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Ordinance No. 37.
Vn Oniiuuiiv urovldloi tM Uk ,:'”M'i"- *>•*
(’Electing of Rrvrmie for Hamilton ntj
The Board of Trustee** of Hamilton City do or
dain an fbtlaws:
8ecTi<n 1. The Board < f Trustee* of Hamilton
«3lty shall, by resolution, prior to the fourth
Monday in Juno, 1 AT»>, *u*l *.nnJu*j1^1 thereafter,
aam>im the amount of tana that alwUI be levied
for city purpose*, designating the iiumiier of
* uta which shall be levied **u each one hundred
dollar* of taxable property. nal or personal,
which resolution shall be »ntend tipon tin- »**
•ordof their proceeding*. and a thenof,
•luly certified by the Clerk, tofthwlth delivered
to the As*es*or, Marshal *ud Ireasurer. Ail
:axe* levied under the provisions of this Ordl
ntnre Khali Ik |«u.l In !•»* coiu ul the l nis-d
States, and are hereby male a lh n ugaiust the
property MsHt'ss*'*!. which lion shall attach upon
t he nt-messim nf thereof by the Assessor, uud shall
not be removed until all the taxes have been
paid or the property has vested in a purchaser
under sale for taxes.
Sue. 3. All property in Hamilton City, not
exempt by law from taxation, shall b subject to
luxation for city purpow*. aud shall b*- tax*nl a*
r.*al estate or personal proport.' . The term ' real
•■state,' whenever used in this Ordinance, shall
include the ownership of. or claim to. or posses
sion of.oi right of posscaalon to, any land within
the city limits; and the term • personal property.*
whenever used in this Ofdlnuwo, shall undue!"
all movable property, of whatsoever kind or na
ture. not included In the i-rni *mal ' Rlntu as
herein defined.
noiwi-i'U hw — ..
and tlie first Mon.Uy in Vdgnsf. each
year thereafter, the City Assessor Khnll ascertain
and make out a list of all property in f lei city,
real and personal, subject to taxation, anti al-o
the names of all iiersou*. eolfs-mtioii*. nssixia
tious, companies or firm*, awulng, claiming or
having flu possession w euntrol of tic sane-,
and det< rmine the full twsh \nlm-of all su< h
property and list and aa«c** tin- same t«» the per
son, firm, coui(sauy, oofi>ornti»»ii, or associatiid),
owning, claiming or having the posae*„im».
. harge or control thereof. for the purpose of
making fciicbassesatueut, the Assessor shall •!« -
matul from each (arson and firm, and from the
President, Cashier. Treasurer or managing agent
each corjs»rntion, assoeintlou or cnm(>uuy
vithin the city, or doing business or owning
property therein. « statement nndi r oath or af
■irmatiou of all the real estate or jh rwswd prop
erty within the city, owned, elaimi»rt hy, or in
its* i-iss. Hsion or under the control U such per
son, firm, corjs>rafion, assas-iaticui or coinjiany.
If any person, officer or ogent shall neglect or
refnse, on demaud of the A»w*Miuror hi* Ispuly.
to give, under oath or affirmation, the statement ,
required by this section, the Assessor or his bep- 1
•ity ahull make a minute ut such refusal or neg
lect under his name, aut an estimate of the tax
able pro|»erty which *aich person, officer or ag< ut
neglected or refused to so render: and th*1 value
fixed shall not bi> rodueed l»y the Board of
Initialization. If the muue of any absent owner
•f prnjierty is known to the Assessor, tho prop
• rty shall he a-.-* «se.i In Ills, her or their names;
if uuknown to the Assessor, the sum-- shall Is; i
-.^-eased to unknown owner*. TIm* form of the
Asseftsiuent ltoll, and the manner of making j
i lu* assessment hereby ordained, shall lie sub- <
-tantially tb»> wun.- u» that prescribed by law for !
County Assessor*. For the purpose- of carrying
• ■nt the provision* of this section the Assessor
end hi* Deputy shall have power and authority
to administer all oaths and affirmations author
znd by law.
•list, 1870, and each year thereafter, the City As
»esRor shall complete his tax list or assessment
roll, and attach his certificate thereto, which
•ertifleate shrill bo by him subscribed and sworn
to, and substantially in the following form, to
wit: ‘1 do solemnly swear that I have made
diligent inquiry into Hi#- names of all taxable in
uabitantsnf Hamilton City; that I have diligently
investigated and ascertained the description,
value, and ownership, of all taxable property In
-aid city; that I have iu nil«*.-*■•» sought and put
down tie' true owner, true description and true
\alue of all property to the bcsl of uiy
ability: and that the annexed Is a trie-and cor
rect assessment roll, made in accordance with
the laws of tly State and the ordinances of the
-aid city.- And shall deliver said assessment
,d1J. uwij-s, Isstks and the original list of prup
uty to the City Clerk, who shall immediately
give notice of the same. *|* cifyiag the timo of
meeting of the Board of Equalization by nnbli
■-ation in some new«paj»cr publiahed in said city,
or in such other manner as tin li -ard of Trustees
may direct; and shall keep the roll open for pub
lic inspection.
Sec. 5. Tho Hoard of Trustees shall consti
tute the Board of Equalization, and a majority
■ •f the Board, with the President of the Board,
shall be a quorum for the Board of Equalization:
and the decision, a majority of such quorum
-hall be final. The City Clerk sludl 1m- the Clerk
• >f the Board of Equalization. The Hoard shall
meet on the first Monday after the completion of
the assessment roll, and shall continue in ses
-ion from time to tine . until the business of
.■equalization brought before them is disiNised of;
provided, that no complaint on account of the
assessment of any property shall be considered
ijjjeaa it shall be filed in writing with the Clerk
of the board within one week after tho session
jf the Board commences. The Board of Equal
ization shall have the i»ower to determine all
complaints in regard to the assessed valuo of
any property, and may change and correct any
valuation, either by adding thereto or deducting
• therefrom, if they deem tin sum fixed by the
assessment roll too small or toogivat; whether
such sum Is- fixed by the owner or tin Assessor,
except that incase* when- tho person complain
ing of the assessment lias refused to give the
Assessor his list under oath or affirmation, us re
quired by thin ordinance, no reduction shall be
made by the Board of Equalization iu theasst -s
incnt made by the Assessor. If the Board of
Equalization shall find it m cos-ary to add to the
assessed value of any property on the ns-ess.
mi nt roll, they shall direct their clerk to give
notice to th»> person* intcivsted.by notice depos
ited in the postofflee, directed to such person,
naming the day when they will act in tlud two,
and giving reasonable time to nppenr. curing
the sessions of the Board nf Equalisation the
Assessor shall be present, nml also his deputy, if
necessary, as a witness in any case; and they
shall have a right to make any statement, or |
produce any testimony pertinent to any matters
coming before the Board. The Board shall
make use of nil the information they can gain
from the County lieooixlcr, or otherwisi, in
equaliaiug the assessment nil. and may order
the Assessor to enter upon the said roll any
mortgage or lieu, or ether property that has not
iieen assessed; and the assessment aud equaliza
tion so made,shall have the same fora and effect
as if made by the Assessor before the delivery <-f
the assessment roll by him to the City Clerk.
Sec. 6. As soon as the qualizatiou is com
pleted,the Clerk shall prepare a duplicateassi ss
uient roll, which shall contain the —meat n
originally made and as equalized by the Board,
and to which shall lie added a column showing
the amount of taxes dm- from each party
assessed, which duplicate assessment roll he
-hall certify to be comaud deliver the same
to the. City Marshal, charging him with the
whole amount of taxes show n to be due thereon.
When the duplicate asse-sweiit roll has Is on de
livered to the City Marshal, lie -hall cans- a
notice thereof to Is: published in some now spo
iler published In the o*ty, if them be one, for
• me week, requiring taxpuv. i-f.. come forward
and pay their taxes within four weeks from tin*
publication ot said notice. The Marshal shall
immediately upon the receipt of the said dupli
cate aaaesMuiut roll, commence the collection of
taxes, and for that purpose ho shall remain iu
his office from 'J o'clock a.in. to 4 o’clock p.ui. of
• ach day. for four week* after tin a***nuuut
roll lias been so dell venal.
SEC. 7. it shall Is- th* duty .4 th- Marshal to
pay over to the City Treasurer, on each Hattmlay
after lie oommences the colla tion of tuxes, the
whole amouut collected during the week pro
ceeding. bias his commissions for collecting, aud
to take duplicate receipts therefor--one of which
he shall file with the Clerk, and the other retain
as Ids voucher. The Clerk shall credit the Mar
shal on tho assessment roll with all sums so
paid. The Marshal shall also report to the
Board of Trustees every week, the amount paid
over to the Treasurer at his lu-t settlement, and
the amount of his commission thereon; provid
ed, that it shall lie the duty of the Marshal to
collect the taxes upon personal or movable prop
erty Immediately upon the assessment thereof
hy the Assessor, and to pay over and report the
same as hereinbefore provided.
Bar. 8. Whenever any tnx is paid to the Mar
-hal. he shall mark the word * paid,' nml the date
• 4 the payment opposite the name of the per
son or the description of the property liable for
such taxes, and shall give a receipt therefor,
specifying the amount of the assessment, tho
amouut of the tax. Mud the description of the
property assessed; but the Marshal shall nut re
ceive any taxes on am real estate for any portion
• leas than the h ost subdivision entered upon tho
assessment roll; provided, always, an owner of
undivided real estate may pay the proportion "f
taxes duo rn his interest therein.
Hw.9. If any person, firm, company or ns
-ociatlon, who shall be asscssi d under the pro
visions of this Ordinance, shall fall to pax the
taxes so assessed, on or before the eml of th**
tourth week after the publication of the notice*
required by Section 6 of this Ordinance, it shall
wuuui un days
thereafter, t" furnish the City Attorney a list
showing the name of every aucli delinquent, the
amount due from each. bother with h dewerijs
tton of the property assessed ami a statement
verified by himself or deputy that such purlieu
are delinquent. This list shall 1* kuowu as the
lielinquent List : and. Itefore it is hand, d to »h«*
t.Jty Attorney, it shall be presented to the C'itv
Clerk, and the ClsrV shall credit the Marshal
Aith the amount of the Uxt ~ delinquent ac
i ording to such list, and shall make u tinal set
tlement with the Marshal of all taxes charged
igainst him on account of the aastasmeut roll.
tiz< . 10. Immediately after the delivery of
«ucli Hat to the City Attorney he Hhall caus«' a
notice of the same to b<> published in a city
newspaper for one work, and duiiug that week
lie shall receive ami receipt for any taxes duo;
,ml after the expiration of such pnbUeatiou.it
-hall n»> tne autyoi im« ny Aiiovwy m mstttnt*
auit ill tin* name of the Inhabitant* of Hamilton
City against all per.-uu* d< iiiupK nt, ami
ugainat the real estate ami improve incut* a*,
•essod so delinquent, ami against ail owners ami
.•laimants of the same, known or unknown. The
•-omptaiut in auy action for the collection of city
raxes shall conform as nearly a* may lx- proper
to that prescribed by the- general statutes ot tli**
date in action* for the collection of State ami
i.'ounty taxe.>: and upon filing the complaint iu
the proper Court, n summons sliall lie issued
ami served as In other civil eases, by delivering
a copy thereof to each defendant uaiucd in the
complaint, or by publication in some newspaper
as provided by law in other civil cases, and shall
require the defendant and all owners of autl
rial man! a to any r»*al estate and Improvement*
described In the minim on a, known or unknown,
to appear and answer th< complaint filed in
four!; and as to said real . state and improve
moot*, a ropy of the summons shall be served
I upon the person or |n*n*nns lu possession of the
same; and further. n* to such real estate by post
ing a like ropy in aoiue conspicuous place
thereon, and at tin door of the City Hall.in said
Ifaniiltoi) Citv; ami all the proceedings under
j this fh-etion shall hr. as far authe wmip is appli
' .-able, iu aocowhinre with theg* neral law** of the
, Htalo iu <dlter *-hii action*.
Kisr. 11. Haid delinquent list, ora copy then
«ii. certifled by the Marshal, or his deputy, show
ing unpaid taxes against am i* won or prope rty,
shall be fjrimn facie evidence in any eourt t»»
prove the assessment. the property assessed, tlx?
<lelinquenoy, the amount of Caves due Mid uu
lailil.aud that all the forms of tin law ia relation
to tin- assessment and levy of anch taxes have
I been complied with.
Hkc. 12. In rase Judgment i- rendered for dc
» fendeut, it shall be general, without costs, and
iuay be eotcmd iu fhv* >r of some ouo or more of
j th. in. and against others, as iu other civil ms s.
fn case judgment la for the plaintiiT, it may la*
<-ntt ivd against such defend, lit* as are found j
liable for the tax, and for auch amount or por
tion thereof *.-* hr or they shall Is* adjudged Ha- j
i ble; provide*!, that no personal judgment shall
la* rendered unless the person against whom it
is render.*.! >Jui!l have Ihku served with the mi ui- ‘
raoua, a* provided in this ordinance, or shall
liave apiswie-d iu tin action. Judgmeut maybe
enterod a«fti nut the mil estate and improvement*
"*-v (-rally assessed and levied thereon; and when
ii Shall appear npou the nahwotatMt ndl Hud the
real taluk and ftnproveimmt© belong to the
same person <»r person*, (hen judgment may bo
rentkred against said real estate and improve
ment* jointly. forth)' whole tax thereon, or *uoh
part thereof a* may Ik* adjudged. Such jialg
i iu nts when jwmh red in the District or Juctloe *
Ouirt, -hull »«* docketed, aud become Hens upon
nil thi* property against which judgment!* run
<1. nd, from the date of such as****m* nt. The
City Attorney may fib trails* ripts of judgment*
rendered in Justice*’ Ootirts, under this ordi
nance, with the ConnH- i fork, mid hfve them
docket, il.
six-. j:». \ti Act «<> rci/maio proreeuiug* in
*-ivil cases in tin Courts <»t Justice of this State,
uud to repeal all other Act* in relation thereto,
approved March «, lfftiit. *o far a* the same i*
» ousistent with the pro visions® ft his Ordinance,
arc hereby made applicable t-> all prooeediBgft
under this ordinance. Til* dt**d of the Marshal
for property Mdd f.-r tuxes shall have the effect
prescribed by law. and prop-rty unsold shall not
lx- subject t<» redemption. The Marshal, in wil
ing pniiM-rty f<*v delinquent tnxi-s, shall sell only
tie’ smallest portion that any i>er*nu will take
and pay thr judgment and nil eo-t*. All money
collected under the provision* of till 3Ordinance,
except cost* uud charges allowed to the Court
and officers, shall without d< lay la- paid to the
City Treasur* r. and each collection, and the date
thereof aha 11 Is- entered opposite the proper
name or property iu the deliuqnont list, which
*diall l»e open to public inspection.
Ski . 14. The City Attorney shall jay over to
th- city Treasurer, every Saturday,all money
received by luin for delinquent taxi *, taking du
idicote rei-eipt* therefor, one of which he shall
file with the Clerk, and the other keep for Ida
vouchor: anion or before the ilrat Monday of
June of each year shall make a final eoltlem- ut
with the City Treasurer of all money received by
liiui; and shall at that time deliver to the City
C'l. rk tho deliuqnont tax lint, together with a
Mtatetttont under oath of all the suits brought
and judgment* obtained on said delinquent
list, and the reasons why no suits have been
brought or taxes collected in caws of other de
linquents. The delinquent list shall bo passed
over by the Clerk to the incoming City Attorney
a*< soon a* lie shall have qualified, who shall
eontlmto proceedings thereon, and when the next i
Board of Equalization moet* any taxes still de
linquent thereon shall lie revised by said Ikianl.
and stricken out or returned by them to the City |
Attorney fhr fnrtlier proceeding*.
Hec. is. The City Attorney shall appear ami
pi'usi cut*-all actions for the recovery of delin
quent taxes under this Ordinance; and, for hi* ,
wrxlees therein, shall receive ut tlm rato of
t wenty per cent, oil all sums collected as dt-ftn
queni; provided that the sane- shall iii all «*ht*
1* tsv<l a- cost* against th* parties owing such
ib-ltunuont taxes, and entered in tho judgment
tkeereforand collided thereon, and in n-mv to
l>* a charge ngnimd the city.
Si:<. It.. All Ordinance*, or parts of Ordi
nonces, in eon Met with thi* Ordlimit**. are
hereby repealed.
Sj;c. 17. This Ordinance shall take vff-ct ami
be iu force from and after its passage.
Approved June 25.1*70.
P. EVERTS, President of the Hoard.
M. Y. ch.vmj-.eiu.in, City Clerk. Je»-14t
Ordinance No. 3E1.
An Ordinance creating a Salary' rad Contingent
Fund, and f<*r other purpose*.
Tin hoard of Trustees of Hamdteii City do <>r
• lain as follow*:
Hi.crios 1. From and after the i»a*fuge of this
Ordinance, th«- city Tr. asursr shall set apart
fifty per rent, of all money coining into tho City
Treasury from license*, hall Twit and Hues: am! |
twenty.nve per cent, of all monqy coining Into i
the City Treasury from tavet- on real and j>er
»nal preierty, width sirail la* known in the
Salary and Contingent Fluid.
Sr;r. 2. The- City '1‘reasurer sliall make a re
port to the board of t rustees on the Ant M«»u
day iu each month, showing the amount of
money received into the City Treasury for tho
mouth previous, the auiouni set apart to said
Salary and Cuatingvut l aud, the amotmt dis
leumd, and tie amount rein Mining iu tin* Treas
Hkc. 3. All warrants for the payment of sal
aries, and all warrants for defraying the contin
ent of tine city, unless otherwise
ordered by the Ronrdof Trnst'-.-a, shall hereafter
»— drawn upon the • Salary and Contingent
Fund:' which wairauis shall oomnien<e a mw
s»r ries, and >w paid In the order of tm jr registra
s«c. 4, Thit* Ordinance shall take effect and
!* In force from and after it* i>as-<airr .
Approved July 1KT0.
I1. EVERTS, President Board of Trustee*.
M. I*. Cft iv Hr.nuv, City Clerk. JyfcHt
Ordinance No. 39.
An Ordinal!'* abolishing the office* of Street
Cominiasiouer and Jailer and Janitor.
Tie Board of Trustee*of Hamilton City do <-r
Uain a* follows:
seeri.es 1. The offices of Street Committal)>ut r
aiul Jailer ami Janitor art- iu reby tbolislicd.
Sm . 2. Ordinance No. 211, entitled An Ordi
iiance muting the office of Jailer and Janitor,
and defining hi* duties, couii»n*ation, etc.,' ap
proved J a mmry 31,1870, and all Ordinances or
purtsof Ordimmcos detiuiug the duties or and
prescribing compensation for stmt Cnmmi*
Hioiier, are hereby repealed.
si r.:». This Ordinance shall take effect and
l- in force from and after its pns-t>v
Approved July f', 1810.
P. EVERTS, President Board of Trusters.
M. I’. LH AMHfcKuv. City Clerk. ,iyM4t
Ordinance No. 40.
An Ordinance TV Glinting tin Salaries of Of
ficers .
The Hoard of Trustee* of ihuudton tTty do or
dain us follotva:
Hr.cTioK 1 Tin officers «>f Hamilton City
shall receive the Mlowm compensation for
their services towlt: The City Marshal hIihJI
receive a salary ot nine hundred dollars i«*r an
num, ami lire per cent, on all taxes collected by
him oil real and penioual property; and also um
dollar lor collecting each license. Tim City
Treasurer shall rcudvu a *ular> of nine hundred
dollars per annum. The City AaOtaoor shall re
ceive n salary of »1\ hundred dollar* per annum.
The Chief Engineer shall receive u salary of nine
Hundred dollars jmr aunmn The city Attorney
j shall receive n salary of m venty-tlve dollars per
| month, and, in ndditton to such percentage as is
I allowed him on delinquent taxes, ahull receive
five dollars for each conviction for violation of 1
Ordinances, provided that the same ahull in all
cases be collected from the party convicted, and
in no case to be a charge against the city. The
< 'ity Clerk shall receive u salary of seventy five
dollars per month. Regnlar Policemen ah all re
ceive a salary of seventy-five dollnrs per month,
and also two dollars for each arrest and convic
tion, pro \ hied that the unit- shall in all eases be
1 collected from to party convicted, nud in no
ca»n to U a efeafgc against the city.
Sic. 2. F.ach of the above salaries shall 1**
j payable in legal coin «»r the l uited States, iu
i equal monthly installments. <.n the first day ..f
j each and every' month.
3. Ordinance No. I, entitled ‘An Ordi
| nance regulating the salaries of officers,' npprov
j ed April 10, lrtti'.t, and Ordinance No. pi, entitled
• An Ordinance defining the duties of City Attor
! ucy,approved April 13,1*9, and Section 7 <,f
? Ordinance V*. 20, entitled • An Ordinance n gu
; biting a Eire Department or Hamilton city,’ ui*.
! proved December 13,18d0, ami Section 4 of Onli
nnnoe No. entitled ‘An Ordinance creating
j the office of CJity Attorney,' approved June i;i,
j 1*70, arc hereby repealed.
m.< . 4. T his Ordinance -hail fak-- effect and
, be in force from and after it« pn«a«ge.
Approved July 5, 1871).
1*. EVERI'H, President Hoard of Trustees.
, M. P. Cma.mwkuun, City t’ltrk. JyH-14t
Ordinance No. 41.
An Ordlnme ■ regulating License* nnd l.iceu*<
Tax In Hamilton City.
Tin- Ik .no | of TrnaU'c* of Hnmilton City do or
dain us fallows:
SKrntm 1. The Clerk shall cattsc to In* pre
pared, ui the expeii*- of the city, printed
formacf City I.ioetmeH, to be isma-d a. heroin
provided. He shall niinihf r and sign the aamo
unddeliver them to tlie Marshal, from time to
time, charging him therefor. The Marshal
shall make a written report to the Hoard of Trus
tees on Monday of each week, duly verified,
showing tin amount of licenses collectedby him
the previous week, the iitun”*of person* or firms
to whom license* have Ink n 1 sailed, the amount
paid by each, and the occupation nr business for
"blob such liei nsca were issued.
Hr.e. j. All licenses hendq provided for shall
be payable in legal coin of tin Inited Htati
tv.Every person or firm engaged in the
huaiiM-s* of tradiug or merchandising. or dealing
j in any. kiu«l of minds, warts, or merchandise
| whatsoever. abdl pave licon*. a* follow*: Thos.
j muking monthly Saha to the amount of on.
thousand dollars or under, eight dollar* per
I quarter; those- making monthly sales amountiug
; to more than one thousand and uuder live thou.
I sand dollar*, twelve dollars per quarter; and
Close making monthly sab* amounting to more
than five tti'owmnd dollar*, twenty dollars per
quart* r.
te*'. 4. Every person or Arm engaged in the
business of storage ami commission merchant*
shall pay a Hr*u«* a« follows; Those whose
HHMMUnaHnUBBaBRMHmn .f, ■ us—
--- •r-rrr,jy~."T --tt-l;—;-—r~r
| monthly receipts aqprant to one thousand dol
! lar* or tinder, ten dollar* per quarter; those
whom* mcMhly receipts are more than on** thou
sand aud nuder three thousand dollar*, lift***n
dollars |>< r quarter: aud tho*-.- who*. monthly
receipt* are more than three thousand dollar*,
twnty.five dollars per quarter.
s • . .1. Every person or firm engaged iu the
traaincM of banking, dealer* in < xchnuge, gold
and silver, stock*, or bullion. shall pay a license
of fifty dollar* j*er quarter.
s-. . r.. Every person, firm or company tu
gag'd in the busim-s* of expressing or transmit
ting letters or package* for hire, hav ing an office
in thig city, shall j»ny a license of fifty dollars
I* r quarter
Sm . 7. Kadi Telegraph Coiupauy doing bttsi
nefc* In the city shall pay a license’ of fitly dol
lars p*>r quarter.
skc. s. Every person, firm <.r company en
gaged in the huaincs* of stock t»r real e-fate
brokerage in baying and w iling stock* or real
estate, shall pay n I i ceil go of fifteen dollar* per
Sac. U. Every |H.r*on or firm engaged in the
business of keeping a livery stable. «>r letting
horse*, wagons, carriage*, or oth»*r animal* or
vehicles for bln*, shall pay a Hen** of fifteen
dollars per quarter.
Sk<\ lo. Every person or tinn engine d in the
business of running for hi re any dray*, job wagon,
cart or other public vehicle, shall pay for each j
dray. Job wngmi. curt or vehicle so run. xi license
of ten dollar* per quarter.
s c. il. Every person or firm engag.-d in the
btmliiMMof nitetiom* ring shall pay a license of j
thirty dollar* j* r quarter.
Sr;« . 12. Every person or firm etigagml in the j
business of carrying ou u dagucrrcun or photo
graphic gallery .shall pay u license of fifteen dol
lar** per quart! r.
Sk« . 1 Every person or firm i iigagud in the
business of keeping a barber shop, shall pay
for each chair iu uw* in mid shop a license of
five dollar* per quarter.
Skc. 14. Every person or firm engaged in tin
business of assaying any metals or ore, shall
pay a license of twenty-five dollars tier quarter.
bi:< . l‘>. Every person or firm engaged iu the
business of mamtfucturing soda, eider, vinegar,
sarsaparilla, or syrup* of any kind, shall pay a
license of til teen dollar.- per quarter.
Sk. . lil. Every person or firm engaged in tin
business of k<' ping <»r conducting smy tavern, !
hotel, lodging house, chop house, or n:staurnnt,
shall pur a license of fifteen dollars per quarter.
Si c. 17. Every per-on or firm engagt <1 in the
bunmcsHof keeping a bar or saloon. for retail
ing any wine*or liquor* <f any kind. In less
quantities than one quart, shall pay :i license of
dollara i>. r giuub r.
Sire*. 18. Every person or firm (-ngug) d in
the business of keeping n public hath lion-.
shall pay a license of ten dollar* ppr quart' r.
Si.«-. lil. Every person or firm engaged in the
luisinesH of keeping or carrying on a shooting
gallery, shall pay alic ust of fifteen dollar* jaw
j.iu.i I”-i'"n t’l nun i n»',f*ge«i iu iii«
business of keeping or conducting a public bak
ery for t|j( manufacture of bri.nl. pics or cakes,
shall pa.valicina© of five dollar- per quarter.
Sk« . 21. Every person or lirm engaged iu
keeping a laundry, when va.-hing ami ironing
te (lone, shill pay a lictn-*- •: ten ii liars per
Sec. 22. Every propri* lor or keeper of a bil
liard table, shall puy for each (abb in u*e u
lit ease of ten dollars p< r quarter.
Kre. 23. Every keeper or proprietor of a nine
pin, ten pin or bowling alley, shall pay a license
of twenty dollars per quarter.
Sue. 24. Every person c«r firm engaged iu the
business of keeping or carrying on any brewery .
f>r the manufacture of ltecr, malt or fermented
liquor, shall pay a license of thirty dollars per ■
Sec. 25. Kut li and every insurance company !
doing business in the city, -halt pay a Tic* use of
twenty-five dollars per quart* r.
8i:« . 26. Every person, lirm or company en
gaged in ruuning slug*-s and carrying passengers
for hire, and having an office iii the city, shall
pay a license of lift* * n dollars per quarter.
Ski'. 27. Every per- >n or firm engaged in tin
business of pawn broker, shall pay a license cf
forty dollars in-r quarter.
Sec. 28. Every person or firm engage d iu the
business «*f keeping a butcher simp or -tali, for
the retail of fresh meats, shall pay a license of
fifteen dollars per quarter.
8Ei-. 29. Every traveling merchant, hawk- r, or i
peddler, who shall vend goods, war* s, and nur
cliandis*-, shall pay a license- of twenty-five- dollar*
per quarter; provided that iu case ml h traveling
merchant, hawker. <>r peddler,shall use u wagon,
cart, or other vehicle in such IniaiDesH, h* shall
pay n license of forty dollars per quart* r.
Sec. 30. Every person. firm, company, mana
ger, or lessee of any theater, engaged in the busi
ness of giving theatrical performances or exhi
bitions: of serenaders, minstrels’ concert or opera
singers, sparring, wt-lodeon or other public per
formance or exhibition, for pay, shall pay a Ii
cense of on*- hundred dollars per month; pro
vided, that in case, such lie* n«e Is- granted for a
less period than one month, five dollars for each
performance **r exhibition so given.
Sec. III. Every person, firm, or company, giv
ing in the city any exhibition of n caravan, me
nagerie, or collection of animal*, or any circus,
show, rope, or wire dancing, or slight of hand
perfonuanc*. for pay, shall pay a lie* nm< of
twenty-five dollar* for • a* h • xhibition so given.
8r.c. 32. Every person **r firm who shall open
or keep a dance-house, commonly known a-a
hurdy-gurdy house, shall pay a lice nse of one
hundred dollars per month; provided that in
ease such license is granted fora less period thau
one month, five dollars p* r day for ea«-h day tin
sai l*- shall tie kept open.
Sec. 33. Every person w ho-hall cany on or
conduct any of the businesses, trades, callings, or
professions mentioned herein, and shull neglect
to tub* out a license th*-rt;for, asberein provided,
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon con
viction thereof, shall be fined in u sum not less
than the license which such person is required
to take out, and not exceeding five hundred dol
lars, which fine may 1* enforced by imprison
ment in tie-city jail not exceeding one day i'«*r
each two dollars of such fine.
Sf.c. 34. All licenses provided for in this Or
dinance -hall 1m paid iu advance, and an- hereby
made transferable in cases whero the business
licensed is conducted or carried on in the sam*
building, shop, stalt, or stand, bnt not otherwise.
:(.*». Ordinance No. 11. entitled4 An Ordi
nance providing for tin assessing and collecting
of revenue for Hamilton City,’ approved April
Id. 1*69: and ordinance No. in, entitled * An Or
dinance amendatory of and supplemental to an
Ordinance entitled 4 An Ordinance providing for
the assessing and collecting of revenue for Ham
ilton City,’approved May 6,1809; and Ordinance
No. 25. entitled 4 Vn Ordinance amendatory of
and supplemental an Ordinance entitled 4 An
Ordinance providing for the ass* -sing und col
lecting of revenue for Hamilton City,’ approved
September 13,1*6'.*, and nil Ordinances and part
of ordinances lu conflict with this Ordinance,
are hereby repealed.
Sec. :*«'•. This Ordinatu *-- shall take * ffl ct ;*ml
Is- in force from and after it- pa-sag* .
Approved July 11 1870.
rresident of the Board.
M. P. Cn \ niihiuj-N, City Clerk. jyl4-14t
I HEYDEXEKLliT, uud It. If. EOYP: You
an- hereby notified that the Ureut Rasiu
Mining Company, a «-orp*»ration duly organized
and existing under and by virtue- of the laws of
the Statu of Pennsylvania, for the purpose <»f
working and developing the (llacler Milling
<’laim, situated in the White Pine Mining bis.
trict, White Pine County, State of Nevada: that
said corporation owns a majority of the uuniber
of feet in said mining claim, and is composed of
more tlum three persons, and that it Iiuh expend
ed in th*- actual development and working of
said mining claim the sum of $6,461; that the
following arc yotur respective interests in said
mine and the proportion of said Hum dne from
each: Wm. A. llolingcr, 200 feet, $807.02; Solo
mon Heyd* ufi-ldt, 200 f«*et, $807.62; It. II. Ix>yd,
l»*o feet, $402.81; that ii is tin- intention «.f said
corporation to institute suit against you to re 1
cover said sums.
May 23d, 1*70.
je22-Uw* lly J. A. Mti'UKUiux, Hupt. ,
whom it may concern: That the Tmiuelilll ,
Silver Mining Company, a e.rpmatlon existing ;
under tho lawaot New York, ami, ugaged in the |
business of mining in Eureka Mining District, I
Htato of Nevada, i« tin owner of. and lawfully i
entitled to. the poKw*Hv.«m of that certain trail i
of land situated in said District, county of Lam i
tier, Stat* aforeaaid, adjoining the tov n of Hu- j
rekn. or Napias, on the south, and known and j
calhd the • McCOY SXliVEY. The eaul prop- i
erty waa purchased by -aid corporation in Octo
Ikt. 1HM. and valuable iinpruvemeute placed
thereon, and coutinuoualy occupied and enjoyed
l»y said corporation until the said McCoy nlo.
cated tho name in July, lM'.u.
All persona are warned upain-t purchasing the j
said tract of land, or any portion thereof, from j
Major W. \V. McCoy, the present oc*-upaut and
•daimant tht ivof, as it is the intention of wild i
corporation to commence nn action to reonvi r !
th** potMHingon thereof.
n.v L t.\!*Uh. if tfAVKMuHT. Att'ys for T.H.M.Co. i
Eureka, Nevada, July ft, 1870. jytkliu
Dissolution Notice.
Jl 1ST IMG between tho undersign* d in the
| saloon business, in tlm City of llamilb u. i* this
day dissolved. by mutual consent. All debt*
I due to the old firm to la* paid to L. H. Low.
Tin- business will b« continued at the <dd
stand by 1*. It. Rowell. I. s. u se.
1*. H. ItOWP.LL.
Hamilton, July 11. 1*70. Jyll-lm
1 V 1X0 of each week, at the Athete uTn.
w,,)» A DAY! * »I V art Id. - !'•■« nt*.
S Ha
4-laiiM bu*inca* ami steady employment. '■ 1 ■
HOWE, .i? Anli stro t. IMiiladelplu P«
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tarian; educat--* llinM r-; *Mkii a*y**ar t«»
poor stmh-iit-; begin* August Apply t<» .1. /
Li Termore, Miuulvillc, I’a.
(If RIOt'S, HOW STRANGIC! Tin '/><•
, . La i m r. j conWn ft
desired information. Sent me for stamp. Ad
draw MRS. II. METZGER, Hanover, I’a.
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40-ctdmuii paper. Ledger size. illustrates
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Twenty Year*. Tie ir American and Enrui*cau
Patent Agency i* the most extensive* in the
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agT'114'y. \ pamphlet containing full in«tmc
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he excelled. and our check* are free. Having
two houses--Boston and Chicago—our facilities
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amount all other concerns in this trade com
I . s. C. THOMPSON iV CO.,
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Being a cripple, I have mad • houag planning a
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inscriptive circulars of Plans. Vi< w». 1t«\, with
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Private entrance on Commercial street.JH^W
Fstablished in 1854, for the tr< atmentMSy(«A
of Sexual and Heralnal Disease, such as t- 5;
Gonorrhea, Gleet, Htricture, Hyphilli*. in nil it*,
forms; Hem Inal Weakness, Impohucy. etc., etc.
Skin diseases <»f years standing, nud Ulcerated
Legs, etc., successful!v treated.
Seminal Woakness.
Seminal emission is the consequence of self
abuse. Thi- solitary vie-. or depraved sexual
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Boxes to an almost uulimibd . xtent, producing
with unerring certainty the following train of
morbid symptoms, unless, oiubated by scientific
medical in u'iir-s, viz: Hallow countenance,
(lark spots under the eyes, jmiti in the head,
ringing iu the ears, nois- like the rustling of
h aves or rattling of chariots, uneasiness about
the loins, weakness of the limbs, confused
vision, blunted Intellect, loss of confidence, diffi
dence In npprofu hing strangers, a dislike to
form new acquaintances, a disposition to shun
society, loan of memory, pimples ami \orions
eruptions about the fact. hectic fiimhe*. furtvd
tongue, betid breath, cough*, consumption,
night sweats, monomania ami frequently di
sunity. If relief be not obtained, you should
apply immediately, either in person or bv letter,
and base a cure effected by his new amt scientific
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ofcflVil in# u quick and radical cure. Ur. ti.
will give one hundred dollurs to any person who
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cured of this complaint by either of tl,. Han
Francisco quacks.
< lived ut flume.
Persons ni n distance may Is- (M’UF.D AT
HOMi:, by addressing a letter t» Dr. Gibbon,
statiug ca-< . symptom*, l<-iigih of tine i|„.
disease has continued, and have medicine
promptly forwarded. fr«-e Iroiii damage ami cu
rio lty. to any part of the Country, with full and
plain direction* for use. by enclosing ?15 in cur
rency. or flu in coin, in a registered letter
throiigii the Postofttce, or tlirough Well*. Fargo
& Co.
-V package of medicine will !*• forwarded by
Kxpress to any part of the I'nion.
persona writing tu the Doctor xa ill phase statu
,|lic name of tarpaper tlu-y mi this nd\crilM..
ment in.
All eomum&ittuioi* strictly confidential.
Address. DR. J. F. GIBBON,
JyH-fiw ltox tn, San Vroimlsm r.Bfomia,
(ffllljitc ^linc JUtos.
ttr TUIa mtaUliah.ill l« »W» *
lane aaai.rtmpnt of lit’Wt-'tl alyli * of TiI*. IllT
il.pt. ■ IniainantH. rani*. AaaorU'il I1* I "'I'- *"‘l
' nil lilt*
Fni|il.ir.'fl in llir pmlirr rmutinn nf
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Notes, Etc.
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Ol all *!/.*•*, shades and-lin]M-s. in plain black or
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op whitk pim;
and a general new* summary In » very
inmie--IhwM** our specialty—
Hvory Sunday,
ffirntfchintf acMiiiploh accouut oftU* <>r
the mines in till* District -condition of the
work*: late development*;amount of ore- for th*
wok; yield of ore worked; proposed change*;
also, condition and pi-oajieil of outside claim*,
and other mattrrw of Interest to owners and the
genera) public.
' Pt-monK \vmlui4,' Blank Book* print'd will nut
U' un.l» r tli* nrrettoiijr nf h. udl.<" to Ban Fran
for thi* i-lianirfi r of work, nr ttrr pm
l*rod to ( xcnit* marh nr-ij-k in u «oml ntyl*. and
at r*a«onal»lr- prirr».
Drlinqurut rale*.
Mammoth mii.vkm mining com
pany. i ■ ■ at ion oi W< rka: WI H< iv
Mining District. White Pin. * unty. Stun- of V
va.la. Thcr. ur* dolin<|U* nt upon tin
!*lh*wlug described *t**« k. oil Ri'i'dlllil of »'* —
m-nt levied mi tin- *J*Hh day H May 1*. K»
the several amounts « i opi-'-ile tin nmn - • •
the iv'jK i'ilx1 -harrhold'-r*, a- follow-:
Name-. N *. (’• rtlftcah N«».Hh'a. Wt.
Balter NY II. balanc*.2o|. 25\..
Baxter W II. haluncc.202.20 -4.00
Beidhinan K O, Tru-te--... 70*....100... JO.OO
Barton NY II, Trust* •.I <27 . .20.4.00
Bush* II John I.IIW....H10. ..20.00
Child Agones, Trustees. :»4l. —!*<••. -*o.im
Child A J0I1* a, Trustei-s, bal./Hi.22.4.40
child a .1ones. Trust*-.**.J5n... HW. ■ • .30.00
Child a Junes, Trust* * s.‘57-i"" . .20,<10
Child A Jones. Trust* • s. ;h h to '-*.00
Child k Jones, Trustee-.420. -. loo... .20.1m
Child A Jones,Treat** -.4.12.. . lo. . .2.00
Child A Junes, Trust * s. **»/.10.2.00
Clark Smyth.175... 100.. 20.ni
Clark Smvth... . 17*. . .loo... /Jo.oo •
* lark Sinxtli. I7'.». .. HSi 20.uu
Child W C.4 <4 1". 2.011
Child W C. Iwlanee .4/5 lo
*'..nrs, u g A, Trust* *. .. 1 fit. . ;o.. ti.oo
Child w C. Trust*..«r»7 20.4 0*1
Child W t\ Trustee.PJWl. »•'.*•<">
Cahill k <'*, e. Trust* . * . .1240.n>.H.ou
Cahill a Co l:. Treat*. -.124*... l«o 20.00
Ca\alli* r J B r. Trust.. 1:125. 10. m.ou
Cavallicr J B K. Trustee— l.ti j 15/.oh
Doty J J..loT 1* :«• ....fl.Oo
Ehrenlx-rgb Dr H T, balance.I2I .02
Farnatu K.’»*. ion ...Jimri
I'arnam E. . .Jftic. . 100... /Jo.oo
Farnatu E. . W0... loti. . .20.00
Famam E.• • - O’-'l... mo. . .20.0*1
Famam E. W2 10. .. J.oo
Faniam E.;RM. ■' • ...1.0o
Famam E.... .1025.. *o .,10.00
Fnmum E.1020.•"*0-10.00
Ooodall E. H70-25.5.00
Henderson D M,Trus:... -u.. lo 00
Hall N H, Trustee.1050.50-10.00
Hut* hiiiMiu J*»l*n, Trustee.. 1301.5.I .on
Hill A K, Trustee, balance. .210 •*« \ .ii.lin
Hill A E. Trustee.245 . 20 4.00
Hill \ E. Trustee.257. . to 2.00
Hill A K, Trustee.754 .50.. 10.00
H111 A E. Trustee, baJan- *■.. .Ml... *0. — ••**>
Hill A E, Trustt**.Hto.. PNC. .20.IH)
Hill A E, Trustee.**<•■ ..1o. /-'.OO
Hill A K. Trustee.... ***-• lo... 2.011
Hill A E. Trustee.***!. 20.... 4.00
Hill A K, Trust*-*.lo;)4.5H. ..10.00
Hill A E, Trustee .. .1045.5. I .no
HHI A E. Trustee . .1050 100. JO.OO
Hill A E. Trustee.10*2.5*t. ..I0.no
Hill A E. Trust. *.11>.20.. 4.0ft
Tenuiuga A A.I2‘»7... loo ...20-00
h- nne\ (*eo l,, Trn-t** Pin... lo... 2.00
King Wm P. Truatee I »h . in... 2.00
King Wm F. Trustee.140.... **•... lO.Oo
King Wm F, Trustee.. *‘<5 .. lo.. 2.00
King Wm F, Trust* *.-1*7. . . I". ‘J.oo
King Win F, Trustee. wi ' 1.00
King Wm F, Trustee. *'■**!. .. 45 . '*.*
King Wm F, Trust*-*-, l*al lino .2.. . . t*'
King Win F. Trustee. 1122.. P»‘. JO.OO
King NVin F Trustee.1150. ton. JO.OO
King Mm F, Trust...11*1. . Hat... /JiMai
Kiug Win 1*, Trustee.1 UJ. .250.. 50.00
Keunedy James NY, twlaiitv 11*4... *'•< PJ.On
Lind ley C.1*1.20.... 4.oo
Li ml ley C. K. ■ lo ... 2.00
Lloyd A. halun* * PHW.20.8JU
IxiwenbergH, Trust*- ..12*17. 17 !
Montgomery /,. .142 ...loo ‘Jo.oo
McDonald Nl J. 140 loo. J""o
MeDonaldANVhitney.TrusUie»775 ‘Jo.. 1""
McDu|ifttdANVl,itne>.Tmsb’e-7'.l.l . ■-*•., p).oo
MeDonaldA Whitney,Tru*U)StlKI0 . 20... 4.•*>
V r I I >ua hi A Whi tn*-\ ,Trnste»s-Mil.,.. loo. 'J0.no
McDun*ldJtWhitne),Tru*te*«12UU... •«. M.uo
Morgan 1 ta* (018 10.00
Morgan E.HUH.50_10 QO
Martin M s, Trust* • ... Ho«.... I».2JW
North Charles M.I2*h..to. ...IO.00
H bis H 11 . . 1 0 1 "
Owens Thurston E. balanei 011 *' 1.80
Phillips W H. Trustee .1*»M»_ -*» .4.00
Perry John L. Trust. * . iun:i.*».... lo.oo
Heilly Tb‘*niaa.. ,1077.... .Mt.,. .10,00
Smith F <», Trustee.-to. .2,410
Smith F 0. Trustee. 4 10. 3.00
Smith F 14. Trustee.7.lo 3.00
Hmith F t*,Truste«. *.Pc J.'1"
Smith P(J, Trout*.0.10.J.oo
smith F G,Trustee. I«.10.J.oo
Smith F <7. Trustee.57.. .too. . 20.00
Smith F <*, Trust*-* .50-pa*. ...20.00
Smith l* (1,Trustt-t .... 121.lo.’J.oo
Sherwood A Fre«lH>ro Tnis's..*40... 100.. jo.oo
sh* rwood A 1 r* * ls*rii, i rua'a.511 P*o... J0.0O
hh*-rw*>od A Fr*«-l*om,Trus‘- *47. ai. . . lo.oo
Sh« rwood a Frw bom.Trus‘s.54*... 'ac .. .Io.imi
Kherw.N*d A Fn-* l***m rru-’s/ns*.... pac '10.00
sh« rw«*oil A Fn** born,Tni»'».hoi ... Pac , .‘Jft.'Ri
Sherwood A FresbfUTi.Trua's.Co2... Pac ..20 tX)
Bbi rwood a Fr*elH»m.Tn*s -.722.. •** .. Ift.oo
Sh* rwHul A i’reelM'm.Tru* s 722., . 5»t. Itl.tR)
s. hmiedell Henry, Treaf*** . -u.,. .tO.Oo
Hchtefer pet* r...... lltt a*-I0.IRI !
Sleeper Gw*, Trust* * . . I2la.... .flu... lo.tR)
Hi* * per Ge*>, Truatf* . U21. ., .a).,. . HU«i
Tibia V E H. Trust* • 125m Pm) Jo.oo
White J .a T.lie... !5. 7.IM*
Winter J NN.4m7- 20 ...4.00
Webber Cku E.040.54.. Io.mo
Webber Geo E.05*1... I*. .0.30
Wm«ar*l T B, Tnistee.1173 ...415... s:i.uo
wilaon Henry.IK- - • l«.<a)
And In aci-i*rdanee with l»a.an*l nn <*rd«*r <*f
1 ho B«»«rd **f Trust* < n*a*l*' "h th< 20th day «>f
May, A. I*. 1070, **•• inatiy ahareu t»f * n«-h par* ul
uf said at<*ck on may b*- in-c* ■•uiy will Is- n**1*1 at
the offle. *|| the C'<*mpstl>'. It*a*ni N**. 28* llay
ward'a Building. N*c 4It* CaliP*mla »tr«-* t. Nan
Fratii'iaco, Csllfoniia, mi lUH»AN,lh< TNNEN
TV SKCIIM* 22*1) PAN Ol M I N . \ I*. Ko.
nt the hour <*i 1 «*Vl<** k p. tu • i said «lay,
to pay aaui d*-iiu«|Mf ut a«>**-—im-ni Pici't <ui, t*>
geth* r with i-o-l* "l advertising and * \|** iiw* "f
th*- -up .
JOSEPH L. KING. Secndary.
Offlr* ft*mm N*' Ji. Hsywanl'a Bnihllng, No.
4 )'• f'llifornln *»r*-*-t. Man Fn»nH***,«», Csllf*»rnla
Gold and Silver Mining and Milling Corn
l»«ny. No. 4'JO Monts**»u»T) street. City and
County of Kan Francisco, Slat* of California.—
Location of Work* Holiin•«>n Mining District.
County of White pine, and State of Nevada.
Notice. Tin n an- delinquent, upon the follow
itig-described stock, on account of h-m ssiiii-nt
levied on the 34th day of May, |s7u. the s verat
amount** set opposite tin nanus of tin respect
ive alian-hoid* r-, :.s follow*-:
Names. No.Cart. No.Hit, Ain't
bran nan K. s7.. ..50.. ♦ .'•non
bran nan H.104.In. bum
Moulton W4I, ... 2 1330. . 1 2A0.UU
Moulton W .11.. Hi.. . .50.. .30 H0
Moulton WJI..h-j. Jo.. jo.isi
Moulton WJI.s.j. ...ft ... .It .Oil
Moulton WJI,. bat. 25. J5.n0
Hick** John N. 17.. -ft... '*.«n»
llicka John N.... . ...Is.• ....5.no
Hicks John N. t'-» •*».
Hicks John N.J".5.00
Hicks John N.31. **.■•.on
Micks John N.23.5.3.U0
Hicks John N.
Hicks John N.24.... 10....lti.00
lllcks John N.25.10....1U.0O
Hicks John N.J'*.. lo....l0.t»»
Hicks John N.*/?.10....10.00
Hicks John N -2*.10....1U.UO
Hicks John N.W.ii>....jnoo
Hicks John N. :>».30.00
Hicks John N..70-lilUO.. baju.im
Hicks John N. ...77-100. .100.00
Ijuuh George W U. -■'* .. .5.00
l.ainii George W. •:*. _.5,00
Isuub Georg' W.M • }••••.3.00
Ijunli Georg* \\ ... •-00
iuunb George w. *0, . .ft.8.U0
fsuiih George W.;‘.7.’•.3.00
I,amb George \V. lrt * ....6.00
Ijamb George ...■’*.3.ini
Isiliib George W.40. ■> •-..6.00
Lamb George W.41...... ..5.oo
Lamb Georg* W.49.ft.3.on
!.nmb George W. 40.*.3.00
I .Mini* George W.It.3.....6.tH»
i.amb Georg** W.45..10. ...bum
Lamb George W.40.in... .iO.nn
Land* George W. ...47.10.... 10.00
Land* Georg*' W.4h.lo....10.00
isinit* George W.. ..49.10.... 10.00
i Laud) Georgei W.50.lo.... 10.00
Lund* George W. . 'd.to.. ..10.00
launb Guorgo W. .. ..Vj.. . . . to. .. bum
IjuuL George W. 5J.. .. 10 —10,00
■ Lamb Georg*1 W.34.. .10 ...10,00
' Lamb George W.-V*.90....90.00
Latnb George W .37.30....30.00
| Lamb George M ..^ .90 ...90.00
IAUib George W... • .70....ISIO) .2000.00
1 1 jimb George W.h*». .. *200 300.00
Wells Win V.h:,.50. ...80.00
Wells Will V.105.23 .25.00
Knox DE... I'M... .;*G40. ..'1040.00
Knox D K..102. 1200. .1900.00
itadlam A Jr.101..3». -33.no
An«l in accordance w ith law. and an **r*l* r of
th*- board "f Trust**-, mad* on tin- -111 • day . r
May. 187n, «•* many aliares of • a* li porc« l of said
ntoi'k hm may •**■ necessar) will i»' sold at intblic
miction at tin* lions'- »»f Maurice D-*r* \ t’**..
No :i*i7 Montgomery sir*-et, Han Francisco, State
• j Cslifornia, on the TWENTY I IGHTH DAY
. OF Jl I.Y. l*7o, at the hour of 1 o'clock |>. in.
, "f saiit day, to pay shid d* liiiqucut hs«*-snieiil
tin reon.togeth* r will* costs *-f advertising and
expellee* of th* -id*
A. IJADI.AM. Secretary,
i (»«*•* : At No. t'Jo Montgomery *tn** t. City and
c'*Miiil v • if Han Francisco, state of t 'lllforniu.
'i> li-t.i
htr*M-t, Shu Francisi-o, Jnn*- JO, 1670.—The an
imal inerting of the stockholders of this Com*
pany will Is- held on SATURDAY, July '28, 1870.
at I'2 o'clock m., for the nkvtkm of Trustees for
llie • netting ><sr. and * lie transaction of any
other business Mint may be presented.
j*‘27-t.l SOLON PAY TEE. Secretary.
.11M M1LLKH .V CO.
Liyery, Sale, Feed & Boarding Stable,
jyT-tf C.ir TnMitT* »n«l Pmm 4rr*U.
| mmvv mining «
h*him' *h ... Mi' I-. ;t:, i
if* i !_ ' s
... in. > 7% 4 si jr
li M linkin' r.ij,... *it
l> M llooiui r.T ... .,|
l> M Hounpr.o.. ..
I) HI IIuhumi.In.. •»,. .•,"n
l> M Honm r.l j.... ,.io. . .•‘•JJ
I) M Ifoiiocr/rniHk'eUti.... iihni.
!> M Howuir.TruftteoMJ. lo
l> M HosjuiT.Trilittrf M2.|u. .J .
I) M HoMUHT.TniMtiTi.Yi... in)
Hh-hard M<n«K..•„*'» .••*»!,v* ;,i'i'"'7*,K'
Richard Havuge_ ir.i.:m>u.!
Hie I mil) Savage-190_ |ihi
S A Punt..’Hi.in. .
M M Baldwin.11. .|o... .*?!
M M Baldwin ... 141..40..... ^.2, 'ijf'
Itichard II Savage.. .115.lo. •4? ?*
V Conklin.in*.. uni...; . ViiVS
R Caulfield.12*. to .W'
l» Walk. r. M I• 120 _*n.’H,!!'
Al-P.ver.lt . _|»4. lun
A K Kv. reft.HUi.Mi. .
William King.I »7.Mi '.. L“?
W iilium Krug. la*.:,n .
W ui Krug. Tniwtii-. .H57. . nm. .:i""'
W in Krug. Trunk* .107.2 JTt. . . .Vi’ !!!
Win Krug, Triihte* ..10*.400.."'VA'S
JolinClmunt.Ill.on. '.ir
A Martiliou. Truaieell'W... ,42*a... ton %
Charlen C Bow mini . .155_ 5tHi -I'f'
I. D SinuiMiui.117_ 05 " .
B wilder I I . moo! .ii,;*;
R Colin 170_ino.... . Krai
«' 1! Burton.I*u. . .H2H... lit n,
A: WIm.17V. . Mini. .;* •*;
« FMcBenni.t.170.Jon. ,.'2
s Heydeiif.ldf.1*1..**1. ...liYai il l
Trunk e.| 1 -• ..inn.mi
Chan Wellington, I ,
Trunk*.. I "*-• ..
I Imn Wellington, |
Trunk..( '*'* . . .,15.1m
Chaw Wellington. | 1141
Trunte, ... .... ( l!*l • hi*1 .154m
T Annul Chair, nnl .195. | m. lUl
II li t-ran. „„ .
II. .. W lor.,tli., .
Trnafei-.1 r4lO.00.00
1**.T04 171.50
Ml M.illAMH M. July 7. 1H70.
I • ‘Heeled from Brink!, on* .. n Mian a :m. |u ttl
lunkliu, .. ... '•
Southwell, •• ar/
,,1:'_< MMtrmON, fc-.Wlin
A$$r$$mrnt Botiffs;.
I it I of t|i< Wire- Consolidated hi|i, »
Mining t'-onipany. l*.u»iinu of works \uMt,
Pw,. Mining lMMr.. t.< oUn1yoMUiUr*J,,
»i « ni'.'iIfm ..I III.- Tnwl"f»of ,id
i-i.i .. nn -i-.v... J..H
in* n! i No. IP of
Hvi* Dnllio* I»rr NliHif
' levied U IS 111 tu< « apital Stock nf *»l,| ,
puny, pay aid- Immediately. in l nlted Hu,i.
gold coin, to tin- secretary, at th* uflta ot u„
i .'tnpatiy. No. 41*4 California stmt iR.ioin
san Francis*-o, i alifomia. Any ato* k »i«>u which
-aid ass* shiih nt shall remain unpaid on the loth
day of August, !■<•». -hall la- deemed delinquent
mid will Is* duly advertised f..r sal** at public
am tloli, and unless paynt* nt shall Is* made b*
for*-, will Ik -old on the FlftHT DAY OF hKl’
1 I.MUKlt, 1H70, t<* pay th* d* tinqu'iit ns'e
merit, fogi-t h**r with ...at* of advertising and *■*
I** IMS) ol th* -si* . ily enter of the Hoard -
'Signed' M. ATWOOD, Herman
I *m . \t No. IP.i < id if. in ia -fn. t .H,
San Francisco, California. jj|| nl
1 KVMK \. (>0\M0l,IUlTi:D ntMNf.
fOMHNY Whit*- l'ir« IHstrrct Nevada
Nolle# la hereby given that at a in** ting of tin
Hoard *.f Trust****a of said Company, In ld mi t)u
g*Hh day of June, Ki), an am- saturnt of
Ton lo Ceuta Per Share
was I* \ied up* n tlio capital wt**k of -aid ciute
pany. payable Immediately, in I'nited man
gold an*l sliver coin, to th* Secretary. Any
stock ujk'Ii which sahi as- mmiMHI shall rrtuaiii
unpaid on the ‘JMIi day of July, lK7f, shall I*
il'. iued deliuuuont. aud will la duly advertise*!
f**r sale at public auction, nml, payment
-hall I** nuule Is fore, will la an Id *m MhNHAY.
tin* lAth day «*f August. ls;u, |.. pay the d* lin
i|u*ut a»»*samrnt, together with *< is nf a*1ver
lining and expense- **f sal* H> order <T th*
Hoard nf Trust* , a.
I M HI I FIMiTON. S*rrrtary
inlb * o' N. w Merchant'* F.vhang*,California
street. Kan Kram iaeo, t.'al. jjMd
4 PWY. Location **f Works: >Mdte Pm*
Mining Hiatrlet, Whitt Pin* county, state of V ■
vads Notice is hereby given, tliat ut a merlin,
of th* Hoard of Trust*** « ol said Company, held
on th* Mill day of June, info, an as-»-m*tit <-i
Tuenty to Cents per share
Wa* i*-\i«*J up •,! tht capital at - k « l said » >•*,,
puny, |*asnl>l immediately, in I'ltilcd Hut*
go!,] coin, to th* Secretary, at Mu-office ol th*
Comtatny, No. pit California afreet. Han Fmn
et*eo, California. Any -lock »-|*on which said
H„e* -*mt nt ahail n main unpaid * n Multi*-day.
fli* ‘JOtli day of July. A D 1*70, *liall Is deemed
delinquent, and wUI Is duly advertlaerl for -ale
at public auction: and. miles* payment *dia!l Is
mad* before, will Is- mjM <>n Thursday, the iith
• lay of August, A. I*. 1K70, to pay th* deliti'iu*nt
uss*-siuent, together w ith c *st- <*f ad vert bin*
and rijmiM s of the *nh
Hy order of th*- Hoard of Trust** -
DYYID T. HAttLEY. Kr'T* tary.
fifth-e No. 4*• I California str*« t. Han l-'ran* i
California. Jel&td
\ minim. coMPVNY I.*station oi Works
White Pine county, KtHti of Nevada. Notice i
In reby given that, at n meeting of th*- H*Mir*l •>!
Trust*-*- of said Company, Indd on Ih*- 1-1 da)
of Jllll* , 1H70, Mil ll»K* S-lll* nt «*f
Five (.*» 4 enta |*e» slime
was l* \l*d upon the itpltai *H*ek *»f -aid Com
pany, pay aid* I mined lately, in I'nited blub*
gold coin, to Hi,- Hecr* tary. nt th* office of th*
Company, Room .Y, No. :«Vi Montgomery street.
San Francisco, California. Any stork upon
whi* h said assenam* lit shall r*main unpaid on
haTI’IU* YY', the HF.i uNI* l»A V OF JULY, HWn.
shall »m* d* .m. «l <1* lluqin id, and Will is duly
advertised for sal- at ptiolh auction, ami mile—
iravm. nt -hall Is made lief**rr will be aold on
Monday. th. twkmy fifth day «»i
JI'LY, 1*70. to pay th*- delinquent assessment,
together with costs of admtfalng amt expense -
.1 sal* Hv • rd* r of the Hoard of Trustees.
WM IIW\THON. Hecretarv
OKI. • IP sun a, No. dll.' Montgomery street,Han
Francisco, California. Jc» t*l
I'UHTPONFMENT. Th* day for d.-cu»iiu
dock 1 n th* abovt asacaamont dellnmtmf w
hereby ta)stm>ued until MON4»AY. the FIllbT
iny or AI firsr. Iwjn. nml the sal* there*-t
HAY OF Aldl ST. |H7it.
Hy *»rd* r of th* lt**ur*l **f Trust** -.
JyK-td WYt II WYTHON, HccMary
I Com|MUiy.—localb*u of Workt*. YNhit*
I’itie, Nevada. N**llce Is hereby giVCU,lhat»t
:i nui Mug of Hi** lion nl ol Troateca **f said Coni
pany, held on the l-f tiiiv rtf Jitn**, 1H7f*. an
l,HM4'SSlll*:Ut ot
Three 151) 4 eiits Per Hharr
was I* vied upon th* capital stock irf snl*l con*
panv, i*ayul*h* immediately. In I'nited Ktatcs
gohi coin. t«* the Secretary, at the otbee of tl»*
■ ouqiany. N-*. I Express Huiidiug, northeast
* <*m* r Mi*ntg»»mery and t'alifornla strci'ts, Kati
Fran* Isco, Culifornia. Any st*s k ttpon which
sahi aaaeiiaincnt "hall remain unpaid On th*
•jad day of .Inly, 1H7U. shall Is- deemed d»*Hli
i|U* nt, and will Is- duly advertised for *»!.• nt
public auction, ami tinh-sa payment sbnll h**
made I--fun*, will Is* sold on Monday, the Htli
day of August, Kit, to pny the d.liuqmnt
nsHcssiii*nt, together with costs of ndv* rtlsinj
,iii11 expeiiN*‘s of snl*-. Ily ordiT <*l the Boar*l
of Tm-locs.
T. J. OW fcNK. K* erttary
Office: No. 1 Kxpr* -s Httilding. uortbeast com* r
Montgomery uud California street-. Kan Frnn
ciaco, California. JcjO-tK
In nil. district cnrnror tiii ninth
Judicial District of f in* Mtat. of Nevada, in
mid for the County ot Lincoln.
The Htnt> of Nevada to John If. Phillip*
greeting: Von an hereby required lo appear in
nil uctiou cornnien ed iiaaiiisl you, a* defendatil.
by l^nirn K. Phillip*, it-> plaintiff, In the District
Court "( tli- Niiitii .ImliciiU District, In and f- i
tin- County oi Line dii, Htni. «»f Nevada, at Hlko
mid biihwi r the complaint therein (which is on
tile with tiie clerk of said Court), within bn
day a after service upon you of this summon*
lev lu*i\" of tli" day <>l service), If served
in suid County of Lincoln, nr twenty day* it
s« rve.l out of said County, but In the Nlmh J't
dicial District of tli,- stale of Nevada, or f"ft.'
days if served out ot said District, but Within
the State, or judgment by default will be taken
against you, according to I ho prayer of the said
The said m ti. >u is lirouglit to obtain a decree
of said Court dissolving the Isolds of matrimony
now existing Is-tween yon and plaintiff, on the
grounds of your failure for the term of two yearn
to provide her with Ihe common necessaries oi
life—such failure not arising from poverty on
your part which ordinary industry eould not
avoid; and mIho on the ground of extreme cruelty
toward plaintiff on your part— aa set forth in th.
com plaint now on file in this office. And If yon
fail t<> answer the said complaint, the said
plaintiff will take judgment for the relief proved
for in Hie complaint and for coats of this action
Given under my hand and the seal of the said
Court, tills rtb flnv of July, A. D. 1870.
Clerk of Ihe District Court.
NintIi Judicial District, Nevada,
f Vi-Ci ul Nevada Htate Revenue stamp
x.o. o. r.
UAMH.TOS T/IDOE. r. T>„ I. O. l).
...nil Hall. Tnwtuc atrwi. All Ilr.nln r« I
Rood .landing art* ln\ It. .1 to at fin.1
.1 MAHt'IMNT.H. •>■
I! H.MH.ril. II. K UP'-'. I

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