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Ordinance No. 38.
Aa Or*a»oA< • «*!•** and Contlim-nt
rani, art lor Ml*
Tta BaaM"' Tmtor* * «•»•" *“ f it* .In <w
dalB M follower _ ._....
Hv.-n-.a I. front art aff* Ik- PVT**.0' "‘i!
_. .. ,n« /Mr Trroaaro* ahall art apart
Aft* p-r --'at tfOlmtortromlmt Into tk- Ot*
—--/. ... inaiinn hall nal ta4 toaa; art
•1? * TlxCn*Tl-*«r-r .kali mak. . r-.
port to th- Aant 1 TraAtt* oo thr Arot M >n.
4» ta rack moeth. ahowtn* tlx satoont of
n£*JJ twrtUl lato tka rtt* Tr-nanr* fw tk*
month omrioa*. UK amoont aet apart to aatd
- titkr* rt IMiar« rart. th- aanooot dia.
rtrtS.Trt ttx-^oat t-jalnln* In tk-»«*■
‘ "Tkl. All warrant* for tk* P**ta-nt of anl
, art**, art all warrant* for d-fiA*i“d tka eontik
«rat -ipraaaa of tk* *«. nat-aa otkrrwla
orrt-rM 0* tka Board of nwwea, *h*U h-rrtt-r
h* drawn np«a tfce ' (talar* and Cmlmr-at
/ Oft J, which v arrests Bhell -uma»e*t»- * sew
series, sod be pvM t* the order of their regUtm
tl»n I THU Ordtnao— tkall t*k» -ffaat and
h* ta Aw— from and art** ft* pa****-.
***Tt£&: Pr—Kt-Ot Board of Trort—*
M. P.CuNtwlOtf^1 Jyfi-Mt
Ordinance No. 39.
An Ordiaan— alrtlakinf tk- '/fll-a of Btrrwt
OjmtMimioo^r sod Jailer sod Jaoit/»r
TUe Board of ftustw* of Hamilton City dr, <*
dain *4 follow*: ^ u_ . .
Bsren-rv 1 The «■"« of Street O-rtnojissioner
tad Jailer an 1 Janitor *r*hcr.b* »t-dt*h«l.
y. oniosore Hi W. *n titled 'An Ordi
s*tf*» rr*sting (be ofloe of Jailer and Janlbw,
sad ckdlninf bis dnties, compensation, etc.,1 ap
pr**«d J*n«*rf *.«»*• «nd all rtrdlaam— or
part* of Ordlnanoa deBnln* tk- duti-a of art
prescribing eompenaatlon for Street Commis
sioner. are hereby *p«*l«d.
Bar. 1. This Ordman • shall take »ff**-t and
hn In fores tmm and after iU pas-age.
Approved Jsly *. 1474
p. EVEETH, President Board of Trustees
M. P. CnaNsatue. City Clerk. jy*-14t
Ordinance No. 40.
An Ordinance Regulating the Hsian*-# of Of
The Board of Trustees of Hamilton City do or
dain as follows:
Bsttiow I. The officers of Hamilton City
■hall receive the following compensation for
their servloes—to wit: The City Marshal shall
receive a salary of nine hundred dollar* per an
nua. and lire p»v cent, on all taxes collected by
him on real and personal property: and also one
dollar for eoOeeting each license. The City
Treasurer shall receive a salary of nine hundred
dollars per annum. The city Assessor shall re
ceive a salary of six hundred dollars ner annum.
The Chief Engineer ahall receive a salary of nine
Hundred dollars per annum. The City Attorney
shall receive a salary of seventy-five dollar* per j
oooth. and, in addition to such percentage as Is j
allowed him on delinquent taxes, ahall receive 1
fire dollars for each conviction for violation of i
Ordinance*, provided that the same shall in all !
cases be collected from the party convicted, ami
In no care to be a charge against the city. The !
City Clerk shall receive a salary of seventy five 1
dollars per month. Regular Policemen shall re
eetre a salary of seventy-five dollars per month,
and also two dollars for each arrest and con vie- j
lion, provided that the same shall in all cases lie
collected from te party convicted, and In no ;
case to be a charge against the city.
Mac. 2. Each of the above salaries shall be
payable in legal coin of the Cnited Mates, in I
Oqual monthly Installments, on the first day of i
aaah and every amoth.
Bar. 3. Ordinance No. 4, entitled ‘An Ordi- I
nance regulating the salaries of oEleera,* approv
ed April 10, 1449, and Ordinance No. 10, entitled
‘ An Ordinance defining the duties of City Attor
nayJgnpoynd April is, igv, and .wetum 7 of
ordinaries No. 24, entitled ‘ An Ordinance regu
lating a Fire Department of Hamilton City,' ap i
proved December 1-1, l**W, and Hertion 4 of Ordi- I
nance No. 35. entitled] • An Ordinance creating
the rrtfiee of City Attorney,* approved June 11,
1170, are hereby repealed.
Her 4. This Ordinance shall take effect and
mb in teat from and after Its passage
Approved July S, 1470.
P. EVERTH. Preaidlent R-tard of Trustees. |
M. P. Chavbehijv, City Clerk. jyH-141
Ordinance No. 4 I.
An Ordinance regulating License* and License
Tax in Hamilton <3ty.
The Board of Trustee* of Hamilton City do or
<lain as follow*:
Harmo* 1. The Clerk ahall cause to be pre
pared, at the expense of the city, printed
forme of City Licenses, to be leaned as herein
provided He ahall number and sign the same
and deliver them to the Marshal, from time to
time, charging him therefor. The Marshal
shall make a written report to the B<«ard of Tru*.
teea on Monday of each week, duly verified,
showing the amount uf license#collected by him
the previous week, the name* of persons or firms
to whom licenses have been Issued, the amount
paid by each, and the occupation or bnainesa fur
which eucb licenses were Issued.
Hue. t. All llarnat* herein provided for shall
be payable in legal coin of the Cnlted States.
Hac. 3. Every person or Ann engaged in the
business of trading or merchandising, or dealing
ih any kind of goods, wares, or merrkandise
whatsoever ahall p—r a license as follows: Those
making monthly sales to the amount of one
thousand dollar* or under, eight dollars per
quarter; those making moutbly sales amounting
to more than one thousand and under five thou*
sand dollar*, twelve dollars per quarter; and
those making monthly sales amounting to more
than five thousand dollars, twenty dollars p<v
Every person or firm engaged In the
business of storage and commission merchants
shall pay a license as follows: Those whose
monthly receipts amount to one thousand dol
lars or under, tan dollars per quarter; those
whose monthly receipts are more than one thou
sand and under three thousand dollars, fifteen
dollar* per quarter; and the* w!km*o monthly
r*r«tpte ar* room than thru* thousand dollar*,
twenty-five dollar* per quarter.
Hup. H. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of banking, dealer* in exchange, gold
and silver, stocks, or bullion, shall pay a license
of fifty dollars per quarter
B—.fi. Every parson, firm or company en
gaged In the biMtness of expressing or transmit
ting letter* or packages for hire, having an office
• in thia city, shall pay a license of fifty dollar*
per quarter
8*c. 7. Each Telegraph Company doing bnsi
ueaa in the city ahall pay a license of fifty dot
tar* per quarter.
Sac. 8. Every person, firm or company en
Ked in the bunlium* of stock or real estate
kerage in buying and selling stocks or real
•atata, shall pay a license uf fifteen dollars per
Hac. 9. Every person or firm engaged In the
business cif keeping a livery stable, or letting
horue*. wagons, carriage*, or other animals or
vkhlota* for hirs, shall pay * license -,f fifteen
dollars per quarter
Bac. 10. Every peraon or firm engaged In the
bualneaa «»f running for hire any dray. Job wagon,
. cart or other public vehicle, shall pay for each
diar, Jow wagon, cart or vehicle so run, a license
of ten dollars per quarter.
Hkc. 11. Every person or Arm engaged In the
business of auctioneering ahall pay a license of
thirty dollar* per quarter.
Hue. 12. Every person or firm engaged In the
business of carrying on a daguerreau or photo
graphic gall<-ry.shall pay a license of fifteen dol
lar* per quarter.
Hac. 13. Every person or flrm engaged in the
business of keeping a barber shop, shall pay
for each chair In use in said *h«q> a license of
five dollars per quarter.
Hac. 14. Every person or flrm engaged In the
business of assaying any metals or on-, shall
pay a license of twenty-fire dollars per quarter.
Hac. 13. Every person or Ann engaged in the
buaiqes* of manufacturing sods, elder, vinegar,
sarsaparilla, or syrups of any kind, shall pay a
license of fitted! dollars per quarter.
Hac. M. Every person or firm engaged in the
business of keeping or conducting any tavern,
,bo4al» lodging house, chop house, or restaurant,
shall pay a license of fifteen dollars per quarter.
Hac. 17. Every person or Arm engaged in the
business of keeping a liar or saloon, for retaM
H wines or liquor* of any kind, In levs
than one qnart. Khali pay a license of
re dollars per quarter.
Bio. 18. Every person or flrm engage. 1 in
the bnainesa of keeping a public bath house,
shall pay a license of ten dollars per quarter
Bac. 19. Every person or flrm engaged in the
bnainesa of keeping or carrying on a shooting
gallery, shall Day a license of flftein dollar* lit
30. Every person or Ann engaged In the
Dasineaa of keeping or conducting a public bak
ery for the manufacture of bread, plea or cakea,
■hall par a license of five dollars per quarter.
*• Irsry person or firm engaged In
* »ondry, where washing and ironing
is *m«. shall pay a license of ten dollars per
2ftproPr,ftor or keeper of a bib
W *or ®*<'h table in uas a
license of ten dollars per quarter.
Set. 33. Every keeper or proprictor «»f a nine
pin. ten pin or bowling alley, shall pay a license
of twenty dollars per quarter.
£?<u7 Ptrmm or firm engaged in the
Jjteinjteof keeping or carrying on any brewery
^mrilar fermented
quiurZar h*U W * lloeiuw of thirtT dolUr* per
Bn®* ®sch and every insurance company
doing business In the city, shall pay a license ol
twenty-five dollars per quarter.
Rsc. 20. Every person, firm or company en
pged In running sUgea and carrying passenger*
for hlf* and having an «Bce la the city. *hall
pay a Beshae of fifteen dollars per quarter.
8Ec\ 27. Evary person or firm engaged in th<
business of pawn broker, ■hall psy a license o
forty dollars per quarter.
8mo. 93. Every P*rs°n or firm engaged In tin
business of keeping s bntcher shop or stall, foi
the retail of fresh meats, shall i>ay a license o
fifteen dollars par quarter.
fisc. 39. Every traveling merchant, hawker, o:
peddler, who shall vend goods, wares, and mer
ohaodiri«k shall pty a lisanse aft WMty-five dollar
per quarter; provided that in rase such travel iiq
merchant, hawker, or peddler, shall use a wagon
oart, or other vehicle in such business, he shal
ty aSgay at fatty a»li«« per
fi*o. 93. Every person, firm, company, mans
far, or lease* of any theater, engaged in the bust
fleas of gtvlng theatrical performances orexhl
»H ». I •’
Ntitm» at arrensder* minstrel* concert or opera
•ifigrra, spamzur. trn^uA^m or other pubi* per
forms** or exhibition, for pay. shall pay a li
ce nas of one hundred dollar* per month: pro
vided. that to ease sack iic*w be granted for a
I Una period than one newth. ft'.* dollars for each
perfnrmam u or exhibition so given.
tec. II. Every person. firm, or company, giv
ing in the city any exhibition of a caravan, me
i nagerie. or eoilertKm of an maia. or any etroas,
ah^a. rope or wire dnncinz or slight of hand
performance, for pay. shall pay a license of
, twenty-fir* dollar* tor wm*. - ,iubU*on so given,
tei-. J1 Evcvy person or Bra: who shall open
or keep a dat-fi'-hoa*-. common > kn vn sea
hurdy-gurdy shall pay a .Venae of one
hundred d liar * per ffiwsa>. p«o.*id that in
a* a h license U granted fra less period than
on* month. flve/Miar* per day for each day the
| same shall be kept open.
Sec. 33. Every person who shall carry on or
coadort any of the bosioesaev, trade*, callings, or
| profeualOtta mentioned herein, and shall neglect
to take out a license therefor, as herein provided,
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon eon
Tietion thereof, shall be fined m a sum not lem
than the license which such person is required
; to tak" oat. and not exceeding fire hundred d*4
laea. which fine may be enforced by unpri* n
ment in the city Jail no* exceeding one day for
each two dollar* at snch fine.
H*c. 34. All licenses provided tor in this Or
dinance shall be paid in alvanc®, and are hereby
made trsmrferabl* io eaae* where the business
licensed is conducted or earned on In the same
budding, shop, stall, or stand, but not otherwi-e.
tec:. 33. Ordinance So. 11, entitled* An Ordi
nance providing tor the s«***4ag and collect mg
of revenue for Hamilton City,' approved April
1 1C. IMP; and Ordinmre So It. entitled * An Or
dinance amendst/ rr o? am! supplemental to an
' 'ri:nance entitle*! • An -Tdinanre pronding for
the a***«*ing and collecttag of revenue for Ham
ilton Olty,* approved May C. 1 *49; and Ordinance
So. 25, entitled ' An Ordinance amendatory of
aztd supplemental to an Ordinance entitled * An
Ordinance providing tor the ■—casing and col
lecting of revenn* fv Hamilton City,’ approved
September 13.1*89. and all Ordinance* and part#
of ordinances in conflict with this Ordinance,
are here by repealed.
Hec. 38. This Ordinance shall take effect and
be iu tome from and after its passage.
Approved July 11, 1870.
President <A the Board.
M. P. Cflivmut, City Clerk. Jyl4-14t
Ordinance No. 42.
An Ordinance Creating the Offices of City Re
conlet and City Surveyor.
The Board of Trustees of Hamilton City do or
dain as follows:
Hettto* 1. In addition to the offices already
prescribed by law and ordinance, there shall lie
and la hereby created the offices of City Recorder
and City Borveyor.
Hec. 2. The City Recorder, before entering
Upon the discharge of the duties of his office,
■hall give a bond, with two or more sufficient
sureties, to be approved by the Board, in the
sum of five thousand dollars, and the City Sur
veyor shall give a like bond, in the sum of two
thousand five hundred dollars. Each of the
bond* required by this section shall be in like
form and with like conditions as other bonds re
quired of officers.
Hec 3. The City Recorder shall bold his
Court, every day, at the Recorder’s office, in the
City Hall, ami shall be allowed a fee of four dol
lars for each conviction: provided, that the same
shall in all cases lie collected from the party
convicted, and in no case to be a charge against
the city.
Be/'. 4. The City Recorder shall keep a record
of all his priceedings. and pay over to the City
Treasurer, on Batorday of each week, ail money
collected by him. after deducting the f.-e* al
lowed to officers: taking duplicate receipts there
for—one of which be shall file with the City
Clerk; the other keep for his voucher. The Re
corder shall, also, report to the Hoard on Mon
day of each week, under oath; which report shall
show all cases brought before him: all fines im
posed, and the amount of fees received by him
and other officers therein.
He/-. 5. The City Borveyor shall keep a record
of all surveys made by him. and report the same
to the Board of Trustees on the flret Monday of
each month: and shall be i*ertnitted to charge
not to exceed ten dollars per lot for fixing the
boundaries for private owners: provided, that
the same shall in no cane be a charge against the
He/*. 8. All ordinances or parts of ordinances,
in conflict with this Ordinance, and all ordi
nances heretofore passed providing any com
je-nsation for either of said officers, are hereby
He/*. 7. This Ordinance shall take effect and
be in force from and after its passage.
Approved July 1*. 1X70.
P. EVERTS, President Board Trustees.
M. P. Chambehux. City Clerk. Jy20-14t
Ordinance No. 43.
An Ordinance Relating to Doga.
The Board of Trustee* of Hamllt'' n City do or
dain aa follows:
HrrTiov 1. An animal tax. or license, of three
dollar*, on all male, and five dollars on all
female dogs, in Hamilton City, over the age <if
one month, payable in legal coin of the United
States, in hereby levied and directed to be col
Bec. 2. The Marshal ahall procure a suitable
number of tags, which shall be numbered, and
stamped with the worl Hamilton, and any per
son keeping any dog within the city limita shall
procure of the Marshal a tag, to be attached to
such dog, and shall pay therefor the tax or
license prescribed in Beet ion 1 of t hia Ordinance.
Hec. 3. The Marshal shall apprehend and im
pound all dogs found running at large without a
tag withia the city limits after the 1st day of
August, A. D. 1870.
Hec. 3. Any person wishing to redeem a dog
which has been impounded may do ho upon
I*ayxnent of the tax or licenae required by Bee
tion 1 of this Ordinance for a tag and paying to
the Marshal the additional sum of two dollars
for impounding the same.
Bk«. 5. All dogs impounded shall, unlesa
sooner redeemed by the owner or claim&ut, be
killed after the expiration of twenty-four hours,
and interred or otherwise disposed of without
the city limita.
Hec. fl. The Marshal ahall make a report to
the Board of Trustees on Monday of each week
for the week previous, which report shall show
the number of tagaaold; the names of persons
to whom sold, respectively; the date when each
commences and expires; the number of dogs Im
pounded; the number killed; the amount of mo
I ney received for tags, or otherwise, under this
Ordinance, from the party paying the same, and
shall keep a register in hia office showing the
above facta. He ahall pay to the Treasurer, on
Baturday of each week, all money in hia hand*
from the sale of tags, after deducting his fees, a*
hereinafter allowed.
Bet. 7. The Marshal, in addition to the extra
fee* received from those redeeming impounded
dogs, shall receive a fee of fifty cents for each
tag sold and one dollar and fifty cents for each
og killed.
Hec. 8. Any person or persona who ahall forge
or counterfeit any tag or tags for the purpose of
defrauding the city, shall be guilty of a misde
meanor, and upon conviction thereof shall lie
fined in any sum not less than ten nor more than
fifty dollars, and may be imprisoned in the < ity
Jail not to exceed one day for each two dollars
of such fine.
Hec. i*. Any person or persons who shall tie
or otherwise attach any kettle, can, drum, box,
or other substance, to the tail, leg, neck or body
of suy dog, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor,
and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in
any sum not less than fifty dollars, and may tie
imprisoned in the City Jail not to exceed one
day for each two dollam of such fine.
Hec, 18, All money received into the Treasury
under the provisions of this Ordinance shall tie
kept in a separate fund, and under the control of
the Board of Trustees.
Hec. 11. This Ordinance shall take effect and
be in force from aud after it* passage.
Approved July 18,1870.
President of the Board.
M. P. Chambeblim, City Clerk. JyJl-Ut
Ordinance No. 44.
An Ordinance to Provide Water for Hamilton
The Board of Trustees of Hamilton City do or
dain as follows:
Barnoa 1. A special ad valorem tax of twen
ty, live cents on each one hundred dollars worth
of taxable property, real and personal, in Hamil
ton City, ia hereby levied, and directed to be
collected, for the purpose of providing water for
said city for the year A. D. 1870.
Bec. 2. The Assessor, in making out the as
sessment roll for the. year A. D. 1870, shall add
a separate column, showing tho amount of the
tax hereby levied, and the same shall lie
collected in accordance with tho provisions of
Ordinance No. 87, and the same fees allowed to
officers as in other cases of collection of city
Bko. 3. All money received into the Treasury
under the provisions of this Ordinance shall be
set apart to and known as tho Water Fund, and
lie under the control of the Beard of Trustees.
Bec. 4. This Ordinance shall take effect and
be In force from the date of Its passage.
Approved July 18, 1870.
President of the Board.
M. P. ('hamrerun, City Clerk. Jy2114t
3VT <3 T X O Wi t
whom it may concern: That theTannehlil
Silver Mining Company, a corporation exiatini
under the laws of New York, and engaged in the
business of mining in Eureka Miuing District
State of Nevada, is the owner of, and lawful!]
entitled to, the possession of thst certain trac
of land situat'd in said District, county of ban
dor, Htate aforesaid, adjoining the tov n of Ku
roka, or Naples, on the south, and known an<
called the • MeOOY SURVEY.’ The said prop
erty was purchased by said corporation in Oeto
her. 1865. and valuable improvements placet
thereon, and continuously occupied and enjoyet
by said corporation until the said McCoy fvlo
catod the same in July, I860.
All peftons are warned against purchasing th<
■aid tract of land, or any portion thereof, fron
Major W. W. McCoy, the present occupant an.
claimaut thereof, as It la the Intention of salt
corporation to commence an action to recove:
the possession thereof.
By Lavsuiu It Davenport, Att’jra for T.B M Oo
Eureka, Nevada, July •, 1870. jyd-lm
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pay for the HEMI-WEEKLY do, do. HO rent* a
uionth pays for THE DAILY HUN. Addx*s»
I. W. ENGLAND. Publisher, New York.
Of the Union Republican Htate Cen
tral Committee.
At a meeting of THE UNION REPUB
LICAN Htate Central Commute. , held at
Virginia City, June 2S, 1870, It waa
Resolved, That a fitate Convention of the Na
tional Union Republican Party he held at Elko
FIRST, 1870, to nominate candidates for the fol
lowing olfices, to wit: Governor, Lieutenant
Governor, Representative in Congress, Justice of
the ttupreme Court, Secretary of Htate, Attorney
General, Treasurer of Htate, Controller of Htate,
Hurveyor-Oeneral. Superintendent of Public In
struction, Btatc Mineralogist, and Cleft of the
Supreme Court, and the transaction of such
other business as shall pnrperly come before
said Convention.
On motion, Resolved, That each county be
entitled to one Delegate at large, one for each
one humlred (100) votes, and one for each frac
tion over fifty (50.; cost for the Republic'anPresi
dential Electors at the election of 1808.
On motion, Resolved, That we recommend to
the several County Central Committees that the
Primary Election of Delegates to both Htate and
County Convention* be held on the 15th day of
September, 1870. and that at said election one
delegation be elected to the Htate Convention
and one delegation to the County Convention.
On raotiou. Resolved, That a voter at the
Union Republican Primaries shall possess the
following qualifications: He shall be a citlsen
of the United Stab s and State of Nevada; he
shall at the time of voting at the Primaries be a
qualified elector and registered voter of the pre
cinct In which he offers to vote; he shall have
voted the Union Republican ticket, State and
National, at the general election of November,
A. D. 1868, or would have done no had it been
pooaible to vote; he shall oolemuly pledge him
self to vote for the nominees of the Union Re
publican party at the general election In Novem
ber. A. D. 1870.
Resolved, That we recommend to the several
County Central Committees that on the day of
the Primary Election for Delegates to the sev
eral Conventions, the people be requested to ex
preaa their preference for the candidates for the
several office*, State *ud County, by a direct
Delegate* are apportioned to the sever*! coun
ties as follow*:
Chnrchil!.2 Nye.4
Douglas. 4 Ormahy.6
Esmeralda.4 Htorey.24
Humboldt..4 Washoe.10
Lyon.A Elko.8
Lander.11 White Pine.10
Lincoln.....2 —
Total ..OS
N. A. H. BALL,
Chairman Nevada State Central Committee Na
tional Union Republican Party.
Je28-td 0. C. Battkhman, Secretary
SppUrations for JJatmt.
Application for Patent.
Rg.iertfc* OmcS. I
Ac*TW. N'rTstl Apnl SWh. iro. i
Makwoemgo Mining C—pwy Lu this
day fikd in this ol« a diagram, t. get her with
a notice of Application for Patent tram the
United States, under Act of Congress approval
July 3fi»h IBM. for Eight Hundred te*-t of the
Goldan Lode, known a* the Mafcw .nago Miu*:.g
Conpanv * chum, sistfei ia the White Pine
Mining DtWrirt. White Pine County, Nevada,
and mo»* particularly described as follows- Be
ginning at a point when-e the southeast corner
of the survey made ft tbs Aurora Consolidated
Sliver Mining Gunpany. an the Aurora Lode
hears 8. 11 H degrees W. 900 feet, thence running
N. 11 H degree* E. W feet; thence 8 7si* de
gr*% ZL n*i feet; thence 8. 11H degrees W »«
feet, and thence V 7* H degree* W. lO> feet to
the place of beginning, and containing Five
Acre* and fifty-one an*-hundredths of an Acre
(9 #1-108 acres) of land, embracing said lode,
and one hundred feet on each side thereof. Said
claim l« bounds! on the west by the Aurora Con
solidated Silver Mining Company. Aurora Lode.
ma»90d* Register.
Application for Patent.
NOTH'E NO. 7ft.
Rrr.inxa* Ootce. I
Austin, Nevada. Apnl 2*. 1870. f
.1 M uhwonago Mining Company has this day
filed in this office » diagram, toother with a
notice of Application for Patent from the United
Hut<-e. under Act of Congress approved July
Mth. 1Bfifl. for Eight Hundred Feet of the Mount
Vernon Iyxie. known as the Makwonag«> Mining
Company's claim, situated in the White Pine
Mining District. White Pine County. Nevada,
and m*-re particularly described a* follows: Be
ginning at the southeast comer of the survey
made for the Aurora Cons.»1 Mated Silver Mining
Company, on the Aurora 1**1*. the same being
the n art hem* t corner of the survey made for the
South Amun BHv*-r Mining Company, thence
running N. IP* degrees E. MB feet, tfc< ■
78H degrees E. *fl0"f«*ct; thence 8. Ill* degree*
W. mo feet, «nd thence N. 7hH degree* W MOO
feet to the place of beginning, and containing
Five Acres and fifty-one no*, hundredth* of an
Acre 5 51-100 acre*- of Land, embracing said
lode, and oi** hundred feet on each side thereof.
Haul claim is bounded on the west ly the. Aurora
Consolidated BOver Mining Company. Aurora
ma3-90d* Register.
U. S. Patents for Mines!
Office at the Mining Recorder'*,
Main Street, Treasure City.
In WhitM pine 0<ant y, ran pro> ura tk* same
at the abort*#* Mtfa», and on the moat reasona
ble term*,by applying a- above. Order# left with
Col. Sabin, tn th- Mining Recorder'* office, st
Treasure City, or at The White Pin- New* office
in Hamilton, will receive rr mpt attention,
Delinquent Tax List.
; Proceed# of M in***.]
State or Nevao*. Corsrnr or Wkite Pike, k
District Attorney# Office, (
following nam*d defendant* and to all own
er* of, or claimant* to the mine* nr mining
<iaiuia hereinafter di**rr.b»-d, known or un
known: Yua are hereby notified that suit* hare
been comne-uced m the Justine Court, Town
ship No. 1. in Hamilton. M. Atwood, Justice, by
the State <»f Nevada, plaintiff, against each of
the defendants hereinafter named, and each of
the following described mine* or ruining claim*
and all owners of or claimant* to the Marne,
known or unknown, to recover the tax and de
linquency assessed to said defendant*, against
the proceed* of said property for the quarter
year commencing the 1st day of October. A. D.
1*69, and ending the 31st day December. A. D.
1869, and that a luumonn ha* t>een duly issue*!
in each case. And you are further notified, that
unless you appear and answer the complaint
filed in said (*«*• on <ar inform the 3uth day «f
July. A. D. 1870, judgment win be taken acain-t
you and the mine *>r mining claim herein de*
scribed for the amount of tax and delinquenc y
specified and cost* of suit:
Keller min*-, tax and percentage « i GO.
Mahogany mine, situated in Mahogany can
yon: tax and percentage 5 99
Milton mine, tax and percentage l 19.
Minnetta mine, containing 60 feet; tax and per
centage 3 36.
Minnesota mine, containing 1200 feet; tax and
percentage 3 50.
Oakland mine, containing 1400 feet; tax and
percentage 14 4*.
Pan Handle ruin*, on Bromide Flat; tax and
percentage 31 82.
Joe Potts mine, containing 18iW feet, about 100
feet west of Rice Tollhouse; tax and j*ercent*gc
8 78.
Zubric mine, containing 600 f**et. on Chloride
Flat; tax and percentage 22 94.
8agebru*h mine. 1,000 feet, Tr*-asnre Hill, near
Posthole; tax and percentage 33 10.
Sangamon mine, containing 1000 feet, tax ami
percentage 36 99.
Caroline mine, containing 1200 fe*-t, tax and
I- r-ntage 12 62.
Posthole mine, containing 600 feet, located on
Chloride Flat; tax and percentage 73 .'4.
Colleen Bawn mine, located on Bromide Flat
tax and percentage 13 21.
Charles k 'Theresa mine, 1000 feet, on Iceberg
Flat; tax and percentage /» f4.
El Dorado mine; tax and percentage 16 64.
Domingo Ladga k Co. or mine, containing 800
feet: tax and percentage 162 16.
Farewell mine, c*>ntalning 1600 feet: tax and
percentag*- 2 72.
Gelkey mine; tax and percentage 16 12
Hartwell Ledge A Co, containing 1400f*-et;
about one mile northwest Hamilton an*l east
Bullion Hill; tax ami percentage 21 57.
Howsr<l mine A Co, containing 800 feet; tax
and percentage 157.
The Henttn Cortes mine; tax and percentage
2 80.
Black Thorn min*-; tax and percentage 1 50.
John Steele-; tax an*l percentage 2 78.
Broom Ranger mine; tax ami percentage 9 70.
Chihuahua Company; tax and percentage 14 5f>.
E. J. Brown mine; tax and percentage 2 65.
Seymour No. 16 mine. Chloride Fiat; tax ami
percentage 67 46.
Sierra Paacoe mine, containing 1000 feet, on
Treasure Hill tax and percentage 1 30.
Josephine mine; tax and percentage 6 86.
Silver Star mine; tax au*l percentage 24 31.
T. H. Will* mine; tax and percentage 2 07.
You Be Dam mine; tax and percentage 3 56.
Hamilton, White Pine County, Nevada, I
June » a.D. 1870. |
DlMtrlct Attorney White Pine Cnunty, Nev.
Sheriff White Pine County, Nev.
By Jno. H. gauuiiKB, Deputy Klieriff.
New Remedies! New Remedies!
11 NER Commercial, Kan Francisco.
Private entrance on Commercial street.^B^W
Established in 1H54, for the treat me nt|M£ft
of Aexual ami Seminal Disease, such as^HHV
Gonorrhea, Gleet, Stricture, Hyphillis, in all it*
forms; Seminal Weakness, Impotency, etc., etc.
Skin diseases of years standing, and I'leers ted
I/*gi, etc.. Huccflutfullv treated.
Seminal Weakness.
Seminal emission Is the consequence of self
abuse. This solitary vice, or depraved sexual
Indulgence, is practiced by the youth of both
sexes to an almost unlimited extent, producing
with unerring certainty the following train of
morbid symptoms, unless combated by scientific
medical measures, vix: Hallow countenance',
dark apots under the eyes, pain in the head,
ringing In the ears, noise like the rustling of
leaves or rattling of chariots, uneasiness about
the loins, weakness of the limbs, confused
vision, blunted intellect, loss of confidence, difB
I deuce in approaching strangers, a dislike to
form new acquaintances, a disposition to shun
society, Iiwh of memory, pimples ami various
eruptions about the fane, beetle flushes, furred
tongue, foetid bresth, coughs, consumption,
night sweats, monomania and frequently iu
tanity. If relief be not obtained, you should
apply Immediately, either in person or by letter,
and have a cure effected by his new and scientific
mode of treating this disease, which never falls
of effecting a quick and radical cure. Dr. G.
will give one hundred dollars to any person who
will prove, satisfactorily to him, that he was
cured of this complaint by either of the Hen
Francisco quacks.
Cured at Home.
Persons at a distance may be fil’RED AT
HOMK, by addressing a letter to Dr. Gibbon,
stating cane, symptoms, length of tin** the
disease has continued, and have medicine
promptly forwarded, free from damage and cn
riodty, to any part of the Country, with full and
plain directions for use, by enclosing f 15 in cur
rency. or flu in coin, in a reg!*ter«*d letter
through the 1’ostoffice, or through Wells, Fargo
k Co.
A package of medicine will be forwarded by
Rxpress to any part of the Union.
Person* writing to the Doctor will please state
the name of the paper they see this advertise
ment In.
All communications strictly confidential.
Address, DR. J. F. G Lb DON,
Jyl4-0w Bo* 203, flan Francisco, California.
a i
9T This establishment is supplied with a
lame assortment of newest styles of Type. B<jr
tiers. Ornaments, Cards, Assorted Paper, and |
all the
Employed la the pm per execution of
P II I >’ r I NG!
Best of Job Presses.
Plain and Ornamental Type,
Por any kind ef work, sorb u
Play Bills,
Certificates of Stock,
Blank Books,
Notes, Etc.
Of all sift s, shades and shapes, in plain black or
in any or all the colors of the Rainbow.
and a general news summary in every
Issue—besides our si*>ci*lty—
Elvory Sunday,
furnishing s complete account of the condition of
the mines in this District—condition of the
works; late developments; amount of ore for the
week; yield of ore worked; proposed changes,
also, condition and prospect of outside claims,
ami other matters of interest to owners and the
general public.
Persons wishing Blank Books printed will not
! be under the necessity of sending to Ban Fran
1 reaco for this character of work, aa we are pre
pared to execute such work in a good stylo, and
at reasonable prices
Delinquent Sales.
F'eatherstoxe Hwwe compa.
XV—l/xaius of Works: hi tile Pin** M in
ti* DMitat, White Pine County. State >.4 Ne
vada — Hotter. — There an* delinquent upon
the fullowi&«-<k*rnbtd stuck. >m m.*oout of
iHewa-Qt IcTi-l on the 1Mb .lay of Juno.
A D. 1*70. the several amount* art opposite the
name* of the rvapectiT* shareholder*. a» fol
low* :
No. of No. of
Name*. Certificate, share* Am t.
Breed W 3 balance).3.3.9*'
Dowry E B. &.100.30..
Dowry E B.30 100.»..
Oowey ED.33.100.» .
iKiujrftrny B. Tru»»U— . 1UU.MM.30..
Hill A E. Trusfe*.91.100.»..
Hill A E. Trustee. m6. 100.30..
Hill A E. Trustee.•*. 100.30.
Hill A E. Trustee. 97.100.3D..
McDonald MJ.«..100..
McDonald MJ.15 ... .10.1..
Palmer Mn E W.57 . .lu.1.
And in ai'fuwda&ce with lav, and an order of
the Board of Truste*«. made on the 14th day of
June, A. D. 1*70, so many *hana of each
parrel of said stock as may be necessary will
be sold at public auction, bv John Middleton k
Son. Anetteneow. No. 410 Montgomery street.
San Francisco, Calif.wma. uu THURSDAY, the
the hour of 13 o’clock m of said day. to pay
said delinquent a*sc»i.inenU thereon. together
with coat* ot adrerttsinr and expenses of sale
DAVID T B AOI.EY. Secretary
dee No. 4nl California street, San Francis.o.
California. Jy3y-ed
Notice of DEUMiixvT kalis. -
Jennie A. Consolidated Mining Company.
WhKa Pine District. Nevada Notice.—Tin-re
m delinquent upon the following Aarrlbrd
stock, on account of a*>nwam*ut levied cm the
20th day of June, H70, the several amounts aet
opposite the aatnea of the respective share
holder*. as fnQovi:
No. No.
Name*. Certificate. Shares. Amt.
I) Corson .2.2,<iu0,.. 1209.00
r stoke* . n.l.uoo. ino.oo
A (Kltgue.4.2,000 . .200.00
A Dehgne.21.2.000. .. 200.00
J H Conk.65.1,000.ino.oo
J M Cook .30.Soo.60.00
J H Conk.57.500 50.00
J H Cook.5*. 250 JS l«
J M Cook.69.350.26.00
J H Cook.©
J U Cook.61.126.12 50
J H Cook.62. 125.li.fi©
J H Cor»k.63.100.10 00
J H Cook.64.ltftJ_10.00
J H Cook.
J H Cook.M.100. 10.00
J H Cook.67.ltlO.10.0©
J H Cook.«•.1UI)_10.00
J H Cook.69. 100.10.00
4 H Cook.70.7ft.7.30
J U Cook.71. .75.7 50
J H Cook.7-i.fill.5.00
J H Cook.73 30.5 00
J H Cook.74.SO.5.00
J H Cook.75.50.5 00
J H Cook.
J H Cook.7ft.25. 2 50
J k Skinner.m .3.0U0..JUMftt
Herman Todter.79.25. 2.60
And in accordance with law. and an order of
the Board of Trustee*, made on the 20th .lay of
June, 1x70, ■« many aharea of ra h parrel of
Mid stock a* may U- u<. «*ary will br sold at
I-ublic auction, at the office of the company.
al the hoar «*f 12 o'clock tn. of aald day, to pay
raw! delinquent aa**-**uient ther**>n. t«*gein« r
with costa of advertising and ripen*a of sale.
Office 37 New M# rchantx Exchange, California
itfwt, San Krancisco. Cal. jy3U-td
Dissolution Xottrrs.
Dissolution Notice.
I IHTINO between the undersign, d in the
MOOD buxines*. In the City of Hamilton, la this
day diea- lved. by mutual consent All debts
due to the old firm to be paid to L. H. I.uae.
The buxines* will b* continued at the old
staud by P B. Rowell. L. H Lt’SR.
Hamilton. July 11, 1«70. Jyll-lm
Dissolution Notice.
I I STING between J W STOUT and J. H
ALLEN ha* b en tin* day disai.lved by mutual
conaent. J. W. STOUT,
Hamilton, Nev., July 1.1S70.
The businesa will be continued at the old
stand, by STOUT k CROVART. who will arttir
the affairs of the late firm of Hb.ut ft Allen.
Jyl9-2w« C. H. CRONART.
Dissolution Notice.
1 ING under the firm name uf DENISE ft
HTEWART, ia the Livery buxine**, is thi* day
dtaaolved by mutual consent. All buxlnews of
the firm will be aettled by the undersigned.
Stock ranched and hon>cx taken at livery on
the mo*t reasonable terms.
jy26-2w J T. HTEWART.
D solution Notice.
1 Real Estate Brokers, Ik thtx day dissolved.
W. P, TAW.oU
July 9, ISTO. Jyl2-lm
Dissolution Notice.
1 ING between Mike McCluakey and John J.
Monahan t* tbix day dissolved by mutual con
* nt. J. J. Monahan will collect all outstanding
account* and pay all debt* against the concern.
Treasure City, Nov., July 22, 1*70. jy2S
Dissolution Notice.
1 I STING between Hop Sing and Wau Yum,
to thi* city, has fain this day dlaalvad by ms
tual consent. The buaine*a will be contlnue<l
at the old Htand by Wau Yuen ft Co., who will
pay all debts and receive and receipt for all (lues
of the late firm. WAU YUEN,
Hamilton, Nev., July 17, 1A70. jy24 tf
librrg anh JFrrt Stables.
Fourth Stroot
l'ifi K<mrth st., bet. Mission and Howard,
8an Francisco, Cal.,
A. J. FKAVCIM.Proprietor.
kepi in the I tent style. Kir*t-< la*w Double
Teams, Klngle Teams and Saddle Horses. Jy 10-lm
Silver Parli, KTev.
1 FORM ilo* traveling public that they are
now prepared to furair.li stable room for any
ainouut of stock, on the most reasonable terms.
The best of groomsmen at this establishment.
STOCK RANCHED, at reasonable rate*, by the
day, week or month. JeMO-lm
1 BLE proprietor,
Treasure Street, Treasure City,
Is still holding out at the old stand, aud has
elegant turnouts, horses, buggies, wagons, ami
nil outtittings pertaining to A HANDSOME
Htrwk taken for keeping, by tho week, day or
Outfits for Prospectors and Excursionists fur
nished on private terms.
The Boat Stool!,
at the lowest prices, is the effort of thia estab
Jyrt-tf E. MEYER.
.11M TVTTIjT^KR fie OO.
Uiery, Sale, Feed ft Boartint Stable,
Jy7-tf Oor. Treasure and Dunn streets.
- . ' ■ -1-1IJ1 U!
Z. O. O. F.
Hamilton loi>€»|l v. d., i. o. o. f.,
meet* ev*ry BATrRDAY EVKN1NO at Ma
sonic Hall, Treasure street. All Brothers in
good standing are invited to attend.
R. H*J>MJta, R. 0. Jrw-tf
/ kFFIC'E OF THE mi vvu „..
* I Tuan* I i: 1 Minlny < r^, ' _KH
work* : Whii* Pin* W,nh« |>£trtrt **
1 "only, State of X-v^u_Suti*-* ,. .'
that at a B»MiW of th* 1
b< Id on tLe J*h d*r77!ly A"t? V*?/
an aJM-wiiui-Dt of ' • ‘"•'J,
FI*p 131 (>Mt« per
Wa* UvWd upon tb* rap,ur«r,wk of**hl Oym
P“7 Payable ima*xUal*ly, in lBit«t toJ.
tfokl coin, to tb* fV-rrvtary, at th#- nA,-+ ^U*r*
C-unrmy. Bo >m No
41» GaU/oniia Mrerl. Han Frmaenen Cajif^'*’
Any .'el apon ahi.-b nu
remain unpaid on THIRSDAY. Ike TWFNtv
FIFTH lasrh, DAY OF 1K!»I , n E"!'
ahall be deemed delinquent, and Will I- IS'
ad»erimed fur mle a, public ^
lee*jparaal ahWl be made brYop. ~,u”SS‘i
on *rflt K»OAY. the FIFTEENTH lirh niv
OF HEPTP.MHEP., A. D. INTO, to p., P.™
if amt aanueil. together with iheTom.
advertlaing and etyearn nf aair 1 01
B‘"nl *®' **■ Haywaid a Buildup
California etrert. ran Fnneiero, Cal. Jy-jf*,’
PANT.—Location of Work.
Mining Dlatrtet. White Pine Coaaty *UiT,u
Nevada- Notice i. hereby ,„e. that
d the Tm.le. . „f a.,,1 Company hgdTl
ihe Jdh day of July. A. It. nco. an nl^!
rn« ut (4 -fmwto..
U- .TwPm,r '*°l C'*U F' Bhare
Wa« le vied upon the capital Block of aaid mm.
pany. payable immediately. In railed Htatm
Hold coin, ta the Mtntaly, at tha n«ce of tb.
Company. Boom 11, Hayward. Building. ill
California .treat San Franrl.ro.
Any Muck upon whirh laid aaeuD'al ,hci re
main unpaid „n the TWENTY FOCBTH mihi
DAY OF AfortiT. Ifffo. .hall be deemed £!
hnefuent, and will be duly adeertiend for Ml,
PV“»n' Oiall be
made before, will be aold on Tl E8DAY the
to pay the dellnetneat amneament. together with
coata of advert letag and npenaea of the rale
E ELLIOT, He-eourv,
office Boom il, Ilayward*. Building. 41V thli
fornia atreet. Ban Francieen, California,
FICE of the Aurora Consul ids U«] fhlver
Mining Cobmdf. Location of works: Whit*
Pine Mining District. ti-unty of Whlia Pin* .Ud
■State of Nevada.—X'dire is hereby given'that
at a meeting of the Trustee# of said G-miian*
held on the 7th day of July, 1070. on a^T,.'
mint No 3! of
FIto BoUara :|3j Per Hhar*
wmm levied upon the capital a«ock of Mid (w
P^ny. puyshle immediately, hi Inited Hut,,
gold coin, to the Secretary, at the office of ih
Company, No. 419 Ualiforuta street (Boon, 5|
Han 1 rancuK-o, California. Any *n-tk uj-,n which
-aid mmnirut -hall remain unpaid on th* loth
day of August, lH7o, shall be deemed deiijjn,*.-.
and will W duly advertised for sole at pnhlic'
auction, and an!#** payment shall be mad# hr.
forw, will U- Mdd on the F1IIMT DAY OF Ktp.
TEMBEK, Iffld, to pay the delinquent an n,
meat, together with r»ata of advertising and f.
P* naes of the sale. By order of the hoard of
(Signed! M ATWOOD. Secret*,
office At No. 419 California street Gloom l
Son Fusi-iau. Cali I o mis. JylLtt ’
COMPANY —White Fine District, Nevada —
Notice is h*teby given that a a meeting of tfc«
Kuan) of Trustee* of said Company, held <>u a
AKli day ot June, 107o, an i*S'i«jurtit of
Ten f 10! Cents Per Nksr#
was levied upon th* capital stork of Mid mm.
psnj. payable Immediately, in Called State*
gold and .liver c«*in, to the hern-ton. Aav
-lock upon which wold Mewnimi shall remain
unpaid on the iSth day of July, per, shall be
deemed delinquent, and will be duly advertised
*nr,",n- »nd. uclean payment
-hall te* made before, will be sold on MONDAY
•be 13th day of August, l*7y. to jay the d# lin
quent sMessraen.. together with costs of adver
tising Slid eipetuse* of sale By ,^der ,g
Board of Trueic* *
Office .17 New Merchant'* Exchange. California
strvet, 8*n Francisco, Cal. Jy'Atd
i MINING COMPANY —Location of Work*
White Pin#- r.,unty. Htate of Nevada. Notice ia
heretiy gtv#-o that, at a meeting of the Hard of
Truate*-* tif said Company, held on the l*t dar
of June, 1070. on a#*, semen t of
Five Cents par share
was levied uj**n the capital stuck of **id Com
iwny. payable in.no dlately, in Cniled State*
gold rota, t#i the Hrentary, at the uffi.v- of th*
« ompauy, Boom 3. No. jtri Montgomery street,
Han Francisco, California. Any atock upon
which aai«l s*m -Htiu nt shall r- main unpaid on
shall be deemed delinquent, and will be duly
advertised for sole at public auction, and unh-M
payment shall be nuvl- before will be sold on
JCLY, 1H70. to pay the delinquent a**es*mem,
together with costs of advertising and ripen*#'
of aale. By order of th. Board uf Trustee*.
WM 11. WATHON. K# . n tary.
Oflhe: Hoorn 3. No. .105 Montgomery street, Han
Francis.«), California. Jed-td
POSTPONEMENT, - The day ft* deeming
atock on the above assessment delinquent is
hereby postponed until MONDAY, the riKST
DtY OF ACOrST. 1070. and the sale thereof
DAY OF Al Ul MT, 1070.
By order of the Hard of Trustees.
JyS-td WM H- WATHON. Secretary.
J Company. —Location of Works: Whin
Pine, Nevada — Notice I* hereby given, that at
a meeting of the Hard of Trustees of said Com
{any, held on the l*t day of June. 1070, an
osa# Moment of
Three (111 Cents Per Share
wo* levied ujm.u the capital stock of said coin
pany, payable immediately. In I’nlted Htalr*
gold com, to the Secretary. •• the office of the
company. No. 1 Expros* Building, northeast
corner Montgomery and California street*, Han
Francisco, California. Any atock upon which
*aid a**e**ment shall remain unpaid on the
'£kl day of July, 1070. shall be deemed delin
quent. and will b* duly advertised for sal* at
public auction, and utile** payment shall be
mad* before, will be aold on Monday, the 9th
day of AiigUHt, 1070, to pay the delinquent
assessment, together with costa of advertising
and expense* of sale. By «*Uar uf I ha Boor I
of Trustees. T. J. OWEX8. Secretory
Office No. I Express Building, northeast corner
Montgomery and California street*. Kan Fran
cloco, California. jejn-td
North American CONSOLI
DATED Mining Company.-Location of
Works: White Pine County, Htate of Nfvali
Notice is hereby given, that at a meeting of tb«
Board of Trustees oi said Company. held on Ibr
16th day of June, 1870, an assessment of
Five (3) Cents per Nharr
Was levied upon the capital stock of said Com
(•any. payable liomMistcly, in Unit'd Htate*
gold coin, to the Hecretary, at tbs office of tin
j Company, ltoom 5, No. 302 Montgomery street,
Han Francium, California. Any stork upon
which said assessmcpt shall n-maiu unpaid on
shall be deemed delinquent, and will bo duly
advertised for sale at public auction; and, unless
payment shall be made before, will be sold on
TKMBEK. 1870. to pay the delinquent assess
ment. together with coats of advertising and
expenses of sale.
By order of tbs Board of Trustees.
WM. H. WATSON. Hecretary.
office: Room 5. No. 302 Montgomery street. Hsu
Franrisco, Cal. Jy304d
CATION of Works: ‘ tHlvnrmdo,’ Pinto Min
ing District. White l'ine county, Nevada. No
tice la hereby given, that at a meeting of the
Board of Trustees of said Company, held on ths
XJd day of July, 1870, an assessment of
Tea ilOi Cents mr Nharr
Was levied upou the capital stock of said Com
pany, payable immediately, in United Htate*
gold aud silver coin, to the Hecretary, at 420
Montgomery street, Han Francisco, California.
Any stock upon which said assessment shall re
rnain unpaid on the TWENTY-FIFTH DAY OF
AUGUST, 1H70, shall be deemed delinquent, and
will be duly advertised for sals at pnbllc auc
tion. aud, unless payment shall be made before,
will Is- sold on THURSDAY, the FIFTEENTH
DAY OF SITTE M HER, 1870, to pay the &
linquent assessment, together with costs of ad
vertising and expense* of sale. By order of the
Board of Trustees.
D. B ARROWHMITH. Hecretary
Office- No. 4'Jrt Montgomery street, Han Fran
cisco, (!al. J.v29-td
Judicial District of the Htate of Nevada, In
| and for the County of Lincoln.
The Htate of Nevada to John H. Phillips,
greeting: You are hereby required to appear in
an action commenced against you, as defendant,
by I*aura K. Phillips, as plaintiff, in the District
Court of the Ninth Judicial District, iu aud
the County of Lincoln, Htate of Nevada, at lliko,
and answi r the complaint therein (which ia on
file with tho Clerk of said Court), within tell
days after service upon yon of this summon*
(exclusive of the clay of aervlce). If served
In said County of Lincoln, or twenty days If
served out of said County, but In the Ninth Ju
dicial District of the Htate of Nevada, or f«n*ty
clays if served out of said District, but within
the Htate, or Judgment by default will be takeu
against yon, according to the prayer of the said
The said action la brought to obtain a decree
of aaldOourt dissolving the bonds of matrimoii)
now existing between you and plaintiff, on the
grounds of your failure for the term of two years
to provide her with the common necessaries of
life—such failure not arisiug from poverty on
your part which ordinary industry could not
avoid; and also on the ground of extreme cruelty
j toward plaintiff on your part—aa set forth in the
complaint now on file In this office. And It you
fail to answer the said complaint, tha said
plaintiff will take Judgment for ths relief prayed
for In the complaint and for costa of this actios
Given under my hand and the seal of the said
Court, this 8th day of July, A. D. 1870.
[flmu..j Clerk of the District Court,
Ninth Judicial District. Nevada,
f ME Cent Nevada Htate Revenue Rtamp]

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