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Dr. W. K. Dohrrn * Frivnlr .Tledical
and Narglcal laatiiutc,
Sacramento street. below Montgomery ^opposite |
the PiLCiHo M au Steamship Company*s ofl >.)
Ij^Privat· Entrance on LeWwdorJT *treet, |
Sua Francisco, California
•tahllfthed expre**ly to afford the afflicted sound f
and *c ten tide medical aid in the treatment
and cure of all Private and Chronic
Diseases, Case* of iwciwj.
and all Sexual DU
To the AtQicti-d !
X_/ Cere thanks to hi* uumerous patient» for their
patronage, and would take this opportunity to re
mind theia that he continue* to consult, at hi» In
stitute, for the curt» of Chronic Dîmmc» of the
Luugw. LlVoT, Kidneys. Digestive and GenitO
Urinary organ*, and* all Private Di*ea*e*. yi*!
Syphll.alixail it* hrta* and statfe* . Gonorrhea,
Gleet, Stricture·. Nocturnal ami Diurnal Kiai*·
•ions, Sexual Debility. Di*ease* of tbe Bach and
Loin*. Inflammation of the 111 adder and Kidney*,
ete., etc.: and he hope* that hU long eaperlmc*
and eucce*»fu. practice of many year* will con
tinue to ln*ure Itioj a »harc of public ' atronage.
Bv the ρ-act ice of many years in Kurt ,-eund the
United State*, be u«ambled to apply th* moat ef
ficient and successful remédie* «gauut di*ee*es of
ail kiad*. He i*e« no mercury, charge· moder
ate. treat* hi* j»atioutsJu a correct and honorable
way. ha* reference* of uutiucsttonable veracity
from men of kuowu respectability aud high
•tending in society. All partie* consulting him.
by letter or otherwUe. will receive thet ut and
g*a:>*s treatment, aud implicit secre»y.
DR. DOHERTY would call attention to the
following certidcate*. from two of hi* patient*,
who, having fully recovered their health, desire
to make known their remedial agent. It will be
•e*a their »tat «imeat* are fall ν authenticated by a
Notary Publie.
The welfare of society imperiously demand their
ublicity, and they are given more to warn the
unwary than to sound the praises of a Physician,
whom hundred* of like case* can be cited, during
practice of more than fifteen years.
Λ Caw of Gleet and -Hiricturr.
Doctor Doherty—1> · .r -<lr ; I feel my health so
fully restored that, lu cotnmou gratitude. 1 believe
1 should make y ou ••»me written acknowledgment
for your valuable service*, particularly so a* your
fee we* «mail for the work performed." 1 arrivai
in this city frutn the Ea»t about one year ago,
and wis then suffering from an old case of Gloct,
complicated with stricture. Being a Stranger IB
the city, and believing that those doctor* who
five *uch positive assurance* of succe** were
necessarily the best (some of whom have a large
number ot title*), 1 placed myself in their charge,
and continued under treatment until 1 had lost
nearly all ho pe and a considerable sum of money
1 wish to say now that you are the sixth doctor I
have employed, and the only ou· that ha* done
me any service. My Gleet i* wholly cured, the
Stricture 1» all removed, aud my general health
i* better than U ha* been for years. In conclu
iion, I would say to the many uufortunate* who
require medical advice. If yoti have any doubt a*
to whom you should employ, a*k Dr. Doherty for
mv address aud come and see me (I iceep store .n
this city). My experience ruay save yon many
dollar·. I would also add that in the curl ν aa*?e
of my disease 1 u*e<* a large amount ot' the pre
paration* advertise*! iutui infallible cure forGou
orrhcra. Gleet, etc.. but never derived any beiietit
from them. I am. Doctor, very truly yoctre,
Subscribed and sworn to before me thl* 01st day
IL· ί| Α. 8. GOCLD. Notary Public
Mfminnl W>nknr«-S*rorB OrtW
(«If of η Krauiirkublr ('«it of f*prr
A desire to benefit suffering humanity. and «
titling of gratitude to Doctor W. K. Doherty,
alone Induces me to mak·* this statetneut. For
many year* I have been afflicted with that fearful
disease known *s Spermatorrhea. or Seminal
W-akne*s, to a fearful extent, which wtu <«00ο
followed by the most alarming symptom*,
weakness of the hack aad limb*. pain in the head,
dimness of vUioc. nervousness and general de
bility. My mind. too. was affected to such an ex
teat as to seriously impair my memory ; my idea*
were confused and spirit* depre<«*ed. Î ww averse
to society; had evil foreboding* and self-distrust,
and wm eotirely uutitt«*d for any of the datte* oi
life. From l£55 to the summer ot l<63. I em
ploye^Hhe very best medical talent I conld rind,
and' «peat several hundred dollar*, but in no in
■tance could obtain more than temporary rellet
I had about concluded there w.u no relief for me
lathi* world, but. reading Dr. Doherty's adver
tisement. I thought I *hoald call and see him. a*
he charged nothing for consult*tion. I had an in*
terview with the Doctorat hi» office in Sacra
mento «treet. and hi* fee for treatment wm so
reasonable I determined to try him. though 1 did
not expect much benetit from'hi* treatment, (.ha
the fifth of Decemberlast I placed myself under
hi* care. In one w««k 1 found myself very mucb
Improved, aad now. after live week*' treatment,
I feel thoroughly cured of all my trouble·
in «h· ealovment of the beet health. Hoplnf
that m ν experience may be of benetit to otheri
■Imilariy axHL'.ed. I subscribe myself.
Subscribed aad «worn to before me. thi* I5tl
day of Januarv. a.P. 1$64.
(L.s.1 A. G. RANDALL. Notary Public.
To 1 bo Ladir*.
When a female 1* in trouble, or afflicted-wit!
disease. at Weakness of the Back and L&n*. Pail
In the Head, Dirnne** of Sight. Loss of Muscula
Paw or. Palpitation of the Heart. Irritability, Ner
Tournes*. Extreme Urinary Difficulties, Demngt·
ment of the Digestive Functions, General Deb!!
ity, Yatfn'tif. all Diseasesof the Womb. Hyste
rla, eterility, and all olhcr disease* peculiar to fe
aoaloA, (hey ahould go or write at once to the eel
•brated Female Doctor. W. K. Doherty, at hi
Medical Institute, and con*ult him about theb
troubles and disease. The Doctor i* effecting
more cures than any other phvslciap iu the Stat<
of California, Let no false delicacy prevent vou
but apply immediately and *ave" yourself froa
painful suffering* and premature death. All mar
ried ladies, who*»· delicate health orotber clrcum
ftance* prevent an increase in the family, should
write or call at Dr. W. K. Doherty'* Medical In
adtate, and they will receive every'possible relie!
and help. The Doctor'* office* 'consisting of a
suite of six rooms), are so arranged that he cas
baooxuolted without fear of observation.
To Corrrepoadenta.
Patients redding la any part of the Stat·*, how.
ever distant, who may desire the opinion and ad·
▼loe of Docto. Doherty in their respective cases,
.. and who think proper to submit a written state·
ment of sich, in preference to holding a personal
Interview, are respectfully a*»ur*d that theircom
mualcations will be held reost sacred.· Doctor
Doherty takes thi* opportunity ofob+vring that
allletters are openea andrep.'ied to only by him
•elf, and the latter a* promptly a* possible. If
the case be folly and candidly described, j»er
tonal communication will be unnecessary, as
Instructions for diet, regimen, and the general
treatment of the case Itself (Including the
remedies), will be forwarded without delay, and
In such a manner as to convey no idea of the pur·
port of the letter or parcel so transmitted.
^^Consultation. by letter or oth«*wi*e, frjck
permanent cure guaranteed or no pav.
San Francisco. Cal.
Opinio·* of tin* Pre···
"OK. DOHERTY Is a skillful physician and
honorable gentleman. Any «tatemeutshe make·
to hit patiente he t* sure to fa&lL That (act is
one great came of hl« eminent success In hit pro
fession. It Is fortunate that among the many ad
vertieiug phy*iclau»there is one who can bo de·
podded on."—Review.
·· DR. DOHERTY'S reputation ne a pby«ician
le a sufficient murante* t*»r the cure of any case
he undertake*."—Chronicle.
** DR. DOHERTY ha* devoted hi* study more
particularly to chronic, «peciûr and secret prac
tloe. and as such i* now th·· iuo*t ftucremiful of
any phynician in San Francisco.**—Free Prma
"DR. DOHERTY'S repnlation i«*ei*ond to no
other physician on the coant lu chronic and » pa
cific practice.*'—Mirror.
" DR. DOHERTY.—Few men in tho medical
profession have succeeded In gaining the confi
dence of the public in their skill and judgment a*
he ha*."—Enquirer.
"DR. DOHERTY ranks ax one of our moat
dUtlngnlshed physicians, and also one of the mo*t
(UCCessful, which Is now the criterion by which
the medical practitioner is judged.- -V.eho.
·' DR. DOHERTY enjoy· a more extensive
practice than any physician In this tttat«."_rx.
Address. W K. DOHERTY. M. D..
jyl6 3m 8iD Franelwro. t;al.
Xotice to Crwiltor»*.
Court of the State of Nevada. In the mat
ter of the petition of Jo* A. Tod man, an insol·
Pursuant to an order of the Honorable W. Hay·
don. Judge of the said District Court, notice i«
hereby given to all the creditor» of the said insol·
rent Jo*. A. Tod man. to be and appear before the
Honorable W. Haydon aforesaid, in open Court,
at the Court room of said Court. In Dayton.
Connty of Lyon. State of Nevada, on the 14th
day of Augu«t. a. d.. 1366, at 10 o'clock a. *..
of that day. th*n and there to show cause, if any
they can, why the prayer of said Insolvent should
not be granted, and -vu assignment of his estate
be made, and he be «Uncharged from his debts and
liabilities, 'a pninuance of the statute in such case
made and provided. and in the meantime all pro
**dnst *·** «Mohrant be stayed.
^JhAtT . JST baod a°a S»al of said
Ooort, this 12th day of July. a. d.
C3«rk of th. District Coon. Third Judicial DI».
trict, Nevada.
. π *1 S*£· W- »^P«"7Cl.rk.
T. H. and J. M. Kennedy, Attorney, for Pvti.
y γ KELLY, hu l»ft m» b«d and Wnl with
oat |n«t c«e»e or provocation. I therefore warn
th· pobllc not to harbor or trait nid Miuwirrt
K*Itr on my «econnt, u I will par no datun of
h«r OOBttStM «Ή0ΜΛ8 KELLY.
"•τ»», J%r nth. îm jy»«f
Dr. tiibbo·»'* Di*|»CHsar>,
Ull near Commercial. -au
Francisco established in 18Λ4.
for the treatment of' sexual
and Ssmiual Disease» such tu J
Gonorrhea. Gleet. -tricture,
Syphilis in all It* forme,«"vail·
ual Weakness, lmpotency,|
etc.. Skin Di*ea-** (of Trar»i
*tanding) »uii Vlceruted Leg»
»ucce»*tully treated. L
pUa*ure of awiouiu* g that bo bus
this Mate, after an ubsenceof one y^, atmng
which II» bo ha. vbited *11 the prmclpiU ho»W·
tal. of Klirop·— among theu. tho.e of Dublin
London and Pari*, Th. following
hoiDitaU of London are mioui thoje vtaited oy
.h' lVo^H.r ( 1 uv'Hlh-b .iwl. Borough; St.
\liirv ». CMlb. HI·»». Pad.; Lock. Marrow
roa.1 l'nlv.Tutv. <»ow. r .treet ; W<wtinln»trr,
Broad >iun ui:vr v : Chariug Cro... Agar im»l,
'traud, Loudon. Whltecbapelieadt Royal Prw.
Orav» Inn roud : King'· Cottage, Portugal »trt.
DOCTOR GIBBON ha* al»o vi«lt«-U Doctor»
Acton of London. Vurkrr of Birmingham, Eng
land ; and Rlcord of Pari· ; who art considered
tho bot phyuician» and aurgeou· la the world,
and who·» authority l« acknowledged to be the
l^lghe.t in the treatment M œmal l>l»ea»e«.
UUCTOR GIBBON bu obtained from them
their new mode of treatment, which cannot be
surpassed. , .
DOCTOR GIBBON has .pared neither time
nor mooer In «««eking out uew remedies, aud ha*
returned with new facilities for th· alleviation of
human sufTeriug
Horrible Dleenw·.
How uianv thousands of per»on*. both male
and female, are there who are *uffering out a
miserable existence from the effects of secret in
dulgences, ur from vira* absorbed loto the sys
tem ? Look nt their pallid, emaciated and du
djfured fâce· mitl their broken down constitutions,
disqualifying them for the happlne*· of marriage
or tne enjoyment of life. In this horrid situation
thousands suffer until death close* the scene.
Let parent», guardian·, friend*, attend to tbo*e
who are suffcriug with any of these horrible, life
do· troybf maladie·—·© that they a™ γ***1 for
aud cured before It be too late.* Send them im
mediately lo Doctor Gibbon, a physician who ha*
malr privatedUease* hi* e»peciul study for year»,
and who I* certain »o cur· the mo*t Inveterate
ca»e» without mercury or any other ii\luriou»
drug*. It i» Important to tho»· who are afflicted,
or to thone who are interested In the welfare of
their friend*. to he carenil of the many pretended
doctor* who iufrst all cities, publishing their skill
lu curing all disease·, in a ft?w day*. imposing
upou the public by using the uame* of eminent !
physician* from iTurope and other place·. Be,
therefore, careful, and make strict inquiry, or
you may fall Into the hand* of tho*e charlatan*.
Seminal U'rakafM.
Seminal Cmi*»ion*. the consequent of »elf*
abuse. Thl* solitary vice, or depraved sexual
indulgence, i* practiced by the youth of both
»exe* to an almost unlimited extent, producing,
with unerring cortuuitv. the tollowiug tralu of
morbid symptoms, unless combatted by Vien
tide medical measures, tU : Sallow counteuauce,
dark * pot* under the ere*, pain in the head, ring
In* m the ear*, noiae 'like the ruetllng of leavt·*
and rattling chariot*. unea*ine*ji about the loin*
wtNikueft* of the limb*. coufu*ed vielon. blunted
Intellect. lo*«of oontldcuce. ditlldenceln approach
ing vtrnuger». a di«like to form new acquaint
ance*. a dl*poiltion to *hun *oclety ; lo** of
memory, hectic lla*h«Ni,pimple· an«i variou*erup·
tion* about the face, furtvd tongue, fetid brvath.
cough*, couftumptlon. uUrbt-aw««at·. monomania
an>t frvqueut iu«anity. If relief be not obtaiue<l,
■«Mould apply immediately, either in per*on or by
Irtter. and have a cure »*iTected by hi· new and
•oientiAc mode of treating thli "di*ea*e. which
never fail* of eflWflr»· a ^nfeV und radical cure.
Dr. G. will give oue hundred dollars to an ν per
*ou who will prove *atl»ikotortly to him that he
w.k* cur*Hl of thi* complaint by either of the San
Francisco quack*.
DOCTOR GIBBON 1* reiponelble. and will
rivn to each patient a written in*trument. bind
ing hitn*elf to effect a radical and permanent cure,
or make no charge.
Person· at Λ di*tance may be CURED AT
ΠΟΜΕ; by addre*«ing a letter to DocU»r Gibbon,
«rating ca*e. *ymptt»m*. length of time the di*·
ea*e ha* continued, and have medicine» promptly
forwarded. fre<* from damage and curiowlty, to
any part of the country, with full and plain di
rections for uae. for Ten Dollar·, *ent in regt*·
tered letter. >r through Well*. Fargo A. Co.
Doctor Gibbou *method will not interfere with
the ordinary occupation of the patient while
under treatment.
Aidre*· D1C J. P. GIBBON. 61? Kearnv street,
near Commercial. San Francisco. Poet Otfic· Box
No. 252.
Consultation* FREE.
Prevention Better lhaa Cere,
Thn newly InvmWd Patent French Safe, a »ure
preventive again»t Di*ea*e* and Pregnancy, »ent
by mail—price, ΦΙ Addre·* Dr. J. F. GIBBON,
617 Kearny *ire»-t. near Commercial, San Fran·
cUco, Po»i OAm Box
Caution to tkf 1'nfortnnntr.
Beware of the San Francleco quack· and pre
tender*, who. with bogui sworn to certificate»,
dupe the unwary. Some of the self-styled doc
tor*. who*e name* are to be found In the dally
and weekly newspaper* of San Francisco and
other plaee*. an» tradesmen, and became too laxy
'to work^ït their trades. Some are tinemith*.
shoemakers, newspaper carrier·, intelligence
otVce keeper*, etc. Look over the San Francisco
Directory, and yon will not Und their Medical
Institute· in it. but you will find their former
occupation· in it. Look at the Directory for Jgtig
and IS&J. The only wav to avoid Imposition is
to make inquiry—it will co*t you nothing, and
may »ave you many regrets ; for, a* advertising
physicians, in eight case* out of ten. are bogus,
there U no safety In trusting aay of them until
vou know who and what they are. Doctor Gib
bon doe* not deceive people by exhibiting bogus
titles, cerîitlcateK, pretended patient·' letter·, etc.
Doctor Gibbons will satisfy person * who may
cnll at his office* of hi* ability to treat diseases
that he proposes to cure.
Corespondents will please inform Doctor Gib·
Ι bon in whut paper they saw his advertisement.
Consultation* FREE. ie!5 1 y.
1 Judicial District, of the State of Nevada, in
I aad for the County of Storey.—H. O. Maynard,
j plaintiff, vs. John Kneeland, defendant.—Ac
tion brought In. the District Court of the Fint
Judicial District of the State of Nevada, in and
for th<* county of Storey, and the complaint filed
In eald county of Storey, In the office of the
Clerk of said District Court.
The State of Nevada »endi greeting to John
ΚαοιΊand, defendant : You are hereby required to
appear in an action brought again at you. by the
flior· named plaintiff. In the District Court of
the First Judicial District, of the State of Ne·
vada, in nnd for the county of Storey, amd an
swer the complaint filed therein, within ten days
(excluaive ot the day of service) after the service
on you of this summon*. if nerved in said county ;
or. if served out of naid county, but within said
District, within twenty «lays; and in all other
c:te«» forty days ; or judgment by default will be
taken against you. according to the prayer of the
said complaint. The said action Is brought to
recover judgment against you, *aid defendant,
for the sum of 912,892, with interest on the sum
of #4,4^6 from this date until paid, at the rate of
five per cent, per month : due. ai is alleged, on a
promissory note dated April 20th, 1863, for the
sum of $4,495, with interest thereon a* above
mentioned. And you are hereby notified, that
If you fail to appear and answer the said com
plaint, as above required, the said plaintiff will
take judgment λ» therein demanded for the sum
of S12.&J2, besides accruing interest and costs
of mit.
Given under my hand and the seal of
j L. 9. 5 the District Court of the Finit Judicial
• District of the State of Nevada, in and
for the county of Storey, this 12th day of July, in
the ynarof our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and sixty-nix.
By Β. H. IlEKirORP, Deputy Clerk. I
Campbell & Sekly. attorney· for plaintiff.
130c Int. Revenue «tamp. 50c Sut· stamp.]
Allan Summon*.
1 Judicial District, of th» Stat» of Narad*. In
ÎT1 for, '«County Of Storey.—An(fu«tu. Wll
luun·. plaintiff, « Archer Con.olidatod Gold «nd
Silver Mining Company, défendant. — Action
Dlrtrtct if !£" 5J*lrle! Court of the Kir,t Judicial
S2S2S"**· N"«d·· In and forth.
Connty of Sto£Î' to th rImpUln' fll«1 ln»*id
•aid Di.trtct Court. ,U° ,h" C1"k of
Hd** *ΓΤ,ΙηΚ·,0 Archer
defendant. YouJ*. Γ n'n* Company,
la «η action brought aealnÎt v?n ^ .'s *PJ?e"
named plaintiff. in m. y <h" »ho*e
Judicial Di.trict,«ifthe Mtltl C?St *'*·*
for the County ôf ' ,or„v â„ , °f N"v,d»· '= *>d
plaint flied therein, within t"n V>",COm·
the day of «errice> .ι,, Λ™ι* νη of
thu lummoiu. if wrved m udd c'"on rou «'
•erred oat of «aid County, but within '«ΰ°ίΐ.
trict. «Htbln twenty day. ; and 1, all othe?c££
forty days ; or judgment by default will be uke
against you. according to the prayer of the ·*μ
complaint. The «aid action In brought to recover
Judgment against yon for the sum of $1,075 75
together with interest and coet· of euit, doe, a*
is alleged, for large sums of money loaned, ex
pended and paid out by plaintiff to sundry per
sons at the special Instance and request or you,
said defendant, and for you and on your behalf.
In and about the working of the said mine, the
Archer Consolidated O. A S. M. Co.'· mine. Ac.,
Ac. And you jtfe hereby notified, thai If you
fall to appear and answer the said complaint, as
above required, the said plaintiff will take judg
ment for said sum of 91.07S 75^ betides Interest
and cost· of nuit.
£~+Given under my hand and the seal of
\ L. s. J the District Court of the First Judicial
District of the State of Nevada, In and
for the County of Storey, this ifth day of July,
In the year of Our Lord one thousand, eight hun
dred and elxtv«tix.
By Β. Κ HnUOMo. Depbty Clerk.
*. L. Add, Attorney for PUljtlC- Π
l&Oc. State atainp. 50a. IiL Rt*. staiDp.]
uariisrlï report of town officers. I
ir lh« PrMlAal of the BmM of I
Tru.lr*» of the Town of Geld Hill.
In pursuance of the requirements of tho Act of
ucorporatlon of the Town of Oohl Hill, Morry
ounty. State of Nevada, I herewith publish the
htarterly Report» of the Town Clerk, the late
I'own Treasurer, and the Report of the prêtent
freasurer, «howlngthe financial condition of the
aid Corporation.
I're.ldent of the Board of Truiteea.
Gold Hill. July 24. 186R_
To tki Honoraiti Hoard of Trutiat of du Τακ η |
of (Sold Hill ■'
OI'STLKMKN—Herewith pleaite tlud Report of
Account* audited, and warrant» ordered is.ued
for the same, for the quarter ending June 30th,
1866s „ .
>13 W Ε Hale, .alary Mnrvh $50 00
UC Manuing. «alary March 50 00
H5 S C (lolf. labor on streets 100 00
il6 α W AyUworth, older Davis 96 oo
j|7 ο w AyUworth. copy statute....... 12 00
Kit) Κ S Hate·, lumber 39 42
jl9 ε A Gamble, oil», dniKn. etc JO oo
920 J J Have., taxe» town lot («ewer) 112 00
Ml Τ 11 Johnson, «alary March 150 00
922 Κ S Hate», lumber -15 36
923 Htllyef to Whitman, legal «ervlce». ...300 00
924 M Kord, removing dead dog» 10 00
925 Ο \V Ayliworth, BVery town 25 00
926 C True" »alarv 125 00
927 ECu»hing. »idary 50 00
928 Dr Oa»ton. medical «ervlee» 30 «Γ
929 W Ε Hale, salary April 50 00
jOO H C Manning, »alary April 50 00
931 Τ 11 Jolin»ou, «alary April 150 00
932 Τ H John»on, lieu of Not. 011 and819
lo«t 157 00
933 Η Levison, stationery 23 50
934 Ο Ooff. labor on «treet» 112 00
y35 Ρ Nye, rep. tool», etc ti 00
936 S H Robinson, Town Att'y fee» 40 00
937 8 H Ribluson, table bourd 30 00
938 S M Johnson, legal service» 40 00
109 Win Prince, labor on streets February 44 00
940 Wui .Parker, labor on streets February 84 00
941 Liberty llo»e C., oil», etc 24 00
942 J A Humphryville, hauling «treet» 16 00
943 C True, steward Y J Ho»eCo 15 00
:U4 Κ S liâtes, lumber 38 64
ÎM3 Ε Cu.hlng, salarv 1 month 50 00
946 Sait Francisco Res. Bd Prisoners 38 50
947 Daily News, advertising and printing.268 00
948 J J Haye», contract sewer 219 37
i>49 W llrannon, cleaning sewer 10 00
950 C True, »alary 1 month 125 00
951 C True, wteward Y J Hose Co 15 00
<152 W Ε Hale, salary May. ! 50 00
953 H C Manning, salary May 30 00
954 Τ Η Johnson, salary May 130 00
955 KGolT, labor on street» 112 00
956 W Ε Hale, dlf In salary 100 00
957 H C Manning dlf. in salary 100 00
958 H C Manning, clerk election 10 00
959 J Berry, labor on stmts 132 00
960 Mariette to Hunt, map tracing 150 00
tl61 RS Bates, Judge election 10 00
962 GHadley.rep. res. and water pipe 125 00
963 Dally News, advertising 16 00
964 G G Clark, judge election 10 00
965 Ρ Neville, salary police I month 123 00
966 A J Gould, judge election 10 00
967 Ε Cushiug, .alary balance 30 00
968 Jno Hill, blacksmlthing 21 73
969 Ε A Gamble, drag», etc 18 00
970 S Η Robinson, assessing bal 1115 99
971 C True, bal salary 56 00
972 Lloyd Fr Mil, «««essment roll 25 00
973 W U Gray, clerk election 10 00
974 R S Bate». No 944 lo»t 3H ti4
975 M Stern, Judge election 10 00
976 Geo Clark, clerk of election 10 00
977 H M Vesey, board prisoner».. 3 50
978 Τ Etlluger. clerk election 10 uo
979 J McCurdy, clerk election 10 00
1180 J McClory. salary police 45 00
981 Geo Edwards, pre-emption fees 38 30
982 Η Η Bancroft &Oo. tax receipt book» 55 (HI
983 R S Couley, judge election... 10 00
984 Jos Daniels, labor on streets 100 00
J 11 llntnphrryrl'.l», hauling oti streets 3fi TO
986 Ε Blttner to Co, hardware 30 74
987 G W Meliner, rep. station house 22 30
988 J Dark, rep station house 10 00
Kcupectfullv nubinittisl,
iJ. C. MANNING, Clerk.
Report of the Treaurarof the Town
of Gold Hill, finding June tfth,
To tks Pruident and Board of Trutter* of Hold
Hill :
ClkLN 1LE.MÛN :—I hereby report the following
an h correct etatement of tho condition of un
hook*. kept ait Treasurer of your Corporation,
bring from April lut to Juno 6th :
1366. ιΐΕοκιΐΊλ
April 1 —Balance on hand ax
»r la*t report &J32 16
20—To caeh received
from Mamhall on account
of license, second quarter 338 00
To cash received for rent of
totru house 25 00
To cash received from S. H.
Deputy Tax-Collector,for
tax on proceed· of mine*.
for tho year ending 1865.15,459 52
Total ca*h receipt! 916.282 68
Redemption Fund 98,048 50
Contingent Fund 8.241 18
•16,289 M
April XI—By paid coupon on
bond No. 96 839 00
By paid coupon on bond 27.. 60 00
June 5—Do. S. H. Robinson
for collecting do. lax pro
ceed· of mine». 3 per cent.
♦467 83. equally divided
between each fund 233 92
Do. iutereat ou bond No. 1.. 120 00
Do. do. do. 211... 72 48
Do. coupon do. 37... 30 60 '
Do. do. do. 33... 30 00
Interest do. 21... 184 20
DlibunomenU Redemption Fund . $770 50
April 2—Bv paid warrant!
"No. 866 85 80
" By paid warrant·
No. 808 120 00
·' By paid warrant·
No. 686 12 SO
·· By paid warrant·
No. 815 125 00
'· By paid warrant·
No. 803 10 00
" Br paid warrant·
No. 802 SO 00
" By paid warrant» ·
No. 813...* 50 00
Jon· 5—8. H. Roblmon. for
collecting tax pro
ceed! of mine·, 3
per cent, equally
devlded between
each fund 233 91
June S and β—Warrant!— '
No. 826, $25; 852. 50 ; 876,
12; 874.2 50 ; 861.29 50 ; 900,
2 64; 942. 16;*950, 125; 951,
15 . 943, 15 ; 924, 10 ; 982,
39 05 ; 827. 24 99 ; 935, 6 ;
909.14 ; 954.150 ; 814. 2175;
867. 10 ; 952. 50 ; 949, 10 ; 850.
6 : 941.84 ; 895,120 ; 847,120;
825.207 16 ; 8Î3, 111; 880, 69;
887, 35 ; 912, S3 ; 947. 268 ; 933,
50; 882, 50 ; 893,20 ; 897,50;
930, 50; 914,50; 818,16; 907,
150; 873,10; 921, 150 ; 945,50;
927, 50 : 903,.50 ; 894. 50 ; 870.
50 : 810. 50 ; 939, 44 : 940, 84;
938, 40 ; 932, 157 ; 933. 23 50 ;
934, 112; 886, 10; 9Î38.30 ; 89€>,
625 ; 851.125 ; 885, 150 ; 888.
4250 : 905, 6Γ70; 915, 100;
862, 90 ; 845, 150 ; 869,10; 908,
40; 919, 50; 923, 300 : 931,150;
926, 125 ; 854,75; 906, 60 ; 899,
PS: 848, 50 ; 720, 17 ; 829, 35;
833, 50 ; 831. 25 ; 910, 375 ; 901,
96 ; 911, 50; 879,100; 889, 75;
830. 50; 821, 40 50 ; 844 , 75;
K37, 252 88; 842, 10 ; 838, 30;
M9, 50 ; 920, 112 ; 917,12: 916,
96; 904,30 ; 925,20; 936,40;
937. 30 : 838. 125 : 845, 150;
365,12; 881,50 ; 896, 50 ; 913,
50; 929,50 ; 958,150 ; 846,150;
870, 125 87,420 53
DUbunement· Contingent Vtind.. .88,027 74
Total disbursements .88,798 24
Γο apportionment of cash.88,041 SO
By paid Interest.. .$376 98
By paid coupon·... 159 60
By paid collector.. 233 92— $770 30
Balance cash in Redemption Fund..87,278 00
To apportionment of cash.88,241 18
By paid warrant*.87,79383
Do. collector.. 233 91-8,027 74
Total cash In Contingent Fund -8213 44
Total cash In the Treasury 87,491 44
Respectfully submitted.
WM. E. HALE. Treasurer.
Oold Hill, June 6th. 1866.
To tk€ Fruidcnt and Board of Tr utter β of the
Town of Gold Hill :
Gentlemen—I hereby report the following
correct statement of the condition of my book·
kept as Treasurer of your corporation during my
term In oflBc^ Jnne 6th to July 1st, a. d. 1866 :
1866. 'RECEIPTS.
June 6—From W Ε Hele, late Treas
ureru.. t7,491 44
·· 7—From 8 Η Robinson, Deputy
Tax Collector, on account of tax
ée oa proceed® mine·. 674 29
" .^—FromSH Robinson, on acc't
personiff Property............... C09 01
" 1 ft—From W H Rhftder, Atfy.on
acc't Belcher Co 1,839 00
Total receipts. 810,719 74
tcdernption Fund '.. $9,019 66
,'ontlngent Pund Ι,βΜ 08
• 10.713 74
une 7—Paid Coupon Bond No. 2.... $ 19 92
" 9—Paid Coupon Bond No. 2*.. 526 45
" 9—Paid Interest Bond No. 19... 280 00
" 9—Paid S II Robinson, Dep. Tax
Col., per centngefbr collecting tax
on proceeds mine* 10 12
,4 9—Paid 8 11 Roblnion, for col
lecting tax on Personal Property 13 05
M 9—Paid 8 H Robinson, mwm·
Ing for fiscal rear ending April,
18(17 .. 435 00
" 11—Paid Coupon Bond No. 2... 251 76
'4 11—Paid Interest Bond No. 23... 81 60
" 12—Paid Interest Bond No. 13... Ill 90
" 13—Paid Ceupo/i Bond No. 2... 150 10
·· 13-Paid Interest Bond No. 8... 60 00
" 13-Pald Intent Bond No. 9... 60 00
'* 13— Paid Interest Bond Ko. 10... 60 00
" 13—Paid Interest Bond No. 11... 30 00
" IC— Paid W H lUodrs, Attorney
Pee on acc't Belcher Co 125 00
" 23—Paid Ρ A McRne. Fulton »
Note 1.000 00
p" 22—Paid Ρ A Mcûae Interest on
name 456 00
" 22—Paid Interest ou Bond No. 26 39 00
4* 25—Paid Coupon Bond No. 40... 215 52
*' S6— Paid Interest Bond No. 2... 360 00
" 28—Paid S H Robinson, Dep. Tax
Col., pur oentage on proceeds of
Mines ...... .7. Γ 29 U9
" 30—Paid Interest Bond No. 17. . 30 00
Total $4,344 52 |
Juue 2—Paid II H Flagg, Interest on
Warrants as per Hale's certificate
and Flagg*· receipt $ 121 Î
M 9- Paid Warrant No. 817 4 38
" 9—Paid S II Robinson, per cont- 1
age for collcctlng on proceeds of
Mines 10 11 ,
" 9— Paid 8 H Robinson, collecting
tax on Personal Property 5
" 9—Paid 8 11 Robinson, for as
sessing for fiscal vear ending April,
1867 *. 174 00
" 11—Paid Warrant N'o. 622 IWW
" 12—Paid Warrant No. 809 6 48
*· 16—Paid W 11 Rhodes, Att'y Fee
on acc't Belcher Co 155 00
4 21—Pidd Warrant No. 981 38 50
" 26—Paid Warrant No. 860 100 00
" 26— Paid lutercst on same 4 58
'· 27-Paid Warrant No. 948 219 37
'· 27—Paid Warrant No. 918 39 42
" 27—Paid Warrant No. 922 ^ »»
" 27—Paid 8 H Robinson, per cent
age on tax from proceed* Mines.. 29 08
" 30—lliud Warrant No. 868 12 50
Total $1,043 22
Τυ apportionment ol cn»li rtjoeivt'd . S9.019 66
By Dieburaemeuta 4,744 52
Balance In Redemption Fund.. $4,675 14
To apportionment of cnah
received ·Ι.«Μ OS
By Diaburaenient 1,043 Ά
Balance in Contingent I'uud c·'
Total amount hi Troi^aury 95.326 00
RnpKtfnlly anbmltted,
Treaaurer of the Towu of Gold Hill.
Gold Hill. July «4.1866
beeu protracted front hidden eauaea
and mat-treatment. and who require
prompt relief to render exiat·
CrnduHtr of tkf Ueiveraity
of Queeia'a Collvcc, big· to In
fonn hi» patient». and other· aeeklng
medical advice, that he may bo con
•ulted pcrooDally or by letter In all
caMe» of Nrrrout and Phyaicnl
Debility, andthe vnriouadUordera
arialng from aedentary habita, exce»».
accident or climate, from 9 Λ. M. to 12
and from 3 to 8 r. M-, at hi· ofr.ee,
Armory Building. northea»t corner
Montgomery and Sacramento at*..
Room» No·. 9.10 and, U. flrat floor
up-atalra. Entrance on either Mont
gomery or Sacramento «treet*.
No apology neeme reqnUlte for of
fering to the public an advertleement
of thl* kind, for It la unlver»ally ac
knowledged that the treatment of
theae particular dlaeuae* conatltutea α brancn ι
medicine which ha* never been
cultivated, in conaequence of the fa""'1' '
neaiofthe profoaaion. who have abandoned tneac
apecinlltlea to the care of nnqnntiOed prnc
titioner·. There exiata here no power to re·
pre»· the Impudence and effrontery of men who
are totally Incompetent to perform the dtttlei
of their ao-called medical practice, thereby In
flicting miaerle* to a degree unparalleled In nny
other cla** of hnman disorder*. The only "ny
to remedy thl· evil la to call the attention ol the
public to a well informed member of th«
mrriicnl profcealon. legally qualified,
and who devote» hi» exciualve attention to dia
eaaei analog from the andue excitement of the
generative organ», together with thoae incidental
atagea of acute diaorder which, when neglected,
terminate in tbo horribly waiting form of con<
atitutionaldiaorganlzatlon. Doctor Perraall
ha» paid lh· noil anxlona Bad ■■liriaa
attention, for thelait eight year», to a apeclal
branch of atudy. and hi* mode of prartloe, aug
geated and Improved by experience, and expert
ment» made through the medium of the micro
acope. enable· him to detect the presence of aemen
in the urine. We wlah to ImpreM thoae who
have failed of relief el*ewhere, that they may de·
rive benefit from examination of the urine In
caaea of Seminal Emlaalona and Impotency, ai
well aa in caaea of Gravel, Diaea*e* of the Blad
der and Kidney*, and we can at once aacertaln
thecnuaoofthe patient'* complaint, *o a* to pre.
par» the proper remédie* for each particular dl*·
order, and according to each caae.
Patient* anffering from Venereal Dlaea*eain
any atage Palna In the Bone·, Rheutnatiam, or
from the effect* of Mercurial polaonlng, who can
vlait lia peraonally, will receive, in addition to
our u*uul treatment, .Hrdic*ted Vapor
Rntha, without farther charge*. ThiaBathhai
nearly auperaeded all other treatment in Europe.
Reference will be riven to leveral who have
been cured by thl* treatment, after having failed
with other*.
Peraona of both *exea who have Impaired their
health and deatroyed the vigor of their mind* by
their own mlarondnet, and thua deprived them
aelveaofthe pieaanrea of life, are notified that
on eonaulting Dr. PERRAULT, they will find
a friend and a Pbyalclan who haa cured many In
every part of the State, who applied broken
down In health, but are now rejoicing In all that
mnkea life deairable and man happy. Reference*
can he given, acquired In almoat every part of the
State, from partiea who know of caaea enred by
Dr. I'KRRAITT.T. after In vain trying lèverai
pby*iclana. .
Hi* Diploma* are In hi* office, where all peraon*
can aee for themwlve* that they are under the
Dare of a regularly qualified practitioner. We
have the lateet and aafeat remedlea, and auch
mode of enre aa can be obtained at no other office
of thl* coaat. In Syphlll*. Gonorrhea, Oleet, Stric
ture* Gravel. Stone In the Bladder, Enlargement
of thé Teatlcle*. Ulcerated Throat. Bonea and
None, Cnlaneon· Ernptlonn. Ul<*r·. Abac·*· un·
other dlnfiwii depending on Impnritle* of thd
Dr. PERRAULT «till retain· the only agency
In California of
Dr. Briot'· Female .Tlanlhly Pill·.
Their liume>e sale ba» established thsJr reonfa
(Inn an a fomale remedy unapproved «ai far In
advance of any other medicine for Suppressions
•nil Irrégularité», and other obitroctlona In fe
male*. On the receipt of Five Dollar· these pill·
will be sent, bymitfl or expreu, to any part of
the world, secure from curiosity or damage.
Persons at a distance can be enred at hom» by
addressing η letter to Dr. J. PERRAULT, corner
■Sacramento and Montgomery atreet·. Room· No».
9, 10 and 11. or Box 973. Pott Office, Ban Francis
co, Htatlng the ca«e m mlnntely a· poxlble, gen
eral habit· of living, occupation, etc., etc ΑΠ
cairn taken under treatment warranted. No
chargc for advice. No poUou· or hiirab uinli
cine» to injure tbe constitution ; no making alck
to make well. Wo are honest In onr dealings,
frank In our opinions, and our charges will be far
less than demanded by other physicians. We In
vite Investigation, claim not to know everything
nor to euro everybody, bat we do lay claim to
reason and common sense, and to cure eight out
of ten pronounced Incurable. We particularly
request those who have tried this Doctor and that
sclentlfle Physician, boasted and advertised, till
worn out and discouraged, to call upon us. It
will cost nothing, as consultations are free.
ocg y
The ordinance requiring the
owners of Dogs in Gold Hill to procure tag·
for the same will be strictly enforoed. I would,
'berefofe, request all persona who have bonght
Ug»topnt them on their dog». And I Wo old,
therefore, hereby give notice, that all dog· fonnd
running at large without a tag on. after the ex
piration of one week from the first publication
or toll notice, will be Impounded, end dealt with
** th« Uw direct·, ι i
a*u W. H. BEEOAN, Marshal.
H|U, July 1* JylÎ tf I
Having been requested to prepare an abitract t
>f what la required by law in reference to tho In «
:ome Tax, and of the d#d«fo^· bjr the Depart· 11
neat at Washington upon various qiicatione that
lave arisen, we present the whole subject, under
la forerai distinct beads :
1. The law çequlMjLoyery person of lawftil age,
rsidtog in thetMjjBd States, to render to tne
Assistant Assessor of the sub-distrlct in which be
>r she may b« reslttyag/on the 1st day of May, a
written statement, aeoording to a prescribed
form, of tho amoànt of his or her income, gains
knd profits during the previous year, from Jan
uary 1st to December 31st, boih days Inclusive.
A printed blank, containing thia^orm can be ob
tained from tho Assistant Assessor. A person
having no fixed residence, should make a state
ment wherever he or ehe may happen to be ; and,
In case of removal to another district, should take
α certified copy of such statement to show any 1
other Assistant Asuessor, who otherwise might
ma*· a second aaswameut.
2. The statement must be rendered on or be
fore tho 1st day of May, or within ten days after
α written or printed notice requiring it, bus been
left at the place of residence or of busiuesH, or de
posited in the nearest Post Office.
3. The annual income tax is a personal tax.
and it cannot be assessed against any corporation,
company, or partnership, as such. Every indi
vidual member moat make a statement or his or
her share of or interest in tho gains and profits of
such company, etc., whether sucb vain* und
profits are divided or not, and must also state
separately bis or her income from all other
5. If any person neglects or refuses to render a |
written statement, tho Aaslxtant Assessor is re- [
quested to fill out a blauk with such person's
name, and taxablo income estimated according to
the best information that can be obtained, and
upon this estimated Income to assess tho tax, and
then to add 25 per cunt, to such tax as a penalty
for uegloct or refusal.
6. An Assistant Assessor may be misled in
making this estimate, by being misinformed as to
money received, or not informed as to money
paid. He must assess, however, according to tho
bent information within his reach. The only per
son capable of giving absolutely correct informa
tion is frequently the one who refuses or neglects
to xunko a statement. If such person will not
take the trouble to inform tho Amtistant Assessor,
thore lu a bar to all complaint, should the assess
ment prove incorrect, and a heavier tax be levied
tbau would otherwise bo charged. Moreover,
after an assessment has once been made, if erro
neous, it is always troublesome to the purty in
terested to have it corrected. All persons, there
fore, but especially tuck at have no taxable income,
should not fall to render the required statement,
upon the proper blank, so as to avoid undue tax
ation and troubla. '
7. Every statement must be verified by oath or
" ""—— '«·!- I- «η» Ίλβ« thM ΑκκΙκΙηΠΙ
Asaeasor la required In eatlmnte the income and
to add 25 per cent, to to the tax
». An Aaaiatant A«ae»»or has power to increatc
the amount In any statement, after giving due
Information to the party Intereated. He la re
quired, alao, to add 100 per cant, to the tax when
■ falae statement bus been rendered ; and the
party making the fal»e alateinent becoinea liable,
not only for thta additional tax. but likewiae to
two diatinet pr<iaeeutlona before the United Stalea
Court*—one for making afalae atatement with In
tent to defraud the Government, and the other
for perjury.
By the I18tb sectlou of the law, the Commie
•loner of Internal Revenue ia empowered to pre
aeribe the farm and mannrr in whleh the alate
ment of Income muat be mnde up. Till· be liaa
done In a printed blank uaed by lb» Aaaiataut Aa
•daaor, and in vanoua clreulara and rullnga. The
following ia a nummary of what baa been pre
icrlbed :
1. Each of the great claaaea into which the pur
•ulu of life and the Investments of cnpital have
been divided muat be returned trparatelf- loaaea
in one not belngaUowed to offset gaina in another.
Thu« a merchant who engagea in farming or In
•peculation» not belonging to hia legitimate bull·
neaa cannot olfaet gain» in the one by loaaea lu
the other.
2. The expenses incident to each buaineaa re
deductible from the recelpta of that buaineaa.
3. Speculutioua legitimately belonging to auy
buaineaa, nnd these alone, may be carried Into it»
pro tit and loaa acconut. Thua η broker may spec
ulate in atocka, a dry gooda marchant in cotton. a
hardware man In Iron, etc.. and aurA apeculation
may affect tliu gain nnd Ion of tuth legitimate
buaineaa. A merchant alao may make or loae by
exchange or the kind of money paid for hla mer
chandise, and this gain or loaa belong· to hia mer
chandise occouut. lint if he buy· gold, uncurrent
money. United Statea Treaaury notea, or any
other thing not one of the article· of trade belong
ing to hla regular buaineaa, for the purpoae of
•peculation, the profiter loaa from «uch «pecula
tion will not b· allowed to atfect the profit or lo·»
Iron) hla regular builncas. A buaineaa firm
placed'$40,000 In thehandaof a New York bro
ker, lnatructing him to uae it in the purchaaeand
aale of gold, on their account ; and having loat
$27,500 in Ihia venture, they claimed that It
•bould be deducted from their profita In buaineaa.
Commlasloner Lewis dlaallowed the claim, and
•aid th· uniform ruling had been that "when a
lo·· is made In any particular business, against
which there are no gaina to offset, It la consid
ered α dead lott of capital invttttd in that buti·
nut." Again, "loaa of capital cannot be de
ducted from Income." " Return of Income muat
be made on the /faint."
4. How far different kinds of buaineaa muat be
returned separately is ahown by the following
rnliug· of Commissioner Rollins :
(a)—"Lo·· Incurred in the prosecution of oue
kind of business cannot be deducted from gain in
business of an entirely different character, nor from
salary, rents, dividends, etc.'·
ti)—"Loaaea Incurred In the proaecutlon of one
branch of bualnei» cannot be deducted from gain
In another, alnce an absolute Ion Incurred In the
proaecutlon of α alngle buaineaa la Indlapenaably
α loss of capital." ... .
(c)—" Lo»ae« in merchandise can bo deducted
only from gains In merchandise ; but, in this ense,
particular branches of merchandiao need not be
separated. So In «peculation, tho loaa or gain
from itocks may offset lo·· or gain from produce
•peculated in." _ , ,
(d)—"Merchants must in like retnrn of their
profits from merchandise without regnrd to their
lo··»· lu speculation, or gains from interest, divi
dends, rents, or any other source."
(e)—" Losaes in speculation cannot bo deducted
from salarie·, nor from gales In merchandise.
When Iosroi are sustained In one speculation and
gains made hi another speculation, such loaees
may be deducted from »ncb gains Loaaea In one
branch of merchandlae may be deducted from
gain· in any other branch of merchandlae."
(/)_" Where stock·, etc., are bought us a per
manent inveitment, and aold again merely to
change the Inveitment, a loss instalned In the
•ale may be deducted from the dividend· from
tueh stock. But where the purchase I· made for
the purpoae of aelllng again on apeculation. the
lo·· imtalued by the «ale cannot be deducted
from dividende, but mey be deducted from gain·
derived from the purduutand tali of «tock, etc.,
In the same year."
Prom tho total amount of «uch rents received
within the year for which Income laeatimated.or
due and oollectable on the 31at day of Decembor
of eald year, «houId be deducted :
1 Ht. The amount paid or due, by the owner, for
repairs made within the year, not exceeding tho
Tearly average paid out for «uch purpose» for the
precading'llve years, and not Including auy
amounts paid or due for new itructuroa, or for
new and permanent improvumenta.
2d. Inaurance for the year paid by the owner
upon the buildings rented or offered for rent, not
lnclnding insurnnoe paid upon any other prop
erty. real or personal.
3d. Interest which accrued for tho year on In
mmbrance* upon the bulldingx rentt^d or offered
for rent, or npon th· land* on which they »tnnd,
whether such Interost has been paid or remains
All buildings offered for rent will be regarded
together, no segregation belug required. Repairs,
insurance nnd interest paid on account of any
and alt such bnildings, whether occupied or not,
will be deducted from the total amount of renls.
Taxes will not be deducted from rents, but
from gross inoome from all eourcoa.
By the law of June 30. 1884, IB eatlmatlng In
come trom rents, no account la taken of the rental
value of a homestead occupied .by the owner.
Payments for repairs, Insurance and Interest, on
account of a homestead, will be considered here
after, when treating of general deductions from
irroM income.
Notice to Creditor··.
X Judicial Dbtrlct of the State of Nevada,
County of Lyon. In the matter of the petition
of Jonaa 8. Akln.an Inaolvent debtor.
Ptinrannt to un order 6f the Honorable Wm. liny·
don, Judge of thq Mid Plutrlct Cottrt, notice I»
hereby given to all the creditor·, of tbo uddjntol.
rent, Jonaa S. Akin, to be and appear l>efore
the Honorable William liaydon aforenald,
at tho Court room of said Court, In the
town of Dayton, and County of Lyon, on '
the Mth day of Augu»t, A. D. ISM, at 111
o'clock A. *. of that day, then and there to >how
c*u«o. If liny thoy. «ui, why, tofrmur of uld
huolvent rtonld not be ({ranted, and an align
ment of hl« eatate be made, and he b« dincharged
from hi· debt· and llabilltlea, In punuance of the
ftatule In «ucb caw made and provided ; and In
the meantime oJI proceeding· ngaln«t «aid ln«o|.
rent be etayed.
Wltne·» my band and the «ealofiald
} LI.} Court thl» 12th day of July, A. D. 1866.
Clerk of the DUtrlct Conrt. Third Judicial Dia
trlct, Nevada.
By Qxo. W. RWCJU, Dep. Clerk.
Wm. M. Oaten, Att'y for Petitioner. jylJtd
150c. State «tamp. 50c. In. Rey. »tamp. I
Karl land'· Livery Stable, dtuated two door·
north of Well·, Fargo it Co.'» office, on C atreet,
Virginia City. The above Stable !< now doing a
(rood builne·». For particular· Inquire ut the '
Stable, of
Jy'3-tf α Π. LIGHT
For Rent.
Brick building, gold hill, m
heretofore occupied by Weill, Fargo
Co. Apply to ' ' '
:o^pr;,h, «si.
rict, Lyon Comity, NiVall. ν" Mining Wa
re delinquent upon thP fôn î,pTIC'f—^There
lock, on ancouat of * /'Γ**1""!
M, let». «Χ oo •*nJffSS2LX22 M"ch
f££kiï:rçaDU "" opp<"u" -sx
Mama. No. Cent, 34, . ,
I Τ Brown...4 unlaaued 4 '
obn Jeffor· 81 30 ·*?, ηϋ
) W Kichclroth258,259,260,2*1 ··-··"> 00
262.263,264....55 ,,0 ,,,
lugene Slwa...8,9.10,11,12.57...11» i£J ^
Vm Ε Laffertjr 43,44. ...50 ioo oq
oun Clawny...... 38 10 12 c,
>et«r Plant.-.i 224 10 15 00
obn Homo. udrnJulntra· )
lor of i»tatq<?f M. Zen- > 10 10 00
ovlch....: 947,248 )
VII Howatd... '....3 139,185...100 142 46
J J Olllot ..109,110,283....26 114 U0
(obn Mandlcb 233....30 40 00
,Vm Wrlgbt 37....30 00 00
1 Waaaerman 21. ...10 20 00
I Ρ M Kelly 68,103....40 50 00
V Bleao 20....20 40 00
I Β Raynolda. ...140....50 100 00
dark Myer« 89,90....» 20 00
rohn L Major unlaaued 7 14 CO
Ν^οΜΓοο»"."·!'17····* 50 00
Richard 8ander» 26 20 40 00
ieo L Lauphnr 23,24....15 20 00
David Orear 175....25 50 00
JMGUree 59....30 33 00
Drainel Evan». 134.135,151,154. I
184,210,211,233,269,270.. .407 220 71
[ C Bateman 136,240....50 12» 67
Mateo Oruannann 48 & 5 00
Maurice Blanc.... 52 5... 3 00
Mary Mack 53 S 6 00
Catborinu Mange- 58 5 5 00
Util· Vider 84,85....20 50 00
A Duquet 113....25 7 OQ
John lMmron 104 8 16 00
John GUlronan 106 5 15 00
Samuel Schwartz 158. ...10 20 00
Moore & Ogden 114,115. ...15 30 00
Francola Echalah..160,161,162....25 25 00
Stephen I) Fall* 191.... 10 20 00
Duvld Beardaley.. 186,187,808,
209,276... 106 203 SO
JOLIbby 192,193....50 200 00
laaac Pforzb'iUner 118....20 40 00
Λ Sitlibacher. 150,200,201,202,
203,279....65 65 00
J Eogelbrecht.. 152,139,231,257....20 20 00
WmJa lion. 148 S 10 00
Joaeph Hlcanl 145... .25 .25 00
A W Crow 178,232....20 40 00
Eugene Ε Deunery 181 10 .10 00
L Goodwin 194 7 21 00
H M Barnea 230 5 10 00
Ρ J H Smith 205....10 .20 00
Jeu H Beardaley .. .216,221,566... .25$ 63 50
Jnteph Beardal'ey 222 7 14 00
Κ G Panier S18....10 20 00
Cleo Both 230.... 10 20 00
II C Lnddlnglon ...217,226,227....47 114 00
C S Coualna 236,237,2;»... .25 25 00
A 11 Evan» 241,848,844,277...133 249 00
Evan» il ihulti .243,845... .35 70 00
Κ Shulli.... 204 4.. 8 00
Margaret Mill 282 5 5 00
Margaret Klkolla 281 5 5 00
Kale Rerl 280 5 5 00
Ε ChaUaln 268 5 5 00
Herman Armer 274 4 4 00
EMonnot 865....10 10 00
C I) Iloyt 283.284,285,286. .100 100 00
Ε Emanuel 271....10 10 00
L Bartuerl 163 5 5 OO
Joaepb Ρ Monkman 98. ...30 30 00
Τ 11 11 J II Stewart,. 74,79,80 30...·... .30 OO
And In accordance with law, and an order of
the Board of Truateea, made on the 23d day of
May. 1866, ao many aharea of each parcel of aald
atook ai» way lie ncccaaarv, will U» aold at public
auction at the Secretary a office, Ko. 42 South Β
atreet, Virginia, on the THIRTEENTH day of
AUGUST next, between the houra of 1 and 4 I'.
M. of aald day, to pay aald delinquent aaaeaa
inenta thereon, together with coata of advertlaing
and expettaeaof aale.
S. 11. M ABLETTE, Sec'y.
Virginia, July 13, ΙΒ00,
.Tlounl .Tloriah .Tlining Conpuj',
Location : Meadow Luke Mining District, Nevada
Couuty, California.—Notice in hereby given, that
In accordance with the law* of the State, and
the l>ylaw* of the Company, there will be «old at
public aubtion, in front of A. Markewitz's store,
Gold Hill, on MONDAY. August 13th. a. I). 1866,
at the hour of 2 o'clock P. M. no many share· of the
capital stock of the above Company, «landing i"
the nam— «>f the following person*. an will pay
the amount due for lUMexanientit, together with
cost* of nale.
yamr. No. Shs. Amount.
OB Cutter 100 25 00
Τ J McLelan 100 .....25 00
Thon IÏ John «on (eut at ο of)—50 12 5ti
Τ Η Mom ..'.....165 bal due..39 23
John M Winter» 50.... 12 5<J
H Webber. 100 25 0(J
George Κ Amen 50 12 5C
Τ Α & W Κ Hal.· 40 10 0C
Ρ Haney ....5 1 2C
Mr*. J F Hale 5..... 1 25
H Powell.'. 25 6 25
Wm II WaUon, Jr S 1 25
L Β Hopkins 10 2 50
Win Κ Hale 25 β 25
S Ε H nie 25 β 25
By order of the Board of Trustee*,
J. V. A LANSING, Secretary.
Gold Hill, July 13,1866. Jyl3 td
Lincoln .Tlining Cora any—Location :
Meadow Lake Mining District, Nevada Co., Cal.
—Notice in hereby given, that In accordance
with the lawn of the State, and the By-Law*
of the Company, there will be Mold at public
auction, In front of A. Markewltz's store,Gold Ilill,
on MONDAY, August 13th, a D. 1866, at the
hour of 2 o'clock. P. Μ., «ο many *hare* of the
Capital Stock of the above Company, standing
In the names of the following persons, as will
pay lho amount due for assessments, together
with costs of sale.
Itame. ^ No» Shs. Amount.
Frank Dtukee 5 1 25
Τ Η Mom 205 bal due... 12 75
L Β Churchill 50 12 50
R Webber 50 22 50
τ A ic. W Ε Hale 40 10 00
L Musso ..2 50
Phillip lloney 5 1 25
Mr*. J F Hale 5 1 25
8 Powell 25.. 6 25
W H Watson, Jr 5 1 25
J W Fink 50 12 50
Frank Todd 25 6 25
S Ε Hu»e 25 6 25
l».· η»/Ι«» r,f tliu HmifH nf Trtliln..»
J. V. Λ. LANSING, Secretary.
Gold Hill. July 13.1866. Jyl3-td
CAUTION.—AU pertone are hereby cau
tioned (vgaiottt porchoilng any of the following
deacribed stock, of the Alpha Gold Hill Milling
Company, tu tho name win «old for Aa.eaawenU
ut the tale of delinquent «lock of the above
named Company, on July 5th, 1866,11» per adrer·
tlaomeiit :
Nam». Λο. Ctrl. àkrt.
Eatate of F A Blrgv 49 2
Κ Morgenatcln, Trnatee 223 4
R Morg.·lutein, Trnatee 22» 4
Hy Schmeldell 238 4
R Morgen.tein, Truatee 249 4
II Morgenatein, Truatee 252 4
Κ Morgenatein, Truatee 256 4
Chan l> Coon, Truatee.. 3y>. 4
J Frank 419 4
J Frank 420 4
A Ε 11111, Trunteo 443 4
A Β Hill, Truatee 445 4
Λ Κ Hill. Truatee 447 4
Α Β IIIII. Truatee 448 4
A Κ llill, Truatee 450 4
A Ε llill, Truatee 451 4
A Ε Hill, Truatee 452 4
A Ε Hill, Truntee 455 4
A Ε llill, Tru.teo 460 4
A Ε Hill, Truatee 462 4
A Ε Hill. Truatee 463 4
A Ε Hill, Trnatee 461 4
A Ε Hill, Truatee 469 4
A Ε Hill, Truatee 472 4
A Β llill, Truatee 474, 4
A Ε QUII, Trail too 476..... 4
A Κ Hill, Truite# 480 4
Λ Β IIIII. Truatoe 481 4
A Β IIIII, 490 4
A Ε Hill, Trustee 500 *
A Κ Hill, Truatee 4
A Β Hill. Tru.teo ?>» 1
Thomiu llell ·.···«" *
Tlioman Bell ja 4
J Frank ®J· *
Α Ε Π1ΙΙ. Truato» 3
A Β IIIII. Truatee 588 4
'Γ bo in 11* Hell 605 4
J W Carrlck... 1
Montgomery Godley..... .041.. 4
Montgomery Godley 646 4
CO N'oyen 670....." 4
CO Noyea. 671 4
CO Noyea βη 4
CG Noyea ,....673 4
A Ε Hill, Truatee 683 4
Ο I·Sutton '...689 4
H L King 691 4
A Ε Hill, Truate* 754 4
J Frank 760 4
J Frank ' 764 4
J II Rutenberg 774.. ..4
Η Ο Howard 773 i..."*4
Η Ο Howard ; 776 .... '4
Η Ο Howard 779 ,.!..4
II Ο Howard 705 ...!.4
Tho» Snnderlnnd 78*... i1
Pea»n & Grimm, Truateea 789.. . . . . . . 4
D L Bliaa 3
Fleet F Strother ^799!
Cha· Holder «08 4
M C Hlllyer .W."".".' '.'4
J Haber 810..."...'... .4
IIC Manning ui* 4
Richard Webb 4
Jamea Perce ...!!1!81β!"""-'-·4
Jnmoal'erce 020 4
W Thomw ;; S9 ·"":.. 4
Ç A Barge·· 850 4
JoMph Η η mm m βο a
Ν Β Grime· * gw 4
NE Orime·...... j
Per order,
η \λ mu > ι .Ρ" L. BLI88, 'y pro tem.
Gold Hill, July 1β, 1866. JyHMf
A/ 8an Frandaeo, Dr. Rail will attend my pa
Gold Hill, July 10, IMS. Iyl#-f
rh· following in a corrected copy of the new ache
leofataiupdutle* under ihe new revenue law
ftlch took effect «n August Ut. 18Λ4 :
rknowiedgment of deed* exeflpt
mdavlt in suite or legal proceeding.. exempt
Kreetnentor appral*emeut (for each sheet or piece
of paper on which the name In written) .ft et*
aeûnrueut or transfer of mortgages, lea*·,or, pollc)
υΓInsurance, the same duty aa the original instru
selguiuent of patent right *6 cl*
ank checks, draft* or order», etc., at eight or on de
mand j ct*
»HfJ?l'Achange (foreign) drawn In but payable out
of the United Bute*, each bill, or act of three ot
more. n»u*t bo «tamped.
of each net, where the aum matte pay.
ir ln « ?î101 rxcefd lloo, or the equivalent There
fmelKn currency In which *uch bill* may
»w!Ji^κίΪΓ'l*Ac?0,v*lnK to the staudard uf value
oxen by the United State·... . 2cU
" Of ti ίΓ·*" <™t piyVbk out
pmrInV obr «cVί',l"· '' u^-C.°
paynut or accepting Uir· name ulatp -
•taniD Indicating tbc duty, ι uiereon a
Bill* «'exchange (Inland), .Trail „r ort
otherwise than at .Ight or o., .iHMud anà .nv
proiulaaory noli·, whether payable „n !ι',·ί! . ν.Γ ,,ί
at a time dcalgnated (except bank note. UaXîf r r
circulation and checka mai.· and li vSwl to t
*0,1 which .haU be presented Joru.£uu foV\>£:
ment>fora*um not exceeding $100...
For additional $100, or fractional i>nrt thereof "a cu
(The warrant of attorney to coafeaa Judgment ou *
note or bond I* exempt from «tamp duty, if thi·
note or bond 1* properly «tamped.J
Bill* of lading of veMels for iK>rt* of the Unlt«M
State* or British North America exempt
BUI* of la/11 ng, or receipt for good*, to any foreign
port . ·. 10 cu
Bill of sale of any veaecl, or part thereof, when the
consideration doe* iiot exceed $&oo mi ct*
Bill of Kale exceeding ffloO. not exceeding Sl.nnn g] m
Bill of sale exceeding $1 ,<«*), for each fflnu, or frac
tional part thereof jo it·
Bill of Kale of personal property (other than «hip or
vcieiel) ft cU
Bond, personal, for the payment of money. fS*e
Bond, otilclaJ fl on
Bond, for Indemnifying any person for the payment
of any eum of money, where the money ultimately
recoverable thereupon 1* $1,000 or less 60 cU
Bond, where the money recoverable exceed* $1 jDOO.
for every additional f Ι,οοο, or fractional part there
of 50cU
Boudh—couuty, city and town bond*, railroad and
other borporatlon l»ond*, and acrip, are subject to
«tamp duty. [See Mortgage. J
Bond* of any de*crlptlon, other than auch ah are ri
quired In legal proceeding*, and *uch a* are noi
otherwise charged In thl* schedule 2ft ct*
Certificates of deposit In bank, sum not exceeding
$100 Jet
Certificate* of deposit In bank, *um exceeding fl'*'.
Certificate* of stock In an Incorporated company, 2ft<
Certificate*, general ft eta
Certltlcatc* of record upon the Instrument recorded.
Certificate» of record upon the book excuii>t
Certificate* of weight or measurement of animals,
coal, wood, or other article·, except weigher*' aii'l
mea*urer*' return* exempt
Certificate* of a qualification of a Justice of the
Peace, Commlnaloiier of Deed*, or Notary Public,
ft ct*
Certificate* of search of records ft ct*
Certificate* that certain paper* are on file ftct*
Certificate* that cerUln papers cannot be found ft ct*
Certificate* of redemption ofland *old for taxes ft cU
Certificate* of birth, marriage and death ft cu
Certificates of qualification of school teacher*., ft ct*
Certificate* of profit* in an Incorporated company
for a sum not le** thau |l<i, not exceeding :$W. 10 c
Certlflcate»exceedlng$V>,not exceeding $!/«>. 2ft ct*
Certificate* exceeding f ijijo, for every additional
$l,0i>0, or fractional part thereof 2ft cts
Certificate* of daiuax··. or otherwlae, and all other
certificates or documeuU Issued by aoy port war
den. marine surveyor, or other person acting a*
such ...2ft ct*
Certified trauscrlpu of JudgineiiU, satisfaction ot
Judgment»·, and or all paper* recorded or on file, ftc
[Ν. II.—A»a general rule, every certificate which
*·-- ·»«»· ''·«» » W*1 vuliiM In «ην fViurl nf lau
or eVulty wt" require * »t»mp duty of » cts.l
Cimrt.τ party, or letter, memorandum, or other « rt
tKg between the captain. owner or agent of ai >
■h ii reseel. or «learner. andauy vther I»*"""·
relatlnf to the charter of the Mine, If the rcgUtered
■nntuLve of uM ahlp, veaael. or «learner doe«ι not
iiceêïone hrniireiland Bfly ton».......... ■-*}<·'
Charter party, etc., exceeding one bundled and Oft)
ιΐίι» »ud not exceeding three hundred tou»..IS «'
Charter party, etc.. excMdlnit three hundred Γ>η«
awl not exceeding six hundred ton»..... · *
rharter party, etc.,exceeding six hundred lotut^lO on
Ch'ck ilraft, or order for the payment of any «un» "
money exceeding $10, drawn upon any perion other
thun a binkThankeror tru.t company, at sighto,
on demand..... ····.
Contract. See Agreement.] cU
CouVeyairce™deiM, ii'i«tni*mVnr0^wrVtiii'g. *heret'>
l-miK trnem<'nU or oth«r realty *old fl»aUt>econ
veyed". the actual value of which doe» im4 <·£
rÎÎÎ"e*YM«' ëtc"^ Îwi."ô'r'frac
Cuîtom llou«e. either for consumption or «are
aiÙÎrÏÏniïrm. if"7qS»ntlïy not exceeding Mj
Insurance (Marine, InTand and Pire), where the bon
al deration paid for the inantance.In caah, premium
note* or both, doe* notexcetid ilO. C£nt>
Insurance (Marine, Inland and Dre), exceeding jit
In'^ance'tMartne! Inland "aitd'*Kire).*'ê'xcêedMic
lMafiiKê.(ï.ife).wh/nihôatnôûniÎiUiiî^ïoM tvjt
ImmrMicc (ÊïftV.'êxceed
Insurance jji'iej:
t m vol 1! nu
Leaae of 'and» or tenement», where rent, doe» not
additional Saw, or fractional part thereof in «ce«^
Lw^of ûn^ôr WMœent», Ρ!"
atamp duty as a " conveyance, the itaiiipiluty tw
be nieaaured by resolving the annual renUl Into a
Le of land » or tenement», clanw of guaranty ol
payment of rent. Incorporated or Indorsed, five
Slaiifiuor'tfuiuiin House entry or clear»®» of the
cargo of any ship, vessel or steamer tor a foreign
port, If the registered tonnageof «uch «hip. vease
or steamer doe» not exceed V» tone ....."
Manifest, exceeding W too» and not exceeding ^ ^
SleaSrers'retum»', exceed ίή* I,S» bu»hei»I...25cU
Mortgage, truet deed, bill of nale, or !
for the payment of money exceeding $1»·)
M ο ruwie !*xeeedï nV |âû) fo r every
or fractional part tnereofln excès» of J»x<—wet»
PenslorTpapeni*'powers ôf atlontêjr. âfid «ΐί other
naiHTK relating to application# for bounties, ar·
iwûge. of pay. or pen.loni, or to receipt thereof
Passage ticket from the United Slates to » (brelgn
port, costing not more than t&V and not excepting
Passage tickeVîer every' âddWÔnailsn, or fractional
l'o^er of attorae^to^ote at election of incorporated
PoweVo^ttttorney to receive or collect rents -·
Power of attorney to «ell, ot oonvey, or sent, or h-aso
Pow'erof attônièy for aiiy otheriûrpôse ·"···;¥Jj*
Probate of will, or letter* of admlnlwratlon where
the vdalue of both real and personal estate <k»a no
For*«rèrv'»<"litVinii"fiS»," or'any'part
thereof In exce»» of JA»|.,..,. "······"f :
85&0»f SKCïSîS^fcv·
rJ^irt^r«^ët»nVr«W mortgage or jndgiîïent
En» Of any Conrt exempt
SherîtT» return on wrtt. or other procem.....except
•rÇSstdeed, made to secure a debt, to be stamped »>
I Trust deidfconveylng eaute to use», to be »tampe !
a» a conveyance.
Warehouse receipt for any good», warea. or uter
chandlse, not otherwise provided (Or, deposited or
stored In any public or private warehouie, not ex
ceeding «no In value in et»
Warehouse receipt exceeding *S0n, and not exceed
Warehouse receipt exceeding H.iu), for every ad
ditional H.OOO, or fractional part thereof In excess
ofti.cm -y-10*1*
Warehouie receipt for any good», etc., not otherwise
provided for, stored or deposited In any public or
privai» warehou»o or yard; D c
Writaand legal document»: .....mtu
Writ, or other original process. j!y*ïïcîi,Îiï Slaw
commenced In any Court or Record, either <*'£*
^ruVor'^hier ôrt^'i»l"pwe»«Vl»up^Î a &^rt^qot
of record, where the amount claimed I» WTO.^or
Jinn, or over, except In ca»e« where the Ux rar a
-Sj[ iî'oïhî'r' pwêsses 'ôn'ippêais'AOm Justices'
&>ηώ'0ί '5ίί·Γ Courts of Inferior Juridiction, to
no greater jurlidletlon than a Justice ofttiePe.ce
wÎtV,'and'other procew in any crimjiiii or other
»ultÀ comn*ence«l by the Utdted
Afflclal documenui Inntniment*, and paper* lieued
or une«l by omcer* of the UnltM'StaUa. Ooven»·
Barber-Shop Removed.
hlairieodt and the publie, là»· he bur*,
mored hi· Barbor-Hhop 10 Main «ireet. oppciitç
Well*, Fargo Si Co.'» iipmi Ofljre, and haj
refitted the fain# (n a ihi and laity ityle.
Thankful to lh· public foe put far on, and by
keeping the but of workman -mployad, iwlll
try to make It In future one of the belt conduct,
ed plate· In tbl< line ol bannew.
py-UMtomeni will b. ««eonmio^ted with
ixfra «bavin# oup# if dttirtd. Plman rj· ■
:*a'old HUl, Job. 30th,°«Sf°B

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