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j“e coll’ r m“r-My by maii . ® fj®
one <=<>«;• ^onVu-;:::So
On- copy, »' month«. 1 50
On* oopy. -
.Huby Hill
HAMCtt ®UENo; .;..Ward
MR9. iliTOIlME*..
L. V. WSRTaEIM., Hamilton
0HA8.B. » 3 grtetol, Lincoln Oo., Ner.
o' H.' KELLOGG .B»° FranoHoo
Ministers, vocalists, public speak
8nd the profesilone Generally, recom
. SiWTA ABIE a* the best of all medt
Tn«fo?Sui.^» of the THROAT, CHEST
ftu»i IjUNGS* ..., —
(Beware of Imitations.
See that the trade mark SANTA ABIE ia on
ve^bottle. Satisfaction gueraneed or money
$5000—U E W A R D=$5000
For a better or more pleasant remedy for the
cure of Oouaumptlon, Uoughs, Asthma. Croup,
Whooping Gough and Bronchial Troubles than
BALM COUGH CUBE. Not a secret compound.
SANTA ABIE la pleasant to the taste and death
o cough.
H»y Fevor, Rose Cold. Catarrhal Deal
ness and Sore Eyes. Restores the the sense of
t ante and smell, removes bad taste and uupleas
anl breath, resulting from Catarrah. Easy and
pleasant to use. Folios- directions and a cure
s warranted by all druggists. Bend for clrcn
vllle. Cal. Six mouths’treatment for $1; sent
bv mall for $1 10. For sale by JOHN B CA
PRON, Main street, Eureka, Nov. f8-dAw
DelinquentSale Notice.
Knby Hill Tnnnel and Mining Com
Location of principal place of
business, Eureka, Eureka county, Ne
Location of works, Eureka Mining District,
Eureka county. State of Nevada.
Notice,—There are delinquent npon the fol
lowing described stook, on socount of assess
ment (No. 13) levied on the 4th dsy of March,
1«'\ the several amounts set opposite the
titmos of the respective shareholders, as fol
uSi£3 No. No.
Names. Cert. Shares. Amt.
Andre A A, Trustee. 293 f,oo $5 00
Andre A A, Trnsteo.29« 100 100
Beatty R M. 73 poo 1 00
troasor James. 103 100 100
Jones J E. 223 3000 50 00
Jones .1 E, Trustee. 74 13000 130 00
Jones J E, Trustee. 2t« :«oo 30 00
. 275 10350 IPS 60
5 5. 1 r>0<)0 5000
Mitchell H K. 88 87S<, 87 80
Mitchell 5 5• *•:.2-17 3400 34 «<I
MttcueU R k’ Trustee.... g ^ “
-LRylsnd’s llulldtng. ?'
Thursday, the 3th day of Maw
0»'*-Rllsnd'^ Secretary.
Eureks, Aprtfe, wSt!*111®' Ka;*k»’ N7->»’
^DiY^une'c i,88wythPO,tp°n*<1 nntU
piles, une J- ** ‘h« H.ine hour and
Eureka, May 4,1887^’ Ml!*WKN' Secretary.
—- * Ul6-td
UP I HcenU noil"8 people «®ud 10
Sir I M®®"U.P°8tl‘R®.»nd we will mall
IILLl n?e hnl \toT*l valuable aam.
In the* w.vof'in vf 8°od8 ‘bet will put
fhew d»y» than you Iv^Mhn? rS?re moil®y 1“ »
“Mines*. Genital ‘boURht poaatble at any
8 borne and work Tn Yo™ <'*'■ Hve
*be time, /m nf tlnje only, or all
»««y .uoceitfulb°|Nfw®1®8', ®f •» •B®.
8‘roed every evenii,K V*?*8,?0 *5 ®88lly
n*,.nm,*y te8t tbe tmsines.r 8l‘ who want
P offer: To all Ut ’ ^^k© this an
we will .end $l*to p,Uv° V® »«• Well a.t
Ten. tu8 Full P.rttci .L e *h® ‘rouble of
In lb*®V Itnra«nae p« SJ“~?“«»8. «‘c.,
»U *bo .Urt at ow h„ r "bly sure toi
8*n,,°* * Oo.. Portlwd Mai‘n2.#,,Jr' Ad<s™
Passed by the Mevada legislature
Dnriug the Kecent Session.
The following from the Enterprise Is a
condensed synopsis of the bills of general
interest passed by the Nevada Legislature,
just now adjourned. One-hundred and
fifty-two bills, out of 300 or 400 introduced
passed both Houses, and 146 have received
the approval of the Governor. Five have
been vetoed, principally by reason of being
supplanted by others to the same effect:
Authorizing purchase of J \V. Parker’s
map of Nevada for public schools; $900
To provide for the maintenance and sup
ervisor: of public schools; election of Trus
tees, etc.
W. M. Havenor’s bill as Commissioner
to the New Orleans Exposition; $2,967 ap
Authorizing bounty Uommissioners to
bring suit against persons or corporations
depositing sawdust in the waters of this
For the better preservation of titles to
mining claims.
For tire escapes from places of public
Regarding vicious dogs.
Fixing the rates for official advertising.
Selection and sale of public lands.
Organizing and disciplining the militia
of the State.
Benefit of the Nevada Silver Association;
$300 appropriated.
Providing for the manner of submitting
constitutional amendments to the voters of
the State.
. Regulating the manner of drawing ju
ries in District Courts.
To encourage the sinking of artesian
Providing for the government of towns
and cities.
To encourage mining. Private lands
O. H. Gallup's salary bill; $1,100 ap
Prohibiting and punishing the manufac-'
ture and use of dynamite machines, etc.,
in destruction of human life and property.
Providing for recording births and
Relief of insolvent debtor-*. All adverse
proceedings to be stoped on filing petition.
Wild rice bill; $100 appropriated.
Protecting deer, antelope, mountain
sheep, etc., from January 1st to September
Granting the several District Agricul
tural Societies $1,000 each.
Ex-Lieutenant Governor Laughton’s
salary bill;$2,500 appropriated.
Supplementary militia bill.
Punishing false registration in pedigree
of cattle, etc.,
Anti-Mormon oath bill.
State loan bill for maintaining cash basis
of State Government.
To encourage the mining and milling of
ores. Gives a bonus or premium at State
Fairs; $750 appropriated.
Defining the time for levying and assess
ing taxes for State and county purposes.
Additional credits to State prisoners.
Licensing hurdy houses, etc., $500 per
Releasing insolvent dsbtois on payment
of fifty i>er cent of indebtedness.
Providing that the wards of the State
shall be supplied with boots and shoes from
the State Prison shop.
Regulating the price and sale of State
law books.
Providing for a State Immigration Bu
Regulating marks and brands of stock.
Deficiency bill for University, etc.;
$1,02* appropriated.
To facilitate the giving of bonds by com
panies, etc.
Not allowing houses of prostitution, etc.,
within 400 yards of public school houses.
Regulating and licensing mutual life as
Abolishing the lottery clause in the Con
Defining conspiracy, etc.
Changing the legal rate of interest from
ten per pent to seven per cent.
Restricting the sale of cigarettes, cigars
and tobacco.
Fixing poll tax at S3.
Appointing Deputy County Assessors.
Telephone from State Prison to Sheriff’s
office in Carson.
For construction of a railroad in Hum
boldt county.
To protect live stock from disease.
To establish a State weather service
Repeals the State dog tax law.
Procuring meteorological reports.
Chattel mortgage bill.
To prevent or punish drunkenness in
Public office.
Fixing jury fees; grand or trial jurors
$3 jver day and fifteen cents mileage.
Encouraging construction of South
western Nevada railroad.
Establishes “ Arbor Day ’’ in this State.
Providing for bridges across the Truckee
Requiring partners in business to file
certificates of such partnership.
State University bill; Board of Regents,
teachers, salaries, expenses, eto.
Relative to the proving of Indian war
Governor, State Controller and State
Treasurer toconstitute a Board of Commis
sioners for the care and maintenance of the
State Indigent Insane.
Prohibiting the sale of ardent spirits to
1 lestruction of coyotes, wildcats, etc.
Giving consent of Nevada to annexation
of additional territory.
Granting $10,000 in aid of the Nevada
State agricultural Society.
Prohibiting the unlawful use or wearing
of Grand Army badges.
State University Appropriation bill—
about $30,000.
Authorizing the acceptance of the Pio
neers’ cabinet, museum, etc. Appropria
tion, $500.
Appropiiating $500 for picture of ex
Governor Adams.
uounty tor destruction of gophers,
ground_H([uirrels, etc.
Providing for a State Indian school.
Deficiency Appropriation bill 1885-6—
912,639 43.
Repealing the “Anti-Treating” Act. •
Encouraging construction of Lincoln
county railroad.
Joint memorial against railioad dis
. To prevent further deposits of sawdust
in the Truckee river.
Resolution relative to war claims of the
State of Nevada.
Relative to the appointment of a Com
missioner from Nevada on the Interstate
Commerce bill.
Amending Constitution so as to|prevent
old line Mormons from voting.
Providing for hydrographic and topo
raphic bui very of the State.
Resolution asking the Government] to
transport bullion in the postal cars.
. Recommending a Constitutional Conven
tion to amend the entire State Constitu
Calling on the Government to strengthen
the navy and seacoa t defenses.
Asking Congress to provide for the
election of United States Senators by the
Providing for the abandonment of the
mineral portion of Walker Lake Indian
Advocating the passage of the Interstate
Commerce bill.
Advocating the prohibiting of the further
importation of Chinese into the United
The People of the State, represented in
Senate and Assembly, do enaot aa fol
Section 1. It shall be unlawful for any
owner, or agent of any owner, or any
other person to keep any house of ill-fame,
or to let or rent fcr any length of time
whatever to any woman of ill-fame any
house, room or strnotnre situated within
four hundred yards of any soboolhouso or
schoolroom used by any of the publio
schools in the State of Nevada.
See. 2. It shall be unlawful for any
owner, or agent of any owner, or any
other person to keep, let or rent for any
length of time, or at all, any bouse front
ing on the prinoipal business street or thor
oughfare of any of the towns of this State
for the purposes of prostitution, or for the
purpose of keeping any dance-house, or
bouse oommoDly oalled “burdy-house,”
or bouse whore wine, beer or spirituous
liquors are sold or served by females or
female waiters or attendants or when fe
males are need or employed to attract or
solicit custom, nor shall any entranoe or
exit way to any bouse referred to in this
seotion be made or used from the prinoipal
bnsiness street or thoroughfare of any of
the towns of this State.
Sec. 8. Any persons violating the pro
visions of Seotions one or two of this Aot
shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor,
and on conviction, shall be fined not loss
than twenty-five dollars, nor more than
three hundred dollars, or be imprisoned
in the County Jail not less than five nor
more than sixty days, or by both suob
fine and imprisonment, in the discretion
of the Court.
Seo. 4. The provisions of this Aot
shall not apply to towns and oities now
Sec. 5. In the trial of all cases arising
under the provisions of this Act, evidenoe
of general reputation shall be deemed
competent evidence as to the question of
the ill-fame of any house alleged to be
so kept, and to the question of the ill-fame
of such woman.
Sec. 6. It shall be the duty of the Dis
trict Attorney and Sheriff of each county
in Ibis State to see that the provisions of
this Ant are strictly enforced and carried
into effeot. and npon neglecting so to do,
they or either of them shall be deemed
guilty of a misdemeanor in ofiioe. and may
be proceeded against as provided in Seo
tions 63 and 72 inolnsive of an Act en
titled “An Act relating to elections,” ap
proved March 12, 1873.
Sec. 7. This Act shall take effect and
be in force from and after the first day of
May, 1887.
[Approved March 5,1887.]
Section 1. Every person who has ap
plied to the State of Nevada to purchase
any land from it, nr who has contracted
with the State of Nevada for such pur
chase, or who may hereafter apply to nr
contract with the State of Nevada, in
good faith, for the purchase of_ any of its
public lands, and who has [laid, or shall
pay to the proper State officers, the amount
of money requisite under such application
or contract, shall be deemed and held to
have the right to the exclusive possession
of the land described in such application or
contract; provided, no actual, adverse pos
session thereof existed in another at the
date of the application.
Sec. 2. Every person who has con
tracted with the State of Nevada, in good
faith, to purchase any land from it, shall
be entitled to maintain or defend any ac
tion of law or equity concerning said land
or its possession, which may be maintained
or defended by persons who own land in
fee, and every person who has applied or
may hereafter apply to the State of Ne
vada, in good faith, to purchase any land
from it, and has paid or shall pay the
amount of money which may be required
under such application, to the proper State
officer, shall be deemed and held to have
the right to the exclusive possession of such
land, and shall he entitled to maintain and
defend any action at law, or in equity,
concerning such land, or the possession
thereof, which may now be maintained or
defended by persons who own land in fee;
provided, no actual, adverse i»ssession of
such land existed in another at the date of
such application. ,
Sec. 3. Nothing in this Act contained
shall be constiued as to prevent any per
son or persons from entering upon such
landsfor the purpose of prospecting for any
of the precious metals or to prevent the
free and economical working of any mine
which may be discovered thereon.
Notice to Creditors
Estate of JACOB VANDERLIETH, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the
undersigned. Administrator of the es
tate ol Jacob Vauderlieth, deceased, to the
creditors of, and all persons having claims
against the said deceased, to exhibit them with
the necessary vouchers, within ten months after
the first publication of this notice, to the laid
Administrator, at bis office, southwest corner of
Main and Bateman streets, the same being the
place for the transaction of the business of
said estate in the oounty of Eureka, Btate of
Administrator of the Estate of Jacob Vandor
lleth, deceased.
Dated at Eureka, Nevada, May 25,1887.
Wren & Cheney, Attorneys for Adminis
OCNT Hitt mer.lBS^ ready March
10th. to any address. Illuatrateaand lista
every thing for Ladles’, Gent* , Children^
and Infant*' wear and Housekeeping
Good*, at price* lower than those of any
house In the United States. Complete
[Approved February 9,1887. J
Section 1. Every partnership transact
ing business in this State under a ficticious
name, or a designation not showing the
names of the persons interested as partners
in such business, must file with the Clerk
of _ the county in which the said partner
ship is carrying on business, a certificate
stating the names in full of all the mem
bers of such partnership and their places
of residence, and publish the same once a
week for four consecutive weeks in a news
paper published in the county, if there be
one, and if there be none in such county,
then in a newspaper published in an adjoin
ing county.
“BO. 2. The certificate filed with the
Cleric, as provided in Section one of this
Act, must be signed by the partners and
acknowledged before some officer author
ized to take the acknowledgement of con
veyances oi real property. Where the
partnership is hereafter formed, the certifi
cate must be filed, and the publication
designated fn that Section must be made
within one month after the formation of
the partnership, or within one month from
the ti-^e designated in the agreement of its
members for the commencement of the
uartnership; where the partnership has
been heretofore formed, the certificate
must be filed and the publication made
within two months after the passage of
this Act. Persons doing business contrary
to the provisions of this Act, shall not
maintain any action upon, or on account of
any contracts made or transactions had it,
their partnership name, in any court of
this State, until they had first filed the
certificate and made the publication herein
Sue. 3. On every change in the mem
bers of a partnership transacting basiness
in this State under a ficticious name, or a
designation which does not show the names
of the persons interested as partne's in its
business, a new certificate must be filed
with the County Clerk and a new publica
tion made, as required in this Act, on the
formation of such partnership.
Seo. 4. Every County Clerk must keep
a register of the name of every such part
nership, and of each partner therein, and
he shall charge for each name so entered
the sum of twenty-five cents, to be col
lected as other fees, which shall be full
compensation for filing and registration.
Seo. 5. Copies of the entries of a County
Clerk, as herein directed, when certified
by him, and affidavits of publication as
herein directed, made by the printer, pub
lisher or chief clerk of a newspaper, are
prima facie evidence of the facts therein
stated; provided, that this Act shall not
apply to any incorporation duly created
and existing under and by virtue of the
laws governing and providing for the crea
tion of incorporations in this State, and
now engaged or hereafter to be engaged in
doing business in this State.
Following is the full text of an amend
ment to the License Act, which was passed
at the last session of the Legislature, and
approved February 1, 1887:
Sec. 70. The County Auditor shall
from time to time deliver to the Sheriff as
many of such licenses as may be required,
and shall sign the same and charge them
to the Sheriff; provided, that before sign
ing or delivering any license to a Sheriff,
the Auditor shall till out the license in
full, stating therein to whom said license is
issued, the kind of business authorized to
be carried on under the license, the room,
building and place where the business is to be
carried on, the dates when said license be
gins and expires, and the amount of money
to be paid therefor, and shall at the same
time make entries of the same upon the
stubs in the license-book. Whenever any
license is returned, by the Sheriff, unsold,
the Auditor shall cancel and file the license,
and note the fact and date of such cancella
tion upon the stubs thereof. No. Board of
County Commissioners shall audit or allow
any claim in favor of a Sheriff until there
shall be filed with said Board the certified
statement of the Auditor that all settle
ments required by the 71st Section of the
Act of which this is amendatory, have
been made by said Sheriff. The amount
of all licenses issued to the Sheriff and not
accounted for shall be deducted before any
claim shall be allowed to a Sheriff. No
county shall be liable to the Auditor, other
than for his official salary, for any fees or
for any services required of him under this
The construction placed upon this
amendment is that all persons requiring
licenses shall apply to the Sheriff for the
same, giving in the application a descrip
tion of the room or building in which the
business is to be carried on for which the
license is issued.
An act of the Legislature, approved
March 20, 1887. provides that every person
who shall officiate at the birth of a child
shall make a record thereof, and within
three months after such birth shall make
and deliver to the Recorder of Deeds of
the county wherein the birth took place, a
certificate under his hand containing the
facts of such birth. It also provides that
every person who shall officiate at the
burial of any deceased person shall make a
record thereof and within two weeks after
such death shall make and deliver, or send
by the due course of mail or express, or by
such other manner as will insure safe
transit, to the Recorder of Deeds of the
county wherein such death took place, a
certificate under his hand containing par
ticulars of such death.
All certificates of births ami deaths shall
be filed and recorded by the Recorder in a
book kept for that purpose, and the Board
of Commissioners of the several counties
shall provide blanks certificates, to be paid
for by the county, to be furnished to phy
sicians midwives and undertakers, to en
able them to carry out and comply with
the requirements of the act. . ,
Failure to comply with the provisions
of the act is puni-hable by a fine of not
less than $20 nor more than $50 for each
oflense, and wilfully making. a false cer
tificate of any birth or death is punishable
by a fine not exceeding $500, or imprison
meet in the county jail for any period not
exceeding six months. _
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District (M [ is.
In the Diatrlct Court of tbe State
of Nevada, Eureka Couuty.
The state of Nevada sends greet
ing to William Ferguson.
You are hereby required to appear In an ao.
tion commenced against you as defendant by
D. Nstban as plaintiff, in the District Court of
the State of Nevada, Eureka county, at the
town of Eureka, aud answer the complaint
therein, which Is on file with the Clerk of said
Court, within ten days after the service on you
of this Summons (exclusive of the day of
service), if served in said county, or twenty
days If served out of said county, but within
this District, and in all other cages forty days;
or judgment by default will be taken against
you, according to the prayer of said complaint.
The said action la brought to reoover judg
ment against you, the said defendant, for the
Inm of $216 87, alleged to be due from you to
him for goods, wares and merchandise, mining
supplies and materials sold, delivered and fur
nished by him to you, to be used, and which
were used In and upon ths Margaretta mine on
Adams Hill, Eureka Mining District, Buraks
county. State of Nevada, and to foreclose hb
certain material man’s Hen for said sum, which
Is of record in Liber 3 of Liana, page 160 of the
County Records of Enrcks county. State of Ne
vada, filed November 17, 1886, upon said Mar
garetta mine, and for a decree of sale of the
whole of said mine or sufficient thereof to sat
isfy said plaintiff's lien, and any other liens
that may be presented and proved according
to law, allot which will more fully appear by
the said complaint, a certified copy of which Is
herewith served, and to which you are specially
Ana you are nereoy notinea that, u you rail
to appear and answer the said complaint as
above required, the said plaintiff will take
Judgment against yon for the said sum of
$316 87 and costa of suit, and will apply to the
Court for the equitable relief demanded in aaid
have hereunto set my hand officially,
[•■All.] and affixed the seal of laid Court this
17tb day of May, A. D. 1887.
County Clerk and ex officio Clerk of the District
Court of the State of Nevada, Eureka Oountr.
R. M. Bkatty, Attorney for Plaintiff.
District GoM Sammons.
la the District Coart of the State
of Nevada, Eureka County.
ing to J. L, Hinckley and Maggie Winzell,
Administratrix of the estate of Joseph Win
zell, decased.
You are hereby required to appear Id an ac
tion commenced against you as defendant by
James Sweeney, as plaintiff, In the District
Court of the State of Nevada, Connty of Eu
reka, at the town of Eureka, and answer the
complaint therein, which is on file with the
Clerk of said Court, within ten days after the
service on you of this Summons (exclusive of
the day of service), if served in said County, or
twenty days if served out of said County, but
within this District, and in all other cases
forty days; or judgment by default will be
taken against you, according to the prayer of
said complaint. The said action Is brought to
recover judgment against yon, the said defend
ants, for the sum of $3,013, alleged to be due
from you jointly and severally to him upon a
certain undertaking on appeal and stay of exe
cution executed by you, J. L. Hinckley, and one
Joseph Winzell, now deceased, and the Admin
istratrix of whose estate yon, Maggie Winzell,
are, and filed in the case of James Sweeney
against G. D. Schultes and William McConnell
in the Sixth Judicial District Court of the
State of Nevada, in and for Eureka County, on
the 15th day of March, 1884, all of which will
more fully appear by reference to said com
plaint, a certified copy of which Is herewith
served, and to which you are hereby specially re
And you are hereby notified that, if you fall
to appear and answer the ssid complaint as
above required, the said plaintiff will take
judgment against you for the said sum of $3,012
and costs of snit.
have hereunto set my hand and affixed
[seal ] the Seal of said Oourt this 20th day of
April, A. 1). 1887. F. H. HARMON,
County Clerk and ex-officio Clerk of the said
District Court of the State of Nevada, Eu
reka County.
E. M. Beatty ahd Peter Breen, Attorneys for
Plaintiff. a2
[NO. 857,
Application for a Patent.
Eureka, Nevada, May 3, 1817. )
Notice is hereby given, that
George Phillips, whose Postoffice address is
Hamilton, Nevada, has this day filed his applica
tion for a patent for one thousand linear
feat of the 1 rastee mine or vein, bearing sil
ver, with surface ground six hundred feet in
width, situated in White Pine Mining Dis
trict, county of White Pine, and State of Ne
vada, and designated by the field-notes and
official plat on Ole in this office as lot No, 76, in
Township 16 north, range 57 east, of Mount
Diablo meridian, said lot No. 70 being as fol
Beginning at a post marked No. 1, U. B. sur
vey No. 76, the same being the original loca
tion monument whence the section corner at the
southwest comer of section 2, Township 16 N.,
R. 57 E., M. D. M., bears N. 50 deg. 38 min.
W., 1,940 feet; U. S. monument No. 5 bsars N.
36 deg. 14 min. W., 2,383 feet; post No. 2, U. 8.
survey No. 61. Jennie A lode, bears N. 35 deg. 50
min. "W., 2,446 feet; and the shaft upon this
lode bears N. 70)4 deg. W., 550 feet; thence
running 1st course 8, 73 deg. W., 1,000 feet to
post marked No. 2, U. 8. survey No. 76, and
the original location monument; thence 2nd
course N. 73deg.W.,600 ft. to post marked No. 3,
U. 8. survey No. 76, and the original location
monument: thence 3rd course N. 73 deg. E.,
1,000 feet to post marked No. 4 U. 8. survey
No. 76, and the original location monument;
thence 4th course B. 17 deg. KI, 600 feet to
post No. 1, the place of beginning, containing
13 77-100 acres.
Magnetic variation 16)4 deg. east.
The location of this mine is recorded In the
Recorder's office of White Pine Mining District
White Pine county, State of Nevada. This
claim ia bounded by no known claims.
Any and all per-ons claiming adversely any
portion of said Trustee mine or surface
ground are required to file their adverse claims
with the Register of the United States Land
Office at Eureka, in the State of Nevada, during
the sixty days’ period of publication hereof, or
they will be barred by virtue of the provisions o
the 8tatute.
D. H. HALL, Register.
It is hereby ordored that the foregoing notice
of application for patent be ipnblished for the
period of sixty days (ten consecutive weeks), in
the Eureka Daily Sentinel, a dally newspaper
published at Eureka, Nevada.
I m5-00d D. H. HALL, Register.
U fields are scarce, but those who
write to Stioson t Co., Portland,
Maine, will receive free, full Infor
mation about work whtoh they can
do and live at home, that will pay them from
$S to $25 per day. Some have earned over $50
In a day. Either sex, young or old. Capital
not required, You are started free. Those
who start at once are absolutely aure of snug
Uttleforlunea. Allis new. a5-6m
Cards, neatly printed, with the words
■For Rent,” “For Sale" and “Furnished
“Boms To Let,” in large letters, oau be
had at this offioe at 25 cento each.
1 887.
New M M\] Herald
$1 A YEAR!
Greatest and Cheapest FamilyiJonrnal
" — jr
' Always Briii! aid Bialle.

The Foreign Department
Is unequaled. Latest and most accurate Gabl
Specials by the]
Commercial Cables.
Of all Current Events.
Special Features.
Practical Farming; articles on Science, A
Literature, the Drama, Music, Religion
Fashions and Chess.
Information on All Subjects
New York City.
Weekly Sentinel
Best Newspaper
Her Merchant 5 Meclaaic
The Most raloable Jonroa
To (h« Various Minin* Camps o
tbe Pacific Coast, and to tbe
People of the Bast.
IT 18 A
Perfect Compendium
It contains Everything of
Interest that Transpires
In the Mininsr Fields of
the Pacific Coast.
Price - - $5 a Year.
Most Reasons Termsbol.
Balt HIT Jl KTAI.—FROM If*' V*' .00
pnnuiU of babbit u rt»l for at the
■nmah offloe, Karokk.beveda.

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