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--h-, - ^
TV el u.'sila y.f'nbruaiy ti, 1'5J
To Rent.
A dwelling boose, containing five
ro nos, situated on Third street. For
tor her particulars und terms apply at
this office. L*3 11
—-* -—
it-member that fine brand of cigars
'to be bad at 0. <' h> noweth’s book
store —also diaries foi1 1877.
Administrator’s Notice.
persons having claims ..gainst the estate
,.f Wil.ia a Mi-Ravy, deceased, to present the
H.taie t i the undersigned in Winuemucca, Ne
v da. within four months fiom the publica
«i ,a „f this notice,or th same will 1>e bar,« d.
PA t BELL, Public Adininistiator.
Winnemdoca, Nev,, February Gill. 1877—4w
In Fourth Judicial District Court, Nevada.
In the matter of the Estate of John Eosco,
M, Soig'e. Administrator of the Fsta‘e of
John Bosco, deceased, having tiled his return
and rt-por. of the sale of the real eitati of
said d ceased and his petitions ther-wi Ii
prayi.-g lor or 1 r of Con iran ion of ,-:.i l
sale : now, therefor", if ,s ordered by si. d
court that the TWE a TIE f.i DAY O F.B
RtfARY, A. 1». IB"7, b •and tli" sa ne is hereby
set for the hearing of said p tition and re
port, at winch tini" all poisons inti r isted in
said t state ar> hereby u titii d to appear and
•present their i ejections t< the confirm.tion
of said sale, if any they have.
.Judge Fourth Judicial District Court, Nev.
Dated February 6th, 1877— lilt
IOCVTION i f works, I'nionviUe, Hum
2 bolt County, Nevada; location ofprin
cipal place of business, San Francisco, Cal
Notice is hereby given tht* a mceving of
the Directors held ou ttie eix’h <t*;h’ day of
February, 1877, an assessment N 3 of
twenty-live (25c) cents per share was levied
on the capital stuck of the c nupaivy. payable
immediately in United Stat s gol l c in.t)
the Secretary at the office of the C >n■,.' y.
room A’i. 29 Nev a 11 1*1 ick. N > -to3 Mulct
gem ry Street San Frai.cisc ), California.
Any stock upon which this ass -s-.a nt slia’.l
remain ut paid on Tuesday, the thirteenth
(13th) lav of March, i877, wall be deliuqu. nt,
and advertised for sale at public auction, and
unless payment is made before, w ill be s >ld
on Tins lay the third (3tdi day of April. 187.’,
to pay the delinquent assessment, together
wi h costs of adveit'sing andexp-iiv 's of sal -.
Office, Room No. 29, Nevada Thick, N . 3' 9
Montgomery Street, San r vane is‘O. Cali
ornia. [td-f-8
Hy virtue of an execution
issued on of the Distr ct Court of the
otirih Judicial Pi-trict, in and for the
ounty of Hn ah ddt, St vte of Nevada, on the
d d y of February, A. 1). 1877, and to me
rected and delivered, for a judgment te
overed iu said Court, on the 12.h day of
anuary, A.D. 1877, in favor of Huntington,
opkins fc Co.', Plaintiff, and against the
uuiboldt Mill and Mining Co., beletul .nt,
or the sum of five hundred and eighty-one
ud 82-UM1 (1581.82-luo) dollars, g Id coin of
he United rva’es, with interest on the said
mounrat ihe rate of ten percent pi r annum,
together with costs and disbursements,
mounting to the sum of f /1 DO and accruing
csts.,1 have on this. the2nd day of Ft bruary.
A. D 1877, levied rn and ‘«keu in ex-cutioe
the following described property, to wit:
One tire proof safe, one set of bulli n seal s
and weights, one letter pri .~s. on ■ mu ill > ffice
a tove, one si cretcry, one lot of assay ng tools,
one lot of bla ksmith tools, one lot of car
penter tools, one grind stone, one a nail
(ounter scale, one dock, ten tons salt ( ore
or 1 iB8), five hundred tons tailings (mof§ or
NOTICE is hereby given that bn ~ ArT'K
PAY, the aEVHNTfci#» i il day >f February, A.
I). 1*77, between the hours of si o’clock in the
morning ami 9 o'clock in the afternoon, viz;
at one o’clock p. in. in front of the Humholt
Reduction Works Mill, in the town of Winne
mucca, Humbo dt county, Nevada, I will
sell, at public auction, all the right, title and
inteiest of said Defendant, of. in and to the
above described property, to the highest
bidder for cash, to satisfy said execution,
costs and accruing costs.
Sheriff of HumbolCt County, Nevada.
Wiunemucca, Feb. 2nd. A. Jj. T 77. td
mill APdVfi SvT.E is POSTPONED I V
1 til Saturday, February 24th. 1877, at tlu
'same h nr and place. 0. A. KYLE, Sheriff.
Win .liroco*. Feb 16tli, 1877.
"'bo may be suff. r'ng fri m tl etl' i t of
/.uihful t dlies or indiscretion, wilt re
vell to avail tlirtumlvt sef to i. the groat
■st boon ever laid a*, the al'ar of suffering
ion.unity. i>li. w»»i s \ |., v will guarat:
. h'' •" forfeit f.MM f ,r every ea .. of M mm i
realities i, ■ r | rivate rtiseise . f any k ml o.
l.araclt r which b. undrtakis. an 1 fails to
or.- He would Ih r fore say t > the ailfoi
"uate sufferer who n ay real ihisuo-iee
li.it ou are treading oa dattp r. us gr mid
vio l! you lunger delay in s. k up the proper
euiedy for yohr complaint. You muy bt
ri the first »tuge; reiiicmb r y.-u aro ap
■ r acting flu ast, if .you are bordt rii p
'■ p< n ill las', and re stiff ting some .r all
f its ill effects, rain mber that If xou pt r
i.'t to procrastination, the time must o no
f ' b 'l! the Hoist s illful phis; '.ail e.in reti
•' _uo isstdano- ; ttii n the door of’
p v ill lie cion* I against you ; wb u ti >1
'•«el < t mercy can bring you r. In f J.| no
o-e has tin- Doctor failed of sioc i- ., f'li-i
1 ii d <b -pair work upon > o ir imagination
alt avail yourself of the beneficial results
* ‘t Ills troHiuuut before y*»ur cas© is i*eyond
li-‘ reach of medical skill, or before grim
t loath hurries you to u premature grave.
!■ u 11 course of treatment. $25. Scud money
. by host Office order or Express with full
.leseiipfion of easy.
Call, sr address,
| Wo. H-ieorcy 31reel. Shd Francisco.
Is hereby given to nil persons indebted to
met-) settla ut on *. with niy agent, M.B,
Hayes, and save coats.
\Yinn» mi'pi a, January Kith, [87* -tf
Will be delivered daily in qnanti s to suit
ruatomers in any part .,f town. Older left a*
\V. A. Trousdale's will be promptly tilled.
tax on procee is of m ties f.r the quarter
*nding Pec* ntber 31. 1876. is low due and
payable ai p,v office iu the Court Hume of
the County of Humboldt, and that the law s
for its collection w ill be strictly enforced.
J OIK8 BIVKX. R, County Assessor,
f. h. Buckner, Deputy Assessor.
WinnCmucCA, February 12, 187'’.
^ gbusitiC'S, "-.ill I ru'i i.-»• i, t.'alif.cilia. I. < j
cot i* »u of work-'. It lino; id* County (Indian
.Minin'; Pis riot) No* a b:
XOiIt k is in r> by g.\ -n, 'hat at a nun-ting I
of the B urd of Pmvtols. held on tile tir-t !
0:i ,.f February, A. P )877, an assessment.
No. e (1), of ten cents per shat". was 1‘ \ ml f
upoi the capital stock of the corporation ^
p,;, (.ole it Hindi it- 1' iu I’niftd "Hates c Id i
coin, t*> the P.t civtary, at tin office of tin !
0 .uipuny, 4tii Montgomery str et. r..< nt 11/
s* cou 1 floor, rah Ktauc sett, California.
Aliy stock ftl which thisa-te: .-ineut shall
remain ntrpaid on tb fifth day of March, A.
I). 1877, wTll be 'delinquent, and advertised 1
for .ale at public am ti n: and util ss pay.
■ uienl is ur.de b fori villi'., s Id on W'ED . I >- ,
A. d. i87’. to pay the delinquent assessment, j
toget her w it It costs of a..\ ri isihg a:;*l * xp ti
si s of sale.
Iiy ord. l of the Board f Directors.
GEO;.(.7K 11. ir .WEs, Secretary. I
Office—No 4>rJ Mi.ntg m. ry stt. rf, room j
14, sec Dd II . >r, ran Francisco, Calif* .rni.i 12 j
■ i — ..rv.rw stf^V. agtfir*’. J>,U
Winnem jcca .frcvaels.

A formed that, bavin? fitted up the build-j
ing formerly occupied by T, M. Wood, I aru j
pi spared to torn out. on short notice, pic
tures in ail the popala.- styles and sizes, in
a superior manner.
I will r. main in W nnemucca but a short
time, and feel confident, that I will satisfy all
who may favor rue with their patronage,
Wivsiemco , ‘February l lth, 1-77.
I* A Tv A IMS 11
Running tri weekly between Winne
mucca ami Paradise Valley, currying
the United States Mails, Exprets mut
er, Packnges und Passengers.
Leaves Winneinticca upon the arrival
of the Ensteru-bii»t*'.d train, Motidtys,
Wednesdays and Friday*.
R, turning, leaves P rudi-e Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays
C. A. Le NAl'SSt HF,
)j ilO-tf] Prepiieton
* lerty, <>u and after this date i will i-|rir:v
the following lut .s per ton for wo.kiug orc»
Fur U ni king Ten Ton* anil l [I
wariU, SCSI) per Ton.
For Less tUan Ton Ton* S3i per
Ton. •
Cunent Rate j of
D. van i.k.nne \
I Wno.T.nuc<'A, February 12th, 1877,
I ____ _
.\ND. ...
J E It S E Y C I T Y
STACKS, carrying tho r. S. mail,
pa** tigers and Express, will leuve
W’innetnucca every Monday morning at 8
Kltt'mnino—Will leave JERSEY CITY ever
’I hursday morning at 8 o’clock.
lu the District Court, Fourth Judicial Dis
trict, Humboldt County, Nevada.
L. A. Buckner, plain:iff,
The Mon'ezuma Mining Company, defendant.
By virtue of a decretal order
issued out of said Court, duly ait' sled, < n
tlie 3.1 ilu' of rtbruury, A. D. DC i. I have lev
ied up-op all the right, title and interest of the
defendant In and to the following deseilbed
real estat,. to-w it:
TwoO.on.and ('2000> feet of that ledge or
vein of mineral matt, r lituated in Trinity
(Arabia) Mining District. Humbo’dt Comity,
Vevada, whit h was heretofore heated by \
V. C. Rollins, J. D. Brown and others, as the
Montezuma Mine, as is shown by the books of
the Recorder of said District, and which has
Pen worked and known as the Montezuma
Min t y ,ther w itli the improvements then -
• NOTICE is li< reby given thaton the TWEN
TY SIXTH DAY or FI-HR I Alt V, A. D. 1S77,
at 12 o'clock m„ in front of the Court House
door .11 said c> unty, I sii 11 sell all the right,
title nn 1 in , rest of the defendant ii the
above described real fit do (or s' murh tin re
nt as may l> n cessarv!. and as directed apply
the proceeds if sale'to the payment of the
costs of suit, the costs of this stile, and the
amoun'ot *21.;sxMiO due plaintiff as fouud
by saul judgment and decree.
Sheriff of Humboldt County. Xi vada.
WiNSFMCcca, X, v., February ltd, 1*77 til
and Ordc -*f Sale issued out of tii" lis
tr it Court of the Court Ii Judicial lis ii I. in
iimi for tb. cc-nnty of Hum1oidt. State of
S' vai.a on th'1 2 d dav of February, . 1>.
1877. and torn din.tul uml ileliv t red, f r
judgment. ill i ri e and order of sale, n nvi rt d
in said court on tile 2'dn day of February, A.
L>. 1876, in favor of Jatiu a A ILli, plaintiff,
mid against X . Irene liolt, as Admini trail
o. tin estate of O. W. Holt, de • a e,l. all i N.
In n, Holt,.rg- rt . and I.a .ra if, It, minor
liters of Ge rg \V. Holt, deceits. d, defeud
anti . fi r the sum of '2 .<2! '2', with iin
tlier* n at ten l * r ei lit per annum from i t !•
ruarv 23th, a. 1*. 1876. toaeth. r » u h i sts ami |
d slni 'si mi nts, imui ntiug to the su.u of j
y:(6 10 and accruing costa l La'i • <u this, tin
2ml day of February, A. 1*. is77. levied oi
and taki n in inru ion ih following de-j
rc : ils-il rei.I > -tati , t -wit:
•; he X 1 ,. of S \V of Sic7. TtT. X. !
Kang" id 8, Monte ldablo lo se and i.ieinlian :
nisi, all That part of lot three iM» of said ii *• j
lion lying and being east of a line run i'n.
n .rib anil south thr ugh a point lie huniir, .! '
and IW, nty-Bvi (1‘2-M fu r due rn» of th< j
south eofni r of the dw. limg Ii .use situate i.n
said lands, formerly o.- upi d as mdibyo. j
W. Holt and family, said l.iinls and pr mi« s
being a portion of tne premises m nti.nid
aid d seriled in tin- contract n ,rd d in
pages 182 and 1 i in B > k A of Contra is. and
the whole of the premis"' sud p roperty de
•cribed in the nior gag ■ i • i.htl n p * L*..
M2, IUB and 11H in Book B of Mortgage* of
th county records of Hu r oohlt 1 , imtv, Xe
vada, ill flu County lien rJer’s office thereof; ,
also, the contract for the pnir. base of said j
lands recorded on • t.gt s 182 anil lsd, of Book
A of C litracts of tii" aforesaid rec rds.
' UTICK is In'*eby giu n that ou the Tfttiil) |
I> V Y OF XIA It II iC 1*7'“. lad Ween le
hours f nine o'clock in the morning au i fiw
o'clock in the «* eraooli. tu-wit : At OX L
(•’CLOCK v p-. at till- frinit do r of the C >urt
House m th< To wn of Winnemucca. lluiiiboiilt
County, Nevada, I will sc i at pui.l’e auction,
all til ■ right, title an I it er> si of the said de
f, n l :iits t i, in and to th, sb vi d «i ril» 1
jirooi rty.to fhc hi 1 at bi^ke* for c l .to
satisfy said execution, costs* an 1 accruing
costs. t’l A. KYX.F,
Sheriff of numb Mt County Nevada.
WiNstML'cca, Nev., February 5th, ls77--td
Town-Site Property.
Whbbka*, by »n Am i f the Legislature of
the State uf Nevada pr- scribing rules and reg
ulation* for tin exeeuti. n of the trust arming
ucdi r the Act ol emigres* * n itled An Act
f' i the nlief of ’lie inhabitant* of cities and
towns upon fhe public lands of the l uited
States," approved March aeooud, ope thous
and eight hundred and sixty-seven, and the
acts amt ndatory tin re if, it is tn.nir my duty
as former Judge of the Fifth Judicial District
Ci int, State of Nevada, an 1 Trustee for the
Inhabitant* of t. <• Town of Winneuiucca, In
said Judicial Dlnlriet, to efispos ■ >f tin tands
not bcretnf. e legally applied for hi accord
anci with the provision* of the said Act ; and
WiinttAi, it appears that in re tfcuntwi Ivi
months Lave elapsed since the expiration of
the jieriod provided bylaw for the sa d inhab
Hants to apply f r and rcicive titles to the
said lands embraced within tin- litliitaof tin'
said town of M inuemucca by tin- sal t owner*
or i lairuants to the same : now.
Turn. jfoiik, 1, Georg* i». ih rry, form r Dis
trict Judge of Mid District Court Mid Irustei
for fhe Inhal'Dante of the said Town of Win
uemucra, do h reby declare, publish and
make- known, that 1 will sell *i public auc
tion, to the- hlglie t l-i sj‘ uihibb bidder, in
fr> Bt of the Court House, in said Town of
tviinu inuccft, on the SIXTH DAY of MARCH,
Dt77, between Idle IldllTH of 12 Slid 2 o'e trick of
saiit day, to-win At 1 o’clock, the following
ib sciil- d property, lx ,ng u part, of th ■ land*
rmbruod in tin sanl iowu-Sitc of Winn
I illl’ca w hich 1 . eu t heretofore b* en legally
apt 1 i• d foi, or i. i.vi y. d to any owner, own
era or i ci-U| ant of tin si me :
ISegiuntm! at a post at tho N K C >r of the S
W if S-c ’to, '1 H IN, I. S8K. Mt ft M-ridiau.
running lln lite West along the north* ru boun
dary of said *4 tec to the center of the Hum
boldt River, thence in a southerly course
d<-wn mid river to 11n- Junetion of T. Ray and
John M. Darrell's lair,1, tln-ncr running SIT
*R green 11 1. to a pi -t a the C rif (irorgi
Hei-rott's land, thence along a c-.rve of th
Humboldt C anui at a distuu e of sixty feet
north of the said canal to tin H l, Cor of lot
5 in block aft. thence E to a post at the- ri 1-.
Cor of the said s \V l, of Sec 20. thence run
ning directly north to the- place of beginning,
containing HU and UO-100 aorta of land, being
a part of the said Town-Site of Winncmucca
not heretofor* legally disposed of.
GKO. G. RKIIRY, Trustee,
■S HtNEMCtCA, Jan. 20th, 1377- fl Odd
A limited number of pupils will hr 'taught
lessens in Vorai and Insirumeiital Must.-, at
her re -ideace, opposite the depot, by t .»e uu
dersianed. A first dai s piano will be fur
nished. ior terms, apply to
MiHS IlnM. ti.BIClI,
Wisimrece*, January D>th, 1B77—tf
interest in his furniture ttore, and will
be happy to fnrtiish any one wishing articles
in rny line with the same, at prices tj suil
the times. ,
8. W. CON AVI).
MARK Til 13813 FACTS.
The Testimony of Whole Worhl.
Holloway’s F i i! 3,
‘I had ho appetite; Hull.way’s tills gav
me a hearty one.”
“Y >ur fills are marvel ms.”
“I s< lid for an"ih i box, und keep them i
the hoUM
•M>r. Ibdlaway has cared my headache that
was < lo >nic.”
••1 guv one of ymr Pills to my baby for
i hobra in >. bus. the de .r little thing got
well iu a day.”
‘•My nan. a of a m ruing is now'cured ”
“Your box 'f Holloa.\ Uiutmifit Cure
tnc of noises in tin head. 1 rubbed some o
y ourOiutuieiii behind tin- < ars, and th n. i-n
lias b ft '•
‘•rv i 1 ffte two boxes: l want one for a poor
••I encloseu dollar, your prie ■ it ”T cents,
but tie m di no to ne ns w rth a dollar,”
“Si i.u iu live b on ■> of y ur nils,'
••Ii me have th.ee boxes of your Pills by
rumu tutu f r < h'Us. 1.1 i • v •
I have . v. r je 1 s e'ii ns o nlel i mt these,
but wan: of Spi. e c impels mo tor iiiel.i i...
For CutanocuJ Ci3ordor3.
And all erupti nsoftht s.iuthis Diutin. ut Is
ne.-t invaluable. I'diesie t held externally
nlotH out pi ii> t1.1to • wit a th most so .i’, lung
efforts to the \ ; v ruotofth. evil.
H o 5! o \v a y7 e Pins
In varii'") j ur th* f •ihiwhijr dm***-*
D.so.t’or of th-j Kidneys
In all tliiw iu a ft* ti. g theeu organ*, wheth
er th y ere < tw much or to > U tic water or
wb« Ui rll) \ lx* ultliitiil wit i alone nr gravel,
nr with lo'h'* an. i pain* * lift m the loin*
' 1 I f i
ahoiiiU 1 tuk< n sc. oriliiu, io tin- priu > n
direction*. and the "lunD iil abould be vn il
ruble d in o the to n'll! of th. back at i> dtitn*.
Thl* t:> . no-lit will give aluont immediate
reiii f Wi.i u ail tber in an- have fain J.
For Stomachs Out of
No m licit!)* will ao efflrftually imprnv*
the tone if tin- atr.iuaeh a* ft* - 1‘ill*! they
rom ve all acidity oo ». iutml either hy in
ternperaiii i>r uuproix r il < I, They reach the
Its rand reduce it to a healthy action; they
are we.mli filly i III aunut) in ram* of toparu
in f»< ; th« y in ver f.:il ii' n ng nil ilisorde;*
of tne liver ail atom ion,
HOUAlWiV'.l PILL' arc tin b- *t known
in th" w- rlil fi r tin foil wing dihe.-i a: Ague,
Vetkina, Hlliou-1 l oiujil .uita, HI debt* on the
. kin B jwela. i on* imp;i m !»■ billy, Biopay
1); -DB .iry, Lrycip la*, ki male Ir;• galaritiea.
Fever of all kind*, FrtK. Gout, licad .clin. in
die. hfton, lull iiutuation. Jaumlici ,lg\t r Oom
plaiuiH. Lumbago, I'llcH, hhu'uitti*(u. lleten
t; ui i f urine, rcrfli a or King'* Kill Sort
! hr up* , stone and Grave], t n-. imiiour.' i x.
Tnm r*, l eera, Wonua of all kind*, Weak
mchfr m any catiM, e'.e.
V ii. are genuine mil< *• th*-alptiuturc of J.
lUTti >i k h- agent for tl l'nit* 4 auto »ur
rouutl* e eh box of pith atul ointment. A
hand* no reward will • given t any one
rendering «m ti iiiformatlini a ■ may I olt < thi
Ii u i itoa of any party t paSrlkw uotwrfeit
ing the rnedleiin"' ■ r ven ting th" *ain know
in,'. th* in to he apurionw
%*r>. id at t1io rnanuf-elory of rrof i»*or
UoLteWAT k < o, Ni w V .rk and by all re
Hpiictable dragglata an l dealer* in medicine
throughout the ciVi l*i d world, lu bon » ti
edit*, rent* and f 1 i aid).
CV there i* CoUtoiderable i-avi l by taking
the target huf a.
N. B - Dlreciion* for the go dance o
patient* in ovary disorder are all1. ■ 1 t i ixck
Office, 112 Liberty Stree-, '.'w York.
d< e 13-1876-ly.
Far superior to Rocky Mountaiu Coal,
1 eli vored uu th. earn, or §16 SO per
IV n, delivered in town, In smaller quant -
tit a.
Orders left at t hi a office of the urCerrtifcnfd
w.ll roc ive prompt attuirion.
ja*"tf FRANK N \K vMOllK,
XTRitjwmoi yoi run-!, f upri p; n< i.
who have tried in vain every known
remedy will learn of a simple prescription.
Fill h, for the speedy cure .f u> r.ous lebiHty,
pitina'ur C.'cay, lost inahh'tol.aiidalliliH
orthos brought on by ex esses. A• v druirn’sl
I) \ Vlh'U.N
A ,t(),, ^(i \ it salt n SI., V V
oct 27-: y r
To all w ho i»r« »nflt ring from the errors slid
indi-fit ifoi'. of youih, i.ervons weakness,
early decay. 1 rn of manhood, etc., I will
send a recipe that will cu < you. 1’HKK PI'
CUAK'i , This irroat r ’midv was dlacoveretl
by ii missionary In Mouth Aim rica Send a
self-addies td i nvelopo to the Its.v. Joski-ii T.
»'<n.x, Stall m P, liible House, Niw York
To Hunt.
The building formerly occupied by
B. S. OoKxeshull & Co. For terms
apply to A. J. Shepard. [j‘2-lru
l»*«SOLl; i !O M \OTI( R.
The lo-partnership h.-rotof .re .
tween 1-. W.4..hl,s.n \ l!. lUinhMt “
duy diss dved b,,mutual consul Thr i *'*
m-s* is discontinued. All Recounts musi'‘i‘‘
s» ttled immediately at the i (H,,,f j * 'm
liardi Jt Co. 1*. \\ .JilHNeoji
... t „ , J- HElNHAltT.
Winnemdcca, Jan. 15, ls77.
Dissolution fto:ice.
Votici: is ; ■ .-tf 1dives thkttB’
Cl CO part* -i Vh;|, 1,. I.t ■ uv . xlHtiuir hL
tween thi urndersigi:. d. iiuil. r the linn nit
<f Vanderlip A- Hch;./e .is (ids day di»ao»v«l
hy mutual consent, .1 \ s infer will p
di btf (ft the Company aid •. II.-. t ail
du<-the fame. J. .HO AIK"
F. 1». V i.NDEUi,I|»[
WljiNEMl'rcA, February I.1, Iti77._ty-Jw
Dissoluten ' 1 ot!co.
V"tier is hi ri 1.x fix I the ro.partner.
-As ship h.ret fo. . . n_r b-tw. "u
und rsigned in t . ra: J.i . and si .a rHI<
mg business ::i i’l ., V .11.,. Huuib nit
C. nnty Nevada,’ if li.i. day dissoiv.il be
mutual c i.s nt M. . i .. wliiidranto •
from the l'liaiiifKs. KM 1,i11r again t tut
con jj:.nv inusl Is I r. ■ i.V r theiffi-,.,,1
C. U. Woods, I ,il... o V *1 . lanued*.
h re thiwiii :• ifter m*
i intuit. ,*f. H >NL£y
l . »*.
" WNKMrrc \ Ffbror.rv 10. \ ->77 — lit
p 11 •• *, .
Wi' V* « t. •• w »
I in Twit mstrict rurar or Til* Fourra
/UJUKIaL j»m i.kt o rta2£
or .NKV*!'A. < , S*V ur
Ml- VVLIrf.
Chari■•» Kb. rl. y, i". Ve. Francis liberley,
Actiou brought in tin ■ > • r urt of the
fourth Judicial in- f th<- state of,
N-vada in ami for ti- un:jr of Hum.
b-otot. ftll.l the or,mj,la tiled in ths
illlcf nf if, c •» I),„‘rict Court
on the :*.) It day , i car , i>. H77.
The Stale of .\, v n la greeting ts
i i ..m i v 1 *•;. y. f mlant.
bnu ar 1 i by r. <puie i to a p ar in tn
action br ■ i; .-’ 1 ic jmi 1; tiic ah nvmined
plairlilT,*' ,ri i i-rl Jji-tr ct Court
of tlie fourth Jude ml I*. . ict of the State of
Nevada, in and for tin t ntyof Humboldt,
and to ai-.mm the Com! ! tut filed therein with
the ( l< ik > f - , I , t v ■ o ti l, 1 j a |<n hi
aive of the d-> of,,-,, afsrtli aerriceoa
y u of ill s -iirn.o > t v d within t e
county, or. n wu s . ’his c >uuty but
in thi* Judicial U rn t v ,Unu twenty days
o;h.Twine, wit. in f• ; t> day a ,r judgment
by default v.li 1> t > • r t. . it-t you a<cord
in.* to tbe pray, r of 4 ..d c ‘mpl.int.
Said a.'U ,o ia brou i.t to obtain a decree of
di\ ict and : i.t b i ><* f {Matrimony no*
exl-ting bctweiD plaint.!: ,ud def uUanf be
di Solved.
AUof which more fully appear by refer
ence to aani coiupian t- a certified copy of
w hich aceompanU s ibis Hun.moin.
Andyouari hereby not1 that if you fall to
appear amt an * a , r : t. ■ * .id >, ,pl.diit au above
rc-jtilred. 1)• :n:.- .vi i a. , y t ithe Court
for tbe Teli j tor m Ida complaint.
i, mi r 11.s hand and the
( _ | ol the to ; t Court of the
I K,'A|* j i oiirtii it.di ... of the state
iew. of N *4it». in a. it f,,r tin: c. uuty
of Humboldt, Hits bfit-h day of Jan
uary, A. 1). H7T.
' II JOB, Clerk.
By M B Haj ea, deputy.
II. S M sNiin i n. atn r . y for plaintiff— raJ
In th* Dmaur Covet or th* FovktC
Ji.until, i i ruin or th* static
or Nrv ,iu. ii ,t .stt or
Hi Jimmlcr.
r C. fI»Lt< o il . i i.i \*. !. 8. Bowman,
<b fc..ii»nt.
Ati act 1 n br ;n:tit t (' restrict Court wf tlM
K. nrtb Judicial IMalr.it of li.r State of
Nsvadii In and b i tic County of Hnrnb dJt,
an t tin V< e; ’.n ot til I m th> office of the
cioikot dd t -tu t C urt on tlie lllfaday
j of November, A. D. ldVti.
piic Stitt of .VYvi.da *-TitlA greeting to
I s H' •wntaii. defendant;
Yon are hereby required to appear in an
. action br' ui*lit i« i iiiri >oti by the above
named pj« .tiff, l . C ;*-i on, in the Dtslrtcl
Court i I Ue 1 . uc'li dm), .al District of the
Stale 'if Neva .a. in and for the CnUBtyof
Hu in tail li, and torn r ihe Complaint 4l<d
tU* f'iu with tlie < i« ) of said Court within
ten days r :u e of ill day of nervier)
lilt, || lilt \ 'I e II. . 1 1 i Ilia Sllltll/l"UI~» l(
Mrved within tl rt . HUM* or, if wrvtd entof
Dil i i • unity lui in t' ■ ■* J.al ial District
witiuo tw'-ntj do . it i rw me, w(thin forty
days or judgno nt by d -fault will be taken
again d y n sec ruing t » the prayer of said
Said action is brought to recover 'he sum
if eight lint .'id loir* on certain prow
|ai>ry not* , *'' ■ * ut* d and *1'11 vered by you to
plaintiff well two per * (lit interest per
iiioi11tl f. ui 25tti day • f August, lHiti, and for
forccni iin of i rialti to riy .i e, exi t uted »ud
dedvi red I vi to pin)ntiff, on li t three.
I Itlink •>, In yvinii H'in a, Nevada. »"*• *W
building* situate tic r* e- said plaintiff alM ,
* foi (Ii i ree of e„!( of su'd property by the
Sheriff of said e elity f r I . S gold coin,
that till proi ■ I Is of MU I sale lx appl'id
Hi pay an id of th cnargea and e*|«*nweM of
said sale.the ciTlh iftlus -nit.tie said principal
j sum uiot ti*teres! a- ef. ri eld, all I teh per
I cent, of the amount is attorney fee* of plaint
j iff in this suit, i hd that defendant and all
l» isons claiming mid. r h in tie forever barred
| and fort cl. aed of all ..piliy "f redemptiou,
cIn.m * •• interest in said property and every
pa t Itle.eof .,
All of which will ni ne fully appear by wr
er. nee to .*1 Coil.plaint, a certified copy el
slucb a llipaitlos thin ••'litlll’ious.
hi i y uni hereby not ill' 1 iliat if you fa"
to pp in uud answer the said Complaint as
ab -V' r ij iiri d, s..id plaintiff will *******
IndgBit in and appl' to the Cmirf for th re*
lief prayed for iu tie said complaint.
Given u i h r my hand and tbs «"*•
_of tin Dli tin t Court of the iotirtu
j | Judicial District of the State of Neva
|l,fclL) (U (li u)„i f.,r the county of UuiB
- isddt, this Util day of csovewwr.
D*7ti. _ .
J. It. JOB, Clsrk.
M. S. UoN.NiriEU*, Attoru -y for

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