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K?r Proldeminl Klrolor?.
*. T. GAGE, Of Storey County
A. PECK* Of KsiiHraliU county
A. W. BALDWIN, of Storey county
Kor Governor. 11. t?. Ul.ASDKI.U
Ot' Storey county.
K?r l4.*4?ovrruor. J.!< Cll?S)I \>\
Of Lyon county.
KtriMirm. ILtiTwOKTHlXiTOX
Ot Lander count \ .
Far Jidcmof the Supreme Court.
11. a BEATTW V. H. BKOs\A.V
Of Storvv count \ ;
J. F. I.KWlSonVa.Wcnnij.
C lerk mf >np. Court. - .AI?FK Kl> ITKI.M.
Of Ormiiby county.
Kor Sec'y ofsiutc. ? !'? N* -NOT KU A K K?
Ot" DuUK'Us couut> .
For Trcaxurrr -K. K HOlifc*.
Oi' EsmrraMa county.
Kor Cantrullr r. . Ttt. XlfiHTIMilLI.
of Humboldt county.
S?rvf j?r ."?? II .UARLETTfc..
l>f Siorev county.
Kor Saa'l of Pub. Inst.. *? K " 1 1 1 T K?
Of Ormihy count.*.
Kor Dtalrlcl Jud?< ?.
For Statf SenuloiN,
For AHsrmblymen.
\V. .H. Cutter. J J. A. Kl?b>.
K nut uk Band. H. .>1. Birn.
(Ulwiu Puticn. John Uavitt.
V\. n. Bbliop. Juno Bolsu.
I . W. Toicr. K.A. Young.
A. I., tirevlry. .luroli Smith.
-or mi?
I 11 ion ('?nrratioit.
I'poathe entrance of Nevada into tne jvmonai
Cnlon, feeling deeply the Importance of taking pusi
? ion snch as to Inspire confidence In otir sister States,
and to rebuke treason to onr nationality. >*? ft open
?>r insidious, and to sustain by our rtrst acts In the
? apital of a State the integrity of our country, the
honor of our Government aud the glory <?t our tree
institutions, we do resolve as foliow>:
/??i>/ret/. That the Union party of the State of
Nevada recognize no j>olitlc** dirterence.s iri this
hour of our country's trial. and cheerfully enrolls
anions Its members every citizen, native or adopted.
who pivt'en his country to party, who is loyal to the
I'ruou And In lavor of coercion and the suppression
oi the existing rebellion by the only .sure means, the
strong arm of military power, who Is opposed to
? oocesrflons to rebels with arms lu their hands, and
who Is willing to use the last man and the last dollar
if neceuaity demands, to maintain and preserve the
I'nion of the United States of America.
ftevu/e#*!, That Abraham Lincoln and Andrew
J?>hiw*n are worthy leaders of the Army ot the
I'nion. that the platform and resolutions adopted at
the Baltimore Convention, holden June. ISM. meets
our heartT approval, not only In th**ir general tenor.
Mit especially In their aiivocacy of that great neces
sity to our Western Umpire? a Pad tic Kaihroad.
Hiat placing ourselves upon the platform, we chai
Vuge .all comers to wrest from our grasp the electo
ral votes of the virgin State of Nevada, predestined
(?? be given by loyal hearts aud itauds to the niem
:*-rs of the Convention.
That we favor the passage of laws seen- I
ring the general educat k>n or th<' children in the |
State by means ot ftw tommm schools, believing
iittelUgeuce the ouly italiadium ot Republican Gov- !
? nuuent. and of laws guar ling the htgliest rlxhi and |
privilege we have, the elective franchise, fpunihe t
irtnence of power, uionex and fraud, and of further |
?.UN that shall preserve good faith between the pe*>- i
pie. by enforcing their private contracts in the spirit :
and power they have made them, aud in such cur- I
r-acy as they may agree upon, and ?*?" such laws as ,
-hail secure in detail the strict economy enjoined by i
? ?ur Constitution, and the most exact accountability |
of all public officers, to tlie great source of political J
power. the people.
Retoiml. That our w is?? and iK-neiicetit Govern- ;
went has always exhibited not only real genen>sity. ?
t-ut true policy in refraining from the sate of the j
mineral lands, and in permitting their use, occupa- ,
r'on aud development by Utiorand capital. That it !
is to be deeply regretted that traitors iu our midst j
are using the wFalthderived irom an indulgent coun
'ry In attempts to subvert lt< Institutions and liber
'i*-s: and that while w*? deprecate any general inter
ference by the Government with the existing state
<4 itfcilrs, .still the proper ?wen-ise of a righteous in
dignation against such ingrate* should excite no sur
prise, hut would meet with the hearty approval of
loyal men.
Our Kastem dispatches to-day will be
found not only voluminous, but interest- ,
sng. important and satisfactory. The
length of the dispatch and the hour at ;
which it was received forbids any review '
of it. Every Union man can read it j
?? from A to Izzard," with perfect satis- 1
faction. It will be seen that Belmont j
cither telegraphed a lie to Weller or that j
Old AlcatTLZ told a lie on his hook. We >
don't believe it hurt either of them much. |
WHAT DO YOTT think of he? |
Our San Francisco telegraphic corres- j
pondent sends us whatever rumors of an !
important nature are current at the Bay I
city at the hour when it becomes neces- j
sary for him to forward his dispatch. He j
is a young man of brilliant talents, and |
an ornament to the society in which he
moves, but he is not endowed with super- ?
natural powers, and is of course unable to !
know intuitively the truth or falsity of the ,
current rumors. He therefore semis them ]
for what they are worth. In his dispatch j
of yesterday he announced a current re- .
port that Auguste Belmont had telegraphed ,
to Alcatraz Weller, that Pennsylvania had t
gone Democratic, soldiers vote and all. '
This was rather stunning, il* true. In j
fact, wc hard'y liked to publish the dis- j
rnal tale ; but we had it to do ? and wc !
did it. Great was the glee of the Copper
heads thereat, and loudly did they swell !
their gentle hiss into the melodious roar of
the Washoe canary. We assumed Cop
perhead tactics for the nonce, and refused
to believe the " lying telegraph." The
authority was bad all around. In the >
first place, the oath of allegiance which C.
L. Weller took in order to get him out of
Alcatraz, choked him so damnably that
he has not been able to speak the truth
since. Il was he, who told about receiv- j
ing the dispatch. Secondly, the dispatch i
was to have been received from Auguste 1
Belmont. The history of this eminent
banker, agent of Messrs. Rothschild, is 1
tolerably well known to American poli- j
ticians, and reflects more honor on his
financial skill than his political honesty.
He will be well remembered in the char
acter of one of Jimmy Buchanan's foreign
Ministers in particular, and as a time-long
pimp of the Democratic party generally.
He U a representative of the British bank
ing interests, the deadly hostility of which
to our national cause, is too well known to
need comment. Beebe, in Virginia, was an
other one of Buck's boys but it is not fair to
quote him as a sample. We deemed it pos
sible that such a dispatch had been sent and
received, but as to its truth, we question
ed it. It was too contradictory to former
dispatches. Nevertheless we felt a little
sick, for the biggest liar in the world may
tell the truth sometimes. We felt better
this morning. The dispatch to the morn
ing papers tells a different tale. Instead
of the horrible lie that " Pennsylvania
had gone democratic, soldier's vote and
all," the fact is that "Pennsylvania has
gone Union without the soldiers vote !"
what do you think of Ae f
P. S. ? Our own dispatch received at a
late hour confirms the report in the morn
ing papers, fixing the fact down to a sin
gle vote.
Brauox Shttxxxt.? Weil*, Fargo &
Co^thia morning shipped twelve ban and
?an* ??ckj of tmSion, weighing HM lba.,
of the assayed value of *37,334 53.
There is but one jiossiblc pretense by
which the accursed traitors who nightly
harangue the Kroom Kaqgers could evade
the direct charge of and prompt arrest for '
, trk.vson . That is the pretense that they j
are struggling for " Peace upon the basis j
of a Restored Union." It is a lie, a blac*. ;
and damnable lie ; a lie that would choke
and scorch the throat of any but a hellish ,
traitor whose mouth had been scared ? ith ,
the oath of allegiance until it had become j
case-hardened. It "?*?? their present
purposes, however, one of which is to lull ,
to sleep and into their arms a few men i
who ?? sucked Democratic milk and were ;
rocked in a Democratic cradle and the
other is to keep themselves from being
hung. If they dared "for one night
onlv " to stand up in the glare of their
hontires, and tell the assembled multitude ;
their true sentiments and advocate openly j
the cause of that rebellion, for they hope
and tear by day and blasphemously pray :
to the devil at night, they .would find that
" free speech " and their necks woujd be
at the end of the rope before sunrise.
Put no ! Caution is the characteristic of
the Copperhead, false-pretense his policy,
petjury his notion of an oath, and treason
his patriotism. The Secessionist, wiser in
his generation than the northern dough
face, has reduced him to servitude, put his
foot upon his neck, and has learned his
slave to sing and swear the songs and
oaths that should work his owner's will
and destroy the Nation. Therefore it is
that nightly we sec upon the traitors'
rostrum, men of northern birth, "whose |
cheeks long ago forgot to blush, standing j
side by side with men whose treason is a !
fact, undeniable antl undented. And yet,
to a horde of fools, (whose ears, long ago
stunned with the word '? Democracy," can
hear no other sound,) they tell the foul
lie that they, the leaders of the Copper
head gang, are for " peace 011 the basis of
n restored l*nion." They know, none
better, that there never was yet devised a
means or measure, tending towards
" peace," that the government of the re
bellion would have listened to for a mo
ment. They never will. That was not
what they commenced the war for. They
already had '? peace on the basis of the
Union " and they didn't like it. They
wanted "independence," and they went
to war about it three years ago and are
fighting still. Feebly, to be sure; with ex
hausted resources, and thinned ranks, and
with an amount of suffering that the north
knows nothing of. But they are fighting
still ; and they will continue to fight so
long as their resources permit the main
taining of an army in the field. They are
fighting for disruption of the Union, and
their own independence, and they are
bound to have it if they can get it. And
yet these Copperheads tell the people that j
the "Democratic" party are tor ?' l'eace j
on the basis of a restored Union !" j
Whether impudence or ignorance most !
predominates in the mind of a man who
talks such abominable balderdash, is a
question that it would take a jury of
Chinamen to decide. To show the fallacy
of such pretenses, we will give a little
modern Southern talk on the subject,
which is somewhat authorative :
HMjCOXBK positively asserted that the
South did not want peace, and would not lis
ten to the faintest intimation of peace, except
ait terms recognizing their absolute independ- [
ence and sovereignty , icith all the territory they
originally claimed. He said the rebels could
and would fight twenty years longer before
accepting any other or less terms than these.
He averred "the Southern people were not
fighting for Slavery, and cared nothing about
it ; that they would relinquish it in a moment
if so doing would advance their cause ; that
what they" were fighting for was indepetulence
ami separate sovereignty, pure and simple,
and this they would have, or else they must
be exterminated.
Our friend questioned him closely and re
peatedly if there was not some possible way
to brine about a peace ; and he was always
answered that there could be no peace upon
the basis of any reconstruction of the Union
? that was altogether out of the question.
Whatever might be said or had been said for
political ctfect, the Southern States would
never again unite with Northern States on any
terms. The rebels had announced, in the be
ginning, that the separation was final, and
they meant precisely what they said, and
would either die or carry this point.
Mr. Holcombe was at great pains to create
the distinct impression that slavery was not
the cause or object of the war, but only the
convenient pretext for getting up a revolt ;
that the real cause and object was independ
ence and a separate nationality, and nothing
else ; and that no peace, or truce, or compro
mise was possible that did not grant the rebels
independence and a separate sovereignty;
and that, whatever political management
could do in the North to embarrass the Gov
ernment was fostered and encouraged by the I
rebel leaders because it aided them more or |
less in obtaining their ultimate object, sepa- i
ration and independence.
Holcombe is one of that swect-scented
set of Commissioners who were recently
bobbins: around Niagara Falls, trying to
get a chance to go to Washington and
give Uncle Abe some of their insolence.
Whether or not they had commissions from
Jeff. Davis, one thing is certain, and that
is that they were a fair representation of
rebel sentiment. '? Peace on the basis of
a restored Union" ? we think we heard
you say.
Read the Papers. ? We cannot too
strongly impress upon Union men the ne
cessity of distributing the papers freely
among the people. Hundreds of our fel
low-citizens think themselves unable to
spare even the half dollar per week which
is the price of a daily paper. To those
who can and do take one or more, we
would say, if you cannot afford to pay for
more for distribution, pass your own
around after you have done reading it.
Truth cannot win this fight for the Cop
perheads, and they are lying mighty
strong ? and if they can't lie, the devil's
trade has gone in. Yesterday one of the
Copperhead drivers in Virginia stated
that Pennsylvania had gone Democratic
by 20,000 majority, and gave the Gold
Hill News as his authority. Simply
denouncing that hoary headed old traitor
as a wilful liar does'nt mend the matter.
Such lies have their effect. Let the peo
ple read for themselves.
The Silver City Distceba>-ce. ?
Those of our readers who may have been
astonished that, in so quiet a city as Silver,
a band of Secession orators were not lis
tened to with perfect silence and equa
nimity, are directed to a brief abstract
from the history of that town, which ap
pears in our columns to-day over the sig
nature of ?? Union." The authority is
strictly reliable.
Irish Union Club. ? A meeting of loyal
Irishmen will be held at the Union Club
Haadquanen, in Gold Hill, this evening,
to form a Union Club. Judge Broman,
and some others, will address the meeting.
Among the dispatches to yesterday's
Sacramento Union we find the following,
dated New York, October 16th. It shows
what a wide and unfortunate difference of
opinion there exists between tho Northern
Copperheads and their " misguided South
ern brethren," upon the subject of " I'eace
upon the basis of a restored Union
A letter purporting to have been writtcu by
the rebel vice-President, Stephens, in reply
to a letter from several of his fellow citizens,
is published. He savs that no person more
ardently desires the end of the war than he
does, but it is not in his power uor in theirs
to bring this-about. He says the recognition
of the sovereignty of the States is the only
solution of tho trouble. The idea of main
taining the old Union, or any Union, by force,
is preposterous. The subjugation of the
South by the North would involve the destruc
tion of the Constitution and the overthrow of
their liberties as well as ours. Any peace
growing out of a Union of States, established
by force, would be as ruinous to them as to
us. The action of the Chicago Convention,
as far as its platform of principles goes, pre
sents a ray of light which, under Providence,
may prove the dawn of day to this long, cheer
less night. To a Conventiou of States for
the adjustment 01 our difficulties I have no
The ringleaders of the Copperheads,
who pull the wires and nightly harangue
the people about "Peace," are not of the
same ignorant aud illiterate class as the
bulk of their misguided followers. They
read the papers ; they keep the run of po
litical affairs, both Xorth and South (es
pecially South), and thev know, full well,
that every time they tell the people that
" the Democratic party is for peace and a
restored Union." they tell a foul and trai
torous lie !
The members of the (iold Hill Union
Club had a most glorious meeting at their
Headquarters last night. It was one of
the largest meetings the Club has yet
held. Vice President Colbath occupied
the chair, and II. C. Whitman, of Virginia,
having been invited by the Club, was in
troduced to the audience, and was greeted
with tumultuous applause. For the space
of one and a half hours, Mr. Whitman
riveted the attention of his large audience
by one of the best political speeches ever
made on the eastern slope of the Sierras.
It was indeed a master production, and
his hearers showed their appreciation of it
by frequent, loud and heart-felt applause.
After Mr. Whitman had concluded, Mar
cus D. Larrowe, of Lander county, was
called out, who spoke for perhaps fifteen
minutes, in a very eloquent and forcible
manner. He represented the Union pros
pects of Lander to be very encouraging ;
and in fact expressed his own solemn and
candid opinion that Lander county would
certainly roll up a majority of from three
to six hundred for the Union Ticket on
the Sth of November. The remarks of
Mr. I.arrowe were well received. The
Club then gave three rousing cheers for
Lincoln and Johnson ; and three more for
the speakers of the evening, and then ad
journed until Friday evening.
Union- Voters in (?oi.t> Hii.l. ? The |
Union Clubs of Gold Hill already roll up |
a list of eight hundred active members. As
there are not really more than about
eleven hundred Uyal voters in the precinct,
it would indicate that there is a small
Union majority here. Wo know of quite
a number of Union men who have not yet
joiued the Club.
C'oiiMlilutioiaal Drmcrrtiry.
The following excellent article, which we
find in the Sacramento liee, we commend to
the carcful perusal of all " Constitutional
Democrats." Let Union men cut it out and
paste it in their hats ; and when they hear
some ignoramus who thinks that Copper
headism is Democracy, prating about " ge
lorious Constitution," just back him up in a
corner, and read this to him till he sweats
virdigris :
How often do we hear self-styled constitu
tional Democrats prating about the Constitu
tion, of the necessity of living up to its re
quirements, while in the same breath they
contend for the doctrine of States' Rights as
taught by the Calhoun school of politicians
and incorporated into the Democratic creed at
the Cincinnati Convention. That doctrine
holds that a State may at will nullify a law of
Congress and secede from the U nion. The
doctrine is itself in direct violation of the
positive language of that Constitution to
which " Constitutional Democrats " pretend
to be so devoted, and it is to uphold that doc
trine that the rebels commenced the war and
arc to-day in arms.
Section 2 of Article VI of the Constitution
of the United States reads :
"This Constitution, unci tho laws of the lTaited
States which shall bo made iu pursuance thereof
* ? shall be the supreme law of the land : and
the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby,
anything in the Constitution or laws of any State
to tho contrary notwithstanding."
The article creating tho Supreme Court
" rnejnaicmi jwwor nuiui vwitruu u? an ciuvn iu
law and equity arising under thin Constitution,
the law* of the United State*," etc.. and to " con
troversies between two or more States."
It requires but little sense to understand
that the cardinal principle in the faith of the
self-styled Constitutional Democracy is de
termined opposition to the plainly expressed
provisions of that instrument, of which Cop
perhead orators so glibly prate. Modern
Constitutional Democracy says that a State
is independent of the United States Govern
ment ? the Constitution says not. Modern
Democracy says that a State may continue
itself the judge of the unconstitutionality of a
law of Congress; the Constitution says it
cannot, but that the Supreme Court can alone
judge of the matter. Modern Democracy
sympathizes with, and by all its power give's
aid and comfort to the avowed and belligerent
enemies of the United States Government ;
the Constitution in paragraph 1 of Section 3,
article 3 says that "Treason against the
United States " consists " in adhering to their
enemies, giving them aid and comfort."
Thus, that instrument which modem Con
stitutional Democrats hypocritically profess
to revere, itself in express language declares
their conduct to be treasonable.
The leading Constitutional Democrats of
the present day are more treacherous than
the man spoken of in the Bible, who, while
bestowing the kiss of friendship on the brow
of his friend stabbed him to the heart. While
professing reverence and respect for the Con
stitution of the United States, our modern
Democrats are exerting all their power to ut
terly destroy that instrument. They caress
it with their lips, and with parricidal hands
smite it to the heart.
Every act of the leaders of the Democracy
for the last eight years has been one of war
against the most vital provisions and princi
ples of the Constitution of the United States.
They made war upon that instrument in 1856,
when, at Cincinnati they incorpc rated the
"resolutions of '98 " with the Democratic
creed ; they kept up that war during Bucha
nan's administration; they affirmed their war
like acts m the nomination of Breckinridge ;
in the Southern States they are now vigor
ously prosecuting that war with arms in their
hands, while in other States they are carry
ing it on with honied professions on their
lips, the traitorous dagger in their hands, and
black treason and malice in their hearts.
And of such is the Constitutional Democ
racy of the present day.
Government Expenses and Receipts :
The total disbursements of the United States
Government on this coast for the first nine
months of this year has been $8,519,793 ; the
receipts from all sources during that period
was $6, 090, 482. It will thus be seen that
despite all the taxes we psv, Government has
expended nearly #2,300,0(10 more among ns
in nine month* than it has taken from us.
We mention this a* one of the financial ben
efits we experience from union.
( Kmm the Union ami Enterprise of this Morning. J ,
From Mbrrnnu'a Army? Hi? Linn
nmt jet Oprn?l-Hr ka> Nix JIo?U"
Itnpply of Proriaionaat Allnnln.
Cuattasoooa, Oct. 15.? Our forces, to
day, re-occupied Ringgold, and the block
house three miles in advance, and lound the
railroad and bridges safe. The Forty-sixth
Colored Infantry surrendered to Hood's army
yesterday, but nothing definite has been re
ceived. There is ao communication yet with i
Sherman. He has abundant supplies at At
lanta. In anticipation of such movements of
the rebels six months supplies are on hand,
and officers feel that Hood is making move
ments that will certainly prove disastrous.
Keports of scouts fait to show the presence
of any considerable body of the enemy north
of Tunnel Hill. Walker and Whitfield
counties were undoubtedly scoured by a small
body of rebel cavalry, but were not very
effective in destroying the railroad, though
they had possession of Dalton, but little
damage, it is believed, has been done. Offi
cers blockaded here, who were en route for
the front, have been ordered to prepare to
join their commands at once. Schofield sent
out a strong reconnoitering party, to-day, to
discover the whereabouts of the rebel columu
said to he moving west.
Scouts of the Forty-fourth Colored garrison
at Dalton, who escaped after Col. Johnson's
surrender, arrived to-day. Thev give numer
ous accounts of the affair. They were on
picket duty and wanted to fight, arid knocked
over the flag-bearer first. After the sur
render mauy refused to stay.
llinggold and intermediate points have been
strengthened by Schofield.
Nothing definite known as to Sherman's
whereabouts. He is known to be energetic
ally at work to open and keep open the route
to Atlanta, no matter what rebel column may
The Krbrl Coimpirary at Ihe North?
The Expose.
The New York Evening Post publishes
Judge Advocate Holt's report on the testi
mony gathered concerning the treasonable
secret societies. The number of members is
estimated at from three hundred thousand to
one million. The Order was founded by
Vallandighaui during banishment. Jell.
Davis is said to be a member and to have
furnished the ritual. The purposes of the
order are shown to be aiding soldiers to de
sert, the destruction of Government proper
ty, the persecution of Union men and their
assassination, and the establishment of a j
Northern Confederacy.
('apiurrof Fori llarrinon? The Kcbd
New iYokk, October 17. ? The Herald's
Army of the James special, says of the cap
ture of Fort Harrison on the 29th : Their
next salient point is a strong line near to
and directly beyond Fort Harrison. These
forts are directly in front of our works, com
mencing 800 yards from the front of Harri
son, and command each other. The position
of all these rebel works is ten miles north
west of Bermuda Hundred, and they run at
an angle of about sixty-five degrees.
The Tenth Corps spccial says : Rebel iron
clads still continue their visits down the
river to the neighborhood of Dutch Gap, but
they have entirely ceased their attempts to
annoy us since their two days futile shell
From the Arm) of Ihc Jaiiio? Opera
tion* around Richmond ? A Fight
nuil Ibr KcbcU again BrpulnN.
New York, Oct. 17. ? The Herald's cor
respondent from the armies before Richmond,
says: An important reconnoisance on last
Thursday by two columns of the Tenth Corps,
under 'lerry, went to our right wing, and
after advancing some distance they drove in
the rebel pickets and continued on the Cen
tral or Darbytown road, running up to Rich
mond. The expedition had not gone far when
it was met by opposing skirmishers, and
pressing on, our men found themselves in
front of a new and formidable line of rebel
earthworks, strongly garrisoned by Hoke's
and Field's divisions. This was an import
ant discovery. These works have been built
since the battle of the 20th, and were de
signed to supply the places of those taken
from the rebels then, fhc enomv opened on
our men and a severe tight ensued. Gen.
Terrv made an assault on the fortifications,
but ileeming it impracticable to take them
with the force at his disposal, and having
satisfactorily accomplished his design, re
turned to uamp. As soon as our troops com
menced to withdraw, the rebels sallied out
and attacked them, but were severely re
pulsed, their dead and wounded thickly
strewing the ground. After that, our force
was allowed to return unmolested. Our loss
in killed, wounded and missing was about
four hundred. The enemy suffered to an
equal extent.
A portion of the Army of the Potomac is
so near the south side of the railroad that it
con hear the trains pass this morning.
From Boiler'* Army.
Fortress Monroe, Oct. 1G. ? Butler sent
out a recounoissance on the north side of
James river yesterday. It advanced two and
a half miles towards Richmond, and returned
without loss. It met several squads of rebels.
Only some slight skirmishing took place.
From .flalamoraa ? Thr French at
Bagdad, ntiito.
Advices from Matamoras give a rumor of
the capture of the steamer A. J. Davis,
bound from Bagdad to Orleans, by a party
who had taken passage on her, and then ran
her into Galveston. A gentleman from Bag
dad on the 21st, had arrived at New Orleans,
and reports that 500 French marines are yet
there and intrenched. Six ships of war lay
off the bar.
Sacramento, Oct. 18 ? 2 p. m.
The Htatc Pair ? Thr K?cn- Acei
The State Fair opened yesterday under
the most flattering auspices ; the attend
ance being quite large, and the display of
stock magnificent. The entries of stock,
so far, are quite numerous. It is con
ceded by those who witnessed the races at
the Park yesterday that they were the best
contested of any races every trotted in
The entries for the first race which was
a purse of $300 for trotting stallions in
harness, mile heats ? three in five ? were
Geo. M. Patchen, Jr., Latham and Capt.
Hanford. The first heat was won by
Capt. Hanford, who came in six lengths
ahead of Latham, and completely dis
tanced Patchen. Time 2:36 The sec
ond heat was closely contested by Latham,
and Ilanford, the latter crossing the score
two lengths ahead. Time 2:37. The
third heat ? this was. without exception,
the most splendid of the day, and was
contested in a most determined manner,
Hanford winning the heat, race and purse
by a neck. Time 2:373
Second race ? This was a trot for a
purse of $250, for four year olds in har
ness, mile heats, best 3 in 6. The entries
were: Ben Franklin, Brown Mac. and
Alicia Mandeville. Alicia won the first
heat in 244J, Franklin coining in second
best, and Mac last. On the Becond heat
Ben ran off like a quarter horse from the
start, but gave up the run and settled to
his trot, behind Alicia, who beat him
home in 2:50, Mac again coming in last.
The last and deciding heat was won by
Alicia, notwithstanding another gallop on
the part of Franklin at the start of the
heat ; time, 2534.
F. Eisenmenger, son of the landlady of
the International Hotel, while riding on a
lumber wagon, yesterday, had his leg
broken by being caught in the wheel of
the wagon.
John Davis has been pronounced insane
by the examining physician, and will be
sent to Stockton.
Pacific Railroad Bonus. ? On Friday,
the Supreme Court denied a rehearing in the
case of the ? mandamus suit of the Central
Paei&o.. Railroad Company of California
against the Mayer, Auditor and Treasurer of
San Francisco for the issue of $-400,000 in
bonds of the city and county. The Supervi
sors must issue the bonds.
Latest Dfapatclies!
The Maryland (onaliimiou Carried i r
? Voorhrf" seat ContfMed? t'uion '
majority iu Ohia 37,475? Pennayl- f
rnnia 3,633. ! (
New York, October 17. ? A Washing
ton special dispatch to the Tribune says 1
the majority for the new Maryland Con- 1
stitution is about tive hundred.
Voorhees of Indiana is re-elected by
less than one hundred majority, but gross 1
illegality is charged, and the seat is to be s
contested, which it is believed, will alter
the result.
Cincinnati, October 17th. ? lletums ^
from seventy-three (73) counties in Ohio |
give a Union majority of twenty-seven j ^
thousand two hundred and seventy-five, j
Philadelphia, October 17. ? The In- ]
quirer says the returns of the Pennsylva
nia election foot up a Union majority on (
the home vote, of three thousand six hun- j ,
drcd and thirty-five. j ,
Prominent Busiuess Houses Ntizrit ;
by Ike Authorities in Baltimore and
Washington for Contraband Trade, j
Baltimore, Oct. 17. ? There was a great :
sensation here to-day, caused by the seiz- j j
ure by the military authorities of several
large business houses, and closing the es
tablishments. Nothing definite is known
regarding the cause, but it is said they are
engaged in contraband trade and rebel
mail carrying.
Washington, Oct. 17. ? A number of j
Dry goods, Clothing and Shoe Stores were
closed to-day, by the military authorities,
and a guard placed over them. The prin
cipals and clerks were arrested on suspic
ion of being engaged in selling goods to !
blockade runners.
tinarvaort (iobblra up .tloseby's Ar- i
tillery. ammunition, horwa, nnd n
number of hi* turn? Prominent He
ee?h uinde prominent target* for
Heeesh bullet*.
Washington, Oct. 17. ? Official infor
mation has been received that on the
evening of Oct. 14th Col. Gansevoort, of
the 13th X. Y. Cavalry, surprised Mose
by's command near Piedmont, Va., anil
captured all his artillery, consisting of
four guns, caissons, etc., and also a num
ber of horses and prisoners.
A number of the Secessionists of Alex
andria have been placed upon the Ma
nassas trains, to run the risk of being shot
by the bushwhackers, who fire on the
IVew wny loNtop <?uerrilln Operations
? C'omrannirntion* re-opened with
Mhertnan? lie is making it hot for
The New York Commercial 'i special
dispatch says : Six northern counties in
Virginia are to be depopulated and the in
habitants sent to the rear, in order to pre
vent guerrilla operations.
Cincinnati, Oct. 17. ? The Comiwr
cial'.t Nashville dispatch says : Oommu
nication has again been opened with Sher
man. lie was at Tilton, nine miles south
of Dalton, on Saturday (15tli) at noon.
Hood left Dalton on Sunday afternoon,
(16th) moving in the uirection of Bridge
port, Ala. Sherman commenced moving
in the same direction, close on his rear.
No battle had been fought at last advices,
f'hattnuoogn and KnoxWIle all Right !
I. ale front Kilpatrick's Command- i
Mhermaa has (?ot Hood Where he
Waul* Him.
No apprehensions arc telt lor unaita
nooga or Knoxville. Sherman hns over
one hundred days rations at Atlanta.
Knoxville has an abundance of provisions
to stand a six months siege. The Chatta
nooga Government storehouses are full of
provisions, and there are large supplies
besides on the ground. Milroy is atTulla
homa and Schotield at Chattanooga. At
last advices General Kilpatrick and his
cavalry was at Dalton.
Private advices from a reliable source
say that "on Saturday evening, the 15th,
Hood's army was between Dalton and
Lafayette, making for the latterplace, with
Sherman pressing him closely. Promi
nent men say that Hood's last move places
him exactly in the position desired by
Cavalry attack on Krbrl
Rally-Gold iJO.
Lovisvili.k, October 16th. ? Chatta
nooga advices say that Lieut. Gruell of
the Sevenih Kentucky, led a scouting
party towards Lafayette, Ga., 23 miles
from there on Wednesday, 12th, and
drove a small squad of rebels out of the I
town, and pursued them to their camp,
capturing nine out of the eleven. The
rebels entered Ivesaca on Wednesday
morning, and took the only troops there,
(a colored regiment) by surprise, the reb
els immediately thereafter moved on Dal
ton. On Friday, 14th, there was con
siderable alarm at Chattanooga and every
able-bodied man was put to work on the
New York, October 15. ? A dispatch
quotes gold at [email protected], and on the 17th
averaging 220.
Decline or (he Kebel Loan ? IIocp
Claim* Coburn'i NlaUrn.
Farther Point, Oct. 17.? The Damas
cus, from Liverpool Sept. 26th, has ar
The Kebel Loan hag declined to fifty
seven and eight.
Mace charge* Cobum with never in
tending to fight, and claims the stakes.
[special dispatch t? the nolo kill iiailv news. |
Shipwreck? Nailing ol" Steamer.
Corvali.is, Oregon, Oct. 17. ? The
schooner Cornelia Terry, owned by Lud
lam & Co., San Francisco, engaged in the
oyster trade, was wrecked on the 13th. on
the Yaquima Bar, on her way out. The
vessel and cargo were a total loss. No
lives lost.
Portland, Oct. 18. ? The steamer Sierra
Nevada sailed for Victoria and San Fran
cisco last evening.
Take no Prisoners.? Adjutant General
Baker of Iowa, has just issued an order
which has the ring of the true metal about
it. The following paragraph is essentially
sound and will be seconded by every loyal
Missourian : " If any guerrilla, robber or
thief, crosses from Missouri or any other
State into this State, for the purpose of mur
der, robbery or thieving, in armed bands, no
report will be required oy this department of
prisoners taken, and any officer who takes as
a prisoner any guerrilla, murderer, or thief,
or marauder of such armed band, will at
once be dismissed from the State's service."
General Baker's head is level. Mercy to
guerrillas is an inexcusable crime ! Let
them have the rope, the knife and the bul
let ! Let them be hurried from the face of
the earth in any manner whatever which
embodies the greatest certainty and dispatch.
They have no right to any of the forms of
adminiitratirrjuatic* known to the Conrts.
Let no prisoners b? taken.
Sax Francisco, Oct. 18 ? 3 r. m.
A lady who lost her powers of speech
ome three years ago suddenly recovered ,
t on Sunday morning. She had wit- \ '
icssed the torchlight procession, and her ;
belings were so excited that she made a ;
remendous effort to cheer them, but failed rj
o raise her voice above a whisper. The y
icxt morning she spoke as well as ever, J]
ind has fully recovered. j (
The Board of Supervisors have decided |
o apply for a new trial in the matter of j .1
inscriptions to the Dutch Flat railroad, i
The steamer Amelia, en route fromXapa j ^
o this city, exploded her steam drum last | jj
light, instantly killling John Hagley, a | >
ircman, and scalding a Chinaman. < j
Hon. John Conness will sail east on the [ >
LOth inst. 1 j
John Uranium was declared insane this ' }
Attachment suits have been commenced :
igainst R. W. Slocumb & Co., by Ewd. !
5. Taylor for $927, John Gordon for $2- -
100, and Isaac X. Thompson for .<(780. J
Emile Colan died suddenly this morn- |
ng from a rupture of the stomach.
James Reynolds, a patient at the City '
Elospital, died yesterday from injuries re- .
:eived by falling over a precipice on Tele- '
p*aph Hill. lie had wandered out for a *
n-alk, when he was seized by a fit.
John I). Arthur has sued l'ostmaster ?
Perkins for $10,000, damages for slander. t
Vrthur was formerly in the Post Office, t
jut was discharged for some reason, when ' J
;hc defendant declared him to be a thief, j j
The fare to Oakland has been reduced > ?
;o 12 A cents.
The Moses Taylor carries steerage pas- \
lengers at 55 dollars.
Ntockf Nalt-a.
Wide West, $28 ; Burning Moscow, :
|[email protected]!)0; Ophir, $400(57 40.5 ; Yellow .
lacket, $700 : IJaney, $25 ; Real Del (
Monte, $21 j Pride of West, $0} ; Blue
Ledge, $1 25; Savage, $1900; Potosi,
?(825; Imperial, $155; Gould & Curry,
?>1680; Buckeye, $9 50; Bullion, $105.
Greenbacks, 484 bid, with no sellers.
Next Building above the News Office.
1 Turn Verein Hull, would iuform lili friends,
ami the public in general, that he in now organiz
ing a PRIVATE SCHOOL to teach?
Lessons will be given in the afternoon or even
ing, according to the wishes of his pupil*. The
term* will be moderate, to milt the times.
The II ALL. which in the most suitable place in
Gold Ililt f??r Halls or Private Part lex, can at all
times be engaged for such purposes at a low fig
ure. FRED. UHL.
ocld tt' Teacher of Gymnastics.
AV It I <kKtil?* D fit 1 r i*
? ix ?
(Wells, Fargo A Co.'* Ttnilding.)
C ? I peel Virgiuit.
| oc 18 Iro)
OR1M X .1lcC~RI.TI.TI 0\,
Ftoves, Hardware, Iron, Steel,
Ete Ele.
Particular Attention Paid to .Hill Work!
.\enrly Opposite .HrfurdyN Foundry.
N. B. ? We have secured the services of Mr. 1L
C. O'NEILL, an old and experienced Copper
smith, who in at all times ready to do work unfit*
ocltf tf GREUU 6i McCRlMMON.
CAVTIO.t The public are hereby
notified that tho following described utock in the
Overman Gold and Silver Mining Company wan
sold for ntfriexMtmMitft. according to law, on Mon
day. October 17th. 1804. and are therefore hereby
cautioned against purchasing or negotiating for
the g:ira?* : A 'o jVb. A 'o. Amt. '
yd met. Cert. Skt. Sold.rcm'g.
W111 Arringtuii 3J....U i
It C Chappell .'140 f#. ...1}
It (' Clianpell iW7. .. 5... -.5
Seth Cook ....8
Seth Conk 505 . PJ
Seth Took 506.... I... t ....3
Wm M Lout 417. ..Sri.. ..71. ..12*
Win M Lent 41C. . . .3. . . . ? . . . .9$
Wm M Lent 419.. ..3.... 4....8J
Win M Lent 420.. .<3.... | S*
Win M Lent . 481. ...3.... i 2J
Wm M Lent 493. . . .5. . . .1 . . . .4
Wm M Lent 42S 5 1 ... 4
Win M Lent 427.... 8.... 1 14
Daniel Meyer 212. . . .5. . . .
C F Sherwood 416. . . .5. . . . * 44
SDK Stewart 413.. -.1.... 1.... J
J 1) Wleden ti Co 468. ...1.... J i
J I) Wleden Si Co 469.... 1.... i.... 1
Holders of the abovo described cert ilieates are
requested to return them to the Secretary imme
diately. aud take out new certificates for balance
oclt m J. W. THOMBS, Sec'y.
(.old Hill, i i 1 1 1 i i > i Nevada Territory.
CheckM on
Bauk III Calif'oriln, mil iHau Krnnclnco
D. O. .Mill* <fc Co., 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 i ttnrrameato
Hideout 1 Smith, 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 Mnryavllla
Gold HiU, N. T.
Sifiht DraftH on i
IIrvIiInoii A Berrl, >111:1 .San Francisco
D. O. .Mill* A' Co., 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Hacrainent*
Decker &* Jewctl, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 : Mar y?vllle
X) ou same Legal Tender* Bought and Sold.
(ieiicrnl, Special and Time Depmlta lie
ceived. - JW? .
<Jranile Hulldln*. B ?reel, opponltc Tay.
lor Ntrecf, Virginia, S, T.
Hrntxrh <1- llerion* i i > 1 1 Nan Franrluro
Sell Exchange at Sight or Time, on
!><? Ithmn ifc {'o.. i i > i i i ? > 1 1 Mew Yark
Morriw. I'rovoM il' Co., 1 1 i i 1 1 i l.ondon
llcnlwb, l.umrher & ('a., 1 1 1 1 ? 1 i Parts
Luiierotli & Co.. 1 1 1 1 1 ? 1 1 ? i tllnmbarg
IlrntHrh Jk ('?,> iiiiintiitii lineva
Hon lent fur i?uy. ?
Make advances on Stiver ami Copper Ore for ship
ment iu Europe.
Deposit.-*, special or otherwise, received j Collec
tion" marie, mill all other tiuntueas connected with
Bunking ptinctnally attended to
oo? tf i. KUHUNO ? CO.
7v. \v. rom. } ?; J. r. huhiard.
Enterprise Rullding, No. 22 Ronth 0 atreet, Vlr
gin'"- delitf
Vir?iaia. 1*. T.
II . II A K ft ? S,
.1 A. B. PAUL ?00. '8 BANIIHO H008?
(iold Hill Nevada Tfrrlton.
L Assurer eight year* In California, and for two
car:- In Nevada Territory, Hi now at Gold Hill. * heir
e Hill attend to any hiflneuentniMMl t? hlin with
romptnes* and dispatch.
iold, Sliver anil ore* of Kvrri Urwriii.
lion A Mated.
, nd rettirna oi Bullion made wlUiln MX hour* io Jinn,
rColn, at tie option of the depositor*.
For correctness of Ills Away*. he refers to- ?
leitent. Trover A Coluate New York
lewr*. B. Behrend A Co New York
lessra. IMvldaon A Berrl ? San ITrancUco
leasts, J. l'arrnft A Co San Franclneo
(ewr*. Sulher & Co. ? Kali Francjaco
lesais. TaJlant A Co ifan Franclaco
iPWirs. itevnolds, Itels & Co ........Han Francisco
lessrs. B. V. Ilaatlr.Kn A Co Sacramento
lenar*. P. O. Mllla A Co Sacramento
Ic5>r-, itideout A Smith Marynvlllc
?lew*. I>ecker A Jcwett -Maryivlllr
li'.isrx. B. F. llastlns* A Co Vlnrlnla Cltj
lesfrs. Mavnard A'FIood. Gold HI;:
lesan., A. If. Paul A Co Cokl iiili
(tarm nt Han Kraariuro Kate*.
tebl2_ if. HAKK1.V
K. Rl'HMNG * CO.,
jraaite Hulldina. H Sc., opMatte Tartar,
Virginia, X. T.
JT and Awarril, and returns made In Coin or Bar?.
Ires of every description Assay ed. Our Ai?ays are
guaranteed, and Bar* discounted at the lowest rat**.
Sight Draft* on Han Fronctuco.
Our Assays are guaranteed correspond with
liose of the" United Slates Mint.
We would respectfully solicit the patronage ot
Diners and others.
As vouchers for the correctness <d our assays we
ire permitted to refer to the following Bankers:
.Veils, Fargo & Co., Daniel Meyer, Em..
ft. DavldMn, Em.. Henry HentMh,
Vlsop A- Co* Abel liny, Km.,
I. Mime, Km.. J. Parroti tc I'*.
PC.", tf
Virginia Cbv.
Gold axd silver bullion melted and
Assayed, and returns made III llai-. Ilied.iy.lt
Our A.MMayM
Will conform strictly to the standam ot iIm
U. H. Mint,
And our charges will I* the same as In San Franclso/
JQrParllctiiar attention given to ORE ASSAY'S.
Main Street, - - ? - Gold HOI, N. T
Silks, Satins, Delaine*. Calicos, Km broideries. Lace*,
Millinery Goods, Hosiery, etc., etc., direct from ilir
Ka*tern markets, and of the later* and mom ia*h ^li
able European and American styles? to which Me
specially Invite the attention of the l?tdie* of (Md
Hill, American Flat and Silver City.
Also? Perfumery, Head Dre?.<?e* and Ornaments,
Coin I w, Ladles' and Children*' Boot* and Shoes, and
every description of Goods for Ladle* Spring an>1
Summer Wear.
Also? A large stock of Carj>ets, Oil Cloths Linen*,
Sheetings, etc., etc.
jfcS"'The a hove Goods will In- sold at price*, |1>K
CASH, cheaper than anvKtock ofGooda ever brought
to Gold 1IIII. Ladles are partJcularlv Invited to cat;
and examine our new Goods l>eiore going elsewhere,
as we feel confident of helng able to stilt them.
Gold Hill, May 12. 1*64. may I 'J t r
To th?* l^ublic.
VI the cltixen* of Gold Hill, Virginia, 31l>ei
City, Dayton and It* vicinity, tbal his
Will bo open in two week* from date, with
The LargMl ftkyligfat la Ik* Tmiiar?
Likenesses will l>e taken in the most perfect m*u
ner, and with all the latent improvement* In the art.
ati'l warranted to give perfect satisfaction.
Also on ham! a beautiful Ktock of Good n, OOLI?
LOC'KKTS, PINS, etc., for Llkene**es.
Ltkonessex of the sick and deceaaed taken at theh
residences If desired. Also. View* of all kind*.
X. B.? A. J. BKALS. Dentist, has removed hi*
office juat hack of his ol?l office f??r the preneni.
where he will skillfully i?erform all operations In hl?
profession. A. J. BKALK.
Gold Hill, Sept. 14,1^. wIMl
The Infant'** Friend.
the best and surest remedy In the worid for all
diseases of children, .such as teething. **ind eolir.
etc. It corrects aeldltv of the stomach, regulate
the bowels, and gives re?t, health ami coiulurt to
mother and child. Perfectly safe In all canes, ??
millions of mot tiers can testify. Offices. t* Dry
street. New York, and 20*? High Hoi born, London,
Knglaml. ?e19 pi
M'holrnnlf Jlraler* in
Of Foreign u well an Hmc lirtnth,
N'n. 50S Battery St., oj>. ; Main ilmt, or. I'nlvn
poslte Custom House, Quartz >1111,
. And evrry othrr Article In thia Line.
General Aeeucy j?n?I Sole Depot of the Celebrate)
All Parrhawd Artlrlea Dellrertd Free al'
Chares !
?? the public In general, that from thetlrstof
October we have taken entire cbante of the Liquor
Business heretofore existing under the name and
style of C. Lelcbter & Co., and will continue to cob
duct the same In the usual manner, under the nam*
and style of PERRY & LEICHTEB.
While we thank our patrons for (he confidence
placed In us heretofore, we solicit tbelr continued
patronage, and will guarantee them a prompt anu
liberal deallog.
P. S,? We are the Sole Agents for the East Iadia
Bittern In the Territory.
Gold Hill, Oct. I. I.SM. oedtf
N't, 5U .South C atrcel, 1 1 1 VlrtfaU,
Akk now sellixc off tiieib kktibk
Stock- _
M3U] To clow bualncw. [sw2p
[No. 33 South C Stater. Vgunu,]
18 the Sole Agent for C. F. SCHOLL'8 pore Cali
From bis own vineyard, Anaheim, La* Angeles
county, California, which he will offer for aale on the
most reasonable terms, at whuleaale and retail.
Mr. GnM.it ha* also In atore? (tne aaaortnwm ot
other Llquorwof California distillation, anions which
Is a superior article of
Port, Angelica, Whirr aid Red H'laem
Purr (Jrnpe Braad>-,
tvlar Hitter* and
K randy Bitten,.
Ilon't forxet (tuit all llauora aold by rae are guaran
teed to he pure. S^le* Room, Mo. 5S, tenth <T atreet .
Give me a call and examine my autnrior atook ol
Lluuors. oW J. C. OHKBKK.
nmini xxn dulxk m
8Uver & Plated War*, Cutlery 4 Fancy Goodi.
!*?. V Saalk C Street, Vlr?lala,
Threw doon below Union Street. ?
West Side. AU Good* warranted u represented.
*J-Jowelry mails and repaired to order.
Watcbes and Clock* carefully repaired by J. r
bell, and guaranteed apr222j)tr
Otonarml Convayanoar, CmpmIw
And Oommiulonar for Califtraia. ,
OFFICE? With H H Flaff * Co., Foal 0?r.
Building. Gold HUI lag tf
Terry McQinneB ? Tim. Croniu.
Boilers, boasting run nacis and mill
WORK of all deacrlpdow done thoroughly awl
loonier. Alio, Brtcklayfiu In cananri.
Orden leftat Cbryatal Bajooo. South C atnet, or
Klopatock k Harrli' 01 far Mora, wui be prfiiwlr
attended to. ocMb*

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