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i^utcku SJflMw Sentinel.
= — . ”... JUNE 23. 1887.
^='“. 1* the authorized Sub
SaNCKl DB* ti,e sentinel on Ruby Hill
lcr,PUon Agent for
and vlelnlt). . the authorized Snbicrlp
B. I- ‘’"'S.SiwiNEt in Eureka.
tlon Agent tufl“B _
- jilt; ntii'v MAH'S.
^=^=7^ ~ WILL ARRIV E.
WILL Otoy- _—
—r-rTj 2 5 5
2 M z. M - O’
2 2 f o 3 ®
2 3 % \ 3 I g
2 & % a r S
f I r if ! i
a. n. e.M. B
Monday*- 9
Wed'day* »•» » «
Friday*... 9:’" E
Tneidayl 4.30 .
IlWed'dayi . 12
I Th’radayl 4.30 .
Friday*.I 12
Saturday* 4.30 .
8uudaya.- ■ I 12
71K ooliir—8^, 8H
020 Mexican—465c 460o 455o
TX) Gould * Carry—360o36o0
270 Beat <fc Belcher—7 H 7
410 Con. California—21
200 Savage—490o 485o
400 Cbollar—614
100 Potoai—7*4
800 Hale & Norcross—480o
150 Crown Point—7*4
200 Yellow Jacket— 5*4
300 Imperial—1 *4
200 Alpha—340c 345o
CIO Belcher—5*4
50 CoDfidenoe—714
250 8. Nevada—410o 415c
1050 Utah—I8O0 185c 190c
100 Bullion—210c
500 Overman—195c 190o
215 Justice—155c
750 Alta—195o 190o 19oo
240 Union—340o 335c
350 Julia—80o 85c
350 Caledonia—65c 70c Coo
300 8. Hill—45c 40c
80 Challenge—160c
200 Lady Wasbington-750
200 Andes—135o 140o
100 Benton—165c
120 Phil Sheridan—10c
50 Iowa-1*4
GOO Baltimore—1 110o
800 N. Occidental—GOo G5o
500 N. Potosi—20o
100 HendrickB—85o
175 F.uroka Con.—5 5*4
10 Grand I’rizo—160c
1150 B. Isle—120e l*t
100 N. B. Belle Isle—8*4 8*4
100 Navajo—140c
400 Nevada Queen—4*4 455c
250 Argenta -25c
200 Navajo Queen—85c
150 Commonwealth—215o 220o
150 Diana—105o llOo
150 Bodie—2*4
100 Mono—230c
150 Con. Pacific—25o
150 Crocker—95c
800 1’oerloBS—90c 95c
400 Central—60c G5o
1350 Weldon—105o_
C L Burlingame T Corkbill
J F I’lageman F Plageman
T H Riley Mrs C Y Creek A cli
W S Spraul P McElroy A fam
Mies R Frank A Davis
Dan Hughes Thomas Wren
J. Cohn and Henry Hilp.
J. Williams.
Jackson House—H. Hilp. San Fran
ciso; E. H. Rose, Spring Valley; A. Mo
Auley, Ruby Hill; T. Co-Thill, Dundor
borg; F. and J. F. Plageman, Taylor.
Departed for Kallfornln.
Miss Rachel Frank, who has taught in
the puhlio sohool on Ruby Hill for sev
eral years past, left for Califoruia yester
day. Her departure is very much regret
ted, particularly as she may not return to
ber past field of labor, The young lady
was hold in very high esteem by her late
pupils, their parents and the citizens of
Ruby Hill generally, and previous to ber
departure a party was tendered her, and
she was made the recipient of a number of
very handsome presents from her late
pupils and friends. Tho Sentinel joins
the people of Ruby Hill, not only in re
grets at the yonng lady’s departure, but
in the hope that wherever she goes she
will be surrounded by friends as numer
ous aud as sincere as those she has left be
hind her.
To be Hanied.
According to a dUpatoh from Arizona of
the 19th intstant. John A. Johnson
(colored) has been convioted of murder in
the first degree, with the death penalty
a lined. It will be remembered that he
188(l‘fnrre.d| Mf' CleTenger »nd wife in May,
1880 for the purpose of robbery, in the
Buckskin mountains near the Utah lin«
Tho dispatch does not Rifeanyinform?’
tion regarding Frank WiUon?*
accomplice. It will also be remembered
that Johnson was arrested by Sheriff
Mu veron of Arizona, and officer Lew
Kelly of this county, at Duokwaler and
taken from thisplaee to Prescott for trial.
A Reported Rlcu Ntriu#.
Several months ago an old Ruby Hill
miner discovered some rich cropping, in
Secret Canyon District, about 10 mile,
from Eureka. No partioular notice was
taken of it at the time, but a few days ago
assays were made of some of the rook and
it was found to contain over a thousand
minces of silver to the ton. Location.
“u stfcssj;
KffKii Till Ton I sn't Rent.
tUvoff* ,a7U8‘ r6CbiTed * la^e quan
tity of fresh Utah eucg witjnu u •
>ng at bedrock prioe?? ' L h he 18 8®n
Nerapa fron» the Vote-book of the
Meiitfnel’e Henorter.
Silver City, Nov., is without a butoher
J. F. and F. Plageman left yesterday
for Austin.
Bishop Whitaker’s school at Reno closed
T. H. Riley left yesterday for Washing
ton Territory.
William Burns, a lumberman, killed
himself at Eureka, Cal.
Hon. Thomas Wren went down to
Mount Hope yesterday.
The Renoites talk of raising the saloon
license to $300 a quarter.
Jake Cohn returned from Taylor and
thereabouts yesterday.
John Urser died in 8mitb Valley,
Douglas county, last Sunday.
The rain that fell in Humboldt county
last week was the heaviest since 18G2.
Spokane Falls is to have a stovo factory,
paper-mill, oil factory and woolen mills.
Boss Buckley, now in Europe, sends
word that he has hope of regaining his
Los Angeles olalras a population of
55.000. Ten years ago it had less than
Three bodies were redaoed to ashes in a
new crematory at Los Angeles Thursday
The Butte (Montana) bullion shipments
last week were 100 bars of the value of
On Tuesday morniug the Manhattan
mine at Austin shipped bullion valued at
$21,542 78.
Wells. Fargo A Co. shipped yesterday
six bars of Eureka Con. bullion valued at
$15,052 07.
The water works now being orectcd at
Helena, Montana, will cost the taxpayers
$500,000 before finished.
The Eureka Con. Mining Company are
adding to the capacity of their refinery by
putting in another calcining furnaoe of
36 tons’capacity.
Prospectors have fonnd galena ore in
Silver Lake District, Douglas county, as
saying from $80 to $100 per ton.
Henry Ililp came in from Taylor by
stage on Tuesday evening and will proceed
to San Francisco on Friday next.
Pedro Altube, of Independence Valley,
Informs the Elko Independent that he
will cut 8,000 tons of hay this sason.
The wife and daughter of C. V. Creek
left yesterday for Chicago to visit the
lady's mother, who is very ill in that city.
The managers of the State Fair are di
recting their energies toward making the
coming one tb6 best in the history of the
Appeal: Reno wants a oandle factory.
Reno knows that it can never bold a
candle to Carson without it starts one of
its own.
Jim Townsend Is out against the
whisky sold at Bower’s Mansion pionics.
Ho don’t object to the amount sold, be
simply kicks at the execrable quality.
United States Marshal Kelley left Vir
ginia City last Thursday evening to go to
Austin. Ho will sell the Nevada Central
railroad to the highest bidder for cash.
Mrs. P. McElroy, of the Bureau Hotel,
left with one of her children for San Fran
cisco yesterday morning, and was accom
panied by her husband as far as Palisade.
The Tusoarora Times-Review of the 16th
instant is responsible for the statement
that Russel A Bradley of Elko, have sold
to W. J. Tonkin of Eureka, 250 head of
cows and calves.
I be Boise Statesman, Idaho, says: A.
B. Macpbersou, of Coldwell, was disrobed
of his ministerial oloak on Wednesday
last. It is said that alkali water waa not
strong enough for him.
The Mining and Scientific Press, pub
lished in San Francisco, and the Financial
and Mining Becord, published in New
York, never fail to reprint the Sentinel’s
mining news nor to give credit for the
A cloud-burst in tho Sonoma range,
south of Wiunemuoca, played havoc with
crops. The water rushed down the oan
yon in torrents, sweeping everything in
its course, and spreading out on the flat
damaging 40 or 50 acres of alfalfa.
Butterfield, dentist, set a shotgun
loaded with buckshot last woek in Tuol
umne oounty and killed a large cinnamon
bear. The bear had driven him and his
wife among the rafters of his house be
fore, and this was the way taken to get
William J. Smith, says the Ketchum,
(Idaho) Keystone, June 18, brother of Art
and Dick Smith of Hailey, and a promi
nent business man of F.ureka, Nev., was
in town on Sunday last. He found many
of his old Base Range friends on the
The Ban Franoisoo papers ohronloled
the death of Mrs. Laura 8. Oaprou in
that city June 16. She was born in New
Hampshire, and aged 44 years. The fu
neral took place from the family resi
dence 414 Eddy street and was well at
One way suggested to stop the miscar
rage of letters and mail matter is for the
Postoffice Department at Washington to
hire route clerks on the cars that can
read; another is to employ a sufficient
foroe of clerks to assort tho mail between
Virginia Chronicle: The announce
ment that Mr. Mackay will oross the
westorn ocean before returning to the Pa
oiflo slope indicates that no important up
ward movement in shares in leading Corn
stock mines is anticipated for several
weeks to come.
Tom Dale reoeived a dispatoh from
Thomas Jaoka, stating that the wife of
the latter died on Tuesday last at Nevada
City. Jaoka did not arrive there until
tho day after. Mrs. Jaoka has suffered
through a very long illness, and her death
is, no doubt, a happy relief.
William Weaver, wounded by Hong D1
when he killed Mrs. Billiou, has arrived
in Colusa, as a witness in the murder
oase. His arm is paralysed from the
effects of the shot. He denounces Hong
Di’s story and says that the Chinaman
deliberately aimed at Mrs. Billiou.
fur PiiHlurea New.
Thomas Corkhill left Eureka for Lead
ville, Colorado, yesterday morning. He
haa been a resident miner of this district
for seven years, and during the greater
part of that time has been employed as a
miner and part of the time as shift boss at
the Duoderberg mine. He is a sterling
good man and is also sober, industrious
and reliable. We hope that he will be in
good luck whereever be goes.
- ♦- —
Onus, Pistols,
Locks, etc., repaired at lowest prioes,
and satisfaction guaranteed, at Joe Hans
mann’s sporting emporium, Main Street, *
Items ol Interest Clipped from th<
Record of June 18.
Senator J. Ponjade baa got to hart
work and is polishing the bead ot a drill
A swarm of bees alighted in Main streei
on Thursday afternoon and were hived.
A party of surveyors from Osceola cami
to town the fore part of the week, bnl
what their business was we were unable tc
W. O. Lyons, of Taylor, arrived on
Sunday and departed on Wednesday. Hie
business being the purohase of a 20-stamp
A report comes to us to the effect that
Henry Raymond had sold out a mine re
cently in Arizona for $41,000, and that he
has shaken [the alkali dust from his feet
and gone to San Francisco to live.
Professor Dooley gave out the following
example the other evening to a crowd of
young men: If four dogs with ten legs
oan catch 29 rabbits with 39 legs in 4 min
utes, how many legs must the same rab
bits have to get away with 8 dogs with 32
legs in 1714 minutes, allowing 3C5 days in
the year.
Two of our local sports were practicing
shooting the other evening at tin onns.
A dog happened to pass and the temp
tation was too great and the dog received a
few ounces of lead from the boys, which
was fun for them but rough on the
" purp.” Has an inoffensive brute got to
suffer for the foolhardy tricks of gamins ?
Sbe Did Mot Relieve It.
" Land takes, what lies they do print
in the papers every day,” remarked an old
lady from down East, as she looked np
over her paper, ” Beats all what whop
pers they do tell. Maybe they speot sen
sible people do read and believe all their
“ What is it now, mother ?” inquired
the old lady’s son.
“ Why. see here, Wendall, this paper
says in Cuba, where there was trouble
with the hands in a sugar brush, the sap
house was guarded by muskeeters. The
idea of muskeeters guardin’ a sap bouse.
An’ that ain’t the worst on’t. Here it
goes on to say they were fine, strapping
fellows, each fully six feet high. There
wasn’t no muskeeters ever lived six feet
high, an’ I know it. Down to our bouse
in Vermont we have got muskeeters as big
as anybody’s, an’ I never saw one over six
inches long in my life- Six feet! I don’t
see why editors want to lie so; do you,
” But look, mother, it doesn’t say
guarded by ' muskeeters,’ but by ‘ mus
keteer*.’ Don’t you see the difference,
now ?”
'■ Yes, there’s a difference, I admit, but
these printers always have some way to
orawl out of their lies. I wonder they
don't blame it on the poor oompositor.”—
Ex. _
Daniel I.
Enterprise: There are stormy times in
the Sandwioh Islands. The indications
now are that Dan Lyons, of the Honolulu
Advertiser (an old Comstocker), will as
sume the reins of government as King.
He has the majority of the people of the
island on his side. Private advices re
ceived on the Comstock are to the effect
that Mr. Lyons—whom the masses look
upon as a man sent from heaven to stand
between them and their oppressors—has
only to name the time when it will be
convenient for him to be proclaimed and
crowned. Mr. Spreckels, Mr. Gibson and
half a dozen others would like the posi
tion, but Dan made the big fight in the
opium bribery business, and now the
Chinese natives say they will have no one
I for King but11 Daniel, the Lion of Erin.”
Ureenliorn Miuera.
Index: Carson men " scour” on a
mining proposition instanter and begin
to relate tbe history of a long string of
failures, mentioning those who have put
up money until thoy were nearly impover
ished, and got no returns. So it will be,
so long as they employ inexperienced men
to work their mines. A man may be a
good tinker or expert pill-roller, but no
miner. Thousands of dollars have boen
expended by citizens of Carson without
encouraging results, for the reason that
they have employed men who cannot be
designated by any other term than that
of'• greenhorns,” most of whom never
saw a mine before aud were sublimely
ignorant of milling and metallurgy. They
would remain dead broke in tbe midst of
a shower of twenty-dollar pieces,
Tbe Corson Public Building.
The Index is informed by one who
ought to know that work on the C. S.
Government Building will positively be
commence during the month of July.
Its informant says that the only thing
whiob has delayed oonstruotion has been
the dilatory action of Supervising Architect
Bell in completing the plans for the struc
ture, but there is now every reason to
believe that this much protracted work
has been at last accomplished aud that the
plain for the structure, will be received
here sometime during this month. If
this is true, work will bo started on the
building very soon after tbe reoeipt of the
plans. The work will probably be given
out by oontraot.
The Babbit* Don’t 1.1 he It.
A writer in the Contra Costa Gazette,
speaking of the gnawing of young trees
by jaokrabbits, gives the following safe
guard against them: I use a strong solu
tion of bitter aloes and water, and wet the
young growth, as well as the body, with
it. using a brush, after rain, this being
necessary, as the rain dissolves the aloes
and washes it off. The use of the aloes in
this way will give no further trouble from
their gnawing propensities, sb they have
an intense distaste for tbe aloetial ap
plication. _
A Fatal Defect.
Husband (who has been looking at a
house, to wife) —But why don’t you like
tbe bouse? It has two large parlors, a
oosy library and drawing room, a beauti
ful dining room, three bathrooms and the
kitchen arrangements are perfeot and tbe
rent low.
Wife (shaking her head)—Only 17
olosets, John.- New York Bun.
Deutnl Notice.
I expect to leave Eureka in two or thre<
weeks for an extended Summer trip in tin
neighboring towns, and will be pleased It
have those knowing themselves indebted
to me to make payment either to me 01
E. J. Butler. Cvncs Hamilton. *
New Oefiiilllons.
Lie: A method of self-justification ex
acted by the demands of fashion and the
higher influences of civilization.
Boodler: A gentleman of high instincts,
shrinking modesty and ample fortnne,
who, when persecuted by foes, retires into
a hole and pulls the hole in after him.
Slang: An clastic medium out of which
we construct a unique vocabulary for ele
vating the tone and imparting flexibility
to the English language.
Editor: A man who accumulates an
enordtous fortnne minding other people’s
Education: An improved method of en
larging the biceps; the subjugation of
mind to muscle, but sometimes an ex
change of muscular force for mental in
Bellevnc'N Pyramid.
A sampler,
A smelter,
A flour mill,
A race-track,
Water works.
A brass band,
A new bridge,
New buildings,
A city government,
A Fourth celebration,
A road to the gold belt,
A champion baseball club,
A mammoth school building,
A monthly pay-roll of $40,000.
—Bellevue Herald.
Pupa Whs Iliiflit.
It was a mother-in-law from the ooun
try, who had jaat crossed the threshold of
here daughter’s residence in the oily.
“ Grandma,” said a precocious humor
ist of the family, " I heard pa say this
morning that he hoped that yon would
uot bo the corset maker of the family.”
11 What did he mean by that, Charlie,”
asked the old lady.
"Oh, I guess he thought you come to
see that nothing go to waist.”
- “Well, Charley your papa is right if he
thinks so, for I did come to stay.—Carl
Pretzel’s Weekly.
Well NntUtled.
New that he has determined to become
a permanent resident of Reno, says the
Journal, Dr. Thoma is spending his leisure
time in familiarizing himself with the
surroundings of our town and forming
the acquaintance of onr people. In com
pany with Dr. Bergman he has visited
Trnckee and Donner Lake and has also
devoted himself to a study of bis duties as
Railroad Surgeon, which he will assume
during the absence of Dr. Bergman in
Europe. Dr. Thoma is higbly pleased
with his new surroundings and the future
prospeots of the Riverside town.
Rattier Old.
"Now, my boy,” said a policeman to a
bootblack as he stood on the corner and
saw the patrol wagon go past with a pris
oner in it, "you can see what vice finally
leads to. Look well at that picture.”
"Oh. rats!" exclaimed the boy in deep
disgust. " I’ve seen my old dad run in
by that same wagon twenty times. That’s
no new ebromo to me!”—Detroit Free
A Hosts Eire: Eater.
A citizen of Raymond, Kan., bet $5
that be oonld eat forty-eigbt raw eggs in
aide of thirty minutes. He won the
money, and then showed that be bad a
big heart as well as a large stomach by
giriog the $5 to a man who lost his foot
by the cars recently. He now offers to
bet $500 that be cart cat six dozen raw
eggs inside of two hours and a half.
Without u Moral.
" I was a clerk in a grocery store at $9 a
week,” be said, •* but, like many other
young men, I fell in with dissolute com
panions and was induced to gamble.”
“ And was tempted to take money which
did not belong to you ?”
“ No; I won enough in a week to buy
the grocery.”
I will return to Eureka about the latter part
of July.
Eureka, April 8, 1887. a9 tf
The Empire Saloon.
OUS HIJfTEE. : : : s Proprietor
This new and attractive besokt
has just been refitted, and is one of the
finest establishments of ths kind In Eureka.
Oouneoted with the house are 0017 and com
And tha Gaming Department ta oomptats lnsv
*r§«me but the eat and very beat of Li
qnors and Cigar 1 be dispensed to patrons
brinks, i»m cents.
Eureka, Sept. 18,188S. al9-tf
J. H. Shoemaker,
Wholesale and Retail
Eureka, Nevada.
|y7-tf __
m u sa up a a to be made. Out this out
■ JR II ■ ! L. V and return to us, and we
IV1 I I HI r* I vm send you free some.
Ill U Ilk I thing of great value and
importance to you, that will start you in busi
ness which will bring you in more money right
sway than anything else in this world. Any
one csn do the worn anti live at home. Btther
sex; all ages. Something new. that just coins
money for all workers. We will start you; cap
ital not needed. This Is one of the gemuno,
important chancss of a lifetime. Those who
are ambitious and enterprising will not delay.
Grand outfit free. Address True & Co., Au
gusta, Maine,
New Advertisement
For June, 1887
Carpets, Oilcloth,
Wall Paper, Millinery,
Cents’ Furnishing Coods,etc.,
The Greatest Bargains ever offered in Dry Goods and Fancy Goods are displayed
during this month. Our Goods are all marked in plain figures. New and Styles,
Goods received by every train.
Beautiful Suitings in Bummer shades. Klegant Combinations of Bilks, Velvets and Woolen
Goods, Newest designed Summer Bilks, eto.
Real India Mulls and Linens, Orsgandies, Sateens, Percales, etc.. Nainsooks, P. K.'s, Grenadines,
Lace Buntings, Glrghams, Cable Cords. Bcotch Zephyrs and Tolledu Nord. Ladies'
and Chiidren’se Vests.
New Gloves, New Mitts, Now Laces, New Flonnclngs, New Collars, New Kmbroideries, New But
tons, New Ribbons.
Ladies' Muslin Underwear, Corsets, Jerseys, etc. A fine assortment always on hand. Ladies'
Jackets and Wrapi-the latest—Millinery cheap.
New Carpets, New Wall Paper just received.
Gentlemen will do well to look st onr stock of Gents' Famishing Goods boforo purchasing
elsewhere. We extend an Invitation to all to cull and see for themaelvea.
Very Respectfully,
London, perfumers to h. m. the
Queen, have Invented end patented the
Which remove* Smallpox Marks of however
loug standing. The application Is simple and
harmless, causes no lnconvenienoe and con
tains nothing injurious. Price, $2 60.
Superfluous Hair !
Leon & Co.’s “Depilatory”
Removea Superfluous Hair in a few minutes
without pain or nnpleasant sensation, never
to grow again. Simple and harmless. Full
directions sent by mall. Priced.
GEORGE f. SHAW, General Apt.
219 Tremont street, Boston, Mass *4-tj
sale of our POWDER in Eureka.
Office—Bateman street, opposite the Jackson
House. Eureka.
Eureka, Jan. 7,1887. »8-tf
FOR Sure and tipeeiiy Cure for Onts,
Sores, Eruptions, Bruises, Insect Bites,
Burns, Scalds, tliilUIkIiih. Frost Bites,
Ohapped Hands, Sore Lips, etc. It also cures
Cows’ Bore Teats, all Sores on Horses, Saddle
and Collar Galls, Sores, etc., on animals. It
possesses Wonderful Healing proper,
Prloeper box, 25 cents, postpaid. Address
the sole proprietor and manufacturer,
Ruby Valley, Elko County,Nevada. J17-3n
Dissolution Notice.
existing between J.L. Smith and R. J Doak,
doing husiness under the firm name of Smith
fc Doak, is thia day dissolved by mutual con
sent. All parties indebted to tbo above firm
are requested to call and settle immediately.
Enreka, Nevada, June 1, 1887. jS-lin
pied by B. Reinhart, on North Main
street. Eureka, is for rent.
Grsin ground a« heretofore.
For further particulars, apply to
1 Eureka, May 28, 1887. { m29-lm
Dentist, boohs, in>jh
Clark's new brick buildlng.MSSE
corner of Uonroe and Clark atreeta.^*** I nr
Entrance on Clark street.
Physician and suboeon—of
fice and residence in Bdntimxi. Build
ing. dltf
DR. J. R. N. OWEN,
reka, Nevada. Office and residence in
the Byland Building, on Bateman atreet, op.
poalte the Jackson Houae. dltf
Attorney at law and no
tary Public. Office: four doors north of
Eureka County Bank. Main atreet, Eureka, dl
quo. w. baked. !■ t. WIKKS,
Attorneys at law. office
in the Opera House, Eureka, Nevada.
Attorney at law. office—
At the Assessor's office, in the Courthouse
The stated convocations of st.
John's Chapter, No. 6. B. A. M., will be
held at Masonic Hall on the Saturday next
succeeding the pale of the moon in each
month. It. J. KEID, H. P.
A. D. Bock Secretary.
G. A. B.
every Fourth Sunday evening of each
month, in Odd Fellow*' Hall. Meetinga com
mence at 7 JO o'clock. MATSOHATZLEIN,
0. B. Bidwell, Adjutant.
Old Jake Cohen
Eureka for the firm of John Wanainsker,
John Wanainaker A On. and Wanamaker A
Brown, of Philadelphia, and la prepared
to take orders for any article that Is for sale in
the market. Ladies'garments a specialty. Call
and see the old pioneer, and he will furnish you
with anything from a spool of thread to a bale of
cotton. _
Samples can be seen at Knight Bros. All
kinds of underwear, etc. Call and see. Perfect
fits guaran'eed.
Eureka, Nevada, March 16, 1887. mhl7-tf
star in foreiiead. The animal has /Tyf
some saddle marks. When he strayed awaylie
had a hell and side hobbles on. The horse left
the Spring Valley mines on June 4, and was
seen at Page's ranch on the 5th. Any one find
ing the animal and leaving', him st J. L. Smith's
stable will be handsomely rewarded.
jl5 E. H. ROBE.3^
Notice is herebt given that -hie
taxes oa the proceeds of the mines of
Eureka county for the quarter ending I’ebeuiber
SI, 1886. are now due and payable to me »i ivy
office in Enreka; and the law In regard ‘o the
same will be strictly enforced.
0. 0. WALLACE,
Assessor of BoreAs county, Neyktfc

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