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Y.January 5, 1895.
rue Potto (Bee, Dayton, an aecond
. _atter. __
u nEIiLOKti, 830 Pine street, San
Francisco. la our authoriied Agent in Cal.
Legal advertising, per square of ten lines
of nonparlel...;... Vi.* ? S,
Bach subsequent insertion....... * w
Commercial advertising, single column,
per inch per month. * w
Double column, per inch.•••.•*
Discount of 10 per cent, on commercial (ads
standing three months; 25 per cent, on ads
standing six months; 40 per cent, on ads
standing one year.
Local notices, per line of nonparlel, first
insertion..:.. „ ..*
Each subsequent insertion, per line.05
No deviation from above prices.
In Memorium Resolutions published in the
Times will he charged for at the rate of ten
cents per line.
Heart Palpitation
Indigestion, Impure Blood
Cured by Hood’s.
Mr. D. W. Bridge*
"C. I. Hood & Co.. Lowell. Mass.:
“Dear Sirs:— During the winter and spring I
have used a dozen bottles of Hood’s Sarsapa
rilla in my family, and I am quite sure we have
been greatly benefited by it. For years I have
been troubled with indigestion, accompanied
by sympathetic heart trouble, and Hood’s Sar
saparilla has done me very much good. We
have also given it to the children for impure
blood and ringworms with very good results.”
D. W. Bkidoks. Pleasant Hill, Oregon.
N. B. If you decide to take Hood's Sarsapa
rilla do not be induced to buy any other.
Hood’S Pills cure all Liver Ills, Biliousness,
Jaundice, Indigestion, Sick Headache. 25c.
—or th*—
NOV. 523d. 1808.
Mound House...
Fort Churchill..
Kio Vista.
Kinkead .
New Boston.
Soda Springs
I unction.
Bishop Creek ..
Bishop Creek...
Alvord .
Independence .
Bone Pine.
Mound House
No. 1.
10*0 A M
11*0 P u
12:10 p m
12:40 PM
1:15l PM
135j PM
1*0 PM
2.-00 P M
2. -26 pm
8*5 P M
3:45 PM
6:20 PM
6*0 p m
6:85 P M
6*5 P M
7:1a p m
7:35 P M
8516! P M
8:45) PM
8:85 p m
9:10 r M
No. 8.
8*5 a M
8:45 am
9:45 a m
10*0 A M
11:25 am
12*5 A M
12:45 P M
1:45 p m
2:15 p M
3. -00 p m
8:45 p m
4 *5 p m
5:25 p m
6*5 p m
6:15 P M
Mound House
No. 2.
5*5 P M
4:40 p m
4:10 p M
2151 ™
300 p M
2:50 pm
225 pm
1:45 pm
1.05 P M
Arrives- >.
11:30 A M
10*0 A M
10:15 A M
9:55 am
925 a m
9:15 a m
8:151 A M
8:05 A m
7:40 A M
No. 4.
6:35 P M
525 pm
4:20 P M
3 30 p M
220 p m
1:45 p M
12*0 r M
11:40 a m
10:10 am
10:10 a m
9:25 am
8:40 a m
7:45 a m
7:10 am
7:00 a m
Train*- 1 and 2 run daily.
Train 3 'uns Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri
Traip 4 runs Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur
Pajsenger trains make close connection at
Mound House with express trains of Virginia
*wi.ri"uu^eeAta**roa<*’ connect at Reno
with east and west-bound trains of Central Pa
cific Railroad.
STAGR connections.
At Hawthorne, with United States Stage Co’s
coaches for Aurora (26 miles); Bodie (37 miles);
and for Lundy and Bridgeport.
wGk L«1’?ing’ ^25 ,™ues from Mound House),
me.r’ Salisbury A Co’s triweekly
,&,( Mnng Mondays, Wednesdays and Frf
mont * Downeyville, Grantsville and Bel
•tA«af«re!r*rl1a- w't‘» United States Stage Co’s
5ja**,/0:r Columbus (8 miles), Silver Peak,
Montezuma, Alida Valley, Gold Mountain, etc.
for Cerro Gordro (6
miles), Darwin (22 miles), and Panamint.
j t t wq H’ M. YBRIN6T0K.
AMlsUn’t S„perimendentbUP*rlntendent
_ ‘ , „ , D .A. BENDER,
General Freight and Passenger Agent.
Dr. Pi" i Baking Powder
he .Standard.
—Bar silver 00£.
—Ducks are numerous on the
—More snow may he*expected at
any minute.
—This issue is the first of vol
—New hoard of Commissioners
will meet Monday.
—The snow has disappeared and
the mud ‘s very muddy.
—Henry Wood is exporting the
books of the county officers.
—Fred Littell, our next Sheriff
and Assessor, is in from Mason Val
—Geo. Randall left here Thurs
day to take a position in the State
Printing office at Carson.
—The south-bound train has
been late for the past two days ow
ing to storms on the C. P.
—It is understood that another
rich gold strike was made in one of
the Silver City mines this week.
—W. R. Davis and family moved
to Carson last Friday night. “Ri
ley” is to be deputy State Treasurer.
—It will behoove those who owed
our late County Treasurer money
to now come forth an pay his wid
—The wind storm which visited
this place Thursday night was a
ripper, but it did no damage to
speak of.
—We are a day late this week
owing to a rush of job work that
had to be finished for the A. O. U
W., and being short of help.
—The sheet and pillow case par
ty that was to have taken place on
New Year’s Eve., was postponed on
account of the suicide of J. A. Hun
—The funeral of Walter Loftus
took place from the Court House
last Sunday, Rev. Windsor officiat
ing. It was largely attended, and
nearly every body followed the re
mains to the grave.
Tailleur-Cal vert.
The residence of Mr. and Mrs. T.
D. Calvert, at the Mound House,
was a scene of great festivity on
New Year’s day, the occasion being
the marriage of Matt. Tailleur and
Miss Mamie Calvert, uncle Tom’s
daughter. Guests were present
from all around the neighboring
country, and Parson Davis tied the
nuptial knot good and strong. An
elegant dinner was partaken of by
the friends present, and in the eve
ning the young couple took the
train for Virginia City. They will
reside in the future at the Eureka
mill. Both bride and groom are
well known and popular, and the
Time’s force joins with their many
friends in drinking to their health,
happiness and prosperity. Follow
ing is a list of presents they re
T. D. and John Calvert—Oak Clock.
Miss Lillie Tailleur—Hand-paiuted sofa cush
Eugene Tailleur—Silver Teaspoons.
Fred Tailleur—Butter Knife and Sugar Shell,
Mrs. Leo. Aigeltinger—Silver Carving Set.
Mrs. T. D. Calvert—Crazy-quilt Sofa Cushion
and Table Scarf.
John Calvert—Cbiua Dinner Set, 112 pieces.
John Calvert—Shaving Set.
Mrs. Joe Moore—Set of Silver Knives and
Forks and Spoons, and Plush Case.
Mr. Joe Moore—Plush Marble Clock.
Joe Calvert—Glass Water Set and Tea Set.
Chas. Calvert—Silver Butter Knife and Sugar
Mr. and Mrs. F. Lothrop—Silver Butter Dish.
Mrs, James Condrey—Silver Tea Set.
Wm. Condrey—Silver Napkin King.
Tillie Condrey—811ver Napkin Ring.
Nellie Condrey—Sugar Shell and Butter
Mrs. Nellie Magee—Table Cover, Bed Spread
and Box of Flowers.
Mrs. Long and Daughters—Plush Rocking
Mrs. Yandall—Plush Work Box.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Teasland—Silver Spoons and
Butter Knife.
Mrs. Regan—Lemonade Glasses.
Parson Davis and Wife—Ice Cream Tray.
Mrs. D. A. Wilts—Tablecloth and Napkins.
Miss Annie Brady—Bedspread.
Master Jim Moore—Silver Berry Spoon.
Mrs. Pion—Wedding Cake.
Mr. Pion—Dozen of Champagne.
Mrs. J. Martin—Half-doz Butter Dishes.
Jim Calvert—Tablecloth, Towels, Napkins.
Lena Tailleur—Box of Flowers.
Tom Calvert Jr—Extension Table.
F.mile Tailleur—Bedspread.
Mr. J. Peck—Silver Pitcher.
Groom to Bride-Gold Watch and Chain.
Beyond t’ompnrlaon
Are the good qualities possessed by Hood’s
Sarsaparilla. Above all it purifies the blood,
thus strengthening the nerves; it regulates the
digestive organs, invigorates the kidneys and
liver, tones and builds up the entire system,
enres Scrofula, Dyspepsia, Catareh and Rheu
matism. Get Hood's and only Hood's.
Hood’s IMIIn become the favorite eathar
tic with everyone who triv-s them. 25c.
County Treasurer Huntoon Send* a
Mullet Through Ills Heart on New
Year'* Eve —A Hliortagc of Nearly
$0*000 Found In Ilia Accounts.
• Last Monday evening, about 8
o’clock, this community was thrown
into 3 state of wild excitement by
the report that County Treasurer,
J. A. Huntoon, had committed sui
cide in his office in the Court House.
Everybody rushed to the Court
House as soon as the report spread,
Dr. Hazlett was immediately sum
moned, and it was found that there
had been no false alarm, for on the
lloor of his office lay the Treasurer
with a bullet hole in his left side
and his life-blood ebbing away. He
breathed his last at 8:20.
A Coroner’s jury, which met at
i o’clock Tuesday, brought forth the
following facts:
The old Board of Corn's, had met
Monday to wind up the affairs of the
county tor the old year, and had
finished all business except counting
the money. The Auditor and Treas
urer not beinrj quite ready with the
reports, the Board adjourned until
3 o’clock in the afternoon. This time
having arrived the Board met again
but the Treasurer failed to put in an
appearance, and the Board took a
recess until 7 o’clock that evening.
At this hour the Board found no
light in the Treasurer’s office, where
the meetings are held, the door was
locked and the Treasurer had not
been seen since shortly before 3
o’clock that afternoon, when he was
seen to w*alk through the lower part
of the Court House and out the back
door. Search was made but Mr.
Iluntoon could not be found. Becom
ing suspicious of something being
wrong Commissioner Holland, Dep
uty Sheriff Dreyfuss, Attorney Lo
tlirop, and Treasurer-elect Loft us,
went to the door of the office and
found it locked. As they were going
up stairs a dim light which was no
ticed to be burning in the office went
out. A pass key which attorney
Lothrop had to the door failed to
open it, and Drey fuss climed through
the transom and opened the door
from the inside. As the other per
sons entered the room, and as attor
ney Lothrop stepped around the end
of the long desk in the office, there
was a deafening report, the sound of
a body falling a short distance, and
then all was quiet except a gasping
noise made by the dying man. A
light revealed Huntoon lying partly
on his side in about the center of the
room on the floor. He was sitting
on the floor when he shot himself,
and by his side, on the floor, sat a
lamp, the chimney on which was
still warm. A letter addressed to
John Lothrop and one to the Com
missioners were also found in the
safe. It was found that the bullet
had entered his left side just below
the nipple, passed between the fourth
and fifth ribs, through the apex of
the heart, severing the abdominal
aorta, ranged inward and downward
and made its exit between the pro
cesses of the spinal column of the
fifth and sixth ribs. The wound
produced internal hemorrhage in the
cavity of the chest and abdomen
and paralyzed the entire system.
Shortly after death the body was
removed to the lower hall in the Odd
Fellows’ building. The pistol used
was a 38 caliber Smith & Wesson re
volver of the hammerless pattern,
and the bullet, after passing through
the body, imbedded itself in the side
of the wood-box in the Treasurer’s
office. The weapon belonged to K.
Pierini, and was taken from behind
his bar by Huntoon sometime Mon
day morning. The letter left by
Huntoon to the Commissioners said
he had been robbed since the 3d day
of December last, but he knew peo
ple would not believe this and he
had made up his mind to die instead
of stand txial for defalcation. The
letter to Mr. Lothrop was asking him
to look after the affairs of his office
as Grand Recorder of the A. O. U. W^.
and suggested that Grand Master
Taylor go as a representative to the
Supreme Lodge, in Chicago, a trip
Mr. Huntoon was to have started on
on the 3d of this month. He left an
other letter, to his wile, m a sack ol
coin, amounting to $4,330, which he
took home to her Monday morning,
and explained that it was Lodge
money, and that she was to pay it
out when demanded, except $500
which was to go to his sister, and
the balance she was instructed to
keep herself.
J. A. Hauntoon was a native of
Vermont, aged 47 years. He came to
this iitate in the svcntics, and for a
time resided in Silver City. lie has
been Treasurer of this county for
the past ten years, and Clerk for the
fiast two years. He was defeated
ast November for another term as
Clerk and Treasurer by A. J. Lof
tus, and his term would have ex
Sired next Monday. He was Grand
Recorder of the A. O. U. W., Juris
diction of Nevada, and Grand Treas
urer of the I, 0. 0. F. of this State,
as well as Treasurer ol Huy ton
Lodge No. 5, I. O. 0. F., of this place.
It is supposed that the money that
Iluntoon took to his home is enough
to set the Lodge accounts nearly or
quite square, and his bondsmen are
good for the amount the county mon
ey is short.
It is evident that the shortage has
existed for some time past, and that
when quarterly count of money has
been made heretofore the Treasurer
has turned in the Lodge funds in his
possession to make the county funds
balance, but this time there was not
enough money in both the county
and Lodge funds, by about $1,300, to
show an even balance.
Mr. Huntoon left no money any
where. While not much of a drink
ing man he was a liberal and jolly
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. L. Gov’t Report
Absolutely pure
I " r' ■ '
fellow, whose expenses in the saloons
would average $2.50 or $3 a day, and
his election expenses during the last
two campaigns have been very
heavy, while he has loaned consider
able money to different parties, some
$1,200 in notes being found in his old
safe, only about half of which are
The funeral of deceased took
place from the Court House Thurs
day under the anspiccs of the I. O. O.
F., and was largely attended, the
members of both Orders to which he
belonged turning out in force. He
leaves a wife ana four young chil
dren here, one sister in Vermont and
one in "Wisconsin, and a brother in
Canada to mourn his sad ending.
World’s Fair Officials Expose a Pre
tender to an Award.
Chicago, III.-One of the odd
results of the World’s Fair is the
claim now made to awards by some
who were not even exhibitors. Of
ficials of the Exposition have not
as yet taken final action in the
matter, believing the quick wit of
the people will detect the spurious
claims. But to the case of a New
York baking powder, that has been
widely advertising an award, the
attention of the Chief Awards for
Agriculture, has been directed. He
brands the claim of this pretender
as false, declaring “Neither the rec
ords of this department, nor the of
ficial catalogue of the World’s
Columbian Exposition, show that
this New York Company was an
exhibitor; consequently it could not
receive an award at the World’s
Those who fairly won their hon
ors at the Fair seem disposed to
treat this fraud as should be treated.
The Price Baking Powder Com
pany, of Chicago, having received
the highest award, say they are
convinced their claims, and those
of all other holders of rightful hon
ors, will be fully vindicated by the
Card to the Public.
Dayton, Nev., Jan. 4, 1895.
Editor Times:—I desire to re
quest through your columns that
the citizens of Lyon county will
suspend judgment relative to the
paragraph in the late Treasurer’s
letter, stating that I had not paid
my Recorder’s dues into the Treas
ury since Feb. 1894.
In your next issue I will publish
a full and explicit statement of the
matter by which time the examin
ation now in progress in the Treas
urer’s office will have been com
pleted, and I will cheerfully accept
the verdict of the public thereon.
The statement then published will
contain facts that can be verified
by the Treasurer’s books, and will
be full and complete.
T. P. Mack.
County Recorder.
The Sooth Omaha Dally Drover*
With Tri-Weekly, Semi-Weekly
and Weekly editions, is the leading
live stock newspaper and market
reporter of the West. It is the best
market paper for stock raisers,
farmers, fine stock breeders and
grain dealers. In addition to its
complete, accurate and impartial
report of the South Omaha live
stoek market, it contains the very
latest and correct market reports
by telegraph from all the principal
stock markets of the country, to
gether with all the important tele
graphic and general news. Daily,
$4; Tri-Weekly, $2.50; Semi-Week
ly, $2; and Weekly, $1.50 per year.
For free sample copy address The
Drovers Journal Company, Union
Stock Yards, South Omaha, Neb.
Card of Thank*.
The undersigned desire to extend
their sincere and heartfelt thanks
to the many kind friends who so
generously lent assistance during
the illness of their beloved one who j
recently “crossed over.”
Mrs. W. J. Loftus,
Mrs. A. Loftus,
Mrs. J. E. Gionoux.
A. Loftus,
A. J. Loftus. 1
Final Meet Inca of the Old Board.—
Kualnrna Trammeled.
The Board of County Commis
sioners held its final meetings Dec.
31st and Jan. 1st; present W. H.
Spragg, Chairman; J. F. Holland
and D. P. Randall, Commissioners;
J. A. Huntoon, Clerk.
The minutes of previous meeting
were read and approved.
Bills allowed will be found else
The bill of C. F. Meissner for $6
was allowed for $3.
The bill of H. Brady for $8 was
allowed for $6.50.
A petition was presented asking
that Wabuska precinct be included
in Mason Valley precinct. Petition
tiled and no action taken.
Sheriff Donnelly filed his quar
terly report.
In the case of John Larry, who
applied for county aid, it was found
that it was unnecessary to grant
such aid.
D. L. Sayre filed a protest against
allowing any bills presented by F.
W. Fairbanks, and the Board then
allowed the bill presented by Fair
banks upon advice of Attorney Lo
Board adjourned to meet a 3 p. m.
Board met at 3 P. M.
The bonds of J. H. Dreyfuss, A.
J. Loftus, W. H. McEwen, A. E.
Harris and E. H. Whitaker, Coun
ty and Township officers, were ex
amined and approved.
The bond of T. H. Kreisel was
laid over.
The bill of J. D. Collins for $44
was allowed for $38.
As the Treasurer was not on hand
the Board took a recess until 7 p. m.
at which time the expected to count
the money in the treasury.
Board met at 7 p. m. but as the
Treasurer was still absent another
adjournment was taken until 9 a. m.
Tuesday morning.
Tuesday; Jan. 1, 1895.
Board met at 9 a. m.
It was found that on Monday
evening Treasurer J. A. Hun toon
had committed suicide,
The Board appointed A. J. Lof
tus, Treasurer-elect, to fill the office
made vacant by the death of Hun
The money in the treasury was
counted and found to amount to
$17,406.83, a shortage of about $5,
Board adjourned to meet Wed
Board met Wednesday morning.
H. Wood was telegraphed for to
come and expert the books of the
several county officers.
An order was made prohibiting
the County Treasurer from keeping
any but county funds in the coun
ty treasury hereafter.
Commissioner Randall was au
thorized to hire a man to guard the
treasury until the 7th of Jan. ’95.
Board adjourned sine die.
How’s This!
Wc offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
any case of Catarrh that cannot be curec^ by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Props.. Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Che
ney for the last fifteen years, and believe him
perfectly honorable in all business transact
ions and financially able to carry out any obli
gation made bb their firm.
West A Truax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo.
Walding, Kinnan A Marvin, Wholesale Drug
gists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken internally, act
ing directly upon the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system. Price 75c. per bottle. Sold
by all Druggists.
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
A purt Grape Cream of Tarlar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant

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