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Ordinance Mo. 37.
A. OrtUtun.ee prOvWng for J*1.*■'£?* “4
Collecting f Bevenoe for Hamilton City
Tho Board of Trustees of Hamilton City do or
(lain as follows;
aar«KM 1 The Board of TrmaNes of Hamilton
City aha!!, by n**3S*«n. *w4or to tho Tonra
Monday In June. MM, and JunuAUy thereafter.
aannaa (hr amount o( taxoa that ahull bo lavii'd
,rm-nnnfi the minil* r ol
Jout. whmhrtZTbe levied on eech one hundred
of tm ir nreeaedlng.. and n copy thereof,
dn^cetyArtjf thejirerk. ^wtth^'vered
States, and are hereby made a lien against the
nimaH ummH. which Hen shall attach anon
f^SJSrtireof by the Aswasor nod shall
not be removed until all the .tales have be n
paid or the property bee voatod In a purehaaer
'"SETmuSS** in H.mfltan City, not
cr^nt by l.wPf^ taretlon, .ball t. anbjert to
taxation for city porno**, and ahall be taxed a«
real estate of personal property. The term * real
Shli ^h" ePJ«W tn»Wn Ordinance, .hall
include the owuerehip of '".TT"'
-ion of,o. ngbt jtSEflSiEllflllJJf!"
the (ritrlimilr and the term ptwaonal property,
whonerern"i lathi. Ordinance, ah.ll Include
aU movable property, of Wh.teo.ver kind or na
mre, not mcimtaMn Iho *<™ *”»' estl"" »*
herein defined. , .. , . .
Sac 3 Between the fourth Monday in June
and the Brat Monday in August, 1.##. end nub
year thereafter, the City Aawaaor .hall Wrerhtfb
and make out a UM of all property In the city,
real and pereontl, eohjcct to tamtlon, end also
the unman of Ml pews*, corporation, aaaoria
tlons, companlrt or firms, owning, claiming or
having the poMMSton or control of the name,
and determine the foil caah value of all such
property and lint ami iMcsa the same to the per
Sou; Uni. company, corporation, or association,
owning, claiming or having tho possession,
chargo or control thereof. For the purpose of
making such sssessment, the Asacaaor shall de
mand from each person and firm, and from the
President, Caehler, Treasurer or managing agent
within the etty. or doing business or owning
property therein, a statement under oath or af
firmation of a!) tlie real estate or personal prop
erty within the city, owned, claimed by, or in
the possession or under the control of auch per
son, firm, corporation, association or company.
If any person, officer or agent shall neglect or
refuse, on demand of the Aaaessor or his Deputy,
to give, under oath or affirmation, tlie statement
required by this section, the Assessor or his Dep
uty shall make a minute of such refusal or neg
lect under his name, and *n estimate of the tax
able property which such person, officer nr agent
neglected or refused to so render; and the value
so fixed shall not be reduced by the Board of
Equalization. If the name of any absent owner
«rf property i»known to the Aw-mst, the prop
erty shall be assessed in his, her or their names;
if unknows to the Assessor, the same shall be
assessed to unknown owners. The form of the
Assessment Jtoll. and the manner of making
the aeaessmeut hereby ordained, shall lx* sub
-tUutially the same as that prescribed by law for
County Assessors. For the purpose of carrying
out the provisions of this section the Assessor
and his Deputy shall hare power and authority
to administer all oaths and affirmations author
ized by law.
Src. 4. On or before the first Monday in Au
goat, 1870, and each year thereafter, the City As
sessor shail complete his tax list or assessment
roil, and attach his certificate thereto, which
certificate Bhall lx* by him subscribed and sworn
to, and substantially in the following form, to
wit: *1 do solemnly swear that I have made
diligent inquiry Into th*- names of all taxable in
habitants of Hamilton City: that 1 have diligently
investigated and aacertained the description,
value .and ownership, of all taxable property in
said city; that I have in all cases sought and put
down the true owner, trne description and true
value of all pro]tort,; assessed to the beet of my
ability; and that the annexed is a true and cor
rect assessment roll, made in accordance with
the laws of the State and the ordinances of Un
said city.' And shall deliver said assessment
roll, maps, books and the original list of prop
erty to the City Clerk, who shall immediately
give notice of the same, specifying tho time of
meeting of the Board of Equalization by publi
cation in some newspaper published in said city,
or In such other manner as the Board of Trustees
may direct; and shall keep the roll open for pub
lic inspection.
Hec. 5. The Board of Trustees shail consti
tute the Board of Equalization, and a majority
of the Board, with the President of the Board,
shall be a quorum for the Board of Equalization;
and the decision, a majority of such quorum
shall be final. The City Clerk shall be the Clerk
of the Board of Equalization. The Board shall
meet on the first Monday after the completion of
the assessment roil, and shall continue in ses
sion from time to time, until the business of
equalization hwighl before them is disposed of;
provided, that no complaint on account of the
assessment of any property shall be considered
unless it shall be filed In writing with the Clerk
of the Board within one week after tho session
of the Board commences. The Board of Equal
ization shall have the power to determine ail
complaints in regard to the assessed value of 1
any property, and may change and correct any
valuation, either by adding thereto or deducting
- therefrom, if they deem the sum fixed by the
\ assessment roll too small or too great; whether
f -inch sum be fixed by the owner or the Assessor.
/ except that in cases where the person complain
ing of tbe assessment has refused to give the
Assessor his list under oath or affirmation, as re
quired by this ordinance, no reduction shall lx*
made by the Board of Equalization in the assess
ment made by the Assessor. If the Board of
Equalization shall find it necessary to add to the
asHoaaed value of any property on tlie assess
ment roll, they shall direct their clerk to give
notice to the persons interested,by notice depos
ited in the postofflee, directed to such person,
naming the day when they will act in that caso,
and giving reasonable time to appear. During
the sessions of the Board <>f Equalization the
Assessor shall be present, and also liis deputy, if
necessary, as a witness in any case; and they
* “*“*• aui KiuitMtirm, nr
produc e any testimony pertinent to any matter**
coming before the Board. The Board Khali
make use of all the information they can gain
from the County Recorder, or otherwise, in
equalizing the aaseiwraent roll, and mar order
the Assessor to enter upon the said roll any
mortgage or lien, or sther property that ha* not
)>eon assessed; and the assessment and equaliza
tion so made,shall have the same force and effect
as if made by the Assessor before the delivery of
the afmeHRment roll by him to the City Clerk.
Hkc. A. As aoon a* the equalization is com
pleted.the Clerk shall prepare u duplicate aaaeos
ment roll, which shall contain the as*es>*uient a*
originally mode and aa equalized by the Board,
and to which shall be added a column showing
rf ta*e* due from each party
assessed, which duplicate a*se*gment roll he
shall certify to be correct, and deliver the sain**
to tho City Marshal, charging him with the
whole smonnt of taxes show n to be due thereon.
When the duplicate assessment roll has been de
livered to the City Marshal, he shall cause u
notice thereof to be published in some newspa
per published in the city, if there Ik* one, for
**• *v<*ek,. requiring taxpayers to come forwanl
and pay their taxes within four weeks from tho
publication of said notice. 'The Marshal shall
immediately upon the receipt of the said dupli
cate assessment roll, commence the collection of
taxes, and for that purpose he shall remain in
tils oWoe from 9 o'clock a.iu. to 4 o’clock p.m. of
. aeh day. tor four weeks after the apessinent
roll has been unMBwnd.
8e<’. 7. It Khali be the duty of the Marshal to
pay over to the City Treasurer, on each Saturday
after he commences the collection of taxes, the
whole amount collected during the week pre- j
.‘ceding, less his somnUalon* for collecting, and
to ***« duplicate receipts therefor - one of which
lie shall file with the Clerk, and the* other retain
« w» vourliir. TU» Cliirk shall creiht thi, Mar
4**1 r. .11 with .U ntSR .<»
paid. The Marshal shall also report to the
Board of Trustee* every week, tho amount paid
over to Treasurer at Id* last settlement, and
Ine amount of bis commission thereon: provid
ed. that it shall be the duty of the Marshal to
collect tho taxes upon personal or movable prop
ertyimmediately upou tho assessment thereof
by the Assessor, and to pay over and report the
«ame a* hereinbefore provided.
8EC. 8. Whenever any tax is paid to the Mar
fchal, he shall mark thr wont ‘paid,’ and the date
of the payment opposite the name of the per
son or the description of the property liable Tor
such taxes, and Khali give a receipt therefor.
»pec (tying tho amount of the assessment, the
amount of the tax. and the description of the
property asaessod; but the Marshal shall unt re
ceive any taxes ou any real estate for any portion
leoa than the least subdivision entered upon the
assessment roll; provided. always, an owner of
undivided real estate may pay the proportion of
taxes due on his interest therein.
8ec. i». If any person. Arm, company or a*,
■eolation, who shall be assessed under tho pro
vision* of this Ordluauce, shall fail to pay the
M*w'8*etl* on or l»efore the end of the
roorth week after the publication of the notice
6 of this Ordinance, it shall
bethe duty of the Marshal, within ftvo days
tUMeafler, to furnish the city Attorney , list
tihowtn* the usrae of arery auch tlellnouant, the
tunomit due front each, together with . rieHi-rln.
;'u" “J ,tl"’ Pr,1l“'r,y «Maa.ed and . .utement
varldad by htauaU or deputy tliat eui h p.rtte.
are delinquent. This Hat shall be known ., tho
ItaUuitieiit Uat; and. before tl t« handed to the
uly Attorney. It shall u, nreaeulsd to the City
'.f*4 th® a*rk ■h*n cr-dtt the Mandiil
with tba .mount of the Una delinquent me
.wrdUlgtojmehlta^nnd .hall m.ke aUual net.
t leinent with the Marshal of .u Uim charge d
Against hint on aorount of tin assessment roll.
UK. 1>. lot mist lately nfter the delivery of
Mich Uat to the City Attorney be shall cause a
notice of the same to be published ,n t citT
^ wspaper for ono week, and during that week
lu* BhaU receive and receipt for any taxc* due;
and after the expiration of such publication, it
shall Ik* the duty of the City Attorney to institute
Knit in the name of the Inhabitants ot Hamilton
City against all persons so «^jinqocnt, ami
again*! the real estate and improvs*jeuts a*
Mto*od bo delinquent, and againHt all owners um
claimant* of tbeaame, known or unknown. Th<
, ouiplaint in any action for the collection of ett]
taxes shall conform aa nearly aa may be propci
to that prescribed by the general statute* ol th<
Htate in actions for the collection of Blais am
County taxes; and upon filing the complaint it
the proper Oourt, a mnm» ■ball bo laatm
and served aa in other civil caaes, by deUveriig
a copy thereof to each defendant named in tin
complaint, or by publication in aome newspsp
as provided by law in other civil cases, and thal
require the defendant and all owner* of am
claimant* to any real estate and improvement)
daaartBi in the summons, known or uaknpwn,
to appear and answer the complain' filed in
Court; and as to said real estate and improve
ments, n copy of the summons shall be served
upon the person or persons in possession of the
same; and farther, as to such real estate by post
ing a like copy in some congruous pla<*«
thereon, and at the door of the City Hall, In said
Hamilton City; and all the proceedings under
this section shall be. as far as the same is appli
cable. In accordance with the general laws of the
State in other civil actions.
S|4.', 11. Said iluDuqueut list, o»a com- there
of, ret tided by tho Marshal, or hia d. puty. show
ing unpaid taxes against any ptmn or property,
shall be prima facU evidence in any court to
prove the assessment, the property assessed, the
delinquency, the amount of taxes due and un
paid,and that all the forms of the law in relation
to the assessment and levy of such taxes have
1 been complied with.
8kc. 12. In case judgment is rendered for de
fendent, it shall be general, without costs, and
may be entered in favor of some one or more of
them, and again*! others, as in other civil cases.
In case Judgment is for the plaintiff, it may l»
entered against such defendents as are found
liable for the tax. and for such amount or por
tion thereof as he or they shall be adjudged lia
ble; provided, that no personal judgment shall
be rendered unless the person against whom it
is rendered shall have been served with the sum
mons, as provided in this ordinance, or shall
have appeared in the action. .Judgment may be
entered against the lrtl estate and mipmrvementa
severally assessed ami levied thereon; and whan
it shall appear upon the assessment roll that the
real estate and improvements belong to tho
same |»erson or persona, then judgment may be
rendered against said real estate and improve
ment* jointly, for tho whole tax then-on, or auch
part tboreof ’as may be adjmho-d. Bach judg
ments when rendered in the District or Justice’s
Court, shall be docketed, and become liens upon
all the property against which judgment is ren
dered, from the date of such assessment. The
City Attorney may file transcripts of judgments
rendered in Justices' Courts, under this ordi
nance. with the County Clerk, and have them
8k«. 13. An Act to regulate proceedings in
civil ca**en in the Courts of Justice of this State,
and to repeal all other Arts in reUfikn thereto,
approved March 8, 1869. so far as the same is
consistent with the provisions of this Ordinance,
are hereby made applicable to all proceeding*
under this Ordinance. The deed of the Marshal
for property sold for taxes shall have the effect
prescribed by law. and property so sold shall not
be subject to redemption. The Marshal, in sell
iug property for delinquent taxes, shall sell only
the smallest portion that any perw*n will take
and pay the Judgment and all costs. All money
collected under the provisions of this ordinance,
except costs and charges allowed to the Court
and officers, shall without delay lie paid to the
City Treasurer, and eaeh collection and the date
thereof shall lx- entered opposite the proper
name or property in the delinquent list, which
shall be open to public inspection.
Sec, 14. The City Atturnny shall pay over to
the C'itp Treasurer, every Saturday, all money
received by him for delinquent taxes, taking du
plicate receipts therefor, one of which he shall
file with the Clerk, and the other keep for his
voucher; ami on or hftfertthe first Monday <T
of each year shall make a final settlement
with the City Treasurer of all money received by
him: snd shall at that time deliver to the City
Clerk the delinquent tax list, together with a
statement uuder oath of all the suits brought
and judgments obtained on said d* linqneut
list, and the reasons why no suits have been
brought or taxes collected in cases of other de
linquents. The delinquent list shall be passed
over by tin Clerk to the incoming ( ity Attorney
as *>on as be shall have qualified, who shall
continue proceedings tlien-on, and when the next
Board of Equalization meets any taxes still de
linquent then-on shall be revised by said Board,
and stricken out or returned by them to the City
Attorney for further proceedings.
Bso. 15. Tin City Attorney shall appearand
prosecute all actions for the recovery of delin
quent taxes under this Ordinance: and, for his
services therein, shall receive- at the rate of
twenty per cent, on all sums collected as delin
quent; provided that the same shall in all cases
Ik- taxed as costs against the parties owing such
delinquent taxes, and entered in the judgment
therefor and collected thereon, and in no case to
be a charge against the city.
Sec. lfi. All Ordinances, or ]>art-4 of Ordi
nances, in conflict with this Ordinance, are
hereby re pealed.
Sec. 17. This Ordinance shall take effect and .
Is- in force from and after its passage.
Approved June *25, 1870.
P. EVERTS, President of the Board.
M. P. CiU\tta*.iiUK, City Clerk. jcjy-lU
Ordinance No. 38.
An Ordinance creating a Salary and Contingent
i'uml, and for other purposes.
The Board of Trustees of Hamilton City do or
dain as follows;
SacTtou 1. From and after the passage of this
Ordinance, the City Treasurer shall set apart
fifty per cent, of all money coming into the City
Tre asury from licenses, hall reut and fines; and
twenty-five per oent. of ail money coming into
the City Treasury from taxes on real and jx-r- j
sonal property, which shall Is known as the !
Salary and Contingent Fund.
f*w\ 1. The City Treasurer shall make a re
port to the Board of Trustees on the first Mon
day in each mouth, showing the amount of I
money received into the City Treasury for tbo j
month previous, the amount set apart to saul '
Salary and Contingent Fund, tin- amount dia- l
bnrm d, and the amount remaining in the Treus- j
Hkc. 3. All warrants for the payment of sal
arks, and all warrants for defraying Uu contin
gent expenses of the clip, unless ottor#Ue
ordered by the board of Trustees, shall hereafter
be drawn upon the ■ Salary and Contingent
Fund;' which warrants shall commence a new
series, aud lie paid in the order of their registra
Sec. 4. This Ordinance shall take effect and
be in force from and after its passage.
Approved J iffy #,1870.
P. Bikn'ls, President Board of Trustees.
M. P. Cd.uiRERt.iN, City Clerk. jy«-l4t
Ordinance No. 39.
An OreUnanro abolishing tlie officea of Street
Commissioner and Jailer and Janitor.
The Hoard of Trustees of Hamilton City do or
dain as follows: *
Buenos l. The offices of Street Commissioner
and Jailer and -Janitor are hereby abolished.
Sec. 2. Ordinance No. '29, entitled 'An Ordi
nance creating the office of Jailer and Janitor,
aud dettniug his duties, compensation, etc.,’ ap
proved January 31, 1870, and all Ordinances or
parts of Ordinances defining the duties of aud
prescribing compensation for Street Commis
sioner, arc hereby repealed.
8r.o. 8. This Ordinance shall take off.**! and
lx* in force from and after its passage.
Approved J uly 5, 1870.
P. EVERT8, President Board of Trustee*.
M. P. Chamberlin, City Clerk. jy8-14t
uramance wo. 40.
Au Ordinance Regulating the Salaries of Of
The Board of Trustee* of Hamilton City do or
dain um follow*:
ShtcnON 1. The officers of Hamilton City
shall receive the following compensation for
their service*—to Wit: The Oitv Marshal ahull
receive a salary of nine hundred dollars per an
num, and five per cent, on all taxis collected by
him on r**al and personal property: and also one
dollar for collecting each license. The City
Treasurer shall receive a salary of nine hundred
dollars per annum. The City Assessor shall re
ceive a salary of six hundred dollars per annum.
The Chief Engineer shall receive a salary of nine
nunOrcd dollars per annum. The City Attorney
shall receive a ealary <.f Mvmtj-flve dollar* pur
mouth, and, in addition to such percentage as is
allowed him on delinquent taxes, shall receive
five dollars lor each conviction for violation of
Ordinances, provided that the same shall in all
rase* be collected from the party convicted, and
in no case tube a charge against the city. The
Ctty Clerk shall receive a salary of seventy-Ave
dollars per month. Regular Policemen shall re
ceive a salary of seventy-Ave dollars per month,
and also two dollars for each arrest and convic
tion, provided that the same shall in all case she
collected from te party convicted, and in no
case to Ik* a charge against the city.
Sec. 2. Each of the above salaries shall be
payable in legal coin of the I’nited Slates, in
oqual monthly Install iient*, on the first day of
each ttid even month.
Sw. a. Ordinance No. 4, entitled • Au Ordi
nance regulating the salaries of officers,' approv
ed Anrll 10.1869, and Ordinance No. in, entitled
‘ An Ordinance defining the duties of City Attor
ney,'approved April 15,1M9, and Rectum 7 of
Ordinance So. 20, entitled ‘Au Ordinance regu
lating a Fire Department of Hamilton City,' ap
proved December 13, I860,and Section 4 of Ordi
nance No. 35, entitled ‘ An Ordinance creating
the office of City Attorney,'approved June 13,
1870, are hereby repealed.
Skc. 4. This Ordinance shall take effect and
be in force from and after its passage.
Approved July 5, 1870.
P. EVERTS, President Hoard of Trustees.
M. P. Cii \mbkki.iv, City Clerk. jy8-14t
Ordinance No. 41.
An Ordinance regulating Licenses and license
Tax in Hamilton City.
The Board of Trustees of Hamilton City do or
dain as follow*:
Kjwtiok l. The Clerk shall cause to be pre
pared, at the expense of the city, printed
forma of City License*, to be issued as herein
provided. Ho shall number and sign the same
and deliver them to the Marshal, from time to
time, charging him therefor. The Marat ml
“hall make a written report to the Board of Trns
Uhs on Mouday of each week, duly verified,
showing tha amount of Uccum* collected by him
the previous week, the names of per*ons or firnu
to whom license* have ls-en issued, the amouui
paid by each, and the occupation or business foi
which auch lice uses were issued.
Hoc. 2. AU U en»c» herein provhkal for ehal
Ik payable hi legal coin of the l ulted States.
8k. . 3. «, to. .okhkmI In th.
bu,ln»K of tndlag or inMvW,li.fcK,or cli .llui
ill any kind of goods, a Hi cm, oi merchandis*
Whatsoever, shall pay a license as follow*. Thus*
making monthly sakni to tht am-mut of <*»,
thousand dollars or under, eight dollars pe
quarter; those making monthly *al< •* amount ini
to more than <>ne thousand ana under five thou
•and dollars, twelve dollars per quarter; am
tlioae making monthly sale* amounting to mor
than five thousand dollars, twenty dollar* i*»
8e<\ 4. Every person or Arm engaged in thi
t>u»uxm of storage aud ouauuuwioa merchant
■hall pay a license at fallow*! Tho** who*
rw-rye*-.*1-— .- --
monthly receipts amount to one thousand dol
lars or under, ten dollars per quarter; those
wbree monthly receipt* are mar* than one thou
sand and under three thousand dollars, fifteen
dollars per quarter; and those whose monthly
receipts are more than three thousand dollars,
twenty-five dollars per quarter.
8nr\ A. Every {xirson or firm engaged ia tho
business of banking, dealers in exchange, gold
and silver, stocks, or bullion, shall pay a licence
of fifty dollars per quarter.
R»\ 6. Every person. Ann or company en
gaged in the business of expressing or transmit
ting letters or packages for hire, having an office
in this city, shall j«ay a licenao at fifty dollars
per quarter.
8w\ 7. Each Telegraph Company doing busi
ness in the city shall pay a license of fifty dol
lars per quarter.
Hue. 8. Ev«nr j>ar*>B, tins or company en
gaged in the business of stock or real estate
brokerage in buying and selling stocks or real
estate, shall pay a license of fifteen dollars per
8*q, 9. Every person or firm engaged in tho
bpatnoM of keeping a Urarjr stable, or tettiag
hArses, wagons, carnages, or other animals or
vehicles for hire, shall pay a lie* use of fifteen
dollars per quarter.
Skc. 10. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of ninniug for hire any dray, job wagon,
cart or other public vehicle, shall pay for each
dray, job wagon, cart or vehicle so run, a license
of ten dollars per quarter.
Sac. 11. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of auctioneering shall pay a license of
thirty dollars per quarter.
Sec. 12. Every person or firm engaged in tlin
business of carrying ou a dagtirrrum or photo
graphic gnlVry.snali pay a license of fifteen dol
lare per quarter.
Sec. 13. Every person or finn engaged lu the
business of keeping a barber shop, shall pay
for each dialr iu use In said shop a license of
five dollars per quarter.
8*o. 14. Every person or firm engaged in tb<
hairiness of assaying any met .Is or ore. sluril
pay a license of twenty-five dollars per quarter.
8*o. 15. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of manufacturing soda, rider, vinegar,
sarsaparilla, or syrups of any kind, shall pay a
licenao of fifteen dollars jw quarter.
8*o, ltf. Every person or firm engaged iu the
business of keeping or conducting any tavern,
hotel, lodging house, chop house, or restaurant,
shall pay a lieenso of fifteen dollars per quarter.
Sec. 17. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of keeping a bar or saloon, for retail
ing any wines or liquors of any kind, in less
quantities thau one quart, shall pay a license of
forty-five dollars per quarter.
Skc. 18. Every person or firm engaged iu
Ihe business of keeping a public bath house,
shall pay a license of ten dollars i**r quarter.
8ec. 19. Every person or firm engaged in tin
bualuesa of keeping or carrying on a shooting
gallery, shall pay a license of fifteen dollars per
11 Ullll > Wl
business of keeping or conducting a public bak
cry for the manufacture of bread, pica or cakes,
shall pay a license of five dollars per quarter.
Sec. 21. Every person or firm engaged in
keeping a laundry, where washing ai d Ironing
is dime, shall pay a license of ten dollars per
Hec. 22. Every proprietor or keeper of a bil
liard table, shall pay for each table in use a
license of ten dollars per quarter.
Hec. 23. Every keeper or pmprictorof a nine
pin, ten pin or bowling alley, shall pay a license
of twenty dollars per quarter.
Hec. 24. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of keeping or carrying on any brewery
for the manufacture of beer, malt or fermented
liquor, shall pay a license nf thirty dollars per
Hkc. 25. Each and every insurance company
doing business in the city, shall pay a license of
twenty-five dollars per quarter.
Krr. afl, Every person, firm or company en
gaged in running stages and carrying passengers
for hire, and having an office in the city, shall
pay a license of fifteen dollars per quarter.
Hec. 27. Every rwTson or firm engaged in the
business of pawn broker, shall pay a license of
forty dollars per quarter.
8sc. 28. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of keeping a butcher shop nr stall, for
the retail of fresh meats, shall pay a license of
fifteen dollars per quarter.
Hec. 29. Every traveling merchant, hawker, or
peddler, who shall vend goods, wares, and mer
chandise. shall pay a license of twcntv-ftve dollars
per quarter; provided that in case such traveling
merchant, hawker, or peddler, shall use a wagon,
cart, or other vehicle in such business, he shall
pay a license of forty dollars per quarter.
Hec 90. Every person, firm, company, mana
ger, oi lessee of any theater, engaged in the busi
ness of giving theatrical performances or exhi
bitions of serenade™, minstrels' concert or opera
singe™, sparring, melodcon or other public per
formance or exhibition, for pay, shall pay a li
cense of one hundred dollars per month; pro
vided, that in case such licenso Ik* granted fur »
less period than one month, five dollars for each
performance or exhibition so given.
Hec. 31. Every person, firm, or company, giv
ing in the city any exhibition of a caravan* me
nagerie, or collection of animals, or any circus,
show, rope, or wire dancing, or slight of hand
performance, for pay, shall pay a license of
twenty-five dollar* for each exhibition so given. ;
Hec. 32. Every person or firm who shall open I
or keep a dance-house, commonly known a* a
hurdy-gurdy house, shall pay a license of one i
hundred dollara per month; provided that iu j
case such license is granted fora less period than j
one month, five dollars per day for each day the (
same shall be kept open.
Sec. 33. Every person who shall carry on or
conduct any of the businesses, trades, callings, or
professions mentioned herein, and -hall neglect
to takeout a license then for, iih herein provided,
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon con
viction thereof, shall Ik- fined in a sum not less
thnn the license which such person is required
to tak** out, and not exceeding five hundred dol
lars, which fine may be enforced by imprison
ment in the city jail not exceeding one day for
each two dollars of snch fine.
Hec. 34. Ail licenses provided for in this Or
dinance -hall be paid in advance, and are hereby
made transferable in cases where the business
licensed is conducted or carried on in the same
building, simp, stall, or stand, but not otherw ise, i
Hec. 35. Ordinance No. 11, entitled* An Ordi
nance providing for the assessing and collecting 1
of revenue for Hamilton City,' approved April
16,1889; and Ordinance No. 16, entitled ' An Or
dinance amendatory of and supplemental to an
Ordinance entitled * An "rdinance providing for j
the assessing and collecting Of revenue for Ham- :
ilton City,’ approved May 6,1869; and Ordinanee
No. 25, entitled ‘ An Ordinance amendatory of I
and supplemental to an Ordinanco entitled • An '
Ordinance providing for the asses-ing and col
lecting of revenue for Hamilton City,'approved i
Heptcmber 13,1809, ami all Ordinance and parts :
of ordinances in conflict with this Ordinance, J
are hereby repealed.
Hec. 36. This Ordinance aliall take eflf<xt and
be in force from and after it« pa-sage.
Approved July 11, 1870.
President of the Board.
M. P. Cuamderlin, City Clerk. jyl 4-14t
Ordinance No. 42.
All Ordinance Creating the Office* of City Re
corder and City Surveyor.
The Board of Trust- es of Hamilton City do or
dain a* follows:
Section l. In addition to the office* already
prescribed by law and ordinance, there shall be
and is hereby created the offices of City Recorder I
and City Surveyor.
Sec. 2. The City Recorder, before entering '
upon the discharge of the duties of his office, !
shall give a bond, with two or more sufficient I
sureties, to be approved by the Board, in tin I
sum of five thousand dollars; and the City Sur
veyor shall give a llko bond, in the snrn of two
thousund five hundred dollar*. Each of the
bonds required by this section shall be in like
form and like conditions another bonds required
of officers.
Se< . a. Tho City Recorder Khali hold his
Court, every day, at the Recorder s office, in the
City Hall, and shall be allowed a fee of four dol
lars for each conviction; provided, that tho same
shall in all cases be collected from the party
convicted, and iu no case to be a charge against
tho city.
Sr.c. 4. The City Recorder shall keep a record
of all his proceedings, and pay over to the City
Treasurer, on Saturday of each week, all money
collected by him. after deducting the fees al
lowed to offioerb; taking duplicate receipts there,
for—one of which he shall tile with the City
Clerk; the other keep for his voucher. Tho Re
corder shall, also, report to the Board on Mon
day of each week, under oath; which report shall
show all cases brought before him; all fines im
posed, and the amount of fees received by him
and other officers therein.
Sec. 5. The City Surveyor shall keep a record
of all surveys made by him, and report the same
to the Board of Trustees on the first Monday of
each month: and shall be permitted to charge
not to exceed ten dollars per lot for fixing the
boundaries for private owners; provided, that
the same shall in no case 1* a charge against the
Sf.c. II, AM ordinances or parts of ordinances,
and all ordinances heretofore passed providing
any compensation for either of said offices, an*
hereby repealed.
Sec. 7. This Ordiuauce shall take effect and
Ik* In force from and after its passage.
Approved July 1H, into.
P. EVERTS, President Board Trustees.
M. P. Chamberlin, City Clerk. Jy20-14t
Ordinance No. 43.
An Ordinance h inting to Dog*.
Tho Hoard of Trustees of Hamilton City do or
dain as follows:
Bueno* 1. An animal tax, or license, of three
dollars, on all male, and five dollars on alt
female dogs, in Hamilton City, over the age of
cue month, payable In legal coin of the Catted
State*. Is hereby levied and directed to be col
lee ted.
Sec. 2. The Marshal shall procure a suitable
number of tags, which shall be numbered, ami
■tamped with the word Hamilton; and any per
son keeping any dog within the city limits shall
procure of the Marshal a tag, to be attached to
•uch dog, and shall pay therefor tho tax oi
license prescribed In Section 1 of this Ordinance.
8ec. 3. The Marshal shall apprehend atul im
pound all Aon found turn, it* at Jfcrge without a
tag within tfic City Stotts fcftcMlie 1st day o|
August, A. D. 1070.
Bkc. 0. Any i>er*on wishing to redeem a doc
• which has is-en impounded may do so npor
payment of the tax or license required by Sec
tlou 1 of this Ordinance for a tag and paying
► the Marshali tlw additional saw of two dollar.
i for impounding the same.
» l He*. 5. All dog* Impounded shall, unis*
sooner redeemed by the owner or claimants, be
killed after the expiration of twenty-four hours,
and Interred or otherwise disponed of without
the city limits.
8ec. 6. The Marshal shall make a report to
the Board of Trustees on Monday of each week
for the week previous, which report shall show
the number of tags sold; the names of persons
to whom sold, respectively; the date when each
commences and expires; the number of di'gs im
pounded: the number killed; the amount of mo
uey received for tags, or otherwise, under this
Ordinance, from the party paying the same, and
shall keep a register in his office showing the
above facts. He shall pay to the Treasurer, on
Saturday of each week, all money in his hands
from the sale of tags, after deducting his fees, as
hereinafter allowed.
Sac. 7. The Marshal, in addition to the extra
foes received from those redl ining impoaadefl
dogs, shall receive a fee of fifty cents for each
tag sold and ono dollar and fifty cents for each
og killed.
8ec. 8. Any person or persons who shall forge
or counterfeit'snv tag or tags for the purpose of
defrauding tho city, shall be guilty of a misde
meanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be
fined in any sum not less tbau ten nor more than
fifty dollars, and may !*? imprisoned in the t By
Jail not to exceed one <lay for each two dollars
«*f such fine.
Heo. 9. Any person or person* who shall tie
or otherwise attach any kettle, call, drum, box,
or other substance, to the tail, leg, neck or body
of any dog, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor,
and upon conviction thereof shall b«* fined in
any sum not less than fifty dollars, and may be
imprison-d in the Otty Jail not to exceed cm©
day for each two dollar* of such fine.
Sec. 1h. All money received into the Treasury
under the provision* of thi* Ordinance shall be
kept in a separate fund, ami under the control of
the Board or Trustees.
Sec. 11. This Ordinance shall take affect ami
1m- in force from and after II" passage.
Approved July 18, 1870.
President of the Board.
M. P. Chamjieuein, City Clerk. Jj2M4t
Ordinance No. 44.
Au Ordinance to Provide Water for Hamilton
The Board of Trustee s of Hamilton City do or
dain hh follows:
Section 1. A special ad valorem tax of twen
ty-five cents on each one hundred dollars worth
of taxable property, real and i« rsenal, in Hamil
ton City, is hereby levied, and directed to be
collected, for the purpose of providing w ater for
said city for the year A. D. 1870.
Sec. 2. The Assessor, In making out the as
sessment roll for the year A. D. 1870, shall add
a separate column, showing the amount of the
tax hereby levied, and the same fees shall be
collected in accordance with the provisions of
Ordinance No. 37. and the same allowed to of
ficers as in other cas ?s of collection of city taxes.
Sec. 3. All money received into the Treasury
under the provisions of this ordinance shall be
set apart to and known ns the Water Fund, and
be under the control of ttui Board <»f Trustees.
8ec. 4. fhis Ordinance shall take effect and
be in force from the date of its passage.
Approved July 18.1^*70.
President of the Board
M. I\ Chamberlin, City Clerk. Jy21-14t
AlJ|iliratio»$ for Patent.
Application for Patent.
Kegistkb's Office, I
Austin, Nevada, April 28th, 1870.1
Mukwonago Mining Company has this j
clay filed in this office a diagram, together with
a notice of Application for Patent from the
Halted States, under Act of Cougress approved ,
duly 2fitli. 18rt0, for Eight Hundred feed of the j
• oikleu Lodfii known as the Mukwonago Mining
Company's claim, situated in the White Pino
Mining District, White Pine County, Nevada,
and more particularly described BA follows: Be
ginning at a point whence the southeast corner
of the survey made for the Aurora Consolidated
hi Ivor Mining Company, on tbo Aurora Lode
bt-ars S. lib} degrees W.JMWHSrt, thence running
N. 11 Vi degrees E. 300 feet: thence S. 78^ tie
grcea E. 800 feet: thence H. 11 ’4 degrees W. 300
feet, and thence N. 78 J4 degrees W. 800 feet to
the place of beginning, and containing Five
Acres and fifty-one ono-hundredths of an Acre ]
(5 51-100 acres) of Land, embracing said lode,
slid one hundred feet on each side thereof. Said
claim i* bounded on the weat by the Aurora Con
sol idated Silver Mining Company, Aurora Lode.
ma3-90d* Register. !
Application for Patent.
Register's Office, I
Austin. Nevada, April 2«. 1870. (
Mukwonago Mining Company has this day
filed in this office a diagram, together with a
notice of Application for Patent from the Failed j
States, under Act of Congress approved July
•-’t'lth, 1866, for Eight Hundred Feet of the Mount i
Vernon Lode, known as the Mukwonago Mining !
Company's claim, situated in the White Pino 1
Mining District, White Plue County. Nevada,
and more particularly described as follows: Be
ginning at the southeast corner of the survey j
made for the Aurora Consolidated Hilver Mining
Company, on the Aurora Lode, the same being j
the northeast corner of the survey made for the !
South Aurora Silver Mining Company, thanes
running N. 11 S degrees E. 3U0 feet; thence S. !
TR’-f degrees E. 800 feet; thence S. 1134 degrees
W. 3o<> feat, and thence N. 7hjs degrees W. 800
feet to the place of beginning, and rontaining
Five Acres and fifty-one me-.hundmHha of an i
Acre (5 51-100 acres) of Laud, embracing said
lode, nnd one hundred feet on each side thereof.
Said 11 aim idlsmnded oil the west by Che Aurora
Consolidated Silver Mining Companv, Aurora 1
ma3-90d* Register, i
U. S. Patents for Mines!
Office at the Mining Recorder's,
Main Street, Treasure City.
in White Pine County, can procure the same i
at the shortest notice, ami on the most reasona
ble terms,by applying as above. Ordera left with
Col. Sabin, in the Mining Recorder's office, at J
Treasure City, or at The White Pine Newa office 1
in Hamilton, will receive prompt attention.
ap'28-tf j

New Remedies! New Remedies! |
It NER Commercial, Han Francisco.
Private entrance on Commercial street.
established in IH.%4. for the tr< ntuient^B^*
of Sexual and Seminal Disease, such aslHHM
Gonorrhea, Gleet, Stricture, Hyphillis, in all its
forms; Seminal Weakness, Ini potency, etc., etc.
Skin diseases of years standing, ami Ulcerated
l<egs, etc., successfully treated.
Seminal Weakness.
Seminal emission is tho consequence of self
abuse. This solitary vice, or depraved sexual
Indulgence, is practiced by the youth of both
sexes to an almost unlimited extent, prodaring
with unerring certainty the following train of
morbid symptoms, unless combated by scientific
medical measures, viz: Hallow countenance,
dark spots under the eyes, pain in the head,
ringing in tho ears, noise like the rustling of
leave* or rattling of chariot*, uneasiness about
the loins, weakness of the limbs, confused
vision, blunted Intellect, los* of confidence. diffl
deuce in approneliing strangers, a dislike to
form new acquaintances, a deposition to shnn
I society, lost of memory, pimples ami various
| eruptions about the face, hectic flushes, furred
tongue, fentid breath, coughs, consumption,
night sweats, monomania and frequently In
sanity. If relief be not obtained, you should
apply immediately, either in person or by letter,
and have n cure effected by hi* new and scientific
mode of treating this disease, which never fail*
. of effecting a quick ami radical i ure. I)r. G.
, will give one hundred dollar* to any person w ho
will prove, satisfactorily to him, that he was
I rnrodof thi* complaint by either of the Hon
Frauclsco quacks.
rami at Home.
i Persons at a distance may l>o CURED AT
BOMB, by addressing a kttcr to l>r. OflUxjn,
stating case. Symptoms, length of time the
disease has continued, and have medicine
promptly forwarded, free from damage and cu
rio *ity, to any part of the Country, with full and
plain direction* for use, by cnekmlng f 15 in cur
rency. or ill) in coin, in a register**! letter
1 through tbepoHtoflkr?, or through Wells. Fargo
I k Go.
I A package of medicine will be forwarded by
Express to any part of the Union.
Persona writing to the Doctor will please state
the name of the paper they see tbta adxertiao.
I merit in.
I All communications strictly confidential.
I Jyl4-fiw Box Ml, Ban Frandaco, California.
DwatUng-Honsa In Traaimr* City. Inquire at
thiaoflk* maQ8-tf
ma * : ™ <

*T- Thin *HUbn«hr.imt It anpplU'.l with h
laiy** aaaortment of nawant ntylen of Tjrp*. Bor
<tar*, Ornanu-nta. Carda, Adortfd P«|*or, and
all tli*
Eaaplojwd in tbc prop** axeonlion of
Best of Job Presses.
Plain and Ornamental Type,
For any kind of work. *wh a«
Play Bills,
Certificates of Stock,
Blank Books,
Notes, Etc.
- s t
Of all *U**n. shade* and »hapea, iu plain black nr
•a imv or all the color* of tha Ka.abow.
and a general nsw* summary in every
i**ue—beside* mtr specialty—
Hhrory Sunday,
furnishing a complete account of the condition of
tho mint* in this District—condition of the
work*; late development*; amount of ore for the
week; yield of ore worked; proposed changes;
also, condition and prospect of outside claims,
and other matter* of Interest to owner* and tho
general public.

Persons wishing Blank Books printed will not
I be under the necessity of sending to Man Fran
! oesco for thi* character of work, as we are pm
, pared to execute such work In a pood style, and
at reasonable prior*.
fUUtMiurut Salts.
Mammoth hilvkr mim.\o c om
PANY.—Location of Works: While Pine {
Mining District. White Pirn county, State of Ne
vada. Notice.—There are delinquent upon the
following described stock, on account of asse**
mcut levied on the 26th day of May, A. D. lH7o,
the several amount* wt opposite the names of
the respective shareholders, »•' follows:
Names. No. Certificate. No.Sirs. A*'t.
Baxter W II, balance.291.25*. -55.10
Baxter W II, Ixilam-c.
Ihidleuian GO, Trade#.706.... 100... .20.00
Barton W H, Trustee.1327.20.4.(JO
bushell John 1.11W*-UK)... .20.00
Child k Jones, Trustee*.341... .100... .20.00
(Tiild «t Jones, Trustees, U1..:MJ.22.4.40
Child k Jones, Trustees.350-100... .20.00
Child k Jonss, Trustees.357 — UK)-20.00
Child 4l Jones, Trustees.368 .. .10.2.00
Child k Jones, Trustees.429.... 100... .20.00
Child k Jones, Trustee*.432.10.2.00
Child k Jones, Trust* ns.hBB.10.2.00
Clark Smyth.375. . .100.. .20.00
Clark Smyth.378... .100... .20.00
Clark Smyth.379.... 100. . .20.00
Child W £.434.10.2.(10
Child W C, balance.435 .*.10
Coursen <* A. Trust**:.I.W4.30.fl.oo
Child W C, Trust*'**.657.20.4 .on
Child W’ C. Trustee.1231.... 4ft.H.ftft
Cahill k Co E, Trustees.1240.4ft.8.00 j
Cahill k CoE.Trust. es.1248... .100... .20.00
CavalliorJB E, Trustee.... 1*15.4ft ... «.ft0
Cavalller J B E. Trustee. .1342.1«.3.00
Duty J J.1078.30.6.00 1
Ehronbergh l»r II T, balance.124.%.02 I
Fnraam K.3HR-10ft... .90.00 I
Farnaiu E.389... .100... .20.00
Farnani K.390... .10ft.., 20.00 !
Famaui E.:n»J.... A*m»_3o.OO
Farnaiu E.392.10 . 2.00
Farnaiu K.303.5.1.00 !
Farnaiu E.1025.80....10.00
Farnaiu E.1021).50.... 10.00
(Joodall E.8? j
Henderson 1> M,Trustee... .1037.50... Ift.Oft j
Hall N II. Trust.*.1066.50.... 10.00 j
Hutchinson John, Trustee. .126!.5.l.fto
Hill A E. Trustee, balance.. .216.... 34* .. .6.90
Hill A K, Truste**.245.2ft.I.ftft
nil! A F., Trustee.257.lft.2.00
Hill A E, Truatee.734.5n. ...lft.ftft
IliU A F„ Trustee, balance. . .841.30.T.Hft
Hill A K, Trustee. *49. .. .100... .20.00
Hill A E, Trustee.*87.1ft.2 (Hi
Hill A E. Trustee..lft... .2.0ft
Hill t E, Trustee.mh9-2ft.... i.ou
Hill A K. Trust**-.Ift34.50.. .Ift.Oft
H01 A K, Trust***.1045.6.I no
Bin A E, Truatee.1060.... lftO... .20.00
Hill A E. Trustee.1062.5<*... .lu.fto
Hill A E, Trustee.1128 ... 2ft.4.ftft
Jennings A A .1287.... 100. . 20.00
Kenney Geo i,. Tnwfw.-i".
King Wm F, Trust**.UH.H»... IN)
King Wm F, Truatee. 140. v»,...loon
King Wm F. Trustee.295 ... 10.2.00
King Wm F, Trustee....297..... 10.2.00 i
King Wm F, Trusts.301.5.1.00 |
King Wm F. TruHto*.. .608.... 43.9.00 |
King Wm F. Trust.-*. 1*1... 1109.2.4<*
King Wm F. Truatee.1123... .100... .2iuhi
King Wm F, Trustee.J159.... 100... *20.00
King Wm F. Tnudee.11HJ... .100...ju.oo 1
King Win F, Trusts.1*12. . .250 . .50 00
Kennedy lames W, ijnlano . 1104.**3.... IJ.Oo
Lin.lhv 0. .90.. . 4.0"
Lind ley C.1*7. ...in.... *J.on
Lloyd A. balaiu*-.1Q6H.29 '• *o
Lowenberg M. Tnwiw.1207. ’i. . .17
Montgomery Z.. 112. !•"*.. jo. on
McDonald M J.149. inu....2n •
McDonald A Whitney ,Trustee«775 ... 20.. * no
Me Donald A Whltncy,TrB*te**703- 50... ln.no
McDoiiakiAWliiLm v.TruMtcea'Atn.20... 4 on
Me Donald AWliitfiB.v,Tr«at».a9ii;. ...1on . 2n
Me Donald AWhitney,Trusteal239.3*1.. .. lo."*»
Morgan I hr* «•. 1013. in J
Morgan E.ml*.50....10 on
Martin M H, Trust***-.1 ton.10.. j no
North Charles M.12*w. . .50... ln.no
Noble II II.1220. V inn
Owens Thiirst 'U 1'.. balance 311 .... *'• H 130
Phillips WH,Trustee.lfW». ,*-• l.uo
Ferry John L, Trust«*e.imw. .. si.... lo."o
ltetlly Thomaa.1**77. . .50. ..lu.ou
Smith F <J, Trust* *.3... 10_ 2-<*o
Smith F14, Trustee .4.... In... 2. on
Smith F (J,Truste■*.7.... Id,... J "
Smith F <*, Trustee. *.in.. 2.no
Smith F <i,Trust*-.. .9. 2 •*"
Smith F o.Truate*.in. . in.. . 2.00
Smitli F 4'i. Trustee... . . 57-in*). . .20.0*1 j
Smith FO,Trustee.Vi. .100. .
Smith FG,Trust*• . ..121. . .to. 2 1 !
Shemrotnl it Fr*-eb**rn.Trus'H.54u. Pst...
SWuwimmI ft FmInn 11.Timrn 'll inti.. .26.00 :
Sherwood ii Fre*‘l*om,Tras'a.5i7 . s|... Hi **'
Sherwood A Freeborn.TmsVMt* ,V).... I0.no
Sherwood A Freeborn.Trua'a.fluo—list.. .20.00
Sherwood k Frceborn.Trua’a.flOl — loo-90 no
Sherwood k Freeborn,Trua's.6<t2—loo.. .20.00
Sherwood k Freeborn.Trus’a.722.00_10.00
Sherwood k Freeborn .Trus's.7 23.5n... .10.00
Scbmled.il Henry*, Truatee. .8*3... .mo. . is.no
SchiefarPater_ _1144. ..,50....10.00
Sleeper Oeo, Trustee .1218.30_10.00
Sleeper Oeo, Trustee .1321.... 30 10.00
Tibbey F. H. Trust**,.125m. inn... 20.110
White Jos T. 12ft.35... 7.00
Winter JW... .487.20.. 4 if)
Webber Geo K.949.54 .... IO.hO
Webber Oeo E.950. .. 48. .. 9. an
Wingard T B. Truatee.1173... .415... K1.00
Wilson Henry.11H7.... HO.... 1(1.00
And in acc«urdsbc«- with law, and an order or
the Board of Trustees, made on the 2»'th day of
May. A D. 1H70. s*» many shares of each pan el
of said ahiCk BSJ may Is* nee*-ssary will Is sold at
the office of (be Company, Knotn No. 23, Hay
ward's Building. No. 419 California street. Hun
Francisco, t allforma. on FHIDAY, tin- TWKN
n-HEO'ND (22*1) DAY OF JULY, A. D. HCO,
at the hour of 1 o'clock p. in. of said *lay,
to pay said delinquent assessment thereon, to
gether with costa of ad*> rtising and expense* ,,r
the *al<.
JOSEPH L. KING, Secretary.
Office: Boom No. 23. Hay«anl's Building, No.
419 California street, San Fran*'I sen, California.
OpnrK of tup: mivkhai, city
Gold anil Stiver Mining aiel Milling Com
pany. No. 49(1 Montgomery street. 4 ity and
County of San Franctaco. State of California.— I
Location of W'orka: Bobinaon Mining District
County of White Pine, and Stmt*- *»f Nevada
Notice.—Them are *i<liuqueut. upon the follow
ing-described stock. on account of aaacaatn* nt
levied on the 24th day of May, 187(», the several
amount* set opp*»alt« the nsmrsof theroiqwct j
ive shareholder**, am follows:
Names. No.Onrt, No.Sh. Amt
Brannau S.87. SO., f MMsi |
Kraiman H...It*..10_10.On j
Moulton W .1 1.2 I3ft0..12ft0.0<>
Monitor. WJI.H.30_SO on
Moulton WJI.82.20_JO.Oo 1
Moulton WJL.83.ft ... .5.00 '
Moulton WJI.too.2ft_2ft.(si j
lin ks John N.17.ft.fi ts.
Hicks John N.18. ft.ft.oo '
Hicks John N.10.ft.ft.oo
IIlrkH John N.‘JO.5.... ft.Oo j
flick* John N.21.ft-ft.oo :
Hicks John N.23.ft.ft.oo
Hick* Jehu N.‘it. 3.... ft.00
llicks John N.24.10... .lo.on
Hick* John N.2ft.10.... 10.00
Hick* John N.Jtl.10.... 10.00
Hicks John N.27.10. ...10.00
Hicks John N.38.10....lotto
Hicks John N.*».30....30 00
Hicks John N..30.30.... 20.00
Hicks John N..7$....1030. .1000.on
Hick* John X.77.ISO. .lno.no
Iamb George W.12. ft.... ft.oo
lamb George W. .33.ft.ft.oo
Iamb George W .*.S4.ft.ft.no I
Iamb Georg*- W — :ift ft.ft.oo i
Iamb George W..ft.3.00 ]
Iamb George W .37.ft.3.00
Lamb Georg*- W.0s.5.ft.ttO
Iamb George W.39.ft.ft.oo
Iamb Georg*- W.40. ft.. . '•.«*»
Iamb Goorge Wf.41. ft.
Iamb George W.42. ft.3.00
Iamb Georg* W...4.t.ft.... ft.tm
lainb Goorge Wr...44. ft.ft.'xt
lamb George W.4ft.10....10 00
Iamb George W.40.10....10.00
lamb George W’.47.10....10.00
lamb George W.4H.10. ...10,00
lainb Goorge W. 10....10.00
Iamb George W.ft 0.10. .-..10.00
lamb George W.M.10....10.00
Iamb George W’.02.10. ...10.00
lamb Georg© W.33.. .. ,10... .10.00
Iamb tleorge W.ft4.10.... 10.00
Iamb George W.30.90....30.00
Iamb George W.ft7.3o-90.00
Iamb George W.38.20 ...20.00
Lamb Oeorgi- W.79....9000 30UO.OO
Iamb George W.80... 300 SOO.Oo
Wells Wnt V.8ft.80....60.00
Wells Wm V.10ft *95 .33.00
Knox D E.103... .3040. .3040.00
Knox D E.109....1900..1300.00
Hadlam A Jr.101.2ft.. .23.00
And In accordance with law. ami an order of
th*! lkard of Truatees, made on the 34tl> day of
May. 1870, so many shares of each pan* l <»f said
stork as may be necessary will be sold at public
auction at th© house of Mauri.« Dure .V Co.,
No. 397 Montgomery street, Han Franc 1 wo, Htatr
of California, on the TWENTY-EIGHTH DAY
OF JULY, 1870, at the hour of 1 o’clock p. m.
of Raid day, to pay said delinquent assessment
thereon, together with costs of advertising and
exis-iises of the sal**.
A. HADLAM, Secretary.
Office: At No. 430 Montgomery street, City and
County of San Fraucisoo, Htatc of California.
jyll-td j
street. Ban Francisco, Juno 20,1870.—The an
nual meeting of the stockholders of this Com
pany will be held on HATURDAY, July 23, 1870,
at 12 o’clock m., for the election of Trustee* for
the r ling year, and the transaction of any
other ousinrss that may be presented.
Je27-td SOLON PATTKE. Hecretary.
Lirery, Sale, Feed &Boariliii£ Stable,
Jjr7-tf Oor. Tirtmp* and Trnmi
I j A*v»mu. nl No. " |,.»i, ,| j, , , ' N ' ■
lH«|innt«, unpaid up t„ jth .July; jf-(i ,|“p
ft* f 5- f
Stockholder*. 5 o £ §• y
: op| ' i;
DM HomIMT.. ..6..., •(!
l> M Himiu* r. .7 . . •"*«, '-‘.(W
D M lioMUK r.y . .*i.UU
DM llosmer.Hi.’ ’ '.A,.•■iMX'
D M Hosmur.12... * m .Wm
D M Hosmer,Trust.*150.. .
D M Hosmer.Trosb eisi.Id »«*»4i.(s»
D M Homner.Tmsti. 1.12.'. ., m.
D M Honnier,Trust eelfci, . j,,.. 1 *•<»
Richard Ravage.an....*.' fio' *2 fin’
Richard Savage.. .1(14_ Hoy ,w*
Richard Savage. io*>. . <'.«•
H A Post..*(«.iy..
S F, Hole.uub._ 1*27.in..
M 51 lial.lwin.1U . in 7;,.Efto
51 M iialdwin.140.4yy’ .,V-rEJ®
Richard II Ravage...115.... .. jy .40,on
P Conklin.)i>4 im, .••I-®1
H Caulfield.T3s.; 4(l.
I> Walker. 51 D.lay. . <*».Wm
A F. Everett..1H|.... jiHi.•j?*""
A E Everett.liW..50.'8-,m
William Krug.I;t7... :,n.i-®'
William Krug.i:m_.’' Hj.J*®1
Wm Krug, Trustee. .Irt7... mo.
Wm Krug, Trustee..107. . . .E’ ?’
Wm Krug, Trustee.. liw.4uo.’i4.!*’
J..hn Clement .141.■«,.{JJJ
5 MarttiK.li, Trustee 1«M . . iMo.* * E)
ctiHrles 0 Dow man.. 155.. . . f„Hi.
L D St meson.157. •>,., w'
E n Wilder.1«1 — itWjo!.
ROoim. IT».ion...;.V’*;
u M Harton.i»..;ian .J*-"
O lp MclVrnmt...ITU. iihi . f. [*
S II. y.l. ijf.-Ml.IM... ;H4, 1-.... ■P"iP'.PU
Oiiu>* Wellington. I .... ">■ ...lS.fjii—anno
Trustee.j ,,hi*. (772....jno.Ho
Chaa Wellington. I ,
Trustee*.| Km.l6-0,t
Chaa AVeliiugtou, i
Tmste*..j **•'.100.Igyy
Chas Wellington,! ....
Trustee.\ ll»l... loo.jg^
T A mud Chan-card .105.., ioy . ‘
»E Doran..t't'
Oeo W Forsrf li, | .3n-,K’
Trustee.. ( .Wo.90.4s.
ih,3;w f77.4*50
MtMi'iuNi.iM. Jut* 7 i«:n
Collected from Driukhrmse. „harwi jgg ^ 9f|
■■ •• &%, :: *»•«'«
...y* * MAiiTixnx, s.1v.tlr;'
AS5»5mmt ilotirrs.
.A I 11
Mining Company. I>H*aUon of iorito? wiVt.
Wno Mining District. County of White Pine in.i
»*•»...f N. v».l* - N„tu> U Smh,
it a mwUaii of n>. Tni*™ ,.i »,i,i 7™ “t
«h ■««> -r
ITv«« Hollars 95) Per Khnre
bvtej np >n the capital stock of r .
P*nv. parable Immediately, in Vtfte* Htan'.
gold com. to the Secretary, at the office 0f u,
( uni pan y, No. 4 It* Canfuinia stmt (Room ft
San Frau. I*.... Calif, rnia. Any stock upon which
*a!d assessment shall remain unpaid on the p*th
day of August. 1*70. shall be deemed drUnoaent
nnd will »«■ duly advurtiacd tor sal.- at public
auction, and uuhrf* paynont ahall be mail*- b,
f'*r* , will Is **.ld i n the FIRST DAY OF SI p
TI MUF.il, DCn, t., pay the ielUnumnt asaes*
men!, together with coats of advertiaing and * \
perns * of th* sal**. By order of the Board f
Trust tea.
(Slgm di M. ATWoOD. Secretary
Otfl.-e- At No. 41*1 Calffnrmia *tr..t (Ito. i».
San Francisco, Cali lorn ta jylldd
COMPANY White 1 in* District. N* vada.
Notice in hereby given that at a meeting of the
Board of Trust*-* ** of *ai I Company, h* Id **n tu
21 Hh day of June, lH7n, an asseasim-iit of
Ten Hi (ruin Per Share
wash vied upon the capital atock r.f aafd coin
pauv, t*aya)du Hum* di d* 1 y. In I'nittd Slat.
gold and silver coin, to th** Herndary. Any
Stock iijsMi which said a*« khrichI shall remain
iinpaitl «>n tin- 26th day *4 July. JH7C, ahall G
d*-em« d delinmu lit, and will la duly advertise.!
f-*r *al. at public au< lion. ami. uni.*# puymt-iit
ahall Ik fuad*- be tare. will »*• sold on MONDAY
queilt av»< h*uu'-fit, together with coats of adv.:
Using and expenae# <4 ash- By order of th
Board of Trustees.
J M BCFFTNOTON. ft* , rrtary
Office :I7 New Merchant'a K vcliange. C aliform.
street, Hati Franciaco, Cal jy'2-td
i;k\tiikiisto\k aiinixg com*
I PAXV \ a at I* n f AA’orka Wldt* i
Mining District. White Pine county, Hiatr- of Ne
vada. Notice is hereby giv.-u. that at a mertimt
of the Hoard of TrnsG-**# of said Company, hold
on the 14th day of June, 1H7IJ, an «»*** -»in* id • ?
Twonly ('40. (fills |M*r share
Waal 1 n the capital *•f I; of said Com
pany, payabi* immediately, in I mod Mat.*
gold coin, to the Secretary, at the office of tin
Company. No 401 California »tnet, Kan Fran
clfco, California. Any stock *tpon which said
asaesKin. nt shall r* main uii]>aid on Wednesday
the *JfH»i day of Jnly, A. I». l*7d. mIirII Is* dertmd
delinquent, ami will be duly advertised fur sal*
at public auction; and, unit w. uaynu nt shall G
made before, will lie aold »*n Thursday, ttte Uth
day Of August. A. I>. KM, t*» pay the delinquent
maesHnient, together with co-t* of adverHalns*
and expenaea of the sal*-.
By or*l* r of th»- ll«.ar>l of Trustees.
DAVID T. DAOT.KY, Hecretary
Office; No, 4«1 California street. Han Francis*-.,
California. JaUMd
j mining COMPANY (.oration of W O*
White Piii«* couuty, Htat. of Nevada. N**tice Is
hereby given that, at a meeting of the lt**er<l of
Trustees of sal.l Company, held on th* 1 **t day
of June, l*7i», an aasrssment of
Five (5i Cents |M*r share
waa levied upon the capital stock of said Coni
panv. payal.l*- immediately. In I’nlted Htat.
gold coin, to tl»c kwrrttry. at the office of tin
Company. Boon 1 ft, No, SOJ Montgomery *t*v«t.
Han Francisco, California. Aliy stock upon
which said assessment shall r*-nialn unpaid on
HATITtDAY. the HK' OND DAT OF Jl’I-Y, 1870.
shall In* ib-emed dellnqueut, and will Ik-duly
advertia«-«i for sal*- at public auction, and u&lcs4
payment shall !*o made Ik fore will be s*1 Id on
JtT.Y, lH70, to pay the delinquent assessment,
together With coat# of advertising and expenst *
of sale, its --rd* r of the Board of Trustee*.
\YM H AA ATKON, H* rr* tan
Office; k*K.ui 5. No.3U2 Montgomery street. Sau
Franciaco. California. J«*s »
POSTPONEMENT. - The day for dwmini'
•ti.H'k on the above amwaament delinquent »
hereby postponed uotil MONDAY, the FIRST
DAY OF AUGPHT, |K7«». and the sale ‘henel
By order <>f the Board of Trustee*.
JyH-td WM. li. WATSON. Seeretar)
Company—Location *-f Work*: "hit*
Fine, Nevada,—Notice I* hereby given, that nt
a net ting of the ll<»nrd *>f Truatica of said Con
pany, held on the 1st day of June, 1*7°, t',‘
{e.*cH*inent nf
Three (II) Cenla I»er Share
wu* levied upon the capital clock of said com
pany, payable Ilium -dlab-ly. In Putted Stall*
gold inli), to the Secretary, at the office of tie
company. No. 1 F.\press Building, nnrthraat
corner Montgomery and tali font Ik atreeta, San
Fraucbco, California. Auy stock upon which
wild aescMiiuent shall remain unpaid on tie
Xtd day of July, 1870, ahull Is- deemed ilrllli
qiwnt, and will !«• duly advertised for Rah nt
public miction, and nnleaa payin'nt shall bi
matte la-fore, will be cold tm Monday, the nth
day of August, l*7t», to pay the delinquent
•Hseaamunt, together with *•*>*! * of advertising
and expense* of mte, By order of the Hoard
of TrueUes.
T. J. OWENS, Secretary'•
Office; No. 1 Express Building, northeast corn* i
Montgomery and t'alil'oruin street*, Sun Ftiui
ciaco, California. jc'iO-M
Judicial District of the State of Nevada, in
and for the County of Lincoln.
The State of Nevada to John II. Phillips
.greeting You are hereby required to appear in
an action commenced ugoin-t you, as deft ndant.
by Laura li. Phillips, an plaintltf, In the Diatrict
Court of the Ninth Judh ml District, in and i"i
the County of Line du, State of Nevada, ut Hik ",
and anaw r the complaint therein (which i» on
lllo with tho Clerk of amd Court), within b n
day* niter service upon you <»f (Ida summon*
(cxohialve of the day of service), if served
in said Couufty of Lincoln, or twenty day* if
served out of said County, but in the Ninth J»’
dicial Diatrict of the State of Nevada, or forty
day* if served out of said District, but within
the State, or Judgment by default will lx- taken
against you, according to tho prayer of the aald
The aald aetiou la brought to obtain a decx <
of Mid Court diHHolving the bonda of matrimony
now existing between you and plaintiff, on th
grounda of your failure for the term of two year
to provide her with the common necessaries ol
lifts—mui h failure uot arising from poverty on
your part which ordinary industry could not
avoid; am! alao on the ground of extreme cruelty
toward plaintiff on your part —aa at t forth in th*
complaint now: on file in tbit* office. And if yon
fail to anawer the Mhl complaint, the said
fdalutiff will tnke Judgment for the relief prayed
or in (lie complaint and for <*<«•(* of tliia action.
Given under my hand and the aral of the said
Court, this Mill day of July, A. D. 1870.
.ISO. 1). GORIN,
(88ai..J Clerk of tbt> District Court.
Ninth Judicial Diatrict, Nevada
(.MM'cut Nevada Stab- Revenue Stamp, i
Hamilton lointk. it. i. o. <> r.
•ooio Hill, Trc-nn .tnot AH Hn'tli'T. f
►i-l Mt.udlnff irr Invth'd to ntt-'ml
.1 M AlH'HANT, S.d
R. Atnnt.itn, R. H .pdT-T

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