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Ohtvclia Dailn Sentinel.
pKil-AV- : •,n-Y21' 188!i
. a PAvinsns is tho authorized Subscrip.
,L,i for tho Sentinxi. in Eureka. Or
**“ c*n be left at his bookstore In the Post
Sun Franolsoo Stock r.xcliniiK*.
395 Ophir—270 2G5 2G0 270 b5
ion Mexican—5*4
330 Gould A Curry-2’4 270
2611 Ilf** A Belcher—usa 5*4
440 Savage—30c
6oo Con. Virginia—55c
400 Chollar—55c 50c
350 Potosi—30c
150 Halo A Norrrosa—70c
oji) Yellow Jacket-9oc
-30 Kentuck—50c
100 Belcher- 35c
20 S. Nevada -•)
S35 Union—8 H
07O Aha- 45c oOc
50 Occidental—180
4.1O Andes— 65c GOc
200 S«’orpion—60c
100 Benton—20c
50 Eureka Con.--13 ^4
405 N. —13 18 H
2000 G. Prize—loo
480 Argenta—15c
ISoO Navajo—410415 420
200 Independence—25c
500 Tuscarora—25c
800 Bello Islo— 30c
800 Day—165
2075 Albion—180 185
030 M t. Dial)I*>—410 405
200 Holmeu—10c
41) Southern Nevada—8H
20 Martin White—4
115 Bodie—4H
100 Summit—10c
250 Bulwer—210 205
<100 Goodahaw—15o
1000 Pinal—140 145 1 '6
100 Concordia—90c
150 Blackhawk—5c
100 iMono—75c
100 Noonday—90o
100 N. Noonday—GOc
10 Silver King—153i
100 Oro— 5 c
150 Atlas—130
250 Tiptop - 180 1 \
300 Alta—45c
2fl0 Beat A Belcher—assessed 50c—5 H 55b
400 Ophir—255 260
1000 Con. Virginia—50c
365 California—20c 25c
470 Mexican—5 \ 5 hi 5 hi b3 5 hi blO
225 S. Nevada—55*4
65 l tali—assessod 3>l—24U z‘4
220 Union—8 $4
480 Savage—30c
5G0 Hale A Norcross—65c
50 Ken tuck—45c
175 Gould A Curry—2to
300 Pofcosi—30c
200 O verm an—30c 25c
G55 (’hollar—50c
10 Occidental—1 to
150 Benton—20c
500 Andes—60o 55c
55 Alpha—1 to
100 Bullion—25o
100 Exchequer—20c
<1,0*41 XU qi'oi'A rioxs.
Union 8tob 8tob8toa, S. Nevada 5tob,
Mexican Gs l>3, Opliir 265b, Best A Bel
cher .V8b, Gould'A Curry 280s, Savage
30b, Hale & Norcross 65s 70, Chollar 45b
Potosi 25b 30a, Alta 45b 50a, Navajo 110s
405b 410ft. Exchequer 20s, Con. Virginia
50b. Albion 185b 100a, Bullion 25b, Yel
low Jacket 05s, Scorpion 60s, N. Belle 13b,
Utah 240b, Andes 60b 65a, Eureka Con.
14a, _______
5 hi /Aon R L Chase
Joe Frietas Fred Frietas
Geo Thaelier J S Roberson
M Salisbury Uncle Tom Troupe
James Laird Wm Laird
Annie Bush Mrs M N Holly
Mias John James Mrs S Dominguez
Hotel Arrival*.
Jackson House—James Reilly, Hamil
ton; Alock. Frazier, Prospect Mountain;
i* N. Hansen, Ban Francisco; Joseph
flgeon, Austin. #
Turner House—Hugo Zerahn, Secret
Canyon; John Roll ad, Adams Hill; P.
Bunt, Goddes A Bertrand; James Hast,
Ruby Hill.
Barker House—Joseph Simpson, Old
1 nth; II. C. Tandy, Ward; M. Dorner,
city; M. Austin, Austin; John P. Bos
anko, Ruby Hill; John Scott, Austin.
Sloppy Wooing-.
A stout, manly young Shoshone buck,
hand in band with a clean, well dressed
maiden of the same tribe, attracted the
notice of quid nunc yestorday as they in
clined bodily towards each other in ascend
ing a hill. The male Ingun, for a won
der, packed the female Ingun’s trap9.
1 heso traps were not heavy, which made the
biK-k s tenderness all the more coupicuous;
if they had been heavy ho probably would
not have been with her. She would have
Walked behind him swallowing his dust
ana packing her things herself. At any
Hde, it looked as though civilization was
laving its effect, if only in a small way.
ihenpoony buck has evidently not over
lGoaul all the mashing that lio has seen
Ifoiutf °n in our streets among the young
white bucks and their Summer girls.
Wood River.
The Hailoy Xews-Miuer of July 15
makes tho following montion of three of
our old citizens:
Iko Whislcr was of the party which
accompanied F. J. Scott to Little Smoky.
2?,llc Salamander miuo is a second
‘Uinuio Moore.
n Aminond, the legal light of
awtooth City, came down from hia Win
r quarters on Monday. He ia an ad
*or. before the District Court for his
People in many cases, aud will be here
'ores weeks or more.
L- Walker outfitted in and de
L ,, r0’.l Hailey on Thursday. He was
'luil-ped with a prospecting kit—
“°™‘ aI>d gun to wines, liquors aud
vl‘*' , , will spend a couple of months
Utige'" b let'P Mountain and the Sawtooth
With /ion.
hei.MfJn bothsohlld, tho cigar man, left
Iuon'b* ago for Salt Lako
Ifo rti i,aw&y t0 better hia fortuno.
tier . 011 Wednesday oveulng a sad
Iu ua. ®l8fcr man. He didn't got rich.
01 Zion ” iVor,l8: “By Got, I got enough
toouiini, i1 rt'u‘ mo a store for SI00 a
1 s‘t ,on® big stock of goods.
Ion- "‘'.behind the oounter all day
iite°», tal!0 in 76 cents. No man can
Gtiitilr. mt 811(1 W rent' ‘°°- The
the u wa,1‘ 10 r°b tho Mormons, and
they !!“!,' want t0 rob ‘be Gentiles,
i nn, 1 t!le time- There are 120,000
8l»s?°“‘..in ‘he Territory, and 20,000
doe. v168' Jll“‘ like so many cats aud
' leu hot, I don’t go baok to Zion.”
. Him I? loott.
,;1 '" M 11 bird to yon mountain” is
Moiids niV1!l£“u ,*“(1 ‘nore forcibly as the
Mothers ,i„Uf 81, (11 K°‘ l,lll'kor and darker,
flood «! l? ?Crupl° 10 U9° ,bo expeot
their me “ bugbear with which to frighten
dience '““‘uresome offspring into obe
dertook to . y way up 011 Nub Hill un
kids vestert.»ef>re.‘i*. one of her buoyant
him it honm ?,tUl9 way 111 Qr<ler ‘o keep
that when ti Hu assured her, however,
might lo„t ;“® “nood water” came she
Serve him lbo baclt (loor aa(1 °b
sumtnlt, 1,at°b">g its ravages from the
riil'E HUNT.
RcmpN from Hi© Nolo*bo«k of the
Keuflaiel*n Keiaorter.
The town is romarkably healthy.
Some Eastern capitalists visited the
Lizzie L mine yesterday.
The Knights of Pythias meet at their
Hall this evening at 7:30 o’clock.
Singleton & McNicol are just in receipt
of some fine brands of domestic cigars.
After the little shower of rain last even
ing the atmosphere was cool and pleasant.
There is less gambling going on it Eu
reka at present than for a number of years
Eureka Con. shares were quoted at
$13 75 yesterdav and Albion closed at
$1 85.
“ Bullet Neck ” and “ Tom Moore ” are
in constant training for the $500 purse at
the Willows on Sunday.
Knickerbocker Hose Company was out
for practice last evening and gave Main
street a good wetting down.
In the District Court yesterday, in the
case of Rosetithal vs. Kind, the jury re
turned a verdict in favor of the defendant.
The Olympic Club Socials tako place on
the second Friday of each month. In case
of theatrical interference the third Friday
will be selected.
Billy Sprague will open up his new
saloon to-morrow evening in the Whitton
brick building, and invites his friends and
the public to call.
Members of the Nob Hill IIoso Com
pany are requested to attend the meeting
to-night, as business of great importance
will be transacted.
An Italian was brought in from Ship
ley’s Ranch last evening, having his leg
broken by a kick from a horse. We were
unable to learn his name.
A little “misunderstanding” occurred
at a late hour on Main street last night.
It was settled, however, by the good coun
sel of the friends of the parties.
A spacious and elegant single room for
rent in the Sentinel building. It is fur
nished for a sleeping apartment, but would
mako a fine lawyer’s or doctor’s office.
We heard one of the “Uncle Tom’s
Cabin ” troupe remark that lie had never
been in a town where there were so many
dogs as in Eureka. Guess ho told the
The residents of Iluel and Spring streets
had their weather eyes open for big rains
aud cloud bursts yesterday. Both of the
latter are very liable to put in an appear
ance within a few days.
It is a social farwcll dance that will be
given to Andy Stinson at Miner’s Union
Hall oil the 22d instead of a dinner. So
much wo say by request. At any rato, the
young man is to be sent off in good style.
It is reported that the Republicans in
tend running James W. Smith for Justice
of the Peace against the present incum
bent, who, in all probability, will bo the
Democratic nominee. The county will be
safe in the hands of either.
All the leading social clubs of San Fran
cisco have done away with quadrilles. The
only “square” dance retained on the pro
grammes is the lancers. Will our new
social club accept of the change, and do
away with thatstentorian-lunged caller ?
Some of our Republican friends are
damning the black eagle of their pro-Chi
nese party, John A. Logan, for introducing
a bill to modify the celestial treaty. They
would no doubt like to club him for thus
kicking the fat into the tire and manufac
turing brand new Democratic thunder.
The size of the guns used by the Eng
lish in the bombardment of Alexandria is
much speculated on in town. One of our
townsmen, who is familiar, is not only a
candidate for Sheriff, but also a connois
seur in ordnance, says that one of the
guns talked about tlirows a bomb that
weighs 75 tons.
The Tuscarorans ask that the Conven
tion of Democrats be held in their town
instead of at Elko, the county eeat. They
think that though this proposition does
not average mileage and expenses very
well, still they are going to have the “heft”
of the vote and they ought to bo treated
with extraordinary consideration.
Dr. Bishop says his partners in the
Black Point claim were so much out of
humor with him for philosophizing upon
the blasting effect of giant powder that
they got disgusted and sold out to him.
Immediately after becoming sole proprie
tor of the property he went to prospecting
for it and found it piled up six miles away
down in the valley.
It is rumored that a movement is on foot
to present to a certain popular professional
gentlemau of our town a miniature fish
horn, to bo worn on his watch chain as a
souvenir of the days that were but are no
more. In order to mako the charm com
plete in its appropriateness his friends
think that they will have inscribed on it,
“ Pull down the blinds.”
James Reilly of Hamilton is visiting on
the Range.
P. N. Hansen arrived from San Fran
cisco last night.
Al. Boungard is reported seriously ill
with erysipelas in the head.
W. A. Ballard of Mound Valley died in
Elko Tuesday, of blood poison resulting
from an ulcerated tooth.
John Torre, who has just returned from
Bristol, reports the Day mine at that place
as looking remarkably well.
George Crawford, who has been run
ning the presses in the Sentinel oflice for
several years, left this morning for a visit
to Denver.
Gen. Sabin last evening received several |
dispatches from Washington, stating that;
his nomination for U. S. District Judge of •
Nevada had been sent to the Senate by the
President, and that there would be no op
position to it.
The wedding of G. J. Reek and Miss
Emily Motto will take place at tho M. E.
Church, Ruby Hill, at 8:30 o’clock next
Tuesday evoning. The reception will take
Flace at Miners’ Union Hall at 9 o’clock,
nvitations to that effect have been issued.
A Horrible Death.
The Silver State says: W. A. Minchin,
who worked on tho railroad here as brake
man and conductor for several years, and
subsequently on the Battle Mountain and
Lewis Railroad, met with a horrible death
at Calionte on tho Southern Pacific Rail
road last Monday, tho particulars of which
are given as follows: Minobin was con
ductor on a freight train that arrived at
Oaliento between 1 and 2 o’clock in tho
morning. The ooupiinor drawhead which
attached the cars to tho ongine broke, and
ho was engaged in putting on another,
when the cars backed upon him and ran
the heavy iron pin through his body. Ho
was a native of Woodstock, Canada, aged
37 years. Ho leaves a wife and two chil
dren in Sumner. Ho asked to bo taken to
them, and died as soon as ho arrived.
“Old Rellablo.”
San Francisco Exchauge: Tho Eureka
Con. mine has declared a dividend of 25
cents per share payable on the 27th day
of July. In connection with this mine
two typographical errors appeared in Sat
urday’s Exchange. The first was the bal
ance of cash on hand was put down at
5190. It should have read 1190,000; and,
second, the lougth of drifts to ue run from
tho contemplated bottom of the new emv>t
to connect with the old working should
have read l.lOOfeet instead of 14 feet.
Went to bee tbe Hero.
A Western circus manager arranged to
have a wax baby dropped from a socond
Btory window in every town which the
show visited, just in time to be caught
by oue of his athletes. The performance
was successful several times, and crowds
went to see the hero of the rescue, until
the newspapers exposed the trick.
, It 1* I'rovcil, V. lu n Properly Itliuls.
j to lie Wholesome and Nutrition*.
| Our reporter has beon around prying
j into the way beer is manufactured by the
j brewors of Eureka. He is satisfied as the
result of his observations (as well as by
many a practical test of the brewing) that
the beer mado here is fermented without
the use of alum and such other harmful
ingredients as are said to be often used in
very large beer manufactories. The aver
age Eureka beer is of good quality and if
properly cellared is but little inferior to
the beer that comes from St. Louis, Mil
waukee, Boca or San Jose. Apropos of
which subject tho Business Men’s Modera
tion Society of New York have been very
busy recently inspecting the breweries of
that vicinity. Many peoplo will bo sur
prised and tlio total abstinence cliques will
bo disgusted to hear what they report.
They say in substance that three-quarters
of the seventy-five brewers doing business
in or near New York are making beer of
proper materials only, and that the beer
so mado is not only not injurious but nu
tritious. This is very welcome news at a
season when water is unsatisfying to many
thousands, spirits and wines too heating
and tea and coffee not always at hand.
By implication, however, it appears that
about one-fourth of the brewers in that
vicinity indulge in ways that are dark and
produce lluids that have been known to
muddle many a head and upset many a
stomach when drunk in small quantities
from a beer glass. If this reprehensible
quarter of the whole number of brewers
produces its proportionate quantity of beer
the chances are that a mail buying beer at
random, and drinking Beveral times a day,
as most beer drinkers do. is likely to get
at least one injurious glass every day, even
if he escapes harm from the changes which
experts say good beer undergoes when im
properly handled by small retailers. Tho
beer-drinking portion of the New York
public will, therefore, give tho society no
peace until the names of tho “ crooked ”
brewers arc divulged for boycotting pur
poses. The chances of getting a glass of
unwholesome beer are too numerous to be
borne with equanimity at a time when hu
man naturo gets along none too well even
with beer that is good.
A Singular Disappearaucc.
M. II. Joseph, well known here, who
lived in a cabin near the Euby-Duuder
berg, and with the assistance of Jack Davie
has been for some time prospecting some
mining claims in the neighborhood, has
been absent for a week or longer. No
body lias any idea whither he has gono,
not even the man Davie with whom he
worked. His horse aud saddle also are
goue. A great many speculations are in
dulged in as to his singular disappearance,
but no satisfactory reason is given for his
going away iu the manner he did. There
is no reason to presume that ho met with
foul play as ho was an inoffensive man and
had no enemies that we have ever heard
of. Nor is it likely that his disappearance
is in any way connected with an attempt to
rob him, as it was well understood that he
never carried any money about with him.
It is not improbable, some think, that be
heard of a mining prospect not a great
many milos away, which ho may have
gone off to locate. Still the secrecy indi
cated by his running off without saying a
word as to his intention renders this spec
ulation altogether improbable. Efforts
will no doubt be made by the officers
to-day to get somo'traeo of him, if, after
looking into the matter they find there is
no reason, as there now seems to be, that
he has come to harm.
“ Dickon*' Dutchman."
It will be remembered by everyone that
has read Charles Dickens’ American Notes
with what vividness he portrays the gloom
and horror of solitary eonflnement in the
prisons of Philadelphia. Charles Lang
heimer, whom Dickens graphically de
scribes, and who was afterwards known as
“ Dickens’ Dutchman,” doe* not seem to
feel the samo dread of solitary imprison
ment that the great novelist’*! description
inspires in the mind of the reader. He
was recently arrested ip Philadelphia foy
tapping the’ till of a food storo at the cor
ner of Twenty-second aud Spruce streets,
was arraigned before Judge Elcoek, and
entered a plea of guilty. Upon being
interrogated by the Court, ho said he was
now 70 years aS°» ahd had served 42
years in prison. He wanted to bo oent to
the Eastern Penitentiary, as it felt more
like home to him there. Ho thought he
would be able to reform after serving
another term, and if His Honor would
give him but one year ho would begin a
new life at 80. He was sent back to his old
quarters iu the penitentiary, to remain
there one year.
A Costly Good-by.
Wilson, the baggage man of the “ Uncle
Tom’s Cabin” Company, so far forgot him
self on his way to the depot yesterday
morning as to give wTay to his temper and
tire off a pistol to aeaie off the Buel-street
women, who interfered with him aud tried
to retain him on the Base Range. He w as
promptly arrested, and as his business with
the company was such that ho could not
afford to stay here, he promptly put up
8100 as the limit of the fine for the offense
and went on his way—but not rejoicing.
Ho was very mad with his pistol, which
he had made to offend, and swore that as
soon as he got near enough to the Hum
boldt River he would pitch it iu. Ho
probably thought better when lie cooled
off', however, for ho may pawn his pistol
with somo “uncle” in Salt Lake and
thereby save a part of his tine, no part of
which he is likely to get back in any other
way. If overy baggage man would bo as
indiscreet as Mr. Wilson, Eureka might
iu time become flush again.
■ ■■■♦
Harriet Beecher Stowe.
The mention of Mrs. Stowo in these
columns suggest sa curious passage in Rev.
Thos. Moyley's reminiscences. He is de
scribing a dinner given to the literary
guild by the publisher Rivington, and
the dullness of the conversation thereat,
which ho accounts ftfr after a fashion of
his own: “The fact was a torriblo blow
had just fallou on Euglish literature.
This was the funeral feast over scores of
promising works, born to die at once,
some indeed never to be heard of, so I
have been told, but to pass straight from
the press to the vat. It was the year of
'Uncle Tom’s Cabin.' All the ologies,
all the arts and sciences, histories, travels,
Motions, fact, light literature, everything
that man can read, perished in that fatal
Xew Building:.
The Sentinel stated a few days ago that
there was not a single building in course
of erection in Eureka at. the present time.
This was an error; for Win. House, better
known as “Swansea Bill," is putting up a
hue and spacious residence on lower Paul
street. Tbo structure will be of cut stone
and two stories high. It will be occupied
by Mr. House's family, who will be sent
for immediately after the building is ready
for occupancy.
Important to Clmrcoal Contractor*.
lilds will bo received for the dolivory of
150,000 bushels of charcoal at the works of
the Detroit Copper Mining Company, at
Vernon, Mono County, California, near
Mono Lake. Delivery to commeuce Sept.
15, and to bo at the rate of 80,000 bushels
per month. For particulars apply to the
undersigned at the Parker House, Eureka,
until Sunday night. After that, address
per Wells, Fargo & Co.’s Express,
Allen T. Bird,
Vernon, Mouo County, Cal.
At Salt Lake City the other day Robin
iou’s circus receipts were $10,640.
I nil fan Trouble* in Arizona ami
New Mexico.
San Francisco, July 20.—A Prescott
(Arizona) dispatch, special to tho Arizona
Democrat from Verde this afternoon, says
the Indians killed a man named Meadows
and wounded his two sons. It is thought
they will die. The Indians are moving to
the Red Rock country. Plonty of Indians
were seen near Stoneman’s Lake to-day.
A Whipple Barracks dispatch says: Sur
geon Raymond with assistants and litters,
lias gone out to bring in the wounded, the
country being impassable for wagons.
Colonel Masou is in pursuit of the savages.
Auother dispatch from Whipple Barracks
says the report of the Indians near Grant
yesterday and the killing of a man turns
out a mere rumor. A report from Thomas
says four Chirieahua scouts returned by
New Mexico. The military returned soon
after. They report that tho Locos party
attacked a wagon train four miles above
San Carlos Agency last evening, killing one
man and run off tho stock, going in the
direction of Ash Creek. The telegraph
iino is down between Thomas and Ash
Creek, supposed to have been cut by the
A report received at McDowell this
morning says that before Chaffee struck
the Indians they had killed Charles Sexby,
C. Hudson and James Stinson. The herd
ers of Tewksbury and party stood the In
dians off. The pleasant Valley Indians are
reported us breaking up into small parties.
A Lordsburgh (N. M.) dispatch says :
A band of White Mountain Apaches, num
bering between 50 and 100, left San Carlos
Reservation yesterday morning. About
forty miles from San Carlos, on the Gila
River, they attacked a train, killed one
driver aud run off fifty head of stock.
They are traveling the same trail made
by them last Spring. A courier was sent
from here to warn settlers at Clifton and
York’s Ranch. Unless the courier readies
Clifton ahead of the Indians the outrages
of last April will be repeated.
Chinese Lvavini; San Franei*co.
San Francisco, July 20.—A steamship
which sails for Hongkong to-morrow will
carry away GOO Chinese passengers. Only
75 of these could obtain certificates en
abling them to return to this country.
Tho remaining 575 are composed of rag
ged and diseased off-scourings and slums
of the hospitals and poorhouses of China
town. For some time past tho well-to-do
merchants, who contribute most to the
| cnanrauie tunas oi tne nix companies,
have been groaning under a burden of
assessments, made necessary to support
these old worn-out and diseased Chinese.
Finally it occurred to these merchants
that to keep this penniless and sick army,
to feed, clothe and house it, and finally to
send the hones to China, would ho much
moro expensive than to ship the whole lot
off at once, and thereby end that source
of trouble. The Six Companies defray
tho expenses of shipping those paupers.
The appearance of this army of mendi
cauts beggars description.
r«mst«eh Mining: liitellitfeuce.
Virginia (Nov.), July 20.—The Mexi
can winze on the 2700 level is down 55
feet, and is still in ore that stands almost
vertical. Tho quality of the ore is un
changed. The upraise from the 2700 level
of Union still continues to cut streaks of
ore. The joint Union and Sierra Nevada
west crosscut, on the 2900 level, is still
cutting streaks of low-grade ore. The
hoisting engine is up at the joint Ophir
and Mexican winze, on the 2900 level.
There was a heavy thunderstorm to-day
about Dayton and Como. It assumed the
proportions of a cloud-burst.
ArreNltal lor Murder.
San Francisco, July 20.—Thoma3 Mc
Connell was arrested yesterday for the j
murder of John Riley, an aged shoomakor, 1
last Monday. Riley had befriended Me- 1
Connell and wife, taking them into his
own house, hut subsquently losing his
health had become despondent upon them,
when they attempted to eject him. and
during the struggle Riley received tho
fatal injuries,
Cannot Compete Willi the Chinese.
Victoria (B. 0.), July 20.—A Chinese
company is preparing to erect workshops,
to manufacture olothing, boots and shoes,
tinware, cigars and other articles, and en
ter into competition with white firms. Tho
intention creates a serious feeling of alarm,
as white labor cannot compete with Chi
A Town Destroyed.
Portland (Or.), July 20.—A report
reaches here that the village of the Cress
well Land Company, twelve miles from
Eugene, was burned yesterday. There are
no particulars. The probabilities are that
tho loss is no more than $20,000.
San Francisco, July 20.—Utah is as
sessod $1.____________
She Would Toast Men Rather than
Kate Field on tho occasion of an annual
banquet of the “ Sorosis,” in New York,
1 in response to a call, delivered the follow
ing witty address—showing that she had a
keen appreciation of the importance of the
“ Lords of Creation,” and of the impossi
bility of “getting on” without them—that
is unless she was speaking “ sarkastikul,”
as Arteams Ward would Bay:
Shakespeare says that a low, sort voice
is an excellent thing in a woman, a senti
ment so sympathetic to 8t. Paul that he
absolutely commands women to keep si
lence. How, then, with the ghosts of
these authorities rising before me, dare I
open my mouth, except, of course, to do
justice to the viands of Sorosis? Why,
I never made but three postprandial
speeches in my life—all in England—when
I was called upon to return thanks for
“the ladies," a subject much more fit to be
embraced by men. If I must say anything
to-day, pray let me toast “the gentlemen,”
who are so conspicuous by their abseuce.
The gentlemeu, God bless them 1 What
could we do—what should we bo without
thorn ? Nothing.
Who wallupa us, and on our cars
Bestows a box thnt draws forth tears?
Our father!
Who bullies us and calls us names,
Makes 111© a burden with Ida games?
Our brotherl
Who takoa ua home from singing.school,
So sweetly spoons, and plays the fool?
Our cousin!
Who hold's our hand in his, and kueela
Until we heed his sad appeals?
Our loverl
Who pays the bills, and undergoes
The discipline that Candle knows?
Our husband!
Who gives us spinsters good advice,
And takes us out and are so nice?
Our bachelors!
Who—Ml in all—are none too good
For human nature’s daily food?
The men, God bless them!
Art Sacrificed! to Domeatlo Peace.
London Ti'Uth.
I remember btiug ou intimato terms
with a sculptor in Italy. “I cannot un
dersi&ud," Homo one said to him, " how it
is that tho legs of your nymuha and Yu
nuses arc so abuot mally thin.’ “I have,'1
he replied, “a wife, as you know, She is
jealous, and she regards her own legs as
perfection. Were I to give my female
statues proper legs, my domestic bliss
would coaso."
Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “The man
who lias a thousand friends, has not a
friend to spare." But Ralph never was
a newspaper man supposed to be absolute
ly staggering under a load of circus
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
The wholesale* and retail liquor house of
Tonkin & Co. have just received and are
now offering to this market the. largest
and most complete stock of foreign and
domestic liquors and cigars ever intro
duced on the Base Range. Their whiskies
are par excellence, being direct from the
Kentucky distilleries, including the cele
brated Robertson County (Tenn.) Sour
Mash. They have also introduced Falk’s
celebrated Milwaukee beer, with which
they are now prepared to serve their cus
tomers. Trices to correspond with the
times. #
('oast Papers.
The Examiner, Call, Chronicle, Bulle
tin, Alta, Tost, Report, Exchange, Vir
ginia Enterprise and Chronicle, Sacra
mento Bee and Record-Union, and Salt
Lake Tribune received daily, and deliv
ered promptly to all parts of Eureka for
25 cents per week each by Davidson. *
Rhine Wines.
Messrs. Singleton & McNicol have just
received a largo consignment of the fol
lowing celebrated brands of wine, viz:
Liebfraninilcb and Rauenthakl Berg. This
is the choicest imported wine ever sold in
this market. *
(Jrent Kurgnins in Millinery.
Madame Loryea will sell her stock of
millinery at a great sacrifice from now till
the first, on account of business obliging
her to be absent for a month. Parties in
debted will please call and settle at once.*
Sole Agents.
Messrs. Singleton it McNicol are sole
agents for the celebrated brands of Bud
weiser, Milwaukee and Rlatz beer. Horo
after they will keep large quantities on
hand. *
Sen*iile Library.
The only place in Eureka where you can
find a full line of this popular Library is
at Davidson’s Bookstore. New issues re
ceived daily. *
Fresli Fruits.
Last evening Berg received a large sup
ply of all the choice varieties of fruits,
which he will sell at remarkably low
prices. *
A. D. Haskell will place your insurance
in the best English, French, or American
companies. *
Win. II. Ntoncll,
Assayer, No. 3 Main street, Eureka. *
Ice Cream at Brown & Godfrey’s con
fectionery store stall hours for the season.
Families supplied. *
Monaco has reduced the prices at his
photograph gallery. *
Carpets and Wall Papers at M. J. Frank
lin & Co.’s. *
• as a candidate for the nomination of
Sheri If of Eureka County, subject to the deci
sion of the Republican County Convention.
• a candidate for the ofBcs of Constable
f<*r Eureka Township, subject to the decision
of the Democratic County Convention. jyl8td*
....OF TnE,...
Spring Season
Our Kiock ef Iisiporieil & Domestic
Dress Goods
Is now complete in all its branches, and com
prises every novelty that ljaa appeared in the
market this seaaon. The assortment i9 eo ex
tensive and the character of tbo atvlea so
varied as to preclude any attempt at descrip
Dross Trimmings.
Our exhibition of those goods is unsur
passed by that of any metropolitan establish
ment. The assortment is now entirely and
consists in part of Movlces in black and colors,
Satin Khadameres, brocades, Satin d' Lyons,
aud silks aud Satins in all the latest shades.
Spring Wraps and Drosses
The latest designs of Russians, Dolmans,
Wraps, Mantles, Jackets, etc. We have used
more than ordinary care in the selection of
these garments, aud can confidently say that
1 our assortment is the finest ever brought to
this market.
Muslin Underwear.
The sale of these goods has become a very
Important feature of our business. To meet
the requirements of our growing trade we have
received a beautiful line of these garments
from the Fast, and for beauty of design, qual
ity of material, finish and workmanship, we
challenge comparison.
Millinery Goods,
Hosiery, Gloves. Fans, Neckwear, Ties, Cor
sets, Laces, and Embroideries in endless
Carpets, Oil Cloths and Paper Hangings
Our assortment of goods in this department
is full aud complete, and to it we call especial
We Always Leiul in Styles and
Prices !
M.J. Franklin&Co.
Eureka, April 20, 1882. a21tf
ONE MI2VU1.E KOtk.tl. m.ltublu lor
hu Olllcu.
•7-Fur particular* apply at thin
Eureka, Maroh 28,1882. uih2t)tf
iariilrasB For Sals.
The undersigned being in pooh
health la .leairous of diapoalug of her
buslneaa on Ruby Hill. The houae la doing a
good business, and baa seventy regular board
era. For p.rllculara, *“0AVANABGH.
Buby Hill. July 14, 1882.jNTStf
$9 50 per Case and Retail 3 floz. for $1
jylltf South Maiu street, Eureka.
furnished or unfurnished; will be sold
cheap for oaeh. Apply to E. R. OLUTE.
Eureka, June 0, 1882. j©7tf
1882. 1882. 1882.
UMain Street, Eurolca,
ket can afford" wj wnTiTXrbita^ewoToufleadl^goods1:”6 ‘he lowest "tes ,he
Kiel, n.,,1 Kleicant Rhadam. Silks, Satin I.y„„s, M„ire Antisnos, Silks.
Satins, V el VMS anil Brocades, »I,tel. for colors and prices ennnot
be surpassed by any other House on the Pacllie Coast.
Novelties in Suitings—all the Elegant Shades.
Piques, Lawns and Monies C^otha 000d’- 8n'’'‘ “ Camel-hairs. Caahmerea,
equaled i ry'qual Hy. qnanttty or*pid e es*C LiI‘6"8’ CoUo“aJl'B- and Chevoita are un
Ladies' and Children’s French, American ami English Hosierv enownc
Novelties ^ Neckwear. Lacea, Ribbons and Handkerchiefs *nfl CorsetB'
A run and splendid assortinent of Cloak and Dress fiinmn „ *
Parasols—prices reduced for the season. r 8 Un,1Ps. Funges and ornaments.
Summer Dolmans, Wraps. Jackets and Ulsters a suppt.itr ,
superytaion—including Linen Ulsters and Wraps, as' heretofMe will'he'sLn own S*"0?.*1
aowest prices of our competitors. 1 uereioiore, m-ill be sold cheaper than the
figures aa to astonish mirhousJkeepingVrieuda!6 W**1 8611 “ B">’erl<>r grade of each at such
tomorsin such a way as*to muiiih'cenUy're'onipei'se tl°cm for i?1188 SfrVe nlIr n'iraer<"lK cus
»t all iiinea endeavor through ho^.^^^eVetr a^proLluuS. " ^ “■ '5i“
One Price and Cash Only Strictly Adhered to.
Eureka, April 15, 1882 •
_ alGtf
Prices Reduced on Everything!
We have removed to the New Brick
Building on the site of the old Post
office. We are now able to sell all
kinds of
Call and Examine our New Stock,
and see if we are not selling the
Goods at Bed Rock Prices.
North Main Street, Eureka, May 2, 1.382, mgtf
Unexcelled by any Manufactured!
Singleton &: ]VTo INJl col,
Wholesale Liquor and Cigar Dealers,
South Main Street, Eureka.
Which has a Circulation of OXE III X 1>KEl) AXI) TEX COPIES iu Eu
reka, nuil is increasing every day.
*7*Agent for the Kan Francisco Call, Bulletin. Post. Alin, Report
Exchange, Virginia Chronicle, Sacramento Record-I'iiion, Bee, and the
Salt Lake Tribune. Also receives regularly the Virginia Enterprise and
San Francisco Chronicle. Any of :he above papers will be delivered for
TWENTY-FIVE CENTS PER W EEK to any part of town. Parties ordering
From me receive them THREE HOI KS IX ADVANCE or other dealers.
m24tf_W. E, DAVIDSON.
I Have Struck Bottom Prices on Clothing and Famishing Goods!
1 have on hand a full line of Manilla, Felt and t asslmere Hats. Trunks,
(Satchels and Valises. 1 mean business! 1 want to make a clean
sweep, and aui goiug to do it! The public are luvited.
It will be to your advantage call and see me.
D. NATHAN, Proprietor and Manager of the Bazar.
Eureka, June 5,1882. jeGtf
A L.F K A n n. IS,
Gents’ Famishing Goods,
Hat*, Cap*, Shirt*, Underwear, Ho*iery, Trunk*, ValUe*, Eta.
Full Lines of Extra Size Undorwear.
Two door* north of Jack Perry’s Saloon.

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