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The San Saba news. (San Saba, Tex.) 1873-1966, November 25, 1876, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX

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rnbllihcri mitl rroprltMors
ItnloH of SubHoHptUm
copTi on year
six months
three months
conlei nnoyoar
i iLoxjiKirto X V w
I ulillc I piiti
33 Of
1 H
Pnynblo Strictly lu Advnnco
A iUCO M 1
Ten lers lilt serTlws as
lysfclttn and Surgeon
Co tin elllMM oV S n Sid a an I Tltnllj
lOfflro 111 IMt oalce Btllldltia
lysicianand Surgeon
8V 8AII lIAVif
er lit profnilonul erTlcea to tho comma
lit large l ce at 1 > tt lintrea rnij
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I Atool Cnllfornla
lysician and Surgeon
RIK bVIl 11 VS
ti l TicffiTt > nUonriiWl
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neiLBl U < irin
ttornoy raTrojavir
M180V TTxts
II i nctlro In nil tl e ronrta ol Maaon an I
lun Una rountle an 1 In Hie Hu rcina Court
tttln All lnalneei ii triuu I to mr rare
fcclTein > mt attention tlj
ttorneyn al Luv
IKlHUUcmsTrtAS 41 If
TiiUKUoMi u i noomuv
tiiuumom 1 roonw in
itorneys at Law
1 nraclic In llnmn anl nrrounllnir roun
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tooar jvo I alios
Vttorneys at Law
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1 praotlca In tl e toiirta ot the Sn 1 lu liclal
cl an 1 tho riuprrme coitrta at Anitln
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3111HOU J cvitlME
I practlco In the court oAl oAJBn lu Ilelal
el nn I buprene an 1 Inter1 courts at
a Ituslnenrt Intruvtcd to tiin cirowtll re
prom11 attention 118 tl
oinoy ctt Xjcvtctj
f rmctlco In Hi
court of tlelth Jo < tM
Honse Sip aiii
IJouae Sl n and Ornamental 1 alntlng ilono on
abort notlro All kin 1 ol tratnlnic an 1 Carriage
nalntins execute I In goo4 atjlc cliiap roil
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Boutliuctt Corner Tubllc Sciutre
iun rjitol and foe win Marhlnea rcpalrc 1
in a workman 11L iam ert ftn4 all kin It of
work dona on short I tUcu ni5 3m
1 C 1JiMhCKY
OiiiiuroMH Avaniln
New Voik Auitln Texl
ioitbnit iTuiiou i co
3Et ja INT I5L 33 3E = L S
tolln Trial and 7 Hall Mrrrl Vn Tark
B B MILL1CAN Fropiletor
Harks n alt parla of the country
tlet Terras leasonable
iiak it Ktrunr
on short no
J M HUNTER Proprietor
Tabti furnished with the best tha country af >
fords Oool stable aitarhed
Livery Feed ana Sale StaWe
XETB nAVERTr Proprietor
JUck to all part of tiw conatrr on abort no
tea Term naKuiabl nl ly
lilA VeTeaiS3ElJS
jru WnJ > Tcxiu
ycn lira In ih tiUia lnJ TiltrWI
S I t fwWtkl Vomit
DBtutn is
General Merchandise
that on hanl an I will krrpnl all times n
rnmtlet nportnrnt or Dry ItrMxIs ttrocfrlea
HartWnro an 1 VlioiH an I will Belt them low
Hit Lain 13 ly
m auk is
Drugs Medicines
Next tloor to Urrka Offlio
Vt 111 aern rontantly on 1 an 1 a lull aeaortment
ol imiuSol all km la Mii
01 eiery ilescrl tton
j PrvurrlptlonB filled at nil hours SI ly
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Soutlmrfit romer l ibllc Square
All kin U ol Jmlljilna ilonoon aliort notlcn
KultiURkof lron Blwjl and lloraeblioea ftl
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Wngonantl Carriago Makor
airon an I Ct rrlago work tlono wilh nentnech
nn 1 Oni atcli a irowt eu 1 ly of giKkl Bonnon l
timber alwayp on Iiap 1 tl ly
j7p ward
West Teias Lai TaxPayiou
Send for circular
Gr 3H O O 3D Xt I 33
Hardwaro Boots Shoos
est side of tbe 1ublio Square
Ketv romttantlr on hanl a complete stock o
all klnlnof Cannoi odibutar cVtTce Hour
Uncon Lar t Tobacco LI fare etc
AlnoaKood Stock of Ilarduaroof all kinds
ant a conn leto aetortmcit of ItOUTS and
MIOrS nlijy
Fire and Burglar
tend for Price Hit AGENTS WANTED
200 Drondwrty Now York
nisi 72IChostnut St root Phlla
flrpiis St Mikm
Tito OltlCKt InrKCHi mill JIo
Icrfcrt jriiiiuractorj In tho
jitiioil nuiicN uciirlj
s e o o o
No other Muslcnl Iiistruiiient
Iver obtained the arc popularity
Nenil for lrlro TUI
Tb Ii l Ol our U > to oMcl anl larrtit
mualaaurr la Ik Uall l UIea with nearly
aoooo laitramcQU now IQ u u t ufflcJeit
varattiHi or anr ti uilnlHj ni M nerlu ol
vttt laitraMau
ow v vniNi i oo
J ere tho n atln w ooda of aumnier Rllttcrfct In
tho pol Iwi calm
Shiil ier black luneroat branches O bo b eak
lyl in tho air
V hen U q lyro throatol linnet poure 1 Iti meet
impanlont 11 salm
In link an I junto Jiimlnei full tl o silent
pnow flikisfftir
lhic tho harrest twinkling hill loslrac l tn
the tranalueent blue
In tho t ten lor loartediummcr fa le In i i cclral
foga from view
nl tie wan will dut dcaccnlelhorcrtrcca
anl Urns away
As I ilreanr ot frlen Is departc I In an 1 out the
flesh to lay
Orcr wan nn 1 over aan I n iites lomo upon the
earth jlanc Btllt
Thlnkof thee U inxir i rou 11 irltl Icattng
at thy jrison I ira
Of tlo 11 timo ly tho yule log when the
IhrtMmaa blnutt blew chill
Or Inco 1 mlmgroTe green ralicrc < lwhero
tho roues nhono Ilk ttara
DcarloarUI never inir 2 know jot Never
morct Ah dark ilCltv
Thus to meet one merry > lVl narnwi
I rtt rtbrldln lV t5lI r
Than to II nS U and tier thus to wcrp
rMftweila ngalnl
In thy Itatea O lllifrl Ion In thy lordly tlat a
1 ere on I right an I bllulil lancts roll it o
Some are with the b ir la nn I roj hits w it tho
kliga an 1 w nrriors ol I
M lit In Hells of Ire and Jt Ire aoiao ftro flrllli
ingln their chains
Wo I snw their waxen cere cloths wet with un
aratllng tears I
Wot 1 mw tho funeral torches flaming by their
plume iron I biers I
llms tho dismit ye ter liadowa dim tho sun
ehlne of to day
At I If memory coul I perish misery wont 1 pass
Christ O Christ why mock anl mad leu us
with beautiful I right eyes
With loose lotkanf mist like glory and with
wino red winning lip
With ccol ercimy arms thatchup lis In a per
feet I ara Use
Then tho > lvl 1 ailntty tiaion lit tho coffin
Hotter ncfer live I lai gtiago thus my bait with
bated breath
Than to drop Into tie darkness O so dcaola to tot
death I
I Setter ncier lore I whisper In my wickedness
Than to hcc our 1 lola shattered nt tho ahrlno
where wo adore I
ew lorltlline
A croup of girls cro gathered on
tho hotti phzza at llgcon Coto ono
lor ly summer lift lien tho bright
waucts of tho lako danced under a
llect of boats w lth prottj gaj awnings
and tho quoded shoroi sloped In lx
qulsllo green cun os to tho waters Ldgo
1 ho cool breczo from tho water Hull r
ed tho dainty morning costumes of
theso maidens nuking thtm look liko
a Hock of white birds Just about to take
wing In tho contor of tho group stood
a young girl of small but elegant figure
with a pair of roguish bluo lj cs a mls
chic ous faco dimpled nllocrlikon
llowcr and a hctd that tho sun arrmrd
f tlut Bitt lu u LU1UCU iudiaiA0
qwmany adorers have jou now
PMouo of tho girls asked this little
nibe who appeared to bo tho
rmcenWtro coterie llavo you en
slat cd any now ones sinco day beforo
Of course sho has sale Abbj Stew
art a tall dark ojed girl Do you
supposo twentyfour hours ever pass
bringing now worshipers to her
shnnof All ranks and conditions of
men aro represented among her ador
crs Sho regaids neither n o nor pro
vious condition of servitude
I havo couatcd them up on my
fingcrs sald llttloItoso Maylio Ihero
aro Just tweh o at present adding in
1 red Hatton wlio stammers dreadfully
poor follow It wotld tako him at least
half a dty to propose
I havo dlsoocrcd said Abby
that sho has her pocket stulTed with
notes In all languages 1 hat professor
from C College has written to nor
In Snnskrit with a literal translation
How absurd you aro girlil criod
Nellj w ho had been half choked with
laughter whllo tho discussion of her
admirers progressed Dont speak
so loud lloso Uncle will hear jou
Ho would bo horrified If ho suspected
that I am given to flirting
Ohjou poor dear Innocont cried
tho girls in a ringing chorus of laugh
You havo got twelvo on tho lentor
hooks already said Kose and now
yon must find tho thirteenth A bakers
dozcnwouM bo a rctl triumph I might
ask my cousin 111 down for a few days
He is dolefully quiet but ho would do
to make up tho number
You need not tako that trouble
said Abby Numbor Thlrtcon will
appear soon enough
1 hero ho comes now crlod all tho
rrl > l iiMultMiieuualj na tho tMl fignro
of a stranger appoared at tho end of a
long shadj walk that led up to tho ho
tol Ilehold tho man of destiny
Do bo still for moroya sake
murmured Nolly as tho newcomer with
a small travelingbag In bis hand ap
proachod them Ho walked with ft
quick military strldo and on mounting
the plozift shot ono keen glanco toward
tha group of girls In a moment a
servant hail appoared and taken his
card Why ltn Is calling for undo
whispered Nollyundor her breath Ho
must bo that horrid Colonol Hawloy
Novermlndho will soon boat jour
foot and he makes tho bakors dozen
said Hose They say tnoro Is luck In
odd numbers I shouldnt wonder If
you married him
Married hlml ropoated Nolly with
scorn I detest him
Do you know hlmP tho girls asked
In auiprlse
No not personally but I have long
bad his virtues dinned into my cam
le was unclon old In the war and
nursed him through ft fever Us was a
very young man then and upclo looks
upon him as a son For sovorl years
ha has been stationed out among tho
and I hate been dosed with
his letters Hah I Io Is a pieco of per
lection the mnrr law In trousers and
boots I detest that Llndof man
Thoro was the sound of knocklngwith
stair or crutch from tho direction cf lion
tho little pallor where the old Genera
sat sruoktnp anil reading Ills papers
thu old man boiling over v
ou will throw jourself i
of thoao whippersiuppcrSi
faced dandles that don t kn
end ot a musket from tho n
aro running after your
money it is supposed jou e
Inherit from mo Kntifjui
n i ii t
horii a penny of m noVVjMr
Tho tears sprang
She rushed round tl
poison silil Abb Stmvdrt Hlit tbo Now ho went back to tho old general
act is shuUUmbu If ho t A flln ami sit mnokinR with him In tlio pleas
1 Iilio Is nothing bad In her nature and ant gloom at tho summer coning
of toursn it Isnt lur fault If nerj mnn Well mj bo > Sfild tho tl
v v >
bIiouW llko to
And it is n iturol alio i
clo s room lho old filncnl Jt in his
ft onto arm chair Htyhad ntou faco
that Hushed e isllj up to tho roots of his
whllo hair Ho noro an artiflt tl limb
thntgao him rt good deal of trouble
and had tnken it oil to rest U w
old rod faeo was be itnlngwilh ij liko
a full grown peoivi
Tins said ho exuilTng end mli
blng lt ldll U autllj iftttl Ool
onel Hawloj heseoine XhOTaftrboy
arrival uittkus mo feel twontyjears
I supposed ho bad come sal I
Nellj standing behind j chfir for
I saw him aiurguossod who It was but
I dont like him
Dont liko hlml rcpoittcd the old
man in an astonished lone
No I dont Ho is ono of thoso in
stilTerablj good and proper lorsons I
h no nlwajs detested
lly Iloncn cried tho Ocncral
getting moro fieij tn tho aco ami
tliumping with Ids stick 7011 shall
liko him or I will know tlo reason
Unfortunatclj Uncle replied
Nellj In nn exasperating tone of oice
you cant command mj foclingsas jou
would a platoonof suldiets a
ion obstlnato willful T Itlo bag
gago his faeo was ft ilch purplo now
it tho ijoys should glvo mi ono half
tko troubloyou do I would eiider tLom
out and lnuo them shot
Hut jou oant shoot mo Uncle bo
causo 1 dont chooso to lko jour
paragon And w hy pray should I liko
Llko htm shouted the old man
1 tell j ou ho sat cd my llfoHhat bo Is
ono of ttio best ofluors and noblostmcn
that et ci w alkcd Only a brdlnloss and
mplj headed girl ran nrtbrtl to despise
a brato linn ou aro not worthy to
kiss his shoes
I hope jou dont oxpocl mo to per
form that eeremonj LncloP
I know bow it will be
out you
iMoT iellys ojes
tho ei i > sobbing
and throw horsclt Into he old mails
arms Oh uncle old sho In ft
choked Voico loavo a I jour money
away from mo If jou 1k but dont bo
so sat ago Loo mo a llttlo as you
did when I was a child
Tho old man Bat rlgie as iron still
blowing off steam H s hot temper
soon tooled letting his warm heart as
sert itself Ho was half mi lined lo tako
tho girl lo his bosom to forglvo and
pet her into smiles but sho was still
bodowlng his shirt frtnt with tears
when a knock resounded upon tho door
Nelly leaped hastilj to lior feet wiped
her wet faeo and smooth id out her ruf
fled plumago Sho was ss exquisitely
pretty as ft dewy roso In a moment
Oolonol Hawloy was standing In tho
room In Lis undross uniform If not
strikingly handsome he was at least a
tall manly figure Ills keen gray eyes
saw at n glanco tliat thero had boon a
tempest during Ids nbstnte and that
tho thunderclouds were jiot yet cntlro
ly disponed hen her uncle man
aged to present him Nolly bowed In a
stiff and restrained fashion which tho
Colonel returned with formal polite
ntss and a moment afur sho had mado
her escape from tho roon
That night Colonel Iiiwlcy stood In
ft corner of tho ballroom for It was
the occasion of tho wcokly hop a
mero lookeron In Venice Ho knew no
ono ho was not a dannng man and
Nelly did not seem awnioof his exist
ence In her pilo bluo eostumo of
soma shimmory shiny stUtr sho was bo
wilderlngly protty and her admirers
hovered round her llko bees around tho
qucon roso of tho garden Tho San
Bkrit profossor was thoo with locks
nowly dyed lhn lumof thk ravaaeWIn J1 i
and with hi hands thrust intot DrpaitiTWt
whito gloves miles too largo I f Z IT w
Shall I rosorvo a square tfVeO for
you doarprofossorP Nelly asked eon
suiting her tablets and with lho air of
1 ho poor man shook his head and
gavo hoi n sallow tmlle At that mo
ment ho would will nglybato sacrificed
all tho lan us es dead and living for
tho privilege ot capering round the ball
room with his charmer
Novor mind said Nolly beaming
upon hm When I get through with
this galop I will come btek and jou
shall Improve my mlndnhd tell rao all
about prosody res jou promised
Miss Nelly said tho delighted pre
ssor laying tho limp fingerends of
his glovoon his heart jou aroaheady
mistreat of tho unhersal language
Young Detmold was Impatiently
walling to claim Nolly for tho next
dance Among his frlinda h was fa
miliarly known as the Hshv b
cause of his pretty pink and white com
plexlon and his ways which were
ohlldllko and bland
a beautiful pair of long
whiskers which It was said
sho sees falls illrcctl tlown at V r fctt aftei a ft w momenta of sllom e w
bho ennt marr them iwl 1 jou think uf her
plR Vnh tiieni it tr > jounj kitten My nieco Ntlly Mortftnor of
pliH with a mouse mid ono of tho touwo
otliors Oli ho is ft regular boaut
1 urn auro I should bioko in ltose I Itut alio wouldnt suit you uouUt
If I had tho powtr But I ll is sho
amend sho knows that most of htr I hero Is no question of that sir I
udorus arc after her money i shouldnt suit htr I can sco that hIio
Jlemtlme Nell wilh a sulfty fate looks upon mo as tin unlUkul cub a
and backward air was ntcrlnrl cr tin specimen freHh from tho woods And
tho trutli Is I hae beenoutof thcworld
so long that I h i o old fashioned no
tions of wonion rhoso modorn gills
are nuitc bcwlldctlng to my mind I
should net cr know how tho nppiotoh
ono of them
Nelly isnt mado of spun glass
returned tbo old man Shus a deuced
obttlnale hard bitted little jado U hen
ltL4ta ber head iot jou oonldnt rout
her with your heaviest artillerj ilul
tlieros good in tbo girl Shes a Mor
tuna and If 1 do emy It theio ne > er
was a eoward or a cra en among tho
Mortimer clan loti sec continued
tho old n an his voice softening tho
girl has been an orphan Iroin baby
hoo I and I havo snillj spulled her
Hut If slic married a truo man notonu
uf tlioso snt iking civiliansbut abrate
honest soldier sho would bo as con
stant as tho sun
I sec what jou mean dear den
oral said tho colonel with emotion in
ldsoico but dont think of it sir
It cannot bo and ho extended his
lho old tleiural grasped it in ids
ltobcrt said he how ean I help
thinking ot it ioit and that girl are
all Ihao In tho worldand I had hoped
to keep j oil no tr mo in mj old ago
After that poor Nolly had hard linos
with tho old General Dicrowero eon
stant tuingis in hi leg nmt ho was al
ttajs la a do humor when sho was
present but sho often heard him laugh
ing uproariously with thoColotcl when
alono in their prirato sossions lo
ward the joung man himsolf sho was
frlgidlj polite and ho met her in the
saiuo spirit Nelly flirted moro des
perately than over Htbj Detmold
was tho tat orilo of tho hour Sho boat
ed with him dtneed with him plajed
croquet with him rodo with hltu tind
spent long afternoons rambling with
him In the delightful laurel woods that
kirlcd the lako
lam disappointed in my ealcula
lions about tho bakors dozen Uoio
said to her ono ctcnlng as tliej stood
in tho warm sunset glow on tho phzza
th > beautiful r tdlancu shining through
Nellys golden hair I thought you
would have that tall Colonels si alp at
going lo vour bcltlong beforo this but now the
larry one linbj ts lho favonto ot tho hour Do
n l I r i i
Colone looking at you with a sardonic
expression of mingled admiration and
disapproval It would not bo strango
ifjouwero weaving jour lodi about
iilin Ihej say to Into is the best waj
to begin to loo ho knows but
Number Thirteen lnnj bo the winning
horse nftcr all
Dont talk slang Hoso said Nellj
with dignity ion know nothing
about tho Colonel ho Is a mlsogt
Good heavens what is tlutP
I dont know returned Nelly
Its a word I hoard tho Irofossor
mo 1
When I wish to hurl an epithet of
withering contempt at ft man laughed
bhy 1 ah til call him a misogynist
That night Nolly stolo away front
among lho dancers and entered the
ioncrals little parlor filled with tho
sweotshalincssof tho summer otonlng
riicro wcro two clgara that shono liko
red stars and tho old man and tho
Colonel wcro telling campaigning
stories fighting their battles over
ngaln lho deep sonorous volco ot
the Colonel wont on stoadily fur half
an hour Ho used tho best and tersest
1 nglish and lho picture ho drow was
graphlo mid spirited It was an ac
count of a very daring exploit in which
ho had taken the principal part but in
tho recital ho kept himself out of sight
Thero was a slight rustle of soft
draperies from tho sofa
Why 1uss said tho Goncrai is
that you I thought you wero dancing
I did not caro about dancing to
night said Nolly ns sho came slowly
llrlng me tho candlo child Ho
bad not spoken to her so kindly for
Nellj brought tho candle and as sho
wciVasColoncl tutned his back and
< out of tho window Sho was ail
white and there was a bunch of for
getmo nots In tho bosom of her dress
Sho put up her faco to be klscd Ilka a
petted and spoiled child
Lovo menlittlo tonight Uncle
she whispered I am as bluo as I can
be The old man could not help kiss
ing her fondly and stroking her hair
and its ho did so tho little bunch of for
getmenots fell oul When Nelly had
left tho room the Colonel picked them
up unseen and put them somewhero
Inside his coat
Ioor Nolly a fair weathor did not last
long The next afternoon the old Gen
cral sent for her li a towering rage
his face looking quito apoplectic
Sit down thoro ho said pointing
to a chair opposite and Nelly oboyod
bat Is this I hear about your bolng
engaged to that idiotic young Del
I dont know sir
And you doiit know eried the old
General that he Is brainless fooUnd
an unprincipled knavo His father ts ft
frightened by threats I havo tho blood
of the Mortimers in my veins nndsho
swept proudly out of tho room
Nolly carried her sun hat in her hand
it pretty broad brimmed Irfghorn
trliniuod wilh trailing vinos Drj ejed
and palf with her small mouth set in a
rigid line sho walked swlftlj down tho
path that led lo tho laurel wood but
sho had no more than reached the shade
wlicnjoung Detmold sprang into tho
path beforo her
Oh Nellj dearest Nelly ho be
oagerlj I am so glad to find jou
fjan I hao something vory partial
lar to saj
Stop cried Nollj imperiously
mid listen to what I havo to say to
you I am a poor girl Mr Detmold I
Iiato not a penny of my own In tho
world lo and tell tho othor joung
men at tbo hotel that lny unclo has
willed all his forluno unity from mo
lho joung man stood as if petrified
und sho swipt on down tho path beforo
him A quarter of a milo of rapid almost
tiro Unless walking through tho under
growth btoughl Nelly suddenly u mlisl
tho Sanskrit professor who had carried
Ills lexicon out into the shade In a uiu
inent he tut 1 confronted her his srllow
faeo beaming with happiness
1 am so glad to find jott hero
ftloncl said Tie lor dftjiJ I hao
sought an opportunity to speak
Dont say It cried Nelly with
tragic despair let mo speak to you
1 ant ft poor girl and it is all a mistake
about mj being nn heiress I ho Gen
eral has willed nw ay from mo every
penny of his fortuno
Miss Mortimer exclaimed tho
1iofessor in a pained and reproachful
volee iiow could jou think mo so
mercenaryP I havo loted jou for jour
self nlono
Dont dont cried Nelly In plain
tio tones iou aro ft good man
worlds aboto me but I could not mar
ry j ou I would bo a mlllstono around
Sho ran from him abruptly and dash
ed Into tho thlek woods farther ftnd
farther deeper and deopc losing
breath then stopping to listen If sho
wcro followed Sho was in ft strango
place whero largo somber trees grow
It was late tn tho afternoon lho sun
was setting tho twilight gathering
around her when Nelly rested on a
mossy log and lo tnt d against a trco
trunk Willi her feet In tho ferns Sho
w as sobbing becauso sho foil utterly
miserable dejected and abandunod
And stealthily the night tame on Sud
denly thero wo u crunching and crack
ling of bushos near by and Nellj
sprang up with a little scream
Dont bo afraid said n deep man
ly voleo sho knew well I will not
harm jou Miss Mortirnorl oxclalm
ed Colonel Hawloy jou hero nlono
miles away from tho hotel P I know
ort n Tn > hrrl l tnwnr Ig tup
ho added coldly but you must allow
mo to seo you to the house
Nelly tried to hldo her tear stained
face I know that you dislike mo
Colonel Hawlcy sho answered and
It ts unnecessary for jou to impose so
dlsugreoahlo a task upon yourself I
can walk homo perfectly well nlono
Miss Mortimer said he Ignoring
this speech I soo that you Into been
weeping and know that you havo quar
reled with jour unclo lio was on tho
point of doing you ft great wrong Hut
let mo rellovo your mind In regard to
tho monoj I havo roasoncd with hint
and tho now will has been destroyed
You aro still the heiress and will al
ways so remain
And ho had given tho money to
you said Nelljsharply andyouro
fusod UP
Why do you askP It Is all jours
now Not a penny ot It shall bo taken
from you
I hate tho money criod Nelly pas
sionately And jou bellovol could
eomo hero nnd cry my eyes out because
of lho loss of some paltry thousands
llutwhyolso should you grlevo
Hao I not troubles of my own
I nm powerloss Miss Mortimer to
discover tnoni
You despise me sho criod You
think I am ft vain shallow frholous
creuturo incnpablo of appreciating no
bleness In a man
Ho turned away In the dusk and was
silent or a moment Can It bo that
you wish to torture mo ho said tha
j ou delight In playing fast nnd looso
with tho hearts of men Havo you
guessed that I knod you against my vlll
ngaiust my reason and lho deepest crttfc
victions ot my naturo I have told v
only to this ho added with a great
emotion in his strong voice taking the
llttlo withered bunch of forgetmenots
from his broatt and kissing it
Nellj gafo a cry that sccmod to
tho forest And I must have
fnerco you without knowing It she
murmured Though I aflected to
lisliko jouI could not help seeing that
jou were better and nobler than all
other men I could not help revering
jou Inmv heart
When tho two walked bac o tho ho
tel In the moonlight Kose s tw them
with as onlshmcnt and ran to tell Ab
by I suspect Number Thirteen has
won after all said she for Nelly
looked as If tho had Just surrendered to
tho rnomj
MANPAniN Mirsc tho head of the
Chinese Irubassywhich recently reach
id Iaris entered a railway coach with
eight seats at Marseilles with tho six
members of his suito and found well
up hehopes i0 ly siVokoof htoscUaatheproprlctor said
hnrimped son marriage loan heiress will otbothV
help i
with an Iron ovcry day him to pay liut by itcaveuVnot aland dropi > jh B ub
Colonol Hawlay qveL
ihntk and turned awni
the train and
How can jou stacdfaUIng to that penny ot my fortuno ball ever go that n0Wcd it and tho Enau
slid hrt MUi A Mint Af I WAV Vnmitat lmi tlml vm will nrl nl l H
Ono Son urn
Tmo piflrea
Local noilMH It cents per lino for flr t Jnwr
Hon an 17 > lor each subsequent Inscrtluit
ara ftJmthcmcnt Inner tot i r 1 than
f 1 CO
punoiat rAituiitiriis
1 uf judge who Is clothed with n llt
tlo brief authority should bring a now
suit in court beforo cold weathor comes
on If 0 Iiepubican
Music is an Important clement in a
political party hen the band begins
lo toot ctcry body thinks its a begins
to tootton N Com Ado
IrvARKAiiir careful Is that Dan
bury coal dealer who stands on tho
scale himself to seo that thoro Is no
foe ling wilh tho weight of a load
D mbury Kews
HlnhayIs now alegaldayof rest In
lapan And now thoso heathens have
an opportunity to go fishing one day in
tho week tho same as eomo Christian
people Korrutown lleralil
Ilirni aro clghtcon dinercnt styles
of combing ladies hair but yet all tho
fashionable females in the country aru
holding their breath to sco what tho
nineteenth Is going to bo Arts Ycm
Gfconor Iiiot has indeed reaped her
roward lho favorito polonaise this
autumn Is named after her heroine
Gwcndolon lho novel Itself has nl
rcadj mado a bustlo of excitement
I hiladelhu Bulletin
IliniTi Nm years havo elapsed slnco
Queen Victoria first ascended tho
throne and tn tho motnttmo bustle
hate doeloped so prodigiously that she
now has to sit on tho extreme edge of It
or stand BrooUyn Argiu
loitTVTinirF different sowing ma
chines have nlrcady received the high
est award at tho Centennial and tho
other twentj eight would havo received
It but for tho dilatory movements of
their advertising agents They rill bo
along with It however In a dayor two
Hawk eye
Imiohtant political straw Avoto
for President was taken at ft ladys tea
party In tho Seventh Ward on Monday
afternoon with tho following result
1 ilden 0 Hayes 0 Cooper 0 That
nice clerk in s drygoods store 7
man milliner on t ourth Street S popu
lar preacher 3 Mrs Joness twins 6
St Loud Republican
1 he Quccnof Kugland has had anoth
cr very narrow escapo from death tho
particulars of which aro cabled over to
this country nt groat expense It ap
that whllo her majesty was in
Eenrs asleep one of tho grooms In tha
royal stables was kicked In tho back
by an unruly colt 1 ho mans injuries
th igh rizfI nt tno timo aro not seri
ous Itawkreye
An honest citizen Is stopped on his
way home ono dark night by a footpad
but drawing his rovolver lays tho rob
ber dead at Ills feet lie b about mov
ing away when a thought strikes him
nnd returning to tho corpse ho exam
ines its pockets In them ho finds four
gold watches a roll of bills and some
small chango Stowing those In hn
way remarking
Fortunes Cost nnd Hon
Virginia City Nov has sixteen faro
games all situated In C Street at the
rear of principal saloons The propri
etor of one of the most flourishing faro
banks says that tho oxpenscs of running
too games exclusive of license foot up
at 827100 n year rrom the first to
tho fifteenth of tho month tho timo at
which tho miners aro Hush most of the
games run threo shifts of eight hours
each thus employing six dealers and
threo case keepers After tho middle
of tho month tho business slackens and
only one or two of tho games runs moro
than two shifts Everybantpayayear
y license of 81000 making tno com
fortablo total of JS400
A popular delusion prevails that faro
Is conducted on tho square In Vir
ginia Tho fact that tho owners ot
the games lire as a general thing la
about as handsome houses as can be
seen In tho city and that they aro
themsches behind fast horses In C
Street counts for nothing with the
gambling Comstockcr who invariably
has his system nearly perfected
and Is suro to bust tho game before
long This ardently longed for tri
umph Is occasionally achloved Within
tbe lost six months no less than four
games have been cleaned out They
wcro however comparatively poverty
stricken concerns having only 2000
r 83000 capital Most ot tha banks
now running havo a backing of from
50000 to 100000 and oneinstltutlon
has 190000 ns a foundation
Tho largest winning reported so far
faVJear was mado by a teamster who
got sW with over 5000 and left tha
bank a wWck On tho other hand tho
losses haveltesen oxtreineiy heav Jlm >
well known gamblerlhere who woulo
pass anywhere for tho father of a pras
porous family has lost 15000 at faro
within the last four months Apropos
of this gentleman I heard a good llt
tlo story the other day He and some
other professional had been losing
frightfully and somo desperate Mop
was necessary to ralso the wind A
neat plot was hatched > ree drinks ts
a feature of every rambling room A
waiter takes tho order from tho players
and brings in tho liquor and cigars
on n tray The waiter of
lho garao which this wrecked
gambler and his companion had
resolved to victimize was heavily bribed
to join the scheme Drinks wcro called
for tho dealer among the rest asking
for f ef reshraonts Tho unfaithful wait
er passed the tray to tho dealer In racli
a to tho cards nnd
manner as cover < ruu tha
dressed Englishman ensconced In one I gambler deftly removed tho box and
of them Mung politely allowed hlml substituted another with a raid deck In
to remain and being able to speak I It under cover of tho tray In about
English tolerably soon cnUted lM9jten minutes the conspirators won 1
convcrsatlon with him Tho Engll > V w > knowing what cards would eomo
man was Informed nnd > Alter stout two thlrdiot the
> Inup deck
Mtna i Ma orcd ti i with icw i that w Ui t CT fc > K > HnB I casual way ho jy care had been dest tbo dealer smUsi auit
Tha pofi J of the faro banks a
and terrain A seasoned
fJ tha ro t d < womrit jiudfnthci Mung eagerly embraced the other tUy thai
ViW nfK w Hur l Ho the opportunity and taking theroocoy one partMr cj
h frtn1 tftll f k1 l
n >
b3ftrcl ltt
eaubja t

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