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THE silver state.
IManlw I. !«■».
M||||, | mm i 1—1 'tti—
s \V 11cm. is authorized to make collections
or the Silv kk Statk and receipt for the same.
j__uhjii it"- " "■--- . v "AKa
War Department -Siynal Curve C. S. Army.
Om r.MisKH 1, 1880, 4:1< A. M.
Observations taken at the same moment of
time at all atati ma
h WIND: #
1 - a: w r’
H IV jr 2 z. ®
PLACES OF | % * : J f.
observation, r 3 Z ■ "! f
l\z ?
• *1 •
I : i: : :
I . . • • li. •
Boise Citv, Idaho.. 35 Mi 4 .32 Hvsiiow
Chevenne, Wj. 23 MV 24 .... (lear
Bavenport, Iowa... 28 S\V 4 -Cloudy.
North Platte, Neb.. 20 V, 1« .... Clear.
Omaha, Neb. 20 S ID .(Fair.
Pioche, Nev. 22 S (i ....IFair.
Salt Lake, Utah.31 >E l.» ... Cloudy.
San Francisco, Cal.. 48 8 <!.... 1 h t n^.
Winnemuoca, Nev.. 33 SW 12 .... Clouuy.
_ I_I_I_k._
Novkmhrh 30th —Maximum thermometer, 40 .
Dkckmhrr 1st—Minimum thermometer, 6\
I.asf Eh-uIuk'ii Hoard.
Eureka Con 18 2< >0 (5 Prize 155 160c
2.3 Na\uji> 1 400 Tuscarora 30e
2.30 Day aOc 30J Wales 75c
1200 N belle El- 40c 170 East Mt Diablo 10c
so Columbus 2J 105 Dodic
150 Bechtel UOc 130 syndicate 50c
100 Goudshaw SOc 400 biack Haw k 5c
250 Cou Pacific SOc 100 Addenda 26c
50 be I vide re 40c 145 Mammoth 5c
25 Boston 00c 855 Oro 40 45c
50 Tip Top 3 450 Silver King 12
2oo South Bulwer 45c 150 star 25c
250 bulwer
Tills War ulus's Hoard.
100 Ophir 51 180 Mexican 6£ 6J
l»0 U Al C :t| ISO b & B 850 S3.1C
l.so Savage 220c 30 California 155c
120 t hollar 185c 815 II .V N 400 405c
60 Crown Point 106c 150 Yellow Jacket 310c
1030 imperial 10c 200 belcher95c
206 S .Nevada 7i 7f 246 l tali 51 bjf
00 Potosi 2!X)c 1.30 bullion U
110 Exchequer 115c loo 1 iverumn <0 75c
460 Justice 100c 1600 Alta 7J 7$
16.3 Enio/i II inj 620 Julia 30c
430 Silver Hill 35 90c 110 New York 25c
too Washington 26c 60 Scorpion 120c
350 Molding Star :30c 640 Benton 170c
2uo Con Dorado 40c
» mmm . nr . . , i r 1-1 i ■— ■ il ■
October Term, 1880—W. N. liomii field.
Jerry Schooling vs. J. C. Fall, doing
business under the firm name of 'Fite
Arizona Silver Mining Co.: Defend
ants demurrer to complaint overruled,
ami defendant allowed to file and serve
C. T. Wheeler vs. The Arizona Silver
Mining Co.: Defendants’ demurrer to j
cotnpla.iit overruled.
Isabella Lantauce et al vs. Byrnes &
Hinkey: Doth parties having been
present by counsel, notice was given to
plaintiff in open Court of the filing of
the findings asked for by plaintiff, and
of the ri*cision of the J udge in regard
to said application, and any further no
tice thereof was waived in open Court.
Court adjourned until Monday, Jan
uary 17th, 1SS1.
Quart/ Mill Machinery.
The machinery for a thirty-stamp
quartz mill, for the State Line Mining
Company, in Esmeralda county, is now
being taken cast by rail to Battle
Mountain: thence, by rail to Austin;
from which place it will be taken by
teams to its destination. It looks
somewhat strange to see machinery for
Southwestern Nevada going east over
the Central Pacific Railroad, but it
appears that it is the easiest and cheap
est way to get it to its destination.
The Big Meadows' Grain Fleet.
Eight teams, loaded with 00,000 j
pounds of wheat, arrived at Render's
mill to day from Big Meadow s. They
receive here §‘2 33 per hundred pounds
for grain, payable in (lour at £4 or $1 23 I
per hundred pounds. It looks a little
strange, to say the least, to see teams
competing with a railroad in the
freighting business for a distance of 70
miles, and their owners making money
at the business.
Gone to Paradise.
II. C. Tandy, the well-known photo
grapher, left for Paradise, to-day, to be
absent five or six weeks, lie intends
to oj»en a gallery in Paradise, and give
the latlies and gentlemen of that place
opportunity to have their likeueses
taken in the highest style of the art.
The ‘’Pioneer’' Black-mith Shop.
Paul Jasmine, a practical blacksmitl,
baa purchased the interest of Hrais &
Palmer in tho "Pioneer Blacksmith
Shop, on Bridge street. Ho is a genu
ine forger, and guarantees first-class
work. ad. in another column. •
He Demonstrates the Superiority of
Physical Courage.
From the Virginia Chronicle.
“ I'm a roarin’ ripsnorter from a
hoorah camp, and I can’t he stepped
on,” remarked a thick-set, white-eyed
man, with a lower jaw like the cow
catcher of a locomotive, as lie swag
gered into a (' street saloon and thumped
the bar with his list uutil the glasses
The barkeeper caught a whisky bot
tle that was just tumbling off the bar
and told the stranger that he needn't
make so much noise about it, as nobody
wanted to step on him.
“ You l«jt they don't, young feller.
I’m an Angel from Paradise valley, and
a bad one, too; and when I flop rnv
wings there's a tornado loose. (live
me some o' your meanest whisky, and a
whole lot of it—somethin’ that tastes
like bumble-bee stings pickled in
While the barkeeper was hunting
around for some fusel oil and rubbing a
glass with a red pepper, a group around
the stove surveyed the stranger curi
ously, A tiiin gentleman with a bulg
ing forehead and a dyspeptic look said
to the others: “ Now there s ar. illus
tration of what I was saying. A bully
is always a coward. That fellow would
have no moral courage whatever were
he put to the test. If he were chal
lenged to fight without cause he could
not attain the sublime height of moral
heroism to refuse. He would be afraid
of being called a coward. But mind
you, lie would never brag and bully
unless he thought lie had the advantage.
You see he is a stout mail ami presumes
upon his physical superiority to moat
men to bully and blackguard them.
Now Hill here is stronger than that
lilowliard, but you never see him in a
tight. He’s quiet; but get him started
and lie would be a lion aroused. He’s
got moral courage.”
The “Hill” referred to was a tall,
powerfully built man, with steel-gray
eyes and firmly set mouth. He said
nothing in reply to the compliment paid
him, but quietly watched the Angel
from Paradise. The latter drank liis
whisky and smashed the glass on the
bar. “What in-do yer mean by
giving a gentleman such stuff as that?
Did 1 ask yell for rmsins, yell c’uicken
livered whelp? I’ve got a graveyard
full of roosters that played that racket
on me. I’ve got a good mind to fan the
air with yer corpse.”
“ Nowr, get out of this,” said the bar
keeper, becoming angry.
“ llet out o’ nothin’, fiinnne a drink,
and all you starved bums around the
stove, come up here and have a drink
with a thoroughbred high-stepper for
once, just to say ye've drank ill decent
company. It’ll he an honor to tell yer
children about it some day, if such an
ornery lot o’ cusses own any children.
Now waltz up lively and take yer medi
“Don’t care for anything; thank
you,” said the dyspeptic philosopher,
“Yoli don't? Well, I tell yell to take
sutliin. I hold the age in this game,
and when 1 chip everybody comes in.
Ante up to the bar, now, and look
pleasant. Great Scott! Yell need
sutliin in your belly to balance that
swelled head o’ youru. Come up, the
rest o’ you bums.”
Nobody stirred, but all looked at the
dyspeptic, who quietly said: “We will
not drink with you.”
“Xo? It’d be cheaper for yell to
crawl into a prospect hole and pull a
tombstone over yer head. I kin lick
this whole town from hell to breakfast,
and I believe I'll start in on this dead
fall. Look out for a hurricane when I
swoop. Whoop! I’m a-comin’.”
In about two minutes the bevel
headed admirer of moral courage was a
dilapidated piece of biic-a-brac, the big
man called Bill was sopping cold water
on his eye in the back room, and the
rest of the crowd scattered about the
place in various stages of discourage
ment, while the Angel from Paradise
was standing on a billiard-table, and
shouting: “ Where’s ihe rest of yer
population? Trot out yer cohorts and
fetch on the mob. I’m an Angel from
Paradise, and a holy terror when I flop
my wings. I swa’lered a cyclone for j
breakfast and a jmwdor mill for lunch, I
and I haven't began to cough yet.
Where’s the populace of this broken
down chicken ranch? I'm not myself
to night and want excroiac.”
Personal Notes.
Frank Germain, who has been Fore
man of the Brooklyu mine, at Grants
vilie, for sometime past, arrived at
home, yesterday.
William Garrard, Private .Secretary
of the late Governor Bradley, arrived
in town this afternoon.
John Reed, one of the old settlers of
Humboldt, now engaged in farming on
the Big Meadows, called to-day.
Ought to be Pared For.
A hoy, seven or eight years of age,
known as “Texas,” ought to be pro
vided for at the Orphans’ Home, or
some other reputable piaee. There is a
woman that the waif calls “Mother”
here, who does not seem to have sense
or feeling enough to provide for him.
He is only half clad, and he may be
seen at almost any hour shivering on
the street. Tho woman whom he calls
by the sainted name of “Mother,” is
not a lit person to be entrusted with
the care of a child.
Winter Arrangement.
The Idaho Stage Company have
changed the time on the road from Wiu
nemucea to Boise City. The stages ar
rive here from the North and departfor
the North as usual, but it takes them
twenty-four hours longer than in Sum
mer time to make the trip.
Lander County Delinquent Tuxes.
The delinquent taxes in Lander
county amount to $34,588 92, of which
$33,410 77 is due from the Central Pa
cific- and Nevada Central Railroads.
So says the Reveille.
The Black-leg North.
The Silver City Avalanche has been
informed that black-leg has made its
appearance to a limited extent among
the cattle on Cow Creek and in Jordan
Valley. _
Cattle Coming.
Colonel Hardin, of Quin River, and
W. B. Todhunter, of Grant county,
Oregon, ate driving bands of cattle here
for shipment to San Francisco.
Northern Freight.
Two of G. W. Baker's teams were
loaded to-day for Silver City, Idaho,
w ith 07,000 pounds of merchandise, by
K. Reinhart k Co.
Paid His Fine.
George Allen, arrested for disturbing
the jieace, pleaded guilty in Justice Os
born’s Court yesterday. He was fined
$10, which he paid.
A Handsome Carriage.
A handsome carriage has arrived at
the Depot for David Shirk, of Stein
Now is (lie Time !
A few more good and substantial
Suits of Clothes, at cost, w ill be found
at the store of
u29 F. C. Robins.
line limn Hats !
An immense stock of fine Dress and
Common Hats, cau be obtained at low
rates, at the store of
nJ9 F. C. Robins.
— — —• - *—
A ml Wli) ks It?
Why docs everybody go to Lkvy A
C'o’s store for their goods? Answer—
Because that is the place to get goods
cheap for cash. mhll
Miue lor Brute Hearts
At Frank Fellows’ Fashion Sample
Rooms can be procured the geuine im
ported Charles Heidsieck. tf
Fruit Cans.
Now is the time to put up your fruit
for the Winter. Fruit cans sold cheap
for cash, by 11. W. Wood.
Nothin}: Short of I imiistwkiihle Ben
efits conferred upon tens of thousands
of sufferers could originate and main
tain the reputation which Ayer’s Sak
sa pa kill a enjoys. It is a compound
of the best vegetable alteratives, with
the Iodides of Potassium and Iron, and
is the most effectual of all remedies for
scrofulous, mercurial, or blood disor
ders. Uniformly suceesful and certain
in its remedial effects, it produces rapid
and complete cures of scrofula, sores,
boils, humors, pimples, eruptions, skin
diseases, and all disorders arising from
impurities of the blood. By its invig
orating effects it always relieves and
often cures liver complaints, female
weaknesses and irregularities, and is a
potent renewur of vitality. For puri
fying the blood it lias no equal. It
tones up the system, restores ami pre
serves the health, and imparts vigor
and energy, For forty years it has
been in extensive use, and is to-day the
most available medicine for the suffer
ing sick anywhere. 2-1 y
Mne l>rm Overcoats at t ost.
Can now be purchased at the store of
n29 F. C. K obi ns.
I'm re t'olTee.
We liave just received our own brand
of coffee, the finest in the market.
Try it. mo Levy & Co.
Have No ifxeuse.
Have you any excuse for suffering
with dyspepsia or liver complaint ? Is
there any reason why you should go on
from day to day complaining of sour
stomach, sick headache, habitual eos
tiveness, palpitation of the heart, heart
burn, water-brash, gnawing and burn
ing pains at the pit of the stomach,
yellow skin, coated tongue and a
disagreeable taste in the mouth, coining
up of food after eating, low' spirits,
&c. ’! No ! It is positively your ow n
fault if you do. Co to your druggist
and get a bottle of Green’s Ayucst
Flower for 75 cents, and your cure is
certain; but if you doubt this, get a
sample bottle for 10 cents and try it.
Two doses will relieve you.
Positively sold by all first-class drug
gists in the United States.
SliiloliN I'oiiKiiiiiptiou Cure
This is beyond question the most suc
cessful Cough Medicine we have ever
sold. A few doses invariably cure the
worst cases of cough, croup and bron
chitis, while its wonderful success in
the cure of consumption is without par
allel in the history of medicine. Since*
its first discovery it lias been sold on a
guarantee, a test which no other medi
cine can stand. If you have a cough,
we earnestly ask you to try it. Price
10 cts, 50 cts and $1. If your lungs
are sore, chest or back lame, use
Shiloh’s Porous Plaster. Price 25 cts.
Sold by C. A. DeSacssuke, Druggist.
* n9-eop
Answer Tills Riicslion.
Why do so many people that we see
around us seem to prefer to suffer and
be made miserable b}r indigestion, con
stipation, dizziness, loss of appetite,
coining up of the food, and yellow skin,
when for 75 cents we w ill sell them
“Shiloh’s Vitalizer,”guaranteed to cure
Sold by C. A. DeSacssure, Druggist.
Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy.
A marvelous cure for catarrh, diph
theria, canker mouth and headache.
With each bottle there is an ingenious
nasal injector for the more successful
treatment of these complaints without
extra charge. Price 50 cts.
Sold by C. A. DeSacssure, Druggist,
Winnetnucca, Nev. n9-eop
Coughs. — “Brown’s Bronchial
Troches ” are used with advantage to
alleviate coughs, sore throat, hoarseness
and bronchial affections. For thirty
years these Troches have been in use,
with annually increasing favor. They
are not new and untried, but, having
been tested by w ide and constant use
for nearly an entire geneiation, they
have attained w ell-merited rank among
the few staple remedies of the age.
The Thro it.—“Brow n’s Bronchial
Troches” act directly on the organs of
the voice. They have an extraordinary
effect in all disorders of the throat and
larynx, restoring a healthy tone when
relaxed, either from cold or over-exer
tion of the voice, and produce a clear
and distinct enunciation. Speakers and
singers find the Troches uselul.
A Cough, cold, catarrh or sore throat
requires immediate attention, as neglect
oftentimes results in some incurable
lung disease. “Brown’s Bronchial
Troches” will almost invariably give
relief. Imitations are offered for sale,
many of w hich are injurious. The gen
uine “Brow n’s Bronchial Troches” are
sold only in boxes. jal3-ly
The Desert Crystal Salt Company is now
prepared to supply in quantities to suit, fine
Table, Dairy, Meat and Stock Salt, put up by
S. C. KOC.rs, Iteno, Nevada, w ho will supply
customers from Winnemueea west.
from Winnemueea, eastward, JOHN KIA'
A’EY, of Rattle Mountain, will furnish Table,
Dairy, Meat, Stock and Ground and L'aground
Milling Salt.
From platform at White Plains excellent
Milling Salt will he sold ns usua! to our patrons
at low rates.
Address orders to
o‘25-tf White Plains, Nevada.
^ F. & A. M.
Stated communications of Winnemueea Is’dge,
No. 19, P. it A M., will be held at their Hall in
Staunton's new building on
Saturday evening, November 13.
Saturday evening, December 11.
All Master Masons in good standing are cordially
inv ited to attend.
J E. Sabine, Secretary
i •
I. 0.0. F.
TLurgdqy Evening at their Hall iu
Staunton's new building at 7 f.m.
until further notice
J. E. Sabine Secretary.
/ TH 1ST lk :::: l )Ew::::: vv H is K Y
f thistle::: :UKW:::: :WHI8KY
■(living secured Hie Sole Agency for
is n far superior article to any other
Whisky ever brought to the Pacific
t oast, we have throw n up the Agt ury
of the “Nabob."
The “Thistle Dew” Whisky
follies from the famous Hlstlllcry of
Henry W. Smith .V t o , Kenton Co..
Kentucky, the Largest Histillrry in
the l ulled Stales, and we are now
Prepured to Take Orders for Hired
Winnemucca, November 19, 1880. tf
The Great Stomach Regulator
Is a Mexican Ilerb, and comes from La Paz.
DAMIANA was first made and drank by the
Mexicans as a TONIC for the stomach and
DAMIaNA is acknowledged bv those who have
used it to be a great INVIGORATOR and
“Damiana” acts directly upon the kidneys,
making them stronger.
“Damiana" is a splendid laxative to the bowels,
thus keeping the liver from becoming torpid.
Damiana Gives Appetite!
LEW d CO., Agents,
aulO-ly At Winnemueea, Nev.
C. A. DESAUSSUR.E, Proprietor.
<9* On the east side of Bridge street, HD
Where they keep on hard a full and comp let*
assortment of
Toilet Articles,
In endless variety.
Close attention will lie given to calls from th«
Medical Fraturnity, and Prescriptions will be
put up with the greatest care.
June 18, 1877. tf.
Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
—Tke ('hoireiil Brands of Beer.
Winnemueea, November 15, 1879. 15-tf
Notice is hereby given that the tax on pro
ceeds of mince for the quarter ending Septem
ber 30th, 1830, is now due, and payable at my
office in the Court-house of the County of
Humboldt, and that the laws for its collection
w ill be strictly enforced.
L. L. RICKARD, County Assessor.
Winnemucea, November 24, 1830. 4w
Window glass, Oils, Toilet Articles, Perfumer
Pocket Cutlery, Drushes, Stationery,
For Medical use.
US' Prescriptions Carefuliy Compounded'
Winnemucea, October 8, 1878
All persons knowing themselves Indebted to
F. N. LEVY, on book account or otherwise, at
Uolconda, are requested to call immediately at
LEVY <£ CO’S store in Wiunetnucca, and set
tle, as 1 lia\ e closed out at Golconda.
Winnemucea, November 20, 1880. liu
Store an«l Stork in Colconda,
A rare opportunity for any person contem
plating going into business.
Terms given on application either to
F. N. LEVY, Golconda, Nev.,
or LEVY A Co. Wiimeimung, Xtr,
Winnemucea, August 12, ibad. tt

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