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Gold Hill daily news. [volume] (Gold Hill, N.T. [Nev.]) 1863-1882, August 08, 1874, Image 4

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The Rochester Ckmueit urn that Lu
cy Stone doesn't believe thst ladiea
ought to change their udn merely be
cause they lu.irrr Lncy marri*<l a chap
named Blackwell. and oat of compli
ment to their tmrrou the chililr«u will
naturally tike both their names mill wily
be called Stone-Blackwell, and if oue of
'em should marry Brown-Se^uard anil
their children should marry—. Stop a
moment, my eon, take breath.
Stsct the Dunkarda have fulminated
against the piano a Western convert
says: "We hare never taken much in
terest in the Duokard'a faith, bat oar
chief object in life jaai now ia to con
vert that mu»calar young woman next
A vuvdt maiden of Brooklyn, hearing
something of the transit of Vena*, re
marked that she waa glad that that god
dess waa t<> indnlge in any " sit " what
ever, as she had lieen standing in an ob
jectionable attitude long enough.
A Wisconsin man aays that tlames of
banting keroacue ran be extinguished
bv throwing on Hoar. It mint reoeon
able that any almorbeut material not
readily combustible might bi> effective
for auch a purpose.
On all British coins Queen Victoria
has heretofore beeu represeutvd as a
young girl. A broiue jwnny haa just
U«u issued from the Miut which t<ears
h ]>ortreit of her Majesty aa she ia now,
„d old lady.
N'tw ll«t>roai> ia exulting over a small
girl who wrote to the 1'rraideut for some
cancelled executive postage staiu|» and
receivud a full set of uncancelled st.unpi
and the l'resident's photograph.
A Vuuioxt in;in. 77 year* old, ho*
married a lady of the age of 11. She
culls him father, and loves to ait upou
bis kuee and make " soap-locks " ovei
hie temple*.
Uklicatk young lailies in Troy don'l
cure about a hearty breakfast, but con
tent themselve* with a box of aardinr*.
a tliah of aour krout and a section oj
mince pie.
A «TI»* on the domestic-service ques
tion-the remark of a witty husband,
that his wife " was at home taking hei
one Sunday a mouth iu—the kitchen."
" Ui'hbanii," aaid the wife of u young
clorgyman, " reail me oue ot your aer
tnous, I feel dreadfully wakeful to-night,
and I wiah to sleep."
K E ARN E "Y'ti
Th*» only known r*m<«!y for
And I Piwltlte Rrmttly for
Nun rrtrntlon or Incontinent of I rln*.
Irriutioii, Inltanmailon or Clrrralloa
of tlx
ml Ihf I'rwiriHf <*l«n.l,
"Maim* Ia ibr lllA«lilfr<
( aIcmIia ar l»r md
Milky at Havaa DlATbArsrA.
IVrni*o. nl!j Cum
All ni»ri><M~>nriii<- in ..i.i. . im.i iii.i'
uryn, ■ml Drwp*lml SHrllluu^,
K» i»llns In Men. Wumra ud fhlldrrn,
Prof. Mitel* : " llo* bottle of Krarory'i
rinld Extract riurha I* worth mora than all
utbrr Bucbu* combined "
Prlc*. one Dollar per Bottle, or »l» Hottl** foi
Kin Dollar*.
Drpol. lot Dn*nt» tlrrrl. Sir* York.
A Pfer*!rlaa In attendance In anawrr «*r
re*pood«nt«• and *l»e adrlr* irrail*.
Beud >tami> for l*»m|>hl< la. five.
>• (lure* far U»lr» aad < .a.ultatlaa
DR. J. B. DVUTT, iwlult of JfftrtM
M•■Ileal Calks*. ItilUtldpkU, author of antral
Talaahl* work*, fan he cnoaultnl nn all dl«ea*»
of Ike ftexaal or I'rtnary Orvana (a hick h» baa
mart* aa eepecial atudyl, cither la mala or
froulr, ito malUr fr-'tn ahai ran»r originating
or s( kow lone ataadlag. A practice of thirty
year. enahlra klai to treat dlae»»<« a Ith ramat.
Carre guaranteed chars.-* rraaotuhla Thoee
a» a dlatanc. can forward letter dracrlhla*
Wl«> aud tar toeing .tamp to prepay pott;
Iteod for tbt On Ida to lira: t k. Price locla.
J. n. nrorr. v n,
Phv.Irian and *ur*eoa. If* Duane •< . X. T.
CR*NK X HKK.IUM, Wboteaala A„-uf,
Kan CraHlKO, Cat.
Jail Ireod
f f f t t 1 3
... MR ...
UkrHMtiliM. NrvmUla. <•••!. I'urikl
I'Nrnlltl** ">|»rnlM«a «|||t IIH«I
In the llrenM and «»Wle*. < »>«*•«.
('•I U.< «llr. (>hni|)«, | Holer ti
>UrkNt, |l|Mrrlir«, llrntl
»rhr, TiiMih.iu hr, I *r»
Mr be. v|.
alien. I.»mr Hnrk
and mII l.nmr
»M« »n4
It a FAMILY RKMEDT that yoo can't afford
to do without In time of need It will Mra
you many dollar, la mooey and many pan*. ol
IT*KLV PHI bottle U» own T»H»wlil.
If FM ulr he all DnifirtBt* ainl Dealer*.
rrk«. «n all V rrni*. larire $1 per tRrttle.
For *11d'aordera of the Mood. Uver. Kidney*.
Woraich and llowtla.
PRATT* NKW LIFK !• % «.*efrlm rrm^ly.
It I* mlU bui ihortMch in It* art too on tbe »y
Urm. eearehe* out all Imparities and removes
ihrt.uW'h tba nataral rhannt-U. the Howe)*.
TIM* Iannul and laflrai will flod thai PRATT"5
NEW LlfB give* •trowtb. vigor and tlUlltjr
Yott cannot take U wlthoatnelng materially
benefited hy it. PvmaW will And 1*11 AIT"*
NKW LIFK aa trainable remedy for all rom
u taint* Incident to tbetr aei. It pa rifle*, reg««
fate* and •trengthena the entire »r*tem.
{*^lf»ce. $1. For salt by all DraggUta *ad
Dealer*. '
Dr.aalele and (kaalath Mata Praaetara.
ja» ly I.
Tills famous jlnd popular
RaUrfp4 ■«! Ktlllfl, U
mw fallr Kt«r«M4 for lb* tiniMi br
AU la Karalaked la lk« Meat Klrawal
-mi.- .Thrwaahaat.
The terma arc Reasonable. and eta r? ifrnin
mudalton that caa he prorured at a (lr»i •
dotal la provided Thr tablra arc ladeo with
Tha Bar la wall (locked with the cbulceat
wlaae, llqaoe* and cigar#
rpon tha pramlaea ara tha beat of • table ac
cumaradatlona, and all who vlalt lllenbrwok
will lad rrrrj convenience fur tha enjoyment
al a prolonged aolourn Tha moat experienced
and efflclenl line Hera ara In attendance at the
Stablee, and tha beet of cara will b« siren to
Dr. Beoton'a Dally I.tnr of Stag>'« from Oar
a.m, ilritrn bj Uauk Monk, connect at the
tJlen brook llouaa with Captain Lapham'a Lake
Steamer, do*. Stanford.
The road to tha Lake, from Carton. la one of
treat beauty. paeelng through rreen fnreala,
acruee runed moantalne and alone beaotlfnl
ealleya. The ecenery around tha ahorea of the
Laka U among tha moat gorgeoua la tha woild
Telegraph office at tb* Hotel.
lyMtf H.M. VESEY. I'rop'trtor.
i ha beet tha market afferda
Incurable L'a»e!
(.OilH A B/% I>A11,
After ten year*' inal on thl* wt»t, ha# proven
It*clf lb* only cusulve In a certain claee of dla
«>e*e« pw>otiCf<l by medical practitioner* a»
Da Li Ru hai ** (lOLDKN HALSAM No l
c ure* Chancre*, flr»t *utl *econd aUtfea; Son-*
on the Lei:* or body; low Kar#, krw, Now,
etc.: fojn»erc«»l«»ml Blotche*, Syphilitic Ca
Urrk DwMNd Scalp, and all primary form* of
tbe dUeaae known aa SyphUie. Price, #* per
boClle, or two for $•.
On La Uimar'a OOLDKN HALSAM No. 2
caree Tertiary. Mercurial. Hf phllltlc Rfcfi
Ham. Palna In the B»n«a lUrk of the Neck.
I'kerated Sore Throat. Syphilitic Kai>h. I.unn-#
and t'oatracted Corde, Stiffkir** of the Limb*,
and eradicate# all dl#eaaea from the #y»tem.
whether c«n*ed bjr lndi»cr«tion or abu#e of
merrurv, leavinc the blood pure and healthy
Price per bottle, or two for #V.
TIDUTK. Ibr (Impian* of tlonorrhct. OtMt Irri
tatlon. Grand and all I'rlnaryor U.-uilal dla
arrangement#. l*rlce, $i 541 per bottle.
i r.« TlUN.a «n«h aad Inlerttoa for Meofacaaaa
of Gonorrhea. Inflammatory tlleet. Stricture#,
ami all «li#ea*e« of the Kidney# and Bladder.
l*rtce. # I 50 per bottle.
*lao. A<eatafbr Da. La Kirn at'a UOLDLN
CILLS for Seminal Weakn«»a. Night Kmiasiou#,
Impoteacy and all dt««aec« arUinc from Ma#
tarnation and eiceeaive abuse* Price. &.1 per
Th« genuine Ooldim Hal#a* I# put nponly
in round bottle*.
On receipt of price, tbe#e medicine* will h«
#ent to all part* of the cuontry, by eipre** or
mall aecurely packed and free from ob#enration.
Sole A^nta,
r. K. K M il % UDH A «•«.,
Wholeaali* anilI Kretail DnurtfM# and«
rnoie*aii- and icrvfan imiir.'iMa nn<iw
Ch^iiUt*. S. W. cor. Clay and Sanaome Ja
•ilvklkMin Krancioco. Cal.
Notice t» Policy Ovoen
.,,,1)1 mi,...
■ furihrr Dotlt*. Mr. A J. HAL.HTON tod
Mr O. W 11AZCLTON, of Tlrrlnla. will attend
to ik« eoltaxtlaa of pmnlasu lor the following
poiou, ill:
nai'iKi. hi>o.
Prrmlum* do» la oth»r part, of Nrrvlaru
b»pald to Ajvijt, nf WRI.LH. KAK«.i> * CO .
ir M J IIBNLKT.Ot Hoalh B•Irarl. Vlr
.■ inla. I« . duly uthorKnl .pmal Acrat for tka
Mat* of N*,ada for Ibr Cum|.nr, to w hom all
appUcattnoa for Infaraiicr. C*>mp*Dj',clrra :ar«,
•Ic . mar b* aud*
Kan Fraactaro, Jaljr t3. IITS.
•alia llrn.ra' A.-rnt'for I'a. :S l'. Ml
rO. ft TAMP. II. II. JATCOX. E. L.
Take Boiler tha' I demand MM of yno
•ercrally. In I'nlted itlalen |OM fin, towlt:
Of jt.mi, II.!». Camp th* .urn of |nm fw; and of
fan, II. II. Jucox. lb* MM of flM 00; and of
you. K. I. Tnwn^-nil. the •am of IK> m; and
of jrod. L J Doth-, the mm of 1ISB (0. due
ma trm *oo >• )our pro rau ol the axnen.e.
Incur ml by nr on mil account In and fur the
deyelopoicnt of the I Van (Mil and Nllx-r Mln
,ng Company, •Ituatrd In Htorey loonty, Nr
va^a. and I hereby cue Ton nolle* thai nnkea
•aid amount of money charged to and expended
b* aa avvarally lor yen ba paid Into my Land',
ai my offlce. No. «T South C airwt. City or Vir
gtnia. by yon. at or hefora the expiration or
ninety iSUt day a from data hereof, yoar Intereat
111 Mid I Van Gold and Uilrer Mining Company
will be taken pimmtpn of he me, ro owner of
Mid I lean (Jold and WITer Mining Company,
and yonr rlghta and tnlrrcala In rant Company
forfeited, according to law In •uch . aera made
and afavldfd WILI 1AM I KIC
Hold mil, "torr monty. Sri., July S, 1»T4.
Notice in iikrkrt oivex tiiat on
Oil. at II o'clock a a . I will aali at rnbltc
A actum. In front of Augall'a Li«ary b labia, In
*llw City. Nevada, to the hljbe.t ami baat
hldcer. for caah. the billowing described P«*P
erty, belonging to the aa'ata uf W. H. HILL 1
and *1 lluM \» P. MACK, bankrupt., to wit:
TWO NlliliV IIOKHKM, and
•INK IIKAVY CAUT llnltwr..
Aaaigna*of the K.latent W II Hill and
an* id Thomaa P Mack, hankrapta
Taailnga In Iran and lira...Taralaa ami
Mi af Ktrri Virtrlt. Oaarla
Craablna and Aatalnnmailag
Marhlaeri Made l« Order.
;V patch, at raaaonaNa rate.
law f Pro artat or.
rxorrmoR or .himic.
^ I Htnrr, Virginia city, or at PROPKmuir
RERLINKHS. or with !». W. CHVBBt t K.
Eaq . Hold Hill Poet-offlee.
roa tha »»ry b«i Paotographa. go toRradiar
A Ralofaon'a Oailary wliboat HTAIK H—
Montgomery itraat. ftaa Praaclpce.
Slate Central Committee. I
'* llcmn State Ootrtil Curomlttae, held Id
Virginia Clt;, June *4. 1*74. It wu
Iteaolved, Tbal * State Couteullun of tho
t'nlon Republican |»rf> be held at YVlnne
m i<<a. uu TIIL'KSDAY. Hvptambar 11. UH, lo
nominate candidates fur tho following officer,
Oorcrnor, Lieutenant Ooeernor, Kcpreecnta
tlre Id Congre*«. two Janice* ol the supremo
Onurt I long and than lermt), Secretary at Blate,
Attorney Uenaral, Treasurer of Slate. Coo
trailer of Mate, Surrayor Uaaeral. Superln
Undent of Public Infraction. Stale Mineral
oelal. Clerk of the Supreme Court, Slate Prln.
tar. and Male Central rommlltea, and for tba
transaction <>f *uch other butlneea aa ahatl
pmpcrly come before the Contention.
ICeeulfed, Tbal each Couutr be entitled lo
ona Delegate at large, ona tor each IIM »ote*
and ona for each fraci.ou o»er 90 Tutea cart for
J. \V. Ilaluc*. Presidential Elector, at tha gen
erml clectiouof 1*7).
Itaeolted. That the te.t to be l eq til red of all
rolera at the primary election* of tba MM;
•hall be: Klr»t—Are you a dtlien of the
United State* and Mate ol Nevada. or will tou
be a lawful »mor at the enduing election? See
ond—Will you support lha nominee* of the lie
publican Stale and Count; Contention al lha
ueit election t
Keeolred. Tbal the several Count; Com
mittee* be recommended lo adopt such other
means and lesis aa nia; seem lo Iheia necessary
lu lha prumollon ol purlt; and falneee at the
prl marie*
Delegate* art apportioned to tba Mrcrai Coon
tie* aa lollowa:
•Churchill I
Don. las II
Elko 7
Keraerahla 4
Humboldt ■*
Lincoln •
Lander 3
Kurrka 3
Nye 4
Ortait;. *
Store; .27
Washoe tl
Whlta Pine a
L;on 6
Total M
C II. Z AltlllSKIK. Chairman.
IIku. A. Ktau Secretary. InB Id
[Republican i'*|n t« throughout lh* Slate mpr.l
or Slurry Counlj Krpubllran
Cumin II Ire.
/\ It K"publi<-an Central Com in liter, held at
Virginia. July 18, 1*74. the I Inn* or holding
Hepuhllcan Prlmarie*. for the election of Dele
gates to the Mute and Couuty Conventions, wan
Hied for
WnlaMd>>, N«|»trmhfr 16, I*71.
poll- to he open from* 10 a. a. to 6 v. a. on
that day.
The number of Delegatee fbr the Stat*' Con
veniton m«« apportioned a* follow*, to wit r
Flr*t Want. Oold 11 111 Six delegate*. Poll*
at l.lherty Ktigine hoii»e.
Second Want, Gold Hill—Four delegate#.
I'olU at l«lnc< In llo*c-boo*e.
Flrat Ward, Virginia—Three delegate*. I*olle
at City Hall
Second Ward, Vlrglnla-Flve delegate*.
Foil* at Waehoe Kngine hon*e No. 4.
Third Ward, Virginia— Five delegatee, INall*
at Young Am«ri«a Kn-'tne hoti*e No. 'J.
Fourth Ward. Virginia-Three d<lflIf.
roll* at Monumental Engine houte No. C
Klow*ry Precinct—One delegate. Poll* at
Kmplr* Mate Mill.
Flr*t Ward. Gold lllll Eleven delegate#.
Secocd Ward. Oold Hill-Seven delegate*.
Klrat Ward, Ylrctula -Five delegate*.
Kceond Wanl. Virginia—Nine delegate*.
Third Ward, Virginia Nine delegate*
Fourth Wanl. V Intel*- lift detent lee.
Flowery One delegate.
American Flat—One delegate. Poll* at Hal
It more Consolidated office.
The Count) Convention to be held at llyer'*
Opera II . - \ _:nta.
Matunld). Senlember 111, K7I,
At to o'clock a. m . for the ptirpo«« of nom
inating the following ticket, to wit:
Two State Senator*.
Twelve A—emM\ nu n.
One Dietrlct Judge.
One Sheriff.
One C«»Qiity Clerk.
One I>i*tr1ct Attorney
One County Treaaurer.
One County Recorder.
One CiMinty Aeeeeeor.
One Public Administrator.
Oue County Superintendent Public School*
One County Surve/or.
Four County Comml**loncr*.
Three J notice* o| the Peace.
Three Constable*.
Hoard of School TlUli*.
Kb»olv an. That the te*t to be required of all
voter- at the Primary election* of the imrty
•hall b« 2
Fir*t—Are von a citizen of the United Ntate*
and State of Nevada, or will you be a lawful
voter at the imln • !• c tlont
Second — Will Voa MMOfl the noinu ee* o|
the Kepubllcan State and County Convention*
at the Hfl election f
The officer* of the I'rlmarle* will be hereafter
announced bv the Committer.
ItlCIIAHI) I11HINO, Chairman
A. Willi a**. Secretary. JjUl td
'»HtTIO<l MMA •NMV'rilMI Kill
r. s«o *\vi:t> S
« *5
£ Male and female Arenta clear $■*' per day X I
Outllla and County rlglita granted free JJ
Woaderlul Achievement.
j New livmilM. I.aleat MijIp.
H with TAHIJt
' mi.U TIIKADV.K /■
5 UMiri.KTK, 4
4 H
' The aurceaafbl luteatlon and pminrllon of a?
6 the only full-*!*"- I, really good jw* m* Sla« hlne^
Z 1vt kM than *>.. thai uiwrilm by ■
J* Kaot I'twrr. , £
T Price M-U!.. I'reiuluma, Diploma*, A want* £
»of Merit, llouoralde Mention. rl«.,eU'., r.
- Over All Other*. X
1 The la*t uarfui invention to render the dlffl- c,
■J cult lea of arwlucle*a laborious. /
jb Th* n*w Improved pairnifl m
■jt l»unon naif Worker.
qTIm iUlBiliMiioii of perfect me«hanUal accu
J racy. practical aklll ami utility. w.th brant). *
»atren«th and .lir.iMllljr coiublm-d. A long m
U required Labor Haver.
1H .New t*nt»Nie«l ^wlm Machine,
jWllh which o*er at ventres different kind* of.
j U-antiful »*-wing.fmc^.rUt>ovate.ornamental,y
Z; intricate. Una plain and atrong, tan be done £
5 with |- rt»«t «*«f and rapidity by tboae
«m-vte mw a arwlng machine I* for*. Onr Br* ~
5altarhim-nta have tr* uulne merit that com-";
2 tnaml Immediate aalea. TUrv are the llioat —
► valuable ad)" m Ueirrualented to advance the x
ruaefulneMor Hewing Mat bine*, ami are a>Un«t-~
• able to all other «<nm| mat bine*, equally a* well £
J6 a* our awn. Without them no machli e can he*
A |»er#Kt. Hold separate. If dealred, at oo*-lenth h
•i th« nat vf UmuU »t>lea uaed by all other *
N mat hinea X
4 Our New Miirhlnf +
5 la larger than aome of the P*> machine*. Will J
S dorvery description »f *ewint. hem. Ml, tuck, j
■•earn, qniii. braid. cord. blml. gath* r. > -
•pleate, fold, ac* lop, rati, embroider, run ui» *
i» br* fit h«. e>« WlU aewanytMluf a needle w 111
ego through. Make* th** strongest atlti h known,**
>»o strong that the cloth will tear l» lore the l
. wain wIII rip apart. Il.ia aetf-ad J listing atraUht g
*n*»ei|les,r.■bat.i#-, j«. , tirale Hm4« dlr< • i ' . «
• naroiiiplUatlon or uklea* ioggaor rann to oil ^
' .»rget out of order, laallent.raay nnriltig light • I
'running. *ery rapui. •ni-H.th an.I »orrecl,"
» >jul< My tn»«ler»i«HN|an-l easily maiia«:-<l. Z.
" The inventor* of tho^ • xrein»nt marhlnea X
m ran ha relied upon a« uprlaht ami reap«»nalble J
•mail, vreil worthv of tb« ronftdeiKe ami pat-S
Bronaae of our Chrtatlan readera."— Northern *
(ChunhHtamlanl. S. T.. Hei'.J?.
4 Order* Keeolved. L
• Ami machine prouiptlv forwanled to any ad- ^
I.Iraaa on receipt of th^ following raah prkea; *
?«INni.E MACIIlNKJ«lhraaniplea or -
i privateu«e,plain »iylrs with J-.1 "
• ad|u«tat>le eilenalon Table ami
• Treadle, fUrnlahed with equip* O
» locnta reailv lor uae .$ 1% Kach 1
: M \rillN»>v»tlhe*tranpe Tahlr... M »
1 VI At'll IN M with Table ami Cover ..51 " fc
iXAClllNEH with em l«»aed Tabic, *
e half t*4 M net at vie * m
t MAt'lll N |£a with emhM«sl Table. <
3 ftrtl Oaftnil atyle ~
s The tua« blnea at $!• ara nrarftaelv the aame j
■ aa Hut** of a higher prue. theonlv •inference e
wtx lnatbat thoae at fpi bava plain hut neat a
»Table ami Treadle, while th«** of a higher jr.
g p*leo ar«* ••rn»rnriiial, with claburata ami coally X
rpoMahad black vtlnnt. u
^ Ji'Sl'V^"'"'^ emloaed ca^a ami c»bl*t
J Nil Vtau ril AROK.H made for packing or ^
3»bip|dnc to am part of the country, tfpaclalj
grertlftrate for flte yeara with rvery machine.
.HpaclmgKanf aewiag, |lla«trateit ctrrvlara with ~
^uumeror.t re«ofnuicndation., whoieatle caah X
• prirea, extraonliaarv Imlurenieni* to arenta, ~
_etc.. nialUsi free. Kirlnatre contnd of Trnl 5
• lacy given gratia to rapable and anaffftOt ?
» aganta, luerthanta. *tor<-ke« |>rr«.eic.. who will •"
Jtravalor upena«en< baand exhibit the wonder- *
2 nil merit* of our machine* In their locality, and X
' e
IcSSSSk* Cw*n,y Ei«uu •|*fn k|ik|1 or»5
r Anun-.,»iale.|.,Mirk and hone»t nmnev bu«l-S
• ll*,• niale aiid female canvaaarra In all2
nnartaof tUa tonuUr -OtrUtlan Inde*. N. Y. X
SJan.V m
' f^nnh Mewltfn neeo y.
"* ., *5 ,n ToatM»mce money ordeea or *
5 f4"? dr*fu ••do payable to onr order In Naw g
jHy* Hegtatarad l«tter« or by Kiprew at onr ^
| UORT. J. >iri.I.|<;AN Ac CO.» 2
XM rual Hirraii M. Y. S
, .< Mv-dlnrrr. I J
> » Hill Itallroad Deiiot and American Flat, a
mw lli.m.t itc llatlrMd IK-|h* or >1 tbli
ul If
1"A iDtf Company — Location of Principal ;
place of business. San Francisco, California.
Location of works, Vlnrlnla Mining District,,
Storey county. State of Nevada.
Notice It hereby given, that at a meeting of
the lloanl of Trustees, held on the ftKh
day of Jane. 1874, an assessment of Ten
Cenla per share wa« levied ii[k>ii the capital
stock orthe corporation, payable mmedlktely.lD
t'nlted State* jrold coin, to the secretary,
at the office of tho Company, Itoom 4. No.
401 California street, San Francisco. California.
Any »i«»ck rpon which this atte»sineiit shall
remain unpaid on the FIKT11 day of Angus!,
1874. ahall be dtcmed delinquent, and will b*
duly advertIsed for tale at public auction, and
unless payment Is made before, will be told on
TIU'RbDAY, the *27th day of Angvst. 1874, to
pay the delinquent assessment, together with
coeta of advertising and eipensea of sale.
Office—Room 4. No. 401 California street. S*n
Francisco, California. td
ver Mining Company.—Location of prln
il place of bvslnest, Virginia City, Nev.
Location of works, Kaglevtlle District,
Churchi!! county. Nevada.
Notice Is hereby given that at a meeting of
the Tro»lees. held at their office on South C
street, Virginia Cily. on the SBih day of May
1914,MMHMMli (No. It of One Dollar Mf
I..OI Wia IfTMOa the »'taplial stork of thfiiitne.
Imit able Immediately In I lilted States ^<>ld colli,
to the Secretary, at Vlrciula City.
Any stock upon wblch this a*t**»ment shall
remain unpaid upon the TillHTIICTII day of
July. KT7I. will be delinquent. and advertised
for sale at public auction, and unlet* payment
It made before, will be Mild on SATIKDAY.
the 15th day of Ju'y, 1*71, to pay the d« lln
quent at*e»»ment. together with costs of ad
vertising tnd expenses of sale.
My order of the Trusteet.
T L. CON HAN. Secretary.
Office- No. M Smith C street, Virginia City,
Nevada. J)* td
1 j Location of principal place of business.
Kooin No. g. No. 41H California street, San
I HUM In<>. California.
Local ion of works. Storey county, Nevada.
Notice t» hereby given that at a meeting of the
Hoard of Directors, held on the 14th day of
July. lH74.«n at»e»»meiit tNo 2iof Tuentyflve
Ontfl Mr thare was levleil npon the rapltal
stock of the corporation, payable Immediately.
In Cnltcd states yilq «oln. to ili<- Set
retary, at the office of the Company, Hoom
No. * 4H California street. San Francfrco. Cal
Anv atbek upon which this a«sotnnent shall
remain unpaid on the KlOTIIKENTII day of
August, 1*71, will be delinquent.and advertised
ft»r tale at pubiii aoctkm, and nkN ta/HMl li
made before, will he told on THURSDAY'* the
loth day of September, 1H74. to pay the delin
quent atse«tment. toother with cotts of ad
vertUlug aud eipentes of sale.
Ity order of the Direciort.
F. (1 J. MAItUKTSON, Secretary.
Office—Hoom No. l% Hi California street. Sau
Francisco, California. !y!6 td
(ULi:n»\IA Mil.Villi MIMISM
V Company.— Location of prlnc1|m») place of
bu«luep*, San Franclpco. California
Location of work*, Gold lllll. Storey county,
Notice I* herebygiven that at a meetlngof the
Hoard of Director**, held on Ihr l.Mh day of
Jul*. 1*71, an a<*pe»rment (No. h> of Three
Dollar* pvr ►hare «TM levkd tMR the eitplfal
Ptock of the corporation, pa)able Immedla'ely,
tn United Mmn gold coin* t«» Mm v«
retary. at the office of the Company, No.
in wuMbfnU■ tract* Hail Ffinciieo,Cal
Any Ptock upon which till* ftMCPPtnent phall
remain UHlg on the ttrcVtraMMd day of
AlwtiWW, hiii in-ib iin<|ii«'iit. aadadmUMd
for pale at pvMte Mdloa, uml unleP* pa* MM! U
nude bllOft, Hill be Pold on the eleventh
day of Sepleelwr, 1*74. to pay the dtliiintil
a-f>e»»ment. tocether with copU of advertising
ami expense* of pale.
It. WEUKNKIt. Secretary
Office 111 California Ptrect, San Francisco,
California Jyl? td
location of priiicl|ittl place of bti'incM,
San Franclpco, California
I. m iti*iti or work*. Mold Ilill District,Si..r»-v
County. Nevada
Notice In hereby given. th»t at a meHlng of
the Hoard of Dire*-tore, held on the lUtli day of
Jll/i Itf74« an IMMMMRl (Ho. 9). Of TWMtJ
(*)» Cent" per phare wm levied upon the
cvpltaUtoek of thecorporatlon, payable tmmedl
ately. In Cnlted State* gold coin, to the Secre
tary. at the office of the rompanv. Moo to
No H, llaywam'p Building, No. 41V California
»treet,San Franclpco. California.
Any Ptock upon which thU appeppment phall
remain unpaid on the TilIICTKKNTII day of
AUOt'ST, 1N74, will be delinquent, and adver
tiprd for pale at public auction, and un
leap payment I* made before, will In* Mold
1K7I. to t»ay the delinquent Miwimwil.
together with co»tP of advertlplng and ex
pen*e* of nalr.
Ily order of the Director*.
KDWAKD K. MONK. Secretary.
Office—Room No. 3, llavward'p llutldtnc. No.
419 California atrect, San I'rancUco, California.
I?IS id

glula Mining Comitany, Boom I. No 401
California Ptrect. San Francisco, July 6, 1874.
At a meeting of the Hoard of TrtiPteep of
the above named Company, held tlaip day, a
dividend (2fa 8)of Tluw Dollar- ||l) i
wap declared, payable oil Thursday, the 11th
Instant Transfer booka eloped ou Monday,
the nth Inptant, at 3 o'clock r m
OrcirR op citow.v point hold and
Mlfrr Mining <'oniony. No. 4111 California
Hrrrl. Kan Krauclfco. July 8. mi. — Al a
inffttna or ilir lUmrd of Director* of Ihr .how
named Company, lirld thla dai. a dhldcnd (No.
44) of Thrre ($.li Dollar. per •litn- on the c«|>
11*1 ii»ck w«. declared, [mit,hli* on Ihr |,ih
In'iMl. Tnntfrr btxik# «III be cluM-t] on Ihe
llth ImI., at 3 o'clock r. »
J)» I in Oil AH. K W.UOT. Secretary.
Mining Company. >»»n Kranrlrco. Aiic. S,
1H7I.—Al a mrellncof Ihe Hoard of Tni'ieea.
hfltl Ihl. day. » dividend (No. Wl of Time
Dollar. '(.i |>T .hare wa« declared. pajahl*
Auuu.l 10. Tran.frr book* will Iw rkwnl on
Kill In.t . *1 1)o'clock a.
aniv liu II. C. KIHHK. NwrtUrr.
■ nrr.iiiAL ■n.vi.n 11*1*11 CO*.
I p«njr.-N»llf» —l"*rll»« holding «njr of th«
follow luff r. rllflcnli-" of lm|i.Tl»l Hlork rwi
r«1i-rm the .amr on mrimdrr lo lh* HwrrUry
■ ml ixynirnt of irRnimeul tnd rhargr*:
No. rvrl. Ni*.
Ml«» A Allan **>l to
.1 II H<>iirlit*( Tiu»lw ftTW A
j ii Orockpr. Tnwt'c .t.... s
I'mik .t lie*. Tnulw SMI 4
J rCaTtlilcr.TnMlM *»• 10
livo W r Tro'trf IMO.... ....10
ii<-o II i'i«ndtll. Tru«l«« M*". I"
f'ahlll A Kox.Tran»f« Ill 1 10
Cahlll X Koi. TniHew 10
("anlll A Koi, Trn»l«*» **47 lu
K ('•hill Jt Co, Tru«l»i'« Ml# 10
W I. Duaun, Trail** .4*3* I
It 8 Ilium. Tmrt** 47W |U
r W Koi. Tr If*l '
I ll'ulrr Co, Tra«i**» *11 •
I (iUzlfr A Co. Trn»lfw« Mil }
I iiImIit A Co, Trudrr* S4*« o
rt" I, lllrclK". Tnwtt* *■" ■#
lanii-' H»wklt», Trn»te» H" I#
Mr. I I ll«jr« it
I. T I^W'irf. Trti»l«" MM 5
I. T Luar*. Trn*lM' HM 1°
I II l^lliam A Co.Tru»ti*» Wl •
I II |j>ih*m A Oo.Trutlf** *•
II T M*rjre. Trailer 4W. »
II T Mary*. Truaia* f.llH M
[> T Maryr.Traal** rw»7 ao
II II Nolil*.Trailer K197 M
It A KkhanUon.Trnalrr 3W . ... »0
K A III. Il«rd«in. Tru.li-r .1KI IM
K A lllchard»on, Truelr* &m 10
K A Hlrhardaon. Tra»lr»i 1K7, 10
It A Hlchardaoa. Tnial** 4«t J U
It A Kltnardaon, Tnialrr 411.'. I,
K A lllrhanleon, Tni«lr« 4Stt 10
It A Klrhardaoo,Traplrr 4*41 . ... 5
[I K Hhrrwood A Co, Traalrrt 71*0 5
M St-hmlli. Tfii«H<e. "Jie »
iVooda A Krwborn. Ttn*l*r« M71
an) W. K llRiy.Hecrrlirj,
VINCENT and JOHN VIONOT. *rw-tlmr:
I b.rrhv demand or yon the M*iril amonnta
el opposite jrnnr namea. u follow*; of you,
IncnMti. Vender. |l.v 00: of 70a, Tanquot.
UkO 00; of J on. Vincent, $*<# Oil and of jott,
lobn Vljnot, |)>1 00. Id United Ktatoa «*ld
oln. due by you »» your proportion of the ax
mxa Incnrrrd In and for Ibr development of
hat certain mini" and qcarti lode, known «»
be Honlerand r'alm. located Ortoher ttb. I«».
Ituated at the hrail of Hprtne Valley. *«t of
lie Carwin mad.1.yon county. Htate of Nevada,
ml I hereby cite yon notlre that a nice aald
.mount of money charged to, and expended by
ne, Morally for yon, be paid Into my hande,
t my oOlrr, Itiwim Ko. 10. t»dd Cellowa* llulld
ng. In the City of Virginia, by yoq, at or he
ore the expiration of ninety (*l daya from
Ale hereof, your Interest In Mid Honlerand
nine »l'l he taken poeeeeelon of by ■», CO
wner uf aald Hon If rand claim, and yoar rl|[lite
nd Interest. In aald mine or quartj claim for
rlted according to law In eurh cjun made and
11rglnla City, Hlorry county, Nerada, July
3lb, PCM. JyllSOd
* booka of the Union Saloon, Main atrect.
k)ld mil. arc hereby notified to call at Juailce
frtxht'. offlca and aettle the nu forthwith:
tharwlae the? will ha aubjrrted to lent
rouble and coata. an* Iwk*
I j Company.-Locatlon of principal place of
ba*lneee. Ban FrenclKO, C»I.
Location of worke, Uold 1110, Storey coualy,
Slate of Nevada.
?»otlce—There are delinquent upon the fol
lowing described (lock, on accoant or umu
meat iNo.1), levied oo the lit.dajr of July, 1874,
tha eevcral amount* *et oppo.lte the name* of
the respective ehareboldcre. a* follow!:
Xunii. Cert. Hki. Ami.
Appla Rob, Trustee 31# 100... fSO 00
Apple Hub, Trustee *17.... 1(1)... 60 0U
Apple Ifoli. Trustee Hi 1U0 Sn 00
Appla Rob, Tra.teo 111....100 M 00
Appla Hob, Trustee IT* 100 60 00
Apple Rub.Truelee Ml 45. ...MM
Aldrleh L 173 100 10 00
Aid rich L 174... 100 10 00
Aldrleh I. ITS....100 M HO
Aldrleh I. 170 ....60 tt 00
Aldrleh L 177 «H...M«7
Brewster KB It I * 80
tUker A Co MK 1 4 00
Coeaer Walter 110....100 ... tOOO
I 'Meter Walter 1*1.... 1(0 60 on
Cburrh * Clark WO to 15 00
Devls A Peek Ml . .»)... 10 10
FlurechuUOM 1/1...1000....100 00
Fliirechati J M II0....1M ...m oo
Flarechali J M aw... lau 60 00
F.nrschute J M 1H....100 60 (10
Flurvchuti J M 151 .. II/) 60 00
FlurechutiJ M *61 .100 60 00
FHir*chuta J M «U ...MO 60 00
Ftir*chau J M »l....10( 60 00
KlurrrhnU J M tin.... 1-1.... »1
KelljJamee ait ...Mo ... MOO
Kelly Jamee 113 . 100 M OU
Kelly Jamee ail....Hi) ....MM
Kellr Jamee 114....1C0 ....11 01)
Kelly Jamee 116 ... MS...SSI
Keallnc It I' ISO MIS 110 M
Kennedy Thomas F 107 60 IS .
W P 11 1 1 50
Urhman I) 167 *»....100 ..
Uehman I) CM. *»i HO ..
U hmax I) 2W... 17H ... 130
Note* J W 1M 17 .13 60
Noye* J W 10 5 ..
None J W 118... 10 S ..
Noyee J K 117 10 5 .
Noye* J W a» 10 6 ..
Noyee J W !».... *).... 10 .
Noyee J W «0 10.... 10 ..
None J W Ml M 10 ..
Noyee J W 131 15 II 60
Noyee J W 133 » II (o
No.ee J W M4 16... 11 30
Noyee J W MB.... 16 11 SO
Noyee J W 138 IS ... 11 6(
Noyee J W. 137.... » ....11 M
Noyee J W 11* M ... 13 ..
Noyes J W l.Ht 60 15 ..
Novee J W 110 60.... IT. no
Nuyea J W til 50 ....13 00
Nov... J W Ml.. .Ill*, 57 31
HoeepblatlH 19 S I £0
Itiorden JT 171 ...ISO.... 71 .
Thome. 1) I.. Trustee 131.... ti ,...31
Thome. 1> L,Tnlateo 131....SM ...171 60
Thome. I> I.,Trustee 131 TO.... S3 ..
Thome. I) I., Trn.leu 184.... 100.... 100 .
Thome. I) I., Tra'tee 135 .. 661. ...170 ..
Thome. I) I., Tro.te* IS# 17 Id
Thomae l»L,Tru*tee lit.... IMS- M «
1 home* I> L, Trustee 140.... M 11 ..
Thome. I> I,, Trn.lee 148.. .1*10 . .((no ..
Thome* DI,.Trusteo .... 148.,,, .43*^.. .11 87
Thome. I) 1„ Trustee 170... 115... f.l 50
Thome* D L, Trustee 171 ... 80 40 .
Taylor A Co .147 (...,..4
Blaster Che* . 144....MA Ml ..
Zimmermen J .145—331. ...187 ..
An.l In eccordance with lew eu.l en order of
the Hoard of Director*, made on the 1*1 dev of
July. IN7I. *»» menv .here* of eeeh [>arcc]
of.urh.tock aemay henere*.erv.wlll lieeoldet
pnl.lle eueilon. el the office of the Comjiany,
ltoi.ni II llaywerd'a HullUlcs, No. 4llCellfomle
.tn-el. Sen Franclaco. Cel.. on FRIDAY, the
llei ilav of Autpi*t. 1*74, el the hour ofl o'rloek
r. n of *ii. h dey, lo pev delinquent aseeee
ment* thereon, t.veiher with costs of advertl*
Itiir end entente of Ihe *ale.
II. O. KIIIIIK. Secretary.
OiTlre - Room 11, Meywenl'e llulldlnir, 411
Celir.irnle .ire. t. Hen Frenclico, C.I eu7 td
STOCK 110 Ml Kits' MKKTIMiS.
of lli«« Yellow Jacket Ml*. r Mtstajj • <"i
pany Is hereby called. to l»e In Id at tin* office
of Ml.l Company, in the Town of (told Hill,
Htorry county, Htale of Nevada, on the NINE
TKKNTII dat of August. 1H74, at the hour of
IJ o'clock 1 noon ) ol Pitt! dsy The olijrct of
*akl meeting is to consider ami take action
niMin the proposition to Increase the amount
of the capital stock of Mid Yellow Jacket Mi
ter Mining Company from Two million four
hundred thousand dollars. divided Into twenty
four thousand share* of One hundred dollar*
M h. 10 Nine millions hundnd IMMUM
dollar*, dit ideal into ninety-all thousand shares
of One liuiidred do.lar* each.
X>at«-«l at (told lllll, Jnn« II. 1*71.
TIlOM. CI. TAYI.OK. President.
«1. W. II AZI.KTON. Vice President.
. II. I.. III.Iks, )
T. II. HToltKlt. \ Trustees.
F. A. TltlTLK, J
Attest: Uio. W. l|ot»Kix», Hec'y. JuW Id
(Ylrglnla Knterprlseand H F. Alta ropy.) |
Company. 4.1 Merchants' Kir hang*, Han
Francisco, California. In accordanca with a
resolution adopted at a meeting ol the Hoard
of Trustees *f the Kicheouer Mining Com
pany, held this day. a special meeting of the
stockholders of said Company Is hereby called,
the MM t«» he held at the office o» the(%>m
l*any. No. 4.1 Merrhanta* Kvchange, Han Fran*
rltro, on tnr TWENTY NINTH nay of Ampist.
I8T4, at the hoar of *4S| o'clock r. * «i said
day. to take Into consideration and decide upon
a proposition to Incrvas* th« capital »ti»ck of
Mid Company from Two million four hundred
thousaud (#¥.4<u 0uo> dollars, divided Into Kif lit
IbOWHrf VUBB) shares of the pur value of
Three hundred <$3nni dollars each. the preseut
capital stiick. to Ten million QIUOMN)
dollars, divided Into One hundred thousand
ilho.Otiui shares of the par value of One hund
red <$1<M) dollars each.
F. 0. HM1TII,
A true copy:
.Iami.oS Kknnbdy, Hceretary. J\ V* t. 1
* ' aud Hllvcr Mining Company. Han Francisco,
August 3,1HTI — Notice.—The lleguUr Annual
■MllUg of l lie tlaclkoldifl of I lie above
named Company, for the election of Trustees
»nd the transa tion of such other haslnessas
may he presented, will be held at the ofllca of
lhe Company. Rooms 37 and IS (third floor)
New Merchants' Kichanga building. California
•treet.Hftti Francisco, California, on MONDAY,
Keptrmber 7.1174. at the hoar ol 3 o'clock r ■.
Transfer books will he closed on Wednesday,
September *i. IN74.
aU id J. M. BCJFFI NO TON, Secret try.
Hllvar Mining Company-Notice.-The
innual meeting of tlie stockholders of the
*outh Corns lock Oold and Hllver Mining Com
>any, for the election of Directors and the
ransactlon of such other bnslneea as may be
•relented, will bo held on MONDAY, the 17th
lay of August, 1874, at 3 o'clock r *. of that
lay. at the office of the Company. Transfer
MOD will be closed on Taenday. August llth,
*74. J. M. BDFFINCJTOIf Secretary.
Office-Room 87 and SH, New Merchants' Ki
hangs Building, Call fori la street, Haa Fran
ileco, California. Jy20 td
{J Klorer county, HUH of Nrtidi.—Notice.—
Phf fourth Animal Meeting of the*tockhol<l*r*
if I ho alxiTP namril company, fur I hi- purpoao
if electing Tniatee* to irrrrduring the rn.illri;
ear. *111 be held on WBDNKMDAY, lh« IKth
tar of Au(n<t, It74, it I o'clock rx , it the
Illloi of th< compiny, Xo. 411 California atreet.
Ian Krtm.lwo, fall lorn la. Transfer hooka will
" cloxd fhim 3 o'clock r. a. on Friday, the
4th ilar ol AucuM, 1*11, until aft*r ilia meeting.
K. WKUKNEIt, Secretary,
tea Pranclaoo, Aipil I. IIW. —» w
>an rranclrro. Aufuat I, 1874 —Notice.—The
egnlar annual meelloi; of etockkolder* of the
ho»« namnl Company, for the election of
llrectora for the en.ulnn year, and transaction
f »nch other hnalnea* a* may be pre**ut*ri.
I ill he haM at the oBlce of the Company, Koom
and (1. No. *»» Monttfomerr atraet, Han Kran .
laro, California, on SaTI'IUUY. the 13th day
f Auci>». INT4. at tlie hour of 1 o'clock r. a. i
WM. U. WATMOX. WttrUfy.
J I'ANY.-Han Franciaco, Auiuat ». 1H74- <
!otlc«.-Tha Hwular Annual Meetln* of the <
lock bolder* of the above named Company, for '
*1 flection of Director* for tba ensuing your I
nd tranaacllon of auch other bualnea* aa may 1
e presented, will be held at tbe ofllce of tba '
nmpunr. Hooma 5 and *. Xo. mt Mbntffomen I
ireet, Han Kranclaco, California. on Tul'ltiC '
AY, tha wth day of Aagual, 1174, it the hoar
f I o'clock r. ■
WM. II. WATSOX. Secretary <
L stockholder* of the Kur»pa Mining Com- (
•ny will be held at tha offlre of the company,
ooel, No. I, 41* California atreet, Han r'ran- '
aco. California, on TIU'RHIAY. lb* Uth '
ly of Auguat. IS74. ia*eond Tharaday of An- •>
■ at) at on* o'clock I'. M. Transfer book* will
u" *• n mqv£v'' {
Jyll Id lucre tary. »
)KHCI or HKOIUrOATCD calbdoxia *
Mlntnir Company. - The Hegular Annual
eetlng of the Htockholrler* of the alio**-named
impany, for tbe election of Tnitwa for the "
itnintr year, will b* held it their offlc*. No.
It California atreet lap aulra). 8u Franclaco, .
kljforata. on THURSDAY, tk* T7th day at 1
mat, 1(74, it 1 o'clock r. a. j
aut td A. C. RYCI, S*cr*Ury.
IV Compuir--Loralloa of Principal place of
biiuiM, iu Praaclaco, California
Loratlor of work*. American Plat Milling
Dlilrlcl, (Uorey County, Nevada.
Notice—There are delinquent upon the fol
lowing deacilbed (lock, on acconnt of imch
mrotYNo. f), IfriM no the 2M <Ujr of Jane,
1VT4. the eoveral unoaatt art oppoeltr the namce
of the respective •hareholdere. M follows:
Naiura. No. Cert. 8b». Amt
Drown II, Tnntee MIS ...30...$73 ..
HourneJ B. Tnntee 1M3....10....1I ..
Cahlll A Koi, Trustee. SIM....M....HO ..
CallIII A Pol, Trustees .OS....10....11 ..
Cahlll A Koi, Tni>teea Ml....10 ... 13 ..
Cahlll * Pol. Trustees HOB ...ID....14 ..
Cahlll A Pox, Trustee. 1334....10....13 ..
(Cahlll A Foi.Trufteea..bal. 1*71 »
Ckhlll K A Co, Trustee. ....14M....10....D ..
Cahlll K A Co, Trustee. mi....10....11 ..
Cahlll K A Co, Trustee. 2SJ3....*J .. .» ..
Cahlll R it Co, MOJ B 7 50
Oablll R ACo.Trustrw TOO....10 ...1» ..
Camrrou J *7*3.... ll{.. .4 rf
Crandall W O, Trustee i4K3....30...7» ..
Crandall W (i,Trustee Ult ...40....HO ..
Ilrteroll D A Co. Trustees .. SW....I0 ...15 ..
Driseoll 1> A Co. Trustres ..17*7 ...1K...IU
Bijou l(«, Truster 3Hhn...IU0...IS0 ..
Dixon IIS. Trustee »0... SO—73 .
IIUooKN.Tni.tr. 3IWI....30...73 ..
Dnxler 1. P A Co, Truatres,17l0....10....18 ..
Iirrilrr LP* Co, Truatm 3B7H....30 . 74 ..
Dougherty B, Trustee..bal 3HUU IX...J U
Dougherty II 37HI la ... 37
Rpsteln R. Trustee 3M3....N....S0 ..
Kpatrln K. Trustee Wtl.. .100.. .ISO ..
Rpstrln K, Trustrr 2K»...,S0. ...73 ..
FexCW. TrualM J33»....S0....73 .
(hilly Lron,Trustee....bal..071 S3
(lolly 1*111, Truster 147*....10... 13 .
(lolly Deoa,Tnistee 13iw in... 13 ..
(ilailrr 1 A Co,Tnieir«a....ii|»....io ...13 ..
Hunt tiro II, Truatre 734....111....13 ..
Hunt droll. Trnatee TJI3. . *1 ..
Hart Tfaoa H. Truatre 2W1 .MO. .Hi ..
Illll II L. Tniatae Hit III....10 ..
Ilrrxberg J. Trustw -am .100 ISO ..
Jonra A Cole, Truatm KM 3U....30 .
Lormell V ila, Tnisire Kt|.. loo . .130 ..
I.iirmr (I V ilr. Trustee 3<titS.. |to...lM ..
LazuroLT. Trustee 1014....10....15 .
Livingston J. Trustee ISHti... so ...73 ..
Latham J It A Co, TrusiresHit....30 ...43 ..
Hasten R B.Trnatee IISl ...10....13 ..
McllaMe Jaa A Co. Trua 3J3I... So....73 ..
Noble II 11, Truatae 317. ...SO....73 ..
Neemllh J P. Tniatre 1IW....S0 ..73
Parker A Frv. Truatre 301 It ...in 13 ..
Itlrhardaon K A Truatre.. .13#.3U ..
Itlrhardaon K A Truatre 4HH... 10....IS .
Itlrhardaon K A Truatre I'»»i S4....7S ..
Itlrhardaon K A Truatrr lielt ...VI . 30 .
itW Iiardaoii K A Tniatrr.bal.3KlN V',. .3 37
HlrhanWon R A Truatrr.. ..MM....80,...73
Klrhardaon K A Truatre.... s*-'j ... 13 SI 30
Itoar I. S, Truativ l.'al SO....73 ..
Itoae I. H, Tniatre I'VI ..M....S7 30
Hoar I. H. Truatre I7h| ..33 ...37 SO
Srhmlrdrll llrnry, Truatre. .*734 3 7 30
Solomon* II His....30... 73 ..
Hayre J 11.Truatre MW ..100...ISO ..
Towle (Iro W, Truatre ...11*17 to 31 .
Towle tlf<i W. Truatre I7W.. .100.. ISO ..
Waile A I',Tniatre 131... III....IS .
Wad* A l», Tniatre Mil... 40... HO .
Wade A I',Truatre 1333..100..130 ..
Wade A P, Truatre 904....»>.....II ..
Wade AP.Truatee *113 ...»l .30 ..
Wade A I", Tniatre 130
Wadr A P. TrualM) 3H4H ... I', 3 117
Whltnry A W, Truatrr. , loii . ..10.... 13
And 111 arconlancr with law and an onlrrof
tbr Ifcianl of lllrrrtora. niaflr on the 3-'fcl day ot
Junr. 1K71, ao many atiarra of rai d jiarrrl
ol aurli atork li may lie nrrraaary will lie aold
at |iuhllc aurtlon.at Ihr oltlrr of the Company,
No. 10 Htrvrnaon'e llulldlnif, Han Pranrl*ro.
Cal.. on PltlHAT, tbr utn day of Annual,
In74, at the hourof I I o'rlork * ofaald day, to
pay aalil drllnnueiit aaaraainciit thrnnn. to.
gather with roata of ailw rtlalug and eiprnara
of Ibe aalc.
HRNIIV 1IOTLR, Herniary.
Office - N i lo Mieveuaon Building, Han Fran,
ctaco. JrW IU
r»:o MI.\IX4J COMI'AM.
j Location of principal place of huilueM,
Hun Prancla< California.
IM-.itii•■> of worka, tl«dd Hill Mining Dis
trict. Hlon '«Hiuty, Nevada.
Notice.- i litre art' delinquent upon I he fol
lowing deacrllMHl Mock, on account of »«»«»•
mi'iit (No.31, levied on tin-MInlay of June, a.F.
IHT4, iMMveral amount* »et opposite thename*
of the rc#|M»ctlve utiar*'holder*. a* follow*:
Nam***. Cert. Him. Atnt*
II W Bylnitton.Traater 73 ...Ml flft
ii W HiinitM,Tru»tN .3^....60....35 ..
Joint c lu ll 67 .ifto ...75
JohnC H«*li IW....10 5
Mm John C lu ll «l — lo 6
JC Bortf, Treatee 331....60 35..
W (I Craodail.Trustee *1". lew... 60
II A Char!«•*, Treatee 46J....30.... 10
lU-tiJatnlti l»«»r«* 411.,..60.... 35 ..
II Doojfhrrty 430... 40....*)
II II Karle, Treatee 141...810 155
0.1 ftatmi. Trustee «* . 10 6
OJ Katon, Truatee 174....8ft...13 SO
V J Katon, Treat** S».. M0 350
r J Katon,Troate* JBiT... .ft "i 50
C J Katon. Treatee MS .1*150
Meorge It R< kit V hal .81 Wlf. 1*131*
John rt Pinch -...hal,. W ...7 3 So
John H PI* h hal :•* i 80
John H Ktnch I.»l .IV I fto
John 8 Pinch SO.. 100 ...60
K Plaher, Truster 3*5 HO....60 ..
K Plaber. Tru«te« M... 100....fto ..
K rubtr, Trn.t.r ft|o....OO. .35 .
A Iloltnea A Co, Treateca....3Ul .. .so,,,.2ft
<) II UqdI,Treatee 4*1.. 100....60 ..
Thoa It Hart, Treatee. 45fl ...fto ..35 .
Thoa It llart, TrwMee 451. 60... .35 ..
J II Jone«, Trustee 44t.. 80» ISO
Panny A f«ooml* I»al.. 177 .. .3 1
Prank W Lawler. TroMee....4J3....lft 'J* 60
J Frank Miller. Trustee ... 178 . fto .. *5 .
J W 5lo)le. Trustee 3ft'J .60 as
J W Moylo,Tru«tee Ii*—TJ— II
W K Norwood, Trustee tIT .100 fto
W K N'urwmid, Tnifln 4 41 100 . fto .
W K Norwood Treatee 441. .lno....6o ..
W K Norwood, Treatee 44.1 .100....&n
W KNorwood*Treat®# 444...loo... .80 .
W K Norwood,Traatef 445 .iuo....ftn
W K Norwood, Treatee 440 lno....6o
w K Norwood. Treat* MT. loo....bo .
II II Noble, Treatee 461 .100 ...fto .
C M l*eck.Treatee ItU....3ft....18 60
CM Peck, Treatee .813...loo....fto .
C M Peck. Truatee 335 100....60 ..
C M l»eck, Truatee.. 3ft3 .100....80
rMIWk.Tru'Kv .'iflO. .135 .
Parker A Pry, Treatee* .... SOI....60....35
Parker A Kry.Treitrw—..ftos ...00....3A .
Parker BOO... So....iS
John Patton 337.. 25....13 So
KA Itlchardaon, Treatee ....477....60....35
K A Itlchardaon, Treatee ... 431.... 3.... I ..
Alpheua Staplea hal... 1 30.... 15 .
C r Hchultn .414 .. 60 *2S
Alpl.ru- MtaplfR, Tru«trc.hal.1^6....Ift ..
Alphea* Hiajilrn, Tru*t« « hal. 144 84....IT
Alphtu* MtaplM, Truitw.bil IG4....8M.J ftOW
Alphfu- Staple*, Trui»tr<».bal.l67 1 fto
A inert Mhfpartl 313... .50... 35
Henry Hnntmera .Vis 3 1 so
U A Hchmltt, Truatee 531 .100 ...60 ..
0 A Schmltt, Trnntee S33....60,.. .36
1' A Hchmltt. Treatiw .683. ..60....S5 ..
W Turehall A Co. Treateea. 453 .HU....60
W Tn rebel I A Co, Treatcea 433... .35... 13 6tl
(.W'WfMid hal 133. .30V- 13 18#
LIT W I 881—M«. 35..
Mr# K l» WhteUr K1 35... 13 So
Ia« K Wolf* Jr 34U ...60....35 ..
K 1» W.Uht.Troatro .434...I0U... to ..
M M Wheeler *<»!» .100. ...60 .
K I* Wheeler 131. 350 13S
AihI In accordance with law. and an or<l< r of
lha Hoard of Dlrcctora, made on the Mh day of
lune, a. o. IKI4. ao many aharea of each parrel
)t aoch ftock aa may he nereaaarr. will he aold at
nubile auction, at the office of tho Company,
1 loom No. 7, Kzpraaa Iltilldln^, Han Kranc laco,
:al., on PHI DAY, Ute 14th day of Auffnat,
1. p 1MT4, at the hour of 13 o'clock *. of auch
lay, to pay delinquent aaaoimmenta then on.
;ojffther with coata of advertlalmr and exuenaa*
jf the aale.
C. J. KATON. Haeratarjr.
Offlce-Hoom No. 7, Kiprc«a llulldlnf*. Hau
Kranclaco, Callfonila. Jy80 td
panjr.—Location nf work', Kl Dorado Can
ron, Lyon cou nt y, Narali.
Then are delinquent U|>on the follow
ng described "lock, tin account of IMWMMBl
Vo. I, larlrd on the tilth dajof Jnnr, A. n. 1*71.
heaateral amnanta »et op[Mxll« the nanv« of
hr rrajirctli •* ahArabnIdera, w folio* a:
Nanei. No. Cert. Hhs. Ant.
Mm Arthur 41 «u
41 43..* St«S flM «l
'r*a»r Andrew KM... IM # i'»
llckok W H, Truatee . .M W VO
tl MK>. ISO on
tally i«idm is ...i» ... «
Klly Jamea Ml 17 .1*
M4U ... 1IJ5...IM 13
(•»r IlBtfh ««7M
' f*7ll SI»S.. 1JAJ3
(cKajr Alei, Trnaiee.. *■> w
HI) till . IWO....W 00
lllrleu W M 71 7171
71 73 MM. .13(113
'ntnani II W *HT &*
BOIW 3IJ3.. Iit S3
And In KfordUM with law, and an older of
lie Board of Trn«t«*>, made on tha 1Mb day of
ant, a. D. 1H74, Kl mau) aharaa of wb parcal
f aald a lock aa may I* ih ruaaary. will ho Mild
t public auction, at the fifflrr of the Company,
loom 7, Madia Hnlldlnr. North V 'irm. Vlr
tnla City, Nerada, on TIIUIWDAY. lb* rth
tj or Ancnat, a. n. 1*74. at I o'clock r. «
f aald day. to pay aald delinquent aamametit
terron, Kyether with roata or advert Wing and
*ponM'« of "Ale.
1 P. C. LORD, Hwratary.
Offlre - Room No. 7, Modln Hiilldinc. North
•treat, Virginia City, Nf rada Jyli td
/ Stock Mild to pay amonnt due on Aaaeaa
ant No. J#:
•rt. In nana of Sb». Hold. Lafl
tl RHDllon.Trnataa 10.. 1M100... 171-100
00.1 Glailrr A Co.Tr.. M-109.. 4M-IOO
M.IOlaatar A Oo.Tr. .»... MluO.. .4 W HC
41.1 Ulaitar A Co, Tr Vj . 113-100.. 44 It-loo
11.Horace L IIIII. Tr ...... oo-lio...4 40-10)
U.MInar A Hal I, Tr...10 .1 *MOO. .1 »10D
nt R A Rlchardaon. Tr.l... AIM I 73-liu
M.J!) Vlmont.Tr... .10.. .1 W-ltu.. .• nmou
03 Wooda A Freeborn.
Tr 10 . 110-100...K 11-100
The (Hibllc la cutlontd actlnat negotiating
Id eartltcalea.
W. W. STKTSOR, Hecretary.
Kan Prunelaco, Jqly ,11.1W4. aal
_ Ity for aala In qoaatlUa*
ill Nawa offlca.
Clim hill minimu roarm
O Location o! Principal lTaca of Uaalnaaa, Man
Krancl.co, California.
Location of worka, Hold lllll, Hlorer connty,
Nolle#.—There are dellnqnent apon the fol
luw Injc dwcrllwd (lock, on aeconnt of UWM
mrnt (No. Si, levied 00 the ttth day of June,
1874. the .ereral * noaul. Mloppotlle tin nauu-«
of the reepecllre ahaieholdrre. u follow.:
Same. **<»■ Cert. »■>•. Ami.
Calilll ± fox. Tru»l«e» S....|lo ..
Ojhlll K A Co. Tru>leee....l3M S ....10 ..
Cablll K * Co, Truateea... 14SI... *1 to ..
(ieo W Cop*. TniiU« JJJJJ... .4 10 ..
I'our.en, It A. Trualee 1.0S....J0 ...JW ..
Dean W K. Tru.lee U...M0....*0 ..
Dean W K, Tru.lee IJM • «....*» ..
Dean W K. Tru.lee >« ■■■**
Owen ??!!'• "IS H "
OreilerLPACo.Tro«lee«.IM... » ... JO
Oretler LP*Co.Tni»leee. IM#........ ■*> ■■
IJretlerI.P*Cn,Trn.l».e }'*?•••• " 1? "
Dri ller L P «t Co.Tniaieea.l7M. ...10 10 ..
Dlmn KH. Truatae —"J
t! W Fot. Trualee JJil—??, to •'
UWKot, Trn.lee. !12"".2""'2
CW Fot. Tru.lee !J?J "L. ^
C W Fat. Tru.lee IWI ...» «•
Leonuolly. Tru.lee...... » J. •• J« ••
(irare.,Mnjrnam * Uo.Tnia ••
(ilailer * Hall«»bar*. Tru. «»••• •"? J® ••
(ilailer * MellRahei*. Troa «.7».S" .
I titular *Ou,10 *> ..
I (ilailer * Co. Truataee. ••}»»■• i» • •
I (Ilailer* Co, Tru.leea. JJU 'J®-"-*} ••
I Ulailvr A Co, Trustee*. .WJI....I0 W ..
I Ulailer * Oo. Tru»leea...l274....l0.... *>
1 (ilailer*Co,Truaieea.. 1*>U.... » ...10 ••
I (ilailer A Co, Trualeea. • JJ"J—-J "J ••
I lilailer* Co, Trualeea. IISS... I4 . 60 ..
I (ilailer* Co. Tni.tee.14W ...» W.
I (ilailer * Co,Tru.lee. .1(CI....» 40 •
I (ilailer * Co.Trn.lee#.. *171 .. 10 " •
I (ilailer« Co. Tru.lee., wurl .. W ... «>
I (ilailer* Co. iru.lee. .«»... f® "
Laiure LT, Tiuatee I6MI....J0 40 ..
J.. II Ijlham * Co, True ,1«1 • •••••.J®
Ja.ll Laihaui• Co, True .IJIi ...SO....I(*J
Ja. II Utham*Cu.Trn. .1.1 J... tt *
Jaall Laikam * Co, Tin. . so..
Ja. II Latham * Co. Tru. -'2*! {!
Ja. II Latham « Co. Tru. ,ll».....* W
Jaall Laikam A Co, Tru. .I«W. J»
Marina K J da Ma. Trn.lee IW. IW.. JOt
Marina K J do Mia. Tru-lee .M M ...I0J ..
Marina K .1 de Mia. Trn.lee WS ...SO.. .100 ..
MftfreUT. TfVftto* *170. ..
II 11 Noble,Trn.tee l«i....W ...1W
II II Noble, Tru.tee » ... J°
II II Noble, Trn.lee JW S I» ..
II II Nohlr,Tru.tee *U0. ...40 ..
II II Nohk. Trn.lee *W"S0 .. H«
Norwoodw K. Iru.l.v >«"
I. h HiWt,Tru.tee 174.1....So — 1U> ..
Klrhll, Tru.tee ij«....l0 ... W ..
K A Kirkardxm, Tru.lee... 4.M 10 »'
K A Hicliard.on. Tru.lee,, ...40
K A IlirbardMNi, Tru'tev... 77o ...4SI|...»d 1-1
K A Klrhanl«on,Tni«tee... 7HI.. >" — I'" ••
i; A IllelianUon, Tru.U'e wli....60....HJi
K A ItlcbardMin. Trurtee.. ltd....SO....Ill" •
K A Hlrtiardaon. Trnalre.. .1IMI. .1(11 .. *J"0 ..
K A llkhard.011. Tru.lee ,li»l.. W .. l»l ••
K A IlkhanlwKi, Tru.tee. .. 1UI
K A KkliardMHi. Tru.lee.. .I3M.. ..UI....1U) .
K A IlkhanlMHi, Trn.lee...ISM—M ..lui
K A lllrliantMiii,Tru.lee. .1.171... 80 40 .
K A HkbanlMiu. Trn.lee |:«S .. .40..
K A IlkbartlMHi, Tru.lw. 1475.. ..10 »l ..
K A llleh-irtlMin. Tru.lee...1147 10 SO ..
K A Kleliantaan,Tni.lM...ISOS ... S ... 10 ..
K A lllchanl~>n. Tru.lee.. .I«IJ ...10 —»>
K A ItlrltanlM.n, TfV.lee... l^VJ — J3
K A |{lrl>aid.oti.Trn.lee l»ol ... S .. .10
K A ItkhardMMI,Tiu.lea.. ..
K A lllcbanlHMi. Tru.lee «IJ ...10 »>
hiit oer (ieo. Tru.lee IIII .. • So .
hekaaiid.il ll.Tru.iee *»4 10 »>
Hrhniln C A, Tru.lee 1WJ ...10 »l ..
Hibnilit C A, Tru.lee 10M....I0... .W ..
bchmeldell. Iloeh.ladler A
Co, Trn.lee. «»....M....im ..
Turn ball W * Co, Tru.lee.IW4d . 10 JO ..
Tun*bull W * Co, Tru.tee»'JiM ...»i 40 ,.
I'kler J I'lem. Tru«li>e .... 4J* .. » 10 •
WihhI. A Krveborn, Tru... 14*1....30 do ..
Wood. A 1'reebnro, Tru... 14*1 ..10.... *1 .
Wood. A.KreelKirn. Tru.. 14SS....10... .'JO
WmhI. * Kre»'bom,Tnn. .l4«l....«i 40 ..
WiHid. Freeborn. Trn...1400....So—100 .
\V. Ii.ti-r A Konie. Trn«lee.9iS».... lo 30 .
Wade A P, Tru.lee I.1IS....14 SO ..
Wade A P. Trn.lee 1411. . 10... !0
WalMHi Kaljr K. Tnwtee.. ,W73. M... 'Ill
Ami In armnlanee ollh law. and an order of
till' Ibuinl of Director., made on Ibu JMh ilajr of
June. 1*74. "I inanjr .ban-, of ea. h parrel
I>r .urli .lock a. mar lie n.^-e.«ary. will In' Mild
.1 public ancllon, ai HwnSrtnl IbenHnpanjr,
it Mini III lUywanl*. Itulldlne, No. 419 Califor
nia .Ireel, Man Krancl.ro,Caillortila. onThur.
Jajr. Ibn Wlb day of Aiioial. I»7I. at one
O'clock r. a. of e«ld day, t« par .aid de
lllii|iienl a.iM'«n-.nil Ibereon. together wllb
co.l. of ailrerll.ini; and *t|«•».«•• of Ihe .ale.
W. F. DKAN. Mi-crHarr.
(ifflce- Uimiiii No. 10 llaywanl'. ItalHInc,
No. 4111 California .In-el, Man Francl.cn, Cal.
KOSS I Til Ml\l\«. l OMlMNY.
l.<«-atli>n (>r orlnci|ial place of htialueM,
sau PraneUco. California.
1,'ntiloii of Hurk«, IMrir* <Jato Dlftrlct.
Lyon comity. NcVmIi.
Notice—There I- delinquent upon the fol
low ing dootrtbod tuick, «»» mcomi «»i Am ••
inrnt(No. 1), levied oii the yjih <Uy ol Juno,
|n?|. the aevcnU amount* *et op|»o«lteihenam<-»
i»f the respect I? o shareholders, a* follow*:
New I moo.
Ninit'o. Cert. H»«. Anil.
'dm <leo W, TfnMi'O !«3 A»....12 .V
tforphy n »i ...iro....*3 oo
Uorphyl) IT....!«)..» on
tclnuledell, lloclo>iA<lur A
CO.TrVllMM 1 TO ... frf» 11 'A)
IVner It K, Trustee II J«<s) .rail
r«ticr l( K. Trustee . 107....100. *3 CO
out l*sne.
,'olllns A A, TrnMeo ni»l . . 10. 10 ui
taUUt A A. Tnwti >•-. Ifl liM
'oon T T, Trustee fii. .ft.... ft
Drlseml 11 x ('■». Trustee* ..viiJ 5 . .ft on
llrl»coll I) A Co. Trustee* Ot ft .. ft •*)
Urtseoll I) A Co,Tn»fee*...J71.... 10... to in
llrlscotl II & Cj. Trustees. *171 !».... 10 oo
ICp*teln i:, Trustee 170 fto . M» <*)
Km CW.TraiiM Ito.... an....fiooo
Cox c W.T u#!r« m... 30... moo
ilaxler I AOo.Trvcteea. . ITT.... M *1 no
lltdftr Henry A, Trustee... JW7...1000,,100 i««
llcdgvr Heury A, Truster.. :**....700.. .7U0 oo
(ledger II«nryA,Tni*tN...3W... aoo.. OTi 00
^toue Kdward K. Trustee Hi ...100.. loo oo
Mon<* lid ward P. Truster 1AI....luo ..100 «■»
*tone Kilwar.l P. Trustee. 100.... 5ft ... 25 (W
Hon* Kdward P. Trustee.. W4.. . no ...aooo
4|OM Kdward P, Trmlro.. .311....1(10.. .100 00
<fono Kdward P. Trustee. Tio 50.....V) 111
Jhler J Clem. Trustee... :*) •*). 90 to
Ami In aceordance with Uur. and an order of
ImDoirIoI i» i« torv.mAdtoaUoHUidajrof
luii'1. 1914, ao Miff -lim-- of Mch parrel
ifsuch stock as may tiener«>-ni> will bipoldMl
Mibllr auction, at the odlo- of the C..ni|««iiy,
loom No. 3 llaywant's ItulMlnir. No. 410 r*|
torn la »lwt, Man Prancl*eo, (lal., on TPKh.
)AY, iho Imti Oay of Amu-t, itni, at the hour
if 1 o'clock P. *. of #al«l day, to oay *ald delln
urot anoaMincnt thereon. together w lib costs
•f advertising and etpenses of lb" sale.
KliWAHII P. HToNK. Hrrretary.
OfBre—Room No. 3. Ilayward's llulldlng, 410
MlfbroUMvnt Mm rr«Mt«co.CAl.
N. B. Advertising charges, ft AO each cer
Iflctte. «m id
•i:ur»:uati:i» «ai.i:im>ma nix*
^ Ins CorapiiDf.-liorillnn of prim l|»al tilace
f hu»lue»a, •*« California »treet, h«ii Fran
laco, California.
Location of work*, <k»M HID, Store/ county,
Notice.—There an* delinquent upon tnefol
i»wli»tf doecrlbed atock, on at*count of a»»e»a.
3ont (No. J), levied on llic 23d day of June,
N74, the tfftil amount * m-t oppoaltc |fe|
iainc« of t be reapcctlvu aharehoklera, aa follow a;
Namea. No. Cert She. Ami.
Lguca II Hughe* 1.. 1000... ion 00
Lgn«w II Hughe* 2 .. .Con .. Co on
Lgnea It Hughe* I ion .. .10 on
kgn*a II Hughe* 9 .'41 ft Oil
kgue* II Hughe* A.... 00 6 no
LgQM II llughea 7 79.... 7 Co
kjptao II llutfhe* h 79 fio
ignea II llughea 0 V* .3 CO
iiHN BllBKlWI... .10....79 .7 fW
'hotnaa Stewart II ...100—!• 00
'hoina* Stewart If.... M 3 Co
V II llreuer 31 ....to ft <■>
Ml Hrrtner *l *ft .. .7 CO
, Mlcbela, Trailer 71 ... 40 ...400
, Mlchela, Tra»le« for Logan *
«f JCdelcn 4» W & M
k 0 lirco. Trnatre ftl W ft oo
lobt Apple tO .79 7 *»
Hcbornfeld M. lit*. 112 §0
[P Keating. Tra-tee. «T.. .100....10 00
. !• K rat Inc. Trnatrr fill....100. 10 11)
I* Kaatlng, Trustee W . IW....I0 00
I I* Keating. Trustee 00. ...100—10 00
I* Keating. Trustee *1 ... lno .10 00
P Keating, Tracer *1...100.... 10 00
P Keating, Traalee W WO... 10 t*i
I* Ileal Inf. Tra*te«..w.... 01 ...100 10 no
I* Keating. Tru*t»-* «....loo....10 <W
I' Keating, Tra*tee fA ...100...10 00
I' Ktailng, Tnialre «7 ...100 . .10 UO
P Keating. Traetee Co... ?5 7 CO
And In accordant" with law ami an order of
e Hoard of Director#, made on the «d dar of
ine, I *<74. ao many *hare* «if each
ireel of aiirh atock aa mar he neceaaary. will
i aold at public auction, at the Company'*
Bee. No .T* California *tr**t. up atalra, Han
mclaco. California, on TIII'KSDAY. the Y7tb
y of Aujpmt, 1H7I. at the ho<ir of 12o'clork
o| aald day. to pay aald delinquent a**e*a
cnt tbTeon, tojetlier withcoatauf advcrtlalng
d fSpenaea o| aale.
A. C. RYOI. HerreUry.
f)fBce- 90S California »trvet, San Pram laco,
Jlfornla a U.I td
llM rfTect* of Error* and At»u*e* In early
»• Manhood leetored. Impedlairnte toMlh
ige removed. New method ol treatment,
•w and remark a hie remedlee. Ilooka and
rcolara aeai free, la aealed enrelopea. Ad
aea 110WAW) ASSOCIATION. No. I Sooth
Blbatreet. Philadelphia. Pa —an Inetltntloa
vine a high reputation for booorable com*
d pmfe*aional aklll loft I
II. B> Nar**rW—. 41 H.
• Nat., June 16, lall.— Notice U hereby
given that lb* tilob* Couaolldatrd Mining I om
pauy.wboa* poat oSc* addr*** and principal
place of hualneaa ip at Han Kranclaco. Calllur
kla, have by Y. M Thaw r. their buperlntend
*1.1. tbia day ui«J. application for I nltad Malta
paUut for tw«lve bundled il.fcui linear feet of
lb* Arizona lode. In Uold 11111 Mining DtaUtct,
Storey county, Nevada. with aurfa.* (round
three hundred <XJU, feet In wldlb, lb* mm is.
lending twelve hundred 11 JOOi feet tn a awrtli.
eaalerly direction from lb* Hurt htaaurly hoaad
arj Una of I', h. tturvty So. 40. la Totrnahlp
•U Borlb, KangaMeaat, Mauut Diablo martd
Ian, and embracing aald lod«, with lla dip#,
angle# and varlatlooa throughout lla antlra
wldlb and deptb, although ll mar *nt«f the
laud adjoining; a* id turfar* ground being
deacrllwd In lie plat and Held notea on <1* lb
tbla otBce a* followa, lo alt:
lSeglnnlng at poat No. 1. located at aouth
wrat corner of tb* claim, whine* the quarter
arctlon corner of feetioua on* <t) and an |*>.
Towtiahlp aliteen (III north. Uangt a an and tl
ea*t. Mount Diablo meridian. beara aoath M
degre** .11 mlnutra raat. dlatanl 41T feel;
thence, front aald poat No I, which la at tioetb
weal comer of aald I'. K Mine; No. 40, aontb
M degree* 49 inlnutea earl lu) tici, lo poat No.
»; thence. north 3.1 degree* IS mlnutra taal 1*0
feet, to poat No. S; thence north Si degreea 4S
mlnulea weal >» leet, to poat No. 4.andthence
aouth 3* degrrea IS mlnulea aeat 1.1UJ feet, lo
poat No 1, the place ol beginning, containing
n M-|(0arrw*.
Mn'-netk variation Id degreea *1 ralnnlea eaat.
haid tract being dealgnated aa Lit 41 and UK,
In Towt ahlp Iti north, Kangea aiandll eaat.
Mount Itlahlo meridian; the aald lode being
cut In I he 11 lob* t 'ompany'a tunnel to tb* aouth
of aald lot 41 and Wherein applied for. which
la Ixmnilnl on Iha aouthwr*! by aald V. H. Hur
*ey .No. 40. and on tb* eaat or aoatbeaat In part
li; r. M. Hiim-jT or tot No.a* ahowa In
tliv plat afor*aald>
nald local Ion of 1.»« feat of aald Arlfona
lode being recorded In tb* reconla of tb* Oold
lllll Mining Dlatrlct, under data tb* Mth Jan
uary. IMW, aald rrcorda being kept la tb* offlca
of the County llccorder of Hlor*j couatr. at
Virginia City, Nevada; lb* right b*lnjr clalmail
to follow aald lode thn>ugbout Ita enlire width
and depth for I.W l**t of Ita linear aaunl,
whereaocver tb* aam* mar be found. wh*lh*r
wholly or only partly, wltbln th* lln*a of aald
hurley or bit 41 and <"
IIott, fr»tta A Mi K». Han Krauclaca, Cal.,
Attorney* for Applicant. Jul#
NOTH'K NO. !I40.
IT. H, Huner No. ICI.
• Ne?„ July «, l#74.-Notke i* hereby
given that Ihr KOHHUTIf MINIMI COM
PANY. ■ corporation organlaed ami exlvtlng
under I In* law* of the Htale of Callfomlt, and a
i .M/« n «»f ili.« fulled Htate*, whiw# |*»*t office
a<l re*a and principal t»la« •> ol hu»lne*e I* at
M*0 I'ram-iM-o, California. lia» by P. II. katt,
lla Hnperitttendent, and J I* ClMtlB, thin day
made application for twenty *even humlreit
' the Km—Hi lalt.«illsd
I!••• K'wmiiIi Minlnj* Comp«n)'* claim, lievtr*
(IftM Mining h.-triM Lyon cotty. Mi vide,
extending 2,7UU feet In a *outhee»terly dlrec
tinn from the aonth lino of U. H. Harvey No.
rfi cUiim d hr thi Dayton 8ll»er Mining Com
pany. along tne In « of *ald vein or lode, and
cmlirarlDir the with ail It* dip*. it»ar»,
anvlc* ami variation*, with turfaca ground QUO
fcrt In »tilth, ami dew rlbed tn the |ila( and
drld note* on file In my office an follow*, to
(Winning at a poet marked No. I, IT. H. Hur
vey No. U, win-nee the corner to Hectlon* It, ».
1 •», IT. Township W north, lUnge 21 ea»t. Iwirn
north 'it degree* 20 inli.utr* wr»t 1.1*1 feet.
The center o7 Ko**nth new *haft bear* eoeth
41 \ degree* «a*t TK feet. |'o*t No. 4 of Her
. ■, Ho flinr-1 ortU 77)4 d* gree* ea*t|0|faot,
ami riaiiuliii* thence, flr*i-m>rtli 77k degree*
i*a*t IUMI feet, to a po*t marked No. f, l>.H. Hurvey
No. fi4; thence. eecot d-*outh I2jf degreea
i'4»t 1*A) feel, to a |M»*t marked No. I, V, H.
Ihiaev.child mife *."S°
feet. t.» a po*t marked No 4, IT H. Horvey
No. M: thence, fourth—north lljrf degree*
we*t 2.7)11 feet, to the plan* tif bertnnlng, ami
containing wlihln *ald described bonodarlea
thirty men ami 19 )<*) itf.lVi acre# of land.
II. e*pre«»ed from true meridian; tnag
.irtlc variation in decree* .m minute* ea*t.
The location of the claim I* of record ami
may he foiiml In Ihwik "A,*' uaire M, of tho
mining reeorda of OevlPeOote Mining Dlatrlcl,
kept at Mlvi r City. In the office o| the Mining
Ueoorderof »ald Mining Dotrtct.
The name* of the adjoinlmr claimant* « n the
NUMOf othof kldaa 010 a* fullovil The limy
ton mining r'ulm on line northerly on the midp
N llmiiilif.1. MotfOOOlltOII tOdflllWMI0
mining claim* lying wevtwardly tbhereofen
illtreieiit lode*.
Jy7 71d l«i-|rl*ter.
NOTK'K NO. 'id I.
I*. H# Harvey No. lid.
• Net,, July 7, 1kT4 Notice I* hereby
,'lvrn that the Alta HlUer Mining ('<>nij *iiy. a
rorporatIon organised and exl»tlng under the
law* of the Htate «f California, and a clil/en of
[he t'nlted Htate*, who*e p»«l office adftre**
ind principal place of hutlnc** I* at Han Fran.
:l*ru, California. haa l.y C. I)« rl»># ||#Iftol.
hi* «U* made application fur elffhti*rn hundred
|(MMI| linear feet of the Woodtlllc IcmIi*. ralUd
he Alta Hllver Mining Com|*f y'a cialin, tlold
Kill Mining IM*irtct, Htorey e« unty. Nevada.
•xteDdlmr I.Nfl fe«t In a northerly direction
VoTO the 1«m hi.m of tli.* *hall *|i»ng the line of
aid la or lode. **i»«i mkntlogtiie*ame, with
Ul It* dip*, »iMir*. amtle* and variation*, with
>urface irroumi un feet IB width, and described
n the plat and field t otr* on file In my office a*
follow*, to-wlt •
Beginning al the WoodvUle po*t. located
ihont &t) feet *outh ft) r.eirree* ea»t of tba AlU
•halt, running thence, flr*t eour*e~nortb 10"
we*t 1,100 feet, to po*t No. t; thence, vecoad
Moraa oofth H dagrtta Mtmhattlopoil
No. 8: thence, thlnl coorae—*oath 10 degree*
i-a*t l.tnai feet, to pi»*' No 4: thence, finirth
roqrao aonth W degreea we*t tXJU feet, to i*»*t
No. 1, the nlace of iH/lnnlng, cro**lng In It*
ronr*e I he Alta *haH at MO fi-et. containing 14
IV III acre*. From |i»*t No. 1 the unait* r »..
lion corner tn the tooth line of Hrctlon •,
Town*hlp !•» north, l(ang« 21 ea*t. Mount
IMahlo Meridian, l*ear<« Ninth 7b degree* 4.%
lull Mir* l«a*t IJ0I f»'H lll»»«llt.
The extent of the lode I* unknown, ('oar***
mil bearing* esnrvMed fri m th«* true no rUll*t.
m*i?iiei»c variation lG«t dritree* east.
The Alia Company'* claim I* iMmndid on tho
►outh ny the Woodvllle claim; the Lady Wa*h
ington claim llOO lo IM Vt 9L
The location of the claim la «f record, and
nay m» found In Itmik "A,"j»age 474, of the
nlnlng monl* of (iold Hill IMvtrtct, kept al
nrglnla City, In the office of the Connty lb
-order of Htorey connty.
l;0Md Keglaler.
NOTIUkMl. '2:i».
I'. H. No. •*-!.
% Nevada, June |H. 1874 — Notice la h«rehr
k'lven that Themn H. Wln»ton. who»e po»t i»f
rtrr addre*a U at Carina City. NVtaia. ha* In
behalf of hlm*elf and Joseph D. Wiater# Bade
application lor 1'nlted State* patent fur twel»»
hundred 0.*») linear feet (more or lew) on the
Mount llope lode, c lied thr Dine Seuor mlnlnic
claim, extending in a toutl.crly c««ur*e from the
•oath line of V. S. Survey No 41, claimed by
the <Jeune**ee Mining t'nmpary, and Htoate In
Devil'* Hate Mining DUtrkt, I.yon coauty.
Slate of Nevada, embracing *ald hide, wllh It*
entire width and depth. whensoever the *amt
mar In' found to eitend. either In II* roarae,
width or deoth. with *nrfare ground a* herein
after described, for the convenient winking
thereof. Said mining preml*e* being de*lg
n»ted IT, S. Survey or Lot No. tl, lu Towmhlu
14 north. Hangv ll en# I, Mount Diablo merld
Ian, and dotcribed lu the plat and fl< Id note* on
fllf In thl* off re a* follow• |
llrglnnlngat poat No. I, at eentre of routh
ern end line of the claim located on easterly
•lone of the »ldg«* to the we*t of the Virginia
and Careon road, from which the *moke *t*ck
nf the Daney hnlvtlng work* bear* aouth 74V
degree* ea»t, <ll»iant aboui r«oo fr*t. Mount
Lincoln lirar* »outh 4* degree* ea*t; thence,
•outh 71V< degrae* ea»t 10* feet, to poet No. 9;
thence, north 3 »!• green ne*t l.cmo feet, to |m>*i
No. .1; thence, watt 101 feet. IoihuiNo 4;
thence, *oath 8 degree* Mat 1,014 feet, lo pn»t
Nn :»'•«! I In i • eoothisk degree* eatt
feet, to |Ki*t No. 1, the place uf beginning, con
taining 4 *10 acre*.
Cour*e* and hearing* from true marldlar.
Magnetic variation If. decree* 80 mlnutea ea*l.
The atljolnlnirrlalm* am the flrnur*** on the
virth and the " llreat W ** on the aouth. The
Jtney claim, a* vurveyed. Ik a lo the ea*t.
Krom poat No. 8 above deecrlbed, Ike quar
ler *ectloa corner on the weel Una of Section
\r>. In Townahlp It north, Kaage tl eaet. Mount
Diablo meridian, hear* north 31 dagrttt 10 ml a
utee we*I. dletant 7U» feet.
The claim herein annlled for |a recorded at
pak'e At* of book "A.' Lyon county record* uf
•urree*. kept In the lleeoe er*» oAca, at Day
too, Lj**u coanty. Nevada.
AD0LI*UI'H WAIT*. Rerfalar.
Ilorr. Saaa» * M< Kr». Attorneys for Claim*
anta, San Franci»««». Cat. )u»gj
A IMt ku nrr Anna anjr .urratafai Tinn.l
work Iji Antrim. They ,r» bring aaaA a I- li a
tha l.rjraat tataala tad mlalng "parallati. oS
the Oomatock Lode, and aU* In INacer Marl
po*a and Navada eountlea California '
Ha* Frairlara,
«oU Aetata for all HUM and Tarrlloriaa Waal
Jjl If uf Rwkr Moonlalii,

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