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Saturday.January 26, 1895.
The Nicaragua canal proposi
tion is agitating Congress to a con
siderable extent, and it seems that
the idea of building the canal is
growing in favor irrespective of the
question as to who shall build and
control it. This is wrong. The
United States of America should
build that ditch and own and con
tool it. This country does not want
to be caught in any more snaps
such as the granting of a franchise
to a corporation and the loaning or
donating of funds to said corpora
tion to construct such great enter
prises. The canal will be of great
value to the commerce of this coun
try. It will also he of advantage to
the country in time of war, when
J. Bull demands a settlement from
this country on the bond question
and it cannot be made. But Uncle
Sam must own the ditch. There is
no reason why this government
should not build it. Give us free
coinage of silver and the govern
ment can well afford to build it,
pay the laborers in standard silver
dollars, which a million or more
poor men would like to have a few
of, and besides pay good wages.
With free coinage and the building
of the canal this country would en
ter upon an era of prosperity that
would surprise even the oldest in
habitant of Wall street. So long as
the country is run on a gold basis,
however, it would he a laborious
undertaking for us to assume the
responsibility of constructing the
canal alone. It would mean the is
suance of more bonds, and the bene
fits of the results of the canal would
be long in being felt with the count
ry in such an impoverished condit
ion. But Uncle Sam ought to build
the canal.
In the opinion of everybody
whose opinion is worth having
Secretary Gresham would hotter
have sent the correspondence relat
ing to the surrender of the two
Japanese students who sought the
protection of an American consul in
Chi ia, and their subsequent execu
tion as spies by the Chinese, which
was asked for by Senator Lodge’s
resolution, to the Senate without
comment than to have attempted to
write a defense founded upon as
sertions not borne out by the official
correspondence, as he did. Senator
Lodge says of Gresham’s attempt to
wriggle out of the responsibility:
Instead of those students being con
fessed spies our representative in
China insisted that they were not
spies at all and that there was
nothing to sustain the charge
against them except the assertion
of the Chinese. How Mr. Gresham
could find warrant for his interpre
tation I cannot understand.
The two-cent postage stamps now
being issued by the government
show another instance of Demo
cratic retrenchment and economy.
There is not enough glue on a sheet
of one hundred stamps to thorough
ly stick one stamp on an envelope.
When you buy a sheet of stamps
now you have to buy a bottle of
mucilage to go with them.
If the Legislature will pass some
measures which will inaugurate a
system of good roads in this State
it will receive the thanks of the
majority of the citizens thereof.
A system of good roads would in
crease the value of the property in
the State a great deal.
The Supreme Court of the United
States the first of the week ordered
Eugene V. Debs and his associates
released on bail in $2,000 each.
Hearing to show cause set for
March 25th.
Whori you get married to the
brightest girl in the country, where
did you look for that/ notice that
meant so much to you and so little
to anybody else? In your home
When your home was invaded by
the blue-eyed girl, or the bouncing
boy, to whom did you make it your
business to convey every informa
tion as to the sex, the time and
weight? To the editor of your home
If, after years, when a manly
young fellow takes the bright-eyed
girl to a home of his own, or the
bouncing boy, now a man, is given
a partnership in the store because
he has just brought home some
body else’s daughter and set up an
establishment of his own, to whom
do you personally exhibit the wed
ding presents and load up with the
bride’s cake, and to whom do you
look for the complete description of
that interesting event down to the
last pickle fork and individual salt
cellar, and once more means so
much to you and a few others? To
the same editor of the same paper.
And when trouble comes to the
home, and you add to your posses
sions that desolate hit of reality, the
lot in the cemetery, and some how
the sun don’t seem to shine just as
it used to, and there is the flutter
of crape at the front door, and the
odor of the rose in the front of the
parlor. And the chair that has for
years been by the side of yours at
the head of the table is vacant,
when all this happens, who makes
it his business to write in tender
strains of the life of one whose life
has grown to be a part of yours,
and whose sympathy and good
deeds to others have long been
known and recognized, if not pub
licly announced? The editor of the
home paper; and he is only too
willing to do the little he can to
help you over the hard spots in the
road. And all these years have you
advertised in and subscribed for the
home paper ana done what you
could to help the editor fight your
battle in municipal and county
matters, and encouraged him as he
worked to build up the town and
bring business to it? How is it?
Have you?—Exchange.
Perkins has been elected Senator
from California. He may be a
good man for the place but he is
weak-kneed on the silver question
and that is the most important of
all to this country. DeYoung
would have been a far bettor man
in this respect, as he is known to be
in favor of free coinage, and he is
a worker in any cause he believes
to be right. While Californians
profess to be free coinage advocates
they continue to send lukewarm
advocates of the cause to Washing
ton to represent them. This is a
policy that will keep that State in
a state of retardation for years to
come. _
It has cost Japan about one mil
lion dollars a day to carry on the
war with China. There ought' to
be a chance to sell Japan some bul
lion pretty soon.
Meat Market.
Following are the rates for whole
carcasses from slaughterers to deal
ers in the San Francisco market:
Beef—First quality, [email protected]$c; sec
ond quality, [email protected]$c; third quality,
[email protected] Jc $ tb.
PoRk—Live hogs, on foot, grain
fed, heavy and medium, [email protected];
stock hogs, [email protected]; dressed hogs,
[email protected]]c $ lb.
Mutton—Wethers 4|@5c $ lb;
ewes, [email protected]£c ^ lb,
Spring Lamb—[email protected]
Veal—Large, [email protected](>c; light, 7c.
For Over Fifty Year*.
Mrs. Winslow’pSoothing Syrup has been used
for over fifty years by millions of mothers for
their children while teething, with perfect suc
cess. It soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and Is the best
remedy for Dtarrhiva. It will relieve the poor
little sufferer immediately. Sold bv Druggists
In every part of the world. Twenty-five cent*
a bottle Be sure and ask for “Mrs Winslow's
Soothing Syrup.” and take no other kind.
robbed my husband’s dead body of a Ritual
and gome other papers on the night of Dec.
Tdst, last, please return the same to me with
out further delay.
Notice of Assessment.
Del rey silver mining company.—
Lo: ation of principal place of business,
San Francisco, California. Locution of works,
silver City, Lyon County, Nevada. Notice is
hereby given, that at a meeting of the Trus
tees, held on the 10th.day of January, 1895, an
assessment. No. 4, of Five Cents (.Ac i per share
was levied upon the capital stock of the corpo
ration, payable Immediately, in United States
gold coin, to the secretary or Treasurer, at the
office of the Company, No. 508 Montgomery
street, Room fi, fourth floor. Sail Francisco,
California. Any stock upon which this assess
ment shall remain unpaid on the First Day of
March, A. I). 1835, will be delinquent, and ad
vertUed for sale at public auction, and unless
payment is made before, will be sold on
Friday, the Fifth Day of April, A. D. 1895.
to pay the delinquent assessment, together with
cost of advertising and cxncn. es of sale.
CLAUDE FOX, Secretary.
Office—No. 508 Montgomery Street, Room 6,
Fourth Floor, San Francisco, California.
-e. AfiO TESTlflf/j/y,
'Vv wk
fully because they weaken you slowly, grodu
i Do not allow this waste of body to make
yon apoor, dabby, immature man.Health, strength
end vigor is for you whether you be rich or poor.
The Great Ifudyan is to be had only from the Hud
son Medical Institute. This wonderful discovery
was made by the specialists of t he old famous II ud
80n Medical Institute. It Is the strongest and most
powerful vituliuer made. It is so powerful that it
is simply wonderful how harmless it is. You can
get it from nowhere but from the if adson Medical
Institute Write for circulars and testimonials.
This extraordinary Rejuvonator is the most
wonderful discovery of the age. It has been en
dorsed by the leading scientific men of Europe and
HUMYAN is purely vegetable.
IIl'BYAX stops prematurenes3 of the dis
charge in twenty (lavs. Cures 1V0ST MAN
HOOD, constipation, dizziness, falling sensations,
nervous twitching of the eyes and other parts.
Strengthens, invigorates and tones the entire
system It is as cheap as any other remedy.
HBBYAY cures debility, nervousness, emis
sions, and develops and restores weak organs.
Pains in the back, losses by day or night stopped
quickly Over 2,000 private indorsements.
Prematureness means iinpotency iu the first
stage. It Is a symptom of seminal weakness and
barrenness. It can be stopped in twenty days by
the use of Iludyan. Hudyan cos.s no more than
any other remedy.
Send for circulars and testimonials.
TAINTED ISI.OOB-Impure blood due to
serious private disorders carries myriads of sore
producing germs. Then comes sore throat, pimples,
copper colored spots, ulcers In mouth, old sores and
failing hair. You can save a trip to Hot .Springs by
writing for‘Blood Book’to the old physicians of the
Stockton, Narket and Ellis Sts.,
p^Totic* Is hereoy given that the taxes on
Quarter Kudins December 31. ISM.
Are now due and payable, and that thelaw in
regard to their collection will be strictly en
3?*. Xj. SjXTT^ESXjSL.,
Assessor of Lyon Courty.
Dated January 15th, 1?95.
Address a 5o.tt.fr or postal oar l to
w»: *•!*«»« ctbAiiaat trorsPAjnr,
iOR» '•n&DSER&UiSN, - • Maviipr.rt A'lotr.ev
r.O.Box -HI3. _ TTAfHlXll'i'LN.D.C.
A’^o. for Poldtsrs end Salient (Hf.i'.i’.fd In the Unco
duty In the regatnr Armvor Join since the war
Survfvora of too Indian war* of 1V>3 to 18-12, mu
th-lr w idows, now entitled. Oid and refected claim
a snecialty. Thousands entitled to higher rums
Send lor new laws. Ko oha.'gu for advice, ifofei
until llMUCCAltcl.
Caveat * and Trade-M ark.s obtained. and al 1 Pat
ent business conducted for Moderate Feet*.
Our Office it* opposite U H. I'utent Of
liee, and we can secure patents in less time
and at less cost than those remote from Wash
ington Send model, drawing or photo, with
description. We advise, if patentable or not,
tree ot charge Our fee not due until patent is
secured. A kittle Hook. "How to Obtain
Patents,” with names of actual clients in your
State, county, or town sc»t free Address
C. A. SNOW & CO..
Opp. Patent Office .Washi igton, I‘.C.
iMO and *20 Genuine Confederate
Hills only five cents each: $100 and #50
hills ten cents each. 25 and 50 rent ishinplaster*
ten cents each. II and #2 bills 25 cents each.
Hent securely sealed on receipt of price. Ad
dress, CilAS. B. I1AKKEK, West Atlanta, Ga.
Groceries and Provisions,
Hardware tib Mill Goods
Glotljing, Drygoods, Crockery, lobaGGO, Liquors
A Complete Stock of • --
Gents’ Furnishing Goods, Boots, Shoes and Hats
— ---— -—Constantly on Hand.
83, 84 and 85 Whisky at Kean’s.
A full Line of Wall Paper, Borders & Window Shades.
- i
Homoeopathic and Patent Medicines".
Ordersby mail promptly attended to. Main St., Dayton,
Judicial District of the State of Nevada, in
and for the County of Lyon.
[n the Matter of the Estate Ca° seVhv ^hlri
of E. W. Bennett, de- mXuldnot
ueased- be Made.
On reading and filing the petition of D. W.
Melarkey, Administrator of the estate of E W.
Ben,,ett,deceased, praying for an order of dis
tribution of the residue of said estate among
the persons entitled:
It is ordered that all persons interested in the
estate of the said E. VV. Bennett, deceased, be
and appear before the District Court of the
State of Nevada. First Judicial District, County
of Lyon, at the court room of said Court, in the
town of Dayton, in said County, on Wednesday,
the 20111 day of February, 1895, at 10 o'clock a.
m., then anil there to show cause why an order
of distribution should not be made of the resi
due of said estate among the heirs of said de
ceased, according to law.
It is further ordered that a copy of this order
be published once a week for four successive
weeks before the said 20th day of February,
1895, in the Lyon County, Times, a newspaper
printed and published in said county. .
L/iainri j iujkc.
Endorsed: In the District Court. First Judic
ial District, Stale of Nevada, Lyon County In
the Matter of the Estate of E. W Bennett, de
ceased. Order to Show Cause. Filed January
10th, 1895. A. J. LOFTUS, Clerk.
Lyon County. (
I, A. J Loftus, County Clerk of said County
if Lyon, and ex-officio Clerk of the District
Jour'tof the First Judicial District, of the State
if Nevada, Lyon County, do hereby certify
hat the foregoing is a full, true and correct
opy of the original order to show cause why
listribution should not be made in the matter
if the estate of E. W. Bennett, deceased, which
tow remains on tile and of record in my office,
it Dayton, in said county.
„ In testimony whereof I have here
i t unto set my hand, and affixed the seal
{ SEA1' , of said Court this 10th dav of January,
*-* 1895. A. J. LOFTUS, Clerk.
Beware of Imitations, and do not be De
ceived by i.i isreprebctitati ns.
One uaiion
mixed with 60
gallons ol' Coin '
Water Will dip
thoroughly ISO
Sheep at the
moderate cos! f
oil Cent Each. [
rui up in
Iron Drums,
each contain
ing 5 English
or Ameri
can gal luns.
Sold to trad*
bvEnglish gaL
Also, packet! in Un>-Uaikm I'ins. tor which no
extra charge Is marie.
Easily Applied. A Nourlsher of Wool.
A Certain Cure for Scab.
Successors to Falk.vkb, Bki.l A Co.,
ottee: 408 Calilarnia St. SA.1 FRASCISCO Warehouss: 436 iownsend St
Dealers at Bags, Bagging, Twine, Shears, etc.
Notice of Assessment.
Golden eagle mining company.-lo
cation of principal place of business, San
Francisco, California; location of works, Dev
il's Gate Mining District, Lyon county, Nevada.
Notice is hereby given, that at a meeting of the
Hoard of Directors, held on the 8th day of
•fauuary, 1895, an assessment (No. 1) of Fif
teen Cents per share was levied upon the capi
tal stock of the corporation, payable immedi
ately in United States gold coin, to the Secreta
ry, at the office of the company, Room 50 Ne
vada Block, No. 809 Montgomery street, San
Francisco, California. Any stock upon which
this assessment shall remain unpaid on the
llth day of February, 18.5, will be delinquent,
and advertised for .-ale at putdic auction, and
unless payment is made before, will be sold on
Monday, the Fourh Day of March 18P5,
to pay the delinquent assessment, together
with the cost of advertising and expenses of
thesale. E. B. HOLM FIS, Secretary.
Office—Room 50 Nevada Block, No. 309 Mont
gomery street, San Francisco, California
Pilto Stroot,
Dayton, - JVTovndla.
Can be found at office on Pike street, or at
residenceoB Second street, when services are
Lou. Vincent, Proprietor.
* .
Choice Beef,
Pork, Mutton,
Lamb, Veal, Sausage,
And all the Delicacies.
Meats Delivered to Our Customers anywhere
Free of Charge.
I solicit a share of your patronage, am out to
do business, and would like to have you
give me a trial, and be convinced that
I can and will sell you choice meat
at reasonable urices.
Th Cheap Cash Store!
Choice Groceries,Provisions and
Furnishing Goods, Boots & Shoes,
Hats, Caps, Etc.,
Liquors & Cigars, Paints, Oils and
Patent Medicines,
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in
Fresh Dairy Butter, Fresh Eggs
and Eastern Cream Cheese.
Main St., - Dayton.
Orders by mail given promptattention.
, 10&1 Market St., Ban Francisco
(Between f>th anil 7th Sts.)
I Bo and learn how wonderfully 1 '1
are made ami how to ovoid fch Sn - >
m^and disease. Museum enlarged with
' thousands of new objects. Adiui.
sion *2fi ets.
■'rivate uifiee-Sauic litiihiinr
lO.il Market Street— Diseases of men?
stricture, loss of manhood, diseases of the s.v-n
and kidneys quickly cured without the use of rJ
cury. Treatment personally or by letter. Send
tor book.
Stockholder’s Meeting.
The regular semi annual meeting
of the Stockholders of the Ninety-Four
Gold Gravel Mining and Tunnel Company will
be held at the office of the Secretary of the
Company, iu Dayton, Nevada, on February lat,
1895, for the purpose of electing a Board of Di
rector* and the transaction of auen other busi
ness as may be brought before the meeting.
Transfer book* will be closed January 31st, 18t>5.
W J. DOUGLASS, Secretary.

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