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Tat Colorado horaea arc ao alow that
tliey ar only trained for hearse horsea.
Tta other day an nndextaker purchased
one, bnt took it back to the dealer in dis
guat. Said be, "that d d old ping won't
do; he ran't reach the grave ynr 1 in time
lor the resurrection."
"Those who are very difficult ill
chooaiug wives," aays Hawthorne, "geem
at if they would take none of nature's
ready made worka, bat want a woman
manufactured particnlnrly to their
Weduewdajat lam; arrivt at Halleck next dav
try m. '
45134 From WI1 lr Pln Va.11... KneitM
Mountain, Kohelibouma and Chirr Creek, lo
Haniitton. 141 mtVa and back, three times a
vetk. hrtx VIU Monday, Wedneadsy and
Friday, at a min at Hamilton tilth days
by 6 pm. Imt Hamilton Moatdaj, Wednaday
and Friday, m; arriv at Walla fifth days
wj u p iu. .w urn ice.
451U5 From Tnano J. Rilva-r Znnv (L-hl!
bourn. Plermont (u. o.), Aacraiunito Dintrtet
in. . and fatu-rann Diaunct ia.o.) toPloche,
250 milt- aud back, once a week. Lave Toaiio
Monday at C a m; arrive at Pioche .Saturday by
6 pm. Itvt Piocbe Monday at 6 a m; arnvv at
T.no Saturday by 6 p in.
45136 Froot'Tecouta n. . to Buel,6 milt
and bark, six times a week, by a svhedule aaus
favtory to the pottuuaster at Bud.
"KJ7 Ff.ni TVcoma to Annavllle, 5S mil and
ba-k. once a wwt-k. Tvcouia Monday at W
a ni; arrive at Annaville by 4 p m. Ieave Anna-
I viiu- Tuetmay at a a ni; arrive as lecuina uy
; - raorosAL.
! The undf rtiigut tl
. oott.-t-aOdrvcB m
who Powt-
county of , State of
Wmhinotoh, October 1, IB'
, promises to convey the mail of the Lai ted
Stat., imm July 1, 1H74 to June, so, lKTa,
on mute So. between and , un
d-r the advertisement of the Postmaster Gener
al ilt-,i .W.tii.r1 17 "with mWHIt. cop.
PROPOSALS WILL BB RECEIVED AT THE I taiutyand security" (law of June a, 1W2), lor
UODiraci umre ui iub oniurui uui me uiiiiuai sum ui - " - uoiiars.
m. of February . 1K74 (to be divided on or The pruiosl is made with full fcnowledii of
f.,re Marrb 2, 1KT4), for eonveymg the mails ; the distance of the route, the weight of the mail
to be carried, and all other particulars in refer
ence to the route and service; and, also, after
careful examinations of tha laws and Instruc
tions attached to advertisement of mail service;
and of the provision ooutaiited in the act of
CmTTR of June 8, 1872.
latwl , BidJcr.
The uiilertit;ned, rt-sidiug at , State of
, undertake that, if the foregoing bid fur car
rying tbe mail on route No. be accepted by
the Postmaster licneral, the bidder will, prior
to tha 1st of June. 18T4. enter into the required
uijiiKli'u or Conine! to perform the service
proponed, with good and sufficient suntiea.
This we do. uuderntandiUK distinctly the obli
gations and liabilities assumed by guarantors.
of the Tinted States in the State of
From July 1, 114, to Juae 30, IH7S,
on the routes and by the whednles of departures
and arrivals herein specified; being route eiu
tsblished at third session of 41st Congress, and
first session of 42d Congress, and others.
(Examine carefully the forum snd instructions
annexed. )
An act of Congress ot June 8, ltiTi, nvjuirt-s
that bids of $.', MX) and upwards be accompanied
by a certified rtu-ok or draft equal to five per
ceht. of the bid.
45101 From Reno, by Junction House (Cal.),
liong Valley, Milford, and Janesville, to Surau
Vliia (Cai.j , 82 .u.iv- avUd bavk, ii. Lluti, a Wc.L;
leave Ueno daily, except Sunday, at 6 a m: ar
rive at Susan vi lie third days by l'J m; leave Hn
sanville daily, except Sunday, at 1 p ni; arrive
at Beno third days by 6 p m. Present pay, f",.
00 per annum.
4311K From Virginia City, by Gold Hill and
Silver City, to Dayton, 10 miles snd back, six
times a week: leave Virginia Oily daily, except
Hunday, it II I iu; arrive at Dayton by 12 m;
leave Dayton daily, except Huudsy, at 1 p hi; ar
rive at Virginia City by 4 p in.
4j1U3 From Carson Ciiy, by Genoa, Welling
ton, Walker Kivr, Pine Grove, and Sweet Wa
ter, to Aurora, 116 miles and back, three times a
week; leave Carson City Monday, Wednesday,
and Friday at 8 a m; arrive at Aurora third days
by 3 pm; leave Aurora Monday, Wednesday and
riday at 8 a m; arrive at Carson City third days
by 3 p m.
46101 From Carson City to Glenbrook, l'J
mile and back, once a week; leave Carson City
Monday at gam; arrive at Glenbrook by 12 ni;
lnave U Ion brook Monday it lp in; arriv at
Carson City by 6 p m.
46105 From Genoa to Lake Valley (Cal.), 20
miles and back, once a week; leave Genoa Mon
day at 1pm: arrive at Lake Valley by 7 p in:
leave Lake Valley Monday at d a m; arrive at
Cerica by 12 m.
4610ft From Aurora by Benton (Cal.), Bishop
Creek, Fi&h Spring, and Big Pine, to Independ
ence (Cal.), l&l miles and back, three times a
week; leave Aurora Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat
urday at 1 a m; arrive at Independence next
days by 0 am; leave Independence Mondsy,
Wednesday, and Friday at C p m; arrive at Au
rora next days by 9 pm. Present pay, $3,3X) per
45107 From Aurora to Columbus, W miles
and back, twice a week; leave Aurora Monday
and Thnrsilay at a ant; arrive at Columbus
third days by HI ui; leave Columbus Monday nud
Thursday at 8 a m; arrive at Aurora thinl dayu
by 12 m,
45108 From Aurora to Bodl (n. o.) and back,
once a week. Bidder will state distance, and
propone schedule of departures and arrivals.
45iuy From Columbus, by Kagtown (ti.o.),
to Wadswurth, 140 miles and back, ouce a week;
leaves Columbus Monday at ti am; arrive tit
Wadsworth Wednesday by ti p m; h ave Wads
worth Thursday ate am; arrivo Kt C-oiumbiiH
Saturday by tl p m.
45110 From Lida, by Pipeas (n. o.), in Fifth
Lake Valley, to Columbus and back, owe a week
Bidders wiit state distanc. aud propose sche
dule of departures and arrivals.
40111 From VYadsworth, by Bucklsnds, to
Mason Valley, 62 miles and back, out- a week;
leaves Wada worth Monday at 6 a in; arrive at
.Mason Vallaynext dsy by 4 pm; bave Mason
Valley Monday at 6 am; arrive at Wadsworth
next day by 4 p m.
4MU From Wadswnrtb to UrwennVld and
back, once a week Bidders will state distance,
ami propose schedule of departures snd arrivals.
46115 From Cnionvills, by Mill City, to Dun
Glen, i miles and back, six times a week; leave
I'niouviUe daily, except Sunday, at 7 a m; arrive
at Dun Glen by 6 p m; leave Dun Glen daily, ex.
cept Humlay, at 7 a m; arrive at I'nionville by
0 pm. Present pay, (8,II2 per annum.
4."it4 From Winnemucca to Paradise Valley,
4;i miles and back, twice a week; leave Winne
mucca Tuesday and Friday at 6 a m; arrive at
Paradise Valley by 8 pm; leave Paradise Valley
Monday and Thursday tit ti am: arrive at Win
nemucca by 8 p ni.
45115 From Argenta, by Austin, Junction and
Pine Creek, to Belmont. 1H0 miles and back, six
times a week; leave Argents daily, except Sun
day, at 2 pm; Arrive at Belmont in three days;
leave BeluiOHt daily, except Knndsy, at 6 am;
arrive at Argents in three days, New service.
46116 From Argenta, by Battle Mountain (n.
o. I, to Galena, 17 mile and hack, three times s
week : leave ArgentaJMondsy, Wednesday and Fri
day at 7 am: arrive at Galena by 12 a; leave
Galena Monday, Wednesday aud Friday at 1 p ui :
arrive at Argenta by G p m.
45117 From Austin, by Washington (n. o),
St. Augnstine (d.o., and lone City, to Ells
worth, 70 miles and back, once a week; leave
Austin M oik ley at 0 a ui; arrive at Ellsworth
next day by 6 pm; leave Ellsworth Wednesday at
C a m; arrive at Austin next day by fl p m,
4511 From Austin to Eureka, 80 miles and
back, three times a week; leave Austin Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 6 am; arrive at Eu
reka next days by 6 p m; leave Eureka Monday
Wednesday and Friday at 6 a m; arrive at Austin
next days by 6 p m. New service
461 l'j From Junction, by Blue Springs (n.
o ), Ophir Canyon (n. o., Hot Springs (n.o.)
Han Antonio, Silver Peak and Lida, to Gold
Mountain, 165 miles and back, once a week;
leave Belmont Monday at 6 a in; arrive at Gold
Mountain Wednesday by 8 p m; leave Gold
Mountain Thursday at 6 a m; arrive at Belmont
Saturday by 8 p m.
45120 From Junction to Twin River, 31 miles
and back, three times a week: leave Junction
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 a m ; arrive
at Twin River bv fl p m; leave Twin Hiver
Tuesday, Thursday and aturduy at 7 a in ; arrivo
at J unction by 6 p m.
46121 From Belmont, by Hot Creek, Morey,
Duck Water and Treasure City, to Hamilton, 132
miles and back, onee a week; leave Belmont
Tuesday at 6 a m; arrive at Hamilton Thursday
by 6 p m; leave Hamilton Friday at 6 a m; arrive
at Belmont Monday by 6 p m.
45122 From Belmont to Montezuma, 45 miles
and back, once a week; leave Belmont Monday
atfi am; arrive at Montezuma by 8 p m: leave
Montezuma Tuesday at 6 a m; arrive at Belmont
by 8 pm.
45123 From Hamilton, by Mineral Cltv, Red
Butta (n. o., and Patterson's fn.o). to P toe lie,
ITS mile and back, six times a week. Leave
Hamilton daily, except Sunday, at 6 a. m. Ar
rive at Pioche third days by six p. m. Leave
Pioche daily, except Sunday, at 6 a. m ; Arrive at
Hamilton third days by 6 p.m. Present pay,
951.2A0 per anuum.
45124 From Hamilton, by Treasure City, to
Rberhardt, miles and back, six time a week.
Leave Hamilton dally, except Sundav, at 8 a. m;
Arrive at Eberhardt by 10 a.m. Leave Eber
hardt daily, except Sunday, at 11 a. m; Arrive at
Hamilton by 1 p. m.
4C125 From Hamilton to Troy, 78 miles and
hack, once a week. Leave Hamilton Monday at
fl a. m; arrive at Troy next day by 6 p m. Leave
Troy Wednesday at 6 a. m; arrive at Hamilton
next aay oy a p.m.
4612& From Pioche. bv Kt. Joeetih. in Rt
Thomas, 125 miles and back, once a week. Leave
Ftoche aionaay at a a. no; Arrive at St. Thomas
Wednesday by 6 p. m. Leave St. Thomas Thurs.
day at 6 a, m; arrive at Pioche Saturday, by 6
J. IB.
45127-From Pioche to Hlko. 60 mtles and
oaca, once a wees. Leave Pioche Tuesday at 6
a. m; arrive at Hiko next day by 4 p. ra. Leave
Hiko Thursday at (in; arrive at Pioche next
nay ny p. m.
46198 From Palisades, bv Mineral Hill nA
Eureka, to Hamilton, i:M mile and back, six
time a week , by schedule not exceeding 48 hours
one way, making proper connection with Central
Pacific Railroad. Fresect pny, 17,000 per an
num. 45129 From Elko, by Tuacarora and White
Bora, to Mountain City, lift mile and back
twioe a week. Leave Elko Monday and Thurs.
day, at A a m; arrive at Mounts -n City Wednesday
and Saturday by ft p m. Leave Mountain City
Monday and Thursday at 0 am; arrive at Elko
y ednesday and Saturday by Q pm. Present pay,
VH.020 per an nun;.
46130 From Elko to Bullion, 30 miles and
back, once a week. Leave Elko Monday at 0 a
m; arrive at Bullion by dp m. Leave Bullion
Tuesday at 9 a m; arrive at Elko by 6 p m.
45131 From Elko to Lamoille, 20 miles and
baak, onee a week. Leave Elko Saturday at 1 p
w; arrive at Lamoille by 7 p m. Leave Lamoille
Saturday at fi a m; arrive at Elko by 13 m.
45132 From Elko to Hnntiriotnn fU mllMi r,A
back, one a week. Leave Elko Friday at 10 a m;
arrive at Huntington next day by 6 p ra. Leave
Huntington Woduoeday at 0 a m; arrive at Elko
next day by 3 p m.
' 45188 From Halleck, by Camp Halleek, to Rn
by Valley, 6 ratlea and back, one a week
Leave Halleck Monday at 7 a m; arrive at Ruby
Vail? neat day by J2 tn. Ieave Huby Valley
The undersigned, Postmaster at , State of
, certihes, under his oath of office, that he is
acquainted with the abuv uarauWra, and
knows them to be men of property, and able to
make good their guarantee; and that bidder and
guarantors are above the age of 21 years.
Bids of J5.000 and upward must be accompa
nied by a certified check, or draft, on some sol
vent National bank, equal to five per centum on
the present annual pay on the rente; or in case
ot new service, not less than five per centum of
one year' pay proposed in bid. (Section 253,
Act of June8, 1N7.J
The Postmaster must not sign the certificate
until the sum of the bid is Inserted ad the Did
and guarantee signed by all parties, and dated.
Oath Required by flection 344 of an
Art of Congress Approved Jane ti,
W4, to be A Mixed to Kneh Bid for
f fttry-liiff the Mall, and to be Taken
Before an Otlicer Qualified to Ad
min 1st er Oath.
I, , of , bidder for conveying the
mail on rmte No., from , do
swear that 1 have the ability pecuniarily to ful
fill my obligation as such bidder; that tha bid it
made In good faith, and with the intention to
enter into contract and perform the service in
dine Ksid bid shall! accepted; and that the sig
natures nf the guarantors thereto are genuine,
and that I belive the aald guarantors to be pecu
marly responsible for and able to pay all dama
ges the United htstes shall suffer by reason of
my failing to perform my obligations as such
Sworn to and subscribed before me , for
thi uf this day of , A. D.
187 , and in testimony thereof I hereunto Bub
scribe my name and affix my official seal the day
and year afonnoid.
Norn.--W hen the 01th is taken before a Justice
of the Peace, the certificate of the clerk of a
court of record should be added, under hi seal
of office, that the person who administered the
oath is a duly qualified Justice of the Peace,
Containing hIso conditions to be incorporated
in the contracts to the extent the Department
may deem proper.
1. Seven minutes are allowed to each inter
mediate office, when not otherwise specified, for
assorting the mails.
2. On routes where the mode of conveyance
an nms 01 it, me special agents or the Foatuffice
Department, also postonice blanks, mail bags,
locks auu aeys, arc to oe conveyed without ex
irn cnarge.
U. "Way bills" or receipts, prepared by
pjnuiiipwra or otnersKenis 01 me uepartnient
will accompsny the malls, specif viiiB the num
ber and destination of the several bags, to be ex
amined by the postmasters, to insure regularity
in me aenvery 01 nags ana pouches.
4. No pay will be made for trips not per
formed; and for each of such omissions. If the
failure be occasioned by the fault of the con
tractor or carrier, three time the pay of the
trip will be deducted. For arrivals so far be
hind tune as to brruk connection with dcuend
ing mails, and not sufficiently excused, one-
fourth of the compensation for the trio is sub
ject to forfeiture. For repeated delinquencies
01 ine Kind nerein specined, eniargixt penalties,
proporuoueu 10 me nature tnereoi, and the im
portance of the mail, mav be made.
6. F leaving behind or throwing off the
mail, or any portion of them, for the admission
of passengers, or for being concerned in Betting
up or running an express conveying intelligence
in advance 01 the mail, a quarter s pay will be
tl. Fines will be imposed, unless the delin
quency be prompt 1) aud satisfactorily ex lained
by certificates of postmasters or the sttidavits of
otlier credible persons, for failing to arrive in
contract time; for neglecting to take the mail
ironi, or deliver it into, a postomce; for suffer
ing it to be wet, injured, destroyed, robbed, or
ioki; ana ior musing, alter demand, to convey
ins man as in nucuiiy a tne contractor runs,
or is concerned in running, a coach, car, or
oM-amooai on a route,
7. The Postmaster General mav annul a con.
tract for repeated failures to run agreeably to
contract; for violating the postofflce laws, or
uiHuufviug me instructions 01 tne Department;
for refusiuff to disc-name a carrier when rennirpil
by the Department to do ao; for running an ex
press as aforesaid; or for transporting persons
or packages conveying mailable matter out of
the mail.
8. The Postmaster General may discontinue
or extend a contract, change the schedule aud
termini or a route, and alter, increase, decrease,
or extend the sen ice, in accordance with law,
ho allowine a nro rata increase of ooinnemuLtton
for any additional service thereby required, or
ior lucreasea speeu, u me employment 01 addi
tional stock or carriers is rendered necestiarvi
and in case of decrease, curtailment, or discon
tinuance of service, as a f nil Indemnity to said
contractor, one month's extra pay on the amount
of service dispensed with, and a pro rat com-
uennaijon ior me service reiaineu. provided,
however, that, in case of Increased expedition,
me contractor may, upon umeiy notice, relin
quish the contract
9. Payments will be ma le bv collections from
or drafts on, postmasters or otherwise, after the
expiration or each Quarter av in November.
February, May and August, provided that re
quired evidence of sen-ice has been received.
10. The distances given are believed to be sub
stantially correct; but no increased pay will be
anowea snouia tney oe greater than advertised,
if the points to be supplied are correctly stated.
Bidders must inform themselves on this poipt,
uu aiso in reierence 10 tne weignt 01 tne mail
the condition of hills, roads, streams Ac, and
all toll-bridges, turnpikes, plank-roads, ferries,
or obstructions of any kind by which expense
may be incurred. No claim for additional pay,
based on such ground, ean he considered, nor
for alleged inistakee or misapprehension as to
nifi ueree 01 service; nor ior bridges destroyed,
ferries discontinued, or other obstructiona emu.
Ing or increasing dU-tanca or expense occurring
uuiiuK tun fMiiiirac term. J races estaolished
after this advertisement la Issued, and also dur
ing the contract term, are to be visited without
extra pay, if the distance be not Increased.
11. Bidders are cautioned to mail their propo
sals in time to reach the Department by the day
and hour named (3 p. m., February 2, 1S74), as
bids received after that time will not be consid
ered in competition with bids, of reasonable
amount, received in time. Neither can bida be
considered which are without the guarantee re
quired by law, and a certificate of the sufficiency
v. nut i KuMauKv, auu uin ukiu ui me oiaaer,
accord 1 no to section 24e. act of June 8. 1872.
12. Bidders should first propose for service
nnctiy according to tne advertisement, and
than, If they desire, separately for different ser
vice: and if the regular bid be the lowest offered
for the advertised service, the other propositions
may be considered.
13. There should be but one route bid for In a
proposal. Consolidated or combination bid
("proposing one sum for two or more routes")
eannot be considered.
14. The route, the service, the yearly psy, the
name and residence of the bidder (that is, his
usual post-office address), and the name of each
member of a firm, where a company otters, should
be distinctly stated,
15. Bidders are requested to use. as far an prae
ticable, the printed proposals furnished by the
Department, to write out in full the sum of their
bkls, and to retain copies of them.
Altered bid should not be submlttM- nm-
should bids once submitted be withdrawn. Tin
withdrawal of a bidder or guarantor will be a),
lowed nnlesa the withdrawal is received twentv.
four hours previous to the time fixed for oen.
last the nroooeals.
Kaon bid must be guaranteed1 by two respotml
ble persons. The bid and guarantee should be
signed plainly with the full nam of each per
son. f. .!lJf , , ,
The Postmaster ueneral reserves the right to
reject any bid which may be deemed extrava
gant; andslsotodlsregtirdthebids of failiugcon- J
grliaqucui jsalfS.
tractor and bidders. (Act of Jm 8. 171 sre-
Uw . . .
16. The bid ahouM be sealed, ul-rib-d
"Mail Proposal. iiaU of revaoa." addreased
"ftecond Aasksunt Pottmastor Ovierai. Contract
OAce'" Bid of &5.W0 p an nam and upward
moat ba accompanied by a rettioed cheek, or
draft, oa aosne solvent Xationsl Bank, etpial to
I paTConc of the amount; also bid for -rvW
which now coats 65.0O0 or more per annum.
Where the (-resent pay is i5.uuu or lu re, it Is
stated to the dvrfiineiit under tha appro
priate route.
i;. The contract are to be executed endn -tnrned
to the Department by or before the 1t
day of June. IST4. otherwise the accepted bidder
will be considered as having failed, and the
Postmaster Ueneral may proceed to coutract Uv
the M-rvice with other partus, according to lsw.
Transfers of contract, or of ifdv-reat in con.
tract, are forludden by law, and i-jnaetU-nt-ly
cannot be allowed. Neither can bids ur inter
est in bids, be transferred or assigned to other
parties. Bidder will therefore take notice that
they will be expected to perform the sen ice
awarded to them throngh the abole contract
18 Section 24 of the act of June , 1872. pro.
vid that contract for the transportation ! t he
mail shall be "awarded to the Ww bidder
teoderiug sufficient guarantees for faithful per
formance, without other reference to the mode
of such transportauon than may be ueceitfiary to
provide for the due celerity, certainty, and secu
rity thereof." I'nder this law bids thst pro
pose to transport the mails with c-leritr, cer
tainty, and security," having been decided to be
the only legal bids, are construed as providing
for the entire mail, however Urge, and what
ever may be the mode of conveyance necessary
to irsure Its "celerity, certainty, and aemrity,"
and have the preference over all others, and no
others are considered, except for steamboat
l'J. A modification of a bid In any of Its esaen.
tial terms is tantamount to a new bid, aud can
not be received, ao as to Interfere with regular
competition. Making a new bid, wilh guarantee
and certificate, is the only aay to modily a pre
vious bid.
20. postmasters are to be careful not to certify
to the sufficiency of guarantors without knowing
that they are p nous of sufficient responsibility.
(See section 247, act of June 8, 1K72.) They must
n"t siT the certificate until the sum of the bid
la inserted, and the bid and guarantee are signed
by the bidder and (two) guarantors; a disregard
of this instruction by Postmasters will subject
them to immediate removal snd to severe penal
ties. Postmasters are also liable to dismissal from
office for acting as agents of contractors or bid
ders, with or without compensation. In any busi
ness, matter, or thine relating to th mall aer
vioe. They are the trusted agents of the Depart
ment, and cannot consistently act in both
21. All bidders, guarantors, and sureties are
distinctly notified that on a failure to enter into
or perforin the contracts for the service proposed
ior in tne accepted mas. their legal liabilities
will be enforced against them.
22- Present contractors, snd persons known at
the Department, must, equally with others, pro
cure guarantors and certificatea of their suffi
ciency sulmtantlally in the forms above pre
scribed. The certificate of sufficiency m.st be
sicrnea oy rosrmaster.
23. In all case where the routes are not fully
supplied with the necessary locks and nouches.
It is the duty of the Postmaster at the hsd of
tne route to make requisition on the Contract
Office of this Department for such locks and
pouches before 1st of July next provided the
rouve oe lei.
oil Postmaster General
PI or ha Silver Mini no- Com nan v.
uwcBuou ui woraa, ruij aiming isinmci. x.incoin
county, Nevada. Notice Is hereby given that
at a meeting of the Board of Directors of said
Company, held on the 30th day of October,
1873, an assessment (No. 6) of One Dollar per
share was levied upon the capital stock of said
Company, payable Immediately, In United States
gold coin, to th Secretary, at the office of the
company, 4iv California street, Kan Fran
cisco, California.
Any stock upon which said assessment shall
remain unpaid on tha 10th dmy of Decern
uer, i" id, wiu oe aeemea ueiinqtient.and adver
tised for sa at public auction, and unless
payment shall be made before, will be sold
on Tuesday, the 0th day of January,
1874, to pay the delinquent assessment, to
gether with cost of advertising and expenses
01 eaie.
By order of the Board of Directors.
CIIAS. E. ELLIOT. Hern liirv.
Office: Room 28 Hayward's Bulding, 419 Call-
loraia street, nan rrancisco, I'ftitiornia.
Ingoiuar Silver Mining Company.
Location of principal place of business, San
Francisco, California; location of works, Ely
Mini up; District, Lincoln county, State of Ne
vada. Notice 1 hereby given that at a meeting
of the Board of Directors, held on the flth dv
of November, 1h73, an assessment (No. 6) of
twenty-five cents per share was levied upon
the capital stock of the corporation, payable im
mediately in United States gold coin, to the
Secretary, at the office of the Company, Room
28 Hayward's Building 413 California street, San
crauciiH'u, iaiiiomiB.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on the Kith day of Decem
ber, 1b73, will be delinquent, and adver
tised for sale at public auction, and unless iav.
meut is made before, will lie sold on Thurs
day, me Kin any or January, lt)74, to
pay the delinquent assessment, together with
cottts 01 advertising ana expenses or sale.
CHAS. B. NEAL. Secretary
Office: Room 23 Hayward's Building, 419
. auiomiQ street, nan rrancisco, t;ainornta.
llowery Consolidated Mill and JHIn.
fnit Company. Location of nrinclnul dUca m
business, San Francisco, California; location of
works, iir Mining District, Lincoln county,
Nevada. Notice la hereby given thst at a
meeting of the Directors, held on the 6th day of
November, 1873, an assessment (No. 4) of i fty
cents per share was levied upan the capita.
mwi ui wic rurpuraiiun, payaoie immediately
in United States sold coin, to the Secret at
the office of the Company, room 28 Hayward's
xmimiuK, iv us i norma street, ban r ran
cisco, California.
Any stock upon which this ssscssment shall
remain unpaid on the 10th day of Decemlier.
187H, will be delinquent, and advertised for
aale at public auction, and unless payment is
mule before, will be sold on Friday, the
9th day of January, 1874, to pay the de.
linquent assessment, together with costs of
advertising ana expenses or sale.
CHAS. K. ELLIOT. Hecrotrv
Office: Room 28 Hayward's Building, No.'419
jaiuoruia su-eei, nan rrancisco, California,
x j virtue 01 an oraer 01 tne District
Pj-mef'. i (ha l'nilu4 Jt- t iL. - 1 . 1 . .
California in Bankruptcy, made and entered in
Mendha Silver Mininc; Companv.
A Bankrupt, on the 28th day of October. A. D-
v., .... uuKiicijliru, nnBlgUITB MI nam HSUK.
rupt, will sell at Public Auction, for cash in
IT. 8. gold coin, at the Mill and Works of said
..j, .1 jugutftuu, m me mgniana Aiming
District (near the town of Pioche), Lincoln
Saturday, the 22d day of Novem
ber, A. D. 1873,
At 11 n'r Ino V f t A n
... .v,. . v. uoi mn certain per-
- 7 Z ,ut V1 uBiaw 01 aaia uanarupt,
fill I V HABfWVuilt In At -1 1 .J 1.
.11. ,.1. uciBiiru w-ueuuie inereoi,
posted at the Mill of said Mendha Silver Minins
flAMiMn K.nWunt .J K ai. i , ,
, j, p., auu uu uiv auu re aay ior
Inspection at the following place, to wit: At
uT.iMiiw,flQ, tu uanrornia
street, in the City and County of Ban Francisco,
uw u uimwiunj mu iue late omce 01 aaid
ttBiilrriint V B 1 . 1 .
vwiuci w vaiiiurma ana oan
Dum.a, iti imu tnj auu uoDuty 01 nan
Francisco; at the Mill of said Bankrupt, in
u . n"'m 1'w.nua,, own 01 ievaua; ana at
the office of Well, Fargo k Co., in the town of
Duitia Q... V 1- 1 1 . .
nle, of uid properly m.y upon application be
Termi of Ml-Ch in U. 8, sold coin, on c-
ilvenuniuanfui. w , r . , n ..,- . I
Dated Bin Franciaco, November 1, 183.
Ataliroeea of Mendha Silver Mining Company,
y., nri-iit
Notice to Absent Clalmholders.
FEN BACH KB, one of the owners in the
quarta lode known aa the Br. OKOltGE LODE,
ituat. in Ely Mining Dirtrlct, Lincoln oonntv,
and State of Nevada, tht if h. th. ..m n i..fr
eybacher, does not appearand pay his proportion
of the einenwa Incurred in the development of
the laid at. Oeorge Ledge within NINETY PAY8
from thii date hia Interest in said lnde will be
aold to pay the aame, according to the law in
auch cases madeand provided.
, . JOHN WILSON tr in.
rioche, Angnst 17, 187? nl7.tf
notice or
Dissolution of Copartnership.
.uiuimtuip nrreiuinre existing DetWeen
the nndersigned, under the firm nama of Clnte
klOUnff. ! herphv rilunlnyl h ....., -
sent, besring dste from September 8, 1873. a"
W. ( lute will continue th. same. Either party
mu sign in liquidation. ;, ......
, . r. W, CLUTK, .
, i . . VOUNO.
Pioehe, Nevada, October 50, 1873. nll.lm
lis) tux)
10 U
lis) 1'4)
9 a
10 10
M ill
"u 3U
Id 10
10 1
i &
- M
list 1
;; ;
u ti
a -u
a a
Mi M
a s
luu li
ao 60
100 100
100 100
SO 60
50 SO
30 30
Ml &0
10 10
S 1
111 10
10 10
so ao
60 Ml
60 ao
100 100
1110 100
100 100
loo loo
100 100
1INI 100
100 100
Ksl 100
100 100
loo loo
as at
10 10
10 10
60 60
100 100
30 30
10 10
30 30
5 i
30 30
13 19
30 30
20 36
33 35
30 30
30 30
t t
100 100
36 36
30 20
6 t
10 10
30 30
6 I
600 tOO
600 COO
36 36
CO 60
(1.1 66
13 13
30 30
6 6
36 96
21 31
60 60
07 C7
Jkl 60
6 6
60 60
30 30
60 60
60 60
60 60
60 90
60 60
60 60
11.0 100
10 10
34 34
M 60
10 10
... 8
10 10
10 10
110 100
loo loo
30 30
100 1UU
100 100
n-o ioo
60 60
11 11
60 M
100 1UI
-Printing 0flirf .
- (Official giwtorjt.
A mrica FlasT ' llalir
Co-upanylieaaoa of principal lae vt lu
tneea, bsa fraausco, Calilutiia: juration of
works, Klv biuret, l ino ln tounly. Jievada.
Motter. There are oUaq-nt neon n. aUlow
ing 4rambnl rtork. on ncoiaal cf aiaraneat
(No. 31 tevtrd on tU 13(h day of Septra ber
1TJ. the scv.nl smoants Kit oppotite th
npmrs of the r,spea-"tive tbirtholdrra, aa ful.
louisrofai No. of No. of
Names. c.rtiiwau. Sharx. Au.1.
Cotafordi a
Cahill at Ful. Trusleeii 36
Chill k fox, TTOstrre 16CC
Cshill k Fox. Trustees... .101K
Charles H A, Trust e 6.'6
Jby W F, TruMee 4
Crosby W Trustw 12W
Connelly Wm J liSl
l'llon It a, Truli
Eyre EE. Tni.tee 1-H4
GuMaaan 1 A, Trust lf
Uigains W L, Trotee l-3
liunhes It, Trusts. b.l....l l"'J
A rile J U W, Tmter 1331
Msingrr Clin, bal 611
Martin (1 P. Trustee 154K
Mensur J, Trustee Ktt
MaosurJ, Trut 1-41
N ble H H. Trust. -li
Noble H U,Tru.1ee 105O
Richardson E A, Tnutee .... 1(V
Rirhardson E A, Trustee 114
Htrhardaoa t K. Trustee. ...147
Rlrhardaoa K A, Trustee. .. .161
Richardson K A, Trustee . . . .$-6
Richardson E a, Trustee 414
Richardson E A, Trustee. . . .S19
Richardson E A, Trustee.. . .IM)
Richardson E a. Trustee.... (lot
Richardson K A, Trustee .... 146
Richardson K A, Trns ....1113
Richardson K A, Trustee . . . 13:W
Richardson E A, Trustee. . .K-ee
Richardson I A. Trustee. . .13V7
Richardson E A, Tru.tce...l417
Richardson E A, Trustee.. .1418
Richardson E A. Trust.. .1441
Richardson E A, Trustee ... 1143
Richardson E A, Trustee.. .1443
Richardson 8 A, Trustee... 1J44
Richardson E A,Trut.tee...l446
Richardson E A, Trustee. . .144(1
Rirhsrdson E A. Trustee. . .1417
Richsrdson E A, Trustee. ..144H
Richardson E A, Trustee. ..1443
Richardson E A, Trustee. . . 1160
Rotke B B. Trustee, bsl. . . .1377
Schmieden Henry, Trust.. . 70J
Schmieden Henry, Tni.tee.9O0
Buhmiedell Henry, Trust. . .14:13
Bchnutt M, Trustee 1568
Sharp OF 1240
Vhler J Clem, Trustee 5.17
rhler i Clem, Trustee 7111
I lifer I Clem, Trustee 795
ChlerJClem, Trustee 16H3
Woods 4 Freeborn, Trustees.tJO
Woods k Freeborn. Trots..lt5
Webster k Soule, Trunks. ..561
Wilson Anna L, bsl 513
Anderson F O, Trustee 503
Audenon F O, Trustee 504
Anderson F 0, Trustee St 6
Boyd k Davis, Trualei t 48
Bsker Ssml, Trustee (.90
Baker Ssml, Trustee ti'.'l
Burgess 0 A K"9
CavslllerJP, Trustee 113
Cavellier J P, Trustee 2M
Crsndall W O, Trustee 803
Crandall W O, Trustee 81.6
Crandall W O, Trustee. . ,880
Crandall W O, Trustve 887
Cowsn F A 798
Diaon RS, Trusted :7
DowelWohn A 7:11
Edwards R, Trustee 4vl
Fisher E, Trustee 7.(
Fisher E, Trusts 7;5
Fisher E, Trustee 77
Fsrmer Thoa G71
Olazler I A Co, Trustees 70
Hutchinson John, Trustee. .V.ld
Hutchinson John, Trustee. .CIA
Lszure L T, Trustee 4'1
LsfureLT, Trustee 51-3
LazureLT, Trustee... 587
LarureLT, Trustee C19
LsKure L T, Trust 674
Lsrure LT, Trustee 073
Lazure L T, Trustee 676
Lszure L T, Trustee 677
Lazurt L T, Trustee 878
Peck LP, Trustee..: MS
Richardson E A, Trustee 06
Richardson E A, Trustee. . . .182
Richardson E A, Trustee. . . .319
Sleeper Geo, Trustee 3;3
Schmltt C A, Trustee 460
Spinney Geo R, Trustee.... 511
Schmieden nenry. Trustee. 257
Hihli.led. il lliliri, Trutio.3IO
Uhler J Clem, Trustee 110
TtilerJ Clem, Trustee .103
l uler J Clem, Trustee 493
Vsn Ssnten E, Trustee 61
Van Psnten E, Trustee 53
Van Ssnten E; Trustee. . r. . . .63
Van Ssnten E, Trust. 54
Woods k Freeborn, TruBtecs.5.".0
Woods Freeborn, Truatees.(Hi3
Wade A P. Trustee 7C.8
Anil in sccordsnce with lsw, and an order of
the Board of Directors, made on the 30th day
of Hept.'mlMT, 1873, so many shares of each par.
eel of such stock aa may be necessary will be
Bold Ht public auction, at the salesroom of
John MidiUetolt k Son, No. 310 Montgomcry
stn-ct, Han Francisco, California, on Thurs
rlu)-, the tfttidar of November, 1873,
st the hour of 3 o'clock p. m. of said dsy, to
pay delinquent assessments thereon, together
with costs ot advertising and expenses of the j
GEO. R. SPINNEY, Secretary.
Office: No. 320 California street, Kooni No
5, him I mnciscu, Cslifornia. nll-td
t lyases 8. Orant President
Henry Wilson Vtcc-Predent
raxaiDXXT'a cabikxt.
Hamilton Fish Secretery of Stat.
i Wm. H. Richardson . . -Secretary of the Treasury
I Wm. W. Belknap, ot Iowa Secretary of War
Geo. If. Robeson, of N. 1., Secretary of the Navy
: Colnmbna Delaa., of Ohio, See'y of the Intexlot
Geo. H. Williams, of Oregon, Attorney General
' John A. 1. Ores well, of ltd.. Postmaster General
. Seuater Wm. M. Stewart Term expiree 187S
! Kr tutor John P. Jones Term expiree 1879
I Representative Cbarke W. Kendall
Thi establiahiuent 1 supplied with a larg
taortmeut of neweat style ot
Type, Borders, Assorted Stationery
employed w rax
.Lieutenant Uorenior
....Secretary of Stat.
... Attorney General
. . . . Surveyor General
I.. R. Bradley
Frank Denver
J. V. Minor
W. W. Hobart
Jerry Schooling
Luther A. Bnckner..
John Day....
A. X. Fisher. .Superintendent Public lustmctinn
C. A. V. Putnam State Printer
H. R. Whitehall State Mineralogist
C. Thornton Governor's Private Secretary
en-BEME contT.
B. C. Whitman Chief Justice
Thomas B. Hawley Associate
C. H. Belknap Associate
Alfred Helm Clerk of the Supreme Co-irt
District Judge M. Fuller
State Senator B. 8. t laj.p
State Senator John B. Wilson
Assemblyman Y. A. Craigue
Asaemblyman P. L. Shoaff
Assemblyman Thomas W illace
Sheriff W. B. Yavts
County Clerk P. .". Miller
District Attorney ... .George Goldtliwaite
County Treasurer John Boeder
County Recorder W. H. Henderson
County Auditor W. H. Henderson
County Assessor O. P. Sheiwood
County Surveyor E. Schoppinanu
Coroner Dr. D. L. 1-esl
Public Administrator Dr. D. L. Deal
Superintendent Public Schools. . . .Leuia bultan
County Commissioners. D. A. Fulks, C. R.
Carden, T. J. Jones.
Hiko Charlie O. Heath, Postmaster
Psnaca James W. Lang-ford, Postmaster
Pioche ...T. W. Abraham, Postmaster
Justice of the Peace J. B. Van Hagen
Constable Smith Gray
book m job mmn
X to whom thcae prevents shall come, that we
wtiow n ami e are hereunto Ruliacribed, have en
tftfMl into a limited partnership, within the
State of Nevada, under and by virtue of an act
of the l,c Kihlature of aald State to authorize the
formation of limited partnerrihlps, upon the
Uriun aud liabilities hereinafter set lorth, to
The aaid partnership Is to he conducted under
the name and style of (. R. Ctvhlno; Co. The
name of the general partner In aaid firm Is O. It.
CuBhiiiR, n-Hi'leut of the town of Fioche, Lin
colu County, Btate of Nevada, and the apecial
partner is C. R. Burraffe, of aame town. County
and Btate. The aaid apecial partner haa oon
tribnted to the capital stock of aaid firm capital
to the amount of three thousand four hundred
doll urn. The nature of the burines to be
transacted is the general drug btuinetta. The
Hftid partnership is to commence immediately at
and after the signing of thia certificate, and is
to be tt rminated on the last day of September,
A. V. 176.
Made and severally signed by tha said Part.
nern, iu the town of Pioche, the third day of
ucToncr, a. u. one luounana sigutn unarea sad
fgimiedi f C R' BTHIIAOE, Real
(binned) ( O. . CCSHlNt. acall
Witm-hH (Signed), H. R. BrKaskt.
Acknowledged by all the partle n cue form
and recorded. oMin
Qpecial attention Is called
hj lo the avrvrtt luirovnuenta iiaarle
recvntly In (hia ntmllent Maphlue,
lid to (he new anst cleftiaol alvlea ot
tswaneMed !. list. ,
For tlinae who prefer a Ma
rlilne rcedlnp: tbr wswla sssy frout
the operator, ho how Uatvo on of
Hint ihwriptlon. iiiet,eiiynnnliB;
stud Ita vhaar ll the (Miser BeesjMitr ea
rellenrie. ot u,. ather ot le.
Is sure to please. If there is
one within n thosaaoiail issllraor
"on Frimcinro not irorklnc well, I
will attend lo II without any rxpense
to the owner. MAMIIFX HI IX, At,
1 the only Machine that
ran aew In mora than one lltrev
tlou bavluc sa rermlblo led a
Trent advantage In lasstetalaaar eiada
of aennu, In qiilltlnBi vto.
Examine the Florence, or
M-nd far Clrrular nnd auuiftse.
or Work beloro yon nnrrbam' nrw.
Inn; .Vlurlilne. HI V THE BUST I
Mnrhlnra aoM on llkrral Irmli
No. 19 New MonlKonu-ry nlreot,
Grand llotxt BulUlng. Sua ranelaea.
on tha Puiiaa Ooaai. . Publlahad ai u.n
Franoisoo, California.
Hubsoriptlona rteaivad by
Plaia ui Ornamental Tjps,
Fineat and Latest Btylea, for any kind
of Work, such as
Poster. Plny--bllla, Receipt, Blank
(look a, Clrcnlara, (heeka,
Nutva, Tmgmt
cEBur.axis or biccr, zxe.
To the Unfortunate.
HER Commercial, Ban Fraiicibco. v " J
Private eutranos on Commercial iti'ii.flJ W
Ubllahed in 1854, for the trtAuiieu( 4
of Bexual and Seminal Disease, BuchVMfJ)
as Ooiiorrhea, Oleet, Bificture, Syphilis in all it
forme, Seminal Weakness, Iin potency, etc., etc.
Skin diteasea of year standing, and Ulcerated
Lege, etc., successfully treated.
1U. GIBBON has the pleasure of aunouueing
that he has returned from visiting the principal
Hospitals of Europe, and haa resumed practice.
The Doctor has spared neither time nor money
In seeking out new remedies, and has returned
with increased facilities for alleviating human
Me ml nail Weakness.
Seminal emission Is consequence of self
abuse. This aolita,, vice, or depraved sexual
Indulgence, is practiced by the youth of both
sexes to an almost unlimited extent, producing
with unerring certainty the following train of
morbid symptoms, unless com batted by scien
tific medical measures, via: Sallow countenance,
dark spots under the eyes, pain in the head, ring
ini; in the earn, noise like the rustling of leaves
or rattling of rhariota, uneasineea about the
loins, wcaxqeHs of the limbs, confused vision,
blunted iuttUect, loss of confidence, diffidence
In approsching strangers, a dislike to form new
acquaintances, a dupositiun to shun society,
lose of memory, pimplcB and various eruptions
about the face, hectic flushes, furred tongue,
foetid breath, coughs, consumption. night sweats,
monomania and frequently Insanity. If relief
be not obtained ,you should apply immediately,
either in person or by letter, and have a cure
effected by his new and scientific mods ot treat
ing disease, which never fails of effecting a quick
and radical cure.
Cared at Home.
Persons at a distance may be CMtKD AT
HOMK, by addressing a letter to Dr. Uibbon,
stating case, oyuiptoms, length bf tiui the dis
ease has continued, and have medicine promptly
forwarded, free from damage and curiosity, to
any part of the country, with full and plain di
rections for use,
Persons writing to the Doctor will please state
the name of the paper they see this sdvertine
ment in.
By enclosing $10 in coin in s registered letter
through the Postotnee.ortl.rough Wells, Fargo ft
Co., a package of medicine will be forwarded
to any part of the Tnion.
All communications istrlctlv ennndentfsl.
Address, DK, J. GIBBON,
dll-ly Box lyS7, Kan Francisijo. Cal.
Of all sites, shades
aud.shapi a, in plain black or in auy or all the
colors of the rainbow.
Fltl.rtil I tl, Institution or
tii Countryt
all the Telegraph News,
'"IHlU VttV'
k Suited to all Climates,
A VTl A rnvr ens aervn
Uw'aVV Famniifl f,,p dn'ntr Ms.. --.A
7VZ. DL I ItK I . II II ar 1 SJ fJ
nocvti nt
''aTlRv Quicker andCbrapei
Ta sa, Bunr..ltasa.,
Ceneral News Summary,
PurnUhlnganaccotmtof the condlllon of the
inlnea In the several dletrieta: rondliion of the
works; late developments; amount of or. for
the twk, ,1.14 a or. wwlwd. prapoHd
" 4 ""' 1-lerwt to owner. ,cd
the feneral publle f
-raB.QAKf axd Bantu
Espfcially Adapte
if svery imm
IT ROT."!- ra-o-
a-. iasL'IB, MO.
" Pioche. Xer. 1
Dissolution of jPartnership.
'"K between Thomaa 8. Coleman and John
E. Tjler. under the firm name of Coleman
Thorn's.' f "T d"K',TO, b' SSiS
? .n.i;ii"?"L"i'?mln wponaibility
fors 1 debts eonlrartert by the firm of Coleman
Tyler, and collects all debta due the said nrT
T. 8. C0LKMAN, '
Woche, Nev., Oct. 18, 18T3J' E' mER'
thltS'W 8'" 1". nsnal, be kept In
lJl' "yle' "d "Tyl'"l aon. to ,,it en
umPr- T. a. COLEMAN.
JTn H LXLM ot the late
and lionidat. such IndebtlwltSn tSS?
Attorney for Eiecutrli,
taM 1, 18 1,0W V"fT ,,rrol' p53
LAROE FRAMK mirl.lnvft
Meadow Valley street, adjolnlni, J., Ptoi.
"o"! redence, known a. ttolj. g S.;.!.
la offered for sal.,
IMf Armory Hall, lierto. V.,"rt
or information apply to
a. 4. HAN1.FY
AFD a BBRBT, Atsornei., y.S7. -Bntldlng.
np atalrfc "'Baa,
A SHIM 8. BRO.. PieneerStt,,, ...
opposite Laeour. ' reet,
ABRAHAM T.W.,ro.tm.te,.
BEEXE. HORACE D.. Attornr r!7T ",'
NoUryPnblie. 0 tJ
BEROSTTIS DR. H.. Phvstcl.,
Building, kiln atree,; over iaIeV'""''
JJIBHOr t LEE, Phyakiana,
JJI8H0P k 8ABIX, Attorney,
1329 Broadway xfiV .
"REAKET H. R.. Kotarv !'
JJARHETT M., Photcraph
BCTLER T. R. . Asaayer. '
Opposite Heche nolstin. Worll
Capital fialoon, Main
U Montgomery street, g.. r.
CLARK D. 0. k BRO.. Wholes., and
Dealer, in Oroceriea, rrovinaVLT"
ersl Merchandise, Lower klain aireelT
1 1UH.1 ADOI.PH a BRO.. Wholeasl. ...
j ReUll Dealers fn Tobacco and
Main street
COHX JACOB, Dealer In Dry Ooo,l. ...
Clothing, Main street, opp. Meedowlslw
CR0NAN JAMES, Dealer In (Iroeeriea B.
ware. Clothing, ete.. Main atreeU '
COSOHINA k 0118T1N. Dealer, B reim
and Domestio Fruits, kla.n street
O'DOl'OHERTY A. B., Attonn.yat.u
Mesdow Valley street. ""-F-U.,
(CHARTER OAK BTOVES.-ajold by J J n.,
J pin k Oo.. Main atroet, Mai.
McCORJilCK, faloon, Mai,
CAMPBELL JAMES. Orimt Saloou. La,,
J street.
st net.
TlEAL DB. D. L.,
1 ' Main atrui
DONAH0E a QCIIXIX, Bakery, DeaUrs la
Liquora, ProviBion. and Oroceriea.
EDWARDS T. P.. Attorney and Counselor at
Law, Carson City.
IISENMANN J. k CO., Importers and Dealera
J in Hardware. Crockery, Gleeswsre and
huUMfumishius Oooda, Main street,
17IAROO E. A. CO., Importers and Jobber,
; of Brandies, Winea and Liqnora, 311 rroal
sireet, Ban r'ranclsco.
IELSESTHAL PH., Wholesale and Retail
; Dealer In Groceries, Provisions, etc.. Mala
IjLTXS A., Boot and Shoe 8tore,
Main street, PlocUe
r R. Breakey, Aftent tor Lincoln comity.
GIBBOK DR.. Gibbon's Dispensary, '
23 Kearny street. Ban Francisco.
GILMKR k 8ALI8BTJRY, Daily Stage Line.
OflicAi at Wella, Fargo k Co.
Restaurant and Bakery, Meadow Valley
street, opposite Deiter Btablea.
HALPIN J. J. k CO,, Dealera In Hardware,
Main street.
HAMILTON E., Wholesale and Retail
Liquor Dealer, Main street.
HANLY K. J., Armory Hall,
Meadow Valley street.
ARRIS0N BROS., Dealer. In Furnltunj,
1 1 Bedding, Carpets, etc.. Main street.
HILL SAMUEL, Agent Florence Sewing Ma
chines, 10 New Montgomery street, Grand
Hotel Building, San Francisco.
HARENBEHG DR. C., Physician and Surgeon,
Mesdow Valley street.
JACOBS A SULTAN. Wholesale and Retail
Dealera in General Merchandise, Main at.
JOHNSTON GEO. O , Livery, Feed and Sals
Stables, Lower Main street.
KITCHEN 4 CO., Proprietors Walker House
and t'ltrt House, Salt Lake.
KAIN k O'LEARY, Proprietors Wiltnans Ho.
tel. Main street.
KASTEN F., Meadow Vslley Brewery, cornet
of Main and Meadow Valley streets.
L1EBE8 k BOWMAN, Manufacturer, and Im
porters of Havana Cigars, corner ot bscra
uiento aud liatterv streeta. ban Franciaco.
IIVINOSTON k CO., Fine Brandies, Wine,
j snd Liquors, 2W and 2X1 California street,
nan Frsncisco.
EWI8 H., Dealer In Clnthln. .nA vM.w
J ing Goods, Main street.
INCH JOHN C. Wholesale and
Liquor Dealer, cor. klaln and Lacour sts.
ICHAKL H., Cigar Store, Main street, oppo.
atKmuvw , alley sireei.
AHONEY k OTOOLE, Deslera In Clothing,
Boots snd Shoe., eto.. Main street.
MALLETT J. H. t CO., Meat Market,
Main, opposite Lacour street.
MARX F. F., Forwardlrg and Commission
Merchant, Tosno (U. p. fi. K.) Nevada.
MRS. W1I.MAN8, Furnished Booms, Wil.
tDUis Hotel, Main street.
Ivl Commission Merchsiite, Lacotn street.
MII.EY A I.AAGE, Confectioners,
Next door to J. J. llalpin 4; Co., Main sireet.
MOTT. FIPH k CO , Importers snd Deslers
In Hardware, Mill and Mining Goods, etc.,
MtiMlow Vslley strket.
Dentist, Main street.
Attorneys at Law, Lacour street.
)OND, 11EYNOLDS A CO., Importers and
Jobbers of Wines slid Liquors, ai'J Csllfor
uia street, Han Francisco. .
1)RITCHARD W. L. (T. F. Lswler, Acent si
Pioche) f ast Freight Line from Psln.de to
Pioche, Main street, b. low Lacour.
Agent for Pioche.
ROhDER JOHN, Deslear In Groceries, Pro
visions snd General MerehainllM.. Kton.
atore, Lacour street.
Philadelphia Brewery, Main strut.
Palaoe Club Rooms, Main street.
SHERWOOD A BRO., Dealer. In Lumber,
Main street.
SHROI FE, SWEENEY A CO., Commission snd
V. hnlessle Dealers In Provisions, 4HU Front
sireet, ban Francisco,
SINE k GRANGER, Altorneys at Lew,
Belmont, Hev.
SMITn JA8. S. k CO., Stock Brokers,
Main sireet.
STAPLES J. R. a CO., Fnrnitnre, I'pholBtery,
etd Pioche street.
Main street.
STRONG L. D., Agent Kanarrsh Coal Conipa.
ny, Meadow Valley atrcet, Pioche.
THOMPSON GAUD IN, Wholesale Dealers in
Wince, Liquor and Clgara, Lacour street.
rpBAVIS k CO , Piorhe and Hsmllton stsge
Line; Frank C. Mlushull, at Weils, Fsrge
c Co's, Aoent.
WARD H Undertaker, and dealer in Fur.
nlture, Bedding. e(o west tide Main
street, Pioche, Nevada.
"ITTELLS, FARGO a CO., Elrhahge, Banklig
f f and fexpreee Company. Main sireei.
WF.8O0ATT N., Patents :'or allnersl Lsiids,
Meadow Valley street.
"ITTHEELER FRANK k CO., Importers snd
f f Dealers In General H adware, Main st.
Pioneer Neva Depot, Main sireet
WILLIAMS J. G., Maonolia Saloon.
- - LtKcous County. NavaSA, I
Plocat, Oct. 18, lms. )
nmnosal. will tu. at this ofllcs,
for thirty dsys from date, for the delivery to lbs
County of
100 Cords of Wood.
The wood to be four feet long. Nut Pine, cut
green, and well seasoned; to b delivered Iro
mediately, 60 cord, at the Court-house snd
cords at tli. (Vmni. nmniiii p.vment for the
aame to be made out of the General County
Fund. One third to be paid for upon the deliv
ery of one half of the wood, and the remainder
upon tne completion of the contract, rsnrc-
.lm,ih-.i.j ..1 .1.1 iil here
quired to file a good and sufficient bond for IB"
faithful performance of the contract.
uy order of the Board of County i'omroi'
ers. p. B. MILLED, Clcrs.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer In
Cio-ara, Tobacco, Pie
' C A R D 8 ,
Opuoall. , Meadow Valler ""''
auio-tf . u "

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