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*ii. 1.1 L HI'.*1 'i 1-—U
.. t j*gg
>V HIxe is authorized to make collection*
or the SiWk*.STAT«jtn^receiptfo^UMJ**o*|t^
War Department—Signal Corn* V. S Army.
* 1 Mat, l.\ lasO, 4:17 a. m.
<>)mervation» taken at the *ame moment of
time at all uta^ion*. __
j WIN I*: | *
[5 a |“j J
place OF ! | 'Sf ?.||! 8.
observations. ! ! | g, f’ygj J
If? 3 2 , S " c
1 •- | s * a g
Boise City, I'iaho.. : | ! I
Cheveune. W.v.| 40 MV 12 .... O ear.
Davenport, Iowa.ol E f. ... • • c ar
North Platte, Nee.. 01 ,SE 9 -29 jCh/Mly.
Omaha, Neh., (.4 SE 10 {-if,f»r.
Sacramento, Cal—j 47 SK 4 [-A*,;vr
Suit Lake, L tali. • • ■ !W Calm. ... (Clear.
Sun Francieco, Cal. 47 \\ 10 .•••••* •*!aPj
Virginia, Mon.(91 C*lm. 04 |Clo’iJ.'.
WiiineiiiUwcii., Nev.. 64 ‘6 • • • • J vn.
■ !.
Mrv 14tl»—-.Ve'iimnn thermometer, 49'; Min
imum thermometer, 24'. _
Last KvpmImr’h B«.ar<I.
250 R * fc 25c 10 Vu" 18’
30 Jackson 3 *» N .idle Hi*
3V5 O Prize 85 95c VetT Nin.ijo 25c
luu Kndpuiiicni 15c 1*^ iiAJfpciidciire z.>c
HW star 30c 150 ('.cue talc 4u 50c
uo Real U. 1 Monte 50c So Albion 35c
‘20 Sit lnai • 15c loO Metallic 50c
50 Mt Potosi 56c loo tnet Diablo 50c
230 Bodie 7i 309 bechtel 170 175o
b«o McOlinton 40 35c 100 1 Cloud 30c
310 summit 160 l7oc 150 Rulwcr 6J 0
13»* Syndicate 105 UOc bM) CJ' xhhaw 90 80c
400 May Bello 25c 10 Belt ideru 1%
100 Champion 76c 220 Hiuvk Haws 0005c
750 Hooker 35 4'.c 3. 0 South bodie 20c
4iH> (Jnecn bee 36c 30 Mono 6}
160 Cull I'ucitic «’0e 2"0 I'nivtsndty 3oc
lsi Jupiter Hide *:<-0 South Bulwer 110c
•«00 Addenda *5 '<0c 186 N Noonday 6| !>\
000 V Standard 70 66c So€ Orient 5c
TUI* Uuruinn'i Board.
00 Oph.r 9| 9} 210 Mexican 8* s|
510 b ik < 4i'l 400c 735 ball l'-} lot
2U9 California 220 215c 135 bc.veg* 8€Ue
090 bon 4 a .>-) 325c 215 Ch .ular 415 430c
39.1 PoU*i 2W> 3O0c 200 If A N 3{
itl.i Crown Point 2 .'>40 V Jacket '>} ->4
400 Imperial 40 35c 200 Aljiha
MJ5 belcher 356 350c 50 Court lencc i§
1905 8 Nevada 12} 12$ 140 i tail >S 7<
3'5 Bullion 210 320c 85 Kxi lie.f’r 230 240c
70 Se* neit her 8 S5u Overman 215 220c
275 Justice 100 GOe 10n;. Inion 20 20$
400 Aila 300 2:*8; 10 Juia 718:
650 Caledonia 10 56c ‘>A Silver iiili bOOOc
fch> ('ll.lilt l.jfe 150 155c £2 »I New- Y«.rtv S0 75C
•390 Occidental 136 125c 7'Kl 1. Wash n fV< 55c
100 Andes 80c 570 Scorpion 125 146c
loo Trojan 5 1€0 N Bonanza 35c
6:«j Mac key lO 5c ls« fi ves 10“c
80 Hinton 17(8 40 H H K 25c
SO hureka 184 19 €20 Jackson 3
Suo Scor; i n I j 150 Challenge 170c
200 Belmont 25c 150 Metallic 50c
2400 bnuMi Prize 1 3**1 Star h e
2HO Relic Isle 5<A- 40(1 Day 50c
ml Albion 35c 100 Wole4 305c
150 Overman £$ 150 4 a»t Uifti.lO 60c
«0 Bodie 7} 30 Bechtel 1}
50 'IV</* 1 fik: In Mi Clinton 4(82
2u0 Summit 2 120 Bulwer <5$ Oj
1 50 Syndicate 110c 40 Holmes 25c •
400 44uod«haw 75c 100 May Belle 20c
105 bJvtdere z7o 2€0c 350 Champion 75c
600 South Ihahe 2i»o 80 Bunker 35 4i8;
lno Mono i. luo (Jueen He. * «•
O f Pacific 3-JO 310c 200 South B i! ver 130c
*00 Addend* 90 loo Noonday 410
30 N .Notnday ; j 150 D standard €<*: (>
luu Orient 25c 300 Man.(Until 305 800c
3i5 lloaton t$ 85 Oro3$
;*hnj Atlox 5c Do Kndowmenl 15c
1.44 Ar/inta 20c 50 Tip Tup 6
loo Lniverslty SOc
wmwnixn » -■**caui-s
Taken tv It* Mother.
About two years ago a strange woman
arrived here, and shortly aiterwards
gave bit th to a child. Something over
a year ago site left for parts unkuown,
leaving the baby, a fine, healthy look
ing boy, and a note w ith Mrs. Gilson,
at w hose house she had been stopping.
The note stated that the child’s name
was William Arthur Fremont. S’noc
then nothing was known of the w here
abouts of the mother until a few days
ago, when a letter was received from
her at Keno, requesting that the
chihl be taken to her at that place.
To-day Deputy Sheriff Pryor left here
with the child, which is now nearly
two years old. The family of Mrs.
Akin, who was engaged by the county
to take care of the child, became great
ly attached to it, and dnbked very
much to part with the little waif.
Ifmonnl .Notes.
K. P. Torrev, e.v>Superiutendent of
the Bullion mine, and W. C. Kieord,
bookkeeper for the company, arrived in
town hist evening and left for Carson
G. F.. Moeller, a resident of Winne
mueea in the days of “old Lang syne,”
arrived to-day from Virginia City.
in-mm-rtillt- Ventral Voiiimittre.
A call dor a meeting of tha Demo
cratic County Central Committee ap
pears iu another column. Judges pf
Election* in ail the precincts in whiuh
primaries were held are requested to
send in the returns forthwith.
.MyylMg Kfttaliltshim-nt.
'Attention is directed to the adver
tisement of M. J. Crimes iu ai> other
column. He ‘.'lives to dy® and dyes to
live.” a
A FJillit VrswifA
This morning several children were
playing near the river above the Reduc
tion Works. They missed one of their
number, the two-year-old boy of Adam
Adrian, who works for George Berrott,
but could not find him. Mentiine a
Chinaman saw the child floating down
the river, buoyed up by its clothing,
and ran to the City Brewery, a short
distance below the mill, and gave the
alarm. The brewer, John Flumor,
jumped into the river, hut had all he
could do to keep himself afloat, and
Charley Leush, who is an expert swim
mer, went in and brought out the life
less body of the child. Pr. Hanson
was called to the scene, hut his efforts
to resusitate the boy proved unavailing.
Here is another awful warning to pa
rents, to keep their children away from
a stream which has proved fatal to
many persons, young and old.
About one hundred and thirty emi
grants went Hast last evening. They
seemed to Iks well to do kind of people.
To-day about seveuty-five emigrants
went West. A great many people
East and West seem to lie disatisfied,
wherever they are, jus is shown by the
fact that the emigration from California
does not deter Eastern people from
going to that State.
san Franrlsro Meat Market.
The Bulletin qnotes the rates for
whole carcasses from slaughterers to
dealers as follows :
Beef—Prime, GJ and 7i cents ; me
dium grades 5 to G cents ; inferior,. 4
cents per pound.
Veal— Largg calves, 5 to G cents;
small calves, 7i to 9 cents per pound.
Mutton—Wethers, 3£ to 4 cents;
Ewes, 3 t^3$ cents per pound.
t'ullforulu Exports.
Large quantities of wool, wine and
barley are now being shipped blast hy
rail. Pacific Coast barley is said to he
far superior to that raised east, and
brewers at St. Louis, Cincinnati, Chi
cago and other cities in the Western
States are having it shipped to them by
the car load. Fresh salmon from the
canneries on the Sacramento river, are
being shipi>ed east hy the ear load to
supply the tables of epicures.
— ■ • ■ - — ♦ ■ ■
Cru.hctl to Itentli.
Last night a tramp attempt'd to jump
on the west-bound emigrant train as it
was pulling out of Carlin. He fell be
tween the cars and was run over by
the train and instantly killed. No pa
pers or anything else that would indi
cate Ins name or w here he was from
were found on his person. It will prob
ably never be known who the unfortu
nate was.
Ituileu* on Little Huuiboldt.
Messrs. Hutton, Farell, Layton and
It.chie &. Harnum, notify cattle men
that rodeos on the Little Humboldt
will begin June 1st. Those interested
will of course lie on hand to see to their
The Will! iiooM-. Mine.
The Secretary of the Wild Goose
Mining Company has received very
favorable reports from the mine. The
general opinion of mining men, who
have examined it, is that it is one of
the l>est mines in Mount Rose District.
l or Stale Seuulor.
J. F. Abel desires to be one of the
Representatives of Humboldt county,
in the State Senate next Winter, and is
announced as a candidate for the po
sition. He is well known throughout
the county.
TUe Lana Sjnc.
James Hajnhley, arrived here last
evening from Dun Glen, on hi# way to
Faradise, to take the place of engineer
at the Bullion mill. He says the Lang
Syne mill is running steadily, and the
ore is producing Lots of puce gold bul
Cone Wr»l.
Baron Littlefinger. and Count Rose
bud, the two little men who accom
panied the double-headed woman
throughout the State, went Arest to
day having separated from her in Utah,
from which place she went to Montana.
, ' *
There will be preaching at. the M. K.
Church to-morrow, (Sunday 1 at 11 a. m.,
and 7:30 M.,. .Rev, Mr. Warrjugton
officiating. All arc invited to attend.
Sunday-aohool will open immediately
irfter tba OMHming.service.
TMK UfM Mljllyg, i
{lU*ic*»e QttitntUJes of *rr |» **»kl.
We are informed by J. H, McMillan,
who has recently visited the Lucky
Dog mine, near Unionville, that the
mine looks well and that there are im
mense quantities of ore in sight. The
lode is opened a distance of 2,(XX) feet,
and it is estimated that there are ten
thousand tons of ore in sight. Some of
the ore is of a high grade, and all of it
will pay to mill. What the owners
now heed is a 50-stamp mill, hut like
nearly all others who have to develop
the country to attract capital, they
hare not the means to purchase the ma
chinery. It is just the property for
men of capital to invest in, and while
Eastern men are going wild over the
carbonates of Leadville, they may lose
light of golden op{K)rtunities to invest
in the free ore producing mines of Ne
vada. _
!.f«*T or IFTTIKS
Remaining in the Postodiee at Winne
muoca, Nevada, on the 15th. day of
May, 1880.
Armstrong, Wm Ahvf, Susan
Bryant, Wm Clark, Christopher
(rrcenwell, LW Humphrey,'D T
Hcymanson, Benz .Johnson, M F
Pereil, J T) Starks, J B
Spargo, John Tweddil David
Persons calling for any of the above
letters, will please say, “Advertised
May 15th, 1880.”
F. C. Remss, P. M.
Notire to t'attlc Men.
The rodeos for working cattle on the
Little Huinlxddt, will commence at
Button’s ranch on the 1st of June.
I. V. Br-rrox,
James Farkll,
A.Arox LaYtox,
IticiiiK & Barnum. •
Eden Valley, May 14, 1SS0. lw
Kperlnl Meeting.
A special meeting of Winnemncca
Lodge No. Hi, F. & A. M., will be held
Saturday evening, May 15th, at 7\
o’clock. Work in the second degree.
Alex Wjsk, W,. M.
A CoimI Thing.
German Syrup is the special prescrip
tion of Dr. A. Boschee. a celebrated
(ierinan physician, and is acknowledged
to he one of the most fortunate discov
eries in medicine. It quickly enres
coughs, colds, and all lung troubles of
the severest nature, removing, as it
does, the cause of the affection and
leaving the parts iu a strong and
healthy condition. It is not an experi
mental medicine, but lias stood tiie test
of years, giving* satisfaction in every
case, w hich its rapidly increasing sale
every season confirms. Two million
bottles sold annually. Beware of med
icines of similar names, lately intro
duced. Boschke’s Gkkmax SYRrp was
introduced in the United States in
ISOS, ajul is now sold in every town
and Village in the civilized world.
Three doves will relieve any ordinary
cough. Price, 73 cents. Sample bot
tle, 10 cents.
for Cash!
F. C. Robins soils five pounds green
coffee for $1 00.
Four cans choice tomatoes for $1 00
cash at F. C. Robins.
Four cans selected oysters fqr $1 00
for cash at F. C.,Robins.
F. C. Robins receives fresh groceries
and provisions every thirty days, and
for cash will sell goods at Sacramento
prices. Remcmlier no credits entered
on goods bought at |oyr figures. . Cash
upon the counter. Goods delivered
free. _ .
Fresh t.roeerten.
A new shipment groceries Jpst re
ceived by C. ChEjrowyTB, at his cash
store, .where his customers may no tv
purchase seven pounds of brown or sis
pounds of white sugar for One dollar*
with the satisfaction of -knowing that
he h*8 no antxihated goods, sho^Ofn
or defflnet, to hr'fng to. the front aud
shove under their noses' to eaoito -their
pity tjo bgy them iff return tor the favor
of selling his sugar on so small a mar
gin. ‘ ttftoo-tf
.. »-♦■■■ • -v
. FyeUerli'hsUiurg Kerr.
For a genuine glass, of Fredericks
burg, Boca or Fillsner Beer, on your
way to the Depot, call at (». A. Kke:*^
kkl’s Depot House. •
1*. S. Ho taffy—this beer intoxi*
cates. mlOtf
Stood tor the ktoiMuch.
Hostetetter’s celebrated Stomach Bit
ters are good. If you want something
1 tetter, call on Dr. A. Gkit/.nkr, at the
DenoV Bakery and Restaurant. He
will cure your ills for 25 cents aud up
wards. All the delicacies o£ the season
cooked to order., Strawberry! bhort
cake and cream a specialty. ...miOtf
MERCHANDISE, DRY OOOiy, qpyHfly, ^C. _,_
>. b-f 1 , f, • t |f» t t. ■ tfr ■ *•
—-.— -o-— --—
• .
goincj to sell goods for
* O. 1 - * • \ * ‘
You Can. Get Meve Goods For Less Money '
At-oar store than at any establishment this side of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Before
purchasing elsewhere, . *' '
Call and Examine Oar Stack t Or Send Far anr Price List!
* * -M ** Uf’ •v1'-. ft * * ' » * V*
The articlf* we carry being too numerous te mention, we will weekly quote prices of spme o*
Otir Goods for the benefit of our numerous friends and patrons.
Snow-flake Dress Goochs, ]>er yard...20 cts
Cordette Dress Goods, per yard.25 cts
Cashmeres, all color*..fleets to $1.25
Heavy Snow flake Waterproofs, double
width.... -.... —...$1.00
Plaid for Children's Dresses, all wool.15 cts
Colored Canto* Flannels, per yard.10 cts
Scotch Plaids, very nice, per yd...... 25 eta
■Shawls, from....75 eta upwards
1’ndrVssed Kid Glovct... i5 cts per pair
Silk Handkerchiefs, from... .25 eta to $1.50
Indies' itose, from.12$ ett to‘*2.50 per pair
Childrens’. Hoae, from.8 eta to 50 cts
Ladies’ Refta..12$ cts and 25 cts
Ladica.Xics, from..J2$ to 50 eta
w J /*• * J -+
A I* O T,,H l, K G :
Business Suits.$ 10.00
l ine Bv#pess Sidts... 14.00
Very Fine Business Suits. 18.CO
Extra Fine Biyinsss Suits,,. ft>.00
fires* Suits', ffotn.,:.$22.60 to $27.50
Caiiton Flannel Undershirts and Pray ers,
75 cts each
Merino Flannel do. do., 50 cts each
Extra Merino do. do. do., 75 cts each
Flannel do. do., $1.60 each
Calf Boots, per pair.u. ,$3.50
Calf Hoots, tap soles.. 4.00
Ca'f Boots, fine. per pair. 4.50
Calf Boots, extra, per pair,. 6.50
We have Boots which we sell frorp $2. HI to
$7.50 per pair, sod guarantee .the same to be as
yood as any ever made.
C'hildreu’s Shoes, from...75 cts to $1.60
I Julies Shoes, from.$1.25 to $4.00
Slippers, all kinds, at the 4owest cash price*.
-—v- *
<K * , 1
rviupri.ius EvrrjthluK T« Be Hal In A General Merebiittdiee Store.
Call And See U» ! - No- Trouble For Us To Show Goftdt *
If l* n Don’t See What lo« Want, Ault for It i
, i,£VV, & EO., Proprietors Revolution Store.
Wianumueca, ManJl 15, ISSO^^^mmmmtmmmmmmt
It rows'* Household Panacea
Is the most effective P4*11 'histroyer in
the world; will most surety (juiekeu the
blood whether taken internally or ap
plied externally; and thereby niorc cer
tainly KJtuKVH PAIN, whether chronic
or acute, than any ©tlier pain alleviator,
and is warranted donble the strength
of any similar preparation. It cures
pain in the side, hack or bowels, sore
throat, rheumatism, temthache, dnd all
aches, and is The Great Reliever of
Pain. "Brown’s IIorsEHOLn Pana
cea” should be in every family. A
teaspoonful of the Panacea in a tumbler
of hot water (sweetened, if preferred),
taken at bed-time, will urkak VP a
cold. '25 cents a bottle. jal3-ly
Much Slchue*#
Uundoubtedly to children, attributed
to other causey is occasioned, by worms.
Rroun'a Vermifuge Conyita, oi; Worm
Lozenges, although effectual in destroy
ing worms, can do no possible iujury to
the most delicate child. This valuable
combination has' been successfilly used
by physicians, and found to be abso->
lately sure in eradicating worms, so
hurtful to children. • Twenty-five cents
a box. _•__jal3-ly
lty laluTiwl leosrd,
Ayek’si Caxiuktic Pills are the best
of all purgatives fur family use. They
are the product of long, laborious »nd
successful chemical investigation,, and
their extensive use by physicians in
their practice, and by all civilized na
tion#, proves them the best and most
effective purgative pill tjiat medical sci
ence can devise. ’Being pttrely vegeta
ble, no harm can arise ^rom their use.
In intrinsic Value and curative powers
no other pills can be compared with
them, and every person, knowing their
virtues, will employ them when needed.
They keep the system ih perfect order,
4nd m#itittup in healthy action the
whole Machinery'of life. Mild, search
ing and etfscfcaal,- they are specially
adapted to the needs of the digestive
apparatus, deraugemcntB of which they
prevent anil cure, if timely.taken. They,
are the best and safest physic to em
ploy for children and weakened Consti
tutions, where a mild but effectual
cathartic i» required. ly-4
l*ok. Beret
Levy & Co. are Opening to-day the
largest and most complete stock of dry
goods, ^uttous and clothing ip be hmud
in the SfateJ It' will be worth money
to you to 'call and see them, and get
prices,) They ,aw determined not to be
Undersold. Fresh goods arriving daily.
" x Levy A (Jo.
Wo Challenge the World.
■ r f - / <
, When we say we believe - we have
evidence to prove that Shiloh's Con
sumption Cure is decidedly the best
lung medicine made, inasmuch as it will
cure a common or chronic cough, in one
half the time, and relieve Asthma
Bronchitis, Whdoping Cough Croup,
and show more cases of Consumption
cured than all others. It will cure
where they fail. It is pleasant to take,
harmless to the youngest child, ami w©
guarantee what we say. * Price, 10 cts,
50 Cts and $1. If your lungs are sore,
chest or back lame, us© Shiioh's Porous/
Plaster. Sold by C. A DrSattsskre,
Druggist. n7-0od
, IK* l'on Believe it.
That in this town there are scores of
persons passing oar store every day
who9e lives are made miserable by In
digestion, Dyspepsia,' 8our ami Dis
tressed Stomach, Liver Complaint tuut
Constipation, when for 75 eta will
sell them Shiloh's VitoUzsr, guaranteed
to cure them. Sold by C. A. DESabs
sr re, Druggist. n7-eod
The most popular and fragrant per
fume of the day, JiaekmetHck. Try it.
Sold by C. A. DeSa0k.seRE, Druggist,
Winueinucca, New u7-©od
K-ol Potatoes.
I have four of the best varieties of
seed potatoes, which I w ill sell at a
very low price; at Lovelock station,
C. P. R. R., Nevada.
mhSf-tf | John Harrison.
Wine for, Brave ■earls?
At Frank Fellows’' Fashion Saipple
Rooms can be procured' the genide.im
portttd Charles He idsieck. tf
For E««d Bread,
Call at the Dtror Bakery—five loaves
fbr twenty-five cents. ih8
Fresh Oj*k m
And Celery Salad, every night,: at
Doc’s Lynch Stank.' fo-tf
— -—■■■■ ■ - ♦—.
Baking Fuwrtrr.
Everybody’s Baking Powder is as
good as ours, and Levy & Co’s. Ideal is
tatter than them all. No alum in ours
lunless you want ith and it will raise a
man in his girl’s affections every trine,
And Why It Ilf
Why does eVerybody go to Linpr t
Co’s store for their goods? Answer—
Because that Is the place to get mall
cheap tor. gash. uikU

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