was
the representative of the stars and stripes—
Deal that of the stars and bars; Daggett
was the representative of the enduring
cause—Deal of the lost cause. Jones had
placed our silver on a par with gold. Kin
kead had already been here, and the people
of Eureka had only to look at him to vote
for hint, and he had no doubt Eureka
would give Kiukesd 150 majority. As for
himself, he wanted the little office he was
after; his opponent was a good man, but,
unfortunately, he was a Democrat, and
there was no use of people throwing away
their votes on him, as Mighels was sure of
m iim umi.
General Kittrell was of that cIshm who
are proud of their appetites for Yankees;
the General didn’t get his title in the war ;
he buckled on a corkscrew and went tip
into Oregon to flaunt the rebel flag over a
whisky grocery, and run an injun faro
game on a raw-hide lay-out.
Mr. Mighels made the usual closing re
marks, and then retired, amid cheers. The
Opera House was comfortably tilled, but,
as has been characteristic of all the Repub
lican gatherings here, during the present
campaign, the proceedings dragged along
and were devoid of that wide-awake spirit
that denotes a lively interest. A good
hand, like that from itqby Hill, helps them
out wonderfully.
Tybo Correspondence.
Tybo, October 22, 1878.
Editor Sentinel: Sir—Understanding
that Mr. Deal will not visit this place, I
send you the following extract, verbatim,
from Mr. Daggett's speech made to the
voters of this town ou the 18th instant.
You can use it or not, as you think proper,
but taking into consideration the fact that
Mr. Deal challenged Mr. Daggett to can
vass the State with him, which challenge
Mr. Daggett declined, the Democrats here
tliiuk the following language, used by Mr.
Daggett behind Mr. Deal's back, is out
Mr. Daggett, in speaking of the extracts
from the Enterprise of 1869, used by Mr.
Deal in some of his speeches, said : “Mr.
Deal knew I did not write them ; he lied
when he attributed them to me ; he lies
every time he reads them upon the stump,
and 1 am prepared here, to his face, and
everywhere and anywhere to hurl tho lie in
his throat; yea, to cram it to the bottom of
his jaundiced and seditious liver, and
there let it fester and gangrene until the
stinking odor that exudes from bis foul
lips will sicken every man within half a
mile of him.” I hardly think Mr. Daggett
would have used this language had Mr.
Deal been with him. Respectfully,
Tybo Democrat.
Work at the Iticlimoii'.l.
The grounds about tho Richmond fur
naces are liberally covered with heavy
timbers, and on every stick sits a carpen
ter, pegging away with chisel an l mallet.
Of new machinery, we noticed yesterday
a couple of blowers and a double acting
“bucket-plunger” steam putnn, similar in
make to that in use at the Phcuix, about
the premises. A large force of men were
sacking the coal which was saved from the
fire; men were clearing away the rubbish
and surveying for the new railroad track;
a cast-iron boitorn was being put in place
for one of the stone furnaces and the stone
cutters were arranging for the rapid con
struction of the furnace*. It will take
about two weeks’ time to get things in run
uiug order, we predict.
New York L«a4 Market,
A New York paper, under date of the
12th instant, thus reviews the lead market:
The business has only been in a small way,
as there is an inclination to accumulate
stocks, at $3 50fi£3 60, the market closing
at $3 60. The position is quite artificial,
and but little indication of an active de
mand, a grand break looks probable before
the winter posses. The Han Francisco
Commercial Herald of October 3d says:
“The City of Peking tor Hong Kong car
ried 481,214 pounds of pig lead.” Mr. J.
B. Meador’s circular, just received, shows
that the shipments of lead from Utah for
the first nine months of this year mark a
falling' IT of 9,329 785 pounds, equal to4,16>
tons, as compared with tho like period of
The Democrats eu Ruby Hill.
The Miners' Union Htll at Ruby Hill,
laat night, waa crowded to its utmost
capacity by the boys who dwoll at that alti
tnd>, to hear Messrs. Deal and Kittrell.
We are told that Mr. Kittrell won many
votes by his brilliant speech on the issues
in question. Mr. Deal opened the meet
ing and answered the charges made by Mr.
Daggett emphatically, and to the entire
satisfaction of his listeners. This is the
second time Democrats have been speech
making on the Hill during this canvass.
Contract Csslptsa.l.
As General Connor, the (Superintendent
of the Charter Tunnel Company, waa
called to Ran Francisco on important busi
ness, the contract to run two hundred feet
was not given to advertisers. Contractors
will be able to put in bids until bis return,
which will be on the 4th of November. I
■«udM St Hchmldt’s Brewery In
Full Operation.
The trial is fairly over with Mende* A
Schmidt's brewery ; everything is working
splendidly. Mr. Halse, who put up the
same boiler in place for Casper Schmidt
over at Hamilton four years ago. set it for
operation here and, for a boiler of 700
gallons capacity, it could not l>e better
placed. Its arrangement for utilizing
every iota of heat can not be better ex
plained than by saying that in three-quart
ers of an hour from the starting of the lire
the contents of the cauldron were bubbling
and boiling furiously, to the astonishment
of the witnesses. There is a cooler of vast
dimensions in the southwest corner of the
brewery, tubs and vuta in convenient ar
ray ; pipes to conduct the liquids hither
and thither, as the requirements need, and
with everything new it looks very inviting
to our beer drinkers.
Pure spring water is used, and now that
they are fairly started, it won’t be long be
fore his beer will come before our people for
inspection. Joe lias not built that cool,
roomy chamber in the side of the moun
tain for nothing; the beer has to lie there
for a season that it may come forth lit to
drink—that it may acquire that age which
all beer should have.
Although there are many improvements
yet to be made about this brewery, they
will be made rapidly. The grounds about
are being leveled down to a nice grade
from the street back; the old buildings,
that formerly cumbered the ground, are
making quite a collection of respectable
houses on the hillside owned by Joe
Old Prospect still carries a trace of
Travel over the Eureka and Palisade
railroad is on the increase.
You don’t hear much but “politics”
talked on the streets of Eureka, of late.
The Sierra Nevada is a higli-toned stock
now-a-days. She levies a $3 assessment.
The new shaft of the Yellow Jacket is
down 1,862 feet.
They are rapidly rebuilding the Lady
Bryan hoisting works.
The artesian well at the Rescue mine is
being bored at a rapid rate.
The Hoosac hoisting works are doing
good work in raising ore.
Candidates for office were as thick as
flies in August, on ltuby Hill, yesterday.
We see by our exchanges that Johnny
Dormer, chiei of the Esmeralda Herald,
has been quite sick.
A Mr. Sullivan has agreed to run 200
feet in the Eureka tunnel for $5.85 per
Great fun yesterday afternoon on Main
street -a kettled dog rushing down the
street, and five hundred men on the side
walk and in the middle of the street look
ing at him.
We stated, the other day, that there were
nine registered who had not complied with
the law. In that assertion wo were mis
taken. It was a mistake of nine in the
A candidate, who must have thought he
was talking to a Comstock crowd, pulled
out a “half,” and handing it to one of a
half dozen about him, said: “ Take this
and buy cigars for the crowd.”
There was a man sitting for an hour in
Justice Cromer’s office, yesterday, trying
to think under which one of his aliases lie
registered, while on a “bit of a spree,” i
last week.
Mr, Henry Mau yesterday put a “head”
on the fellow who has for several days been
palming off bogus specimens on the un
suspecting. The feHow lit out at the
earliest moment after getting away from
The Recent Mioo I lux Affair at Dear!
The Deadwood Pioneer of the 15th has
an account of the tragedy recently enacted
there, of the shooting of Mr. John Rogers
by the notorious Mrs. Elizabeth Lovell,
and who in return was killed by Rogers.
In commenting on the sad affair, the
Pioneer says:
Bad as was the serious shooting on Sun
day, it is not without its lesson. It
teaches us the potent fact that people who
make threats should be regarded as
dangerous characters and put under
due restraint. The termagant who long
has Iwcn a terror is dead! None
mourn her loss! She died through her
own folly. She courted death, and the
av< nging hand of justice struck her down
while her own vile hands were reeking red
with blood—the blood of an innocent,
peaceable citizens!
It was on the sacred Sabbath when one
of our most estimable citizens was at home
with his family. He was reposing peace
ably in his nicely nestled cottage on a nar
row knoll when he was brutally shot by a
bold, had woman. She is dead and sin*
deserved the death which so speedily over
took her. As the poor victim lay upon his
conch writhing in agonizing pi in. with his
devoted wife bending over him and the
great stream of tears coursing down her
cheeks, the hearts of all present were moved
to sincere sorrow. The sentiment and the
sympathy of the community is with the
mau who was so cruelly and unjustly
The Speaking To-night.
At present there is a heavy combination
of Democratic orators in Eureka. Hon.
W. E. F. Deal, our Congressional candi
date ; Oen. Kiitrell, candidate for Attorney
General; Hon. A. C. Ellis and H. K.
Mitchell will address the Democracy of Eu
reka to-night at the Opera House. It
has been determined to put each speaker
to the fore in succession, and limit them to
short speeches. The result will be a va
riety in eloquence and argument, and a
red-hot succession of live campaign ora
tory. Let this occasion be marked by a
healthy outpouring of prime Democratic
principles and voters, and the result will
be in keeping with the occasion.
A Beauty.
Most of our ladies have looked with envy
upon Jimmy’s sweet-potato plant, in
Fiske's confectionery on Main street, and
more or less of them have bought a yam to
crowd into a whisky glass or drown in a
bucket of water, in the vain hope of get
ting such a “little beauty, all in full
bloom,” as Jimmy has trained for that
window. Jimmy iuforms us that those
lovely blossoms can be had at 6 cents per
dozen. He has got a few boxes left, and
it only requires a little mucilage to make
them stick on the potato sulk for weeks at
a time.
Mmr in the Republican Ranks.
There wan a little play at the Republican
meeting last night, which many did not
understand. It has been customary for
the Colonel, or some of his clan, to pull
out a list of officers to preside over the de
liberations, but Tommy Douglas, much to
the amusement of many present, chipped
in about the Vice Presidents to be elected,
and choked off the “list” in the bands of
the President. r
Contract Awarded.
The Eureka Tunnel Company yesterday
awarded a contract to run two hundred
feet additional, which, when completed,
will give the work a depth of six hundred
feet, and about the same distance under
the surface.
Justice's Court.
The following business was transacted
in the Justice's Court yesterday:
State vs. Norris, alias “Red”—Convicted
and fined #31 for assault.
Mrs. Delalianty was acquitted of tho
charge of disturbing the peace of Ruby
Hill by a Eureka Jury.
Mr. Crittenden Thornton retnrncd from
San Francisco last evening.
Mr. W. Woodbury, one of Ward’s sub
stantial citizens, was in town yesterday.
Hilly Wilson, of the W’illows Station, on
the Austin stago road, was in town yester
Mr. E. P. Richardson, a solid Roberts
Creek ranger, with his wife, have been
visiting in town for a day or two.
Messrs. Kinkead and Hammond, Re
publican stumpers, were at Robinson,
White Pine county, yesterday.
Col. A. C. Ellis, of Carson, arrived here
last evening, and will address our citizens
on Friday night at the Opera House.
Mr. M. D. Foley, who has been sojourn
ing in San Francisco for several weeks, re
turned home hist evening.
Among the familiar faces that we saw on
our streets yesterday, was Norm. Wines,
from Ruby Valley.
Hon. Harry K. Mighels, who addressed
a R< publican meeting at the Opera House
last evening, left for Austin immediately
O. Collier Robbins and Judge Thomp
son came up from Tern Paliute yesterday
morning. They report business in a flour
ishing condition down in that locality.
Mr. Sam Davis, who has occupied the
position of “local” on the Virginia Chroni
cle for a long time, dropped into our sanc
tum last evening. He will remain with
us for a day or two.
Enlarged Photograph*.
Mr. T. Starr is canvassing Eureka for
orders to copy and enlarge photographs.
He has a number of samples of different
styles on exhibition to show the quality of
his work. The pictures are finished in oil,
and are very fine, and show a high degree
of artistic skill in their execution. Mr.
Starr is well and favorably known by a
large number of our citizens. Those who
favor him with their orders will be justly
dealt with. *
Social i*r.rtl<*.
The Centennial Guards, of Ruby Hill,
propose giving a series of social parties at
Miners’ Union Hall during the coming
winter, the first of which will take place on
Monday evening, October 28th. Good
music will be in attendance, and a pleasant
time may be anticipated. A general invi
tation is extended.
Hotel Arrival*.
Jacksou—Griff Williams and General
Joseph Potts, Ruby Hill; M. Galinger, Rio
Vista; Mrs. John Blair, Pioche.
Parker-G. C. Robbins. Judge Thompson,
Tem Paliute; C. H. Cady, Ruby Hill.
International — Mrs. Robb, Diann nd
Valley; J. C. Johnston, Colusa. Cal.; A. C.
Ellis, Carson; 8am Davis, Virginia City.
Turner —H. C. Fenstermaker, Fish
Creek; T. J. Redman, Downeyville; R.
Pool, Willows Station.
A Ctilaiainaii Stabs a White Van.
Oakland, October 23.
Mrs. Taylor, wife of Lew W. Taylor,
residing at 813 Brush street, committed
suicide last evening by taking strychnine.
She had been in poor health for a long
time, which was probably the cause of her
taking the fatal step. Slo leaves a family
of small children, whom she was unable to
care for properly.
Anaheim, October 23.
A fierce fire has been raging in the
mountains back of Anaheim for two days,
and to-night the scene is grand beyond
description. A continuous belt of fire can
be se en for eight miles. Thousands of acres
of valuable sheep feed will be destroyed,
and it is likely some bee ranches will meet
the same fate. The fire is now raging on
the Han Joaquin ranch and the loss in feed
on that ranch alone will amount to thous
ands of dollars.
Williams, October 23.
A quarrel occurred last evening, six
miles west of this place on Jack Brims’
ranch, between Brims’ Chinese cook and
his sheepherder, which resulted in the
death of the latter. The herder came in
from work at at 5:30 last evening, and
asked the cook for something to feed his
dog. The Chiu&man replied that he must
wait, there was nothing for him. Angry
words followtd, until the herder clinched
the cook. In the fight the Chinaman drew
a knife and stabbed bis antagonist in the
left lung. The Chinaman called the ranch
hands and told him what had occurred.
A man was immediately dispatch.d to this
place for a doctor and officer. The wounded
man li\ed until 9 a. m. to-day, when death
occurred. Soon after the deed was com
mitted the Chinaman left the ranch and
up to this time the officers have not suc
ceeded in capturing him. Deceased was a
native of Ireland, and had been in Mr.
Brims’ employ for the last four years.
Several Houses Burned — A Man
Killed on the Virginia A Truekee
Reno, Xev., October 23.
About half-past 8 o’clock, last night, a
fire broke out in a Chinese wash-house on
Second street, near Virginia, and in a few
minutes the building, and the one adjoin
ing, wero in flames. Two small frame
buildings wero also partially destroyed be
fore the engines arrived. The loss was
about $1,000. The origin of the tire is un
known, but carelessness in a Chinese
shanty probably explains it.
A dreadful accident occurred at half-past
10 o’clock this forenoon. As E. C. Parks,
a teamster, was crossing the Virginia A
Truekee track near the bridge, he was run
into by yard engine No. 48, and killed.
Mr. Parks had just delivered a load of bar
ley which he had brought from nf ar Janes
villo, where his home is. He had eight
horses hitched to the h«-avy wa?nna. and
was riding one of the wheelers. He had no
chance to see the track, as a long line of
flat cars, loaded with lumber, were be
tween him and the rails upon which tie
engine was backing toward the Virginia A
Truekee bridge. The tender struck the
wheeler, throwing Mr. Parks upon the
track, and the wheels of the locomotive
passed over him, cutting off both legs above
the knee, and otherwise mangling him hor
ribly. Death was instantaneous. Two of
the horses were injured so seriously as to
necessitate their being shot.
Uood Wntrh-work.
Mr. P. Steler Informs his customers that he
has secured one of the best workmen on ths
Pacific Coast, who has long been connected
with several of the leading San Francisco
houses, and who possesses many testimonials
as to his skill and excellence as a watchmaker.
Customers are notified that Repairing and
Cleaning will be promptly attended to, and the
work guaranteed to give satisfaction.
P. STELER. Jeweler, Main street.
Eureka, August T, 1878. au8
Oyster Depot.
Fresh Shell and Booth's canned oysters, re
ceived daily by express, at Ennis’ little store
around the corner, and Spring Chickens, the
best that ever struck the town; also, just ar
rived, California Quail,the finest of the season.
To insure their nomination, had beat buy their
Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Shirts. Under
wear and Notions, at the Golden Rule Store.
Pocket t ullcry.
The best English Knives, imported directly
from England, at the Golden Rule Store.
Pens, Ink, Paper, Envelopes, Stamps, W. F.
k Co.’s Envelops, Sheet Music, Ac., at the
Golden Rule Store.
— ■■■ ♦
Boot* and Shoe*
At Cost, at the Golden Rule Store. Men's boots
at $3 00 and upwards.
Hatches and Jewelry.
If you want your fine watches repaired la
the best manner and guaranteed for one year to
keep correct time, go to Straus’ Jewelry Store
below the Parker House. Je8
Fnrnisheil Room To bet,
There is a nice furnished front room to let
at the 8an Francisco Lodging-house, next door
to O. Dunkel A Co's Dry Goods’ Store.
Eureka, Oct. 18. 1878. ol9
Estey Organs.
Sherman, Hyde k Co., San Francisco, Pacific
Coast Agents.
Instruments sold on the installment plan.
Weber Pianos, by all great musicians, are con
sidered the best and most durable.
Oneonly buys a Piano in a life time, therefore
get the best, the best is the cheapest, al
Prof. Win. Plumhoff, Local Agent, Eureka.
The Miners* and Mechanics* Trade
Pocket handkerchiefs from 1 bit.
Pipes and pipes and pipes from 1 bit.
Towels and towels and towels from 1 bit.
Sox and sox and sox from 1 bit.
Combs and combs and combs from 1 bit, at
the Miners’ k Mechanics'Trade Depot.
If yon have a fine or complicated watch or
clock, a music box, an automaton singing bird,
or any other delicate and intricate piece of
mechanism needing repairs, go to
Chronometer, watch and clockmakcr, at the
Gunsmith Shop, west side of Main street.
All work warranted to give perfect satisfac
tion or positively no charge. o2
Get your Pipes, Tobacco, Cigars, Ac., at the
Golden Rule Store. Meerschaum Pipes and
Cigar-holders, imported direct from Europe.
An Undeniable Trnth.
Ton deserve to suffer, and if you lead a mis
erable, unsatisfactory life in this beautiful
world, it is entirely your own fault, and there
is only one excuse for you—your unreasonable
prejudice and skepticism, which has killed
thousands. Personal knowledge and common
sense reasoning will soon show you that
Green’s August Flower will cure you of liver
complaint, or dyspepsia, with all its miserable
effects, such as sick headache, palpitation of
the heart, sour stomach, habitual costiveness,
dizziness of the head, nervous prostration, low
spirits, Ac. Its sales now reach every town on
the Western Continent, and not a druggist but
will tell you of Its wonderful cures. You esn
buy a sample bottle for 10 cents. Three doses
will relieve you.
Agfnts: Crane A Brigham, wholesale drug
gists, San Francisco.
-or THE
Will be given at the
On Thursday Evening, Oct. 31,1878.
Iuvitation Committee:
Jake Wadish A lex High
A W Atchison Win Powell
M Dowling Mart Marren
Jas Allen G K MeCullock
J H Alderson Frank Morse
Geo Clark Thos Withered
A Farley D Falconer
Frank Erdly J H Sullivan
R Glassford R McCharles
Fred Welcome TM Couch
John U Jones Evan Jones
W Allen F C Fisk
Gen P E Connor Hank Donnelly
Tin* Wren Hank Knight
Matt Kyle Jas Singleton
Judge Cromer Saui Guldetone
Thos Haley Geo H:>yes
Geo W Cassidy J C Lockwood
G W Baker Wm Arrington
A C Bishop L Molinelli
Wm Wermuth Jas McMurtin
B C Levy Thos Robinson
M B Bartlett B J Turner
Tommy Douglas Wm Mu lick
C Luuteuacb lager J E Plater
W W Bishop F O Gorman
A Jackson A M Hillliouse
E R Dodge Sam Cooper
Uobt M Beatty W H Shaw
A McKay O L Scott
W P Haskell Clay Simma
C L Canfield J L Smith
Geo W Merrill Juoge Harmon
R Sadler O Dunkel
M J Franklin C L Broy
W H Davenport Chas Knight
Luther Clark Dr Thoma
John Gillespie Judge Doolin
Wm Davis Thos Marks
S L Lougley , Jos Potts
J Williams J C Parker
J W Lambert Seth Longabaugh
A N Randolph Jas Kyle
F W Allen L W Pearson
Reception Committee:
Wm Gillen M Ferrall
O McDermott J K Colerick
Geo W Lamoureux J C Colgan
Floor Managers:
John Stuart John Allen
A W Campbell H Brisacher
W A Durley Pete Anderson
Floor Director:
W. 0. Mills.
Committee of Arrangements:
John Allen A W Campbell
H Brisacher John Stuart
O McDermott
Ticket!:, Three Dollars Each.
Sold on Account of 111 Health.
lots, as follows:
First—The House and lot on Buel street,
next door to Bigelow's Hall: which has a front
age of 25 feet. On this lot ia the
Bakery Establishment
And residence of the undersigned. It is a
double building. The Store and Bakery com
prise part of the building; and the other part
is used as a dwelling, which consists of three
rooms and an attic, and has all the modern
conveniences, such as large closets, water, out
houses and good sewerage.
Ha* a large patronage, both In Eureka and
Ruby Hill. It ia tha oldest Bakery in the town,
having been established for eight years, and
doing a flue business.
Second—The Dwelling-house adjoining on
the south, with a frontage of 25 feet by 100 feet
deep, which ia well adapted for any kind of
Third—A House and Lot on Ruby Hill. The
house la nearly new, and ia now occupied aa a
For particulars, apply to
At the Eureka Bakery, at the corner of Buel and
Bateman streets.
Eureka, Octobelr U, 1878, dl2-lm
ing Salesman. Best references required
Apply V) A. BEBWIN, White House
A cabin in the central part op
of town. Apply at till, office.
Have been appointed aqutcs fob
the Elk. Winklf Pwl.
Eureka, June 2k, UTt,
The White House
The Best Assorted and the Most
Complete Stock of
Fall and Winter
Furnishing Gooods
Ever imported to Eureka, can be found\at
Newest Styles,
Durable Materials.
My'frieuds and the public are respectfully
invited tojeall and satisfy themselves aa to
Eureka, Nev., October 4,1878. oft-tf
* *
H |>
* :
0 §
w ;
H §
. &J
3 L|.|
■ala Street* Opposite C. P. Brewery
Has just received an extensive
assortment of the best brands of
Imported and Domestic Cigars,
Which he offers at
At prices lower than San Francisco. Call
and examine my goods before purchasing else
Eureka, Oct. It, 1878.
Ukm or four room.. For particular!.
Apply at
Eureka, October IS. 1ST*. olS-tf
No. | Mila it,. Esrrka, N«r«
Takes pleasure in informing him
numerous friends and customers that be
has enlarged his store, and la now ready to
serve hia patrons with a new and well Selected
stock of
Winter Coods,
Consisting of OVERCOATS, of all styles*
SCOTCH SUITS, latest cut; and
01 ,11 deecrlptlon*; Grntlrnin’i Par*
nlahlnir Woods, India Bobber Overshoes,
Hate, Trunk*, etc.
He also offers a large and well-aaaorted stock
Youth4* And kefs' Clothing,
Overcoats, Ulsters, and Children’s Goods ia
general, at
At the Most Reasonable Prices!
Eureka, October 17,1878. 018-M
Enlargement f
Spreading Out I
Expansion I
Miners’ and Mechanics’
Has the pleasure to announce
to his personal friends and
patrons in general, another
New Departure— The enlarge
ment of The Miners' and
Mechanics’ Trade Depot, for
the accommodation of his im
mense new stock, arriving
daily and to arrive.
Thanking friends for past
patronge, we guarantee that not
by favor, but by merit alone,
will we maintain and increase
our unrivalled reputation. We
invite an early and repeated
visit of inspection.
Our Stock will be Benbnisiisd
every few Days,
and to each and all we
Fully 15 to M per cent, less than current
prices in San Francisco.
No. 49 Main Si., Karoko, Not.
Mew York OflMi Mo. Ml Broad
Beg to inform the residents of
Eureka and vicinity that they have re*
ceived, and will have ready for inspection ok
and after the 1st of May,
Personally selected from the beet bound IS
flan Franciaco, conslattOg Of a full 11 na af
DOMESTIC 40006 !
UM&mere, Drep Die, De Beige, KtQ, Etc..
Ladies’ Fashionable Cloaks!
In all the Latest Stylee.
Faer; Slatta awl law RlMa(
tsr Oooda marked In plain ftguree, Tans
CASH, and
la Merea>d Prie*.
Kaln Street, opposite Welle. Fargn k Cot,
papen and latlera. addreaead to Ohriaio
pn»rA. Lee. The owner can hare the hook be
proving property end paving for thle advertlee
Eureka, Beptraber » 1VTS. aaSMf

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