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Gold Hill daily news. [volume] (Gold Hill, N.T. [Nev.]) 1863-1882, September 24, 1874, Image 3

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SOLD HILL, i THUR8DAT. BBPT. 24. 1174 1
limiTU BAU.T BT lllll * Bill.]
3M M«ad*w Valla*,»K. *V
IIS Rajmoad A Ilr. UM
US K.uirk* Cob., 11V. u
10 Ploch*. 1
1H Wubti|tim I Craola. IV bJ
103 Aairiita ri*K. IV. IS
so **
«) Halnnnt, I, IK
ISO Km ISlch.lM
100 North, Heliaoot, 30c
mo SI Darado Sooth, 1%
MO KJ Dorado North. l\
mo rnc
100 Cadarbar,;, I
Tto Chariot M III. 10 V. 10N M». tOM
150 CallCof*. IIS. II
MO Id* Klm.rr, t, 1\, 1M, IS. 1V
1H Mahoganr, IIV. 3. V,
no wtr lack iv is wo. » oau
I'M) tapir* > Idaho), OtMc, 7Sc
100 Mammoth, 19c
»N«mi. ix. is
1<D kaa.atb, in. is. IV
IOO Oraaa. IV
ll*n ortflaal (...Id llin. I. 4M Ik 5
Wit K"ch Wtaud. I. He. Mr
1 wo C. I". Halloa, t 3V IV I'.
•13 Im, >S. *M. 3V t*»
830 Audaa, IV. I',.1M0. 1 hlO
600 Am. <••>!» . 7. Ik
41ft Cob Vlrtiala, 3( V W. «S. MS
IT* Wuad.llla. 11. HI,.US M. I»S. UV M
•noTaUowJacktl.llA.il*. 1 MM. 1 MM M.HT
l*r-Pata«l M. «V*»V.
•Cj*a»»t« M.M. *v»»' ws M0
M0 Confldasra. «?. * hS. «t. 38, *V MM M0
Thla laralac.
»00 l»phlr, 41. ». *. MX. »■ *. « *«. ITS.
jou.41 hlO. ». 4I.»>U. 1<\. *•» hto.SK,
JWOOUoail .0 C*rr». 4*. 31S. h*». 3*v.
fly.*. «M. r-\. *>V. t»VWU.*M,
tm. Vtv. trv
IJWCaaOUauca. tTV. *V «. *. »*. »«M.
*4V.»«V tT k*i
1M H..i A Bakhar. *. », *V »M. ®M. *•
«•>.*•>. TlramU. II «6V
500 !>*»•». 7«. T7. TT bJ. 7TH. TT. 7J, :• ba. IS.
ItU. M M. TJ
400 Choilar l-Maal <0. KB. 10. TIM **>. «M a».
*0.10. «M. OS. OBV.TU
11IU tiarra Na.ada *M. V,
MO Dm A .Safer***. M. M. M. M b», M. MS
MO. MM, M. M, M. M. S4 -Ju.il, MS
hlO, to
MO Iianar, iV. SM- ». »M bao
l?40Ci*wa Fatal. M. CSV- « MO. 01.« V «
ha0.04M.KS. UM.UM
110 Kxchi|uar. 113
11* n .Khar, HA. IU7. KM
yoi Trllow Jackal. 111. 111. lit. 113
1500 l«parU>. l«s. l»S. l»V. I"S. l«V M.lov.
i«M *>a. loS- i«V ha
300 i.oM UUl Utiaili. «. *u
I0BS Kaatack. *4. S3M ba>, ttV M blO. 33 bS
*«> Alpha. 10. UV. i*v
TOO Italchar. W S. V . >».'•• bao
K00 ttveraiaa, (I,«>, M, 01, ST. >», CM. >» *>.
•I. W.V
SCO Jaatlra. 34, XIM. tS
400Kaccor. 4M-«S
14TI0 Ha. haya. a. a M.3V
100 ljuly Nnta. »TV
lowJalia «.*'. •*»■ JS
1U0* CaMoaU. M.toV
Stft Knkkarhotkar. 7, «■,
tlOOtlloh*. t. tS.»V hlii. 1
0100 UaltlaMKa. II. Il>,. 10V
*10 nallloa. 11, S ,
l» I'tah. S',. S«, bio
11*1 California, .14. MM. M *>»
3(Co Miliar IIill, • V. »V •.»'•. »S
llhl Rrlljoa, »H.»S. »M
070 I lalhv. 0. »V, 10. 10 b33
Ai llacaa. SM, >S
*•» Twk-Kntla per than; ktin), An
(vet**; iMni^uiiil, Octcbrr I: aale da;.
October l«.
>l«l lurrili per .hare; letled. Aacntt at;
delinquent. October 1; da;. October tl.
Tarh U*wII4«IiiiI 30 i«u per
abare; letled. A urn* I »>. dellaqaent, Orto
ber I; Ml* da;. October 1*.
ft* per -bare ; let led. September I;
delinquent. October »; Mir iU<, October tl
t.euId Mid Curry fl per chare; let led,
Iteplember 1; delinquent, Octuber 1, Mk
iUjr. October TT.
Tlrglala I'ltjr 4'oal 4'ota|»an; IHr.nl.
per abare; letled, September I. delinquent.
tMuN f I; nit d.jr, October 31
J al la 11 Hr«l> per .hare: letled. imt
A: 4altn«jueut, Heptemi»er 7, Ml*Oar, *ep
iruw> an.
•car; T1 cent. per .hare; letled. Augiiat «;
delinquent, September*. m!<> <la;. Septeni
Wr. *1.
Yfllaa Jarkrl |1 par >harr; lei led, Au
rval it. delinquent. September 13; Mir da;,
October l«.
Mlarra \naila fI par tharc. letled.Au.-uet
t; delinquent, S.plember *; Mir da;, ttap
lemlier -*•
Eat pi r* Mill aa«l Mlaltit t enpanj
— »fltaut. p«i .bar*; letled, Arnra-I tllb;
delinquent. September I?; Mia day, Octo
ber -
>■111 30 ce*t» par abaie; letled. Aui;««t 14;
d*ltaqu*nt, Meptraiber M; Mleda;. Octo
Tyler ft (*■!• par ahare , letled, Anru.t ll;
■lelloqucn'. Hapla*bar 1*; Ml* da;, Octo*
bar *.
Ia;await A My *3 par there: letted!
Angu.t IT; delinquent, September 33•
Mia da;, October It.
Aaatb I'aaatarli 30 r*nla per ahar*; let
led. Aa^uet 1*; delinquent, September It;
Mia da;. Ottobar I*.
»w«a« $1 par .bare; letted. Aujual II; da
llaqaent. September tl; ale da;. October
KeMatb 11 veita per .hare; letted. Aa<
at; dellnqoent. HepL 5; Mlada;,Oet. II
■■ale A So rrraaa $3 par .bare; lee ted,
dept. •; deUoqueat. Oct. 13; aale da;.
Mar. &
Janllre-ll M pet a bar*; letled. Sept *'•
delinquent, Oct. T; aale da;. Oct. I».
BUbe U r*ata per .bar*: levied. Sept. It;
delinquent. Ort. !•; aale da;. Kar. 4.
Arisen* A Mali - » rent* per .bare ;
letled. Sept I*; delinquent. Oct. N; Ml*
da;. Nee. 4.
Ulebe leaeollilaled JOcen. per .hare;
levied Hept. 11; delinquent Oct. K; Ml*
•la;. Mot 4.
Mea regaled laledaala M eeata per
altar* : let led. Jane a; dellnqaeat. Oct. 14;
aale da;. Not. f.
Tlak |1 per »har*; letled. Sept Jd; delin
quent. Oct » . Mledat. Not 14.
Lad; ■ryaa-M cola p r eh we; letl*d,
Hept. It; delinquent, Oct. *i; Ml* da;.
«"5&5?ttsAS .r^;.Wuc
p5j.~. »»pi. M.
Tim'* Ornat Hoc*!. — Tha Opera
Hone* >u daotrly crowded l*»t night,
on the eccaaion af I be fourth entertain
ment gi»en by the Royal Marionette*.
KTeryl>ody mma to go *iM OTtr the
wonderful train performed by tba autom
aton*. Thar* ii but oua uuitrraal *er
dict or opinion in regard to tbaiu, which
la heard everywhere. anil that ia thai
" tbay are *ary g«H>d." Tboa* of our
raadera who have aot >wii thaui have
luieeatl a rich treat. Tbay a ill gi*e an
othar exhibition to-night.
M*TamojiuL. — Aa will U> aaan by a
amall itaa in tho hat of "marriagea" in
auothar part of thia paper. our bright
eyed friend Hart Baulon, of Virginia
l-'ity, baa ancceetled in aaruriug a part- .
tier for Ufa. We hardly know which af
Iba partnrra to congratulate uioat. For I
aotna yaara paat hi» heart baa beat
al>out on tha aea of Iota, among thr
awect laaaaa, but at I aot ha found ona
tinu ami true, and wa wi»h thain both
all tba bappiuaaa lhay bopa to expe
('nniL t'oMMirrsi. — A
Maating of tha Democratic Ceunty fen
tral Committee of Htorev t'ounty will
be bald at tha office of M.V Staua. ad
door. Douglaa lluiMttig. Virginia Oil*,
oa Friday evening m 7 o'clock. See offi
ria) uotica in another column.
T***iu».—F. Y. Drake, Jt. W. Grand
Secretary, will plaaaa accept our thanka
for a priated ropy of tha pruceedinga af
tha Kigiith Annual Communication of
tho Qraa4 Lodtfa of tha Independent
Ordar of Odd Fellow* of tha Ktata of
Na?ada, 1M1.
JUilboad Oitrmi*.- Wa ara iu
dablad to tho poll taliaaa of H. H. Crocker
k Co., publiahera, San Franciaco. for a
copy of tha Bailroad (Jaxetteer for tho
month of September.
ArroaNiT-ar-LAW.—J. U. Uarria, for
tuarly Towa Attorney of tba Town of
Oold Hill, haa opanad a law office in
Hilvar City.
A LiTtir KncAwiT.— At abovt 3H
o'clock yeatarday afternoon, aa Doctor
Hall waa returning home from Virginia
in a buggy, ha mat with a Him aoci
dent on the Dindi. Hia team, taking
(rigktat a atray harae which cam up
behind than, daahed off at a terrific rate
of apaed. Tka Doctor made a etrong
affart to check them bat (ailed, wing to
the giving way of the front portion of
the boggy box. He waa thrown to tha
ground with great violence and waa aa
verely bruiaed about tha hipa; ha alao
received an ugly cut on hia forehead.
He waa picked up in an inaanaibie con
dition and taken into a aaloon near by,
and ahortly afterwarda waa brought
heme by Mr. Kellogg. Tha Doctor did
not cone to hia eeneea until he reached
home. The horaee turned off into the
aagrbrnah a ehert dialanoe below the
Waahington Houae, and completed their
iuglonoua eecapada by falling down.
The top waa amaahed, but tha running
gear of the buggy waa uninjured. Tha
Doctor waa quite comfortable thia after
noon and will be able to be aboat again
in a few daya.
Mi-Hoot. HTiTOTii-a.—Tha whole nam
l>er of children attending the public
erbonla ef Storey County, ia aboat 1100,
a ma tier attending private achoola,
3(H). There are eight echool-houeee
in the county, three of which
were built thia year, and one laat. The
following ia a liat of taachara employed
in the eeveral diatrirta: let Ward, Vir
ginia. Mm. Gardner. Mr*. Leggett, Miaa
Davie aud Miaa Allen. 3d Ward, (K
atrret erliool) I'rof. Willia, Miea Gertrude
Itarron, Miaa Annie Dunlan, Mr*. Bria
tol. Miaa Pauline Miruelaoa. Miaa
Clara Currier and Miaa Ida Bartlelt.
3d Ward, (F atreet erliool) Mra. 8. H.
Summers. Miaa Maggie 8iui|>aon. Miee
Timmone. Miaa Caahion and Mra. ShefW
pard. Gold Hill echoola. I'rof. Janea,
Mra. Uaaton and Miaa SalkeM. Divide
achool, Miaa Olivia Taylor. LowerOold
Hill, Miaa Lealie. American Flat, Miaa
Kerrheval. Flowery, Miaa Jaanetta
NTaTisrtru..—Tli* annual report of
A*ae*»*r Thorn** (Iraory to Ike Surveyor
Oaaeral, (or the ytu 1x71, give* the fal
lowing inlrreatiug nUtiatira: Agricul
tural land in Htoray; ktm incloe*d, 500;
■ allnnted. ISO; wheat, acre*, IS; wheat,
busbsls, ISO; corn, acrea, 4; earn, l>uah
•U. 100; potato**, arm, 5; potato**,
baahela, 500; bar, acre*, <55; bay, toua,
70. Apple traaa J40, p*acb 40, pear 40,
plum cherry 3», uectarioe 1, quince
I), apricot 3, pio«ti«rrj 57, grapevine*
tt. horaea 71M. toulaa 5!*, aa>n Co, cow*
4i8, cnlvc* *7, b*ef cattl* 90, ah«*p 150,
bogs 354, cbick*n* 5,030, u**ac 18,
dncka J11, quart/ mill* 26, tons of or*
crushed to data 13(1,900, mining ditch**
1, iuil*M is Ungth 10, amount of water
iia«<l 300 iuche*. irrigating ditches 1,
acre* irrigated 150, papulation 15,000,
regietered voter* 5,431.
numoctami) Vmrroa.- Mr. E. Sau
vag* sf Pari*, a gvutlaiuaii well T*ra*d
in geology and mineralogy ia *ngag*>l nt
prvsent in making an eiaiuinatiou of tb*
mine* of tbia country, and tba Tarioaa
uiethad* of working tbtrn, with a *i*w
of making an accural* report of th*
eitnte to tb* Krench Government. Mr.
Kauvage baa already visited tb* Laks
Mupcrior rapper nana*, th* Galen* dis
trirt. and the gold miaea of California.
Ob hia way back, h* pr»po»e* to lake in
th* Comatock and the ruinea ia Eaatcru
Nevada. Our peaple will undoubtedly
a.l'ar 1 him all th* faciliti** in th*ir p*war
for th* obtainment of aay information
he may il<-«ir* in r**p*rt to th* Comateck
lode. Mr. Nauvag* ia etopping at pr*a
ent in Virginia City.
Koi Coomst A*araao».—Mr. George
dribble, ef (Sold Hill, iu a card which
will b* found el*ewh*r*. aniiouuoa him
aelf a* a candidate fur th* office of
County Atseaaor of Stor*y coonty, aub
j« t te the deciaiou of the people of thie
cannty. Mr. Orikbl* baa roaided in oar
mitlat a long time, and ttenda wall in th*
caiuiuiiuity. H* poaseaas* superior
qualification* for the poaitioa, and if
elected will diecharg* th* duti*a of the
offic* faithfully and conacientioualy.
I'iusomlm. - Mr. J. T. Ooedman and
wife, wbea laat beard from, war* in Lon
dou. Goodman ia expacted to return
ehortly to the I'nited Ktatea.. KicharU
Moor*, of Gold Hill, who want aaat
with hia mother'e remains tkree week*
3o, returned home thia morning
idahipman Michalson, sob of 8. Mi
cheloou, of Virginia City, ia stationed
at preeaut at Key Weal, Florida.
Wood. All the territory ia the imme
diate vicinity of Knipir* City haa ban
converted into a woad-yard. About 00,
ooo cord* sr* piled up in that locality.
A* soon aa temporary aide tracks can b*
built tb* Kailroad Company will com
luetic* hauling it to Virginia aad (fold
llill. It ia exp«ctedtbai the work of re
moving th* wood remaining in the river
will be oompleted ia about sight days.
Baocorr IUci.—Mr. ». «.
unit J. Kmmadell armed in Virginia from
Winnemucca thie morning, having in
charge the remains of D. L. Heating*,
lately iln'MwI. They war* mat at Bctio
bjr representative* of tba Maaonic In
tcruitv of Silver City. The fnaaral of
Mr. liaatinga will take place in Virginia
on Kuuday licit, imiler tha auapicea of
tha Knighta Tanplar.
Call axd Hrm.*.—Mr. M. F. Waller,
in a netice which ran be found in
another column, invitaa all peraona in
debtvd to hiraeclf to aall and aettle at
one*, anil thereby avoid trouble and ex
iieuac. Mr. Waller'a beoke have been
left with George Hall, at tin' new tobacco
etora. ou Maiu street, opposite tha Ntwa
Ttitn.1 ranra*TT is Smur Cocwrr.
The aseeiMMl value of taxable property
iu Storey county thie year (1N74) ia f 4,
'.Nil.MI'J. I.aet yrar the amount waa94,
7:t".,lN) tbua tba incraaaa in tha valua
of the raal palate and improveaaenta dur
ing tha paal year amouata to fWi.GXl.
PtrmnuL.—The funeral of J D. Cmaa
took place in Gold HiU thie aflarnoon,
uinler the anapirea of Wilder No.
1, I. O. O. F„ anil waa attended by a
large ronrourae of ]«uple.
Clii Mimxu. The Young Mra'a
Republican Club of Gold Hill will meat
at Poublelwi**'. on tha Divide, to-mor
row evening at 7\\ o'clock.
TBrntn at Tl*«.—For throat dieeaeea.
rolda and coogba, Broam'a Bronchial
Troche* have proved their efficacy by a
test of many year*.
Two rapolaa adorn tha Yellow Jackal
hoisting worka in Gold Hill.
Tilths'* CntLbaix Vixit Him — Hia
four children called on him at tha old
home, on Livingaton atreat, thia after
noon. It waa tba flrat time all tha littla
onea had l«n there ainoe the family waa
•cat tared. Til ton waa much affected.
They all went up to tha large front bad
room au tha eecend floor, for a delight
ful viait for ana honr. Than the littla
oaaa acaltared over tha bouaa, while
Floraucr. at tha piano, played her
fathar'a favorite pieeea. Theodora aad
hia daughter were affected to Ware. In
parting from hia children, Mr. Tilton
laid: " My little chicka, goad-by, and
remember that both father and mether
love yon dearly, aatl want yon to hare a
happy life. \fc'rita to both »f oa often."
—Si***if fw t'Aieoyu 77mm.
t*r a* W«k Mm Seet.'Ji, 1874.
The stock market for the past waak
ku been unusually lively, showing a
decided Inclination fcT a "riae." The
twa aada of the ledge, however, aaamad
to hare tha most of tha Inn, Ophir and
Overman going up ta pratty high figures.
Tha middle portion of tha Comatack did
net axpariaaca so high a degree of favor,
but waa and ia coutent*to bide it* time.
Crown Point vaa nadar a eland, and
■till ia to a cartain extent, bat ita bottom
baa not "dropped out." Ita low price
ia owing to interested bearing, mora by
iniidera than outaidrra, and holder*
need not be afraid; they will come oat
all right. Belcher of conrae anffera for
tha tiaa, bat baa a splendid oea founda
tien, and will coma ant all right.
Jnatice and Woodville, down in the Oold
Canyon section. are doing splendidly,
and showing more good ore than erer
before, with highly encouraging pree
pccts ah sad. Tha greatest drawback
jnst now in the bullion production ia tha
low stag* of water in Caraon river, in
terfering seriously with the running of
the mills. Below we give the latest and
moat correct items of mining informa
tion obtainable:
The ore breaata on the 1300-foot level
are yielding the usual amouat of good
ore, and improving in nppearancee daily
aa thsy are opened and dsveloped. The
ore in the north winze, on thia level,
continuee of a Una quality, while
that in the eouth winie is mneh the
same aa heretofore reported, the aaaaya
averaging about $70 per tan. The ore
breasts on the 1405-foot level are opea
iug out splendidly and show no signs of
exhaustion. The l>ody of ors mentioned
in our last report, fonud in the cast
cross-cut from the main south drift on
the 14tl5-fi>ot level, continues to open
out splendidly, and promisee a flue, val
uable development. This is undoubted
ly a continuation of the rich ore found
on the level above, and ia generally ac
cepted as uudoubted proof that tha
Ophir ia anca more a paying mine. The
ore ie steadily accumulating in the dnmpa.
The reeults of that eruehsd at the Um
pire State mill ia $tO per toa. The Ne
vada mill, with a crushing capacity of
from SO ta CO tan* per day, will com
mence crushing ore from the mine du
ring tha coming week, and other mills
will be added aa soon as thsy caa be eb
Mew York.
The tut drift, on the 550-foot Ural,
U in 70 fMt. the fiuM in clay and quartz
mixes], which looke vary promiaiug.
Tha waat drift on tba aniua level ia ia CO
feet, with n atrank of fine quartz in tha
face, the thickum* of which haa nut ret
been aacertained. Am aoon an tha drift
baa penetrated thia body of quartz a
drift will lie atnrted to follow and ]iroa
Kt it inora fully. An eaat drift haa
n started at tba C50-fo«t level, which
ia expected ta cut tha atreak of quartz
which wn» encountered on tha upper
level, in a vary few daya. Thii atraak
of qualtz gave eoine vary prouiiaing aa
aaya. Tba new walar pipe*. 2,500 feat
in length, for bringing water to tba mina,
are completed, and 1,500 corda of wood
baa bean received at tho mine ready for
Wintar nee. Tba flna condition of the
machinery, the heavy auppliee for the
Winter, coupled with the fact that tbia
company a claim join* tba promiaiug
clairna of the Overman on the north, and
the Lady Washington on the aoutb,
givea great faith in ila fnture proipecU.
Daily yield, 500 tona of ore. The
mine ia looking well throughout. All
tha ore breaate and atopea on tba differ
ent are producing levela are both look
ing and yielding wall. Tba new air
ahaft ia completed to the V50-foet level,
and ia faat aibauating the hot air ami
coaling tho mina throughout. Thia
ahaft waa commenced in June laat, in
accordance with eurveye and plana made
by Surveyor I. E. Jamea, and tha aUk
ing proeeonted under hia management,
ami reflecta the greateat credit upon hie
skill, not only in the extremely quiok
diapatch of the work, but alao in the
cerreotncea of tha aorveya, aa the up
raiaa from tha lower levela and the ahaft
from the anrface came together eo exact
that none conld tall bnt that the entire
■haft had baaa enuk direct from tha anr
face. Aa tha heat gradually derreaaea,
prospecting ia being reanmcMl at the va
rious |>ointa on the lower levela.
Tim or* breuU en Iwtli the second
and third statien Ut«U nersr ware look
ing or yielding b*tUr than il the prosent
time. the *outhw**t drift at the second
■Utioo level, where the body of water
waa recently tapped, Uaa been cleaned
oat and repaired to the face, and will
now l» again pushed ahead toward the
Kossuth hue. The nerth drift on thi*
level ii being steudily driven ahead
toward the I'herukee hot, to oonnect
with the old Felix winze now being tank
from the level above. Thii wiuu ia new
down U'J feet, and when connected with
the north drift at the aecond elation level
will secure the perfect ventilation ef the
mine t« that depth. Knlargiag the main
shaft for the completien of the third
compartment, below the drain tunnel
level, will tie commenced in a very ahort
time. |
CeaMllteMd Tliflala.
There ia no change in any of the ore
breaata on either the 1200, 1300 or 1400
foot level*. All are looking well and
yielding aplendidly. On the 1500-foot
level the ore bodiea are opening ont even
better than waa expected, and the \'lr
Cnia Coaenlidated ie now placed upon a
•ia of permanence and proaperity net
even hoped for by the moat aaiigulue
heretofore. Enlarging the drifta and
catting ont the 1500-foot atation, pre
paratory to rapid and eiteneire work on
that level.ia being vigorously proeecoted.
Laying the foundation timber* and plac
ing the heavy, powerful machinery of
the new mill, ia making all the progress
that the completeneM and perfection sf
the work wilradiult of. Daily yield 300
tana ef ore.
The ore breast* in the north and aonth
drifta, at the 200-foot level, ahow bat
little change duricg the paxt week. The
face of the north drift, on the 300-foot
level, ia atill in ore of a line quality,
ahowing every indication of both per
manency and richneea. The winxe be
ing rank an the ore body below thi*
level U down 15 feet, the entire distance
in fine ore. The llret clean-up of the
mill waa made day before yeetenlay, and
•hipment ef $3,000 werth ef bullion
made, ihowing the milling value of the
or* to be aboat 140 net per ton. Thia ia
a good ahowing and givre great premise
far the fntoN.
Salve Taaatl.
Total length of toanel from month to
the face ef the drift (,>M feet; to thia
ail 400 feet, drifted from the bottom of
ehaft No. J, and it give* a total length
•I 7,354 feet. No water In the face;
about 7 iachae flowing from the tunnel.
Temperature at header 79 degree*, at
shaft No. 1, 73, at month of tannel 72.
The ground la the face toft aad unfavor
able for speed
Sinking the main ahaft-if-programing
at the rat* of twenty feet par w*ak not
withatandlng th« iteadily incmaing
hanineaa of the rook in tha bottom. II
U now down 40 feet balow tka 1000-foot
laral. Tha waat drift, on tka OOO-level,
baring raacbad tha point at which it ia
intended to oonnact with tha winsa from
tha Ural above, two drifU, ona north
and the other eouth, have baan atartad
tocnt and aroepaet tha ladga. Tha
winze from tna 800-foot level ia down 65
faat in fair ainking ground. Two proa
parting drifta have bean atartad from tha
point of aonnaetion with tha air winze
from tha 700-faot level. Thaaa drifta
will proa pact tka ora rain both narth
and eouth on tha* level.
Sinking tha naw abaft ia making -faa
progreca, tha bottom in aoft puephyij
and clay, with occasional apota and
atraaka of qnarts forming a gannina
ledge material, with every Indication of
a naar approach to a ledge of aama dee
cription or othar. Tha flow of water
■till continnaa, bnt bMB# kapt down
by tka naa of tha pnmp. Owing toaoma
uiinUka in tha aurveya, tha npraiaa in
tha Hacramento ground haa not yet been
ronnacted with tha drift above. Tha
on braaata ara all looking finely and
yielding tha nanal amount of good mill
ing ora, kaaping tha mill iteadily ran
Tha main waat drift at tha 400-foet
level haa cut a flua body of ore four faat
in daptb and ia not yet through it. Thia
naw diaoovery haa every appearance of a
valuable development and ia in an entire
ly new portion of tha mine, being waat
af any of tha ora dleooveriea before made.
There ie a etrong flow of water from tha
faoe af the drift, though not enough to
prevent the ataady proeecution ail tha
wark. The ora body in tha north drift
from tha winze at tha head of the in
allne atiil continuea in ora of a fair
The north drift an tha ISOO-foot level
from the Virginia Conaelidated ahaft ia
making flaa pregrrea. Tha north drift
ou the 1400-foot level ia ale* in venr
favorable running ground. Tha aonth
drifta from tha Ophir on tha oorraapond
ing lavfla to concert with thaaa two
drifta ara alao making good pragma.
Survey* have bean completed looking te
the early connection of thaaa drifta and
tha complete ventilation of thaaa levela,
when croea-cntting and tha regular
development of the mine will be cent
ra enced.
J alia.
The new hoiating engine will be atart
ed np (bit afternoon, when draining the
w»t«r from the abaft will at ence com
mono*. Work on tha foundation* for
ihe naw pumping machinery U making
rapid progreea and they wiU ba com
puted aa faat aa tka moat aipariancad
workman ran da it. Tka aill timbara
for tha pump angina and th* rod* for
pamp ia already framed, ready to put in
na noon aa the water ia aufflcJently
drained. Proepecting tbe 1000-foot
level will ba reanmed.
La4jr Wuklailea.
Tbe new boiating machinery waa atart
rd np tbia morning, everything working
witb tka ntmoat perfection. Tbe abaft
ia naw down 850 faat, at whicb point •
drift to tka eaatward will ba atartad im
mediately. witb tbe expectation of ent
tiug tbe Woodville lode, aa tbe develop
menta recently made in tbe Wood rifle
mine on tbe aontb, leaves but little
doubt tbat it will be niruok at no great
diatanoa from tbe abafi.
(leaM A Carry.
Milking tbe nortb winse, near tbe
north line, from tbo 1500 to the 1700-foot
levela, ii making ateady headway. There
ia netbing wbaUver doing on the 1700
foot level. The flow of water frem tbe
aorth drift, on tha 1100-foot level, atill
eontinuea onita atrong, and kaepa tha
pnmp ateadily running. Tbara ia no
change to report of the proapeoting
drift* at the fourth etation level.
Creaa Ntat lavlaa,
Tbia company have jnat completed a
contract witb the Kentnck Mining Com
pany, by which they gat tbe nae of 'the
Kentnck abaft for proapecting their
ledge. By thia arrangement they will
have anly about 100 feet to ran, and
will ba enabled to preepect their ledge
300 to 400 feat lower tiun it haa yet
been proepected.
■■tUMr* r*—*IH*lii
Opening tbe 'JOO-foot etation ia making
good prograaa. Aa aoon aa tha etation
ia completed ainking tbo abaft will ba
reanmed. Driving tbe north and aontb
drift* on tha 700-foot level, are making
good headway, following tbe clay walla
and running nearly parallel with tha
The up-ratee, now being mule from
tha «Mt and of the low tunnel, to pen*
nect with tha level above, la up a die
Unco of 196 Net, tod baa paaaed almoat
tha antira diitanoe through flna milling
ore. Thii raiae will oonnect with tha
upper and lowar tuunala and will have
aouia 2M1 faat yet to run.
1'roapcctiag tha ladga on tha 2000
faot laral la making favorable headway,
with aome flattering proepecU of yet
fladiag nay ore. linking tha aouth
winxe below the 3000-foot level la mak
ing good progreee. Sinking tha main
incline la alae making flna headway.
The main aaat drift la (till poahed vig
orously ahead through vary eoft premia
ing ledge material. Two drifta have
juat bean atartad, ona north and the
other eouth, on the 400-foot level, along
tha line of tha ledge. Soma flna appear
ing quartz haa been encountered in the
aouth drift.
Tha main waat drift la atill driven »ig
oroualy ahead, tha rock in the face work
ing quite aofi and admitting of exoelleat
heailway. Tha flow of water from the
face of tha drift ia atill qnite atrong, but
doca not impede in the leaat tha progreee
•f the work.
Dalea AaaalMaM.
The main aaat craaa-cut from tha
uofth drift on tha 1300-foot level ef tha
Ophir ia atill puahed vigoroualy ahead,
running through eoaee vary promising
ledge material, with apota and atreaka of
flna quart*, giving aome vary good aa
aaya. -
The face af tha main drift at tha tower
level ahowe aontinnad impravement. aa
it advaneea. It ia new in quarti, por
phyry and cement mixed, and tha indi*
ratioaa are that tha main ore ohimney
developed in tha level above cannot be
far diatant. Ke water.
The old tunnel ia eleaned oat and re
paired to the face, a diaUnoe of 190 feet
from the moulb. Work waa ooaamenoed
in tha face lait evening and will be
poahed with all tha vigor poaafole until
the ledge ia reached and pinyeded an
that level.
Driving north on tha 1900-feot level ia
making the uaual good headway. Sink
ing tha main abaft ia ptogiMuag at the
rata of two feet par day.
Crawa Mai.
Tha ore breaata on Um differtat levels
are all looking wall and yielding final/.
The aaln aonth drift, on the 1600-foot
Ural, la atill being driven vigorously
ahaad. Slaking the main incline, below
the 1500-foot level, ia making good pro
greaa. Tha bottom of the winze, on the
era body, In the east development of
Um 1400-foot level, ia atill in rich ore.
The aaat eroee-ent on tha IGOO-faot level
will be again atarted op in • few daja.
Unto * lamaia.
th# * TPti" ineline if
steady progreaa, although the rack in
tha bottom blaeta quite tough and hard.
The main aonth drift, on the 9000-foot
level, ia atill driven vigorously ahead
wilboat change of value to report.
Oiuoa (Willing both north and aonth on
the 8000-foot level ia atill steadily proa
ecu tad without yet finding anything of
permanent valoe.
Good progreaa ia being made, driving
ahead la the north drift. The vein of
ore on the foot wall atill holJa out, and
haa Unproved aome In quality eince our
laat report. The eaat crone-rut ia in ten
feet and shows aome very good ore in it*
face. Tha a to pea continue to yield fullv
aa wall aa heretofore, and prepaiie well
fer eome tlaie to eome. The vein In the
main tunnel ia atill yielding aome very
rjch are.
Driving the main south drift on th*
1850-fost lsrsl, toward th* sooth Em
pire, is making good pragma, tba fees
still in Una or*. Prsparatisns art being
rapidly o*mplst*d for (inking • Tsrtical
wins* on th* or* body so aa to conasct
with th* bottom of th* inelin* winz* al
rsady sunk b*low th* lK50-fsot Ural, is
•till IriTui vigorously ah sad,
•llT*r Hill.
Th* prospecting drift* both north and
■oath at th* third station 1*t*1 ars still
drivsn ahead with sonj* vary promising
•pot* of or* in th* aonth drift. Th*
l*dg* on thii lsrsl is of a whit* qnartx
formation greatly r***abU»g that of th*
regular Comstock vein, and gieee great
promise of rich developments when
greater depth ie attained.
Daily yield 00 toas of ore, th* assay
vain* of which i* $3(1 per ton. There U
no change to report of the appearance of
th* or* breaat in the different eectioaa of
the mine. The prospecting drifts on
the fifth station level are looking a little
more favarable for finding pay ore than
f*r sob* time paat.
Sal I tan.
Driving the north drill on the 1700
foot level of the Imperial ie making the
uaual good progreu, following the weet
wall of the ledge, with every indication
•f a more aolid formation of the ledge.
The erection of the new maohinery ia
making good progreu. Sinking the
Waller Defeat abaft U making geod
headway, with aome favorable proa
pecte of a rich ore development.
Sinking the ahaft ia makiug fair pro
greee, the rock in the bottom working
anita favorably. The pomp handlea
the waUr with the moat perfect eaae, eo
that no farther trouble need be appre
hended on that aeore.
The main weet drift on the 400-foet
level ahowa bat little change daring the
week. The came quart* and porphyry
miied oontinuee iu the face and there fa
bat little difference in the flow of water
from the face of the drift.
Sinking the main ahaft below the COO
foot level ia making the uaual good head
way. Driving the nroepecting drift* on
the 400-foot level la making the neaal
good headway.
Yallaw Jacket.
Nothing sew to report of the pree
pecting operationa on the 1540-foot level
Driving the main eaat drift on the 1740
foot level ia making good headway.
laerlwa Flat.
The aonthweet drift from the 750-foot
atation of the Baltimere Conaolldated
ahaft ia making good headway, without
ehaage of valne te reeord.
Lady Bryan.
Sinking the main ihaft I* atill pro
greeaing at a very favorable rate, the
bettomla a mixture of eeft porpyry and
olay. No water to interfere.
Orlflaal Oald Hill.
The drifta weet at tne 340 and 170
foot levela are going ahead aa uiual.
Both drifta are in fiae looking ledge
Prospecting both north and soath on
the 400-foot leva! still progresses with
oat any chsuge of material value to re
Uenoosea Ba. «.
Sinking at a good rate ef progress.
Good looking itreak* of qoarta eotniag
in from the west side of the ahaft.
New ahaft einking deeper at a good
rate of progrese, and showing vsry en
eoaraging indicstious at the bettem.
There ia no change te note ef any
Ction of the mine. The Hope mill ia
t steadily running en the ore.
Sinking the main ahaft la making good
{trogrese, the rook in tho bottom blast
ng quite bard.
Still einking the main ahaft, the bot
tom being in aeft, favorable ground.
Itoek In fare of tnnuel considerably
harder. No water.
Baa* Belcker.
New ahaft well commenced and sink
ing at a gead rate.
New ahaft driving downward aa nana!.
Oca routeniporsriss, in their ghoulish
aeaoh aftsT itema, have invaded the sa
cred sanctuary of the tomb and rxhnmsd
Napoleon's soldier, who waa decorated
for the lose of one arm at Austerlitx.
"Had I lost both arms, what would
Cu have done, air?" aaid the mutilated
ra. "I would have made you officer
of the lesion of Hener," aaid the Eui
peror. The soldier Immediately drew
his sword and cut' off the other arm.
That ia how the story rnns, but ere we
pauae to ahed a tear at the heroism af
the old solder, let us calmly consider
how th* one-armed man managed to hold
the aword with which he cut off hia re
maining member,—St. Until Olobt.
Lad* bathers at Bridgeport, Conn.,
are becoming very prudish in oonsa
qusnoe of several lately reported fam 111
•litles on Iks part of tho sharks.
—RuxMyn Argm.
Haul's snath— sample of Chicago's
mssansas: A young man broke hia en
gagement with a young lady beeanss he
observed her acratching her back on the
edge of a door.
Tu cause of woman snffrsgs—Scar
city of husbands.
[«1*eui T» TCI ML» Wtb DAIir «n
OrpilMllM — PlaUkni *H »**■
IiUmh MtfM.
[Frem oar Bp«cUl Telegraphic lifoitv }
WmrmrocA, Sept. 94.—Convention
called to order at IS ■. bjr Dr. Za
bri«kl«, Chairman of Ik* Ktate Central
Committee. J. T. LewU «m nominated
Chairman br aoclamatioa; E. B. Pilley
of Elko, and W. T. Hanford, of Wliito
Pima, temporary Beeretmriem; temporary
Hergeant-At-Arma, Wm. Fa—In and C.
0. Laaghlin. A CommltU of on* from
each oonnty waa appointed on Creden
tlala. Adjourned tor half am hoar.
Tleee*«mMed at 13 JO. On* from
each eeunty was appointed aa Commit
t**on permanent organization and or
der ef buaineee, and *n* from each
county on pUtfenn and reeolatiena.
Adjonrmed for oaa hour.
Reaaaembled at 1:25. Committee on
organization and order of knalneaa re
ported. Temporary officera reported
L«wia mad* an appropriate *paeeh.
Bealey paid • *ulogy U w»t*'lfr. th*
delegate from Lyon ooanty, who fall
dead jMUrdtj, and introduced raeoln
tione laudatory of the public character
and private Tlrtu*e of the decoaaed.
which waa adopted.
On motion, tha flag oa tha CoarU
honaa waa ordarad at half-mast daring'
tha sitting of tha ConTtntlon.
Tha following platform and resotn
Uona wara adoptad amid load applaoaa:
Tho Union Bepablioan party of Ne
vada, in Convention aaaembled, renew
ing ita pledgee of daration to tha Caa
atitotion and lawa of tha Federal Gov
ernment, harabj announce* ita platfarm
to tha paopla, aa fallawa:
' Hanlitd— Pint—1That wa reaffirm tha
prindplaa and policy of tha Jtepnblioan
Srty aa ennaoiated by ita laat National
nvontion, and that wa ara proud of
ita hiatory and graat earvioea; and wa
especially rammead tha vigor and forca
by which it maintainad tha Union, abol
ished alnvery and aacnred equal civil and
political rights to *11 citizens. Wa de
mand that theee rights be enferoed by
apprapriata legislation, ao that all cit
ixens shall hare tha sqoal enjoyment
of their rights. Wa dsmand of
oar public agenta fidelity to their
principle*, the hopeat execution of tha
plwlgea made to the pnblic; parity, la
tegrtty and eoonamy in tha discharge af
their official dntiea, and the prampt and
fearlees szamlnatlon and paniahment of
tboe* who violate any of their obli
Second—That we heartily indorse the
Ml Republican Congr*os la repeal
ing the law incrwuing the nl
iariee of offleiala; in reducing expense*
nor* than 9900,000,000 la reeiating
job*, In abeliebiif the extravagant
Oererameat of the Dietriot of CelnmUa
and in reforming abuaea geaerally,
whereby th* Bepublioan party haa
proved itseU to be worthy of oenliaued
■uuoort by the people.
Third—That the recent outrage* and
mnrders In th* South, of which unof
fending colored citiieaa have been vic
tims, eommittod in pursuanoe of main
taining an sxclnsiv* whit* man'* Gov
ernment, demand and her*by receive th*
indignant cond*mnati*n of th* Itepubli
cane of Nevada.
Fourth—That we earnestly desire that
the credit of the eouatry bo flrsaly main
tained, in order that its oommardal and
industrial latere*ts may not differ in
juriously by the fluctuation of raise* or
by impairing the degr** of confidence
which how prevails with regard to th*
circulating medium whieh we bop* soon
to aee baaed on a metallio ourrency.
Fift\—That we dlaapprove of tha
•lection of a President for a third Una,
aa establishing a precedent dangerous to
th* p*rp*tuity *f republican insti
Sixth—That honest, practical labor
should b* protected and reoeive • Juat
reward; in support of which view we
fsvor ths rerislon of ear treaty relatione
with China la such a manasr aa to
dieronrag* th* immigration of a servile
class of laborers, and inch Itgialation as
will actually prohibit th* importation of
d«prav*d persons from abroad.
f Other resolutions war* being passed,
but too lata for publication by na this
evening.—Ed. Nrws.]
Bin FiuKcnc*, 8«pt. M—1 r. M.—
Meuaree hire been taken U organise,
in thil city, * new Pioneer Beciety, com
poMd of mm whe ctuo* her* prior to
November 9, 1865, or five yean after
tb* admiieion of tka Btate. The pre
c!m plan of organization ii not yet
agreed upoa.
It ia reported that J. B. Coulter, •
well known oarpeater and builder ef
tkii city, kaa abecond*d with over 17,000,
adranoee mad* on unflaif h*d contrast*
for bona* building, alao that he kaa two
wir*a liriac, one bar* and ana in Haw
York, and that ha waa never divorced
from either. B. L. L*vy ia a eufferer to
th* ertant of 98,500, Mr. Tigh titer II,
008; Dr. Barge** 11,000. Deteotivee
are in pwanit, and ii ia laid they bar* a
clue to hi* whereabout*.
Oreenbecke, 81^^»1«;.
■IbIbi, Mllllac aa4 IMUaa Ilaaaa,
8am Diboo, Ca)., Hapt. 94.—Col. W.
O. Boyle, Huparintandant of the Senora
Company, arrived here fram Tueeoa laat
evening, an roata for Han fnadaao.
Tka Union'i dispatch ae from Preeeett,
dated the 23d, kaa the following itaau:
Govarner Bafford arrived train Verde laat
night.... A new hoapital building ia be
ing erected at Fdit Whipple—Tbe
Government building! at Oamp Date
Creak have been reemtly inapected with
a view to being abandoned and turned
over to the Interior Department....
Oan. Crook atarted y later day on as in
spection of Cam pa Verde, Ban Caries
and Apache....There wen 880Indiana
at the laat muater at Camp Ban Carina.
A band of rw^iili Apaefcas aade a
daeooat en a band of eeMie at WMtlaw'i
ranalC «t Salt rim. kfflad tka UtAm
and got away with the aM. lie*.
Packhurai, with oavafay, aeal a Mb
mentof traapa in pvmit. A party W
■oldien and Apache aooute iaa alae out
'roai Verde, andm guide HeiUr, follow
(of lb* raaagadaa. Company O, Eighth
Infantry, arrirad at Ouip Lowell juttr
<Uy in goad condition.
riN la ■ MaNifOflM.
Bamti Bom, Cal., 8«pt. 34.—At h«lf
paat 0 e'eloek laat night a ftn broka oat
in Ik* oompooing nrau of th* HinU
Boaa Prm, which iMUd eboni fifteen
minnteo. Conaiderahla type «u melt
ed up damaged. Laae about >600,
which wai fully inrared in tha Fhoonix
of Hartford.
M. A. I. 8FI5M1T,
Mm tawid (• Jo. 188 toiik c
airaat, VbfUla. oppoelte Champlaln Hou*.
Dr. •piaaay. well known throughout the coun
try aa a Pal hologlit tad Fhy.lolorfat, whoae
•aeeaaaAU tml—Tit 04 certain phyalcal dtaa
btllUM aad ftactloaal deranfumtala deeerred
Ij entitle him to the famllar rtCOf n 11Ion of the
Oiut HrscuLUT, woold reepectfully Inform
the cltlaeae of Vlrt<aU Oltyaad vicinity that
tola Increaelag patronage demandlajr mora com
•odloae apanmeota. he haaremoved to hie new
No. INHouth C alreet, Vlrr"-' 1
are Borth of the Frnct Dru
will ba plaaaad to coaaait with all, thma glr
lag larellde aa opportunity of ridding thaaa
aafraa, throw* hlepwflaeelnnal taeacy. a/—eh
cooitltatloaal annoyaaeea aad allaienta aa ba
eklaa to coapaei aad to cara. Wlthoat ca
tering Into blocnphleal detail*. It It Mflelaat
to alaply promulgate the feet that DR. tm.
NET'S earlloet rapatatlon may ba traeod back
to hla laaaganllca aad ooodset of tba Mom
traal (Caaada Baet) Madkal laatltata. Tba
regime of tba Kagllab Pharmaceutical Collegae
la (tacad by ao ele rated aiandard. An extend
ad aziariaoca aad aa aeeldaoaa itudy of tba
railed pbaaaa ofdlaaaae enahlea hln tu guaraa
laa aaaaraacea of aucceaa la the eradication of
tba aultUbrat chronic lOtelinaa loctdaat to
1Mb aaxae, each aa Nereoae Debility. Kxhaaet
ad Vitality, Toatbfal Eiccceec. Mairtage la
padlatenta, aad Chroale dlaaaaaa generally.
Dl. flPINinnr. wblle natarullr lapraaaad I
with tba delicacy of tba euhlect, feele ao h»al
laacy la aaaarfa« them thai, la eo^Juattaa
wltb acoapeteat kaowledje of their varloua
eaffbrtaga, aacb aa HirtNnm, Neuralgia,
KplnalWeakacae, Loee of Appetite, Ueeltade.
Prolapeaa, Uteri. RetroToralooa or Dlaptaaa
aunt of tbo Womb, Vavlaal Irrafalartttaa, Laa
eborraa, Dyapeptia, Indtgeetlan, CoaaUpaU*,
aad tba many petty. IrrlUllof dlatractlooa that
ainioet laranahly hare their origin la tba uter
ine region, afford them Immediate relief.
It auttere not what your trouble may be
come aad lat tbe Doctor examine your caee. It
trill coal you aotblag tor coacahalloa, eonleaoe
call aad eatle/y yoeraalvea whether tba Doctor
uaderetanda yoar caee. II ba caa cure you ba
will tall you ao; II not, ha will eajr ao, Kir be
win aot undertake a cure ualoaa be la conldrat
Who sty bo »ulVring from tharffeeu of yoeth
fal tolll** or Indtttratloa, will to well to (rail
tb*m**lr*« of thl*. tb* aaim boon, im laid
wrtnitooiMfciuiMuto. ok.arm.
NET will caaranto* to forfeit If* hundred dol
lata tor *r*ry oh or seminal wwIimm or prl
hi« dl**a*e of ni kind or charactar which he
aatorttkMudMMtoeara. Ilo woald, u»r»
fote, NT to U> anlortonat* nhm who mar
read Uda nolle*, that joa an treading npoo
daneeruui ground when yon lon*tr deltr In
•eeklnc the proper reawdy for yoor computet.
Too aay be In the Bret •lace-rrmenber jroo
areiiirwihlwtheleeu if yaaareboftorlac
npeo the laet, and ere coffering tone or all of
lu evil etecK, remember I hat If too obetlaate
Ijr perelal la prucraatlnailon, the time ant
cone when tb* a<»t ikllirul phyrlclaa can rrn
tor roa no aaalataaea; wb*a tb* door* of hope
will be dot*4 acabut joe; wb>o bo aa««l of
merry can brine 70a relief. la no rate baa tb*
Doctor tollad of *oco*e*. Than let aat dMpalr
work tlKir npon jour Imaclnatlon. hot avail
yoaraelf of tb* b*a*tolal reeelt* of hi* treat
noat befor* yoor cm* I* beyond Hi* raaeb of
medical skill, or before grim death hnrrle* you
to a premature (tar*.
There are but of the ace of thirty to elxty
who in troubled wltt toofreqoeat evacaatlou
of the bladder, oflea accomnlUhed byaell(ht
imirtlng or haralaf eeoratloo. tod t weaken.
a of lb* iratem la a maun* r tbe patient can
■Mill tor; on ex unto tut (be artaary de
potlu > ropy eedlment will oftaa be foetid. and
eometlnee •nun particlea of albumen will ap
pear, or tbe color will be of a thin and mllkleh
baa, a|tli chancing to a dark aad torpid ap
pearance. Tbereere manr men who die of tble
dlflcalty, Igworant of the caaee, which la tbe
•econd »ta*» of »»mln»l weakneea. I>r. I. will
gaaraatca a perfect car* la all each eaeee, aad
a healthy reetoralloa of the ceolto urinary or
N. B.—Only aa Interview required la a ma
jority of caaea; balance of trratmrnt caa be con
ducted at bona wltboat latemptloo of bael
neae. Mo owe treated without a peraonal In
terrlew aad proper exaailaailoa. Office boon
—10 to I, I to », aad 7 to I. Sundaye- 1 to 4 r.
u. ooly. Cbaaaltatloa Pre*. Ixamlnatloa aad
ad rice, $». k> a>
A rear ami, ah aad eaey war K make lae
aey, la to preeure terrltery te Introduce the Uleet
aeefUllaventlon that la wanted everyday byeverr
eae, every where, wbe baa a family, a falMped
Sewlnc Machine wtth Table aad Treedlr tor eely
lie that aeee Ihe aaaie werk ae a machine yen
weoMpay e« Ihr, rapid, smooth awl :irm, niakre
a aaeaiee elruac that thecloih will tear before Ihe
•Utcbee will rip apart. Mekt new a I lac h in* at* M
all werk aad the ImprwvedluUea llete Worker aaed
by ae ««ly. Aarate ealr need »how them la opera
tion teeetl la etcry liouae I hey rater. |» aad op
warda cleared dally by uaart afeate. No each m«
chlaewaa ereretoi ea el eay each price. lv,mn eold
feaiUlee aee tbeni. Deiuaad In
ker keeewi kaewn.
Billon, MachlaMa.
eeeaatot ever* day where ther
Mlnlaters, Ja-Ure. Lawrrra, Kilt
Taller*. ete„ raooramriw tbeai aa
elvea nee to am applicant!. If there le no earner
la rear place, write lorlt.ur bare machlae far rear
fkailtyeeareiallen there toaene belter or eo cheap.
Macblaeeeeat to all parte of the reentry en receipt
" price, (Mb Beadedeartleeaieal bertanla* "m*
ivedlaeveryreaUIr" la another euluain of tble
per. 44dreae the rrepiMam Baaaav J. Mm
Addraae the Prep rtetora Heaaar
a Co.. ua CaaaJ itreeu MewYerh.
War It la.—It l« aot ttranfa at all that U>«
aldawalb la float of W. R. Rlaon'a atore It
blockaded with (oode errry day, and an manr
paople comlnc oat loaded with (oodi, for with
a few dollara yoa can bar (roeerlee_ enou^h^U)
acbee, lb
iw, mm iiw* w|*wi>i av JBCta.t pie
frail. It caa. M eta., aad ererytblnf la frigar
do tor a tnoath. Yoa caa bar freeh
toee. It caa, tor M eta.; freeh |
caa, II eta.; freeh oyetera, lt> caa,
fralt, •• caa, M eta., aad everytbl«_ ,
tloa. Oo aad (at a pacbaga of Rleua'e cane, I
freah (round erery weak. Try It. »
A Ktraa.—It li bo wosdar that C. A. ItolU
or Ut Metropolitan Boot tad Shoo
, No. 108 Bomb C ilrett, YlntaU. ltd*
Uf taeh a ratblag baalaeee. Ha baa Jaat r*
taraad from Baa rraoaltco wltk a Irna aioek
oT liM lataat UtIh aad baal qaalltf of boon
lit (boat, which ha It mIIIdc cheaper Ibaa
arar. Jaat walk «p to No. 108 Boath 6 etnret,
aad exaBlae hta oaw good*. 14
Bid* Poiina. — l*na »liad. dellclooe hi
Tkrta, freth from tba aaa. eaa ba bad ererjr
Borolnj at Toa Uetfroa'e rata bra tad Bating
toad, Palace Mooa7V'ln|1aU City. Alto til
klade of tab, tprlof chicken, porter hoate
ataaki and tYtfrihln* alaa erared bj iht inner
aua. Bafroa t dlaaar eotablaatloaa ara a
marrcl or ftttronoBlc aklll. aatt ■
Fall Campaign now Opened
Every person who rbadh rnis ad
Tartlaaaaat will RAVB MONEY, aad fat
Jaat what tkay wax la tba
Fall * Winter Clothing,
Fuunums goods, etc.,,
Iter >>m< lit la the Tbwb.
Largest Clothing Business |
I a IhU^pUoa, IX good Uoodaaad Low 1
Mast ta luk af Oalttbnta, a aid
a*. IB
r. a. mnu. o«*a. ontniai
•a tba BlrMt.
ml rncim rami ait. ^
OR. PftlCt't
.V*. n Bulk C Street,
(Wkoi* Bieoad Floor hUrpriM DolldJar.)
Mk« ■•am
• a. a. lo 4 r.aad • to • r.«. CM
•altatlon Tit*. Xutalulloa, |1. f***, I*
lo |W.
01 res to *11 cUim of dlaaaa**. Mo Ml* pre
tention! or tapoxare; bo 5*!t»rUf or *xp*rl
■wall; ao lalartoaa van: bat taraM nam
laatloa*aad(hebkm| relUM* traalaeati tta •
bMt mediae approred by aetata aad eipert
nice, which aiajr can jroa tboagfe dlecoaraied
LVNO?I^0f|II*nTT Ll^ER^S"K™N*T».'
Bad all Obroale. Ooaatttattoaal aad BtoaflDto
AeUuaa, OaUirh, nbeaautlaa, HearalfW.
W1«NJ, BerofBU, rtlee, D ropey, Djumll.
ate., earad.
Ladle* oat of heaMb imnd of peoapt
OAlfrntH asd TCMORS mwtW wltboat
tbe kallb.
<»>r«a nuvirc
to youth* and mbn.
The ooly witel cm, pornaamt aad i»IU
bit, tor Beataal Wataak illlllll Debility,
Its pel* ate, tic., worth fijHD I* Ik* aator
tun»lo. No qaackanr or deeopUoa. Thotolieet
mnilai pm. ill boelneea atriclly coal
deotlal. Tboee who cannot call Is mm
abould write their cao fallr—af*. Married or
■laita, fun, dranUua of lllaaee,
•te.. end ladooe f* Ibr too and Iret m
R. PR IOC, M. 0„
Vlralala Ckr»
I publUb thla card for the basalt of Dr. S.
Trie*, n Booth C mo, VliflBl* City, to aa
boondad natltnde tor what be baa dm* tor M,
tod for hie thill u * phyrleUa tad tarteoa:
Deafneee !• horrible I It rradora • MM
■alt for aay badnce. 1 bare bora afllcted Ibr
orpr three IH», entirely d««r with on ear tad
nearly dear Willi lb* other. I wee rewaad
ad to Dr. Price br Mr. Jo* tiaraor, eaftaeer,
of thla clljr, a wall-known culseD, whom ha
rarad laal rear ot deafeeae of faauwut
yeere •tandlac. The Doctar yaaetartd, aa ba
ejplalnrd to ma, tba membrane tjwjaaa a
eeriona anrctcal oparattoa. 1 placed miwtK
under hla traafaol a week afo, aad. Hill
to ear.la thla abort UaM 1 hart rnM M
heartn*. A phyeldaa able to paribnTatl
rare* iHurhl to ha Patroolaad by all a*" 'at
fVoM tlallar affectCaaa. Mr th
aad I bo pa thla card will brlac
J. BOONS, Ualoa j
Sabarribad aad awora to baton BO thla 4U
day of Februrr. A. D. 1*14.
[BiL] Notary fablk.
cm or iirmii cui
Wamvoiti, Not., Aaf. I, UTt.
U I* with totHag* of ktartftU Joy tkot 1 loa
llfjr tklt Air Ike toaedl of Dr. R. Price, M kooth
UKiM. VntalaCUy. X tU kooa noaiail to
■fbrd Ibr Two aoaM wltk tauml OMkor
of Ike Moatk tnd klooMck. Mr IMM.M
itvia bo op. I m llhfMl uot Dr. PrMo
tod nn4 i boo la OoM I1IU tottytarofa
cmakrr on kt* bom. to I wrou to Ua
tordlj to bo tottered. b»t froi "
—dlclno I reoetred rrooi kla
I ui Ht la perfect toaltk,
wrote to kla. It I*
I, tod lootHMV
I trer did. I rKoawod Dr. frlco to onry
WM. RUST, Wtdtwortk, Mot.
Mr* or Halt Una ttfwtjiflro
Mill Ott, No*. Atf. It. UT1.
Do. Paica—Dotr Mr: I ooror ittillil to >o
0M0 lo wrHo too nek o louor at Iklt tkot I
aa carod of tk* toll Kktaa tftar tafltotoff tor
■o ou; yeara. Forty-Ire year* M It ooao
ool lo ay nock, otn and kaad, lad ttoa oa ay
•koto Mi. I wee. I aa; ny, pertoctly no
wlik It. u the Winter my toadt kroko ool
oad dlMbUd mo Am work Beorty ai Wlator.
Wkoa I wao a gM then won aot atay patoal
BMdklaoo Bad*, tad I kod lo hiat oa tatk
•olree u aelcktoee lecoaanled. Atoat
tklity year* too poloat aediriBco ease la tko
atrtot. tad I karoaood orerytMat tkai toe
kooa tdrortleed to a pauot Btdldao to pajV*
tkO Mood. froa IkOt *tfl10 Iklt. kOOMtlBOO 1
tot •oowtklt* tkat partially reHerod so. tad
wkat I tkoMkt wao (otac to coro bo, kal ortry
tkltf kwtTtt tlftamk oa bo tAor a wkllt.
A tool tlx aoalko tfo I coaeataced ttklac
roar aedlriao. I Boot toy I kod Mtk la (I
hoa tko koflaala*. yoa won oo kkMp raooa
m tkot pooplo wko on eafWIaa boa 1th
Kkoot) Btytaow wktt will QUO Iknt.lor I do
aot toller* tkort trtr wit tack a eaat at Bli_
lU. A. CHAM.
Care if Wmt Cut of
Da. Pbkb—Door Mri I
atltadaitaa —
write. I wat
aailoa dartac loot Wlator ant ttoa
— kadrtddea all Wtatot. t
tkaddtr to tktak of ay paint at trory ttoafO
of weaiktr. I tod lltowlto a kaBar totuTfa
m» left eye. I cob Id aot open 11 tO Wlator. I
trltd til akytldaat, all otoiaato, kat dfOfO
aad iweatlaa atdtolaot to to art, wltkoat My
keatlt wtouror. Atoppy day It waa tor bo
wkeo I taw your adrtrUteaea
yoor treatise d t. I btftn 10 I
pained eterea poeadolt
aow to well it oror, tad
Toar titatant loaay oao t
** Toanlraly, JOttrU WWXLL.
Ml* if
ro« PUBLIC aominwtratoii
a HNoinrssa «BBM as a cajidi
A dMetortkoo

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