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Ordinance No. 37.
In Ordinance providing fori he Aw»l«f and
Collecting of Bevenoe for Hamilton City.
Tbi Board of Trustees of Hamilton City do or
daln as follewi:
SacTiovl The Bosrdof Trustees of HamUton
City shall, liy resolution, prior to the fourth
M.indav In June, 1»W. *nd annually thereafter,
ssZl tlic amouit of taxes that shall ije levied
for city purposes, ilealgnsllng the mm,h r of
cents which shall he levied on each one hundred
dollars of taxable property, real or personal,
which resolution shall be entered upon the re.
cord of their preceedlnga, and a copy thereof,
Ju” ccrtiaMhjthc Clerh. forthwith Muted
to the Assessor, Marshal snd Treasure r, AU
taxes levied under the previsions of thin, Ordl
nance shaU be paid in legal coin of the l nltod
States and are nereby IIisle a lien against the
property assess, which lien shall attach upon
the assessment thereof by the Inwot and stall
not bo removed until all taxes have hen
paid or the property has vested in a purchaser
un^r sale fir uxre(j ia cltJ> not
exempt by low from taxation, shall ta subject to
taxation for city purposea, and shjdl be taxed as
real eatate or personal property The tern, real
enute ' whenever unrd In this Ordinance, shall :
include the ownership of, or claim to or posses,
sion of. oi right of possession to. any land within
the city limit.; .ad the term • poreoiml property,
whenever used In this Ordinance, ehall Include
all movable property, of whatsoever kind or na
ture, not included in the term real estate as
^Between the fourth Mon.tsy iu Juno
and the Bret llondariu August, 1*0. and each
year thereafter, the City Asaenaor shnU ascertain
and make out a Hat of aU property In the city,
real and personal, aubjeet to taxation, and also
the names of all persons, corporations, associa
tions. companies or Breus, owning, claiming or
having the possession or control of the same
and determine the full cash value of all such
property and list and aaseas the same to the per.
son, Brm, company, corporation, or amioclarion,
nwTtinis rUiminir or having the potweaiiion,
charge or control thereof, ror xno purpose oi
making such Mwenument, the Assessor shall de
mand from each person and firm, and from the
President, Cashier, Treasurer or managing agent
of each corporation, association or cotniiany
within the city, or doing business or owning
property therein, a statement under oath or af
firmation of all the real estate or personal prop
erty within the city, owned, claimed by, or in
the possession or under the control of such per
son, firm, corporation, association or company.
If any person, officer or agent shall neglect or
refuse, on demand of the Assessor or his Deputy,
to give, under oath or affirmation, the statement
required by this section, the Assessor or his Dep
uty shall make a minute of such refusal or neg
lect under his name, and an estimate of the tax
able property which such person, officer or agent
neglected or refused to so render; and the value
so fixed shall not be reduced by the Board of
Equalization. If the name of any al>sent owner
of property is known to the Assessor, the prop,
erty shall be assiwsed in his, her or their names;
if unknown to the Assessor, the same shall be
assessed to unknown owners. The form of the
Assessment Boll, and the manner of making
the assessment hereby ordained, shall lie sub
stantially the same as that prescribed by law for
County Assessors. For the purpose of carrying
oot the provisions of this section the Assessor
and his Deputy shall have power and authority
to administer all oaths and affirmations author
ized by law.
Sac. 4. On or before the first Monday in An
gust, 1870, and each year thereafter, the City As
sessor shall complete his tax list or assessment
roll, and attach his certificate thereto, which
certificate shall be by him subscribed and sworn
to, and substantially in tho following form, to
wit: ' I do solemnly swear that 1 have made
diligent inquiry into the names of all taxable in
habitants of Hamilton City; that I have diligently
investigated and ascertained the description,
value, ami ownership, of all taxable property in
nUd city ; that I have in all cases sought and put
down the true owner, true description and true
value of all property assessed to tho best of my
ability; and that the annexed is a true and cor
rect assessment roll, made in accordance with
the laws of the State and the ordinances of the
said city.' And shftll deliver said assessment
roll, Dkaps, books and the original list of prop
erty to tho City Clerk, who shall immediately
give notice of the same, specifying the time of
meeting of the Board of Equalization by publi
cation in some newspaper published in said city,
or in such other manner as the Board of Trustees
may direct; and slutll keep the roll open for pub
lic inspection.
Sec. 5. The Board of Trustees shall consti
tute the Board of Equalization, and a majority
of the Board, with the President of the Board,
shall be a quorum for the Board of Equalization;
and the decision, a majority of such quorum
shall be final. The City Clerk shall be the Clerk
of the Board of Equalization. The Board shall
meet on the first Monday after the completion of
the assessment roll, and shall continue iu ses
sion from time to time, until the business of
equalization brought before them is disposed of ,
provided, that no complaint on account of the
assessment of any property shall lie considered
unless It shall Is- filed iu writing with the Clerk
of the Board within one week sifter the session
of the Board oommenoes. The Board of Equal
ization shall have the power to determine all
complaints in regard to the assessed value of
any property, and may change and correct any
valuation, either by adding thereto or deducting
therefrom, if they deem the sum fixed by the
assessment roll too small or too gn at: w h< tl r
such sum be fixed by the owner or the Assessor,
except that in cases where the person complain
ing of the assessment has refused to give the
Assessor his list under oath or affirmation, as re
quired by this ordinance, no reduction shall be
made by the Board of Equalization iu the assess
ment made by the Assessor. If the Board of
Equalization shall find it necessary to add to the
assessed value of any property on the assees
luent roll, they shall direct their clerk to give
notice to the persons interested,by notice depos
ited In the postofflee, directed to such person,
naming the day when they will act in that case,
and giving reasonable time to appear. During
the sessions of tho Board of Equalization the
Assessor shall lie present, and also his deputy, If
necessary, as a witness in any case; and they
shall have a right to ruako any statement, or
produce any testimony pertinent to any matters
coming before the Board. Tho Board shall
make use of all the information they can gain
from tho County Recorder, or otherwise, in
initializing the assessment roll, and may order
the Assessor to enter upon the said roll any
mortgage or lien, or ether property that has not
been assessed; and the assessment and equaliza
tion so made,shall have the same force and effect
as if made by the Assessor before the delivery of
the assessment roU by him to the City Clerk.
See. 6. As Boon as tho equalization is com
pleted, the Clerk shall prepare a duplicate assess
ment roll, which shall contain the assessment as
ongiuauj mmun um as fuu&uzotl uy tue Board,
and to which "hall be added a column showing
the amount of taxes due from cadi party
aaaeeaed, which duplicate assessment roll he
Khali certify to be correct, and deliver tho Hame
to the City Marshal, charging him with the
whole amount of taxes shown to be due thereon.
When the duplicate assessment roll has lx-en de
livered to the City Marshal, ho shall cause a
notice thereof to be published in some newspa
per published in the city, if there be one, for
• uno week, requiring taxpayers to come forward
and pay their taxes within four weeks from the
publication of said notice. The Marshal shall
immediately upon the receipt of the said dupli
cate assessment roll, commence tho collection of
taxes, and for that purpose he Khali remain in
his office from 9 o’clock a.m. to 4 o’clock p.m. of
each day, for four weeks after tho aKHoMHment
roll has bron no delivered.
BMC. 1. It Khali be the duty of the Marshal to
pay over to the City Treasurer, on each Saturday
after he commences tho collection of taxes, the
whola amount collected during the week pro
ceeding, less his commissions fur collecting, and
to take duplicate receipt* therefor- one of which
he shall Ale with tho Clerk, ami the other retain
as his voucher. The Clerk shall credit the Mar
dial on the assessment roll with all sums so
paid. The Marshal ahall also report to the
Bored of Trustee,, every week, the amount paid
over to the Treasurer at hie lest nottloment, and
the amount of hla commlaalon thereon; provld
ed. that it ahall be the duly of tho Marshal to
oollect tho taxes upon peraoual or movable prop,
erty immediately upon the aaaeaanioid thereof
by the Asaeaaor, and to pay over and report the
same aa hereinbefore provided
*«e. >. Whenever any Ux In paid to the Mar
ahal, he ahall mark the word 'paid,'and the date
of the payment oppoolte the name of tho por
tion or tho description of the property liable for
wish taxea, and ahall give a receipt therefor,
nperlfyinii the amount of the aaeeaament, the
amount of the tax, and the deeerlption of the
property aaeeaaod; but the Marshal ahall not re
ceive any taxea on any real estate for any portion
leas than the least subdivision entered upon the
aaaeaament roll; provided, always, an owner of
undivided real eetate may pay the proportion of
taxeadneon hlaintereattheretn.
«»c. •. ir any person, firm, company or as
soclatlon. who shall 1» tssews-d nnjcr the pro
visions of thu Ordinance, shall fail to pay tho
taxes so assessed, on or before the end of the
fourth week after the publication of the notice
required by Section 6 of tliia Ordinance, it shall
lie tha duty of the Marshal, within live days
thereafter, to furnish tho City Attorney a list
showing the name of every such delinquent, the
Mnount dac from each, together wttli u dent-rip
llo“ ,tbo property assessed and a statement
verified by himself or deputy that such parties
»r© delinquent This lut shall be known as the
Delinquent List; and, before It la handed to the
Ctty Attorney, it shall lie presented to the City
Clerk, M4 the Clerk shall credit the Marshal
with the amount of the taxes delinquent ac
cording to su«h list, and shall make a final set.
tlement with the Marshal of all taxoa charged
against him on account of the assessment roll.
Bgc. 10. Immediately sfn-r the delivery of
such list to the City Attorney he shall cause a
notice of the same to bu published in a city
newspaper for one week, and during that week
he shall recelrs snd receipt for any taxes due;
and after the expiration of such publication, it
shall be the duty of tho City Attorney to institute
suit in the name of the Inhabitants of llamiltou
City against all persona so delinquent, and
against the real estate and improvements as
sessed so delinquent, and against all owners and
claimant# of the same, known or unknown. The
complaint in any action for the collection of city
taxes shall conform as nearly as may be proper
to that prescribed by the general statute* of itae
dtate in actions for the collection of State and
Ooaatr tax«a: and upon filing the complaint in
the proper Court, a summons shall be Issued
and served aa In other cirll caees. by delivering
a copy thereof to each defendant named In the
complaint, or by publication in tome newapaper
m provided by law In other eivll case*, and ehall
require the defendant and all owners of and
-UuQsnts to any real relate and Improvement*
described in the summons, known or unknown,
to appear and answer the complaint tiled in
Court; and as to Mid real estate and improve
ments, s copy of the summons shall be served
upon the person or persons in possession of the
same; and further, as to such real estate by post
ing a like copy in some conspicuous place
thereon, and at the door of the City Hall, In said
Hamilton City: and all the proceedings under
this section shall be, as far as the same is appli
cable, in accordance with the general laws of the
State In other civil actions.
Sec. ll. Said delinquent list, ora copy there
of. certified by the Marshal, or his deputy, show
ing unpaid taxes against any person or property,
shall be prima facie evidence in any court to
prove the assessment, the property assesses!, the
delinquency, the amount of taxes due and un
paid.and that all the forms of the law ia relation
to the assessment and levy of such taxes have
been complied with.
Bkc. 12. In case judgment is rendered tor de
fendent, it shall be general, without costs, and
may be entered in favor of some one or more of
them, and against others, as in other civil cases.
In case Judgment is for the plaintiff, it may be
entered against such defendents as are found
liable for the tax, and tor such uuoajt or por
tion thereof as he or they shall tie adjudged lia
ble; provided, that no personal judgment shall
be rendered unless the person against whom it
is rendered shall hare been ser ed w ith the sum
mons, as provided in this ordinance, or shall
have appeared in the action. Judgment may be
entered against the real estate and Improvements
severally assessed and levied the* on; and when
it shall appear upon the assessment roll that the
real estate and improve meats belong to the
same person or persons, then judgment may be
rendered against said real estate and improve
ments Jointly, for the whole tax thereon, or such
I»art thereof as may l«e adjudged. Such Judg
ments when rendered in the District or Justice's
Court, shall he docketed, and become liens upon
all the property against which judgment is ren
dered. from the date of such assessment. The
City Attorney may file transcripts of judgments
rendered in Justices' Courts, under this ordi
nance. with the County Clerk, and have them
Hkt. la. An Act to regulate proceedings in
cirli cases in the Court* of Jnstiee of this State,
and to reiieai all other Acts in relation thereto,
approved Mairli 8, 1*59. so far as the same is
consistent with the provisions of this Ordinance,
are hereby made applicable to all proceeding*
under thi* Ordinance. The deed of the Marshal
for property sold for taxes shall have the effect
prescribed by law, and property so sold shall not
be subject to redemption. The Marshal, in sell
ing property for delinquent taxes, shall sell only
the smallest portion that any person will take
and pay the judgment and all coata. All money
collected under the provisions of this Ordinance,
except costs and charges allowed to the Oonrt
and officers, shall without delay be paid to the
City Treasurer, and each collection and the date
thereof shall be entered opposite the proper
name or property in the delinquent list, which
shall be open to public. Inspection.
Sec. 14. The City Attorney shall pay over to
the City Treasurer, every Saturday, all money
received by him for delinquent taxes, taking du
plicate receipts therefor, one of which he shall
file with the Clerk, and the other koep for his
voucher: and on or before the first Mom lay of
June of eaeh year shall make a final settlement
with the City Treasurer of all money received by
him; and shall at that time deliver to the City
Clerk the delinquent tax list, together with a
statement under oath of all the suits brought
and judgments obtained on said delinquent
list, and the reasons why no suits have been
brought or taxes collected in cases of other de
linquents. The delinqnent list shall be passed
over by the Clerk to the incoming City Attorney
as soon as he shall have qualified, who shall
continue proceedings thereon, and when the next
Board of Equalization meets any taxes still de
linquent thereon shall be revised by said Board,
ami stricken out or returned by them to the City
Attorney for further proceedings.
8*c. 15. The City Attorney shall appear and
prosecute all actions for the recovery of delin
quent taxes under this Ordinance; and, for his
services therein, shall receive at the rate of
twenty per cent, on all sums collected as delin
quent: provided that the same shall in all cases
Ik* taxed as costs Against th* parties owing such
delinquent taxes, and entered in the Judgment
therefor and collected then-on, ami in no case to
be a charge against the city.
Bec. 1«S. All Ordinances, or parts of Ordi
nances, in conflict with this Onlinance, are
hereby repealed.
Sec. 17. This Ordinance shall take effect and
be in force from and after its passage.
Approved June 25. 1870.
P. EVERTS. President of the Board.
M. P. Chamberlin, City Clerk. Je29-14t
Ordinance No. 38.
An Ordinance creating a Salary and Contingent
Fund, and for other purposes.
The Board of Trustees of ITamilton City do or
daiu as follows:
Section 1. From and after the passage of this
Ordinance, the City Treasurer shall set apart
fifty per cent, of all money coming into the City
Treasury from licenses, hall rent and fines: and
twenty-five per cent, of all money coming into
the City Treasury from taxes on real and per
sonal property, which shall be known as the
Salary and Contingent Fund.
Sec. 2. The City Treasurer shall make a re
port to the Board rtf Trustees on the first Mon
day in eaeh mpnth, showing the amount of
money received Into the City Treasury for the
month previous, tbo amount set apart to said
Salary and Contingent Fund, the amount dis
bursed, and the amount remaining in the Treas
Sac. 3. All warrants for the payment of sal
aries, and all warrants fur defraying the rout in
gent expenses of the city, unless otherwise
ordered by the Board of Trustees, shall hereafter
lie drawn upon the • Salary and Contingent
Fund;’ which warrants shall commence a new
series, and be paid in the order of their registra
8*c. 4. This Ordinance shall take effect and
lie in force from and after its passage.
Approved July 5, 1870.
P. EVERTS, President Board of Trustees.
M. P. Chamberlin, City Clerk. JyH-14t
Ordinance No. 39.
ku Ordinance abolishing the offices of Street
Commissioner and Jailer aud Janitor.
The Board of Trustees of Hamilton City do or
dain aa follows:
Section 1. The offices of Street Commissioner
mid Jailer and Janitor are hereby abolished.
Ssc. 2. Ordinance Ho. 29,entitled ‘An Ordi
nance creating the office of Jailer and Jauitor,
und defining hia duties, com pen nation, etc.,’ ap
proved January 31,1870, and all Ordinances or
parts of Ordinances defining the duties of and
prescribing compensation for Street Commis
sioner, are hereby repealed.
Sec. 3. This Ordinance shall take effect and
be in forco from and after its passage.
Approved July 5, 1870.
P. EVERTS, President Hoard of Trustees.
M. P. Chamberux, City Clerk. Jy8-14t
Ordinance No. 40.
An Ordinance Regulating the Salaries of Of
The Board of Trustees of Hamilton City do or
dain as follows:
Section 1. The officers of Hamilton City
shall receive the following compensation for
their services—to wit: The City Marshal shall
receive a salary <>f nine hundred dollars per an
num, and five i»er cent, on all taxes collected by
him on real and personal property; and also one
dollar for collecting each license. The City
Treasurer shall receive a salary of nine hundred
dollars per annum. The City Assessor shall re
ceive a salary* of six hundred dollars per annum.
The Chief Engineer shall receive a salary of nine
Hundred dollars per annum. The City Attorney
shall receive a salary of seventy-five dollars per
month, and, in addition to such percentage as is
allowed him on delinquent taxes, shall receive
five dollars for each conviction for violation of
Ordinances, provided that the same shall in all
coses he collected from the party convicted, and
in no case to be a charge against the city. The
City Clerk shall receive a salary of seventy-five
dollars per month. Regular Policemen shall re
ceive a salary of seventy-five dollars per month,
and also two dollars for each arrest and convic
tion, provided that the same shall in all cases be
collected from te party convicted, and in no
case to be a charge against the city.
Hkc. 2. Each of the above salaries shall be
payable in legal coin of the United States, in
equal monthly installments, on the first day of
each and every month.
8ac.3. Ordinance No. 4, entitled ‘An Ordi
nance regulating the salaries of officers,’ approv
ed April 10, I860, and Ordinance No. lO, entitled
‘ An Ordinance defining the duties of City Attor
ney,* approved April 15, 1869, and Section 7 of
Ordinance No. 26, entitled ‘ An Ordinance regu
lating a Fire Department of Hamilton City.’ ap
proved December 18, 1869, and Section 4 of Ordi
nance No. 86, entitled 4 An Ordinance creating
the office of City Attorney,'approved June 13,
1870, are hereby repealed.
Hkc. 4. This Ordinance shall take effect and
be in force from and after its passage.
Approved July 5,1870.
P. EVERT8, President Hoard of Trustees.
M. P. Ciiaxberijn, City Clerk. jyH-Ut
Ordinance No. 41.
Au Ordinance regulating Licenses and License
Tax in Hamilton Oily.
The Board of Trustees of Hamilton City do or
dain as follows:
He mow l. Tbo Clerk shall cause to bo pre
pared, at the expense of the city, printed
forms of City Licenses, to be issued as herein
provided. He shall number and sign the same
and deliTer them to the Marshal, from time to
time, charging him therefor. The Marshal
shall make a written report to the Board of Trus
tee* on Monday of each weak, duly verified,
showing the amount of licenses collected by him
the previous week, the names of persons or Arms
to whom licenses have boon issued, the amount
paid by each, and the occupation or business for
which such licenses were issued.
Brc. 1 All licenses heroin provided for shall
be payable in legal coin of the United tttates.
Bat'. 3. Every jterson or Arm engaged in the
bueinesa of trading or mercliandlsing.or dealing
in auy kind of goods, wares, or merchandise
whatsoever, shall pay a license as follows: Those
making monthly salts to the amount of one
thousand dollars or under, eight dollars per
quarter; those making monthly tales amounting
to more than one thousand and under five thou
sand dollars, twelve dollars per quarter; and
those making monthly sales amounting to more
than five thousand dollars, twenty dollars per
Sac. 4. Every person or Ann engaged In the
business of storage and commission merchants
shall pay a license as follows: Those whose
monthly receipts amount to one thousand dol
lars or under, ten dollar* per quarter; those
whose monthly receipts are more than one thou
sand and under three thousand dollars, fifteen
dollars per quarter; and those whose monthly
receipts are more than three thousand dollars,
twenty-five dollars per quarter.
8sr. A. Every person or firm engaged In the
business of hanking, dealers in exchange, gold
and silver, stocks, or bullion, shall pay a license
of fifty dollars per quarter.
Bsc. 6. Every person, firm or company en
gaged in the business of expressing or transmit
ting letters or packages for hire. Laving an office
in this city, shall pay a licenm of fifty dollars
per quarter.
Sac. 7. Each Telegraph Company doing busi
ness in the city shall pay a license of fifty dol
lars per quarter.
Bsc. 8. Every person, Arm or company en
gaged in the business of stock or real estate
brokerage in buying and selling stocks or real
••state, shall pay a license of fifteen dollars per
Sac. y. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of keeping a livery stable, or letting
horses, wagons, carriages, or other animals or
vehicle* for Lire, shall pay a license of fifteen
dollars per quarter.
Sac. 10. Every person or firm engaged In tho
business of running for hire any dray, job wagon,
cart or other public vehicle, shall pay for each
dray, job wagon, cart or vehicle so run, a license
of ten dollars ]»er quarter.
Sue. 11. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of auctioneering shall pay a licenm- of
thirty dollars per quarter.
Bte. 12. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of carrying on a daguerroan or photo
graphic gallery,shall pay a license of fifteen dol
lar® per quarter.
Sac. 13. Ever}' person or firm engaged in the
business of keeping a ltarber shop, shall pay
for each chair in use in said shop a license of
five dollars per quarter.
Sec. 14. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of assaying any metals or ore, shall
pay a license of twenty-five dollars per quarter.
B*o. 15. Every person or firm engaged iu the
business of manufacturing soda, cider, vinegar,
sarsaparilla, or syrups of any kind, shall pay a
license of fifteen dollars per quarter.
Bsc. 16. Every person or firm engaged iu the
business of keeping or conducting any tavern,
hotel, lodging house, chop house, or restaurant,
shall pay a license of fifteen dollars per quarter.
Sec. 17. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of keeping a bar or saloon, for retail
ing any wines or liquors of any kind, in less
quantities than one quart, shall pay a license of
forty-five dollars per quarter.
Sec. 18. Every person or nnu engaged in
the business of keeping a public bath house,
shall pay a license of ten dollars per quarter.
Sec. 19. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of keeping or carrying on a shooting
gallery, shall pay a license of fifteen dollars per
B*c. 20. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of keeping or conducting u public bak
ery for the manufacture of bread, pies or cakes,
shall pay a license of five dollars per quarter.
Beg. 21. Every person or firm engaged in
keeping a laundry, where washing and ironing
is done, shall pay a license of ten dollars per
Sec. 22. Every proprietor or keener of a bil.
Hard table, shall pay for each table in use a
license of ten dollars per quarter.
Sec. 23. Every keeper or proprietor of a nine
pin, ten pin or bowling alley, shall pay a license
of twenty dollars per quarter.
Sec. 24. Every person or firm < ngagc<l in the
business of koeping or carrying on any brewery
for the manufacture of beer, malt or fermented
liquor, shall pay a license of thirty dollars per
8*c. 25. Each and every insurance company
doing business iu the city, shall pay a license of
twenty-live dollars per quarter.
Sec. 20. Every person, firm or company on
pay a license of fifteen dollars per quarter.
Sec. 27. Every person or Ann engaged in the
business of pawn broker, shall pay a license of
forty dollars j*er quarter.
Hkc. •_**. Every person or Arm engaged in Dm
, business of keeping a butcher shop or stall, for
the retail of fresh meats, shall i*y a license of
fifteen dollars per quarter.
Sec. 29. Every traveling merchant, hawker, or
peddler, who shall vend goods, wares, and mer
chandise, shall pay a been** of twenty-five dollars
! per quarter; provided that in case such traveling
mcrchaut, hawker, or peddler, shall use a wagon,
cart, or other vehicle in such business, lie sliall
pay a license of forty dollars per quarter.
Hec. 30. Every person. Ann, company, mana
ger, or lessee of any theater, engaged in the busi
ness of giving theatrical performances or exhi
bitions of hcrenad'T.-.iiimstn l.V concert or opera
singers, sparring, melodeon or other public per
formance or exhibition, for pay, sliall pay a li
cense of one hundred dollars per month; pro
vided, that in ease such license be grauted for a
less period than one month, Ave dollars for each
performance or exhibition so given.
Hec. 31. Every person, firm, or company, giv
ing iu the city any exhibition of a caravan, me.
nagerie, or collection of animals, or any circus,
show, rope, or wire dancing, or slight of hand
performance, for pay, shall pay a license of
twenty-five dollars for each exhibition so given.
Sec. 32. Every person or Arm who shall open
or keep a dance-house, commonly known as a
hurdy-gurdy house, shall pay a license of one
hundred dollars per month; provided that in
case such license is granted fora less period than
one mouth, five dollars per day for each day the
same shall be kept open.
Hec. 33. Every person who ghall carry on or
conduct any of the businesses, trades, callings, or
professions mentioned herein, and shall neglect
to take out a license therefor, as herein provided,
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon con
viction thereof, shall be fined In a sum not less
than the license which such person is required
to take out, and not exceeding Ave hundred dol
lars, which fine may be enforced by imprison
ment in the city jail not exceeding one day for
each two dollars of such fine.
Hec. 34. All licenses provided for iu this Or
dinance shall be paid in advance, and are hereby
made transferable in cases where the business
licensed is conducted or carried on in the same
building, shop, stall, or stand, but not otherwise.
Hec. 35. Ordinance No. 11, entitled* An Ordi
nance providing for the assessing and collecting
of revenue for Hamilton City,' approved April
lfl, 1869; and Ordinance No. 16, entitled ' An Or
dinance amendatory of and supplemental to an
Ordinance entitled * An Ordinance providing for
the assessing and collecting of revenue for Ham
ilton City,’ approved May 6,1869; and Ordinance
No. 25, entitled * An Ordinance amendatory of
and supplemental to an Ordinance entitled * An
Ordinance providing for the assessing and col
lecting of revenue for Hamilton City,’approved
September 13,1869, and all Ordinances and parts
of Ordinances in conflict with this Ordinance,
are hereby repealed.
Hec. 36. This Ordinance shall take effect and
be in force from and after its passage.
Approved July 11,1870.
President of the Board.
M. P. Cuamhejujn, City Clerk. Jyl4-14t
are hereby notified that the Oroat Basin
Mining Company, a corporation duly organized
and existing under aud by virtue of the laws of
tho State of Pennsylvania, for the purpose of
working and developing the Glacier Mining
Claim, situated in the Whit© Pine Mining Dis
trict, White Pine County, Htate of Nevada; that
Mftd oorpuiikm owns a majority of the uniSf
of feet in said mining claim, aud is composed of
more tlum three persons, aud that it has expend
ed in tho actual development and working of
said mining claim tho sum of $6,461; that tho
following are your respective interests in said
mine and tho proportion of said sum due from
each: Wiu. A. Bolinger, 200 feet, $807.62; Solo
mon Ueydenfeldt, 200 feet, $807.02; R. H. Loyd,
100 feet, $403.81; that it is tho intention of said
corporation to institute suit against you to ro.
cover said sums.
May 23d, 1870.
je22-3w* By J. A. M< Phkrran, Supt.
2NT O T I O X] I
11 whom It may concern: That the Tannehlll
Silver Mining (Company, a corporation existing
under the laws of New York, and engaged in the
business of mining iu Eureka Mining District,
State of Nevada, is the owner of, and lawfully
eutitled to, the possession of that certain tract
of land situated in said District, county of Lau
der, State aforesaid, adjoining the town of Eu
reka, or Napias, on the sontn, and known and
called the * McCOY SURVEY.' The Mid prop
erty was purchased by said corporation iu Octo
ber, 1865. and valuable improvements placed
thereon, and continuously occupied and enjoyed
by said exwporation until the said McCoy relo
cated the same in July, 1869.
All persona are warned against purchasing the
said tract of land, or any portion thereof, from
Major W. W. McCoy, the present occupant and
claimant thereof, as It is the intention of Mid
corporation to commence an action to recover
the possession thereof.
By Lansixu Ii Davsxcoxt, Att ys for T.R.M.Co.
Eureka, Nevada, July 5, 1870. JyG-lin 1
Dissolution Notice.
_I 18TINO between the undent gned In the
aaloon business, in tha City of Hamilton, is this
day dissolved, by mntnai cousent. All debts
due to the old Arm to be paid to L. H. Luse.
The business will be eontlnned at the old
stand by P. B. Bowel 1. L. 8. LURE,
Hamilton, July 11,1870. Jyll-lin
Regular meetings, Thursday even.
INC! of each week, at the Atheneum.
I Hartford, Ct. _
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Delinquent Sales.
Mammoth silvkb mining con
PANY.~ Location of Works: White Pins
Mining District, White Pine county, Htate of No
vada. Notice.—Them an- delinquent upon the
following described stock, on account of assess
ment levied on the 2Mb day of May. A. D. 1870,
the several amounts set opposite the names of
the respective shareholders, as follows:
Names. No. Certificate. No.Hh's. As't.
Baxter W H, balanoe.201.2354. .f5.10
Baxter W II, balance.
BHdlenian K O, Trustee.708-100-20.00
Barton W H, Trustee.1327.20. 4.«J0
Buahell John L.11W....100....20.00
Child & Joses, Trusti'cs.341-100-2o.<»0
Child & Jones.Trustees. bal..343.22.4.40
Chlhl A Jones, Trustees.3f»0-100-90.00
Child A Jones, Trustt***.357-loO.... 20.00
Child A Jones, Trusties.308 .. .10.2.00
Child A Jones, Trustees.429... .100.. .20.00
Child A Jones, Trustees.432.10.2.00
Child A Jones, Trustees.863.10.2.00
Clark Bmjtb.375... .100... .20.00
Clark Huivth.378... .100... .20.00
Clark Smyth.379.... 100... .20.00
Child WO.434.10.2.00
Child W C. balance.43B.54.10
Oouraf u G A, Trustee.1334.30.0.00
Child WO, Trustee.657.20.4.00
Chlhl W C, Trustee.1233.... 40.8.00
Cahill A Co E, Trustees.1240.40.8.00
Cahill A Co K. Trustees.1348... 100... .20.00
Cavallier J 11 E. Trustee.... 1335.40 ... 8.00
Cavallier J B F.. Trustee... .1342.15.3.00
Doty J J.1078.30.C.U0
Ehrcnbcrgh I>r H T, balauo 124.1.02
Farnam K.388-100... .20.00
l’arnam F..380.. .100... 20.00
Farnam E.390.... 100... .20.00
Farnam E.301.... 100.... 3u.(IU
Farnam F..392.1».2.00
Farnam E.383.®.1-00
Farnam E. 1025.60.... 10.00
Farnam E.1026.50,... lo.oo
Goods 11 E...5.00
Henderson D M,Trustee... .Dial.-hi. ... lu.ou
Hall N H, Trust™.1050.60....10.00
Hutchinson John, Trustee . .1261.5.1.00
Hill A E, Trustee, balance . .216-34 H.. .6.90
Hill A E, Trustee.
Hill A E, Trustee.
Hill A E. Trustee.7;i4.60... .10.00
Hill A E. Trust™*, balance. .H41.39.7.HO
Hill A K, Trustee.*49... .100. .30.00
Hill A K, Trustee.*H7.10.2.00
Hill A E, Trustee. ***.10.2.00
Hill A E, Trustee.*M9.20.... 4.00
Hill A E. Trustee.1034.60.... 10.00
Hill A E, Trustee.1046.5.... .1.00
Hill A E. Trustee...1034). ...100... 30.00
Hill A E, Trust™.10*3.50.. .10.00
Hill A E, Trust™.112*.30.4.00
Jennings A A.1237. .100 ...30.00
Kenney Goo L, Trustee.130-10.2.00
King Wm F, Trustee.I J«.»«.2.00
King Wm F. Trustee. 140 50.... 10.00
King Wm F, Trustee.206 10.2.00
King Wm F, Trustee.397.10 2.00
King Wm F, Trustee.301.5.1.00
King Wm F, Trustee.«M».15.9.00
King Wm F. Trustee, bal .1109.2.40
King Wm F, Trustee.1123.... 100—30.00
King Wm F, Trust™.1159.... 100... .30.00
King Wm F. Trustee.11*3... .100.. .30JO
King Wm F. Trustee.1383... .260.. .60.00
Kennedy Jstucs W, bslsnce 1134.i'»3... 12.60
Llndley C. 1*
Llndley (’. 1*
Lloyd A, balance.1068.39.5 *0
Lnwenberg 8. Trustee.1307.*».17
Montgomery Z.142 . loo. . .30.00
McDonald M J. 149_100... 30.00
McDonald*Whitney,TnisU*es775 . . .30... 4.00
McDonald* Whitney,Trusteed*).60.... 10.00
M »• 1 h maid A Wh Itney ,TrusU**s«M>-30-4.00
McDonald*WhI tney ,Trtistec*93fl.... 100.. 20.00
McDonald* Whitney.Tru»Ual939... •'*)... 10.00
Morgan Isaac.1013. . 50... 10.00
Morgan E.tot*.. 50.... 10. oil
Martin M H. Trust™.1808.... 10... 2.00
North Charles M.12**.5u. .10.00
Nobl* 11 H.1220.5.1.00
Owens Thurston K. balance..VI1.6H- 1.30
Phillips W H,Trustee.1010.20.4.nt)
Perry John L. Trustee.1U03 .... 60.... 10.00
Itcllly Thomas .1077.50. ...lo.oo
Smith F (J, Trust™..8... .10.2.00
Smith F O. Trustee.
Smith FG,Trustee.
Smith F G.Trustee. H.10.2.00
Smith PC. Trust™-. 9.10.2.no
Smith F O, Trustee.
Smith F O. Trustee.5" . .. .US). .. 30AM)
Smith F G. Trustee.M>... .Dm... .30.00
Smith F O, Trustee.
Sherwood * Freeborn,Trus,a.S40.... DM).. . JOAKt
Sherwood * Free bom,Trus's.541-DM)... 20.00
Sherwood * Freeborn,Trus's.54 7.60—10.00
Sherwood A Freeborn,Trus's.54*.50.... 10.00
Sherwood * Freeborn,Trua’s.600... .DM)... .20.00
Sherwood * Freeborn,1Trus's.Hoi... loo-20.00
Sherwood * Kn-eboru,Trus's.fltrj-DM)—30.00
Sherwood * Freeborn,Trns‘a.722.50—10.00
Sherwood * Fns*bom.Tms’s.73».50-10.00
Hchmiedell Henry, Truatee .0*3.*0... lfl on
Schiefer Peter.1114. . ..50... .10.00
Sleeper fleo, Trust™-. 121*.60.... lo.OO
Sleeper Geo, Trust™- .1321.50.... 10.00
Ttbbey E S, Trust™-.125*.... loo. .30.00
White Joe T. 125.)5.7 .00
Winter J w.4*7.20. 4.00
Webber Geo K. .949.64.... 10JO
Webber Geo E..950.46.... 9.30
Wlngard T B, Trustee.1173... .416... 83AM)
WUaon Henry.11*7.HO... 16.00
Anti In accordance with law. and an order of
the Hoard of Trustees, math* on the 26th day of
May. A. 1). 1*70, so many share* of each parcel
of aaid stock as may 1m- nt-ctwsary will bo sold at
the office • f the Company. Room No. 23, Hay
ward s Budding. No. 419 California street, Han
Francisco, Califtirois. »*n FRIDAY, the TWEN
TY-SECOND (33d) DAY OF JULY, A. D. 1X70,
at the hour of 1 o'clock p. in. of said day,
to pay aaid delinquent assessm* nt thereon, to
gether with costs id advertising and • tpenae* of
the sale
JOSEPH L. KING, Secretary.
Office: Room No. 23, Hayward’* Building, No.
419 California street, Han Francisco, California
Gold uud Sliver Mining and Milling Com*
pany, No. 420 Montgomery street. City and
County of Han Fraud* o, state of California.—
Location of Works Robinson Mining District,
County of White Pine, and HUte of Nevada.—
Notice.—There are delinquent, upon the follow,
ing-desrrtbed stock, on account of assessment
levied on tho 24th day of May. 1870, the several
amounts aet opfioaiu, the names of tho respect
ive shareholders, as follows:
Names. No.G«rt. No.Rh. Ain't.
Brannan H.h7.50 . » 80.00
Brannan H.104.10....RUN)
Moulton WJL.2 . 1350. .1360.00
Moulton WJL.Hi.60.... 60.00
Moulton WJL.Hi.30... .30.00
Moulton WJL.OS..5 .. .6.00
Moulton WJL.Its).25... .36.00
Hicka John N.
Hicks John N.18.8.ft.oo
Hicka John N..
Hicks John N.JO.5.6.00
Hicka John N.
Hicka John N.
Hicka John N.
Hicka John N.94.10.... 10.00
Hicka John N.36.10.... 10.00
Hicka John N.26.10.... 10.00
Hicka John N.27.ML... 10.00
Hicka John N.2H.10... .10.00
llicka John N.20.20.. .20.00
Hicka John N.SO.20... .20.00
Hicks John N.76.. .1080. .1000.00
Hicka John N.77.... 100. .1003)3
i Lamb George W.
Lamb George W.33.......6.6.00
Lamb George W.M.5.6.00
Lamb George W.
Lamb George W.
1 Lamb George W.
Lamb George W.3H.fl.6.00
Lamb Gaorga W.HO.5.fl.OO
Lamb George W.40.fl.8.00
Lamb George W.
Lamb George W.42.fl.6.00
Ijimb George W.43.fl.5.00
Iamb George W.
Lamb George W.45.10... .10.00
lamb George W.46.10.... 10.00
lamb George W.47.10.... 10.00
Ijinib George W.4H.10....10.00
Iamb George W....40.10 ...10.00
limb <bJJ, w.JO.M....JWS
Lamb (Jforgo W..!!! "
lamb George W.62.to,... 10.00
lSE George W.A3.m....10.00
Iamb George W.54.10 ...10.00
Iamb (leorge W.A6.20....20.00
Iamb George W.57.20. ...90.00
Lamb George W.88.20.... 90.00
Iamb George W .79... .2000..2000.00
Iamb George W.ho,... 200 200.00
Wells Win V.Hrt.60.... 60.00
Wells Win V.106.25 .26.00
Knox V E.100... .3640. .3640.00
Knox D E.103. .. 1200 .1200.00
Uadlarn A Jr.101.23.. .26.00
And In accordance with law, and an order of
the Hoard of Trustees, made on the 24th day of
May, 1870, so many shares of each parcel of said
stock as may be necessary will bo sold at nubile
auction at the house of Maurice More k Co.,
No, 327 Montgomery street. Han Francisco, Htate
of California, on the TWENTY-EIGHTH DAY
OF JULY, 1H70, at the hour of 1 o'clock p. in.
of said day, to pay said delinquent assessment
thereon, together with costs of advertising and
expense* of the sale.
A. 1IADLAM, Secretary.
Office: At No. 420 Montgomery atnvt. City and
Connty of Han Francisco, Htate of California.
Street, Han Francisco, June 30,1870.—Tho an*
nual meeting of tho stockholders of this Com
pany will be held on HATPRPAY, July 39, 1870.
at 12 o’clock m., for the election of Trustees for
the ensuing year, and tho tranaaotion of any
other business that may be presented.
Jc27-td HO LON PATTER, Hccrctory.
Li?ery, Sale, Feed & Boardlnt Stable,
Jy7-1f Cor. TreMUM und Dnno
Prlinquret *alr$.
llnqwnto. unpaid np t„ Tt!jii"“nr'.,no- Hr.
If*, f" !s f
Stockholder*. *2* 5
* Ik * 3 =- ‘s
D hi Hosmer.. *«, . *
D M Hoatiier.7.^.$3.(m
D M Hohijkt.9 %..
D H Mourner.10. .3.00
I) M Homner.f j. " ..
D M Hosmer,Trustee 160 ]. lmsi..
D M Hortmcr. Trustee 15) ,M ..
D M Hosmer .Truster 16J,'' <g.1.5o
D M Hoamer.TruHtecl.53.. im..
Richard Savage.JO. Mi " «Ve.15.0ft
Richard Savage.lw.. luil..
8 A Post.36... ' m..15.00
8 E Holcombe_ 127. m..
M M Baldwin.114.....' in kk.1*40
M M Baldwin.149..., i90 "i'5S «•»
Richard H Savage.. .115... •-34.50...49.00
P Conklin.104 4tn». .1.50
R Caulfield.ljH ’ £.40.00
D Walker. HD.120.' 'Jft.-0.0ft
A E Everett.134. . inn..
William Krug.137... ' £.7-60
William Krug.13H... ...
Wm Krug. Trustee. .167.imi...
Wm Krug, Trwttre.. 197 -m.I®-00
Wm Krug, Trustee. .Him. . <<«,..
John Clement.141_’ 99..
A Marti non, TruatoolHH. i-iiM.J^.50
Charles C How man ..15ft.].' 500.
L D Simpson.157 u*..
E H Wilder.101 icWni.V14 *^
CH Burton.imi.. .*«,.***®®
Botta A Wise.175, ' *,9.
C F McDermnt_176. . . lfto.130.00
8 lieydcufehlt.lhl • -**.00
Clia*7 Wellington, 1 .™ . MM
<nT"tr"n;.' .*”.h»j»
Chaa Wellington, I
Trustee.| -1#4.100..
Chaa Wellington, l 1QI
Trustee.} .I00. jri*,
Chaa Wellington, I
Trustee.} l®7.100. .Uaa
T A rood Charreard. .195 100 ’
R E Doran.200... •*)<».IS 01'
Deo W Forsyth,) .***°0
Trustee.j **'— 400. Ou
Mkmohardimju]. 7 ju-a
CuU.;^ fro* MjkW. n„ Mhar.s »4
" nouihwii, *}}•
Saamment Hoticta.
\ •» »<**9wnwr, — w.
tlrsiK ‘ss^tss? kjs
meat (No. 3) of ' ’ an
Five Dollar* |5) Per kkar*
wa« levied upon the capital stock of mid c.»„.
panv. payable immediately, in Vnited States
gold coin, to the Secretary, at the oflW at 111
Comnany. No. 410 California street (B«o»u sT
San Francisco, California. Any stock upon whit h
said aaaesament shall remain unpaid <>u the 10th
day of August. 1H7U, ahall be deemed drUnuoent
and will be duly advertised for sale st nubile
auction, and unless payment shall be made be.
fore, will bn sold on the FIRST DAV Of HEP.
ThMHhll, !m70, to pay the delinquent asaes*
want, together with ooata of advertising and «.
prime* of the sale. By order of thoBoard of
(Signed) M. ATWOOD, Baoatary
Office: At No. 419 California strict (boom 5).
Sau Francisco, California Jyll-td
COMPANY-White Pine District. Nevada.
Notiro la hereby given that at a meeting of the
Hoard of Truate** of aald Company, held on th.
30th day of June, 1*70, an assessment of
Ton (10) Onta Per Nhare
was levied upon the capital stork of aald com
pan), payable immediately, in United State*
gold and silver coin, to the Secretary. An>
stock upon which said anaraiouent .hall remain
unpaid on the 7Mh day of July. lH7f, shall be
deemed delinquent, and will be duly Mwtlnd
for aalc at public auction, and. unless payment
shall be made before, will lw sold on MONDAY,
the lfith .lay of August, 1870, to pay the delin
quent assessment, together with cost* of adver
tising and expenaea of aale Hy order of the
Hoard of Trustee*.
J M BTFTIXdTOX, Secretary
Office: 87 New Merchant's Exchange,California
street. Man Francisco. Cal Jjrfl-td
i PANY.-Location of Works White Pine
Mining District, White Pine county, State of Ne
vada Notice la hereby given, that at a meeting
of the Board of Trustees of said Company, held
on the lUh day of June, 1870, an assessment of
Twenty fhOi Onta per share
Was levied upon the capital stock of aald Cota
panv. payable i mined lately. in United Mate*
gold coin, to the Secretary, at the ofllca of the
Oompany, No. 401 California street, Han Fran
claco, Cal it <>n: la. Any stock upon which said
assessment shall remain unpaid on Wednesday,
tl»« 30tb day of Jnly, A. r>. 1*70, shall be deemed
delinquent, and will be duly advertised for aale
at public auction; and. unless iwjnueut shall he
made U fore, will be sold on Thursday, the lltb
day of Auguat. A. D. IffiO, to pay the delinquent
assessment, together with coats of advertlslnt
and expense* of the sale.
Hy order of tho Hoard of Trustor*.
DAVII* T. RAOUET, Secretary
Office• No, 401 California etnvt, Han Francis. '
California. JelA-hl
A MINING COMPANY.-loc ation of Works
White Pine county, Hlate of Nevada. Notice la
hereby give® that, at a meeting of the Hoard of
Trustees of aald Couipanj. held on the 1st »la>
of June, Ku, an assessment "f
Fire (ft) Onti per share
was levied upon the capital stock of sakl 0cm
panv, j*} aide immediately, in United Males
gold coin, to the Secretary, at the office of the
Company, Room ft, No. -W Montgomery street.
Han Francisco, California. Any utork upon
which said assessment shall remain onnaid on
Shall be deemed delinquent, and wlU be duly
advertised for sale at puVlic auction, and unless
itayiuent shall l* made before will besold on
JULY, lH?n, to |»ay the delinquent SMiNntent.
together with coats of advertising and dlpenso
of sal. , ny order of the Hoard of TnnUe*.
WM. II- WATSON, Secretary
Office Room ft. No. 803 Montgomery *reet. . R“
Franciaoo, California.
POSTPONEMENT. — Th* day for deemiUK
•lock on the above mummumi! deUnquMit ta
hereby postponed until MONDAY, the NIBS!
DAY OF AUGUST. 1*70. and the xale lhereot
By order of the Hoard of Trustees.
jyH-td WM. H. WATSON. Becaetary
Company -I/x-ation of Worla: White
Pine, Nevada.-Noilre ia hereby given, that at
a meeting of the board of Trustee* of said Com
pany, held on the 1st day of June, IHfTrt, an
assessment of
Three (Jl) Conte Per Share
was levied upon the capital stock of said com
pany, payable immediately, in United Btatea
gold coin, to the Secretary, at the office of the
company, No. 1 Express Building, northeast
corner Montgomery and (California streets, Han
Francisco, California. Any stock upon which
said aasoaaincut shall remain unpaid on Hie
'13d day of July, 1070, shall U> deemed delin
quent, and will ts» duly advertised for sale at
public auction, and unless payment shall be
made before, will be sold on Monday, tho Hth
day of August, 1070, to pay tho delinquent
assessment, together with costs of advertising
and expenses of sale, by order of the Board
of Trustees. _
T. 7. OWENS, Hecretary.
office : No. 1 Express building, northeast corner
Montgomery and California streets, Han Fran
cisco, California.Je'iO-td
CT iinim on i
Judicial District of the State of Nevada, In
and for the Connty of Lincoln.
Tho Htate of Nevada to John H. Phillips,
greeting You are hereby required to appear in
an motion commenced against you, as defendant,
by I^iurn E. Phillips, ns plaintiff, In the District
| Court of the Ninth Judicial District, iu and for
' the County of Lincoln, State of Nevada, at Hlko,
and answer tho complaint therein (which is on
| Ale with the Clerk of said Court), within ten
days after service upon you of this summons
(exclusive of the day of service), If served
in said County of Lincoln, or twenty day* «
served out of said County, but in the Ninth Ju
dicial District of the Htate of Nevada, or fort>
days if served out of Mid District, but wltble
the Htate, or Judgment by default will be taken
against yun, according to the prayer of the said
The said action is brought to obtain a deem
of Mid Court dissolving the bonds of matrimony
now existing between you and plaintiff, ou the
grounds of your failure fur the term of two years
to provide her with the common necessaries ol
life—such failure not arising from poverty on
your part which ordinary Industry could not
avoid; and also ou the ground of extreme cruelty
toward plaintiff on your part—as ret forth in tin
rnmpiaiut now on Ale In this office. And if you
rail to answer tho said complaint, the said
{ilaintiff will take Judgment for the relief prayed
or in tho complaint and for coats of this action.
Given under my hand and the seal of the Mid
Conrt, this 8th day of July, A. D. 1H70.
(Hkal.J Clerk of llio District Court.
Ninth Judicial District, Nevada.
[RO-Cent Nevada State Revenue dtamp.j
i Jy-13-lawRw
i. o.o. r.
Il meets ertly BATl'HPAY KVrSIHO M M.
l Muulr 11.11, Tretumre .(ne t All Brother. I
1 Rood .tending we Invited in attend.
It. Ranni.rit. II. H .pin-i

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