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Publtt?hed ev???y day. (Sundays excepted.)
ly.icrT m.\D%Lr,
CMUce? Suuth ilaln Strwt, Gold f till, iu Wells
Kargo A Co\ okl building.
One lear. by Mail or Express $!?? <w
Six Month* low
Tbrre Months ft ?>
Single copies. twenty-five cents.
I* delivered In Gold Hill, Virginia, American 1 City, j
Silver City. Davton and Spring Valley, at Fifty 1
Cents per Heek. Payable 10 the Carriers.
1.. V. riSHEH -San Faxxrwro |
MK. LAK VHKK. News Asetit ^an Ku\n? -wco j
? HAS H.GOOPKICH Ui??mb? Agent, i
farther notice. the tralu> i?l the Central I'aciilc f
KailmaU will run a* follow*:
Sacramento at ?>:!*? a.m.. arrive at Newcastle 7 :30 a.m
.Nicraniento at l p.m.. arrive at Newcastle 3&? p.*
Sacramento at s p. v., arrive at Newcastle ??:4? p.*
Ncwca.<*tle at ?'<!."? a.m.. arrive at Sacramento;*: Ma. X
Newcastle .it !??:.*? a.m.. arrive at Sacramento at li? *
, atti c i? p * .arrive at Sacramento ? u t p. m
The ifcl.* a.*, ami "? p.*. 4|? train* connect at the
|unctk?n with the can >4" th?* California Central Rail
r<-a<i for Lincoln; an I the?*.;U a. m. train connect* at
;h*? ?ame ;?ia? e with the car* for Kolsotn.
rhe a.m. 4?fU train connect* at the Junction 1
with :h** car* for Lincoln, an-! nvlve pa>sen>jers j
?p.tn t'oboui u-r ?acrauientu; atfl the UfcSM a.m. train !
tonn**ra at the vitne place with the cats for k'ohom, '
jn l at Sacramento with the steamer* for San Fran- 1
? ?n Sunday one train ouly will lie run. leaving 2&c (
ramonto at ifcl5 a.m.. an?l Ne wean tie at hfcft a.m.
>ia??w for Ylntlnia City, Dutch Hal. Ncvatlaami ,
mtermeUlate place* connect with the car?atN?'W
co*tle at 7:3? a.m. Stamen for MarrwvWe arvl other
l??lnt* north connect at Llucoln at 7u5i> a.m.
kin President P. H. K. Co. |
P. A S. V. K. K. ? S. V. ?. R.
? A>?
Fwoport 1-Jstili-ojnl !
ON AS I) AFTER SEPTEMBER l-.'tu. W.i, or
dinary Freight will W n'c**ivcd at FREE PORT
mid forwarded lo LATKi >BK without charge for
Transhipping, drayage or forwarding.
shipped by >teal)i(fr? of th?* California Steam
Navigation Company, leav.itgSun Francisco at in.
*. (tally, can be delivered in Latrobv at y o'clock J
u?*xt morning. Freight shipped by >aiiliu vessels i
will N* forwarded with dispatch. \>? charge on or- ;
uinary riright per sailing vessels for leviv due*. ;
transhipping. <1 ravage ?>r forw inline.
All Heavy Freights, snch a* Boiler*. Heavy Cast- ;
:ngn? Steam Engines. etc.. will be transhipped at |
Freeport by powerful derricks dir?vtly to th*? cars,
am-1 .ti Latrobv will also tv transhipped by derricks
directly to teams. Ft thisilassol freight, a charge
will b** made ??i cost of iab??r eugaged on derricks
only. .
Freight Charges ??! steamers or sailing vessel will
r?c advanced at Free port and collected at Latrobv
without charge.
Mark all Freight. " CARE F. It. K.. FR RE
PORT." and send receipts with Freight.
Price* ot" Frriglitinc :
FREIGHT. from Freeportto Latrobe, $1 per ton.
DOWN FREIGHTS, from Latrolx' (uFht'port <>r
Sacramento, will be forwarded at the following |
rates : t
ordinary Ftvjght-. p**r ton $3 <*?
ore" shipper* t?? load and unload* jht ton 2 ??? |
Marble. " " ** " 2 30 i
l.nmber. " ** " " M 3 <w
Wood, ** " *" ** ear of
??Si conl> ...... l_' no !
Klpo H-?
Felts <C
.Hark Freight. "Care IV %v >. V. K. R."
ocio m Superintendents. _
Great K \prrss Lane !
-between -
\ ia C. S. Co** Steamboat*, l-'wppor! nud
Placerville. nnd Sacramento Valley
Railroad*. and PJon^fr
Sia*f Miun.
*enger? leaving San Fntuclsco t>v Uvitnt I r. a., j
*rill take car* at Kreeport ??:? arrival of h??at. change :
to stage at La:r??be <:> mile-* r'n-m Sac ramento\ at?.l
arrive at Virginia City in ;i hour* from San Kran
cbHTO ? cro**im0 th+ mountain* f'*t dnyli-jht /
Returning? will leave Virginia City by afternoon
stages. take car* at Latrob*a ne\t ilay. *:eanU"?at at
Kreeport, anil arrive at San Francesco in l * i.? ?
irum Virginia City? connecting with earn for Sacra- i
The usual stage connections will be uuule between |
Sacran?.'i:t" and Virginia City, as follows: Leave '
Sacramento by Sat- rame : 1 1 oaY alley Ilailmail at ?>;a a. I
a., connecuiu with ?tag?- tor Virginia City at Latrobc 1
Leave Virginia City at ?'? a. m.. connecting with the j
train next morning at Latrobe tor Sacramento,
arriving in Sacramento at S A. M. att22m 1
Ten Centa Per l*ouncL
on Freight from 5*an Francisco
ill he TUN CKNTS per pound.
Her P. D. HetlJey, Agent.
<JoM Hia. Jo? IU k***. Jnlltf
K K D r C E D KATE*.
and from Sui Fraud.-*:? will bo
Ki(kt i ?) Oat* per Pouud.
H. 1>. SMITH. Aceiit.
Virginia. J one V. W'l. Jny tf
<<uion. Wadlrigh & Wilson's
Fast Freight & Express Co.
every Mtmdav aud Thursday inurniug. at eiisfcit
?/clock, connecting with the Original Fast Freight
and Kxptm Company in?ui Sacramento.
O" FreUht taken through from San Francisco to
Austin In six days.
Onricr? No. 44 south C street, four doors from
Taylor. Virginia cltv.
ocT tf AloNZO <i. 3&AKJKSUN, Agent.
Cheaper than ran br bouxlii in ih? Trr.
rilw) !
1 ktlKUaf
IK every deMrtptlon: and a full and Uw> a*M>rtnie?t
01 ail kinds of Good* uppertalr.lns to the Trade,
whteh I will *11 at San Iranclsco price*.
JSTtitve me a rail t>efoi* purclia^nic else* here.
wl u Next IVwr to *ioiD Hill Xtwa urtlce.
I). It. WOOLF,
At ??Territorial Kntrrpri?r -
i>. B. \fc . will attend to the Collevting of lUnte and
Account* to Virginia andUold Hill.
KKTlllS Ht 1'UUHXslu.N 10
3fe*?rs. Ivoodmas jt McCarthy. Territorial Enter]>n>e
Messrs. Paxton A Thorubunjh. Bankers,... Virginia
XdMS. Arnold A Bfaavelt, Bankers Virginia
Mntws. Mitchell X Adams Virginia
J. II. La haui, K*q., Ace at Well*. K*rgoJkCo..
)yjt? U __ _ Virginia
To the Citizen* o t Oold Hill.
At a wcxrvNO of thk buakd ok tbcs>
tees of the Town of Gold Htli. held Jniv 3otu.
lo?4. the Clerk reported, th*t owing to the tact that
the freasurer had been unable to negotiate tor the
sate of bonds to complete the Reservoir and lay the
water pipe, it would be necessary t? >top the work
until jucIi time as tlu: bonds can be .-old. In ac
cordance wUh said report, the Hwideut wan iir
. struct*- J to solicit the citizens of the Town to lake a
sutttueiu amount of bonds to complete the water
worts. By order of the Board.
1U3tf 9. 11. BOB1XSOX. Clerk.
jqd. it. mm. j?n
vol. a gold hill, n. t., Wednesday evening, october 19, im. no. 31a
* *
The National Platform mf lb# I nioa
The following is the platform adopted by
the National Convention of the Union Party
held in Baltimore :
i. Resolved, That it i* the highest dutv of
every American citizen to maintain against all
their enemies the integrity of the Union and the
paramount authority of the Constitution and law*
*?f the United States; aud that, laving aside all
differences ami political opinion*, we pledge our
. selves, us Union raeu, animated by n common
I sentiment and aiming at a common object, to do
I everything in our power to aid the Government
iu quelling by force of arm* the rebellion now
ragiug against its authority, and in bringing to the
puuishxneut due to their crimes the rebel* and
traitor* armed against ir.
? Resolved, That we approve the determin
ation of the Government of the United State* uot
to compromise with the rebel*, or to offer any
terun* of pence, except *uch a* may be ba*ed
upon on unconditional surrender of their hostili
tie* and return to their ju*t idlegiance to the
L'oustitutiou uudlaw*of the Uuited States, and
. that we call upon the Government to malutaiu
| this position, and to prosecute the war with the
utmost possible vigor to the complete suppression
of the rebellion, in the full reliance npon the self
sacrificing patriotism and heroic valor, und the
undying devotion of the American people to their
country and Its fVee Institution*.
A. liesolred, That a* slavery was the cause and
now constitute* the strength of this rebellion, and
a* it must be. always and everywhere hostile to
the principle* of republican government, justice
and the national safety demand it* utter and com
plete extirpation from the soil of the Republic
And that while we uphold iuuI maintain tue
acts and proclamations by which the Govern
ment, in its own defense, ha* aimed a death-blow
at this gigantic evil, we are in favor furthermore
of such an amendmeut to the Conslitntiou to be
made by the people iu conformity with ita pro
visions. us shall terminate forever and prohibit the
existence of slavery within it* limit* or the juris
diction of the United State*.
4. Rewired. That the thank* of the Amer
ican people are due to the soldiers aud
sailors of the Army and Navy, who have
periled their lire* in defense of their couurry and
in vindication of the honor of the flag; that tlie
Nation owe* to them some permaueut recogni
tion of their patriotism and their valor, and ample
ami permanent provision for those of their survi
vors who have received disabling and honorable
wounds in the service of their country; and that
the memories of those who have falien in its de
feuse shall be held in grateftrl aud everlasting re
.?>. Hctoirea. i uat we approve ana appiami tne
practical wisdom, the unseltish patriotism and the
uuswerving fidelity to the Constitution ami the
principles of American liberty with which Abra*
haul Lincoln has discharged. under circuni stances
of unparalleled difficulty, the great duties and
re?pou>ibillties of the Presidential office; that we
approve and endorse, as demanded by the emer
gency and essential to the preservation ot the
Nation and as withiu the provisions of the
Constitution, the meusure* and acts which ho
ha.- adopted to defend the Nation against its open
and secret foes: that we approve especially the
Proclamation of Etuaucipatiou. and the employ -
nient a* Union soldiers of meu heretofore
held in slavery ; and that we have full confidence
in his detenniuatiou to carry outjhese and all oth
er Constitutional measures essential to the salva
tion of the country with tull and complete effect.
0. litsolctd, that we deem it essentia) to the
general welfare that harmony should prevail in
the National councils, and we regard us worthy of
public confidence and official trust those ouly who
cordially endorse the principle* proclaimed in
these resolutions. ;ind which should characterize
the ad intnirit ration of the Government.
7. lie so iced. That the Government owes to all
men employed in its armies, without regard to
distinction of color, tlu* full protection of the laws
of war. and that any violation of these laws, or
the usages of civilized nations in time of war. by
the rebels now inarms, should be made, the sub
ject of prompt and full redress.
y. Hetolced, The foreign emigration, which in
the past has added so much to the wealth, devel
opment of resources and increase of power to this
Nation, the asylum of the oppressed of all nations,
should be fostered and encouraged by a liberal
andjn?t policy.
Resoiecd. That we are in favor of the stea
dy construction of the Railroad to the Pacific.
10. Resoiced. That the Natioual faith, pledged
for the redemption of the public debt, must be
kept inviolate, and that for this purpose we re
commend ecouooiy and rigid responsibility in the
public expenditures, and a vigorous and just sys
tem ot taxation ; that it is the dnty of every loyal
State to sustain the credit and promote the use
of the National currency.
U. Raulrtd, That we approve the position
takcu by the Governiueut that the people of the
I'uitcd States can never regard with indifference
the attempt of auy European power to over
throw by force or to supplant the institutions of
any Republican Government on the Western
Continent; and that they will view with ex
treme jealousy. as meuaciug to the peace and in
dependence of their own conntrv, the efforts of
unv such Power to obtain new footholds for mo
narchical Governments, sustained by foreign
military force, in near proximity to the United
V I R (i I N I A .
On Thursday, October -lOlh. IMM, j
Committee on Invitations,
Mayor B. R. Arick,
Hon. Jas. H. ilaniy,
lion. Wm, M. Stewart,
CapL a. G. Blalsdell.
Joseph Barnet.
Lucien Herman.
John Gillig.
A. Llndauer.
A. K. Grim.
Louis Feualer,
Ilenrv P. Cohen,
J. C. Clark,
G^rge B. Cobb.
K. N.Graves
Col. Charles A. Sumner.
1 Hon. John A. Collins,
Gen. T. H. William.'*.
J. U. Latham.
! Judge Ferris.
Fred SchloM,
' J.W.SUteler,
I. C. Bateman.
i Dan Block,
i F.A.Tritle,
j John A. Paxton.
Chas. II. Fteli.
trad Forth,
A. DeLaml,
Gtold Hill:
P. D. Hedlev. I Hon. J. H. Mills,
M. Koni. ' I Hon. J. B. Winter*,
M. Frankenhelmer.
Silver City:
A. Koneman. I Capt. Charles Uznav.
M. Alder,
Governor J. W. Nye, I Hon. Orion Clemens.
Joe. Roeenstock. I Pete Hopkins, ,
Marcus Meyer.
A. Sutro. i M. Meyer.
Committee on Arrangemenw :
Sam. W?M?nnu. ! J. Rejrensberjrer,
A. Hirachiiuu, John PrankenttuU.
B. F. Greenew&lil, | Wni. Bremef.
TICKETS, : : :7TT t t i i t i ?. 93 OO.
Masonic Notice.
The stated meetings of silver, . .
star Lislce, I". D.. of F. and A. Masons,\A/
| Gold Hill, are held on SATURDAYS of, or Jl
! next precedlac the full moon In each month.^^^
Called Meetings, every Salurday evening, at
o'clock. Brethren in ?ood standing are Invited to
attend. Bv oriler of \V. M.
j'vt.' if s. ETTLIXGEB. Sec'v.
, O GKOt'tRlK^, direct from Han Francisco, which
I we will sell Cheaper for Ciuk than the same
| kind of goods can he houuht lu the Territory. All
| our Groceries and Provision* are fresh. Goods de
[ llvered Free of Charge. KORN BROTHERS.
| Gold Hill. June IT. liM. J til?
Territorial Fair.
The annual fair of the washoe a?
ricultural. Mining and Mechanical Society, will
be held at Canon City, commenclns the SECOND
Bv onier of the Directors.
A. V. Treasurer. au*U 3t_
Engineers, Attention.
1 Association, lip. I. meets every SATURDAY
EVENING at 7* o'clock, at Tam-Vereln Hall, Gold
i H11L Member* are requested to be punctual In at*
t< ndance. D. C. MORRIS, President.
J NO. B. MOMtaw. Secretary. J.v30 If
Wines and Liquors.
VI Bay* new and choice stock of Foreign and
Atuertcao Wines. Brandies and other Liquor*, which
we offer at remarkably Low Rates For Cash.
Ookl 11 UU June 17. !*>*? JnlT
The subscribers would inform mill
men that thee have Just received a complete
stock of Chemicals for Quarta-mUlint purposes.
Wm he sold cheaper than can be bought anywhere
els* to th. Territory. KORN BROTflXBS.
Gold HIH. June IT. ISM. JnlT 1
The following Is a corrected copy of the new sche
dule of stamp duties under the new revenue law,
which took effect on August 1st. ISM :
Acknowledgment or deeds exempt
AffidttVlt ft eta
Affidavit In suits or legal proceedings exempt
Agreement or appraiseuieut tfor each sheet or piece
of paper on which the same is written) 5 cts
Assignment or transfer of mortgage*, lease or policy
of insurance, the some duty a* the original Instru
Assignment of patent right.... 6 cts
Bank checks, drafts or orders, etc., at sight or on de
maud 2eU
Bills of exchange (foreign) drawn In but payable out
of the United States, each bill, or setul three or
more, must be stamped.
For every bill of each net, where the sum made pay.
able does not exceed $100, or the equivalent there
of in any forelgu currency in which such bill* may
be expressed, according to the standard of .value
fixed bv the United States '.2 cts
For every additional $luo or fractional part thereof,
In excess of $n>0 2 cts
BUI* of exchange (foreign) drawn in but payable out
of the Culted States (It drawn singly or In dupli
cate) pay same duty as Inland bills of exchange.
[The acceptor or acceptors of any bill of exchange or
order for the payment of any sutuof money, drawn
or purporting to be drawn in any foreign country,
but payable in the United States, must, before
paying or accepting the same, place thereon a
stamp Indicating the duty. J
Bills oi exchange (Inland), draft or order, payable
otherwise than at sight or on demand, and any
promissory note, whether payable on deiuaud or
at a time designated (except bank notes Issued for
circulation and checks maue and Intended to be,
and which shall be presented forthwith for pay
ment) tor a sum not exceeding $1U0 5 cts
For additional 51"?, or fractional part thereof, ft ct*
[The warrant of attorney to confess Judgment on a
note or bond is exempt froiu stamp duty, If the
note or bond Is properly stumped. J
Bills of lading of vessels for ports of the United
States or British North America exempt
Bills of lading, or receipt for goods, to any foreign
port 1U cts
Bill of sale of any vessel, or part thereof, when the
consideration does not exceed $300 50 cts
BUI of sale exceeding $300, not exceeding $1,000 81 00
Bill of sale exceeding $1,U00, for each $ou>, or frac
tional part thereof. 50 cts
BUI of .sale of (>ersoual property (other than ship or
vessel) .'...Sets
Bond, personal, tor the payment of money. [See
Mortgage. ]
Bond, olUeUl ....Si 00
ik>ud, for Indemnifying any person for the payment
of any sum of money, where the money ultimately
recoverable thereupon Is $l,ouu or less 30 cts
Bond, whore the money recoverable exceeds $1,000,
lor every additional $1,000, or fractional part there
of .V) cts
Bonds ? county, city and town bonds, railroad ana
other borporatioti bonds, and scrip, are subject to
stamp duty. [See Mortgage.]
Bonds of any description, other than such as are re
quired In legal proceeding?, and such as are not I
otherwise charged In this schedule 53 cU
Certificates of deposit in bank, sum not exceeding
$luo 2 cts
Certificates of deposit in bank, sum exceeding $100,
5 Ctb
Certlrtcates of stock In an Incorporated company, 25c
Certificates, general 5 cu
Certlrtcates of record upou th?* instrument recorder,
Certificates of record upon the book exempt
Certificates of weight or measurement of animals,
coal, wood, or other articles, except weighers* anu
measurers' returns exempt i
Certificate* of a qualification of a Justice of the
Peace, Commissioner of Deeds, or Notary Public,
Certificates of March of records 5cts
Certificates that certain paper* are ou file 5et? |
Certificates that certain paper* cannot be found 5 eta
Certificates of redemption ??l" laml sold fur taxes 3 cti?
Certificate* of birth, marriage and ileal h 3 ct>
Certificates of quatidcatloti ol" school teacher*.. 3 ets
Certificated of protltsln an Incorporated company
for a sum not less than $10. not exceeding $MJ, l?? c
fertiticate*exccodltig$3n, not exceeding $1,000, 23 cts
Certificates exceeding Sl.ouo, lor every additional
?1,inn?, or fractional part thereof. 23 eta
Certificate* of damage, or otherwise, and all other (
certificates or documents issued by any port war
den, marine surveyor, or other person acting as
such .....23 eta
Certified transcripts of Judgments, satisfaction oj
judgments, ami of all pa|x?rs recorded or on file, 3c
[N.B.? Asa general rule, every certificate which
has. or may have, a legal value Itt any Court of law
or equity will require a stamp duty of 5 cts.]
Charter party, or letter, memorandum, or other wri
ting between the captain, owner or agent of any
ship, vessel, or steamer, and any other person,
relating to the charter of the same. If thereglstereu
tonnage of said ship, vessel, or steauier does not
exceed one hundred ami ttfty tons $1 ot
Charter party, etc., exceeding one hundred and ttfty
tons, and not exceeding three hundred tons.. $3 ou
Charter party, etc., exceeding three hundred tons,
and not exceeding six hundred totis $3 ??
Charter party, etc., exceedlug six hundred tons,$lo
Check, draft, or onler for the payment of any sum oi
money exceeding $10, drawn upon any persou other
than a bank, banker, or trust company, at sight or
on demand 2 eta
Coutraci. [See Agreement.]
Contract ?Brokers 10 cts
Conveyance, deed, instrument ?>r writing, whereb)
land*. tenement* or other realty sold shall be con
veyed, the actual value of which does not ex
ceed ttfui 50 ets
Conveyance, etc-, exceeding $3uo and not exceeding
$1,00? $1 00
Conveyance, etc., tor every additional $3on, or frac
tional part thereof, in excess of $l,oou fin cts
Entry of auv goods, wares or merchandise at any
Custom House, either for consumption or ware
housing, not exceeding $100 in value 25 ct?
Entry exceeding $10<>, and not exceeding $300 lu
value 30 cu
Entry exceeding $.Vio In value Si ??
Entry for the withdrawal of any goods or merchan
disc from bonded warehouse .....50 eta
tiaugers' returns. If for quantity not exceeding ???
gallons, gross 10 cU
Gau iters' returns, exceeding 300 gallons 25 ct?
indorsement of any negotiable Instrument... exempt
Insurance (Marine, Inland and fire), where the bon
slderatlon paid for the insurance. In cash, premium
notes, or both, does not exceed $10 lu cents
Insurance (Marine, Inland and Fire), exceeding $lo
and not exceeding $30. 23 cts
Insurance (Marine. Inland and Hire), exceeding
$30 30 cu
Insurance (Life), when the amount insured does not
exceed SlJiuo 25 cts
Insurance (Life), exceeding Si, ooo and not exceeding.
$y,uu> 30 cents
Insurance (Life), exceeding $>,uu Si tit
Insurance (Life;, limited to Injury to persons while
travelling exempt
Lease of 'andsor tenements, where rent does not
exceed $*"? per annuiu 30 cts
Lease of lands or tenements, exceeding $3t?. for each
additional $200, or fractional |iart thereof In excess
of $300 50 cts
Lea^s of lands or tenements, perpetual, subject to
stamp duty as a " conveyance/' the stamp duty to
be measured by resolving the annual rental Into a
capital sum.
Lea?? of lands or tenements, clause of guaranty of
payment of rent. Incorporated or Indorsed, five
cents additional
Manifest for Custom House entry or clearance of the
cargo of any ship, vessel or steamer for a foreign
port. If the "registered tonnage of such ship, vessel
or steamer does not exceed 300 tons Si 00
Manifest, exceeding &>o tons and not exceeding
600 3 00
Manifest, exceeding 600 tons 5 00
Measurers' returns, if for quantity not exceeding
1,000 bushels 10 cts
Measurers' returns, exceeding 1,000 bushels. ...23 eta
Mortgage, trust deed, bill of sale, or personal bond
for the payment of money exceedlug $100 and not
exceeding $300 to cts
Mortgage, exceeding $300, for every additional $X?,
or fractional part thereof In excess of $500 ? 50 cts
Pawners' checks .5 cts
Pension papers, powers of attorney, and all other
papers relating to applications for bounties, ar
rearages of pay, or pensions, or to receipt thereof
Passage ticket from the United States to a forelgu
port, costing not more than $35, and not exceeding
sio -Ii oo
Passage ticket for every additional $30, or fractional
part thereof In excess of $30 ? $1 00
Powers of attorney to sell or transfer stock, or col
lect dividends thereon 23 cts
Power of attorney to vote at election of Incorporated
company 10 cts
Power of attorney to receive or collect rents . . 25 cts
Power of attorney to sell, ot convey, or sent, or lease
real estate vfl 00
Power of attorney for any other purpose 30 cts
Probate of will, or letters of administration, where
the value of both real and personal estate does not
exceed $2,000 .... -$1 <JJ
For every additional $i,ooo, or any fractional part
thereof lu excess of $2,000 50 cts
Bonds of executors, administrators, guardians, and
trustee*, are each sfltyect to a stamp doty of $1 00
Certificate of appointment...? 5 cts
Protest upon bill, note, check or draft 23cts
Promissorv note ? TSee bills of exchange, inland.]
Promissory depo.lt note to tnutaal Insurance com
panies, when policy Is subject to duty ? Exempt
Promissory note, renewal of, subject to the same
duty as an original note.
Quit claim deed, to be stamped as a conveyance, ex
cept when given as a release of a mortgage by the
mortgagee to the mortgagor. In which case It Is ex
Receipt for the payment of any sum of money or
debt due, exceeding $20, or for the delivery of any
property . - - 2 cts
Becelpt for satisfaction of any mortgage or Judgment
or decree of any Court...... exempt
Sheriffs return on writ, or other process. ? exempt
Trust deed, made to secure a debt, to V* stamped as
a mortgage.
Trust deed, conveying estate to uses, to be stamped
as a conveyance.
Warehouse receipt for any goods, wares, or mer
chandise, not otherwise provided for, deposited or
stored In any public or private warehouse, not ex
ceeding $300 In value 10 cts
Warehouse receipt exceeding tflOO, and not exceed
ing *1,000.., 20 cts
Warehouse receipt exceeding $1,000, for every ad
ditional $1,0110, or fractional part thereof in excess
of $1,000 10 Cts
Warehouse receipt for any goods, etc., not otherwise
provided for. stored or deposited In any public or
private warehouse or yard -23 eta
Writs and legal documeuts:
Writ, or other original process, by which any ?utt Is
commenced in any Court of Record, either of law
or equity 50 cts
Writ, or other original process, issued by a Court not
of record, where the amount claimed Is $1A0, or
over - to cu
Upon even* confession of Judgment or cognovit for
$100, or over, except In cases where the tax for a
writ has been paid 50 eta
Writs, or other processes on amteals from Justices
Courts, or other Courts of inferior Jurisdiction, to
a Court of Record 30 cts
Warrant of distress, when the amount of rent claimed
does not exceed $100 & cts
Warrant of distress, when the amount exceeds fioo,
, to cts
Writs, summonses, and other process issued by a
Justice of the Peace, Police or Municipal Court of
uo greater Jurisdiction than a Justice of the Peace
In toe same State ? ? exempt
Writs, and other process in any criminal or other
suits commenced by the United SUtes in any
State ? exempt
Official documents, instruments, and paps* Issued
or ated hy aflteeni or the United State* Ooxen^
-I ? I
by john a. saxf.
Ah ! well, we are wiser at last i
The charming delusion is over :
your dream of devotiop ia put,
And I? am no longer a lover.
But darling. (allow mo the phrant*.
For dimple civility'* sake),
Don't think in this cntaent of lavs
I've anv reproaches to make.
Ah I no? not a querulous word
Shall full from my passionate pen :
The sharp little scoldings yon'ro heard
F never shall utter again.
But If in this final adieo
Too ehilly for even a kiss,
I venture a comment or two,
You surely won't take it amis*.
I'm thinking, my dear, of the day.
(Well, habit in certainly queer.
And still in a love like way
1 call v?a " darling " and " dear !")
I'm thinking, I say, of the time
I vowed you were chariningl v clever,
And raved of your beauty in rhyme.
And promised to love you forever ?
Forever ! a beautiful phruse,
Suggestive of heavenly pleasure
That millions and millious of days
Were wholly unequal to measure !
And yet, as we sadlv have wen,
The case in remarkably clear,
Ti? a word that may happen to mean
Rather lees than a calendar year f
Yet I never have broken my vow,
Although 1 admit that 1 swore
To love you forever, nud now
Confess that 1 love yon no more ;
For since you're no longer the xamo
(Ileaveu pardon and pity u* both !)
To be loving you now, I proclaim
Were really breukiag my oath !
[* Washoe' 4 widders" and their "old sweeties'
are requested not to read the above? .as it iw a nort
of Mirror.? Ed. N1WS.J
The hard iack IjIne. ? &. western
correspondent with Sherman's army
writes : An old lady of the Partington
school was fonnd the other day in a terri
ble state of consternation on the approach
of our forces to this point. Johnston's
raccrs had passed through the neighbor
hood, and everything ? even the poultry,
pork and cattle had been taken with the
malaria of "falling back." The old lady
was left entirely alone, deplorably wring
ing her hands, with poverty as her only
companion, and it was strongly apparent,
even in her speech. She viewed first one
hearty, jolly, fat-sided "Yank," then an
other, as much surprised ft their gift of
gab as their lack of horns, when one, an
enormously huge buckeye, stepped into
the yard to Quench his thirst and fill his
canteen at a dilapidated specimen of a
well. Says he ? " How are you, Auntyr"
" Tolablc ailin', jis now." " We've got
here at last." "Where did vom come
from r Er yer hookers or /linkers, or is ycr
i hermines ?" " There are some boys about
who might, I reckon, hook a chicken or
two ; but we're all Buckeyes in the pot."
" Lord ! you don't say bo. I've hearn
tell of trees what bore them ar nuts, but
never seed any afore. How'd you git
here?" "Well, if Uncle Abe wants any
help, he just sings out to our Governor,
up in Ohio, and when Johnny Brough
shakes the trees, just as many as he wants
lets go all hold entirely, and roll
right down here on the hard-tack line."
?? Fore God, no Not her new line r How
many lines has you'ns all got ? We'uns
almos taxed t'death 'ready ? 'notber line'll
hang us all sure." " Haint you folks got
about as much of this as you want ?"
says Buckeye." " Got r We isn't got
aothin. Done loss all we ever had got.
I don't see what you'ns all want, way
down here to Georgy." " We come down
here to stop this muss. When we get
through with old Johnston, his army will
all have a chance to go home and sec their
relations." " But the General says
you'uns dont fight fair. You shermines
keep a trouhlin' of him and showin" of
him in front, and your hookers keep a
runnin' onto his end with your JlinJters."
" Good evening /linkers," said Buckeye,
and away he went, giving room for some
others more qnizzical and mischievous
than himself.
A Peace Speech. ? J. ii. Woodward,
a young man, resident of Ohio, and at one
time Adjutant of an Indiana regiment,
was called out at a recent peace meeting,
and reponded as follows : Gentlemen?
The great cry that 1 have heard to-day has
been peace, peace. I tell you that there is
no man in the nation who desires peace
more than I do ; a permanent, lasting
peace. (Cheers.) And gentlemen, I will
tell you how we will get it. Fight this
war out. Take every negro in the rebel
States, and exterminate every d? drebel,
no matter where you find him. (Hisses.)
Gentlemen, you need not try to hiss me
down, for I am an old soldier, and I have
faoed almost as mean a looking crowd as
is now before me. I mean the thieves and
bushwhackers of Tennessee. I know I
was called upon to make a speech out of
derision, and I intend to tell you what I
think of you. When God said he would
save Sodom, if ten righteous men could be
found there, I have no doubt he would
have done it ; and, to-day, if you all stood
upon the brink of bell, and he were to say
he would save you if one loyal man could
be found among you, I have not the least
doubt but there would be a great many
strange faces in hell for supper. Gentle
men, when yon wish to hear from ma
again, you have only to call upon me. I
am always at home.
Test of Death. ? When fire is applied
to a living body a blister filled with liquid
is soon raised, and if the heat be contin
ued, the epidermis ia destroyed. But
when the same heat is applied to a dead
body, the epidermis rises in the form of a
blister, which . is filled with vapor, and
which presently bursts. The test has been
proposed by M. Martin de Courdoux, to
ascertain if a person be really dead before
the burial. In performing the test the
author recommends a small flame, such as
the flame of a match, to be applied for a
short time at about half a centimetre from
the skin.
Jones and. Brown were talking of a
I young clergyman, whose preaching they
j had heard that day. The sermon was
very poor. " What do you think of
I him ?" inquired Brown. " I think," said
Jones, "he did much better two years
ago." " Why, he didn't preach at all
then," said Brown. " True," replied
Jones ; " that is what I mean."
A very intemperate man in London,
named Papworth, recently went to bed
tipsy, and in the night called for water.
His daughter brought him lemonade in a
bottle, and left him. He was found dead
next day, with the bottle sticking out of
his mouth, which he must have tried to
swallow, and so suffocated himself.
A Savahnah editor found it "supremely
disagreeable " to hear the reverberation of
the Yankee cannon at Fort Pulaski in
honor of the birthday of liberty. Only
one thing could have been more disgust
img? to hear the "Yankee subjugator"
read the Declaration of Independence.
Somebody made the i remark that a cra
dle was a woman's proper ballot-box;
somebody else wished to know if the
mothers of triplets were not liable to arrest
tor illegal Toting.
The following is a complete and correct
abstract of the Constitution of the State of
Nevada, adopted on the seventh day of Sep
tember. It is greatly condensed, occupying
but a fraotion of the room required for the
publication of the whole document, but will
be found equally useful and far more con
venient for reference :
Preceding the Constitution proper is a rendu
tion adopting the Constitution of the United
states and au ordinance forever prohibiting ?la*
very, securing perfect religious toleration, dis
claiming forever all right and title to unappropri
ated public lands, which are left to the sole din
posit iou of the United State*; exempting from
taxation all lands and other property of the Uni
ted States, and declaring that land*' of non-resi
dent* shall not be taxed higher than land* of cltl
senn of the proposed stato. These enactments are
made in compliance with the terms of the Ena
bling Act, and are declared irrevocable without
the consent of the United 8tutex and of the people
of tbo State of Nevada.
The preamble to the Constitution is the same
as that of the old Constitution. It reads thus:
" We, the people of the State of Nevada, grate
ful io Almighty God for our freedom, in order to
seen re its blowing*, insure domestic tranquility
and form a more perfect Government, do estab
lish this Constitution."
Section 1 declare* all men by nature tree and
equal, postering certain inalienable rights, etc.,
the language ot the section being merely an am
pGticatkm of the Declaration of Independence.
?S;ccion 0 averts that the doctrine of the inhe
rent political power of the people, and their right
to establish or change their form of Government,
and continues: "But tho paramount allegiance
of every citizen la due to the Federal Govern
ment, in the exercise of all its constitutional pow
ers.uB the same have been or may be defined by
the Supreme Court of the United Statei ?, and no
power exists iu the people of this or any other
state of the Federal Union to dissolve their con
nection therewith, or perform any act tending to
impair, subvert or resist the supremo authority
of the Government of the United States. The
Con?titution of the United States confers full
power on the Federal Government to maintain
and perpetuate its existence, and whensoever any
portion of the States, or people thereof, attempt
to secede from the Federal Union, or forcibly re
sist tho execution of its lawn, the Federal Gov
ernment may, by warrant of tho Constitution,
employ armed force in ''ompelling obedience to
it* authority."
Section a establishes the right of trial by jury,
but provides that three-fourth* of a jury iu any
civil case may lind a verdict unless the LegiBla
ture by a two-thirds vote shall require such ver
dicts to be unanimous.
Section 4 requires perfect religious tole*"ition
and freedom of con*cicuce. No person to be ex
cluded as u witnehs on nccount of religions opin*
lens. /_
.Section 5 secures tho writ of habeas corpus,
except in cane* of rebellion or invasion.
Section 6 prohibits oxcesfiive bail, cruel or un
usual punishments, etc
Section 7 requires that all persons accused shall
l>e bailable, except for capital offenses.
Section 8 prohibits trials for crime except on
presentment or indictmenl, nod establishes tho
usual aafcg uards as to personal and property right*.
Section I) secures the freedom of speech and of
the pre an, and allows the truth to be given in ev
idence, in Actions for libel, by way of justification.
Section 10 establishes the right of the people to
hold public meetings, etc.
Section 11 subordinates the military to the civil
power, prohibits a standing army in time of peace,
and limits army appropriations in time of war to
two years.
Section 10 forbids the billeting of ?oldier?.
Section 13. Representation shall bo apportioned
according to population.
Section 14 requires the exemption of a reasonable
amount of property from execution for debt, and
forbids imprisonment for debt, " except in case of
fraud, libel or slander. "
Section 15 forbids the passage of any bill of at
tainder, ex post facto law, or law impairing the
obligation of contracts.
Section lt? secures to foreigners, on becoming
bona fide residents, the same property rights as
native-born citizen?.
Sectiou 1? prohibits slavery.
Section IK protects the peopie aguinst unreas
onable searches and seizures, and restrict* the is
suing of search warrants.
Section 19 defines treason against the State (as
in the United States Constitution), and requires
for conviction " the testimony of two witqesnes
to tho suum overt act, or confession in open Court."
Section 'JO reserves to tho people any und all
rights not enumerated.
The moM considerable change from the old
Constitution in this Article is in the " paramount
allegiance*' clause of Section 2, which in the old
Constitution read thus : " Bnt the paramount al
legiance of every citizen is duo to the Federal
Government ; and no power exists in tho people
of this or any other State in the Federal Union to
dixMjlve their connection therewith, or perform
any act tendiug to impair, subvert or resist the
supreme authority of the Government of the
United States. The Conntitutlon of the United
Mates confers ftill power ou the Federal Govern
ment to maintain and perpetuate its existence,
and whensoever any portion of the States, or peo
ple thereof, attempt to secede from the Federal
Uniou, or forcibly resist the execution of Its laws,
the Federal Government may, by warrant of tho
Constitution, employ armed force in compelling
obedience to its authority."
Section 11 of the old Constitution, prohibiting
the Legislature from granting special privileges,
etc., was stricken out, as beiug sufficiently provi
ded ioj in the article on Legislative Department.
The words "libel or slander" were inserted
in Section 14, relative to imprisonment for debt,
on account of the adoption of striugent provi
sions for the prevention and punishment ofduelllng
The provision in Section 19, relative to con-,
victions of treason, was not contained in the old
Section 1 confers the right of suffrage on every
while male citizen ot the United atateH, twenty
one years ol ago and upward*, " who shall have
actually and not constructively resided in the
State nix mohths, and iu the district or county
thirty days next preceding any election pro
vides that no person convicted of treason or felony
in any State or Territory of the United States,
unless restored to civil rights, and no person who,
after arriving at the age of eighteen years, shall
have voluntarily borne arm* against the United
States or held "civil or military office under the
so-called Confederate States, or either of them,
unless an amnesty be granted to such by the
Federal Government, and no idiot or Insane per
son, shall be entitled to the privilege of an elector.
Section 2 provides that no person shall be
deemed to have gained or lost residence for the
purpose of voting while in the service of the
United States, while a student in any seminary of
learning, nor while kept in any almshouse, asy
lum or prison at the public expense.
Soction 3 secures the right of suffrage to United
States soldiers and sailors. No poll uu or regis
tration is required of such voters.
Section 4 prohibits arrests on civil process on
election days.
action 5 provWes that all elections by the peo
ple shall be by ballot, and by the Legislature I
viva voce.
Section 6 requires the enactment of a registry
law, and authorizes the Legislature to prescribe
rules or oaths as tests of electoral qtfhlificatfon!
Section 7 requires the levying of an annual poll
tax of from two to four dollars, on ull male resi
dents between the ages of twenty-one and sixty
years of age, uncivilized American I diaas ex
cepted, one-half to go for State and one-half for
county purposes. The payment of such tax may,
in the discretion of the Legislature, be made a
condition to the right of voting.
Section d relates to the qualifications of voters
on the adoption or rejection of this Constitution.
In Section 1 the words "actually and not con
structively" were not in the old Constitution.? 1
They were inserted to prevent the possibility of
reckoning the residence or the voter from the
time he leaves some other fctate or county to
come to Nevada. Iu the last paragraph of the
sec lion, after "Idiot or insane," the words "or
disloyal person" occurred in the old Constitution.
These were stricken out on the ground of vague
ness and uncertainty, and because tho preceding
part of tho proviso was alleged to cover the
ground sufficiently.
The provision in Section C regarding additional
oaths or tests of electoral qualifications wan not
contained, at least specifically, in the old Con
stitution. There are some other changes in the
Article, but relating mainly to phraseology and
article hi? distribution or powers.
This Article is identical with that of the old
Constitution? dividing the powers of the Gov.
ernment into Legislative. Executive and Judicial
Departments, each separate and distinct from the
Provide* for biennial sessions, 10 commence on
the first Monday of January following the elec
tion of members General elections are to be
held on the Tuesday after the firnt Monday in
November. Senator* bold offieo for tour years
and Ameintolytnen for two year* The usual
powers of parliamentary bodies are conferred.
No member may hold any office created daring
bis term nntil one year after the expiration of
such term. No person holding lucrative office
under the United States or^tny other govern
ment can held any office under the Stmts oxeept
Commiadonera of Deeda, and Poatmaitera wboee
cempenaation does not exceed $500 per annum.
Em Miilement, defalcation and bribery are maile
disqualifications for h"Mlpg office. The seesions
must be open, except the executive aeaakmiof
the Senate. Any bill may origin*!# In either
house, and be open to amendment la 'he "tier.
Each law mnst embrace bat one subject; which
mtttt be exprened In the title, a*d a?eod*tory
l^watmt i^aaxttfce Aate? aatllaw mtm dsn
at length. Th? third r?Mling of every bffl tonrt
be by ?ection?, and the ayes and now mult be
taken on the final passage of every bill or joint
resolution. A mqjortty of nil the members e?t
ed to each house Is .requited to pass any bill or
resolution. Accurate statement!) Of receipts ana
erp?odi teres mast b? paMiihed. with th? Imwi, at
every regular session. AU laws must b^ general
and uniform la operation, as far as possible, and
local or special legislation Is exprewly (orblddan
? Regulating the jurisdiction and duties of Jus
tlces of the Peace and Constables: for the pan
iftbiog of crimes and misdemeanors ; regulating
the practice of courts of Justice; providing for
changing the venae in civil and criminal cases :
granting divorcee; changing the names of per
sons ; vacating roads, town plots, streets, alleys
and public squares ; summoning and impaau'U
ling grand and petit Juries, and providing for their
compensation ; regulating county and township
business; regulating the election of county and
township officers ; for the assessment and collec
tion of taxes for State, county and township pur
poses ; providing for opening and conducting
elections of State, county or township officers,
and designating tho places of voting; providing
for the sale of real estate belonging to minors or
other persons laboring under legal disabilities. A
uniform system of county and township govern*
intnt is required to be established. Lotteries and
the sale of lottery tickets are prohibited. Extra
compensation to officers ami employees of the
Legislature is forbidden. The II rut regular ses
sion. Is limited to ninety days, subsequent ses
sions of sixty days; and special sessions, con
vened by the Governor, to twenty days. A
homestead4 ** as provided by law," Is required to
be exempted from forced sale, except In certain
enumerated cases. Provision Is made for secur
ing the separate property of a wife. The county
officers to be elected are specified, the Legisla
ture to prescribe tbelr duties and compensation.
The compensation of legislators cannot be change
ed during their terms ; each member is allowed
oot exceeding $60 per session for stationery,
newspapers, postage, etc.; 12 a day additional is
allowed the presiding officers of each branch.
Elections of United States Senators are to be
made in Joint Convention by the Legislature
next preceding the expiration of the Senatorial
terra, or immediately after the happening of a
vacancy ; iu case of failure of the two Houses to
meet In Joint Convention within twenty days for
this purpose, the Governor may call such Con
vention or proclamation. Two-thirds of all the
members elected to each branch are necessary to
pass any bill over the Governor's veto. T*be
Governor Is allowed five days during the session,
or ten days thereafter, within which to veto a
bill ; and In the latter case the bill must be laid
before the next session of the Legislature.
The changes In this Article from the old Con
stitution are numerous. Among them are: al
lowing the Senate to hold secret executive ses
sions; permitting special legislation respecting
fees and salaries, and the interest on money;
omitting the specification of the amount or value
of the homestead exemption, and leaving that to
be provided for hy law ; omitting the sectloufor
bidding the passage of any law authorlzingmar
ried women to act as sole traders ; omitting the
limitation of the salaries of county officers, and
the per diem of the members of the Legist ature,etc.
Vests the executive power in a Governor, to be
elected for four years, who must be a qualified
elector, twenty-five years of age, and, except at
the first election, for two years preceding his elec
tion, a resident of the ?tato. Provides for canvass
ing election retains for Governor and other state
officers. The Governor is Commander-in-Chief of
the military forces of tho State, except when
called Into the service of the United States. He Is
to transact all executive business, see that the
laws are faithfully executed, and to fill vacancies
in offioo bv appointment where sot otherwise
?provided for. Ho may convene special sessions
of the Legislature, but at such sessions no legis
lative business may be transacted, except such
as the Governor may coll attention to. He has
power, In case of disagreement between the two
Houses as to the time of adjournment, to adjourn
the Legislature to such time as he nisy think
proper, but not beyond the time for the meet
ing of the next Legislature. He may suspend
tines aud forfeitures and grant reprieves not ex
ceeding sixty days. The Governor, Justices ol
the Supreme Court and Attorney General art
constituted a Court of Pardons, except in case*
of treason and impeachments. A Lieutenant
Governor is to be elected at the stune time and
for the same terra as the Governor. Tht* usual
powers and duties of such officer are prescribed
A Secretary of State, Treasurer, Controller, sur
vevor General and Attorney General are als(
provided for and their powers and duties pre
scribed. The Governor, Secretary of state and
Attorney General are constituted a Board o
Stale Prison Directors, and also a- Bosrd of Ex
aminers, to audit all claims against tho State
except salaries or compensation tixed by law, be
fore such claims can be passed upon by the Le
too only cnange 01 importance from inc oia
Constitution in tliiu Article in providing for the
election of a Surveyor GeueraL
Vests tbe judicial power of the 8tate In a Su
prexnc Court, consisting of a Chief Justice and
two Associate Justices (with power in the Legls
luturc to add two associates), nine District Coarti
(al present) and Justice* of the Peace, Th?
Legislature may also establish Municipal Court!
in incorporated cities and towns. The Justice* o
the Supreme Court are to be elected at general
election* tor tlx yean each, bnt those first elect ec
are to draw for long and short terms, so that one
will go out of office every two years. The Su
preme Court has appellate jurisdiction in all
cases in equity, and in all cases at law involving
feol estate or mining claims, the legality of taxes,
assessments, fines, etc., wh?re the amount .in con
troversy exceeds three hundred dollars ; also on
question* of law alone, in criminal cases amount<
lug to felony. The State is divided into nine Ju
dicial Districts ; Storey county constituting the
First, Ormsby tbe Second, Lyon the Third,
Washoe the Fourth, Nye and Churchill tho Fifth,
HumbolJt the 8ixth, Lander the Seventh, Doug
las the Eighth, Esmeralda the Ninth. Ronp is
attached to tbe Washoe district. The Legislature
may alter or change tho districts hereafter, or
Increase or diminish the number of districti or
Judges. Tho First, or Storey District, hus three
District Judges with a co-extensive and concur*
rent jurisdiction. The District Judges are to be
elected for four years, and are to be paid out of
the treasuries of the counties comprising their re
spective Districts. The District Courts have
original jurisdiction In all cases wherein the Su
ftreme Court has appellate jurisdiction ; also, ro
uting to estate* of deceased person*, and persons
and estates of minors and Insane persons, and of
the action of forcible entry and unlawful detainer,
and of all criminal cases not otherwise provided
by law. Tbey have final appellate jurisdiction
In all cases arising in Justices' Courts and other
inferior tribunals. The Legislature determines
the number of Justices of tbe PeAce In each city
and township, and lixes their dutie* and compen
sation, Justices1 Courts have jurisdiction only
of cases not coming within the jurisdiction of the
District Courts, provided tbey may have such
criminal jurisdiction as may be conferred by law,
and tbe Legislature may confer upon them juris*
diction concurrent with the District Court* In the
enforcement of mechanics' liens, not exceeding
$300, and of actions for the possesion of lands
and tenements in certain specified cases. The
Supreme Ccurt, District Court*, and sneh other
Court* a* the Legislature may determine, are
Courts of Record. Their Judges are not allowed
to receive fee* and perquisite* for their own use.
Judgu* are ineligible to other than judicial offices
daring tbeir terms. Provision Is made for docket
fees, to be applied toward the payment of tho
salaries of Judges. No leave of absence can be
granted to any judicial officer, and the absence
of such officer from the State for ninety day* va
cates his office.
This Article is radically different from tbe cor
responding Article of the old Constitution, where
in the judicial system was copied substantially
from that of California.
Provide* (or Impeaching by the Assembly. and
trials by the Senate. the Chief Justice to preside
at the trial of a Governor or Lieutenant Gover
nor, and two-thirds of the Mutators elected to
be necessary for conviction. All State and ju
dicial officers, except Justices of the Peace, ore
liable to i&peachment for misdemeanor or mal
feasance in office ; bat judgment can only extend
to removal and disqualification from holding
office. The party It liable, however, to Indict
ment and trial according to law, if the offense
Is Indictable. The Judges of tbu Supreme aod
District Courts are also liable to be removed
from office, after H hearing, by vote of two
thirds of Uie members elected to each brunch of
the Legislature. Provision ruav be made by law
for the removal ot other oivll officers.
This Article it substantially tbe same as that
in the old Constitution, except tbe provision re
quiring the Chief Jintlce to preside at the trial
of Governor or Lieutenant Governor.
Prohibits special legislation in regard w ^or;
porations, except for municipal purposes, tmt
allows corporations to be formed under If""*?
laws. Properly of eorporatloae is subject to .tax
ation Hko uiat of Individuals. Corporator, to
curppraUoot formed under <J?e l?w* of th# Statu
sJitJTuot be Individually Uable for the debts or
liabilities of ?tieb eofpoiwttoo*.
Gen^U laws mnst be passed for tbe organization
of citfe. and towns, and restriotiag their powers
of taxation, assessment, borrowing money, con
Itobu and loaning tielr credit except for
D roc tiring ?applies of water. The Stale la pro.
hiblted from Inahing or giving money or its cred
it, or sabKriblnf to tbe itock of my corporation
or association, except for educational oreharlut
nte porpoaes. Cotm?le?, cities, town! and other
municipal cooperations are prohibited ftotn be
coining stockholders or loaning their credit in aid
of any company , corporation or association, "ex
Congress. omitting the r ? In WhiTti Tm .m.!r
the State to line bonds not
in aid of the Pacific .
counties, cities and tow^Tun^lLi^SSS^
aid of railroad enterprise*. I""r "*W ta
.?ARncw uc ri.tixm xh d static dkbt
The fiscal year commence. Juutt lsttnaneh
year. Tun tno.t bo levied eaeh year mAmbmi /
to pay the annual expenses of that year siwlTj^
the deficit, if any, for the year prtewhu? tII
enable the Stale to do a cash buiiness from <tJ>
?tart, the State may coo tract debut* mm -aniVn
not exceeding (300/100, under careM
or to a greater amount, If necessary to nrorVU
for the public defease.
The only material change from the old Conail~
tntlon is omitting Ike seetioo which probtbhsd lb*
issuing of scrip or other evidence of lndebtedneai,
unit-is there were money in the Stale treaanry to
pay the tame.
Section L The I/eg5sUi?re shall pro ride by law
for a uniform and equal rata of aaaeasmeut and
taxation, and shall prescribe sach regulations as
shall sec are a Jtwt rataailoti for taxation of all
property, real, personal, and poisrsssry, except
tog mines and mining claims, the proceeds of
which alone shall be taxed; and also excepting
such property as may be exaaptad by law fee ...
municipal, educational, literary, scientific, relig
ions or charitable purpose*.
Thi amendment of the old Constitution oasi
lists In substituting the words "real, personal and
possessory, excepting mines and mining claims,
the proceeds of which alone shall be taxed," la
place of the words "both real and personal, in
cluding nlnea and mining preperty." This was
regarded as the most Important change made by
the Convention.
. Article XI Of the old Constitution, entitled sal
aries, was amended so as to fix tba salaries of
State officers, etc., only for the first tfWVpad <bssi
stricken ont and traosfscTsd to tha schedule.
Provides for tha eleetieo, aooa la ISM years, of
a Superintendent of Public Itotmetlan, '
tba establishment of a-HawaayataKfCn? ?
Schools, to be maintained at least six months aacfc
year in every School Phtrict,. Am Jf?hgetp|?. j
trict falling to maintain aach school for the space
of sii months, or permitting aect^an lastani linn
therein, may be deprived of its propqftfe* f< the
School Fuud. The Legislate**, saay. pass saab, .
laws as will tend to seen re general Mteedta* 6f^
children on the school*. Tha laadstaMgad by
Congress for educational purpose* -and aUalttfr
sources of laconic available for tha pnrpasa, ara
solemnly set apart aad pledged to t te'flfbM
Fund, the Interest only of which Is to be distribu
ted pro rata, according to the number of children
between tlx and eighteen years of age In aaefi
oounty. Floating school land warrant* ara in ha
sold. A State UnlTwiity Is to be established; Ita
bracing agricultural, mechanical and mining de
partments. All teaebsrs aad prafeeeasu ara re
quired to tako an oath of office. A half mill on
the dollar special tax Is to- bo levied annually for
the sopport of tho University aad eonatoc
schools. The Governor, Secretin of StaM aad
Superintendent of Pabllc Instruction HnstllMa a
Board of Regents of tha University and. pahUe
schools for the first four years, tba I sglalaials to
elect their successor!. Hold Board ts repaired to .
oiganlze the Mining Department oftbeOnlvantty
as speedily and efficiently as possible. All ascta
riau lnstructien in the schools or Ualvarslly is
This ttmenua the correaponillng Article o< am
old Conatltution by striking oat wo maeb m Mh
the attendance of "children en tbetebooll
?ory, by asking for the content of Congtua to tb*
appropriation to icbool purpoaea or the 300,000
acres grnnted for Internal improvement*, IM U
aomo less important particular*.
Requires tba Legislator* to prortda for orfMt
Izlng and disciplining the militia and tba
encouragement of volunteer corps, etc.; tlao (1th
the Governor power to call oat tb* ml II tut In
?mergencles. The Article la Identical with lb*
one in the old Conititntion.
Require! the Slate to foater benevolent tartHa
tlonn and tbo conntlea to provide for tba *g*d> In
firm or indigent Tbo language of tba Art tela la
the aamo a a In the old Confutation.
Katabliahea tbe State boundary aa la tba Ena
bling Aet and providea for extendiag eneb b*aa
darv one degreo farther ewt, wheaerer Congma
?lull ataeni, and aa for went aa California may re
linqalah. Thero la no change la Ihli from tba aid
Section I fixea the aeat of flriTi nilll? I M Cat
?on City, and prohibita appropriations for Capitol
building* for tbe next three yeara, instead m AlX
yeura, aa In laat year' a Constitution.
Section 3 preacribea an oath of oMee, '?*i? ?1-f
an oath of aliegtanee to tba United State*, aad aa
oath that tbe party baa not, atoce the adoptioa of
tbe Conatlratlou.andwiUnot be, engaged laadael.
Section 'J prohibita any prraon not only from
holding offlce, bnt [which la additional to tba old
i Constitution] from voting, who haabeaala aay
way concerned In a duel.
Section 4. No perpetultlea ahall be allowed ex
cept for eleemosynary purpeaea.
Section 5 fixea the general electlpn on tba Tom
dav next after the first Monday of Tim aaalm
Section 6. Tba aar<*rta??mfav oUtatMi Of
tbe Legislature ahall never exceed 73.
- Section 7 reqairea county oflcera to bold tbelr
office* at the county aeata.
Section 8 provides for tbe publication of at atom
laws nnd Supreme Court deciuomt.
Section? an thorites the Legialature toiacrea**
or diminiah aalariea of public oSeen. .
Sections 10 and 11 relate to tbe electiun or mp
polntment of officera and tbe tenure of ofteers
> croated by the Legialatisre, which aanat anar ex
ceed four yeara.
(Section 18 of the old Conatltn t Ion, prot kBng for
- a. Mate Printer, waa auk-ken out,]
I Section 12 requirea tbe Governor, Secretary of
- State, Treasurer, Controller aad Clerk of tb* Bo
? preme Court to keep their offices at thaCaateaL
> Section 13 providea for a State ceaana, la tb*
t discretion of the Legialatnn. la LB63, 1817, 1*78
f and every ten yeara thereafter, to eerve, together
I with the united Statea cenana, aa a basis of repn
I Mentation.
> Sec, 14 eotubllsheii the plurality rale la elections.
L Provide* for amendment of the Cuaatitutton by
two thirds votea of two aucceaalve Legislatures,
, and subsequent ratMcatloa by thepmple. AIM,
that the Legislature, by a twothlrtU rote, m*y
, submit to the people the question of calling aCot
? ventloo to revise the Cooatltatiaa. Thia ArtieW
WM, In substance, the same in the old Coaatjtailoa
Section* 1, 2, 3 and 4 provide for the tnaaCsrof
ripbts, actions, prosecutions, jadineali, claims,
etc. , from tho Territorial to Iks State OotwHHM
for the continuance of Territorial lava until re
penled or altered by the State Legislature ; tor lt>
transfer of linos tad forMtnrea, lai iig^Miiiaa
etc., and all legal proceedings.
Section 5 fixes tbe salaries ? for the Ant una of
offioc? Governor, $4, 009; Secretary ofBtata, ???
troller and Treasurer, each, 43,600: Surveyor
General, *1,000; Attorney General, ifcSO#; in
perintendeut of Public Lostructiou. tufioo ; a*ah
Judge of the Supreme Court, #7,000 ; members of
tile Legislature, M par <lav anrl 40 eeota par all*
each way. ,
Section C establishes the following apportion
ment of tbe Legislature until otherwiaa prailtail
by law : Storey county, 4 Senators, 19 A|limhljr
men ; Donglas county, 1 Senator, 9 AaattilUjaau.
Esmeralda county, :! Senators, 4 Amalbiynitr
Humboldt coauty, 2 Seniors. 3 Asaembiyaaa ;
Lander county, S Senators, 4 Assemblymen; Lyea
county, 1 .-euator. 3 Assemblymen ; Ljraa and
Churchill connties, 1 8enator Jointly ; Chart till '
county, 1 Assemblyman ; Nye coanty , 1 toaur,
1 Assembly man; Ormsby county, 'J Senators 3
Assemblymen : Washoe and Boop eoeatiee, SSen
ators, 3 Assemblymen.
Section 1 transfers all debta of the Territory I*
the state; provided said Indebtedness Ml Ml ?
terfere with the additional $300,000 authorised hjr
Article IX.
Section 8 provide# that tha lm State
?hull hold till the Tuesday after the Arit
In January 186T.
Section 9 provide* that the flxaffffc* ?U>M.
?hall draw for Ions *nd short term*, im hslfgnteg
ont the day after the fen eml election ta INK ad
the other half two jreari later.
Section! 10 and It provide for carrying oat Ik*
tame role mpcctlng Aisemhiymea. .
Section 13 maken the flrtt session, of the LafJaU.
tare commence on the second Monday of Deeea
bernext; the second on the flnt Monday of Jaa<
nary, IWifi : succeeding sessions to be held biennl
ally, commencing on tha flm Monday of /i
Section 13 continues all Territorial and canal/
officer, nnder the State organization till jsnaary,
1887, and the Probate Judges till tha PHuHl
Jndgea are elected, with a proviso for a special
election In Tender connty next November.
Section 14 continues the Territorial oAceraUM
election and qualification of State officers.
Section 15 fixes the terras of the Snpreme mi
District Courts. _ . . .
Section 16 and 17 fix the salaries of tha District
Judges, until altered bv law . ftnt DJatrfeV
S6.000; Second, H.OOO-, Third and fonrth, ?J.CDBj ,
J-lfth, *3,600; Sixth, W.OOO; Seventh, t^OKr]
Eiehth, #3,600 : Ninth. *5,00a
! Section 18 require. State offieen toiala^adt#,
enter or their duties on (be ?r?t Meodlv of ??.
camber next, andcontinna till Janiary, 1MT. vrti
ornn'u ...
ertar on their duties on the
imber naxt. aodcontinne | ? . ...
Section 1!> makes a similar provision for
finprt* rue and District Jndgea.
Section 90 wlitea to the cotnmtMioatef !
qualifying of tha first State aSean atdllMi.'
Jndgea, and requires the State Controller aasl
Treasurer to give bonds in *31) 000 each.
Section 21 requires counties,
vide for supporting tbeir own o
Section a provides for filling '
Section S3 transfer* cases i
rltorial Probate Conns to the!
Section 34 Units taxation far I _
years to onapar aaat. and ona fcarth of ohm
cent, for Territorial Indebtedness.
Section as attaches Boop to WlMs i
for Judicial, legislative, rcvenqs and i
Section 36 make* provision for paWUMl'W
copies of the debates and proce*diaga0d~4Afe^
Convention, and for tbo eompeoaalios of th?
Official He porter of the same.
Following tha Oonstttmion proper h i_
nance providing for tha submission of tbaC
tution to the people at thg time provided by i
Congress, and alfo tor the election of taKafl
under the OonstttMlOB, on the T
lint Monday of November, ISM.
makes detailed
provision m to
the manner of vottot, makinf and
rotnrna. declaring the malt, ate.
?ulng of the President's | ? rlsmilhw

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