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Eureka Pailg Sentinel.
8ATUBDAY, : : : FEBRUARY 8, 1819
ii —■-r
,B SKII.I.MAN Ik authorized to receive «b
arrlptioiiB, in this town, for the SrsTlvsi.
—d collect for the »»me. All persons in *u
r#A« owing for subscriptions will make pay
ment to Ulin. _
g_— I -J ■
Ina rrandsc* atsck Esefcaags,
145 Ophir—34*4 34Hb5
80 Mexican—37*4
110 Rest A Belcher—94
C20 California—7T| 8
305 Savage—13*4 15S
345 Con. Virginia—7*4 7»i 7*tb5
75 Chollar—49*4 49
100 Mexican—87*4b5
185 Hale A NorcrosB—18*4 18*4 18*4
1015 Oould A Curry—14*4 14*4 1**4
045 Crown Point—6*4 6*4 6*4
745 Yellow Jacket—27*4 27 27‘4
3260 Imperial—135c
200 Crown Point—6 4
365 Kentuck—8 7H
725 Imperial—135c
130 Alpha—21 20*4 20'4
V235 Belcher—6’i 6\ 7 7b5
350 Confldenct—23
395 Sierra Nevada—48*4 48*4 49 49*1
145 Utah—18*4
1875 Bullion—9 8*4 8 4
3675 Exchequer—7 G7« 0*4
220 Mexican—37 *b
20 Seg. Belcher—23 24*4
405 Oveiman—12 11*4 113«
860 JnBtice—420c 4H 430c
1300 Succor—110c 105c 1
140 Union—G2 61
225 Alta—7*4
600 Lady Bryan—120c 1 4
25 Alta—7*4
20 Crown Point—6 4
100 California—7 7t
280 Yellow Jacket—27*1 27
250 Bullion—9
100 Confidence—22*4
300 Lady Bryan—1*4
1290 Julia- 4*4 430c 429c
M Caledonia—340c 3 '4 330c 33.7c
300 Exchequer—6H G »
130 Kentuck -7*4
300 Baltimore—1*4
130 Ophir—34*4
560 Silver Hill—2o5c 2*4
30 Alta—7*4
3393 Challenge—5*4 5H 5
860 Dardanellca—410c 415c
600 New York—95c 1
815 Phil. Sheridan—30c 25c
325 Lady Washington—2 190c
100 Kossuth -25c
200 Wells Fargo—20c
1120 Ward—85c 90e
350 Scorpiui - -1*4 ICOe
360 Leviathan—63c 7dc
1150 N. Con. Virginia—9 9‘a 9*4 9*4
55 Star—3 2*4
425 Trojan—35c 40c
270 Benton—5 ** 5’4
600 Flowery—40c 3.7c
190 Con. Dorado— G3c
1255 Solid Silver—70c 73c
1620 N. Bonanza—160c 1‘4
70 N. Con. Virginia—9*4
50 George Duuglaaa- 50c
40 Santiago—9
3.70 Caledonia—330c 340c
150 Silver Hill—2.7.7c
235 NJ. Bonanza—1 *4 ICOe
30 St. Louis—50c
133 Alta-7‘4
10 Kentuck—9
40 Bullion—Sa4
50 Benton—5*4
230 Bayinoud A Ely--7 8 7*< 7*4
110 Eureka Con.—30*4
20 Jackson—7
50 Belmont—45c
150 Leopard—85c
500 Gila—5c
170 N. Belle— 8 87.
100 Hussey—15c
100 Grand Prize—460c 465c 4 \
3'»00 Argenta —65c
400 Navajo—20o
900 Endowment—15c
650 I)e Free*—10c
420 Independence—135c 1 *i
500 Argeuta—70c
80 Uayuioud A Ely—7
100 Star—75c
750 Day—35c 40c
10 Hamburg 75c
143 Highbridgr — 1 *4 130c
200 Heal Del Monte—3
300 Albion—40c
170 Paradise—2*4
2000 Fourth of July—20c
200 Coso—5o
310 Bodiv—8 H'i H'%
70 Bechtel— 50c
600 McCiiiiton—60o
390 Tioga—1 v4
530 Summit—2
120 Bulwer—16
550 Gondshaw- 10c
2'<0 Belv id ere-- -25c
100 Blackhawk—65c
630 Booker- 40c
220 Mono—1 •» 140c
50 Bicker—60c
70 Con. Pacific-Pi
100 University—75c
100 Dudley—80c
130 8. Bulwer—60c
100 Martin White—5*4
130 Leeds—60c 65c
175 Tip Top—1
620 O. Terra—5 ti
600 Caledonia. B. H.—I
kTKEKTtt—.1:30 O'doek P. M.
Yellow Jacket—27b 271ft*
Belcher—67#b 7a
Sierra Nevada—49*
Crown Point—G^a
Mexican—38 l*a
California—71*b 77*a
Challenge—51ft b 5‘ft*
Confidence—23\ b
Overman—12b 12‘fta
Silver Hill—255cb
Hale A Norcross -20a
Savage—151ft a
I in |K‘ r ia 1—130cs
Gould A Curry—14 sub
Lady Bryan—11ft b
Opbir- -30b
California—7 *i h
Ophir—361| s
Exchequer—7 '4 b
Ophir—37s 37 ifts
Yellow Jacket—27‘i s
Baymond A Ely—6 *4 b
Alpha—2214 s
Best A Belcher—21 'ft s
Halo A Norcross—20s
Hierra Nevada- 49 !ft b 50*
Chollar -50b
Yellow Jacket—27lft s
Overman —121# s
Bardeucllcs—410cb 415c»
K. Nevada—19^8
N. Con. Virginia—11s
Yellow Jacket—27s
Baymond A Ely—Gifts
Alta—7*4 b 7 7#a
Confidence—23b 231ft*
Belcher—6 % b 0 7« a
N. Con. Virginia—1114b 12*
Hold Arrival*.
Turner House George Lathrop, J. P*
Jeffries and J. H. Peterman, Eureka.
Jackson House—James Bobinson, Pros
pect Mountain; M. Marks, Ban Francisco;
Won. Johnson, Cherry Creek.
Parker Houso—L. J. Buth, W. W. Black
tnd Wm. Ford, Salt Lake; C. B. Thomas,
Prospect Mountain.
International Hotel—J. Langley, Carlin;
W. Brooks, Palisade; A. J. Lane, Pine
Valley; E. J. Briekell, Truckoe, Cal.; A.
Jacobs, Bono; J. H. Cadwalder, Sacra
Arrival* anil Departure*.
Depart ares Yesterday.
John WlDierbury A Miner
D Dsvi« Geo Davis
N Thorton T Obarfeltler
T R Hutchius
Arrival* La*t Mljrlit.
J H D« La Matyr E J Brackett
L J Ruth W W Blake
M Marks
Wells, Fargo Sc «’o’* l<ettl!r 1.1*1.
Th# following letter* were received at Well*,
Fargo k Co’a Office last evening and not
delivered :
Gao 8 Henderson C J Garner
Edward Eiuery J J Maxwell
W A Montgomery
Rcrap* from the Mole-Book of the
Mentlner* Keporter.
The Richmond Company will pay town i
bills to-day.
Postmaster Wilson’s term expires to
District Attorney Merrill is expected
home daily.
Bart. Ashim displays a fine assortment
of valentines, from which any one will be
able to select.
Frank Robbins added another small fur
nace to his office yesterday. Frank is evi
dently on the highway to prosperity.
Father Monteverde departed yesterday
for Cherry Creek, being called there to
visit a person who is dangerously ill.
Joseph, who was shot by Deputy Sheriff
Simpson, is not improving to any apprecia
ble extent, and his recovery is still consid
ered doubtful.
The Morey Mining Company filed in the
United States Land Office, yesterday, an
application for a patent for the Black Dia
mond mine and mill-site, situated in Mo
rey Mining District, Nye county.
Anybody who has ever heard an average
woman describe a neighbor’s new spring
bonnet, knows well enough that color
blindm-HS is not one of the peculiarities of
the gentle sex.
Miss Phelps, the sister of Rev. Mr.
Phelps, of the Presbyterian Church, has
|been seriously ill with pneumonia. Her
bickness interfered with the arrangements
of several people on Thursday night.
The two buildings next to the Turner
House will shortly be raised to the level of
die sidewalk, and such improvements
nade as will add to their general appear
ance. Mr. Maxwell, who owns the prop
erty in question, is now in town.
The Purim ball, to he given on March
Ctb, by the Hebrews of Eun*ka, promises
to lie a grand affair. The committee of ar
raigements consists of M. J. Franklin,
Bei. C. Levy. D. Lesser. Sol. Ashim and
L. banner. Full particulars will be given
in a future number of the Sentinel.
P«*te Winn was busily engaged yesterday
in looking after the ping in front of the
houss of the Hook A Ladder and Kuicker
bock»r Hose Companies, which had been
frozen up during the late cold weathsr.
George (.’lark is ambitiously inclined,
and ex or esses a desire, a la Hallinan, to
fight ai y light-weight champion in Eureka.
George lays he can always be found upon
inquiry %t Tommy Douglas’ saloon.
Aleck Wilson denies the statement inad*
in the Sentinel yesterday, that he will
open a lav office on Ruby Hill. He has
applied for an appointment as Notary Pub
lic, and sit.aid he receive it, will no’doubt
ojkii an mice, as stated by us yesterday.
R. Jobns)n. charged witli complicity in
the robbery of J. J. Keenan, was brought
before Justi.c Cromer yesterday. The evi
dence was of such a character that tSie
Justice did Hot deem himself justified in
holding him for trial, und Johnson was
accordingly ditcharged.
Mr. J. IT. Do I.aMatyr arrived homo last
evening from California.
Mr. W. W. Black and Mr. L. J. Ruth,
agent* for agrirultlr.il implement houses
at Salt Lake, arrived here last evening.
Mr. Walter Mars.Vn, formerly a tele
graph operator at this place, but now of
Tybo, lias been visiting hi* parents and
numerous friends hero lor a couple of days,
lie leaves for Tybo this morning, and with
him go the best wishes of many persons iu
Pat. Holland, the old newspaper fienl,
has been in town a couple tA day*, renew
ing his acquaintance with host* of our citi
zens. Pat. is looking well, but a little
older tbnii when we first struck him on the
Comstock, suuie ten years ago. He left for
Cartou this morning.
The Order of ITnnl ITrith.
This Hebrew organization propose to
givo a grand masquerade bull in Eureka,
on the 6th of March, full particulars of
which will be given iu the Sentinel hers*
after. We mention this fact at the present
time, ticrauso we find the following dis
patch in Eastern palters of yesterday,
dated at Philadelphia:
At the morning session of the Independ
ent Order of B’nai B'rith. the resolution
to present the statute of Liberty, now in
Fair mount Park, to the city of* Philadel
phia, was agreed to. The conditton of the
Order, which now numbers over 23,000,
was shown to be very satisfactory. A res
olution was adopted, ordering that the
next Convention be held at Cincinnati, on
the last Sunday in February, 1886.
The committee appointed to take action
relative to the humane work of the He
brew* in the South during the yellow fever
trouble* presented a report «>f a highly
eulogistic character of the good deed a that
had been accomplished. The report was
adopted. A committee was appointed to
provide for a compilation of the history of
the organization. The committee on the
intellectual improvement reported in favor
of establishing literary entertainments,
lectures and libraries in the various lodges.
An executive committee of seven and a
court of appeals of seven were appointed.
A. L. Sanger is the chief justice and Julius
Uieu is the chairman of thoexecutive com
A Table of IMvtnnrcv.
The new proprietors of the Parker House
have issued a business card, from which we
learn that the various distances from Eu
reka aro as follows: To San Francisco,
653 miles; to Palisade, 90 miles; to Vir
ginia, 427 miles; to Carson City, 405 miles;
to Winnetnucea, 200 miles; to Reno, 375
miles; to Elko, 123 miles; to Ogden, 398
mils; to Omaha. 1,431 miles; to Hamilton,
42 miles; to Ward, 105 miles; to Pioclie,
215 miles; to Austin, 75 miles; to Belmont,
104 miles; to Leeds, 340 miles; to Tybo,
100 miles.
From Tom Palm to.
Our enterprising merchant, D. Man
heini, returned from a ten days’ trip to
Tem Pahute yesterday. He speaks very
highly of miniug matters in that locality,
and Mr. M.’s practical experience of
eighteen years in mining camps leads us to
think tliut Tem Pahute will, in the near
future, add greatly to the prosperity of
Nevada. He states that he has never seen
a better defined ledge, or such quantities
of ore in sight, as he saw in the Wyandotte
Company's mine.
A fight occurred on Ruby Hill on Thurs
day night, during which Thomas Karns bit
ofif the ear of Thomas Craney. Karns was
brought to town by Deputy Sheriff Ro
nalds, and was committed by Justice Cro
mer yesterday, in default of $2,000 bail.
The penalty for this crime ranges from one
month to 14 years’ imprisonment.
■— . ♦- -
' Richmond Bullion ^lil|>mcn t.
The Riclimoud Company shipped this
morning, through Wells, Fargo A Co., 11
bars of bullion, valued at $20,G‘J4 11.
Picked I'p In Our Wanderlusts Yes
Mrs. Atwood has 58, and Mrs. Wendell
52 scholars at present.
Tl (lamination of teachers at Virginia
City has been postponed until July next.
This is Miss Hardy’s first experience as
a teacher, but she handles the department
with the skill of an old veteran.
Fourteen new pupils have been added to
Mr. Hcanland’s department since opening,
and he now has a total of 42.
There are eight children attending Miss
Hardy’s department who are under the
age required by law. The Trustees will
take cognizance of the matter shortly.
The Primary Department, under Miss
Hardy, is making rapid progress. We
were shown some of the work of her pupils
yesterday, and it was really creditable.
An examination of 8,000 school children
in Boston reveals the fact that while eight
per cent, of the boys are color blind only
one per cent, of the girls are thus afflicted.
The new rule adopted by the Han Fran
cisco Board of Education in regard to ap
plicants for teachers’ positions is having
the effect of weeding out a number of in
The University of Pennsylvania, at Phil
adelphia, has decided to admit hereafter
women as well as men to its course of lec
tures on modern history, this being the
first step it has taken towards the educa
tion of the other sex.
Hereafter, every Friday afternoon will
be devoted to recitations, essays, etc., in
tho First and Second Intermediate and
Primary Departments. This is an excel
lent idea, pji it will accustom the children
to speak in public, and will add greatly to
their self-possession. The first of these ex
ercises was held yesterday afternoon.
A school paper is to be started by tho
scholars of Mr. Hcanland’s room, to which
all can contribute. It will bo read every
other Friday afternoon, and the work of
editing it will devolve on two pupils, who
will be changed every two weeks. The
initial number will bo under the super
vision of Miss May Ashiui and Miss Lou
Home days since we called attention to
the fact that Mrs. Atwood had more schol
ars than could be handled by any person
successfully, without a severe mental
strain. When writing tho article we were
unaware that it would apply equally well
to the departments presided over by Mrs.
Wendell and Miss Hardy. The number of
pupils in their rooms is entirely too large,
and the Trustees should, in justice to all
three of the lady teachers, secure tho ser
vices of another.
A WitnfM Who will Hw«*»r It's
Course Never Ran Smooth.
The Sentinel of yesterday morning
among its marriage notices contained the
February C.—By Justice Cromer, John
Northcut to Mrs. Annie Jensen.
Thereby hangs a tale. Mr. John North
cut is from San Francisco, and everybody
unites in declaring him an exemplary
youug man, but just exactly how an ex
emplary young man could fall into the
matrimonial clutches of Mrs. Annie Jen
sen no one has endeavored to explain.
Mrs. Jensen is better known under the
sobriquet of Mrs. Annie Grimm, and for
three years has borne the relation of n wife
to Charley Grimm, who acts as usher at
the Opera llonso. Annie’s course4 in tin
said three years has not l>een that of a true
and faithful wife, for Charley claims that
she was married three times within that
period, which, if correct, is sufficient to
cause her board to be paid by tho State
authorities at Carson for a number of
years. Yesterday she- concluded to move
lier habitation to moro congenial quarters,
hut Grimm, learning of her iiiteulion,
caused a writ of replevin to bo issued,
charging her with endeavoring to cribhage
his property, which was served by Fred.
Gorman*, reinforced by Deputy Sheriff
Simpson. The gentle Annie tore up the
writ in Fred.'a face, and attacked Simpson
with a ferocity that caused that officer to
vneilate as he never vacilat. d before. The
rosult was that Annie was turned over to
Jim Ashley's tender mercies, and Grimm
Walked off with the furniture. The mat
ter will be adjudicated lawfully in a day or
Import.'ut to .HincrM.
Much argument and oral explanation of
the mining law of the United Statds is al
ways incident to mining districts. The
Comm if* inner of the Land Office in Wash
ington has recently given an interpretation
to the Congressional Mining Law which
seems to bo in accordance both with tech
nical justice and plain common sense. A
mining claim is forfeited whenever the
assessment year is so nearly gone that the
required work cannot possibly be doue in
the time, and possession is not resumed
until the locator fully complies with the
law in these respects. A relocator who
takes possession before the locator’s year
expires can not be ousted l»y the latter
while holding in conflict with the law.
The only safe plan, therefore, is to make
sure that a full hundred dollars’ worth of
work has been put upon a claim in time to
prevent any risk of future trouble. If
this interpretation of the law is borne in
mind, and its provisions strictly lived up
to, it will save much annoyance, and per
haps litigation among miners; and those
who are holding claims in good faitli
should sec that they do not lut the time
pass in which to make good their assess
ment work.
— —
Opoaiir; Hull.
Mrs. Gallagher, tlio new hostess of the
Cosmopolitan Hotel, on South Main street,
opened that establishment last night with
a dancing party. A large number of our
young ladies and gentlemen were present,
and the party was kept up until a late hour
this morning. It was a pleasant affair,
and was worthy the reputation of the pro
prietress of the Cosmopolitan, to whom
wo wish all manner of success.
I'liknoM ia.
Coroner Smith, yesterday afternoon, held
an inquest over the remains of the man
who was found frozen to death in the can
yon just below’ the town, and a verdict that
lie came to his death from exposure was
rendered. Many persons knew the de
ceased by sight, but none could recall liis
name, and he will till a nameless grave
until that day when there will be a final
I*iizxIIiiy the LnwyerN.
A laughable scene occurred yesterday
during the trial of Ehrenwcrth, in Justice
Cromer’s office. A witness held up a let
ter, which he declared would explain ‘‘ the
matter.” The lawyers, Justice and every
body else, took the letter iu turn, and
everybody turned it upside down in a vain
effort to decipher the contents. It was
written in Hebrew, and is not considered
' documentary evidence.”
Bennett Ehrenwert, charged with lar
ceny, from the fact that he had removed
goods from his store after being attached
by the proper officers, was tried by Jury
before Justico Cromer, yesterday, and a
verdict of ‘‘not guilty *’ was rendered.
There was a large crowd present, and there
w as a general expression of approval when
the result was announced.
On IIIm MiiscIo.
The Carson correspondent of the Elko
Independent says that Pete C’anavau, who
would have been Captain of the Guard in
cuho Swift had been elected Warden, is
red hot and is ready to whip any man who
went back on his word—if he can had him.
Carson City, February 7.
Governor Kinkead sent in his approval
of the Assembly bill providing for the
relief of Mr. Holland.
Mr. FouIke’s introduced a bill providing
for the prosecution of persons diverting
water from the Trnckee river proper.
Mr. Cassidy’s Senate bill, providing for
ascertaining the sentiment of the people by
a vote on the Chinese immigration ques
tion, was passed.
A concurrent resolution was passed call
ing upon General McDowell to establish a
company of cavalry at Duck Valley during
the coming spring, as protection to the set
tlers against hostile Indians.
Mr. Wermuth introduced a bill defining
the duties of Sheriffs.
Assembly bill No. 24, providing for the
election of the Superintendent and Matron
of the Orphan’s Home by the Legislature,
was passed by a vote of 30 to 19.
Assembly bill No. 21, providing for the
formation of school districts from two
counties, passed.
Assembly bill No. 12, preventing persons
passing through enclosures and leaving
them open, passed.
Bills were passed to pay the claim of Eu
gene Blair and James Brown; and to au
thorize Reno to issue $20,000 iu bonds for
school purposes.
The Haines-Dangl»erg case will be de
cided by the Senate to-night.
Bills were passed defining the duties of
To ascertain the will of the people upon
the subject of Chinese immigration.
To allow six months’redemption of prop
erty sold for taxes.
To pay deficiencies for the 13th and 14tli
AhcuI years.
To provide for the payment of certain
legislative expenses.
The hill to protect the owners of mining
shares was ordered engrossed. This last
hill permits stockholders, with one-fifth of
tho capital stock, to visit the mines twice a
Senate bills were introduced by Mr. Blair
for the better protection of the agricultural
interests of the State.
By Mr. Stewart, in relation to crimes
and punishments.
By Mr. Boardman, concerning public
Bills were passed to transfer all moneys
from the huildingfund to the geneial fund.
CoutleiiNCil Item* leaned from Our
Lyon county scrip is worth 80 cents on
the dollar.
The farmers feed grain to quails iu Idaho
when snow’ is ou the ground.
The advance in lead has resulted in
starting up the smelters in Utah.
About a thousand head of cattle are be
ing fattened for market iu Surprise Valley.
Tho Stato of Nevada is the only one in
the Union with no debt* and money in the
“ The Daily Sand Lot,” is the title of an
evening paper in San Francisco, devoted
to the Workingmen’s cause.
There was probably less money invested
in stocks last month bv the citizens <*f
Tuscarora, than for any previous month
since the dull times last summer.
A California monster ox was shipped
from Downey, weighing over 2,500 pounds.
It was six years old, lfi'i hands high, and
if thoroughly fat, judges said it would
weigh 3,600 ponds.
Tho Carson Appeal learns that the
mother of Mrs. Lieutenant Governor
Adams will arrive iu Carson soon and
spend the summer at the pleasant residence
of her daughter.
The Lyon County I trues says Mr. Hardy,
ex-SupennUndent of the Imperial ami
Ophir mines, has returned to San Fran
cisco. He is thoroughly disgusted with
Arizona, and says it is too soon, by some
years, for a white man to go there.
Ou Monday last (pay-day) the miners of
the C. A C., California and Consolidated
Virginia donated from their earnings—
each man dropping bis dollar or two—the
snug little sum of $872 for the assistance
of the family of Michael Mclnery. the man
lately killed by a blast at theC. A C. shaft.
W. W. Barnes, formerly of the “ Borax
Miner,” has moved his ollice from Colum
bus, Esmeralda county, to Benton, Mono
comity, California, and commenced the
publication of the “ Mono Weekly Mes
There are at present nearly one thousand
Chinamen and only forty w hite nu n work
ing on the Southern Pacific Railroad. The
white men employed are section bosses
and get two dollars per day. The China
men receive seventy cents each.
A new hook, written by T. R. H. Sten
liouse, to bo entitled “The Comstock Illus
trated,” will soon be in print, ltisa rehash
of the Virginia City correspondent’s letters
to the New York Herald, The book will
bo finely illustrated, descriptive of Virginia
City. Gold Hill and the surrounding
neighborhood, and will be valuable as a
statistical and historical work.
A proposition is on foot, says the Reno
Gazette, by the Evans Brothers to supply
the town with water by an improved
Eastern method. They propose construct
ing a penstock, at the bottom of which will
be placed one or more turbine wheels,
which latter will throw water direct from
the river into iron pipes, with a force of
150-foot fall pressure. By this means an
uhuudance of water can bo furnished for
all purposos and at the same time a most
desirable want supplied, viz: providing
water for our fire hydrants.
Hje mirt Ktcuart.
A correspondent of tbo Philadelphia
Times writes the following to that paper
from Washington: “ Mr. Washburne
laughed a moment, and said : ‘Did you
ever hear Jim Nve’s story about Stewart?
They were fellow Senators together from
Nevada. We all knew out there that Stew
art had driven an ox-team across the
plains. Nye used to get Stewart into a
party of gentlemen, and then invent a
story that he had encountered him on the
plains driving that team. Nye said that as
he was coining East on one occasion, lie j
saw a number of teams approaching, and
lie was excited by seeing a prodigious fel
low', lean and wiry, and between six and
seven feet high, with bis pants stuck in his
boots, and u tremendous whip, which he
was laying over the backs of the oxen. As
Nve* came nearer and looked at this ox
driver. he heard him cry out. as ho laid
the whip over the backs of the animals :
‘Whoa, Star ! Gee, Buck ! By God, I know
more than both of you ! ’ ”
l>till Times.
The Reno "Gazette” attributes the tem
perance revival to (lull times. Hear it:
"That the times are dull is clearly noted
by the revival of temperance societies both
in this State and California. Our fellow
townsman H. B. Maxon organized more
lodges during the last two months than
could have been organized in six prosper
ous years. Washoe even has a prosperous
order, and night before last they had a
grand installation and a delightful dance.
This organization in Reno is very strong,
and threatens to become a positive suc
cess/* _
A Karr C'liaiicc.
Dunkcl & Co. have a largo quantity of
clothing on hand which they have detci*
miiied to dispose of at remarkably low
price?. They are proceeding on the as
sumption that it is bettor to get rid of the
goods at bankrupt rates than to keep them
lying on (heir shelves. Examine their
stock, and read their notice.
lliillion Mti|»iiiout.
Wells, Fargo A Co. shipped this morning
'8 bars of bullion, valued at $4,901 20.
Apfdiil Notice to the Public*
We respectfully call your attention to a very
large assortment of CLOTHINO and FURNISH
ING GOODS that have recently come Into our
possession, we haring acquired the same in a
settlement with a Ploche Clothing Houae, aris
ing out of a bond given to Messrs. P. Berwin k
Brother. We are desirous of disposing of the
same, and special baroatxs will be given to
parties who will form a club and buy in lots of
half a dozen pairs of pants ; also, in single
We keep constantly ofi hand a very extensive
stock of BOOTS and SHOES, which we sell at
prices marked away down.
Eureka, February 7,1879. febH tf
Good Watch-work.
Mr. P. Steler informs his c\istomers that he
has secured one of the best workmen cn the
Pacific Coast, who has long been connected
with several of the leading San Francisco
houses, and who possesses many testimonials
hh to his skill and excellence as a watchmaker.
Customers ere notified that Repairing and
Cleaning will be promptly attended to, and the
work guaranteed to give satisfaction.
P. STELER. Jeweler, Main street.
Eureka, August 7, 1878. au8
Heavy Woolen*.
Underwear in red, white or grey, of the best
and heaviest California all wool goods, in
which everybody knows I X L at the Golden
Rule Store. _
Furnisher! llooin* to Let.
One or two nicely furnished rooms, with or
without fire. For particulars inquire over
Dunkel k Co.’s dry goods store.
Eureka, Dec. 17, 1H7H. _ dl8-tf
Watches and Jewelry.
If you want your fine watches repaired in
the befet manner and guaranteed fur one year to
keep correct time, go to Straus’ Jewelry Store
below the Parker House. jc8
—- ■
In Buckskin, Woolen or Kid Gloves, Gaunt
lets and Mits I X L at the Golden Rule Store.
-- -
Rubber Goods.
All kinds of Boots and Shoes at the very
lowest prices—Monitors, Arctics. Snow-exclud
ers, Rubbers. "fis a positive fact that I X L
in Rubber Goods at the Golden Rule Store.
Striped Stock! nar*.
Make your brother a present of a nice half
dozen Fancy Half Hose. I X L in prices at the
Golden Rule Store.
Special Inducement to Smoker*.
Yankee Dodge, at his cheap store just above
the express office, oilers special inducements
to lovers of the weed, and will sell five excel
lent cigars for 25 cents. Call and be convinced,
janfcl tf
Do you want to buy your husbands a nice
Christmas gift? Seethe fine stock of hand
some Meerschaum-Pipes, elegant Cigar-hold
ers. in meerschaum and amber; those Russian
leather Cigar Cases, and many other beautiful
things that are offered at the Golden Rule
If you have a fine or complicated watch or
clock, ti music box, an automaton singing bird,
or any other delicate and intricate piece of
mechanism needing repairs, go to
Chronometer, watch and clockmaker, one door
north of Meyers k Franklin, Main street.
All work warranted to give perfect satisfac
tion or positively no charge. o2
Nelli tag: oir!
My stock of Boot and Shoes, entire or by the
single pair, I offer at cost prices, as it is my de
sin* to close out this line of goods by the 1st of
January, or us soon thereafter as possible.
Golden Rule store, Eureka.
The People Want Proof.
There is no medicine prescribed by physi
cians, or sold by druggists, that carries such
evidence of its success and superior virtue as
Borchee’s German Syrup for severe Coughs,
Colds settled on the breast. Consumption, or
any disease of the Throat and Lungs. A proof
of that fact is that any person afflicted can get
a Sample Bottle for 10 cents, and try its su
perior effect before buying the regular size at
75 cents. It has lately been introduced in this
country from Germany, and its wonderful
cures are astonishing every one that use it.
Three doses will relieve any case. Try it.
Sold by all druggists.
<i;i.ki5i:at!:s> weiser piano*
Estey Organs.
Sherman. Hyde & Co., San Francisco, Pacific
Coast Agents.
Instruments sold on the installment plan.
Weber Pianos, by all great musicians, are con
sidered the best and most durable.
Oueonly buys a Piano in a life time, therefore
get the best, the best is the cheapest, al
Prof. Win. Plumhoff, Local Agent, Eureka.
If you want to have your watches and jew
elry repaired in a workmanlike manner, go to
P. Steler’s jewelry store, one door south of 8.
A shim A Bros., Main street,
CloNiug Out.
Selling off my entire stock of Stationery,
consisting of legal cap. foolscap, note and let
ter Paper; pink Tape. PenR,Holders, Inks, Mu
cilage, etc., etc.; also, my entire stock of
Fancy Goods, Cutlery, Notions, Pipes and
Smokers’ Articles. As it is my intention to
consolidate business, all of the above will be
s.>lil without reserve.
Golden Rule Store, Eureka.
Tobaccos mid Cigars.
A well-selected stock of fine-cut and plug
chewing and smoking Tobaccos, ami a fresh
invoice of Cigars, just received at the Golden
Rule Store, where I X L, as the boys all know.
Th© Toilet.
Fancy Back-hair Brushes, Cloth, Tooth and
Shaving Brushes. Combs, Perfumery, etc., at
the Golden Rule Store, extraordinary cheap, for
I X L, you know.
■ ♦ - • — -
Cm I lemon!
Ladies’ Purses, Albums, Opera Glasses,
Vases, Card Receivers, etc., at the Golden
Rule Store, at San Francisco cost. IX L, eh !
Cardigan Jackets.
All Wool Cardigan Jackets, Woolen Scarfs
ami Winter Wear for Gentlemen, in which for
cheapness I X L at the Gelden Rule Store.
All kinds, riveted, self-supporting and leather
finished, in blue drilling; drab, brown and
slate color duck, fancy* and all kirn’s of over
alls. In these goods I X L at the G dden Rule
A (•(‘■■tic Hint. #
In our style of climate, with i\s sudden
changes of temperature—rain, wind and sun.
shine often intermingled in a single day—it is
no wonder that our children, friends and rela
tives are so frequently taken from us by neg
lected colds, half the deaths resulting directly
from this cause. A bottle of Boshee's German
Syrup kept about your home for immediate
use, will prevent serious sickness, a large doc
tor’s bill, and perhaps death, by the use of
throe or four doses. F.-*r curing consumption,
hemorrhages, pneumonia, severe coughs, croup
or any disease of the throat or lungs, its suc
cess is simply wouderful. as your druggist
will tell you. German Syrup is now sold in
every town and village on this continent.
Sample bottles for trial, 10 cents; regular wise,
75 cents. d24-eow
New Masprafle Mbs
Mrs. j. straus has just re
cEivEDfrom the costume establish
ment of Mrs W. G. Taylor, a lot of 500
New Costiiniea, such as Primes, Offi
cers, Lords. Dukes, Comic Characters, etc.
Persona desiring to give Masquerade Balls
can l»e furnished with
And NlftMktt, by applving to
On Edwards street. Eureka.
K/'* Country order* promptly attended to.Tfl
Eureka. Nr . ember !<. 187y. n9 If
—O F—
Dry Ms anil Cliii
. tick, we will sell our large winter stock of
Dry Goods and Clothing
In order to make room for an Immense SPRING
STUCK, shortly to arrive.
Come and be Convinced !
W*8 exits for Madame Dexnorest’s reliable
Eureka, January 28, 1879. jan29tf
FEBRUARY 1, 1879,
We will Sell
I STOCK, which will arrive about the
•yDon't taae this for granted, but call and
see for yourselves, at the
No. 6 Main Street.
JAKE COHEN, Manager.
Eureka, January 30. 1879. jau31tf
IV stock of gold and silver watches, clocks,
jewelry, diamonds and silverware, gold pens,
gold and silver penholders, of which I have the
agency; gold, silver, steel and rubber spectacles
and eye-glasses. I have the best selection of
spectacles and eye-glasses i^ Eureka, as I make
those articles a specialty. Watches, clocks,
jewelry, mathematical and astronomical ma
chines repaired, and all work warranted or no
charge made. J. 8TAU8.
Eureka, January 20, 1879. jan21 tf
Assessment Notice.
Hamburg mining company—loca
tion of principal place of business, San
Francisco, California ; location of works, Eu
reka District, Eureka county. State of Nevada.
Notice is hereby giveu. that at a meeting of the
Hoard of Directors, held on the third day of
February, 1879, an assessment (No. (J) of fifty
cents per share Was levied upon the capital
stock of the corporation, payable immediately
in United States gold coin, to the Secretary at
the olfioe of the Company, Hoorn 4, No. 401 Cal
ifornia street. San Francisco, California.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on the thirteenth day of March,
1879, will l»e delinquent, and advertised for
sale at public auction ; and unless payment is
made before, will be sold on Tuesday, the
eighth (8th) day of April, 1879, to pay Vhe de
linquent assessment, together with costs of
advertising and expenses of sale. By order of
the Board of Directors.
Office—Room 4. No. 401 California street, San
Francisco. California. febCtd
Assessment Notice.
Location of principal place of business,
San Francisco. California ; locatiou of works,
Eureka District, Eureka county. Nevada. Notice
is hereby given, that at a meeting of the Direc
tors, held on the 7th day of January, 1879, an
assessment (No. 18) of twenty-five cents per
share was levied upon the capital stock of the
Corporation, payable immediately in United
Stntcs Gold coin, to the Secretary at the office
of the Company, No. 308 California street, San
Francisco. California.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remain utipaid «»u the tenth day of February,
1879, will be delinquent, and advertised for sale
at public auctiou ; and unless payment is made
before, will be sold on Monday the third day
of March, 1879, to pay the delinquent assess
ment, together with costs of advertising and
expenses of sale. JAMES BOLE, Secretary.
Office—No. 308 California street, Sun Fran
cisco, California. janlO
Assessment Notice.
of principal place of business. San Fran
cisco, California. Location of works. Eureka
District, Eureka county, Nevada. Notice is
hereby given, that at a meeting of the Board of
Directors, held on the 10th day of January,
1879, an assessment (No.2) of twenty (20) cents
per share was levied upon the capital stock of
the corporation, payable immediately in United
States gold coin, to the Secretary, at the office
of the Company, Rooms fi and 7, No. 327 Pine
street, San Francisco, California.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on the Fifteenth day of Febru
ary, 1K79, will be delinquent, and advertised
for sale at public auction, and unless payment
is made before, will be sold on Friday, the
Seventh day of March, 1879, to pay the delin
quent assessment, together with cost of adver
tising and expeuse of sale. By order of the
Board of Directors.
D. F. VEltDENAL. Secretary.
Office—Rooms (5 aud 7, 327 Piuc street. Sail
Franoisco, California. jnnll td
A rebate of one and one-half per cent, will be
allowed from date of payment to day of sale.
the public that Jacob Ruff is not iu my
employ, and does not transact any business for
me. All parties indebted will please make
payments only to me.
Eureka, January 30, 1879. j tin'll liu
F O >
Miners' and m*,..
Lease, Good-will, Fixtures and Stock
M. &* Mi T■ Di,
T^hir is an excellent chance for
an enterprising young man to obtain A
first-class paying business.
One of the mo«t eentral In Eureka*
Small Capital Required !
KTFor further particulars inquire of
B. J. ASH in. Proprietor.
Eureka, January 15, 1879. janlC tf
Two Houses,
Repair and Locality!
Will be sold Cheap if applied for soon.
Inquire of
At the 25-oent Restaurant, on North Main
street, Eureka. janlOtf
J\_ thkk particulars apply to
Court-house Block.
Eureka, January 23,1879. jan24 tf
ablk terms, my residence on Spring Mpw
street, with or without the furniture.
For particulars, apply at the premises, or to
the undersigned. WM. H. DAVENPORT.
Eureka, January 4,1879. jan5 lm
I no, consisting of bedsteads, bedding;
chairs, stoves, etc., ill fact everything suitable
for a medium sized family. Everything new
and in perfect order. Also, house for rent.
Apply at this office for further particulars.
jan7 tf
Rooms, in suits or single, can be had by
inquiring of JAMES A. DENTON,
At the Consolidated Boarding House, North
Main street.
Eureka, December 10, 187 dll
Spring street, with double bed and
heated. Apply at Saddle Rock Restaurant, on
Main street, of
Eureka, December 10,1878. dlO-tf
2\. like to obtain a position in a hotel of
private family. She has had laree experience in
the business. Can give satisfactory references.
Address “ INEZ,”
At the Parker House.
Eureka, January 17, 1879. jl8tf
2\. a good cook, washer aud ironer. Apply
at this office. jau‘24 tf
Dressmakers Wanted.
_L wanted immediately. Apply to
In Mr. Dimock’s building, nearly opposite thd
Metamorns furnace.
Eureka, January 23,1879. jan24tf
& keeps constantly on
hand a well-selected stock of ^
J_ Diamonds. Gold aud Silver F
fcSSkSdafr Watches and Chains, fine XfcaJr
Jewelry, Solid Silver aud Plated
Ware, and
O X. O O K S „
I am also agent for the new style of INITIAL
SLEEVE BUTTONS, artistically made aud of
beautiful designs.
Also a good assortment of Pebble, Concave
all of which he offers to sell at 25 per cent,
less than any other house in Eastern Nevada.
Please call at the store, one door south of 9.
Ashim & Bro’s, and examine my maguitieeirt
stock of goods before purchasing elsewhere
No trouble to show goods. Prices to suit the
All of the above are guaranteed to be of the
Best Quality, and warranted as represented.
N. B.—Special attention paid to watch-work.
Watches repaired, cleaned and warranted tot
one year. New jewelry made to order, aud
jewelry neatly repaired.
All orders from the country promptly attend
ed to.
Eureka, January 2, 1879. ja3-tf
All kinds of T0BACC08 ; Pipes, from theeora
numest Clay to the very finest Meerschaum j
Cigar and Cigarette Holders, and in fact a full
line of Nmoket'M' Artieles,
Also, STATIONERY, Blauk, Pass and Time
A full assortment of the very best Pocket
Knives, Albums, Music Boxes. Guitars, Ac
cordions, and a great number of other goods
adapted for
Too numerous to mention, which I offer to
sell at
Come and see, and I will convince yon of the
facts above stated.
I have a nice
In the rear, where yon can get the choicest
kinds of
Wines, Liquors ami Cigars.
Eureka, December II,!378. d’

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