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0 0 0 IIY TIM. 0C0
E. H. DI CKER, Editor
mid MtinajJcr.
One Year..... I * 00
?lx Month*. I
Three Mouth*..
Advertising rate* fumlnhed upon aj>pll«a
tlou at the office.
Entered at the Poatofflce at Ely, Nevada, an
Second-Claa* matter.
< « mmunu atloni are *nMclted, but the paper
will not be rcBponsible for the opinion* of it*
correa (Mindenta.
0 ••
JOB twuMTimr. -
Th f Nkws Offh k I* supplied with every
0 (,< Hity for executing all kinds of .i*»h
* I'KINliso
- In I'lrst-cluKH style
. k and h.
f <)*!..»!■ WL.CITCD f l.l. luff
Tliursilny. September SiO, 1900.
I,stfst quotations: Lcud, M.00; c»p
(ht ♦ lii. 7.7.
Hotel is the pi are to tr<i for a
pood rural, a pood bed or a good drink.
The latest estimates place the loss of
lif,- in the Galveston flood at 11,000.
A1 Knrlgbt, the Hndie murderer, has
been sentenced to ten years imprison
District. Attorney Walker went to
■Cherry Crt»ok on Tuiwday to attend the
dance of tin* Sweet Bye and Bye Club.
The Duck ( reck school opened la-i
Monday with MIhb Ida Gallagher u*
Mike Cohen came in from Dolaraar
yesterday to look after his property
Interests here.
Geo. l'\ Parki r and Geo. Cook of
(‘berry Creek were shaking hands with
friends here tin* first of the week.
Candidates will find a fine Ufsortment ■
of cards and new t)j>o at this office.!
C»et your orders in early so we can sup
ply you promptly.
A1 Nuekols and family stopped over
hero last Thursday night on their way
from Carson to their home In Cherry
Mrs. Jack,>fin, a daughter of K. O.
Connors of this place, arrived here
last Monday from San Francisco and
will make her home with her parents.
A popular gentleman from Cherry
came up to F.lyon Sunday and returned
next day with a fair partner for the
dance on Wednesday night. \ on guess.
Horn—to the wife of S. C. Jensen on
last Friday evening, a 9-pound girl.
Mother and child arc both doing nice
Miss Slona Bonneville arrived at
La no City last Saturday and on Tues
day opened the school at that place for
the winter term.
The following are the raembersof the
Democratic State Central Committee
for this county: P. C. Weber, It. A.
Hie pc, Allan Wakcllng, Win. Roberts
and A. C. House.
No mail arrived from ICureka yes
terday, owing to a wrack the d iy be
fore fin the O. P. near Lovelocks. The
F.. & P. train was seven hours late in
reaching Eureka and the Ely stage laid
over until next morning.
Two six-horse teams pulled into
II ay op's G. C. Depot last Sunday with
219 sacks of grain from Ruby valley,
the first of the new crop, which is re
ported to U* short this season all over
the eastern pari of the State.
The Silver Party County Central
Committed hold a meeting at the
Courthouse last Saturday evening. No
Important business was transacted ami
the meeting adjourned subject to the
call of the Chair.
There was a social dance at the Hall
last Monday evening under the man.
agemenl of W. J. Peters, and though
the attendance was not large owing to
sickness in town, everybody bad a pleas
ant time. Music was furnished by E.
P. Ket* and .las. Jackson.
Tin* Board of County Commissioners
met hero Inst Monday us a Board of
Equalization and reviewed the work of
Assessor Williamson. No changes of
Importance were found to be necessary
and the Board adjourned to meet agaiu
on the 1st of October.
W. YV. Wickham, who for several
months preceding the shut-down had
charge of the cyanide department tit
the (’bainman mill, has accepted a sim
ilar posit!mi in a custom mill near Gun
nison, Colorado, and leaves this morn
ing with bis wife for his new field of
Nearly twenty nu n who had been
A engaged on the rock work at the now
Robust mill wore laid off last Saturday,
the big retaining walls being com piet
ed. Tlie framing of the timbers for th<
mill is progressing slowly on account o
delays in getting lumber from tho saw
President Kruger has taken r®fug<
at Lorenzo Marquez and is said to hav<
Mis. L. P. Shepherd arrived hen
last Sat urday from Redding, < 'aliforniu,
to join her hushund, who has beer
here for several weeks on business con
nected with the sale of the Chainman
mine, and expects to remain perman
ently as Superintendent of the prop
Tho first Belgian hares to bo import
ed Into White Pine arrived hero last
Friday on tho Kureka stage. They
are the property of Hoy Shepherd and
were shipped from his former home at
I Redding, California. The little ani
[ inuls arc very pretty and attracted con
■ siderahle attention.
At a meeting of the School Board
last Tuesday evening it was decided to
open school hero on October 1st. Tbo
application of A. J. Cartwright for the
position of teacher of the grammar de
partment was accepted and Miss Car
others will teach the primary school
providing that a suitable building can
lx? obtained.
Kd Gilliland was in from White Riv
er valley last Monday with a load of
butter and eggs, which found a ready
market. Mr. Gilliland owns one of the
prettiest little ranches in the county
and is now tho proud possessor of a
hearing orchard, lie presented the
NI'.WB with a sample of his apples,
which were the finest we have seen this
Will Watson and family have been
visiting here for several days with Mr.
and Mrs. L. S. Scott. Mr. Watson in
forms us that the company which has
been developing 1 lie Joanna group of
mines at Watsonville under the super
intendence of W. B. Lawler has given
up Its bond and reused operations. The
property therefore reverts to Mr. Wat
son ami his partners, who still retain
their faith in the ground and propose
to continue development work.
Considerable interest was occasioned
here last Monday afternoon by a big
cloud of smoke apparently rising from
the neighborhood of tho old town of
Ward. All sorts of guesses were made
us to tlie exact location of the (ire and
came about as (dose to tho mark as
the average weather prophet. Senator
Comins informs us that the fire was
visible from his ranch and was located
on the mountain south of Willow creek.
It was probably started by Indians af
ter deer or pine nuts.
Six Ne\* AspirrintK for Office in
the Held.
The political pot in this county has
boon simmering for u long time, hut
has at, last struck a boil. Candidates
for the various county offices have Ihhjii
waiting to see whether county conven
tions would !>•' held by any of tho par
ties, uud wlirii it. l>ecamo evident last
week that the lime had passed for call
ing primaries, petitions began to float
around thicker than blackbirds in a
oorn Hold. Six now announcements
appear in this issue, and the end is not
For the office of Assemblyman, three
aspirants have entered the Held. Of
those Frank Paul represented us In the
legislature two years ago and served
his constituents faithfully. Mr. Paul
has the interest# of the county thor
oughly at heart and, if elected, will ou
ter with zeal upon the duties of the of
No l'V'S can be said of the other two
contestants. C. A. Walker lias served
the county for tv* year# as District
Attorney and his record is familiar to
all. In seeking for the wider field of
usefulness In' has the support of many
Col. .1 os. Grandelmyer, the third
candidate', is an old and well known
resident of the county. He was defeat
ed by Mr. Paul two years ago but was
not in th ' least discouraged thereby
and hopes for a more favorable verdict
from the voters this time, it is a
three cornered fight and will bo warm
ly contested.
The contest for tins ShortfTs office
also b further complicated by the en
trance of W. II. Bassett Into the race.
Mr. Bassett served tin* county as Slior
ilT for four years from 1888 to 181)2,since
which linn- ho has been out of politics.
He lots a wide circle of friends and will
make a hard light for tbo position.
M. B. Gurughtin, who has announced
himself as a candidate for Auditor and
Ueeordor, has already served the coun
| ty in that capacity for a number of
yours and has proven himself to ho a
most, efficient public servant. As yet
no opposing candidate lias appeared in
the field.
Kiehard A. Itiepo bus started the ball
to rolling for Long Term t ’oinmission
or. Dick is a rustler and if he don t
i jr^t. there, it went be for lack of work.
! The position 1ms always been much
sought after in the past, hut since thi
salary was reduced, the number of us
pirauts uru few. As yet Mr. Kiopo hat
: the field to himself.
3 -
f Benj Strandman Nearly Killed
in u Runaway.
A runaway occurred on Main street
• last Tuosday afternoon which nearly
3 cost Benj. Strandman his life. In com
pany with several other gentlemen, he
had driven up to Graham’s store and
alighted, setting the brake and wrap
ping the lines about the lever, us he
was in the habit of doing, Ho had
hardly turned away from the wagon,
however, when the horse made a lunge
and Htarted to run up the street. Be
ing unable to reach the lines, Mr.
Strandman jumped into the back end
of the wagon and started to climb over
t.he seat to w here they w’orc fastened.
The seat gave awray and while he was
still scrambling to get over it the horse
dashed into the alleyway between the
Kly Hotel and the old Davis building.
The wagon eollidud with the corner of
Munro's corral and was completely
overturned, throwing its occupant at
least 20 feet.
Help arrived on the scene almost Im
mediately and the injured man was
found lying on his face and apparently
lib dess. The doctor wras among the
first arrivals and applied restoratives,
but it was several minutes before any
sign of life appeared and he remained
unconscious for a couple of hours, toss
ing and groaning with pain. His in
juries are confined to a badly strained
shoulder and side and while very pain*
ful, they are not as serious as was at
first feared. He was resting easily yes
terday and will probably*be on his feet
again within a few days.
(las. Ostcrgard Suffers Severe
Hardly had the excitement from the
Strandman accident subsided, when
another runaway occurred which also
barely missed a fatal termination. As
las. Ostergard and A1 Marshall were
driving home from their work up the !
canyon, the front axle of their buggy !
broke just as they were passing Bird's
lumber yard. The horse started to |
kick and run and Mr. Marshall jumped j
out safely, but Mr. Ostcrgard was;
thrown headlong. He sustained two
hail scalp wounds which required sev
eral stitches to close up and yesterday
was nursing a very sore head.
The horse continued to run down the
street, dragging the broken buggy,
and was caught in front of Graham’s
store, where it narrowly missed jump
ing through one of the show-windows. (
l:ai*rlngton <iihI Coffin Make
Messrs. K. S. Farrington and Tron
mop Coffin, the Republican nomine* .■>
for Congressman and Supreme Judge,
arrived here quite unexpectedly last
i Friday evening from Cherry Creek.
They remained over the next day, In
vestigating the local political situation
and in the evening addressed a public
lueeting at Blip's Hall. The room was
comfortably filled with an audience in
which all parties were represented and
also a number of ladies. W. W. Wick
ham presided and about a dozen prom
inent Republicans, besides the speakers
occupied seats about the Chair.
Mr. Coffin was the first speaker and
: touched lightly on tho various issues
j of the campaign. Ho declared his be
: lief in the free coinage of silver, and
also of holding on to tho advantages
which have come to the country thro’
I the Spanish war and the protective
tariff. He claimed that Bryan and the
j Democrats had given silver a back seat
, and for that reason lie believed tiiat
'• the interests of Nevada would be best
| promoted through the Republican par
ty. Mr. Coffin paid a generous tribute
to the character of his opponent, Judge
Fitzgerald, and ended with a graceful
introduction of the Congressional can
didate, Mr. Farrington, whose address
lasted for an hour.
Mr. Farrington first gave his atten
tion to the motto adopted in the Re
publican platform, “Nevadans for Nc
vuda," and discoursed thereon at some
length. Be declared that Nevada
1 should be held sacred to Nevadans and
; that tho Democrats ought to declare
for “Home Rule*’ in Nevada as well a.
i in the Philippines. Ho said that the
time liad come to put a stop to thf
name of “Rotten Borough" and the
| policy that has shut the door in the
face of Nevada’s ambitious young men.
He then turned his attention to tin.
record of Mr. Nowlands, his opponent,
and made use of a good deal of sarcasm
at that gentleman’s expense. The most
of the facts produced, however, wen
familiar to the audience, having ben
used by Mr. Wivn two years ago Mr.
Farrington d is trussed tho charges tliai
have boon made by tho press that ho it
u tool of C. C. Wallace with the state
inont that he had been paid by the rail
road for all service's that he rondo ret
that corporation and that ho is no
seeking office to degrude himself, bu
for the honor there is in it. He thn
accused his opponent of having beei
allied with the railroad forces prior t<
, the Senatorial contest of two years ago
Mr. Farrington declared himself t
, be in favor of the remonetization of sil
ror at the ratio of lfi to 1 and plodgei
General Merchandise & Dregs,
IAQmr a full line of Groceries and
carry Provisions,
My Clothing and Furnishing Goods Department is
complete. Here you can find anything you
need from a Necktie to a Full Dress Suit.
You can lind everything usually carried
in a first-class Drug Store.
CABINETS carried in stock.
All ordei s by mail promptly and carefully attended to.
himself to vote for any measure favor
able to silver that might lie introduced
I in Congress, should he he elected. Ho
dosed with a brief discussion of the
other national issues,declared the l’orlo
ltican tarilT bill to be the most benefi"
1 cent act ever passed by Congress and
finished by scoring Bryan and Domu
j crats in Congress on tboir attitude in
j the Philippine question.
The speech was an able presentation
of the Republican side of the case and
the speaker was frequently applauded
| by tlm members of his party who were
• present.
The gcntlem n departed on Sunday
j morning for Lincoln county, via Osee
i (da, and will speak in every town of
I Importance on their route.
At Treasurer’s Sole
In accordance with the notices pub
j lished and posted by the County Treas
urer, Several pieces of property which
| the county has taken fur taxes in years
past were sold at public auction by
Treasurer Williamson at llio Court
! house lust Monday.
Forty acres of land with a small spring
in Stoptoe valley near the Elko line
were bought by E. A. McDennid for
the tax and costs, amounting to #15.41.
Nine lots in Cherry Creek wore sold
to lru McKnight for the tax and costs,
amounting to $111.75.
The old John Brown house and
blacksmith shop in Hamilton went to
(ins Simon for #30.
Three old quart/, mills and a number
of lots ill Hamilton were bought for
$75 by Jus. Grandelmyor, their former
Pay day at the Robust.
Lost Friday was payday at the Ro
bust, and between the mine and mill
1 nearly UK) men drew down tlioir checks.
The company's disbursements amount
ed to fully $8,000, the largest sum that
has been turned loose in town at one
time since Lane’s operations were at
their height three years ago. The ef
fect was to infuse a little high life into
the old town which st. one time threat*
; ened to boil over. Two men started to
light on the street and the ollieors in
tervened just in time to prevent, a free*
| fur-all. The principal disturber was
arraigned before Justice Tyler and had
the pleasure of paying $25 for his fun.
To Work at the Chainmnn.
The Redding Free Press says: Edwin
dray and l>. P. Hartley, who have long
been valued employes of the Old Span
ish mine under Supt. L. F. Shepherd,
j K»ft Redding Wednesday to drive thro’
. to Ely, Nevada, where Mr. Shepherd
is now installed as superintendent of
the big Chain man gold mine, owned by
New York capitalists. Mr. dray wil
he head engineer and Mr. Hartley fore
Candidates Announcements.
Fit A. \ 'K PAUL
Hereby announces himself as a
candidate for
Aitneinb/yma n
From White Pine county on
the Silver Party ticket.
M. /!. GAN AG If AX
Ts a candidate for re-election to
the office of
Counti/ It reorder and Au
I On tht> Silver Party ticket.
Hereby announces himself as a
candidate for
Assembly mu n
From White Pino county on
the Silver Party ticket.
Hereby announces himself as u
candidate for the office of
Of White Pine county on the
Silver Party ticket.
Hornby announces himself as a
candidate for the ollieo of
('on ii ty ('inn m is.si on er,
(lx)tig Term)
Of White Pine county on the
Democratic ticket.
JOS. an. LA ’D EL. HE) ER
Hereby announces himself as a
candidate for
From White Pine county.
./. B. Il’lLU.l.HSO.Y,
Hereby announces himself as a
candidate for the office of
Treasurer and Assessor
Of White Pine county on the
Silver Party ticket, subject to
the decision of the voters of the
Hereby announces himself as a
candidate for the office of
('ou ii ty Com m ission er
(Short Term),
Of White Pine county on the
Silver Party ticket, subject to
the decision of the voters of the
county at the polls.
Hereby announces himself as u
candidate for the ofliee of
histrirt Attorney
of White Pine county on the
Silver Party ticket, subject to
the decision of the voters of the
county at the polls on the 6th
of November next.
Hereby announces himself as a
candidate for the ofliee of
County Clerk
of White. Pine County on the
Silver Party ticket, subject to
tin* decision of the voters of the
county at the polls on the <»th
of November next.
Hereby announces himself us u
candidate for the office of
of White Pine county ou the
Silver Party ticket, subject to
the decision of the voters of the
County at the coming election.
/. C. MOO.Y,
of Robinson.
Hereby announces himself as a
candidate for the office of
Of White Pine county, on the
Silver Party ticket, subject
to the decision of the voters of
the County at the coming doc*
* lion.
* 5
{ 1
| Groceries and Provisions, )
$ Clothing, Dry Goods and Notions $
| Blankets and Quilts. J
I —
} fel-tr A
Wholesale and Retail.
The Leader of Best Values
At Lowest Prices
Through purchasing in ear load lots and getting the
lowest freight rates, 1 am enabled to give my custo
mers the lowest Cash values in all lines.
; Consisting of Hires' Hoot Beer in package or bottle
at 20ets. Enterprise Beer, in bottle, 25ets. Pabst
Milwaukee Beer, 3 bottles lor $1. Sarsaparilla and
Iron, Orange Cidar, Lemon and Cream Soda, 25cts.
per bottle. Mineral Water, 25cts. per bottle.
HOOk SALT for making lee Cream, $1.75 per evvt
Orders for Native Lumber from our Duck Creek saw
mill will be filled at the following prices in Lane City
: or Ely:
In lots of 1,000 ft., from our yard in Ely, $10.
10.000 “ from our Sawmill, $35.
50.000 “ “ “ “ $32.50.
I also deal in California dressed lumber, Doors,Win
dows, Mouldings, Flooring and Shingles.
B. P. Miller,
Dealer in ail kinds
Fruits. Nuts, Candies and Tobaccos a
Will give you more value for your cash than it pos
sibly can earn you by sending away for goods.
A share of the public patronage is
TERMS: Strictly Cash.
General Agent for Utah & Nevada Express Company
for Nevada. Headquarters for all Stage Lines.

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