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fu«ka Oailn Sentinel.
^NOVEMBER 20, 1881.
MOBSHKl board.
150 Opbir-0'4 C‘*
03 currfr-57, 5>i
2gSS?» M
m boo
200 BnllioD-l . 1 ’
20 Confidence-310
50 Belcher-3
160 OW®‘n
50 challenge-^®
150 Scorpio-130
150 Jn»tice—,85c .
690 Union—1° »
130 GoM.-n C,ale -2H
50 Kentack-2«
»Se„# We- 5°
■SgffiRfc «.
2oo Enreka funnel—220
So Bechtel—50°
£ Belding—25c
100 Tioga-20c
50 Syndicate- 25c
500 Mono— lit
500 Goodahaw—60c
[ 200 University—»c
100 Addenda—jo
' ioo Ore—20c
250 Bodifi Tunnel 1
100 Tiptop—5'a
200 Atiaa—20c (
g Nevada USbUHallHe. Union lib
iikalUii. Gould * Curry 6b CHa 6«,
wi Belcher 9Hb 9* a, Opbir 6H b OH a
c?, Mexican 8b, Overman 2!)Ob. Yellow
Jacket440h, Savage 310b 415a 315a, Hale
f Noreroaa 305b 310a, Gould A Cnrry
fkbto«a, Potoai lHa. Northern Ilelle
?4b Bodie 5a. Bullion ll*b 156a, Ea
eheaaerUtb, Alta4Hb, Benton 90b 95.
Crom Point 183b 190a, Bolcbor 3b, Utah
;ttb, Scorpion 13tJb.
BTTnengliug Dr French
Wm McDonald T Lotten
annivAna i-a»t smnT.
Mil A McLeary W E Davidaon
Hotel Arrival*.
Parker Houee-E. B. Walker, Secret
Canyon; J. Fitzmsurico, city; Ben.
Schlou, Ssn Frsncieco; J. A. Hill, Secret
Canyon; Marlin l'eariloni, Prospect Mt.
Jukion Houae—Mr«. Ann Barry. J.
Melter, George White, Buby Hill; linger
McMenomie. Newark Valley; Dick Gui
benon. Hamilton; George Taft. Diamond;
Olirar Baft, Huntington Valley; Dick
Berne*, Currant Creek; Bob* Douglas.
Mai Sweeney, Canyon City.
Turner Houae—E- S. Habin, San Fran
cieco; Mrs. Stewart, White Ptne; Tim
McMahan, Leadtille; Win. Johnson,
Spring Valley; Jerry McMahon. M. Con
nery, Proapect Mt; Tho*. Flarity, Secret
Cenyon;Biohard Beard, Pinto; B. Shields,
Secret Canyon.
rrrr-r—-m—~ttt •
A Transformation,
it I meeting of the Sunflower Social
Club held yesterday it waa decided that
the organization disband, and form
■gain Into one more euitable for
the Winter. Whereupon the Snow Drop
Skating Clnb waa organized, baring a»
member* the same persona formerly be
longing to the Sunflowers. It ie the inten
tion of thie Club to give skating and dance
tooiala during the Wmter at the rink, and
endeavor, If possible, to pleasantly pass
ewayadull eeason. Colonel Perry still
remaini President of the Club, and that
ilone insures it* luccees. The manage
ment propose giving a grand carnival
tome time during the holiday*, and will
transform the Immense rink into an ice
cate, illuitratite of Julee Verne's story of
''Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the
Sea/' proper scenery and lanterns having
eireedy been ordered for the oeoaeion. It
will no doubt be a grand affair, and, al
The Sunflower wither* In the brews** of No
The (now Drop bloomi more gslly In De
Our ludtaue.
It ii»little romarkable that whilo nearly
•11 the Indiana in the United 8tatea are
provided (or by the General Government,
the Plata in thia part of Nevada never
fweive money, clothiug, provisions or any
[hla| slae from the Great Father at Waah
U**9®; 'n th® Territorial day* of Nevada
than Governor Nyg was eicfhoio Indian
afl*«. Humboldt Piutee, eaya the
r"* •'A**, reoelved a few check ehirte
tor the men and hooped ekirta for the
!„bu.‘ ,in°9 Nevada waa admitted
nto the Inion they have reoeived Doth
“>*• Ac baches obaorvea, they have been
wo peaceable to get present* or annuities,
“Ounlaei they go on the warpath they
?Ipeot to receive a oont'e worth
twin the Indian Bureau.
Eureka Ncauilallxed.
The Stock Report evidently hae not had
“* "PorWr on the Range. It eaye : They
» Utile poker game in Eureka the
MMrday.and the Bixtuucl state* that
“• UtUog WU •' heavy." or that It waa
dnlaat'f1'*,11" tll9t 'he oou'P had ln
'or a long time. The faot is
M*t whsn a atrenger from thl* oily atrlkea
Util ji** pok!?r <[lm9 of Nevada In these
itikTJo**'Ind raises some one two blta.
lor f£?t,,p0r*® *Urow down their hande
lahuLAm‘yI“V9 two or three nickels
bettiiiKi0k*i.' Tll# heaviness of the late
•Cirifcl8 ^ Eureka oan therefore be im
Valuable Map.
ealey B. George of Bellevue, Idaho,
•JhM the Sutihl a sample of a fine map
t*e Wood River and Saw Tooth coun
*Iy' It la a very desirable chart for per
*ion ln the “lues of that re
'uvi?.l,0ir lko‘9 who waut to kDOW ‘he
,n*y °* *h9 l‘"d " there. It 1. well gotten
*ra. U i?C'*r?te- Bend for a copy. Mr.
r**11 the sole agent.
Charley Mahout.
.. *Dj popular young man of Eu
«»saotd •• Charley " Crandall hat read
linen W* debt‘—amounting to about
the Virginia Chronicle, by
orrth»i. ,h M»houe'a convenient the
ow“ onl7Wh“h#
Still toiuing.
Him!*™ J' P’rao'‘l>n A Co. are eon
atrpeu r“®,i.Tin* all the new doalgna in
ttili line T.n p*Per‘- »ud everything in
*• Call audaee the uew pattern*. *
„ A Fine Dinner.
tonT"' Bri‘&cher * Qibfriod, proprie
Ht'u «u'{‘.ci,'on Houae Reataurant, will
•a atagant dinner to day. *
Scraps from the Note-book al the
Sentinel's Reporter.
Senator Jones has gone to San Francisco,
Mrs. A. McLoary arrived from the Wost
last night.
Three inches of snow in Nevada City,
The State Controller is busy compiling
his annual report.
lion. O. W. Merrill is still at Hamilton
on professional business.
Hon. W. W. Bishop and wife will leave
for Hamilton this morning.
Jim OrndofT, tbo old Comstocker, is on
his way to Portland, Oregon.
There are 50 scholars in the Episcopal
Church Sunday school class.
There are some four feet of snow on the
east side of Prospect Mountain.
Miss Hayes denies that she is the bicv
list, but says she is her twin sister.
Senator James G. Fair passed Palisade
Thursday on his way to Washington.
Col. Joseph Orandolmoyer leaves (or
home to day by private conveyance.
The incorporation of the Banner Min
ing Company was completed yesterday.
Mr. Frank Alderson has been appointed
Secretary of the Banner Mining Company.
Have yon secured your ticket in the dia
mond Bet raffle? If not, interview Alf.
The usual religious services will be held
in all the churches to-day except the Pres
But little business of any kind has been
transacted in the county offices during the
past week.
Dr. Thoma, who lias been confined to
his bed for a oouple of days, was better
Remember that you pay your taxes to
morrow, or pay them afterwards with ten
per cent added.
Honnessy is being tried in Virginia for
the murder of Deputy County Clerk
Daniel J. Kelleber.
Notwithstanding the cold weather there
was a large delegation of Ruby Hillers in
town last evening.
Eight men are building a wagon road to
the Eldorado No. 2 mine, and are grading'
out for machinery.
Ormsby. County's taxes on personal
property for 1881 are $5,898 03, as against
*2.914 1G for 1880.
Henry W. Genet h&g been released from
tfie prison at Blackwell. Prince Hal’s
friends paid his fine.
It is more than probable that the Eureka
Consolidated Company will pass their reg
ular dividend this month. .
Superintendent Goss of the Eureka A
Colorado River Railroad Company has re
turned from Cherry Creek.
Louis Dapelo, a vegetable peddler, was
thrown from his wagon Thursday in Vir
ginia City and fatally hurt.
Rev. Mr. Crawford will hold services at
the Methodist Church, Ruby Hill, at half
past 3 o'clock this afternoon.
The numerous friends of Mrs. Goo. M.
Payne will be pleased to learn that she has
recovered from her late illuess.
William Armstrong, formerly of the
Con. Virginia mill, will be the new Super2
intendent of the Santiago mill.
At the next meeting of the Board of
Pardons, it is suid, there will not be less
than 50 applications presented.
Quite a number of youngsters enjoyed
tbe skating and sliding on the first ice at
the "hew rink yesterday morning.
The canvas covering for the skating rink
was shipped from San Francisco on Friday
last, and will arrive here next Friday.
Senator M. J. Farrell of Austin is said
to be near Senator Jones as a candidate
for the Suporiutendency of the Carson Mint.
Fivo persons are inquired for in to-day’s
Sentinel who have gone astray on the Pa
cific ('oast. Wonder if these are all lost.
Turkeys are selling in this market at 35
cents per pound. There is no excuse for
any one going without a turkey dinner to
Upton Post, G. A. R., will hold a special
meeting this afternoon at Odd Fellows’
Hall. All members are requested to be on
Mrs. Jennie V. Baldwin, wife of E. J.
(“Lucky”) Baldwin, died at the Bald
win Hotel, Ban Franeisco, Wednesday
An interesting game of billiards was
played at Charley Lautenschlager's last
night by Antone Ferrkris and. Frank
“ Brother " Harrison will leave for Cin
cinnati next week. He made a flat failure
in his efforts to Christianize San Fran
Han. Foley will put a whim on the Dia
mond mine this week, and sink the shaft
100 feet deeper. He has a bonanza in
Four batteries of the First Artillery, C.
8. A., who have been stationed at Gover
nor’s Island, passed by to San Francisco
The ladies will do well to read M. J.
Franklin A Co’s, new advertisement this
morning. They offer extraordinary in
We saw some splendid ore yesterday
from the Bald Eagle, one of a aeries of
miuca owned by the Nevada Mining Com
pany of London.
Mr. W. E. Davidson of the Postoffice
bookstore, returned from San Francisco
last night. He has made large purchases
of holiday goods.
Two business houses have olosed up in
Virginia sinoe the first of the month—S.
Booh, boot and shoe dealer, and A. Cohn,
dealer in dry goods.
Maurice Hartnett, Superintendent of the
Eureka Tunnel, was in town last evening
and reported that his “little bonanza” was
lookiug better than ever.
Eureka Con. shares olosed yesterday at
$17 50; Albion, $1 00 and Eureka Tunnel
at $2 20. What’s the matter with the Eu
reka stocks, when the mines never looked
better ?
W. E. Davidson while below bought the
finest assortment of toys and elegant holi
day presents ever brought to the Eureka
market. His goods will begin to arrive
this week.
Adam nail has struck a good streak of
oro in the Dlligenoa mine, on the east side
of Prospeot Mountain, and about 1,200
feet south of tho Eureka Tunnel, on the
same lode.
The movement for the admission of Da
kota to the sisterhood of States is very de
rided, and, it 1s hinted, will rooeive the ap
proval of the President in his annual mea
sage to Congress.
Dsn De Qaille says that " it is more
than lilnted that something will be turned
loose In the Gold Hill mines before the
end of the present month.” Undoubtedly.
Several assessments.
The weather had greatly moderated yes
terday. At 11 p. m. last night the ther
mometer indicated a temperature of 20 de
grees above zero, 12 degrees warmer than
at the same -line the evening previous.
The New York Mining Record says the
stock of the Eureka Tunnel, whlob was
placed upon the market by the banking de
partment of that paper, haa proved a
greater mooes* than wa* anticipated,
in advancing steadily.
The Union Guard Company held » meet
ing laat evening for the purpose of deter
mining whether they would hold their
ball on Thanksgiving evening or postpone
it, owing to the Grand Army of the lie
public giving their ball on the asms even
ing. We were unable to learn their de
A lire occurred last evening in a manure
pile iu the roar of Stewart's stables, on
South Mttln street, near the Richmond
dump. Mr. Dehmsn. night watchman at
the Richmond, put out the tire. Too
much care cannot be taken during those
windy days and nights to prevent confla
A Day nil (I n Night In the Know from
Hnmlltan to Enrehn.
Eleven o’clock Frida; night the Hamil
ton stage left there for’ Eureka with Diok
Guiberson and the company’s blacksmith
on board. The driver, "Smithy,” was
not the regular whip. He drives out of
Ward, but had made a swap to get into
• Eureka to tee something of the busy
world. When the stage arrived at the
Six-mile House the horses were changed
and a new start taken (horrible to relate!)
on the Duckwater road which forks
with the road to Eureka. The driver
saw fresh wagon tracks, and he
thought they must lead to the Base ltango.
It was bitterly cold and- the snow was
deep. After going six or seven miles
Guiberson insisted that they were on the
wrong road and bulldozed Smithy to cnt
back through the sagebrush to find the
lost road. On this layout they camo nearly
to the Eureka road, when the driver re
asserted his governorship and turned back.
A glorious compromise was now made
between Dick and Smithy, and they
plunged ahead in the dark for (in their
minds) Eureka. In going down a grade
the brake gavo way and the horses, tired
of foolishness, quit compauy with the pas
sengers and Jehu. They left Smithy
standing on his head in a pile of rocks,
Dick hugging tho top houghs of a stunted
cedar tree and the blacksmith half buried
in a cayoto hole. They staid with the jerkey
about 200 yards further when they bid
good-bye to that, too. The driver got a
terrible bead on him, the blacksmith was
shaken nearly to a pulp, and Guiberson
was scratched beyond recognition by his
best girl. The maimed party walked 12
miles to get the fragments of the buck
board and the horses together, when they
made a fresh start for Eureka, as it were.
They came out at 5 o'clock, the sad rem
nants of their original, at Gieen’s Springs
—just 45 miles out of their way. At this
point they fed the team, got thawed out,
and took a fresh ytart, arriving at Eureka
at5 o’clock yesterday afternoon. In order
to make 45 miles they had traveled over 100
miles. As Joe Orandelmeyer stated it,
“ they were trying to triangulate a country
that they didn’t know a d- thing
about.” A score of dispatches passed be
tween Eureka and Hamilton while thb
party were lost; they had been tracked all
over the country, and the stage company
were in despair. They sent a team to
meet the wanderers at Pinto, at last, and
brought them to civilization under flying
Sliver Beef Happy.
The Eureka A Colorado River Railroad,
•ays the Miner, is now being Burveyed from
Eureka to G'&llville, where it is to connect
with the Atlantic and Pacific. Wood is
scarce near Eureka, and coal from Iron
City will be used in running the mills and
smelters of that place.
In the wake of these roads will follow
capital, and the mining interests of the
great sandstone region will be developed
and our people flourish. The day of pros
perity is dawning, and the present outlook
for Houthern Utah brighter than any for
mer period of its history.
Another Pioneer Gone.
Mr. George Bturtevant of Ash Valley,
Modoe County, California, formerly of
Storey and Washoe Counties, Nevada, died
of consumption at his residence on the
8th instant. Mr. Bturtevant was an old
time resident of this section and at one
time owned valuable property in this
State, but of late years has resided on his
property in Ash Valley, where he was ex
tensively engaged in raising fine horses.
He leaves a considerable estate by will to
a sister in Nevada and a nephew in Uki&h,
Mendocino County, California.
Our Thespians.
With a reorganization of the Dramatic
Association in Eureka in prospect beware
of a catastrophe that befell the denizens of
the B&ndstone belt of Silver Reef. There
no play could be found large enough to
make the caste of the entire community,
so the consequence was a general row,
which resulted in the disappointed portion
giving the first performance then 'and
there. This was no doubt intended for
Yorktown dramatized—at least they bom
barded the hall and occupants energet
ically, and smashed things generally.
Parker House Restaurant.
Charley Fox, proprietor of the above
named popular place, makes publio an
nouncement this morning that he has
secured the services of two San Francisoo
cooks, who enjoy the highest reputation in
their line. He pledges himself that the
best the market affords will be provided,
and customers shall have the best of at
tention. Give Charley a oall and try his
new cooks.
The mines of Arizona have paid so far
during 1881 in dividends 11,945,000; of
California, *2,413,359; of Colorado, *2,530,
750; of Dakota, $920,000; of Georgia, *24,
000; of Mexico. $100,000; of Michigan (cop
8or), *2,765,000; of Missouri (lead), *40,
Q0; of Montana, *585,000; of Nevada,
$1,506,583; of Utah, $1,069,000. This
makes a total dividend payment, from
Jan. 1 to Nov. 1, $13,898,692.
A Valuable Jack.
Levi Painter, who own» a fruit ranch
near Saoramento, passed Winnemucoa on
Wednesday with a fine jack which ho pur
chased in Tennessee for $500. The ani
mal weighed 875 pounds and his ears
measured two feet, more or less. Mr.
Painter said the jack would cost him
about *1,000 at Sacramento.
Where Are They T
The friends, of Arthur A. Herring of
Chicago, who came to San Francisco in
1873, want to know where he is. Nicholas
Kavanaugh of Appleton, Wisconsin, also,
is wanted. E. Anderson of No. 749 Hen
man street, Chicago, has also lost an aunt,
Mrs. Anna Wilson, out hers and don't
know where to find her.
A New Silage Route.
On the first of the coming month
Messrs. Gilmer. Salisbury A Ob. will put
on a new stage line from Grantsvllle to
Looming, the nearest point on the Carson
A Colorado Railroad, enabling passengers
from Grantsvllle aud violnity to reaoh San
Francisco 34 hours sooner than by way of
Wadsworth. _
Lively Scene.
Char'ey Lautenschlager’s saloon was
orowded and packed last night. The new
San Franoisco attractions are a suooesa.
Charley sells first olass liquors and he has
added a number one brand of cigars to
his stock. Try the "Gilt Edged” bit
cigar and you’ll get your money's worth.
Arrested. •
Constable Ruse went to Mill City Thurs
day and arrested Peter Organ on a warrant
Issued by Justioe Osborn, on oomplaint of
L. 8. Hodges, who accuses him with as
sault with a deadly weapon. Mr. Organ
arrived in Wlnnemuooa on Friday with
the offioer. __
Peas!nir Bullion.
The following bullion was shipped by
Wells, Fargo dr Co., this morning: 4 bars
valued at $7,245 20.
Philip E. Sullivan, one of the Arkansas
train robbers, a young man of intelligence
and good manners, has Just died of a
broken heart in the penitentiary at Little
Rock, to which he had been committed for
70 years.
Controller Hallock unearthed an old bill
the other day of $3,416 77, paid the West
ern Union Telegraph Company for trans
mitting the Constitution of this State to
Washington in 1865.
Letters Remaining la the Pnatoflice
for the Week Ending ST or. 20.
Ladies’ List -Fnunie Bntler, Helene
Flores, Maggie Green, Minna Moore, So
phia M Smith,Nellie Taylor, Cora Wood 2.
Gentlemen's List—John P Anderson,
A F Anderson, Geo Y Brady, J H Brun
sen, Hugh Chisholm, James Candliah, W
H Catron, Richard Carew, Oeo T Childs,
John Cosick, John Connolly, Thomas H
Cowling, Wm N Compton, H F Dolisle 2,
C L Davis, P De Cook, Eli M Davis, John
Francis, Michael L Fitzpatrick, G L Green,
R J Gourley, 0 Grisham, N Greenlee,
Geo W Hoover, Mr Hanlan, J J Holmes,
John C Hoppin, J M Hyde, W Johansen,
Nell Johnson, Fred L Ken ion, A C Knox,
Andrew Kennedy, Francis E Kelly, A W
Lancaster, Jas G Larmy, Jas M Master, A
Martin, Manuela Meza, R B Markle 2, Joe
Montnre, J C Murray, J J Moore 2. F
Moras, Dan McDonald, Chas McDonald,
W J McNamara, W B McSherry, John
Potthoff, Joseph Phillips, John Ryan,
Henry Ricard, Anton Rapp, Robt Raven
croft, Michael Reilly, H J Reynolds, Will
J Sherry, Geo C Scott, 0 H Shoemaker,
A L Sawtelle 2, D O’Shea, Peter Schmidt,
Andrew Simpson, Paoli Succetti, John
Treloar, Josh Tingley, Jas S Walsh, A D
Wilcox, R N Williams.
Chinese—Quong Mow, Quong Lee 2,
Chong Reo Ton Yuen,Soon Kee.Toy Lung.
Foheion—John West, Peter Binnott,
Dan Shields, John Ring, Chas H Rand,
F. D. McDonald, D A McAskill, John Mc
Askill, D McDongall, Ed James, James
Jewery, C Hanson, John Ewing, H, F.
Delisle, R Cameron, C A Burrcss, John
Italian—Musso Giacomo, Joao Silvers 4,
Ratto Ginabartista, Palambo Francisco,
Giacomo Pietrin, Gionani Gianoli, Cata
rina Milglia, Jose Fixers, G Guidici, An
tonio Rossi, GiaDuni GnUeppi.
W. J. Smith, P. M.
Hyuthern Mali's Product and Her
Future Proepeeta.
For the past few years Utah has held a
high rank among the silver-producing
States and Territories of the country; and
although lees favored in many respects
than her neighbors on the east and west,
the time is fast approaching when she will
lead the van in the product of precious
metal. It only remains for Southern Utah
to receive that recognition which is its
due and this result will be accomplished.
San Francisco District, lying immedi
ately on the northern boundary, within a
brief time has demonstrated to the satis
faction of the most skeptical, that Utah’s
mineral deposits' are not only large but
immense. The Horn Silver is now ac
knowledged to be one of the largest ore
bodies in (he world, and there are other
mines in that and adjoining districts
which are making a splendid record and
require time and labor only to prove their
In Silver Reef District mines that are
being operated are paying handsome divi
dends. The three companies which have
been actively engaged for the quarter end
ing Sept. 30 last—to wit: the Christy,
Stormont and Barbee A Walker—with an
average of 15 stamps, or five stamps to the
company, gave a bullion product aggre
gating $273,000, This will be considerably
increased during the current quarter; but
taking the above figures, it is safe to put
the product of the stamps, allowing con
tinuous operation, at $1,100,000 for the
year ending Dec. 31, 1881.
Two drizzled Old Veterans Recall
the Hays of Spit-Balls and Hen
Charles L. Davis, the comedian, found
at Reno an old schoolmate of Lawrenoe
Academy days, with a strawberry mark,
in the person of Ase Dawson.
“ D'ye remember the time we stole ole
Deeknn Newton’s chickens ? ” said Ase.
" Why, dog gone it, yes,” said Davis.
"We got away with the coop, too, didn’t
we 1 ”
Davis—H EH-EB-eh-eh-eh-eb.
"Oh my,” said Ase, recovering from
his mirthful spasms, "there was some fun
those days. ’Member the time you ’an
me ’an Munce Wright followed Al. Simp
son one night—ha-ha—when he went t’ tee
his girl an’ took bis saddle—ha-he off
“ Yes. H-EB-EH-eh-eb-eh-eh-and—eh
eh—put Jt on the sheep. Well, b’gosh
I do.”
Ha-ah-ah-he-he e-e-.
They went over the whole business.
“Who Threw that Bottle t”
Levi Snelling, a young man who oame
down from Washington Territory to visit
his brother, who works lor A. T. Rice’
stopped at a lodging house in Reno on
Monday night to inquire the way to Rice’s
ranoh. No one answering his knock at
the door, says the Gazette, he turned to go
away, when a man raised the window, and
saying: “ I will kill you, you son of
a b—h,” threw an empty bottle, whioh
struck Snelling’s neck, inflicting three se
vere cuts, from whioh he nearly bled to
death. One of the wounds was within
one-eighth of an inch of the jugular vein.
Who threw the botfle, or why, is not
known. * _
A Lunette's Leap.
Sheriff Huber of Los Angeles County
was on his way to San Franclsoo with an
Insane man, committed for the Asylum.
The lunatio managed to gain the platform
of the train while it was rounding "The
Loop," on the Southern Paciflo Railroad,
at a faster than usual speed. He jumped
off, but the escape was immediately dis
covered, and Sheriff Huber turned his
Erisoner over to Detective Meagher, who
ad Samuel Price in custody under a
charge of embezzlement. The train was
stopped to allow the Sheriff to alight in
search of the lunatic. The next day a tel
egram was receivod that the escape had
been caught, none the worse for his fright
ful Jump. __
A Flue Counterfeit.
A sew counterfeit silver dollar la in cir
culation in the Eaat, which is pronounced
by the 8ub-Treaeurcr the best silver coun
terfeit over seen. It it beautifully made,
and haa a alight appearanoe of iron, which
ia often found in a genuine standard dol
lar. It la silver-plated, and aeid does not
hurt it uuleaa the surface is scratched up.
The weight la the marvelous point in the
deception. The counterfeit, aa it stands,
would pass iu size easily, and in weight
would not be detected on any but a hue
aoale. The date upon it la 1878.
• ______ -
Bullion Receipts.
For the Sight mouths ending Sept. SO
the reoeipta at New York have been as fol
For month of January.$1,414,061 8#
For month of February.,.... 1,216,760 05
For month of March. 2,040,687 41
For month of April. 1.800,992 89
For month of May. 1,578,286 31
For month of June. 2,192,447 26
For month of July. 1,749.679 80
For month of August. 2,679,185 44
For month of September,... 1,964,164 47
Total, eight montha.414,911,115 88
* Information Wanted.
Postmaster Robins is in reoeipt of a let
ter from Mrs. IdaWashburneWeatof Car
bon, Wyoming Territory, who ia anxioua
to learn the whereabouts of her father,
Luther Waahburne. who left Uulonville.
Missouri, about 22 years ago, and when
last heard from was in Wiunemucoa, Ne
vada. __
Cetawayo, the captive Zulu King, haa
been granted leave to visit England.
tion and Sale one of the largest and
moat elegantly selected FALL 8TOOK OF
GOODS ever brought to this market, and at
prloes'that cannot fall to attract the attention
of the ladles of Kureka, Ruby Hill and vi
cinity. Below we jfive a partial list of this
immense stock :
Plain, Striped and brocaded in all shades a
a specialty. Plushes in all the leading shades
in the market.
An elegant assortment of Black and Colored
Silks: Brocaded Bilks and Batins; Satin de
Lyon, Sarah, and Satins in all shades.
Our stock of Cashmeres, Drap d' Ete, Drap
d’ Alma, Camel-hair and new and stylish dou
ble-width goods cannot be surpassed by the
lowest Eastern prices*' Black and Colored
Cashmeres, Plaids of FfenchScotch, English
and American makes, beautiful in design and
Baitings 52 inches wide, in sll the new
shades, and at extraordinarily low prices. In
fa t, our endless variety of Dress Goods must
stand unequaled
In conjunction with the above articles in
our Dress Line, we have Gorda and Tassels,
Fringes, Ornaments, and all other trimmings
to m atch.
We also have on hand a choice selection of
Velveteens, Waterproofs, Cloakings and Cassi
meres, lower than Pacific Coast prices.
Blankets at all prices. Red and White.
Plain and Twilled Flannels, Opera Flannel.
Check and Shaker Flannels—the best makes In ,
the market.
Bleached and Unbleached Table Linen. Nap
kins, Damask. Huck and Turkish Towels,
Crash, Irish and Butcher Linen.
Sheetings, in sll widths; Gitlghams, Canton
Flannels, Drills, Canvas Tucklngs and Cot
ton adea.
Nottingham Lace and Lace Curtains.
Ladies' and Children’s. A very large stock,
and at bottom prices. French, English, Scotch
andAmerlcan Hosiery. Lades’ and Children’s
Wool Jackets and Woolen Wear. Shawls and
Corsets, of the best makes. Bilk and Linen
Handkerchiefs, Gloves and Mltta—an unusual
large assortment.
We also keep the genuine Jouviu Kid Glovea
—every pair warranted as such.
Embroideries, Ribbons, Gros Grain, Batin
and Shaded Rlbb na. A beautiful assortment
of novelties and Fancy Notions—very cheap.
Special attention is called to our Immense
stock of the Latest styles of Dolmans, Cloaks,
Ulsters, Wraps and Ready-made Dresses. As
we Intend to make them a particular specialty,
we can undersell the very lowest.
Housekeepers will do well to examine our
magnificent stock of Carpeta and Oil Cloths,
In which, for beauty of design, durability and
cheapness, we positively defy competition.
In conclusion we deal’s to express our
thanks for the liberal patronage extended to
us in the past, and assure the public in general
that at no time have we had the opportunity of
giving such bargain* as they will find In the
present stock, as It was purchased with the
utmost care and at the lowest cash prices.
one Price and for cash only win
be strictly adhered to, and polite attention
shown to all. Please call and examine goods
and prices.
Eureka, Oct. 8,1881. o9tf
... AND....
Prices Jteduced
A Great Rush
....TO THE....
Clothing Store!
Next Lautanschlager’i Corner.
inspection and sale of the Finest
and Rest Selected Stock, of Goods
that can be found In the Market. I
have taken great pains in select
ing them as to styles and quality.
Having had an experience In this
line for the last twenty years, 1
defy any one In my line to compete
with or undersell me. I new offer
to the Public my Immense stoek of
Fine Clothing,
AIM, a very Of
Hosiery, Hats, Caps,
Trunks, Valises, Blankets,
Rubber Goods, Cloves,
and Fancy Goods,
of all kinds. •
ffl have purchased my Goode
very low, one-fourth lower than any
house tu my Hue on the Conet, as
wjll be proved by ylvlny me a sail.
I will eome up to the standard, as I
have represented. It will be a bene*
fit to those who wish to purchase
Goods In my line to examine my
stock before purchasing elsewhere.
I can convince them as above stated,
WIo Jobbers aud Dealers I am
prepared to offer Special Induce*
meats. H. KARSH Y.
Eursks. Oot. H, Ml. oUtt
miscellaneous advertisements.
M. B. Bartlett,
Wines, LiquorsITobaccos,
I Bin now prepared to Sell CIGARS AT BOTTOM PRICES. |for |l| pet
1,000 and upwards. Whlsk es front |1 SO per Gallon and
upwards, and everythin* else. In proportion.
Eqr»ka, Oct. 1, 1881. ol|f
Hats, Caps, Trunks and Valises of all kinds
Ever Brought to Eureka!
The Largest Stock, Best Assortment, Tastiest
Patterns and Latest Styles for the
M. DAVIDSON, Eureka, Nevada.
Baraka, Oe«. 1,1M1. _oltf
Friends and the Publlo In general that I have sev
ered my connection with the Clothing Bazar, and am
now the Sole Proprietor of the
And located in the MANHEIM BRICK BUILDING, one
door above R. Sadler A Co.’a. We have con
tinually on hand a Full Stock of
Gents* Furnishing Goods, Ladies* and Children’s
•hoes and Slippers, and Yankee Notions.
ings at 8 O’clock, Sharp.
I Great Eastern Variety Store t i
.621tf JAKE COIIJT, Proprietor.
At au hours or the day or eight.
Order* for
Drugs and Medicines,
—Promptly Attended to—
I ba*o eleo a rail Line ef
Perfumery, Toilet Articles,
Hair RraihM, Tooth Bruhw, Hal
and Bath Braahoa, Bta..
And In foot everything utunlly found la t flrtt
eleelDrug Store.
Sunk*. June It, lgglt._lunlt tf
01 Dave is in tiie Field Aiain
With s new and ohoioe stock of
Groceries ai Provisions.
Venlnl'a Building, three door*above H.Kind's
Eurekt, N«v. 1. lidl. uttf
Newly opposite Poston k Co.'s Beak.
Patent Medicines,
■TC.. KTC.
mjUtf Proprietor.
existing between Hiram Crowell and B.
0. Jones in the blackamithlng and wagoumak*
lng business, was dleeolvtd on tbs first dsy of
November. 1P81.
The business will he'softer be conducted
by B. 0. Jones st tbs old stand, to whom all
bills owing must bo presented.
1. 0. JONES.
Eureka, Nov. IS, 1M1. nil 1m*
chased st s bargain, by making cpphoe*
Uon to ED. WILHELM, In WhlUoa's building.
Insurance Agents.
Office Lour, from 8 o'clock a. M. to 11. m.

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