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PuMUhcd ever? rvfntnj;(Sunday excepted).
At BMfty Cent· Per Week.
urfCwini P*lac uraeu.
ros GOLD HILL. P. 0. k*xr*iw- Who will
deliver the Niwi In «ny part of the town every
evening at 4 o'clock :
fOB VIRGINIA, Pais. Boa··.·—Who will deliver
the Xm to all su W-rlbem. Pine of hualneu at
tbe Pout Outer.
DAYTON, Ml. Tituici-Who U oar «uthurtied
Axent Mr Umh localities and wUI deliver the
Ν m to all subscribers ;
FOR CARSON CITT, John 0. Fox—Who li our au
thorised Aient for the delivery of the N'kwa.
phi lip i.ynch7 T. . .T .....kditok.
Saturday Emlift Dwmber 9. 1*63.
κηιητ rhymes for the
Over the UlU. a great way off.
(Bat this tide of the Rocky Mountain· I)
The Quarto dlea of the hoop-la' cough !
Μ. (ιΟΟΛβ.
Also, for a head-motto :
Doubt*, double, toil and trouble ;
Fire, burn ,- and cauldron babble !
Cool It with yoar baboon'» blood.
Then tbe charm U firm and good.
—Double. double, tall and trouble I
—MacibttA Skaiupukt.
Fcil.—Wood ia $20 a cord here, by
the cord-load. By China retail, it i*
about $3ό per cord.
All the " Democratic " sheen of New
York City before the last election howled in
Andy Johnson'· praise, re-commence their
denunciations of him so soon as the defeat
of their chief candidate, Slocum, is made
Tick S. F. Flag is now the only San Fran
cisco paper that receives the regular dis
patcher of the Eastern Associated Press.
This renders the Flap, in all respects the
leading paper of California, as it has long
been at the head of the rest in point of ability
and Unionism.
Fitxu.1.—It is reported that tho steam
ers City of Boston and Erin, which sailed
from Net York recently, took out one
million dollars in bonds for the use of tbe
Fenian organization in Ireland. There
are 82,000 Fenians drilling in Canada, and
one-half of them are armed.
0·«μ«.λ»»α tkinlra » V\o nr«(pnt
California Legislature composed of unu
Kusllv good-looking men. The Sacra
mento paper· have a fashion of making
this kind of puff, at the opening of the
session. So there is no bona Jult ambro
type presented by this character of first
off eulogy.
Thb last volunteer Fire Company of
N'ew York city was mustered out on Nov.
1st. On the day after, it was discovered
that the old City Hall bell, which so often
summoned the brave firemen of the old
Department to perform deeds of valor and
glory, had burst its sides with indignation,
and now refuses to peal an alarm, save in
husky and muffled voice. Λ singular co
Constitutional Amendment.— Wm. J.
Shaw, who ran as independent candidate
for State Senator, in San Francisco, and
was endorsed by the " Demokrasv," in
troduced, on Wednesday, in the California
Senate, a resolution ratifying the Consti
tutional Amendment abolishing slavery in
the United States. A complimentary
Democrat, he! Last Winter the two Dem
ocrats in the Nevada Legislature—Proctor
in the Senate and St. Clair in the Assem
bly—voted "no" to the Amendment-rati
fication. Not much "Democrat" is Shaw?
A Worthy Candidate.—Tom Carson
—everybody knows him—of this very
identical place called Gold Hill, is a can
didate for Scargeant-at-Arms of the As
sembly. His competency and fitness
every way for the position to which he
aspires is proved by his fonner record
while acting in like capacity, during Ter
ritorial Legislatures and at Constitutional
Conventions. For the Utter he acted
gratuitously, and for our Territorial Leg
islature his pay was much lighter than the
honor. Wo respectfully commend him.
California Leoislativb Organiza
tion.—The following are the Assembly
officers : Speaker, John Yule, of Placer ;
Speaker pro tern., J. N. Wilcox, of Mari
posa, by acclamation ; Chief Clerk, Mar
cus D. Boruck ; Assistant Clerk, J. H.
Roberts ; Minute Clerk. J. M. Wood, by
acclamation ; Sergeant-at-Arms, Benja
mine Dore; Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms,
Chas. Roberts; Enrolling Clerk, John E.
Youngberg ; Engrossing Clerk, Mr. Mars
ton ; Journal Clerk, John Drum. The
following are tho Senate officers : Presi
dent pro ttm.% S. P. Wright, of Del Norte;
Secretary, John White, of San Francisco ;
Assistant Secretary, Charles Gordon, of
Trinity; Sergeant-at-Arms, John Moran,
of Napa ; Minute Clerk. Martin Howan ;
Engrossing Clerk, M. E. Gelston. All
Union, of course.
Mixxd.—The Grand Jury of the county
recommend or suggest that the City Coun
cil of Virginia endeavor to cancel a lot of
live per cent, warrant* " by netting city
property, or by an Act of the Legislature."
We were not aware before that the Orand
Jury of the county were supervisor· of
Virginia City or Gold Hill town financial
arrangement» ; we belit$e the only " city
property " of Virginia consiste in one or
two fire-engine houses ; we are not in
formed aa to how the " City Council " of
Virginia came into dictatorial possession
of the Legislature, as is implied (inadvert
ently, perhaps,) in the aforesaid Grand
Jury'» report. If certain parties, holding
certain " warrafata bearing interest at the
rate of four or five per cent, per month,"
(which were purchased for twenty-four
cent· on the dollar a few months ago by
these certain parties.) particularly desire
to hare their paper cashed at par at once,
though the city sell all of her little prop
erty to compass the payment, why, then,
we suppose it4 barely possible they—will
have to wait a *hile !
Another Applicant.—A late number
of Franlc Leslie's Pictorial contains a cari
cature representing the arch enemy of
mankind, in modern fashionable attire,
pulling the bell· handle of the White
House, while delivering himself of the
following sentiment : " Andy has par
doned the roan who first opened fire on
Fort Sumter. That looks encouraging, so
—here goes."
It is said that when a Frenchman has
to wait, he smokes ; a German meditates ;
an Italian sleeps ; an Englishman walks ;
but an American swears, inventa some
contortion of the limbs, and trie* to put
hit feet up higher than ever.
TION op aftaibs. tt - !
The judicious legislation of bat winter
for the city of Virgiafat, and the ûharacter
of businets conduct of, city affair· since
Mayor Jones' inauguration into offio·'
and the commencement of the sessions of
the present Board of Aldermen, can be
illustrated alike—in the double sense of
credit—to the favor of the new and better
laws and their makers, and the purposes,
and wisdom, and integrity of the chief
officer of the city and hi· co-operators,
Messrs. Piper and Eddy. And the illus
tration is to be given in figures, which are
proverbial for trnthfulnesa and demon
strate power—tartly having been known
to lie, outside of the U. S. census. Let
us hope that they are equally reliable
now, as in the first instance, for showing
of integrity and economy.
We will take seven months of last year,
and of this, and exhibit the difference in
expenditures on behalf of the city by par
allel columns :
1964 AND 1863.
Expense· under Expense· under
Old Board, New Board,
Month*. 1M4. IMS.
Muy *44,038 67 ·3,402 06
June 28,763 91 5,217 12
July 4.371 62 β.979 10
Augtut 5,548 95 1,123 44
September 5,256 42 5,055 70
October 6,066 70 3,724 83
November 14,201 34 2,€63 94
Totmla #106,247 01 «28,166 79
This records a saving (by contrast) of
$30,080 82. It * is certainly a capital
showing, for the officers and for the tax
It desyves mention heie, however, that
the enormous expenditures of the old
Board in May and June, 1864—extrava
gant even for that very liberal council—
are in part accounted for and excused by
their purchase then of Sutton avenue
street from Dr. Minheer, their purchasing
the building now occupied by Engine
Company No. 1. and their payment of
back salaries to city officers—the pay
ments on these purchases amounting in
all to $34,000. So, the regular, running
expenses of the old Board, for the period
named, amount to $78,247 61 — nearly
three times the expenditures of the new
Board for the same seven month·.
It i· to be borne in mind that the pres
ent Board have paid all current charges—
the items with them have been axpetuli·
tures, not merely expenses.
In addition to this, we may notice that
Mayor Jones has procured the redemption
of warrants to the amount of $29,980 68,
at a cost of $14,442 02, making a saving
of $15,638 66 in the purchase. Of this
amount ($29,980 68), four or five thou
sand dollars of interest accumulated on
the principal. Although the parties bid
ding in and taking " redemption " have
probably averaged a profit of fifty per
cent., the advantage that has been gained
by these purchase· of warrants, as above,
is to be seen on the face of the table pre
Latest Tklboraphic News.—In the
U. S. Senate, December Gtb, the Standing
Committees were announced. Chairmen :
Foreign Affairs—Sumner ; Finance—Fes
senden ; Commerce — Chandler ; Manu
factures—Sprague ; Agriculture — Sher
man ; Military Affairs—Wilson; Naval
Affairs—Grimes; Pensions—Long; Ju
diciary—Trumbull ; Post Offices—Dixon ;
Claims—Clark; Revolutionary Claims—
Ramsey; District of Columbia—Dixon;
Private I.and Claims — Harris ; Indian
Affairs — Doolittle ; Publie Buildings—
Foote Patents — Cowan ; Territories —
Wade ; Pacific Railroad — Howard, of
Michigan On same day the Presi
dent received the following dispatch, dated
Milledgeville, Georgia, December 6th :
"To His Excellency, Andrew Johnson,
President of the United States : The
Constitutional Amendment has passed
both branches of the Legislature. The
House has also passed a resolution in
structing the Judiciary Committee to re
port α bill to protect persons of African
descent in their persons and property, also
allowing them to testify in causes in
which they are interested. (Signed)
Joseph Johnson, Prov. Gov." Presi
dent Johnson advises the South Carolina
Member· of Congress to remain at home
until Congres* is organized Went
worth has introduced in the Senate a bill
for the relief of Mrs. Lincoln, owing to
the circumstances by which her husband
came to his death Dates from New
York to Wednesday night, quote gold at
146} ; and say that General Hooker is
now lying at his rooms in that city, dan
gcrouitly ill with erysipelas; end that there
is great rejoicing there orer the receipt of
the new* of the cscape of the Fenian Head
Center from Dublin There Mr a· a
alight earthquake in San Francisco yes
terday morning at half-past one o'clock
In the Assembly of the California
Legislature, on yesterday, Mr. Holden,
introduced a resolution instructing our
CongreiMtnen to oppose the adoption of
negro suffrage in the District of Columbia
and the Territories. Tabled by 3 Tote of
60 to 15 The Virginia Union re
ceived the above, this morning.
Sax Francisco, Dec. 9—2 r. u.
Ferra··· Sleek TrsBiscli···.
Chollar-Potosi " $ 109 00
Savage 750 00
Belcher 255 00
Yellow Jacket 340 00
Ophir 340 00
Overman Γ 26 00
Alpha 480 00
Exchequer φ 8 00
Uould & Curry 930 00
Hale & Norcron 160 00
Empire 180 00
Bullion 23 00
Crown Point 600 00
Sierra Nevada.. λ 9 00
Has taken possession of the old Eureka
Theater, on Montgomery street. Ite en
terprising proprietors have fitted it up in
the most magnificent style. The hall is
decorated with some twenty elegant mir
rors, and a line of statues, on either side,
bearing gaslights aloft in their hands, give
a superb appearance to the entire estab
lishment. It is now decidedly one of the
institution of San Francisco, and appears
to be crowded with patrona day and
! night. *
Tub editor ofthe Copperopolia Journal
i.Kives Chieo, Cal., a devil of a blast—for
the large proportion of secerh bummers in
its population. The Copperopolia man
has been ther·.
Our San Francisco Correepondenoe.
San FiUNCISCO, December β, 1865. '
X». Gold Hill News Dtar Sir—
Tt* inevitable lut day ia already again
upon me, and nothing done jet towards
preparing my weekly letter. The faik-i·
that the weather haa been so abominable
for the paat week that I have been drawn
by irresistible impulse to the "dead
house" almost every hour, and have only
been able to conquer the desire to commit
mteMe by seeing how miserable-thoee
who have taken the law into their own
handa and shuffled off this mortal coil,
appeâr whan' exposed ' to the gaze of the
curious public at the Coroner's office.
This alternative disgust with the world
and disgust with the idea of being ex
posed on a board and having all my little
memoranda, love letters, etc., etc., hauled
over, rend,-and commented on by the un
washed and unsympathizing public and
paraded in the public prints, has been so
constant that I have had little time to
think calmly of anything else, much less
to write about it. Talking of this pleas
ant subject, did it ever occur to you that
at times we have
Such is the fact, whether you have ever
noticed it or not. The facts of one sui
cide are hardly made known to the public
through the press, when another and an
other follow in quick succession. This is
the case in all communities, and at all sea
sons of the year. This cholera of the
moral world is like its prototype, the Asi-.
atic cholera, always raging as an epidemic
or disappearing entirely from view. It
does not " run average," like rheumatism
or ordinary insanity. For some weeks
we have had no symptoms of the disease
in town, but this week it has broken out
afresh, and we shall have cases by the
dozen before we are done with it. Three
notable cases have occurred this week.
On Monday, Constant Hubert, the hair
dresser, No. 603 Montgomery street, was
found dead in his sleeping room, behind
his store. A bottle of the solution of
cyanuret of potassium, by his side, told
the story of the meams employed, but the
impelling cause of the rash act was found
in his pocket—two pawn tickets for his
watch, diamond pin, etc. He had been in
business here for fifteen years, or nearly
that length of time—had a fine stock of
goods in his line, and enjoyed the favor of
the fashionable world, but with all this
seeming prosperity, was in the last stages
of financial embarrassment, and too weak
to meet his troubles manfully, he sacri
ficed his life. How many more there may
be in San Francisco who, like him, are
suffering all the mental anguish which
comes from the desperate necessity of
keeping up the appearance of prosperity
while struggling with dispairing energy
with relentlt-s* adversitv. which must con
quor in the end, is only a matter of con
jecture. That evening the corpse of a
soldier of the Fourth Infantry California
Volunteers was found under the bushes
out near Point Lobos. A rifle by his side
and a bullet-hole .through his head, from
chin to top of skull, told the story of his
death, but what caused him to think of
suicide ; if, indeed, he thought of the mat
ter at all, and did not yield, as thousands
of others have done, to the mere irresistible
impulse of the moment, cannot be conjec
tured. He was to havo been mustered out
on Friday Inst, and had considerable money
due him. He went away from camp at the
Presidio some days before, and mustered him
self out " once for all." Yesterday morning,
Robert Howard, Foreman of Broderick En
gine Co., No. 1, was found dead in his bunk
at the engine house, on Howard street. He
was 24 years of age, in the flush of health
and manly energy the day before. lie was
engaged to a girl of fifteen, who deeply loved
him, but thought—very sensibly—that her
mother's advice to wait a year or two was
good, and resisted his entreaties to be mar
ried yesterday. On the evening before his
death he walked out with her, and on bidding
her " good night," said carelessly, " Well, as
we are not to oe married to-morrow, I shall
?;o to some distant country, but you will hear
rom me !" She heard from him next day,
when one of his old companions showed her
a card, found in his pocket, on which was
written. " C.—Tell Nellie I die for her, but
will be with her all tho time. Tell the boys
to love Nellie and protect her for my sake !"
He had gone to the distant country from
whence no traveler returns.
But the glorious sunlight is pouring into
my room in all it· splendor, the storm which
has prevailed for a week past has gone, and
I think I may well afford to turn from this
gloomy subject to one more in keeping with
the hour. To-morrow comes that dear old day,
Doubly sacred now, and haffowed by recol
lections and associations which grow more
abundant and more holy with each passing
year. And when did we as a nation or as
individuals have such reason to thank Qod
with overflowing hearts for his unnumbered
blessings as we have now ? A year ago when
I wrote you on this subject we were still in
doubt, the storm of pitiless war still swept in
all its violence over the land, we were hated
and despised abroad and arrayed brother
against orother at home. We could only
thank Qod that pestilence and famine haa
not been added to civil war, and that there
waa (till hope for a nation capable of making
such sacrifices as we were then making, ana
displaying such gigantic energies and re
sources. To-day all Is changed. We still
feel some of the effccts of the storm, still see
traces of its force all around us, but the sun
of victory shines bright overhead, the winds
have gone down, the waves are subsiding
slowly but surely, and peace, lasting, honor
able, well earned, has come to bless the land.
Where we were hated and despised a year
since, we are now feared and respected, and
those who plotted against ua ana aided our
enemies are preparing to meet our demand·
for recompense for wilful injuries done with
what grace they may, and with ai little out
lay of money and aa alight sacrifice of pride
a· possible. As I look back on the bloody
record of the last four years, and look for
ward to the glorious future opening before us
and our children, I feel that we above all
other nations of the earth, have reason to
give thanks to the Giver of All Good, and
with fall hearts sing " Te Deum Laudemxu !"
We are in a singular fix here ir. San
Francisco on the Senatorial question. Aa
the slate has been made up at Sacramento
since the Legislature convened, nobody
here is satisfied. The friends ef John
Conneas—what few he has left—those of
Felton, Parke·, Sargeant, and everybody
else except Low, are alike disappointed.
That Low, who was hooted out of eight
and retired from the field, should so sud
denly turn up as the right bower and win
the game, teems never to have been dream
ed of by the majority of the public, and
everybody is out and injured in San Fran
cisco, where he had no friends at all a
week since. All the leading newspapers
are at sea on the subject, and either have
nothing to say, or vent their disappoint
ment in unavailing growls and laments,
which are utterly unheeded by the wily
politicians. Well, such is life. I didn't
draw my man, that is a fact, and at the
F resent stage of the game and my finances
don't think I can make anything hand
some by indulging in bluff, so I won't try
it. My chances for the Collectorship of
Sacramento look rather blue just now ;
and that is a fact.
You, of course, know all about «the
mérita of the telegraphic despatch war—or
rather, the war over the telegraphic dis
patches—which has been going on at the
East and in California for a year or two
past. Of the arrangement at the East I
shall have nothing to say here, further
than that it aeems to have been pretty well
played out of late and virtually broken up.
Here, however, there has been a new deal
a n.·- i j-ι .m imnui -- j ■> :—:
of late and "the aitoation" demanda a
Γ"*1"!? notice. When the Flag was re
moved from Sonora, Tuohcnne county, to
this city andatarted α ai «political organ,
it clalmcd to ,be admitted into the partner
ship arrangement with thai6rm'on, Bulletin
and AUa, who received tile " Associated
Vreii*" dfi^iatclrt» from Chicago, under
arrangement with that organization at the
Ea*t, and tendered $6,000 in greenback!
for the privilege of coming in on an equal
fbotihg with the three journal· named.
This the proprietor· of the Union, Bulletin
and Alia refused and the Flag, after vainly
endeavoring to -attain it· object by direct
mean·, retorted to copying the dispatches
from the Alia in the morning and from the
Bulletin in the, evening, and publishing
them without credit and without paying
for them. This ran on for montha, and at
length a now representative of the Asso
ciated Press arrived here with instructions
to'insist on the Flpg being allowed the
dispatches. He did so insist and notified
the proptiatora of the other papers that
the Flag would have them, with or with
out their consent, from and after Monday
last. The Union, Bulletin and AUa, it
seems, lost no time, but immediately made
arrangements with another organization,
on the other aide, for their dispatches, and
declined to receive them from the " Asso
ciated Press" on any terms. On Tuesday
both parties commenced receiving die
patches simultaneously from different
source·, and aa matters now stand, the
Flag represents the old " Associated
Press," which it had so long abused, and
the other papers represent a new interest,
in opposition to their old friends and
associates. Backed by any amount of
capital, the three papers named can, of
course, command dispatches from the
other side which will fully equal those of
the "Associated Press," and I am inform
ed that they will soon put in operation a
system which will secure to the reading
community^ far more extensive and volu
minous dispatches than have ever been
received heretofore on this side of the con
tinent. This is, I believe, the truo etate
mens of the case as it now stands.
Now, who will gain by this disruption
of the old arrangements ? Why, the pub
lie, of course ; who will get two sets of
dispatches and more news than ever be
fore, for the same money.
And who will lose by it? Child of my
heart, that remains to be seen ! One or
the other party in the newspaper war
must, sooner or later, go under. Hut
which that will be is as yet undecided.
In war, I believe—all other circumstances
being equal—the largest purse and the
greatest numbers usually decide the con
flict ; and I am told by gamblers that the
instances in which individuals with a lim
ited capital capital succeed in breaking a
bank are neither very numerous nor well
aumenucaieu ; nowetrr, mere is nu vcum^
what may be in the future, and meantime
the public can afford to look on and enjoy
the sport. Like steamboat opposition, it
all inures for the benefit of the public,
however ruinoui it may be to the rival
Ha· come up in a new phase this week.
John Pinkerton, for himself and others,
sues Woodward, proprietor of the house,
for $10,722 in currency and $1,600 in
gold coin. The plaintiff avers that on the
1st of November he stopped as a traveler
at the What Cheer House, and deposited
with the Clerk 168 ounces of gold dust,
worth $26 per ounce, or $4,522 in all.
At the same time Duncan McKinnon anil
Michael Lyon deposited 2274 ounces of
dust, worth $5,896 80, and Robert Walker
deposited $1,500 in United States gold
coin ; each lot being in a purse. McKin
non, Lyon and Walker, according to the
averments of the complaint, have assigned
their claims to plaintiff. The complainant
avers, to the best of his information and
belief, the dust and money were stolen
from the safe of the What Cheer House
bccause of the negligence of said Wood
ward's agents, ana plaintiff ha· demanded
the monoy in vain. So it seems that after
all thpre were some of the depositors in
that Bank who were not «atiified to take
fifty cents on the dollar " in full for all
There is little doing worth mentioning.
Setchell has finished his moderately suc
cessful season at the Academy of Music,
and is off in a few days for Australia.
Arrah-na-Pogue has been replaced on the
Metropolitan stage, it being found to draw
better than anything else, and the Jack
son's are the.star· at Maguire's. Band
mann occasionally favors a small audience
with a touch of the sublime—according
to his ideas of that article—and a German
company, with "Mademoiselle Vestvali
Lund " as a star, is about to commence
operations for a Winter campaign. Ma
guirc sends a good company—including
Miss Emily Thome—to Sacramento, this
The new National Express Company,
which goes into operation at once, at the
East, with $5,000,000 capital, i· to be
rei>re»ented in New York by an old Cali
fornian, John Kelly, Jr., so long connect
ed with Welle, Fargo & "Co. He leave*
for New York for that purpose on the
next steamer. By-tha-by, the names of
the Board of Directors of this institution
would have looked curiously attached to
a programme for a "National Express
Company." ' They are as follows : Gen.
J. B. Johnson, of Virginia ; Francis Skid
dy, of New York ; Col. M. O. Herman, of
Staunton, Va.; Benj. Hart, of New York ;
Wm, L. Montague, of Baltimore ; C. W.
Purcell, of Richmond ; W. J. Hawkins, of
North Carolina; Gen. John Echols, of
Virginia ; L. Glaxbrook, Richmond. The
world movee ! Adios, Amioo.
Imperial CmmIMsM fliai·· C·.
Notice Is hereby (riven, that la accordance with
the laws of Nevada sad the by-law· of the Above
named company, there wlUbesold on TUES
DAY, the 9th dav of Jannary, 1868, In front of
the company'» office, In Qold Hill, between the
hour· of a and 4 o'clock r. St., to many «hare· of
the following described atoek as will b« neceiinry
to pay the amount dne for aaaeasmeut No. S, of
fifty cents per ahare, levied October 28th, 1863,
together with coata of sal* and advertising, vit :
Vamw, Cert*· Am't.
George Swensou... 36,89,33,77
173,174....300... $130 ..
Ε Β Reed .48,85,101
102,108,158....800 100 ..
J Schooling 139,161,163,163,164
165,166,183,184,184....130 75 ..
J I'Sander· 128 10 3 ..
Cbaa Ekntrem 129 10 3 ..
Ε Freeman 130 10 5 ..
John Spring 100 3 3 30
J Β Rlngold 13,14,13,16,11»
124,133,138,200....360 180 ..
C J Nelaon 1,3,4,3
68.69,70,178·...323 162 30
John Nyo 78,109,132....125 63 30
OWike 71,73,73,74,76,203.... 105 52 50
J M Kennedy, balance 57 50 23 .
8 H Robinson ...89,90,91 130 75 ..
8 Ettllnger 49,30,51,52,53
59,60,61,88.83...-200 100 ..
Laura Brew «ter 30.31.:. ..13... Λ ..
L Flaher..... 94 10 5 ..
John McMlrhael 22,189 10 5 ..
Ε Schmerdeker .....93 10 5 ..
W Ν Lett .....47 10 3 ..
John Han «en 98 15 7 00
COTnnk 84.^.800 100 ..
Η Β Potter... 114 30 35 ..
DWPerlcy 131,153.154
155,136,157....185 63 50
Samuel Hyatt 196 36 18 ..
Carrie Johnmn 170 5 2 50
Andrew Anderson .171,177,203 680.....340 ..
Andrew Peteraon 178,193. ;.. .25 12 50
F Lather ..179 10 5 ..
C Sillier 181 39 14 50
S H Mariette 186 10 3 ..
Τ Steudemnn ..187.....20......10 ..
W H Clark 182 10 3 ..
A I.aw«on 191,195 23 13 30
By order of the Board of Trnateea.
d»9 td Q W. rSASX, iac'y.
— -— —
County Tax List.
EY.—DUtric» Attorney'* Office.—Notice of
•uita commenced.—To the following named' de
fendant·, and to all owner» of and clalmnntt^to
the poueuory claim and Improvement· thereof
or Improvements wben uhumI separately, here
inafter described, known or unknown : Yon are
hereby notified, that mit· hare been commenced
In the Justice's Court, Gold Bill, by the State of
Nevada, plaintiff, again it each of the defendant·
hereinafter named, and each of the following de
scribed tract· or parcels of land, with the Im
provement! thereon, and Improvements when
separately assessed. and all owners bf or claim
ants to the same, known or unknown, to recover
th· tax and delinquency assessed to said defend
ant, agalnat said property, for the fiscal year com
mencing January 1st, A. D. 1663, and ending De
cember 31st, 1865, and that a summons has been
duly Issued in each case; and you urcfurtherno
tiflèd, that unless you appear_>ml answer the
complaint filed In said cause, on or before the
13th day of January, λ. D. I860, judgment will be
taken agalnat you and the possessory claim und
the Improvements herein described, for the
amount of tax delinquency specltled, iuid costs
of suit :
Aimes k Wood,lot 5, block4, rnngo L..tax tâ SO
delinquent ϋά
Allyn, J \V, South }, lot 4, block 1, range
F. tux !» 75
del 97
Artlman.T, lot 15, block7,rangeD....tax 8 18
del VI
Brodhun, Chus, that portion of lot 9ti, block
·>, range C, north of line commencing
nt a point on tho west line of said lot,
55 feet south from southweat corner
of lot 24 In same block and rang··,
anil running easterly to southeast
corner of lot 23, same block ami
range tux β 50
del C5
Brown, Β S, lot 20, block 1, range Q tux C 50
del US
Baltimore American Mining Co, α lot of
land on American Flat, bounded
north by Qaller & Harle, and east
and south by Blunt & Kussell nnd
west by Caraon Avenue tax 30 £8
del 3 W
Barnes, Mr· KR, lot 2, block2, range E.tax 28 42
del 2 84
Bally, M W, lot 39 block 1, ranged tax 13 00
del 1 30
Baltic Gold and 8llver Mining Co, Improve
tuentson mlnu. tax ti 50
del 05
Butscb, V, lot 7, block 5, range D tux 149 50
del 14 95
Bell, Mrs M A, loi ti, block 1, rouge P..tux ti 50
del 65
Bell, Mrs M A, tbut portion on lots 2 und
3, block 1, range P, which is ou the
west side of a line commencing ut
northwest corner of lot 4, block 1,
range P, uud ruuuing northerly to u
point on south line of lot 1, block 1,
rauge P, which Is 185 feet west from
C street tnx 8 12
'del 81
Bell, Mr· A, lut 5, block I. range P; al»o lot» .
I, 2, 3, 4 unit il, block 2. range P; uImi
lot i, block I, range C tnx 230 75
del 23 07
Cutlilng, Ed, lot IS,block 1, range A...tux 1U7 25
■lui i(T7a
Cormvell, J P, lot 7, block Ι, rimgu l)..tux 411 87
del 4 38
Coldron, H D. lot li*, block 1, rung·· (..tnx 78 00
del 7 80
Croie, Thou, lot 1, block 1,range II.,..tnx S 118
del 5G
Culedoiilu Tunnel unit Mining Co, lot 39,
blocks,range I) tnx CO 12
del 0 01
Combined Effort Mining Co, lot 10, block I.',
range Κ lux 30 87
del 3 08
Compromiio (told nnd Silver Mining Com
pany, lot !), block 3, rnnge Κ tnx 14 G2
del I 4ti
Confidence Gold nnd Silver Mining Coin·
improvement* on mine tax 243 73
del i!4 37
Corbett, Κ L, eolith GO feet of north 100
feet of lot 52, block 8, range D tax G SO
del G5
Corbett, Κ I., lot 52, block 8 rntlge D. ..tnx G 98
del GU
Card, Snrali, lot 5}, block 1, range J tax 2 40
del 24
Dotile, Jno, lot 21, block G, rangeC-.. tax 43 87
del 4 38
Dohle, Jno, lot 41», block8. range I)....tnx 29 25
del 2 92
Duvldaoli, W S, lot 45, block I, range
(Î tax 3 25
del 32
Dor»ey dt Co, lot 4, block 5, rangetnx 43 87
del 4 38
Durpley St Freeman, lot 17, block I, rauge
I. ;* alto lot 28, block 4, range K...tax 21 12
del 2 II
Dubelbel»»,J (I, lot 4, block 7, range D.tax 21 12
del 2 11
Epley, Itio, lot 21, block 5, range C. tax 42 25
del 4 22
Flnlnterer, George, lot 28. block 1, runge
υ tax 8 12
del 81
Fenncr, PC. Improvement» on went por
tion of lot 12, block 4, range It... tuxl29 18
del 12 91
Fleming, Juo J, lot 35, block 1, rnnge O. tax 60 52
del G 05
Fargo, Κ Λ, lot 41. block G, range C i aim
lot 18, block 2, range Β tax 3 Π2
del 3d
Fargo, Κ A, lot 19, block2, range H....tax I G2
del 1C
Fliedner, G, North 100 feet of Hnuth 250 feet
or lot XI, block 8, range 1) tax 1 G2
del 1G
Flovd ii Mitchell, lot 3, block I, range
J tax 4 06
•lei 40
Ford, Janice, lot 14, block 4, range IJ.. tax 47 12
del 4 71
Fox, Mr», lot 10. block 1. range Β ; al»o lot
3, block 1, range A tux 19 50
del 1 95
Frltxel, Lloyd, lot 1, block G, range L)..tax 48 75
del 4 87
Frlxzel, Lloyd, South 100 feet of lot 9, block
4, range Κ tax J 25
del 32
Gray & Neal, lot 2, block G, runge 1>.. .tax 49 72
del 4 97
Gold Hill Ai Virginia Tuuuellng M Co,
North 82 feet of lot 45, block 8, range
D tux 30 87
del 3 08
Gold Hill & Virginia Tunneling M Co,
lot 43, block 8, rnnge I) tnx 45 50
del 4 55
Gllddcn, P, lot 47, block 1, rnnge G tux 14 G2
del I 4(1
Getter, Jno H, lot 4, block Γ, innge II. tnx 18 71
del I 87
Gentry M Co, lot 18, block 1, rangeG-.tnx 8 12
del 81
Henry,5Win, lot 25, block I, rnnge I)., .tax 1Λ 25
del 1 G2
lllggln», C \V, lot 19, block 1, range Ο. .tux 27 H2
del S 78
Herri·, W B, West SO feet nf loi 40, block
1, rnnge Ο ....tnx 31 IS
del 2 11
Hobb·, C X, lot 7, block 1, range Ο tnx 16 35
del I 62
Hereford, W 8, lot 6, block 4, range C.. tax 27 62
del 2 76
Harnette, J, lot 24, block 4, range Κ—tnx 16 25
del 1 62
Herman, I'm, lot 12, block 1, range A. .tax 13 00
del 1 30
Hawkins, linger, lot 30, block 1.range Il.tax 4 06
del 40
Hagan, Dennl·, lot 22, block 1, range O, tax 13 00
del 1 30
Imperial Hotel Company, lot 2, block S,
range D tax 170 75
del 17 87
Ineb, Jaraea, lot 3, block 1, ran go II.. .tax 3 25
del 32
Jones. Lyman, lot 24, block 1, rango l),tax 82 67
«lei 8 28
Johnson. F A. lot 32, block 2, range Il.tax 4 87
del 48
Knlgbt, C M, lot 25, block 1, range I .. tax 9 42
del 94
Knight, Wm. north 80fe«t ofsouth, 105feet
of lot 2, block 1, range I) ,.,.Ικχ 39..
del 3 90
Kellogg, 3 A, lot 2, block 8, range 1) .tax 27 62
del 2 76
King, Cha·, lot 45, block 1, range I tax 7 37
del 73
Keeper*, J T, Improvement on J White'·
land, on went side of Carson avenue.
American Flat, being a dwelling
lionne tax 6 50
.lei sr.
Landing, J V A, lot 4, block 4, range D tax 60 12
' del 6 01
LeBlanc J E, lot 25, block 4, range Κ ; al «ο
lot 14, block 1, range L tax 11 38
del 1 13
LeBlanc, J E. lot 13, block 1, range L.tax 5 65
del 56
LeDuc. 51, lot4, block 1, range F ....tax 3 25
del 32
Lee L W, lot 4, block 1, rango I tax 16 23
del 1 62
Leon Consolidated Mining Co, lot 2, block
4, range Ε tax 16 25
del I 62
L«on Consolidated Milling Co, north 100
feet of lot 7, block 4. range Κ tax 6 60
del 65
Leon Consolidated Mining Co, north 100
feet of lot 8, block 4, rung.· Κ tax !· 75
del 97
Major Gold and Silver Mining Co, lot 16,
block I, range Ο tax 3 25
del 32
Mason, Hlchard, lot 9, block ], range L ;
also, lot 31, block 4, range Ε tax 3 25
del 32
Mayer, J G, lot 23. block 4, range C.. .tax 8 12
del 81
Mayer Si Flledner, portion of improve
inents on lot 7, block 2, range D.tax 26 ..
del 2 60
Moore, Julia A. lot 20, block 1, range Ο tax 19 50
del I 95
McCrelUs, D Β,Ιοι 26.block 1,range II.tnx 3 74
del 37
McMahoo, Jaa T, Improvements on lot 3,
block 8, rangeD ....tax 6 50
del 65
Morgan, Isaac, lot 10, block 1, range I.tax 9 75
del 97
Mower, Μ Τ, lot 6. block 2. range Ε ..tax 22 75
del 2 27
Mois, Τ J, lot 7, block 1, range L tnx I 63
del 10
T"r— —— " ~
Nlchter, G M, »oatk 330 fMt Of lot 36,
bl«fie, range 0.77* .Ux 9 75
I 1 S *~V~ de' 97
0v«rmaa Gold tod SBvcr Mining Co, lot
1», block 4. rang· .......tax 13
gl ιΤι V_ 'V/ del 1 30
Overman Oold sod Silver Mining Co, lot
te, block 1, ronge L tax 13
del 1 30
Oram J, north bilf of lot 7, block 2, Mitch
ell It Lammas tract tax 3 44
del \ '24
Phillip·, Mr* J W, lot 6, block 1, range
F tu 27 62
dd; 3 76
Phillip· Mm J W, north 225 feet of Math 250
feet of lot 5, block 1, range J Ux 3 23
del 32
Pharrer&Co, CO, lot 3, block 2, range
D .i.ii.. .-...ux 78
del 7 80
Proetor, Daniel, north 80 feet of lot β,
block 1,rangeO......... tax 63 37
del 6 33
Paul, Λ B, lot 13, block 8, rang» D···-tax 19 SO
del 1 95
Ryun, Ε J, lot 30, blocks, range B. ...tax S3..
del 6 50
Rutherford, A, lot 10, block 2, range D.tnx 45 50
del 4 55
Roberta J J, aouth 60 feet of lot 45, block
8, range D tax 1950
del 1 95
Rehlner, H, aouth 25 feet of lot 9, block 2,
range P; al»o, «outh2Sfret of lot 11,
block 2, range C tax 5 68 I
del 561
IthoiulcM, WII, an undivided one-fourth
IntereHt In what la known aa the Comet
Mill tax 190 12 I
dut 1» 01 [
Sweety Mining Company, Improvement·
on mlno of the company (holding
work·, building·, etc.,). tax 16 75 I
del 1 67
8ylve«ter, D S, lot 7, block5, rangeC.tax 130 ..
del 13 1
Sutherland, George, α lot 50 by 100 feet,
in Flowery, bounded went by McKay
and ea»t by Bropby tax 9 75
del 97
St. Loul· G 4 8 Mining Co, lot 39, block
6, ruugo C tux 102 37
del 10 23
Smith. L, Improvement· ou Divide, alto
timber and lumber, occupied aa u
lumberyard tax 13 ..
del 1 30 I
Smith, Henry, went 18 feet of lot 44, block
1. range G tax 2 45 I
del 24 I
Shea, H, aouth 25 feet of lot 5, block 1,
range J tax 3 25
del 32
Schiller G & S Mining Co, lot 16, block 1,
range J tax 1 62
del 16
-■^chillerG Λ S Mining Co, improvement·
uumiue tax 13
del I 30 I
Tucker, Κ Ρ, lot 9, block 6, range D : al«o,
ιοί ι;, uiocb /, mn»f« u ιηχ ιυ
* ijJC· «M *
Tucker, Κ Ρ, I«t 1β. block Ι, ranKcR. .tax 3 45
- del 24
Tuckwr, Κ Ρ, lot 17. block 4. range K..tnx 1 Û2
del It!
Terry, J 8, lut 38, block ti. rang·C ... .tnx 8 94
del 89
Tanner, Jn«, lot2, block 3, rouge C...tax Sti
del a eo
Wlghtman, Λ C, lot 40, block 1, range
Ο tnx 2C 00
del 60
Wlghtman, AC. Went 300 feet of lot 39,
block 1, rnuge Ο tax 9 75
del 97
Winnie, Κ (I, South 483 feet of lot 18, block
li, range (J taxl20 25
del 12 02
Winnie, Κ f», lot 42, block 8, rang» I·'.. .tax 5tf 87
del 5 68
Wood &. Kenvon, lot 1, block 4, range
0 tnx 14 62
del 1 46
Wllnuu, Ρ Λ, loi 2, block 1, range I.,tnx 4 0b
del 40
Yolo Gold nnd Silver Mining Co, lot IS,
block 2, range lJ tax 22 75
del 8 27
County Tax-Collector.
1). Corson, Dint. At'y.
Virginia City, December 8, 1865.
Halt, of wildey lodge
No. 1, I. O.O. F„ Gold Hill,
November 28th, 1865.
WHEKKAS, It bat pleated Al
mighty God to «end hi· grim menHonger, Death,
to tuk'o from our mid at Brother F. H. W1NOATE,
of K1 Dorado Lodge No. 8, of the I. O. O. F. of
Sacramento ; and whereat, Brother Wlngato wn
α frequent and welcome visitor at Wlldey Lodge
No. 1 :
Ituolvtd, That wa «adly and humbly bow to
thin dl«pen«ation of ill· Divine Providence, flrmly
believing that " He doeth nil thing· well."
Rttolrtd, That Wildey Lodge tender· to El
Dorado Lodge No. 8, nnd to the relative· nnd
friend· of dec-eased Brother Wlognto, the most
heartfelt «ymputhlul in thin their >od bereave
ment, confiding in the witdom of the All-wite
Ruler In taklug him thu· early tu the Celeitlul
Lodge ubove. _
• -ww™
KonHuih Gold and Sllrer Mlnlnc Com·
pauy—Location, Devil'· Gate Mining District. Lyon
county, Nevada—Notice Is hereby given, that all
delinquent· upon the following dencrlbed «toc*, on
account of a»«c«nient of one dollar for each and ev
ery share of the capital «tockof laid company, levied
March Bd, x. D. IC, and upon all back assessment·
to dale, set opposite |u the respective shareholder·,
an folio»·» :
Kamn. Ctrti. · Shi. Am't.
W II Ilowaril S, 13y, las inn...$14: 46
Euitenc Slssa *,9,10.11,12..'.; IIA....1V0 ..
John Clares)· 3C In 16 ..
A Bieaso 20 20 «0 ..
John L Major unissued 7 14 ..
Richard Sander* 26 2U 40 ..
Lewis Levy 10....It) ..
Β Τ Brown 03 4 4 ..
1 C Bateman I36,.'40 So 12» 67
Dr W Klchclroth,..2M, ItW. ai0, 261,
262, 263. 2lH Μ....ΙΙ0 ..
Ν J Glllet 109,110,223 26....114 ..
A Sulzbaclicr.. l5o,2H0,3UI,202,2ni,279 6.',.....6S ..
James H IkanUlcy 216,221.366 2ft)i...Μ Κ)
Cil IillddlllgtOll 217,226,227 47...
A H Evan* 241,242,244,277....133....249 ..
C D lloyt 283,2*4,2$.V>6.... UM....IM ..
Samuel Waiwerinan 21 Id 20 ..
Oeo I, Lanpher —23,24 IS; 20 ..
Win Wright » .37 30 60 ..
Wm Ε Latterly 43,44 SO ion ..
Matteo Orearnmno.......... V .5 5 ..
Maurice Blanc 92 S......} ..
Μλπ' M Qck..53......3......ft ..
Peler l'liint ...224.....to 1ft ..
C M durer .....M 30 !·2 ..
Catharine Μαιικβ... Μ ft ft ..
ΙλιιΙ* Vider H4,8ft.....20 50 ..
R Ρ M Kelly 6rf,10J «ι.... JO ..
Τ II ami J II Stewart 74,7»,«0 14 14 ..
John Jetlom .SI J0....W ..
.Samuel Schwarti 158 10 20 ..
John Vignot «A 25 3» ..
Mark Myer» J9.90 ai 20 ..
John Damran VXl 104 8 16 ..
John Glllronan ..106 ft 1) ..
Λ Duquel ......113 2) 25 ..
Moore à Ogdert 114,115 15 30 ..
A Fox, administrator of the Ha
ute or lilram Qott, 117 2ft 50 ..
Isaac I'forzhdmer 110. ai 40 ..
J Β Rcynohln 140 30....100 ..
Joseph lllcaril 14ft 2ft 2ft ..
Wni Jamlxon 148 ft 10 ..
J Koglebrecht 152,159,231,257 2» 20 ..
Francois Eachalah...;.... 160,161,162 2ft 2ft ..
David Orear .174 25...:.fl« ..
A W Crow 179,232 20 40 ..
Kugeoe Ε Dcnnery 181 10. 10 ..
Η Lewi· 1K3 3 3 ..
Stephen D Falls 191 10 2» ..
J a Llhby 192,103 50....150 ..
FShnlti 204 4 1..
I'J Η Smith 205 10 20 ..
R « Pardee 218 10 20 ..
11 M Bumf* 220 S 10 ..
Jon Bcardslcy 222 7 14 ..
Goo Roth 230 10.....20 ..
John Mandlch 23ft 20 40 ..
C 8 Comln».... 236,237,238 2ft 2ft ..
W CDavol 23» 28 28 ..
Kvans 4 Shulti 243,24ft Aft 70 ..
JaaMcUlnula 246 73 79 ..
John llcrxo, Administrator of the
Estate of M Zcnovlcb 247,248 10 10 ..
Κ Monot 26.'. 10 10 ..
Mis» J Ghatelln M s ft ..
Κ Kmanuel «71 10 10 ..
Herman Armer 274 4 4 ..
Ml»· Kate Reel 2X0...—...ft ft ..
Mlw Margaret Nlckoll 281 S 9 ..
MIssMaigaret Mill 282 ft ft ..
And In accordance with the law, and an order of
the Boanl of Trustee·, made on the date above men
tioned, «ο many share· of each parcel of said Slock
a« may be nece«»ary. will be aokl at the office of the
Secretary of aald company. Ko. M South C «treet,
Virginia, on SATURDAY, the 23d day of July, i. D.
1*65. at the hour of 12 o'clock X, of aald day, to pay
•aid delinquent aaaaantentl thereon, together with
cost· of ailvcrtlalngand expenaee of tale.
wTII.UUWABD, 8ec'y.
Virginia, J una 21,1845, JtrSl td
The foregoing tale 1· poetuoned nntll SATURDAY, ι
the ftili ilay of August, 18», at the (ame hour and
place above designated. By order of the Board of
Trustée». W] H. HOWARD, Sec'y.
Virginia, July 22. Is6ft. J y 22 td
The foregoing «aie I· postponed until SATUR
DAY, the 9th day of September. 18Λ5, at the «me
hour and place above dealgnated. By order of the
Board of Trustée». W. H. HOWARD, Sec y.
Virginia, Augutt.S. 186.'·. , . , atl7 U
The foregoing »ale la further pottponed until SAT
CHDAY, October 141b; 11*5. at 12 In front of
RuhllngΛ Co.'· BankiSouth Β«treet, Virginia. By
order o* the Board of ™^AHliKTIR ^
Virginia,Kept. II, I860. Mil W
The above aale I» postponed till SATURDAY, Oc
tober 28th, 1865, at the same hour and place, when
The above aale I· postponed till SATURDAY,
December 3d. 18Î5, at aame hour and place. By |
order Board of Trustees.
oclS ul a;H MARLETTK, Sec'y
The above aale 11 postponed nntll SATUR
DAY, January titb. 1866, between 1 and 3 o'clock I
Γ. M., at the aame place. By order ef the Botril
of Trnetee*. 8. H. MARLETTE, l*ec'y.
Virginia. Dec. 2.1885. de9_td_
Belcher Ctapur — NlackkeMm'
Meeting.—The annual meeting of the Belcher
Company will be held on MONDAY, December
ΙβιΙ·. IP65. at 12 o'clock *., at the company'·
sfllce. No. 48 Sooth Β (treet, Virginia. By order
}f the Board of Traatee·.
Virginia. December 4, IMS. del t«
Pioneer Assay Office
— or —
Mala «tract, Mfw WtDi, Farce 4k Co.'·
bualuea· entniate·! lo him with promptnrw ami
Geld, Hllrer aad Or·· mf Every lff«orl|>·
tien Aaaared,
Anil return· of Bullion madewlthlnali lion rain Bar.
or Coin, at the option of the depositor*.
For corTtctne·» of hU Au*y·, he refer» to—
M eux·. Xnror Λ ColcaU New Turk
Kan. B. Bafcnod Ϊ Co Kew York
Mean·. Dffftdaon à Berrl 8a» FraocUco
Meaart, J. Parrctt Λ Co fan Fraiiclato
Meaan. Bather A Co Kan FraucUco
Meaara. Tallant à Co San Franrlnco
Bank of Otlltorâla San FnncUco
Meaan. B. F. Haiti η κ» à Co Sacramento
Mwara. D. 0. Mill· à Co.. Sacramento
Mam*. Kideoat k Smith Marrivtii·
Meura. Decker A Jewett llaryarllle
Meaara, B. F. Haatinea t Co Virginia City
W. II. Blauvelt. Ag'tBank of Cal .Gold Illll
1*. D. Hedley. At't Well·, Fargo i Co.'a. ..UoW lllll
Ckariu at Han FranclKt Kate·.
noil tf H. HAHKIH.
«•Id Hill, Nevada.
Depaaiuef Geld and Hllrer Baille·.
For Melting and Aaaaylng.
. Having every convenience belonging Ιο a
And the aulatance of men thoroughly cornpe
tent In every department of the bnalneaa. our
Depetlterinar R«lr MJpmm Bel»r»«,
A· being correct and exact In every particular.
Value» roported, and guarantee·! to r«»r
reapond with the aaaaya of the U. 8. Mint.
Rate· of Chargra—According tn tl - Sun
Franclaco tariff, via : One per ceut. luvnW.„i>f
Silver, and $3 for reporting Gold, when the «mu··
la leaa than #1,200 ; when over that amount, one'
fourth of ono per cent, of the value. Ore Anaaya
for Gold and Silver. $Λ. ocl I tf
The Bank of California?
receive Depoalta of COIN or BULLION,
either on
Or la (MM Certificat lea Tlafrrfer
Pay able (at the option ot the boldrr/ In Gold Hill
or In San Franclaco ; to make Collection* ; pur
chaae Bullion at the moat favorable rate·, or ad
▼ancecoln tbereou wbcu forwarded to the Parent
Bank In San Franelaoo ; aellaBUlaof Exchange;
and tranaact a General Banking B'mlnean.
ChecLa for Hale on
London. Parla,
Bunk of Ireland (Dublin), New York.
San Kranclaco. Boaton,
Portland (Oregon), Sacrami-nto, etc.
WM. SHARON. General Agent.
W. H. BLAUVELT, Caahler.
Gold Hill, Dec. 1. 1865. deel tf
Virginia City.
Vjf Aanayed, and returna madetn B»m thedavi··
Our Aaeaya
Will conform atrictly to tho autidaro of 111'
U. S. Mint,
And our chargea will be the oatur u In San Pranrliu c
JVParUcular attention glvi.ir to OK Κ Assay.".
Metallurgical Chemist!
OFFICE—Ob Tavloratreet, aouthwrnt cor.
of D atrect, Vlrcinla.
Eetabliehcd in 180I !
ΑηΛ r«(nraM thur^nf mad* in ituimuKl Ηιιγμ or Coin
The correctne·· of bin computation· I·
proved la It· wot way m done by liliu during h
number of year· In the U. S. Mint, San Frencleco.
arA.li kind· of Ore· and Mineral· t«Mtd, al
layed and analysed.
tOTRefer· to Public Opinion, ftur^l
Profrietor .....Max WaLTKK
Mualcal Director F. Η. II. Oldlleld
Leader E. Zlramer
Stage Manager U. McGowan
The management take pleaatire In announcing
to the publie that the following company of ar
tlate· will appear every evening In a claa.lcal ami
varied performance (void of vulgarity) :
The Original Cure and Champion Clog Dancer.
The pleaalnf Ballad Singer.
The Tambourin lit and Banjo Solo Singer.
The Ethiopian Comedian and Qeneral Performer
Tb· Champion Female Jig Dancer.
The Pleating SongatreM and Fancy Dancer
The Favorite Actre··.
Mm. Ham Welle. Johur Tnera,
Ned Ward, G H Koeter,
Ρ H H Oldlleld, Ε Zlramer,
Mr BIwIiiImb, CI··· Mknltt,
Wm Perry, Andy Petro,
George Baker, D Keyea,
Making In all the moat Powerful Company oa the
Pacific Cooat.
To all parta of the Houae Fifty Cent·
Boxea <2 SO and X 00
(Succenor to Karve· & Nye,)
No, 9 Northaaat earner C and Dal·· Ma.·
Manufacturer, Importer,
and Dealer In
Fine Watehes, Diamonds,
Silver it Silver-plated Ware,
Τ Y friend·, and the publie generally, that he
will continue the builneai at the old and wall
known atand. where he will keep conatantly on
hand the beat and mo«t complete auortment of
the flne>t
Gold aad Hllver Watchea, Jewelry; IMa·
monda, HUrer and Hllver-nlated Ware,
<4oId Pea·, Mpectaelea of all kind·,
< Brazilian and Heoceh Pekblea,
adapted la all atokM,
ry Diamond Work and all kind· of Jewelry
and Silverware manufactured to ordrr at the
•horteat notice.
Watche· and Clock· Repaired and Warranted.
Banm'· Patent Buckle· for ule, and all other
kind· of Buckle· manufactured and for aale.
Plea·· call and examine the Oooda.
Dont forget the Old Corner.
deC 8m W. T. EAVK8

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