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Ibwlutrlj tlx Brt ProtntioB Ajrsiiwi Fir.
B si p
Fire Extinguisher,
meat of the principal cities of the Union.
Toe Government hu adopted them. The lead,
lug railways use them.
General Agents for the Pacific C ut.
Loral Agent, Sla California at..
Han Francisco.
For sale by MOTT, HSHt O.,
25-tf Agents, Pioche.
Change of Proprietorship in Bui
mi ft L::arirsTii:T.
aid firm. In Bulilonville, I will continue
la the umr buaiiVM-s wan ft
New Arlfil Slook of Good.
Ml dt-bu Jut the sbovi firm are to be collet t-
h1 lv iw.
Bultiouville. October 23, 187H. nC-lm
XX atreet;
brated Piano.
Apply t
also, on Steiuway Son's cele-
f3t-tf) D. L. DEAL,
; en-ire at
Wamhinuton, October 1, 1hT3.
Contri.-t Otft. eof this Department until 3
p. m. of Febrasry-2, 174 (toht dtriitt-d on or
bffore March it. 1HT4), fur conveying tbe mails
of the I'nitpd Stat in the State of
From July 1, to Jane 30,
on the routrs and by the schedules of departures
ami arrival herrli. Bpnclfiwd; being route
talj.Uhxl at third session f 4.1st OonRress, siul
ftmt kfawion of 4'id OoiiKTetw, and others.
awfully the forms and instrnatiims
Mootexnau Ttwday at C a
aPTon usmitoo. vj Mineral city.
Bnttc in. o.tand fattonoi'i o., to loch.
Vi mile aa4 back. aim tiaeea. wk. Uwt
Uanultoa daily. x-pt Sunday, at a. m. Ar
nw at PkK-b tkird days by ail p a. Urn
Hocb deil- ey .toadey, at a a. m; Aitrn at
Haunitftoa tainl tar by a p. m. Freeent pay.
Sttl.iM a anaian.
i-Tuia Huunton. dt xreasuie tnj. w
Ebernardt. ft Biika and back, six tunes a week.
Lrtrt HaffiiltoB Uily. eioept Ssnday. at a. m;
Anivc aa tbrraarut by Leav ber-
hardt dily, e&cp Sunday, at 11 a. hi; ma a
Uaiuiium by 1 p. m.
back, one a week. Leave Hamilton MtKiday a
6 a. nt: imn at Troy next day by t p av Leave
Troy Wlnday at a a. m; amve at Hamilton
t-xt day t.y p . . .
45ii6Knni Piocb. by Bt- Joseph, to St.
Thomas, lift mil-a and ba-k, oaw a weekjUava
Piocbe MHHltr ax a. m; attitt m
Wedntday by p. sa. Leave . Thoanas i aui
day at a. m; arrive at Hocb Saturday, by
P' .rD." .. ni..i atn mil mnA
bark. mem a week. Leav Piocba Tueaday at
a. m; arrive at uio nai "y wj F-
Hiko Tbnraday as a a. m, amva a rioco km
day by 4 p. Bi. ,
451'iH rrm raiwaaep. uy miirni nui
Fnrk. tn Himihon. 1JS milt and oarK, ail
tiu. a week, by erbeduleaoteicaediMafc boars
one way. making prrwr connection with Central
Pacific Railroad. Preaent pay, fl'.OuO per an
num. 4MiFrom Elko, by Tuscarora and Wbits
Rrw-k tn MmintaiB Cftv. A milea and back.
twice a week. Lrav Flko Monday and Thnra.
dav. at 6 a ni: imn at Mount n eity -aneoay
and Hatanlav bv 6 c m. Laava MonnUiD City
lin'la ana T nurmiay ai o m m, mrrm wi
t'e.lntday and tWtirlay by p m. Preaent pay,
1 n-MI nw nnnir .
4,siji Ke.m iko to Bullion. 90 miles and
bark, once a we. k. Leave lko Monday at 9 a
arrive at bullion bvCrm. Leave UUUlon
TiKsday at V a m: arrive at Elko by p m.
4 '.ISi iToin Lak to .UunoUJe, miiea ana
ba-.k. once a week. Leave tlko Saturday at 1 p
arrive at LainoUle bfltm. ieave ljatnoine
hatuptay at 6 a iu : arrive at Elko by in m.
4M32 From Elko to Huntinfrtnn. m muea ana
back, once a week. Leave Elko Friday at 10 a m;
arrive at Huntington next day by 6 pm. iesva
Huntington Wedut-eday at 0 a nrt arrive at Elko
next day bv 2 p m.
4-M W-From Halleck. by Camp Hallevk, to Rn
by Valley. 6j mib-s and back, ones a we-k
ave Halleck Mondsv at T a m; arrive at Ruby
Valley next day by 12 m. Leave Ruby Valley
Wednesday at 6 a m; arrive at Halleck next day
bt Vi m.
45134 Fnm Wells, by Clover Valley. Spruce
Mountain, H'he 11 bourne and Cherry Creek, to
Hamilton, 1H2 miles and back, three times a
wetk. Leave Wella Monday, Wednesday and
Fridav, at fi a m; arrive at Hamilton fifth days
by 6 p m. Leave Hamilton Monday, Wednesday
and Friday, at C a m; arrive at Wells fifth days
by p ni. New s. rvice.
418i From Toano by Silver Zone, Bchell
bourne, Piennont (n. o.l, Kacramento District
fn. o.t and Pattemon District (n.o.) to Pi or he,
200 miles and back, once a week. Leave Toano
Moudav at 6 a in: arrive at Pioche Saturday by
6pm.' Leave Pioche Monday at 6 a m; arrive at
Tano Saturday by 6 p m.
45130 From Tecouia (n. o.) to Boel. fl miles
and back, six times a awk, by a achednle satis-
fa.-tirv ti. thf TM Hat maHtfT at Bllel.
4T137 From Tecomato Annavllls, 25 miles and
back, once a week. Leave Tecoma Monday at 8
m- mrrivf at Aunaville bv 4 d ni. Leave Anna-
vi Ut Tuelny at 8 a in; arrive at Tecoma by 4
p ro.
( Examine
An act of Cuuitraw of June B, 187i, reqnlres
that bids of $r.0tw and upwards be acconipauitxl
byacertilied check or draft t-qunl to live ier I
cent, uf the bid.
nm;vTi) .
45101 From Reno, by Junction Uotine Cal.),
Limn Valley, Milford, and Janesville, to Suwtn
ville (Cal.f.. M miles and back. Mix Umeo a week;
leave Reno daily, except Sunday, at 0 a m; ar
rive at Kusanvillu third daytt by 12 m; leave Ku
aanville daily, except Sunday, at 1 p m: arrive
at Reno third days by 6 pm. Present pay, f7,
2iiU per annum.
45103 From Virginia City, by Oold Hill and
Silver City, to laton. It) miles and back, ix
tunes a week: leave Virginia City daily, except
Sunday, at a m; arrive at Dayton by Pi in;
leave Dayton daily, except ftuiwlay, at 1 p m; ar
rive at Virginia City by 4 p m.
4"lu: From Carson City, by Genoa, Welling
ton, Walker River, Pino Grove, and Hweet Wa
ter, to Aurora, 11C milea and back, throe times a
w-k; leave Carson City Monday, Weclnewlay,
and Friday at 8 m; arrive at Aurora third dayB
by 8 pm; leave Aurora Monday, Wednesday and
Friday at b a ax: arrive at Carson City third days
by 3 p m.
45104 Fmu Carson City to Glenbrook, 13
milea and back, pnea a week; leave Carson City
Monday at Bam; arrive at Glenbrook by 12 m:
leave Glenbrook Monday at 1 p m; arrhe at
Carson City by 6 pm.
4:iuo From Genoa to Lake Valley (Cal.).SO
miles and back, once a week; leave Genoa Mon
day at 1 p m; arrive at Lake Valley by 7 p ni;
leave Lake Valley Monday at 6 a ni; arrive at
Cenoa by 1'2 m.
46106 From Aurora by Benton (Cal.) , Bishop
Creek. Fisn Springs, and Big Pine, to Independ
ence (Cal.). Iai3 milea and back, three timeH a
week; leave Aurora Tuewlay, Thursday, and Sat
urday at I a m; arrive at Independence next
days by S a m; leave Independence Monday,
Wednesday, and Friday at 0 p m; arrive at Au
rora next days by a p m. Present pay, $ 9,300 per
45107 From Aurora to Columbus, 90 miles
and back, twice a week; leave Aurora Monday
and Thursday at 8 a in; arrive at Columbus
third days by 12 m; leave Columbus Monday and
Thursday at 8 a tu, arrive at Aurora third days
by 12 ni,
45100 From Aurora to Bodle (n. o.) and back,
once a week. Bidders will state distance, and
propose schedule of departures and arrivals.
4M0U From Columbus, by Uagtewn (n.o.),
to Wadsworth, 140 miles and back, once a week;
leaves Columbus Monday at 6 am: arrive at
WadHWorth Wednesday by 6 pm: leave W ads
worth Thursday at Gam; arrive at Columbus
Saturday by 6pm.
45110 From Lida. by Pipeas fn. o.),in Fish
Lake Valley, to Columbus and tack,oncaweok.
Bidden will state dinUnoe. and propose ache,
dule of departures and arrivals.
45111 From Wadsworth, by Bucklands, to
Mason Valley, 52 miles and back, once a week;
leavea W ad worth Monday at 6 a in; arrive at
Mason Vallay next day by 4 pm; leave Mason
Valley Monday at 6 a m; arrive at Wadsworth
next day by 4 p m.
45112 From Wadsworth to Greenfield and
back, once a week . Bidders will state distance,
and propose schedule of departures and arrivals.
461111 From Union ville, by Mill City, to Dun
Glen, 83 miles and back, six times a week; leave
Union ville daily, exoept Sunday, at 7 a m; arrive
at Dun Glen by 8 p m; leave Dun Glen daily, ex
cept Sunday, at 7 a m; arrive at Unionville by
6 pm. Present pay, (H.UH2 per annum.
45114 From Wlnnemucua to Paradise Valley,
43 milea and back, twice a week; leave Winne
muoca Tuesday and Friday at 6 a m; arrive at
Paradise Valley by 8 pm; leave Paradise Yalley
Monday and Thursday ut 6 am; arrive at Win
nemueca by 8 pm.
4511ft From Argenta, by Austin, Junction and
Pine Creek, to Belmont, 1W) miles and back, six
times a week: leave Aruenta daily, except Sun
day, at 2 pm; Arrive at Belmont in three days;
leave Belmont dally, except Sunday, at 6 am;
arrive at Argenta in three days. Hew service.
45116 From Argenta, bv Battle Mountain (n.
o.l, to Galena, 17 miles and back, three times a
week : leave ArgenUWondav, Wednesday and rri-
day at 7 a m: arrive at Galena by 12 a; leave
Galena Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1 p m;
arrive at Argenta oy e p m.
46117 Fnm Austin, bv Washlntrton fn.ol
fit. Augustine (n.o.), and lone City, to Ells
worth, 70 milea and back, once a week; leave
Austin Monday at 6 a m ; arrive at Ellsworth
next day by 0 pm; leave Ellsworth Wednesday at
6am: arrive at Austin next day by 6 p m.
4A118 From Austin to Eureka. 80 miles and
back, three times a week; leave Austin Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 6 a m ; arrive at Eu
reka next days by C p m; leave Eureka Monday
Wednesday and Friday at 6 a m; arrive at Austin
next davs bv 6 o m. Aew service
45119 From Junction, by Blue Springs (n.
n.), Ophir Canyon ..), Hot Springs n. o.)
&&n Antonio. Hilver Peak and Lida, to Gold
Mountain, 160 miles and back, once a week;
leave Belmont Monday ate a mi arrive at uoid
UmmUin WavtnMdaV bv S D Hll leave Gold
Mouutain Thursday at 6 am; arrive at Belmont
fiat til Niaa htlB HI.
45120 From Junction to Twin Riyer, 31 milea
and back, three times a week; leave junction
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 a m ; arrive
at Twin River by p mi leave Twin River
Tuesday, Thursday and aturdsy at 7 a m; arrive
at J miction by 6 p m.
45121 From Belmont, by Hot Oek. Morey,
Duck Water and Treasure City, to Hamilton, LIS
, milea and back, once a week; leave Belmont
Tuesday at 6 a m ; arrive at Hamilton Thursday
- ' by 6 p m; leave Hamilton Friday at 6 a m; arrive
at Belmont Monday by 6 p m.
45123 From Belmont to Montezuma, 46 milea
and back, onoa a week; leave Belmont Monday
at a m ; arrive at Mooteiuma by p mx, leave
The undersigned , whose Post-
office addnfs is , county of . State of
, proposes to convey the mails or the iniiea
Stabs, from July 1, 1874 to June, 30, 1878,
on route No. . between and , uu-
d-r the advertisement of the Postmaster Gener
al, dated octcber 1. 1873. "with celerity.
Unity and security" (law of June 8, 1872), for
tiic an n in. I mim of dollars.
The proposal U made with full knowledge of
the dinunee of the ronte, the weight of the mail
tf. le carried, and all other particulars in rcrer-
(m-etothe route and service; and, also, after
careful examinations of the laws and instmc-
tifinn attached to advertisement of mail aervice.
and of the provisions contained in the act of
Coiigrens of June b, mi.
Dated . Bidder,
The undersigned, residing at , State of
. undertake that, if the foregoing bid for car-
rviriB the mail on route No, be accepted by
tiie Postmaster General, the bidder will, prior
to the 1st uf June, 1874. enter into the required
obligation or contract to perform the service
proposed, with food and eumcient sun ties.
iniswe no, uimeiimiiiK uibuuuut income
gat ions and liabilities assumed by guarantors.
Tin imdersltmed.PostinaBter at .State of
, certifies, nuder his oath of office, that he is
acquainted with the above guarantors, and
knows them to be men of property, and able to
make good their guarantee; and mat bidder and
guarantors are above tue age oi n years.
Bids of 5,Q0) and upward must be accompa
nied bv a certified check, or draft, on lonie sol
vent National bank, equal to five per ceutuin on
the present annual pay on the ronte; or in case
or new st rvice. not less man nve per cenium oi
one year's pay proposed in bid. (Section 259,
Act of June 8, 1H72.I
The Postmaster must not sign the certificate
until the sum of the bid Is inserted ad the bid
and guarantee signed by all parties, and dated.
Oath Required by Reetlon 946 of sin
Art oi lonffreMB Approved uiit n,
174, to be A tllxed to Each Bid for
Carryinif the Mail, and tobe Taken
Before an Orllcer (tualifled to Ad
minister On the.
I, , of , bidder for conveying the
mail on route No., from, do
swear that I have the ability pecuniarily to ful
fill my obligation as such bidder; that th bid la
mads in good faith, and with the intention to
enter into contract and perform the service in
case said bid shall be accepted ; and that the sig
natures of the guarantors thereto are genuine,
and that X belive the said guarantors to be pecu
niarly responsible fur and able to pay all dama
ges the United Statea shall suffer by reason of
my failing to pt-rfonn my obligations aa such
February. May and August, provided tbat re
quired evidence of aenrwe aaa been 'f"''
10. Tbedistaacea given are believed to be tuV
atantially evrrect: but no increased pay llbe
allowed ahoald they be greaser than
if the putats to be supplied are correctly atateo.
Bidden must inform themaelvee on tbie petpS
and also la reference ao aha waitfht of the mail,
toa oaditions of hills, ruarie, streams f . and
ail toU-bridgea, turnpike, plaak-roeds, lettde,
or bstmctHwe of any kind by which expense
aaay be aacurred. Ko chum for additional pay.
baaed ua each ground, can be uneidered, but
for aliened atiatakea r miaapprehaiamnn as to
the degr of service: nor for bridges destroyed,
femes discontinued, er other obsiractione caus
ing or increaaing distance or expense occurring
during the contract term. Offices established
after thto advertisement as leaned, and also dur
Lug the contract term, are to be visited without
tr mt. tf toe distance be aot Increased.
11. biWrs are cautioned to mail tbir propo
sals In time to reach the Department by the day
and hour named (3 p. m.. Ft-brnary 3, 174), aa
ida received after that time will not be consid
ered in competition with bid, of reasonable
amount, received in time. Kelt her can bide be
ouiuudered which are without the guarantee re
quired by law, and a certificate of the sufficiency
oi ancn faaraniea, aim ine ma m ww 'uiri,
armPftlM ut sectiuB 246. act of June 8. 1S72.
1A Bidden should first propose for service
strictly according to the advertisement, and
then, if tbev desire, separately for different aer-i-e-
and if tbenwular bid be the bweat offered
for the advertised aervice, the other propositions
may be considered.
13. There should be but one route bid for In a
proposal. Consolidated or combination bids
("proposing one sum for two or more routes j
Mtinnt ta inficiiiirid-
11 The mntm th Scevice. the VCSrlV PT. th
name and residence of the bidd sr (that is, his
usual poat-office address), and tlM name m m a
member of a Arm, where a company offen, should
h HiKttnctlv st&ted.
ik Hirfiim are reonestedto nee as far as peso-
thm vtnntml nrorKwals fumisbed by tbs
Department, to write out in iuu sue sum ut uwtr
bids, and tu retain come of tbem.
Altered bids should not be submitted; nor
should bids once submitted be withdrawn. Ko
withdrawal of a bidder or marentor will be el-
lowed unless the withdrawal is received twenty
four noun previous to the time fixed for open
ing the proposals.
a-. h hM TtiiiKt tf tmarantMd bv two responsi
ble persons. The bid and guarantee should be
signed piainiy wun uio iuu name ui wh y--
The Pan tin utter ueneral reserves the right to
ivin-t snv bid which mav be deemed extrava
gant; ana amnio UiT((ru iue uiua v imhub
tracton and bidders. (Act of June 8, 172, aec
tton 249.) . , t M
16. The bid anouid I seaien, sunscnoea
"Mail Proposals, State of lSevada," addressed
Second Assistant postmaster uenerai, ixmwwc
nfflrw M Bids of (5.000 ner annum and upward
must be accompanied by a certified check, or
draft, on some solvent National Bank, equal to
5 percent. 01 tue amount; also dhis xor service
which now costs 5,000 or mora per annum.
Where the present pay la $5,000 or more, it is
stated in the advertisement under the appro
priate route.
17. The contracts are to be executed and re
turned to the Department by or before the 1st
dsy of June, 1874, otherwise the accepted bidder
will be considered as naviug laiieu, ami tue
Postmaster General may proceed to contract for
the service with other parties, according to law.
Transfers of contracts, or of interest in con
tracts, are forbidden by law, and consequent
lv cuinot be allowed. Neither can bids or inter
est in bids, be transferred or assigned to other
parties. Bidden will therefore take none mat
they will be expected to perform the service
awarded to them through the whole contract
18 Section 240 of the act of June 8, 1872, pro
vides thst contracts for the transportation of the
mail shall be "awarded to the lowest bidder
tendering sufficient guarantees for faitnrni per
formance, without other reference to the mode
of such transportation than may be necessary to
provide for the due celerity, certainty, and secu
rity thereof." Under this lsw bids that pro
pose to transport ine roans wnu -ceieni.', .r
tainty, and security," having been decided to be
the oulv leinl bids, are construed aa providing
for the entire mail, however large, and what-
Jjflintiurnt $alrs.
printing (fur.
m..a,, ..J Creole MlalM
Cwppauj.-lactKm ol priBnl fla0 buju.
aian ' State of taulorBia, to-
J K"?
arcount ol ik.miI (So.l tell th I
IStk da? of Urtotor. 17. ""
a .iH-oatw lb. aB tb lru
abarrbolaWfe. aa fvU' ' '
Num. (Vrtlni-aU. Sbaraa. Aut.
Burma. P. Tniatx ' " W
Counts O A, Tru.tea 1 1'
Clear r D, TnuM I
uearjrrD, Tit
CVarj F D. Truaue 15
CV-arr T D, Truatr. : "
Clear, r D. Trurte
Crandall W O, Truat 1
Kyi E E, Truatee
FordeT. TmXee 1
... . .
187 .
Offirial girrttonj. ",, gttstat n , girfrtorn.
omciAL DnuCTORT.
riraata i. Onat
Utmrj Wllaoa
ornoK ov thb
Baniltan flak Baerrtarr of State
Waa. H. Blchardaua . . .Bacretarr ol tha Treaaar.
Waa. w. Balknap, of low Samtarr of War
Oao. M. Sobaaoa, of . 1., Beavtarjot tha !J.tj
Colnmboa Dalaao.of Ohio. Sec'y of tba Interfur
Oao. H. William, of Oreffuo, Attomry General
Joba A. t. Cawrall.of afd.,Poatmaata Oeaaral
onguniD pboii btada.
Seaalor Wm. K. ganrarl Tarat elplrea U7I
beuator euba r. .ouaa
FordeT. Tnutee.
FodaT, TrMteo....
FordeT, TruMee ...
Fiaber E, Troatee. . . .
Flaher E, Trnatr
Fiahar E, Trainee...
Fiaher E. Traatee...
Fox M W, Tra
Fox 11 W, TroBtce...
alaairfc Selioatierff.
tlayea Tnoa K, arurtee. .
H.yea Thoa R, Truit-e. .
UayeaTboaR, Tratee..
Hayes Tnoa R, Trotea. .
BajeolhoaK, Trwtee..
Hottt I O, Trurte.
Iinkaa. E. Truatec....
LaauveLT, Truatea
ljaxurc L, T, Troatee
eyor may be the mode of conTeyance necessary
fai trMrn ft. "eeleritv. nnrtalntT. and aecuritT.
and nave me pre!tren' over an oinera, aim no
olbera aie considered, except for steamboat
19. A modification of bid In any of its essen
tial terms is tantamount to a new bid, and can
not be received, ao aa to interfere with regular
competition. Making a new bid, wiih guarantee
and certificate, la the only way to modify a pre
vious bid.
ao. Postmasters are to be careful not to certify
to the'suffieieney of gusrantora without knowing
that thy are p raona of sufficient responsibility.
(Hee section 947, art of June 8, 1872.) They must
not sign tha certificate until the sum of the bid
is Inserted, and the bid and guarantee are signed
by the bidder and (two) guarantors; a disregard
of this instruction by Postmasters will subject
them to immediate removal and to severe penal
ties. Postmasters are also liable to dismissal from
office for acting as agents of contractors or bid
ders, with or without compensation, in any busi
ness, matter, or thing relating to the mail ar
vine. Tbev are the trusted agenta of tha Ie pert
inent, and cannot consistently act in both
21. All bidders, guarantors, and tun-ties are
distinctly notified that on a failure to enter into
or perform the contracts for the service proposed
for in the accepted bills, their legal liabilities
ill be enforced against them.
22. Present contractors, and persons known tt
the Department, must, eoually with others, pro
cure guarantors and ccrtincates oi tneir sum
clency substantially in toe inrms auove pre
scribed. The certificate of sufficiency mast be
signed by a Postmaster.
23. in all cases wnere tne routea are noiiuuy
supplied with the necessary locae ana poucnes.
it is the duty of the Postmaster at the head of
the route to make requisition on the contract
Office of thla Department for such locks and
pouches before 1st of July next provided the
route be let.
o14 Postmaster General
Martin k Lane. TrusUcs. . . 471 SO
McFaddin E, Trustee 1723 SO S
Marks Jacob 150 16
Noble H H, Trustee M S"0 m
Noble H H , Trustee N'12 25
Noble H H, Trustee 17 10 J"
Noble B H. Trustee 15 100 10
Noble H H, Trustee I'll 1"9 J"
Noble H II, Trustee 1 1 J"
Noble H H, Trustee 13JS 1 ,u
Noble H H, Trustee Wi 100 10
Noble H H, Trustee 1325 100 M
Noble U H, Truetee 131 100 K
Noble H H, Trustee 132H 100 M
Noble HH, Trustee...- 13 1"0 i
Noble H H, Trustee 116 100 11
Noble B H, Trustee 1SST 100 11
Nobl H H, Trustee 1340
Noble H H, Trustee 131 100 11
Noble H H, Trustee 13S2 100
Noble B H, Trustee l:W5 W0 K
Noble H H, Trustee K'M 100 11
Noble H H, Trustee 133 loo II
Noble H H, Trustee IKsl loo , ll
Noble H H, Trustee 1M8 '00 5 H
Noble HH, Trustee 1M0 100 H
Noble H H, Trustee 1S48 1"
Noble H H, Trustee lsw '
Noble H H, Trustee 1SI luo H
ltoberts Oeo D, Trustee SS 100 ll
Richardson E A, Trustee.... ill 100 1'
Richardson E A, Trustee... .237 sou a
Richardson E A, Trustee... .Sf3 25
Richardson E A. Trustee.... 71,1 1U0 1
Richardson E A, Trustee. ,.107t SO
Richanlson E A, Trustee. . .1422 2
Richardson E A, Trustee . . .14H2 S
Richardson E A, Trustee... 1523 100 1
Hichardaon E A, Trustee . . . 156H Hiu i
Richardson E A. Trustee.. .15(10 l' 1
Rose L 8, Trustee 677 60
Rose L 8, Trustee 54 100 1
Sleeper Oeo, Trustee (514 100 1
Sleeper Oeo, Trustee 953 W0 1
Sleeper Oeo, Trustee 57 100 1
BrhmldellH. Trustee V 60
Smiley Thoa J L, Trustee. .1171 50
Tranork Knox. Trustees. .1101 50
Chler J Clem, Trustee 984 200
L'hler J Olem, Trustee 986 200 300
1-blerJClem, Trustee 1190 25 2i
I'bler J Clem, Trustee 1404 100 1U0
I'hler I Clem, Trustee 140D W0 100
Webster at Soule, Trustees . 114 10 10
Woods F H. Trustee 235 10 IB
Woods k Freeborn,Tnistees..7&8 35 36
And in accordance with law and an order of
the Board of Directors, made on tha 16th.
day of October, 1873, so many shares of
each parcel of such stock as may be necessary,
will be sold at public auction, at the offics of
tha Company, Room No. 19 Merchants' Ex-
hange, California street, San Franciaco, Cali
fornia, on tha Ninth day of DHtnatr,
1873, at the hour of one o'clock p. m. of aaia
day, to pay said delinquent assessment thereon,
together with costs of advertising and expenses
tha sals. .
FRANK v. CLEARY, secretary.
Office: Room No. 19 Merchants' Exchange,
California street. Ban Francisco, California.
Sworn to and subscribed before me , for
the of this dsy of , A. D.
187, and in testimony thereof 1 hereunto sub
scribe my name and aftlx my official seal the day
and year aforesaid.
Note. When the oath is taken before a Justice
of the Peace, the certificate of the clerk of a
court of record should be added, under his seal
of otftce, that the person who administered the
oath is a duly qualified Justice of the Peace,
Containing also conditions to be Incorporated
in the contracts to tne extent ue iwparune&c
mav deem proper.
1. Seven minutes are allowed to each inter
mediate office, when not otherwise specified, for
assorting the mails.
2. On routes wnero tue mode or conveysnce
admits of It, the special agents of the postofhee
Department, also postomce Dianas, mail nags,
locks and keys, are to be conveyed without ex
tra charse.
3. " Way bills " or receipts, prepared by
postmasters or otner agents oi tne iMyartment,
will accompany the mails, specifying the num
ber and destination of the several hags, to be ex
amined by the postmasters, to insure regularity
in the delivery of bags and pouches.
4. no pay win ue maue ior trips not per
formed: and for each of such omissions, if the
failure be occasioned by the fault of the con.
tractor or carrier, three times the pay of the
trip will be deducted. For arrivals ao far be
hind time as to break connection with depend
ing mans, anu not aumcienuj excusea, one
fourth of the compensation for the trip is sub
ject to forfeiture. For repeated delinquencies
of the kind herein specified, enlarged penaltiea,
proportioned to the nature thereof, and the im
portance of the mail, may be made.
6. rat leaving oemna or -nrowing oir the
mails, or any portion of them, for tha admission
of passengers, or for being concerned in setting
up or running an express conveying intelligence
in advance of the mail, a quarter 'a pay will be
deducted .
6. Fines will be Imposed, unless the dflin-
fluency be promptly and satiafactorily ext lained
by certificates of postmasters or tba affidavit of
other creaiDie persons, ior iauing to arrive tn
contract time: for neglecting to take the mall
from, or deliver It Into, a postofnoe; for Buffer
ing it to be wet, injured, destroyed, robbed, or
lost; and for refusing, after demand, to convey
the mail aa frequently aa the contractor runs,
or is concerned in running, a coach, car, or
steamboat on a route.
7. The Postmaster General may annul a con
tract for repeated failures to run agreeably to
contract; for violating the postofl.ee laws, or
maoneying tne instructions or tne Department
for refusing to discharge a carrier when required
by the Department to do so; for running an ax-
press as aforesaid; or for transporting persons
or packages conveying mailable matter out of
the mall.
8. The Postmaster General may discontinue
or extend a contract, change the schedule and
termini or a route, and alter, increase, decrease,
orextena tne service, m accordance with law,
be allow nil a pro rata increase of compensation
for any additional service thereby required, or
for increased speed, if the employment of addi
tional stock or earners is rendered necessary
and in case of decrease, curtailment, or disoon-
tinnance of service, as a full indemnity to aald
contractor, one month's extra pay on tha amount
of service dispensed with, and a pro rata com
pensation for the aervice retained, rrovided.
however, that, m case oi inereaaeo expedition,
the contractor may, upon timely notice). illn.
Piovho Silver MIntnir Company.
Location of works, Ely Mining District. Lincoln
county, Nevada. Notice is hereby given that
at a meeting of the Board of Directors of said
Company, held en the who dsy of October,
1873, an assessment (No. S) of One Dollar per
share was levied upon the capital stoca oi aatd
Companr, payable immediately, in United States
gold coin, to tne secretary, at tne omoe oi toe
Uompauy, 4iw ualilornia street, nan xtub.
Cisco. California.
Anx stock uuod which aald assessment shall
tised for sale at public auction, and unless
payment ahall be made before, will be sold
on Tuesday, the Oth day of January,
1874, to pay the delinquent assessment, to
gether with cost of advertising and expenses
of sale.
By order of the Board of Directors.
CUAH. E. ELLIOT, Secretary.
Office: Boom 28 Havward's Bulding. 419 Cali
fornia street, ban r rancisco, uamornia.
qulsb tba contract.
9. Payments will 1 i
Pavmenta will be made by collections from.
r drafts on, postmasters or otherwise, after tha
expiration of each quarter aay in aorember,
Sheriff's Sale.
out of the District Court, fn and tor tha
County of Lincoln, State of Nevada, and to ma
directed and delivered, for a Judgment rendered
in said Court on the 'JUth day of November, a. u.
1H73, in favor of John B. AtcMuson, ana against
osenh W. Parker, for the sum "f four hundred
and forty-three 83-100 dollars, damages, together
with $74.00 dollars, tax coata, and all accruing
lOKtu, I have levied on the following property.
to wit:
All thst certain lot, piece or parcel of land
situate lying and being in the town of Bullion
ville, Lincoln county, State of Nevada, and
bounded and described as follows, to-wit: Situ
ate on the Main street of said town of Bullion
ville, bounded uortheily by the lot of Wieder
hold k floodman, and southerly by the Bullion
ville Marktt, being on the west side of Main
street, having a frontage of 13 feet and extend iug
back luo feet, more or leas, being the saiua
bought by Joseph W. Parker of John C. Lynch,
by deed now of record in the Beoorder's Office
nf tiaid County, together wun au and aiaguiar
the tenements, hereditaments and apt-urtenancea
thereunto belonging or In anywise appertaining.
Notice is hereby given mat on
Saturday, the 9Tth Day of December,
A- lit ism.
at 12 o'clock m., I will sell all the right, title and
intm-Kt of said defendant in and to the above de
scribed property, at tba Court House door, in
Pioche, at publio auction, for cash in band, to
the highest and best bidder, to satisfy said
xecution and all costs.
W. B. TRAVIS, Sheriff.
By B. H. Hf.hefoEu, Deputy Sheriff.
Iniromar Stiver Mlnlnir Company.
Location of principal place of business, San
Francisco, California; location of works, Ely
Mining District, Lincoln county, State of Ne
vada. Notice is hereby given that at a meeting
of the Board of Directors, held on the 6th day
of November, 1873, an assessment (No. fl) of
twenty-five cents per share was levied upon
the capital stock of tha corporation, payable im
mediately in United States gold coin, to the
secretary, at me orace oi me company, noom
23 Hay ward's Building 410 California street, San
Francisco. California.
Anv stock upon whicb this assessment shall
remain unpaid on tne iutn day or ucrm
ber, 1873, will be delinquent, and adver
tised for sale at public auction, and unless pay
ment is made before, will be sold on Thurs
day, the Nth day of January, 1874, to
pay the delinquent assessment, together with
costs of advertising and expenses of ssle.
CHAS. B. NEAL, Secretary.
Oflloe: Boom 28 Havward's Building, 419
California street, wn Franciaco, California.
Bowftrv ronaolldated Mill and Min
tug Company. Location of principal place of
business, San Francisco, California; location of
works, Ely Mining District, Lincoln county,
Nevada. Notice la hereby given that at i
meeting of the Directors, held on tha 6th day of
November, 1873, an assessment (No. 4) of fty
cent per share was levied upon tha capita.
stock or the corporation, payaoie immediately
In United States gold coin, to tba Secretary, at
the orace of tne company, room m uayward
Building, No. 419 California street, San Fran
cisco. California.
Any stock noon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on tne letn aay or December.
1873, wilt be delinquent, and advertised for
sale at publio aoction, and unless payment is
made before, will be sold on Friday, the
vta oar or ajanaarv. in. , to par tne
linqnent assessment, together with costs of
advertising and expenses or sale.
CHAS. E. ELLIOT. Secretary.
Office: Room 28 Havward's Building, No. 419
uawornia atreet, nan rrancisco, uawornia.
Carolina Mining; Company, Lara
tion of works, Ely Mining District, - Lin
coln County, Nevada. Notice la hereby (riven
that at a meeting of tha Board of Directors,
held on the 11th day of November, 1873, an
assessment (No. 8) of thirty cents per share
was levied upon the capital stock of the corpo
ration, payable immediately in United States
gold coin, to the Secretary, at the office of tha
company, No. 419 California street, San Francis
co, California.
Any stock upon which this aeaenment ahall
remain unpaid on the JItsd day of Decem
ber, 1873, will be delinquent, and advertised
for sale at nubile auction, and unless payment
is made oeiore, win oe soia on tne 'I'nursday,
I tie itn day ar January, 7, to pay
tha delinquent assessment, together with
costs of advertising and expenaea of aala.
Br order of the Directors.
CHAS. 1. ELLIOT, Secretary.
Ottos: Boom 28, Hayward's Building, 419 Cal
iornia street, aan granoiaoo, uai. , nia-td
This establishment is supplied with a large J
aaaortment of newest styles of
Type, Borders, Assorted Stationer
..aUS all, THE.
ATO BERET, AftonwvswTrr-
aildliic.ap stairs. L'atliu
A SHI S. BBO .Moswrgt, v
nnsjtsLssou. '"
ABBAHAM T. W., loataiator. - j
t MM .
Tens expires 18Tt
Charles W. Kendall
D Bulldls,. Mala street! mX
JJIKHOF s LEI, PsvalrtaiM, flUlt
JJ1SH0P k SABIS, Attoraej, at l!
BREAIET H. .. Hoiarv tliu ""
saissioaer of Deed, .STtii't Cos
Msia street, . . oeeirder.
R. Bradley
Frank Denver
V. Miaor.........
W. W. Hubert
Jerry schooling
Lntner a. xsuexner
John Dav
Lieutenant Governor
...secretary of state
, Treasurer
Attorney Oensrsl
Surveyor General
k. M. riabsr. .taperlntendent Public Instruction
C. A. V. Putnam Btata Printer
H. R. WhlteuUl.... State Mineralogiat
C Thornton Governors Private Hacretary
umrai cocbt.
0. Whitman Chief Jostles
Thomas B. Hawley AsaoclaW
U- a. Beisnap.. Asaociave
Alfred Helss Clerk at tha Supreme Ooirt
District Judge K. Fuller
n. b. cispp
Bute Senator.
Bute senator
AasemblysBsa. .. H ...... .
A asetn blyman.. ......... ,
County Clerk
District Attorney
County Treasurer
County Kseorder....
County Auditor
County Assessor
County Surveyor...
Public Administrator.. . .
Superintendent Publie Schools.
County Commissioners. V
carden, T. t. aonea.
Rlko ....Charles G. Heath, Postmaster
John R. Wilson
P. A. Cralgne
......Thomaa Wtllsos
W. S. "ravis
f.Z stiller
. .George Goldthwaits
John Boeder
w. B. Henderson
W. H. Henderson
O. P. Bhetwood
E. Schoppmann
Dr. D. L. Deal
Dr. D L. Deal
.Louia Bultan
Fulks, C. B
J Capital Salooa kU),-.
pAHILI. k FOX, Stork Brokers,
ptARK D. C k BBC,. Whole.1. IjT'
J Dealers in Grooertaa. setsd
eral sferchsndise. Lover Main atreetT "
tiunn aimjlph BRO., hol.u
COHlt JACOB, Dealer la Drv n,.
dothing. Msia atrses, .pp.
Liswnan easLSB. usaltrla Ororerl a
wars. Clothing, ate, Msia treat'
and Domestic Fruits, Afaji strsatT Wa
Meadow Valley street. """"MUsir,
pin k Co., Main street. '
QAMPBELL JAMES, Orient salooa, tsas,
McOORMICE. Saloon, kUl.
EAL DR. D. L., PhystcUa,
Panacs. ..
.James W. Isngford.Postmsater
. . . .T. W. Abraham, Postmaster
Justice of the Peace J.B. Van Hagcn
Constable Smith Gray
Following are the principal Mining Companies
on the Ban Francisco Stock Boards, together
with tha number of feet In each mine and
ahsre to each foot:
Plain ui taenia Tjpi,
ytoeat asd Latest Styles, for any kind
sf Work, such aa
Posters, Play-bUla, Receipts, B
Books, Clrsmlara, Chocks,
nosoa. aasra.
1 virtus of an order of sals mada by the Dia
trict Court of the Seventh Judicial District. Lin
coln County, State of Nevada, on the ilA day of
November, A. D. 1818, in tha matter of the es
tate of William Davis deceased, I will sell at
public auction, to tha higbeat bidder, for cash,
at the Court-house, tn Pioche, Lincoln County,
A.vaua, on
Saturday, the aotk day of Decem
ber, AY. D. 18TS.
1 , , .1 .1 l ,l It..!.... ,141. InUwitl and
estate that said William Davia, deceaaed, bad at
the time of his death, and all right, title and In
terest the said estate shall have acquired stnoe
tba death of aaid William Davia in and t. the
following discribed premises, vis: An undivid
ed one-half of that certain tract or parcel of
land, with an undivided one-half of all aprlngs
or other water thereon and wster rights connect
ed therewith, situated la tha Highland Mining
District, Lincoln County, stats oi evaaa, sur
veyed by tha County Surveyor of aaid County
on the .nth day of November, A. D. 187, and
recorded in Book " B" of Surveys Lincoln Coun
ty Kecords, on page 16, and in asid survey
more particularly dtacribed sa follows:
Beginning at the S. E. corner of Marsball'a
land, at Highland, and about seven milea weat
erly from Piorhs City, Lincoln County, Nevsds,
ana running tuence nonn, iouu ieei, w a iuu.,
No. i thence east, 1M1 feet, to s stake, No. :
tht-nce south, 16o0 feet to s stake, No. 4; thence
west, 1551 feet to s stake, beginning, containing
68 acres, excepting s piece 450 square, sold by
said deceased prior to hia death.
piocne, aovemoer xe, ioi.
Public Administrator of Lincoln County.
Of all slaas. shades
and ahapea. In plain black or in any or all tha
voiors an tne itunoow.
to be Indebted to tbs estate of tha Ists
John H. Lynch are requealea to coma lorwara
and liquidate such indebtedness wunoui ueiey.
JUSLn J- vuiunusj
Attorney for Executrix,'
Meadow Valley street, Pioche.
August a, It aus-tf
mn Ttnn. frame building. o
1 Mesdow Valley street, adjoining Jas. Pi ar
son's residanos, known at tha V. B. Bsstaursnt,
Is offered for sals. For information sppiy to
alft-tf Armory Hall. Masdow Vsll.y st.
Lost Certificate!.
CERTIFICATE No. S.OM. tor $100, dated Oc
tober 9, 1873, and certificate No. 4,891, for
(1011, dated September 11, 1871, both drawn by
Wells. Finn t Co.. la savor of James Johns.
have been lost, sod their payment stopped. The
under will plesss leave anem as an naooaD
cmce. u.v-.ui
I 1 are now nranared to deliver Btov. Wood.
cut la Isngths and split to order, on the ahortsat
aJt-af ' . FBTO.M.PIRBCE, Sup't.
ValthfaU to tke IstaUlisUoais of
tha Caatryi
Publishinj ill the Tdegraph News,
EI Dorsao H..
Empire Mill. 75
r-uress uon.,
Exchequer... 400
Flowery 8,000
GouldACurry l,?oo
Bale k Noro . 400
Home Ticket.--
Imperial 184
Insurance .... S.000
Ft. In Bbsl Ft. in Shs
Mine.lnft Hntl. Mine. In ft
Julia 1,000 la
Justice 3,000
K. K. Con....
Kenturk 93
Knlckerbockr 1,M0
Idy Bryan,.
McMabon.... 1.000
McMesns....S.6Xl0 10
Mint 1.600 S1U
Mocking Bird 1,'J00 2t
Monitor Belm
Murphy 9.000 30
Nevada 8.000 13 H
N. York Con. 3.000
Occidental... 8U0 124
Cnhir 1.400
overmen ...,1,'Juu tut
Ph. Sheridan. 1,200
Pictou. 8,000
Rock Island.,
Savage 800
Seg. Belcher.. 180
Bg. Caledonia
Sierra Nevada
Silver Hill...
Silver W est C.
S. Overman,.
Standard Mill
20 Star Con. ...18,000
Starlight 6,900
Succor 7,600
40 Sutro
suiTrench .... .. 90
Tyler .I0
tut Union Con.. . 80S s
15 Wood ville.. ..1,400
Yellow Jacket 1, 'As)
Yellower. .
Adams Hill.
Alpha Con... 300
Alts.. 3,600
Am. Flat
Arts.k Utah.. 1,900
Arkansas 300
Baron Mill... 63
Baltimore C. .
Belcher 1,040
Belmont .... ,
Best k Belch. 2M
Bowers 90
Bullion 1.300
Caledonia.... 6,000
Central 160
Central No. 3. 100 100
Cbollar-Ptal . 1,8110 10
Columbus. ..10.000
Confidence... 130 M,
G. H. Qrtx. 344
Con. Virginia. 1, 10 10
Cook k Geyer 1,8110
Crown Point. 600
Danry 9.000
Dardanelles . . 1 ,200
70 867
sxt rjismicr.
Alps 800 871t
Amsdor Tun.-
Am. Flag
Cnanman M..
Charter Oa- 1,000 SO
Chief of tl.
Chief E. Ext.
Excelsior . . . .
Hermes 1,000
Huhn k Hunt 3.6H0
In go mar l.OuO
Kentucky.... 1.000
Klnaton 1.U00
Lehigh 1,000
warn rnrk.
Oen.Les 1,000 1010. Hidden Tf.
Mammoth.. ..1,800
Noonday 1,000
Lmlea Hall..l,ou0
Louia 2.400 12
Mead.Valley .24,023
Newark 800
Pacific Tun . .
Page It Pans . 2.400 ICS
reavine t.uuu
Pioche 1,000
Pioche W. Ex
Pioch Pbenix
8H Raymond k Et.OUO
40 Silver Peak..
ISpriug Muunt
su S. Mm. iun .
SOiWrd Beecher.
SO W. a Creole.. 100
800 MS
20 Silver wave. .
20 Wrd Beecher.
Alpine 1,200
Bellevua 8.000
Calaveraa. ... 8,200
Oederberg . . . ,
Con. Amador.-
Cottonwood 0
Dunderberg . .
El Doraao IM
Eureka 1,680
Baker r-.
Liquors. Provisions sad Groceries "
pDWARDS T. D.. Attorney and Coiun.to "
IMRENMANN J. k CO., Importers tod di
'j In Hsrdware. Crockerv. oiu.1T
Hunse-farnishing Goods, Msin street.
FARGO R. A. a CO., Importers sni Josh,
of Brandies. Wines sad Liuuora. si. eZlT
street, 8au Franciaco. , .
FELSENTHAL PH.. Wholesale and Retell
Dealer la Groceries, Provisions, etc Uui
atreet 1
I K. Breakey, Agent for Lincoln count. '
GIBBON DR.. Gibbon's Dispensary,
623 Kearny street, San Frasdaaa
GILMER k SALISBURY, Daily Stage Line
Oflloi. at Walls, Farao k do'.
f i 1BF1ULD k BRISACHER. Baa Fr-ncl
LT Restaurant and Bakerv. MeaHnw v.n
street, opposite Dexter Stables.
H-U-n. f CO- i Bardwsn,
Main atreet.
HAMILTON E., Wholesale and letstt
Liquor Dealer, Msia street.
HANLY X. J, Armory Hall. .
Mesdow YalUj atnat.
HARRISON BROS., Deslers In IWran.
Bedding, Carpets, etc., Mala street.
HILL SAMUEL, Agent Florence Sewing Ms,
chines, 19 New Montgomery street, Grail
Hotel Buuding, Man Frsnciseo. -
HARENBEKQ DR. 0., Physician ni SrtrSMa.
Mesdow Valley atreet. .
JACOBS k BULTAlt, Wholesale and Ratal
Deslers la General Merchandise, Main at.
KITCHEN k CO., Proprietors Walker Hsaj,
sad Clift Bouse. Salt Lake.
TT A8TEN F., Meadow Valley Brewery, sonar
IV of Msin and Meadow Valley streets.
LIEBE8 k BOWMAN. Manufacturer, and la.
porters of Havana Cigars, corner of bam
meato sad Battery streets, baa FauKlsco.
IIVINGST0N k CO., Fin Brandies. WlM
1 and Liquors. 220 and 221 Csllfornla abas.
ban Frsnciseo.
LEWIS H., Desler In Clothing and Furaiak
Ing Goods, Main street.
LYNCH JOHN 0., Whslessle and Rttstt
Liquor Dssler. cor, Msia sad Lacour ata.
MICHAEL H., Cigar Store, Main itnet, oppo.
site Mesdow Valley street.
MAHONEY k OTOOLE, Dealer. In Clstsrsf,
BooU and Shoes, etc., Msia atnat,
MALLETT J. H. k CO., Meat Market,
Mala, opposite Lacour eUed,
MARX F. P., Forwardlrg and CoBunlasta
Merchant, Tosno (0. P. R. R.) Nevsds.
lvl Commlaaloa Merchants, Lscour street,
MILEY A LAAOR, Confertloaers,
N ext door to J . J . Hal pin k Co, Msa) strati.
MOTT, FISH k CO , Importer, ei Tml(ri
la Hardware, Mill sad Mlalng ooaavss.
Mesdow Valley strket.
Attorneys st Lav, Lacotrr ttrea.
)OND, REYNOLDS k CO., Importer, ud
Jobbers of Wines and Liquors, 312 Callttt.
nia atreet, Ban Francisco.
PRITCHARD W. L. (T. F. Lswler, A rest it
Pioche) Fast Freight Lias from PallaadtM
Pioche, Msin street, below lacour.
Dentist, Msin ibex.
Independent. 1,800
Kevatone uts.
Mt. Jefferson. 1,600 ICS
Oakvllle Qtl..
llye Patch....
St. Lawreucs.
St. Patrick.. .1.W0
Tecumaeh..., 8,000
Yule Grave).. 4M
IMinneeots.... 1.070
13H Red Jacket...
77 South Chariot (GO
14War Esgls... 1,000
Daserat Con.. 2,400 UMlWelllngton...
O. Chariot.... 760 1
Ida Ellmore.. 1,300
Mahogany... 720
ROIDER JOHN, Deslesr In Groceries, Pro
visions and General Msrchandlaa, itaM
Store, Lacour atreet. . , -
Philadelphia Brewery, Msin stmt.
False Club Room,, Mala strait.
SHERWOOD k BRO., Dealers la Lumber,
Main strut
C HRODFE, SWEENEY k 00., Oommlsska ast
kj Wholesale Dealers la Provisions, so( fnat
atreet, Ban Francisco.
COUTH JAS. S. k CO., Stock Brokers,
kj Mainnras.
STAPLES J. R. k CO., Furniture, Fpholttsr,
etc., Pioche street.
Msin Brat
THOMPSON k QAVPIN. Wholesale Deafen U
Wines, Liquor and Cigara, Lacour streK.
rirttAVIS k CO., Pioch and Hamilton Bap
I Une; Frank 0. Mlnshull, at Wells, ftrf
kCo'a, Aoent.
WARD H Undertaker, aid dealer 111 ftl
niture, Bedding, etc., west aid. Mul
street, Pioche, Nevsds.
WELLS, FARGO k CO., Exchangs, Buklrf
and Lxpress Company, Main atreet.
WE8COATT X., Patents for Mineral Luhu,
Meadow Valley street.
ir HEELER FRANK k CO., In porter, ni
S S Sr ' f I sW saw 1 1 ; 1 ssswT-VX
News Summary,
Furnishing an asosuai of tha condition sf ths
mlass la th a.vsr.1 diatriata: soadiUoa sf tha
workJi 1st drveUpmenta: smount sf ore for
Ihswaak; ylsld of era worked; proposed easaf
as: sad athar sasrtsne latsrait to owners sad
Are Suited (o all Climates,
Famona fbr dotoc mora aa4
1N ATa.l.l -m srsa.
lewsw stnat ;aisjwpaj
Tbsa aajr Wsteaf Ue ssst.
PAktoua fob civi.xa
fiaitsfsf4lfW4 Evawwwsliama'
lsf Ax naisa
" Especially Adapted
m:i or vim imn
a .co.,
Plocha. Nov.
street, Bear he Court House, and comprises
viuiug osiooB, aiacnen sna two Hen Kooms.
sor psnicnisrs, wquirs OB tns presnlses.
Deslers in General H srdware. Mala st.
xxrimmnniiri t
Y Pioneer Ssws Depot, Msin street
ayriLLlAMB J. U
af.an.,11. K. llUITI .
Anivali and Separturei of Kfl
to and from Fiocbe.
Eastarat aaal vVeslera Mail.
Arrives sbont 4 b. m.i departs I a.m.
nisll closes at 746 am. .
Bait Lake aaid Vtah Mall.
Arrives about f p.m.: desarla ( -.
closes st 9 p. su.
Yllks Mall-Weekly.
Arrives Tuesdays, at 11 s. m l departs Ts
days, at 6 p.m. All mall matter Ij'!""
not mailed before Tuesday, should wf"
soma ons Inelds. and not dropped In the
box. Mall closes st 4 SO p. m.
, BuIUobvIII and Paaaeak
Arrives daily, st 11 s. m.: departs 4 p.
clones five minntea before departure, sua"
ter for these places shonld be handeo ialu"
same ss Hiko. . ...a.4
aW Postoffice open dally leieepi ou-i--
uoi.u.,.,, ,.o .
osys, rrom V to to s. m., ana v w i r-.
Lettere reglatered from a. at.
daily except ss above.
. . T. W. ABBAHAsf. PoatasstsT.
to t
To Delinquent T PyeJ
fiscal year J" SSirlrtAt-
1871, has been deposited with ths f"T" u
torney.and unless tba delinquent aiasai sjj.
specified are paid to tha 'Ireaaureras s,,
Tsx Receiver, within twenty oaya tJKl
of this nolle, sctlon will bs i-1
Dlatrict Attorney lor hs So,
and costi. WH' cSAiislt
Pioche, Nevada, November 28, W. -
g tbs BBSs of Job Work don to order
Notice to jCreditoi
Estate of William ItU, Drc"
deralgned adminlatrator of ths-,,.
Wllllsm Dvis, deeeaaed. to fd"-la se
al 1 persons hsvlng clslma sgstBSt, am
cesaed, to exhibit them. Witt J" pt
vouchers, within ten V"ifd"Jmhillt
licatlon of this notice, W''laT la
sthladrugatore, Main street, Hod
county of Lincoln.
Dsted si Pioche, Nov. 2, lg' u BEat,
Public Administrator, and 4fS,"
estate of William Davia, deceaaeo
Pllsar k Coraoa, Att-ys f a""
. B2dSW6 ii !.l-'t-
r avT----

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