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Saturday.Oct. 21, 1905
Entered at the Postoffice, Yermgton, Nevada,
as second-class mail matter.
Legal advertising, per square__ _} 2 00
Each subsequent insertion . . 1 00
Commercial advertising, per inch per month 1 00
Reading notices, per line, first insertion. 10
Each subsequent insertion, per line. 05
In Memoriam Resolutions and Cards of
Thanks, per line. 10
TIjVEEI tabue
MAY IS, 1004.
From S F Stations To S F
No 2 Noi
lv a m n oo.Mound House- 445 p m ar
11 30.Dayton.4 05
12 10 Clifton. 3 20
pm 1244.Fort Churchill. 243
^ 1 *5 l.Wabuska./ 2 10 m
* 45 / l 1 45 H
1 57.- Cleaver... 1 30
207.... ... Mavju. 1 20
2 35.Kio Vista.12 55
3 10.Schurz.12 05
3 50. - .Gillis. .ii 30 am
1 ar 450. ... . Hawthorne.1030 lv
lv 5 50 .Hawthorne .... 9 20 ar
615.Kiukead ft 55
6 53.Liming.ft 15
7 09 ... New Boston.7 55
7 25 \.Sodaville . J 7 35
7 4o / } 705 *
7 55.. Rhodes.6 50
ft 00. . Tonopah Junction .645
840 Belleville... . 615
850.Junction..._ 605
9 20.Candelaria.5 35
1000.Junction. 455
11 15. Basalt.355
am 1215 _Summit.. .. 325
12 50 .Queen . 225
1 30.. . Benton. 1 30
2 10 Hammill . .12 33 a m
3 05 1 . . Laws (Bishop_f 11 35 p in
3 301. Station).\ 11 05
4 10. Alvord . .10 15
500....Aberdeen. 930
5 40. Citrus..8 45
(S 20 Mount Whitney . . 8 00
ar a m 700... Keeler . 7 20 p m lv
All trains daily. % Meals.
Mages connect at Wabuska daily for Yerington.
daily except Sunday for Smith Valley, and with
tri-weekly stage for Fine Grove
Connects at Sodaville with Tonopah R. R.
Connects at Hawthorne with stage for Bodie.
Dayton Doings.
Doe Legg is now employed in Sil
ver City.
T. J. A. Flaws left tor Wadsworth
Monday on business.
Mrs Lawrence Cochran is on the
sick list again this week. ,
Mrs. C. W. Legg returned Monday
after a short visit in Reno.
J. H. Hepworth paid Wadsworth
a business visit this week.
George Kglin left tor Hawthorne
the first of the week on mining bus
Miss Gertie Gates was an arrival
from Maine last Friday on a visit to
Lee to ltlanchnrd and wife left tor
Carson last Friday on a visit to rel
atives and friends.
Orson 11 rooks returned from Sac
ramento last Saturday, where he
has been on a visit to relatives and
There are tew believers in race
suicide in Dayton. The population
ot the town was increased by two
this week. On the 14th inst. there
was born to the wile ol Louis Pier
otti a son, and the happy daddy has
been demonstrating his joy in vari
ous ways during the week. On the
I6th there was born to the wife ot
Dick Cornish, a daughter. Dick is
accordingly proud and happy. Dick
is quite partial to girls, but is in
hopes ot getting the right kind ot
twist 1 n things some day to induce
the Lord to send him a boy.
How's 1 his/
We oiler One Hundred Dollars Re
ward tor any case ot Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall’s Catarrh
Cure. K. J. CHKNKY & Co
Toledo, Ohio.
We, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney tor the last 15 years,
and believe him perfectly honorable
in all business transactions, and
financially able to carry out any ob
ligations made by his lirm.
W A1.1UNO, Kinnan A Makvih,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0.
Hall’s Catarrh Cute is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces oi the system.
Testimonials sent tree. Price, 75c.
per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Take Hall’s Family Pills lor con
stipation. _
Peculiar Freight Rates.
There is considerable dissatisfac
tion among farmers of this valley
who have produce to sell tor ship
ment to outside points. It is claimed
that the railroad company has all
kinds ot prices tor all kinds ot peo
ple. For instance, shippers of spuds
to Tonopah get a rate ol $11 per ton
from Wabuska, while the producer,
if he wants to ship a carload on his
own account, is charged $14 per ton
in carload lots. It is also claimed
that the railroad company gives San
Francisco and Sacramento shippers
ot spuds a rote ot $8 per ton in car
load lots to Tonopiah.
—Kd. Ross spent a tew days in
Reno this week on business.
—W. C. Gruber paid Tonopah a
business trip ihe first of the week.
—Ralph Wooley, of the U. S. G. S.,
returned front his visit to Portland
—Wnt. Atly, with the California
Notion Co., paid valley merchants a
visit this week.
—Will Dyer left for San Fran
cisco Monday to be absent for a
couple of weeks.
—D. W. Melarkey, who was out
from Dayton a few days last week,
returned Monday.
— Mrs. C. F. Holland, who is still
in San Franciso tor her health, is
greatly improved.
—G. W. Webster was down from
his Hast Walker ranch Monday and
Tuesday of this week.
—Mrs. Graham Jiichol has been
quite ill this week with heart fail
ure and sinking spells.
—Will Warren, of Diamond Val
ley, is visiting his mother at her
home in the lower end of the valley.
—H. S. Morgan drove down from
East Walker the first of the week
and continued on to Carson on busi
—George Mann was down from
Smith Valley Tuesday and secured
a load of flour from the Nordyke
—Mrs. O. Perry, of the upper end
of the valley, paid her mother, Mrs.
Lynch, of Smith Valley, a visit this
—Mrs. D. W. McKenzie left yester
day tor Hawthorne, there to join
her husband and remain tor some
—Kaufman and Downey are figur
ing on putting a short order lunch
counter in the rear end of the Owl
—Mrs. T. R. Harris left Thurs
day tor Auburn, Cal., there to visit
relatives and friends and spend the
—Harry Warren and I. D. Flory
paid Reno a short visit this week on
matters connected with the honey
—George Reading, of Wellington,
is recovering from his severe at
tack of pleurisy and threatened
—Drummers say they get fine fish
dinners at Wabuska now, the sup
ply coming from the artesian well
at that place.
—M. J. Heller was an arrival on
Tuesday's belated stage and contin
ued on up to the Bluestone, not stop
ping in town.
—D. Lawson and C. L. Morgan
spent the week looking at mining
prospects in the vicinity of Buck
brush Springs.
—Charlie Holland went to the
Towle ranch this week and brought
back a four-horse load of cotton
wood cord wood.
_Mrs. K. R. Lain continues in poor
health, and Mr. Lain will probably
take her to San Francisco for treat
ment next week.
—Mrs. A. K. Holland, of Orange
vale, Cal., was an arrival here Mon
day to spend the Winter with A. J.
Holland and family.
_Mrs. H. II. Henderson and child
were arrivals from Antelope Valley
last Saturday on a visit to her hus
baVid tor a tew weeks.
_Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson, who have
been visiting D. Wilson and family
for the past tew weeks, returned to
their home in San Francisco yester
—Dr. Smith was called to Pine
Grove Thursday to visit Mrs. Nate
Fish, who was quite ill. The lady
was not seriously ill and is now
much better.
—Mrs. J. A. Antrim, who has been
visiting relatives and friends in
Smith Valley and Mason Valley,
took her departure tor her California
home last week.
—Parties wishing ripe or green
tomatoes can procure them at the
Plummer ranch tor lx/% cents per
pound. The beat ot Winter apples
also lor sale at Jt.25 per box.
—Mrs. 11. Vaillencour desires to
notify the ladies ot Mason Valley
that she has received a fine line of
Winter hats and millinery goods
Call at her residence and examine
goods and obtain prices, which are
very reasonable.
—Frank Gilbert, who formerly re
sided in the valley, returned Wed
nesday from California after an
absence ot ten years. Frank met
with an accident in a tire some
months ago, and as a result is some
what scarred up.
Water in the Ludwig.
At a depth of 560 feet from the sur
face water has been struck in the
Ludwig copper mine, and the
ground is so soft now that timbers
will have to be used to keep it in
place. The vertical shaft is down
400 feet, and at this level a drift
runs to the northeast 140 feet, at
which point a winze continues on
down 160 feet into water. The big
iron ledge which has continued all
the way down, carrying good val
ues in copper, at the water level
turns into a good body of copper
ore and the water is highly impreg
nated with copper. Supt. Somers
is highly elated with the outlook
tor the property. It is not definitely
known yet whether pumping ma
chinery will be at once put in and
sinking continued, or other develop
ment work done. The property is
now showing up as one of the finest
in this district.
Miss Knemeyer Manager.
At a meeting ot the Senior class
at the Nevada State University, in
Keno, Thursday, says the Journal,
Miss Bertha Knemeyer, of Yering
ton, was elected manager ot the Uni
versity basketball team lor the pres
ent year. Miss Knemeyer is quite
popular with the basketball girls
and will, no doubt, make a very cap
able manager. She is at present
president ot the Senior class, and
has been a member ot the basket
ball team lor the past three years.
The team expects to have a large
schedule ot games this year and
will begin practice as soon as the
tootball season closes. The team
promises to be quite strong this
Carson After Como Trade.
Carson citizens are figuring that
the time is nearly at hand to build
a road from Carson to Como to se
cure the trade of that now boom
ing mining camp. They claim that
a roftd can be put in and not cover
over twenty miles in distance,
while the camp is only twelve
miles from Carson as the crow flies.
There is a possibility that Como may
develop into a humming camp in
the next tew months, and Carson
needs the business.
Sinking New Well.
Hironymous & Snyder, of the Pio
neer Stables, are sinking a big well
in the corral at the rear of their
stables. They will also erect a large
5,000-gallon tank over the well and
put in a windmill or gasoline engine
to pump water into the tank. This
water will be piped from the tank
to the stables, and also to the resi
dences of both proprietors and can
also be used tor fire purposes. It
will be a very handy arrangement
all around.
Railroad Will Contest Raise.
It is reported that the Southern
Pacific Co. will contest the assessed
valuation ot their property in Lyon
county, and bring the matter beiore
the State Hoard of Assessors at its
next meeting in Carson. The Hoard
ot Equalization in this county raised
the S. P. Co. $35,656 on rolling stock
and added $120,ooe to the Assessor’s
valuation on account ot the new
track in this county between Hazen
and Churchill station.
Sugar Company Incorporated.
According to the Carson News
the La Retorma Sugar Company is
the name of a corporation which has
filed papers ot incorporation in Car
son this week. The principal place
ot business is to be Carson City,
and the capital stock ot the company
amounts to 50,000 shares at $20 each
Of this amount $140,000 has been
subscribed. It is not stated where
the field ot operation of this company
will be.
More Building.
J. G. Kaufman lias purchased the
house and lot on Main street former
ly owned by the Downey estate, and
now occupied by Will Powers. Sev
eral rooms are being added to the
rear of the building, and Mr. Kauf
man and family will occupy the res
idence as soon as the building is
Tamale Parlors and Bakery.
Mrs. W. R. Hayes wishes to an
nounce that after the 23d inst. she
will have her tamale parlors and
bakery located in her residence on
Virginia Street. Tamales can be
had at all hours and fresh bread,
doughnuts, pies and cakes kept on
hand or baked to order.
D. Paquint and family moved into
their new residence this week and
Dr. Smith has moved into the Apsey
residence, formerly occupied by the
Paquint family.
Assay Scales for Sale.
A pair of No. 5 Becker balancing
scales tor assaying purposes are of
fered for sale at a bargain. Scales
are in good condition. Enquire of
E. IT. Whitacre for price, etc.
Laying Out Town Lot*.
F. L. Littell, who owns about
twenty acres ot land lying east of
town, is opening up the same to sell
as town lots. A street running
north and south, parallel with Main
street, will extend the whole dis
tance ot the tract. This street will
run from Pearl street, just north of
the school house, south to a street
to run east from Main street into
the Downey land at a point just
south of the Collins blacksmith
shop. The Downey land will, also,
eventually be cut up into lots for
residence purposes Both of these
tracts are excellent pieces ot ground
for this purpose, and will be a re
lief to the congested condition of
things.on Main street. At the pres
ent time a business lot cannot be
bought for love or money on Main
street within the business section.
The opening up of streets for resi
dences will give the town a chance
to grow to the east and not make it
string out for miles on the Main
street. Considerable building is con
templated next Spring, and resi
dences will more than likely be
built on the new tracts instead ot
on the main business street.
Rich Gold Strike.
J. A. Antrim and George Simp
son were down from Smith Valley
the lirst ot this week, bringing
with them some fine looking speci
mens of gold ore from a discovery
recently made in the mountains
south of Wellington. The discov
ery was made by an Indian who
showed the place to Messrs. Antrim
and Simpson, who ere this, proba
bly, have made several locations.
Specimen ore shown to parties here
was very rich, gold being visible
to the naked eye. These samples
would carry, we should judge, $150
to $200 in gold. The ledge on top is
about live feet wide and assays
made here at the Wood office give
returns ot $56 tor the lull width of
the croppings. The owners of the
claim will do some development
: work immediately to see what they
may open up with depth.
The Best Doctor.
Rev. B. C. Horton, Sulphur
Spring, Tex., writes, July 19th, 1902:
“I have used in my family Ballard’s
Snow Liniment and Horehound Syr
up, and they have proved certainly
satisfactory. The liniment is the
best we have ever used lor headache
and pains. The cough syrup has
been our doctor tor the last eight
years. For sale by G. I. Leavitt &
Potatoes Moving.
Mason Valley spuds are on the
move, several carloads having been
shipped to Tonopah this week, and
more to San Francisco, Oakland and
Sacramento. The price paid has
been $15 to $16 per ton at Wabuska.
The spuds are of good quality this
season, although the crop is not
quite up to the average in yield.
Many producers are holding tor a
better price, believing that the mar
ket will reach the S20 mark.
for All Kinds of Piles.
To draw the tire out of a burn,
heal a cut without leaving a scar, or
to cure boils, sores, tetter, eczema
and all skin and scalp diseases, use
DeWitt’s Witch Hazel Salve. A
specific tor blind, bleeding, itching
and protruding piles. Stops the
pain instantly and cures perma
nently. Get the genuine. Sold at
the Mason Valley Drug Store.
Ribs Broken by Horse.
Jerry Hannon, blacksmith at the
O’Hanion ranch in Smith Valley,
was knocked out by a Iractious
horse last week Friday, which he
was shoeing. The animal knocked
Hannon against the side ot the shop
and fractured a couple ot his ribs,
but the injured man is getting
along nicely and will probably re
sume his duties next Monday.
Wards Off Pneumonia.
All coughs, colds and pulmonary
complaints that are curable are
quickly cured by One Minute Cough
Cure. Clears the phlegm, draws out
inflammation and heals and soothes
the allected parts, strengthens the
lungs, wards oft pneumonia. Harm
less and pleasant to take. Sold at
the Mason Valley Drug Store.
Alturas Burned.
Alturas, the county Beat of Modoc
county, Cal., was visited by a de
structive fire on Wednesday of this
week. Over a dozen business build
ings were consumed, including the
Plainder and Republican newspaper
offices. The loss will probably be
all of $75,000.
Plans to Get Rich
Are often frustrated by sudden
break down, due to dyspepsia or
constipation. Brace up and take Dr.
King’s New Life Pills. They take
out the materials which are clog
ging your energies, and give you a
new start. Cure headache and diz
ziness too. At the Mason Valley
Drug Store; 25c. Guaranteed.
Justice Court News.
Last week Geo. Aiken swore out
a warrant for the arrest ot H. Bris
son and E. Ashton on a charge ot
stealing 80 feet ot rope from a shaft
on one ot the old Boston-Nevada
copper claims. The defendants
plead guilty upon arrest and
were fined $20 and costs, each. The
boys took this rope from an old,
abandoned shaft, thinking it was ot
no further use to any one, and
when they found it belonged to
somebody offered to pay tor it.
George Knierim, Piute, who was
arrested last week tor going into
the Palace saloon at an early hour
one morning, and demanding
whisky, was last Monday fined $60.
He paid the fine.
“Buckaroo” George and Frank
Cloy, Piutes, were arrested last
week Friday on the same charge.
“Buckaroo" George was found
guilty at his trial Monday and also
lined $60. The charge against Frank
Cloy was dismissed, as he proved
an alibi.
Trestle Burned on Nev. & Cal. Line.
Last Tuesday afternoon Track
walker Robert Burns discovered
that the stretch ot trestle work on
the Nev. & Cal. road just this side ot
Churchill Station had been burned
out. He flagged the trains and no
damage was done. Some of our
yellow contemporaries have this
trestle built 40 or 50 feet high over a
“yawning abyss” into which the
“Tonopah Flyer” (which hits the
trail at a gait ot about 20 miles an
hour) would have plunged had not
the damage to the trestle been dis
covered. The trestle bridges a.dry
wash which is not over four feet
under the track at any point. The
accident would have been a bad one,
however, but tor the watchfulness
ot Trackwalker Burns. As it was
the trains were only delayed a tew
hours, the mail stage from Wabuska
not getting to Yerington until after
II o’clock that night. The bridge
was probably burned by a fire
started by tramps.
Faith Not Necessary.
You may be -just as skeptical and
pessimistic as you please. Kodol
will digest what you eat, whether
you eat or not. You can put your
food in a bowl, pour a little Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure on it and it will di
gest the same as it will in your
stomach. It can’t help hut cure in
digestion and dyspepsia. It is cur
ing hundreds and thousands—some
had faith and some didn’t. Kodol
will cure you it medicine can cure
you, whether you have taith in it or
not. Sold at the Mason Valley Drug
Will Recover from Wound.
Roy Chichester, who was acci
dentally shot by his brother, George,
at his home in Coleville last week,
now has a good chance to recover.
The bullet which entered his abdo
men miraculously failed to cut any
of the intestines or hit a fatal spot.
Young Chichester is now in St.
George’s hospital, in Reno, and his
mother is attending him. It is
thought that he will be able to re
turn to his home in a couple of
weeks, provided no other complica
tions arise from the wound.
Ranch Leased.
August Depalio, of Dayton, has
leased the Birmingham ranch in
this valley for a period of five
years from the first day of next
November, agreeing to pay there
for a rental of $1,200 per year. The
ranch is a good piece of property,
and with the markets as they are
the lessee will have no trouble in
making good money on the bargain.
For Over Sixty Years
Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup has
been used for over sixty years by
millions of mothers tor their child
ren while teething, with perfect suc
cess. It soothes tne child, softens
the gums, allays all pain, cures wind
colic, and is the best remedy for diar
rhoea. It will relieve the poor little
sufferer immediately. Sold by drug
gists in every part of the world.
Twenty-five cents a bottle. Be sure
and ask tor "Mrs. Winslow’s Sooth
ing Syrup,” and take on other kind.
for men who toil

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