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Ordinance No. 38.
An Ordinance creating a Salary and Contingent
Fund, ami for other purposes.
The Board of Trustee* of Hamilton City do or
dain aa follows:
Bionoi l. From and after the passage of this
Ordinance, the City Treasurer shall act apart
fifty per cent, of all money coming into the City
Treasury from licenses, hall rent ami fines; and
twenty-five per cent, of all money coming into
the City Treasury from taxes on real and per
(tonal property, which shall be known as the
Salary and Contingent Fund.
Boo. 2. The City Treasurer shall make a re
port to the Board of Trustees on the first Mon
day in each month, showing the amount of
money received into the City Treasury for the
month previous, the amount set apart to said
Salary and Contingent Fund, the amount dis
bursed, and the amount remaining in the Tri as
"Ik* . 3. All warrants for the payment of sal
aries, and all warrants for defraying the contin
gent expenses of the city, unless otherwise
ordered by the Board of Trustees, shall hereafter
be drawn upon the * Salary and Contingent
Fund;’ which warrants shall commence a new
series, and be paid in the order of their registra
. tion.
Sac. 4. This Ordinance shall take effect and
be in force from and after its oassage.
Approved July R, 1«0.
P. EVERTH. President Board of Trustees.
M. P. Cu tmiimij.v, City Clerk. jy#-14t
Ordinance No. 39.
An Ordinance abolishing the offices of Street
Commissioner and Jailor and Janitor.
The Board of Trustees of Hamilton City do or
dain a* follows:
SnrnoK 1. The offices of Street Commissioner
and Jailer and Janitor are hereby abolished.
Bar. 2. Ordinance No. 29, entitled • An Ordi
nance creating the office of Jailer and Janitor,
and defining his duties, compensation, etc.,' ap
proved January 31, 1870, and all Ordinances or
part* of Ordinance* defining the duties of and
prescribing compensation for Street Commis
sioner, are hereby repealed.
Sxc. 3. This Ordinance shall take effect and
be in force from and after it* passage.
Approved July 8, 1870.
P. EVERTS, President Board of Trustee*.
M. P. CMAMimuN, City Clerk. Jy8-14t
Ordinance No. 40.
An Ordinance Regulating the Salaries of Of
The Board of Trustees of Hamilton City do or
dain as follows:
Section 1. The officers of Hamilton City
shall receive the following rompensatioo for
their service**—to wit: The City Marsha/ shall
receive a salary of nine hundred dollars per an
num, and five i*r cent, on all taxes collected by
him on real and personal property; and also one
dollar for collecting each license. The City
Treasurer shall receive a salary of sine hundred
dollars per annum. The City Assessor shall re
ceive a salary of six hundred dollars per annum.
The Chief Engineer shall receive * salary of nine
Hundred dollars per annum. Tke City Attorney
shall receive a salary of seventr-flve dollars p< r
month, and, in addition to such percentage as is
allowed him on delinquent taxes. Rhall receive
five dollars for each conviction for violation of
Ordinances, provided that the same shall in all
cases be collected from the party convicted, and
in no case to be a charge against the city. The
Oity Clerk shall receive a salary of seventy-five
dollars per month. Regular Policemen shall re
ceive a salary of seventy-five dollars per month,
and also two dollars for each arrest and convic
tion, provided that the same shall in all cases be
collected from tc party convicted, and in no
case to be a charge against the city.
Sec. 2. Each of the above salaries shall 1m*
payable in legal coin of the United States, in
equal monthly installments, on the first day of
each and every month.
SWiS. Ordinance No. 4, entitled ‘An Ordi
nance regulating the salaries of officers,’ approv
ed April 10, I860, and Ordinance No. 10. entitle!
• An Ordinance defining the duties of City Attor
ney/approved April 15, 1869, and Section 7 of
Ordinance No. 26, entitled * An t>rdinance regu
lating a Fire Department of Hamilton rit\. ap
proved December 13, 1869, and Section 4 of Ordi
nance No. 85, entitled ‘ An Ordinance creating
the office of City Attorney,’ approved June 13,
1870, are hereby repealed.
Sec. 4. This Ordinance shall take effect and
be in force from and after its passage.
Approved July 5,1870.
P. EVERTS, President Board of Trustees.
M. P. Ch akbkkijn, City Clerk. jy8-14t
Ordinance No. 41.
An Ordinance regulating Licenses and License
Tax in Hamilton City.
The Board of Trustees of Hamilton City do or
dain as follows:
Section 1. The Clerk shall cause to be pre
pared, at the expense of the city, printed
forms of City Licenses, to be issued as herein
provided. He shall number and sign the same
and deliver them to the Marshal, from time to
time, charging him therefor The Marshal
shall make a written report to the Board of Trus
tees on Monday of each week, duly verified,
showing the amount of licenses collected by him
tile previous week, the names Of persons or firms
to whom licenses have been issued, the amount
paid by each, and the occupation or business for
which such licenses were issued.
Sec. 2. All licenses herein provided for shall
be payable In legal coin of the United States.
Sec. 3. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of trading or merchandising, or dealing
in any kind of goods, wares, or merchandise
whatsoever, shall pay a license as follows: Thow
making monthly sales to the amount of one
thousand dollars or under, eight dollars per
quarter; those making monthly sales amounting
to more than one thousand and under five thou
sand dollars, twelve dollars per quarter: and
those making monthly sales amounting to more
than five thousand dollars, twenty dollars per
Sec. 4. Every person or firm engagod in the
business of storage and commission merchants
shall pay a license as follows: Those whose
monthly receipts amount to one thousand dol
lars or under, ten dollars per quarter; those
whoao monthly receipts arc more than one thou
sand and under three thousand dollars, fifteen
dollars per quarter; and thosn whose monthly
receipts are more than three thousand dollars,
twenty-five dollars per quarter.
Hkc. 5. Every person or firm engaged In the
business of banking, dealers in exchange, gold
and atlver, Rtocka, or bullion, shall pay a license
of fifty dollars per quarter.
Bar. 6. Every person, firm or company en
gaged in the business of expressing or transmit
ting letters or packages for hire, having an office
in this city, shall pay a license of fifty dollars
per quarter.
Skc. 7. Eauh Telegraph Company doing bn si
neaa In the city shall pay a license of tilty dol
lars per quarter.
Sec. 8. Every person, firm or company en
gaged In the Du*ine*H of stoek or real estate
brokerage in buying ami selling stocks or real
estate, shall pay a license of fifteen dollars per
8*\ 9. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of keeping a livery stable, or letting
horses, wagons, carriages, or other animals or
vehicles for hire, shall pay a Ucenso of fifteen
dollars per quarter.
Sec. 10. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of rnnnlng for hire any dray, job wagon,
cart or other public vehicle, shall pay for each
dray, Job wagon, cart or vehicle so run, a liceuse
of ten dollars per quarter.
Hkc. 11. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of auctioneering shall pay a license of
thirty dollars per quarter.
Sec. 12. Every person or firm engaged in the
boldness of carrying on a daguerrean or photo
graphic gallery .shall pay a license of fifteen dol
lare per quarter.
Hbc. 13. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of keeping a barber shop, shall pay
for each chair in use in said shop a license of
five dollars per quarter.
Sec. 14. Every person or firm engaged In the
business of assaying any metals or ore, shall
pay a license of twenty-five dollars jw-r quarter.
Sac. IS. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of manufacturing soda, cider, vinegar,
sarsaparilla, or syrups of any kind, shall pay a
license of fifteen dollars per quarter.
Hkc. 16. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of keeping or conducting any tavern,
hotel, lodging house, chop house, or restaurant,
shall pay a license of fifteen dollars pear quarter.
Sac. 17. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of keeping a bar or saloon, for retail
ing any wines or liquors of any kind, in less
quantities than one- quart, shall pay a license of
forty-five dollars per quarter.
.. ***•£• 1®* Every persou or firm engaged in
the business of keeping a public bath house,
shall pay a license of ten dollars per quarter.
Bec. 19. Every person or firm engaged In the
business of keeping or carrying on a shooting
gallery, shall pay a license of fifteen dollars per
Sec. 20. Every person or firm engaged in tho
business of keeping or continuing a public bak
ery for the manutscfcnre of bread, pies or cakes,
^hall pay a license uf five dollars per quarter.
. _. r~ "• S'r,J7 person or firm engaged in
ofau?* *vwhen' washing mul ironing
la donu, shall pay a license or ten dollars per
„ proprietor or keener of a bil.
™ ^*■» tor '*ch ub'e InMe >
lUxaM of ton dollar, per qnerter.
Bio. JS Erery keeper or proprietor of .Din,
l'1" bawling alley, akall pay . Ile-rae
of twenty dollars per quarter.
Site. 2*. Every person or firm engaged in the
VH?*^** or cwrying on any brewery
If?**? 2f!5f£fc<4ur?.oC Wr- *»alt or fermented
quarter *** * liccIule of thirty dollars per
®*c- Each and every insurance company
doing business in the city, shall pay a license of
twenty-five dollars per quarter.
Sec. 26. Every person, firm or company en
gaged In running stages and carrying passengers
for hire, and having an office in the city, uhall
pay a license of fifteen dollars per quarter.
Bec. 27. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of pawn broker, shall pay a license ol
forty dollars per quarter.
Sec. 28. Every peraon or firm engaged in the
business of keeping a batcher shop or stall, foi
the retail of fresh meats, shall pay a license o;
fifteen dollars per quarter.
Sec. 29. Every traveling merchant, hawker, oi
peddler, who shall vend goods, wares, and mer
chandise, shall pay a license of twenty-five dollar!
per quarter; provided that in case such trsvelint
merchant, hawker, or peddler, shall use a wagon,
cart, or other vehicle in such business, he shal
pay a license of forty dollars per quarter.
Set. 30. Every person, firm, company, mans
get, or lessee of any theater, engagod In the bust
bom of ;i*vlii3 theatrical performances or exhi
bltioua of lenmiden. minstrels' concert or opera
singer*, sparring, raelodeon or other public per
formance or exhibition, for pay, shall pay a li
cense of one hundred dollars per month; pro
vided. that in case such license be granted for a
less period than one month, five dollars for each
performance or exhibition so given.
Sac. 81. Every person, firm, or company, giv
ing in the city any exhibition of a caravan, me
nagerie, or collection of animals, or any circus,
show, rope, or wire dancing, or slight of hand
performance, for nay, shall pay a license of
twenty-five dollars for each exhibition so given.
8*c. 8'2. Every person or firm who shall opeu
or keep a dance-house, commonly known as a
hurdy-gurdy house, shall pay • license of one
hundred dollars per month; provided that in
case such license is granted fora less period than
one month, five dollars per day for each day the
same shall be kept open.
8*c. 33. Every person who shall carry on or
conduct any of the businesses, trades, callings, or
professions mentioned herein, and shall neglect
to take out a license therefor, as herein provided,
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon con
viction thereof, shall be fined in a sum not less
than the license which such person is required
to take out, and not exce<*ding five hundred dol
lars, which fine may be enforced by imprison
ment in the city jail not exceeding one day for
each two dollars of such fine.
Hr-r 34. All licenses provided for in this Or
dinance shall be paid in advance, and art* hereby
inado transferable iu cases where the business
licensed is conducted or carried on in the same
building, shop, stall, or stand, but mrt otherwise.
Be. . 38. Ordinance No. 11, entitled* An Ordi
nance providing for the assessing and collecting
of revenue for Hamilton City,’ approved April
l(i. 1809; and Ordinance No. 16, entitled * An Or
dinance amendatory of and supplemental to an
Ordinance entitled ' An Ordinance providing for
the assessing and collecting of revenue for Ham
ilton City,* approved May «. 1869; and Ordinance
No. 35, entitl' d * An ordinance amendatory of
and supplemental to an ordinance entitled * An
Ordinance providing for the assessing and col
lecting of revenue for Hamilton City,’ approved
September 13, I860, and all Ordinances and parts
of Ordinances in conflict with this Ordinance,
are hereby repealed.
Sec. 36. This Ordinance shall take effect and
be in force from and after its passage.
Approved July 11,1870.
President of the Board.
M. P. Cham uku i.i n , City Clerk. jy!4-14t
Ordinance No. 42.
An Ordinance Creating the Offices of City Re
corder and City Surveyor.
The Board of Trustees of Hamilton City do or
dain as follows:
Section 1. In addition to the offices already
prescribed by law and ordinance, there shall bo
and is hereby created the offices of City Recorder
and City Surveyor.
Sec. 2. The City Rei'order, before entering
upon the discharge of the duties of his office,
shall give a bond, with two or more sufficient
sureties, to be approved by the Hoard, in the
sum of five thousand dollars; and the City Sur
veyor shall give a like bond, in the sum of two
thousand five hundred dollars. Each of the
bonds required by this section shall be in like
form and with like conditions as other bonds re
quired of officers.
Sec. .i. The City Recorder shall hold his
Court, every day, at the Recorder's office, in the
City Hall, and shall allowed a fee of four dol
lars for each conviction; provided, that the same
shall in all cases be collected from the party
convicted, and in no case to be a charge against
the city.
Sec. 4. The City Recorder shall keep n record
of all his proceedings, and pay over to the City
Treasurer, on Saturday of each week, all money
collected by him. after deducting the fees al
lowed to officers; taking duplieato receipts there
for—one of which he shall file with the City
Clerk; the other keep for his voucher. The Re
corder shall, also, report to the Board on Mon
day of each week, under oath; which report shall
show all cases brought before him; all fines im
posed, ami the amount of fleet received by him
and other officers therein.
Sec. 5. The City Surveyor shall keep a record
of all surveys made by him, and report the same
to the Board of Trustees on the first Monday of
each month: and shall be permitted to charge
not to exceed ten dollars per lot for fixing the
boundaries for private owners; provided, that
the same shall in no case l>c a charge against the
Sec. fi. All ordinances or parts of ordinances,
in conflict with this Ordinance, and all ordi
nances heretofore passed providing any com
pensation for either of said officers, an1 hereby
Sec. 7. This Ordinance shall take effect and
be in force from and after its passage.
Approved July 18.1870.
1‘. EVERTS, President Board Trustees.
M. P. Ciiambkiu.in, City Clerk. jy20-14t
Ordinance No. 43.
An Ordinance Relating to Dogs.
Tlio Board of Trustees of Hamilton City do or
dain as follows:
Section 1. An animal tax. or license, of three
dollars, on all male, and five dollars on all
female dogs, in Hamilton City, over the ago of
one month, payable in legal coin of tho United
States, is hereby levied aud directed to be col
Sec. 2. The Marshal shall procure a suitable
number of tags, which shall Is* numbered, and
s‘amped with the word Hamilton: und any per
son keeping any dog within the city limits shall
procure of tho Marshal a tag, to lx- attached to
such dog, ami shall pay therefor the tax or
license prescribed in Section 1 of this Ordinance.
SKC. 3. The Marshal shall apprehend and im
pound all dogs found mnning at large without a
tag within the city limits after the 1st day of
August, A. D. 1870.
Sec. 3. Any person wishing to redeem a dog
which lias been impounded may do so upon
payment of the tax or license required by Sec
tion 1 of this Ordinance for a tag and paying to
the Marshal the additional sum of two dollars
for impounding the same.
8e«. 5. All dogs impounded shall, unless
sooner redeemed by the owner or claimant, lx1
killed after the expiration of twenty-four hours,
and interred or otherwise disposed of without
the city limits.
Sec. 0. The Marshal shall make a report to
the Board of Trustees on Monday of each week
for the week previous, which report shall show
the nuinbur of tags sold; th«- names of parsons
to whom sold, respectively; the date when each
commences and expires; the number of dogs im
pounded; the number killed; the amount of mo
ney received for tags, nr Otherwise, under this
Ordinance, from the party paying the same, and
shall keep a register in his office showing the
above facts. Ho shall pay to tho Treasurer, on
Saturday of each week, all money In his hands
from the sale of tags, after deducting his fees, as
hereinafter allowed.
Sec. 7. The Marshal, in addition to the extra
foes received from those redeeming impounded
dogs, shall receive a fee of fifty cents fur each
Ug sold and one dollar aud fifty cents for each
og killed.
Sec. 8. Any person or poisons who shall forge
or counterfeit any tag or tags for the purpose of
defrauding the city, shall lie guilty of a misde
meanor, and upon conviction thereof shall bo
fined in any sum not less than ten nor more than
fifty dollars, and may lx* imprisoned in tho < ity
Jail not to exceed one day for each two dollars
of such fine.
Sec. 9. Any pers<>u or iicraous who shall tie
or otherwise attach any kettle, ran, drum, box,
or other substance, to the tail, leg, nock or body
of any dog, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor,
and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in
any sum not less than fifty dollars, and may be
imprisoned in the City Jail not to exceed one
day for each two dollars of such fine.
SRC. 18. All money received into thoTreasurv
under the provisions of this Ordinance shall lx- :
kept In a separate fund, and under the control of
the Board of Trustees.
Hue. 11. This Ordinance shall take effect and
lie in force from and after its passagi.
Approved July 18,1870.
President of the Board.
M. P. CHAMBERLIN, City Clerk. Jy21-14t
Ordinance No. 44.
An Ordinance to Provide Water for Hamilton
The Board of Trustee* of Hamilton C ity do or
dain as follows:
Section 1. A special ad valorem tax of twen
ty-five cents on each one hundred dollars worth
of taxable property, real and personal, In Hamil
ton City, is hereby levied, and directed to be
collected, for the purpose of providing water for
said city for the year A. D. 1870.
Sec. 2. The Assessor, in making out the as
sessment roll for the ywar A. I). 1870, shall add
a separate column, showing the amount of the
tax hereby levied, and the same shall lx*
collected in accordance with the provisions of
Ordinance No. 37, and the same fees allowed to
officers as in other cases of eolleotion of citv
Sec. 3. All money received into tho Treasury
under the provisions of this Ordinance shall be
set apart to and known as tho Water Fiuid, and
be under the control of the Board of Truatees.
Sec. 4. This Ordinance shall take effect aud
be in force from the date of its passage.
Approved July 18,1870.
President of the Board.
M. P. Chamberlin, City Clerk. Jy21-14t
Notice is hereby givbn, to all
whom it may concern: That the Tannehlll
Silver Mining Company, a corporation existing
under the laws of New York, aud engaged in the
business of mining in Eureka Mining District
State of Nevada, is th« owner of, aud lawfully
entitled to. the poaasss.on of that certain traci
of land situated in said District, county of Lan
dor. State aforesaid, adjoining the tor n of Bn
rvka, or Napias, on the south, and known am
called the ‘McCOY SURVEY.' The said prop
erty was purchased by said corporation in Octo
her. 1883. and valuable improvements placet
thereon, and continuously occupied and *u ioy<s
by said oorp.rution nntil the hhM McCoy relo
cated the seme in July, 1809.
All persons are warned against purchasing tin
said tract of land, or any portion thereof, fron
Major W, W. McCoy, the present occupant am
claimant tlu*reof, as it is the intention of sail
corporation to commence an action to recove:
the possession thereof.
Davumw, Att'ys for T.b.M.Oo
Eureka, Nevada, July 5,1870. Jyd-lra
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Of the Union lleptibllcan Stole Ceil- !
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LICAN State Central Committee, hold at
Virginia City, June 28, 1870, it was
Resolved, That a State Convention of tho Na
tional Union Republican Party be held at Elko
FIRST, 1870, to nominate candidates for the fol
lowing offices, to wit: Governor, Lieutenant
Governor, Representative in Congress, Justice of
the Supreme Court, Secretary of State. Attorney
General, Treahimr of State, Controller of State,
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straction, State Mine-ralogiat, and Clerk of the
Supreme Court, and th- transaction of such
other business as shall properly come before
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dential Electors at tho election of 1W18.
On motion. Resolved, That we recommend to
the several County Central Committees that the
Primary Election of Delegates to both State and
County Conventions be hold on the 15th day of
September, 1870. and that at said election one
delegation Is* elected to the State Convention
and onp delegation to the Comity Convention.
On motion. Resolved, That a voter at the
Union Republican Primaries shall possess the
following qualifications: He shall be a citizen
of the United States and State of Nevada; he
shall at tho timo of voting at the Primaries be a
qualified elector and registered voter or the pre
cinct in which lie offers to vote; be shall have
voted the Union Republican ticket, State and
National, at the general election of November,
A. D. 1858, or would have done so hod it been
possible to vote; he shall solemnly pledge him
self to vote for the nominees of the Union Re
publican party at the general election in Novem
ber, A. D. 1870.
Resolved, That we recommend to the several
County Central Committees, that on the day of
the Primary Election for Delegate* to the sev
eral Conventions, the people be requested to ex
P« ss their preference for the c andidates for the
several offices. State and County, by a direct
Delegates are apportioned to the several coun
ties as follows:
Douglas. 4 Ormtfby..<j
Esmeralda.4 Rtorey.34
Humboldt.4 Washoe.10
Lyon.6 Elko. h
Lander.11 White Pine.10
Lincoln.2 —
N. A. H. BALL,
Chairman Nevada State Central Committee Na
, tional Union Republican Party.
JeNMd C. V. BATmatax. Secretary
tionss tor I’atrut.
Application for Patent.
vo 'H E vo. 77.
BNiam'i Office, \
ArsTIW, Nevada, April 98th. 1870. )
Notice is hereby given, that the
Mukwonago Mining Company has this
day filed in this office a diagram, together with
a notice of Application for Pateut from the
United Rtatcs, undrr Act of Congress approved
July 20th. 180(5, for Eight Hundred feet of the
Golden Lode, known ns the Mukwonago Mining
Company's claim, situated in the White pine
Mining District. White Pine County, Nevada,
and more particularly dcscrilied as follows: be
ginning at a point whence the southeast comer
of the survev made for tho Aurora Consolidated
Silver Mining Ouuiwny, on the Aurora Lode
bears H. U»$ degrees W.300 feet, thence miming
N. 11^ degrees E. .M)0 feet; thence 8. 78»* de
grees E. HUO feet; thencoS. 11 degrees W. 300
feet, and thence N. 78 degrees W. 800 feet to
the place of beginning, and containing Five
Acres and flftv-ono one-hundredths of an Acre
<5 51-100 acres) of Ijjnd, embracing said lode,
ami oue hundred feet on each side thereof. 8a!d
claim is bounded on the west by the Aurora Con
solidated Silver Mining Company, Aurora Lode.
ma3-90d* Register.
Application for Patent.
SOTH'K MO. 76.
Rminrn H's Office, i
Austin, Nevada, April 28, 1870.)
ll Mukwonago Mining Company has this day
filed in this office a diagram, together with a
notice of Application for Patent from the United
States, under Art of Congress approved July
26th, 1866, for Eight Hundred Feet of the Mount
Vunion Lode, known a« the Mukwonago Mining
Company's claim, situated in the White Pine
Mining District, White Pin© County, Nevada,
ami more particularly described as follows: Be
ginning at tho southeast comer of the survey
made for the Aurora Consolidated Silver Mining
Company, on the Aurora Lode, the same being
the northeast corner of the survey made for the
South Aurora Silver Miniug Company, thenc©
running N. Ill* degrees E. 300 feet: thence 8.
78!^ degrees E. 800 feet: thence 8. 11 degrees
W. :WH) fe.'t, and thence N. 78<t degrees W. 800
feet to the place of beginning, and containing
Five Acn s ami fifty-ono one-hundredths of an
Acre (5 51-100 acres) of Land, embracing said
lode, and one hundred feet on each side thereof.
Said claim is bounded on the west by the Aurora
Consolidated Silver Mining Company. Aurora
maJ-OOd* Register.
U. S. Patents for Mines!
Office at the Mining Recorder's,
Main Street, Treasure City.
in White IMnr County, can procure the same
at the shortest notice, and on the most reasona
ble terms,by applying as above. Orders left with
Col. Babin, in the Mining Recorder's office, at
Treasure City, • r at The White Pino News office
in Hamilton.' will receive prompt attention.
Delinquent Tax List.
[Proceeds of Mines.]
State of Nevada, Cointt or WurrE Pink, l
District Attorney's Office. <
il following named defendants and to all own
ers of, or claimants to the mines or mining j
claim* hereinafter doacr.bed, known or un- i
known: You are hereby notified that suits have ■
been commenced in the Justice Court, Town- ;
ship No. 1, in Hamilton, M. Atwood, Justice, by '
the State of Nevada, plaintiff, against each of
the defendants hereinafter named, and each of
the following described mines or mining claims
and all owners of or claimant* to the same,
known or unknown, to recover the tax and de
linquency a&sotwed to said defendants, against
the p»O0eeds of said property for the quarter
year commencing the 1st day of October, A. D.
1*69, and ending the 31st day of December, a. D.
1889, and that a summon* ha* lwen duly issued
in each case. And you are further notified, that
unless you appear ami answer the ronmtal.'ii I
filed in said cause on or before the 30th day oi
July, A. 1>. 1870. judgment will be taken against j
you and the mine or mining claim herein do* ,
scrils d for the amount of tax and delinquency
specified ami costs of suit:
Keller mine, tax and percentage $3 80.
Mahogany mine, situated in Mahogany can
yon: tax and percentage G UU.
Milton mine, tax and percentage l 19.
Minm tta mine, containing60 feet; tax and per
centage 3 36.
Minnesota mine, containing 12(H) feet; tax and 1
percentage 3 50.
Oakland mine, containing 1400 feet; tax and
percentage 14 48.
Pan Handle mine, on Bromide Flat: tax and
percentage ;jj 82.
Joe Pott* mine, containing ls(H» feet, about 1(H) |
feet west of Rice Tollhouse; tax and percentage
8 78.
Zubric mine, containing 600 feet, on Chloride
Flat; tax and percentage 2*21»4.
Sagebrush mine. 1,000 feet, Treasure Hill, near
Posthole; tax and jsuveutage 88 10.
Sangamon mine, containing 1000 feet; tux and j
percentage 26 v.'.
Caroline mine, containing 1200 feet; tax and
percentage 12 62.
Pot thole mini , containing 600 feet, located on ;
Chloride Flat; tax and percentage T-i 54.
Colleen Dawn mine, located on Bromide Flat:
tax and percentage 13 21.
Charles k Theresa mine. 1000 feet, on Iceberg
Flat; tax and percentage 29 64.
El Dorado mine: tax ami percentage 16 64.
Domingo Ledge k Co. or mine, containing 800
feet; tax and percentage 162 10.
Farewell mine, containing 1600 feet: tax and
percentage 2 72.
Oelkejr mine; tax and percentage 16 12.
Hartwell Ledge k Co. containing 1400 feet;
about one mile northwest Hamilton and east
Bullion Hill; tax and percentage 21 67.
Howard mine k Co, containing 800 feet; tax
and percentage 1 57.
The Dentin Cortes mine; tax and percentage
2 H0.
Black Thorn mine; tax and percentage 1 50.
John Steele-; tax and percentage 2 7H.
Broom Ranger mine; tax and percentage 9 70.
Chihuahua Company: tax and percentage 14 65.
E. J. Brown mine: tax and percentage 2 65.
Seymour No. 10 mine, Chloride Flat; tax and
percentage 67 46.
Sierra Pa soot mine, containing IQiOfaet, on
Treasure Hill; tax and percentage 1 30.
Josephine mine; tax and percentage 6 86.
Silver Star mine; tax and percentage 24 31.
T. H. Wills mine; lax and percentage 2 07.
You Be Dam mine; tux and percentage 3 56.
Hamilton, White Fine County, Nevada, I
June 28. a.d. 1870. (
District Attorney White Pine Cnunty, Nev. {
Sheriff White Pine County, Nev.
By Jno. II. Bmkkmikr, Deputy Sheriff.
Now Remedies! New Remedies!
i x NElt Commercial, Hau Francisco. |
Private entrance on Commercial street.;
Established in 1854, f«<r the tn utinent SS^Hl
of Hextial and Beminal Disease, such nsvHHB !
Gonorrhea, Gleet, Stricture, Hyphillis, in all its I
forms: Seminal Weakness, Impotency, etc., etc. I
Hkin diseases of years standing, and Ulcerated
LegB. etc., suco asfullv treated.
Seminal Weakness.
Hcntinal emission Is tho consequence of self
abuse. This solitary vice, or depraved sexual
indulgence, Is practiced by the youth of both |
sexes to an almost unlimited extent, prududug
with unurring certainty the following train of |
morbid symptom*, null sh combated by scientific j
medical measure*, viz: Hallow countenance,
dark spot* under the eyes, pain in the head,
ringing in the with, noise like the met ling of |
leaves or rattling of chariots, uneasiness about j
the loins, weakness of tho limbs, confused !
vision, blunted intellect, loss of confidence, diftt- !
delicti in approaching atrangers. a dislike to
form new acquaintances, a disposition to shun '
society, loss of memory, pimples and various !
eruptions about the face, hectic flushes, furred
tongue, fetid breath, coughs, consumption, j
night sweats, monomania and frequently in- j
sanity. If relief be not obtained, you ahnuld j
apply immediately, either In person or by letter, j
and have a cure effected by his new and scientific
mode of treating this disease, which never tails 1
of effecting a quick and radical cure. Dr. G. I
will give one hundred dollars to any person who |
will provu, sutlflfactorily to him, that h>< imi
cured of this complaint by either of tlm Snn
Francisco quack*.
C'ansl at Home,
j Persons at a distance may be CURED AT
HUME, by addressing a letter to Dr. Gibbon,
! “!“tlng caso, symptoms, length of time tho
| disease ha* continued, ami have medicine
promptly forwarded, fn*e from damage and cu
; riodty, to any part of the Country, with bill and
! plain directions for nae, by enclosing $15 in cur
rency, or flu in Of/in, in a registered letter
I through the PoBtoflftce, or through Wells, Fargo
! k CO.
A package of medicine will bo forward* d i»y
! Express to any part of the Union.
! Pareona writing to the Doctor will please state
the name of the paper they see this advertise,
ment in.
All communications strictly confidential.
Address, DR. J. F. GIBBON,
| Jyi4-flw Box 989, Han Francisco, California.
%r This establishment Is supplied with a
large assortment of newest styles of Type, Bor
ders, Ornaments, 1'ar.ls, Assorted Pais r, and
all the
Employed in the proper execution of
Best of Job Presses.
Plain and Ornamental Type,
For any kind of work, such as
Play Bills,
Certificates of Stock,
Blank Books,
Notes, Etc.
Of all sixes, shades and shapes, In plain black or
in any or all the colors of the Ilslnbow.
and a general news summary in every
Issue— Isisides our specialty—
Every Sunday,
furnishing a complete account of the condition of
tho mines in this District—condition of the
works; late developments; amount of ore for the
Week; yield of ore work«*I; proposed changes;
also, condition and prospect of outside claims,
and other matters of Interest to owners and the
general public.
Parsons wishing Blank Books printed will not
bo under the nscsssity of sending to Hen Fran
cesco for this character of work, as we are pre
pared to execute such work in a good atyle, and
I at reasonable prices.
Jlfliuqucut Salts.
PANY.—Locution of Works: White Pino
Mining District, White Pine count). State of X* -
vada. Notice.—There an delinquent upon the
following described stock, on account <*f assess
nient levied on the 96th day of May, A. D. 1*7n,
ttie several amounts set opposite the names of
the respective shareholders, as follows:
Names. No. Certificate. No.Sh's. Ah’I.
Baxter W II, balance.201.25 ty,. 15.10
Baxter W H. balance.202.20 4.00
Beidleliian E(l, Trustee.708... .100... .20.00
Barton W H, Trust.-e.1327.20 . 4.00
BusUell John L.1199... .MO... .20 00
Child A Jones. Trustees.341... .100... .20.00
Child k Jone*. Trustees, bal.343.22-4.40
Child k Jones, Trustees.350.... 100... .20.00
Child k Jones, Trustees.357-100 — 20.00
Child k Jones, Trustees... .10.2.00
| Child k Jones, Trustees.420-100... .20.00
Child k Jones, Trustees.439.1".2.00
Child At Jones, Trustee*.HfKI.10.2.00
Clark Smyth.375.... 100... .90.00
Clark Smyth..378... .100... .90.00
Clark Smyth.379... .100. . .20.00
Child WC.434.10.2.00
Child WC. balance.435 .%.10
Coursen G A, Trustee.1334.30.0.00
Child W C. Trustee.657.90.4.60
Child W C. Trustee.1233_40.8.00
Cahill k Co E. Trustees.1240.40.H.00
Cahill k Co E. Trusb-os.124*-100... .20.00
Cavallier J B E, Trustee... .13.35,.. 40 ... 8.00
Oavallier J B K, Trunteo....134*.15.3.06
Doty J J.1078.30_0.00
Ehrenbergh Dr II T, balance. 124.*«.02
Farnam F..388... .100... .20.00
Farnam E.389.... 100... .20.00
Farnam E.390.... 100... .20.00
Farnam F..391... .100... .90.00
Fnrnaui E.392.10.2.00
Farnam E.393.5-1.00
Farnam E.1025.60.... 10.00
Farnam K.1090.60. ...10.00
Henderson D M.Trusteei<>*'7.’!!!.«0.... io.txi
Hall N H. Trustee.1056.50... .10.00 |
Hutchinson John. Trustee.. 1201.5.l oo |
Hill A K. Trustee, balance. . .210-34*4 .. '.hi
Hill A K, Trustee.245.20.4.ini
Hill A E. Trustee.257.... lo.... 2.00 ]
Hill A E, Trustee.734.50. ...10.00 ;
Hill A K. Trustee. balance.. ,H4l.:«9.7.80
Hill A E. Trustee. 849_100... .20.00 j
Hill A E, Trustee.H«
Hill A E. Trustee.888.10... .2.00
Hill A E, Trustee.xxy.20.... 4 oo
Hill A E. Trustee.1034.W...,10.00
Hill A E, Trustee.1«*5.5 l.isi
Hill A E, Trustee.HJ50-100... .20.00
Hill A K. Trustee.1082.50....10.00
Hill A E, Trustee.1128.20.4.no
Jennings A A.12:17.... 100... .90.00
Kenney Geo L, Trust**.ISO.10.9.00
King Wm F. Trustee.138.10.J.oo
King Wm F, Trustee. 140... 50....lo.oo
King Wni F, Trustee.295 .... 10.9.00
King Wm F. Trustee.297.10.J.oo
King Wm F. Trustee.301.",.I .no
King Wm F, Trust***.'<
King Wm F, Trustee, bal.,.1109.2.4o
King Wm F, Trustee.1193... .100... .20.00
King Wm F, Trust***.1159... loo... 20.no
King Wm F, Trustee.11*3... .100... .20.On
King Wn» F, Trustee.13:12... .‘250.. .fto ***»
Kennedy James W. balance 1134.63... 12.60
Lind ley O.186.20.... 4.oo
Llndley C.1H7-10.i.nO
Lloyd A. balance.1508_29. «.hi»
LowenbergH, Trustee.1207. 17
Montgomery Z. . ...14*2. ...IUU....20.U0
McDonald M J.149. . . .100... .20.00
MrDonald* Whituey .Trustees"75 .. . 20— t' 1
McDonald*Whitney,Trustees793.... 5**—lo.oo I
McDonald* Whitm y.TrustoesO.Ui.JO.. » •*> t
McDonald* Whitney,TnistecstKKl.... !•***—.n on :
McDonald* Whitney,TruatealJn-'.. I'M**'
Morgan Isaac.1013. .. .50... .10.00
Morgan E. .HUH.".u....10.ro
Martin M H. Trustee.l jl>0.lo.2.' " |
North CharlesM.Ijfrx_ v»....|oih» j
Noble H II.1220.5_I on ,
Owens Thurston K. balainv ‘*11.6.^... l.::0 j
Phillips W H, Trustee.into_ jo_l.trt
I'errr John I., Trustee.1003.50... .10.1*0
Itelliy Thonia* .1077_ .50,...!n.m !
Smith F ti. Trustee.3... lo.J.oo
Smith F O, Trustee.4.10.. J1 *
Smith F (1.Tnistee.7.10.... 2.""
Smith FG, Trustee_ _ H_10.2“<
Smith Ft:,Trustee.9. to.. . ,2.<m
Smith F G, Trust***. 10... I" ... J.oo I
Smith F 8, Tnu '■'
siuitli F (j, Trust
Smith F €, Trustee .I il ...10... 2 m
Sherwood * Freeborn.Trus's.Sio.... Jno.. .*» no
f&WVOOd . I i i ,i
Sherwood * Freebt>m,Trtis,g.547,... 50*.. .Jo.tio
Sherwood * Freeborn .Tnts’s.548."o... .lo.oo
Sherwood A Frcuboru.TrussJtOU.... loo- * "0 i
Sherwood * Freeborn.Tin*’*.ooi. .. .lnO_2o.no
Sherwood * Freeborn,Trus's.609.... 100_2o oo ,
Sherwood* Freeborn ,Trua's.729.so—lo.oo j
Sherwootl * Freeborn,Trus's.7'23.50_10.00
Hchmiedell Henry, Trustee. oho.xo —16.00 I
Kehiefer Peter. .1144.50. .. .10.00 |
Sleeper Qen, Trustee.121* . . . ,50.. 1»* 00 '
Sleeper Geo, Trustee .1321.50 . .. .10.181
Tibbey E S, Trustee.1258_100.... 20.00 ,
White Jos T.12-5.35.... T.oo
Winter J W.4X7.'20.4 «h»
Webber Geo t. 949_ %4 . .. .10.HO
Webber Geo E.95o.46.... 9.20 i
IVingard T it, Trust***.1173_415... *: no
Wileun Henry.11x7.80_16.00 J
Anti In accordance with Uu.and an order "f ,
the Board of Trust**-*, male on the 26th day of |
May, A. D. 1870, s«, many Shares of <• sch |xir< * 1
of saitl stork as mav 1«h non **ary will Is* *i|d at
the office of the Company, Room No. 23. Hay
ward's Building, No. 419 California street, Han ]
Francisco, California. *>n Fit!DAV, th<“ TWEN
TY SEDOND (22dl DAY OF JFI.Y, A. D 1-7", |
.it Qm ii"iir -if i n rii.. t p. iii. iif sani day, |
to pay said delinquent assessment thereon, to j
get hi r with coats of advertising and exjxmsi■* «-f
the sale.
JOSEPH L. KING. Secretary.
Office: Room No. 23. Hayward's Building, No. ,
419 California afro* t. Ban Fran lm u. California.
Gold and Hitv< r Mining and Milling Com- j
pany. No. 420 Montgomery strut. < Ity and
County of Han Franci*co, State of California,
luxation of Works Itoldnuon Mining District, |
County of White Tin'-, and State of Nevada.
Notice. - There ar* delinquent, upon the folio*
lug-described Stock, on account *»f aw non i '
b vied on the 24th day of May, 1870, the several ,
amounta set opposite the nan. ♦* of the respect - |
Ive shareholders, an follows:
Names. No.Cert. No.fth. Ain't.
Urannati 9..*7.5*,. f te ut>
llrannan 8 .104.10.. .10.00
Moulton W J L.2 . . . 1280. .1250.(8) :
Moulton W J L.81.50 .. 5o no
Moulton W J I,.M2.20... .20.00
Moulton W J L.83.5 . 5.00
Moulton W J L.100.*25... .25.(8)
llicks John N.17.5.fl.uo
Hicks John N.lH. .5-5.no
Hicks John N.
Hicks John N.
Hicks John N.21.C.A.On
Hicks John N.22.5-5.un
Hicks John N.23.5.... fi.oo
Hicks John N.24.10....10.0O
Hicks John N.25.10....10.00
Hicks John N.20.10.... 10.(8)
Hicks John N.27.10.... 10.00
Hicks John v K... 10. 10 00
Hicks John N.W.2<*....2uoo
Hicks John N.30.20....20.00
lllcks John N.70-1000. .1000.00 I
Hicks John N.77.100. .100.00 |
Isml) George W. |
Land) George W.33. 5.5.(8)
I .n 111 b George W. 1
I.and) George W .35 .. 5.5 (8)
Land) George W.30.5.5.(8) |
Lamb George W.37.5.5(8) j
Lamb George W.SH.5.5.on
Iamb George W.ilU.5.5.no
I<and> George W.40.5.5.(8)
Ijtmb George W.41.5.5.(81
Lumb George W.42.5.5.(8)
Lamb George W.
Lamb George W.
IaiiiI) George W .45.10-10.(8)
Lamb George W.48.flFi... l".lKi
Lamb George W.47..IO....I0.O0
land) George W.40.10....10.(8)
Liimli George W.49.10....10.00 |
lamb George W.50.to-10.00
Lamb George W.51.10....KM»n
Ijunb George W.52.10....10.00
Land) George W. 53.10.... 10.00
Iamb George W.54.1O...10.0"
Lamb George V.5f..20....20.(hi
lamb George W.57.20. ...20.00
Lamb George W.58.JO ...2iuio
I,Hinl) George W.79_3000 2000.(8)
Lamb George W.•....HO . J*8) JIMms)
Wells Wm V. .Hfi.50... .50 00
Wells Win V.105 . 25 . 25.00
Knox D E.103_3040. ,3040.(8)
Knox UK.102_12(8).. 1200.(8) j
lindlnm A Jr.101.28.. .25.18)
And In accordance with Inw, and an order of ,
the Board of Trustees, made on the 2Uh day of
May, 1H70, so many shares of each parcel of said
stuck as may lx* necessary will be sold at public j
auction at the house of Maurice Lore A Co., 1
No. 327 Montgomery street, Han Francisco, Htale
of California, on the TWENTY EIGHTH HAY
OF JtTLY. 1870, at the hour of I o'clock p, m.
of said day, to pay said delinquent assessment
thereon, together with costs of advertising and (
expenses of the sab .
A. BAHLAM, Secretary. ,
Office: At No. 420 Montgomery street. City and
County of Kan Francisco, Htute of California.
. 1 . J. ■B1 1 ■■■?■■■ 1
street, Ban Francisco, June 20.1870.—The an
nual meeting of the stockholder* of this Com
pany will Ihi held on SATURDAY, July 23, 1870.
at 12 o’clock m., for the election of Trustees for ,
the ensuing year, and the transaction of any 1
Other business that may be presented.
Je27 td HO LON PATTEE, He c re Ur v
Liyery, Sale, Feed & Boarding Stable,
JyT-tf Cor. Treuurr and Dunn atmta. I
jPfUimieut >alci
A Aw- in' lit \o. l, S|...| j 1
unpaid up ff. 7f», ,jnjv
If* i |‘T,%
Stockholders. * 2 f * l* ~~
:2c 3 r
■ rs : i
U M Hoamcr. . .c,_ , .
I) M Husnu1 r.7 ' ..
U M Honner.. Ton
1) M Hotmicr.M... . . .20 i,M'
I) M Husnu r. ... 12..... 1 n -:M«
D M Hosnmr, Trustee 150. . j^,W). -A. So
I) M Hoamur, Trust eel 51_ m. • l-'Ht.Ui
I) M Hosmer.Trusteei.vj.... p,.C'*o
D M Hnsni(*r>TriiNpt-i5;i. p,,.l/«o
Ulctwnl Karage.20... , r,o' » :'-ly»
Hiihard Savage..., 104.;„N, ■■ —j.im
Hichurd Ha vagi •.,, 199. . . p<M.*®.0o
K A Post. :«_’. p, ' I5-**'
H K Holcombe_ 127. .. ' p,..
M M Baldwin.Ill .i,».;; • • 1 •'»<>
M If Baldwin.OB. .. . '.it*V.
Hlrbarti H lavage. ..Xi.'i... -1 ,
P Conklin..101 pa,. ..l.So
It Caulfield.128. i., *M»
D Walker, M I».129. ' on.*.00
A E Everett.CM. .*. fiiip..if""
A E Everett.wo... ..
William Krug.CiT__ r,n.2,5H
William Krug.1:jh. . ’ ‘r,,. 2,8w
Wm Kmg. Trustee.. 167.phi.•;*80
Wm Krug, Trustee. .197. . 227. w
Wm Krug, Trustee.. 19*. p’ui..
John Clrmeut.141.... . .jn,.^
A Mn.rilnon. TrusteelHH. . . .4 >4h.
Charles (5 Bowman. .15.5... rmu.02I 20
C D Simpson.1.57 .«.I8«»
k » wilder.im.'..!*“
B Oobn.nil.mo .
C H Burton.Iso 1 >N .
Bolts k Wise.175.... 800..'I?-?1
C K McHertuot.1 Tf>. io,,.120.09
s Heydenfeldt.1*1....‘gm' "LI'I!!!
Clm# Wellington, | .*C...50.00
Trustee.| 183.fl72.lOO.MO
Chu* Wellington. I 1U1
Trustee.j .164. 100. .15.00
Chas Wellington, j ,
Trustee.j .100.f 1.410
Clms Wellington,! .n.
Trustee.I 191 ..loo .I3QQ
T Aromi C'harr, ard.. ms.ion.,. ' '
H K Doran.200 .
Geo w Forsyth, | .* -TO.tW*
Trustee.I 30:1.r>Oo..
MKMoUANPl Si. July 7 1H70
Collected from Drinkhon*a . on H ^
, ■■ SnSSwoii. :: «*• «s
A mmitin-hn,
Assessment itotires.
*h "■>*•** sicvr. ok.
< ( 1 "' Allr "* lidaint stli...
Mining Location of works- ui.,*
£ZTSl1££?ztfsk H?:
ment (No. 3) of y' ,*IU* *" **■
Hie Dollar* p«.r Hhar«
was levied upon the capital ato*k of ( .
I •nv. payable imim diat. 1 y. in t nit.d h,",
go!,! coin, to the secretary, al the ..flice ™
Company, No. 419 California etn--t iRontn !
Sun l ram-isco.* ulifonda. Any stock unonwbtrh
said assessment ehall remain unpaid on the uu,
•lay of August, 1*?0, -hall la> «!•-• med delinquent
uud will In- duly advertised for sale at public
auetloii. and unhs* payment Khali l*> made t*
lore, will Is* sold on the FIRST DAY OK SKI1
TI.MBEN, LsTfl. to pay the delinquent aser-mu
m*nt. together with cok*- of advertising gad
penwa of th.. sale. )h- order of the Board ,.f
(Hignotli M. ATWoOD, Rewtarv.
Otlii. At No. IS;) California mItm'I .Room f.i,
Hon Francisco, California. Jyll-td
I K.Wli: (ONSOI.il) \TKI) MIVIMi
• I COMPANY Wliit. I i in-tri. t. N.vada.
Nolic" b hereby given that at a un i ting of tin
Hoard of Trust*"*-** <.f -aid Company, lit Id on tin
JOth day of June, 1870, an awwMaui* id of
Ten (It) Ceuta I*er Situ re
wa« levied upon the capital stock of add com.
pai'.v, pay aide Dnmedmf* ly, in l'n fled Htat**
' 1 ■ 1 - '' dn, to um ■• i I rv Any
•dock upon Which said e..-** aain-nt ahall remain
unpaid on the 25th day of July, lH7r, -hall be
do* in* d dflinijuent. ami will l** duly adv artist d
f< r sale at public auction, and, iinlt aa payment
ahall b nti'b b* f >n*. will K -- bl on MONDAY,
the l-Mh day of August. 1U70, to j»ay the del in
quint a**w*Hineiit, U th* r with costa of adver
tising and expenses of aalu By order ■ f tl •
Board of Trustees.
J. M. BI FFTNOTON. 8* . r* tary
Office: .77 N**w Merchant'* Kn hange,Calif' rnia
street. Hail Francisco, c«l. jy'Jdd
i;kathkrhtonf minimi com
I PANY. Location *.f Murk* White Pirn
Alining Dtatrlet, White Pin*- county. State of Ne
vada. Notice 1h hereby given, that at a meeting
of the lb»ard of Trustee* •»! said Company, held
on the 14th day of Jun* , 1870, an a*—c-ment of
Twenty do Onts |»er aim re
AVaK levied upon the capital *-t >. k of said < in
panv, payable immediately, fn I-nlted Htat -
gold coin, U> the Secretory, at the office of tie
Company. No. 401 California «tr>*d, Han Fran
« ie* n, California. Any stock uj*ou which said
asaeKHiiient shall remain unpaid • n W dn*-1- day.
the JHh day Of July. A I* 1*70. -ball lie deene i
delinquent, and will 1*** duly advertised for *al*
at public auction; ami. uni* --payment shall U
mad** before, will be -. id «*t» Thursday, tig* lltli
itay of August. A. D. 1870. to par the delinquent
hmk* kkuh nt. togeth* r with cMt» of idvcrttdsc
ami expense* *.f th*- sab-.
By order of the B*>ar*l **f Trustee*.
DAVIT) T BAOLF.Y. 9srr«-tory.
Office No. 4»d California *dr*«-t. Han Francisco.
California. jelM-td
I t MlM'.'i COMP ■> N . I i*' no( W if
White Pin*' rounty, State of Kt vada. Noll re i«*
hereliy given that, at a meting <*f the Board uf
Trust" * of said Company, held on the 1st day
of June, 1*70, an wow'ssiufint of
Five (A) Cant* per almre
was levied upon the capital Moll of *ald Com
jwunr, payable immediately, in United State*
pold eoin, to the Secretary, at the ofthw of the
Company, Room s. No. Montgomery street,
Han Francisco, California. Any stock upon
which Niid assessment shall r- main unpaid on
shall Is- deemed delinquent, and w ill he duly
advertised for dale nt public auction, and unit s*
iMivinent shall ho made before will be Mold <»n
JULY, 1*70. to pay the delinquent assessment,
together with coats <>f advertising ami 'xpeu* *
of Side. By order of the Board of Trustees.
WM It " A TROW, decretory
Office: Room 5, N -. Montgomery stm t, San
Francisco, California. JeH td
POSTPONEMENT The tiny for deeming
stock oil the above aJUWMnu nt delinquent Is
hereby postponed until MONDAY', the FIRST
DAY OF AUGUST. 1*70, and the sab- th« r«^*f
By order of the Board of Trustee*.
Jys-td WM. H. WATSON. Secretary.
Company.—Invention of Works' White
Pina, Nevada.—Notice i* hereby given, that at
a meeting of tin- Board of rrnatees <>f said Com
pany, hold on the 1st day of June, 1h7o. an
assessment of
Three (,*H Ceuta Per Mlmre
was levied upon the capital atock of said com
pany, payable immediately, in United States
gold coin. to the Secretary . at the office of the
company. No. 1 Express Building, northeast
corner Montgomery and California streets, Hnn
Francisco, California. Any stock upon Which
aaid assessment shall remain unpaid on the
'iild day of July, 1*7 o, shall b’ deemed delin
quent, and will l*e duly advertised for aalc at
public auction, and uni**** payment shall 1*
made Is fore, will ieMlii on Monday. the 8th
day of August, 1*70, to pay the delinquent
luwosament. togetlier with costs of advertising
and expenses of sale. By order of the Board
of Trustees.
T. J. OWENS, Secretary.
Office: No. I Kxpr *-s Building, northeast rortu -
Montgomery and California stm ts, Hun Fran
cisco, California. Je20-Ui
Judicial District of the State of Nevada, in
and for tho County of LtnciJu.
The Stale «>f Nevada to John II. Phillips,
grouting; You are hen by required to appear in
mi action commenced against yon, as defendant,
by I .aura E. Phillips, ns plaintiff, in the District
Court of the Ninth Judicial District, in and for
the County of Lincoln, State of Nevada, at Hiko,
and ariKW* r the complaint therein (which la on
tile with the Clerk of said Court!, within ten
days after service upon y<»« of this suiniuous
(exclusive of the day of service), if served
in Haiti County of Lincoln, <-r twenty days if
served out of said County, but in the Ninth Ju
dicial District of the State of Nevada, or forty
days if served out of said Dint rid, but within
the State, or judgment by default will be taken
against you, according to tho prayer of the said
The said aclion is brought to obtain a decree
of said Court dissolving tin* bonds of matrimony
uow existing between you and plaintiff, on tin
grounds of your failure for the term of two year*
to provide her with the common necessaries «"
llfo— such failure not arising from poverty on
your port which ordiuary industry could not
avoid; and also on the ground of extreme cruelty
toward plaintiff on Your part—as set birth iu tie
complaint now on flic in this office. And If you
fail to answer the said complaint, the said
plaintiff will tukc judgment for the relief prayed
for in the complaint and for costs of this action
Given under my hand and the sinl of the said
Court, this Mth day of July. A. D. 1870.
(Aral.] Clerk of the District Court.
Ninth Judicial District. Nevada.
{•HbCcut Nevada State Revenue Stamp. |
Jy 13-1 awn w
i. o. o. r.
Hamilton lodge, r. d.. i. o. o r .
mraitaoviry SATL'UDAV EVENING at Ha
ionla H.11, Tri'.Muri alrr. t. All Brother, 1
good standing art* Invited to attend.
R. HAtutl.llt, R. H

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