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Gold Hill daily news. [volume] (Gold Hill, N.T. [Nev.]) 1863-1882, October 18, 1865, Image 4

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Notice of Suits Commenced
O rev. Oftce of Prosecuting Attorney for Oold
lliU.—To lb* fellow log wuihiI defendants and to
till owners or claimants to the real estate aud
improvements thereon, or improvement* when
*eparately. hereinafter de*cribed, known
or unknown : Yon art* hereby notltied that «nit*
haw b««eu commeace<l In the Justice's Conrt.
(Jolt! Hill precinct, Storey couuty, State of Ne
vada, l>y "the inhabitant it of the town of Gold
Hill." plaintitf, against each of the défendante
hereinafter named, aud each of the following «le·
*eribed trncts or parrel* ot land, with the im
provement* thereou, and Improvement· when
separately asse**ed, and all ownem of or claim
ant* to (lie game, known or unknown, to recover
the tax and delinquency asse**c«l to «aid defend
ant, against saUl property for the fiscal year com
mencing April 1st, 1865. and ending April l*t,
lHki. and that a summon· him been duly issued In
each case ; and you are further uotiried that uule»s
you appear and un»wcr the complaint tiled in
said cause on or before WEDNESDAY, the 8th
day of November, a. I». 18»>5, at 10 o'clock Λ. M.
of'that day. judgmeu! will be taken again*i you
lunlthe real estate and improvement* herein de
Mcribed, for the amount of tax, delinquency »peci*
tied aud co*t* of suit.
All of the real estate and improvement* here- |
innftcr dencribed being situated lu (ïold Hill,
Storey county. Nevada.
Alston. "Win, lot 1-1, block 1, range F, tax
and delinquency 10 58 1
Aldrlch F C. improvements on |«»c £», block
l, ran fee L. umouut «lue J <J7
Apple Si Bates, improvement on mine 5 25
llama J ic. Bros, persoual property 105 87
Ilaglin Henry, pcr*onal property 7 37
llatcman 1, loU 43 aud 14, block 1, rauge Ο t> 05
Beguman F, personal property 44 40
Bell L M, lot 10, block 7, Kan go 1) 10 58
Bell M A, lot 1. block 1. range C ; lot 5. block
1, range Ρ 15 U0
Bell M A. l«t I, block 2. range F 141 50
ltell M A, lot l>. bl«»ck 2, range C 7 41»
Bell M A, lot 4, block 2, range 1» 18 00
Bell M A. lot (J, block I, range 1» β 00
Hell M A, lot 2, block 2. range I* ; lot 3, block
2. range P. 12 00
'>1! M A. lots 2 and 3, block 1, rauge 1*... 4 25
Baltic M Co. Improvemeuts ou mine 4 53
Biggs Johu, lot 30, block 8. range l> 4 53
Β inns, J 1>. personal property 7 50
Burke M, lot 8, block 4. range C 30 25
Butsch V, lot 7, block 8, ruuge 1> 107 25
Blunt Levi, lot 33, block 1, range (S 24 20
Brown It S, lot 20, block 1, range Ο 3 07
Brodhau Chas, lot 25, block6, riuigt· C.... t; 00
Hr«*lhnn Chas, lot 26. block «», Kange C... ι 50
Rrbrtteva Oku, lot 47. Mock 0^ rangt 1» ... 7 <.»»>
Bro«lhun Chas. lot 48, block8, range !>.... 7 00
Blanrhard H C, personal property 7 50
Cal«*«lonIn M Co, lot 39. block 8. range D... 24 90
Coiublued Effort (· i S M Co, lot 10, blt>ck
2. rang·· Ε 15 12
Corbett Κ L. lot 52, block 8. range I> 2 5*>
Conrad C A. lot west of Belcher works.... 5 75
Conley, Κ S, personal property 2 50
C«»un*r J D, lot 12, block 1, rang·· Ο 3 ΙΟ
Council S, lot 8. block 1, range A 11 33
Cushlng K. lot 3, block 4, rauge l> 87 50
Crown point Kavino Co, lot* 37 and 38,
block 1. range Ο I 50
Brown Point ltavtne Co, lot 43, block I,
range Ο I 50
Crown Point Kaviue Co, lot 32, block 1,
range J! 13 00
Clough & Steven*, lot 45. block Λ, range C 25 03
L>*vid*on \V S, lot 45, block 1. rauge I 50
l>arst Osmer, lot 6. block 1, range l) 24 75
uaruenojie ι* cc λ μ %λ\ luprovomvnu oil
miue !H) 75
Derby, Chancellor, lot 30, block I. range Ο 4 tk)
Doubla·. Gilbert, pemoual property 121 ιΗ)
Dodge «V Dudley. p< rnonal property rt 37
1 Milt·, John, lot 21, block 6, range D 42 00
Dohle, John, lot 41», block H, range I> 15 0)
Dortey A Co. lot 4. block 3. range C XI 85
Donev M. lot 21», block 1. range 0 1 50
Doubfebiee J G, lot 4, block 7, range I).... 13 UO
Dttucan PhqI. lot 46. block H, ran in* I> 9 50
Dilytou, Virginia and Canton Toll Uoad
Company, that portion of toll roail of
»aid company in Gold Hill CI 0»)
Kureka Ο i S M Co, lot 14, block 1, rang»· G 4 t>J
Kdward* Wm, lot !>, block 5, range I) 1·» ο»
Knoi Frank, lot ID, block i, range J 4 t"»J
KplfV J W. lot 01, b ock 5, rank'·· C 25 t»0
Fort in Λ l'icard, per*mal property 15 00
Fowler Charlea, pergonal property 4 60
Foley Th mae. i<»t &block I. reage r 9 ι<»
Ftuier Lou Κ lut cant of Imperial mill 4 €0
Fcrguaon C, pentonal property 3 00
Flye J S, pernoual property ?2 50
Kloytl Λ; Mitchell, lot 3. block 1, rang J... II 00
Gugnon J, lot H, block H, range D 10 60
Gentry G Ai S 31 Co, lot 1$, block 1, range I> 4 ft)
(letter J 11, lot 4, block 1, ranfe ll -
Gonltl A J. personal property 3 43
Gonltl Λ Jacknon, per*oual property 2 75
Go*«affC J P, lot 27, block 5, range C 2i» 35
Gold Hill and, Virginia Tunnel Company,
lot 45. block & range 1) 15 $5
Gold Hill and Virginia Tunnel Company,
lot 43, block Κ rauge D 15 «Ό
Gold Hill Drainage Company, pernonai
pro|»er>v ..150 ft)
(tray J. lot 2, block ti, range D ti 75
GreenCharlc*, lot 51, block f, rauge D.... 4 00
Greenwood Ac Η rook*. lot wc*t of Clinton
A Hubb* 9 tt
GraudboU K, lot 2, block 2, range C 6 00
GrandboU K, lot 25. block 1, range G 2 25
Graudboitf K. lot 3, block 1, rauge F I 50
GrandboU K. lot 5, block 1, range F 17 23
Hartman Timothy, lot 15, bl«H*k 7. range I) f» 75
Harrington John. unpro\eiuent* on lot 4,
block 1, range f 1 50
Haw key ο M Co, (Central) lot 40, block 1,
range 1 13 50
II;in»on Sanford, lot 23. block 6, range C ;
lot 24, block f», range C 12 10
llarkin* H. lot JO, block 1, rang* 11 2 75
Hawktna George, pemonal property 1 37
Harvey Martin, lot 12, block 2. range C;
lot 8, block 2. rang·· I' 0 0»)
llauua Patrick, lot 12. block 1, range A .. 3 00
Hereford 11 F, lot tf, Mock 4, range C : lot 2,
block 1, range 11 H» (CI
llecker Charle*. lot 20, block 7, range D... 4 50
Hill John, lot 10, block I, range C; lot S.
block 1. range 11 37 50
Hill John, lot l3,.block I. range l> 15 00
Hill John, lot 21. block 1. range G 30 25
llogan* Milton T, lot 43, block t*», range C.
H out George, personal property. 7 50
Huiitlcr A M, lot t>, block 1. range 1 4 50
Humphry ville J. lot 17. block 7, range 1».. 1h 50
llyde Oliver Jr. lot 30. block «*·. range C . H 25
Hvde Oliver Jr. lot 2»κ block 0. range C... lit* 4!»
Imperial Hotel Company, lot 2. block 5.
range Π 121 00
.lack»"U 'Γhuman, lot 30, block 1, range O.. ,7 50
Jewett G & 8 M Company. Improvement#
ou mine 1* 50
Joneii Ν & Co, lot 22. block I. range C 1 50
.fonen John l>oc. lot 2, block 1. range G... 225
Jone* I.yir«n, lot24. block 1, range l>.... H4 70
Keating. Kennedy A; lô»»kill. lot 3!>, block
I. range G 7 50
Kentucky G Λ S M Co, lot ι*, block 3,
range fc Π 50
Keefer·» · T. lot 5. block 1, range ·; ti 00
Wlnir Ch:irli>«. Ιο» 45. blK'k 1. limite I .... . 4 1*1
Kirkpatrlck Momt, lot .'W>. block 1. range M MO 12
Knight Win, l«*t 2. Wwk 1. runt;·* 1> 20 25
Lack Stephen, lot :ttï. block: 1. range II 2 50
I.a>vr»uc«· John, lot 35. block 1, range O... !» JiO
Ionising J V Λ. lot 4. block I. range D.... 3S 5·»
(•ivintrxton Join» lK>e, lot 37. block H,
range I> « 2 30
Lucerne G Si S M Co. Improvement «on the
n»in«· 39 85
l«ewi* George. per*ouai property 27 .V»
Urt 1 Blanchard ..... ... t»S 75
Mary Ann G Se S M Co. improvement* on
mine K8 75
Mnlone W L Y. lot 27. block I. range H .. 3 λ"»
Marnton J C. lot 37. block 2. range II >
·· lot 37. block 1. range A ) '"**
Manon Χ Η A. lot 37. block I. range Ο..,. 8ί ΓιΟ
Minifee Thoma*. lot 1. block 1. range J ... -I 12
.Mitch el. Lack man Λ. Nov*, lot 20, block I.
range Λ 2 30
Moore Si Corbett, lot54. block S. ranee 1) .. 2S 75
Moore Mr* Julia A. lot 20. block I, range I ) 22 68
Muriell C M. lot 5. block I. range 1 6 (10
Mullov Anthony, lot 29. block I, range II.. 2 -"Ό
McCuilum John, lot lt>. block I. range II.. 3 25
McMahon John !>«»·, Improment* on lot 3,
block 8. range D 3 7.*»
McParland Saiu'l. lot 'IS. block S range 1>.. D 25
Nevada Ο Se S M C<s lot 35. block H.
rang·* I> ... 147 12
Nichter George N. lot 3d. block β. range C*. 4 12
Xorth American M Co, improvement* on
mine 67 95
Owen Oweon, lot 19, bl«»ck 1. range 1 2 75
Oram Jatue». lot 7. block 2. Mitchel <&
Lameranx tract 2 35
Perry J. lot 20. block 1. range 1 2 05
Herly I) W, lot 4L block 1. rang»· Ο ( . m
Perly D W, lot 42. block 1. range ο >
Pioda Panl. lot tï. block 4. range £ 12 10
Phillip* Κ Ε. lot 10. block 4. range I> 17 *7
Proctor I>uu, lot tf. block I. range Ο 48 40
Prior C M. lot 15. block I. range 0 2 75
Pharrer C (> & Co. lot 3. block 2. range I>. 41 25
Qnelette Margaret. lof2ti. block 4. range Ε î j(,
yilelctte Margaret, lot 15. block I. range L S
Qnclette Margaret, lot 16. block ?. range I> 9 50
Kionton Sc Taylor, lot 1. block 1. range P. 6 75
Robin*on & McCull. personal property.... I 30
Robiujon Κ Ο, lot 7. bl«»ck I. range J 2 30
Robert non M. lot 5. block 7. range 1> I*>
Robert·* J J. lot 45. blocks, range i> 7 50
Rutherford A II.lot 10. block 2. range l>.. 2ti 75
Rvan Ε J. personal property 37 12
Knuiter Henry, lot 1. block 2. Mitchel A;
L»tnemnx tract 50
Rhode* λ Kirkparrick. one-half Comet mill 251 37
Sagon* John, lot 27. block S. range I) 2 50
Savage Mining Co. I«»t of brick ou Déride.. 41 25
Soffe H II. lot 4. block 1. range J 3 12
Schiller <; Λ s m Ob, ι.»» w. block l.
range J. un«l Improvement* on mine 4 25
Sheridan Se Co, lot 21. block 1. range 1 2 25
Sheldon X P. lot 42. block t». range C 3 50
Sheldon X P. lot β, block 1. rang*· Κ Ιβ 30
Shermou Η (e*tate).lot 44. block *>. range C \ hi
Sharp Joseph. lot 15. block 1. range F 7 50
Steven·*»!» C C. lot 31, block 5, range C ( .,r.
Stevenson C C. lot 38. block 2. range Β } * * "**
Smith L. perwonal property. ».... 7 50
Sloat C O. lot 5. block 8. range I) 5 30
Storey John, lot 11. block I. range 0 3 25
Steven* Itenjauiiu. pernonal property...·.- 2 7!»
Stewart J B. lot 19. black 8. range I) 2 75
St Loui* G Sc. S M Co. lot 39, block t»,
range C 7k £0
SomntocV Mary Ann, lot IS. block I, range J 15 00
Sweeufou Sc Minifee, lot 2. block 1. range C 2fi 75
Swecay (central) Ο «& S M Co, improve·
inent· on mine 10 50
Taylor Sc Garuey, lot *7, block 1, range H, 3 25
Tanner Jamc». lot 2. block 3. rung- C 12 10
Toiar C W, personal property 7 50
Willi· ( omiurncfd-Couliniird.
ΓηαηβΤ Toll Road Co. Ιοί 44, block I,
range Ο : lot 42. block 1, range Ο ^.. 4 (X)
Funnel Toll Road Co, lot 7, block 3, range
C; lot 16, block 1, ran κ»· Ο, and portion of
tunnel road in Gold Hill i*2 £3
Thompson J, lot ft5, block &- rang»l> 9 25
Iregloan John, lot 28, Work 6, range C... .575 01)
rreartha J M, lot 40, block β, rung·* C; lot
41, block 6, range C 75
Uncle Sam Ο and 8 M Co, Improvemcnti
on mine 895 62
I'plijun Si Co, lot 6, block 1, range J 3 85
Washoe Brewery, improvement# on lot 2,
blockS, range b 7 50 |
Wanhoe Turnpike Co—that portiou of toll
road known an th* Ophir Grade, lying
within the town of Gold Hill 22G 25 |
Wagner, Klien Λ. Wakcmeu, lot 50, block
8, range I>. * $4 00
Wagner. Klien Si Wnkemiu, lot 22, block
♦'». range C 30 00
Ward II, *outh 50 feet of lot 46, block 8,
range I) 4 60 I
Walker J M, w» it 130 fett of north, 75 feet
of lot 35, block 1, range 0 34 37
Wentz J Ac Co, lot 25, block 1, range (>.... 2 25
Winnie Κ Ο, lot 18, block 6, range C CO 00
Winnie Κ Ο. lot 42, block 8, rauge D 16 50
Wood A Kenyon, lot 8, block 1, range ().. 12 00
Wood Ai Kenya·, lot 1, block 4. range C... 7 50
Wood# John (»*i»tate), lot 10, block 7,
range I> ?.. 7 50
Whitman Ai Rodger», lot 40, block 1,
range Ο 17 18
White J C, p«*r»ouul property 6 87
White John (>up't Union mill) |»**r»onal
property 2 75 I
Wright & Co, ea*t 25 feet of lot 15, block 1,
range <> 2 1
Yolo Ο Ac S M Co, lot 15. block 2, range D. 15 00 I
Yolo Ο Si S M Co, north 12 feet of lot 8,
block 1, range X) ... 1..«..... 1 50
Unknown owner, lot 35, block 2, rango 11, 1 50
Unknown owner, lot36, block 6, range C. fi 00
Unknown owner, lot 33, block 6, range C, 3 50
Unknown owner, lot 6, block 8. range 1>, 6 87
Unknown owner, lot 21», block 8, range D, 2 75
Unknown owner, lot 28, block 8, range D, 1 25
Unknown owner, lot 3; block i, runge H. 2 75
Unknown owner, lot 8, block- Γ, rang* 1, 1 50
Unknown owner, lot 9, block I, range Ο, 1 50
Unknown owner, lot 26, block I, range (), 2 50
Unknown owuer, lot 4, block 1, range <), 12 10
Mitchel Ai Lameranx tract, lot 2, block 2.. 75
Mitchel A: Lameranx tract, lot 4. block 2..
Mltchel Ac Lameranx tract, lot 6. block 2..
M'tchel Ai Lanu-raux tract, lot 7, block 2.. 75 |
Mitchel Ai Lameranx tract, lot 8, block 2..
Mitchel Ac Lameranx traet, lot U, block 2.. 75 I
Mltchel & Lameranx tract, iot 10, block 2. 75
Mitchel Ai Lameraux tract, lot ll. block 2.. 75
Mitchel Si Laiueeaux tract, lot 12. block 2.. 75
Mitchel Si Lameraux tract, lot a, block 2.. 13 75 |
Mitchel Ac Lameraux truct, lot 5. block 2.. 8 !
Mitchel & Lameraux tract, lot 2. block 1..
Unknown owuox, Mitchell Ai Laineruux
tract, lot 3, block 1
Unknown owner, Mitchel Ac Lameraux
traet. lot 4. block I 75 j
I'nknowu owner, Mitchel & Laineruux
tract, lot 5, block I
Unkuowu owuer. Mitchel & Laineruux
tract, lot 6, block 1 75 |
Unknown owner, Mitch··! & Lameraux
tract, lot 7. block I
Unknown owner. Mitchel A: Lameraux
tract, lot8, block 1 75 |
Unknown owner, Mitchel Ai Lnm^raux
tract, lot 9, block 1..·.
ltntdiiiwii nwn»r Mitch·*! Ai Ijum-ruiK
tract, lot 10, block 1 75
Unknown owner, Mitchcl Sl Lameratix
fract.îot 11, block I 75
Unknown owner, Mitchel «fc Lameraux
tract, lot 12. block 1 75
Unknown owner, Mitchcl A: Lameraux
tract, lot 13, block 1 1... 75
Unknown owner, lot 16, block 5, range c.. 19 y3
Unknown owner» lot 37. block 8. range D.. 1 50
Prosecuting Attorney for Town of Gold Hill.
oc4 til
vYlitiM SuiuxnonN.
rey—In the Justice's Court, Gobi Hill Town
ship, before, \V. N. Hall. Justice of tbe Peace—
Hubert Wood an·I William Goe, partners,doing
business under the firm name of Wood &. Goe.
plaintiffs, against D. Shebau, defendant.—The
State of Nevada sends to 1> Shehan. greeting :
You are hereby summoned to appear before me,
Justice of the Peace in and for Gold Hill Town*
shin. County and State aforesaid, at my office, in
Gold Hill, u» the 2d day ot' November. Λ. l>. 1865»
at Π o'clock A. >l. "f that day, to auswer the com
plaint of Robert Wood and William Goe, wherein
I they claim to recover the sum of one hundred and
thirty-three and Γ»7·10θ dollar* (8133 57), for mer
I chandise sold and delivered at your instance and re·
quest, a* per bill ou tile in this Court. Ami you
are hereby notified that it' you tail to appear "and
answer the complaint as aforesaid, judgment will
bo taken against yon for the sum of #133 07. in
J gold coin, and costs of *uit. To the Sheriff or
any Countable of said county· greeting: Make
legal service and due return hereof. Given nnder
my hand, this 'J^th day of September, a. d. lgf&
Justice of the Peace, Gobi Hill Township.
(50c Int. Rev. Stamp. ô*le State Rev. Stamp.]
Deposit on Xrvmln State Bond·*.-5*50,000
Capital Paid up in («old 730,0<H)
Π D ι viduaiTmab IIJTY.
Pacific Insurance Conip'y
I. HUNT Pkjcsidkxt.
Annual He port of the Fneiflc Inau
hukc Cempaay·
1 April ί£Μ. 1850. concerning corporations, the
Pacific Insurance Company makes the following
report :
I. The amount of the capital stock of this com
pany is seven hundred aud fifty thousand dollars,
ι all paid tat eaah $750,000 00
II.-The amount of assets is nine hundred and
seventeen thousand, four hundred and forty-two
dollars aud forty-eight cents 69I7,'-M2 48
III. The company has no debts.
IV. The amount of insurauce written during
I the year is eleven millions nine hundred and »ev
i entv seven thoiiNand eight hundred and fiftv-five
dollars 3U.OT7.&5 00
The amount of insurance in force December
3I-»t. ten million*, one hundred and twenty thou
sand, eight huudrcdand ninetvfour dollars—
*lo,l*>.t<94 oo
V. The Company insure* against the following
risks, viz :
Hnlldln**, Quart/· .>I1IU, MereliitndUe,
Ilon<M'iiol<l Furniture, Kent·*, Lenses,
VffMrhin Port mid their Cnr«oen,
and other Personal
Pro pert y%
VI. The lurcfut «uni this Company will take on
·.··»>· out* rink i* $75,000. the limit tlxed by law,
out on all mteb lane»* rink* o-iu*nrance to a cer
tain extent will Im· made iu other re*possible com
μίΐιιΰν. J. HUNT. Pre*idciiL
A. J. Ralston, Secretary.
San Francisco, Jtuitiary 16, 1865.
William Alvord, Moue* Ellin,
Κ li Beuchicy, A Ο Stile*,
Κ Lnsant, Moon Heller,
Λ Scliguiau· Edward Martin,
Alfred Bool. , A LTnbb*.
Charte* Mayne, J Β Thoma*,
Lnuin MeLane, [> W C Rice,
Lloyd Tevi*. John G Bray,
John G Kittle. David Sterns,
W C Ralston, William ShermHU, '
Jame* DeFoui«*rv, Samuel C Bljcelow,
W Beaver, 1< Sachs,
Herman Mich··!*. S M Wilson,
Κ I. Ooldsoin. Alpheua Boll,
II TlanHiumui. William Scholle,
II M New hall.
State of California, City an«l County of San
Francisco, h*.—On the 16th day of January*, a. r>.
1^6."», personally appeared before me—II. S. Ilo·
nana, m Notary public in au«l for said city and
county, duly commissioned and sworn—A. J.
Ralston, Secretary of the I*acitic Iiuurauce Com·
pany, who, beiujc dulv sworn. did depone and nay
that" the *tatem«*nt* contained iu the foofcoinic re
port of the Pacific Insurance Company, to the
be»t of hi* knowledge and belief, art· true, fnll and |
correct A. J. RALSTON. j
Swom and nub*cribed to before me, thi* 16th
«lav of January, a. D.1865.
11.8. HOMANS, Notary Public.
The Pncifle ln«urnarr Company,
Having, in compliance with the law, deposited
Fiftv Thousand Dollar* in tht· boudn of the State
of >tevuda. ao now prepared to effect Insurance
at the—
I<owr«t VCatnblfalied Rnte* !
OFFICK—At the Agency of the Bank of Call- I
fornia. c«»ruer of C and Taylor streets, Virginia, I
General Ακνηΐκ for State of Nevada.
(iy29 i*6m) *
—i.vroKTKKs or—
Cnnl. nnd Card .«lock, nil C«l«rai
Priiliig Ink. nil Γ·Ι·πι
Bronsm, Yaruiah,
Machinist. may at nil time» In· .applied with I
oliI Type MMrt bjr rallinic ut
jtstf 411 liny»!.<SunPmnplnco.
Notice of DiKxolution.
^ exUiinfr under the naine of Stead Jc Mill, i, |
thi. day dunolved by mutual consent.
Oold HHU Sev., Sept.11.186?. «M m
the Haufcoi California iuiiI thi· Mount V.r
uou llon.f, OoM ΗΙΙΓ. the Naturalization Paper,
of Patrick Kt-uuy. who would t>.. much obliged
to hav· the Under leave thein nt the XtWi office.
ος7 w
Κ owe t h Umlii find HUfW Mlnlna Com
pany— Location, Devil's Gate Mining District, Lyon
OUiity, Nevada·—Notice I* hereby Riven, that nil
[ellnquents upon the following described stock, on
account of aMetwDifnt of one dollar for each and ev
rv share of the capital stock of said company, levied
klarch23d, Α. I». IMS* and upon all back asMftsments
ο date, ect opposite to tho respective shareholder»,
g follows :
Saw*. Cerl$. Sha, 4m t.
M U ilmnl .. 3.139, ltt....|00...fM3 4*
iugeneSKsa ..",9,10.11,12^7....115....190
lohnClaresy 38 10 lrt ..
I Bleasu 3) 20 40 ..
lohn L Major ....unissued 7.....It ..
illchanl Sander* 2·» 20..*..40 ..
>wiH Levy ...10....10 ..
J Τ Brown f«3 4 4 ..
I C Bal*·man 136..Miι 'Ό 129 »V7
Or W Klchclroth,..2V,2W,2rt». :v,i,
2»*·2, 2Û5, ail ΛΛ....110 ..
S' J Glllet 109,110,223 art....114 ..
VSulikicher..iao,»m,9)l.JU2,3H.^7V 6ft ΓΛ .. _
David Beard sley ..ltf,187,2»fs2û9,27A....los....i«»4 yn
I β mm H Beardsley .2I^221,2M 2ftie...fi3 Û0
JRLa«Mlu*ton 217,2*027 47....III .
\ H Evans 211,212.241,277....133....219 .
; D llovt 2jv1»2S1,2nVX»....I00....1'"» .
taniuel washerman 21 10 20 ..
ico L Lanphcr 23,21 I*» 3) .
tVm Wright 37 an rti.
Il'm Κ Latterty 43,4· ft»....lui» ..
Matti'o Orearmuno 4S ft..-k..ft .
Maurice Blanc 52 5 i .
Mary Mack 33 ft Λ .
Peter Fiant 221 10 1.'·
ΰ M Glsree ί Γ.9 3n Λ2 ..
l'atliarine 31 auge ft» ft ft ..
Louis Vider hi,ν*, 20 90 ..
It Ρ M Kellv ΛΛ,ΙΟΒ 40 60 ..
ΓΗ and J il Stewart 74,79,Ηι H H ..
John Jettent S| ,Vi 2i«>..
Samuel Schwartz Iftft lo 2»» ..
John Vignot 3ft ..
Mark Myers 8V.90 *ju *ju ..
John Dam ran im λ ir..
John Gtllroiian 106 ft I ft .
A Duquet 113 2ft 2ft ..
Moore & Ogden 114,11ft 1ft 3» ..
Λ Fox, administrator of tlie K>- .
Uteof Hlratn Gott, 117 2*· ftO ..
Isaac Pforxlielnitr 11?* 2» I» ..
J Β Reynold» Ho fto urn .
Joseph Klcard... lift '£> 2ft .
Wm JamLvon ..Ms :» pi .
J Knglebreeht lU.1ft9.23l.2ft7 20 20 ..
Francois Eschalah 1(^ι,1Γ·1,Ρ·2 2ft 2"» ..
David Orear 17ft nr. >> ..
A W Crow 17U.232 20 4·» ..
Eugene Ε Dennery 1*1 io. 10 ..
U Lewi* l.sa 3 3 ..
Stephen D Kails 191 10 w ..
J Ο Llbby ll<2,l(i3 .V»....15U ..
F Shu It* ax ι s .
I»J II Smith 2U*V I» 20 .
KG Hardee 21» lo a».
M M Barnes 220 ft lo .
Jos Beardsley 222 7 II .
Geo Both Uttt pi *ji> .
John Mandlch 23ft 21» 40 .
(' S Cousins 23T.,237,23h 2'» 2*» .
\V c Da vol *J39 2s 2* .
Evans & ShulU 243,21ft X» 7» .
Jas McGlnnls 21Γ» 73 79 .
John llerzo. Administrator of the
Estate of M Zeiiovlch 217,21* 10 pi
Ε Mouot ». 2»«ft lo lo ..
Miss J Chatelln LHs ft ft ..
Ε Emanuel 271 1» 1» ..
Herman Ann«»r 774 4 1 .
M Isa Kate Bee! ft .
Miss Margaret Xlckoll *>l ft ft .
Ml** Margaret Mill MS ft ft .
And In accordance with the law, uud an »rder of I
the Board of Trustees, made on the «late above men
tioned, so many .shares of each parcel of said stock
a* may be necessary, will be sold at the ofttce of the
Secretary of said company. No. N> South C street,
Virginia, on SATURDAY, the 22dday of July, a. t>.
1*63, at the hour of 12 o'clock M. Of said day, to pay
said delinquent assessments thereon, together with
costs of advertising and expense* of sale.
W. II. HOWARD. Sec'v.
Virginia. June 21, Κύ, Ju2l td
The foregoing sale In portioned until SATURDAY,
the ftth day of August, 16nft, at the same hour and
place above designated. By order of the Boanl of
Trustees. · W. II. HOWARD, Sec'y.
Virginia. July 22,1SA5. Jy 22 td
The foregoing sale I* |>osti>oncd until SATUR
hour iui'l place above designated. llv »nler of the
Board of Trustees. W, H. iluVAKD, Sec')·.
Virginia, August :>. 1*65. au'kl
Tin· foregoing sali' If* furtherpostponed until SAT
L'ltDAY, October lltli, ImV'», at 12 M., In Iront «I I
Kiitillng Λ Ci·.'» Bank, South Β street, Λ irglhla. By
order of the Board of Trustee*.
S. II. MAKLKTTE, Sec'jr.
Virginia, Sept. II, In-·.'·. sell til
The above aale In posljioucd till S.Vl'L'KDAY, (K
tolur >th. 1W>, at the saine hour and place, when
the «ale will positively take place.
ocU III S. II. MAKLKTTK. Sec'y._
('otubiird Effort .Tlininv ( ontpnur.
Notice In hereby given, that In accordance with
the law* ot the State of Nevada and the by-lawn
of the company, there will be Hold In Iront of the
company'» office, ut Gold Hill, ou Kit11) AY. Oc
tober SOth, 1865, no many «hare· of the cnpltal
stock of the company, standing in the names of J
the following persons, un will pav the amount
dne on amessment No. 8, levied February 27th,
1865, together with cost» of mile tuid advertising:
CrrHfleatet. SIim. Ami.
L Κ Donnelly XI .1 #4
L Ε Donnelly .VI 4 4
LP Coldron 58 19 1'J
JC Black ι» ID 10
Ο Kastraan 67 10 10
Ο Ka*tuia>i 73 4 4
Wnshoe No 1 75 10 10
Wnahoe No 1 76 Il) II)
Wanhoe No 1 77 10 10
Washoe No 1 78 13 13
Κ Shacfcr ISO 30 30
Chan Shad 106...... 15 ..15
Κ Ilarrl» IS3 10 10 I
A Shaefer 185. SO SO j
KO Koblnwm 1S!> 14 14
II Lewi* I3H 10 10
Ο \V Greely IS· 16 16
Ο \V Greely 145 4 4
Ο W Oreely 158 4 4
Ο W Orcely 15!' 1" 10
I, J Ra.v 143 10 10 j
S II Rennet 14S 14 14
S II Helmet 144 6 6
l.oni» Nathan» 14'.» 14 14
JoMeph II Markhart 163........5 5
Andrew Seem» 161 10 10
Andrew Seem» 165 10 10
S II Rnbtnuon...........·. 17S...... 14 14
S II Robinson 176 135 135
Κ Webber ....175. Î... 135 135
I, Κ Ko* 178 80 20
Ο II Kobert Page 18S SO SO
J It Smith 177 106 106
ltv order of the Board of Trustee».
»cS0 td W.O. CON WELL, Scc'y.
»f<«>»rrr«rntci1 ndrher .Mining Coinpnny,
ColdlllllDMrlct.Storey county, Nevada—Notice.—
There arc dellnil'ient upon the following described
utock, on account of assessment levied on the7th
day of September, Ι-ΛΛ. the several amount* set
opposite the names of the respective shareholders,
as follows:
Λιιιμ*». Crrln, Sh'iree. A i»t.
Burke Κ li :VI.<..U«'sh»ea)
.Vs*..l«> " '■*·> $1"WI
.S'.'.IO. .11" " I
Burke Κ Κ 11,12.13.. Ι» " »' «>
llurk. Κ Κ Il 3 ή
Idas lei! HO 43.44...ΙΌ shsea |
15,46,47... 31 " · ΙΓΛ 331
|û,4ï,.H»...9l " ·
Blasdell IIO 51.52...I« " |
.VI,%4,.U...|0 " · Ι'Λ
.W.57.M...I0 " )
lllawlelliu; W,till....5 " )
«·ι/Ί'.*νι " « .....to h>
BlawlellHO «7,1·.».. ..5 " 1
l.'.l,70,71....Λ " J- 40 «Λ
-·» "Ί 7 i Λ ·· I
Livingston F Η3,Λ>..20η " ......4M sOO
Wheeler C F 30...40 ·' .
21,22...40 ·· . ...ΙΌΟ 400
23,91...ffl " )
Wheeler C F 23.2Λ...2»» " ι
27&...LV ·· !
20,30... 20 " K...-W 400
.11,32...9» *·
33**11...20 ·* /
And In accordance with law, and an order of the
Board of TrostcM, mute uti tK seventh day of Sep·
tomber» I*6\ ao many share* of each parcel of said
st<»ck αϊ may 1η· necessary. will be hOM at nubile mic
tion, «I the salesroom ot J. Mlddleton Λ Son, |f»4
Montgomerystreet,San Francisco. on MONDAY,
thcistd «lay of October, ISW, at the hour of !2o*clock
m. of said «lay, to pay said delinquent assessment
thereon, together with cost* of a»l vert Initie and ex
pert*** of Nile. JOHN F. LQHSK, Sec'y,
Office, Son Francisco, Cal.,
31H California street.
San Francisco. October 3. I.W. orûJ'L
Impérial Consolidated .lllnlne Compn
iiv.-There H tine and delinquent for Assessment
No. 4, of tiny cent* per share, on the following
shares of stock In th·· impérial Consolidated Mining
Company, standing In the uaines of the following
persons, viz :
XamtM. Certificate. Sit*. A int.
Brewster Laura 20.21 12 $«'» ..
Fisher I v»4 10
Forrest W Ε 143 10 3 ..
Hanson John .....9S......IA 7 .V)
Funk Γ (I hi 2INI pin ..
llvatt Samuel II? 3Λ I·* ..
Llnd C Κ 14V, Ι.» 13 7 3o
McMkhael J 22 3 2 .Hi
Miller Oliver I in V.......I 30
llall W X 110 30 23 ..
Reed Κ Β 4i»,S2,lol,102,10H,|M 2oo PW ..
Schooling — unissued stock \S) ·.*» ..
Rlngold J II 13,14.13.1*1,100,1 It» I
120,121,122.123.124,123,12f>/ ...P'«o so ..
Rlngold J » unMed stock 2oo pio ..
XelsonCJ 3.4,¥*,W 33 17 30
McDonald D J unissued stock..-....23 II .10
McDonald D J .*V<viff,1U4,103,ii»-. *<3 142 31»
S ye John 7S.10Y.I32 123 Λ2 fln
Spring John ................loo.......3.......2 30
Kennedy J M, balance 27 100 23 ..
Robinson S II H9.y0.yi l.Vi 73 ..
Steud man Τ unissued stock 20 23 ..
Schwcrdeker F *.*■'» 10 ..3 ..
I'erley D W..13U33.I34,163,1*\137 123 02 30
And In accordance with the laws of the State of
Nevada, and the by-law* of this company, there
will bo sold on 8AÏURDAY. October 7 th, lafO, at
2 o'clock p. *. of that day. In front of the company's
ottlcc. In Cold Hill, so many shares as will be neces
sary to pay the amount due lor assessments, to
gether with the costs of advertising and sale. By
order of the Board of Trustees.
AO* Id 0. W. ΓΕΑ8Κ. Sec'j.
The above sale to postponed until SATURDAY.
October 14th. 1W, at the namehour and place. By
order ofthe Board of Trustees.
«κ ltd O. W. PKASK. gec'y.
Confidence Sliver Mlnln* Company—Lo
cation, Gold Hill, County of Storey, State of Neva·
ila-OMce, 113 Montgomery s'reer, San Francisco.
California.—The stockholder* of the Cvntldeiice
uold and Silver Mining Company are hereby noti
fied that the stock of the Confidence Silver Mining
Company Is now ready for Issuance against the de
livery oi' certificates of the former Incorporation.
Stockholder* are particularly requested to hand In
their stock at the earliest time. By order of the
Boanl of Trustees.
R. WKGKNER, See'y.
San Francisco, Sept. 3. 1S03. se4 m '
ΓΑΓΤΙΟΝ.—The publie are hereby cau
tioned not to bny or negotiate tor five shares of
stock in the Peck Gold and Silver Mlnlug and Mill
Company;Mammoth Ledge, Eagle District, Doug
Ins county. Nevada,^«Ddlng In the name .of M. A.
Culb-ii. as the «quae has been sold for assessments,
according to law, and will not be t ansferred on the
books of the cimjpauy. By onlee of the Board ot
Trustees. K. C. COOK, 8ec'y.
Gold 111 11. Sept. Mb, Mil. Mil m
nitre arc delinquent upon too following deacrlbed
took, on account of Ameument No. 1, levied on the
»th (ley of August, l«ft\ the several amounts net
ιρμοβΙΙο tile nvuei Of the respective shareholder»,
is follow»:
Saw tt. Certijealrt. Bht. Ami.
III! A K, Trustee 6 10 8»
iiUA K, " . -. ..T 10 30
Etltl A £, . ..Λ........ΙΟ........20
hjuaE " 7....Λ ·Ί0._ 30
1111Α Κ, ·' 10 .10 zo
mil A K, ·· 11 10 20
[1111 A K, " 13 10 20
IIIUAE, " 13 10 30
Harmon Α Κ Ρ Η 20 40
Harmon Α Κ Ρ 15 20 40
Harmon Α Κ Ρ .14 10 a)
jrlium Ch«» Π 17 2" 40
.■rlmm Che* Η ..r. IK 3» 40
irlinm Chan Η 1» 10 20
■litritlertitiiil Thos !» 20 40
Sunderland Thos 31 30 40
Sunderland Tlioa .31.. 40
Sunderland Thos ..r........:S 20 40
Sunderland Thos 33 20 40
Sunderland Thos 34 2».. :40
Sunderlanil Thou.... .....35 ...3» 40
Sunderland Thos 3Λ Ill 20
Sinlllt Benjamin 37 30 40
Smith Benjamin M *>........40
Smith Benjamin 39 20 40
Smith ileiijamln 40 20 40
Smith Benjamin 41 SO 4»
Smith Benjamin 42 20 40
Smith Benjamin 43 2» 40
Smith Benjamin 44 20 40
Smith Benjamin 45 20 40
Smith Ben|amln 4Λ 20 40
Smith lienjatnln 47 10 30
Smith Benjamin 48 10 20
Smith Benjamin 49 10 20
Smith Benjamin M 10 20
Smith Bttvamlii ...81 .'.10 20
Smith Benjamin IKi .10 2<ι
Smllh Benjamin 53 Ill 20
Smith Benjamin 51 Ill 30
Smith Benjamin 55 Ill 20
Smith Benjamin 5β 5 10
Smith Beul*mln;..;.i_ 3*.
Brewster RK 58 mi loo
Brewster 11 Κ M 50 list
Brewster It Κ in 50 Ilio
Brewster Κ Κ fd 50 100
Brewster Κ Κ Λ2 50 WO
Brewster Κ Κ : ;..Λ3 SO Ι<*>
Brewster tt Κ 64 50 list
Brewster R Κ S3 50 WO
Brewster R Κ V. > 11*1
Brewster Κ Κ f>7 50 loo
Brewster R Κ ss 50 inn
Brewster R E «9 ft*>i 134
Brewster R Κ 70 17 31
HlKKlusThiis J 7* 5 10
IIlRKlusTho».! 7'.l 5 10
UlRKlnsThos.l Ml 5 10
lIlirelnsThij» J ..HI 5 Γη
HlWtlns Win M *2 20 to
HlKKlnsWm M <1 2" to
Meauher Ρ » f.l I2S
(Irlm Α Κ |ιι7 2» 40
Brlip A Κ IrtS JO in
Orlm A K.. /. 10!» 2o 40
Grim A Κ 110 20 40
Grim Λ Κ HI 2" 40
(Irlm A Κ 112 2» 40
Grim A Κ 113 20 Ill
Grim A Κ Ill 20 411
Grim A Κ 115 20 10
Grim Α Κ lis 20 40
Grim A Κ 117 3» 40
Grim A Κ IIS 2» 40
Orlm A Κ Ill· 30 40
Grim A Κ 120 30 40
Grim A Κ 121 20 40
Grim A Κ 123 20 40
Grim A Κ 123 „3o to
Grim A Κ 124 20 in
Grim A Κ 135 20 4»
Grim Α Κ 12S 20 to
Grim A Κ 137 20 in
Grim A Κ 12* 20 40
Grim A Κ 12» 20 41»
Grim A Κ 130 2n m
Grim A Κ 131 3d 40
Grim A Κ 132 20 40
Grim A Κ 133 2» in
Grim A Κ 134 20 40
(irlm A Κ —13rt 3)........40
Orlm A Κ 137 30 4»
(Iriiu A Κ 13* 31 40
(trim A Κ 13·.' 2" «ι
Urtai A Κ mi> in «ι
lilillt A Κ 145 31 411
(Irlm A Κ 1« 3i 4ii
Cirlm A Κ 144 31 4i)
(irlm A Κ 14.'· 31 4»
Orlm A Κ 14ι· 31 4ii
(irlm A Κ 147
(irlm A Κ 14* 31 Ill
llrlni A Κ 14» 3i 40
(irtiu A Κ I.» 31 4"
lirlm A Κ 1M 31 40
Orlm A Κ 112 31 10
(irlm A Κ 13 31 40
(irlm A Κ 1M 31 40
(irlm γ Κ 1M 3i I»
(irlm A Κ IV. 31 40
(irlm A Κ lf.7 lo 3)
(irlm A Κ I.Y* lo 31
(irliu A Κ l.V lo 3'
(irlm A Κ 1«o lo 3>
Orlm A Κ Ii'.l lo 3i
(irlm A Κ lf.2 lo 31
(irlm A Κ Ml lo 31
Orlm A Κ Ml lo 31
(irlm A Κ I« 10 31
Orlm A Κ If''· 10 31
(Irlm A Κ 1*7 lo 20
(irlm A Κ If* lo 3)
(irlm A Κ 1« lo 31
(irlm A Κ 17ο lo 31
Orlm A Κ 171 Ιο 31
Orlui Α Κ 172 10 31
(irlm Α Κ 17.1 ΙΟ 3Ι
(irlm Α Κ I7« Id 3)
(irlm A Κ 17.*. 10 20
(irlm Λ Κ 17« 10 20
«irlm A Κ 177 lo 31
Orlm A Κ I7.< lo 31
(irlm A Κ 17V \v 31
(irlm A Κ Μι
(irlm A Κ 1*1 Ill 31
(irlm Λ Κ 1*2 lo 31
(Irlm Λ Κ Kl 10 3)
Grim A Κ 1-4 1(1 20
Orlm A Κ !*.·> 10 31
Orlm A Κ Wf> 10 31
Orlm A Κ 1*7.........Λ.... Ιο
(irlm A Κ l<« ft lo
(irlm A Κ 1*9 ft lo
(Irlm A Κ Il» ft ici
(irlm A Κ Ivl .1 lo
Orlm A Κ 192 1 .10
Orlui A Κ.... ···■.■·.··*«·.··" 193.» .......10
Orlm A Κ 194 ft lo
(irlm A Κ 191 1 1"
Orlm A Κ 19fi Λ lo
Orlm A Κ I!C ft lo
Orlm Λ Κ 19< ft lu
Orlm A Κ IS'J ft lo
Orlm Λ Κ 200 ft lo
Orlm A Κ 201 » Kl
Orlm A Κ 202 ft 10
(irlm A Κ «β ft 10
(irlm A Κ 311 ft lu
(irlm A Κ 3k*> ft.. lo
Orlm A Κ 3*· ft lo
(irlm A Κ 207 4 il
(irlm A Κ 3» 4 *
(irlm A Κ 209 4 J
Orlm Λ Κ 210 4 *
(Irlm A Κ 211 1 β
Orlm Α Κ 212 4 *
Orlm Α Κ 21.1 4 ί
Orlm Α Κ 211 4 s
(irlm A Κ 21ft 4 *
(irlm A Κ 2If. 4 κ
Grlnt A Κ ...217.........2 ..4
Orloi A Κ 21β JJ 4
Orlm A Κ 219. 2 4
Orlm A Κ 231 2 4
Orlm A Κ 221 2 4
(irlm A Κ 222 2 4
Orlm A Κ 223 1 4
Orlm A Κ 224 2 1
Grim Α Κ 22ft 2 4
(irlni Α Κ 227 2 4
Urlm A Κ 22* 2 4
Orlni A Κ 221" 2 1
Grim Α Κ Ζ*) 2 1
Grim Α Κ 231 2 «
llrllll Α Κ 232 2 1
lîrlm A Κ 233 2 4
llrllll Λ Κ 231 2 1
Grim Λ Κ 23.'· 2 Ι
HrlmA Κ .23Λ 2 4
Hrllll Α Κ 237 1 2
firlniA Κ 23ι 1 2
(Irlm Α Κ 23·.' 1 2
Grim Λ Κ 240 1 2
Grim Λ Κ 241 1 2
Urlm Α Κ » —242. 1„_ 2
Urlm Α Κ 343. Κ I
Grlm Α Κ.._ J .Μ ·4
Ilrewxer It Κ. Tnrntce 24.\ 2Κ 49ft
llrcwstcr Κ Κ ΤηικΙββ 24β * 1(1
llrrwdi-r II Κ, Trustee 247 jt If.
Βπ·#«Ιιτ Η Ε, Τ rust et· 219 2 4
Gratiam Win M .2ΛΛ In 2n
Gralmm W M 2M m 2»
ilr.Uiain W M S-V, Ill 20
Sheldon Ν |· 2C.2 Ill 20
Shrill»·· Χ 1· 2Λ3 10 ill
Sheldon Χ |· ΪΛΙ in 2n
Sheldon Ν Ι· 2*0 5 In
Sheldon Ν I» JBhi Λ Ill
ShfMr.ll Κ Ι»..·. ί*·ι Λ 1(1
8hHdon Ν Ρ 27» Λ |ιι
Verplankc 1· 272 1HÎÎ 37',
ArnilUk'i'J ..274 In 2ϋ
ArmltiuteJ 27.'. m an
Taunlere Κ 277 4 ·>
Brewster Κ K, Trustee 27». 12 21
Huuey ¥ A, Trn»l«) 27* 10 211
llaiuey F A, Trustee 2SO i In
IlMfwy Κ A, Trustee »<l S 10
liasse»· Κ A. Trustee 2X2 S |0
lla-sev Κ Α, Trust··» 2*3 .' Ill
Hotter F A. Trustee 2*4 > lu
Coon Charles D, Trustee 2Ί7 5 10
Hill Ο S 20 40
Schmieden Henry, Trustee...2*9 20 411
Altchlson Oeorite 29(1 27 M
Nu«(!J. 291 2 4
McDonald Dullest 5 10
Lint Wm M Ï9Î 3 6
McDonald Duncan 29.'. 5 10
McDonald Duncan 290 3 |n
McDonald Duncan 297 5., in
l'âge Robert C 29S )j I
Taalie t! O'Hara 299 4 λ
I,cm Win M 301 24 4Λ
Haaaey Κ A, Trustee 302 κ If.
Hasaey ¥ A, Trustee .303 ...A 10
HaSsey Κ A, Trustee ΛΜ 8 1Λ
Corson D .....3115 10........20
(Irlm A Κ 30* 2U 40
(•rim A Κ 309 !« 40
(Irlm Λ Κ 310 2<ι 411
(Irlm A Κ 311 20 40
«rim A Κ 312 20 4"
Grim A Κ .113 20 40
(irlm A Κ 314 20 40
tirlm A Κ 313 2n ID
(Irlm Α Κ 3ΙΛ 20 40
(irlni A Κ 317 20 10
«irltn Α Κ....; 318 JU... 40
flrtm Α Κ 319 20 40
(Irlm A Κ 320 SO 4»
Orlni A Κ 321 91 40
Grim A Κ 322 31 40
Grim A Κ - 33 »ι 40
Grim A Κ 324 2" 40
Grim Α Κ 32Λ 30 40
Grim A Κ 32*. 2" 40
Grim A Κ 327 20 40
(Jrliu A Κ ...*,.334. 2,1 40
I trim Α Κ Γ.129 20 40
Grim Α Κ 330 20 40
Grim A Κ 331 20 4o
Grim A Κ .332 20 40
Grim A Κ 333 2n 411
Grim A K. „X14 20 40
Grim A K....?..S.„.'..:..-.-..3M 20 40
'GlfcftA Κ 33Λ 20 40
(irlm A Κ 337 30 40
Grim A Κ 340 20 40
Grim A Κ 341 20 40
Grim A Κ 343 20 «I
Grim Α Κ 344 20 40
Grim A Κ w.s«...„...30 40
Grim A X „...„.„™.34* 20 40
Orttn ATttii-s. 347 20 40
Grim A Κ 348 10 30
(irlm A Κ 349 10 91
Crias A Κ Ml » » I
3rlm A Κ 352 10 $20
Irlm Α Κ .353 lo 3»
jiim Λ Κ 35»........10 a»
J rim A Κ 355 10 »
I rim A Κ 3.V, ίο an
3rim A Κ 357 10 J)
irlm A Κ 358 5 10
IrlmA Κ J&J 5 10
îrlmA Κ 3M) 5 lo
3rim A Κ 3fil 5 10
3rim Α Κ 3Λ2 4 κ
3rim A Κ 3*3 2 4
irlm A K.JVA........ .1
3r1m A Κ JU15 10 30
*lmpklna Charles II 3Λ7 18?* 37?»
Kohn D W) 170 3M>
Brim Λ Κ 370 12 21
lleydenfeldt 8 3»l 215 «0
Aiul In accordance with law, ami an order of the
Board <»f Trustees, made on the isthday of August,
Ift65, so man}' shares of each parcel of said stock as
may be necessary, will lie sold by John Mldilleton
t Son, Auctloucera,at their salesroom. No. 4<M Mont
gomery street, Sau Francisco, California, on TUES
DAY, the 17tli day of October, ISM.nt eleven o'clock
Λ. M. of that day, to pay said delinquent assessment
[hereon, together with costs of ad vert tiling and ex*
penses of the sale. \VM. WILLIS,
Secretary Exchequer Mining Co.
Office at No. 712 Montgomery street, Son Fran
clsco, California. ocft td
Crown Point («old nnd Silver .111 nine
Coinpativ— Location of Works, Qold IIIII, Storey
county, Stale of Nevada—Notice.—There are delin
quent noon the following descrll>«d stock, on ac·
count or assessment levied on the 31st day of Au
gust, 1*65, the several amount* set opposite* the
names of the respective shareholders, as follows:
Xauitn. Certificat?*. Sh». A nit.
Κ J Catitield 871 1 $100
R J Onurteld s72 4 100
(3 W Heaver 1007 4 100
G W Beaver 100K 4 If»
(J W Deuver 1009 8 200
M Morgenthau 780 4 100
A 11 LUsakJr, Trustee .7Γ·7 4 too
A II Llssak Jr. Trustee V72 η 2»m
A II Llssak Jr, Trustee OT3 s 2M
A II Llssak Jr, Trustee VS5 4 100
A Holder 4rt 4«i 1000
A Kohler 47 41 '.1100
C Ν Keltoii INI 4 l«l
LMom a· (·<> 997 ι loo
Ii g|0M A Co 1003 2 .'«o
L Sloss & Co 1005 4 100
Α Κ 11111, Trustee 771 i 100
U A Chase >y 5 125
Q A ('haw 8Kft * 2W
Ο A Chase «77 M 2<>0
0 Vlnxeiit, Trustee 7*3 4 100
W1» Palmer K« 4 loo
Ο Π Satterlee loi 4 100
II 1» Blanchard Is7 12 3o0
II P'Ulancliiird 403 s 2ηθ
II !» Blanchard Mi 1 100
II Ρ Blanchard 795 4 mo
II1» Blanchard * 2no
W M (Sniliaiii *27 4 loo
Ε F Child* '.C·.· 4 100
J Κ S Latham 853 s 2W
Thornton »V Splnkl "M 4 100
Wm Τ Coleman 'JO*. s 200
Win Τ Coleman VI7 8 200
Barron Λ Co 231 ii lino
C'J King 953 i 100
Κ II Lloyd '.<77 i 100
Wm M lient Ά32 2 50
Win M Lent 1WC i 100
John Wodersoon, Trustee....3(M 4 100
J 1) Haniblrtoii 951 I* 2«*»
Samuel Tetlow 959 1 100
Samuel Tet low 9tfi i Km
J W^riiouilis, Trustee iVIl 20 500
I) S RolKTls 91* 8 200
John Kelly 331 4 loo
A J Coghlll 3d i 100
A J Cor Id II 3ή2 « inn
A S Coghlll 373 1 100
A J Coghlll 371 1 100
A J Coghlll Ml 4 100
Η Κ Norton 422 4 ion
W I» Morris 413 1 100
J C Wlnaus. Trustee 7«2........4 Ino
J Ο Norrls, Trustee (Ltt 4 loo
J C Norrls, Trustee Λ53 4 100
J C Norrls, Trustee Λ5Ι 1 WO
J C Norrls, Trnstee (V57 4 loo
J C Norrls, Trustee fM 4 100
J C Xorrls, Truntee «ϋ» 4 ion
Howard Havens Trustee Τ7·) λ 3·0
Il Τ, Kolin ΛΛ7 4 If*»
Κ II WIIhoii.Tnwiee ♦ν.Τ 4 KM)
W F il lient I* 711 4.. wo
II Schmieden, Trustee 7.Τ1 4 100
AH Bark'if 2fi3 20 .W
A II Barker ΤΛ1 1 loo
A II Barker 7·'.:» 4 100
A II Darker Ml 4 WO
Α κ mil 7-y. 4 ιοο
A Κ Mill 7·.·7 4 HH»
Α Κ Hill 7** I U"»
Α Κ lllll i»17 .V» 1400
A Κ lllll ΚΙΛ 1 100
Α Κ lllll Wtt 4 m
A Κ lllll «17 4 loo
A Κ lllll 4 100
A Κ lllll US·.· 4 Wo
A Κ Hill «.·!·» I WO
α κ mu y»i 4 κ»
A Κ lllll f-·. ι Km
A Κ lllll »7 1 100
A Κ lllll u> 4 II»
A Κ lllll i*»· 4 100
A Κ Hill %7 4 loo
A Κ lllll '.«3 s 200
Win Btirlloi: >lft s aon
Win ΙΙιιγΙΙιικ *17 4 loo
Wni Burling 41Λ * Mi
J A Balaton s7* ι loo
J A Kalnton >7·.» 4 1 no
J A Balaton vo 4 ion
J A Balaton m*I 4 loo
J A Hal M on vc' 4 loo
J A KalMon 4 loo
J A llahton MM 1 1100
J Α KaMon **> 4 loo
J A KaMon .'.ίό 4 100
J A KalNion l«»l 4 loo
Janie* Pateraoti >■»«.· 4 100
Pom λ Grimm tit 4 too
Pcane AOrltnin >'-'1 4 Wo
pease Λ Grimm Aft 4 MO
Wni Τ Coleman Λ Co, first
lmue Ι2Λ 2 inn
A .1 Smith first hwue 1.11 2 ion
Anil In accordance with law, and an order of the
Board ofTrUK|een. made on the Slat day of August,
Ino, ho many share* of each parcel of said Htock am
mav be neceasary. wlllbeaold at pnhllc auction, by
Olney A ('«».. at So. Λ2·'» Montgomery Htreet San
Francisco, Cul., at tlielr μιΙιηιπκιιιι, on the 3Uh «lav
of Octolier, I*μ»Γ», at the hour of II o'clock a. m. of
natd «lav, to pay nald delinquent a**e**niciif thereon,
together with co«ta of advertising and expenncnof
nale. J. II. JONKg, Bec'y,
Otllce No. 7i* Montgomery Mrvet,
ocA ι ! San fagcgco.
Central llnwkryi1 .Mining Company.— I
Notice Ih hereby given, that In accordance with the
lawn of Nevada ami the by-lawn of the aliove named
companv, tlu-re will he hoI<I at public auction, on
WKuNÉSDA Y, September 13th, Ιν'Λ, In front of the
otllce of the company, on the Divide, Gold lllll,
(office of IIiishcII A CrowV lumber yanl.) at 2 o'clock
1». v. of that day. ko many shares of the capital
Htock of the company, standing In the nauicHof the
following parties, an will bo ntcefttary to pay the
amount due lor aaHeaaiiiciitH, loge titer with costa of
advert Mm; and Nile:
Sutura. Ctrl». t>hê.
Κ. 1». Lacy 1 ίο $2Λ 4ο
F. Westmoreland... .2,3,4, Λ, l», 7 W 270 ..
Wm. Η. Ilrumllcld 1.1,11, ΙΛ, pi. 17,
la, IV, 20,21.22 1.17 Ill ..
Oliver Merrill 2.·», 21». 2*.·. Λ» Λ» '.«» ..
Jonepli White 31, .12 -To yo ..
Κ, II. White 14 Λ ΙΛ .
IMUIC iilppeidoli 3ή, 42, 4.4, 4Λ. 46,
ΛΙ, :,'J 122 .v/. ..
J. F. A F. J. Boycr 17 2Λ 75 ..
J.M. Walker :W,.^,4ii r» 7Λ ..
J. P.Cleese 4M Λ ΙΛ ..
J. L. Weymouth 4·.· Λ ΙΛ ..
Α. M.Crow fi2*63,fil, ΛΛ.ι'Λ 4.1 129 ..
ThomaH Jones fi7 2.*· 7Λ ..
J. T. Shepard «W 2 Λ ..
Moses l'Ickle fi!» Λ ΙΛ ..
lly order of the Board of Trustee#.
aiigl2td M. N. MITCHKLL. Secretary.
The above aale I* postponed until FRIDAY, the Ι
Mtli dav of October. 1*'»Λ, at the namu place and
Imur. fly order of the Board of Tru-teen.
M. N. MITCHKMj, Sec'y.
(■nid lllll. Sent. 11 1m;·. sell 111
The above Kale I* pOKtboiied until MONDAY, the
13th day of November, 1*Λ5, nt the name hour and I
place. Ily order of the llooril of Trtmlow,
Ocl.ltd IL X. MITCHKLL. Src'y,
Hiahop Ci. nnd M. fining ( ornpany.
Notice in h' r>·by given, that there will bo nold at
public auction,"on FRIDAY, October 27th, 1Ç65, I
at one o'clock Γ. M„ in front of the company'»*
office. Telegraph Htreet, In Gobi Hill, ho many ι
■hares of tin· capital «tuck of said company,
fttandlng In the name* of the following pcrHomt,
an will pay the amountH duo on a**eiMtncnt« No. I
8 and Νο.'ί», together with all conta of advertising I
and Hale:
Xtinir». Vertu, Shnrre. Ami. '
M BroNHHAti 5,6.7,P.O... .200.... β«7 β» Ι
J Biahop 10,11,IV!,13.15....350 175 ..
D Oourchalne 47 5 5 ..
J Κ LvHlanc 4.... 100 50 ..
D Iaabclle «4 5 2 50 I
F Scott 65 10 5 .
By order of the Tniateep.
L. BKOON, 8«*c'v.
Gold Hill, Sept. 27.1865. ae27 id
Exchequer .Mininc C«mp'r.-Nt»ck
holder'a Meeting.—The tlrnt annual meeting of
the Exchequer Mining Company, for the election
of Truateea to nerve for the eiianing year, will Iw
held on MONDAY. October 16th, lett.at 4 o'clock
P. M., at the office of the Company. No. 712 Mont·
gomery Htreet, San Francinco, Cal.
ae2H td WM. WILLIS, Sec'y.
To Owners of Town Property j
in noi.li mi.i..
Hill, having flied with the Recorder of Storey
connty a map of «aid Town, with 11 .tatement of
thn extent and general character of the Improve
ment* therein, and having nl«n transmitted to the
Loud Office Ht Carton a verified copy ot *uch
map and «tatcment, In accordance with the pro.
vliiloniiof an Act of Congre··, npproved Jnly lit,
1804, entitled " An Act for tin· Di*po*ni of Coal
Land·, and of Town Property in the Public Do
ninln." nnd the Act amendatory thereof, approved
March 3d, Ι86Λ, we beg leave to direct your atten
Hon to Section 2 of the tlr*t mentioned Act.
Our familiarity with thin btudnew Induct.·» it* to
tender onr terrier· In the preparation of all ne·
eeanry paper. In thin connection, and In forward
ing the name to the proper office (which paper,
mum be Hied within three month· after the tiling
of the map In the Laud Office)
We have «ecured tho «ervlce· of Clement T.
Rice, E»q., late RegMer of the U. i\ Land Office,
who will attend to nil the huaiue*»ln the Land
Office at Carnou, in connection with Location·,
Contented Claim*, etc.
Searcher* of Record·, etc.
OFFICE—At Hall of Record·, on Β Htreet, Vlr· I
ginla City.
Virginia City. Sept. 25, IH65. *eî5 m
perron· again*t purchaiing h certain piece of
property known on the (lold Hill Theatre Saloon
and Hall Building», in tbe Town of (Jtild Hill,
from certain partie* known a· J. Ο Mayer and 0.
FllednMr. or anybody elw\ For flirt her informa
tion. apply to C. O. Pharrer, at the St. Cbarlea
Market, oppoilte the Ecllpw Mill, on Main atreet,
Oold Hill, Nevada. C. O. PFIARRER.
Ο old Hill, Sept. 16,18». ' ' t«16 m
been protracted from bidden cause·
and mal-treatment, and who require
prompt relief to render exist
ence desirable.
Graduate of the Viircnitr
»t Qieea'i C'allege, begt to in
form hi· patient·, and other· necking
medical advice, that he may be con
aitited perron a! I y or by letter In all
ι·*Μ« of Nerr··· and Phyalcal
Debility, and the various disorder*
arialng from ledentary habit·, exceas,
uecldent or climate, from 9 A. M. to 13
N., und from 2 to 8 P. M., lit hi· office.
Armory Building, northeast corner

Montgomery and Sacramento sta,
Rootna No·. 9,10 and 11, finit floor
np-italra. Entrance on either Mont
gomery or Sacramento streets.
No apology seeina requisite for of
fering to tho public an mlvertUeuietit
of till· kind, for it In universally ac
knowledged -that tho treatment of
the·» particular dlaeasra conatltute· η branch of
medicine which ha· merer been ■■flcieatly
cultivated, in conseqnenee of the fastidious
tie·· of tho profeulon, who buve abandoned there
■poclalltiei to the cure of unrealised prnc
tiiiaaer·. There exist· hero no power to re
pre·· the Impudence and effrontery of men who
are totally incompetent to perform the duties
of their ao-ralled medical practice, thereby In
flicting mlteriea to a degree unparalleled in uny
other clas· of liumiui disorders. The only way
to remedy this evil 1· to call the attention ol the
public to a well Informed member of the
medical profeaaion, legally qualified,
and who devote· hi· exclusive intention to dis
eases arising from the undue excitement of the
generative organ·, together with thoae luridental
•tnge· of acute disorder which, when neglected,
terminate in the horribly wluting form of eon
•tltutional disorganization. Doctor Ferraulι
ha· paid the moat aaxlaaa and untiring
atteatlam. for the last eight year*, to α special
branch of atudy, and hit mode of practice, sug
geated and improved by experience, and experi
ment· mad·- through the medium of the uiirro
Hcope, enable· him to detect the presence of »emen
In the urine. We wish to impress thole who
bave failed of relief elsewhere, that they may de
rive benefit from examination of the urine in
cax-s of Seminal Emission· nnd Impoteury, as
well II· in cases of Qravel, Diseases of tbu Blad
der and Kidneys, and we can ut once ascertain
the cause of tho patient's complaint, so as to pre
pure the proper remédie· for each particular ms
order, and according to each case.
Patients suffering from Venereal Diseases in
uny stage Pains in the Bones, Rheumatism, «»r
from the eflTecfti of Mercurial poisoning, who can
vinit tiH personally, will receive, in addition to
onr usual treatment, IVIedicatrd Vapor
Hnlhn, without farther charge·. 'Thin Hath hus
nearly superseded sJlotlur treatment In Europe.
Reference will be given to several who have
been enred by thi· treatment, after having failed
with others. t
Persons of both sexes who have impaired their
health and destroyed the vigor of their mind· by
their own misconduct, and thu· deprived them
selves of the pleasures of life, are notified that
on consulting Dr. PERRAULT, they will find
a friend and a Physician who ha· cored many In
every part of the .State, who applied broken
down In health, bntare now rejoicing In all that
makes life desirable and man happy. Reference*
can be given, acquired in almost every part of the
Ktatc, from partie· who know of cane· cured by
Dr. PERRAULT, after in vain trying several
HI· Diploma· are in hi· office, when* all person·
can Nee for themselves that they are under the
car« of a regularly qualified practitioner. We
have the latest and safest remedies, and such
mode of cure as can be obtained at no other office
of thi· coast, In Syphlll·, Gonorrhea, Gleet, Strlc
ttires, Gravel, Stone In the Bladder, Enlargement
of the Tti·tides,"IJloeratcd Throat, Bones and
Nose, Cutaneous Eruptions, Ulcers, Abscess and
other diseases depending on impurities of the
Dr. PERRAULT still retalus the only agency
in California of
Dr. Briot'a Frmntr IWonthly Pilla.
Their liumese hale has established their reputa
tion as a female rrmrdy unapproached and far in
advance of any other modicine for Suppressions
and Irregularities, and other obstructions in fe·
males. On the receipt of Five Dollnrs these pills
will be sent, by mail or express, to any part of
the world, secure from curiosity or damage.
Persons at a distance can be cured at home by
addressing a letter to Dr. J. PERRAULT, corner
Sacramento and Montgomery streets, Room· Nos.
9, 10 and 11, or Box 973, Post Office, San Francis
co» stating the case as minutely as possiblo, gen
eral hubiis of living, occupation, etc., etc All
cases taken under treatment warranted. No
charge for advice. No poisons or harsh medi
cines to injure the constitution; no making sick
to mnke well. We are koncst in our dealings,
frank in our opinions, und our charges will be far
less than demanded bv other physicians. We In
vite investigation, claim not to know everything
nor to core everybody, bat we do lay claim to
reason and common sense, und to cure eight out
of ten pronounced Incurable. We particularly
requent those who have tried this Doctor and that
scientific Physician, boa«ted and advertised, fill
worn out and discouraged, to call upon u·. It
will co»t nothing, a· consultation· are free.
oc® y
Alitor Oold and Nilrtir .ΤΙ1·ί·β Com
pany. Gold Hill Mining District, Storey county,
Nevada.—Notlco of Assessment.—Notlc® I* here
by given, thai at a martin* of the Board of Trtia
teca of aaid company, held on the Uth day of Oc
tober, IMS. nu aueaimcnt of one dollar and fifty
cents (81 50) per «haro vu levied upon the capi
tal «lock of «aid company, payable Immediately
in United State· gold and «liver coin, to the Sec·
rotary, 436 Jackaon street, Sail Francisco, or to
B. A. Hyde, Superintendent, Oold llill. Any
«lock npon which aald aaaeaament shall remain
unpaid on Saturday, th. 11th day of November,
1865, will be Hdvertlaed jin that day aidelin
(jurat, and unleaa payment ahall bo made before,
will he aold on Monday, the 27th day of Novem
ber, 1865, to pny the delinquent aaaeaament. to
gether with coat* of advartlalng and expeuaesof
aille. By order of the Board of Truateea.
Office 436 Jackaon street,
oclB m San Francisco.
Gold Cnnon Conaolldntcd Mining Com
linnr, \iuiu Ulii JL/imntk, cwir;^uuin,·, ηνια<ιη.—
Notice In hereby given. that at * meeting of the
Board 0Γ Trustee» or aid company. held on the 3.1
• lay of October. an aaseMinriit of tlftv-nv'e
cents per share wm levied upon the capllal stock of
Mill company, payable on the 4th 'lay of October,
IMAl In gold coin of the United State* of America, to
the Secretary, at the office of the Company, No. Tie!
« ashlngton street, In the elty and county of Sau
Kranclsco. Any «tuck upon which said aaaeaauient
shall remain unpaid on the 6th day of November,
ΙΛΑ:., *111 be advertised on (hat day aa delinquent,
and tinleaa payment shall be made before, will lie
«old on the 25th day of November, 1 ,<ΛΛ, to pay the
delinquent assessment, together with coat* of ad
vertMng and expense* of aale. By order of Roanl
of Trustee*.
Tie Waablogton atreet, S. K.
gf Mr. JOHN RULE, Superintendent at the
mine, la anthorlied to rocelre and receipt for the
for the above aaaeaameru Up to the lat of Novem
ber into. By order of Trustee».
oc-lm ' JOSIAH U. APPLKOATK. Sec'y.
Peck Gold aad Hllrer Mlalnc and Mill
Company.—At a meeting or the Trustees of thla
company, held thla 13th day of September Inst., an
aaaesament (No. ») of one dollar per ahare waa lev·
Ici, payable Immediately In coin to the Secretary.
It waa further reaolved, that theolBce of aald com
pany be removed to Virginia City at the expiration
of thirty day» from date, fly order of Hoard orTras
teea. (sel3ml K. C. COOK. Sec'y.
Searerated Belcher Mining (ompnii),
Gold Hiutlstrlct, Stordy county, Nevaila—Notice.
Tlie annual meeting of the stockholders of the
Segregated Belctiei Mining Comiiany, for the el·*
lion of Trustee* for the enanlng year, and tlie trans
action of (relierai business, will be held on TUES
DAY, Octotier I'll It, IMS, at 1 o'clock r. at the
office or the company. In San Francisco. California.
Ne. 31k California street,yi^stalr». ^
San Kranclaco. Oct. t, law. ocvtd
m···! .Tlariah aad Liacal· Tliaiac
Companies.—Not!» i* hereby firm, that at a
meeting of the Board of Trustees of the above
companies, held this day. as aaaesaraent of fifteen
(15) cents per share waa levied no the capital
stock, payable to the Secretary Immediately. ,
OKO. W. TURKEY, Sec'y.
ΟοΜΗΙΜ, β*>1».Μ«· ,f ' "r; <w2ilm
Kryataae Gald aad Silver niaiat
Company —The sale of the above oompanyV
stock, aavertisad to take plaoa Unlay, u further
postponed until FRIDAY, October SOIb, 1»», at
the same hoar and place.
·« OXO. W. TURNIY, Sec'y.
Geld BUI, Sept. M, 1M1 a*t7 td
Dr. w. K. Dthrrl;'· Private Medical
and Surgical laatKufe,
Sacramento «treet, below Montgomery (opposite
tho Pacific Mall Steamship Company'» office.)
ESTPrlvate Entrance on Leidetutorff «treet,
fjan Francisco, California.
Kstablithed expres»iy to afford the afflicted souml
and scientific medical aid in the trentment
and cure of all Private and Chronic
DlieaMtt, Cn»i-< of Pecre*)',
and all Sexual Dl»·
T· lb« AMlclH !
Dr. w. k. dohertv returns his «in
cere thank· to hi· numerotu patient· for their
patronage, nnd woald take thl» opportunity to re
mind them that he continue· to consult, at hi· In
•titutc, for the cure of Chronic Di»cu»e» of the
Lungs, Liver, Kidney·, Dilutive and Genii"
Urinary organ», nnd all Private Dlseoic», viz :
Syphllî» In nil it· form· nnd »tn*c« ; Ronorrhtru,
Gleet, Stricture·, Nocturnal nnil Diurnal Krols
don», Sexual Dchlllty. Diwane» of tlm Back and
Loin», Inflammation of the lilndder and Kidney·,
etc., etc.; and he hope» that hi» long experience
nnd successful practice of many year» will con
tinue to in»ure bim a «hare of public piiirouuK·'.
Ily the practice ofinany year» In Enrone and the
United State*, be I»enabled to apply tho moot if
licit ut aud successful reumlie* against diseases of
all kind». He u»e» no mercury, churge» tnodcr
ate, treat· hl« patient» lu a correct and honorable
way, ha» reference· of unquestionable veracity
from men of known rcupectnblllty nnd high
•landing in »ocioty. All partie» consulting him,
by letter or otberwl»e, will receive the beat and
eutle»t treatment, und implicit »ecre»y.
A Caac af Gleet and Mlriciarr.
Doctor Doherty—Dear ilr : I feel my heallb »o
fully restored that,in common gratitude, 1 believe
1 Mhould make yon «oine written acknowledgment
for your vnlttubie service*, particularly »■> α· your
fee wn· «mail forth» work performed. I arrived
in thl» city from the Kast nbont one year HK".
and »■» then suffering from an old ca»o"of Gleet,
complicated with atrlcture. Being a stranger in
the city, ami believing that those doctor» who
gave »uch positive assurance· of »ucce»» were
uece»»arily the be»t (some of whom liuve η large
numberot title·), I placed myself in their charge,
and continued under treatment until 1 had lost
nearly all hope anil a considerable sum of money
1 wiab to »ny now thut you are the sixth doctor I
have employed, nnil the only oue that ha» done
me any service. My Gleet Is wholly cured, the
Stricture i» oil removed, and tny general health
i» better than it ha· beeu for years. In conelu
•Ion, I would »ay to the muiiy unfortunate· win·
require medical advice, if you have miy doubt as
to whom you «hould employ, ask Dr. Doherty for
my address and come and see me (1 keep store in
thî» city). My experience may save yon many
dollar·. 1 would ni*o add that in the early stage
of my diKcase I use»! a large amount of tile pre
paration· advertised a· an infallible t urc for Gon
orrhoea, Gleet, etc., but never derived any benefit
from them. I am. Doctor, very truly yours,
I.. II.
Siibneribed and sworn to before me tliis'.Mstil.n
Τ—... , il IfiftJ
[U 8.) A. S. GOULD, Notary Public.
Meminnl WrnkneM-Mwern C'rrlifl
mif of m Krntftrkftblr Cure ofNpri
A dcnlre to benefit Miflering Immunity, and a
feeling of gratitude to Doctor W. K. Doherty.
aloiio induce* in ο to tnitkc* thi>* ut litem eut. For
many yearn I have been afflicted with^that fearful
dineane kuown am Spermatorrhea, or Seminal
Weaknenn, to a fearful extent, which wan noon
followed by the uiout alarming nymptom», tu
weaknenR of the back and limbe, pain In the head,
dlmneen of vIrIod, ncrvoiinnenn and genera) de·
billty. My mind, too, wan affected to Mich mi «·χ·
taut uit to McrlouHly Impair my mcmorv ; my Idea*
were confuned nndnpiritR deprenned. 1 wnn aven···
to aocicty; had evil foreboding»* and nclf*di*truM.
himI wan entirely unfitted for any of the dntlen of
life. From 1H55 to tin· Hummer of 1H63, Ι.«·ηι
ployed the very bent medical talent I could find,
ami Hpcut several hundred dollar*, but in no in·
ntnnce could obtuin more than temporary relh f.
I had about concluded there wan no relief for me
in thin world, but, reading Dr. Doherty'n adver
II eu men t, I thought I nhonld call and nee him, and
he charged nothing for con imitation. I had au in
terview with Dr. Doherty at L iioflic·· in Sacra
mento Htreet, iiud WJT fie for treatment wan ho
reanonable 1 determined to try him, though 1 did
not expect much benefit from bin treatment. Ou
the fifth of December lant 1 placed inyneif under
bin care. In one week I found myneli very much
Improved, and now, after five weekn' treatment.
I feel thoroughly cured of all my trouble*
and in the enjoyment of the bent health. Hoping
that my experienc»· may Ικ» of benefit toother·*
similarly atliicted, I nnbncrlbe mynelf,
Btibiicrlbed and nworn to before me, thin ).r»tli
day of January, λ. D. 1804.
fL.S.) A. O. RANDALL, Notary Public.
To Ihc fjitdica.
When a female In in trouble, or afflicted with
difleate. an Wcakncnn of the Hiu'k tuid Loin*, Pain
la the Head, Dlmncnn of Sight, Lomh of MupcuIui
Power, Palpitation of the Heart, Irritability, Ner·
vounnenn, Kxtreine Urinary Difficulties Derange·
ment of the Dlgentive Fnnctionn, General Debil
Ity, Vaginitis, all Dineanen of the Womb, Jlynte
rlu, Sterility, and all other dixeaKen peculiar to fe
male*, they nhould go or write at once to the cel
ebrated Female Doctor, W. K. Doherty, at bin
Medical lnntitute, and connult him about their
troublen and dlieaae· The Doctor in effecting
more enren than any other phyxicinn in the Slat··
of California, Ι#«·ι no faine delicacy prevent von,
but apply Immediately and nave yournelf frcio
painful nufferingn and premature death. All mai *
ried ladien, whone delicate health or other circum
etaucen prevent an increane In the family, nhoul·!
write or call at Dr. MV. K. Doherty'* Medical In
ntitute, and they will receive every ponnlhle relief
and help. The Doctor'n office η (connixting of a
unite of nix room*), are m arranged Hint he can
be consulted without fear of observation.
To CorreMpoadenlM.
Patlentnrenkling in any part of the State, how
ever dlntant, who may denire the opiniou and ad
vice of Doctor Doherty In tMr respective (mm,
and who think proper to nubinit a written Mate
rnent of nncb, in preference to holding a personal
Interview, are renpectfiillv uxMured that their com
munication· will be held mont nacre·!. Doctor
Doherty take* thin opportunity ot rb.erving that
nil letter* are opened and replied to only by him·
nelf, and the latter ax promptly a* poVnible. If
the ca*e be fully uud candidly described, per·
lonal communication will be tuineceKaary, iin
lustructloun for diet* regimen. and the general
treatment of the cane itnelf (including tlx*
remedies), will be forwarded without delay, and
in nuch a manner br to convey no Idea of the pur
port of thu letter or parcel no triuiMuittcd.
Ε Con·ultatlon, by letter or olherwlne, πικκ
Permanent cure guaranteed or no pay.
w. λ. utiiir.u i i, .11. u„
San Francisco, Cal.
Opinion* of ihr Frr·*.
" IJK. DOHKHTY lit κ iikiJIfiil physician unit
honorable gentleman. Any statement»!·!· makes
to hi· patient» hu I» mire to fulfill. Thlit fuel I*
one greef cause of 111* eminent success In his pro
fe»»lon. It lit fortunate that among the many h<1
vertlslng phyidclana there I» one who rnn lie <l<
pendcd on."—Review.
" I) 11. DOHEJtTY'S reputation ιιχ η physician
In it sufficient guarantee lor the cure of any caw
he undertake»."—Chronicle.
" DR. DOHERTY has devoted his Htndy more
particularly to chronic, «peclfic and Kccret prae
lie*, and an nucli I» now the moil successful oi
any physician In San Francisco."—Kr<-f l'ress
" DR. DOHEHTY'S repulatlon I» iecond 10 no
other physician on the const In chronic and ape
clUc practice.'-—Mirror.
" DR. DOHKHTY.—Few men In the medical
profession have succeeded In gaining the coriti·
dence of the pnhllc In their «kill mid judgment us
be has."—Enquirer.
"DU. DOHKHTY rank» a» one of our most
distinguished physicians, and uIko one of the most
successful, which In now the criterion by which
thcinedlcnl practitioner In judged."—Echo.
"DU. DOHEUTY enjoy» a more extenslv.·
practice than any physician In thli Slate."—Ex
Addre»», >V. K. DOHERTY, M.D..
»c30 3m San Francisco, t!al.
Jtwrl β·Μ u4 flllrrr Mining
Company. Oold Hill Dlntrtct, Storey county, Ne
rail*,—Notice I» hereby given, <l>at at a meeting
of the Board of Trustee» of «aid company, held
on the llth day of October, lies, an a»»e»»inent
of one dollar per share wa» levied aponthea·
•esiable capital «tock of laid company, payable
Immediately iu United Slate· gold coin to tin
Secretary. Any utork upon which mud assess
η ent «hall remain unpaid on Friday, the 10th day
of November, 1(W3, will be advertlnftl us del In
qnent, and unies» payment «hall be made before,
will lut Hold on the 2jth day of November, If-fi.V
to pay th» delinquent n»»cs«ment, together with
co»t« of advertUIng nnd expenses of the Hale. By
order of the Board of Trustees.
O. M. BURN1IAM, Sec'y pro lym..
ocH tn Office 501» Clay «reel.
Califeroia OaaMlMaUd .Mill anil
Mining Company— A>»um«nl Notice.—Notice
1· hereby given, that at a meeting of the Bonrd
of Trustee» of the California Consolidated Mill
und Mining Company, held on the 9th day of
October, 1U6S, an ueaeiument of one doll r per
«bare wiih duly levied on each and every abare
of the capital atock of the «aid company, paya
ble Immediately in gold coin to the Secretary, at
hla office. By order of the Bourd of Truatec»
oc!7 m SAM'I„ P. CONNEU,. Sec y.
Notice is hereby given, that the
Taxe» due the Town of Oold Hill upon the
firoceed» of the mine» for the Quarter ending the
a»t day of June, 1865,1» now due nnd payable,
and the law a» tn the collection at the aame will
be itrlctly enforced. '
Marahal and Tax Collector.
Dated, Hold ΠΙ1Ι. Angu«t 13,166S. au28 tf
ladepMdeal OrderefOeed Tempi nr.,
Ko. 6 OK
ft of each
Hall. Vlr
Champion i.odoe no. 6 ok
1. O. of G. T.. meet» re
week, at Odd Eellow»· Hall, Vir
ginia, at tt o'clock p. M. All Tumplar» In good
standing are cordially Invited to at lend.
B. 8. MrLAFPERTY, W. C. T.
βίο. Ε. Tallmador, W. H. Jjtvm tf

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