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Gold Hill daily news. [volume] (Gold Hill, N.T. [Nev.]) 1863-1882, September 22, 1879, Image 3

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793 Ophlr, 44, 43*. 43\ bS. 43H b3,
44 bS
343 Mexican, 38*. 38«*
1773 Ooald A Carry, 12
100 Beat A ltelchrr, 1<JH. l'J*.
470 California. 6t. 6. 5*,. 6 b5, 6 b30
300 Savage. 14S. 14H
700 Con. Virginia, ti. SV C U30. i\
80 ChoiUr.
IMPotoal. 3H.3H
180 Hal* A Norcroee. 14.14 H
110 Crown Point, 3 33, 3 60
8ft Tallow Jackal, 16*. 16* blO
NO Imperial. 1 40. 1 33
310 Alpha, 18*. 18 V l»\
430 Bale bar, 4*». 4 43. 4 40. 4 33
SO Confidence. IDS
«20 Hurra Nevada. 48 H, 43%
13ft Utah, 30H.201*
483 Bullion, 7S
685 Exchequer. CH, C
40 Overman. 9. 9%
343 Joatioa. 3 83. 3 CO
ft Seg. Brlcber. 24
423 Union Con.. 74.74H
80 Alta. G%. CS
370 Lady Bryan. 1 10
7J3Jnlia.4t.4 20.4 13
330 Caledonia. 2 40
300 Silver Hill, 1 03,1 60
SO Challenge, 2 33
70S New York. 63c. GOc
890 Occidental, 3%, 4, 4H, 4*. 4 80, ft.
*00 Phil. Sheridan. 40c
303 Lady WaahingtonCon., 120,11ft, 110
933 Andea, 1 60, 1 33. 1 •*
130 Crown Point Bavina, 20o
730 Ward. 3 OS
380 Scorpion, 3. 3 10. 3 05
330 Leviathan. 60c, SSc
300 Trojan, 23o
333 Benton Con., 3 60
330 Oolden Oato. 3
400 Solid Silver. SSc
200 Con. Dorado, 1H
723 Flowery. 70c, 63c. 60o
74ft North Bonanxa, 1 60. 1 53,1 65
600 Fairfax. 90c
600 Pioneer, 2Uc
1400 Mackay, 1 33.1 40, 1 43, IS, 1 63
200 Mountain View, '2 HO
Depart a r«a Ralurtlajr Kvealaff.
A Dixon, ¥ R Oirard, R V Dey, H Ri
der, J A Lancaster, Oeorgo L Converse,
Wad* Converse, £ Jackson, 0 Lipmau,
Mri J Wagner. J Williams, 0 J Mcin
tosh. Miss lilack, Mr aud Mr* Craven. T A
Ireland. W C Johnson aud vita, Mr< H
RoMobrock, Dr Mathews and wife, R H
Taylor, W H Kelso.
Arrivals Ttswrdajr Horning.
Mrs B U Carrick, R V D*y, B H Ow
risk. B Williams, T Richards. L Stein. H
Hendriok, Thomas Uyma*. II M Barnard,
Thomas Gray. A U 11 ill. Dr Matthews, 0
B Hillyer, M Nugent, Annie Mudd, Mrs
C C Goodwin. Mrs A J Beals. Mrs J F
Lewis, Mrs 11 Rosenbrock, Mrs C Jones,
Mr* N A Caviii, Miss Crane, Miss Harvey.
Mrs B B McMahon, Mrs Pitts, Miss
lloofhtoa. Mrs Angon. Mrs Thomas.
DSHrtarw t-aat Ettsisi.
J J Bee km an. Wm Eckhoff, H Bernard,
W Wilkison, J T Hasell. J P Decker. £ U
Hberwood, Mrs B B Norton. Mrs Minock
and ehild, W U Virden, Mrs McMahon.
Vlaait Blackburn, B P 8tins«n. Lieut.
Mackay, A B Hill, Mrs J Trezona and
child, Mr* J J Bray. Mr* L Rawlins and
two children. Mr* L Patterson, James £
Barnard, Mr* E Jones. Mrs N A Carin. J
r Lewis. W M Sewrll, W B Smith. Or
Matthews, Mrs J Uill. Mis* M Lynch, J
B Taylor, James Dro*a and wife.
arrtval* title Naming.
W Stewart, R Brown. 0 Lipman, Col H
H Bice, U Young*, £d Davis, 8 Connor, I
II Isaacs, A Shane, 8 Z Du-ksoo. James
Brow* and wife, A Miilett, Oeorgo Stein,
Mr* L Hughes. S Colt, Robt 11 Taylor. Dr
Mathaw* and wife. J L Willson and wife,
W H Hawkes. Thomas A Mitchell. Mrs
T am kin.
U rant's Breeptlon.
There was a large and enthusiastic
Beating of *x-aoldi*r* and ei sailors.
Union and Confederate, at th* Court
boa** io Virginia Saturday evening.
Captain Shepherd waa called to the
chair and Major Creigh appointed secre
tary. On motion of Captain Lord it was
kttoiitil. That we tender our service*
to th* Grand Maridial, whenever be i*
appointed, to participate to tho recep
tion of General Grant wheu he arrive*.
Th* chairman vaa nominated to attend
to thla part of th* kusineaa.
M**sr*. Lord and Htonebill were ap
pointed a committee to wait on General
Grant and ascertain when it will be
convenient for him to permit th* L'nlon
and Confederate veleraus and all ex-sol
diem and aailora to pay their respects to
Adjourned to meet at the call of th*
Tluin In Mir*.
Timea in and about lb* Sutro Tunnel
at present, My* lb* Indtptndtnt, are
wcj quiet. The number of man em
ployed by the company doee not exceed
ISO, bat this number wilt b« incressed
considerably wbrn preparations to ex
Und lb* aoulb latrral branch are com
pleted, which, U it hoped, will bo in the
court* of the nexty thirty day*. With
this prospect ahead for better time*,
ooapUd with tb* belief that w* are to
have, before the lit of nest January,
one or two good-sued mills near th*
mouth of tunnel crushing or*, we look
with favor on th* future.
Poctal Ixotx.—L. P. McCarty, pub
lisher and proprietor of the Annual Stat,
istician, ha* increa*ed the obligation of
the News to him by placing on it* tab)*
• copy of th* Pacific Coast Poetal In
das. It contain* all th* poetal regula
tion* of th* department, rate* of post
age, domestic and foreign. di*cription*
Of tho different claaae* of matter, a list
of the postoffice* on the coaat, a* well an
of th* postal office* of Wells, Fargo £
Co., ate. It u Talusble for re (ere nee.
<8*nator W. O. C. Gibson, of Gold
Bill, arrived in San Frsncieco in time
Co help th* Grant reo*ption with hi*
hnealean form and at*ntori*n toice.
Th* telegraphic dispatch that the log
whistle was kept blowing all Saturday
afternoon waa a miatak*. It waa only
Unci* Gib. singing, "Way Over on the
Golden 8bor*." The Deacon'* frianda
pray that ha may have a pleasant visit
and a aaf* return.
J. P. Becker went to Sin Francisco
laat craning for the purpo** of visiting
hi* boy Albert, who ia attending boat
seaa college in that city. Mr. Becker
■will probably also a*si*t in th* r*o«ptiou
of Gaoeral Grant.
Harry J. Thornton, *oo of Secretary
-Thornton of th* railroad oompany, waa
tho Comatock yaat*rd*y.
The following letter*, under the date*
given, have been lent from the Comitock
to the principal officca of the various com
panion in ban Francisco:
Viuoima CrrT, Sept. JO, 1879.—C. I.
H'tlUr, /•rniJm: Owing to our com
mencing the work of opening the 3100
atation. nothing ha* been done daring the
put week in the bottom of the main in
cline. Tho work on th* (tation ha* now
ao far advanced a* to enable n* to retnme
work to-day in the iodine, and carry on
work at both points. Th * atation will be
opened sufficiently br the la*t of the coin
ing week to enable us to a tart a west cross
cut. which will be ran to th* west wall
and thoroughly open the groand In that
direction. On th* 2300 l*v*l th* north
drift ha* b**a advaaced 38 feet, and i*
now 313 feet from th* main M*t drift.
Th* material tpaaead through still contin
ue* a v*ln porphyry, containing atreaka of
quart* and clay. Th* joint M*xican raia*
to oonneet with th* joint Mexican wlnxe
being sunk from th* 3100 level U np 9
feet Th* east crosscut from th* main
east drift has been extended 16 f**t—total
length. M f**t—still showing vain por
phyry in th* fac*. Oo oar 3100 level th*
uorth drift on th* Hardy vein haa b*en
extended 18 feet, making a distance of 83
f**t from croeecut No. 1, passing through
good milling or*. Th* Joint Mexican
wins* on onr north lin* baa been sunk and
timbered 14 f**t making a total dapth of
109 feat below that level. Th* rook still
continue* bard and th* flow of water
strong, but w* expect to oonnaet with th*
uprais* from th* 3300 level in three
waeka. On onr 3000 level the joint Mexi
can west croaeout on onr north lin* ha*
beon extended 23 feet—total length from
th* main north drift, 117 feet—paasing
through a soft vein formation that will re
quire timbering. Oar stop** oontinn* to
yield th* usual quantity of good milling
or*. w. H, Pattom, Bapu
VtBOMiA Cm, Sept. 30, 1879.—C. L.
It'rlltr, : On oar 3300 lev*l
we bav* started th* raise from th* end
of the Ophir north drift, to con
nect with the joint Ophir wince being *nnk
from th* 3100 level. This rais*, when
connected, will give a* good air on the
•J3UO level and enable as to oontinue the
rnaiu north drift on that level through our
ground to a connection with the joint
Union Conaolidatod winx* now b«ing snnk
on onr north lin*. On oar 3100 level tb*
Joint Opbir winx* on oar south lin* has
been sunk and timbered 11 feet, making a
total depth of 109 feet below that level.
The rock continue* hard and the flow of
water atrong. but we expect to connect
with the upraise from tho 3300 level in
about thre« weeka. On our 3000 level the
Joint Ophir crosscut on our south line has
been advanced 33 feet, making a total
leugth of 57 feet from the main north
drift. Tha material pasaed through U a
soft formation, which will r*qulr* timber
ing. The Joint Union Con. croucuton
our north lin* has been extended U fe*t,
and is now in 130 f«et from th* main north
drift, pasatng through a soft vein material
that requiree careful timbering. Thejoint
Union Con. winx* haa been *nnk and tim
bered 17 feet—total depth, 83 feet—passing
through the same formation that is en
countered in th* joint Union Con. w**t
crosscut, and showing the sam* amount of
water as at the date of my last report.
W. II. Pattox, Hupt.
I'oloa I'OIMllllltMt.
Viaoixu Crrr, Sept. 20. 1879.— Robtrt
SktncuoJ, PmiJtDi: On our 1600 level the
eait drift to the Union ibaft baa been ex
traded 33 fret during the put week, and
ia now iu 338 feet from the main north
drift. The material paaeed through con
tinue a favorable working porphyry,
allowing no increase of water. The repaira
in the main north drift are making good
progreaa. On oar 2000 level the joint
Mexican croaacut on oar soath line baa
been advanced 14 leet, making a total
length from the main north drift of 130
feet, paaaing through a aoft vein forma
tion that rtquiree careful timbering. The
Juinl Mexican winxe haa been aunk and
timbered 17 feet—total depth, 83 feet—
paaaing throagh the earn* vein formation
aa that encountered in the joint Mexican
weal croaacut, and allowing the aame
amount of water aa at date of lut report.
On our 2300 level (Sierra Nevada 2200) we
have bean engaged ii removing the ma
terial dropped down the upraiae from the
bottom of the Union abaft, which baa en
abled the abaft to make a linking of 43
feet daring the week. We expect the ahaft
will reach thia level and the atation aet be
put in plaoe by the laat of the coming
week. \V. 11. Patto.h, Supt.
CeaMlldaM Imperial.
Oout Hill, Sept. 21, 1879 A. A". P.
frttijtni: Since laat report we
have made the connection between the
wiiue which wa* tank from the 2000 level
;ou the Alpha-Imperial line) and the up
raiae from the 2133 level, and have been
eugaged linoe in aubatantiallv timbering
it throughout. The ciroulatiou of air
through thia winxe baa materially cooled
off our 240O and 2000 levela, and work on
the latter level can be continued with
much greater facility than before. Daring
the coming week the work of repairing
aud timbering the remainder of the burnt
drift on the 2133 level will be commenced.
Hiv.ee my laat letter a diamond drill haa
been run eaat from tbe face of the north
croaacnt. 2fcU0 Jevel, a diatance of 160 ftet
through porphyry mixed with quartz.
Duriug the week np to the prcacnt, bat
very little water haa been encountered.
During the week the aoatb croiacut 223
feet aouth uf tbe north croaacut haa been
advanced 23 feat and ia in from the lat
eral drift a diatance of 50 feet, the face in
porphyry with atringera ol favorable
looking qaaru running through it. Every
thing m aud about the mine ia running
aatiifactorily. A. C. Uamiltos, Sup'l.
OhmIMiM Virgin*.
Ytaoixu Cm, BepL 20. 1S7V— ^4. IK.
If a' n. > -'M'i I During the put week
8(6 ton* of or* have been hoisted. On
oar 830 levtl the Joint California west
croMrut hu been advanced 37 fr«t; total
length, 631 fovt. We haro panted through
itui clay into vein porpliyrv, ahowiug
aireaka of quarts. The aouth lateral drift
haa been extended 34 feet—total length, 82
feat—and atill continues in vein forma
tion. On our 183(1 level th* raiae is now
up 28 feet, paaaing through rain porphy
ry. On the 2150 level the south drift haa
been extended 23 feet, and la now in 293
feet, paaaing through favorable material
ahowiug atreaka of quarts. Work will be
returned in the Best A Belcher Joint wins*
down from the 1900 level, designed to con
nect with tbia south drift, neat week. At
the L\ A C. shaft we are to-day patting in
Ibelaet length of pump-rod, and the pump
will be ready to commence work to-mor
row morning. W. U. Paito.i, 8upt.
Oolp Hill, dept. 26, 1879,—Jumt* K**t
lamiU. t'miilrmt: The north incline baa
reached a depth of 48 feet below the 2840
level, having been aunk 13 feet the paat
four days. The bottom la now in very
favorable-looking ground. Ouldea for the
incline car have been put in from the 2760
elation down to the bottom. The aouth
drift on the 27G0 level la la 93 feet, 40 feet
having been added during the wtck. The
face of tbia drift ia in porphyry. All other
work ia and about the mine ia going on aa
litoai. W. H. SMITH, Sopt.
Vinorwu Citt. Sept. 20, 1879.—Gmrgt
C. Pmti, Stmiarg: We have today com
pleted the repair* on the sorfaae bob and
started np the pump, which worka well,
and will now pamp the water ont of lb*
Incline aud readme toe work of putting in
the standing purnpe. The water baa been
held in cheek by the bailing tanks. Some
slight repairs have been mad* in the Lb
eline and on the chut* of the 1130 level.
On Wedneeday our cabl* parted, and a!
the nme time a reel broke. W* ex pact to
hav* all repaired by Tueeday next.
W. B. Burrsas, Bop't
Ntrlh Bmmh m4 ri*WMT.
ViBOtvu Cit*. Sept 20, 1879— W. IT.
Sir fan, Strrrtarv t We bare not boen able
to resume (inking the main shift on ao
count of the flow of water. We will pro
bably be able to resume linking within the
next ten dart. The weet croeicnt in the
Flowery haa been advanced, during the
week, 15 feet. The north lateral drift
from thla croeecnt haa been advanoed 24
feet; the tooth drift from the aame cross
cnt, 19 feet. In the face of the north drift
there haa been a decided improvement
since my laat letter. In tbo North Bonan
za the north drift haa been advanced 20
feet. Croeaont No. 1 from thli drift baa
been advanced 15 feet. Croeaont No. 2,27
feet; with aome improvement in tho face.
CroMCnt No. 3, 25 feet; with no change in
ita appearance. In the Flowery, on the
400 level, the drift baa been advanoed 10
feet; the face ahowing atringera of quarts.
D. H. Jacksox, Supt.
Yisontu Cm, Sept. 20, 1879 Jatoh
Stmimld, Jr., Strrttary: During the
week ending thla date the abaft baa been
•unk and timbered 17 feet; total depth,
1.C97 feet. The flow of water remalna
about the lame aa stated in our laat re
port, 120.000 gallon* per twenty-four
hours. The general character of the
ground enoountered la birdaeye porphyry
in large blocks, with the uaual quarts
atringera. The ground remalna favorable
for linking at the uaual rate. Eaat oross
cut, 800 level, haa required conalderable
repairi the past week, but baa been ad
vanced 10 feet, a total dlatance from the
abaft of 875 feet. The formation encoun
tered is • beautiful hlrdseye porphyry,
with olay aeama intervening carrying
quarts pebble*. Holiting machinery re
malna in exoellent running order, causing
no delay in developing the mine.
Hknby Bawdkm, Supt.
Tisoihia Cm, Sept. 20, 1879.—C, P.
OnrJ.m, Sfr,t.iry; During the put week
981 tuna ot ore have been boiited. On onr
850 level the joint Coneolldated Virginia
weet croaacut has been advanced 37 feet
total length, 051 feet. We hava paaacd
through the clay into vein porphyry, ihow
ing atreaka of quarts. On the 2150 level
the north drift, in the ore streak, ia now
in 25 feet, paselng through good milling
ore, ahowing 4 feet in width in the face.
The eouth drift in the aame itreak haa
been advanced 18 feet—total length, 45
feet—and ahows the same width and qual
ity of ore. We are preparing to atart a
raise in the same itreak to ascertain its
bight. At the C. A 0. ihaft we are today
putting in the laat length of the pump rod,
and the pump will be roady to commence
work tomorrow morning.
W. H. Pattom, Supt.
Uoloa Rbafl.
Viioixu Cm, Sept. 20, 1879.—G*oiy*
C. fruit, .Sterttilry : During tbo put week
tbe abaft bu been tunk and timbered 43
fret, and it now 100 feet below the Sierra
Nevada 2000 level, and expect to reaoh tbe
2300 level of tbe Sierra Nevada and bave
tbo atation aet in place tbo laat of tho com
ing week. On our 1600 level the weat drift
deaigned to connect with the Union Con
solidated eaal drift baa been advanced 27
feet—total length, 167 fc«t—and (till con
tinue* in extrtmelv bard, blaating por
pbjrry. We are today engaged in putting
the rope* on our pump-boiiting engine,
and will commeuoo removing tbe old pump
machinery from tbe pump ihaft on Mon
day next. The work of putting in the
foundation* for tbe large pumping engine
ia making excellent progreu.
Tuosias II. Roo.net, Bupt.
Jail* CaNMllilaUd.
Vinoiiiu Cm, Sept. 20, 1879 Ht»ry
A. t'turfn, Stcrftury: Itapid progreu
baa been made for tha week ending tbi*
date in reducing tbe accumulated water in
the long couthwaet drift, 2000 lavel, tbe
new oompreuor furniihlng a lufflcient
•upply of comprtued air to ran our don
key pump* to their full capacity. All other
work baa been *u*pcndcd. Our machinery
and pumpa are in excellent working con
dition. Should they continue to for the
next weak oar bottom level will b*entirely
freed of the accumulated water. The new
boiler*, which arrived tbi* week, are *et
up, and bricklayer* will commence tbe
wall* tomorrow morning. Everything i*
being dona which i* deemed be*t for the
iuteraat of tha company,
Hk.nbi Bawdki, Supt.
Unit ■<! * Carry.
VisonUA Cm, Sept. 21, 1879.—A. K.
Diirbrvte, Sttrtlnry: Tha joint CTOIICUt
east on our 1700 level waa advanced 43
feet daring tbe put week; total length,
1,298 feet. Tbe face i* in hard, blading
porphyry. At tbe joint chaft the flow of
water from tbe bottom baa been itrong all
tbe week; and, aa tbe amount of work that
ia being done will not juatify tbe heavy
expeuaa incurred, we have ooncladed to
attempt no mora linking until the new 11
inch pamp ia in place. The abaft ia now
733 feet in depth. Good program it baiog
made on mrface improvement*, aetting
machinery, eu.
H. H. Psaoru, Snpt.
(1»«llkr-N*r<roaa •*■*»«• Rbalt.
Viboixia ClTT. Sept. 20, 1879.—X. A*.
Harmon, I'miiltnl; On HtlDrdtJT lut
tho (baft having attained a sufficient depth 1
for another pair of oar 15-inch pumps,
sinking wm temporarily impended for tbe
purpose of cutting out itationi for tank
and pump* and for another balance bob.
During the week we bar* bocu patting in
a 20-inoh air pipe to supply frrtb air at
these itationa and today tbe work of cut
ting out ia begun. Everything in and
about the worka ia in good order, and all
machinery la working well and running
Isaac L. Kxqua, Supt.
Viboixia Cm, Sept. 22. 1879.—A\ B.
U»lmri, Srrrtiuiy: During tbe week we
bare cleaned ont and retimbered tbe lateral
drift running north from the bottom of
south wins* on the 2200 level 30 feet. We
are puahing tbia work at tbe rata of 5 feet
per day, although the mine ia extremely
not, the temperature this morning at tbe
2100 station being 124 degrees Fahrenheit.
Tbe naual repairs to tbe thaft hive been
done. There ia no chango in the water
aince my laat report. Our machinery is
all in good order and working well.
M. Q. Oiujcm, Supt.
Tallow Jackal.
Oolb Hill, Sept. 22. 1879.—JUmr
Or#*, Strrtiarn i The north drift from the
2700 station is being poshed ahead and si
now in IS feet. Have also started a drift
south immediately oppoalte. Work baa
been temporarily suspended in sinking tbe
north winxe owing to the breaking of a
tooth in the pinion of the aouth spur
wheel. It la expected to have tbia repaired
in abont a week. Machinery for the new
engine ia oomlng forward and work will
soon be oommenced in setting np the
seme. I. E. Jakes, Supt.
Gou> Hill, Sept. 22, 18T9. — J. J/.
RrutU, S*cntary : During the paat week i
the main north drift on the 2400 level has
been ran a distance of 32 feat through the
same material as heretofore mentioned.
Tbe total length of the drift is now 90 feet.
The wloye has been sunk 17 feat since last
report. Tbe rock baa been very hard, bat
is now ehanging to softer material with
more quartz. The air h*a somewhat im
proved, which facilitates progress.
E. A. bcuultz, Supt.
Oold Bill, Sept. 22, 1879—J. U.
Braull, Steniani: The winze connection
mentioned in my lut is now completed
and we are now patting in the air pipea
from the 2000 to the 2135 level. We are
also eolarging the drift which connecta
tbe 2135 with tbe Alpha-Imperial wln*e to
theSiOO. We expect to bave tbia oom
plated by tbe lut of tbia week.
E. A. Scrultz, Sopt.
uitw mil.
Bn.ru Hill Mixe. Brat. 30,1879.— IF.
E. Deaa. Secretary: Daring the put WMk
the eroMoat, 1300 level, bM been extended
cut 40 foet through favorable-looking por
phyry tod requiring to bo well timbered.
Oood work liu been done on the founda
tion for the oompreaaor and framing of
the building U nearly completed.
M. 0. Hillteb, 8up't.
Gold Hill, BopL 20, 1679 Darid
Wilder, Srcretary: Twenty-Are feet ha*
been added to (outh drift from west drift,
pauing through iome fair ore. Thirty
two feet added to eait drift from incline
npraUe, abore aeoond atation, through
quarts giving low aaaay*.
Albeit Laciet, Supt.
Nlerrn Nevada.
Viboinia Cm, Sept. 30, 1879.— W. IK.
StttwH, Secretary: In the croaacnt Mat
from the bottom of the eut abaft we made
laat week 36 feet; total diatanee from the
atation, 85 feet. The face la in aoft por
phyry. We will be ready to pump oar
water to the 0. A C. abaft by Monday of
next week. Alex. O. MoKxxzie, Supt.
Hnle * NennM.
Viboinia Cm, Sept. 23, 1879.—Joel F.
Liqktner, Secretary: The 3300 pamp la In
place. We begin cleaning ont the 3300
north drift tonight.
Phiutp Deidehkeixkb, Supt.
Goldea Gate CoaHlMaMtf.
The old Vermont Consolidsted ground,
after aome little difBoulty in the matter
of reorganization, change of name, eto.,
haa Anally paaaed into the poeaenalou of
the Qolden Gate Conaolidated Mill and
Mining Company, and it waa regularly
listed on the San Francisco Stock Board
aa auch. The title to tba ground ia
complete, being perfected by United
States patent, and tba location ia among
the moat eligible and intereating. It
liea immediately aontb of and adjoining
the Sierra Nevada and eztenda along the
easterly portion of the Union, Mexican,
Opbir and California to tba Conaoli
dated Virginia; therefore, whatever bo
nanzas may be enconntered in the
depths of those mines, may eventually
be ahared by the Qolden Oate. It is
ono of the pioneer locationa, being made
in 1859. The beavy suriaoe cropping
were sufficiently explored by the old
Banker Hill shift and (he Vermont tun
nel to indicate one o( the true Comstcck
fissures, and at several points banchte
and streaks of (air grtdu ore were en
countered, showing the location to be
one of (treat prospective value and inter
est. The early owners were poor men,
and consequently unable to stand the
expense of heavy machinery and deep
explorations, but they iucorporsted un
der the name of the Vermont Consoli
dated and did ample work to keep their
title good until perfected by the United
States patent.
A couple of jean ago they commenced
sinking a first-class tbreo-oompartuient
working shaft a short distance to the
northeast of the Ophir shaft and nearly
on a line between the C. & C. and Sierra
Nevada shafts, going to a heavy expense
in the erection of excellent steam hoist
ing works. By the time they bad at
tained the depth of G50 feet, however,
Ibey found themselvee inextricably
involved in debt, and last Christ
mas the Sheriff compelled a sus
pension of operations. A company of
San Francisco cspitalists have since
then bought up ull financial claims,
squsrsd up the Indebtedness, and now,
being finally reincorporated under the
acceptsble name of the Oolden Gate
Consolidated, the development of the
mine will be proceeded with as soon as
suitable arrangements can be made,
under new and very favorable auspices,
with plenty of capital and everything to
do with. The machinery is amply suf
ficient for present purposes, the abaft ia
in excellent order, aud the proposition
is to sink it a thousand feet deeper or
until it reaches the extensive pay ore
deposit whioh neighboring developments
have already demonstrated that it must
run into about that depth. The location
and title are oertaiuly among the very
best on the Comstock, and ths tioldeu
Qate must neoeesarily soon take ita
proper position of prominence and favor
among the valuable minee of the north
Annual •MUalleUs.
This welcome work hu come round
with the regularity of the aiuoa, and la
aa (oil of information u Comatook days
in Snmtner of annabina. The book oon
taina COO pagaa, and on tboaa pagaa
mora tbinga which people want to know
than can bo found on any other 000
pagea in print. Of its contenta 200
pagea are naw. The compilation la
dona by John P. Maine, who ia old Sta
tlatica himself, and the book ia pubilahrd
by L. P. McCarty, the proprietor, 004
Commercial atraet, San Franciaco, whom
everybody knowa, or ahonld know. Tha
coat of the work 1a 94. It containa
matters of record from the year 3700
1). C. down to the date of publication.
StatiaticH in regard to the Old World are
contaiued in it even to the events oc
curring in the early part of tha corrent
year. The reoorde in relation to onr
own country so back to the year 499
at which time the Cbineee claim to have
discovered America. The pegea of Ice
landic hiatory in regard to America from
985 are noted. Teacher* of acboole will
And the work worth ita weight In gold
for referenoe and for pointa of intereat
in which to enlighten their papila. It
takea np the big, rolling world and tella
much that baa transpired on ita aurface
aince the dawn of civilization. Ita
chronological tablet are marvela of con
denaation and accuracy. In biograph
ioal reaearch it ia fnll and complete. It
oontaina mora of the hiatory of thia
country and of ita men than a big
volume written fnll. Ita page* on
currenciea, etc.. recommend it to
bankers and business men generally.
For rule* of mtaanramenta andfor tablte
of the metric *y*tem it* contenta oom
mend it to the artiaan and the laborer.
Ita mining recorda are needed by every
body on the coaat and it oontaina ao
many useful and interesting thing* that
the mora it ia looked over the mora
necessary it beoomea to all olasae* and
oonditions of men. One gets sbsorbed
in it and never knows whsn to put it
down. It supplements the other Annual
Slalidlctans so perfectly that, although it
baa been in the offioe only a few daya,
we abonld be loat without it. Whrn Mr.
McCarty oalla on you, aa he will thia
wnki buy it and atudy it.
The great libel anit of Joeeph F. And*
vs. ths EnUrprlm Publishing Co. will
oome np before the District Court for
trial tomorrow. Eitenaive preparation
have been made for the trial of the caae
and there la no doubt bnt that it will
oome off.
Wm. Henry and Geo. Anderson,
charged with burglarizing the White
Hooae, Virginia, July 19, are on trial
before the Distriot Court today,
Haw it Baras, and Halls, aid Bll«
tan, lid IItartars OptnUMt <■
ik* Mia*.
The beat on lbs 9100 level of the Sat*
age and below there to tba bulkhead at
the 3200 station, where the pnmpe are in
place, ia exceaaive. The thermometer
indicatea 121 drgrees; end aa it ia a
moiat beat, it parboila and bliatera. Yea
terday it became nfceaaary to aend aome
men doijn to pack a pnmp just above
the bulkhead of the incline. Thoae moat
inured to the heat were seleoted, and
while the/ were at work one man atood
with hia band on the bell-oord, to be in
readineaa to ring them np at a aeoond'e
notioe. Tbeee men could only work
three minutes at a time. A mechaoio
went down to the 2100, where aome
meaanrementa were to be made, but waa
ao overcome aa to be unable to affect
them, and had to be rung up. Below
the bulkhead on the 2200 level, the tem
perature ia 160 drgreea. The intense
beat on the inoline above, and on the
3000 level, ia canaed by the raising of
the hot air from below. In working
north from tbe bottom of tbe winie,
and on the 2200 level, tbe air ia not
brought in from the Butro tunnel, but ie
carried to the 2000 from above, tbanoe
eouth to the winxe, and then down to
tbe workmen. Were there no paaaagee
np tbrougb, tbie air wonld remain. But
the workmen find the drift open, eo that
they can see forty feet ahead of them,
and tbe air paasee along thia opening
and flnda its way into the incline, carry
ing the hot air with it. Thia in turn ie,
by the circulation, foroed down the
winie from tbe 2000 etation, and de
acrnda again with tbe freah air to tbe
2200 level, and there egain hindera the
workman. Aa eoon as the atatlon ia
reached from the eoutb, tbe muuth of
the drift whence tbe water cornea will be
bulkbeadej and tbe water boxed, and
then work can be done, ae tbe heat will
be in a meaaure confined. Suoh and ao
great ia the work of overcoming the wa
ter, even after it ia down.
Trouble Ahead la Bailie.
A prints dispatch from Bodia this
morning reported Oeorge Daly and 15
armed man in tba trenches of tha Ju
piter. Ha ia aaid to have aned the
Minera' Union and attached their hall
for tha vslne of the cabin barned by
them at the time of tha Owyhee trouble,
and tboy in tarn have reaolved that ha
ahall leave tba country. Thia ia not m
well authenticated aa the flrat portion of
thia item and may be considered aa
aomewbat doubtful, although tale
graphed. A gentleman who left Bodia
Saturday reports the weight of tba diffl
oultira above hinted at aa absolutely op*
preiwive, and that a man cannot expreaa
an opinion on either aide without having
a pistol drawn on him. Thia man ex
perts aoine exoiting timea there bsfora
existing difficulties are aettled.
Timxly Suoomtion.—These are tha
last daya of September, and it ia time
for people to be thinking abont laying
in a supply of wood and ooal for
Winter. Thomas Gallagher guaranteea
full weight and measure in theee desira
bla articles, and haa the uaual varietlea.
See bla advertieement under tha head of
"new today."
Harry Bernard, the stirring wagon
maker of Sacramento, ia in Nevada
making arrangamenta for abowing bia
buggies at the State Fair. He reporta
the people of Sacramento aa anxioua to
make exbibitiona at the Fair, anl he ia
aelecting space for himself and others in
tha pavilion. He left Virginia for Beno
laat evening.
Statk Faib Pbivilxoxs.—Those who
wish to obtain tbe privilege of aelling
ice cream at the grounds during tha
State Fair or in tbe pavilion, or to run
tbe reatanrant at the gronnda will find
an advertiaement under tbe head of
" Now Today " which will interest them.
Jamea Brown, aliaa K. B., Chief of
Virginla'a Fire Department, haa found
ooe flame which he cannot aqnelob, and
baa taken a partner. He waa married
yeaterday evening, and haa gone to
Steamboat on a bridal tour aa happy aa
a lord.
Tbe California Mining Company Sat
urday evening ebipped ten bare of bullion
worth $49,744 30. The Opbir Company
ahipped 12 bars, rained at $43,005 43,
making a total of $92,809 79 from the
two miuea.
Brick, first-class, boms-mad*, tough
enough to stand anything from a Washoe
zephyr to an earthquake, can bs had of
Thomas Gallagher, near tbe Julia worka,
Virginia. See his advertisement else
John Kelly, well known in Gold Bill,
ia in from Bodie. Ha aaya that U ia a
lively camp, bat not very desirable aa a
residence for familiea. Tbs Winter*
there are no worse than on the Com
a took.
Lieutenant Mackay left last evsuing
for tbe East aud nnder orders to report
in Nebraska. II* hopea for a brash
with tbs Savages some time this Fall or
The pnmpa at the C. & C. shaft are
running and water from th* Sierra N*>
▼ada is being hoisted ont. There will
bo plenty basinsss at tha north and
The Hardy vein has yielded to data
91,033,221 G3, of wbioh amount $459,
011 16 have been gold, and 9573,010 37
have been ailver.
Isaac L. Bequa, Superintsndent of
the Cboll&r and Potoai and Cbollar
Nororoaa-Savaga shaft, la up from Sao
Billy Eckhoff has gone down to help
Ban Francisco entertain Qrant.
The road from Dayton to Como ia in
good oondition.
Thoa. Cbappell haa licenae to marry
Lizzie Johns.
Cbrlt. Blair.
Jyeratia Trantripl.
Chris. Blair, who haa been eonfonnded
with Ueuben Blair by most of oar ez
changes, formerly lived at Graaa Valley.
In 1870 ha waa triad in thia county for
comptioity in the Barckhalter robbery
at Trnekee, and acquitted. Ha then
went to the Bute of Nevada and com
mitted a crime that laodad him in tha
penitentiary, where he figured prom
inently in the famed revolt of 1872.
After aerving out hia time be went to
Bodie and married a waaberwoman, to
whom he made himself quit* useful by
keeping aooonnt of her customer*' line?
and performing other odd job*. H* is
an InoSsnaiT*-looking fsilow, bat haa no
•oparior In ths burglary buaineaa.
Gnat aid the Comtock.
S. F. &n*l Jlrport, Stpl, 19.
Wa trait that General Grant will
make a point to viiit Virginia City and
to inipect the Comatook mine*. The
Central baa manifeated a lively intaront
in lbs reaouroea of erery place through
which ba baa paaaed in bia tonr aronnd
tba world. Ha baa aongbt to inform
himaelf in a praotioal way. Tba paopla
wbo added to bia atora of uaeful knowl
edge were tba paopla wbom ba moat de
lighted to meet. A viait to the Com
atook cannot fail to give the General
pleaanra. The people there are hospit
able, and anxiona to entertain tba man
whom they bold in high eateam, and the
mining featarea of tba lode are of auffl*
dent importanoa to demand tha attention
of any traveler, no matter how illoatri
oaa ba may ba. On tha Comtock Gen.
Grant will meat brainy man wbo have
overcome flood* and Area and other tre
mendous obataolta and added milliona
upon milliona to tba world'a wealth.
He will meet aalf-made men, like him
aalf in many reapeota, who began at the
foot of tha ladder and fonght their way
to the top. Feaoa baa ita victories aa
wall aa war. Wben General Grant aaaa
the underground workinga of tha Com
etock; when ha oomprehenda tha vaat
ayitem of ahalta, tunnels, drifts and
eroaecuta; when he views tba massive
machinery for pumping, mining, orueh
ing, etc.; wben be meeta the men who
wrought theee wonder* and talka with
tbam—be will know where to look for
organizing, engineering and executive
talent and tha ainewa of war in caae o<
foreign invaaion. By all meana let
General Grant ba induoed to viait the
Comatock. Mayor Young of Virginia
City ia now here and will, wa believe,
extend a formal invitation to General
Grant to look at the Comatock lode.
Trouble la 8lora for Grant.
S. F. Stork Rtport,
The towns along the lint ot the rail
ro»d in making preparation to aalute
and aerenade Ganaral Qrant on bla route
home. If Orant ia wiaa be will go
aroand by aomaotbar road. Tba writer
ooce formed one of a party that waa aa
latad and aartnadad along tba lina of
tba 0. P. H. It. in Narad*. Tba oom
plimant waa intandad to Sanator Jones,
returning from WMbington, bat all tba
paaaengera on tba train took it in. Tba
ovation consisted of maaio by amatanr
braaa banda, firing ot anviia, and dog
flgbta. Tba tbing waa all right, and re
liered tba monotony of travel in tba
daytima, but when it oama to baing atar
tlod out of yonr peaceful berth by tba
diaobarga of an anvil on tba atation
platform, within aixtean incbea of yonr
ear, and with only tha aida of tba oar
between, the exploaion being immedi
ately supplemented by a burst of mnaio
from a braaa band, in whioh aoon be
came intermingled the snarls and growls
of the oontending doga and the cheera
and plandita ot the popolaoe, it became
a serious piece of baaineaa, and the oo
oaaion loat allita pleaaing featarea. Aa
a well-wiaher of Orant, tba Daily Stock
litport hopea ba will be epared tha in
fliction of an ovation along the C. P. B.
In Nevada on bia journey home. By
all meant be thould dodge Beno and
.. a ■■ ■ — — —Do ►<>• hi»« • Ptln
Wit MV&ra*
Ur. but try at once
miliii)9 V"™"™;
BACK! feg
PRK*«I,Y for Dlaeaaea of the KUn»y«. BluMrr,
Liver ami urinary Organ., Drop«y, Orarrl. Dl».
betn, Bn*ht'« Dltrl*of thf Kidney., Inrnnllnrnce
or Hrlrntlon or UrliM-, ana Venial. Weaknrx.
••HNT*H RK.MKDY ku Nnr km
kNWI Intl.
>1 ooiuTowx, BurlingtonCo.,N. J..8»pt. 11,1171.
Wm. ft. Onagg, Dtar t*rEighteen tuootha
ISO I bad Droper .round the tear'.. My
phy.ldini ud friend. dnpilred of ur era
getting wall. The flrrt bottle of IICNTB KB.
MfDT rin ma iimI relief. I feel I o »• my
rerjr eilatence to HUNT'S RtMBDT, »nd I am
deeply thankful. ABIGAIL ». COLKfl.
SraiMoriiLD. Effingham Co.. Oeo.. May 17, IIT».
Wm. K. Olabkb, Dtar Mr: -I preeent>ed
IIU.NT'B It KM KUt Id a complicated cim of
Draper which I had been treating for tight
year*, and I Hod HUNT'S HBMiDY la tba beat
madlclDa for Draper and tba Kldneya I bare
aver need. WM U. WILSuN, M. 1).
IHJNTM RBN> ■■ ■■ »|M|IA
BUY haa cuielllllKITIP
hundred. who have ■■ ■ I Ml ■ '
&£.!&.? ^nun i o
cleaiiMa, purine.
whole ayatrtn. All A ■§■ | ■Bll
for Pamphlet to WM. K. CLARKK.
PaoriBDca, ft. I.
3 Ueod ly
Oppoalta Foi'a Meat Market.
Having purchased prom a. w. hall
* CO. all their right, title asd Intereet la
and to tba abovcJeetabliahmaBt. I ibail oootlnoa
the baaloaaa, and aoUclt a fair afcaia oi poblle
MPo«t," ** Call" tad "Kxaalner."
Tofttktr with a Latga ThWf ot
oooatanUyoo band and dallraad d&lly to ali
parta of Gold BUI aad BUrw Cttj, Int d
Batxcrtbar* reoelwd ud Um p*p« prompt^
md vbMW daalrad. OI»a m. aaalL
T coming c
Um llchtwt PARCELS OF OOOD6 and
I m praparad to MtoaaodiU *0 wko daalra
my MrrtoM to Uat Una, ipaa
PartiM wUhln* m to nrirf ud dalltar
thtlr frel«ht wffl pijwa to
mirk pUlnlr—"C*r*T G., Gold Bill"
nomnsorma with tbb oars at sold
\J BUI to and from Ouot.
Will maka rafolar trip* botvaon tb* atonda at
altto «Bd of too roua.aa fraqawUr aa Um
Mala of tba road wUl allow. f»<» » o'clock a.
■. till • o'clock ». m. ~
QSr « o^Mh v.
STATE fill.
m 18797
.... or THt ....
Nevada State Agricultural,
And Mechanical Society!
M*aday-P1ret Dir,
Ho. 1 -Stake fbr 3-year old* whloh hi** nerer
itartad In a raoc Ml each. »10 forlelt, «IM
added, flv* furlong*.
M«7i-Fure* «lM:|119to Aral. IM to aecond;
three-quartera of a mlla.
Mo. »—Balllnette stake, for thoroughbred I
year old Allle*. BocMy to add ««00; daah of
onaand a naif mile«; aatranoo |W. Any Ally
that baa prarM; won a raoa a hall nanj It*
puonda attra; and any Ally thai baa won two
racea eight pounda extra; any Ally that haa won
three race* ten ponnda extra, aaeond Ally to
tare entrance.
No. 4—Kuree A190; 1150 to flret. |T0 to **0*
ond, l» to third; beat* of a mile. fr«a fbr all.
No. S -Hurdle raoe. Make of MS each, f 10 for
fait. 9100 added; one and a quarter mile* over
Ave burJlea, three feet atx Inebaa bigb; waiter
Titilar-HataM Oar.
Ho A—Trottlnir. ISO claaa; fire* for *11 boraea
In Nevada; alao lor all borate from »l*rra. Laa
aan. Plum** and Modoo oountlee, California,
an.I a rant and Lake countle*. Oregon; three In
flra; pore* liOO; Arat hiree MOO, aecond bora*
No. T-Trotting; free for a!li three ml lee tad
repeat; puree 9>»; Arat bora* MOO, a*ooad
bora* 9123, third hora* 978.
W*da**d»y-Tblrd Day.
No. 8-Stake* for all 3*y*ar olda, >hre*-quar
ter* or a mile, 9S0 each; tit forfeit; 9100 added.
No. 9—Htake free lor aj carrying 1U0 ponnda;
9ISp.p ; 1110addad;on*and<ine-et|(btaaU«*.
Mo. 10—Daah of a half mil*, free lor all hoc***
In Nevada and count!** named In Oallfornla and
Oregon. Pan* 1150; Am hor<* 91U0, aaeond
hor«# $50.
No. 11-Stake* of IM each, p. p.; gold medal,
▼aloe 9100, added: one mil* for amataar rid are,
weight ISO pouoda. The rldara mnat be mem
ber* of the Hi ale Agricultural Society, of tb*
Pacific Coaat blood Uoree Aaaoclatlon, or aom*
regular Jockey Olub, and no on* who make* a
bu>ln*** of training borac*, or wbo haa erev
rldd»n one* for money, or la engaged la tb*em
ployment or training in any capacity, will b* *1
llglbl*. Nomination* muat be made la tb*
nam* or tb* peraon wbo la to rid*: tb* bona
namad to tb* Secretary on Monday, the flratday
or the Fair.
No. II—Hord'e race, para* 9*0; Ant bona
9US, aecond bora* $su. third bora* 9tS; b**ta
of a mile; winner 01 the hurdle rase on in* Area
day to carry It pounda txira, aaeond I pounda
extra, writer welgbta.
NKVADA CUP—Mo. II-Handicap lw**p
atake, $60 each; MS forfeit; 910 declaration:
MOO *dd*d; two and a quarter mil*-; hcom
bora* to rtcelr* 9100, third to aara atak*.
Welgbta announced Auguat ISth, dadaratloa to
b* mad* tt*ptcmb*r let.
Tbaraday—Faartb Day.
No. ll-Troltlag. mil* and repeat, fre* for all
1-year old* In Nevada and coantlee a bo re
named In California aad Oregon; pare* MOO;
Orel bore* $3tu, aaeond bone |100, third bora*
AO. 1&—Trotting, 3 M claaa, free fbr *11; b**i
tbre* In Are; para* $6U0; flret hora* MOO, a*0
No. 11—Trotting, At* mllea oat, fre* fbr all:
para* MOO: Arat bone 1160, aecond borae 91W.
Friday—Fifth Day.
No. IT—Htake for S-rear olda, daah rf a mil*,
160 racti, 93s lorfelt, |I0U addad; the winner of
the 3-year old rac* on Wednesday to carry T
ponnda,iba aecond In that race I ponnda, aad
the third I ponnda abov* their ml* weight.
Mo. ll-Fre* handicap, puree 9IM; 9100 to
flrat, MO to aecond, i10 to third, on* aad three
quart*re mil** kntrlaa to be made Auguat lOth;
welghie announced Auguat 25th.
No, It- Htake for 1-year olda, 9*0 each, 9tS
forfeit, MOO added; one and flv*-elghtb* anil**.
Tba winner of Wedneeday'* race to carry ten*
ponnda, the aecond In that day'* rac* A ponaoa,
and tb* third 11 oundi over tb* ml* weight.
No 30-Pun* 9^30; 9IS0 to Ant, r.O to a**
oud. 930 to third; one and on*4lgbth mil**.
No. >1—Conaolatton puree, entranc* ft**,
IISO; 9100 to Ant. no to **coad, M0 to third;
on* and ote quarter mllea; hora** b*at*n one*
to carry their weight; If b*»t*n twice allowed A
Knde; tbre* tlm**, 10 poonda. Kntrt** to
oad* within Ae* mlnnt** after tba clo** of
No. 30. Thoa* wbo bay* be*a beatoa h*for*
Friday moat b* «nter*d on Wedneaday.
Katarday—Laac Day.
No. IS Trotting, free for all doable team*;
mil* and raprat; para* MOO; Ant t*am (100,
Mcood tMin 1100,
No. M—Trotting, til claaa, fir* fbr all; p«n*
MOO; Ant bora* 9*X>, aaeond bona 9110, third
IU)P9# 1(0.
Mo. M—Trotting, fre* for *11; mil* b*at*,
tbre* In At*; pun* 9700; Aral ban* 9600, ***
oad bora* MOO.
Reaaarke h4 CtUlilui.
Nomlnatlone to etakaa n>D(t be nude to the
8«rtury on or Mora the JOtb dar oI AofMt.
lira. Intriee for the pom* mart be made;
For Monday'e imm, on the Saturday pcooedlnc:
for Wedaeeday'e run, on Moedayi aad for
Priday'e imm on Wedneeday. u u< refnlar
time for cloiln* entrlee, ea deelfnated by the
ralM. Tho« who bar* nomlMllona la ruhee
moat nam* to tba tkcreury. In wrltlaf, which
they will atart, tba day before tba rata, at • r.
H. llorare an tared In paraaa can only ba drawn
by Iba oooaaat of tba Judgee.
Tba nice of tba Pacific Blood Bona Aaaoeta
tlon will govern running racra.
Tba vtnnar of tba ataka fbr tj«u olda to bo
ran at Sacramento, Hept. 10, to carry • poonde
aitra, and ol Frlday'a 1 year old, tbaa • poaode
extra. Bboald tba aama oolt win botit of tbaaa
■ukaa It a ball carry 10 ponnda extra.
All borrea enUrlng for Bute paraaa maat ba
owned and kept In Nevada and OaliforaU aaat
3t tba Sierra Naradaa for al* mcntba prior to
day of raoa.
Kntrtaa to all trotting paraaa will doae Sep
tember l»t with tba Secretary.
rwe or more to eater, and three or at ore to
•tart In all ncee fbr paree«.
National Trotting Aaeoelatloa ralee to go rem
trotting racea. Pacific Ooeal Blood llorae Aaeo
clatlon ralea to for era nnnlnc racea, except a*
Each day'e raoaa will wmenne promptly at
1 O'clock Fa Me
All entrlea moat bo directed to P. B. <
alack, Secretary of Iba Society.
Ladlee' Grand Toarnament, lor tba moot ac
oompUebad and (ncafnl lady rid era, Wednee
da>,October8,10o'clock a. a.
Tba Society oOera four pramlnma, which will
cooatat of tba Societv'a Silver Plate, valaed re
ep ctlvely at 1100, >70, $40 and $10.
The lady who la adjudged flrat. aballbave bar
choice of all preaiama offend. Tba eeeead
Inly aball have aaoood choice, aad eo em.
It la ezoected that other epfeUl premluao
will be added to thla lie! by private ooatitb*
Hon *
Mono bat lad lee of the hlgbeet reepectabtBty
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C. C. WEVKCTON, PfuMiilt
T. B. OOKfro®, BeenUiy. ifU

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